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Final Fantasy VI Special Tracks (ファイナルファンタジーVI スペシャル・トラックス, [missing rōmaji]?) album contains remixes and unused tracks from Final Fantasy VI.

"Approaching Premonition" is a vocal track featuring Nobuo Uematsu as the lead singer, and the entire Final Fantasy VI development staff as the background and chorus singers. The lyrics were composed by Hiroyuki Ito, and the instruments are played by Nobuo Uematsu.

Track list Edit

  1. "Approaching Premonition", 近づく予感 - 5:24
  2. "Town 2 (Unreleased Track)", 街2(ゲーム未収録曲) - 2:40
  3. "Town 3 (Unreleased Track)", 街3(ゲーム未収録曲) - 1:16
  4. "Troian Beauty (Remake)", トロイア国(リメイク) - 2:06
  5. "Techno de Chocobo" (Another Mix), テクノ de チョコボ(アナザー・ミックス) - 4:10
  6. "Approaching Premonition (instrumental)", 近づく予感(ボーカルレス・ヴァージョン) - 5:19

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Square Staff Circa 1994
"Approaching Premonition"
Approaching Premonition FFVI

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