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Final Fantasy VI The Complete is a guide book for Final Fantasy VI published in September, 1994 by NTT Publishing. It gives rich information about most areas of the game and is sometimes seen as the game's "Ultimania guide" before Ultimanias were created.

Alongside the main party, the characters section of the guide gives details of each of the temporary playable characters, Banon, Ghost, as well as members of the Gestahlian Empire, Kefka, Cid, Leo and Gestahl.

The permanent playable characters are each given a variable number of pages in explanation of their abilities. The other characters cover half a page each. The details listed about the characters are their age, height, weight, day and month of birth, blood type, birthplace, and a like of theirs, a dislike, and a hobby. The section gives English translations, but not the ones to be used in the English versions.

The guide also contains a walkthrough, showing every map.