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The following is a list of version differences between the various ports of Final Fantasy V.

Super FamicomEdit

  • Original release in December 6, 1992 for Japan only.

PlayStation and PSOne ClassicEdit

  • Based on the Super Famicom version, now with full English translation.
  • Loading times due to the CD format, most notably before every battle.
  • Faris has a pirate accent.
  • The battle transitions from the SFC version have been replaced with a single 3D transition.
  • Cloud Strife and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII make a cameo randomly in the loading screen.
  • CGI cinematics have been added.

Game Boy AdvanceEdit

  • New translation. Faris no longer has a pirate accent.
  • Optimized background music.
  • Portraits for important characters implemented to dialogue windows.
  • Bestiary
  • Music player
  • Battle backgrounds are changed.
  • Quick Save function is added.
  • Multi-player option is removed.
  • Vampire is bugged to a different damage formula.
  • Calm is bugged and works only on non-creatures like Omega.
  • Four additional jobs: Necromancer, Cannoneer, Gladiator, and Oracle.
  • A new bonus dungeon, the Sealed Temple.
  • Enuo can be fought as an optional boss.
  • This version doesn't have the FMV scenes or Cloud appearing in the loading screen like the PlayStation version.


  • Based on the Game Boy Advance version.
    • Translation based on the Game Boy Advance version.
    • All new content from the Game Boy Advance version is included.
    • Lacks the FMV sequences that were added to the PlayStation version.
  • Altered graphics.
  • New character sprites similar to Final Fantasy Dimensions. New enemy sprites.
  • Battle backgrounds were redrawn.
  • Battle animations are redone.
  • New character portraits for dialogue windows.
  • Touchscreen function and a new UI.
  • 8 way directional movement
  • Mechanic changes[1]
  • Jobs and Skills rebalance
  • Berserk and Confuse no longer reset a character's ATB bar.
  • Character turns can now be skipped to another character with a full ATB bar.
  • Battle Speed now impacts the speed of battle for all participants, not just monsters.
  • Double Lances deal their damage twice with attack abilities (like !Mug or !Jump). 
  • Split spells suffer less of a damage penalty than in SNES/GBA versions.
  • Certain bosses and enemies scripts were redesign or altered.
  • Monsters are more clearly shown to be under status effects by change of color.
  • When an enemy makes multiple attacks as part of a (No Interrupt) AI routine, party members can now be KO'd in the middle of the routine.
  • Status effects wear off quicker on foes with the Heavy flag.
  • Fix most bugs from the Super Famicom and GBA.
  • Auto-battle function was added.
  • Auto-save was added.
  • Achievements have been added.
  • The music is of the original Super Famicom version quality.
  • Cloud saving.


  • Based on the Android version.
  • Updated controls and active-time battle system are optimized for fluid combat for PC.
  • Steam trading cards and achievements.
  • Customizable keyboard and controller mappings.


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