This is a timeline for the events in the Final Fantasy VII series.

Unless otherwise noted, all dates and incidents are taken from the 10th Anniversary Ultimania, which gives a complete timeline of events.[1] Dates given in other works in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII specify the entry they are noted in. Dates in the world of Final Fantasy VII are stylized as either "[ μ ] – εγλ" or "[ ν ] – εγλ". The changeover occurs from [ μ ] – εγλ 0000 to [ ν ] – εγλ 0001, presumably occurring in the wake of the official announcement of the Wutai War ending in February of [ ν ] – εγλ 0001. This calendar format appears on wall calendars in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania gives the ages of Avalanche members,[2] the ages of the Turks' ages and Rufus Shinra,[3] the other Shinra Electric Power Company directors',[4] as well as some minor characters.[5]


Timeline[edit | edit source]

Over 2,000 years ago[edit | edit source]

  • The Cetra are on their long journey to cultivate life on the Planet.
  • A being known as "Calamity from the Skies" crashes into the Planet's northern polar on a meteor, gravely injuring the Planet. The Cetra gather at this location to heal the Planet.
  • The Calamity from the Skies emerges from the crater bringing with it deceit and treachery as a great pestilence falls upon the Cetra and the Planet.
  • The Planet creates six powerful Weapons to combat the Calamity from the Skies: Jade Weapon, Sapphire Weapon, Diamond Weapon, Ultimate Weapon, Ruby Weapon, and Emerald Weapon.
  • Having nearly wiped out the entire Cetra race, the Calamity of the Skies is defeated and sealed in a geological stratum. The Weapons remain dormant in the same stratum as they have never had to act.
  • The Cetra's numbers continue to dwindle, being swallowed up by the ever-growing human population. The Cetra assimilate into human civilization, but maintain their ancient knowledge and powers.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1877[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1940[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1943[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1945[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1949[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1950[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1959[edit | edit source]

  • Nanaki (Red XIII) is born to Seto in Cosmo Canyon.
  • Cosmo Canyon is attacked by the Gi tribe. Seto leaves the front lines to hold off a group of Gi tribe forces that plan to use an underground cave to sneak into Cosmo Canyon and flank its defenders. Cosmo Canyon is victorious, but Seto, having been shot with many poison arrows during his defense, is eternally petrified.
  • September 23 – Shinra Manufacturing Works discovers Mako energy.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1967[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1970[edit | edit source]

  • Professor Gast Faremis becomes head of the Shinra Science Department.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1972[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1975[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1976[edit | edit source]

  • June 24 – Shinra Manufacturing, now known as the Shinra Electric Power Company, begins the construction of a Plate above the city of Midgar as a location to centralize the company with a modernized headquarters at the heart of the Plate. The plate is to consist of eight sectors built above the smaller settlements on the ground, which in turn gradually become nameless, numbered slums.

Circa [ μ ] - εγλ 1970[edit | edit source]

Grimoire Valentine.

  • Shinra scientists Grimoire Valentine and Lucrecia Crescent, having done extensive research into an ancient legend surrounding two entities born of the Planet known as Chaos and Omega, make new progress in their research when they discover Lucrecia's Cave, the place where Chaos is said to awaken at the appointed time. After mistakenly awakening Chaos's malevolent spirit during an experiment regarding the consistencies of Mako in their research, Grimoire is killed while protecting Lucrecia from the attacking Chaos. The Shinra Science Department scraps the project.[citation needed]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1977[edit | edit source]

Circa [ μ ] - εγλ 1977[edit | edit source]

  • Shinra scientists led by Professor Gast discover Jenova and label her a Cetra. The Jenova Project begins soon after, with the goal of creating a human with the powers of a Cetra. Professor Hojo and Dr. Hollander have differing opinions for how this process should be carried out and establish two different projects under the Jenova Project: Hojo establishes Project S, while Hollander begins Project G.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1979[edit | edit source]

Circa [ μ ] - εγλ 1977-1982[edit | edit source]

Vincent Valentine as a Turk.

  • The Department of Administrative Research, also known as the "Turks", assigns Vincent Valentine to protect the Shinra scientists for Project S much to Lucrecia's surprise.
  • During their time in Nibelheim, Vincent and Lucrecia get romantically involved, but this comes to an end when Vincent discovers Lucrecia not only knew his father, but was involved with his death. Lucrecia distances herself from Vincent, seeking comfort from her colleague, Hojo, to whom she later bears a child.
  • Hojo convinces Lucrecia to use their unborn child as a test subject for Project S by injecting Jenova cells into the fetus.

Circa [ μ ] - εγλ 1980[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1980[edit | edit source]

  • Professor Gast leaves Shinra, setting out on a journey across the Planet to find answers to the many questions he has about Jenova, the Ancients, and the Planet.
  • In Gast's absence, a power struggle occurs within the Shinra's Department of Scientific Research between Professor Hojo and Dr. Hollander. Hojo obtains the position, his achievements in Project S being more recognized by Shinra than Hollander's Project G.

Early 1980s[edit | edit source]

  • Gast visits Cosmo Canyon, home to people who study the Planet. Gast provides Bugenhagen with scientific equipment so he may better monitor the Planet.
  • Professor Gast meets a woman named Ifalna, one of the last Ancients. He takes an interest in her, wanting to learn more about her people and the Planet. They fall in love and retire to Icicle Inn on the Northern Continent.[citation needed]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1982[edit | edit source]

Circa [ μ ] - εγλ 1984[edit | edit source]

  • Lucrecia becomes ill from the experiments performed on her. When an enraged Vincent confronts Hojo about this, the scientist shoots him. Hojo performs experiments upon Vincent, increasing his body's durability and giving him the power of metamorphosis, but Vincent dies during the experiment.
  • Lucrecia uses Vincent's body in an experiment to make him a vessel for Chaos. She resuscitates him by infusing pure Mako into him, and merges Chaos's spirit with Vincent's essence, putting the Protomateria in his chest to keep Chaos under control. Lucrecia leaves Nibelheim, hiding away from the rest of the world in the Crystal Cave.
  • Vincent awakens in the Shinra Mansion basement where he changes into the Galian Beast. Vincent thinks this is punishment for his failure to stop Lucrecia and her unborn child to be experimented upon. He finds a room full of coffins in the basement of Shinra Mansion and shuts himself away inside one of them. Because of Hojo's experiments, Vincent can stay asleep without aging or having to sustain himself, having become biologically immortal.
  • Zack Fair is born in Gongaga.
  • Jessie Rasberry is born in Midgar.[2]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1985[edit | edit source]

  • Rosso, the first genetically-engineered child to be infused with Genesis's genes, is born in Shinra's Deepground facility.
  • February 7 – Aerith Gainsborough is born to Gast and Ifalna in Icicle Inn.
  • February 27 – Hojo tracks Gast down to his home in Icicle Inn. Professor Gast is shot by the troops accompanying Hojo, who takes both Ifalna and Aerith into custody at the Shinra Building in Midgar.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1986[edit | edit source]

Circa [ μ ] - εγλ 1987[edit | edit source]

  • Weiss is born in Deepground.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1987[edit | edit source]

  • Nero is born in Deepground as the result of experiments involving the injection of stagnant Mako into fetuses. As he was born, a void of darkness formed around his body, pulling his mother into it, never to be seen again. Nero is the only successful result of these stagnant Mako injection experiments.
  • Wedge is born.[2]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1989[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1990[edit | edit source]

[ μ ] - εγλ 1991[edit | edit source]

Circa [ μ ] - εγλ 1992[edit | edit source]

  • The Wutai War begins between the forces of Wutai and Shinra when Wutai, the last major land free of their influence, denies Shinra permission to build a Mako Reactor on sacred Wutai grounds. Among the Shinra troops deployed to Wutai are Elmyra Gainsborough's husband and Sephiroth, now a SOLDIER 1st Class.
  • Sephiroth's unparalleled strength and skill gain recognition during the war, making him a world-famous war hero.
  • Deepground SOLDIERs are secretly charged with recovering the injured from the battlefield in Wutai, and returning them to Deepground where some are nursed back to health, and others fall victim to torturous experiments. SOLDIER Unit 14: Lost Force specializes in these extractions throughout the war.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1992[edit | edit source]

  • Elmyra receives a letter saying her husband is coming home on leave. Elmyra goes to the Sector 7 slums Station every day in hopes of being reunited with her husband.
  • Ifalna and Aerith escape the Shinra Building, fleeing to the Sector 7 Undercity by train. Upon arriving at the Sector 7 Undercity Station, Ifalna collapses and dies. Elmyra adopts Aerith.
  • Elmyra's husband dies. Aerith senses his death and tells Elmyra, but she does not believe her. A few days later Elmyra receives a notice saying her husband has died.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1995[edit | edit source]

  • Tifa's mother dies.
  • A grieving Tifa climbs Mt. Nibel believing she will find her mother waiting for her. She falls from a suspension bridge along with Cloud, who had followed her. Suffering severe injuries, Tifa remains in a coma for seven days while Cloud suffers only minor injuries but is blamed for the incident. The guilt causes him to become aggressive, getting into fights with other kids.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1997[edit | edit source]

  • Determined to join SOLDIER, Zack Fair leaves Gongaga and heads off to Midgar.
  • An anti-Shinra activist group led by a man known as the "Death God of the Battlefield" meets with a weapons dealer to negotiate a deal with him. Unbeknown to them the weapons dealer betrays them and they are attacked by Shinra. Only the leader survives.
  • Tseng, a rookie member of the Turks, is sent to Costa del Sol to investigate the kidnapping of a Shinra infantryman from one of Shinra's Mako Reactors. Finding him aboard an unmarked ship in the harbor, Tseng learns from the infantryman, who was being tortured for information about the reactor, that the people holding him are a part of an anti-Shinra militant group that has been stockpiling weapons aboard the ship from a black market weapon seller. Not wanting to leave the infantryman for death, Tseng abandons his mission and rescues him, instead of investigating the ship further like he was ordered.
  • Several days after Tseng's mission in Costa del Sol, Veld, the Turks' commanding officer, tells Tseng he has failed in his duty as a Turk by choosing the infantryman's life over protecting company secrets. President Shinra orders the Turks to destroy the weapons and data the anti-Shinra group has and to locate the leak within the company providing the black market weapon seller with information. Tseng is included in the mission, much to his surprise.
  • Tseng arrives in Costa del Sol, this time with Veld, as they infiltrate the ship. While Tseng deletes the data on the ship's computers, Veld investigates the weapons. Before Tseng can delete all of the data, anti-Shinra operatives make off with a hard copy. In the cargo hold Veld discovers an army of Proto Golems, a robotic weapon developed by Shinra. Tseng tracks down the operatives and eliminates them, recovering the data. Tseng helps Veld fight off the Proto Golems, but an explosion goes off within the ship. Tseng is trapped under wreckage as he insists Veld leave him and report back what they've found to Headquarters. Veld abandons his duty as a Turk to save Tseng, and makes it out alive with him.
  • Tseng awakes days later in intensive care, where he is commended for uncovering stolen weapons plot. He learns the Shinra leak originates from Kalm.
  • Kalm is firebombed by Shinra to eliminate the company leak. The order is given by Veld, and is unhindered by Kalm being his hometown and that his wife and daughter, Felicia, are there.
  • The survivors, including Veld himself, are taken to the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim where they are used as test subjects, but most die. Veld is given a prosthetic arm with a Materia slot and is freed. He is told both his wife and daughter died in the bombing, but in reality Felicia is being used as an experiment where a unique Materia is grafted into the back of her hand.
  • Veld assists Shinra in covering up Kalm's destruction.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1999[edit | edit source]

November[edit | edit source]

  • November 10
    • Tseng meets the Legendary Turk, who turns out to be the former anti-Shinra activist, Death God of the Battlefield. Tseng is to oversee the Legendary Turk's mission to Wutai.
    • The Legendary Turk arrives at a secret Shinra military base in Wutai where he must rescue a Shinra weapons trader and eliminate the anti-Shinra operatives occupying the base before information about the secret base can be leaked. After planting bombs all over the installation the Legendary Turk finds the weapons dealer is being guarded by a former comrade from his anti-Shinra days. The Legendary Turk defeats his former comrade, and as he dies, tells him the one responsible for betraying him at the Mako Reactor back in 1997 was the weapons dealer. The Legendary Turk recognizes the weapons dealer he is supposed to rescue as the same weapons dealer who had betrayed him. The Legendary Turk demands the dealer admit he was the one to sell him out, but he refuses. Because of the weapon dealer's unwillingness to admit his betrayal, the Legendary Turk leaves him inside as the bombs go off.
  • The Legendary Turk is put under house arrest in Costa del Sol for abandoning his mission, avoiding a more serious sentence due to still having protected the company's secrets.

[ μ ] - εγλ 0000[edit | edit source]

  • Shinra discovers the existence of Shelke Rui, a young orphan with a rare gift known as Synaptic Net Diving (SND) allowing her to interact with different planes of existence, such as digital currents and the subconscious thoughts and memories of others.
  • Shelke Rui is kidnapped from her sister Shalua Rui by the Turks to be taken to Shinra Building to be inducted as a SOLDIER so they may develop and harvest the ability for a new generation of warfare.
  • Thinking Shelke's abilities would be of better use to Deepground, President Shinra orders the Restrictors to take Shelke to Deepground.
  • While Shelke is being transferred to Midgar by the Turks, the convoy of Shinra soldiers accompanying her are annihilated by Deepground SOLDIERs led by a member of Lost Force. Unbeknown to anyone but those involved, Shelke is taken to Deepground.

Late summer[edit | edit source]

  • Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal—now comrades and friends in 1st Class SOLDIER—go into the SOLDIER training room but during the training session things get out of hand when Genesis challenges Sephiroth to a one-on-one battle, forcing Angeal to intervene. Genesis sustains injuries and the training room sustains major damage.
  • During his treatment by Dr. Hollander, Genesis is told the truth about his birth and the secrets of his body. He learns the cells in his body are beginning to degrade, and he does not have much longer to live. Genesis allies with Hollander to find a cure.
  • Hollander contacts the Director of SOLDIER, Lazard Deusericus, and informs him of Genesis's origins, proposing they use the SOLDIER's abilities for an uprising against Shinra. Holding enmity towards Shinra, Lazard agrees to help, secretly providing Hollander with the necessary funds to put the plan into motion.

October[edit | edit source]

  • Mass SOLDIER Desertion Incident – Genesis is dispatched to Wutai as the country's war with Shinra rages on. Genesis puts Hollander's plan into motion, leaving Shinra in the line of duty and taking a multitude of 2nd and 3 Class SOLDIERs with him.

One of the SOLDIER deserters, now a Genesis Copy.

  • Hollander steals classified documents from the Department of Scientific Research and disappears.
  • SOLDIER, 1st Class Angeal Hewley and his protégé, SOLDIER 2nd Class Zack Fair, are dispatched to Wutai to carry out what was supposed to be Genesis's mission: capture Fort Tamblin.
  • Angeal and Zack capture Fort Tamblin but a third party gets involved: Genesis Copies, the missing SOLDIER members, now turned into mindless puppets. In the ensuing fight between Zack and the Genesis Copies, Sephiroth shows up and Angeal goes missing.
  • Wutai surrenders after the capture of Fort Tamblin. Only rebel forces remain and are dispatched one by one by SOLDIER.

Late November/Early December[edit | edit source]

December[edit | edit source]

  • Rufus Shinra assumes the position of Vice President of the Shinra Electric Power Company and leaves on a long-term business trip.

Genesis spreading his wing.

  • Zack and Tseng go to Banora Village in search of Genesis. The village appears deserted, with the exception of Gillian Hewley, with Genesis having turned the village's warehouse into his stronghold. Gillian commits suicide out of guilt for her involvement in Project G. With both Angeal and Genesis having fled town, Shinra destroys Banora in an air raid to rid the evidence of the events that had transpired there.
  • Cloud asks Tifa to meet him out at Nibelheim's water tower where Cloud tells Tifa about his plans to leave Nibelheim for Midgar to join SOLDIER, aspiring one day to be like Sephiroth. Tifa makes Cloud promise if she's ever "in a bind" he would come and save her.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0001[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

  • January 10 – Veld sends Tseng to Costa del Sol to enlist the services of the Legendary Turk to help the Turks with any trouble that might arise from the aftermath of the Wutai War. The Legendary Turk refuses Tseng's offer saying he has come to enjoy living a life without conflict.

February[edit | edit source]

  • The Wutai War ends.
  • Beginning of the AVALANCHE Insurgency.
  • February 30

    Player Turk Rod (Male) on his first mission as a Turk.

    • 2:15 am – The Wutai-based anti-Shinra organization, Avalanche, launches an attack from the sewers on Midgar Sector 8, lead by a man named Shears. The newest member of the Turks encounters Avalanche operatives in Sector 8. The Turk, along with Reno, fights off the Avalanche operatives and stops them from blowing up the Sector 8 Reactor, but are defeated by Shears. Tseng informs Veld of the terrorist group's identity and tells him their next target is Junon where President Shinra is visiting for military inspections. Fuhito, one of the commanding officers of Avalanche, orders Shears to rendezvous with the rest of their forces in Junon while Veld orders Reno and the Turk to go to Junon to protect the President.

      The Turk defending President Shinra from Avalanche.

    • Reno and the Turk arrive at the hotel in Junon President Shinra is staying in, with Avalanche operatives arriving shortly after, lead by an Avalanche special operative. The Avalanche operatives make it past the guards, the special operative making it into the President's room to be taken out by Reno and the Turk. After getting separated from Reno, the Turk escorts President Shinra to the Junon Branch Shinra Building for his press conference. The building is hit with a blackout, with Fuhito coming onto the scene shortly after, but leaves after battling the Turk who receives a call from Veld saying Avalanche has seized the Mako Cannon and are planning on firing it at Midgar. As the Turks and President Shinra focus on reclaiming the Mako Cannon, Fuhito slips into the press room and shoots the President. President Shinra survives the assassination attempt and orders Veld to call in Sephiroth.

      Avalanche hijacking the Sister Ray.

    • 3:30 pm – Reno leads troops to take back the Mako Cannon from Avalanche, while the Turk takes an underground passage to get to the cannon's control room so the lockdown sequence for the cannon can be finalized. The Turk arrives in the control room, but the Mako Cannon has been shut down, and the room is littered with corpses of Avalanche operatives. The Turk is attacked by Elfe, the leader of Avalanche, but is saved by Sephiroth. Avalanche withdraws from Junon.

March[edit | edit source]

  • Angeal and Genesis are announced as being killed in action.
  • President Shinra brings in SOLDIER to deal with Avalanche. Due to the shortage of SOLDIER operatives since the Mass SOLDIER Desertion Incident, the Turks are ordered to recruit SOLDIER candidates.
  • March 16 – With Reno and Rude having already recruited a number of SOLDIER candidates in Costa del Sol (most of them by force), the Turk heads to Club Duel seeking additional recruits. After defeating a number of challengers, the Turk subdues Club Duel's King, taking him and the rest of Club Duel's patrons to a cargo ship bound for Midgar. On the ship, one of the candidates — Azul — attacks the other recruits. The Turk attempts to subdue Azul, but he is ultimately taken down by Rude. A group of Avalanche operatives, led by Shears, infiltrates Costa del Sol, intending to release the SOLDIER candidates. The Turk and Rude hold off the Avalanche troops but Shears releases the candidates from the cargo hold. Rude fights Shears but is defeated. After Rude and the Turk recover most of the candidates, Rude knocks out the Turk, heading to Avalanche's ship so he may settle his score with Shears with Reno tagging along. The Turk awakes to find Azul has returned, deciding to join SOLDIER to become stronger. Reno and Rude take on Shears together and force him to retreat.

April[edit | edit source]

  • April 1
    • Zack is promoted to SOLDIER 1st Class.
    • Following the mysterious theft of confidential documents from the 45th floor of Shinra Building, Reno and Rude are sent to guard the document room. The alarm goes off and the building's security robots malfunction and attack anyone on sight. Veld sends Cissnei to look into the problem and orders Reno and Rude to continue their investigation into the missing documents. Reno and Rude spot Dr. Hollander and realize he must be the thief. The Turks pursue Hollander, but he escapes. Reno and Rude are informed the malfunctioning robots have made it out onto the streets of Midgar and are attacking civilians. As the Turks deal with the robots, Genesis launches an attack on Midgar with his army of copies, and Zack is dispatched to help the Turks fight them off. Zack meets Cissnei, and Reno and Rude pursue Hollander into the interior of the Sector 8 plate, but lose him when they are intercepted by Genesis copies. Zack catches up with Hollander at the Mako Reactor 5 but encounters Angeal, who attacks him and sends him falling to the Sector 5 slums below.
  • April 2

    Zack and Aerith meet for the first time.

    • Zack falls through the roof of the Sector 5 slums church where he is woken up by Aerith Gainsborough. Aerith shows him around the slums but their date is cut short when Zack receives a call to return to the Upper Plate help defend against an attack on the Shinra Building.
    • Zack receives aid from Angeal as they head back to Shinra Building, where Zack must defend Professor Hojo from Genesis. Hojo tells Genesis Hollander would not cure his degradation. He flies off to Modeoheim with Angeal in hot pursuit.

Zack inherits the Buster Sword from Angeal.

  • Cissnei of the Turks undertake a secret assignment to keep Zack under surveillance.
  • Zack and Tseng go to Modeoheim along with some Shinra infantrymen, among them Cloud Strife, whom Zack befriends. Zack finds Hollander and Genesis in a Mako excavation facility, where he fights and defeats Genesis who throws himself into the depths of an excavation site. Zack goes up against Angeal, who fuses with several Angeal monster copies to become Angeal Penance. Zack defeats Angeal, who entrusts him the Buster Sword with his dying breath.
  • Zack secures Hollander and hands him over to Shinra. He is detained in Shinra's Junon branch office.

June[edit | edit source]

  • While stationed in Junon, Cloud Strife, still only a Shinra infantryman, is sent out to Midgar for a new assignment.
  • June 27 – Fuhito receives word from an informant that Professor Rayleigh, a Shinra scientist who carries a disc containing highly classified information on Shinra and SOLDIER, will be arriving at Midgar Station early in the morning of the following day. Avalanche sends operatives to the Midgar Station, supplemented by Fuhito's new special troops, the Ravens.
  • June 28

    Professor Rayleigh being attacked by a Raven.

    • 6:00 a.m. – Cloud and two other Shinra infantrymen are assigned to protect Professor Rayleigh along with the Turk. They are attacked by Avalanche and while protecting Rayleigh, the Shinra troops protecting Rayleigh are attacked by a Raven. Cloud jumps onto the train to pursue the Avalanche operatives who captured Professor Rayleigh, separating him from the Turk who stays behind to fight the Raven. The Turk uses service tunnels to catch up with the train, arriving in time to save Cloud from Avalanche. The Turk sends Cloud and Professor Rayleigh into the next train car, disconnecting it to keep the Ravens from reaching the professor or the SOLDIER data she carries. The Turk takes out the Ravens and heads back to the car Cloud and Rayleigh are in, having now rolled to a stop. The Turk makes it to Cloud and Rayleigh to save them from another Raven. Cloud and the Turk defeat the Avalanche operatives, but during the battle the Raven the Turk had supposedly killed earlier steals Professor Rayleigh's disc.
    • Fuhito deciphers the lock on the disc granting him access to all information on SOLDIER. Fuhito tells Elfe they will need Professor Hojo to carry out their plans.

December[edit | edit source]

  • December 22 – Reno orders the Turk to tail Rude in Midgar. The Turk follows Rude to a bar where he meets a woman named Chelsea who is actually a spy for Avalanche sent to get close to Rude.
  • December 23 – Veld orders the Turk look into an outbreak of monsters in Sector 8. Rude meets up with Chelsea while being tailed by Reno. She finds herself unable to place a wiretap on Rude's phone. Reno continues to follow Chelsea and sees her meeting with a man from Avalanche and is perplexed why she did not place the wiretap when she had the chance.
  • December 24 – Reno confronts Rude about Chelsea, but Rude already knows she is a spy. After dispatching monsters the Turk follows Chelsea into the sewers where she meets with three Avalanche operatives. The operatives attack Chelsea when she explains she does not want to continue to deceive Rude, but is saved by the Turk. Chelsea decides she and Rude cannot be together, leaving the Turk to pass the message as Rude waits for her at West Park.

[ ν ] – εγλ 0002[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

  • January 14 – SOLDIER operatives Essai and Sebastian are sent to Icicle Inn to look into the loss of communication with the front line base thinking it to be a monster extermination mission. They are ambushed and captured by Avalanche Ravens who take them to a nearby base where Fuhito performs experiments upon them to genetically transform them into Ravens. Veld sends the Turk with another Turk investigate the situation. The Turk infiltrates the compound Avalanche has occupied and finds the two SOLDIER operatives contained in liquid-filled capsules. The Turk frees them, but is attacked by Avalanche Raven, Tierce. After defeating Tierce, the Turk flees the compound along with another Turk but is again attacked by Tierce, then by Fuhito. They are rescued by the Turk Martial Arts (Female) who drives them away in a truck. When President Shinra sees the data gathered on the compound he orders Zack Fair to deal with the situation.
  • January 16 – Shinra sends in troops to take out Avalanche's Icicle base, Zack, Essai, Sebastian, and the Turk being among them. On their way to the compound Zack and the Turk get separated from the others while the rest of the party is ambushed by Avalanche. The Shinra infantrymen are either killed or incapacitated, while Essai and Sebastian are dispatched by the Raven, Kyneugh, and taken back to the Avalanche base and put back into the capsules. Zack rushes off to the compound with the Turk following after him. The Turk frees Essai and Sebastian only to be attacked by them, forcing the Turk to fight the two brainwashed SOLDIER operatives. Zack brings them to their senses, but Essai and Sebastian soon die. The base's self-destruct sequence is initiated and Zack and the Turk escape as the base explodes. The Turk returns to the Shinra base while Zack stays behind and makes grave markers for Essai and Sebastian.
  • President Shinra relieves Veld of his duties as head of the Department of Administrative Research, placing the part of the blame for Shinra's security leak upon him.
  • Heidegger takes over the Turks' command ordering them to patrol Junon in preparation for a potential attack by Avalanche.

February[edit | edit source]

  • February 1 – Avalanche launches an attack on Junon. Heidegger orders the Turks to distract the Avalanche operatives until the army arrives, but due to his insistence to not let them coordinate their strikes the Turks are overwhelmed, with the Avalanche beginning their assault on Junon's airport. Veld contacts the Legendary Turk and convinces him to aid his fellow Turks. Veld blackmails President Shinra to relinquish him command of the Turks for this operation, threatening to divulge classified information to the public. Taking command of the Turks, Veld orders them to deal with the situation at the airport. The Turk heads to the landing strip encountering and defeating Kyneugh. The rest, along with the help of the Legendary Turk, push back Avalanche's attack. President Shinra and Veld suspect Professor Hojo as the source of the information leak.
  • Realizing he misses the battlefield, the Legendary Turk rejoins the Turks.

Early summer[edit | edit source]

  • Lazard disappears, believing it is only a matter of time before his secret communications with Hollander are exposed.

June[edit | edit source]

  • June 17 – Avalanche launches an attack on Shinra Building, releasing monster test subjects from Hojo's laboratory to wreak havoc upon the building. Due to the classified nature of the monster research project, only the Turks can deal with the situation. Upon arriving at the 68th floor, the Turk finds Kyneugh, Shears, and Fuhito in Hojo's laboratory. Fuhito coaxes Hojo into leaving Shinra, offering him the chance to study Avalanche's Ravens. The Turk intervenes, but Hojo, interested by the Ravens' strength and regenerative abilities, agrees to go with Shears and Fuhito. Realizing the only way to defeat Kyneugh for good is to destroy his body, the Turk uses Gravity magic to push him into the furnace, incinerating his body. Veld informs President Shinra of the situation, who orders Sephiroth to be brought in. The Turk pursues Hojo and his captors up to the roof of the Shinra Building, but they board a helicopter and take off. Tseng and the Turk chase the chopper on the highway in a truck, but Shears parachutes down and takes out the road with a bomb. The Turk attacks Shears, but is overpowered. The Turk tries to follow but is attacked by one of Hojo's research specimens — a dragon — and is saved by Sephiroth. Sephiroth attacks the helicopter and it crashes. Fuhito gets away, but Hojo is recovered and taken back to Shinra Building.
  • Back at Avalanche's base an unknown person chastises Elfe, Fuhito, and Shears for raiding the Shinra Building and trying to capture Hojo without his authorization. He informs them of their new target: The last surviving Ancient, to learn the location of the Promised Land.

August[edit | edit source]

  • August 9 – The Turk accidentally comes upon Aerith Gainsborough's house, and Aerith flees upon seeing the Turk's uniform. She runs into Avalanche operatives looking for her but the Turk protects Aerith. The Turk engages Shears but is defeated. Shears takes Aerith to the Sector 5 slums church to meet with Fuhito and Elfe. Aerith tells Fuhito she has no knowledge of the Promised Land, but saying the voice inside Elfe is familiar. Shears spots the Turk who had tracked them to the church. The Turk fights Shears, and is again bested. Elfe collapses forcing Fuhito, Shears, and the rest of Avalanche to retreat. Fuhito tells Aerith that Elfe is ill, and the only way to cure her is to find the Promised Land. As Aerith and the Turk leave the church, they see Tseng, prompting the Turk to tell Aerith to run back home. Tseng tells the Turk that even though Shinra wants to capture Aerith, Tseng has been trying to convince her to return to Shinra of her own accord, wanting Aerith's cooperation in helping make the world a better place for everyone. Back at Shinra Building Veld informs President Shinra of an emergency situation at the Nibelheim reactor, whose employees have disappeared. President Shinra orders for the situation to be dealt with immediately, not only because the of the Nibelheim reactor's significance as Shinra's first reactor, but also because it is where Jenova is being contained.

September[edit | edit source]

  • Zack is sent on leave from SOLDIER and heads to Costa del Sol for vacation. En route he runs into Cissnei, who claims it to be a coincidence as she is taking a vacation in Costa del Sol as well. In reality she is keeping Zack under surveillance.
  • Costa del Sol, along with several other towns, are attacked by Genesis Copies. Zack is called in to Junon where the majority of the Genesis Copies are present. The Turks aid evacuate Junon while Zack is ordered to guard Dr. Hollander. Hollander slips out of the Junon branch building and escapes when two winged Genesis clones carry him off. Sephiroth tells Zack that Genesis copies have appeared in Midgar and informs Zack of the possibility Genesis is still alive.
  • September 21
    • The Turk is sent to Nibelheim to investigate the disappearances of the workers in the local Mako Reactor. Tseng brings the Turk to Mt. Nibel via helicopter. The Turk arrives at the reactor to find it blocked by dragons. Tseng orders the Turk to return to Nibelheim and await further instructions. The Turk heads back to Nibelheim via a secret ropeway known only to Shinra employees with Tifa whom he had met on the mountain trail, but they are attacked by a dragon that destroys the ropeway, meaning they will need a guide to get the investigation team to the reactor. The Turk asks Tifa to be the guide.
    • Zack visits Aerith at the church and finds an Angeal Copy weakened from degradation with her who has been protecting her. Zack helps Aerith build a flower wagon so she can sell flowers, but is called away by Tseng. Back at the headquarters he is briefed by Sephiroth on their next assignment in Nibelheim and learns Cloud will be accompanying them.
  • September 22 – The Nibelheim investigation team arrives in Nibelheim, but Cloud keeps his helmet on to cover his face, not wanting anyone to know he is back due to the shame he feels for not making it into SOLDIER. Tifa asks Zack if any other members of SOLDIER aside from him and Sephiroth are with them but Zack answers he and Sephiroth are the only SOLDIER operatives on the team. She figures Cloud isn't with them and is disappointed. Zack and Cloud meet up with the Turk outside the inn. When Cloud learns Tifa will be guiding them up Mt. Nibel, he asks the Turk not to tell Tifa he has returned.

A Makonoid after breaking out of its pod.

  • September 23 – The investigation team meets up with Tifa at the edge of town. A local photographer takes a picture of Zack, Sephiroth, and Tifa. Upon reaching the reactor Zack and Sephiroth investigate, leaving Cloud outside to guard Tifa. Sephiroth finds a broken valve and pods holding makonoids, creatures created by Hojo from high levels of Mako energy. The knowledge of the experiments Shinra has conducted make Sephiroth think they are related to his unusual strength and power. Genesis appears and tells Sephiroth he is not human, but a monster created from the Jenova Project. Sephiroth, who was only ever told his mother was named Jenova, discovers she is a creature discovered by Shinra and used for experiments. Genesis explains both he and Angeal were created from the Jenova project but Sephiroth is different as he is unable to copy himself onto other creatures, and therefore will not degrade. Genesis asks Sephiroth to lend him his cells so he may stop his degradation, but Sephiroth refuses. Zack pursues Genesis outside and finds Tifa and an injured Cloud surrounded by monsters. Zack fights off the monsters, and escorts Cloud and Tifa back to town. Upon their return the Turk asks Sephiroth about their findings, but he locks himself in his room at the inn. Later, he disappears.
  • September 24 – Tifa informs Zack that Sephiroth is inside the Shinra Mansion. Zack finds Sephiroth in the library reading over the records for the Jenova Project.
  • September 25 to 30 – Sephiroth stays inside of the Shinra Mansion reading over every record he can get his hands on for seven days. The Turk receives a call from Tseng, asking about Sephiroth. After informing Tseng Sephiroth is troubled, he orders the Turk to keep an eye on him.

October[edit | edit source]

  • October 1 – The Nibelheim Incident

    Sephiroth sets fire to Nibelheim.

    • Zack checks on Sephiroth and he tells Zack what he has learned about the Ancients, their journey to heal the Planet, and how at the end of their journey, they would settle in the Promised Land, a land of supreme happiness. He blames the non-Cetran humans for stopping their migration and hiding after a disaster struck the Planet while the Cetra sacrificed themselves to save it. Still thinking Jenova is an Ancient and unaware of her being the disaster that struck the planet 2,000 years ago, Sephiroth tells Zack he was created from Jenova, and concludes he must be an Ancient. Sephiroth leaves the Shinra mansion to see his mother and sets fire to the town, killing many of the villagers, Cloud's mother being among those killed in Sephiroth's rampage. Zangan, Tifa's martial arts teacher, saves some of the people from the burning buildings. The Turk calls Tseng to tell him of this development as Sephiroth heads for the Mako Reactor. With Tseng saying he will arrive with backup, the Turk follows Sephiroth up Mt. Nibel to the reactor, and Tifa's father, Tifa, Zack and Cloud also make their way up separately. At the reactor, the Turk confronts Sephiroth, but is defeated. Sephiroth kills Tifa's father leaving his Masamune sword embedded in him. Tifa sees her father's body as she enters the reactor and takes up Sephiroth's sword, intent on killing Sephiroth. At the entrance to Jenova's chamber Tifa charges at Sephiroth, but is disarmed as Sephiroth reclaims his sword and cuts Tifa down, then enters the chamber. Zack arrives, forcing his way into Jenova's chamber as Sephiroth tears off the mechanical effigy attached to her containment tube. Sephiroth declares he will take back the Planet with her. Zack confronts Sephiroth but is defeated as Sephiroth lands a powerful blow that throws him out of the chamber. Cloud arrives and takes up Zack's Buster Sword and catches Sephiroth off guard, thrusting the sword into Sephiroth's back, then returns to the Turk and Tifa's aid. The weakened Sephiroth breaks into Jenova's containment tube and tears off her head.

      Cloud throwing Sephiroth into the Mako Reactor.

      The Turk, having regained consciousness, sees Tifa's cat has led Zangan to the reactor. Zangan takes Tifa away while the Turk runs upstairs to Jenova's chamber as Sephiroth skewers Cloud with his Masamune. Cloud hurls both Sephiroth and his sword into the Mako pit below. The severely wounded Cloud collapses as the Turk comes to his side. The Turk calls Tseng, explaining Sephiroth is dead. In reality, Sephiroth remains alive within the Lifestream, able to maintain his individuality due to being created from Jenova. Seeing an opportunity to gain the knowledge and power of the Lifestream, Sephiroth starts plotting his revenge against the Planet.

      Hojo shows a great interest in Cloud.

    • Hojo, Tseng, Reno, Rude, and Veld arrive to cover the events. The plan is to rebuild Nibelheim and populate it with Shinra employees. The surviving townspeople are to be used as test subjects in Hojo's new research project where he tests his Jenova Reunion Theory. The survivors include Zack and Cloud. While Veld and the Turk are in the Shinra Mansion destroying documents and testing the machines for Hojo's experiments, they fall victim to illusions created by the monsters in the mansion. Hojo tells the Turks to bring the survivors into the mansion for his experiments. Reno, Rude, Tseng, and the Turk are reluctant to do it, and Veld tales over the task. Zangan decides to take Tifa away from Nibelheim.
  • At Shinra Building, Veld informs President Shinra Wutai will be Avalanche's next target, a place full of anti-Shinra sympathizers. He reveals the identity of the informant leaking information to Avalanche: Rufus Shinra.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0003[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

  • January 3 –
    • Rufus informs Avalanche of the Turks' plan to attack their headquarters in Wutai. In Wutai, the Turk saves Yuffie Kisaragi from an Avalanche operative and infiltrates Avalanche headquarters to plant a bomb in the building. The Turk runs into Yuffie again, who is unaware the Turk works for Shinra. She steals the Turk's detonator and accidentally sets off the bombs, but helps the Turk escape the pagoda. The Turk fights Ravens disguised as the leaders of Avalanche; Elfe, Shears and Fuhito; and then rendezvouses with Tseng. Yuffie realizes the Turk works for Shinra, angrily telling him/her to leave Wutai.
    • Veld informs President Shinra of Avalanche's apparent destruction. With the primary threat to his organization out of the way, Shinra turns its attention toward the launch of the world's first space rocket, Shinra No. 26.
    • Rufus meets with the real Elfe, Shears, and Fuhito and plans to use Avalanche to dispose of his father by assassinating him at the rocket launch ceremony in Rocket Town.

Late winter/Early spring[edit | edit source]

April[edit | edit source]

  • April 11
    • On the day before the planned launch of Shinra No. 26, Rufus arrives in Rocket Town along with the Turk as his escort, and meets with Cid Highwind as he rehearses for the launch. An Avalanche operative attempts to steal Cid's airplane, the Tiny Bronco, but is thwarted by the Turk. Shears steals Shinra No. 26's oxygen tanks to sabotage the launch. Rather than delay the launch, Cid convinces Shinra he and his mechanics will replace the oxygen tank in time.
    • Cid's mechanics install a new oxygen tank, and Cid is satisfied. As the rest of the crew retires for the night, on e of the mechanics, Shera, stays behind as her test results on the tank are not satisfactory.
  • April 12 – As the time for Shinra No. 26 to launch nears Cid goes missing and the Turk finds him pursuing an Avalanche operative that tried to interfere with the launch. Rufus aborts the planned assassination of his father due to Veld's insistence to stay by his side. The countdown to the launch begins and with only seconds left Cid discovers Shera is still in the engine room, having only now finished preparations on the oxygen tank. Although Shera insists Cid proceed with the launch, he aborts it. Cid is unable to forgive Shera for her part in ruining his dreams of going to space.
  • Tseng receives intel that Avalanche has occupied the Mako Reactor in Corel.

May[edit | edit source]

  • May 8
    • 8:30 AM – The Turk arrives in Corel to stop Avalanche from destroying the Mako Reactor and meets a local Barret Wallace, informing him of the situation. Believing the reactor is Corel's future, Barret helps the Turk by using a shortcut through the mines to get to the reactor. The Turk parts ways with Barret at the reactor and is confronted by Rufus Shinra upon entering. Tseng, Reno, and Rude join the Turk as Veld appears, ordering them to apprehend the Vice President for conspiring with Avalanche. They are ambushed by Avalanche, and Fuhito tells Rufus he and his financial support are no longer needed, and orders his men to dispose of him and the Turks. The Turks fight off Avalanche and escape from the reactor while escorting Rufus. The Turks run into Elfe, Fuhito, and Shears and Veld recognizes Elfe as his daughter, Felicia. Veld leaves the Turks to pursue Elfe, an act of treason punishable by death. The Turks flee the reactor with Rufus, and as the reactor explodes, Fuhito pushes Shears into the reactor depths taking the Turk as they both fall.
    • Upon learning the Corel Mako Reactor has been destroyed, President Shinra sends Scarlet to deal with the situation.
    • The Turk and Shears awake in the lowermost part of the reactor. They are surrounded by monsters and decide to call a temporary truce. Shears reveals Fuhito's ultimate goal: to destroy all life on the Planet, returning it to the Lifestream so it can live longer. He plans using the Materia implanted in the back of Elfe's hand. Shears wants to stop Fuhito so he may not do any more harm to Elfe. Shears helps the Turk to safety, but is too injured to do so himself. As the structure collapses, the Turk is knocked unconscious.

      Corel burns to the ground.

    • To cover up Avalanche's resurgence Shinra blames the explosion on Corel, dispatching a Shinra Security unit, led by Scarlet, to attack the mining village. Barret and Dyne make their way back to the village but are attacked by Scarlet and the Shinra troops. Dyne falls off a cliff, Barret tries to pull him back up but his hand is shot and Dyne falls into the ravine. Barret is no longer able to use his right arm. Corel is burned to the ground and the survivors flee to North Corel.
    • Barret digs through the Corel's rubble with only one working arm to look for survivors. He cannot find his wife, Myrna, nor Dyne's wife, Eleanor, but finds Dyne's daughter Marlene and decides to raise Marlene as his own daughter, swearing revenge against Shinra.
  • The unconscious Turk is found in the ruins of the Corel Reactor and taken back to Midgar. The Turk was exposed to Mako during the destruction and has slipped into a coma.
  • Dyne survived, but his left hand is useless. Driven mad with despair unaware Marlene is still alive, Dyne comes to hate everyone and everything in the world.
  • Rufus is indefinitely detained in one of the Turks' offices, with President Shinra and the Turks being the only ones aware of his detainment and his connections with Avalanche.
  • After Tseng gives his report on Corel Reactor, President Shinra decides to link up the Turks with second division. The president appoints Tseng as the Turks' new leader ordering him to kill Veld to eliminate any security breaches that may result from his knowledge of the company.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0004[edit | edit source]

  • The Gongaga Reactor explodes, killing many of the townsfolk.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0006[edit | edit source]

October[edit | edit source]

  • After being in a coma for three years, the Turk wakes up. Still in possession of Shears's Materia, the Turk is updated on the events of in the past three years and is shocked to learn the Turks are after Veld.
  • October 29 – Fuhito comes to Cosmo Canyon seeking information from Bugenhagen to further his plans.
  • October 30

    Nanaki protecting Deneh.

    • 3:00 PM – Reno and the Turk are sent to Cosmo Canyon to capture a specimen for Hojo on the eve of an annual fifty-year festival held to appease the Planet, an important rite involving Nanaki and Deneh, the last of their species and the Turks' targets. Nanaki does not wish to partake in the rite, because he knows it means Deneh will be taken away from him for a long time. Turks run into Bugenhagen, from whom they learn Veld had recently passed through the canyon in search of Elfe. They learn Elfe's Materia embedded in her hand calls a summon beast to burn all life on the Planet asunder, and that although Fuhito needs another Materia to summon the beast, Elfe's Materia will feed off her life force as long as it remains incomplete. The Turks are attacked by Ravens that are stronger than before. Fuhito threatens to extract information from Bugenhagen by force, intending to use Nanaki and Deneh as leverage. The Turk and some Ravens come across Deneh and they try to claim her. The Turk corners Deneh, but is confronted by Nanaki who attacks the Turk so Deneh can escape. The Turk defeats Nanaki, but allows him to take part in the rite with Deneh before they take him. Afterward Deneh is placed on an altar where she will remain for several years. With the rite complete, Reno and the Turk take Nanaki to Midgar.

December[edit | edit source]

  • December 18
    • Zack and Cloud have been held in Shinra Mansion for over four years, being subject to various experiments in injecting them with Jenova's cell's from Sephiroth. Zack, having already been exposed to Jenova cells when he joined SOLDIER, is unaffected making him useless for Hojo's experiment to test his Reunion Theory, while Cloud's body accepts them. Hojo is hopeful of Cloud's potential, but this is short-lived when Cloud's psyche collapses as he develops a severe Mako poisoning and is reduced to a catatonic state. Hojo labels him a failure and won't number him. Cloud and Zack are kept sedated in holding tubes, but one day Zack has a vision of Angeal, regains consciousness and breaks out of his holding tube. He releases the catatonic Cloud and gets Cloud a SOLDIER 1st Class uniform, fearing his old clothes are soaked with Mako. Zack decides to return to Midgar with Cloud.
    • Tseng is notified by Rude about the escape of the two research specimens from Nibelheim and puts out a Priority 1 recovery order for them.
  • December 19
    • 2:00 AM – Cissnei is dispatched to Nibelheim to capture the two escaped specimens. Cissnei finds Zack and Cloud but Zack begs her to let them go. Cissnei attacks, but Zack is too strong for her. Zack leaves with Cloud, telling Cissnei not to follow. Cissnei realizes the experiments done on Cloud made him catatonic, and calls Tseng telling the targets got away, also informing him one of the specimens is Zack. Cissnei gives Zack the keys to a Shinra motorcycle for him and Cloud to ride back to Midgar.

Vincent meets Veld and Rod (Male).

    • The Turk returns to the Shinra Mansion to find out what went on there after the Nibelheim Incident. He runs into Veld trying to find a way to save Elfe and the Turk agrees to help him. Veld reveals he's discovered the only way to extract the Materia from Elfe is by gathering four other Materia that, when united, will provide the Materia in Elfe's body with enough life force to stop draining her life, and can thus be removed from her body. Veld has one of the four Materia, the one obtained from Shears in the Corel Reactor, leaving them with two more to find. They stumble upon a record stating a valuable research sample is sealed in the basement, and find Vincent Valentine sleeping inside a coffin. Veld and Vincent recognize each other, and Vincent tells them the Materia they seek is elsewhere, then returns to his slumber. Veld and the Turk find the Materia in the mansion only to have it stolen by Fuhito. Before Veld pursues Fuhito, he realizes Shinra troops are nearby, and incapacitates the Turk to divert suspicion. Upon waking up, the Turk finds Veld left a note saying Reeve Tuesti knows the locations of the other two Materia.
  • When the Turk informs the other Turks they decide to help Veld and Elfe, knowing there's no turning back if they do this. Scarlet informs President Shinra of the Turks' treachery, but the President does not want rash actions, as the Turks still hold Rufus, and plans a mission to capture Veld.

Zack encounters Genesis.

  • Zack is ambushed by Genesis Copies led by Genesis himself. Knowing he had been used by Hojo in Project S, Genesis hopes to use the Jenova cells from Sephiroth that were injected into Zack to cure his degradation. A copy devours a strand Zack's hair, but Zack's cells have already adapted to his body, and the copy mutates into a monster.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0007[edit | edit source]

February[edit | edit source]

  • Reeve and his robotic cat, Cait Sith, arrive at the Turks' secret headquarters to help them find the third Materia to save Elfe. Cait Sith tells them to look for the Materia in Gongaga Village, and Reeve suggests they get there by submarine so they can travel in secret.
  • The Turk and Cait Sith infiltrate Junon and hijack a submarine, using it to make their way to Gongaga Village. They emerge close to the village and travel the rest of the way on foot.
  • February 10
    • 1:00 PM – The Turk and Cait Sith arrive in Gongaga Village and make their way to the ruined Mako Reactor to find the Materia. They are attacked by a monster, which possesses the Materia they seek. The monster damages Cait Sith, rendering him immobile. After reassembling Cait Sith, the Turk and Cait Sith go into the ruined reactor to find the Materia, the Turk having to control Cait Sith manually in Reeve's absence. They find Avalanche pursues the Materia and when the Turk obtains it, it is stolen by a Raven. Shears shows up, alive and well, and reclaims the Materia. The Turk and Shears meet up with Veld whom Shears has been working with. With only two other Materia to collect, including the one Fuhito has, Veld and Shears tell the Turk when the Materia are united, even though it will save Elfe, it will summon Zirconiade, the one who will burn the world asunder. Veld and Shears explain their plan to use a different method of summoning Zirconiade, without the use of Elfe's Materia. By summoning Zirconiade this way it will be incomplete, thus able to be destroyed. Once the summon is destroyed, Elfe's Materia will be useless and no longer drain her life force.
  • President Shinra discovers the Turks are working with Veld and orders them killed.

Hollander and Genesis confront Zack.

  • On his way to Midgar Zack comes to his hometown, Gongaga Village, and runs into Cissnei who advises against visiting as there are troops in the village waiting for him. She tells Zack Angeal has been sighted. Zack spots who he thinks is Angeal and follows him, but is attacked by Genesis Copies. He is confronted by Hollander, who has injected himself with Genesis Cells to keep Genesis from killing him and is now degrading. Genesis shows up and they tell Zack that the infantryman who escaped with him, Cloud, has the last pure S-cells in his body. Zack rushes to save Cloud, who is protected by Lazard who has been injected with Angeal's cells and now physically resembles him. After killing Hollander and the Genesis Copies, Zack learns Lazard helped him because Angeal's will lives on inside of him, and wishes to help Zack stop Genesis, and hopefully even save him. Zack realizes Genesis must be back in Banora.

September[edit | edit source]

Zack defeats Genesis.

  • Zack arrives in the ruins of Banora with Cloud in tow, followed by Lazard. In Banora Underground finds Genesis close to death as the degradation overtakes his body. With Zack acting as Angeal's successor and having a part of Sephiroth inside of him, Genesis sees Zack's coming as being reunited with his old friends, just as in the epic LOVELESS he reveres. Genesis is intent on killing Zack so he may return to the Planet with him, but Zack defeats him. Genesis is healed by the caves' Goddess Materia and realizes the Gift of the goddess is not the S-cells, but his pride as a SOLDIER. Genesis meets the Goddess of the Planet, Minerva, who sees his unselfish desire to "complete his duty as as SOLDIER," and revives him as a reflection of the will of the Lifestream.
  • Zack returns to the surface with a weakened Genesis and finds a wounded Lazard, who had fought off Shinra troops that had come for Cloud, along with the Angeal Copy from the Sector 5 slums church who also helped protect Cloud but had died in doing so. Lazard passes away.

Zack shares a Banora White apple with Genesis.

  • Genesis slips into a slumber. Lazard and the Angeal Clone wither away and return to the Lifestream, as Zack notices the Angeal Clone was carrying a letter from Aerith, and that four years had passed since the Nibelheim Incident. Determined to return to Midgar and see Aerith, Zack takes Cloud and leaves Banora. Deepground SOLDIERs, Nero and Weiss, retrieve Genesis, taking him to Deepground.
  • Tseng changes his focus to finding Zack, mobilizing the Turks on a Priority S mission to find them before Shinra does.

Cloud mourns Zack's death.

  • Late September – As Zack approaches Midgar, he hitches a ride in a truck and decides to become a mercenary with Cloud. They come under sniper fire from Shinra troops, forcing Zack to get off the truck with Cloud amid the Midgar Wasteland. Zack hides Cloud but finds a legion of Shinra infantry awaiting. Zack fights the Shinra infantrymen but is overwhelmed and the Shinra troops leave him to die. Cloud gains some awareness and comes to his side. Zack entrusts the Buster Sword to Cloud, telling him he is his living legacy, before dying. Cloud bids farewell to Zack and heads off toward Midgar.

October[edit | edit source]

  • October 1
    • 6:00 PM – Shalua Rui sees Avalanche operatives infiltrating Corel Prison, surprised they are still around after four years. She notes they act like zombies.
    • The Turks find out Avalanche moving in on Corel Prison to retrieve the fourth support Materia to summon Zirconiade. Tseng sends the Turk to Corel Prison to handle the situation.
  • October 2
    • The Turk arrives in Corel Prison to intercept Avalanche. Although Avalanche is inexplicably absent, the Turk finds Shalua Rui, unconscious and dehydrated.
  • Scarlet notifies President Shinra of Veld's whereabouts. The President sends Scarlet and her troops to capture him.
    • Shalua regains consciousness, surprised she has been rescued by a Turk. The Turk retrieves the support Materia from Corel Prison and returns to Shalua who refuses to accept the Turk's help. Shalua and the Turk are attacked by Avalanche operatives who are under Fuhito's control, but are saved by Veld and Shears. Veld has Shears leave with Shalua, as he and the Turk stay behind. Scarlet pursues Veld and the Turk and she corners the Turk. Veld turns himself over so the Turk might be spared.
    • Tseng learns from Rufus, using his access to the Shinra network, that Veld and the Turk have been captured by Scarlet. Knowing Shinra would use Veld to manipulate the Turks into giving up Rufus, Tseng leaves for Corel Prison.
    • Tseng and Reno arrive in Corel Prison and rescue the Turk, now intent on rescuing Veld as well.
  • President Shinra and his executives come to a unanimous vote to disband the General Affairs Division Investigative Department (the Turks) and schedule to have Veld executed on October 5th.
  • Tseng, Reno, and Rude attempt to hack into Shinra's database to uncover where Veld is being held, but are unsuccessful.
  • October 4
    • 5:00 PM – The Turks gather in a bar in Wall Market, where Gun's younger sister, Elena, works. After leaving the bar Elena sees Ravens attacking Shinra infantrymen. Not wanting to depend on the Turks for help, she observes the situation as the Ravens steal the infantryman's uniforms for a disguise. Meanwhile, Shears and the Turks divide the three support Materia among themselves. Rufus hacks into Tseng's terminal and shows him a security feed of where Veld is being held. Elena gives up on following the Ravens, but a Raven starts trailing her. Back at the Turks' headquarters Rufus tells Tseng he will provide them with the information they need to find Veld, but only under a condition he discusses with Tseng in private. Tseng orders the Turk to secure an escape route for the rest of the Turks. Tseng, Reno, and Rude go where Veld is being held: Midgar's waste processing area. Back in the slums, the Turk, with the help Elena's advice, boards a Shinra truck, disguised as an infantrymen, to pass a security checkpoint. The Turk finds Elena tied up and realizes a Raven is driving the truck. The Turk attempts to fight off the Ravens in a truck parking lot, but the truck with Elena in it drives off. Shears, who is attempting to rescue Elfe, is confronted by Fuhito who is holding Elfe hostage. He demands Shears to hand over his support Materia. Shears complies but is beaten up by Fuhito. The Turk follows Elena's captors to a train heading for Midgar where they tell the Turk to hand over the support Materia for Elena. The Turk complies, but attempts to reclaim the Materia by force and the Raven who took the Materia jumps onto a passing train and escapes. The Turk calls Shears, who reveals that to summon Zirconiade in its complete form Fuhito will need to forcefully remove Elfe's Materia from her body, which will kill her. While the Turk heads to the Shinra Building to commandeer a helicopter to recover the stolen Materia, Tseng, Reno, and Rude rescue Veld. President Shinra recovers Rufus from the Turks' headquarters so the Turks will no longer have any leverage. Using a commandeered helicopter, the Turk pursue Avalanche down a highway to recover the support Materia, but it makes into Fuhito's hands. Fuhito activates the four support Materia as they reacts to the Materia in Elfe's body. Fuhito's summons Zirconiade, but the Turk stops the summoning by pulling Elfe away. As the Turk and Fuhito fight, the four support Materia react with Elfe's Materia, extracting it tom her body. The Turks gather where Zirconiade is being summoned intent on destroying it.
  • October 5

    Zirconiade is summoned.

    • Zirconiade has been summoned, but is incomplete, and will remain that way until Fuhito can give the Materia that was in Elfe's body to the beast. While the Turk tries to stop Fuhito Shears, having successfully rescued Elfe, brings her to the meeting point where they meet up with Veld. Elfe wants to help destroy Zirconiade, but is too weak to fight and Shears goes in Elfe's place, allowing her to stay behind and be reunited with her father, Veld. As Tseng, Reno, and Rude prepare to take the two to someplace safe, they are ambushed by Shinra troops.
    • 5:00 PM – The remaining Turks; Rod, Gun, Two Guns, Shotgun Martial Arts (Male), Martial Arts (Female), Katana, and Cissnei; gather at the pathway leading into Zirconiade's domain, an inter-dimensional plain that allows no one on the outside world to see the beast. To defeat the Zirconiade the Turks must destroy four pillars of energy that give the summon beast its form, then destroy Zirconiade itself. They must also recover the Materia from Fuhito. The Turks split up into teams to find him.
    • Back at Shinra Building Rufus ensures the Turks' future in the Shinra Electric Power Company.

      Fuhito after merging with the Zirconiade Materia.

    • On the path to Zirconiade the Turk confronts Fuhito and Shears comes to the Turk's aid. The Turk and Shears defeat Fuhito but before they can retrieve the Materia Fuhito merges it with his body and gives it up as an offering to Zirconiade and is transformed, endowing himself with the powers of Zirconiade. The Turk and Shears defeat the newly-transformed Fuhito and destroy the Zirconiade Materia, but Shears dies. The Turk continues toward Zirconiade, so it may be destroyed for good.
    • Rufus convinces the president to overlook the charges against the Turks if they execute Veld and Elfe and Tseng accepts. Tseng fires a gun at Elfe and as he turns his gun to Veld, he tells Tseng he has made the right choice, showing he truly has what it takes to be the leader of the Turks.


    • The Turks destroy Zirconiade and as Zirconiade's domain shatters the shockwave destroys a part of Sector 6. Back in Midgar, Aerith sees the shattered particles of Zirconiade's domain fall to the ground, thinking it's snow.
  • The Turks survive Zirconiade's destruction and go into hiding all over the Planet, while Tseng, Reno, and Rude stay with Shinra, waiting their fate to be decided.
  • Due to the ecological imbalance Zirconiade's destruction creates, the Jade Weapon awakens. Deeming the Turks that destroyed Zirconiade as a threat, the Jade Weapon hunts down each one of them.
  • Since the destruction of Corel, Barret, now with a gun-arm, has put together an anti-Shinra group made up of like-minded anti-Shinra sympathizers: Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and Tifa. Having stumbled upon a former Avalanche hideout, Barret adopts the name although unlike their predecessors, this group's goal to destroy Shinra as opposed to the human race. In the hideout the new Avalanche finds plans for a bomb the old Avalanche made.[note 1]
  • Tifa finds Cloud wandering about in the Sector 7 Undercity and is troubled by his strange behavior. Cloud claims he is a former SOLDIER 1st Class and, wanting to keep a close eye on him, Tifa invites him into Avalanche to work as a soldier-for-hire. The trauma he endured from watching his hometown burn, his Mako poisoning and seeing his friend die, has warped Cloud's mind and the presence of the Jenova cells has merged his memories with Zack's.

December[edit | edit source]

  • December 9

    The Jade Weapon.

    • The renegade Turks destroy Jade Weapon and with the threat eliminated, go back into hiding.
    • An executive hearing is held to determine the fate of the remaining Turks, Tseng, Reno, and Rude. Rufus claims they had proven their loyalty by executing Veld. The President allows the Turks to continue serving under Shinra.

      The destruction of Mako Reactor 1.

    • The new Avalanche launches an attack against Shinra as Cloud, Barret, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie blow up the Mako Reactor 1, resulting in more civilian casualties than they had expected.
    • Tseng thanks Rufus for defending the Turks, but didn't do it for their sake, but for his own. An alarm reports an emergency situation at Mako Reactor No. 1. Rufus files an official report stating Elfe and Veld were assassinated by the Turks, and that the Turk was killed in action.
    • The Avalanche return to their hideout in Tifa's 7th Heaven bar, and plan to blow up Mako Reactor No. 5 while Cloud attempts to take his pay and leave. Tifa reminds Cloud of the promise he had made seven years ago, and he decides to stay for the next mission.
  • Avalanche attacks Mako Reactor No. 5, and after planting the bomb, they are confronted by President Shinra and Cloud falls to the Sector 5 Undercity as the Mako Reactor explodes.
  • Cloud is awakened by Aerith and finds himself in the Sector 5 slums church. Reno shows up with some Shinra infantrymen, intent on capturing Aerith. Cloud is hired as Aerith's bodyguard, and he helps her escape the church and returns her to her home in the Sector 5 Undercity, although Aerith keeps from Cloud the truth about why she is being chased by the Turks. Aerith promises to take Cloud to Sector 7 in the morning but her adoptive mother, Elmyra, tells Cloud to leave early.
  • Barret and Tifa spot a suspicious man around the Sector 7 Undercity. Barret squeezes him for information until he mentions Don Corneo, a Wall Market crime lord. Tifa decides pay a visit to him.
  • Cloud and Aerith arrive to Sector 6 and spot a chocobo carriage carrying Tifa to Don Corneo's place in Wall Market, where Cloud and Aerith are denied entry as the Don only allows ladies. A disguised Cloud and Aerith infiltrate Don Corneo's Mansion and meet Tifa. The three confront Corneo who reveals Heidegger hired him to find out Avalanche's location and Shinra plans drop the Sector 7 Plate to destroy the terrorists. Corneo triggers a trapdoor and drops Cloud, Aerith and Tifa into the sewers.
  • At Shinra Building, President Shinra and Heidegger finalize the plans, Heidegger having assigned the Turks to this mission.
  • Abel hears from a co-worker at Shinra about a possible attack on the Sector 7 pillar by Avalanche and tries to get his wife, Chloe, and son, Denzel, out of Sector 7. When Chloe insists on running off to warn their neighbors, Abel sends Denzel off with his co-worker while he goes to look for his wife.

The Sector 7 Plate collapses.

  • Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith arrive in Sector 7 where they find Shinra going through with the plan. Cloud sends Aerith to get Barret's daughter Marlene out of Sector 7, as he and Tifa catch up with Barret. Reno sets the pillar to detonate and Tseng captures Aerith after threatening to hurt Marlene if she doesn't cooperate. The pillar collapses and Cloud, Tifa, and Barret escape by a long wire pulley device into the Sector 6 Undercity. Sector 7 Plate collapses, killing hundreds both on the plate and in the slums including Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and Denzel's parents.
  • Cloud, Tifa and Barret arrive at Aerith's house where they find Marlene. Elmyra tells the group Aerith is an Ancient whose powers the Shinra seeks to exploit. Barret entrusts Marlene in Elmyra's care as he accompanies Cloud and Tifa to rescue Aerith.

Jenova's headless body at the Shinra Building.

  • Cloud's group uses the debris left from the Sector 7 destruction to climb onto the upper plate and infiltrates Shinra Building where they spy on an executive meeting from the vents. Shinra plans to use Aerith to find the Promised Land believed to be rich in Mako Energy, where they want to build a new city, Neo-Midgar. Cloud's group see Hojo observing Nanaki and Cloud reacts to Jenova's body that had been moved from the Mt. Nibel Reactor into Shinra Building. Hojo attempts to crossbreed Nanaki with Aerith, but Barret shoots at the containment unit freeing them. Nanaki introduces himself as Red XIII, the name Hojo gave to him, and joins in their escape, but they are caught by the Turks and locked away in the building's detention area. Aerith reveals she is unsure if the Promised Land exists.
  • After five years of waiting while recovering his power, Sephiroth, who now resides in the Lifestream, calls out to Jenova's body at the Shinra Building that comes to life and takes the form of Sephiroth himself. "Sephiroth" kills President Shinra, and escapes Midgar to Kalm. Cloud and the others find themselves released from their cells and find President Shinra dead. After Palmer, who had been hiding nearby, confirms Sephiroth did it, Rufus arrives by helicopter. Now the new President of the Shinra Electric Power Company, Rufus tells Cloud and his comrades plans on controlling the world through fear. After Rufus retreats, Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith and Red XIII escape to Kalm.
  • "Sephiroth" leaves Kalm and makes his way toward the Chocobo Farm.

Cloud, taking the place of Zack, in his recollection of the Nibelheim incident.

  • At Kalm Inn Cloud tells the others about the Nibelheim Incident, but due to his altered memories, tells a different version where he was the 1st Class SOLDIER to accompany Sephiroth with Zack being absent entirely. Cloud's memory fails him and he doesn't know what happened to Sephiroth at the end of it.
  • "Sephiroth" passes through the Chocobo Farm on his way to the marshes. Choco Bill tries to warn him, but is ignored, and "Sephiroth" makes his way to the Mythril Mine.
  • Cloud's party arrives at the Chocobo Farm and learn Sephiroth was spotted approaching the Mythril Mines. Choco Bill teaches the group how to catch chocobos tp safely traverse the swamp leading to the mines.

Cloud and the others witness a demonstration of Sephiroth's strength.

  • In the marshes Cloud's party finds an impaled Midgar Zolom and deduce it to be the work of Sephiroth.
  • Sephiroth leaves the Mythril Mines and heads for Junon.
  • Cloud and the others encounter Tseng, Rude, and the Turks' newest recruit, Elena, who have been assigned to track down Sephiroth. They tell Cloud's party to stay out of their way, but Elena lets it slip that Sephiroth is heading for Junon.
  • Sephiroth arrives in Junon.
  • Cloud's party is ambushed by Yuffie and upon defeating her she joins their group with intentions to steal their Materia.
  • Cloud's party visits Fort Condor whose inhabitants hold off the Shinra armies from capturing the Mako Reactor where a condor has made its nest, but their resources have grown thin. Cloud and the others help Fort Condor fight against their common enemy.
  • Cloud's party arrives in Lower Junon to find that access to Upper Junon is restricted due to an increase in security for Rufus's inauguration parade. A girl named Priscilla is attacked by Bottomswell, a mutant sea monster made from the waste of the Junon Mako Reactor. After defeating the monster Cloud administers CPR to Priscilla, who is taken home by her grandfather. The townspeople allow Cloud and the others to stay in Lower Junon for the night.
  • Priscilla shows Cloud her trained dolphin can jump on command and gives Cloud her whistle so he can use the dolphin to get to Upper Junon.
  • Shinra launches its second attack on Fort Condor.
  • Shinra launches its third attack on Fort Condor.
  • Cloud infiltrates Upper Junon where he is mistaken for a Shinra infantryman and is forced to partake in Rufus's inauguration parade. Afterward Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, Red XIII and Yuffie stow away on the cargo ship unaware that "Sephiroth" does the same.

Jenova∙BIRTH, spawned from a part of Jenova's body.

  • Onboard the ship bound for Costa del Sol Cloud finds his comrades in disguise and Barret spying on Rufus and Heidegger. Sephiroth attacks the ship and the party confronts him in the hold. He throws a piece of Jenova at the party that transforms into Jenova*BIRTH before escaping.
  • In Costa del Sol Cloud and the party find Tifa's friend Johnny and Hojo who has left Shinra. He asks Cloud to attend the Reunion but he doesn't know what Hojo means. Rufus reprimands Heidegger for his incompetence for failing to catch on Sephiroth and Avalanche were onboard the ship.
  • The party crosses Mt. Corel and arrives in North Corel where the villagers are angry Barret has returned, and he tells the party Shinra raided the town. They take the ropeway to Gold Saucer.
  • In Gold Saucer Barret runs off alone. Cloud meets with Dio, the owner, who says a man with a tattoo asked him about the Black Materia. Cloud runs into Cait Sith who reads his fortune and spooked by the bad omen insists on joining Cloud's party.
  • Finding a massacre at the Battle Square Cloud's party suspects Barret and the party is thrown into the Corel Prison by Dio. They find Barret in the prison who tells the story of himself and Dyne. As the only way out of the prison is to win a chocobo race on the boss's permission, the party treks the desert in search of him.
  • They discover the boss is Dyne who has had a gun crafted as a replacement arm like Barret. Dyne is overcome with hatred and fights the party upon hearing Marlene is still alive, but realises he cannot ever see her again due to having become so twisted and she wouldn't even remember him, and commits suicide.
  • Cloud is permitted to race at Gold Saucer and upon winning a chocobo race the party is granted their freedom with Dio gifting them a buggy as apology for the false accusations, saying he met another tattooed man who was headed toward Gongaga.
  • In Gongaga the party runs into Reno and Rude who were expecting their arrival but they flee after losing the confrontation. Cloud suspects there may be a spy among them but decides to trust everyone. Scarlet and Tseng inspect the ruined Gongaga Reactor for Huge Materia but cannot find any. The party meets Zack's parents in the village who wonder of their son's whereabouts, upsetting Tifa and Aerith. The former still refuses to divulge the whole truth when questioned but Aerith tells Zack used to be her boyfriend.
  • The buggy breaks down when the party passes Cosmo Canyon and they seek help in repairing it. Red XIII leaves the party saying he is home, and Bugenhagen tells the party of the spirit energy and the hazardous effect Shinra's drilling for Mako is having on the Planet. Aerith learns of her Cetra heritage and the Promised Land from the elders. Having learned Red XIII resents his "traitor" father Bugenhagen takes him to the Cave of the Gi to show him the truth. After the buggy is repaired Red XIII decides to continue accompanying the party on Bugenhagen's request.
  • The party finds Nibelheim fully rebuilt with impostor villagers hired by Shinra posing as the villagers to cover up the town's destruction five years ago. The town is full of Sephiroth Clones, the former villagers whose minds have broken. They meet Sephiroth in the Shinra Manor basement who asks Cloud to follow him across the mountains to the Reunion.
  • After crossing Mt. Nibel they enter the Rocket Town and ask Cid to borrow his plane to continue hunting Sephiroth but he refuses. They meet Shera who tells the story how Cid's plans of going to space were ruined. Rufus arrives with Palmer, but instead of bringing news of restarting the space travel project like Cid had hoped, he also wants to borrow Cid's plane as the Shinra airship Highwind is not ready yet, as they have info on Sephiroth heading to the Temple of the Ancients. The party tries to stop Palmer from stealing the plane but it takes off with the party and Cid onboard and is shot down by Shinra soldiers, crashlanding into the sea, becoming a boat for the party. Yuffie suggests they head west.
  • In west they find Wutai but are ambushed by Shinra soldiers. During the tussle they notice Yuffie has taken off with their Materia, although she insisted she is not collaborating with Shinra. They track her down in Wutai village where Reno, Rude and Elena are on vacation, but when the Shinra soldiers request their help in locating Don Corneo who has been spotted in the area, they refuse. The party corners Yuffie who explains she wanted their Materia to restore Wutai to its former glory, but takes off again after the party is trapped inside a cage. After freeing themselves the party discovers Yuffie and Elena have both been kidnapped by Don Corneo who has taken them to the Da Chao mountain, and Reno and Rude join forces with Avalanche to save them. Reno kicks Corneo off the Da Chao precipice and Yuffie returns the Materia and rejoins the party, thankful for having been rescued.
  • Yuffie battles the five warriors of Wutai at the pagoda and discovers the top warrior is her father, Godo. After besting him in battle he admires her strength and asks her to keep accompanying the party, suggesting she steal their Materia again once Sephiroth has been dealt with.
  • The party discovers they need the Keystone to enter the Temple of the Ancients where Sephiroth is said to be headed. Cloud acquires it from Dio of Gold Saucer but they are forced to stay the night when the ropeway breaks down. During the night Cait Sith steals the Keystone and hands it over to Tseng of the Turks. He is caught but because he has had Marlene taken hostage, the others allow him to keep accompanying them.
  • In the temple the party finds Tseng injured by Sephiroth and he relinquishes the Keystone. At the heart of the temple the party meets Sephiroth who divulges his plan on summoning a Meteor to wound the Planet so he could absorb its spirit energy and become a god. As the temple itself is the Black Materia required to summon the Meteor, Cait Sith volunteers to sacrifice himself to get it. After the temple is shrunk a new Cait Sith appears to replace the old one, and Sephiroth takes control of Cloud to hand the Materia to him and to attack Aerith until a party member knocks him unconscious.
  • In a dream Aerith tells Cloud she is heading to the Forgotten Capital to stop Sephiroth. Cloud awakes in Gongaga and tells the others and they decide to follow her.
  • In the Bone Village the party digs up a Lunar Harp and passes through the Sleeping Forest to the Forgotten Capital. While staying the night Cloud awakes as he hears Aerith calling for him, and the party finds her on an altar praying. She is killed by Sephiroth who claims Cloud is nothing but a puppet, and a white Materia piece falls from her hair to the water below. The party mourns her passing and Cloud rests her in the lake, vowing to avenge her.
  • The party follows Sephiroth's trail to Icicle Inn where they meet an angered Elena, thinking Tseng being injured was Cloud's party's fault. They find records left behind by Gast and Ifalna detailing the origins of Jenova, Weapons, and Aerith and Ifalna's capture by Shinra.
  • Past the Great Glacier the party crosses the Gaea's Cliff to the North Crater on foot while Rufus, Scarlet and Hojo, who has rejoined Shinra, are heading there on the Highwind.
  • All the Sephiroth Clones converge at the crater but are cut down by Sephiroth. When the party confronts him he transforms into Jenova-DEATH and is destroyed, leaving behind the Black Materia. Cloud realises who they had been pursuing wasn't the real Sephiroth but Jenova transformed into Sephiroth's image, but suspects the real Sephiroth is nearby. He gives the Black Materia to a party member to keep safe as he does not trust himself.
  • Cloud and Tifa find themselves back in an illusionary Nibelheim Sephiroth has conjured. He tells Cloud never came to Nibelheim five years ago, but a man named Zack was there instead. When a distressed Tifa confirms this is the truth Cloud has a mental breakdown. Sephiroth tricks the party member holding the Black Materia into returning it to Cloud, and they all meet at the crater with Shinra. Cloud begs Hojo to number him but he is disgusted upon being addressed by a failed experiment. Cloud gives the Materia to Sephiroth's true body resting inside a Mako crystal and the Weapons that had been resting in the crater are awakened. The party and Shinra escape on the Highwind while Cloud falls into the Lifestream as the crater crumbles with the Weapons breaking free. Tifa is knocked unconscious as the Highwind comes near Ultimate Weapon.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0008[edit | edit source]

  • January 14 – The Diamond Weapon attacks Midgar. Shinra has moved the Junon Mako Cannon (now renamed the Sister Ray) to Midgar to destroy Sephiroth's energy barrier around the North Crater, and the blast also kills Diamond Weapon whose last barrage of attacks destroys the top of the Shinra Building with Rufus Shinra inside and he is presumed dead. In reality, an injured Rufus escapes through a secret passage way his father had installed to the presidential office, as the password is his own birthday. Scarlet and Heidegger take over Shinra and have Reeve taken captive. As Reeve calls for Cloud and party's help via Cait Sith, he blows his cover as the cat's master. Hojo plans to relaunch the Sister Ray, but this would overload the Mako Reactors and destroy Midgar. Cloud and his allies parachute to Midgar where they dispose of Scarlet and Heidegger and confront Hojo, who reveals himself as Sephiroth's father, but is killed by Cloud and his friends. Unbeknown to the party, Hojo had uploaded his consciousness into the computer terminal before their confrontation.
  • Cloud's party descends to the planet core via the North Crater.
  • January 21 – Cloud's party destroys Jenova's true form and Sephiroth in his new god-like body. Holy is released but Meteor is too close to the Planet for it to fully focus its power and Meteor destroys Midgar. Reeve had evacuated the citizens to the slums with help from Vincent and Yuffie who returned to Midgar before the rest of the party, Reno, Rude, Tseng and Elena, and all the other former members of the Turks who had until then remained in hiding. Vincent and Yuffie save the wounded Rufus from Shinra Building's remains. Aerith's spirit summons the Lifestream that converges upon Midgar and pushes the Meteor back so that Holy may concentrate its power and destroy Meteor.
  • Those who came into contact with Lifestream when it welled up during Meteorfall contract Geostigma, a new disease that begins to infect the Planet's population. The cause of disease is unknown but the populace blame Shinra and the Mako energy. The world stops using Mako energy and the people gain a new appreciation for the Planet and the Lifestream for having saved them from Meteor.
  • Early spring – Edge is constructed by the inhabitants of Midgar, and the World Regenesis Organization (WRO) is founded by Reeve and funded by Rufus. Cloud and Tifa move in Edge where Tifa operates a bar while Cloud establishes the Strife Delivery Service to deliver packages on a motorcycle. Cid constructs a new airship he names the Shera and Barret entrusts Marlene to Cloud and Tifa's care as he goes to look for alternate energy sources now when the world no longer uses Mako energy.
  • Cloud is plagued by guilt over having been unable to save Aerith and Zack, and is haunted by his past, growing distant from Tifa and Marlene. He gets a new sword, the Fusion Swords, and stops wearing the old SOLDIER 1st class uniform. He realizes he has contracted Geostigma and hides this from Tifa.
  • Cloud finds Denzel outside Aerith's church. Denzel suffers from Geostigma and Cloud takes him to Tifa's bar where he begins to live with them.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0010[edit | edit source]

  • The Events of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0011[edit | edit source]

  • Three weeks before the events of Dirge of Cerberus - An expedition team and documentary film crew enter the underground levels of the Shinra Building in attempts of uncovering the company's secrets since the events of Meteorfall. Nobody returns.
  • In Junon, 1200 people disappear without a trace.
  • After three years of being trapped beneath Midgar due to the devastation caused by Meteor, Deepground makes its presence known to the world by launching attacks on Kalm and Edge. This commences the Events of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.
  • Almost a week after Omega's defeat - Vincent Valentine is still missing. Cloud is still searching for him. Shelke finds Vincent at the Crystal Cave.
  • Genesis awakens from his self-imposed hibernation beneath Midgar.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0507[edit | edit source]

  • Red XIII and his children view the ruins of Midgar.

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  1. Though the Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania states that the group was formed in October of 0007, Tifa states in Final Fantasy VII Remake that the individual cell split off from Avalanche HQ a year prior to the events of the game.[6]

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