Final Fantasy Wiki

The following are a list of abilities in Final Fantasy VI.

Command abilities[]

Each character has an exclusive battle command to them, and some of these abilities can be changed/improved by equipping a certain relic.

Support abilities[]

Support abilities are gained by equipping the appropriate relics or equipment pieces, and they are passive during battle.

Desperation Attacks[]

If the Attack command is issued when a party member is in Critical status, and if 25.6 seconds have passed since the battle began, there is a 1/16 chance the character will use a Desperation Attack. Desperation Attacks are used randomly and only occur once per battle. Gau and Umaro do not have Desperation Attacks as they do not have the Attack command.

Enemy abilities[]

Enemies have two types of abilities: specials and spells. Specials are the monsters' personal unique attack abilities. Spells consist of magic spells that cost MP the majority of the time for the enemy to use.