Final Fantasy V Mambo de Chocobo is a mini album of themes for Final Fantasy V. The album contains the game's chocobo theme, some previously unreleased tracks, and a remix called "Final Fantasy Megamix", which contains portions from "Ahead on Our Way," "The Prelude", "Mambo de Chocobo", "Victory Fanfare" and "Final Fantasy".

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "Mambo de Chocobo", マンボdeチョコボ - 3:45
  2. "Mount of Sky Dragon" (unreleased), 飛竜の山(未使用)" - 2:04
  3. "Opening Idea Version 2" (unreleased), オープニングアイディアVersion2(未使用)" - 2:16
  4. "Flying Ship Version 2" (unreleased), 飛空挺Version2(未使用)" - 1:58

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