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The Settei Shiryou Hen guide book for Final Fantasy VI lists a timeline of events that begins during the War of the Magi and details events in history up until the game starts[1]. The timeline details the rebuilding of humanity after the War of the Magi, as well as detailing the origins of several countries and places within the Final Fantasy VI world. Some of this information conflicts with what is stated in-game and in other creation materials, so its canonicity is questionable.


circa 1200Edit

  • The Eastern Country of Doma is founded as a nation according to oral tradition.



  • The remaining copies of "The Authentic Record of the War of the Magi" at Doma are lost.


  • World Peace Conference is held.
  • The Head of the Council declares "espers are extinct".


  • The Gestahlian Empire declares independence as a military state and aims to create a global police force.


  • Warriors called "Samurai" start formal training in Doma.


  • Successive Industrial Revolutions and Artistic Revivals occur.



  • Discovery of a large coal vein.
  • People dreaming of riches gather and an industrial nation is formed.


  • Narshe starts its own political system with the hopes of mutual cooperation. It is transformed into a unified nation.


  • After the industrial revolution, the mechanization of Figaro Castle proceeds.


  • Gestahl is born as heir to a military family.
  • Figaro Castle's initial submersion is a failure.
  • A temporary palace is built at South Figaro.



  • Figaro Castle's third submersion is a success. From then on, it is feared as the "illusory castle".


  • A coup d'etat occurs in the Gestahlian Empire. Gestahl's father is heavily involved.




  • Increasing pressure for expansion of armaments in the Gestahlian Empire.
  • The Imperial Palace at Vector is completed.






  • Gestahl becomes Emperor at the age of 52. He displays uncanny charisma.
  • Narshe refuses to trade coal with the invading Gestahlian Empire with armed resistance.
  • A pact for mutual peace is agreed upon.
  • A young woman named Madeline enters the Esper World and meets the esper Maduin.


  • The Gestahlian Empire's first military campaign.
  • The Gestahlian Empire conquers the southern continent.*(This contradicts in-game information, as Celes Chere is mentioned to have led the attack on Maranda. She is 18 years old when the game starts.)
  • The Magitek Research Facility is established.
  • Birth of Terra Branford, daughter of Madeline and Maduin, in the Esper World. She is the only person known to be half-human and half-esper. As a baby, she is abducted when Gestahl attacks the Esper World and her parents die.
  • Birth of Celes Chere.


  • Birth of Gau. Gau's mother dies and his father, mad because of the loss of his wife, considers the child like a monster and abandons him in the Veldt.


  • The reorganization of the Imperial army command structure with Kefka Palazzo, Leo Cristophe and others is completed.
  • The Gestahlian Empire announces the initial results of its research at the Magitek Research Facility.
  • Birth of Mog in the Narshe Mines.


  • Birth of Relm Arrowny in Thamasa. In an unknown time afterwards, Relm's mother dies, and her father, Clyde Arrowny, leaves Thamasa with the family's dog. Relm is left alone with her grandfather, Strago.


  • The Gestahlian Empire's second military campaign.
  • Following the release of experimental Magitek Armor into combat, the western continent is conquered.
  • Figaro forms an alliance with the Empire.
  • Upon allying with the Empire, there is a small riot in South Figaro.


  • Figaro's previous king (Edgar and Sabin's father) dies.



  • Skirmishes between Doma and the Gestahlian Empire begin.



  • The discovery of a frozen esper in the deepest part of the Narshe coal mines.
  • At an unknown time, Kefka puts a Slave Crown on Terra's head and orders her to burn fifty soldiers of her own army as a test.
  • Final Fantasy VI begins.
  • Kefka disturbs the balance of the Warring Triad and provokes the end of the world. Afterwards, he absorbs the power of the triad, becomes the God of Magic, the absolute ruler of the world and builds Kefka's Tower with the remnants of Vector.


  • Celes awakes on a solitary island and begins her journey in search for survivors.
  • The Returners defeat Kefka. Magic and the espers disappear from the world.


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