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Below is a list of command abilities usable in Final Fantasy VI. Each party member has an ability exclusive to them, and some of these abilities can be changed/improved by equipping a certain relic.

Basic commands[]

Basic commands are available to almost everyone, including temporary party members.

Name Party Member Description Image
All party members except Gau and Umaro The Attack command will allow a character to attack an enemy with his/her equipped weapon. See #Other commands for commands that replace the Attack command. FFVI Critical Hit.png
Magic All party members except Umaro and guests For all characters except Terra and Celes, the Magic command appears when the player acquires magicite. Every main playable character, except Gogo and Umaro, may learn magic by equipping magicite. In addition, Terra and Celes can learn magic naturally as they level up, and Gogo can use any spell that has been learned by at least one other member of the active party. The Magic command is disabled when a character is silenced. Dualcast replaces the Magic command when the character is equipped with the Soul of Thamasa relic. FFVI iOS Attack Magic.png
Summon All party members except Umaro, Gogo, and guests Usable in the Magic command submenu when the character is equipped with an esper. The Summon command calls the equipped esper into battle. Usable once per battle. Umaro and Gogo cannot summon as they cannot equip magicite. Gogo can mimic this if the previous move by another party member was a summon. Disabled if Magic command becomes Dualcast or when the Magic command is disabled by a status ailment. FFVI iOS Summon.png
All party members except Umaro The Items menu lists all available items in the player's inventory. The player can exchange a character's equipped weapon or shield with one in the inventory. Guests cannot change or remove their equipped weapons or shields. FFVI Item.png
Row All party members except Umaro The Row command is found by pressing left Left on the character's battle command window. Attacks dealt with the Attack command are affected by being in the back row, but characters' special commands and magic spells are unaffected. FFVI Row.png
All party members except Umaro The Defend command is found by pressing right Right on the character's battle command window. Defending halves damage received from physical attacks. FFVI Defend.png
Equip All party members except Umaro and guests Change weapon or shield during battle. FFVI Android Equip In-Battle Menu.png

Special commands[]

The following is a list of commands usable by the main party members.

Name Party Member Description Image
Terra Unlocked during the story. Terra's Strength, Stamina, Speed and Magic Power double. The length of time Terra remains transformed depends on her Magic Points―the more she has, the longer she stays Tranced. Trance can be used once per battle, unless Terra is killed while Tranced or uses the Revert command to cancel Trance before it expires. FFVI Trance iOS.png
Revert Terra Selecting this command will revert a Tranced Terra. FFVI Revert.png
Steal Locke Locke attempts to steal an item from an enemy. The success rate is as follows: (Locke's level + 50 - Target's level)/128. The chance of success can be doubled by equipping the Thief's Bracer. There is a 7/8 chance of stealing a common item, and a 1/8 of stealing a rare item. Becomes Mug when equipping Locke with a Brigand's Glove. FFVI iOS Steal.png
Tools Edgar Edgar attacks with one of eight tools from a list of available ones. Tools can be bought in Figaro Castle and found around the world. Some of Edgar's Tools rely on his strength, some on his Magic Power. Tools are unblockable and ignore Split Damage. FFVI Tools Drill iOS.png
Blitz Sabin Sabin uses one of eight special abilities depending on the player inputting a certain button combination. If the player inputs a wrong combination, then presses A, the Blitz fails and Sabin's turn is wasted. Sabin learns Blitz skills as he levels up, but his ultimate blitz Phantom Rush can be acquired through a sidequest at any level. Some of Sabin's Blitzes rely on his Strength, some on his Magic Power. Blitzes are unblockable and ignore Split Damage. FFVI Android Blitz - Raging Fist.png
Runic Celes Celes uses her sword to absorb the next magic spell cast, nullifying that spell and gaining MP equal to the MP cost of the spell. If the spell is of an element Celes is weak to, the MP recovery doubles. If Celes resists that element, the MP recovery is halved. If Celes is immune to that element, she does not recover MP. If she absorbs the element, she loses MP. Runic is unusable without a compatible sword equipped. Some spells cannot be absorbed. FF6 Runic.png
Throw Shadow Shadow throws a sword, katana, dagger, spear, rod, star or skean at an enemy. Thrown weapons are removed from the inventory, and are unblockable and ignore defense. Some weapons, even those above, cannot be thrown. If the thrown weapon has an elemental property, it will be thrown as an attack of that element. Most thrown weapons rely on Shadow's Strength, but the scrolls rely on his Magic Power. FFVI Android Throw.png
Cyan Cyan activates a gauge that charges through various sword skills. When the bar reaches a number, that skill can be performed. The Bushido gauge is unaffected by Cyan's Speed, or by Haste or Slow. Cyan learns Bushido skills as he levels up, but he can learn all his skills at once through a sidequest. Most of Cyan's Bushido skills rely on his Strength, but the Level 2 and Level 6 Bushido rely on his Magic Power. In the mobile/Steam version, the player can outright choose the the Bushido level and allow Cyan to charge it "in the background". FFVI iOS Fang.png
Rage Gau Gau takes on the attributes of a monster whose Rage he knows. If the enemy normally has elemental attributes or status ailments, Gau takes on them. Gau will enter a Berserker mode and randomly use either a normal attack or a special attack varying for each enemy. Rage cannot be canceled until Gau is killed or the battle ends. FFVI GBA Gau Using a Rage.png
Leap Gau Only usable on the Veldt. Gau leaps at an enemy, ending the battle and removing him from the party. Some time later on the Veldt, Gau will reappear at the end of a battle and rejoin the party. He will have learned the Rages of the monsters the party was fighting when he Leapt and when he returned. FFVI Leap.png
Slot Setzer Setzer spins three slot reels that the player stops. Depending on the result, Setzer will use a special attack. The command can be canceled if the player has not stopped the reels, but if the first reel is stopped they must complete the command. Slot commands rely on Setzer's Magic Power. Replaced by Gil Toss if Setzer is equipped with Heiji's Jitte. FFVI iOS Slots.jpg
Dance Mog Mog dances and enters a Berserker state. He will randomly use one of four special attacks corresponding to the Dance. Mog has eight Dances and learns them by fighting on different terrain. There is a chance Mog will stumble and the Dance will fail if he is not dancing on the Dance's home terrain. Dances cannot be canceled until Mog is killed or the battle ends. Dances rely on Mog's Magic Power. FFVI Android Dance - Wind Slash.png
Lore Strago Strago uses an enemy spell he has learned. Strago learns Lores by "seeing" an enemy (or Gau or Relm via their special commands) use an attack he can learn. Strago cannot learn Lores when under Blind, Petrify, Zombie, Sleep, Confuse, Stop, or Freeze (or Rage status, although not possible in a normal playthrough). Lores are unaffected by Runic and rely on Strago's Magic Power. FFVI Android Aero.png
Sketch Relm Relm makes a sketch of an enemy that attacks using either a physical or a special attack. The formula for success is as follows: (Sketcher's level * 256) / Target's level > [0..255]. Equipping Relm with the Beret changes the formula: (Sketcher's level * 256) / (Target's level * 170 / 256) > [0..255]. Vanished enemies, party members and some bosses cannot be Sketched. Control replaces the Sketch command when Relm is equipped with the Fake Mustache. FFVI Android Sketch.png
Mimic Gogo Gogo mimics the move used by a party member immediately before mimic is used. If the move was an item, Gogo will use the item on the same target without losing the item from the inventory. If it is a spell or a summon, Gogo will cast it for no MP cost. If it is an ability, Gogo will mimic the results of that ability, but they cannot mimic Terra's Trance. Gogo can mimic themself if no other party member makes a move; this is the only way to summon the same esper multiple times in a single battle. FFVI Gogo Mimicking Ultima.png

Other commands[]

The following is a list of abilities usable by the party members only when specified conditions are met.

Name Party Member Description Image
Magitek All party members except Umaro Replaces the Attack command. Usable when the characters are riding Magitek Armor. Magitek lets the party member use one of four special commands. Only Terra and Gogo (if Terra is in the party) can use the full set of eight commands. FFVI Banisher.png
Jump All party members except Umaro and guests Replaces the Attack command. Usable when the character is equipped with the Dragoon Boots relic. The character jumps into the air and descends some time later, attacking an enemy for 1.5x damage. If the character is equipped with a spear, they do 2x damage. Umaro cannot equip the Dragoon Boots, so the only way to have him jump is through the summon Quetzalli. FFVI iOS Jump.png
Land All party members except guests A failed Jump will return the user to their original position due to the lack of a valid target. FFVI - Land.png
Locke Replaces the Steal command when Locke is equipped with the Brigand's Glove. Locke attacks an enemy and attempts to steal an item from them. The success rate is identical to the success rate of Steal and can be enhanced by the Thief's Bracer. If Locke is equipped with a Genji Glove or Master's Scroll, he can mug more than once, although he will not mug more than one item from an enemy. FFVI iOS Mug.png
Gil Toss
(GP Rain)
Setzer Replaces the Slot command when Setzer is equipped with the Heiji's Jitte. Setzer throws gil at enemies, damaging them. Damage increases as Setzer levels up, and the party loses an amount of gil equal to the damage inflicted. The damage inflicted relies on Setzer's level. FFVI iOS Gil Toss.png
Control Relm Replaces the Sketch command when Relm is equipped with the Fake Moustache. Relm takes control of an enemy, allowing her to use one of up to four attacks that enemy knows. The enemy will not attack while being Controlled, but if Relm is killed or the enemy is attacked, the effects of Control will end. Equipping Relm with the Hypno Crown increases the chances of Controlling an enemy. Bosses cannot be Controlled. FFVI Control.png
X Fight All party members and Leo The command does not receive a new name and is still called Attack. In the SNES version, its description reads: "Changes Fight into X Fight". The description of the Master's Scroll was altered in the subsequent releases. Only usable when the character is equipped with the Master's Scroll relic. Attack will hit four random enemies at half-damage. Some weapons that ignore defense are not affected by this penalty. FFVI Master's Scroll.png
Continuous Jump All party members except Umaro and guests The command does not receive a new name and is still called Jump. Enhances the wearer's Jump command to hitting the target 2 to 4 times instead of hitting the target once. Becomes available by equipping both the Dragon Horn and Dragoon Boots relics on the same character. FFVI GBA Continuous Jump.png
All party members except Umaro and guests Replaces the Magic command when the character is equipped with the Soul of Thamasa relic. The Dualcast command lets the equipped character cast two spells at once but disables the Summon command.
Body Blow Umaro Umaro has one in two chances of either using an Attack or Body Blow. It has an attack power of 198, is unblockable and ignores defense. FFVI Tackle.png
Throw Ally Umaro If Umaro is equipped with the Berserker Ring, he will randomly throw a party member at an enemy for increased damage. If Umaro throw a sleeping or confused party member at an enemy, it will remove the status. FFVI Hurl.png
Snowstorm Umaro If Umaro is equipped with the Blizzard Orb, he will randomly attack all enemies with an ice-elemental magic attack. FFVI Umaro Snowstorm.png

Guests' commands[]

These commands are usable by temporary party members only. Gogo cannot use them.

Name Party Member Description Image
Banon Banon casts Cura on the party for no MP cost. FFVI iOS Pray.png
Possess ?????? Ghost possesses and instantly kills any enemy or boss. This permanently removes the Ghost from the party. There is no resistance checks for Possess. FFVI Android Possess.png
Shock Leo Leo creates a wave of energy that attacks all enemies for non-elemental magic damage. Gau and Gogo can access this ability via the Yojimbo Rage. FFVI Android Shock.png

Dummied command[]

The following command exists in the game's data, but it is not used. It can be given to characters by using a cheating device.

Name Party Member Description Image
Summon None This Summon command appears on the battle menu. It would have allowed the player to summon their equipped esper as long as they have enough MP to summon it, and it has no limits during battle. Due to a glitch in the code, it can only summon espers that targets the party. In the final game, summon is a submenu to the Magic command. FFVI iOS Summon.png