FFV wiki icon Final Fantasy V has 7 different enemy types, which affect how certain weapons interact with particular types. Specifically, the damage that certain weapons deal can be multiplied against certain enemy types, a status effect can be inflicted or critical chance boosted. In the case of Heavy and Undead enemies, additional flags are added.

List of Enemies Edit

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Enemy Types Edit

Magic Beast Edit

Magic Beasts are vulnerable to whips and the Artemis' Bow. Whips are likely to Paralyze them, while the Artemis Bow simply deals extra damage.

2× damage dealt Can inflict Paralysis

Aevis Edit

Aevis is a small type consisting of few enemies, and only the Aevis Killer weapon has an interaction with it, which is that it increases damage dealt towards it.

Critical damage inflicted

Dragon Edit

Dragons have multiple interactions, and weapons which oppose dragons normally have a very strong effect, mainly to compensate for the power of Dragons. This is particularly useful as superbosses Shinryu and Neo Shinryu belong to the Dragon type.

2× damage dealt 8× damage dealt

Desert Edit

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Humanoid Edit

The human type is affected only by a single weapon, the Man-Eater, which does double damage to it.

2× damage dealt

Heavy Edit

Heavy enemies do not have certain weapons which deal greater damage to them; however, they do add several flags. Enemies with the heavy flag are immune to all forms of Instant Death or anything that could inflict HP Critical, and any form of fractional damage (applied through Harps and Gravity) will have no effect. Additionally, Doom and Calm statuses will not work. If the enemy is Undead, then using a revive to immediately kill it will not work, and full restoration abilities will not reduce HP to critical.

Undead Edit

The Undead flag has various effects. It causes all instant death attacks to fully revive the undead enemy (allowing enemies using the Death spell on themselves to heal to full), and inversely, curative abilities deal damage. Full-cure abilities cause their HP to reach critical levels and revive spells cause instant death, unless the enemy is also the Heavy type. Strangely, the undead flag does not prevent Killer Bow from killing undead targets.

2× damage dealt 8× damage dealt

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