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Final Fantasy V 5+1 is a mini album containing five songs from Final Fantasy V and one from the original Final Fantasy, hence the name. "Matoya's Cave" from the original Final Fantasy is a previously unreleased song that later appeared on Final Fantasy Mix. The songs from Final Fantasy V are the same versions as on the Final Fantasy V: Original Sound Version.

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  1. Opening (A Presentiment), オープニング - 4:30
  2. Main Theme (Ahead On Our Way), メインテーマ - 2:39
  3. Harvest, ハーヴェスト - 1:49
  4. Dungeon (Fate in Haze), ダンジョン - 1:30
  5. Battle 1, バトル1 - 1:18
  6. Matoya's Cave (SFC Version From FF - Unreleased), マトーヤの洞窟 - 1:54

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