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Final Fantasy VII script comprises the full text transcript of the original PlayStation release of Final Fantasy VII.

  • Script content is split into chapters translated from the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega.
  • The name of the speaker will be used next to all dialogue even if the text box in-game does not list the character's name.
    • For non-player characters that are unnamed, and have no name next to their text box, "NPC" is used.
  • Some in-game dialogue is not included in their respective sections if they are not unique to said section. These lines will be placed together in a single section in the § Miscellaneous section.
    • However, some dialogue is triggered only once upon introduction, despite technically being able to be triggered elsewhere if the introduction happened there. In these cases, the dialogue is placed in the earliest possible section.

Act 1: Banner of Revolution[edit | edit source]

No. 1 Reactor Bombing[edit | edit source]

???: C'mon newcomer. Follow me.

Biggs: Wow! You used to be in SOLDIER all right! ...Not everyday ya find one in a group like AVALANCHE.

Jessie: SOLDIER? Aren't they the enemy?

Jessie: What's he doing with us in AVALANCHE?

Biggs: Hold it, Jessie. He WAS in SOLDIER. He quit them and now is one of us.

Biggs: Didn't catch your name...

(Menu text appears for name entry.)
On-screen: Please enter a name.

(Upon selecting the name "Cloud".)
Cloud: ...Cloud.

Biggs: Cloud, eh? I'm...

Cloud: I don't care what your names are. Once this job's over...I'm outta here.

???: The hell you all doin'!? I thought I told you never to move in a group! Our target's the North Mako Reactor. We'll meet on the bridge in front of it.

???: Ex-SOLDIER, huh? Don't trust ya!

(Menu text appears for name entry.)
On-screen: Please enter a name.

(Upon selecting the name "Barret".)
Barret: If you push the Directional button while pushing the [CANCEL] button to run. (earlier marked X)

(Upon talking to Wedge.)

  • I'll secure the escape passage. Concentrate on the mission, Cloud.
  • Geez, we're really gonna blow this huge furnace up? This'll be somethin' to see!

(Upon entering the Sector 1 Reactor.)
Barret: Yo! This your first time in a reactor?

Cloud: No. After all, I did work for Shinra, y'know.

Barret: The planet's full of Mako energy. People here use it every day.

Barret: It's the life blood of this planet. But Shinra keeps suckin' the blood out with these weird machines.

Cloud: I'm not here for a lecture. Let's just hurry.

Barret: That's it! You're comin' with me from now on.

(Upon talking to Biggs before deciphering first door.)
Biggs: Code deciphered

(Upon talking to Biggs after deciphering first door.)
Biggs: Think how many of our people risked their lives, just for this code...

(Upon talking to Jessie before deciphering first door.)
Jessie: Biggs and I got the code for this door.

(Upon talking to Jessie after deciphering first door, before deciphering second.)
Jessie: Code deciphered

(Inside the elevator.)
Jessie: Push that button over there!

(Upon pushing the switch.)
On-screen: Switch On.

Barret: Little by little the reactors'll drain out all the life. And that'll be that.

Cloud: It's not my problem.

Barret: The planet's dyin', Cloud!

Cloud: The only thing I care about is finishin' this job before security and the Roboguards come.

(Upon talking to Jessie in front of the ladder.)
Jessie: Push the [OK] button in front of a ladder to grab on to it. After that, use the [Directional button] to move up and down.

(Upon approaching reactor core.)
Barret: When we blow this place, this ain't gonna be nothin' more than a hunka junk. Cloud, you set the bomb.

Cloud: Shouldn't you do it?

Barret: Jus' do it! I gotta watch to make sure you don't pull nothin'.

Cloud: Fine, be my guest.

On-screen: Watch out! This isn't just a reactor!!

Barret: ......What's wrong?

Cloud: Huh?

Barret: What's wrong, Cloud? Hurry it up!

Cloud: ...Yeah, sorry.

Barret: Heads up, here they come!

(During battle with Guard Scorpion.)

  • (If Cloud and Barret are alive.)
    Cloud: Barret, be careful!
  • (If only Cloud is alive.)
    Cloud: It's gonna fire that laser...
  • (After either of the previous lines.)
    Cloud: Attack while it's tail's up! It's gonna counterattack with its laser.
  • (If only Barret is alive.)
    Barret: I dunno what's goin' on, but... it looks pretty bad. Let's see what it does when it's tail's up...

(After defeating Guard Scorpion.)
Cloud: Come on, let's get outta here!

On-screen: Ten minutes to detonation!

Cloud: The alarm!

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Cloud: You all right?

Jessie: My leg got stuck.

Jessie: Thanks!

(Upon talking to Jessie before deciphering second door.)
Jessie: Code deciphered

(Upon talking to Jessie after deciphering second door.)
Jessie: Alright, be careful.

(Upon talking to Biggs if Jessie's leg wasn't freed.)
Biggs: Jessie still hasn't come up yet!

(Upon talking to Biggs if the second door was deciphered but the first was not.)
Biggs: Code deciphered

(Upon talking to Biggs if the above conditions are not true.)
Biggs: Let's go!

(After Sector 7 Reactor was destroyed.)
Biggs: That should keep the planet going... at least a little longer.

Wedge: Yeah.

Barret: .........

Jessie: OK! Now everyone get back.

(Upon entering Sector 8 after the explosion.)
Barret: All right, now let's get out of here.

Barret: Rendezvous at Sector 8 station! Split up and get on the train!

Cloud: H, hey!

Barret: If it's about your money Save it 'til we're back at the hideout.

(Upon interacting with flower girl.)
Flower girl: Excuse me. What happened?

  • (Upon selecting "You'd better get out of here".)
    Flower girl: Really? I don't know what's going on, but all right.
  • (Upon selecting "Nothing...hey, listen...".)
    Cloud: ............
    • (Upon selecting "Don't see many flowers around here".)
      Flower girl: Oh, these? Do you like them? They're only a gil...?
    • (Upon selecting "Never mind".)
      Flower girl: What! Tell me! Uh,excuse me,would you like to buy some flowers? They're only one gil.
    • (Upon selecting "Buy one" after the previous options.)
      Flower girl: Oh, thank you! Here you are!
    • (Upon selecting "Forget it" after the previous options.)
      Flower girl: Ahh...not again.

(Upon talking to the person walking.)

  • NPC: Just what the hell's going on!?

(Upon talking to the person standing.)

  • NPC: Wonder what that is on the wall over there. Let's see...Don't be fooled by Shinra! Mako energy doesn't last forever! Mako is the planet's lifesource! The end is in sight! Protectors of the planet: AVALANCHE

(Upon being spotted by soldiers.)
Soldier: Hey! You there!!

Cloud: Shinra Soldiers......

  • (After defeating the first set of soldiers in a battle upon selecting "Fight them!".)
    Soldier: What the?
    Cloud: hmph!
  • (Upon selecting "Later!" and avoiding battle.)
    Soldier: Halt!!
  • (After defeating the second set of soldiers in a battle upon selecting "Fight them!".)
    Soldier: That's him!!Cloud: hmph!
  • (Upon selecting "Later!" and avoiding the second set of soldiers, no dialogue.)
  • (After defeating the third set of soldiers in a battle upon selecting "Fight them!".)
    Soldier: Over here!!
    Cloud: hmph!
  • (Upon selecting "Later!" and avoiding the second set of soldiers, no dialogue.)

(After a fourth set of soldiers arrive, regardless of previous options.)
Soldier: That's as far as you go.

Cloud: I don't have time to be messin' around with you guys.

Soldier: Enough babbling...... Grab him!!

Cloud: What a pain......

(After Cloud jumps to the train to Sector 8.)
Wedge: Cloud never came.

Biggs: Cloud...... Wonder if he was killed?

Barret: No way!!

Jessie: Cloud......

Biggs: Say, do you think Cloud's...... Going to fight to the end for AVALANCHE!?

Barret: The hell would I know!? Do I look like a mind reader? Hmph!! If y'all weren't such screw-ups...

Wedge: Hey, Barret! What about our money...? Uh, nothin'...sorry. Ahhh......

Wedge: Cloud!!

Biggs: Cloud!!

Jessie: Cloud......

Cloud: Looks like I'm a little late.

Barret: You damn right, you're late!! Come waltzin' in here makin' a big scene!

Cloud: It's no big deal. Just what I always do.

Barret: Shi't! Havin' everyone worried like that you don't give a damn 'bout no one but yourself!

Cloud: Hmm...... You were worried about me!

Barret: Wha!? I'm takin' it outta your money, hot stuff!

Barret: Wake up! We're movin' out! Follow me!

Wedge: Hey, Cloud!! You were great back there!

Biggs: Heh heh......Cloud! We'll do even better next time.

Jessie: Be careful, I'll shut this.

Jessie: Oh, Cloud!! Your face is pitch-black......

Jessie: There you go!

Jessie: Say, thanks for helping me back there at the Reactor!

(Upon entering next car.)
On-screen: Last train out of Sector 8 Station. Last stop is Sector 7, Train Graveyard. Expected time of arrival is 12:23AM, Midgar Standard Time...

NPC: This is why I hate the last train. Hoo-boy...

(Upon talking to the man sleeping on the right.)
NPC: Huh...? This is my house, so make yourselves at home.

(Upon talking to the man sitting on the left.)
NPC: You see the headlines in the Shinra Times? The terrorists that bombed the No. 1 Reactor are based somewhere in the slums. ...blowing up a Reactor... they sure put some thought into this one. They must have a real calculating leader. I wonder what they'll do next?

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Stop actin' like a damn kid. Si'down an' shu'up!

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: It seems this train hasn't switched to security mode yet. I'm sure that will change by tomorrow.

(Upon talking to Biggs a second time.)
Biggs: ...YAWN...that sure took its toll on me. I'm gonna sleep till we get to the station.

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: Someday AVALANCHE's gonna be famous ...and me, too!

(Upon talking to Wedge a second time.)
Wedge: Cloud!! Don't ya think I got a bright future ahead of me?

  • (Upon selecting "What do you have in mind?".)
    Wedge: All my life, I felt like nothin' but a sidekick. But, after joinin' AVALANCHE and tryin' to save the Planet, I feel like I can do lots of things.
  • (Upon selecting "I wouldn't hold my breath".)
    Wedge: Oh man, that's pretty harsh, Cloud. You really think I won't?

(Upon attempting to go to the next car.)

  • NPC: Please!! You're bothering the other passengers.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Hey, Cloud. You want to look at this with me? It's a map of the Midgar Rail System. Let's look at it together. I'll explain it to you.

Jessie: I like this kinda stuff. Bombs and monitors...you know, flashy stuff.

(While viewing Midgar Rail System map.)
Jessie: Okay, it's about to start.

Jessie: This is a complete model of the city of Midgar. It's about a 1/10000 scale. The top plate is about 50 meters above ground. A main support structure holds the plate up in the center, and there are other support structures built in each section... psst...whisper...whisper... (The No. 1 Reactor we blew up was in the northern section.) Then there's No.2, No.3 all the way up to the No.8 Reactor. The 8 Reactors provide Midgar with electricity. Each town used to have a name, but no one in Midgar remembers them. Instead of names, we refer to them by numbered sectors. That's the kind of place this is.

Jessie: Phew..., this is next! Look.

Jessie: This is the route this train is on. The route spirals around the main support structure. We should be coming around the center area, right now. At each checkpoint, an ID sensor device is set up. It can check the identities and background on each and every passenger on the train by linking it up to the central data bank at Shinra headquarters. whisper...whisper... (Anyone could tell that we look suspicious, so we're using fake ID's.)

(After view has closed.)
Jessie: Speak of the devil... That light means that we're in the ID Security Check area. ...whisper...whisper... (When the lights go off, you never know what kind of creeps'll come out.) ...anyhow, we're almost back now. That's a relief.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: ...snore...heebeebeeheebee...snore... (Don't act so damn big, Barret...snooze...)

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: I'm seein' stars. This sucks. I hate the dark.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: I know! Next time, I'll give you one I made myself.

  • (Upon selection "Thanks anyway".)
    Jessie: Oh yeah, you might regret it. I'm the type who takes things personal.
  • (Upon selecting "Looking forward to it".)
    Jessie: Okay, then I'll put a little extra effort in and make it with a BANG.

(Upon talking to Jessie again.)
Jessie: We're almost there. After talking with you, I really want to do it! I think you've lit my fuse!

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Barret: Look...you can see the surface now. This city don't have no day or night. If that plate weren't there... we could see the sky.

Cloud: A floating city... Pretty unsettling scenery.

Barret: Huh? Never expect ta hear that outta someone like you. ...you jes' full of surprises.

Barret: The upper world...a city on a plate... It's 'cuz of that &^#$# 'pizza', that people underneath are sufferin'!

Barret: And the city below is full of polluted air.

Barret: On topa that, the Reactor keeps drainin' up all the energy.

Cloud: Then why doesn't everyone move onto the Plate?

Barret: Dunno. Probably 'cuz they ain't got no money. Or, maybe... 'Cuz they love their land, no matter how polluted it gets.

Cloud: I know... no one lives in the slums because they want to. It's like this train. It can't run anywhere except where its rails take it.

At the Hideout in the Slums[edit | edit source]

(Upon getting off the train.)
Barret: Yo!! Get over here, all'ya!!

(Upon attempting to run to the right before talking to Barret.)
Barret: Yo, Cloud! You lissen up!

(Upon reaching Barret.)
Barret: This mission was a success. But don't get lazy now. The hard part's still to come! Don't y'all be scared of that explosion!

Barret: Cause the next one's gonna be bigger than that!

Barret: Meet back at the hideout!! Move out!

(Upon talking to Barret in front of 7th Heaven.)
Barret: Ok! Go on ahead.

(Upon talking to Barret again, or after waiting a few seconds.)
Barret: You! Cloud!! Get off your slow-movin' ass!!

(Upon talking to Barret while Tifa is outside the 7th Heaven.)
Barret: Heh heh... You wanna meet your little baby?

  • (Upon selecting "Little baby?".)
    Barret: Hey! Don' act like you don't know what I mean! I'm tellin' you...
  • (Upon selecting "Out of my way!".)
    Barret: Heh! Jes calm down. Can't have people suspectin' us.

(Upon entering 7th Heaven.)
Marlene: Papa!!

???: Marlene! Aren't you going to say anything to Cloud? Welcome home, Cloud. Looks like everything went well. Did you fight with Barret?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah".)
    ???: I should have known. He's always pushing people around, and you've always been in fights ever since you were little. I was worried.
  • (Upon selecting "Not this time".)
    ???: Hmm. You've grown up. When you were little you used to get into fights at the drop of a hat.

(Menu text appears for name entry.)
On-screen: Please enter a name.

(Upon selecting the name "Tifa", if flowers were bought.)
Tifa: Flowers? How nice... You almost never see them here in the slums.

Tifa: But...
A flower for me? Oh Cloud, you shouldn't have...

Cloud: No big.

  • (Upon selecting "Give it to Tifa".)

Tifa: Thank you, Cloud. It smells wonderful. Maybe I should fill the store with flowers. Cloud, this one still has roots. I can probably start others from it.

  • (Upon selecting "Give it to Marlene", nothing.)

(Upon selecting the name "Tifa", if no flowers had been purchased.)
Tifa: I'm so glad everyone's safe.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: Aaah!! Nothin' like that first drink after a job. Hic!! Why don't you have one too?

  • (Upon selecting "No".)
    Biggs: What!? You tellin' me you're too good to drink with me? Don't act big-headed jus' because you were in SOLDIER!
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, why not?")
    Biggs: Oh!! That's more like it!! Even if you were with SOLDIER, you're still a rookie here. So you'd better listen to whatever I tell ya!

(Upon talking to Biggs again.)
Biggs: Hic...!! Oh...... Don't tell Barret what I jus said.

(Upon talking to Wedge again.)
Wedge: Oh, Cloud! Tifa really knows how to cook. Mmm, mmm...... Anyway, let me tell you somethin'

  • (Upon selecting "About what?".)
    Wedge: Tifa always lets me taste her cooking. And look at me now, I'm rolly-polly. Don't know whether I should be happy or sad. But it's the good food and drinks that make this shop famous.
  • (Upon selecting "I'm not interested in your stories".)
    Wedge: Cloud...... ......forget it.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Careless...... You're getting all excited. Wonder what for......?

(Upon talking to Marlene.)
Marlene: ............

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Sorry, Cloud. Marlene seems a little shy.

(Upon attempting to leave 7th Heaven.)
Marlene: Papa, welcome home!

(If Marlene was given flower.)
Barret: Yeah. Huh? Where'd you get that flower?

Marlene: Cloud gave it to me.

Barret: Oh...... Did you thank him? ............

Marlene: Thank you, Cloud. We'll take care of you.

(Either after "We'll take care of you" if Marlene got flower, or "Papa, welcome home!" otherwise).
Tifa: You all right, Barret?

Barret: Great!!

Barret: Get in here, fools!! We're startin' the meetin'!!

(Upon approaching bar stools.)
Tifa: Sit down.

(Upon talking to Tifa if she hasn't offered a drink.)
Tifa: Cloud... come over here. How about... ...something to drink?

  • (Upon selecting "I don't feel like it".)
    Tifa: OHH!! I can make a drink just as good as anyone else. Everyone says, my drinks taste the best!
  • (Upon selecting "Give me something hard".)
    Tifa: Just a minute. I'll make one for you.
    Tifa: You know, I'm relieved you made it back safely.
    Cloud: What's with you all of a sudden? That wasn't even a tough job.
    Tifa: I guess not... You were in SOLDIER. Make sure you get your pay from Barret.
    Cloud: Don't worry. Once I get that money, I'm outta here.

Tifa: Cloud. Are you feeling all right?

Cloud: ...yeah... Why?

Tifa: No reason. You just look a little tired I guess.

(Upon talking to Tifa if she hasn't offered a drink.) Tifa: Cloud... come over here.

(Upon talking to Tifa after all above dialogue.)
Tifa: You'd better go down below.

(Upon interacting with TV.)
President Shinra: .........today the No.1 Reactor was bombed. The terrorist group AVALANCHE has claimed responsibility for the bombing. It is expected that AVALANCHE will continue its reign of terror. But citizens of Midgar, there is no need to fear. I have immediately mobilized SOLDIER to protect our citizenry against this senseless violence. Thank you and good night.

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: You think I'm a little too uptight?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah...")
    Wedge: The next mission will be to blow up the Sector 5 Reactor. Cloud, you're great! Don't you ever get nervous? Or are you like, impervious to feelings? Naw, that couldn't be it.
  • (Upon selecting "No...")
    Wedge: Well, that's ok. Don't worry about me. I don't look like it, but I'm a coward at heart.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Oops... Hey, look at the news... What a blast. Think it was all because of my bomb? But all I really did was just make it like the computer told me. Oh no! I must've made a miscalculation somewhere.

(Upon talking to Jessie again.)
Jessie: Hey, that was my bomb's debut. Makes me kinda proud.

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Barret: Yo, Cloud! There's somethin' I wanna ask ya. Was there anyone from SOLDIER fighting us today?

Cloud: None. I'm positive.

Barret: You sound pretty sure.

Cloud: If there was anyone from SOLDIER you wouldn't be standing here now.

Barret: Don't go thinkin' you so bad jes cuz you was in SOLDIER.

Cloud: ............

Barret: Yeah, you're strong. Probably all them guys in SOLDIER are. But don't forget that your skinny ass's workin' for AVALANCHE now! Don't get no ideas 'bout hangin' on to Shinra.

Cloud: Stayin' with Shinra? You asked me a question and I answered it...that's all.

Cloud: I'm going upstairs. I want to talk about my money.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Shucks!! ............money...

(Upon talking to Marlene.)
Marlene: Papa, you're so great!

(Upon returning to pinball machine.)
Tifa: Wait, Cloud!

Barret: Tifa! Let him go! Looks like he still misses the Shinra!

Cloud: Shut up! I don't care about either Shinra or SOLDIER! But don't get me wrong! I don't care about AVALANCHE or the Planet for that matter!

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: .......Cloud. You say you don't care, but you came to talk to me. Cloud... You just want friends. Isn't that right?

  • (Upon selecting "Blow off".)
    Wedge: Yeah, well. You look kind of lonely to me. If you ever got anything you want to get off your chest, you can always talk to me.
  • (Upon selecting "I really don't care".)
    Wedge: You're terrible. Real cold blooded.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Money... Oh my. It must have been for a lot of it. Sure! Well, what the hell? It's a verbal agreement. Now let me figure this out. Oh stop it, Cloud! Did you hear me?

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Straighten things up with everyone for me.

(Upon attempting to leave 7th Heaven.)
Tifa: Listen, Cloud. I'm asking you. Please join us.

Cloud: Sorry Tifa...

Tifa: The Planet is dying. Slowly but surely it's dying. Someone has to do something.

Cloud: So let Barret and his buddies do something about it. It's got nothin' to do with me.

Barret: You damn right we'll do something about it. N' you stay outta this Tifa!

Tifa: So! You're really leaving !? You're just going to walk right out ignoring your childhood friend !?

Cloud: What......?

(After selecting either "How can you say that!" or "......Sorry".)
Tifa: ......You forgot the promise, too.

Cloud: Promise?

Tifa: So you DID forget.

Tifa: Remember......Cloud. It was seven years ago...

(During flashback in Nibelheim.)
Tifa: Look, the well. Do you remember?

Cloud: Yeah...back then. I thought you would never come, and I was getting a little cold.

Tifa (in flashback): Sorry I'm late. You said you wanted to talk to me about something?

Cloud (in flashback): Come this spring...I'm leaving this town for Midgar.

Tifa (in flashback): ...All boys are leaving our town.

Cloud (in flashback): But I'm different from all of them. I'm not just going to find a job. I want to join SOLDIER. I'm going to be the best there is, just like Sephiroth!

Tifa (in flashback): Sephiroth... The Great Sephiroth. Isn't it hard to join SOLDIER?

Cloud (in flashback): ...I probably won't be able to come back to this town for a while.

Cloud (in flashback): ...huh?

Tifa (in flashback): Will you be in the newspapers if you do well?

Cloud (in flashback): I'll try.

Tifa (in flashback): Hey, why don't we make a promise? Umm, if you get really famous and I'm ever in a bind...... You come save me, all right?

Cloud (in flashback): What?

Tifa (in flashback): Whenever I'm in trouble, my hero will come and rescue me. I want to at least experience that once.

Cloud (in flashback): What?

Cloud (in flashback): Ha, ha, ha! What's that!

Tifa (in flashback): You're laughing at me!

Tifa (in flashback): Come on--! Promise me----!

Cloud (in flashback): All right......I promise.

(After flashback is complete.)
Tifa: You remember now, don't you... our promise?

Cloud: I'm not a hero and I'm not famous. I can't keep......the promise.

Tifa: But you got your childhood dream, didn't you? You joined SOLDIER. So come on! You've got to keep your promise......

Barret: Wait a sec big-time SOLDIER! A promise is a promise! Here!!

On-screen: Received Barret's stash, 1500 gil!

Cloud: This is my pay? Don't make me laugh.

Tifa: What? Then you'll...!!

Cloud: You got the next mission lined up? I'll do it for 3000.

Barret: What......!?

Tifa: It's ok, it's ok.

Tifa: psst, psst...... (We're really hurting for help, right?)

Barret: Uh......ugh...... (That money's for Marlene's schoolin'......)

Barret: 2000!

Tifa: Thanks, Cloud.

To the No. 5 Reactor[edit | edit source]

(Upon talking to Tifa the next day.)
Tifa: Good Morning! Cloud! Did you sleep well?

  • (Upon selecting "Barret's snoring kept me up......")
    Tifa: psstpsst... (keep it down, they'll hear you. Barret's always edgy before an operation.)
  • (Upon selecting "Next to you, who wouldn't?".)
    Tifa: I don't know what you mean.

Tifa: I'm going this time.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Our target's the Sector 5 Reactor. Head for the station first. I'll fill you in on the train.

Barret: Yo! Cloud! Before the next mission, I got somethin' I wanna ask you! I, uh,...... I don't really know how to use Materia! I'll give you that Materia you found. Just teach me how to use it!

Cloud: ...sigh...

(Upon selecting "Ok, I'll explain it".)
Cloud: Sure, I'll explain how Materia works. First, access the menu. You know the basic functions. The triangle button brings up the menu. Directional buttons move the cursor, like this. Select each menu by using the OK button. If you want to leave the menu, just push the CANCEL button. See? Let's go ahead. Now you're in this menu. Select [Materia] sub menu. Select who you want to use it. Now look at my weapon here. Each weapon and armor has slots in it. Choose which slot you want to put Materia in. Now select the Materia you want to use. This is curative Materia. If you want to know what its effect is, line the cursor up with [Check], and push the OK button. It's just like selecting battle commands. Just line the cursor up to [Magic], you can see that the available magic has increased. Now you can use new magic [Cure]. And that's all there is to equipping Materia. See? It wasn't that tough! When you want to remove any Materia, it's as easy as pointing to the materia slot, and pushing the triangle button. There's just one thing you have to be careful of. Whenever you equip Materia, your situation changes. Parts of you may become stronger... while others get weaker. Normally, when you equip [Magic] Materia, your magic power will get stronger. But your physical strength weakens. So, Materia's kind of a double-edged sword. On the left side of the screen, you can see the Materia's effect on you. It's wise not to overuse Magic Materia. But try out various things. Push the CANCEL button to exit the sub menu. Ok, that's about it. I'll give you some advanced tips later.

Barret: Shi......! What's this 'It wasn't that tough!' crap! I'm clueless...... Well, you handle the Materia then!

(Upon selecting "You wouldn't understand".)
Barret: So this is what makes them guys in SOLDIER so great, huh!? Ok. I'll ask Jessie again later. But you're in charge of the Materia!

On-screen: [Materia System] Access the menu and select [Materia] to equip Materia.

(If the player has not yet talked to Tifa in the morning.)
Tifa: I'm going this time.

(If the player has already talked to Tifa, or after the previous line.)
Tifa: Cloud! I got a message from the Weapon Shop man upstairs. He has something he wants to give you. Don't forget!

Tifa: Marlene, you watch the store while we're gone!

Marlene: All right!! Good Luck.

(Upon talking to Marlene.)
Marlene: Take care!

(Upon entering the train to Sector 5.)
Barret: YO! Looks like this ain't no private car!! So split up!!

Shinra Manager: ...hoodlums again. God, don't I just have all the luck...

Barret: You say sumthin' ?

Barret: I said, 'you say sumthin'!?

Barret: Yo, look at that!! It got empty alluva sudden. What's goin' on?

Shinra Manager: DAMN!! I...it's empty because of... g, guys like you... Y, Y, YIPES!! You...you've seen the news, right? AVALANCHE says there'll be more bombings. Only devoted employees like me would go to Midgar on a day like today.

Barret: You workin' for Shinra?

Shinra Manager: I won't give in to violence... and I'm not giving you my seat either!

Tifa: Barret!!

Barret: &$#%!! You lucky ^$#^$.!

Cloud: So, what are we gonna do now?

Barret: Shit! The hell you so calm about? You bustin' up my rhythm...

Tifa: Seems like they just finished connecting the cars. We're finally leaving.

Cloud: So what's our next target?

Barret: Hah! Listen to Mr. Serious-about-his-work!

Barret: Awright...I'll tell ya! Jessie's probably already told you, but there's a security check point at the top plate. It's an ID scan system checkin' all the trains.

Tifa: Which Shinra is very proud of.

Barret: We can't use our fake ID's anymore...

On-screen: Good Morning, and welcome to Midgar lines. Arrival time at Sector 4 Station will 11:45.

Tifa: That means we've got only three more minutes to the ID Check point.

Barret: Alright, in three minutes, we're jumpin' off this train. Got it!?

Tifa: Cloud, come over here! Let's look at the Railway Map Monitor.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Yo, Mr. know-it-all, big time SOLDIER! You oughta know the area 'round the No. 5 Reactor, right! So let's hear YOUR explanation!

(Upon talking to sleeping man.)
NPC: Hmmm......? You're the only ones that'll talk to me or come to my house. I'm impressed.

(Upon talking to Shinra employee.)
Shinra Manager: Waaaaah!! Don...don't worry about me. (oh man, oh man, oh man...!! I'm gonna brag to everyone at work about this...)

(Upon approaching Tifa.)
Tifa: Hmm, it looks like you've seen this already... It's all right. Come a little closer.

Tifa: That's odd. The ID Check Point was supposed to be further down.

On-screen: Type A Security Alert!! Unidentified passengers confirmed... A search of all cars will be conducted! Repeat!! Type A Security Alert!! Unidentified passengers confirmed... A search of all cars will be conducted!

Tifa: What's happening?

Barret: What's goin' on!!

Jessie: We're in trouble. I'll explain later. Hurry! Get to the next car!

Barret: ^%#@%! Someone blew it...

On-screen: Unidentified passengers located in Car #1 Preparing for Lock Down

Barret: Let's go! Keep it up!

On-screen: You have 15 seconds to reach next car. Reach car 5 if you want to date Tifa/Barret, or get off earlier if you want to date Aeris/Yuffie.

(Upon talking to sleeping man.)
NPC: Hm? ... You'd talk to me even now? I'm really impressed. Let me give you a little something as a reward.

(Upon talking to sleeping man again.)
NPC: If I die in the gutter, use that to revive me, okay?

(Upon reaching the next car.)
On-screen: Car #1: Locked Down Car being sent to the Station

(Upon approaching the door after failing to reach the next car in time.)
Barret: C'mon!! Hurry your slow ass up! That's it, huh?

Tifa: Oh well...

Barret: We're gonna jump outta here!! Follow me!!

Tifa: We got a lot of battles ahead of us. This's going to be tough.

(Upon successfully reaching the next car.)
On-screen: Car #1: Locked Down Upgrading to Level 2 Warning

Biggs: Hurry!

Wedge: They're gonna lock the door, sir!

On-screen: Unidentified passengers located in Car #2 Preparing for Lock Down

Jessie: Just run! Changing to Plan 2!

(Upon talking to the man in the back.)
NPC: Hey... You guys are rowdy...

(Upon talking to the man in the back again.)
NPC: Well, just calm down.

(Upon talking to the girl at the front-right.)
NPC: Gosh!! You're adults, but you're making such noise. Please behave while you're in the train.

(Upon talking to the man at the back-left.)
NPC: Hyu---n!! Hyu---n!!

(Upon talking to the man at the middle-left.)
NPC: Does this mean that we're in a major bind?

(Upon talking to the man at the front-left.)
NPC: Huh? The hell?! Do you want this?

(Upon selecting "Yeah...".)
NPC: Wow! I won't even charge you... Wha-t? Don't get used to it though.

(Upon selecting "My mistake".)
NPC: Wha-t? Let me know when you need me.

(Upon talking to man at the front-left after already receiving his item.)
NPC: Wha-t? You sure are greedy.

(Upon failing to reach the next car.) On-screen: Car #2: Locked Down Car being sent to the Station

(Upon approaching door after failure.)
Barret: What!? That's it!?

Tifa: That didn't do anything!

Barret: We'll jump from here!! Follow me, you 'spensive leech!!

Tifa: Phew-----! Be strong!

(Upon successfully reaching the next car.)
On-screen: Car #2: Locked down Upgrading to Warning Level 3

Barret: Awright! We clear!?

Jessie: Not yet. They're starting another check. If we're caught, we're done for! But, don't worry. If we move up the train, car by car, we should get past it!

On-screen: Unidentified Passengers: Moving to front of Train Currently tracking location

(If the player has 100 gil or more.)
NPC: Hee hee!!

(Upon talking to the thief if he successfully stole gil.)
NPC: ...nowhere to run...

(Upon talking to the thief a second time if he successfully stole gil.)
NPC: By any chance... Busted?

(Upon selecting "Huh...?", or upon talking to the thief after he returned the gil or if he never stole it.)
NPC: Ok, then. That's that.

(Upon selecting "That's right".)
NPC: I'm so--- sorry. I'll give it back...

(Upon talking to the man on the floor.)
NPC: urrrrrrrg

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Later...Goodbye...Adios, Midgar!!

(Upon talking to Johnny again.)
Johnny: sob...

(Upon failing to reach the next car.)
On-screen: Car #3: Locked Down Illegal ID will be taken to the station

(Upon approaching the door after failing to reach this or the next car.)
Barret: The hell!? So this is as far as we go...?

Tifa: We were almost there.

Barret: We're gonna jump off here!! Follow me!!

Tifa: Don't worry! Don't worry!

(Upon successfully reaching the next car.)
On-screen: Car #3: Locked Down Upgrading to Warning Level 4

The game contains code for another thief in car #3 that requires you to run into this car to catch, but it's disabled

(Upon talking to the man at the back.)
NPC: Brrrrrr...... It's terrible. Who'd expect underwear bandits in this day and age? They wiped me out!

(Upon talking to the man in the middle.)
NPC: Any idea what happened? All I know is, when I woke up the 3 of us were butt-naked! But I guess you couldn't relate...

(Upon talking to the man at the front.)
NPC: That scary broad made me take the bomb. Of course I couldn't very well refuse her!

(Upon failing to reach the next car.)
On-screen: Car #4: Locked Down Illegal ID will be taken to the Station

(Upon successfully reaching the next car.)
On-screen: Car #4: Locked Down Upgrading to maximum security alert!!

Barret: All right!! We made it!

Barret: Yo!! This way!!

Barret: Let's go!! We're gonna dive outta here!!

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Yo!! Ain't no time to waste!! ...do something!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: ...Scary...huh.

Cloud: Too late to be saying that now. Why'd you come along anyway?

Tifa: Because...

Barret: Hey you two! There ain't no time for that!

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: Guess who? It's me, Wedge! Looks like things were a success.

(Upon talking to Wedge again.)
Wedge: I look just like my little brother in these clothes... I wonder how everyone's doin' now...?

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: It's me, Jessie. How do I look, Cloud? Do I look good in a Shinra uniform?

(Upon selecting "Yeah...".)
Cloud: ...you look great, just like a man.

Jessie: Yay!! I'm so happy ...I think?

(Upon selecting "Not now".)
Cloud: Just concentrate on our plan.

Jessie: You're right, sorry.

(Upon talking to Tifa again.)
Tifa: Yeah!! I've made up my mind! Watch closely. I'm gonna jump!!

Cloud: You don't care if I go first?

Barret: A leader always stays till the end. Don't worry 'bout me, just go!

Barret: Yo! Don't go gettin' your spikey-ass hurt! It's only the beginnin' of the mission!

Barret: Later! You take care of the rest!

  • (Upon entering Sector 5 underground if the player jumped off from train car 1 or 2.)

Barret: Oh man...... We were forced to get this far out. We can't just go back now. We've gotta go on. Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie did good. Now, it's our turn!

  • (Sector 5 underground if the player jumped off from train car 3 or 4.)

Barret: That was close. I thought we were gonna get caught... They probably don't realize that we've sneaked in yet. We should get to the reactor in no time. Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie did good. Now, it's our turn!

  • (Sector 5 underground if the player jumped off from the final train car.)

Barret: Good, so far everything's going as planned. Better not let your guard down till we get to the Sector 5 reactor. Biggs, Wedge and Jessie got everything ready for us. So MOVE it.

(After Barret's previous lines, regardless of which train car the player jumped from.)
Barret: Well, the reactor's just down this tunnel!

(Upon reaching the bottom end of the tunnel where Shinra guards are found.)
Cloud: Shinra security guards are there. ...We've got to turn back.

(Upon approaching the guards regardless.)
Soldier: You're the AVALANCHE!

(Upon completing the following battle.)

  • A terrorist attack!
  • Intruders!
  • AVALANCHE is attacking!

Cloud: More security's coming. It's dangerous to stay here.

(Upon selecting "Run", leaves the area. Upon selecting "Stay here", the battle is repeated.)

(Upon reaching the top end of the tunnel.)
Cloud: Those light beams are the Shinra's security sensors. We can't go any further.

(Upon running into the sensors.)
Cloud: After coming this far, only an amateur'd get caught by the security sensor.

(Upon interacting with the vent on the left side.)
Barret: That's one damn tiny hole. You tellin' me to squeeze into that to get under the Plate? No way! Yo, Cloud, what're we gonna do?

  • (Upon selecting "Look inside closely".)
    Tifa: ...There seems to be nothing that'll get us stuck in this duct.
    Cloud: Yeah. If we go down this duct, we won't be able to come back up here.
    Barret: Don't be wastin' time. Never know when the Shinra'll find us. Cloud, you jes' gotta go.
  • (Upon selecting "Go down".)
    Barret: But, damn man, that thing gives me the chills.
  • (Upon selecting "Don't go down".)
    Barret: Whaddya mean we're not goin' in? There ain't no other way of gettin' to the Sector 5 reactor 'cept through here.

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: Cloud, this way. The reactor's up this ladder.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: I'm sorry. The ID scan problem on the train was all my fault. I made your ID card special...... So that's why it happened... I put my heart into making it. But I failed.

(Upon talking to Jessie again.)
Jessie: Next time, I'll give you something more decent. I'll be back at the hideout in my research room workin' on it.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: We're gonna pull out now. We'll meet up at the hideout. Cloud, we're countin' on you to blow the reactor!

(During a flashback in the Sector 5 Reactor core.)
Tifa (in flashback): Papa...

Tifa (in flashback): Sephiroth!?

Tifa (in flashback): Sephiroth did this to you, didn't he!?

Tifa (in flashback): Sephiroth...SOLDIER... Mako Reactors...Shinra...Everything! I hate them all!

(After flashback concludes.)
Barret: Damn man, get a hold of yourself!

Tifa: You all right?

Cloud: ......Tifa.

Tifa: Mmm?

Cloud: No... forget...... Come on, let's hurry!

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Cloud: I know. You're my watch, right?

Barret: Damn straight.

Barret: Tifa's old friend... That ain't good enough.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Let's hurry, Cloud.

(Upon approaching terminal by the reactor exit.)
Tifa: Jessie said we all have to push the button at once.

(Upon entering the button out-of-sync with Tifa and Barret.)
Tifa: No good. Let's try it again.

(Upon leaving through the reactor walkway.)
Barret: This way!

Barret: Shinra soldiers!?

Barret: SHIT! What the hell's goin' on?

Cloud: ...a trap...

Barret: Presi...President Shinra?

Tifa: Why is the President here?

President Shinra: Hmm... So you all must be that... ...what was it?

Barret: AVALANCHE! And don't ya forget it! And you're President Shinra, huh?

Cloud: Long time no see, President.

President Shinra: ...Long time no see? Oh...you. You're the one who quit SOLDIER and joined AVALANCHE. I knew you'd been exposed to Mako, from the look in your eyes... Tell me, traitor... what was your name?

Cloud: Cloud.

President Shinra: Forgive me for asking, but I can't be expected to remember each person's name. Unless you become another Sephiroth.

President Shinra: Yes, Sephiroth... He was brilliant. Perhaps too brilliant...

Cloud: Sephiroth.......?

Barret: Don't give a damn 'bout none of that! This place's goin' up with a big BANG soon! Serves y'all right!

President Shinra: And such a waste of good fireworks, just to get rid of vermin like you...

Barret: VERMIN!? That's all you can say...VERMIN! Y'all Shinra're the VERMIN, killing the planet! And that makes you King VERMIN! So shu'up jackass!

President Shinra: ...You are beginning to bore me. I'm a very busy man, so if you'll excuse me... I have a dinner I must attend.

Barret: Dinner!? Don't gimme that! I ain't even started wit' you yet!

President Shinra: But, I've made arrangements for a playmate for you all.

Tifa: !? What's that noise?

Barret: The hell is this!?

President Shinra: Meet 'Airbuster', a techno-soldier. Our Weapon Development Department created him. I'm sure the data he'll extract from your dead bodies will be of great use to us in future experiments.

Cloud: ...Techno-soldier?

President Shinra: Now then, if you'll excuse me.

Cloud: Wait, President!

Barret: Yo, Cloud! We've gotta do somethin' 'bout him!

Tifa: Help, Cloud!

Tifa: THIS is from SOLDIER?

Cloud: No way! It's just a machine.

Barret: I don't care what it is!! I'm gonna bust him up!

(Upon defeating Air Buster.)
Barret: It's gonna blow! Let's go, Tifa!

Tifa: Barret! Can't you do something?

Barret: Not a damn thing.

Tifa: Cloud! Please don't die! You can't die! There's still so much I want to tell you!

Cloud: I know, Tifa......

Barret: Hey, you gonna be awright?

  • (Upon selecting "(Be strong)".)
    Cloud: ............ You worry about yourselves! I'm all right, but take care of Tifa!
    Barret: ...Alright. Sorry 'bout all this.
    Cloud: Stop talkin' like this is the end!
  • (Upon selecting "(I don't know if I can hold on...)".)
    Cloud: Shit! Can't hold on much longer. Barret......Hurry!
    Barret: Don't go cryin' like a woman. There ain't nothin' I can do for ya. Ya gotta do it yourself.
    Cloud: Barret...
    Barret: Alright, then, later.

The Woman at the Church[edit | edit source]

(In the Sector 5 Church.)
Grey text: ......You all right? ......Can you hear me?

Cloud: ......Yeah......

Grey text: Back then...... You could get by with just skinned knees......

Cloud: ......What do you mean by 'back then'?

Grey text: What about now? Can you get up?

Cloud: ......What do you mean by 'that time'? ......What about now?

Grey text: ......Don't worry about me. You just worry about yourself now.

Cloud: ......I'll give it a try.

Flower girl: Oh! It moved!

Grey text: ......How about that?

Flower girl: Whew...... Am I glad.

Grey text: Take it slow now. Little by little......

Flower girl: Hello, hello?

Cloud: ......I know.

Cloud: Hey...who are you?

Flower girl: Hello, hello!

Flower girl: You okay? This is a church in the Sector 5 slums. It suddenly fell on top of me. It really gave me a scare.

Cloud: ......I came crashing down?

Flower girl: The roof and the flower bed must have broken your fall. You're lucky.

Cloud: Flower bed......is this yours?

Cloud: Sorry about that.

Flower girl: That's all right. The flowers here are quite resilient because this is a sacred place. They say you can't grow grass and flowers in Midgar. But for some reason, the flowers have no trouble blooming here. I love it here.

(Upon talking to the flower girl.)

Flower girl: ......So, we meet again. ......Don't you remember me?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, I remember you......".)
    Cloud: Yeah, I remember...
    • (Upon selecting "You were selling flowers".)
      Flower girl: Oh! I'm so happy!
      • (If the player purchased her flower.)
        Flower girl: Thanks for buying my flowers.
      • (If the player did not purchase one.)
        Flower girl: You didn't buy any flowers from me though. Well, that's okay.
    • (Upon selecting "You're the slum drunk".)
      Flower girl: Excuse me, but that's really rude!
      • (If the player purchased her flower.)
        Flower girl: But I'll forgive you, because you bought flowers from me.
      • (If the player did not purchase one.)
        Flower girl: I don't remember a thing. Well, that's okay.
  • (Upon selecting "Never saw you before".)
    Flower girl: ......I guess you don't remember. You were walking in a daze.
    • (If the player purchased her flower.)
      Flower girl: But I'll forgive you, because you bought flowers from me.
    • (If the player did not purchase one.)
      Flower girl: Well, that's okay.

Flower girl: Say, do you have any materia?

Cloud: Yes, some. Nowadays you can find materia anywhere.

Flower girl: But mine is special. It's good for absolutely nothing.

Cloud: ......good for nothing? You probably just don't know how to use it.

Flower girl: No, I do...... it just doesn't do anything. I feel safe just having it. It was my mother's...... Say, I feel like talking. Do you feel up to it? After all, here we are meeting again, right?

  • (Upon selecting "I don't mind".)
    Flower girl: Wait here. I've got to check my flowers. It'll just be a minute.
  • (Upon selecting "Got nothing to talk about".)
    Flower girl: ......oh, I see. Ahhh. I wonder whose fault that is. It takes a lot to grow them, you know. Poor flowers.

(Upon talking to the flower girl again.)
Flower girl: Just a little longer. Oh! Now that you mention it...... We don't know each other's names, do we? My name is......

(Upon selecting the name "Aeris".)

Aeris: I'm Aeris, the flower girl. Nice to meet you.

Cloud: The name's Cloud. Me......? I do a little bit of everything.

Aeris: Oh...... a jack of all trades.

Cloud: Yeah, I do whatever's needed.

Cloud: What's so funny? What are you laughing at?

Aeris: Sorry......I just

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: Sorry, bad timing on my part.

(Upon approaching Reno.)
Aeris: Cloud! Don't let it get to you!

(Upon talking to Reno.)
Reno: Don't worry about me.

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: Say, Cloud. Have you ever been a bodyguard?

Aeris: You DO do everything, right?

Cloud: ......Yeah, that's right.

Aeris: Then, get me out of here. Take me home.

Cloud: OK, I'll do it... but it'll cost you.

Aeris: Well then, let's see......

Aeris: How about if I go out with you once?

(Upon screen change as Reno approaches.)
Cloud: I don't know who you are, but......

Cloud: You don't know me......?

On-screen: ......I know you.

Cloud: Oh yeah......I know you.

Cloud: that uniform......

Soldier: ...... Hey sis, this one's a little weird.

Cloud: Shut up! You Shinra spy!

Soldier: Reno! Want him taken out?

Reno: I haven't decided yet.

Aeris: Don't fight here! You'll ruin the flowers!

Aeris: The exit is back there.

(Upon screen change.)
Reno: They were......Mako eyes.

Reno: Yeah, all right. Back to work, back to work.

Reno: Oh!

Reno: And don't step on the flowers......


  • Hey Reno, you just stepped on them!
  • They're all ruined!
  • You're gonna catch holy hell!

(Upon running up the ladder on the upper floor.)
Reno: There they are, over there!

Aeris: Cloud...that one!

Cloud: I know. Looks like they aren't going to let us go.

Aeris: What should we do?

Cloud: Well we can't let them catch us, can we? Then, there's only one thing left.

Cloud: Aeris! This way!

Cloud: All right. I'll hold them off.

Aeris: Right. Make sure they don't get through!

Reno: The Ancient is getting away! Attack! Attack! Attack!

Aeris: Eaygh!!

Cloud: Aeris!

Reno: Think we killed 'em? They shouldn't have put up a fight, I say!

Aeris: Cloud, help!

Cloud: Damn! What's that......?

Cloud: Aeris!

  • (Upon selecting "Fight 'em!" or "RUN!".)
    Aeris: A, all right.
  • (Upon selecting "Hold on a minute!", gives the player control of Cloud.)
    • (Upon interacting with a barrel.)
      Cloud: Here's a barrel. If I can just push it over......
      On-screen: Push the barrel?
      • (Upon selecting "Yes" if the barrel lands on a soldier.)
        Soldier: Guuagh!
        Aeris: Thanks, Cloud.
      • (Upon selecting "Yes" if the barrel does not land on a soldier.)
        Aeris: Oh, Cloud what are you doing!?
      • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(At the start of the second wave when a guard attacks Aeris if the player did not tell Aeris to run.)
Aeris: Eaygh!!

Cloud: Aeris!
(The same options appear as the previous wave; if a barrel lands on a soldier, they will instead say "Urkkk!".)

(At the start of the second wave if the player told Aeris to run.)
Soldier: The Ancient! We got her!

(After defeating the battle that follows as Aeris.)
Aeris: Whew, that surprised me.

(At the start of the third wave.) Aeris: Cloud, help!

Cloud: Aeris!
(The same options appear as the previous wave; if a barrel lands on a soldier, they will instead say "Nwahh!".)

(After Aeris reaches the beams at the top of the church.)
Cloud: Aeris, this way.

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: Cloud, hurry.

Aeris: We'll get outside through the hole in the roof.

Aeris: Jump off that beam, and we should be able to make it through to the roof.

(Upon reaching the roof of the church after exiting across the diagonal beam.)
Aeris: Ha, ha...... They're looking for me again.

Cloud: You mean it's not the first time they've been after you?

Aeris: ...no.

Cloud: They're the Turks.

Aeris: Hmmm......

Cloud: The Turks are an organization in Shinra. They scout for possible candidates for SOLDIER.

Aeris: This violently? I thought they were kidnapping someone.

Cloud: They're also involved in a lot of dirty stuff on the side. Spying, murder...you know.

Aeris: They look like it.

Cloud: But, why're they after you? There must be a reason, right?

Aeris: No, not really. I think they believe I have what it takes to be in SOLDIER!

Cloud: Maybe you do. You want to join?

Aeris: I don't know... But I don't want to get caught by THOSE people!

Cloud: Then, let's go!

(Upon leaving the church.)
Aeris: Wait... Wait, I said!

Aeris: Puff... wheeze...Slow......down... Don't leave me......

Cloud: Funny... I thought you were cut out to be in SOLDIER?

Aeris: Oh! You're terrible!

Aeris: Hey......Cloud. Were you...ever in SOLDIER?

Cloud: ......

Cloud: ...I used to be. How did you guess?

Aeris: ...Your eyes. They have a strange glow...

Cloud: That's the sign of those who have been infused with Mako... A mark of SOLDIER. But, how did you know about that?

Aeris: ......Oh, nothing.

Cloud: Nothing...?

Aeris: Right, nothing!

Aeris: Come on, let's go! Bodyguard!

(Upon dropping down from the rooftops.)
Aeris: Whew! Finally made it off! Now what...

Aeris: My house is over here. Hurry before he comes.

(Upon entering Aeris's house.)
Aeris: I'm home, mom.

Aeris: This is Cloud. My bodyguard.

Elmyra: Bodyguard......? You mean you were followed again!?

Elmyra: Are you all right!? You're not hurt, are you!?

Aeris: I'm all right. I had Cloud with me.

Elmyra: Thank you, Cloud.

Aeris: So what are you going to do now?

Cloud: ...Is Sector 7 far from here? I want to go to Tifa's bar.

Aeris: Is Tifa......a girl?

Cloud: Yeah.

Aeris: A girl...friend?

Cloud: Girlfriend?

  • (Upon selecting "No way!".)
    Aeris: Hee hee hee...... You don't have to get THAT upset...
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, that's right".)
    Aeris: Oh, how nice.

(Regardless of the previous choice.)
Aeris: Well, that's...nice. Let's see, Sector 7? I'll show you the way.

Cloud: You gotta be kidding. Why do you want to put yourself in danger again?

Aeris: I'm used to it.

Cloud: Used to it!?

Cloud: ......Well, don't know... getting help from a girl...

Aeris: A girl!! What do you mean by that!?

Aeris: You expect me to just sit by and listen, after hearing you say something like that!?

Aeris: Mom! I'm taking Cloud to Sector 7. I'll be back in a while.

Elmyra: But dear...I give up. You never listen once you've made up your mind. But if you must go,why don't you go tomorrow? It's getting late now.

Aeris: Yeah, you're right, mom.

Elmyra: Aeris, please go and make the bed.

(Upon talking to Elmyra.)
Elmyra: That glow in your eyes... you're from SOLDIER, right?

Cloud: Yeah. Rather I used to be...

Elmyra: ...... I don't know how to say this, but...Would you please leave here, tonight? Without telling Aeris.

(Upon talking to Elmyra again.)
Elmyra: SOLDIER...the last thing Aeris needs is to get her feelings hurt again...

(Upon entering the second floor of Aeris's house.)
Aeris: You need to go through Sector 6 to get to Sector 7. Sector 6 is a little dangerous so you'd better get some rest tonight.

Aeris: Cloud... Good night.

Cloud: Oh, man...

(During a flashback.)
Grey text: ...seem pretty tired......

Cloud (in flashback): .........!?

Grey text: I haven't slept in a bed like this ...in a long time.

Cloud (in flashback): ...Oh, yeah.

Grey text: Ever since that time.

Cloud's mother: My, how you've grown. I'll bet the girls never leave you alone.

Cloud (in flashback): ...Not really.

Cloud's mother: ...I'm worried about you. There are a lot of temptations in the city... I'd feel a lot better if you just settled down and had a nice girlfriend.

Cloud (in flashback): ...I'm all right.

Cloud's mother: You should have... an older girlfriend, one that'll take care of you. I think that would be the perfect type for you.

Cloud (in flashback): ......I'm not interested.

(After the flashback ends.)
Cloud: ...I must've fallen asleep.

Cloud: Sector 7's past Sector 6... I should be all right by myself...

(Upon approaching Aeris's door or running.)
Aeris: Cloud! I thought the Turks came back! Get some rest!

Cloud: Can't get caught this time...

(Upon successfully walking downstairs.)
Cloud: Through Sector 6 to get to Sector 7. I should be able to do it alone...

(Upon reaching Aeris in the streets outside the slums.)
Aeris: You're up bright and early.

Cloud: How could I ask you to go along when I knew it would be dangerous?

Aeris: Are you done?

Aeris: You have to go through the slum in Sector 6 to get to Tifa's 7th Heaven. I'll take you there. Come on!

(Upon reaching the Sector 6 playground outside Wall Market.)
Aeris: The gate to Sector 7's in there.

Cloud: Thanks. I guess this is goodbye. You gonna be all right going home?

Aeris: Oh no! 'What ever will I do!?' ...isn't that what you want me to say?

  • (Upon selecting "See her home".)
    Aeris: Isn't that a little out of the way?
    Cloud: Yeah, I guess so.
  • (Upon selecting "Take her to Sector 7".)
    Aeris: I could do that. But won't I be in your way?
    Cloud: What do you mean in the way?
    Aeris: Nothing!

Aeris: Can we take a break?

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: I can't believe it's still here.

Aeris: Cloud, over here!

Aeris: What rank were you?

Cloud: Rank?

Aeris: You know, in SOLDIER.

Cloud: Oh, I was... First Class.

Aeris: Just the same as him.

Cloud: The same as who?

Aeris: My first boyfriend.

Cloud: You were...serious?

Aeris: No. But I liked him for a while.

Cloud: I probably knew him. What was his name?

Aeris: It doesn't really matter.

Cloud: Huh? Hey, back there......

Cloud: Tifa!?

Aeris: That girl in the cart was Tifa? Where was she going? She looked kind of odd...

Cloud: Wait!

Cloud: I'll go on alone! You go home!

To Corneo Hall[edit | edit source]

(Upon entering Wall Market.)
Aeris: This place is scary in a lot of ways. Especially for a girl. So we've got to find Tifa fast.

(Upon reaching Don Corneo's mansion.)
Aeris: This is Don Corneo's mansion. He's a big shot here in Wall Market. Listen, the Don's not interested in men. So just get the hell outta here.

(Upon talking to man in front of Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Welcome!! Even unpopular dweebs, like you may meet their destiny here!! You looking for a girlfriend too?

(Upon selecting "You know a girl named Tifa?".)
NPC: Hey, you're pretty fast. Tifa's our newest girl. But, unfortunately, she's having an interview right now. Here at the Honey Bee Inn, it's customary for all the new girls to be taken to Don Corneo's mansion. Don Corneo's a famous dilettante. Now he wants to settle down and is in the market for a bride.

(Upon selecting "This place doesn't interest me.")
NPC: Hmm...Seems to like it just fine. Good for you.

(Upon talking to guard in front of Corneo's mansion if this is the first conversation.)
Guard: This is the mansion of Don Corneo, the most powerful man in Wall Market. Look, the Don's not into men. So don't let me catch you around here again...

(Upon talking to guard in front of Corneo's mansion at any time.)
Guard: Hey, and you got another cute one with you!

Aeris: Hey, this look's like the Don's mansion. I'll go take a look. I'll tell Tifa about you.

Cloud: No!! You can't!!

Aeris: Why?

Cloud: You DO know...what kind of... place this is, don't you?

Aeris: Then what am I supposed to do? You want to go in with me?

Cloud: Well being a man, that'll be pretty hard. Besides if I bust in there, it'll cause too much commotion.

Cloud: But, I just can't let you go in alone... Oh, man......

Cloud: First...we need to find out if Tifa's alright...

Cloud: What's so funny, Aeris?

Aeris: Cloud, why don't you dress up like a girl? It's the only way.

Cloud: WHAT!?

Aeris: Just wait. I've got a cute friend I want to bring.

Cloud: Aeris! I can't......

Aeris: You ARE worried about Tifa, aren't you? Then come on, hurry!

(Upon talking to the guard again.)
Guard: A friend, huh...? Sounds pretty good to me. That'll make the Don happy, too. Who knows, maybe I can......heeee, hee hee.

(Upon talking to the store clerk at the Boutique.)
Aeris: Excuse me! I'd like to get a dress.

Clerk: Umm, it might take a little time. Will that be all right?

Aeris: What's the problem?

Clerk: Well, my father, the owner, has been in a slump lately. You see, he makes all the dresses.

Aeris: And, where is your father?

Clerk: He's probably plastered at the bar.

Aeris: So... You're saying we can't get a dress unless we do something about your father?

Clerk: Yes, I'm sorry. He's caused so much trouble. ! You'd help me bring him back?

Aeris: Well, if we don't do something, we don't get a dress, right?

Clerk: Really!? Please help my crazy old dad. I just don't know what to do anymore...

Aeris: All right, we'll do something. Let's go, Cloud!

(Upon talking to the clerk again.)
Clerk: So how did it go?

Cloud: We couldn't find him yet.

(Upon talking to owner at the bar.)
Aeris: Excuse us, are you the father of the girl at the Clothing Store?

Owner: I own the Clothes Shop... but I ain't your father.

Aeris: I didn't say that......

Cloud: Make me some clothes.

Owner: I don't make men's clothes. And I don't feel like makin' anything right now.

Aeris: Cloud, you wait over there for a second. I'll try and (Upon talking to him.

Owner: Why don't you go over there and have something to drink.

Aeris: You know, Mister. He always said that just once, he'd like to dress up like a girl. So, that's why I wanted a cute dress for him...

Owner: What!? A tough lookin guy like that?

Aeris: So, how 'bout it? Will you make him one?

Owner: ...might be interesting. I was gettin' a little bored just makin' regular clothes.

Aeris: Then you'll do it for us?

Owner: Yeah, all right. What kind of dress you want?

Aeris: Something...

(Options include "That feels clean" or "That feels soft". The next line occurs regardless of the option selected.)
Aeris: And something...

(Options include "shiny" and "that shimmers". The next line occurs regardless of the option selected.)
Owner: Hmm, got it. Y'know I got a friend that has the same taste as him. I'll go (Upon talking to him.

(Upon talking to the owner again.)
Owner: Hey, hold on. Wait till I get an image in my head. Gulp...ummm, that's good.

(Upon talking to the clerk at the Boutique.)
Clerk: Looks like everything went well. He's been making the dress ever since he came back.

(Upon talking to the owner at the counter.)
Owner: Oh, you're here. It's ready. Go try it on.

(If the player selected something "That feels clean".)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Cotton Dress"!

(If the player selected something "That feels soft" and is "shiny".)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Satin Dress"!

(If the player selected something "That feels soft" and "that shimmers".)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Silk Dress"!

Cloud: How......do you put this on?

Cloud: Whoa! What are you doing!

Aeris: It's still not right. A wig! That's what you need!

Owner: Umm, I thought you might, so I talked to my friend about getting one. You know the gym? You'll find a lot of people there like you. Go and (Upon talking to them.

Cloud: ...'like you'? Aeris, what did you tell him?

Aeris: Does it matter? Anyhow, we got a pretty dress!

(Upon talking to the clerk again.)
Clerk: So? Were you able to get the wig?

(Upon talking to the owner again.)
Owner: So, how was it? Were you able to see him?

(Upon talking to the man in the Men's Hall with the cyan shirt.)
NPC 1: You the one...... Who wants to be cute?

Cloud: Cute?

Aeris: Right. And about the wig...

NPC 1: Yeah, I heard. But it'll cost ya.

NPC 2: Urrrrgh!!! Big Bro!! The only way you're gonna get cuter is if you can beat Big Bro!!

NPCs: That's right! So, you've got to compete with us!

NPC 2: You're right. Let's do squats.

NPC 3: All right! We'll beat you out of this gym!

Cloud: Are you...?

Aeris: THE beautiful Bro?

NPC 1: What? You didn't know? Always running around here sayin' Big Bro' this, Big Bro' that... Never mind that, come over here. No, I'll explain the rules. From the ready position, push Square Button to squat, push X Button to get up, and push Circle Button to go back to the ready position. So it's Square Button, X Button, Circle Button in that order. Got it?

(Upon selecting "Don't have it".)
NPC 1: Then I'll explain it again.

(The instructions will then repeat.)

(Upon selecting "Got it".)

NPC 1: Whoever has the most squats after 30 seconds gets the wig.

NPC 2: I'm not going to lose. Big Bro's wig is MINE!!

NPC 1: Just be quiet... It's not fair for you to start right away, So, you want some practice?

(Upon selecting "A little".)
NPC 1: Then, start practicing!

(Upon completing the practice, where X is the player's number of squats completed in 30 seconds.)
NPC 1: You had X squats.

(Upon selecting "Don't need to practice".)
NPC 1: Now let's begin the real thing. Start!

(Upon completing the correct number of squats, where X is the player's number and Y is the NPC's number.)
NPC 1: He had Y squats and you had X squats.

(If the NPC has more squats than the player.)
NPC 1: Sorry You lose. Since the old man from the clothing store asked me, I can't keep it from you, so... Oh, now where did I put it? All right then. Stupid! What kinda place is that to hide it in!? Uuuuhh, Bro's fists of steel cut to the bone! Sorry...you should still be able to use it if you disinfect it first.

(If the NPC and the player have an equal number of squats.)
NPC 1: Good job. Here's a hand-me-down.

NPC 2: Hey, Bro I...I was supposed to get that.

NPC 1: Shut up! You have no room to talk, tying with a beginner like him!!

NPC 2: Uuuuhh, Bro's fists of steel cut to the bone!

(If the player has more squats than the NPC.)
NPC 1: You're really something. Okay, I'm a man of my word, here you are.

NPC 2: Big Bro I'm so mad I'm so so so---mad!

NPC 1: Shut up! Don't cry, just because you lost!

NPC 2: Uuuuhh, Bro's fists of steel cut to the bone!

(Upon talking to the man with the cyan shirt again.)
NPC 1: Take care of it.

(Upon talking to NPCs doing squats.)
NPCs: Big Bro Get a hold of yourself.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia shop.)
NPC: Hey man. Got a minute? I need to talk...man to man.

Cloud: ......

  • (Upon selecting "What is it".)
    NPC: Really! I really appreciate it. ......I'm sorry but, young lady? Would you turn the other way, for a second?
    Aeris: Why......?
    Cloud: ......Aeris.
    Aeris: Gosh!
    NPC: I'm sorry, lady. Now here's the thing. Do you know that vending machine in the Inn? I'm itchin' to know what they're selling in it. I just can't ask a girl to go get it. What? Why don't I buy it myself? Well to tell you the truth, I got in a fight with the guy at the Inn and can't go there anymore. Come on, so how 'bout it?
    Cloud: ......
    • (Upon selecting "I'll go".)
      NPC: Good, thanks. I'll be waitin' here when you're done.
    • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
      NPC: Sorry about that. Just forget it.
    • (After either option.)
      Aeris: Finished?
  • (Upon selecting "Not interested" when first asked to talk.)
    NPC: Sorry about that. Just forget it.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia shop again.)
NPC: Good luck.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia shop after leaving the shop and returning.)
NPC: How was it?

Cloud: Not yet.

NPC: Hmm, I'm countin' on you.

(Upon entering the inn.)
Innkeep: Welcome. It'll be 10 Gil per night.

  • (Upon selecting "Stay".)
    • (If the player has enough at least 50 gil.)
      Cloud: He means this?
      • (Options are "Don't buy it", "Buy the one for 200 Gil", "Buy the one for 100 Gil", and "Buy the one for 50 Gil".)
      • (Upon attempting to buy something without enough money.)
        Cloud: I don't have enough money. I'll get him the other one.
        Innkeeper: Thank you very much. Please come again.
    • (If the player has less than 50 gil.)
      Innkeeper: You don't have enough money.
  • (Upon selecting "Don't stay".)
    Innkeeper: All right then......, please come again.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia shop with the item.)
Cloud: I got it.

NPC: Oh, really!! Hey!

Aeris: Geez.

NPC: And, what was it?

  • (If the player purchased the item for 200 gil.)
    NPC: A protein drink set. That jerk. I'm gonna do so much more business than him, his head'll spin. Thanks, bud. I'm motivated now. Take this, it's not much......
    On-screen: Received Key Item "Diamond Tiara"!
  • (If the player purchased the item for 100 gil.)
    NPC: A Stamina Drink Set. That jerk. I'm gonna do so much more business than him, his head'll spin. Thanks, bud. I'm motivated now. Take this, it's not much......
    On-screen: Received Key Item "Ruby Tiara"!
  • (If the player purchased the item for 50 gil.)

NPC: A Muscle Relaxing Cream Set. That jerk. I'm gonna do so much more business than him, his head'll spin. Thanks, bud. I'm motivated now. Take this, it's not much......
On-screen: Received Key Item "Glass Tiara"!

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia store again.)
NPC: Come by again. I'll still be here doin' business.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia store after leaving the shop and returning.)
NPC: I'm sorry, we're sold out and I've got nothing for you.

(Upon entering the diner.)
NPC: Welcome! Sit wherever you like!

(Upon talking to other diners.)

  • Umf...grunt...smack... Don't sneak up on me like that!
  • I'm gonna get another Pharmacy Coupon today.
  • I always get the Special.
  • It's thanks to the Don that we can eat like this.
  • umf...scarf...glub...

(Upon approaching an empty seat.)
NPC: Have a seat over here.

  • (Upon selecting "Don't sit down", nothing happens.)
  • (Upon selecting "Sit down".)
    NPC: Yes, what will you have?
    Cloud: Hmm...
    • (Upon selecting "Korean B.B.Q. Plate".)
      Cloud: One Korean B.B.Q. Plate.
    • (Upon selecting "Sushi Plate".)
      Cloud: One Sushi Plate.
    • (Upon selecting "Today's Special".)
      Cloud: One Today's Special.
  • (After a selection.)
    NPC: Comin' up! In this store, you pay first. It'll be 70 Gil.
    • (If the player does not have enough gil.)
      NPC: Hey! Cancel that order! Excuse me! You can't come in here and order things without any money. Come again...when you have money.
    • (If the player has enough gil.)
      NPC: Thank you. Just a second. There you go. Enjoy.
      Cloud: ............
      • (Upon selecting "It was all right" if the player has not already received a coupon.)
        NPC: Thank you. Here's an item coupon for the Pharmacy. You can exchange it for one item there. We're out of coupons, so we stopped giving them away. Watch for our NEXT promotion!
        On-screen: Received Key Item "Pharmacy Coupon"!
      • *Upon selecting "It was all right" if the player has already received a coupon.)
        NPC: Thank you very much!
      • (Upon selecting "I've had better dog food", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the man inside the pharmacy.)
NPC: Whoa! Why don't you say something, if you're standing there?

  • (If the player has a coupon.)
    NPC: Oh, you have a coupon. Then please select any one medicine you like.
    • (Upon selecting "Disinfectant".)
      NPC: Here you are.
      On-screen: Received Key Item "Disinfectant"!
    • (Upon selecting "Deodorant".)
      NPC: Here you are.
      On-screen: Received Key Item "Deodorant"!
    • (Upon selecting "Digestive".)
      NPC: Here you are.
      On-screen: Received Key Item "Digestive"!

(Upon talking to the man in the bar outside the bathroom.)
NPC 1: Hey, could you do somethin' for me? Someone's been in there all day and they're not comin' out. I can't hold it anymore!

(Upon attempting to enter the bar's bathroom.)
NPC 2: HEY...someone's IN here... Don't look!

(Upon talking to the NPC inside.)

  • (If the player does not have medicine.)
    NPC 2: Got any medicine on you? I'm too hyper...and......ugh......
  • (If the palyer has medicine.)
    NPC 2: What......urk......
    • (Upon selecting "Don't give her it", nothing happens.)
    • (Upon selecting "Give her medicine".)
      NPC 2: Huh? You'll really give me some? Thanks.
      • (If the player has a Digestive.)
        NPC 2: Phew, I feel better now. This is for your kindness.
        On-screen: Received Key Item "Sexy Cologne"!
      • (If the player has Disinfectant.)
        NPC 2: What is this...? Oh well. It didn't do a thing, but thanks anyways. Here, this is for your kindness.
        On-screen: Received Key Item "Cologne"!
      • (If the player has Deoderant.)
        NPC 2: What is this...? Oh well. It didn't do a thing, but thanks anyways. Here, this is for your kindness.
        On-screen: Received Key Item "Flower Cologne"!

(Upon entering the bathroom again.)
NPC 2: Whoops!

(Upon approaching the Honey Bee Inn without a Member's Card.)
Bouncer: The Honey Bee Inn is a private club. Only members can go in. Shoo, shoo.

(Upon talking to Johnny outside the Honey Bee Inn.)
Johnny: Nope, I just can't make up my mind. Here, you take this. You won't be able to get in without it.

On-screen: Received Key Item "Member's Card"

(Upon talking to Johnny again.)
Johnny: .........

(Upon talking to the bouncer with a Member's Card.)
Bouncer: Hey! Is that a "Member's Card" I see shining in your hot little hand? Please, come in.

Cloud: ...Hmm. That's how you'll fool them.

Aeris: .........Hmmmmmmm. So that's how you fooled them.

Cloud: Let's go!!

(Upon talking to NPC with purple shirt.)
NPC: Mmm! Please, please!

(Upon entering Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Poo, I uh, mean, Sir... Hurry...

(Upon talking to the girl again.)
NPC: Please choose a room. (Gosh, he's so weird... but then again, they all are.)

(Upon checking the top-right room.)
On-screen: The Lover's Room

(Upon checking the bottom-right room.)
On-screen: The Queen's Room

(Upon checking the bottom-left room.)
On-screen: The Group Room

(Upon checking the top-left room.)
On-screen: The &$#% Room

(Upon talking to the girl on the left side in the room at the top if the player has not entered the Group Room or the &$#% Room.)
NPC: Paste, paste, paste... (Oh God...here's another one of those guys. You know, the delicate type. Just ignore him, just ignore him.)

(Upon talking to her again.)
NPC: Fluff, fluff, fluff... (Hmm...! I guess he doesn't realize his position. I feel sorry for him. Just ignore him, just ignore him.)

(Upon talking to her for a third time.)
NPC: Pita, pita, pita... (God, what a pest! All right, get out of here! You dog...) (That's it, I'll name him 'pooch'.)

(Upon talking to her for a fourth time.)
NPC: Mix, mix, mix...... (What should I do... Is he following me? Really? What if he follows me home...?) (Poochy'll do it, I'm sure of it...)

(Upon talking to her for a fifth time.)
NPC: Shake, shake, shake... (You think he's after me? Really? This guy makes me sick... And his eyes are weird too...) (Yeah, don't hurt these guys' feelings. Let's at least say 'hi' to him.)

(Upon talking to her again after the fifth time if Cloud has not introduced himself.)
NPC: Uhh...... Hel...Hello. What a nice day, today.

  • (Upon selecting "Introduce yourself".)
    Cloud: By the way, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Cloud, a jack of all trades.
    NPC: Oh, yeah...? Welcome, Cloud. (Gross! Don't get carried away, remember your name is 'Pooch!')
  • (Upon selecting "Say Goodbye".)
    NPC: BYE!! (Phew - I'm safe now...)

(Upon talking to her after Cloud introduced himself.)
NPC: Take care...Cloud.

(Upon talking to the girl in the middle of the room at the top if the player has not entered the Group Room or the &$#% Room.)
NPC: Eyaaah! Don't!

(Upon talking to her a second time.)
NPC: Eyaaah! Don't watch!!

(Upon talking to the girl on the right side in the room at the top if the player has not entered the Group Room or the &$#% Room.)
NPC: Hmm, hmm, hmm...... Ohhh, I just can't seem to lose weight. Hmm, hmm, hmm... Sir!! You can't come in here. (Yuk......a pervert...)

(Upon talking to her again, if the player has not selected "Not interested".)
NPC: Oh my!! (...You're still here? Oh well, good timing anyway.) Hey, what do you think about me?

  • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
  • (Upon selecting "Whatever...".)
    NPC: Oh my!! Are you embarrassed? (Man!! Why are you so moody...)

(Upon talking to her after previously selecting "Not interested".)
NPC: Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm...... Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm... Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm... Phew...... ...it's so tiring. Oh!! Is something the matter?

  • (Upon selecting "Not yet......".)
    NPC: OH......!!
  • (Upon selecting "......Not really".)
    NPC: Hmph......!! Listen you, not that it matters, but you sure do know how to make people mad.

(Upon checking the Lover's Room or the Queen's Room.)
Cloud: Looks like this room's being used.

(Upon selecting "Take a listen".)
Cloud: ............

(Upon selecting "Take a peek".)
Cloud: ......Wooo...ow!!

On-screen: Use directional buttons to look around

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Lover's Room for the first time.)

  • ...wheez...
  • Phew...
  • What's wrong, Grandpa? You keep sighing.
  • ...wheez...puff... You know, Grandma...
  • You talking about this room?
  • ...whew... I know our son rented this for us and all, but...
  • It's too nice for us. Big round bed, gorgeous tub, I just can't get comfortable.
  • Don't worry about it. It's a high class neighborhood, in the Big City.
  • You keep complainin' and we'll get in trouble.

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Lover's Room for the second time.)

  • ...wheez...
  • Phew...
  • Hey Grandma. What's the name of the company that our son is working for...?
  • Oh, Grandpa. Did you forget again...?
  • ...heave... Lately, it's getting worse...
  • It's Shinra, you know, Shinra, Inc.? It's the biggest company in the city.
  • Yeah, if it's the biggest company, it must be something.
  • Yeah. It IS really something.
  • He's doing well, and he told me that he's been promoted to Department Head.
  • Oh...thanks to our son we're able to live in a room like this.
  • Yeah, I'm really grateful.

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Lover's Room for the third time.)

  • Well, you wanna go to sleep...?
  • All right...
  • Good night.
  • Yeah, good night.

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Lover's Room after already viewing it three times.)

  • ...snore...snore...
  • ...heebeebeebee...snore...

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Queen's Room.)

  • ...... The wind's calm now......
  • It's the curse of the resurrected Satan... Our beloved Queen does not awaken...
  • The time is ripe...
  • A legend has been passed on through generations...
  • Psst...... (Hey, shouldn't we stop him soon?)
  • ...whisper...whisper... (We have a luncheon with President Shinra...)
  • Psst...... (You tell him......)
  • Psst...... (I can't tell him......)
  • Psst...... (Come on!! Oh, well......)
  • A legend has been passed on through generations...
  • ......the sought after Promised Land......
  • Psst...... (I'm so disgusted with the President.)
  • ......One with Blue Eyes...
  • Psst...... (It's like this every time we have a business trip to Midgar.)
  • ......and a Great White Sword on his back......
  • (We come all the way to Midgar, just for this...)
  • ......Will not lead to the Promised Land......
  • Psst... (What're you complaining about. You're just holding the lights. I've gotta wear this heavy armor!)
  • Psst...... (I know, I know... but it's all part of the job.)
  • Psst...... (Oh yeah, did you hear? The President's wife found out about this little hobby of his.)
  • Psst...... (Ha, ha......No way, that's the first I've heard of it.)
  • Psst...... (Oh, looks like he's done. Man, I'm glad!!)
  • Geez!! Mr. President!! I mean, Your Majesty......
  • Ohhh......I'm sorry. Please remove the ancient curse!
  • Go to the room at the top

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Queen's Room after viewing it once.)

  • Psst...... (Oh man, not again!?)
  • Psst... (How many times IS this?)
  • Psst... (I don't even know... whew...the King sure gets into this...)

(Dialogue in the Queen's Room will otherwise repeat.)

(Upon checking the &$#% Room or the Group Room if a room has not been chosen yet.)
Cloud: Looks like it's unoccupied.

  • (Upon selecting "Hold ground".)
    Cloud: ............
  • (Upon selecting "I guess I'll take this one".)
    Cloud: I'll take this room.
    NPC: All right. Now all we have to do is enter the room. You're not going to have a change of heart, are you?
    • (Upon selecting "Don't make me repeat myself".)
      NPC: Oh, don't be angry with me... (Geez...this one's probably the violent type...) All right, please.
    • (Upon selecting "I'm still trying to decide".)
      NPC: There you are. Enjoy yourself (You moody creepo!)

(Upon attempting to enter a different room after choosing one.)
Cloud: I wonder if they'd change it if I asked.

  • (Upon selecting "Hold ground", nothing happens.)
  • (Upon selecting "I want this room".)
    Cloud: I've changed my mind... ......I want to change rooms.
    NPC: Oh, yes sir. (So indecisive...) All right, please.

(Upon entering the &$#% Room.)
Cloud: Hmm......? You......? What are you doing in a place like this?

NPC: That's what I want to ask you. Should you be foolin' around here? You think problems will just go away just thinkin' about them? Oh no! Help! Someone...! Hurry! You can't change anything by just sitting back and looking at it.

Cloud: What are you saying?

NPC: It's started moving.

Cloud: What has?

NPC: Wake up! rub, rub, rub... rub, rub, rub, rub... thump...pound... thump...pound... poik...poik... ...squish.

Cloud: Uh...OW...!!

On-screen: Cloud's HP/MP Restored!

NPC: Wake up!! Wake up!! Phew, I'm so relieved.

Mukki: Bubby!! I heard you collapsed.

Mukki: No, no, no. Don't get so uptight.

(Upon selecting either "Huh...?" or "Ugh...?".)
Mukki: Hmm...? They say youth is so long but so short. Let's give this next one your best shot.

Mukki: Time's up. Bye, bubby.

(Upon talking to Mukki on the way out.)
Mukki: Don't get depressed over a thing like this. It happens to me all the time.

(Upon talking to the girl before she leaves.)
NPC: I'm so sorry... There's a lot of 'adult' things going on... For your inconvenience, Please take this, okay?

On-screen: Received Key Item "Lingerie"!

Cloud: What, this rag? For me!? I just don't get it.

(Upon entering the Group Room.)
NPC: This way, please.

(Upon talking to the girl.)
NPC: Shall we begin? I guess since you chose this room, that would mean you... Hate being lonely?

(Upon selecting "I'm used to being alone".)
Cloud: I'm always alone.

(Upon selecting "Cut the small talk".)
Cloud: I don't want to talk right now.

(The next line appears regardless of the chosen option.)
NPC: All right, all right. (...geez, you're so moody!) Come on, everyone's waiting.

(Upon selecting "Everyone...?" or "What am I doing?".)
NPC: Here they are. All right, everyone.

  • NPCs:
  • One, two!!
  • One, two!!
  • Yeah!!

Mukki: Wassup!! (Smile, smile, smile...)

Cloud: Oh man... What should I do...?

(Upon selecting "I'm outta here.".)
Cloud: I've got no time to mess around with you. Outta my way!

(Upon selecting "This could be dangerous...".)

Cloud: Looks like I'm always going to be facing crises all my life...

Mukki: ...heave...pant... Don't be so embarrassed! Loosen up, bubby! ...heave...pant... Let's wash off all our sweat and dirt together!

NPC: Wassup!!

Mukki: Bubby! You're the intimate type, huh!!

Mukki: ...heave...pant... Wow!! Would ya look at that!

Mukki: Isn't bathing great...? It soothes your heart.

Mukki: How is it, bubby!? Feels good, huh?

  • (Upon selecting ".........".)
    Cloud: I don't feel good. Let me out...
  • (Upon selecting "It hurts".)
    Cloud: Too stuffy in here...

(The next line appears regardless of the chosen option.)
Mukki: You'll get used to it. Try counting to ten.

Cloud: Ten... Nine...

Mukki: Hey bubby, how old are you?

Cloud: Eight... Twenty one...

Mukki: You're less than half my age. I'm so jealous. So how 'bout it...? Do you wanna join my "Young bubby's" group?

  • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
    Cloud: Seven... Six... Maybe in another life.
  • (Upon selecting "............".)
    Cloud: Seven... Six... Not to be rude or anything, but could you go do someone else?

Mukki: Well, if that's how you feel...too bad. We have a trip planned at a cabin out in the country.

Cloud: Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Alright, that's ten. I'm gettin' out.

Mukki: Why don't you stick around and play a bit? Daddy's so lonely...

Mukki: Bubby!! This is important to me. Here's a memento of our time together!

On-screen: Received Key Item "Bikini briefs"!

Mukki: Hope we meet again!

Cloud: This is SOME underwear... I'm supposed to wear this...? Well, if it's to save Tifa... I guess there's no way around.

(Upon talking to the girl on the left of the room at the top after visiting the Group Room or the &$#% Room.)
Cloud: ............

Cloud: If I were to dress up like a woman... Then I've got to really prepare carefully. Seems like I could put makeup on here.

  • (Upon selecting "Have them put makeup on".)
    Cloud: I have a favor to ask of you. Can you put makeup on me too?
    NPC: ...paste, paste, paste...... Oh...my......
  • (Upon selecting "Don't do it", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to one of the girls after getting makeup.)
NPC: ...............oh my......

(Upon talking to the girl in the main room of Honey Bee Inn on the way out.)
NPC: OK, b-y-e!

(Upon speaking to the man in purple after leaving Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Uh, sir!! It's almost closing time... So, please remember any personal belongings.

(Upon approach Aeris after leaving Honey Bee Inn.)
Aeris: Hey!! Cloud!!

(Upon speaking to the man in the grey suit after leaving Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: I bought some pretty flowers from Aeris. 500 gil, a little expensive. Well, at least I got her name.

(Upon talking to the soldier after leaving Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Uuuuuuh! I want flowers too! But, I get so nervous in front of cute girls... It just seems natural to get cautious...

(Upon talking to the store owner after gathering all dress materials.)
Owner: Looks like you're all set. Now try it on, and let's see how it fits.

(Upon talking to the clerk after gathering all dress materials.)
Clerk: Looks like you got it. So try it on for size.

(Upon entering the dressing room with all materials.)
Aeris: Aren't you going to change?

(Upon selecting "Not now, nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Okay...I'm ready")
Owner: Hmm, not bad. This may be a new business for me.

Clerk: Yeah, you're right. Should we try it? Thanks for showing us something new. My father's got his motivation back now, So the dress is on the house.

Aeris: Walk more nicely like...this. Miss Cloud.

Cloud: ...What do you mean 'nicely'?

Aeris: Oh you're so cute, Miss Cloud.

Aeris: Aaah, I want one. Do you have one that'll look good on me too?

Clerk: How's this?

Owner: How about that one?

Clerk: Father, what are you talking about? This one's much better.

Owner: No, what are you saying? This one.

Aeris: ...I want THIS one.

Clerk: Huh?

Owner: Huh?

Aeris: I'm going to go change.

Aeris: ......No peeking!

Aeris: So? How do I look?

Aeris: Oh, you're no fun!

(Upon talking to the store owner after dressing up.)
Owner: Hmm, good. It looks good on you.

(Upon talking to the clerk after dressing up.)
Owner: ...Hmm. It's REALLY somethin'.

(Upon attempting to leave Wall Market while dressed up.)
Cloud: What's wrong, Aeris?

Aeris: ...What is it? Are you going outside like that? I mean, that's okay with me, but...

Cloud: ...Oh, yeah.

Aeris: Get a hold of yourself, Ms. Cloud.

(Upon approaching Honey Bee Inn while dressed up.)
NPC: Yeow!! Hey, Princess!!

(Upon talking to the guy in cyan shirt in the Men's Hall if the player has 11 or fewer dress points.)
NPC: Ummm, not quite there.

(Upon talking to the guy in cyan shirt if the player has between 12-19 dress points.)
NPC: Ehhhh, so so.

(Upon talking to the guy in cyan shirt if the player has between 20 or more dress points.)
NPC: Hmm, pretty good.

(Upon talking to the guard in front of Don Corneo's mansion while dressed up.)
Guard: Damn!! Your friend's hot, too! Come in, come in!! Two ladies coming through!!

(Upon entering Don Corneo's mansion.)
NPC: Hey, ladies. I'll go and let the Don know you're here. Wait here. Don't go wandering around...

Aeris: Now's our chance. Let's find Tifa.

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: I wonder where she is...

(Upon approaching the door on the right.)
On-screen: Closed...

(Upon approaching the door in the middle.)
On-screen: Office of The Don Corneo Keep Out!

(Upon entering the basement of the mansion and approaching Tifa.)
Aeris: ...Tifa?

Aeris: Nice to meet you. I'm Aeris. Cloud's told me a lot about you.

Tifa: ...And you are? Hey you're the one with Cloud in the park...

Aeris: Right, with Cloud.

Tifa: Oh......

Aeris: Don't worry. We just met. It's nothing.

Tifa: What do you mean, 'Don't worry'...about what?

Tifa: No, don't misunderstand. Cloud and I grew up together. Nothing more.

Aeris: Poor Cloud, having to stand here and listen to both of us call him nothing.

Aeris: Right, Cloud?

Tifa: Cloud?

(Upon attempting to leave the room.)
Aeris: Embarrassed? Come on, speak up!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: ????

Tifa: Cloud!?

Tifa: Why are you dressed like that!? And what are you doing here!? Forget that, what happened to you after the fall!? Are you hurt!?

Cloud: Hey, give me a chance to answer.

Cloud: I'm dressed like this...... because there was no other way to get in here.

Cloud: I'm all right. Aeris helped me out.

Tifa: Oh, Aeris did...

Cloud: Tifa, explain. What are you doing in a place like this?

Tifa: Yeah, ummm......

Aeris: Ahem!! I'll just plug my ears.

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: Please, go on with your private conversation.

(Upon attempting to leave the room.)
Aeris: Hey, what's the secret?

(Upon talking to Tifa again.)
Tifa: ...I'm glad you're OK.

Cloud: Thanks. What happened?

Tifa: When we got back from the Number 5 reactor, there was this weird man. So Barret caught him and squeezed some information out of him.

Cloud: That's when the Don's name popped up.

Tifa: Right, Don Corneo. Barret told me to leave the lech alone...

Tifa: But something's been bothering me.

Cloud: I see. So you wanted to get the story straight from Corneo's mouth.

Tifa: So I made it here, but now I'm in a bind.

Tifa: Corneo is looking for a bride. Everyday, he gets three girls, chooses one of them, and then... ...and, well......

Tifa: Anyway, I have to be the girl ...or I'm out for tonight.

Aeris: Sorry...but I overheard...

Aeris: If you know the three girls, there's no problem, right?

Tifa: I guess so, but...

Aeris: We have two here, right?

Cloud: No, Aeris! I can't have you get involved.

Aeris: Oh? So it's all right for Tifa to be in danger?

Cloud: No, I don't want Tifa in...

Tifa: Is it all right?

Aeris: I grew up in the slums... I'm used to danger. Do you trust me?

Tifa: Yes. Thanks, Ms. Aeris.

Aeris: Call me Aeris.

NPC: He---y!! It's time, ladies. The Don is waiting! I told you not to wander around... I tell ya, women nowadays... Hurry up, will ya!

Cloud: I probably don't need to ask but the other girl is...... Me......right?

Tifa: You're right, there was no need...

Aeris: ...to ask.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Ha ha...You know, if you look closely, you're not so bad... I wonder what Barret would say if he could see you now...

(Upon talking to Aeris).
Aeris: They're going to get suspicious if we don't hurry.

(Upon talking to the guard outside Corneo's office.)
NPC: The Don's waiting in his room... Ha ha ha...

(Upon walking behind Corneo's desk.)
Kotch: All right, ladies! Line up in front of the Don!

Don Corneo: Hmmm! Good, splendid!

Don Corneo: Now, let's see... Which girl should I choose? Hmm---hmm---!

Don Corneo: This one?

Don Corneo: Or this one?

Don Corneo: Woo-hoo, I've made up my mind!! My choice for tonight is......

(If the player has 11 dress points or fewer.)
Don Corneo: This little beauty!

Tifa: Fu, fu, fu... Be nice, Don.

(If the player has between 12-18 dress points.)
Don Corneo: This slender little girl!

Aeris: Don, you've got great taste.

(If the player has 20 or more dress points.)
Don Corneo: This healthy-looking girl!

Cloud: Wa, wait a sec! I mean, uh, please wait a moment!

Don Corneo: Woo-hoo! I love chickies who play hard-to-get! Yeowza!

Don Corneo: You can have the other ones!

NPCs: Yes, sir! Thank you sir!

Don Corneo: Well then, shall we go my pretty!?

(If Cloud was not chosen, player goes to lackeys' room.)
Scotch: Hey guys! We've got guests. We'll take REAL good care of you.

Scotch: This is all thanks to the big boss, Don Corneo! Heeey!! Three cheers for Don Corneo!!

Scotch: Heh, heh... Well ladies, are we, uh, all ready?

(Upon talking to Scotch.)
Scotch: ...leer...snicker...

(Upon talking to the guy at the door.)
NPC: Whoa! Slow down, what's the hurry? Why don't you stick around... We'll treat you real nice!

(Upon talking to the guy in the blue shirt.)
NPC: Come on, dance with me, beautiful. They say if two people dance together, their hearts will become one, also...

(Upon talking to the guy with purple hair.)
NPC: Hey...you're in pretty good shape. Lookit your tight little bod...... No, it's more like...muscles...

(Upon talking to the guy in the gray shirt.)
NPC: Oh your eyes. They seem to...glow. I'm all yours, baby!

(Upon talking to the guy in the black shirt..)
NPC: Come on, baby! Woo-hoo! I gots ants in my pants wanna do a dance, gotta take a chance and mebbe find romance!

(Upon talking to Scotch after talking to at least 3 other people.)

Scotch: Hey...what's wrong? You want me to keep you company?

Cloud: No...I'm flattered, but no thanks. Because...

Scotch: Because......?

Cloud: Because...

Cloud: I ain't INTERESTED in a buncha scrubs like you!!

Scotch: Wha...a MAN!???

Scotch: God damn it! You think you can get away with this! Get him! Knock the crap out of him!!

(After completing combat encounter against three Corneo's Lackeys.)
Scotch: Grr! C'mon, what's the matter with you good for nothings!? All right now, COME ON! I'll show you how it's done!!

(Upon trying to go to Don Corneo's office if Tifa was chosen.)
Aeris: No---!! Help!!

(Upon entering the basement of the mansion if Tifa was chosen.)
Aeris: No---!!

Kotch: Ha ha ha... Wait, you...!

Aeris: I'm so sorry!!

Kotch: oh, oh, oh......

Kotch: heh, heh, heh!!

Cloud: Aeris!!

  • (Upon selecting "You all right?".)
    Aeris: I told you. I'm used to danger. To tell you the truth, my heart was pounding!
  • (Upon selecting "We gotta help Tifa!".)
    Aeris: Ye...yes, you're right... ......let's hurry!

(Upon talking to Kotch.)
Kotch: C'mon...just once... I won't tell...I promise! I just wanted to act like I got a a cute girl... Cute!!

(Upon entering the foyer of the mansion if Aeris was chosen.)
Tifa: Cloud!!

Cloud: Tifa!!

  • (Upon selecting "You all right?".)
    Tifa: Of course! If you take me lightly, you're gonna pay for it!!
  • (Upon selecting "We've gotta help Aeris!!".)
    Tifa: Hey, don't you even care about how I am? ......never mind, let's go!

(Upon entering Don Corneo's bedroom.)
Don Corneo: Woo-hoo! Come, come, don't be so shy...

(If Don Corneo chose Tifa.)
Tifa: I know...... But you know, Don Corneo, I'd like you to explain something before we start...

Don Corneo: Hm? Oh, you mean about THAT? Don't worry. I'm single. There, feel better now?

Tifa: No...I'm not asking about that...... Wa...wait a minute! No, not yet!!

Tifa: Cloud!!

(If Don Corneo chose Aeris.)
Aeris: Ye...yes... But Mr. Don. I'd like you to explain something to me first...

Don Corneo: Of course, my dear. I'll take you through it slowly, step by step. So come on!

Aeris: No, that's not what I meant! NO, STOP! Just, just wait a second!!

Don Corneo: Come! Come! Aoooooooh!! I can't wait any longer! Here comes papa!!

Aeris: Cloud!!

(Regardless of who Don Corneo chose between Tifa and Aeris.)
Don Corneo: Wha...what the hell? Who goes there!?

  • (If Don Corneo chose Tifa.)
    Tifa: You still don't get it do you, Don Corneo?
  • (If Don Corneo chose Aeris.)
    Aeris: I'm sorry, Don.

Don Corneo: Get what?

(If Don Corneo chose Cloud. Enters Don Corneo's bedroom without taking Cloud to the lackey's room.)
Don Corneo: Ahh, we're finally alone... All right, pussycat... Come to daddy !!

(Upon attempting to leave the room.)
Don Corneo: Woo-hoo! Don't be shy. We're all alone now...

(Upon talking to Corneo.)
Don Corneo: You're so cute, I never get tired of looking at you. Do you...like me, too?

  • (Upon selecting "Of course!".)
    Don Corneo: You sure do know how to make a guy feel good! Then, wh...what do you want to DO?
    • (Upon selecting "Whatever YOU want, daddy".)
      Don Corneo: Oh man! I can't stand it! All right, then...... Give me a kiss!! A KISS!!
      • (Upon selecting "All right......")
        On-screen: Ju---st a minute!!
        Don Corneo: Wha...what the hell? Who goes there!?
        Tifa: Cloud... Were you really......
        Don Corneo: A man!? What's goin' on?
      • (Upon selecting "Nope, can't do that......".)
        Don Corneo: Why? WHY? WHY?
        Cloud: Because...
        Cloud: Because I'm gonna have to use that mouth of yours to give me some information!!
        Don Corneo: A man!? You tricked me!! Somebody get in here NOW!!
        Tifa: Unfortunately, no one'll be comin' to help.
        Don Corneo: You're the ones from before! Wh...what the hell's going on?
    • (Upon selecting "Don't really care......" when Corneo asks "Then, wh...what do you want to DO?", or selecting "Ummm......" when Corneo asks "Do you...like me, too?".)
      Don Corneo: You don't like me? There...there isn't someone else, is there?
      • (Upon selecting "No, only you", same dialogue plays as if the player answered "Of course!" when Corneo asks "Do you...like me, too?".)
      • (Upon selecting "Yes, his name's Barret...".)
        Don Corneo: No way! Hmm? Barret? That sounds familiar...
        Cloud: You know, he's one of the ones you were trying to find out about. You know,AVALANCHE...?
        Don Corneo: Oh, yeah, yeah. In Sector 7 in the slum...
        Don Corneo: ...and how do YOU know that!?
        Don Corneo: A man!? You tricked me!! Somebody get in here NOW!!
        Tifa: Unfortunately, no one'll be comin' to help.
        Don Corneo: You're the ones from before! Wh...what the hell's going on?

(After Don Corneo says "Get what?" if he chose Aeris or Tifa, or after Corneo says "A man!? What's goin' on?" or "Wh...what the hell's going on?" if he chose Cloud.)
Tifa: Shut up, we're asking the questions now...

Tifa: What did your assistants find out? Talk! If you don't tell us...

Cloud: ...I'll chop them off.

Don Corneo: No! Not that! I'll talk! I'll tell you everything!

Tifa: So...talk.

Don Corneo: ...I made 'em find out where the man with the gun-arm was. But that's what I was ordered to do.

Tifa: By who?

Don Corneo: No--! If I told you that, I'd be killed!

Tifa: Talk! If you don't tell us...

Aeris: ...I'll rip them off.

Don Corneo: Waaaaaaaaaaah--! It was Heidegger of Shinra! Heidegger, the head of Public Safety Maintenance!

Cloud: The head of Public Safety Maintenance!?

Tifa: Did you say the Shinra!? What are they up to!? Talk! If you don't tell us...

Tifa: ...I'll smash them.

Don Corneo: ...You're serious, aren't you... ...ohboy, ohbooy, ohboy. ...I'm not fooling around here either, you know. Shinra's trying to crush a small rebel group called AVALANCHE, and want to infiltrate their hideout. And they're really going to crush them...literally, By breaking the support holding up the plate above them.

Tifa: Break the support!?

Don Corneo: You know what's going to happen? The plate'll go PING and everything's gonna go BAMMM!! I heard their hideout's in the Sector 7 Slums... I'm just glad it's not here in Sector 6.

Tifa: They're going to wipe out the Sector 7 Slums!?

Tifa: Cloud, will you come with me to Sector 7?

Cloud: Of course, Tifa.

(Upon attempting to leave Corneo's bedroom.)
Don Corneo: Just a second!

Cloud: Shut up!

Don Corneo: No wait, it'll only take a second. How do you think scum like me feels when they babble on about the truth?

  • (Upon selecting "They've pretty much given up on life".)
    Don Corneo: Buuzzzzz! Wrong!
  • (Upon selecting "They're sure they'll win".)
    Don Corneo: Woo-hoo! Right!
  • (Upon selecting "They don't know what the hell's going on".)
    Don Corneo: Close, but no cigar!

(After either option is selected and the party falls down trap door, perspective jumps to President Shinra's office.)
President Shinra: How are the preparations going?

Heidegger: Ha, ha, ha!! Smoothly, very smoothly! I assigned the Turks to this.

Reeve: President!! Are we really going to do this? Simply destroy a group with only a few members...

President Shinra: What's the problem, Reeve? You want out?

Reeve: ...No. But, as head of the Urban Development Department, I have been involved in the building and running of Midgar. That's why...

Heidegger: Reeve, you should flush those personal problems in the morning!

Reeve: The Mayor's against this anyway...

Heidegger: Mayor? He just sits in this building all day feeding his face! You still call that a Mayor?

Heidegger: Now if you'll excuse me sir!

President Shinra: You're tired. Why don't you take a couple of days off and go somewhere.

President Shinra: We'll destroy Sector 7 and report that AVALANCHE did it. Then we'll send in the rescue operation care of Shinra, Inc.... Heh, heh, heh...this is perfect.

Prevent the Fall of the Plate[edit | edit source]

(After landing in the sewers below Corneo's office and talking to Aeris or Tifa.)
Cloud: You alright?

(If the player talked to Aeris.)
Aeris: Yeah.

(If the player talked to Tifa.)
Tifa: Man! This is terrible.

(Regardless of who the player talked to.)
Aeris: Well, the worst is over...

Aeris: Maybe not...

(After Aps is defeated.)
Tifa: It's too late...... Marlene...Barret ...the people of the Slums.

Aeris: Don't give up, never give up hope. It's not easy to destroy the pillar, right?

Tifa: .........Yeah......you're right! We still have time.

(Upon approaching manhole and selecting "Let's try and jump down", descend to a lower part of the sewers. Upon selecting "Let's not......", nothing happens.)

(After exiting the manhole to the Train Graveyard.)
Cloud: Aeris. I got you mixed up in all of this...

Aeris: Don't tell me to go home.

Tifa: Let's see...If we can just get past the trains that are lit up, we should be able to get out of here.

(Upon reaching the Sector 7 slums.)
Tifa: We made it! The pillar's standing!

Cloud: Wait! You hear something......above us?

Aeris: ......gun fire?

Cloud: Wedge!! You all right!?

Wedge: .......Cloud...... You remembered......my name. Barret's up top. ...help him...... An' Cloud... Sorry, I wasn't any help.

Cloud: I'm going up!

Cloud: Aeris! You look after Wedge.

Tifa: Aeris, do me a favor. I have a bar called '7th Heaven' in this neighborhood. There's a little girl named Marlene there......

Aeris: Don't worry. I'll put her somewhere safe.

Tifa: It's dangerous here! Everyone get away from the pillar, quickly! Everyone get out of Sector 7!

(Upon attempting to leave the area.)
Tifa: Cloud!! You've gotta go now, or Barret's...

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: Don't worry. You let me handle this.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: Cloud... so you don't care...what happens... to the...Planet?

  • (Upon selecting "Nope, not interested".)
    Biggs: Hmph...you haven't changed. Oh, forget it.
  • (Upon selecting "You're wounded......".)
    Biggs: Thanks, Cloud. ...don't worry 'bout me...... Barret's...fighting up there. Go help him...

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: ...Cloud... I'm glad......I could talk with you...one last time.

  • (Upon selecting "Don't say 'last'......".)
    Jessie: That's...all right... Because...of our actions...many......people died...... this probably......is our punishment...
  • (Upon selecting "Is that so...".)
    Jessie: ...Is...that so......? Ha......cool......as usual... ex-...SOLDIER. ...always...I liked that...in you...

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Tifa! Cloud! You came! Be careful! They're attacking from the helicopter.

Tifa: Better equip ourselves before they attack in full force!

On-screen: Press the (MENU) button to access the Menu. Press the (OK)button when finished.

(After using and closing the menu.)
Tifa: Here they come!

Reno: You're too late. Once I push this button...

Reno: That's all, folks! Mission accomplished.

Tifa: We have to disarm it! Cloud! Barret! Please!

Reno: I can't have you do that. No one get in the way of Reno and the Turks...

(During battle with Turks:Reno.)

(When Turks:Reno casts Pyramid.)
Reno: Try and break it if you can.

(At the end of the battle with Turks:Reno.)
Reno: It's time.

(After the battle with Turks:Reno ends.)

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: DAMN! It's a time bomb!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Cloud! I don't know how to stop this. Try it!

(Upon inspecting the bomb.)
Cloud: ...It's not a normal time bomb.

Tseng: That's right. You'll have a hard time disarming that one. It'll blow the second some stupid jerk touches it.

Tifa: Please, stop it!

Tseng: Ha ha ha...... Only a Shinra Executive can set up or disarm the Emergency Plate Release System.

Barret: Shut yer hole!

Tseng: I wouldn't try that...... You just might make me injure our special guest.

Tifa: Aeris!!

Tseng: Oh, you know each other?

Tseng: How nice you could see each other one last time. You should thank me.

Cloud: What are you gonna do with Aeris!?

Tseng: I haven't decided. Our orders were to find and catch the last remaining Ancient.

Tseng: It's taken us a long time, but now I can finally report this to the President.

Aeris: Tifa, don't worry! She's all right!

Tifa: Aeris!

Aeris: Hurry and get out!

Tseng: Ha, ha, ha... Well, it should be starting right about now. Think you can escape in time?

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Once that Plate starts coming down it'll be too late. We gotta hurry!

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Yo, we can use this wire to get out!

Aeris's Secret[edit | edit source]

(After arriving in Sector 6 following the fall of the plate.)
Barret: Marlene! MARLENE!!

Barret: MAR---LE---NE!!

Barret: Biggs!

Barret: Wedge!!

Barret: Jessie!!

Barret: Goddamn it!!!

Barret: Dammit!


Barret: What the hell's it all for!?

Barret: ARGGHHHH!!!

Cloud: Hey, Barret!

Tifa: Barret!

Barret: ARGGHHHH!!!

Cloud: Hey!

Tifa: Barret, stop... Please stop, Barret.

Barret: URGHHHH!!!

Barret: God damn...

Barret: Marlene...

Tifa: ......... Barret......?

Tifa: Marlene is... I think Marlene is safe.

Barret: ......huh?

Tifa: Right before they took Aeris, she said, "Don't worry, she's all right." She was probably talking about Marlene.

Barret: R, really!?

Tifa: But...

Barret: Biggs...... Wedge... Jessie......

Cloud: All three of them were in the pillar.

Barret: Think I don't know that?

Barret: But...we, all of us fought together.

Barret: I don't wanna think of them as dead!

Tifa: ...and the other people in Sector 7.

Barret: This is all screwed up! They destroyed an entire village just to get to us! They killed so many people...

Tifa: ...are you saying it's our fault? Because AVALANCHE was here? Innocent people lost their lives because of us?

Barret: No, Tifa! That ain't it! Hell no!! It ain't us! It's the damn Shinra! It's never been nobody but the Shinra!

Barret: They're evil and destroyin' our planet just to... build their power and line their own damn pockets with gold! If we don't get rid of them, they're gonna kill this planet!

Barret: Our fight ain't never gonna be over until we get rid of them!!

Tifa: .........I don't know.

Barret: What don't you know!? You don't believe me?

Tifa: It's not that. I'm not sure about...me. My feelings.

Barret: An'what about you?

Cloud: .........

Barret: Yo!

Barret: Where's he think he's goin'?

Tifa: Oh! Aeris!

Barret: Oh yeah, that girl. What's up with her?

Tifa: ...I don't really know... But she's the one I left Marlene with.

Barret: Damn! Marlene!!

Barret: Tifa. There ain't no turnin' back now.

(Upon approaching the pipe downward in the Sector 6 junk yard.)
Barret: Cloud!

Barret: Take me to Marlene!

Tifa: You're going to help Aeris?

Cloud: Yeah... But before that, there's something I want to know.

Tifa: What's that?

Cloud: ...it's about the Ancients.

On-screen: In my veins courses the blood of the Ancients. I am one of the rightful heirs to this planet!

Cloud: Sephiroth...?

Tifa: Are you all right?

Barret: Pull it together, man!

(Upon entering Aeris's house.)
Elmyra: Cloud......wasn't it?

Elmyra: It's about Aeris, isn't it?

Cloud: ...Sorry. The Shinra have her.

Elmyra: I know. They took her from here.

Cloud: They were here?

Elmyra: That's what Aeris wanted...

Cloud: Why is Shinra after Aeris?

Elmyra: Aeris is an Ancient. The sole survivor.

Barret: ...What did you say? But, aren't you her mother?

Elmyra: ...Not her real mother. Oh...it must have been 15 years ago...

Elmyra: ...during the war. My husband was sent to the front. Some far away place called Wutai. One day, I went to the station because I got a letter saying he was coming home on leave.

Elmyra: My husband never came back. I wonder if something happened to him? No, I'm sure his leave was just canceled. I went to the station everyday. Then, one day.........

Elmyra: You used to see this sort of thing a lot during the war. Her last words were, "Please take Aeris somewhere safe." My husband never came back. I had no child. I was probably lonely. So I decided to take her home with me.

Elmyra: Aeris and I became close very quickly.That child loved to talk. She used to talk to me about everything. She told me she escaped from some kind of research laboratory somewhere. And that her mother had already returned to the planet, so she wasn't lonely...and many other things.

Barret: Returned to the planet?

Elmyra: I didn't know what she meant. I asked if she meant a star in the sky, But she said it was this planet... She was a mysterious child in many ways.

Aeris: Mom.

Aeris: Please don't cry.

Elmyra: Aeris just blurted that out all of a sudden. When I asked her if something happened...

Aeris: Someone dear to you has just died. His spirit was coming to see you, but he already returned to the planet.

Elmyra: At that time I didn't believe her.

Elmyra: But...

Elmyra: Several days later... We received a notice saying my husband died...

Elmyra: ...and that's how it was. A lot had happened, but we were happy. Until one day...

Tseng: We want you to return Aeris to us. We've been searching for her for a long time.

Aeris: No! Never!

Tseng: Aeris, you're a very special child. You are of special blood. Your real mother was an 'Ancient'.

Elmyra: Of course I heard it. That she was an 'Ancient'.

Tseng: The Ancients will lead us to a land of supreme happiness. Aeris will be able to bring happiness to all those in the slums. That is why Shinra would like Aeris's cooperation......

Aeris: He's wrong! I'm not an Ancient! I'm not!

Tseng: But Aeris, surely you hear voices sometimes when you're all alone?

Aeris: No, I don't!

Elmyra: But I knew. I knew about her mysterious powers... She tried so hard to hide it, so I acted as though I never noticed.

Cloud: It's amazing how she's avoided the Shinra for all these years...

Elmyra: The Shinra needed her, So I guess they wouldn't harm her.

Tifa: But why now......

Elmyra: She brought a little girl here with her. On the way here, Tseng found them. She probably couldn't get away fast enough. She decided to go to the Shinra in exchange for the little girl's safety.

Cloud: Must be Marlene.

Barret: Marlene!! Aeris was caught because of Marlene!?

Barret: I'm sorry. Marlene's my daughter. I'm ...really...sorry...

Elmyra: You're her father!? How in the world could you ever leave a child alone like that!?

Barret: ...please don't start with that. I think about it all the time. What would happen to Marlene, if I...

Barret: But you gotta understand somethin'... ...I don't got an answer. I wanna be with Marlene... But I gotta fight.

Barret: 'Cause if I don't...the planet's gonna die.

Barret: So I'm gonna keep fightin'!

Barret: But, I'm worried 'bout Marlene. I really just wanna be with her...always.

Barret: See? I'm goin' in circles, now.

Elmyra: ...I think I understand what you're saying... She's upstairs asleep, Why don't you go and see her.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: It's my fault... I was the one who got Aeris involved in this.

Elmyra: Don't say that. Aeris doesn't think that.

(Upon talking to Tifa again.)
Tifa: I feel so depressed.

(Upon talking to Elmyra.)
Elmyra: ...sigh...

(Upon entering Marlene's room upstairs.)
Barret: I'm so glad...... I'm so glad you're all right...

Marlene: Daddy, don't cry. Your whiskers hurt!

(Upon leaving the room.)
Barret: Cloud!

Barret: You gonna go help Aeris, right? She's done so much for me...

Barret: If it's the Shinra you're dealin' with, I can't just sit here! I'm comin', too!

Marlene: Guess what? Guess what? Aeris was asking me lots of questions. Like what kind of person Cloud is. I bet she likes you, Cloud!

(Upon answering either "I don't know" or "Let's hope so", the conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to Marlene if the player answered "I don't know".)
Marlene: Stupid!

(Upon talking to Marlene if the player answered "Let's hope so".)
Marlene: I won't tell Tifa.

(Upon interacting with the bed on the left.)
Cloud: Looks like I could get some rest here...

(Upon selecting "Sleep", Cloud will sleep and HP and MP will be restored. Upon selecting "Don't want to sleep", nothing happens.)

(Upon leaving the house.)
Tifa: You're going after Aeris, right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Tifa: I'm coming with you.

Cloud: We're going right into Shinra Headquarters. ...You gotta be prepared for the worst.

Tifa: I know.

Tifa: Right now, I feel I have to push myself to the limit.

Tifa: If I stayed here...I'll go crazy.

Barret: Sorry, but can you take care of Marlene a bit longer?

Elmyra: Yes, I don't mind.

Barret: This place is dangerous now. You better go somewhere else.

Elmyra: ...You're right. But promise me that you'll come back to her. Don't get yourself killed.

(After leaving the house.)
Tifa: How do we get to the Shinra Building?

Barret: There ain't no train that goes up there anymore...

Tifa: ......

Tifa: Well, let's just go to Wall Market. We might be able to find something there.

(Upon talking to Elmyra after returning to the house.)
Elmyra: I mean it, come back to her. Don't get yourself killed.

(Upon talking to Marlene after returning to the house.)
Marlene: Daddy, Tifa, Cloud! Please bring Aeris back!

(Upon talking to the man on the left counter in the Weapon Store in Wall Market.)
NPC: You goin' up to the plate? You better have a Battery.

Cloud: You're gonna sell me something you just found?

NPC: Hey, you knew? But I repaired it, so it's all right.

Cloud: Why do I need a battery to climb up to the plate?

NPC: You'll find out when you get there. How 'bout 100 Gil for each?

Cloud: ......

  • (Upon selecting "All right, I'll take them".
    • (If the player has enough gil.)
      On-screen: Received "Batteries"!
    • (If the player does not have enough gil.)
      NPC: Hmm, looks like you're a little short, son. Come back again.
  • (Upon selecting "I think you're full of it".)
    NPC: All right then, go see for yourself. You'll be back again.

(Upon approaching Corneo's mansion.)
Kid: Wanna see somethin' awesome? Follow me!

(Upon talking to the kid in front of the wire next to the wall.)
Kid 1: Everyone climbed up this wire. Looks scary......Brrr.

Tifa: Can we climb it?

Kid 1: Yeah. It leads to the Upper World.

Barret: Awright! We'll climb this wire!

Cloud: There's no way we can do this. You know how far it goes up?

Barret: There IS a way! Look! What's that look like?

Cloud: Just a normal wire.

Barret: Oh yeah? Well to me it looks like a golden shiny wire of hope.

Tifa: You're right. This is the only way to save Aeris...

Cloud: Ok, that was a bad analogy, but, Barret, I understand how you feel.

Cloud: Let's go!

(While climbing up.)
Kid 2: Oh man! This is horrible...

Kid 3: Hey, scary, huh? Dad told me that it's the Shinra's doing.

(Upon interacting with battery box for the first time.)
Cloud: ...maybe if I put a battery in... The propeller might work.

(If the player did not obtain batteries from the shopkeeper.)
Cloud: It might work if I put a battery in it.

(If the player did obtain batteries.)
Cloud: I guess I'll just have to believe the shopkeeper.

(Upon interacting with the second and third battery boxes.)
Cloud: Need a battery here, too.

(When in front of the swinging bar.)
Cloud: Looks like the only way is to jump onto that bar. Should make it if I jump before it comes too close. (use OK button to jump)

(Upon failing a jump by jumping too early.)
Cloud: Jumped too soon...

(Upon failing by jumping too late.)
Cloud: Jumped too late...

Storming the Shinra Building[edit | edit source]

(Upon reaching the front of the Shinra Building.)
Barret: Hey, you oughta know this building well.

Cloud: ...Not really, now that I think about it, This's the first time I've ever been to the Headquarters.

Barret: I heard about this place before. Every floor above the 60th is special and not easy to get to even for employees. Must be where they took Aeris. The security's pretty light now. Awright, let's go!!

Tifa: Wait a second! You're not thinking of just going right through the main entrance, are you?

Barret: Well what else does it look like!? I'm gonna kick some Shinra butt and......

Tifa: That's not going to work! We've got to find another way...

Barret: Ain't gonna be no other way! If we keep wastin' time like this, Aeris'll...

Tifa: I know that! But if we get caught here... Hey, Cloud. ...What should we do?

  • (Upon selecting "Let's bust on in!".)
    Barret: That's more like it! C'mon, let's go!!
  • (Upon selecting "Let's sneak in quietly".)
    Tifa: See? Let's be careful and find a different route!

(Upon entering the building through the lobby, regardless of the dialogue option the player chose.)
Receptionist: Excuse me! If you don't have an appointment, you'll just have to...

Barret: Don't need no appointment... This is a 'mergency! Anyone who don't wanna get their face bashed in better git outta the way!! Yaagghh!


  • Who do they think they are?
  • Y, You don't think that's AVALANCHE?
  • Intruders! Seize them!!

(After defeating the following encounter.)
Barret: Let's go to the top!

(Upon interacting with the round elevators.)
Cloud: Nothing. Have to find another way up, I guess...

(Upon using the elevators at the back if the player did not go past the sixth floor of the stairs.)
Tifa: ......What's wrong?

Cloud: I didn't want to start a ruckus till we saved Aeris. I should have known that was impossible though...

Barret: Heh, heh, heh.

Cloud: What is it? You're givin' me the willies.

Barret: So there are times when even you fight for other people. I am impressed.

Cloud: Who cares if you're impressed...?

Barret: Y'know,I ain't so good at sayin' this,but... Sorry...for lotsa things.

(When an alarm goes off in the elevator.)
Barret: Wh, what the!?

Tifa: Look!

Barret: DA-MN...!

Barret: I don't care where, Cloud! Just stop it!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: What's going on!?

(Upon meeting a Shinra employee after pushing the button to stop the elevator on floors 29, 38, 47, or 56.)
NPC: Oh man!!

(If this is the first time meeting the Shinra employee on this floor.)
NPC: No, uh, that's all right. My mistake. I'm, uh, not getting on.

(After already meeting the Shinra employee on this floor.)
NPC: You, you're still driving...? Uh, I'll pass again.

(As the Shinra employee runs away after either previous line.)
NPC: Oh man!!

(When the player enters the side door to climb the stairs of the Shinra Building.)
Barret: Yo... You really gonna take these stairs all the way up?

Tifa: Well we've got to get to Aeris to help her somehow.

Barret: Talk about out of the way...

Tifa: I don't have time to argue with you! I'm going!

Barret: Y, yo Tifa! Don't go off alone!

(Upon leaving the stairs.)
Tifa: Wait a minute, Cloud!

(Upon reaching the sixth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: Don't know... Why...the hell... We gotta...climb...

Cloud: ...because we don't want to start a commotion until we've saved Aeris.

Cloud: I doubt that's possible though...

Barret: ...heh heh heh.

Cloud: Knock it off. You're giving me the creeps.

(Upon reaching the thirteenth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: So even you will fight for someone else. I had you figured wrong I guess.

Cloud: Who cares what you figured!

Barret: I'm just sayin' mebbe I was wrong...

Tifa: heh heh heh......

Cloud: What's that supposed to mean, Tifa?

(Upon reaching the twentieth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: ...how much farther do these stairs go on?

Tifa: Why don't you ask them?

Barret: It's not one of them endless stairways or somethin', d'ya think?

Tifa: Of course not!!

Barret: Right...couldn't be that...

(Upon reaching the twenty-seventh floor of the stairs.)
Barret: Are we there yet?

Tifa: Not yet.

Barret: ...there yet?

Tifa: I said not yet!

Barret: Yo...

Tifa: Look, don't even ask! We're way way way way far away from being there, ok!?

(Upon reaching the thirty-fourth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: Damn, man! I've had it! I'm going back!

Tifa: And take just as long going down as you did coming up?

Barret: ............

(Upon reaching the fortieth floor of the stairs.)
Tifa: C'mon, Barret. Pull it together!

Barret: Yeah, well all I know is I'm just flesh 'n' blood... 'cept for this arm of mine. Don't treat me like I'm some ex-member of SOLDIER or somethin'......

Tifa: What about me!? I'm human too! Oh, do what you want, I'm going on!

Tifa: ......?

Tifa: Yaah! Barret! You go first!

Barret: What're ya ignorant? I didn't mean that...

Tifa: All right, all right!

Tifa: Cloud, you go on ahead too!!

(Upon reaching the forty-first floor of the stairs.)
Barret: Yo... What floor is this?

Tifa: ...I gave up counting.

Barret: Why they gotta build these buildings so damn tall?

Barret: That Shinra... They're just no damn good.

Tifa: .........

(Upon reaching the forty-eighth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: huff... Man, I'm beat...

Barret: Marlene, Daddy wanted to see your face one more time...

Tifa: Would you stop acting like a retard and climb!?

Tifa: It's just a bit more!

Tifa: ...maybe.

(Upon reaching the fifty-ninth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: F...finally... M...made it... N...never wanna see... no more stairs the rest of my life...

Tifa: huff...puff... this really takes it out of you... But this is it. We'd better get ready...!

(Upon trying to leave the fifty-ninth floor using the stairs or an elevator.)
Barret: Hey Cloud! You come all this way, you thinkin' of goin' back down to the 1st floor?

(Upon selecting "Yeah".)
Barret: We ain't got no time for that! Stop messin' around, boy!

(Upon selecting "No......".)
Barret: Yeah, that's right! Let's go on then!

(Upon approaching the guards.)
Guard: Destroy the intruders!

(After defeating the Mighty Grunt soldiers.)
Cloud: What's this?

On-screen: Received Key Item "Keycard 60"!

(When interacting with the elevator, it provides the options '1floor', '59"', '60"', '61"', '62"', '63"', '64"', '65"', '66"', or '69"'.)

(Upon attempting to select a greyed out floor.)
On-screen: You don't have a Card Key

(Upon talking to Tifa while using the elevator.)
Tifa: I hope Aeris is all right.

(Upon talking to Barret while using the elevator.)
Barret: This is the real thing. Don't let your guard down.

(Upon talking to the guards on floor 60.)
Guard: What're you doing here!? No unauthorized people are allowed here!! People like you don't belong here! Go on, get out!

(Upon entering the top-left room.) Barret: Lookit that, all them guards is runnin' around. Cloud, you go on ahead and signal us when it's safe to come.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: When those guards turn around, MOVE!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Stay in the shadows!

(Upon reaching the middle successfully.)
On-screen: Wait for the soldiers to let down their guard, then push the [O] button to signal the others!

(Upon sneaking past successfully.)
Barret: Ok! We gonna rock!

Tifa: Remember, we're here to save Aeris.

Barret: Hell, I know that!

(Upon being caught by the guards.)
Guard: Hey there! What do you think you're doing there!?

(After defeating two Mighty Grunts in the following encounter upon being caught less than four times.)
Barret: What the hell're ya doin'? Come on gotta do it again!

(After defeating two Mighty Grunts upon being caught a fourth time.)
Barret: I shoulda known it'd turn out like this... If I'd known it'd be like this in the first place...

Tifa: Shhh! Now let's move on.

(Upon talking to an employee in the grey suit near elevators on floor 61, before getting Keycard 62.)
NPC: The hell are you? What're you doin' around here?

(Upon selecting "Where's Aeris?".)
NPC: Aeris? How did you know that name? You must be...!? Aeris, you mean that kid. The receptionist. Yeah, I was startin' to worry 'bout her myself. And so another rival appears on the scene, eh? You mean, she's not? It's someone else?

(Upon selecting "......".)
NPC: Oh, I see. So you must be that whatcha call it... Shinra, Inc. Repair Division!! You know, it looks like this building is starting to fall apart. This door was just pushed open. You ought to fix this right away. Oh yeah, and take a look on the other floors too. I'll give you this.

On-screen: Received Key Item "Keycard 62"!

(Upon talking to the employee after getting the keycard.)
NPC: This door is stuck wide open. Better fix this right away.

(Upon talking to Hart outside the mayor's office on floor 62.)
Hart: How do you do? This is the Midgar Mayor's Office. Mayor Domino is in his office. I am the Deputy Mayor. If you should have any questions feel free to ask me...

(Upon talking to Mayor Domino in his office.)
Domino: Hmm? Oh, and who might you be? You all must be those...ahem... Me? I'm Domino, the Mayor of Midgar. Actually, I'm Mayor in name only. The city and everything in it is really run by Shinra, Inc. My only real job is watching over Shinra's documents... Me! The Mayor! A librarian! Ohh...... You want to get upstairs? I tell you what, if you can guess the password, I'll give you my keycard. Yes, that's it. Guess the password and I'll give you my keycard! Get it on the first try and I'll even throw in a special item!

(Upon talking to Hart after speaking to Domino.)
Hart: Did you speak with the Mayor? What? A password? Oh, I get it... He's got way too much time on his hands. But you can't really blame him, Everything in Midgar is controlled by President Shinra. Maybe I can help you.

(If Hart has not given a hint yet.)
Hart: What do you want to know?

(If Hart has given one or two hints.)
Hart: What can I do for you?

(Upon selecting "HELP", "Give me the hint again", or "Give me the next hint".)
Hart: Sure, sure. All right. As a public servant, it's my job to serve the needs of the people. So here's a hint...

  • (If Hart has not given a hint yet.)
    Hart: ...for 500 gil.
  • (If Hart has given one hint.)
    Hart: ...for 1000 gil.
  • (If Hart has given two hints.)
    Hart: ...for 2000 gil.
  • (Upon selecting "Give him the money" if the player does not have enough gil.)
    Hart: Hey now! You're a bit short. I'm sure even item stores in the slums don't give credit nowadays.
  • (Upon selecting "Give him the money" if the player has enough gil.)
    Hart: Oh, my...well, Thank you very much.
    • (If this is Hart's first hint.)
      Hart: Now listen. On this floor are four research libraries for four different sections of Shinra, Inc.... Parts of the password are hidden in each of the libraries. Pay careful attention to the files in each room. The name of each library is written on the plaque outside the door.
    • (If this is Hart's second hint.)
      Hart: Now, in each library will be one file mixed in from another library. Look carefully at the numbers on each file.
    • (If this is Hart's third hint.)
      Hart: There is a number at the beginning of each file name. Of course there's a number even on the files that don't belong in that library. Match the number with the letters in the title of the file. If the file starts with a 4, then check the fourth letter and... well, you get the idea.

(Upon selecting "Forget it", "Uh, nothing", or "Forget it!", depending on the conversation.)
Hart: ...I see. Then, I guess that's that. Good luck finding it on your own. If you still can't find it. I'll just be right over here. Ready to tell you anytime...

Check the libraries. Books listed here are the ones that should be placed in their respective library. Not all will appear at once. (Upon inspecting the top-left library sign.)
On-screen: Shinra, Inc. Peace Preservation/ Weapon Dev. Research Library

(Upon inspecting the top-right library sign.)
On-screen: Shinra, Inc. Space Dev. Research Library

(Upon inspecting the bottom-left library sign.)
On-screen: Shinra, Inc. Urban Dev. Research Library

(Upon inspecting the bottom-right library sign.)
On-screen: Shinra, Inc. Scientific Research Library

(Upon inspecting the monitor in the Shinra, Inc. Peace Preservation/ Weapon Dev. Research Library.)
On-screen: This is the Public Order/Weapon Development Library. Return materials where you found them. Do not mix materials from other libraries.

(Upon inspecting the books inside the Shinra, Inc. Peace Preservation/ Weapon Dev. Research Library.)

  • 1 Breakdown of SOLDIER members by class
  • 2 Plan for new land weapons
  • 3 Special peace keeping law
  • 4 Ranks and extended use of Mako weaponry
  • 7 Economic report: anti-Shinra activities
  • 10 Materia production and its military uses
  • 14 Heidegger's Shinra peace keeping law

(Upon inspecting the monitor in the Shinra, Inc. Space Dev. Research Library.)
On-screen: This is the Space Dev Research Library. Click on the plate in front of each library to see which it is.

(Upon inspecting the books inside the Shinra, Inc. Space Dev. Research Library.)

  • 1 Results of failed space mission "YA-79"
  • 2 Economic report: Space Dev Program
  • 6 Shinra rocket space travel
  • 16 Modern history of Midgar space program vol. 1
  • 17 Modern history of Midgar space program vol. 2

(Upon inspecting the monitor in the Shinra, Inc. Urban Dev. Research Library.)
On-screen: Materials are non-circulating! It is forbidden to remove any materials from this floor.

(Upon inspecting the books inside the Shinra, Inc. Urban Dev. Research Library.)

  • 2 Problems with Plate construction in Midgar
  • 3 An illustrated guide to City Planning
  • 4 Midgar City Map: Sectors 0 - 4
  • 4 Midgar City map: Sectors 0-4
  • 5 Reactor Construction Chart
  • 5 Reactor construction chart
  • 6 Reactor Construction Chart
  • 8 New plans for Urban Planning
  • 9 Midgar City map: Sectors 5-8
  • 10 New plans for urban planning

(Upon inspecting the monitor in the Shinra, Inc. Scientific Research Library.)
On-screen: This is the Scientific Research Library. Materials for the... Urban Dev. Library Peace/Weapon Dev. Library Space Dev. Library are held in their respective libraries...

(Upon inspecting the books inside the Shinra, Inc. Scientific Research Library.)

  • 1 Biological characteristics of the Ancients
  • 2 Mako energy and the rise in life forms
  • 3 File on Dr. Gast, Biologist
  • 4 Report on high Mako levels in living beings
  • 4 The Jenova Project
  • 6 Data on experimental animals living near Midgar
  • 7 Diminishing Mako energy and Planet movements
  • 8 Final evolutionary stages in land dwelling life
  • 14 The Ancients in History
  • 15 Diminishing Mako energy and Planet movements

(Upon talking to Domino again after figuring out password.)
Domino: Got it? Then tell me. So, what's the password?

(Upon selecting "Wait a second", nothing happens.)

(The correct password randomly changes each game. The options are either "BEST", "KING", "BOMB", or "MAKO". "ORBS" and "HOJO" are never the password.)

  • (Upon selecting "BEST" if it is the correct password.)
    Domino: BEST!! God, I love the sound of that! BEST!! I AM the best...ME!! No matter what anyone else says, you'd better believe it.
  • (Upon selecting "KING" if it is the correct password.)
    Domino: KING!! God, I love the sound of that! KING!! President Shinra sucks! I should be King of Midgar!
  • (Upon selecting "BOMB" if it is the correct password.)
    Domino: BOMB!! God, I love the sound of that! BOMB!! I'm so angry, I'm like a walking time bomb waiting to explode!
  • (Upon selecting "MAKO" if it is the correct password.)
    Domino: MAKO!! God, I love the sound of that! MAKO! If I had a lot more of it, I would be a real Mayor!
  • (If the player selected the wrong password.)
    Domino: Nope! You're ALL wrong! It's a much better word than that! Try again!

(If the player selected the right password.)
Domino: ......hmm. Well, ok. Here, take it.

On-screen: Received "Keycard 65"!

(If the player selected the right password first time.)
Domino: I never thought you'd get it on the first try... Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. Oh well, a promise is a promise. Take this, too.

(If the player has the slots for more Materia.)
On-screen: Received "Elemental" Materia!

(If the player does not have enough slots.)
Domino: What...is it full already? Come back again when it's empty.

(If the player selected the right password on the second attempt.)
Domino: Hmm. It appears you're not completely stupid. Fine then, take this.

On-screen: Received "Elixir"!

(If the player selected the right password on the third attempt.)
Domino: I see... I think for you...this would be best. Then, I have this to give the lot of you.

On-screen: Received "Ether"!

(If the player selected the right password on the fourth attempt.)
Domino: Hoo boy! You finally got it...? You all really don't like to use your heads, do you? ......What the hey. Here, just take it anyway.

On-screen: Received "Potion"!

(If the player selected the right password within the first four attempts.)
Domino: Why would I do something like this, you ask? To mess with them, of course! Shinra's been torturing me forever. That's why I was a little rough on you all just now. Now go up there and really make them suffer. This ought to make us even! Heh heh heh......

(Upon talking to Domino after receiving the keycard.)
Domino: But my card will only get you to the 65th floor. Can you believe how they treat me? ...ME! Like some common employee...

(Upon talking to Hart after receiving the keycard.)
Hart: If you run into President Shinra please don't tell him about this. I can't be a partner to anymore trouble for Shinra.

(Upon interacting with the first five boxes on floor 65 when unlocked.)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Midgar Parts"!

(Upon interacting with the last box on floor 65 when unlocked.)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Keycard 66"!

(Upon interacting with the model of Midgar.)
Cloud: A model of Midgar...born from Mako sucked right out of the earth.

(If the model is not complete.)
Cloud: Parts of the model are missing...

(Upon selecting "Place the Midgar parts".)
Cloud: ...Sounds like something opened up...

(Upon selecting "Leave it alone", nothing happens.)

(Upon interacting with the broken piece on the left.)
Cloud: Midgar...born from Mako energy which was sucked right out of the earth. A model of the city... When construction of Sector 6 finishes, Shinra's plan will be complete. That must be why he took Aeris...

(Upon viewing the conference room in the ventilation duct.)
Barret: Geez--! That's a lotta suits!

Reeve: We have the damage estimates for Sector 7. Considering those factories we already set up and all the investments, the damage is estimated at approximately 10 Billion gil...

Reeve: The estimated cost to rebuild Sector 7 is...

President Shinra: We're not rebuilding.

Reeve: What?

President Shinra: We're leaving Sector 7 as it is. And restarting the Neo-Midgar plan.

Reeve: ...then the Ancients?

President Shinra: The Promised Land will soon be ours.

President Shinra: I want you to raise the Mako rates 15% in every area.

Palmer: Rate hike! Rate hike! Tra, la, la! And please include our Space Program in the budget!

President Shinra: Reeve and Scarlet will divide the extra income from the rate increase.

Palmer: Oh man!

Reeve: Sir. If you raise the rates, the people will lose confidence...

President Shinra: It'll be all right. The ignorant citizens won't lose confidence, they'll trust Shinra, Inc. even more.

Heidegger: Ha ha ha! After all, we're the ones who saved Sector 7 from AVALANCHE!

Barret: That dirty #$*$^

President Shinra: Hojo. How's the girl?

Hojo: As a specimen, she is inferior to her mother. I'm still in the process of comparing her to her mother, Ifalna, but for now the difference is 18 %.

President Shinra: How long will the research take?

Hojo: Probably 120 years. It's probably impossible to finish in our lifetime. Or in the lifetime of the specimen too, for that matter.

Hojo: That's why we're thinking of breeding her. Then we could create one that could withstand our research for a long time.

President Shinra: What about the Promised Land? Won't it hinder our plans?

Hojo: That's what I need to plan. The mother is strong... and yet has her weaknesses.

President Shinra: That concludes our meeting.

Scarlet: Something stinks...

Cloud: They were talking about Aeris...right?

Barret: I dunno.

Tifa: Probably.

Cloud: Let's follow 'em.

(After passing the conference room when the camera pans towards Hojo taking the stairs.)
Cloud: Hojo...huh...?

(After climbing the stairs to floor 67 while following Hojo.)
Barret: I remember him.

Barret: That Hojo guy. He's in charge of the Shinra's Science Department. Cloud, don't you know him?

Cloud: This is the first time I've actually ever seen him. So...that's what he looks like...

(Upon talking to the scientist in the office on the left.)
NPC: Let's see... The specimen Hojo asked me for is...

(Upon reaching Hojo's lab area on the left.)
NPC: Is this today's specimen?

Hojo: Yes. We're starting right away. Raise it to the upper level.

Hojo: My precious specimen...

Tifa: Precious specimen...?

Tifa: Is it going to be used for a biological experiment?

Cloud: Jenova...

Cloud: Jenova... Sephiroth's... So...they've brought it here.

Tifa: Cloud, be strong!

Cloud: Did you see it?

Barret: See what?

Cloud: It's moving......still alive?

Barret: Where's its $#&*&@ head? This whole thing's stupid. Let's keep goin'.

(Upon talking to the man in the office.)
NPC: That elevator back there is only to transport Specimens. You can't use it. It would be a lot easier if it led to the 68 Floor Research Lab.

(Upon taking the elevator to the specimen holding area.)
Cloud: Aeris!

Hojo: Aeris? Oh, is that her name? What do you want?

Cloud: We're taking Aeris back.

Hojo: Outsiders......

Barret: Shoulda noticed it earlier, you...

Hojo: There's so many frivolous things in this world.

Hojo: Are you going to kill me? I don't think you should. The equipment here is extremely delicate. Without me, who could operate it? Hmm?

Cloud: Ugh.

Hojo: That's right. I recommend you think things out logically before you make any rash moves.

Hojo: Now, bring in the Specimen!

Aeris: Cloud, help!

Cloud: What do you think you're doin'?

Hojo: Lending a helping hand to an endangered species... Both of them are on the brink of extinction...

Hojo: If I don't help, all these animals will disappear.

Tifa: ...animal? That's terrible! Aeris is a human being!

Barret: You're gonna pay!

Cloud: Barret! Can't you do anything?

Barret: Awright!! Step back!

Hojo: Stop!!

Hojo: Wh...what are you do-- Oh! My precious specimens...

Cloud: Now's our chance to get Aeris!

Aeris: Thanks, Cloud.

Tifa: Cloud...what's wrong?

Cloud: ...The elevator is moving.

Hojo: This is no ordinary specimen. This is a very ferocious specimen!

Unnamed: He's rather strong. I'll help you all out.

Tifa: It talked!?

Unnamed: I'll talk as much as you want later, Miss.

Cloud: We'll take care of that monster. Somebody take Aeris somewhere safe...

(Upon selecting "Tifa, I'm countin' on you!" or "Barret, take care of her!", the chosen character leaves the party.)

Cloud: What's your name?

Red: Hojo has named me, Red XIII. A name with no meaning whatsoever to me. Call me whatever you wish.

(Upon selecting the name "Red XIII".)
Cloud: Come on!

(After defeating Sample:HO512.)
Cloud: Aeris, you all right?

Tifa: She seems all right, ...in many ways.

Red XIII: I have a right to choose, too. I don't like two-legged things.

Barret: What are you?

Red XIII: An informed question. But difficult to answer. I am what you see.

Red XIII: ...You must have many questions, but first, let's get out of here. I'll lead the way.

Aeris: Cloud... so you did come for me.

Red XIII: I apologize for what happened back there. I was merely acting to throw Hojo off guard......

Barret: Now we've saved Aeris, ain't no need to be in this buildin'! So let's get the hell outta here!

Cloud: If all five of us go together, we'll be noticed. Let's break up in two groups.

On-screen: Press the (MENU) button to access the Menu. Press the (CANCEL) button for Change Party. Press the (OK) button when finished.

(After forming a party, depending on characters who are not in the party.)

  • Aeris: I'll see you later!! We'll be waiting at the 66th Floor Elevator.
  • Tifa: We'll be going first! Meet at the 66th Floor Elevator.
  • Barret: Later! Meet up at the 66th Floor Elevator!
  • Red XIII: Don't be late. Do you know where the Elevator is? The 66th Floor!

(Upon talking to the scientist in the room.)
NPC: No! Please don't kill me. I only did what Hojo told me to do. To prove it to you...here, this is the key card to the 68th Floor. Would I be doing this if I was the enemy?

On-screen: Received Key Item "Keycard 68"!

(Upon attempting to walk up to floor 69, depending on the first character of the below order that is present in the party.)

  • Barret: Where you goin'? Everyone's waitin' at the 66th Floor Elevator.
  • Tifa: Where are you going? Everyone's waiting for us at the 66th Floor Elevator.
  • Aeris: Not that way! Everyone's on the 66th Floor Elevator.

(Upon reaching the elevator.)
Cloud: H, hey! What is it?

Rude: Would you press 'Up' please?

Cloud: Turks? Must be a trap...

Tseng: It must have been a real thrill for you... Did you enjoy it?

Cloud: Ggh...

(In President Shinra's office.)
Cloud: You all got caught, too?

Cloud: Where is Aeris!?

President Shinra: In a safe place.

President Shinra: She's the last surviving Ancient...

President Shinra: Don't you know? They called themselves the Cetra, and lived thousands of years ago. Now they are just a forgotten page in history.

Red XIII: Cetra...That girl, is she a survivor of the Cetra?

President Shinra: Cetra, or the Ancients will show us the way to the 'Promised Land.' I'm expecting a lot out of her.

Red XIII: The Promised Land? Isn't that just a legend?

President Shinra: Even so, it's just too appealing to not to pursue. It's been said the Promised Land is very fertile. ...If the land is fertile...

Barret: Then there's gotta be Mako!

President Shinra: Exactly. That is why our money sucking Mako Reactor is necessary. The abundant Mako will just come out on its own.

President Shinra: That is where Neo-Midgar will be built. Shinra's new glory...

Barret: @$#*^%! Quit dreamin'!

President Shinra: Oh really, don't you know? These days all it takes for your dreams to come true is money and power.

President Shinra: Well, that is all for our meeting.

Rude: Come on! Outta his way!

Barret: Hold it! I got a lot I wanna say to you!

President Shinra: If you need something else... talk to my secretary.

The Nightmare Beginning Anew[edit | edit source]

(Upon talking to Tifa inside the jail cell at any time.)
Tifa: Psst (Can we get out?)

(Upon selecting "(Leave it to me)".)
Tifa: Psst (Cloud, you're so brave!)

(Upon selecting "(Kinda hard)".)
Tifa: Psst (Don't give up!)

(Upon approaching the door and selecting "I wonder how Barret is doing".)
Barret: Hey!

Barret: Aeris is an Ancient and the real name of the Ancients is Cetra. The Ancients know where the Promised Land is and the Shinra is searching for that Promised Land.

Barret: I only heard stories 'bout the Promised Land. I don't know if it really exists.

Barret: Is that right?

Barret: The Shinra believe that the Promised Land is full of Mako energy.

Barret: Which means, if the Shinra get there, they'll suck up all the Mako energy.

Barret: ...and the land'll wither away. The Planet's gonna get weaker.

Barret: I can't just leave 'em be. I'm recruitin'new members!! Me, Tifa, Cloud... and Aeris too.

Barret: How 'bout you?

Barret: You're so damn boring.

(Upon approaching the door and selecting "I wonder how Red XIII is doing".)
Red XIII: ............Grandpa.

Barret: Grandpa!? Ha, ha, ha...... Grandpa, hmm......ha, ha, ha......

Red XIII: What's so funny?

Barret: Nothin'......ha, ha

(Upon approaching the door and selecting "I wonder how Aeris is doing".)
Aeris: Cloud, are you there?

Cloud: Aeris!? You safe?

Aeris: Yeah, I'm all right.

Aeris: I knew that Cloud would come for me.

Cloud: Hey, I'm your bodyguard, right?

Aeris: The deal was for one date, right?

Tifa: ............oh, I get it.

Aeris: ...!? Tifa! Tifa, you're there too!

Tifa: EXCUSE me.

Tifa: You know, Aeris. I have a question.

Aeris: What?

Tifa: Does the Promised Land really exist?

Aeris: ...I don't know.

Aeris: All I know is... The Cetra were born from the Planet, speak with the Planet, and unlock the Planet. And......then... The Cetra will return to the Promised Land. A land that promises supreme happiness.

Tifa: ...What does that mean?

Aeris: More than words......I don't know.

Cloud: ...Speak with the Planet?

Tifa: Just what does the Planet say?

Aeris: It's full of people and noisy. That's why I can't make out what they are saying.

Cloud: You hear it now?

Aeris: I, I only heard it at the Church in the Slums. Mother said that Midgar was no longer safe. That is...my real mother.

Aeris: Someday I'll get out of Midgar... Speak with the Planet and find my Promised Land. ...That's what mom said. I thought I would stop hearing her voice as I grew up, but...

(Upon selecting "Let's just get some sleep". The option is only available after talking to Aeris.)

(Upon talking to Tifa after sleeping.)
Tifa: ......

(Upon approaching the door.)
Cloud: The door's open... When did it open?

(Upon interacting with the guard outside.)
Cloud: What's happened?

(Upon talking to Tifa after interacting with the guard.)
Cloud: Tifa... Wake up!

Tifa: What's wrong?

Cloud: Something's wrong. Look outside.

(Upon talking to Tifa after she leaves the cell.)
Tifa: I wonder what happened...

Cloud: He should have the key on him...

Cloud: Come on, Tifa, get Aeris. I'll go help Barret and the others.

(Upon talking to Tifa or Aeris in Aeris's cell.)
Tifa: This's kinda eerie...

Aeris: Must've been attacked by...

(Upon talking to Barret or Red XIII.)
Cloud: Barret, Red XIII ...come with me. Something's wrong.

Barret: How'd you get in? Why's the door open!?

(Upon talking to Barret after he leaves the cell.)
Barret: The hell's goin' on!?

Red XIII: No human could've done this.

Red XIII: I'll go on ahead.

Barret: I'll clean up back here, so you guys go ahead. And don't get caught by Shinra!

(Upon talking to Aeris or Tifa after Red XIII goes to investigate.)
Tifa: Come on, let's follow Red XIII!

(Upon interacting with the broken Jenova tank in Hojo's lab.)
Cloud: ...Did it get away? Jenova...?

(Upon talking to Red XIII outside the Jenova tank.)
Red XIII: Jenova Specimen... Looks like it went to the upper floor using that elevator for the specimens.

(Upon talking to Red XIII on floor 68.)
Red XIII: It looks like it leads up...

(Upon approaching President Shinra in his office.)
Barret: He's dead... The leader of Shinra, Inc. is dead...

Tifa: Then this sword must be...!?

Cloud: Sephiroth's!!

Tifa: ...Sephiroth is alive?

Cloud: ...Looks like it. Only Sephiroth can use that sword.

Barret: Who cares who did it!? This is the end of the Shinra now!

???: Uh!

Palmer: P, p, p, please, don't kill me!

Cloud: What happened?

Palmer: Se...Sephiroth. Sephiroth came.

Cloud: Did you see him? Did you see Sephiroth?

Palmer: Yeah, I saw him! I saw him with my own eyes!

Cloud: You really saw him?

Palmer: Uh! Would I lie to you at a time like this!? And I heard his voice too!

Palmer: Um, he was saying something about not letting us have the Promised Land.

Tifa: Then what? Does that mean that the Promised Land really exists and that Sephiroth's here to save it from Shinra?

Barret: So he's a good guy then?

Cloud: Save the Promised Land? A good guy? No way!! It's not that simple! I know him! Sephiroth's mission is different!

Barret: Rufus! &*%$! I forgot about him!

Tifa: Who's that?

Barret: Vice President Rufus. The President's son.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: I heard that he's been assigned somewhere else for a long time...

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: I wonder what kinda person he is...

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: I've heard that no one's ever seen him bleed or cry.

(Upon talking to Red XIII.)
Red XIII: I only know his name.

(Upon going outside to the roof.)
Rufus: So... So Sephiroth was actually here. ...By the way.

Rufus: Who are you guys?

Cloud: I'm Cloud, former SOLDIER First Class!

Barret: I'm from AVALANCHE!

Tifa: Same here!

Aeris: ...a flower girl from the slums.

Red XIII: ...a research specimen.

Rufus: What a crew.

Rufus: Well, I'm Rufus. The President of Shinra, Inc.

Barret: You only President, 'cause yer old man died!

Rufus: That's right. I'll let you hear my new appointment speech.

Rufus: ...Old man tried to control the world with money. It seems to have been working.

Rufus: The population thought that Shinra would protect them.

Rufus: Work at Shinra, get your pay. If a terrorist attacks, the Shinra army will help you. It looks perfect on the outside.

Rufus: But, I do things differently. I'll control the world with fear. It takes too much to do it like my old man.

Rufus: A little fear will control the minds of the common people. There's no reason to waste money on them.

Tifa: He likes to make speeches just like his father.

Cloud: Get outta this building with Aeris!

Barret: What?

Cloud: I'll explain later! Barret! This is the real crisis for the Planet!

Barret: The hell's that supposed to mean?

Cloud: I'll tell you later! Just take my word for it now! I'll go after I take care of him!

Barret: Awright, Cloud!

(After perspective switches to other party members.)
Aeris: Cloud... I just thought of something.

Tifa: ...I'll wait for Cloud! Everyone, get to the elevator!

Aeris: Hmm, it's going to get pretty ugly from here on. We should check on our equipment.

On-screen: Cloud and Tifa's Materia...

(Upon selecting "(Remove)", Cloud and Tifa's Materia are removed from their inventories. Upon selecting "(Leave it as is)", nothing happens.)

(After perspective returns to Cloud.)
On-screen: Access Menu with [Triangle] button Remove Materia from other members with [Square] End with the (START) button.

Rufus: Why do you want to fight me?

Cloud: You seek the Promised Land and Sephiroth.

Rufus: Hm, exactly.

Rufus: Mm? Did you know that Sephiroth is an Ancient?

Cloud: ...A lot has happened. Anyway, I can't let either you or Sephiroth have the Promised Land!

Rufus: I see. I guess this means we won't become friends.

(During battle with Rufus and Dark Nation.)

(If Rufus has more than 200 HP, and Cloud's attack did not deal more than 100 damage, 33% chance to trigger.)
Rufus: Heh, Heh, Heh...

(At the end of the battle.)
Rufus: Heh... That's all for today...

(After defeating Rufus and talking to Tifa downstairs.)
Tifa: Where's Rufus?

Cloud: I couldn't finish 'em. Looks like this's gonna get complicated.

(After perspective switches to Aeris.)

(Upon approaching one of the elevators on floor 3.)
Aeris: Quickly, we have to get out of here...

(Upon approaching one of the elevators on floor 2.)
Aeris: Quickly, we can escape this way...

(Upon approaching one of the elevators on floor 1.)
Aeris: Quickly! We'll escape out this way......

(Upon approaching the main entrance.)
Barret: I'll go on ahead!

Barret: *&^%(*... surrounded, huh? If I was alone this wouldn't be a thang but, I gotta reputation to protect.

Aeris: You all get out while you can. It's not you they're after... it's me.

Barret: Yeah, well that ain't happenin'. You got caught up in this over Marlene. Now, it's my turn to watch out for you!

Barret: Ok, playtime's over for you jackasses...

Aeris: ...thank you, Mr. Barret!

Barret: Who you callin' Mr. Barret? That don't sound right!

Red XIII: Well then... If you are through talking, may I suggest that we think of a way to get out of here.

Barret: Huh? Oh, oh yeah... You a cold man. Just like someone else 'round here I know.

Red XIII: Did you say something?

Barret: Notta thing. So what're we gonna do?

Tifa: Barret!!

Barret: Tifa! Where's Cloud?

Tifa: Everyone, over here!

Barret: Huh? What's up? Where's Cloud?

Tifa: I'll tell you later! Hurry, Hurry!!

(After leaving the Shinra Building.)
On-screen: Control the bike with the [Directional buttons] and save your friends in the truck from the Shinra Pursuit Troops.

Square button Attack on left
Circle button Attack on right
Triangle button Menu
X button Form Party
Start button Start Game

(After defeating Motor Ball.)
Barret: Well, what do we do now?

Cloud: Sephiroth is alive. I ...I have to settle the score.

Barret: And that'll save the Planet?

Cloud: ...Seems like it.

Barret: Awright, I'm going!

Aeris: I'll go too. ...I have things that I want to find out.

Cloud: About the Ancients?

Aeris: ......Many things.

Tifa: I guess this's good bye, Midgar.

(Outside the city gate.)

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: We told Aeris's mom to go somewhere safe, so Marlene should be safe too.

(Upon selecting "Yeah, she should be".)
Aeris: She said she didn't want to stay in Midgar anymore. ...Maybe it's for the best.

(Upon selecting "Hmm, I don't know".)
Aeris: Stop it, Cloud! I'm worried too.

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: You know what? This is the first time I've ever left Midgar...

(Upon selecting "Really?...You worried?".)
Aeris: A little,...no, maybe a lot. But I have my bodyguard, right?

(Upon selecting "It's dangerous. You sure you want to go?".)
Aeris: I thought you'd say that!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: ...I guess this is the start of our journey...

(Upon selecting "You hate traveling?".)
Tifa: ...I don't know. But, I don't have anywhere else to go. So I guess it doesn't really matter whether I like to travel or not.

(Upon selecting "It's dangerous. You sure you want to go?".)
Tifa: ......Mmm. But you know, it should be all right if you keep your promise.

(Upon talking to Red XIII.)
Red XIII: I'm going back to my hometown. I'll go with you as far as that.

(Upon walking away from Midgar.)
Cloud: Then...

(Upon selecting "Let's stay here for a while", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Let's go!".)
Barret: We need a group leader for our journey. 'Course only me could be the leader.

Tifa: You think so...?

Aeris: It would have to be Cloud.

Barret: ^#$^%......awright. Go Northeast to a town called Kalm. If something happens, we'll meet up there.

Barret: 'Sides, we can't have 5 people strolling down the fields. It's too dangerous. Split us into 2 parties...

(Upon forming a party with Barret and Red XIII.)
Aeris: ...Unexpected

Tifa: ...combination.

Tifa: Well, have fun with just the guys.

(Upon forming a party with Tifa and Aeris.)
Barret: ...Thought you'd do that.

(Upon forming a party without Barret.)
Barret: Later, at Kalm!

(Upon forming a party without Tifa.)
Tifa: We'll see you at Kalm!

(Upon reaching Mythril Mines before visiting Kalm.)

(Depending on the second party member. If Aeris is the second party member, Tifa's line plays.)

  • Barret: Hey Cloud. If we keep going, we'll never get to Kalm.
  • Tifa: Hey, Cloud. Wasn't Kalm right before this cavern?
  • Red XIII: ...We won't get to Kalm even if we go through these caverns.

(Depending on the third party member.)

  • Barret: Yo, wassup? Can't SOLDIER-man even lead the way?
  • Tifa: Kalm should be closer to Midgar.
  • Aeris: Cloud! Are you lost!?
  • Red XIII: If we're planning to meet at Kalm, we should go back and look for it again.

Act 2: Pursuit[edit | edit source]

Act 3: Turmoil[edit | edit source]

Act 4: Decisive Battle[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Sector 7 optional dialogue[edit | edit source]

(At any point.)

(Upon talking to the Weapon Shop clerk.)
Clerk: He, HEY! Waitaminit you!! You can't just walk outta here without buyin' somethin'... Might be unhealthy fer ya, if ya know what I mean.

(Upon talking to the boy in the Weapon Shop.)
NPC: You dried up old geez. You tired? Why don't you rest up on the third floor of my house? There's just one condition. You gotta give me some cash.

(Upon selecting "1 gil" if the player has 1 gil.)
NPC: Damn, man!! Just forget about it!

(Upon selecting "10 gil" if the player has 10 gil.)
NPC: Oh man, oh man...... Go ahead 'n' help yourself to the room.

(Upon selecting "1 gil" or "10 gil" if the player does not have enough.)
NPC: Geez, dude, you're really old. You sure you ain't poorer than me?

(Upon selecting "nothin'".)
NPC: Cheap %#*^...

(Upon talking to the boy after paying for a room.)
NPC: Use whatever bed you want. Sleep tight, old guy.

(Upon entering the bedroom at the top of the weapons store if the player has not paid for the room.) NPC: This is a slum, so don't think you can stay for free. What are you going to do? Doesn't just seeing the bed make you sleepy?

(Upon selecting "10 gil" if the player has 10 gil.)
NPC: Sweet dreams, pops.

(Upon selecting "10 gil" if the player does not have enough.)
NPC: Rough times, huh pop? Not a dime on you?

(Upon selecting "no way".)
NPC: Tough guy, huh!? You'd better sleep when you can. You'd better save when you can. That's the trick to being tough. Remember that, old dude.

(Upon entering the bedroom if the player had paid for the room below already.)
Cloud: hoo...

(At any point before waking up the next morning, either before or after first meeting with Tifa.)

(Upon talking to the train conductor.)
Conductor: When you've been a train man as long as I have, you see a lot of people and a lot of lives. People meeting, parting, joy, sadness... After a while, it doesn't even get to you anymore.

(Upon talking to the conductor again.)
Conductor: I wonder how long it's been... There's an invisible rail between me and the passengers. I could never live their lives. I'm just a train man plain and simple. It's easier that way.

(Upon talking to the conductor again.)
Conductor: That's not to say that the crossing gate of my heart doesn't hurt now and again. Back during the war, I remember there was a lot of painful scenes then. But, that's a story for another day...

(Upon talking to the conductor again.)
Conductor: First train leaves Midgar at 05:04am.

(Upon talking to the man by the save point in front of the Support Pillar.)
NPC: Hey now!! Oops!! What on earth are you doing? Just butt out......geez! Huh? You come to see it, too? There was a bombing on top. If this pillar should come down, everyone in the slums is dust... Well, there's no point in worryin' about that. Hey!! Look! It's huge, ain't it? Hey... This is a strange and wonderful place. This is my place, but you can come here when you want. Bye, bro!

Barret: Yo, Cloud! Over here, now!

(Upon talking to the guard on the left blocking the crossroad path south.)
Guard 1: Ah...eh...uhm............ Excuse me. You cannot pass without the proper clearance. Did I do good this time?

Guard 2: You gotta be tougher!

Guard 1: But, uh, I......

(Upon talking to the guard on the right.)
Guard 2: What the hell do you want? You know who I am? You can't pass. I got the miserable job of keepin' scum like you from trying to sneak in here.

Guard 1: W, wow! You're great!!

Guard 2: Damn right!! Don't waste time talkin's, what I always say!

Guard 1: But, uh, I......

(Upon talking to the man opposite the counter in the weapon store.)
NPC: Hey!! What the, YOU? Anyone talking to me must be a novice.

(Upon selecting "Yep, that's me".)
Cloud: So what. Everyone's a beginner sometime.

NPC: Don't act so big, amateur. Seein' as how I'm such a warm hearted guy, I'll show ya the ropes. You come back here tomorrow. I got some things I gots ta do.

(Upon selecting "I used to be with SOLDIER, the name's Cloud".)
Cloud: The name's Cloud. Used to be with SOLDIER, I got no business with you.

NPC: Hmmph!! Well, I never heard of ya!

(Upon talking to the man in the Beginner's Hall on the second floor of the Weapon Shop.)
NPC: Unn...... !! Who the hell are you!? No unauthorized access. Since today's special, I'm gonna let you in on a juicy bit of news. But you gotta keep it to yourself. Do you know about what's been going on......?

(Upon selecting "What, that again?".)
NPC: I guess you must be sick of hearing it... But it's been so long since there was any real news here. You're worried where it's all heading, right?

(Upon selecting "............".)
NPC: Everything's in a buzz 'bout that terrorist group AVALANCHE blowin' up the Sector 1 Mako Reactor. On the surface they say they're an anti-Shinra group, but in reality... They say they're just out to kill as many people as they can. Gyaaaa, Haaa haaa!! That's a good one, ain't it!? While they're bustin' things up on top, the only ones makin' out good are us weapon stores! Now, if we can just get rid of this back stock, we'll be doin' ok.

(Upon talking to the boy in the Beginner's Hall.)
NPC: You know what I do? I'll bet you don't. You come here tomorrow and I'll tell you. Ahh, there just ain't no good jobs here in the slums. I wanna go to the upper world.

(Before meeting with Tifa.)

(Upon talking to the couple at the train station.)
NPCs: I'm not letting you go tonight. Wow!

(Upon talking to the couple again.)
NPCs: Isn't there somewhere we could go to be alone? Wow! There's only the train graveyard around here. And they say there's ghosts around too! .......damn. What?

(Upon interacting with the door to Johnny's home.)
NPC: I'm not opening up. Go away!!

(Upon interacting with the door to the Item Store.)
Clerk: We're closed today. Come back tomorrow.

(Upon inspecting the signposts by the Item Store.)
Cloud: What crappy handwriting. And look at all this graffiti!

Sign: Don't be taken in by the Shinra. Mako energy will not last forever. Mako is the life of the Planet and that life is finite. The end is coming. Saviors of the Planet: AVALANCHE

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Woo......ah geez, I'm blitzed. I jes love them homemade cocktails. But they sure do creep up on ya.

(Upon talking to the man with black hair.)
NPC: Oh Jesus!! What the hell's wrong tonight!! I thought that long blackout was strange. They say a Mako Reactor was destroyed above. I was jes sittin' here drinkin', watchin' the news by myself. 'n' all of a sudden I get kicked outta the &*%$ store. What's up with that!?

(Upon talking to the man with black hair again.)
NPC: I wasn't even done with my drink. I didn't even pay my bill...

(Upon talking to the boy.)
NPC: Explosions! Explosions! Oh Man! AVALANCHE is so cool!

(Upon talking to the girl.)
NPC: Did you hear?

(Upon selecting "No, what?".)
NPC: There's a news update. They say that there was a terrorist explosion up above, and that this time it was a Mako Reactor!! You know what this means?

(Upon selecting "No, what?" a second time during the conversation with her.)
NPC: Ya see, I keep on top of these things, an' if ya ask me...... If you knock out Midgar's power, then all of its computers and signals are going to be knocked out too. Financially there must've been about a billion gil worth of damage. An' that ain't all!! A lotta innocent people got killed too! If the explosion had been in the middle of the night, that woulda been one thing. At least the people coulda gone in their sleep.

(Upon selecting "Don't care" at either point during the conversation with her.)
NPC: Oh, well excuse ME!

(Upon talking to the girl after already hearing her in full.)
NPC: This Mako explosion has really sent Midgar into a fit.

(After meeting with Tifa, before waking up the next morning.)

(Upon talking to the couple at the train station.)
NPC: Hey, come over here. But people will... Who cares? But... There's a weirdo over there. Huh? Say, you're pretty gutsy. Why don't you go snoop somewhere else, Romeo?

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Hey!! Open up! C'mon baby!! It's me! Johnny! Mom!!

(Upon talking to the man with black hair.)
NPC: There's a TV in there, but my cheap aunt won't let me in the house. Look for yourself.

(Upon talking to the man with black hair again.)
NPC: Now that you mention it, there used to be an outside TV monitor here in the slums. But that Barret, busted it up. Shot it up with that weird machine gun hand of his. Blam, blam, blam. I think it was when President Shinra was on. He was on again this morning, too, you know. Tifa better watch out for her TV.

(Upon talking to the boy.)
NPC: All's quiet!! Shh, I'm spying now! OH!! There's something!! DANGER!! ALERT!!

(Upon talking to the girl.)
NPC: Did you hear?

(Upon selecting "'Bout what?".)
NPC: About that little girl named Tifa and that bar called '7th Heaven'. I'm not only informed, I'm kinda nosey too. Anyhow, I got the scoop. You wanna hear?

(Upon selecting "You bet!".)
NPC: That Barret and three of his henchmen are like this sometimes. Suddenly, they threw out a customer and start talking trash to him. It's strange, if you ask me. And that place always smells like gun powder. It's dangerous, I tell you. They must be doing terrible things in there.

(Upon selecting "Don't care" at either point during the conversation with her.)
NPC: Oh really? Well, aren't you a cool one!

(After waking up the second morning, at any point before meeting with Don Corneo.)

(Upon talking to the man opposite the counter in the weapon store.)
NPC: Heh heh...He'll forget about it. OH, you!! Get my friend on the second floor to teach ya.

(Upon talking to the dog by the entrance of the Beginner's Hall.)
On-screen: How to use the buttons. L1/R1 button: To turn quickly. [Directional button] up down left right: walk [Button] Triangle: menu Square Circle: speak/execute down X: run [How to reset] L1&L2&R1&R2&SELECT&START button. Push any of those buttons together to reset the game. (only works on the field.)

Cloud: Huh? Finger!? What the hell?

On-screen: I'm the position cursor!! Call me whenever you're walking around confused! Push the [SELECT] button and I'll appear over your shiny little head.

Cloud: Geez, you stand out even more than I do...

On-screen: Am I in the way? If so, just push the [SELECT] button one more time. I'm pretty busy myself, and can't always come when you need me. If I don't show up sometimes, don't get mad. Later! [Position Cursor] Push the [SELECT] button when you're lost in the field. Usually, the [Position Cursor] will appear on the screen. But wait!! [Red triangles] mark the exits and [Green triangles] mark ladders. These will help you safely make it through even the darkest streets or dangerous mountains! But, there are times when it won't appear, so be careful.

(Upon talking to the man next to the dog in the Beginner's Hall.)
NPC: This is the Beginner's Hall. You say you're a beginner? But your eyes say you're not.

Cloud: Don't mess with me. I used to be in SOLDIER. I'll tell you how much I know... an' for free too!

Cloud: What do you want to know?

(Upon selecting "How to save?".)

Cloud: Now I'll tell you about saving. You know what'll happen if you don't save? That's right. Everything you worked so hard to do will be lost! You never know when there might be a power outage. And you've got a long battle ahead of you. It pays to save often and take breaks when you need them. Anyway you'll need a Memory card to save your games. But, uh, none of the stores around here sell any. You'll have to get some at a (real) store. I guess you already have a Memory card. Put the Card firmly into the slot. Put it in either the right or left side. Then when you're ready, access the menu. Select [Save]. Remember you can't just save wherever you want. You can only save at places marked [Save Point]. When you find one, a message will appear. Whenever you reach a [Save Point], you'll want to save your game. Slot 1 is on the left, slot 2 on the right. Choose either one. Next, choose your file and save it. Each Memory card can hold up to 15 files. If you have files from other games on it, there will be less room to save. The screen only shows 3 files at a time so, press the directional buttons to scroll down the list, and you can see the rest. Remember, the more files you have, the longer it will take to load. One last thing. The Memory card is a delicate device. Be careful when handling it. Never remove it while saving or loading. Don't get mad even if you lose. If that happens, just chill out, and let your head, and your console, cool down. That's all. Remember to save often so you don't lose your games.

(Upon selecting "How to heal your allies?" if the player has no Potions.)
Cloud: First, you need Potions.

NPC: You're a stingy one. Here, I'll give you ONE Potion.

(If the player has already received a Potion through this dialogue interaction.)
NPC: I don't have any extra Potions on me. Why don't you go buy some?

(Upon selecting "How to heal your allies?" if the player has at least one Potion.)
Cloud: You probably already know this but... HP is your life force. If HP is lost in battle, you're out of commission. MP is the source of your magic power. If your MP's lost, you'll be unable to cast spells. So, what should we do to cure a damaged ally? There are three ways. First, you can rest at an inn at a nearby town. Second, you can use items to help them recover. Third, you can use curative magic. I'll explain about Magic later, but here we'll talk about items. Select [Item] from the menu. Potion restores HP. If you can't find where Potion is, access the menu and select [Arrange] to change the order of items. You can arrange them however you like. Order items you'll use in the field. Order items you'll use in battle. Prioritize items you can throw in battle. Order weapons and armor separately. Order by name Order by most items held Order by least items held By the way, [Key Item]'s are just that, items that unlock problems just like a key. They're very important items to have. Keep that in mind. Ok, now select [Use], Then select [Potion]. Select the person you want to use it on. If they're already maxed out, you won't be able to use it on them. We can restore MP with [Ether]. You use this the same way you did for [Potion]. Just pick a member and use it! The number appearing next to the item name tells you how many are available. Of course, the more you use, the less you'll have. Some enemies will drop Potions or Ethers, but you'll want to stock up whenever you're at a store. One last thing, if someone in your party gets wiped out, either rest at an inn or use [Phoenix Down]. That's all!

(Upon selecting "Curative Magic?".)
Cloud: Now I'll tell you how to use curative magic. First, access the menu and select [Magic]. Next, select who'll cast the spell. Pick an ally equipped with [Restore] Materia. You can select another party member by using the L1 and R1 buttons. The function also work in other sub menus. Better remember that. This is magic you can use, monsters you can summon, and enemy techniques you've learned. Whenever [Magic] is selected... the available magic appears on the screen... So, if you wanted to use [Cure]... you would select it from the menu... then select who you want to use it on. I think Potion is pretty expensive, so... when you're near an inn and you can restore MP, it's better to use curative magic rather than Potion. That's all.

(Upon selecting "Weapons and armor?".)
Cloud: Equipping weapons & armor is basic to battle. Let me show you how it's done. Just finding or buying new weapons or armor, isn't enough. You have to access the menu and select [Equip]. Then, select who you want to equip. You can change weapons, armor and accessories. Accessories have special effects. Just select what you want to change. On the right side of the screen, here's a list of what can be equipped. You can see the item's effect here. Change your weapon with the OK button. Make sure it'll increase attack/defense levels. Pay special attention to Materia slots. The slots that are linked are effective. Also check the growth rates of Materia. Now when you want to remove an accessory... press the triangle button here. You should never remove weapons or armor. Because you never know when you'll be attacked. After you're finished equipping, you should re-equip your Materia. That's it!

(Upon selecting "How to apply Materia?".)
Cloud: Materia can unleash hidden power in humans. So let's see how Materia is used. First, access the menu. Then select [Materia]. Select who you want to use it. Pay close attention to my weapon here. Each weapon and armor has slots in them. Choose which slot you want to put Materia in. Now select the Materia you want to use. This is curative Materia. If you want to know what its effect is, line the cursor up with [Check], and push the OK button. It's just like selecting battle commands. Just line the cursor up to [magic], you can see that the available magic has increased. Now you can use new magic [Cure]. And that's all there is to equipping Materia. See? It wasn't that tough! When you want to remove Materia, it's as easy as pointing to the materia slot, and pushing the triangle button. There's only one thing you have to watch out for. When you equip Materia, your condition changes. Parts of you will become stronger... while others get weaker. Normally, when you equip [Magic] Materia, your magic power will get stronger. But your physical strength weakens. So, Materia's kind of a double-edged sword. The left side of the screen, shows the effect of the Materia. Try out everything. And that's all. I'll tell you about some of the finer points next.

(Upon selecting "Effective ways to use Materia?".)
Cloud: Access the menu if you find Materia. There's a lot of different Materia around. This is one of them. It's [All] Materia. If you equip this alone, nothing will happen. It's a little tricky, but I'll tell you anyway. Now look at my weapon. Look closely at those two slots. They're joined together as linked slots. You've got to remember to put it into linked slots. Different Materia will affect each other. But only if the slots are linked. Just to show you, let's put some [All] into one of the slots, and [Lightning] in the other. Now we can use [Bolt] on [All] the enemies. But it's limited to once per battle. Combine different things and you'll come up with different results. Combining [Restore] and [All], will let you use [Cure] for your entire party. There are also many useless combinations. For example, [Restore] and [Lightning] [Bolt] and [Cure] can be used normally, but there won't be any compound effect. Specialized Materia like [All] is called [Support Materia]. You can tell the difference just by looking at the Materia's color. This may sound weird, but did you know Materia grows on its own? Even if one of your allies uses it, it will continue to grow with each battle. As its level increases, so will the effects of the magic you can use. I told you [All] works once per battle. But it can work twice or more as it grows. When you get it to the master level, Materia will divide itself, looking like it's giving birth. But that master Materia won't grow anymore. When you can't take Materia on anymore, you'd better sell it or dump it somewhere. You can see the useful functions here. You can [Arrange] Materia, [Remove all] Materia from your weapon. You can throw Materia into the [Trash]. Oops, relax! I wasn't gonna dump it. Let's see. This is a special menu for you. You can exchange all Materia you have between allies, even if they're not in your party. Now about Materia's growth. The growth rate depends on what weapon or armor it's put into. Some will double in growth, while others won't grow at all. In most cases, the Materia's effect won't change whether you put it into a weapon or armor. But [Elemental] and [Added Effect] are completely different depending on whether they're put into weapons or armor. You've got to think about what weapon or armor to use, or what Materia combinations will be the strongest. I remember hearing once... about extraordinary Materia somewhere in the world. I think I've told you just about everything I can. (Upon selecting "How to form your battle party?".)
Cloud: I'll explain your party's order in battle. First, access the menu and select [Order]. Next, select who you want to switch. Now, select the position you want. This will change their position in battle. In this case there isn't any advantage/disadvantage. But when you select the same person twice, it will place them in either the front/back row in a battle. When they're on the left side of the screen, that'll be the front row... When they're on the right, that'll be the back row. When you're in the front row and you select [Attack] you inflict major damage on your enemy. But you will also receive greater damage. While in the back row, although you do less damage to the enemy, you also receive less damage. For magic attacks, there's no difference in damage between the front & back rows. There is also no difference when you use long range weapons. It's better to keep weaker members... in the back row. And that's it. Of course, I'm better off in the front row!

(Upon selecting "How to check your status?".)
Cloud: You must know your current status. That's one of the basics of battle. Access the menu and select [Status]. Next, select the member you want to check. Were you surprised at the amount of information? I'll explain the order. First, these are your experience points and your level. The more experience you get in battle, the stronger you become. This gauge tells you how many points you need to get to the next level. If you can't beat stronger enemies, raise your level by fighting weaker ones. You'll improve your physical and magical skills. Next is HP and MP. HP is your life force. When it reaches zero, you won't be able to fight. MP is the source of your magic power. Every time you cast magic, you use MP. and when you run out of MP, you won't be able to cast spells. This is called the Limit gauge. It shows your anger level. When the gauge is full, you can use a "Limit Technique". I'll tell you about "Limit Techniques" later. You know the battle commands are classified roughly into two groups. [Attack] is for regular physical attacks. [Magic] and [Summon] cast magic attacks. Each has attacking power, defense power, and escape probabilities. The value depends on your equipment, and experience level. The total effect is on the chart below. These are commands you can use in battle. And your presently equipped weapons, armor, and accessories. Press the OK button here one more time. There are all types of attacks... Some monsters are weak against fire, others are weak against ice or lightning. The Materia or items you have can add these [Elemental]s to your attacks or protect yourself from them in an enemy attack. This chart shows your current attributes. Press the OK button here one more time. The chart below means [Added Effect]s. Some enemies will use sneaky attacks on you. These attacks change your condition, such as... sleep, confuse, poison, darkness, petrify, silence, small, frog, and so on. These conditions disappear after each battle, except fury and sadness which will remain. To cure these conditions quickly, use items or magic. There are specific medicines for each condition. I know I'm repeating myself but,... when you're taken out in battle, I mean, when you're almost dead, use [Life] magic or the item [Phoenix down]. When you change Materia or equipment it's best to look here to check on them. Mastering Elementals and Added Effects... will make your battles safer. That's all.

(Upon selecting "About Limit status?".)
Cloud: Here are a few hints on limit techniques. When an enemy has pushed your anger to the limits, you can unleash unimaginable power. You know what I mean, right? The trick is how to use it. Access the menu and select [Limit]. Now select a member. Now decide what your limit will be. Lower limits have less power, but you can use them more often. If you set your limit higher, you can inflict great damage, but you'll have to wait longer. After using this technique for awhile, you'll improve your technique. Your development will change depending on how you fight. I can't tell you how it will change. That's something you'll have to find out by yourself. I've heard a rumor about secret items that inspire ultimate techniques. I don't know whether or not those items really exist. That's it! Try everything out and use what's best for you!

(Upon selecting "Other things to watch for?".)
Cloud: You probably know all this. But just in case, I'll go over it. Until you get instructions, don't open or take discs out of the PlayStation. After you open up the Disc Cover I can't guarantee what'll happen. That's all.

(Upon selecting "That's all", the conversation ends.)

(Upon obtaining the All Materia in the Beginner's Hall on the second floor of the weapon store.)
NPC: Hey!! You got one right off! That was Materia. Next, take this [treasure chest]!

(Upon inspecting the chest after obtaining the item from it.)
NPC: Now listen, Hidden in these treasure chests, are a lot of items There are box types and bag types, so make sure you don't overlook any.

(Upon talking to the woman in the Beginner's Hall by the save point.)
NPC: This is the fabled [Save Point]!! At a [Save Point] you can use a [tent] and/or select "SAVE". There's more, too. Look for something called secret. Even if you are wiped out, if you save you can restart from that same point. That way you don't have to worry when you've been wiped out. This is jumping ahead a little but, when you leave Midgar... Once you get the world map, you can save anywhere you like. Remember that. That should be all you need to know about the Save Point. I'll probably see you again somewhere on the road. Take care! I'm a [treasure chest]!! Beginners make sure and keep an eye out for me!!

(Upon talking to the kids in the Beginner's Hall.)
NPCs: ......smack......knock......!! Help!

Cloud: You've got to hang in there. You're limit gauge is just starting to build.

NPCs: Waaaah!!

Cloud: Ok! Now your limit gauge is full, go ahead and use it! Fight with your limit technique.

Cloud: Great!

(Upon talking to the kids again.)
NPCs: Magic!! Magic!! Help!

Cloud: Calm down! When your enemy uses magic counter with [Magic Barrier] or [reflect]. [Magic Barrier] reduces the damage received from magic by half. [reflect] bounces the attacks off you. But the number of times you can use it is limited so be careful.

Cloud: Great!

(Upon talking to the kids again.)

  • Wow! You sure are strong! I'm going to be strong, too !
  • Me too!

Cloud: If you want to get as strong as me you need to use Materia. And you have to find the best combinations of them. The type of Materia you put in your weapons and armor will determine how quickly your Materia grows. Put Materia into the open slots in your weapons and armor. The possible combinations are limitless. That's about all I can tell you. If you want to be like me, you have to have some natural talent.


  • I still don't get it!
  • I still don't get it!

Cloud: Listen kid, don't piss me off! That's all right. Just give it a try. Little by little, you'll get used to it.

(Upon talking to the bodybuilders in the Beginner's Hall.)
NPC: Hey SOLDIER!! Tell us about battles! We'll even pay you!

Cloud: I'm not hard up enough to take money from guys like you. But I'll rap with you for a while.

Cloud: What do you want to know?

(Upon selecting "About ATB".)
Cloud: ATB or Active Time Battle is a system that is always in operation during battle. Select [Wait] from ATB on the Config Menu and time will stop when you select magic or items during battle. This gives you time to pick out your commands. This is especially helpful to beginners. Selecting [Recommended] ATB in the config menu can stop time while the effects of spells and items are taking place during battle. This lets you take your time looking over the progression of the battle. When you don't want to rush in battle, this is for you! Personally, I always use [Active], but you can use whichever you like.

(Upon selecting "The numbers on the screen".)
Cloud: White numbers appearing on the screen in battle are damage points. Green numbers show restorative points. You better watch these if you don't want to get wiped out.

(Upon selecting "About [change] and [defend]".)
Cloud: The [change] command can move characters to and from the front and back rows. In the back row, the damage received is less, but the attacking power is less. You can make a [change] by pressing the Directional button in battle. Pushing the Directional button the other direction during battle accesses [defend]. Selecting [defend] reduces the damage you receive by half until the next command. If you're up against a strong enemy, Don't hesitate to use this one. Of course, I never need it.

(Upon selecting "About [Escape]".)
Cloud: I don't really remember ever having to use the [escape] command... but you'll probably need it. Push the L1 and R1 buttons at the same time, holding them down, and you can escape.

(Upon selecting "About the gauges".)
Cloud: During battle, there are several [gauges] displayed. You can't check them now, so just remember what I tell you. [time gauge] displays the time remaining until your next turn while in battle. When the gauge is full, you can make your command. If you don't want to make one, push the Trianglebutton and you can move to the next character. It's convenient when you wanna make Barret work. The [limit gauge] increases every time you sustain damage. When it is full, you can use the [limit technique]. This gauge is not cleared after each battle, but gradually builds up over time. It takes a while for it to build up, so you have to think about which times are the best to use it. You probably don't know about it, but there are conditions of [status], [fury], and [sadness]. When you have [fury], your limit gauge builds up sooner, but your attacking accuracy is lower. Keep in mind that [sadness] makes your limit gauge build up slower, but the damage you receive is also lessened. [barrier gauge] is for specialized magic. The top gauge displays [barrier] or magic defense against attacks. The bottom gauge displays [magic barrier] or defenses against magic attacks. Both will cut the damage you receive in half. However, over time they will disappear. Whenever you use [barrier] or [magic barrier] make sure to pay attention to the [barrier gauge]. That's it. Remember that for the next battle.

(Upon selecting "About [status]".)
Cloud: [status] means just that. The status of each character. I'll probably wind up repeating myself, but let me go over a few basic points. Sleep You cannot put in a command until you get up. Poison Steals your HP in battle. Fury Damage is increased, attack accuracy decreased. Tranquilizers will remedy it. Sadness Damage is decreased. Hyper will remedy it. Petrify Will petrify and become immobilized. Every member will be wiped out. Confuse Will attack enemy and ally alike. Silence Will be unable to cast magic. Paralyze Stops time gauges, commands. Darkness Accuracy of hitting attacks decreases. Frog Become a frog. I hate this one!

Cloud: Hoo...I'm beat. [status change], since this can be changed with magic and items, you should check it whenever you buy things.

(Upon selecting "About [elementals]".)

Cloud: [elemental] is the special effect that comes with certain weapons and magic. It's necessary to move ahead effectively. If you pay attention to the types of elementals you use you'll become intermediate in no time. I put together this list, but remember, it's just a partial list don't take it too literally. Fire Fire effect. Works best on animals and water monsters. Ice Ice effect. Works best on fire monsters and things that hate the cold. Lightning Lightning effect. Works best on mechanical things. Earth Attacks using the earth's power. Doesn't work on flying enemies. Poison Poisons enemies. Doesn't work on any poison based enemies. Gravity Gravity based attack. These hurt if they hit. Water Calls on the earth's water. Works well on fire monsters. Wind Calls up the winds. Works well on flying enemies. Holy Calls up the Planet's power. Works well on dark monsters.

Cloud: If you use reciprocal elementals in your attacks, the effect is huge! Also, if you use the same elemental, your defenses are raised. But, you have to be careful because the opposite is also true. To see what elementals an enemy has, you need [Sense] Materia. If you get that Materia, you should try using it.

(Upon selecting "About [help]".)
Cloud: Looks like you didn't get it the last time I told you. What's wrong with you? You touched in the head? Well, don't worry. You just need to push the [SELECT] button in battle. Do that, and the [help message] will walk you through the commands. It also shows you the name of your enemy, so even I use it once in a while. Make good use of it.

(Upon selecting "That's all the time I have for you!", conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to the lady in Johnny's home.)
NPC: He used to give us nothing but headaches when he was here, but now that he's gone...I kind of miss him. ......strange, isn't it?

(Upon talking to the man in Johnny's home.)
NPC: Ha! Ha!...... I wonder if my son's already left? When it's just my wife and I here, you have no idea how lonesome it gets.

(Upon talking to the man again.)
NPC: You want them to be happy and do what they want while they're young, but being a parent, you can't help but worry... I guess I'm not cut out to be a parent yet.

(Upon talking to the man again.)
NPC: By the way...... Where are you from?

(Upon selecting "A village called Nibelheim".)
NPC: Hm......you said Nibelheim? Wasn't it in the news a while back? Something to do with a Reactor accident... That was the first major Mako accident, so I remember it really being a hot topic.

(Upon selecting "Who cares?".)
NPC: Ha, Ha!...... Well, there's nothin' wrong with that, I'd say. But if you still have a family, You outta at least write them. Even though you may turn your back on your hometown, It'll always be there for you. Least that's how I see it.

(Upon talking to the man again.)
NPC: Well, you mind leaving the two of us alone? I want to enjoy some quiet time together with my wife.

(Upon approaching the counter of the Item Store.)
Clerk: Ahh... Another slow day...... If this keeps up, this store's goin' under... Can't sell any really good medicine in a slum like this.

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
Clerk: Oh!! Look at this! This doesn't happen everyday. You a......customer? Yes!! Welcome!! We sell ! We buy!

(Upon talking to the guard on the left blocking the crossroad path south.)
Guard 1: You know, I got some tickets to "Loveless", do you want to go?

Guard 2: What're you, retarded? Midgar's under martial law now!

Guard 1: You mean, you really are concerned for me?

Guard 2: Hell no!! But in case you forgot, we're in the middle of a slum. They could be anywhere around, so stay on your guard.

Guard 1: Right. You mean the AVALANCHERS?

Guard 2: Don't you worry. SOLDIER has been added to the police force.

(Upon talking to the guard on the left again.)
Guard 1: Boy, it's been a while since SOLDIER's been mobilized, hasn't it? I ever tell you that I flunked the SOLDIER entrance exam? Damn right!! blahblahblah.......

Guard 2: Hey shut up for a minute and let me get back to work!

Guard 1: ............sigh.

(Upon talking to the guard on the left again.)
Guard 1: What are you more scared of... AVALANCHE or me?

Guard 2: Oh, you, of course.

(Upon talking to the guard on the right.)
Guard 2: HALT!! No one is allowed to pass!!

(Upon talking to the couple by the train station.)
NPCs: I've had it! Me too. You know this is the first time, we've ever agreed on something. Yes...... Well then, shall we......? Yes......

(Upon talking to the couple again.)
NPCs: urggh............ huff......wheez

(Upon talking to the train conductor.)
Conductor: Morning. Dawn comes and things never change. You be careful not to get hurt. Come on back again, hear?

(Upon talking to the conductor again.)
Conductor: ALL ABOARD! The train is about to depart.

(After waking up the next morning, before reaching the train station to leave to Sector 4.)

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: I'm leaving. Goin' faraway. But when I come back I'll be a better man! This is goodbye! Hey! Childhood friend! You better take good care of Tifa!

(Upon talking to the man with black hair.)
NPC: I hope he doesn't get hurt. That worries me the most.

(Upon talking to the boy.)
NPC: Ahh! Now I ain't got no one to pick on!

(Upon talking to the girl.)
NPC: Yesterday, everyone in town was peeking at the two of you from outside the bar. Tifa's childhood friend. That's a good one!

(After leaving towards the train station and returning before boarding the train.)

(Upon talking to the man with black hair.)
NPC: Ah...Johnny's gone. You look a little disappointed. I don't like to say it myself but, I'm just a lonely guy when I'm not drinking.

(Upon talking to the boy.)
NPC: When it comes down to it...I'm gutless. I'm still just a no good kid.

(Upon talking to the girl.)
NPC: Listen! If there isn't anyone to listen, what's the use of getting gossip on everyone!? Yeah, and you Mr. I-don't-care! I'll get a little more information that would poque even your interest. You wait and see!

(After meeting with Don Corneo and returning to Sector 7.)

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
Clerk: Uh oh...... There goes the pillar. I'm scared, but it's for your own good. If things get too hairy, we'll escape. It's not something you'll see happen too often.

(Upon talking to the man with hair.)
NPC: Uhh......Help! My strange and wonderful little place.

(Upon talking to the guard at the top.)
Guard 2: Doh! And this was supposed to be my last job! Do something!! I never thought this would ever happen to me! Great... I'm quitting tomorrow!

(Upon talking to the guard at the bottom.)
Guard 1: L, look... This is my job, so I have to be here until the absolute last minute.

NPC: Umm... I just LOVE men with a sense of duty. Let me stay here with you.

(Upon talking to the guard after leaving the area and returning.)
Guard 1: B, but... What happens if AVALANCHE shows up?

NPC: Umm...you're shaking. You're so gentle...I think I'm in love.

Sector 5 optional dialogue[edit | edit source]

(At any point.)

(Upon inspecting the freezer in the Materia store.)
Clerk: Hey! Don't come barging into my house and be opening up my freezer! Didn't your mother ever teach you that?

(Upon inspecting the poster on the wall in the house in the market on the second floor.)
On-screen: Turtles Paradise News No.1 For delicious wine with a nice ring to it....... Stop on by the "Turtle's Paradise"!!

(Before the Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon entering the Sector 5 Church and approaching the flowers in the middle.)
NPC: Um, we're, um taking care of the um, flowers for the um, lady here. ......is that ok?

(Upon selecting "I don't mind".)
Cloud: Take good care of them.


  • Yeah!
  • Sure!

(Upon selecting "No it's not!").
Cloud: That's too much to ask of kids.

NPC: Too much to ask? What's that? I don't get it.

(Upon talking to the boy in the Sector 5 Church.)
NPC: They're purty!

(Upon talking to the girl in the Sector 5 Church.)
NPC: I'm gonna water them later......

(Before first arriving at Aeris's home.)

(Upon talking to the man with brown hair blocking the path to Sector 6.)
NPC: Aaaaah......what a drag. You wanna go to that store in Sector 6 again?

(Upon talking to the man with red hair blocking the path to Sector 6.)
NPC: Huh? The hell are you? The hell do ya think you're talkin' to!!

(Before Sector 7's pillar falls.)

(Upon talking to the man in the market outside the Earthen Pipe.)
NPC: That guy in the pipe's a weird one. No matter what you ask him, he only answers 'uuh' or 'aahh'.

(Upon approaching the Earthen Pipe with Aeris in the party.)
Aeris: This guy are sick. He passed out nearby and someone must have helped him here.

(Upon talking to the woman walking around the market.)
NPC: What am I doing? I'm walking around looking at the ground. You find a lot of things people dropped when you look down. You never find them when you're looking up. Right?

(Upon talking to the man in green walking around the market.)
NPC: You ever hear of Wall Market?

(Upon selecting "Yeah".)
NPC: Oh yeah? Then maybe I should have you pick something up for me next time you're there...

(Upon selecting "Nope".)
NPC: It's a market in the slums of Sector 6. They've got everything you could ever want there. If you can get there, that is. The road's something else.

(Upon talking to the man in blue running around the Weapon Store in the market.)
NPC: Outta the way! Move! You want something... move into the store!

(Upon talking to the sick man in the Earthen Pipe.)
NPC: ooh......aaah.........aghhhh......

Aeris: This is the one...... Won't you help him?

NPC: ooh......aaah.........aghhhh......

Cloud: Listen, I'm no doctor.

Aeris: No...I guess not...

Aeris: Hey...that man has a tattoo. I think it was the number 2.

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
Clerk: ...stare... ......hmph...we only trade items for gil here.

(Upon talking to the Materia store clerk.)
Clerk: I don't care if it's scrap metal or materia. We can get anything here in the slums. Got a lot of good materia here. Why don't you look it over?

(Upon talking to the Weapon Store clerk.)
Clerk: Take care of yourself. It's the law of the slums. But to do that, first you need weapons, right?

(Upon talking to the other man in the Weapon Store.)
NPC: Huh? You want weapons? That's too damn bad...... I ain't got no weapons to sell ya! And the reason why is... ...the weapon store's over that way.

(Upon talking to the boy in the Weapon Store.)
NPC: Toot toot! Next stop...Midgar Midgar. Any passengers getting off on Midgar should please ring. You know, Midgar's supposed to be sparkly 'n' springy 'n' sleeky. Oh yeah. Someday, I'm goin' there.

(Upon interacting with the TV in the house in the market, before seeing Tifa on the carriage to Wall Market.)
TV: And now for the news. Due to a terrorist attack by the group named AVALANCHE, parts of Midgar that were temporarily out of power will be restored momentarily. Following President Shinra's lead, Mayor Domino also spoke out public against AVALANCHE.

(Upon interacting with the TV after seeing Tifa on the carriage.)
TV: Now for the weather. Tomorrow's weather will be overcast and gloomy the entire day. With a slight chance of sprinkles over parts of the city.

(Upon talking to the man in the house in the market on the first floor.)
NPC: Hmph......! Everything President Shinra says is a lie. But then again, you can't trust that AVALANCHE, or whatever you call them. You can bat it around all you like. But in the end it comes down to wanting to be like those who live up above. So who do you believe in? Oneself! Me! I never lie to myself, that's for sure!

(Upon talking to the man a second time.)
NPC: I only believe what I say. That's because I never lie to myself.

(Upon talking to the boy in the house on the second floor.)
NPC: glug...glug... Now...no one... will find it...num... The top one... and the bottom one...

(Upon inspecting the drawers in the house on the second floor if the player did not talk to the boy.) Cloud: ............

(Upon inspecting the drawers in the house if the player did talk to the boy.)
Cloud: ............. .......huh?

(Upon selecting either "Open the top drawer" or "Open the bottom drawer".)
Cloud: Empty.......

(Upon selecting "Open the hidden drawer between the drawer". This option is available only if the player talked to the boy and heard the mumbling.)
Cloud: .......? 5 gil.

(Upon selecting "Take it".)
On-screen: Received "5 gil"!

(Upon selecting "Leave it", nothing happens.)

(After Sector 7's pillar has fallen, before Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the man outside the Earthen Pipe.)
NPC: Even with all that commotion, you went on like nothing happened. You must really been through the mill to get that.

(Upon talking to the woman walking around the market.)
NPC: Never thought that would come tumbling down. Maybe I better walk around looking up from now on.

(Upon talking to the two men talking together.)

  • You finally think you're making a living in the pits of Midgar, and then a big piece of scrap like that falls down here...what's next?
  • Yeah, that's right! But , even so, where could we move to now...?

(Upon talking to the boy in the market.)
NPC: ...sniff...sniff... First there was a rumbling...... ...then cracking... and then ker-blaMM!!... ...I was so scared...sniff...

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
Clerk: ...stare... ......hmph...we only trade items for gil here. No matter what.

(Upon talking to the Materia store clerk.)
NPC: Living in a place like this, you could live out several lives, and it still wouldn't be enough! Well, how about some materia? Make some money and then scramble out of here!

(Upon talking to the Weapon Store clerk.)
Clerk: You never know what's going to happen! It's a crazy world, so you'd better at least have a weapon you can depend on! Am I right or what?

(Upon talking to the other man in the Weapon Store.)
NPC: ...sure is loud outside. Wonder what's happening?

(Upon talking to the man in the house in the market on the first floor.)
NPC: The hell's up with that!? I don't care if they're AVALANCHE or Avant-garde or whatever you call them. Anyone who brings the plates down on us is nuts!!

(Upon interacting with the TV in the house in the market, before returning to Aeris's house.)
TV: This just in. An accident today... ...the worst in the history of the metropolis. But thanks to the quick response by those in charge, there were no civilian casualties. The cause of the accident is unclear at this time, however, according to some sources it is believed to have something to do with the terrorist activities of the group, AVALANCHE.

(Upon interacting with the TV after leaving Aeris's house for the Shinra Headquarters.)
TV: Citizens, unite! Come to the light, Mako energy. Power is Truth Shinra is the future. Your real happiness can be found in obeying the company!

(Upon interacting with the TV after meeting Rufus.)
TV: What your car is missing is... ...a set of PTZ2000 tires!! That's right PTZ2000, good for your car and they look good too. Shinra, Inc...... Providing piece of mind in your hectic life in everything from can openers to Mako energy.

(Upon talking to the boy in the house on the second floor if the player took 5 gil from the drawer.)
NPC: sniff.........sniff......... ......'n' I hid it......so nuthin' like this...... would ever happen.........sniff......

(Upon talking to the boy in the house on the second floor if the player took saw the drawer with 5 gil and did not take it.)
NPC: He heh! I bought an item with the money I'd been saving up for some time now. My dream is to grow up and become a big time dealer on Wall Market. Since I'm feeling so good today, I'll let you have this!

(Upon talking to the boy in the house on the second floor if the player never interacted with the drawer.)
NPC: My dream is to grow up and become a big time dealer on wall market.

(After the Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the man in the Sector 5 slum outskirts after Cloud returns as party leader.)
NPC: That's funny...did I drop the key to this gate...somewhere? Was it when I was on that excavation tour?

(Upon talking to the girl in the Sector 5 Church.)
NPC: Hey! Where's the flower lady?

(Upon talking to the man in the market outside the Earthen Pipe.)
NPC: These folks went wobbling off somewhere... They said something about the 'Reunion starting'... sounded almost like a chant. Wonder what the heck that meant.

(Upon talking to the woman walking around the market.)
NPC: I'm not going to look up or down! From now on I'm just going to look straight ahead. Maybe not. I'm just flapping my gums. I really wonder how things will turn out.

(Upon talking to the two men talking together.)

  • What's going on with the world? When it's all said and done, we're all gonna wind up dead.
  • Yeah, that's right! But , even so, where could we move to now...?
  • ...You've been talking like that for sometime now.

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
Clerk: ...stare... ......hmph...we only trade items for gil here. No matter what.

(Upon talking to the Materia store clerk.)
Clerk: And I just got together enough money to get out of this place... Now it doesn't matter where I go! Ho, ho, ho...

(Upon talking to the Weapon Store clerk.)
Clerk: I don't know crap about crap! But I do know one thing. The one thing that you'll always need is a good strong weapon!

(Upon talking to the other man in the Weapon Store.)
NPC: The planet's getting closer. You can hear it rumbling. We don't do something about it and pretty soon it'll be...ker-blam!

(Upon interacting with the TV in the house in the market.)
TV: ......ga...... g, ga ga..................

(Upon talking to the boy in the house in the market on the first floor.)
NPC: SOLDIER? What about them!? Damn! If they were really from SOLDIER, they would be doing something about all this!!

(Upon talking to the man in the house in the market on the second floor.)
NPC: The trick to bein' a real man, is not to fart around, but to let everyone know where you stand, right off!

Wall Market optional dialogue[edit | edit source]

(At any point.)

(Upon talking to the man standing outside the inn, if the party is Cloud and Tifa, or Cloud & Aeris.)
NPC: Hey, you two. Why don't you get some rest? We have a beautiful room, how 'bout it?

(Upon talking to the man if the party is any other combination.)
NPC: Hey, ya'll. Please stay here!

(Upon talking to the customer in the Boutique while Cloud is not dressed up.)
NPC: Don't push! Hooligan!

(Upon attempting to enter the kitchen in the Diner.)
NPC: Please keep out of kitchen!

(Upon interacting with the machine in the Item Store, except when Tifa and Cid are in the party after Meteor is summoned.)
On-screen: ......Beeeeeep...... blipppp......

Cloud: Whoa!

Cloud: ...Broken.

(Upon talking to the man doing squats in the Men's Hall.)
NPC 1: All right...1, 2, 3. Squats are all in the rhythm.

NPC 2: I'm doing my best, bro'!

NPC 1: How's... this!?

(Upon talking to the chef in the Bar.)
NPC: Yes? If you want to order, do it at the counter.

(Before meeting Don Corneo, before Cloud is dressed up.)

(Upon talking to the boy outside the Pharmacy.)
NPC: Aren't cats great? This one's a little big, huh?

(Upon talking to the man in front of the Boutique.)
NPC: Oh... what should I do... Should I just buy it......?

(Upon talking to the man outside the Diner before receiving a Pharmacy Coupon.)
NPC: Please come in. Here's a free 'Pharmacy Coupon' if you enter now.

(Upon talking to the man if the player has received a Pharmacy Coupon.)
NPC: Please, stop by.

(Upon talking to the man on the bottom-right pacing across the path to the Honey Bee Inn entrance.)
NPC: I just can't make up my mind... Mmm. Huh? About what? Hmmm, don't make me say it... It's the shop down on the right.

(Upon talking to the man on the first screen with red hair.)
NPC: Hey boy! You shore got a good lookin' heifer there! Take her to the Don's place, and you'll make a mint.

(Upon talking to the man with a cauldron by the Materia Store.)
NPC: It's a little early to start eating. Come back in a bit.

(Upon talking to the two near the junk heap by the Men's Hall.)

  • All this trash. Can't we do anything with it?
  • All this, belongs to the owner of the Weapons Shop. He keeps picking things up and saving them here.
  • Oh, you mean the owner who even has a tank in his shop.
  • But no matter how you look at it, it's just trash...

(Upon talking to the man kicking the punchbag in the Men's Hall.)
NPC: Join the club. Try it with us.

(Upon talking to the couple sitting at the table in the Bar.)

  • ...And then...
  • Hmm, hmmm, oh really?

(Upon talking to the man on the left counter in the Weapon Store in Wall Market.)
NPC: You want somethin'? I don't wanna hear any complaints 'bout how things look.

(Before Aeris suggests Cloud dress up.)

(Upon talking to the Boutique store clerk.)
Clerk: Welcome. Please take your time.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia Store.)
NPC: ...We're closed now.

(Upon talking to the owner of the Boutique sitting in the Bar.)
Owner: Whew, times are bad.

(Upon talking to the man with the cyan shirt in the Men's Hall.)
NPC: Oh dear. I've gained weight again.

(Before entering Honey Bee Inn and before Cloud is dressed up.)

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Man... Should I go......or not? ...I get so mental at times like this. I'm hopeless!!

Johnny: Hey!! Aren't you...? What!! You mean you're...too?

(Upon selecting "Yeah, me too.".)
Johnny: You're Tifa's childhood friend, and you brought a new girlfriend to a place like this!? What kind of guy are you!!

(Upon selecting "Don't bring me down to your level".)
Johnny: What...Me too. I decided this after a lot of deep thought. My last memories of Midgar...you know. But... That guy over there kinda scares me.

(Upon talking to the man outside Honey Bee Inn with dark red hair.)
NPC: What the hell!! You *%^&!! This ain't no #$*&^% show!! I'm busy right now!! I'm feelin' like there's gonna be a fight!!

(Upon talking to the Shinra soldier outside Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Urrrrgh...no way...... I can't go on. Things aren't working out. Between our differences and my pay, it just isn't cutting it.

(After entering Honey Bee Inn, before Cloud is dressed up.)

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Aeris...... Thanks for the flower and 1 gil. I'll treasure this! I'm going to dry it and keep it for good luck.

(Upon talking to the man outside Honey Bee Inn with dark red hair.)
NPC: I asked Aeris for a date... And she said not even if I paid her 1,000,000 gil. Her flowers cost 300 gil, too... She's a good business woman.

(Upon talking to the Shinra soldier outside Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Uurrgh! So, this is it for today, huh?

(Upon talking to the man outside Honey Bee Inn in purple.)
NPC: It's closing time. yawn......I'm so sleepy......

(Upon talking to the bouncer outside Honey Bee Inn.)
Bouncer: Sir, is everything all right? Look, Aeris looks so lonely.

(While Cloud is dressed up.)

(Upon talking to the man with a cauldron by the Materia Store.)
NPC: What? Are you ladies going to eat too?

(Upon talking to the man on the first screen with red hair.)
NPC: Hey! Pretty lady. Let me tell you about a good job! Go to the Don's place. You'll make a small fortune!

(Upon talking to the customer in the Boutique.)
NPC: You're... Weird.

(Upon entering the Diner.)
NPC: Sorry! But we're completely full! Please come again!

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Uh...ummm I, I...... Uh...ummm... I'm...Jo......Johnny... Nice to meet you.

(Upon talking to the man outside Honey Bee Inn with dark red hair.)
NPC: That's funny. A hard, spiky hairstyle! Looks kinda familiar...

(Upon talking to the man outside Honey Bee Inn in purple.)
NPC: Ummm, young girls...soft skin. Ummm, OK, I'm refreshed now! ...Mmmm? Pretty hard. You work out?

(Upon talking to the bouncer outside Honey Bee Inn.)
Bouncer: Yeah, I only talk to the pretty ones. Mmmm, you're the one. You're just great.

(After meeting Don Corneo, before Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the boy outside the Pharmacy.)
NPC: It came down from the sky. But the old guy who likes tanks took all of it away. I wanted some too.

(Upon talking to the man standing outside the Diner.)
NPC: According to that guy with the tank, if you're strong enough, anyone can make it to the top plate. So, build your strength by having a plate of our food.

(Upon talking to the man on the first screen with red hair.)
NPC: I never believed that Sector 7 would ever come down.

(Upon talking to the man with a cauldron by the Materia Store.)
NPC: Phew, it's all dusty ever since the sky came down. I'll have to start over.

(Upon talking to the man in front of the Boutique.)
NPC: That was scary...

(Upon talking to the two near the junk heap by the Men's Hall.)

  • Is this pile of trash getting bigger?
  • Yes, I think so.
  • A lot of things came falling down when the Sector 7 pillar fell.
  • Right, right, you're right. The owner of the Weapons Shop scavenged all the stuff that came falling down.
  • Oh is that why? He seems pretty suspicious these days.
  • Oh, you mean he went out to the Plate cross section next to the Don's Mansion, right?
  • Oh, you know! I wonder what he's doing?
  • Yeah! It gives me the chills.

(Upon talking to the clerk at the Boutique.)
Clerk: You're dressed normal today. If something else interesting comes up, let me in on it.

(Upon talking to the man kicking the punchbag in the Men's Hall.)
NPC: More strength. I bet you could climb all the way up to the upper plate if you used that pipe. Don't you know? The old man at the Weapon shop can tell you more about it.

(Upon talking to the man with the cyan shirt in the Men's Hall.)
NPC: So? How's it?

(Upon talking to the couple sitting at the table in the Bar.)

  • Scary, isn't it? You just never know when the plate might come crashing down.
  • Yeah. I'd like to climb up to the plate if I could.

(Upon talking to the man outside the Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Hey!! It's you!! Sorry, but I already heard about you. In addition to dressing like a woman, it seems you like to smash and grind things. We only let cultured customers in! Got it? Then you'd better leave!

(Upon talking to Kotch, bound to the table in the torture room in Don Corneo's mansion.)
Kotch: Hey! You're...not them... you're... Please, help me!

(Upon selecting "Help him".)
Kotch: Thanks! You know what? After you left, some Shinra guys forced themselves in here saying things like 'information leaked' and 'good for nothing'. They took Don somewhere and that's it...... I'm still here.

Kotch: Oops! They're here again... I'm outta here! SEE ya

(Upon selecting "Leave him".)
Kotch: I...I was just following the Don's orders! Help me!

(After Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the boy outside the Pharmacy.)
NPC: I wish I could live with a real cat.

(Upon talking to the man standing outside the Diner.)
NPC: It's a weird world we live in, so eat up and work hard.

(Upon talking to the man on the first screen with red hair.)
NPC: We're not leavin' this city no matter what happens.

(Upon talking to the man with a cauldron by the Materia Store.)
NPC: I don't know what's gonna happen next, But first, you gotta fill your stomach.

(Upon talking to the man in front of the Boutique.)
NPC: Seems like everything has frills on it.

(Upon interacting with the machine in the Item Store, if Tifa and Cid are in the party.)
Cid: Hmm? Let me see that.

Cid: It should work now. Go on, try and use it now.

Tifa: Cid! What did you do!?

Cid: Don't get mad, you'll just get more wrinkles. Hey, something's comin' out.

(Upon talking to the man kicking the punchbag in the Men's Hall.)
NPC: These days, you've got to have strength. Come on, you should work out.

(Upon talking to the man on the left counter in the Weapon Store in Wall Market.)
NPC: Oh, so you're back? I got something good for you. Why don't you buy it?

Cloud: You probably just found it lying around somewhere, right?

NPC: I'll admit that I found it, but you may never be able to get another one like it again. How 'bout 129,000 Gil for it?

Cloud: ...What kind of price is that?

(Upon selecting "Oh, all right...I'll buy it" if the player has enough gil.)
NPC: Hey, much obliged. You'll never regret it!

On-screen: Received "Sneak Glove"!

(Upon selecting "Oh, all right...I'll buy it" if the player does not have enough.)
NPC: Hmm, looks like you're a little short, son. Come back again.

(Upon selecting "No, I don't want it".)
NPC: Hmm, that's too bad. This's really something.

(Upon talking to the man after purchasing the Sneak Glove from him.)
NPC: Come again.

(Upon talking to the soldier outside Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Heee,...... The Shinra have occupied this shop!

Shinra Building optional dialogue[edit | edit source]

(At any point.)

(Upon inspecting the left-hand side of the bulletin board on the first floor.)
On-screen: Shinra, Inc. This week's phrase Shinra's Future Is The World's Future!! Mako Energy For A Brighter World!!

(Upon inspecting the right-hand side of the bulletin board.)
On-screen: Turtle's Paradise Newsletter No. 2 The end of another hard day. Wouldn't you like to sit back with a tall cool one? You can at the Turtles Paradise!! Stop in today! There's nothing like a smooth one after work!

(During the first visit, before Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the couple in the accessory shop on the second floor.)
NPC 1: Honey...... Buy me that car!

NPC 2: But baby, that's way too expensive.

(Upon talking to the couple again.)

NPC 1: What did you say?

NPC 1: .........

NPC 2: .........

NPC 1: Hh, hey!

NPC 2: Ww, wait for meeeeeee.........!

(Upon talking to the cashier of the accessory shop from the counter for the first time. Lines in italics only occur if Aeris is in the party.)
Cashier: Welcome. Today we have on special... Eagghhh!! Here, t, take the money...

Barret: Don't want no money. AVALANCHE ain't no packa criminals. We jes want back what your boss stole from us. I mean, "who" he stole from us.

Cashier: A, AVALANCHE?

Barret: Now we ain't gonna hurt you. Might even pay ya, if ya help us.

Cashier: Ok...ok...well...

(Upon talking to the cashier at the accessory shop at any time.)
Cashier: What is it?

(After closing the shop menu at the accessory shop.)
Cashier: Thank you and come again... Forget I said that...

(Upon talking to the cashier from inside the counter if the player has not spoken to her yet.)
Cashier: Please take all purchases to the register

(Upon inspecting a treasure chest in the accessory shop.)
Cashier: You opened up all those things without asking and, hey wait!

(Upon talking to the employees sitting at the table on floor 61.)
NPC 1: I thought I heard a ruckus downstairs a minute ago. Do you know what that was all about?

NPC 2: No idea. But no need to worry because everything above the 60th floor is safe.

(Upon talking to the employee in dark blue walking around on floor 61.)
NPC: This is the lounge floor. Above us are the special floors for the big wigs in the company. It's tough working under someone. Tires you out.

(Upon talking to the employee in grey by the tree on floor 61.)
NPC: What's keeping her? Did she forget her keycard? Even employees can't walk around above the 60th floor without a keycard.

(Upon talking to the employee near the elevators.)
NPC: I don't remember seeing your face before... You new here? Say, you're cute. Let me teach you some...things.

(Upon selecting "Things?".)
NPC: Wipe that stupid look off your face. I was only going to teach you how to get to the next floor. The higher ups in the company use the floors above the 60th floor. But you can't get there without a keycard. Get a keycard and you can use the elevators freely. ...voila! You hear that sound and the door opens. Just remember there are different types of cards. One keycard alone won't let you go everywhere. For example, 'Keycard 60' only takes you to the 60th floor. 'Keycard 65' only takes you to the 65th floor. It's a security system worthy of Shinra. After all, all the power in Midgar and the world, for that matter, is controlled by them. Oh, I have to go. Gotta get back to work!

(Upon selecting "Um, I'm kinda in a hurry...".)
NPC: Oh? That's too bad...

(Upon inspecting the computer on floor 63 for the first time.)
Computer: ...beep...beep... ......verifying key card...... ........................... Level B employee: verified. You are permitted to open doors on this floor up to three times. blip...... If you receive an item coupon, remember to exchange it for an item. ...warning...refrain from entering the air conditioning ducts recklessly - they are very dangerous...

(Upon inspecting the computer a subsequent time.)
Comouter: ...bing...bing... Enter command

(Upon selecting "All clear" command if the player has not exchanged coupons yet.)
Computer: ......bing...bing... Start again from the beginning? The information and materials you received on this floor will all be cleared. Clear them?

(Upon selecting "Yeah......".)
Computer: ...... ......... ......... Cleared. You are permitted to open any door on this floor up to three times.

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "All clear" command if the player has exchanged coupons.)
Computer: ...beep...beep...... After you have exchanged coupons you may no longer use 'all-clear'.

(Upon selecting "Coupon Change" command if the player has at least one coupon.)
Computer: You can exchange your coupons for items. Here are the items you can have... A coupon.........'Star Pendant' B coupon.........'Four Slots' C coupon.........'All' Materia Please use caution...once you have exchanged coupons for items you may not use 'All Clear' function. Exchange coupon?

(Upon selecting "Yeah......".)
Computer: ....... ......... ....... Coupon exchange complete.

(If the player attempted to exchange a C coupon with no Materia slots available.)
Computer: You cannot take on more materia. Please discard some materia. Your 'All' materia was returned for a C Coupon.

(Upon selecting "Naw", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Coupon Change" command if the player has no coupons.)
Computer: ...beep......beep...... You do not have any coupons.

(Upon inspecting the air duct in the first room with the computer.)
Cloud: An air-duct... It doesn't look like I'll be able to climb in here.

(Upon inspecting the air duct in any other room.)
Cloud: An air-duct......

(Upon selecting "Climb in and look around", Cloud enters the duct. Upon selecting "Leave it alone", nothing happens.)

(Upon inspecting a door before opening three doors.)
Computer: ...beep...beep...... Open the door?

(Upon inspecting a door after opening three.)
Computer: Bi, bing...... You have opened three doors. If you access the computer, You can begin this process one more time.

(Upon inspecting the treadmill on floor 64.)
Cloud: .......

(Upon selecting "This is so stupid", nothing happens. Upon selecting "Should I try it?", Cloud runs on the treadmill.)

(Upon running on the treadmill for a duration.)
Cloud: Whew...

(Upon selecting "Better quit pretty soon", Cloud gets off the treadmill. Upon selecting "Continue a bit longer", Cloud remains on.)

(Upon running after selecting "Continue a bit longer" three times in a row.)
Cloud: Feels like I got a little lighter...... At least I think so...

(Upon talking to the female employee on the treadmill.)
NPC: ...huff...puff... If you're tired, you should get some rest in the next room.

(Upon talking to the male employee on the treadmill.)
NPC: ...huff...wheeze... I'm starting to worry about my belly......

(Upon inspecting the vending machine in the exercise room if the player has not entered gil.)
On-screen: Take one to restore your energy!! 'Shinra Gym Special Drink' Only 250 gil!!

(Upon selecting "Try it out".)
Cloud: ...Nothing...

(Upon selecting "Don't try it", nothing happens.)

(Upon inspecting the vending machine in the exercise room again having entered gil.)
Cloud: ...... ...Is it broken?'

(Upon selecting "BANG on it".)
NPC: Sir, what are you doing!? No violence here, please!

(Upon selecting "Give up", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the man stretching on the bench in the exercise room.)
NPC: Hmph, hmph... Since I'm head of security for this building, stamina's very important to me.

(Upon talking to the clerk in the exercise room.)
NPC: You must be a visitor. Please feel free to use any unused machines.

(Upon entering the room with the Save Point on floor 64.)
Cloud: A nap room...

(Upon selecting "Let's get some rest", HP/MP restored. Upon selecting "Let's hurry on", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the man sleeping in the nap room.)
NPC: ...zzz... Please......let me...... get some...rest......

(Upon inspecting the bathroom on floor 64.)
On-screen: Out of Order
Please use a different Floor
Shinra Company Repair Management Department

(Upon inspecting a locker on floor 64 after already obtaining an item inside.)
Cloud: There's nothing inside...

(Upon inspecting the locker on the left-hand side on the top row.)
Cloud: What is this......a Megaphone? Hanging on to this won't do any good...

(Upon talking to the female employee on floor 66 walking between rooms while she is in the hallway.)
NPC: Whew, I'm so sick of carrying all these files... But I get to meet lots of guys. I guess that's the benefit of being a secretary!

(Upon talking to her while she is inside a room. One line randomly chosen from the follow selection.)

  • Hello...!! (Looks so serious. I guess it means the man's fastidious.)
  • Hello...!! (Just concentrate on work...)
  • Hello...!! (Wow, Pee-U! No thanks.)
  • Hello...!! (He's kinda cute. But looks like that girl's with him... But that's kinda exciting!)

(Upon talking to the male employee walking around the conference room.)
NPC: ........................ ........................ ........................ ........................ ........................ ........................ Phew!

(Upon talking to the male employee walking around the top-left area.)
NPC: It gives me the feeling that I AM alive. The feeling of moving this world, just with my hands.

(Upon talking to the male employee in the bottom-right room.)
NPC: Is it just me or does the Conference Room smell? There's some sort of stench coming from somewhere...

(Upon talking to the male employee standing in the bottom-left room.)
NPC: Hey, when you're in the bathroom, do you ever hear whispers coming from somewhere?

(Upon talking to the man walking in the bottom-left room before the Shinra meeting.)
NPC: They're having another executive meeting. I wonder if it's about that Plate incident.

(Upon talking to him after the meeting.)
NPC: Sittin' here facing the monitor...day in, day out... I kinda feel......forced...into doing it. And I just don't have any motivation.

(Upon talking to the female employee in the left room.)
NPC: Come on, we're building the future of Mako!

(Upon talking to the male employee walking around the top-left area.)
NPC: It gives me the feeling that I AM alive. The feeling of moving this world, just with my hands.

(Second visit, after Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon inspecting the counter at the accessory shop.)
NPC: Welcome... to the fully automated store. Place your order...now.

(Upon inspecting the computer on floor 63.)
Computer: ......ga...... ......gaga......ga......

(Upon inspecting the vending machine on floor 64, if the player entered gil in on their previous visit.)
Cloud: ...... ...Is it broken?'

(Upon selecting "Give up", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "BANG on it".)
On-screen: Received "Mind Source"! Received "Speed Source"!

General interactions[edit | edit source]

(Upon selecting an item, or a chest, where XXXX is the name of the item.)
On-screen: Received "XXXX"!
(Two exceptions: "Ether" is referred to as "Tincture" when received at Fort Condor, and "Megalixir" is referred to as "Last Elixir" on Gaea's Cliff.)

(Upon interacting with an object when locked.)
On-screen: Locked...

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