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Final Fantasy VI Character Collections (ファイナルファンタジーVI キャラクターコレクションズ, Fainaru Fantajī Shikkusu Kyarakutā Korekushonzu?) is a card artbook featuring characters from Final Fantasy VI. It was published by NTT Publishing on February 11, 1994 prior to the release of the game.

It features a two-page spread for 12 of the game's characters (secret characters Umaro and Gogo are not included). Each spread features a full-page artwork Yoshitaka Amano on the left page with the character's marketing quote (most of which are not said in the game, also appeared in the Final Fantasy VI The Complete), and on the right page has two cards with removable Amano artwork—one of the artwork pictured on the left in portrait, and another SD Amano art in landscape. On the back of standard card is a character bio, and on the back of the SD card is characters stats (age, height, etc.). Removing the cards reveals images from the game. On the top-right of the right page and on the SD cards is the character's Japanese Latin-text name (e.g. "Tina"), and all feature the game's logo.


Two-page spread with cards unremoved

Tina Branford[]

If the magic power dwelling inside me can be useful...

First revealed image
Terra in Magitek Armor in Narshe
Second revealed image
Terra at the Imperial Palace with two Magitek Armor soldiers

Lock Cole[]

I prefer the term "treasure hunting"!

First revealed image
Locke laughing at the Opera House
Second revealed image
Lock in the storage room in South Figaro with the door revealed.

Edgar Figaro[]

Do not be surprised when you see the power of the tools produced by the Kingdom of Figaro!

First revealed image
Edgar giving the middle finger to Terra in the Figaro Castle throne room while standing next to Locke.
Second revealed image
Edgar facing Sabin on Mt. Kolts with Terra and Locke.

Mash Figaro[]

I don't fit in at a place like a royal palace. Immersing myself in training suits me perfectly.

Setzer Gabbiani[]

My life is a chip in your pile! Ante up!

Age: 27
Height: 175cm
Weight: 62kg
Birthday: February 8
Blood type: AB
Likes: Playing for keeps
Dislikes: Cowardice
Hobby: Playing solitaire

Celes Chere[]

I am a warrior before I am a woman. Do not forget that!

Cayenne Garamonde[]

There is nothing new about my Bushido!

Age: 50
Height: 178cm
Weight: 72kg
Birthday: January 3
Blood type: A
Likes: Traditional things
Dislikes: Machines
Hobby: Collecting ancient weapons


I... rage... like Bomb... rage!


I have no past. There is only the journey towards death.

Relm Arrowny[]

I'll draw you a portrait!

Stragus Magus[]

The legendary monster technique... it was my dream to master it.



First revealed image
Mog in Narshe Mines
Second revealed image
Moogles in the Moogle Cave.
Age: 11
Height: 122cm
Weight: 43kg
Birthday: May 11
Blood type: Black-footed duck (according to Mog)
Likes: People who pet him
Dislikes: People who touch his tail
Hobby: Singing and dancing

Card gallery[]


Yoshitaka Amano
Square Co., Ltd.
NTT Publishing
Kenichiro Utsunomiya (宇都宮健一郎)
Publishing office
NTT Publishing
Printing company
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

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