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The following is a list of achievements unlockable in the iOS, Android and Steam ports of Final Fantasy VI. There are 28 achievements total. Although the release for Kindle Fire systems uses the same basic framework as Android, achievements are not present in this version.

The achievements are written as simple byte flags near the end part of the save file. After their 28 flags, there is a counter for the number of Coliseum battle wins and byte flags for discovered Slot and Desperation Attack abilities. These spaces are shared between all five game file slots.


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Name Icon Description Notes
Customer Appreciation Ffvi customer appreciation.png Thank you for purchasing the game! Received upon selecting "New Game"
Final Fantasy VI Master FFVI PC Final Fantasy VI Master.png You unlocked all achievements. All achievements have to be gotten in one playthrough instance. Meaning that it is possible to have all other achievements and not unlock this if the byte flags have not been recorded to the savefile. This can happen, if the player loses their savedata at some point and does not complete all the achievements again.
Terra's Truth Ffvi terra's truth.png You discovered the truth about Terra and her hidden power. Received after completion of the Esper World flashback.
More Than King Ffvi more than king.png You found and befriended Locke. Received after completion of the Phoenix Cave.
"Hang on, Old Man!" Ffvi hang on old man.png You brought all the characters together. Recruit all 14 characters in the World of Ruin.
Road to Carnage Ffvi road to carnage.png You had all of Shadow's dreams. Witness four of Shadow's dreams by resting at an inn with him in the party.
Portrait Time! Ffvi portrait time.png You found and befriended Relm. Received after defeating Chadarnook in Owzer's Mansion.
"Fast Friends, Kupo!" Ffvi fast friends kupo.png You found and befriended Mog. After speaking to him in the Narshe Mines in the World of Ruin.
Bone Carver Bone carver.png You found and befriended Umaro. Defeat the Yeti in the Yeti's Cave, then speak to him with Mog in the party.
In the Belly of the Beast Ffvi belly of the beast.png You found and befriended Gogo. Speak to Gogo in the depths of the Zone Eater's Belly.
Mech Mania Ffvi mecha mania.png You got all of Edgar's Tools. Unlocking is checked after a battle.
Masterful Mastership! Ffvi masterful mastership.png You learned all of Sabin's Blitz commands. Unlocked once all are learned.
Sword Master Ffvi sword master.png You learned all of Cyan's Bushido commands. Received upon learning Oblivion at level 70 or on completion of the Dreamscape.
King of the Beasts FFVI PC King of the Beasts.png You learned all of Gau's Rage commands. Received after acquiring 253 Rages. Tonberries, Siegfried and Typhon are not required, but Death Warden is. The unlocking is checked after a battle.
Wandering Gambler Wandering gambler.png You matched all the symbols on Setzer's Slot command. Received after executing the eight possible Slot abilities.
An Uncommon Wizard FFVI PC An Uncommon Wizard.png You learned all of Strago's Lore commands. Unlocking is checked after a battle.
A Chance in a Pinch Ffvi a chance in a pinch.png You discovered all of the hidden Blitz commands. Perform the Desperation Attacks of all 12 characters (excluding Umaro and Gau).
Washed Up on Solitary Island Ffvi washed up.png You witnessed the World of Ruin event. Unlocked after Floating Continent is completed.
Balance is Restored FFVI PC Balance Is Restored.png You finished the game. After Defeating Kefka in Kefka's Tower.
"Fun to Save, Fun to Use" Ffvi fun to save.png You accumulated over 1 million gil.
Quintessential Adventurer Ffvi quintessential adventurer.png You opened more than 80% of all treasure chests.
The Road to Esper World FFVI PC The Road to Esper World.png You collected all the magicite.
Gateway to the Top Ffvi gateway to the top.png You racked up 10 wins at the Coliseum. Win 10 Coliseum battles.
Enough Already! Ffvi enough already.png You continued to defeat Ultros to the bitter end. After defeating Ultros and Typhon at the Floating Continent.
Wish You Were Here Ffvi wish you were here.png You defeated Deathgaze. Unlocks when Bahamut is received.
Master of Dragons FFVI PC Master of Dragons.png You completed the Dragons' Den. After defeating Kaiser Dragon and walking to the end.
Testament FFVI PC Testament.png You completed the Soul Shrine. Unlocks when Master's Crown is obtained.
Congratulations! FFVI PC Congratulations.png You defeated Omega Weapon.
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