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Below is a list of command abilities usable in Final Fantasy V. Most (but not all) command abilities can be learned by leveling up a certain job. The chart gives the name of the ability, the job, the job level the ability is learned at, and what the ability does.

List of commands Edit

Ability Job Level Description Image
FFV Attack Icon iOS
All jobs None Attack with equipped weapon. FFV Attack
FFV Items Icon iOS
All jobs None Selecting the item menu will list all available items currently in the player's inventory. FFV Items
FFV Defend Icon iOS
All jobs None Reduce damage from physical attacks. FFV Defend
FFV Row Icon iOS
All jobs None Change position to the front or back row. FFV Row
Equip All jobs None Change weapon or shield during battle. FFV GBA Equip Command
FFV Guard Icon iOS
Knight 2 Negates damage from physical attacks. FFV iOS Guard
Completely absorb a direct physical attack.
FFV Focus Icon iOS
Monk 1 Focus energy to deliver a physical attack with 2x strength. FocusFFV
Focus energies for a hit with twice the attack power.
FFV Kick Icon iOS
Monk - Attacks all enemies at once. Cannot be learned as a command ability, exclusive to the Monk class. KickFFV
FFV Chakra Icon iOS
Monk 3 Heals the user's HP and cures Blind and Poison. FFV iOS Chakra
Healing energies recover HP and cleanse the body of poison and darkness.
FFV Flee Icon iOS
Thief 2 Run away to quickly escape from battle. FFV iOS Flee
Quickly escape from battle. You may be unable to escape from some enemies.
FFV Steal Icon iOS
Thief 4 Steals an item from an enemy. FFV Steal
Steal treasure from an enemy.
FFV Mug Icon iOS
Thief 6 Steals an item from an enemy and inflicts damage. FFV Mug
Attack and steal from an enemy.
Black Magic
FFV Black Magic Icon iOS
Black Mage 1-6 Lets the user cast Black Magic. The higher the job level, the more Black Magic the user can cast. FFV iOS Black Magic
Perform black magic.
White Magic
FFV White Magic Icon iOS
White Mage 1-6 Lets the user cast White Magic. The higher the job level, the more White Magic the user can cast. FFV iOS White Magic
Perform white magic.
FFV Check Icon iOS
Blue Mage 1 Lets the user check the enemy's HP. FFV Check
Check an enemy's HP.
Blue Magic
FFV Blue Icon iOS
Blue Mage 3 Lets the user cast Blue Magic. FFV iOS Blue Magic
Perform blue magic.
FFV Scan Icon iOS
Blue Mage 4 Lets the user check the enemy's HP, level, weaknesses, and status ailments. FFV Scan
See enemy's level, HP, weakness, and current condition.
Red Magic
FFV Red Magic Icon iOS
Red Mage 1-3 Lets the user cast a combination of Black and White Magic. The higher the job level, the more magic the user can cast. FFV Red Magic
Perform white or black spells.
FFV Dualcast Icon iOS
Red Mage 4 Lets the user cast two spells at once. Compatible with any school of magic.
Cast two spells back-to-back.
Time Magic
FFV Time Magic Icon iOS
Time Mage 1-6 Lets the user cast Time Magic. The higher the job level, the more Time Magic the user can cast. FFV iOS Time Magic
Perform time magic.
FFV Summon Icon iOS
Summoner 1-5 Lets the user use Summon Magic. The higher the job level, the stronger monsters the user can summon. FFV Summon
Summon magical beasts for aid.
FFV Call Icon iOS
Summoner 6 Lets the user summon a random Summon without MP cost. FFV Call
Perform a random summon for 0 MP. Who knows who - or what - will come...
FFV Spellblade Icon iOS
Mystic Knight 2-7 Lets the user use Spellblade. The higher the job level, the stronger Spellblades the user can use. FFV iOS Spellblade
Enchant weapons with different magics.
FFV Calm Icon iOS
Beastmaster 1 Paralyzes an enemy. FFV Calm
Calm magic beasts.
FFV Control Icon iOS
Beastmaster 2 Takes control of an enemy. Control FFV
Take control of a monster.
FFV Catch Icon iOS
Beastmaster 4 Catches an enemy. CatchFFV
Capture a weakened monster.
FFV Release Icon iOS
Beastmaster 4 Releases a captured monster to fight. FFV GBA Release
FFV Gaia Icon iOS
Geomancer 1 Executes a magic attack based on the type of terrain. Leaf SwirlFFV
Attack enemies by channeling the power of the surrounding area.
FFV Smoke Icon iOS
Ninja 1 Uses smokescreen to escape from battle. Smoke
Use the confusion of a smoke bomb to escape from most enemies without them even noticing.
FFV Image Icon iOS
Ninja 2 Creates illusion of the user to absorb two physical attacks. FFV Image
Create illusions to absorb two direct physical attacks.
FFV Throw Icon iOS
Ninja 4 Throws a weapon at an enemy to inflict damage. FFV iOS Throw
Toss weapons at enemies. Scrolls and shurikens can be thrown as well.
FFV Animals Icon iOS
Ranger 1 Calls an animal companion to execute some sort of effect. FFV iOS Animals - Nightingale
Gain the aid of woodland friends.
FFV Aim Icon iOS
Ranger 2 Guarantees a hit when attacking. FFV iOS Aim
Raise the accuracy of attacks.
Rapid Fire
FFV Rapid Fire Icon iOS
Ranger 4 Attacks four times for half damage. FFV iOS Rapid Fire
Perform four weaker attacks at once.
FFV Hide Icon iOS
Bard 1 Duck out of sight to avoid damage. FFV Hide
Duck out of sight to avoid attacks.
FFV Reveal Icon iOS
Bard 1 Return to the battlefield. FFV Reveal
FFV Sing Icon iOS
Bard 3 Sings songs to execute various effects. FFV Sing Animation
Perform magical chants with different effects.
FFV Jump Icon iOS
Dragoon 1 Leap into the air and descend to execute a powerful attack. FFV GBA Jump
Jump to deliver a powerful attack from above. Power is doubled when a spear is equipped.
FFV Lance Icon iOS
Dragoon 2 Absorb HP and MP from an enemy. FFV iOS Lance
Strike with dragoon power to drain HP and MP.
FFV Flirt Icon iOS
Dancer 1 Charms an enemy, causing it to lose its next turn. Flirt
Charm enemies to make them forget about attacking.
FFV Dance Icon iOS
Dancer 2 Executes one of four random effects. FFV iOS Dance
Perform dances that bewitch enemies.
FFV Mineuchi Icon iOS
Samurai 1 Does damage and paralyzes an enemy. FFV iOS Mineuchi
Stun enemies by smacking them with a blade's dull side.
FFV Zeninage Icon iOS
Samurai 2 Damages enemies by throwing money. FFV iOS Zeninage
Damage all enemies by tossing gil.
FFV Iainuki Icon iOS
Samurai 5 Charges and delivers a fatal attack to all enemies. Iainuki
Unleash an attack that hits all enemies in an instant.
FFV Mix Icon iOS
Chemist 2 Mix items together to create new concoctions. Antilixir
Combine items to create concoctions that can be consumed in battle to augment stats or harm enemies.
FFV Drink Icon iOS
Chemist 3 Drink items to increase stats. FFV Drink
Drink special medicines to increase stats during battle.
FFV Recover Icon iOS
Chemist 4 Heal the party of all status ailments. FFV Recover
Recover from various conditions.
FFV Revive Icon iOS
Chemist 5 Revives KO'd party members. FFV iOS Revive
Restore a KO'd ally to fighting form.
FFV Oath Icon iOS
Necromancer 1 Summons the undead to execute various effects. FFV iOS Rajiformes
Call forth a demon.
Dark Arts
FFV Dark Arts Icon iOS
Necromancer 2-6 Lets the user use Dark Arts. The higher the job level, the stronger Dark Arts the user can use. FFV iOS - Dark Arts Casting
Call upon evil forces to perform Dark Arts.
Open Fire
FFV Open Fire Icon iOS
Cannoneer 1 Fire cannon blasts to do damage and inflict status ailments. FFV iOS Open Fire
Shoot one enemy.
FFV Combine Icon iOS
Cannoneer 3 Mix together explosives to do damage. Power Shot
Mix and fire off explosives that damage all enemies.
FFV Finisher Icon iOS
Gladiator 2 Executes a critical hit, a powerful elemental attack, or does nothing. FFV iOS Finisher - Elemental Attack
Powerful strike that whenever hits an enemy, attacks its weakpoint for massive damage.
FFV Bladeblitz Icon iOS
Gladiator 4 Attacks all enemies at once. FFV iOS Bladeblitz
Attack all enemies.
FFV Condemn Icon iOS
Oracle 1 Executes a random effect on an enemy. FFV iOS Condemn
Sentence a target to the effects of different spells.
FFV Predict Icon iOS
Oracle 2 Executes a random effect depending on user's HP, MP, level, and other factors. FFV iOS Predict
Foretell cataclysms.

Dummied commands Edit

Several unused commands appear. Dummy01 and Dummy02 appear in the Super Nintendo version, and four more commands were added in the Game Boy Advance version.

Ability Job Level Description Image
Dummy 01
FFV iOS Unused Command Icon
None None Attempting to use this command will allow the user to target him/herself, then does absolutely nothing.
Dummy 02
FFV iOS Unused Command Icon
None None SNES: It has the same effect as enchanting a character's sword with the Fire spell via the Magic Sword command.
GBA: A non-functional duplicate of the Oracle's third rank ability of the Predict command. It shows the animation, but it does not actually produce an effect.
FFV GBA Dummy02 Command
FFV iOS Unused Command Icon
None None A duplicate of the Dragoon's Jump command. FFV GBA Jump
FFV iOS Unused Command Icon
None None Brings up the message "Entranced!", but seems to have no other effect. Judging from the text displayed after using this command, this is most likely the ability that enemies use after they have been affected by the Dancer's Flirt command which results in them wasting a turn. FFV GBA Excite
FFV iOS Unused Command Icon
None None Teleports the user to random areas across the battlefield where they remain there for the rest of the battle. It doesn't appear to hinder the character in any way. FFV GBA Patarillo
FFV iOS Unused Command Icon
None None This command shows up on the menu, but is displayed as a blank slot during battle.

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