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The Final Fantasy VI Advance Official Complete Guide is a Japanese strategy guide for Final Fantasy VI Advance. It was published on December 28, 2006 under the SE-Mook imprint. It was made available as a Kindle e-book on April 1, 2018.

The guide avoids showing the sprites of final Kefka and Kaiser Dragon, showing only the outline and filling it with dark clouds.


  • "Prologue" (プロローグ, Purorōgu?), p. 004
  • Character Relationship Diagram (人物相関図, Jibutsu Sōkanzu?), p.006
  • How to use this book (本書の使い方, Honsho no Tsukaikata?), p.008

Chapter 1: System[]

(システム解説, Shisutemu Kaisetsu?, lit. System Explanation), p.009
  • Game Basic Knowledge (ゲームの基礎知識, Gēmu no Kiso Chishiki?), p.010
  • Mastering the Menu Screen (メニュウー画面を使いこなそう, Menyū Gamen o Tsukaikonasō?), p.012
  • Format of the Adventure (冒険の進め方, Bōken no Susumekat?), p.020
  • Battle Mechanics (バトルの仕組み, Batoru no Shikumi?), p.024

Chapter 2: Character[]

(キャラクター解説, Kyarakutā Kaisetsu?, lit. Character Explanation), p.029

This section features Latin-text character names for characters, but many do not match those used consistently in other media and within the game itself.

  • Understanding the Character chapter (キャラクター解説の見方, Kyarakutā Kaisetsu no Mikata?), p.030
  • "Tina Branford" (ティナ, Tina?), p.032
  • "Lock Cole" (ロック, Rokku?), p.034
  • "Cayenne Garamondo" (カイエン, Kaien?), p.036
  • "Shadow" (シャドウ, Shadō?), p.038
  • "Edger Roni Figaro" (エドガー, Edogā?), p.040
  • "Mash Reni Figaro" (マッシュ, Masshu?), p.042
  • "Ceres Chere" (セリス, Serisu?), p.044
  • "Stragus Magus" (ストラゴス, Sutoragosu?), p.046
  • "Relm Arrowny" (リルム, Rirumu?), p.048
  • "Setzer Gabbiani" (セッツァー, Settsā?), p.050
  • "Mog" (モグ, Mogu?), p.052
  • "Gau" (ガウ, Gau?), p.054
  • "Gogo" (ゴゴ, Gogo?), p.056
  • "Umaro" (ウーマロ, Ūmaro?), p.058
  • Original Command Data (オリジナルコマンドデータ, Orijinaru Comando Dēta?)
    This section explains more complex commands that would not fit in the individual character's two-page spreads, and also Magic. New additions to Advance are highlighted with a "New" tag.
  • Magicite Data (魔石データ, Maseki Dēta?), p.070
    Lists Magicite, where found, the spells learned, the level bonus, and the summon ability with its effect and MP cost.
  • Practical Information on Character Development (キャラクター育成の実践知識, Kyarakutā Ikusei no Jissen Chishiki?), p.076
    Compares relative character stats, explains how to utilize summon bonuses, and suggests party set-ups for different styles of play, including an auto-battle party (Mog, Gau, Gogo, Umaro). It categorizes the characters into three categories: physical (物理タイプ, butsuri taipu?), magic (魔法タイプ, mahō taipu?), and balanced (平均, heikin type?).

Chapter 3: Story[]

(ストーリー解説, Sutōrī Kaisetsu?, lit. Story Explanation), p.079

This section divides the story into the World of Balance and World of Ruin halves (崩壊前 (Hōkai-mae?, lit. Before Collapse) and 崩壊前 (Hōkai-mae?, lit. Before Collapse), sub-divides by story segments, and then sub-divides into numbered events with specific missions. Event battles, boss battles, and maps give page references for where they are covered in greater detail. "Close Up" sections give details on newly introduced characters, and "Story Guide"s give deeper story insight.

  • Preparing for the Adventure (冒険前の準備, Bōken-mae no Junbi?), p.080
  • Understanding the Story chapter (ストーリー解説の見方, Kyarakutā Sutōrī no Mikata?), p.082
  • Walkthrough, p.084
  • Challenging the Coliseum (コロシアムに挑戦, Coroshiamu ni Chōsen?), p.116

Chapter 4: Map[]

(マップ解説, Mappu Kaisetsu?, lit. Map Explanation), p.117
  • Understanding the Map chapter (マップ解説の見方, Kyarakutā Mappu no Mikata?), p.118
  • "World Map", p.120
    Shows the World of Balance and World of Ruin maps with locations, chocobo forest, and enemies encounters on the map.
  • Fields Maps, p.124
    Goes through each location and lists which worlds they are available in, number of save points, teleport status, inn status, chocobo stable status, shop lists, monster lists, and a series of annotated maps for each sub-areas with item lists and notable features.

Chapter 5: Extra[]

(エクストラ解説, Ekusutora Kaisetsu?, lit. Extra Explanation), p.267

This section covers the bonus dungeon Dragons' Den.

  • Challenge a New Dungeon (新たなるダンジョンに挑む, Aratanaru Danjon ni Idomu?), p.268
    Introduction for Dragons' Den
  • Appearing Monsters Analysis (出現モンスター解析, Shutsugen Monsutā Kaiseki?). p.270
    Coverage of the monsters encountered in Dragons' Den, with special warnings for particularly dangerous encounters. Lists the sub-areas the enemies are encountered in.
  • Understanding the EX Dungeon Walkthrough (EXダンジョン攻略の見方, Ekkusu Danjon Kōryaku no Mikata?), p.272
  • EX Dungeon Full Map (EXダンジョン全体マップ, Ekkusu Danjon Zentai Mappu?), p.274
  • EX Dungeon Walkthrough, p.276
    Written like the main guide walkthrough, but giving each sub-area its own section and also features the annotated map for the sub-area.
  • Challenge the Ultimate Battle (究極の戦いにチャレンジ, Kyūkyoku no Tatakai ni Charenji?), p.292
    Suggests rules to add extra challenge to the Dragons' Den.

Chapter 6: Data[]

(データ, Dēta?), p.297

After the Boss Data section, this chapter is monochrome.

  • Boss Data (ボスデータ, Bosu Dēta?), p.298
    Details for tackling each individual boss battle. Also lists the enemy data and Magic AP earned.
  • Monster Data (モンスターデータ, Monsutā Dēta?), p.336
    It covers the stats of the enemies and bosses of the game.
  • (Column) Earning Magic AP (魔法修得値を稼ごう, Mahō Shūtoku-chi o Kasegou?), p.399
    Recommended enemies to farm Magic AP from
  • Monster Ability Data (モンスター技データ, Monsutā Waza Dēta?), p.400
    Lists abilities and their details, including their interaction with Runic.
  • Equipment Data (装備データ, Sōbi Dēta?), p.402
    Lists equipment stats and who can use them.
  • Relic Data (アクセサリーデータ, Akusesarī Dēta?), p.420
  • Item Data (アイテムデータ, Aitemu Dēta?), p.424
  • Coliseum Data (コロシアムデータ, Koroshiamu Dēta?), p.426
  • Bestiary Summary (モンスター図鑑一覧, Monsutā Zukan Ichiran?), p.429
    Index of enemies in their ID order, listing the pages the enemies are covered on.


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