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Shadow, who never appears on the Blackjack, has a line.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of Final Fantasy VI has a lot of dummied content. This includes sound effects, actors (characters), enemies, dialogue, and graphic tiles, among other things. Some of this content was later restored for some of the ports and remakes.


Storyline dialogue[]

These unused pieces of dialogue are listed in order of appearance. The text is taken from the game's files verbatim, grammatical errors and all.

Condition/Moment/Etc. SNES/PSX GBA
Found within Terra's flashback of Kefka putting the slave crown on her head. TERRA: No! Get away from me! Terra: No! Get away from me!
This dialogue is found within Terra's flashback. CID: This is my finest work. These Magitek converters combine the power of magic with machines... Cid: This is my finest creation... Magic and technology joined as one... The ultimate machine!
Found within the Figaro Castle dialogue, right after Edgar's three reasons why he's helping Terra. EDGAR: Come find me when you feel rested. Edgar: Come find me again once you've had a chance to rest.
Found within the Figaro Castle dialogue. Error. Contact a supervisor. From: Development Team. You must be one Lete son of a submariner to have found this
Appears right after finishing talking to the man outside of Duncan's House. EDGAR: He must have gone to pay his respects to his mentor, Duncan... Edgar: So, Sabin became a student of Duncan's... All this time, he's been under the wing of such a great teacher...
Found within the dialogue when the party meets with Vargas. TERRA: YOU! You're the coward who murdered Master Duncan! Terra: It was you, wasn't it? The disciple who murdered Master Duncan.
Found within the Returner Hideout's dialogue when Terra is able to talk to the members before meeting Banon outside. BANON: Terra... Talk to everyone here, heed their advice. Banon: Terra... You should talk to everyone here. It will give you a clearer view of things.
Found within the Returner Hideout's dialogue right after the beaten soldier enters the hideout. TERRA: He's badly wounded! Terra: Those wounds... They're awful...
Picking one of three scenarios from a standard menu. (Please choose a scenario.)

Banon and Co.
Please choose a scenario.

Banon's Group
Dialogue from Locke's scenario. The GBA wording implies the dialogue was to be for an imperial. Gotta get moving! The attack on Narshe is imminent. Who knows what's going to happen next? What are you standing around for!? It's almost time to launch the attack on Narshe. Marching orders could come down at any moment!
The merchant met at Gau's father's house has a third greeting that goes unused. MERCHANT: Good day. Need anything? Merchant: Good day to ya! Need anything?
Dialogue to be used in the Imperial Camp SOLDIER: Who in blazes're YOU? Soldier: Who goes there!?
Dialogue for when Kefka is fleeing Sabin in the Imperial Camp KEFKA: What an oaf! When I get my hands on him... Kefka: Pestering little...! Really want me to let you have it, do you!?
Alternate dialogue for when Sabin introduces himself to Cyan I'm SABIN, from Figaro. I'll explain more later. First, let's finish this! I'm Sabin, from the kingdom of Figaro. We can talk more later. Let's get out of here!
Dialogue appearing in Zozo's search for Terra. "Some woman flew up to the top floor!"
"Did you say..."flew..."?
That must be Terra!!!!"
Creepy monster's live up there. Look out fer 'em!
A girl flew up to the top floor, right in front of my eyes!
"Did you say...flew? That must've been Terra!"
Well, I'd stay away from the top floor if I were you. ...Not that there's a monster living up there or anything.
Found within Jidoor's dialogue when the party search for a way to the Southern Continent. There's only one airship in the world. It's owned by a gambler, or should I say pirate...? There's only one working airship in the world. It's owned by the Gambler. They say he uses it as a flying pirate ship...
Unused dialogue of the opera scenario, directed to Celes. LOCKE: Good luck...! Locke: Good luck.
Unused dialogue of the opera scenario. LOCKE: Impresario, what's up above the stage? Locke: Impresario, what's up above the stage?
Unused dialogue of the opera scenario; Locke is reacting to Ultros' intent to drop a weight on Celes. LOCKE: That has to be a joke! Locke: With that!
Dialogue from Kefka's scene with Ifrit and Shiva in the Magitek Research Facility. Presumably replaced by his laugh sound effect. Nee, hee, hee, hee, hee! Nee-hee-hee-hee-hee!
Dialogue for an NPC in the esper world during Terra's flashback You just want to peer into the human realm beyond the north gate, eh, Maduin? Wouldn't you love to see the human world beyond the northern gate just once, Maduin?
Dialogue for Maduin after Gestahl strikes down Terra's mother MADUIN: Maadoonaaa!! Maduin: Madeline!!!
Shadow has his very own dialogue and area on the Blackjack. SHADOW: ...... Why am I here...? For the money, I guess. Shadow: ......Why am I here? For the money. ...Right?
Dialogue mix within the items buried in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. Got "Super Ball." Obtained Super Ball!
Another dialogue mix within the items buried in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. Got "Bolt Edge." Obtained Lightning Scroll!
Another dialogue mix within the items buried in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. Got "Fire Skean." Obtained Flame Scroll!
Another dialogue mix within the items buried in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. Got "Shadow Edge." Obtained Shadow Scroll!
Another dialogue mix within the items buried in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. In the Japanese version it's labeled as 'Discarded Cicada Shell.' Got "?????." Obtained ItemThatDoesNotExist!
Dialogue from the journey to the Sealed Gate. Its placement suggests it may have been used when entering the Imperial Observation Post. LOCKE: The sealed gate... Can you sense anything, Terra? Locke: The Sealed Gate...Are you feeling anything, Terra?
Various unused pieces of dialogue to be used at the Sealed Gate. Some of these lines are similar to what is said in a battle event at the Sealed Gate; that scene may have been intended to occur in the field before being made a battle event Uwa ha! So, it's true! Uwa-ha-ha!
KEFKA: Emperor Gestahl was right! Kefka: Emperor Gestahl was right!
What the!!! Wh-what!?
Espers? Espers!?
KEFKA: Earthquake......? Kefka: An earthquake...?
KEFKA: D... Drat it all!! I won't forget this! Grr... Curse you! I won't forget this!
"Something happened..."
"I'm not sure..."
"What just happened...?"
"I'm not sure..."
Unused dialogue from the Sealed Gate event. A similar line is attributed directly to Terra. Anyway, let's return to the airship. Anyway, let's return to the airship.
Celes' dialogue after the Blackjack crashes, but she's not available in the party. CELES: Kefka's sure to come up with another demented plan. We need to do something FAST! Celes: I'm sure Kefka has some dirty plan up his sleeve. We need to act fast...
Shadow's dialogue when the Blackjack crashes, but he's not available in the party. SHADOW: I think Kefka's out for General Leo's hide! Shadow: This is just between us, but I heard that Kefka has designs on General Leo's life.
Strago's dialogue when the Blackjack crashes, but he hasn't been recruited yet. STRAGO: ...I've never seen anyone so sleazy as Kefka. Strago: Never in all my years have I fallen from anywhere so high up!
Relm's dialogue when the Blackjack crashes, but she hasn't been recruited yet. RELM: I'm sure those Espers are all very kind! Relm: Those espers are all friendly, right?!
Dialogue to be used in Vector, seemingly after the Imperial Banquet Your friends... They're in the cafe. Your friends are in the pub.
Dialogue when trying to embark on the Magitek armor transport ship in Albrook port with Gau in the party. TERRA: ... Where's Gau...?
LOCKE: He hates ships. We must...leave him behind!
Terra: Where's Gau?
Locke: He must not like boats. Oh well...guess it's just the two of us!
It's possible to ignore Shadow until the player reaches Albrook, and a dialogue was created with a line for a Shadow who doesn't know the party. Unfortunately, the developers forgot (or were unable) to add code to trigger it. SHADOW: You kids stay out of trouble now, you hear? Shadow: I'd better let this guy stretch his legs before he gets cooped up on the boat...
When the espers emerge from the Sealed Gate and rush to Thamasa, there is a third, unused line said by them. We've no time to lose! We don't have much time!
This dialogue is located among the text for the scene where the Floating Continent rises. Quick! Back to the airship!! Let's get back to the airship!
There is dialogue for purchasing the Quetzalli Magicite. This Magicite can be yours for 10000 GP.
(Buy it.)
(Don't want it.)
I'll sell you this magicite for 10000 gil.
There is dialogue for purchasing the Midgardsormr Magicite. This Magicite can be yours for 50000 GP.
(Buy it.)
(Don't want it.)
I'll sell you this magicite for 50000 gil.
Sabin's dialogue in Nikeah after Celes asks Gerad if he's Edgar. SABIN: What's going on, here? Brother!! Sabin: Is this some kind of joke, Edgar?
Dialogue intended for one of the thieves in South Figaro. Gerad's a boss we can trust! But he looks awfully familiar... Gerad's a boss we can trust! Does look awfully familiar, though...
Alternate dialogue for Gerad recognizing Celes in South Figaro. GERAD: You still here?! Gerad: You're still here!?
Dialogue from Jidoor in the World of Ruin. look like......aren't you...Maria?! Sorry, my mistake... aren't......Maria!? No, my eyes must just be playing tricks on me...
Dialogue from Jidoor in the World of Ruin. I went up to talk to Owzer, but he's nowhere to be found. There's something I need to talk to Owzer about, but I can't find him anywhere!
Dialogue of someone bidding at the auction house. How about 100000 GP?! I'll give you 100,000 gil!
Appears right after Chadarnook line and before the start of battle. OWZER: No! Noooo! You can't ruin this painting of my revered goddess! Aim only for the monster!! Owzer: No! You can't! You mustn't harm my precious goddess painting! Only the monster!
Appears after Owzer tells the party where the stone is and before the party realizes its magicite. OWZER: Hey, not that. That's priceless!! But seeing as you saved my hide, I'll give it to you as well. Owzer: Hey, not that! That's almost as precious to me as life itself! But you did help me... I guess I'll give you that as well.
Appears sometime before the party takes the stone. OWZER: The stone in question is in the middle of the shelf. Owzer: The stone's in that bookcase over there.
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #1. OWZER: What a tremendous gift! This young lady's pictures just might help salvage this rotting world of ours!
"We need to take RELM with us! She might just be our only chance to restore the sunny days of our not-too-distant past!"
Owzer: She has a tremendous gift. Her pictures may be this dying world's last hope for salvation.
"We need Relm's help bring light back to the world."
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #2. OWZER: Cough...hack...
RELM: Old man! Are you all right?!
OWZER: You think things will ever be as they were?
"...We don't know..." but if we don't try...
OWZER: We'll lose everything...
"We haven't much time. We need RELM's help now..."
Owzer: ...*cough*...*hack*...
Relm: Hey! Are you all right, old man?!
Owzer: You really think things will return to the way they were?
"...No one knows. But...if we don't do anything, the world's fate is sealed..."
Owzer: It'll be the end of everything...
"We don't have much time. We need Relm's help..."
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #3. OWZER: Let me at least hug her one last time... Owzer: Then, let me hug her...just one last time...
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #4. OWZER: RELM... Cough...Hackack... Will you come back some day? And paint me another of your masterpieces? Owzer: Relm... *cough*...*hack... Will you come back someday? And...paint for me again?
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #5. RELM: I'll come back.
OWZER: Thank you... Such a nice girl!
Relm: You bet!
Owzer: All right, then... Such a nice girl...
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #6. RELM: I have to go! But fear not, I'll be back to finish this painting!
OWZER: I'll be waiting for you!
Relm: I have to go now. But don't you worry! I'll be back to finish this painting!
Owzer: I'll be waiting for you...
Dialogue of a chocobo's cry. Presumably replaced with the sound effect of their cry. Kue!! Kweh!
Dialogue of the player being given the option to ride a chocobo. >(Ride a chocobo?)
>(Not yet.)
(Ride a chocobo.)
(Maybe later.)
Dialogue from the ending scene where Terra falls while flying out of Kefka's Tower. EDGAR: Follow her!

SETZER: Leave it to me!
Edgar: After her!

Setzer: Leave it to me!

Bugged story dialogue[]

The Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions have two instances where the End of Message control character is improperly used instead of the Page Break control. This prevents the remaining portion of the message from being displayed.

Condition/Moment/Etc. SNES/PSX GBA
This dialogue belongs to the imperial soldier who doesn't reply to Edgar's question in Figaro Castle. TROOPER: Allies? The Empire and this back-water, two-bit kingdom?! Soldier: An alliance? With this miserable little sandpit? Don't make me laugh!
This dialogue is spoken during the meeting inside the Returner Hideout. Edgar suggests they fight Magitek enemies with Magitek weapons. BANON: Fool! That's how the Magi Wars are said to have started!
EDGAR: Then what do we do?
BANON: We have to communicate with an Esper...
LOCKE: With an Esper!?
Banon: No! That would bring about another War of the Magi!
Edgar: Then what do you propose?
Banon: I was wondering if we might not be able to have a chat with an esper...
Edgar: ...With an esper!?

In-battle dialogue[]

It can only be speculated where some of this cut dialogue was intended to be used, or whom it was in relation to. The text is taken from the game's files verbatim, grammatical errors and lack of punctuation included.

Condition/Moment/Etc. SNES/PSX GBA
Most likely intended for Ultros, but the GBA version suggests that this dialogue may have been intended for the Guard Leader instead. Get away! Or I'll thrash ya!! Filthy little furbeasts! Try dancing your way out of this!
Most likely intended for Ultros, but the GBA version suggests that this dialogue may have been intended for the Guard Leader instead. It can't be......! I...I'm invincible!! It can't be... How could I a bunch of...rats?..
A whistling sound effect is played instead. Dadaluma whistled! Dadaluma whistles!
Unknown. Revived Reanimate
Unknown. Cyclone attack Cyclone Spin
A select few enemies steals gil. Steal your GP! Pickpocket
Unknown. Attributed to Ymir in the GBA version. Guwooo......! Ymir: Gwuooooooh!
Unknown. Attributed to Kefka in the GBA version Pa, pai, Ouuuch! Kefka: Ye... YEOOOUCH!
Unknown. Bugobo...... Guwaaa!! Grrr...Grwaaaaaah!!!
Unknown, there are two instances of this dialogue. Guwooo!! Gwoooah!!!
Hidon related dialogue. Absorbed by Hidon! Absorbed by Hidon!
A reaction from an enemy upon using the Steal command. You bloody thief! I'll teach you a lesson! Thieving scum! I'll teach you a lesson!
Unknown. Enemy's combat ability: A ASSESSED ENEMY COMBAT RANK: A
Unknown. Enemy's combat ability: B ASSESSED ENEMY COMBAT RANK: B
Unknown. Enemy's combat ability: C ASSESSED ENEMY COMBAT RANK: C
Unused countdown, highest used is 6. Wave cannon! Count down!! Count 10! INITIALIZING WAVE CANNON COUNTDOWN COUNT: 10
Unused countdown, highest used is 6. Count 9! COUNT: 9
Unused countdown, highest used is 6. Count 8! COUNT: 8
Unused countdown, highest used is 6. Count 7! COUNT: 7
Deathgaze related dialogue. Doom Gaze was cured of injury! Ice-elemental attack recovered! Deathgaze's wound has healed! Ice attack restored!
Unknown. Guwooo! Graaagh!!!
Deathgaze related dialogue. Doom Gaze became blind! Can't use "Doom"!! Deathgaze is blinded! Death attack disabled!
Deathgaze related dialogue. Doom Gaze became mute! Can't use Ice-elemental attack!! Deathgaze is silenced! Ice attack disabled!
Deathgaze related dialogue. Cut Doom Gaze's poisonous claw! Can't use "Poison" attack!! Deathgaze's poisonous claws are cut! Poison attack disabled!
Deathgaze related dialogue. Doom Gaze was cured of injury! "Doom" recovered! Deathgaze's wound has healed! Death attack restored!
Erebus related dialogue. Interestingly, the Japanese version uses "ヒヒドゥン" (Hihidun) for this line, rather than the enemy's actual name エレボス. Hidonite changes into Hidon ???????????????????????????
Kaiser Dragon (CzarDragon) related dialogue. Mwa, ha ha... Humans and their desires! I'm free at last! I bring you destruction... I bring you terror... I am Czar... Prepare yourselves! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha...Humans and their insatiable greed...The seal is broken, and I am free! I am the dealer of destruction...I am the font from which fear springs...I am Kaiser...And your time is at an end.
Unknown. My mission is My mission is
Unknown. The GBA version suggests that it was intended for the battle with Wrexsoul. A fellow traveler! Soul Saver: Come with us!
Most likely intended for Siegfried. Someone posing as me has been stealing treasures! Beware of being tricked! Remember, rewards come to unavaricious people. Well, let's begin! Siegfried: It seems that someone has been masquerading as me on a little plundering rampage lately...Don't be tricked! Good treasure finds YOU, I always say. Well, let's get on with this, shall we?
Unknown. Such...strength! Cyan...... Incredible...... Such...strength! Incredible...I should have expected no less of you...Cyan...
Unknown, but most likely intended for Magic Urn or Desert Hare, the only monsters that use healing abilities on the party. What's wrong? You look ill. Can I be of assistance? Heh-heh...What's wrong? You look a little pale. Let me see what I can do for you!
Unknown. He's... coming to take control of us! He's...he's drawing near!

...He's coming to take control of me!

Unknown. Adding up enemies' attacks! SUMMING ENEMY ATTACKS...
Ice Dragon related dialogue. Ice Dragon called its pal! Skull Dragon summoned! Ice Dragon summons an ally! Skull Dragon appears!
Storm Dragon related dialogue. Storm Dragon called its pal! Dirt Dragon summoned! Storm Dragon summons an ally! Earth Dragon appears!
Earth Dragon related dialogue. Dirt Dragon called its pal! Gold Dragon summoned! Earth Dragon summons an ally! Gold Dragon appears!
Gold Dragon related dialogue. Gold Dragon called its pal! Storm Dragon summoned! Gold Dragon summons an ally! Storm Dragon appears!
Skull Dragon related dialogue. Skull Dragon called its pal! Blue Dragon summoned! Skull Dragon summons an ally! Blue Dragon appears!
Blue Dragon related dialogue. Blue Dragon called its pal! Dirt Dragon summoned! Blue Dragon summons an ally! Earth Dragon appears!
Red Dragon related dialogue. Red Dragon called its pal! Ice Dragon summoned! Red Dragon summons an ally! Ice Dragon appears!
Holy Dragon related dialogue. White Dragon called its pal! Red Dragon summoned! White Dragon summons an ally! Red Dragon appears!
Storm Dragon related dialogue. Storm Drgn undergoing changes! Storm Dragon begins to change!
Earth Dragon related dialogue. Dirt Dragon got mad! Earth Dragon becomes enraged!
Skull Dragon related dialogue. Skull Dragon lives on magic pwr! Skull Dragon lives on magical energy.
Unknown. Eek! Eek!
Unknown. Ack! My body's disappearing! Aaagh! I'm being...erased...!
Unknown. The GBA version attributes it to Chadarnook, though. Beware !...... Go away !...... Chadarnook: Begone...Leave this place...
Guardian related dialogue. Guardian called his pal! Guardian calls for backup!

Map label[]

Within the game's code, one map label called Esperville is linked to the Esper World map, the place where the player explores the area via Maduin during Terra's flashback sequence. Since this place cannot be entered properly due to the player being sent there via an event, the name label never shows up on the screen like it usually does when the player enters a town or dungeon.


The following events go unused and are unseeable without the use of cheats.

  • This event involves bringing Gau to the Magitek Armor transport ship in Albrook port after the banquet in Vector. When the player tries to board the ship, Gau will leave the party while Locke and Terra share a word with one another about his quick departure. The "just in case" text can be found among the Albrook dock dialogue before the party embarks on the ship. It was thought it could be possible to have Gau here, if the player left him on the Veldt and picked him up right before this event, but there is no way this can be done as the player cannot leave the southern continent at this point due to the airship being grounded near Maranda.
  • There is an unused auction in the Auction House that consists of a palette swapped Ultros sprite. There is no script for the auction; just an event that can be used to trigger the appearance of the Ultros sprite.
  • There are two NPC events for Baram and Clyde to appear in a dummied Thamasa location. This indicates that one more Shadow's dream sequence was planned and left out. The dream was possibly planned to play after dream 1 since there is room for it in the event bit values.
  • There is an NPC event to make Ultros and Relm appear to the Esper Mountain cliffs. No script is present for this event, but it was probably meant to be used in case the player skipped the statues scene in the Esper Caves. However, access to the cliff location is blocked until the Ultros and Relm scene has already played, which renders this event useless.
  • There is an event to lock the first door inside the Crumbling House. This event is never set in the script, but it is cleared (ie. door unlocked) twice: once when entering the World of Ruin and a second time when the Crumbling House scene starts. It can be deduced that the house was designed to be accessible during the World of Balance (with the door locked).
  • There is an event to create a dummy cave opening to the World of Balance overworld map. This event is set if the player walks over a certain tile in the Yeti's Cave. The opening does not lead anywhere and cannot normally be seen, since the Yeti's Cave is only accessible in the World of Ruin. Using cheat devices, this dummy cave can be seen in both the SNES and GBA versions of the game, but the 2014 version does not have tiles to render the opening.

Special attacks[]

There is one special attack's special effect that goes unused. The animation is the same as Missile, but with a different sound effect.

Special attacks are the enemies' personal abilities, but a few are never used. They do not appear within their AI script, nor do they appear on the Control list of abilities or be an option when these enemies are sketched. There are many "default" special attacks placed on enemies, all named Hit, but some of them have different effects from the default (Level 1 = Attack x 1.5) and they will be listed below.

Name Effect Enemies
Critical Level 3 = Attack x 2.5 Ahriman
Hit Level 1 = Attack x 1.5 Dark Force, Holy Dragon, Bomb, Magic Urn, Clymenus, Ymir (Shell), Angler Whelk (Shell), Shiva, Ifrit, Guardian, Air Force, Valigarmanda, Flame Eater, Nelapa, Hidon, Level 30 Magic, Goddess, Level 40 Magic, Level 20 Magic, Siegfried (Phantom Train), Level 10 Magic, Level 50 Magic, Giant, Kaiser Dragon (Dummied), Level 60 Magic, Merchant, Birthday Suit, Level 70 Magic, Laser Gun, Bit, Missile Bay, Kefka (Narshe), Soldier, Opinicus Fish, Machine, Magic, Level 80 Magic, Level 90 Magic, Magic Master, Kefka (Imperial Camp), Cyan (Imperial Camp), Zone Eater, Gau, Kefka (Thamasa), Cadet, Imperial Soldier (Terra's flashback), Unnamed esper, Ultima Weapon, Shadow (Coliseum)
Hit Level 2 = Attack x 2 Curlax, Laragorn, Moebius, Ice Dragon (Narshe Cliffs)
Hit Level 6 = Attack x 4 Ymir (Shell), Gold Dragon (Kefka's Tower)
Hit Inflicts Poison Typhon (Blackjack)
Hit Inflicts Doom Chadarnook (Demon)
Hit Removes Reflect Skull Dragon
Hit Osmose effect Blue Dragon (Ancient Castle)
Impmare Inflicts Imp Angel Whisper
Imp Goo Inflicts Imp Typhon (Coliseum)
Venom Tusk Inflicts Poison Daedalus


There are many dummy "actors", or characters, within the game's data. Their stats, such as Speed and Stamina, are set to zero. They have an escape success rate of 5 and come equipped with Daggers in all four equipment slots, as well as both relic slots. They have four Attack commands assigned to their battle menus. Seven of the dummy characters are unnamed. One has ?????? (????? in SNES) as its name and 16 have dummy names. There is no way to use these characters as none have sprite data; though the dummy character, with ?????? as its name, is used to name Terra during the Narshe raid. The names of the other 16 dummy characters are listed below in the order they appear within the game's files.

Jobs were removed for the English releases, but many of these characters were assigned jobs in the Japanese release. Many of them are not actually jobs, but derive from things, mostly gods, in the fictional world of Glorantha.

Name Japanese Job
トルク (Toruku?) Humakt (フマクト, Fumakuto?)
ジェイド (Jeido?) [Jade ]Warrior (ヴォーリア, Wōria?)
カスター (Kasutā?) Yelmalio (イェルマリオ, Yerumario?)
ファビアン (Fabian?) Issaries (イサリーズ, Isārīzu?)
ディック (Dikku?, lit. Dick) Orlanth (オーランス, Ōransu?)
サラ (Sera?)
ケイス (Keisu?) Humakt (フマクト, Fumakuto?)
シィル (Shiru?) Waha (ワッハ, Wahha?)
ライ (Rai?) Uleria (ユーレーリア, Yūrēria?)
ライク (Raiku?) Orlanth (オーランス, Ōransu?)
ランス (Ransu?) Trickster (トリックスター, Torikkusutā?)
バブ (Babu?) Baboon (バブーン, Babūn?)
ぺたぺた (Petapeta?)
たうー (Taū?)
ビクター (Bikutā?)
ホー (?)

There is also another character named ?????? present along with the other characters; its data appears right before Wedge's. This character comes equipped with a Sakura, Mythril Shield, Mythril Helm, and Ninja Gear. Its battle commands are Attack and Magic with no character-specific command. Sakura can only be equipped by Shadow, so this character might have been a version of him to be used before the player had a chance to name him. Supporting this is the fact that all permanent party members have the Magic command, while guest characters do not. There is also evidence to suggest that the player would have been able to change this character's equipment during combat.

Maduin's appearance as a party member in Terra's flashback has some set stat levels, as well as a pair of Sprint Shoes permanently equipped on him. He has no battle commands, not even the basic Attack or Items commands. The main menu is disabled, so the player cannot view his status during the flashback.

Both Maduin and ?????? have stats, as displayed in the table below.

Maduin (マディン, Madin?)
Name Initial Stats
Job モーグリ (Mōguri?, lit. Moogle)
Strength 30
Speed 30
Stamina 30
Magic 30
Attack 30
Defense 30
Evasion 30%
Magic Defense 30
Magic Evasion 30%
Escape Success 5
HP Gain 10
MP Gain 10
Level Averaging +0
?????? (???????)
Name Initial Stats
Job モーグリ (Mōguri?, lit. Moogle)
Strength 40
Speed 40
Stamina 30
Magic 35
Attack 25
Defense 49
Evasion 30%
Magic Defense 27
Magic Evasion 12%
Escape Success 5
HP Gain 51
MP Gain 6
Level Averaging +2

Also Kefka has three unused actor slots and his stats cannot normally be viewed from the menu without making him visible.


Three enemies go unused, with some of them more or less complete.

The first enemy is a weaker version of the Yeti battle. From the look of its statistics, it was likely meant to be battled in the World of Balance after Kefka's failed invasion of Narshe. The Dummied Yeti has a simple AI script.

The second is the Giant (Colossus), which uses the same palette as the Hill Gigas. The Giant has a complete AI script, counters Blitz and Bushido attacks with its enemy spells, and will focus its attack on Gau every turn if he is a valid target. It appears to have been a boss, as it uses the boss death animation. It has 18,000 HP.

The final enemy is the best-known of them all, Kaiser Dragon (CzarDragon), a dummied boss with no significant AI script. This dragon, with a new design, would later appear as the Kaiser Dragon, an optional superboss in the Game Boy Advance and following versions located within the Dragons' Den.

An enemy named "Kefka" also appears in the game's coding, but not in-game. Its original intention was to help switch between the phases of the final battle's gauntlet, but a different method was used in the final game. The enemy had the Guard sprite, the default sprite, as its representation.

There are also several unnamed enemies that appear in the coding, but not in-game:

In the 2014 release, the Unnamed esper uses Ifrit's sprite instead of being a palette swap, although a palette swap version of the sprite is still found inside the coding.

Enemy spells[]

There are three unused enemy spells that do not appear in any enemy AI scripts, Rages or through the Sketch or Control commands.

  • Vanish (Clear in SNES): Inflicts Blind, Poison, Imp, Doom, Silence, Confuse, Sap, Sleep, and Stop on the caster. It costs 20 MP and cannot be evaded.
  • Confusion: Inflicts Confuse on all targets with a hit rate of 68, cost 20 MP.
  • Digestive Fluid (Heart Burn in SNES): Inflicts non-elemental damage. Its spell power is 30 with a hit rate of 120. It cost 20 MP, and can target one or multiple targets.

The following dummied spells were placed within the current enemy's AI script to display the visual effect of the spells. It is unknown whom these spells originally belonged to.

Spell effect[]

The following spell effect goes unused. This effect randomly selects a graphic animation from the following spells: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Drain, Poison, and Fira.

Status effects[]

Crawler covering its weak ally.

Enemies can start out with the Cover and Reraise statuses, but the developers never made use of them. If an enemy had either of these statuses, Gau would have inherited them when using the specific Rage.

Three equipment statuses—Sleep, Slow, and Stop—go unused. Sleep and Stop are temporary statuses on the wearer. The wearer of said equipment would have started with either the Sleep or Stop status, which would then wear off with time. The Stop status can be dispelled, but the Slow status would have been permanent; not even the Haste spell would have removed it.

Another status related to equipment is the ability for the wearer to start the battle under the Critical status. However, as soon as any party member(s) or enemies either take HP damage, recover HP, or evade an attack, the Critical status will be removed from said character.

Some status ailments are "not named in-game", meaning they have no name entries shown within battle. They are Magitek (while riding the Magitek Armor), Dance (while Mog is dancing), Interceptor Guard (Interceptor), Hidden, Chanting (while Relm or Gogo control an enemy), Morph (while Terra is in esper form), Frozen, and Normal (no status inflicted on character). All these status conditions are unnamed, probably due to some of them being either character-specific or rarely used (e.g. Magitek and Frozen).

Battle commands[]

In the final version the player can summon espers within the Magic menu by pressing up at the top of the character's magic list, but an actual battle command called "Summon" exists in the game's data found within the battle command list. The Summon command would have allowed the player to summon their equipped esper as long as they had enough MP with no limits to how many times it could be summoned. The Summon command summons the esper the character currently has equipped, but the command is incomplete and there is no targeting. It targets the party by default, so the only espers that can be summoned through it are those that target the party.

There is a bugfix patch that players can use to make the command work in the SNES version, but players will have to edit their ROM or save state to give their characters the command.

A select few commands are usable by enemies, but there are numerous other battle commands that go unused and work flawlessly when used by them within their AI scripts. These commands have the same effects as those used by the player. These commands are: Attack, Runic, Mimic, Row, Defend, Pray, and Shock. The other commands not mentioned are incompatible with the enemy's AI script, resulting in strange and glitchy behavior. The Shock command is usable by Gau through the Yojimbo Rage, but the command itself is not used directly by enemies.


There are many dummied out key items still in the game's files that can be obtained via cheat engines, such as Game Genie. The original Japanese release had 30 key item slots, but only 20 of those were ever filled with names and only 13 items were used during the course of the gameplay. 10 items were left with names containing only "Rare item [x]". The American SNES version reads the first 24 slots and can display a total of 20 items. The last four items overflow to item descriptions. The Advance version added two new rare items and reads all 30 slots though the menu is only designed to display 18 items. The last 8 items will overflow to esper data. The 2014 version will display all 30 items, but the names and descriptions of the last 8 will again overflow to esper data.

The Scrap of Paper found hidden next to the table in the Returner Hideout prior to the meeting that takes place with Banon is technically in the game, but it is associated with an event in which the player can either ignore it or toss it in the trash. Neither choice causes the item to be added to the player's inventory in the final game.

Autograph An opera singer's autograph An opera singer's autograph.
Manicure Pretty, red manicure Pretty, red manicure.
Opera Record Has a small scratch Has a small scratch.
Magnifying Glass
A convex lens A convex lens.
Rare Stone
(Eerie Stone)
A stone never seen A stone unlike any ever seen.
Odd Picture A very curious picture A peculiar picture.
Ordinary Picture
(Dull Picture)
Quite a common picture A very ordinary picture.

There is an unstealable Genji Glove in the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions. Dullahan, who is fought early in the World of Ruin, has it set as a stealable item, but Locke and Gogo cannot be recruited before the battle, and nobody who is in the party at the time can equip the Thief's Knife. There is no way to obtain a Merit Award either at this point, because none of the items that lead to it at the Dragon's Neck Coliseum can be obtained yet. However, Dullahan does appear in the Soul Shrine in the Game Boy Advance and succeeding versions, providing a remedy to this oversight.

An inaccessible Sprint Shoes is found behind Arvis's house in Narshe, located one tile to the right near the back door. On the Phantom Train, there is an unobtainable Fairy Ring in the compartment right after the one where the player fought Siegfried. A Tent can be found by examining an inconspicuous spot on the floor in the small room containing a table. A Fairy Ring is right next to the Tent in this same room, but it is inaccessible and therefore unobtainable without the use of cheats. In the 2014 version, the Phantom Train location is accessible (due to a different movement pattern) and contains a Potion.

There are a select few item effects that go unused, despite the majority of them seeming to work as intended. The following list is of the working effects:

  • The user attempts to steal from target.
  • Inflict Control on target.
  • Assigns a random elemental weakness (Debilitator's effect).
  • Inflicts Heat on target.
  • Golem's protection.
  • Metamorphose on target (Ragnarok's effect).
  • Nullifies a random element, but does not display which element was nullified (Force Field's effect).
  • Grants Cover on target.
  • Freezes the target's ATB bar while granting both the Regen and HP Leak statuses simultaneously. If an attack or spell is directed towards the affected, it will be automatically redirected to another valid target. The effects last until the end of battle.
  • Removes a party member from the current party. The removed members can be found loitering around the airship for re-recruitment. This ability could also be used by the player to instantly remove an enemy from battle (treated as Death). It works on bosses.
  • Inflicts Charm on target.
  • Reduces the target's HP to a single digit.
  • Gives 1/2 HP/MP—if the healing item gives 100 HP, it will give 50 HP to the target.
  • Gives 1/4 HP/MP—if the item gives 100 HP, it will give 25 HP to target.
  • Gives the target two turns (Quick's effect).

Conversely, these are the effects that either do not work, or do not work properly:

  • The user Leaps and that ends the battle, the leaper will remain in the party after battle. Gau learns all the Rages from the formation that the user leapt.
  • Grants Jump on target. Target will remain on the field and become un-targetable. That is until the sprite disappears and reappears above the target to perform the normal jump attack.
  • Forces target to run away. If the user uses this on an enemy, the enemy will be removed after the user has run away. The user will still be able to execute battle commands normally and will be un-targetable until the end of battle.

Ragnarok's Metamorphose ability has three sets of four items that goes unused:

  • Potion, Potion, Potion, X-Potion
  • Potion, Potion, Potion, X-Ether
  • Potion, Potion, Potion, Gauntlet


Price modifiers exist but remain unused. They are similar to the modifier used when the party leader is Edgar, which halves the shop prices in Figaro Castle and South Figaro (World of Ruin only). These price modifiers are: 1.5x normal price, 2x normal price, 50% discount, half if male lead and everyone else is 1.5x normal price, and half if female lead and everyone else is 1.5x normal price. These price modifiers can be hacked into the game, and work perfectly. These modifiers consider Gogo to be male.

There are forty unused blank shops, and three unused shops each selling a single item: Dagger, Buckler, and Silver Spectacles.


Tonberries on the Rage list (Advance).

Four Rages exist for Gau that can never be obtained. Only one of these was ever fixed.

  • Siegfried cannot be fought on the Veldt without cheating, as enemies fought in the Coliseum are not programmed to appear there.
  • Typhon does not appear on the Veldt for the same reason as Siegfried.
  • Death Warden cannot be fought on the Veldt because of an error involving duplicate enemy formations. There are two identical formations that he appears in, only one of which is ever used by the game; the one that goes unused falls within the range of formations that can appear on the Veldt, but the one that is used does not. This was fixed to some extent in the Finest Fantasy for Advance version; the battle in the Cave on the Veldt still uses the wrong enemy formation, but a later encounter in the Soul Shrine uses the correct one.
  • Tonberries is unusable due to a programming oversight that causes the last space in any list to always be blank. In the GBA version, the Rage can actually be learned and will apear in the main Abilities menu, but because it is the last of the 256 Rages in a list with 256 spaces, it is always displayed as a blank entry during battle and can never be selected.


Ragnarok's Metamorphose ability, if successful, will kill one enemy and transform it into one of four items from a set. Each enemy is assigned one of these item sets, but three of them go unused.

Four level up bonuses granted by espers went unused in the original version of Final Fantasy VI, two of the four were used in the Finest Fantasy for Advance release.

  • Speed +2: A character will have a Speed boost of 2 upon level up, but no espers boost it by two. This effect was later used for Cactuar's magicite level up bonus.
  • HP +100%: This will double a characters HP upon level up. Like the previous bonus, this was used for Diabolos's magicite level up bonus in the GBA port.
  • LV +30%: It does nothing when a character levels up. There is no helpful description for this bonus.
  • LV +50%: A stronger version of the previous bonus, but this one does not do anything either.

AI scripts[]

Two enemies are programmed to react to abilities which can never be used on them.

The Flame Eater is programmed to counter Gravity and/or Graviga with either Graviga or Flare. However, both Gravity and Graviga are classified as Death spells, which Flame Eater is immune to. Since the spell will always miss, it never has a chance to counter.

Dadaluma is programmed not to whistle for two Iron Fists to join him if he is silenced, but there is no way to silence him since the party does not have access to espers at this point, and Celes, the only available spellcaster, cannot learn Silence by leveling up.

Enemy formations[]

The Can't Leap bit activated on a leapable formation (SNES).

Gau cannot Leap when he is alone, and if the player tries to do this, the miss graphic will appear on the enemy while a message will appear at the top stating "Can't dive!!" (SNES) or "Can't leap!" (GBA). But there is an unused bit associated with an enemy formation which can affect the Leap command as well. If this bit is activated on an enemy formation, when Gau tries to leap to an enemy from that specific formation, he will fail regardless of how many party members are present. This was likely intended for enemy formations containing enemies that had no Rages, like the Proto Armors.

When a battle starts, enemies are introduced in numerous ways before the fighting begins; some come out of the water, while others drop down from the sky. There are three introductions that go unused, and they work if hacked into the game. The first is the enemies coming down from the sky while swirling down. This one looks like it would have been intended for flying or bird-related enemies. The second one has the enemy's sprite blink in and out until it appears in solid form, possibly for ghost-related enemies. The third one has the enemies appearing in a puff of smoke, possibly for ninja-related enemies. A fourth introduction also exists; this one renders the enemy or enemies invincible. The enemies in this formation will have their sprite blank out as if they were under the Invisible status, and the party will not be able to target them.

Inside the Magitek Research Facility in the mine cart area, the random encounters are disabled. The encounters are set to formation #356 (Flan x6) and #357 (Flan x4) with this battle background (Vector's battle background.). Outside the Phantom Train area inside the Dreamscape, the random encounters are disabled. The encounters are set to formation #070 (Angel Whisper x2, Cloud), #074 (Angel Whisper x4), #076 (Bomb x3), and #077 (Bomb x1) with this battle background (Exterior of the Phantom Train's battle background.). Inside Kefka's Tower in the 4-ton switch puzzle area, the random encounters are disable. The encounter's are set to formation #429 (Mover x3) and #430 (Muud Suud x1) with this battle background (Vector's battle background.).

A number of unused enemy formations exist, including eleven blank ones. Some of the enemies are too big to correctly fit in the screen without clashing with other sprites and appear as graphical errors. Other formations have enemy placement that looks a little odd, and others looks fine. Unused enemies, such as the alternative Umaro, Kaiser Dragon (CzarDragon), and Giant (Colossus), are not included in the list below. Formations with a ☆ have been made available in the Soul Shrine (GBA/2014 versions).

Unused enemy formation gallery


Reflect cast when HP is low.

Another ability associated with equipment is one that casts Reflect when HP is low; it works similar to the Mythril Glove, Barrier Ring, and Princess Ring relics.

There is also the condition associated with equipment: Once Critical, always Critical. What this means is when a character falls into a Critical state, s/he will stay in that state regardless of the amount of HP they gain or lose. This would have allowed a character to be fully healed and remain in Critical status until the end of battle, allowing a chance to perform a Desperation Attack without putting that character at risk of being KO'd due to having low HP.

Bismarck being summon after Edgar's attack.

Weapons have the ability to cast summon spells with a chance of it being cast would have been 25% upon physically attacking with a weapon, but these added abilities are not used at all. They could have also been used as item magic and it would have been consumed after being used.

A number of available equipment/relic protection, such as protection from Magitek status, Invisible, Doom, and Image are available, but go unused. All of them work as intended.


Image Type Description
FFVI Unused Tile 1.png Tile The following four shop signs are found within the castle tilesets, such as Figaro Castle and Ancient Castle.
FFVI Unused Tile 2.png Tile The switch can be found in the caves tileset, but there is an unused frame of animation. The pulled switch tile. This tile would have been used when a switch would have been pulled.
FFVI Unused Tile 3.png Tile These two tiles are found in the mountain cave tileset. They look like a small hole and a chain. They are located right below the pressed and unpressed floor switch in the tileset.
FFVI Unused Tile 4.png Tile One of two tiles found in the Imperial Camp tileset, what appears to be a radio.
FFVI Unused Tile 5.png Tile The second tile found in the Imperial Camp tileset, composed of six separate tiles that, when pieced together, appear to be a spear or pike rack.
FFVI Unused Tile 6.png Tile This closed wooden gate tile appears in both the normal and ruined village tilesets such as Mobliz and Thamasa.
FFVI Unused Tile 7.png Tile What appears to be a hole with a rope leading into it. This appears in both the normal and ruined village tilesets such as Kohlingen and Thamasa.


In the Super NES port, Terra has an unused sprite animation. Her esper form has a Tent sprite that is not visible because Terra cannot be in her esper form when controlled in the field and so cannot use a Tent. However, the sprite is not actually a tent, and instead depicts Terra floating in the air. The game's PlayStation port includes a menu portrait of Terra in her esper form, which later appeared in the GBA version.

This book sprite and its associated event are utilized internally when Setzer is giving operating instructions to Blackjack, but the book itself is never set visible and thus remains unseen without the use of cheats.

A number of character sprites, such as Terra's esper form, the Merchant, the Ghosts, and General Leo, have a complete set of sprite animations like the main party, such as turning their heads, wagging their fingers, angry, surprised, laughing, and so forth, most of which cannot be seen in the normal game. For example, they all have sprites for casting magic, even though none of them can do so normally. The only exception is the sprite for Imperial Soldiers, who use all of their sprite animations in the field, such as when they are shown reveling in the pub found in Albrook.

The imp has a full spritesheet, including a chocobo/Magitek riding sprite that cannot be seen. With the exception of Biggs and Wedge, the remaining guest characters, Esper Terra, and the Merchant do not have a riding sprite.

In the 2014 release, Arvis' sprite sheet is expanded, giving him animations for winking, raising his arm, and a look of surprise. However, these new animations are not used.

In the Pixel Remaster port, all fourteen playable characters have an unused sprite of them "hovering" in the air. These sprites originate from the original sprite sheets of the cast—in the 25th Anniversary Ultimania book, it is shown that the characters all had such a sprite earlier in development, but in the final product no such sprites are used. Curiously, there is a spot in the sprite sheets for the playable cast where these sprites could hypothetically go; this is where Terra has her unused animation as described above, but most other characters either have this spot blank or have the furigana "とくしゅ", meaning "special/unique". Terra's unused Tent sprite in her esper form also seems to be part of this series of "hovering" sprites.

Menu elements[]

The Fang ability on the Bushido renaming menu.

The Japanese version has two extra menus that were removed from the North American version. The first allowed the player to rename Cyan's Bushido techniques, but only in kanji, not kana. The Bushido renaming screen was found inside the Bushido menu. It appeared when a player pressed the confirm button while selecting an ability. This menu was removed from the US version, as well as all other English versions of Final Fantasy VI.

Button configuration menu

The second menu allowed the player to customize the buttons on the control pad.

The SNES version had Character Classes viewable in the main and Character Status menus; this was removed from the SNES version, but it was restored in the Finest Fantasy for Advance release. The Japanese version has a class name for Terra's esper form, (しんかん, Shinkan?), but this is impossible to display on the main menu because Terra's esper form is not permanent.