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Final Fantasy VI Settei Shiryō-hen is a guide book for Final Fantasy VI that focuses on the characters and story. It was released on February 11, 1994 by NTT Publishing.

The guide book is covered in artwork.


  • プロローグ (Purorōgu?, lit. Prologue), p.02

Short storyboard of the start of the story.

  • Character (キャラクターの章, Kyarakutā no Shō?), p.05

Summary of character's introduction to party, basic personal details about the characters including age, height, weight, day and month of birth, blood type, and various other information such as hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

The section does not cover the temporary characters or the "secret" characters (Umaro and Gogo). Kefka, Cid, Gestahl, Biggs and Wedge, and Banon get short paragraph bios each. The final page in this section is dedicated to the Config menu.

  • World (世界の章, Sekai no Shō?), p.45

The timeline gives a history of the world from 1200 years before the start of the story to the game's beginning and the discovery of the frozen esper. Some more setting details follow. Two-page spreads are dedicated to Narshe, Figaro, South Figaro, Mt. Kolts, and Doma. The Falcon, Imperial vehicles, and chocobos are explained.

  • Genju & Magic, (幻獣&魔法の章, Genjū & Mahō no Shō?), p.71

Explains each individual esper, the ability they use, and the abilities they teach. Explains the Magic learning system.

  • Monster & Item (モンスター&アイテムの章, Monsutā & Aitemu no Shō?), p.81

Short paragraphs about some of the bosses and enemies of the game. Explanation of types of battle. Short explanations of the equipment in the game. Explanation of the equipment system.

  • エピローグ (Epirōgu?, lit. Epilogue), p.94

Short storyboard of Narshe event.