Interested to read about the History of the FFWiki? Intriguing; most people would avoid history lessons like the plague. Without further ado, here is is a little history of our site.


The First Year, 2005Edit


The wiki's first-ever logo, created by Shane613.

The wiki was founded in early March 2005 by Shane613. Back then, many of the articles were copy-pasted from Wikipedia (especially by Seancdaug), and many of the early contributors were Wikipedians first and foremost and did not have the energy to contribute to the Final Fantasy Wiki. Most new contributors focused mainly on Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy X (although Shane himself focused on the original Final Fantasy). Many articles on the characters of these games were created.

The Second Year, 2006Edit

Banner big (Hecko)

An early logo for the wiki, using a book instead of the Happy Chocobo.

Eventually, the first group of editors gave up on editing the wiki. One day, Crazyswordsman was told about this wiki because he was upset that many of Wikipedia's articles on his favorite games, Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI, were being deleted. When he arrived he found no activity and only three articles relating to his favorite games, and began to create new articles from scratch. During this time, a Wikipedian named Ryu Kaze continued to dump Wikipedia articles onto the site. CSM was upset by this, and began thinking how to "de-wikipediafy" the wiki. Another editor named Roy Al Blue arrived and had similar views to CSM's, and he focused mainly on Final Fantasy Tactics, a game which so far had no coverage on the site. He made articles with zeal equal to CSM's, and eventually complained about the lack of admins; CSM was quickly admined.

Another zealous user, TacticAngel, arrived and began to expand coverage of a game which to that point had received a minuscule coverage: Final Fantasy XI. When vandals began to be a problem he was made an admin as well, and CSM was promoted to bureaucrat so he could manage the wiki without having to bug people like Sannse or Angela for help. Hecko X arrived in May, and helped give the site a facelift, in addition to becoming the wiki's best vandal fighter. He was quickly given adminship as well. Many of the old templates, based on Wikipedian design, were changed to give the site a unique look. The Dragon's Neck Colosseum was created to foster community bonding and to welcome new editors.

The Final Fantasy Wiki was featured on the main Wikia Central page in November 2006, just in time for the release of Final Fantasy XII.

The Third Year, 2007Edit

The year of 2007 began for the Final Fantasy Wiki with the announcement by CSM about two new affiliates for the wiki, one being the FFCompendium, and the other a site ran by Renmiri. As time passed more articles were being added into the mainspace and the community spirit had been fostered with care. In May, Renmiri announced her participation in the Anime Central Convention (ACEN), where she was to present on Final Fantasy XII. She gave a shoutout to the wiki there and even advertised it to attendees.[1]


With his victory in Magicite Madness I, Vivi has become an icon of future Magicite Madness tourneys.

The ranks of administrator, at that time being CSM as bureaucrat, and the sysops TacticAngel and Hecko X, was expanded with the inclusion of another administrator. On June 1st, Diablocon woke up to find she had admin powers. As time passed, mainspace articles continued to increase in number with the creation and expansion of enemy articles from various titles within the series. On September 6th, Bluer created UFO?, the wiki's 5,000th article — at this time he was working on Final Fantasy VIII enemy articles and CSM was working on enemies of Final Fantasy VI and both were aiming for the mainspace's 5,000th mark.

The year ended with a massive character tournament called Magicite Madness where nearly every character in the series participated in a single elimination tournament of 128. Kain Highwind, Tifa Lockhart, Vivi Ornitier, and Cidolfus Demen Bunansa made the final four, and Vivi won by beating Kain in the championship match.

The Fourth Year, 2008Edit

As the wiki entered its fourth year, the number of registered users had steadily risen. Disputes arose here and there, and vandals had made destructive edits to the wiki. Many in the community were aware of the problems, and on January 17th, Mymindislost became an admin, making her the first female administrator. Even with boosted numbers of staff vandalism still happened at times when no admin was around to handle the situation. The different timezones were seen as the problem and so on March 18th, Bluer, who lived half across the globe from the other admins, was given administrative powers to safeguard the wiki. There was tension in the wiki due to a self-proclaimed vandal, End Game, but in early June she finally moved on.

Walkthroughs were being written and had become quite the obsession for many editors, moreso than the mainspace edits. A small number of walkthroughs had existed in the wiki's early years but coming in its fourth year, each mainline Final Fantasy had at least one walkthrough dedicated to it, largely thanks to the efforts of BlueHighwind and Drake Clawfang.

Between the months of March and April, a fanmade radio drama based around Final Fantasy VI commenced with the participation of several editors from the Final Fantasy Wiki: The first chapter of Intangirs are VIndigo was released in April. However, due to CSM's mic breaking, the project was put on hiatus until he could replace it, and never finished.

On April 20th, after much deliberation, a unanimous vote made Diablo the second bureaucrat of the wiki. On a less merry note, one of the wiki's admins, Hecko X, left the wiki only a day later due to creative differences.

After much debate on the status of walkthroughs and their position on the wiki, it was decided to create a custom walkthrough space with help from Wikia. This makes the Final Fantasy Wiki the first to have one!

Towards the end of the year the presence of advertisements on the main page prompted a sleek redesign. The new format was created by several hardworking users and notably resulted in the slimming of the featured article area and addition of an affiliates box. A "Did You Know?" section was implemented, but the beloved main page chocobo was removed due to space issues.

The Fifth Year, 2009Edit


The first Featured Image was the love triangle from Final Fantasy IV.

The Dragon's Neck Colosseum celebrated its 100th week anniversary in January. Soon after, the DNC template was redesigned by TacticAngel, featuring a shiny new "Versus" crystal.

On March 4th Bluerfn left the wiki, stating simply "Bluer's interest in both Final Fantasy and this wiki has died." He was not to leave forever, as he claimed at the time.

On April 6th, the wiki reached 10,000 articles under its domain and on that day two new admins were chosen to replace those who had left: Faethin and 8bit BlackMage. Only three weeks later, on April 27th, Mymindislost also left the wiki.

On April 26th, the wiki began showcasing Featured Images on the main page. Steadily moving on, between May 29th and June 2nd the wiki got a facelift with the addition of a background image and custom theme, a somewhat troublesome work that ended up neatly with the help of Master Conjurer; as every other major wiki throughout Wikia, the Final Fantasy Wiki now had a custom theme for Monaco.

The Waystone, previously a haven for often off-topic forum posts, was demolished in the summer, while the Labyrinth of Time was created to house important policy forums from the past. In the fall, The Blackjack forum was created, allowing for more casual chat once more, as long as it was centered around Final Fantasy.

On December 14th, Mymindislost returned to the wiki.

The Sixth Year, 2010Edit

The New Year opened with benefits to moderators, who were granted abilities to suppress redirects, move pages without rate restriction, and move files. On January 18th, a deserving WikiGnome, Yuanchosaan, became an admin.

During June and July, following a lengthy discussion, the wiki implemented CSS coding for tabs. Following this almost all of the wiki's enemy templates were redesigned to use tabs instead of collapsible templates to display information for different releases of the games.

The summer ended with the beginning of the second Magicite Madness tournament, featuring twice as many characters as the first. Tifa Lockhart, Balthier, Sazh Katzroy and Terra Branford were the final four, with Terra toppling Sazh to win while Tifa defeated Balthier for third place. Crowned champion of the second tournament, Terra faced returning champion Vivi and was narrowly defeated by the defending champion.

This year Wikia brought out their new skin for the site with fixed-width article space, which lead to major reconstructions within articles designed for a wider look.

The Seventh Year, 2011Edit

Entering its seventh year with Wikia, the Final Fantasy Wiki gets a surprise in August. The wiki is recognized by Square Enix in their first issue of the Official Square Enix Magazine, being described as a "colllaberative[sic], fan-driven effort to create an ultimate Final Fantasy knowledge repository." To read the entry in all its glory, click here.

In September, the community decided it was time to promote three new admins to help manage the growing wiki. After much deliberation, Bluestarultor, Henryacores, and ScatheMote were promoted on October 24th.

In late 2011 Wikia brought out an updated mobile skin for all wikis restructuring the look of the wiki for mobile viewers, although editing articles is not possible on this skin.

The Eighth Year, 2012Edit

LMS Icon

The Last Man Standing tournament in the DNC continues to this day.

The Final Fantasy Wiki stayed strong in the early parts of its eighth year. The much-awaited restructuring of the popular Dragon's Neck Colosseum came to fruition, with the new committee run by ScatheMote, Jimcloud, and Deadlyslashsword. To accompany this, along with making up for the lack of activity from previous bureaucrats, the long-standing admin TacticAngel was promoted to bureaucrat status by Diablocon on February 15th. Additional discussion in June, resulted in promoting Catuse to a moderator. This year the featured article was published every two weeks compared to the previously monthly updates.

On July 4th, the first episode of the official Final Fantasy Wiki Let's Play of Final Fantasy VI was released, marking the wiki's first successful foray into collaborative video production.

On August 25th, the Twitter account was relaunched with Catuse, ScatheMote, Tia-Lewise, and Jeppo assigned to run it.

Wikia held a competition for a best Halloween theme for a wiki and the Final Fantasy Wiki took part with a design made by Drake Clawfang.

The Ninth Year, 2013Edit

On March 7th, the wiki's Facebook account was relaunched with Catuse, Kaimi, Tia-Lewise, and TidusTehSacrificer357 assigned to run it.

In April, Tia-Lewise was worried about the featured article projectspace due to delays in updates. After much discussion Tia took over the running herself and several other changes were applied as well; the wiki returned to the "monthly featured article," as at times fortnightly updates were not enough to gather enough nominations; the idea of Good Articles was introduced by JBed, in which articles following the Manual of Style to a T were considered excellent examples for a featured article; the requirement for five nominations before voting on the featured article was dropped to two, and Tia assigned an IRC bot command to SacredMinotaur to advertise the featured article voting.

Early in July, the third edition of the Magicite Madness tournament was launched with 384 characters fighting each other in several brackets run by ScatheMote, Some Color Mage, and Deadlyslashsword. At the end, Zidane emerged victorious.

In July, after a lengthy discussion to add more staff members to the wiki, the community decided on the following: Catuse, Drake Clawfang, and Some Color Mage were promoted to administrator status; Tia-Lewise and Fenrir9 became moderators; and Espritduo, Shockstorm, and Spira were added to the "acknowledgement" section. Additional August discussions led to the promotion of ScatheMote and Yuanchosaan to bureaucrat status.

In October the wiki boasted a darker black-and-red Halloween look designed by JBed.

On December 13th, Guided Tour: Final Fantasy was posted in the central Wikia, which brings closer the story of the series to an average player, and where Drake Clawfang, Tia-Lewise, Kaimi, and Spira talked about various Final Fantasy mainstream games posting their opinions on them.

The Tenth Year, 2014Edit

On January 24th, Tia-Lewise was appointed as an administrator after the IRC discussion held among the administrators present at the time.

Partially because of the lack of new content from Square Enix, wiki users kept themselves busy by "modernizing" the wiki behind the scenes. This began in February when a new user, Technobliterator, began development of the {{Navbox}} metatemplate (and was promoted to a Designer largely as a result). Originally based from a Navbox from Fallout Wiki, with JBed's help, it was modified heavily until both its structure and design were very different. The navigation templates were all updated to the new Navbox metatemplate, and this was the first of many new ideas to help improve the wiki. Keltainentoukokuu greatly improved the wiki's image categorization system, and JBed began a project to update the wiki's Help namespace in June.

An Etymology namespace, containing content meant to be shared among all pages with the same name, was created in July. At the same time, the Final Fantasy Wiki LP, which had been abandoned halfway through the lackluster Final Fantasy Adventure, was picked up again with Final Fantasy VII, which would be mostly finished and later carry on until next year.

Towards the end of August, Technobliterator was promoted to Moderator for his numerous contributions in a short space of time. Then, on October 19th, additional staff changes happened: Xion Valentine was awarded the Acknowledgment for her extensive wikignoming, Kaimi was promoted to Moderator, and Xenomic was promoted to Administrator. As a result of staff discussions, the Requests for Promotion, an idea of Technobliterator's, was setup for any new staff promotions and for a prose written by ScatheMote following them. The first nominee for an official Wiki staff position and also the first successfully promoted through this new method was Mecorx for translation and Ultimania work.

The Eleventh Year, 2015Edit

Early in the year, two of the biggest contributors to the wiki reached a record on the Final Fantasy Wiki. The users Xenomic - a mass uploader of images and cleaner of filespace, contributor to content for less-well-known games and mainline games, updater and writer of ability articles through the series amongst other things - and Keltainentoukokuu - among the most prominent behind-the-scenes editor fixing and writing content, categorizing pages and working on the Etymology page amongst other things - reached the 100,000 edits mark near simultaneously. This outdid Intangir Bot, an automated editor, for a while, until pagemoves caused its editcount to overtake them both as the biggest editor.

After just over seven years of contribution to the wiki's content and events, and now as a wikia councillor, BlueHighwind was promoted to administrator on March 1st, as a representative of the wiki at events and discussions. Later, in early September for a few days, new admin Technobliterator visited Wikia HQ for the first annual Community Connect international admin gathering, joined the community council program and becoming the second official representative.

On the 2nd of October, the Final Fantasy Wiki ran the first Reddit AMA, as suggested by Hexedmagica.

The biggest page move of over 600 articles began in late November, as the wiki moved all of its pages from a former "title case" capitalisation to "sentence case". Though this caused errors for the first few days, these problems were eventually ironed out. This move, as well as the updating of pages following it, caused Intangir Bot to be the biggest editor on the wiki.

In November, Tia-Lewise handed over Featured Articles duties to Kaimi due large changes in her personal life, limiting her time spent on the Wiki. BlueHighwind and Catuse assumed control of Featured Images.

Finally, the wiki redesigned its main page with a new look, involving a navigation portal, on the 30th of December. This was the beginning of a project planned to redesign much of the site's appearance for greater compatibility with Mobile screens in time for the impending releases of Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Twelfth Year, 2016Edit

Much of the year was spent with, among other things, preparing for the launch of Final Fantasy XV in November 30th, the first numbered entry in the series since 2010. Much time was also spent collecting data in an explosion of spin-off material released throughout the year.

A new skin for desktop Oasis was developed in CSS by Technobliterator, (who enlisted the help of Wikia's Community Technical team leader, JoePlay). It was developed on a sandbox wiki, and after being peer-reviewed by other admins, was launched on September 7th. The skin featured a Final Fantasy XV background, and styled buttons after the in-game menus.

The Wikia framework added a Discussions message board system, giving readers opportunities to chat and ask questions about games.

As many articles were getting long and image-heavy (a serious concern for mobile device users, who now make up the majority of readers), some restructuring was in order. Playable characters' gameplay info was moved to a subpage, and characters with multiple appearances in spin-off games had those sectioned to a subpage as well. Many individual summoned monsters were given their own articles.

Wikia changed its outward name to Fandom in early autumn.

The Thirteenth Year: 2017Edit

Square Enix prepared to mark the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Hardware and personnel articles on the Wiki were improved after Technobliterator conceived a summary infobox in December 2016. To commemorate the HD remaster of Final Fantasy XII, released in July, the wiki's theme was changed to that of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. Fandom's redesign of the top header was also rolled out.

Announcements from Square Enix regarding new games were few and far between, but a deluge of expansions and major updates to existing titles kept the wiki busy through the late summer and into the autumn. With the rest of the world finally getting a first taste of the game dubbed Final Fantasy Dimensions II on Halloween, articles relating to it were quickly outdated, resulting in a weeklong scramble to patch said articles for the West.

As the year came to a close, the wiki once more prepared for a new game's release, adapting its theme for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

The Fourteenth Year: 2018Edit

Social gaming continued its explosive growth, and so did the Wiki's coverage of it. Drake Clawfang rebuilt the Final Fantasy Record Keeper space in time for its third anniversary. This also sparked a significant push to restructure wiki elements from behind the scenes, such as navboxes being split into categories by feature. Other editors, meanwhile, saw fit to refine longer side-appearance pages by game, continuing a trend that began with the Dissidia sub-franchise several years earlier.

Nintendo's latest console, the Switch, got a welcome lift from several Square Enix projects in the autumn; and thus, an article incubated for more than 18 months finally got its due. Meanwhile, the collaboration frenzy over the summer months brought in a few more pieces of the Square Enix universe that captured readers' interest. Some of our editors soon discovered that pieces of the smaller galaxies were missing, and had taken control of those spaces through Fandom's Adopt-A-Wiki initiative.

As the year came to a close, a massive realignment spurred by search-engine optimization and a further spin-off of Fandom from Wikia began to take shape.

The Fifteenth Year: 2019Edit

The site's domain was migrated to from in January.


As the number of users grew, fads began appearing. We have gathered a list of those fads.


While the actual idea for the fad started on Crazyswordsman's userpage on May 9th, 2006, it wasn't until AuronKaizer's re-design it to a table on 12 January 2007 that this caught on as a fad.


The first fad to appear on the FFWiki was the Userbox-fad. It was initiated on June 30th 2006 by Crazyswordsman and is still growing larger thanks to the contribution of many users. Userboxes were used as graphical information to tell about a person, such as their FF game and class preferences. Later on, Userboxes with character quotes and boxes with more user specific information were added. Hecko X also created a special userbox that the user could edit to their liking, creating a more personal spin to the fad.

Reviews fadEdit

This fad was first started by Darth Cow on July 30th, 2006, on a user-subpage simply entitled User:Darth Cow/Reviews and has thus far had reasonable success as a fad. Users would give a short resumé of the story, noting things as sound, graphics, system and story and giving them all a score.

User infobox-fadEdit

First appeared on August 10th, 2006, on Hecko X's userpage and started off as a joke of sorts, inspired by a semi-serious attempt by TacticAngel, who had redesigned the old enemy template for Final Fantasy VI and added it to the Returners' Conclave. It contained mostly jibberish, but was enough kick off the idea in Hecko's head. The infoboxes included on user pages were changed to reflect specific user information, thus providing easy-to-read information about a user, a thing the userboxes at that time did not provide.

Talk Bubble fadEdit

This fad first appeared on April 21st, 2007, and was designed by TacticAngel. It provided a more humorous way of making comments on a talk page, as well as providing a clearer division of who made what comment. In essence, it is a user-selected avatar and speech bubble where the text output is shown. Some users took it to the next level and added multi-colors and other minor tweaks to further personalize their talk box, all of which were later incorporated into the main Talk bubble metatemplate.

History SectionEdit

With the Talk Bubble template being created and editing one's talk bubble became extremely simple, BlueHighwind got the idea to make a history section on his userpage on September 24th, 2007, to show off what his former talk bubbles had looked like. After a while, this caught on as a fad, and is now regarded as part of a standard beginner's userpage.

Metatemplate and ModuleEdit

While TacticAngel was the original creator of the first Talk box, several Talk templates used a metatemplate named {{Talk}}. While this was originally multiple different metatemplates, it was eventually all merged into one template, the most notable editor being JBed. After many years of metatemplating, when the Scribunto extension was installed on the Final Fantasy Wiki, it was rewritten in Lua as a Module by Catuse167 with the help of JBed, for more readable code, faster loading times and allowing simpler implementation.

Make-Your-Own-Dissidia character FadEdit

A more recent fad, this one is about users making fan-made pages of themselves if they were in Dissidia. This originated as part of the fan project "Dissidia Wars", but soon spread to include other users.

Article MilestonesEdit

As the Wiki grows in terms of mainspace content, so does the number of articles. Below is a list of article milestones.

Number Date Article Remark
500 12 Mar 06 Ultima (Tactics) Was initially called Altima, this article is believed to be the 500th.
1000 12 Apr 06 Ring (equipment) Was initially called Rings, remained a stub until mid-'09.
5000 06 Sep 07 UFO? Two editors; Bluer and CSM were competing between making a Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy VI article the 5000th. This is the result.
7000 26 Mar 08 Jachol Cave A location article created by Bluer.
8000 11 Jul 08 Odin (Final Fantasy V boss) A "Just as planned" moment for Bluer as he created four stubs during Gamer2127's Final Fantasy X-2 enemy article creation spree.
9000 22 Nov 08 Magitek (command) Was initially called Magitek (Ability), written by Drake Clawfang after splitting it from the Magitek Armor article.
10000 08 Apr 09 Library (Echoes of Time) Written by Griffen78, not realizing he had made article number 10000 until it was brought up on the article's talk page.
13000 31 Aug 2012 Final Fantasy Dimensions enemies Not planned to be the 13000th article, was written by Kaimi. Remains an unfinished article to today.
15000 01 Feb 2014 The Castle Written by Kaimi.
16000 15 Sep 2014 Yu Zeneolsia Written by BlueHighwind.
20000 5 October 2016 Buffet (ability) Written by Xenomic
35000 13 November 2018 X'rhun Tia Written by Spartan-241