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Final Fantasy VII script comprises the full text transcript of the original PlayStation release of Final Fantasy VII.

  • Script content is split into chapters translated from the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega.
  • The name of the speaker will be used next to all dialogue even if the text box in-game does not list the character's name.
    • Player characters that can join the party can be renamed. The script assumes their default name (unless a different name is given, as "Red" is listed in one of Red XIII's lines before he joins), including before the player can name them, but notes when they can be named.
    • For non-player characters that are unnamed, and have no name next to their text box, "NPC" is used.
  • Some in-game dialogue is not included in their respective chapter if they are not unique or specifically tied to said chapter. These lines will be placed together in a single section in the § Miscellaneous section.
    • Optional dialogue is listed next to event triggers, but grouped by before/after Meteor is summoned (start of Act 3, "Turmoil"), due to the drastic change in dialogue thereafter. If optional dialogue only occurs during a specific chapter, it is grouped under the chapter in which it can be seen.
    • Dialogue is ordered by the earliest possible place it can be triggered.
  • Yuffie and Vincent are both optional characters. Their dialogue is included in the script, but will not appear if the player does not recruit them.
  • Some dialogue by other party members depends on the order in which they are listed in the player's party, with the party leader exempted as they can be placed on any slot. For instance, if the party leader is on slot 1, the "first party member" will be the one on slot 2; if the party leader is on slot 2, then "first party member" refers to the one on slot 1.

Act 1: Banner of Revolution[]

No. 1 Reactor Bombing[]

Barret: C'mon newcomer. Follow me.

Biggs: Wow! You used to be in SOLDIER all right! ...Not everyday ya find one in a group like AVALANCHE.

Jessie: SOLDIER? Aren't they the enemy? What's he doing with us in AVALANCHE?

Biggs: Hold it, Jessie. He WAS in SOLDIER. He quit them and now is one of us.

Biggs: Didn't catch your name...

(Menu text appears for name entry.)
On-screen: Please enter a name.

(Upon selecting the name "Cloud".)
Cloud: ...Cloud.

Biggs: Cloud, eh? I'm...

Cloud: I don't care what your names are. Once this job's over...I'm outta here.

Barret: The hell you all doin'!? I thought I told you never to move in a group! Our target's the North Mako Reactor. We'll meet on the bridge in front of it.

Barret: Ex-SOLDIER, huh? Don't trust ya!

(Upon selecting the name "Barret".)
Barret: If you push the Directional button while pushing the [CANCEL] button to run. (earlier marked X)

(Upon talking to Wedge.)

  • I'll secure the escape passage. Concentrate on the mission, Cloud.
  • Geez, we're really gonna blow this huge furnace up? This'll be somethin' to see!

(Upon entering the Sector 1 Reactor.)
Barret: Yo! This your first time in a reactor?

Cloud: No. After all, I did work for Shinra, y'know.

Barret: The planet's full of Mako energy. People here use it every day. It's the life blood of this planet. But Shinra keeps suckin' the blood out with these weird machines.

Cloud: I'm not here for a lecture. Let's just hurry.

Barret: That's it! You're comin' with me from now on.

(Upon talking to Biggs before deciphering first door.)
Biggs: Code deciphered

(Upon talking to Biggs after deciphering first door.)
Biggs: Think how many of our people risked their lives, just for this code...

(Upon talking to Jessie before deciphering first door.)
Jessie: Biggs and I got the code for this door.

(Upon talking to Jessie after deciphering first door, before deciphering second.)
Jessie: Code deciphered

(Inside the elevator.)
Jessie: Push that button over there!

(Upon pushing the switch.)
On-screen: Switch On.

Barret: Little by little the reactors'll drain out all the life. And that'll be that.

Cloud: It's not my problem.

Barret: The planet's dyin', Cloud!

Cloud: The only thing I care about is finishin' this job before security and the Roboguards come.

(Upon talking to Jessie in front of the ladder.)
Jessie: Push the [OK] button in front of a ladder to grab on to it. After that, use the [Directional button] to move up and down.

(Upon approaching reactor core.)
Barret: When we blow this place, this ain't gonna be nothin' more than a hunka junk. Cloud, you set the bomb.

Cloud: Shouldn't you do it?

Barret: Jus' do it! I gotta watch to make sure you don't pull nothin'.

Cloud: Fine, be my guest.

On-screen: Watch out! This isn't just a reactor!!

Barret: ......What's wrong?

Cloud: Huh?

Barret: What's wrong, Cloud? Hurry it up!

Cloud: ...Yeah, sorry.

Barret: Heads up, here they come!

(During battle with Guard Scorpion.)

  • (If Cloud and Barret are alive.)
    Cloud: Barret, be careful!
  • (If only Cloud is alive.)
    Cloud: It's gonna fire that laser...
  • (After either of the previous lines.)
    Cloud: Attack while it's tail's up! It's gonna counterattack with its laser.
  • (If only Barret is alive.)
    Barret: I dunno what's goin' on, but... it looks pretty bad. Let's see what it does when it's tail's up...

(After defeating Guard Scorpion.)
Cloud: Come on, let's get outta here!

On-screen: Ten minutes to detonation!

Cloud: The alarm!

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Cloud: You all right?

Jessie: My leg got stuck.

Jessie: Thanks!

(Upon talking to Jessie before deciphering second door.)
Jessie: Code deciphered

(Upon talking to Jessie after deciphering second door.)
Jessie: Alright, be careful.

(Upon talking to Biggs if Jessie's leg wasn't freed.)
Biggs: Jessie still hasn't come up yet!

(Upon talking to Biggs if the second door was deciphered but the first was not.)
Biggs: Code deciphered

(Upon talking to Biggs if the above conditions are not true.)
Biggs: Let's go!

(After Sector 7 Reactor was destroyed.)
Biggs: That should keep the planet going... at least a little longer.

Wedge: Yeah.

Barret: .........

Jessie: OK! Now everyone get back.

(Upon entering Sector 8 after the explosion.)
Barret: All right, now let's get out of here.

Barret: Rendezvous at Sector 8 station! Split up and get on the train!

Cloud: H, hey!

Barret: If it's about your money Save it 'til we're back at the hideout.

(Upon interacting with flower girl.)
Flower girl: Excuse me. What happened?

  • (Upon selecting "You'd better get out of here".)
    Flower girl: Really? I don't know what's going on, but all right.
  • (Upon selecting "Nothing...hey, listen...".)
    Cloud: ............
    • (Upon selecting "Don't see many flowers around here".)
      Flower girl: Oh, these? Do you like them? They're only a gil...?
    • (Upon selecting "Never mind".)
      Flower girl: What! Tell me! Uh,excuse me,would you like to buy some flowers? They're only one gil.
    • (Upon selecting "Buy one" after the previous options.)
      Flower girl: Oh, thank you! Here you are!
    • (Upon selecting "Forget it" after the previous options.)
      Flower girl: Ahh...not again.

(Upon talking to the person walking.)

  • NPC: Just what the hell's going on!?

(Upon talking to the person standing.)

  • NPC: Wonder what that is on the wall over there. Let's see...Don't be fooled by Shinra! Mako energy doesn't last forever! Mako is the planet's lifesource! The end is in sight! Protectors of the planet: AVALANCHE

(Upon being spotted by soldiers.)
Soldier: Hey! You there!!

Cloud: Shinra Soldiers......

  • (After defeating the first set of soldiers in a battle upon selecting "Fight them!".)
    Soldier: What the?
    Cloud: hmph!
  • (Upon selecting "Later!" and avoiding battle.)
    Soldier: Halt!!
  • (After defeating the second set of soldiers in a battle upon selecting "Fight them!".)
    Soldier: That's him!!
    Cloud: hmph!
  • (Upon selecting "Later!" and avoiding the second set of soldiers, no dialogue.)
  • (After defeating the third set of soldiers in a battle upon selecting "Fight them!".)
    Soldier: Over here!!
    Cloud: hmph!
  • (Upon selecting "Later!" and avoiding the second set of soldiers, no dialogue.)

(After a fourth set of soldiers arrive, regardless of previous options.)
Soldier: That's as far as you go.

Cloud: I don't have time to be messin' around with you guys.

Soldier: Enough babbling...... Grab him!!

Cloud: What a pain......

(After Cloud jumps to the train to Sector 8.)
Wedge: Cloud never came.

Biggs: Cloud...... Wonder if he was killed?

Barret: No way!!

Jessie: Cloud......

Biggs: Say, do you think Cloud's...... Going to fight to the end for AVALANCHE!?

Barret: The hell would I know!? Do I look like a mind reader? Hmph!! If y'all weren't such screw-ups...

Wedge: Hey, Barret! What about our money...? Uh, nothin'...sorry. Ahhh......

Wedge: Cloud!!

Biggs: Cloud!!

Jessie: Cloud......

Cloud: Looks like I'm a little late.

Barret: You damn right, you're late!! Come waltzin' in here makin' a big scene!

Cloud: It's no big deal. Just what I always do.

Barret: Shi't! Havin' everyone worried like that you don't give a damn 'bout no one but yourself!

Cloud: Hmm...... You were worried about me!

Barret: Wha!? I'm takin' it outta your money, hot stuff!

Barret: Wake up! We're movin' out! Follow me!

Wedge: Hey, Cloud!! You were great back there!

Biggs: Heh heh......Cloud! We'll do even better next time.

Jessie: Be careful, I'll shut this.

Jessie: Oh, Cloud!! Your face is pitch-black......

Jessie: There you go!

Jessie: Say, thanks for helping me back there at the Reactor!

(Upon entering next car.)
On-screen: Last train out of Sector 8 Station. Last stop is Sector 7, Train Graveyard. Expected time of arrival is 12:23AM, Midgar Standard Time...

NPC: This is why I hate the last train. Hoo-boy...

(Upon talking to the man sleeping on the right.)
NPC: Huh...? This is my house, so make yourselves at home.

(Upon talking to the man sitting on the left.)
NPC: You see the headlines in the Shinra Times? The terrorists that bombed the No. 1 Reactor are based somewhere in the slums. ...blowing up a Reactor... they sure put some thought into this one. They must have a real calculating leader. I wonder what they'll do next?

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Stop actin' like a damn kid. Si'down an' shu'up!

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: It seems this train hasn't switched to security mode yet. I'm sure that will change by tomorrow.

(Upon talking to Biggs a second time.)
Biggs: ...YAWN...that sure took its toll on me. I'm gonna sleep till we get to the station.

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: Someday AVALANCHE's gonna be famous ...and me, too!

(Upon talking to Wedge a second time.)
Wedge: Cloud!! Don't ya think I got a bright future ahead of me?

  • (Upon selecting "What do you have in mind?".)
    Wedge: All my life, I felt like nothin' but a sidekick. But, after joinin' AVALANCHE and tryin' to save the Planet, I feel like I can do lots of things.
  • (Upon selecting "I wouldn't hold my breath".)
    Wedge: Oh man, that's pretty harsh, Cloud. You really think I won't?

(Upon attempting to go to the next car.)

  • NPC: Please!! You're bothering the other passengers.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Hey, Cloud. You want to look at this with me? It's a map of the Midgar Rail System. Let's look at it together. I'll explain it to you.

Jessie: I like this kinda stuff. Bombs and know, flashy stuff.

(While viewing Midgar Rail System map.)
Jessie: Okay, it's about to start.

Jessie: This is a complete model of the city of Midgar. It's about a 1/10000 scale. The top plate is about 50 meters above ground. A main support structure holds the plate up in the center, and there are other support structures built in each section... psst...whisper...whisper... (The No. 1 Reactor we blew up was in the northern section.) Then there's No.2, No.3 all the way up to the No.8 Reactor. The 8 Reactors provide Midgar with electricity. Each town used to have a name, but no one in Midgar remembers them. Instead of names, we refer to them by numbered sectors. That's the kind of place this is.

Jessie: Phew..., this is next! Look.

Jessie: This is the route this train is on. The route spirals around the main support structure. We should be coming around the center area, right now. At each checkpoint, an ID sensor device is set up. It can check the identities and background on each and every passenger on the train by linking it up to the central data bank at Shinra headquarters. whisper...whisper... (Anyone could tell that we look suspicious, so we're using fake ID's.)

(After view has closed.)
Jessie: Speak of the devil... That light means that we're in the ID Security Check area. ...whisper...whisper... (When the lights go off, you never know what kind of creeps'll come out.) ...anyhow, we're almost back now. That's a relief.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: ...snore...heebeebeeheebee...snore... (Don't act so damn big, Barret...snooze...)

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: I'm seein' stars. This sucks. I hate the dark.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: I know! Next time, I'll give you one I made myself.

  • (Upon selection "Thanks anyway".)
    Jessie: Oh yeah, you might regret it. I'm the type who takes things personal.
  • (Upon selecting "Looking forward to it".)
    Jessie: Okay, then I'll put a little extra effort in and make it with a BANG.

(Upon talking to Jessie again.)
Jessie: We're almost there. After talking with you, I really want to do it! I think you've lit my fuse!

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Barret: can see the surface now. This city don't have no day or night. If that plate weren't there... we could see the sky.

Cloud: A floating city... Pretty unsettling scenery.

Barret: Huh? Never expect ta hear that outta someone like you. jes' full of surprises.

Barret: The upper world...a city on a plate... It's 'cuz of that &^#$# 'pizza', that people underneath are sufferin'! And the city below is full of polluted air. On topa that, the Reactor keeps drainin' up all the energy.

Cloud: Then why doesn't everyone move onto the Plate?

Barret: Dunno. Probably 'cuz they ain't got no money. Or, maybe... 'Cuz they love their land, no matter how polluted it gets.

Cloud: I know... no one lives in the slums because they want to. It's like this train. It can't run anywhere except where its rails take it.

At the Hideout in the Slums[]

(Upon getting off the train.)
Barret: Yo!! Get over here, all'ya!!

(Upon attempting to run to the right before talking to Barret.)
Barret: Yo, Cloud! You lissen up!

(Upon reaching Barret.)
Barret: This mission was a success. But don't get lazy now. The hard part's still to come! Don't y'all be scared of that explosion! Cause the next one's gonna be bigger than that! Meet back at the hideout!! Move out!

(Upon talking to Barret in front of 7th Heaven.)
Barret: Ok! Go on ahead.

(Upon talking to Barret again, or after waiting a few seconds.)
Barret: You! Cloud!! Get off your slow-movin' ass!!

(Upon talking to Barret while Tifa is outside the 7th Heaven.)
Barret: Heh heh... You wanna meet your little baby?

  • (Upon selecting "Little baby?".)
    Barret: Hey! Don' act like you don't know what I mean! I'm tellin' you...
  • (Upon selecting "Out of my way!".)
    Barret: Heh! Jes calm down. Can't have people suspectin' us.

(Upon entering 7th Heaven.)
Marlene: Papa!!

Tifa: Marlene! Aren't you going to say anything to Cloud? Welcome home, Cloud. Looks like everything went well. Did you fight with Barret?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah".)
    Tifa: I should have known. He's always pushing people around, and you've always been in fights ever since you were little. I was worried.
  • (Upon selecting "Not this time".)
    Tifa: Hmm. You've grown up. When you were little you used to get into fights at the drop of a hat.

(Menu text appears for name entry.)
On-screen: Please enter a name.

(Upon selecting the name "Tifa", if flowers were bought.)
Tifa: Flowers? How nice... You almost never see them here in the slums. But... A flower for me? Oh Cloud, you shouldn't have...

Cloud: No big.

  • (Upon selecting "Give it to Tifa".)

Tifa: Thank you, Cloud. It smells wonderful. Maybe I should fill the store with flowers. Cloud, this one still has roots. I can probably start others from it.

  • (Upon selecting "Give it to Marlene", nothing.)

(Upon selecting the name "Tifa", if no flowers had been purchased.)
Tifa: I'm so glad everyone's safe.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: Aaah!! Nothin' like that first drink after a job. Hic!! Why don't you have one too?

  • (Upon selecting "No".)
    Biggs: What!? You tellin' me you're too good to drink with me? Don't act big-headed jus' because you were in SOLDIER!
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, why not?")
    Biggs: Oh!! That's more like it!! Even if you were with SOLDIER, you're still a rookie here. So you'd better listen to whatever I tell ya!

(Upon talking to Biggs again.)
Biggs: Hic...!! Oh...... Don't tell Barret what I jus said.

(Upon talking to Wedge again.)
Wedge: Oh, Cloud! Tifa really knows how to cook. Mmm, mmm...... Anyway, let me tell you somethin'

  • (Upon selecting "About what?".)
    Wedge: Tifa always lets me taste her cooking. And look at me now, I'm rolly-polly. Don't know whether I should be happy or sad. But it's the good food and drinks that make this shop famous.
  • (Upon selecting "I'm not interested in your stories".)
    Wedge: Cloud...... ......forget it.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Careless...... You're getting all excited. Wonder what for......?

(Upon talking to Marlene.)
Marlene: ............

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Sorry, Cloud. Marlene seems a little shy.

(Upon attempting to leave 7th Heaven.)
Marlene: Papa, welcome home!

(If Marlene was given flower.)
Barret: Yeah. Huh? Where'd you get that flower?

Marlene: Cloud gave it to me.

Barret: Oh...... Did you thank him? ............

Marlene: Thank you, Cloud. We'll take care of you.

(Either after "We'll take care of you" if Marlene got flower, or "Papa, welcome home!" otherwise).
Tifa: You all right, Barret?

Barret: Great!!

Barret: Get in here, fools!! We're startin' the meetin'!!

(Upon talking to Tifa if she hasn't offered a drink.)
Tifa: Cloud... come over here.

(Upon approaching bar stools.)
Tifa: Sit down. How about... ...something to drink?

  • (Upon selecting "I don't feel like it".)
    Tifa: OHH!! I can make a drink just as good as anyone else. Everyone says, my drinks taste the best!
  • (Upon selecting "Give me something hard".)
    Tifa: Just a minute. I'll make one for you.
    Tifa: You know, I'm relieved you made it back safely.
    Cloud: What's with you all of a sudden? That wasn't even a tough job.
    Tifa: I guess not... You were in SOLDIER. Make sure you get your pay from Barret.
    Cloud: Don't worry. Once I get that money, I'm outta here.

Tifa: Cloud. Are you feeling all right?

Cloud: ...yeah... Why?

Tifa: No reason. You just look a little tired I guess.

(Upon talking to Tifa after all above dialogue.)
Tifa: You'd better go down below.

(Upon interacting with TV.)
President Shinra: the No.1 Reactor was bombed. The terrorist group AVALANCHE has claimed responsibility for the bombing. It is expected that AVALANCHE will continue its reign of terror. But citizens of Midgar, there is no need to fear. I have immediately mobilized SOLDIER to protect our citizenry against this senseless violence. Thank you and good night.

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: You think I'm a little too uptight?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah...")
    Wedge: The next mission will be to blow up the Sector 5 Reactor. Cloud, you're great! Don't you ever get nervous? Or are you like, impervious to feelings? Naw, that couldn't be it.
  • (Upon selecting "No...")
    Wedge: Well, that's ok. Don't worry about me. I don't look like it, but I'm a coward at heart.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Oops... Hey, look at the news... What a blast. Think it was all because of my bomb? But all I really did was just make it like the computer told me. Oh no! I must've made a miscalculation somewhere.

(Upon talking to Jessie again.)
Jessie: Hey, that was my bomb's debut. Makes me kinda proud.

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Barret: Yo, Cloud! There's somethin' I wanna ask ya. Was there anyone from SOLDIER fighting us today?

Cloud: None. I'm positive.

Barret: You sound pretty sure.

Cloud: If there was anyone from SOLDIER you wouldn't be standing here now.

Barret: Don't go thinkin' you so bad jes cuz you was in SOLDIER.

Cloud: ............

Barret: Yeah, you're strong. Probably all them guys in SOLDIER are. But don't forget that your skinny ass's workin' for AVALANCHE now! Don't get no ideas 'bout hangin' on to Shinra.

Cloud: Stayin' with Shinra? You asked me a question and I answered it...that's all.

Cloud: I'm going upstairs. I want to talk about my money.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Shucks!!

(Upon talking to Marlene.)
Marlene: Papa, you're so great!

(Upon returning to pinball machine.)
Tifa: Wait, Cloud!

Barret: Tifa! Let him go! Looks like he still misses the Shinra!

Cloud: Shut up! I don't care about either Shinra or SOLDIER! But don't get me wrong! I don't care about AVALANCHE or the Planet for that matter!

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: .......Cloud. You say you don't care, but you came to talk to me. Cloud... You just want friends. Isn't that right?

  • (Upon selecting "Blow off".)
    Wedge: Yeah, well. You look kind of lonely to me. If you ever got anything you want to get off your chest, you can always talk to me.
  • (Upon selecting "I really don't care".)
    Wedge: You're terrible. Real cold blooded.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Money... Oh my. It must have been for a lot of it. Sure! Well, what the hell? It's a verbal agreement. Now let me figure this out. Oh stop it, Cloud! Did you hear me?

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Straighten things up with everyone for me.

(Upon attempting to leave 7th Heaven.)
Tifa: Listen, Cloud. I'm asking you. Please join us.

Cloud: Sorry Tifa...

Tifa: The Planet is dying. Slowly but surely it's dying. Someone has to do something.

Cloud: So let Barret and his buddies do something about it. It's got nothin' to do with me.

Barret: You damn right we'll do something about it. N' you stay outta this Tifa!

Tifa: So! You're really leaving !? You're just going to walk right out ignoring your childhood friend !?

Cloud: What......?

(After selecting either "How can you say that!" or "......Sorry".)
Tifa: ......You forgot the promise, too.

Cloud: Promise?

Tifa: So you DID forget.

Tifa: Remember......Cloud. It was seven years ago...

(During flashback in Nibelheim.)
Tifa: Look, the well. Do you remember?

Cloud: Yeah...back then. I thought you would never come, and I was getting a little cold.

Tifa (in flashback): Sorry I'm late. You said you wanted to talk to me about something?

Cloud (in flashback): Come this spring...I'm leaving this town for Midgar.

Tifa (in flashback): ...All boys are leaving our town.

Cloud (in flashback): But I'm different from all of them. I'm not just going to find a job. I want to join SOLDIER. I'm going to be the best there is, just like Sephiroth!

Tifa (in flashback): Sephiroth... The Great Sephiroth. Isn't it hard to join SOLDIER?

Cloud (in flashback): ...I probably won't be able to come back to this town for a while.

Cloud (in flashback): ...huh?

Tifa (in flashback): Will you be in the newspapers if you do well?

Cloud (in flashback): I'll try.

Tifa (in flashback): Hey, why don't we make a promise? Umm, if you get really famous and I'm ever in a bind...... You come save me, all right?

Cloud (in flashback): What?

Tifa (in flashback): Whenever I'm in trouble, my hero will come and rescue me. I want to at least experience that once.

Cloud (in flashback): What?

Cloud (in flashback): Ha, ha, ha! What's that!

Tifa (in flashback): You're laughing at me!

Tifa (in flashback): Come on--! Promise me----!

Cloud (in flashback): All right......I promise.

(After flashback is complete.)
Tifa: You remember now, don't you... our promise?

Cloud: I'm not a hero and I'm not famous. I can't keep......the promise.

Tifa: But you got your childhood dream, didn't you? You joined SOLDIER. So come on! You've got to keep your promise......

Barret: Wait a sec big-time SOLDIER! A promise is a promise! Here!!

On-screen: Received Barret's stash, 1500 gil!

Cloud: This is my pay? Don't make me laugh.

Tifa: What? Then you'll...!!

Cloud: You got the next mission lined up? I'll do it for 3000.

Barret: What......!?

Tifa: It's ok, it's ok.

Tifa: psst, psst...... (We're really hurting for help, right?)

Barret: Uh......ugh...... (That money's for Marlene's schoolin'......)

Barret: 2000!

Tifa: Thanks, Cloud.

To the No. 5 Reactor[]

(Upon talking to Tifa the next day.)
Tifa: Good Morning! Cloud! Did you sleep well?

  • (Upon selecting "Barret's snoring kept me up......")
    Tifa: psstpsst... (keep it down, they'll hear you. Barret's always edgy before an operation.)
  • (Upon selecting "Next to you, who wouldn't?".)
    Tifa: I don't know what you mean.

Tifa: I'm going this time.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Our target's the Sector 5 Reactor. Head for the station first. I'll fill you in on the train.

Barret: Yo! Cloud! Before the next mission, I got somethin' I wanna ask you! I, uh,...... I don't really know how to use Materia! I'll give you that Materia you found. Just teach me how to use it!

Cloud: ...sigh...

(Upon selecting "Ok, I'll explain it".)
Cloud: Sure, I'll explain how Materia works. First, access the menu. You know the basic functions. The triangle button brings up the menu. Directional buttons move the cursor, like this. Select each menu by using the OK button. If you want to leave the menu, just push the CANCEL button. See? Let's go ahead. Now you're in this menu. Select [Materia] sub menu. Select who you want to use it. Now look at my weapon here. Each weapon and armor has slots in it. Choose which slot you want to put Materia in. Now select the Materia you want to use. This is curative Materia. If you want to know what its effect is, line the cursor up with [Check], and push the OK button. It's just like selecting battle commands. Just line the cursor up to [Magic], you can see that the available magic has increased. Now you can use new magic [Cure]. And that's all there is to equipping Materia. See? It wasn't that tough! When you want to remove any Materia, it's as easy as pointing to the materia slot, and pushing the triangle button. There's just one thing you have to be careful of. Whenever you equip Materia, your situation changes. Parts of you may become stronger... while others get weaker. Normally, when you equip [Magic] Materia, your magic power will get stronger. But your physical strength weakens. So, Materia's kind of a double-edged sword. On the left side of the screen, you can see the Materia's effect on you. It's wise not to overuse Magic Materia. But try out various things. Push the CANCEL button to exit the sub menu. Ok, that's about it. I'll give you some advanced tips later.

Barret: Shi......! What's this 'It wasn't that tough!' crap! I'm clueless...... Well, you handle the Materia then!

(Upon selecting "You wouldn't understand".)
Barret: So this is what makes them guys in SOLDIER so great, huh!? Ok. I'll ask Jessie again later. But you're in charge of the Materia!

On-screen: [Materia System] Access the menu and select [Materia] to equip Materia.

(If the player has not yet talked to Tifa in the morning.)
Tifa: I'm going this time.

(If the player has already talked to Tifa, or after the previous line.)
Tifa: Cloud! I got a message from the Weapon Shop man upstairs. He has something he wants to give you. Don't forget!

Tifa: Marlene, you watch the store while we're gone!

Marlene: All right!! Good Luck.

(Upon talking to Marlene.)
Marlene: Take care!

(Upon entering the train to Sector 5.)
Barret: YO! Looks like this ain't no private car!! So split up!!

Shinra Manager: ...hoodlums again. God, don't I just have all the luck...

Barret: You say sumthin' ?

Barret: I said, 'you say sumthin'!?

Barret: Yo, look at that!! It got empty alluva sudden. What's goin' on?

Shinra Manager: DAMN!!'s empty because of... g, guys like you... Y, Y, YIPES!!'ve seen the news, right? AVALANCHE says there'll be more bombings. Only devoted employees like me would go to Midgar on a day like today.

Barret: You workin' for Shinra?

Shinra Manager: I won't give in to violence... and I'm not giving you my seat either!

Tifa: Barret!!

Barret: &$#%!! You lucky ^$#^$.!

Cloud: So, what are we gonna do now?

Barret: Shit! The hell you so calm about? You bustin' up my rhythm...

Tifa: Seems like they just finished connecting the cars. We're finally leaving.

Cloud: So what's our next target?

Barret: Hah! Listen to Mr. Serious-about-his-work!

Barret: Awright...I'll tell ya! Jessie's probably already told you, but there's a security check point at the top plate. It's an ID scan system checkin' all the trains.

Tifa: Which Shinra is very proud of.

Barret: We can't use our fake ID's anymore...

On-screen: Good Morning, and welcome to Midgar lines. Arrival time at Sector 4 Station will 11:45.

Tifa: That means we've got only three more minutes to the ID Check point.

Barret: Alright, in three minutes, we're jumpin' off this train. Got it!?

Tifa: Cloud, come over here! Let's look at the Railway Map Monitor.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Yo, Mr. know-it-all, big time SOLDIER! You oughta know the area 'round the No. 5 Reactor, right! So let's hear YOUR explanation!

(Upon talking to sleeping man.)
NPC: Hmmm......? You're the only ones that'll talk to me or come to my house. I'm impressed.

(Upon talking to Shinra employee.)
Shinra Manager: Waaaaah!! Don...don't worry about me. (oh man, oh man, oh man...!! I'm gonna brag to everyone at work about this...)

(Upon approaching Tifa.)
Tifa: Hmm, it looks like you've seen this already... It's all right. Come a little closer.

Tifa: That's odd. The ID Check Point was supposed to be further down.

On-screen: Type A Security Alert!! Unidentified passengers confirmed... A search of all cars will be conducted! Repeat!! Type A Security Alert!! Unidentified passengers confirmed... A search of all cars will be conducted!

Tifa: What's happening?

Barret: What's goin' on!!

Jessie: We're in trouble. I'll explain later. Hurry! Get to the next car!

Barret: ^%#@%! Someone blew it...

On-screen: Unidentified passengers located in Car #1 Preparing for Lock Down

Barret: Let's go! Keep it up!

(Upon talking to sleeping man.)
NPC: Hm? ... You'd talk to me even now? I'm really impressed. Let me give you a little something as a reward.

(Upon talking to sleeping man again.)
NPC: If I die in the gutter, use that to revive me, okay?

(Upon reaching the next car.)
On-screen: Car #1: Locked Down Car being sent to the Station

(Upon approaching the door after failing to reach the next car in time.)
Barret: C'mon!! Hurry your slow ass up! That's it, huh?

Tifa: Oh well...

Barret: We're gonna jump outta here!! Follow me!!

Tifa: We got a lot of battles ahead of us. This's going to be tough.

(Upon successfully reaching the next car.)
On-screen: Car #1: Locked Down Upgrading to Level 2 Warning

Biggs: Hurry!

Wedge: They're gonna lock the door, sir!

On-screen: Unidentified passengers located in Car #2 Preparing for Lock Down

Jessie: Just run! Changing to Plan 2!

(Upon talking to the man in the back.)
NPC: Hey... You guys are rowdy...

(Upon talking to the man in the back again.)
NPC: Well, just calm down.

(Upon talking to the girl at the front-right.)
NPC: Gosh!! You're adults, but you're making such noise. Please behave while you're in the train.

(Upon talking to the man at the back-left.)
NPC: Hyu---n!! Hyu---n!!

(Upon talking to the man at the middle-left.)
NPC: Does this mean that we're in a major bind?

(Upon talking to the man at the front-left.)
NPC: Huh? The hell?! Do you want this?

(Upon selecting "Yeah...".)
NPC: Wow! I won't even charge you... Wha-t? Don't get used to it though.

(Upon selecting "My mistake".)
NPC: Wha-t? Let me know when you need me.

(Upon talking to man at the front-left after already receiving his item.)
NPC: Wha-t? You sure are greedy.

(Upon failing to reach the next car.) On-screen: Car #2: Locked Down Car being sent to the Station

(Upon approaching door after failure.)
Barret: What!? That's it!?

Tifa: That didn't do anything!

Barret: We'll jump from here!! Follow me, you 'spensive leech!!

Tifa: Phew-----! Be strong!

(Upon successfully reaching the next car.)
On-screen: Car #2: Locked down Upgrading to Warning Level 3

Barret: Awright! We clear!?

Jessie: Not yet. They're starting another check. If we're caught, we're done for! But, don't worry. If we move up the train, car by car, we should get past it!

On-screen: Unidentified Passengers: Moving to front of Train Currently tracking location

(If the player has 100 gil or more.)
NPC: Hee hee!!

(Upon talking to the thief if he successfully stole gil.)
NPC: ...nowhere to run...

(Upon talking to the thief a second time if he successfully stole gil.)
NPC: By any chance... Busted?

(Upon selecting "Huh...?", or upon talking to the thief after he returned the gil or if he never stole it.)
NPC: Ok, then. That's that.

(Upon selecting "That's right".)
NPC: I'm so--- sorry. I'll give it back...

(Upon talking to the man on the floor.)
NPC: urrrrrrrg

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Later...Goodbye...Adios, Midgar!!

(Upon talking to Johnny again.)
Johnny: sob...

(Upon failing to reach the next car.)
On-screen: Car #3: Locked Down Illegal ID will be taken to the station

(Upon approaching the door after failing to reach this or the next car.)
Barret: The hell!? So this is as far as we go...?

Tifa: We were almost there.

Barret: We're gonna jump off here!! Follow me!!

Tifa: Don't worry! Don't worry!

(Upon successfully reaching the next car.)
On-screen: Car #3: Locked Down Upgrading to Warning Level 4

The game contains code for another thief in car #3 that requires you to run into this car to catch, but it's disabled

(Upon talking to the man at the back.)
NPC: Brrrrrr...... It's terrible. Who'd expect underwear bandits in this day and age? They wiped me out!

(Upon talking to the man in the middle.)
NPC: Any idea what happened? All I know is, when I woke up the 3 of us were butt-naked! But I guess you couldn't relate...

(Upon talking to the man at the front.)
NPC: That scary broad made me take the bomb. Of course I couldn't very well refuse her!

(Upon failing to reach the next car.)
On-screen: Car #4: Locked Down Illegal ID will be taken to the Station

(Upon successfully reaching the next car.)
On-screen: Car #4: Locked Down Upgrading to maximum security alert!!

Barret: All right!! We made it!

Barret: Yo!! This way!!

Barret: Let's go!! We're gonna dive outta here!!

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Yo!! Ain't no time to waste!! something!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: ...Scary...huh.

Cloud: Too late to be saying that now. Why'd you come along anyway?

Tifa: Because...

Barret: Hey you two! There ain't no time for that!

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: Guess who? It's me, Wedge! Looks like things were a success.

(Upon talking to Wedge again.)
Wedge: I look just like my little brother in these clothes... I wonder how everyone's doin' now...?

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: It's me, Jessie. How do I look, Cloud? Do I look good in a Shinra uniform?

(Upon selecting "Yeah...".)
Cloud: look great, just like a man.

Jessie: Yay!! I'm so happy ...I think?

(Upon selecting "Not now".)
Cloud: Just concentrate on our plan.

Jessie: You're right, sorry.

(Upon talking to Tifa again.)
Tifa: Yeah!! I've made up my mind! Watch closely. I'm gonna jump!!

Cloud: You don't care if I go first?

Barret: A leader always stays till the end. Don't worry 'bout me, just go!

Barret: Yo! Don't go gettin' your spikey-ass hurt! It's only the beginnin' of the mission!

Barret: Later! You take care of the rest!

  • (Upon entering Sector 5 underground if the player jumped off from train car 1 or 2.)

Barret: Oh man...... We were forced to get this far out. We can't just go back now. We've gotta go on. Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie did good. Now, it's our turn!

  • (Sector 5 underground if the player jumped off from train car 3 or 4.)

Barret: That was close. I thought we were gonna get caught... They probably don't realize that we've sneaked in yet. We should get to the reactor in no time. Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie did good. Now, it's our turn!

  • (Sector 5 underground if the player jumped off from the final train car.)

Barret: Good, so far everything's going as planned. Better not let your guard down till we get to the Sector 5 reactor. Biggs, Wedge and Jessie got everything ready for us. So MOVE it.

(After Barret's previous lines, regardless of which train car the player jumped from.)
Barret: Well, the reactor's just down this tunnel!

(Upon reaching the bottom end of the tunnel where Shinra guards are found.)
Cloud: Shinra security guards are there. ...We've got to turn back.

(Upon approaching the guards regardless.)
Soldier: You're the AVALANCHE!

(Upon completing the following battle.)

  • A terrorist attack!
  • Intruders!
  • AVALANCHE is attacking!

Cloud: More security's coming. It's dangerous to stay here.

(Upon selecting "Run", leaves the area. Upon selecting "Stay here", the battle is repeated.)

(Upon reaching the top end of the tunnel.)
Cloud: Those light beams are the Shinra's security sensors. We can't go any further.

(Upon running into the sensors.)
Cloud: After coming this far, only an amateur'd get caught by the security sensor.

(Upon interacting with the vent on the left side.)
Barret: That's one damn tiny hole. You tellin' me to squeeze into that to get under the Plate? No way! Yo, Cloud, what're we gonna do?

  • (Upon selecting "Look inside closely".)
    Tifa: ...There seems to be nothing that'll get us stuck in this duct.
    Cloud: Yeah. If we go down this duct, we won't be able to come back up here.
    Barret: Don't be wastin' time. Never know when the Shinra'll find us. Cloud, you jes' gotta go.
  • (Upon selecting "Go down".)
    Barret: But, damn man, that thing gives me the chills.
  • (Upon selecting "Don't go down".)
    Barret: Whaddya mean we're not goin' in? There ain't no other way of gettin' to the Sector 5 reactor 'cept through here.

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: Cloud, this way. The reactor's up this ladder.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: I'm sorry. The ID scan problem on the train was all my fault. I made your ID card special...... So that's why it happened... I put my heart into making it. But I failed.

(Upon talking to Jessie again.)
Jessie: Next time, I'll give you something more decent. I'll be back at the hideout in my research room workin' on it.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: We're gonna pull out now. We'll meet up at the hideout. Cloud, we're countin' on you to blow the reactor!

(During a flashback in the Sector 5 Reactor core.)
Tifa (in flashback): Papa...

Tifa (in flashback): Sephiroth!?

Tifa (in flashback): Sephiroth did this to you, didn't he!?

Tifa (in flashback): Sephiroth...SOLDIER... Mako Reactors...Shinra...Everything! I hate them all!

(After flashback concludes.)
Barret: Damn man, get a hold of yourself!

Tifa: You all right?

Cloud: ......Tifa.

Tifa: Mmm?

Cloud: No... forget...... Come on, let's hurry!

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Cloud: I know. You're my watch, right?

Barret: Damn straight. Tifa's old friend... That ain't good enough.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Let's hurry, Cloud.

(Upon approaching terminal by the reactor exit.)
Tifa: Jessie said we all have to push the button at once.

(Upon entering the button out-of-sync with Tifa and Barret.)
Tifa: No good. Let's try it again.

(Upon leaving through the reactor walkway.)
Barret: This way!

Barret: Shinra soldiers!?

Barret: SHIT! What the hell's goin' on?

Cloud: ...a trap...

Barret: Presi...President Shinra?

Tifa: Why is the President here?

President Shinra: Hmm... So you all must be that... ...what was it?

Barret: AVALANCHE! And don't ya forget it! And you're President Shinra, huh?

Cloud: Long time no see, President.

President Shinra: ...Long time no see? You're the one who quit SOLDIER and joined AVALANCHE. I knew you'd been exposed to Mako, from the look in your eyes... Tell me, traitor... what was your name?

Cloud: Cloud.

President Shinra: Forgive me for asking, but I can't be expected to remember each person's name. Unless you become another Sephiroth.

President Shinra: Yes, Sephiroth... He was brilliant. Perhaps too brilliant...

Cloud: Sephiroth.......?

Barret: Don't give a damn 'bout none of that! This place's goin' up with a big BANG soon! Serves y'all right!

President Shinra: And such a waste of good fireworks, just to get rid of vermin like you...

Barret: VERMIN!? That's all you can say...VERMIN! Y'all Shinra're the VERMIN, killing the planet! And that makes you King VERMIN! So shu'up jackass!

President Shinra: ...You are beginning to bore me. I'm a very busy man, so if you'll excuse me... I have a dinner I must attend.

Barret: Dinner!? Don't gimme that! I ain't even started wit' you yet!

President Shinra: But, I've made arrangements for a playmate for you all.

Tifa: !? What's that noise?

Barret: The hell is this!?

President Shinra: Meet 'Airbuster', a techno-soldier. Our Weapon Development Department created him. I'm sure the data he'll extract from your dead bodies will be of great use to us in future experiments.

Cloud: ...Techno-soldier?

President Shinra: Now then, if you'll excuse me.

Cloud: Wait, President!

Barret: Yo, Cloud! We've gotta do somethin' 'bout him!

Tifa: Help, Cloud!

Tifa: THIS is from SOLDIER?

Cloud: No way! It's just a machine.

Barret: I don't care what it is!! I'm gonna bust him up!

(Upon defeating Air Buster.)
Barret: It's gonna blow! Let's go, Tifa!

Tifa: Barret! Can't you do something?

Barret: Not a damn thing.

Tifa: Cloud! Please don't die! You can't die! There's still so much I want to tell you!

Cloud: I know, Tifa......

Barret: Hey, you gonna be awright?

  • (Upon selecting "(Be strong)".)
    Cloud: ............ You worry about yourselves! I'm all right, but take care of Tifa!
    Barret: ...Alright. Sorry 'bout all this.
    Cloud: Stop talkin' like this is the end!
  • (Upon selecting "(I don't know if I can hold on...)".)
    Cloud: Shit! Can't hold on much longer. Barret......Hurry!
    Barret: Don't go cryin' like a woman. There ain't nothin' I can do for ya. Ya gotta do it yourself.
    Cloud: Barret...
    Barret: Alright, then, later.

The Woman at the Church[]

(In the Sector 5 Church.)
Grey text: ......You all right? ......Can you hear me?

Cloud: ......Yeah......

Grey text: Back then...... You could get by with just skinned knees......

Cloud: ......What do you mean by 'back then'?

Grey text: What about now? Can you get up?

Cloud: ......What do you mean by 'that time'? ......What about now?

Grey text: ......Don't worry about me. You just worry about yourself now.

Cloud: ......I'll give it a try.

Flower girl: Oh! It moved!

Grey text: ......How about that?

Flower girl: Whew...... Am I glad.

Grey text: Take it slow now. Little by little......

Flower girl: Hello, hello?

Cloud: ......I know.

Cloud: Hey...who are you?

Flower girl: Hello, hello!

Flower girl: You okay? This is a church in the Sector 5 slums. It suddenly fell on top of me. It really gave me a scare.

Cloud: ......I came crashing down?

Flower girl: The roof and the flower bed must have broken your fall. You're lucky.

Cloud: Flower this yours?

Cloud: Sorry about that.

Flower girl: That's all right. The flowers here are quite resilient because this is a sacred place. They say you can't grow grass and flowers in Midgar. But for some reason, the flowers have no trouble blooming here. I love it here.

(Upon talking to the flower girl.)

Flower girl: ......So, we meet again. ......Don't you remember me?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, I remember you......".)
    Cloud: Yeah, I remember...
    • (Upon selecting "You were selling flowers".)
      Flower girl: Oh! I'm so happy!
      • (If the player purchased her flower.)
        Flower girl: Thanks for buying my flowers.
      • (If the player did not purchase one.)
        Flower girl: You didn't buy any flowers from me though. Well, that's okay.
    • (Upon selecting "You're the slum drunk".)
      Flower girl: Excuse me, but that's really rude!
      • (If the player purchased her flower.)
        Flower girl: But I'll forgive you, because you bought flowers from me.
      • (If the player did not purchase one.)
        Flower girl: I don't remember a thing. Well, that's okay.
  • (Upon selecting "Never saw you before".)
    Flower girl: ......I guess you don't remember. You were walking in a daze.
    • (If the player purchased her flower.)
      Flower girl: But I'll forgive you, because you bought flowers from me.
    • (If the player did not purchase one.)
      Flower girl: Well, that's okay.

Flower girl: Say, do you have any materia?

Cloud: Yes, some. Nowadays you can find materia anywhere.

Flower girl: But mine is special. It's good for absolutely nothing.

Cloud: ......good for nothing? You probably just don't know how to use it.

Flower girl: No, I do...... it just doesn't do anything. I feel safe just having it. It was my mother's...... Say, I feel like talking. Do you feel up to it? After all, here we are meeting again, right?

  • (Upon selecting "I don't mind".)
    Flower girl: Wait here. I've got to check my flowers. It'll just be a minute.
  • (Upon selecting "Got nothing to talk about".)
    Flower girl: ......oh, I see. Ahhh. I wonder whose fault that is. It takes a lot to grow them, you know. Poor flowers.

(Upon talking to the flower girl again.)
Flower girl: Just a little longer. Oh! Now that you mention it...... We don't know each other's names, do we? My name is......

(Upon selecting the name "Aeris".)

Aeris: I'm Aeris, the flower girl. Nice to meet you.

Cloud: The name's Cloud. Me......? I do a little bit of everything.

Aeris: Oh...... a jack of all trades.

Cloud: Yeah, I do whatever's needed.

Cloud: What's so funny? What are you laughing at?

Aeris: Sorry......I just

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: Sorry, bad timing on my part.

(Upon approaching Reno.)
Aeris: Cloud! Don't let it get to you!

(Upon talking to Reno.)
Reno: Don't worry about me.

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: Say, Cloud. Have you ever been a bodyguard?

Aeris: You DO do everything, right?

Cloud: ......Yeah, that's right.

Aeris: Then, get me out of here. Take me home.

Cloud: OK, I'll do it... but it'll cost you.

Aeris: Well then, let's see......

Aeris: How about if I go out with you once?

(Upon screen change as Reno approaches.)
Cloud: I don't know who you are, but......

Cloud: You don't know me......?

On-screen: ......I know you.

Cloud: Oh yeah......I know you.

Cloud: that uniform......

Soldier: ...... Hey sis, this one's a little weird.

Cloud: Shut up! You Shinra spy!

Soldier: Reno! Want him taken out?

Reno: I haven't decided yet.

Aeris: Don't fight here! You'll ruin the flowers!

Aeris: The exit is back there.

(Upon screen change.)
Reno: They were......Mako eyes.

Reno: Yeah, all right. Back to work, back to work.

Reno: Oh! And don't step on the flowers......


  • Hey Reno, you just stepped on them!
  • They're all ruined!
  • You're gonna catch holy hell!

(Upon running up the ladder on the upper floor.)
Reno: There they are, over there!

Aeris: Cloud...that one!

Cloud: I know. Looks like they aren't going to let us go.

Aeris: What should we do?

Cloud: Well we can't let them catch us, can we? Then, there's only one thing left.

Cloud: Aeris! This way!

Cloud: All right. I'll hold them off.

Aeris: Right. Make sure they don't get through!

Reno: The Ancient is getting away! Attack! Attack! Attack!

Aeris: Eaygh!!

Cloud: Aeris!

Reno: Think we killed 'em? They shouldn't have put up a fight, I say!

Aeris: Cloud, help!

Cloud: Damn! What's that......?

Cloud: Aeris!

  • (Upon selecting "Fight 'em!" or "RUN!".)
    Aeris: A, all right.
  • (Upon selecting "Hold on a minute!", gives the player control of Cloud.)
    • (Upon interacting with a barrel.)
      Cloud: Here's a barrel. If I can just push it over......
      On-screen: Push the barrel?
      • (Upon selecting "Yes" if the barrel lands on a soldier.)
        Soldier: Guuagh!
        Aeris: Thanks, Cloud.
      • (Upon selecting "Yes" if the barrel does not land on a soldier.)
        Aeris: Oh, Cloud what are you doing!?
      • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(At the start of the second wave when a guard attacks Aeris if the player did not tell Aeris to run.)
Aeris: Eaygh!!

Cloud: Aeris!
(The same options appear as the previous wave; if a barrel lands on a soldier, they will instead say "Urkkk!".)

(At the start of the second wave if the player told Aeris to run.)
Soldier: The Ancient! We got her!

(After defeating the battle that follows as Aeris.)
Aeris: Whew, that surprised me.

(At the start of the third wave.) Aeris: Cloud, help!

Cloud: Aeris!
(The same options appear as the previous wave; if a barrel lands on a soldier, they will instead say "Nwahh!".)

(After Aeris reaches the beams at the top of the church.)
Cloud: Aeris, this way.

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: Cloud, hurry.

Aeris: We'll get outside through the hole in the roof. Jump off that beam, and we should be able to make it through to the roof.

(Upon reaching the roof of the church after exiting across the diagonal beam.)
Aeris: Ha, ha...... They're looking for me again.

Cloud: You mean it's not the first time they've been after you?


Cloud: They're the Turks.

Aeris: Hmmm......

Cloud: The Turks are an organization in Shinra. They scout for possible candidates for SOLDIER.

Aeris: This violently? I thought they were kidnapping someone.

Cloud: They're also involved in a lot of dirty stuff on the side. Spying, know.

Aeris: They look like it.

Cloud: But, why're they after you? There must be a reason, right?

Aeris: No, not really. I think they believe I have what it takes to be in SOLDIER!

Cloud: Maybe you do. You want to join?

Aeris: I don't know... But I don't want to get caught by THOSE people!

Cloud: Then, let's go!

(Upon leaving the church.)
Aeris: Wait... Wait, I said!

Aeris: Puff... wheeze...Slow......down... Don't leave me......

Cloud: Funny... I thought you were cut out to be in SOLDIER?

Aeris: Oh! You're terrible!

Aeris: Hey......Cloud. Were you...ever in SOLDIER?

Cloud: ......

Cloud: ...I used to be. How did you guess?

Aeris: ...Your eyes. They have a strange glow...

Cloud: That's the sign of those who have been infused with Mako... A mark of SOLDIER. But, how did you know about that?

Aeris: ......Oh, nothing.

Cloud: Nothing...?

Aeris: Right, nothing!

Aeris: Come on, let's go! Bodyguard!

(Upon dropping down from the rooftops.)
Aeris: Whew! Finally made it off! Now what...

Aeris: My house is over here. Hurry before he comes.

(Upon entering Aeris's house.)
Aeris: I'm home, mom.

Aeris: This is Cloud. My bodyguard.

Elmyra: Bodyguard......? You mean you were followed again!?

Elmyra: Are you all right!? You're not hurt, are you!?

Aeris: I'm all right. I had Cloud with me.

Elmyra: Thank you, Cloud.

Aeris: So what are you going to do now?

Cloud: ...Is Sector 7 far from here? I want to go to Tifa's bar.

Aeris: Is Tifa......a girl?

Cloud: Yeah.

Aeris: A girl...friend?

Cloud: Girlfriend?

  • (Upon selecting "No way!".)
    Aeris: Hee hee hee...... You don't have to get THAT upset...
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, that's right".)
    Aeris: Oh, how nice.

(Regardless of the previous choice.)
Aeris: Well, that's...nice. Let's see, Sector 7? I'll show you the way.

Cloud: You gotta be kidding. Why do you want to put yourself in danger again?

Aeris: I'm used to it.

Cloud: Used to it!?

Cloud: ......Well, don't know... getting help from a girl...

Aeris: A girl!! What do you mean by that!?

Aeris: You expect me to just sit by and listen, after hearing you say something like that!?

Aeris: Mom! I'm taking Cloud to Sector 7. I'll be back in a while.

Elmyra: But dear...I give up. You never listen once you've made up your mind. But if you must go,why don't you go tomorrow? It's getting late now.

Aeris: Yeah, you're right, mom.

Elmyra: Aeris, please go and make the bed.

(Upon talking to Elmyra.)
Elmyra: That glow in your eyes... you're from SOLDIER, right?

Cloud: Yeah. Rather I used to be...

Elmyra: ...... I don't know how to say this, but...Would you please leave here, tonight? Without telling Aeris.

(Upon talking to Elmyra again.)
Elmyra: SOLDIER...the last thing Aeris needs is to get her feelings hurt again...

(Upon entering the second floor of Aeris's house.)
Aeris: You need to go through Sector 6 to get to Sector 7. Sector 6 is a little dangerous so you'd better get some rest tonight.

Aeris: Cloud... Good night.

Cloud: Oh, man...

(During a flashback.)
Grey text: ...seem pretty tired......

Cloud (in flashback): .........!?

Grey text: I haven't slept in a bed like this a long time.

Cloud (in flashback): ...Oh, yeah.

Grey text: Ever since that time.

Cloud's mother: My, how you've grown. I'll bet the girls never leave you alone.

Cloud (in flashback): ...Not really.

Cloud's mother: ...I'm worried about you. There are a lot of temptations in the city... I'd feel a lot better if you just settled down and had a nice girlfriend.

Cloud (in flashback): ...I'm all right.

Cloud's mother: You should have... an older girlfriend, one that'll take care of you. I think that would be the perfect type for you.

Cloud (in flashback): ......I'm not interested.

(After the flashback ends.)
Cloud: ...I must've fallen asleep.

Cloud: Sector 7's past Sector 6... I should be all right by myself...

(Upon approaching Aeris's door or running.)
Aeris: Cloud! I thought the Turks came back! Get some rest!

Cloud: Can't get caught this time...

(Upon successfully walking downstairs.)
Cloud: Through Sector 6 to get to Sector 7. I should be able to do it alone...

(Upon reaching Aeris in the streets outside the slums.)
Aeris: You're up bright and early.

Cloud: How could I ask you to go along when I knew it would be dangerous?

Aeris: Are you done?

Aeris: You have to go through the slum in Sector 6 to get to Tifa's 7th Heaven. I'll take you there. Come on!

(Upon reaching the Sector 6 playground outside Wall Market.)
Aeris: The gate to Sector 7's in there.

Cloud: Thanks. I guess this is goodbye. You gonna be all right going home?

Aeris: Oh no! 'What ever will I do!?' ...isn't that what you want me to say?

  • (Upon selecting "See her home".)
    Aeris: Isn't that a little out of the way?
    Cloud: Yeah, I guess so.
  • (Upon selecting "Take her to Sector 7".)
    Aeris: I could do that. But won't I be in your way?
    Cloud: What do you mean in the way?
    Aeris: Nothing!

Aeris: Can we take a break?

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: I can't believe it's still here.

Aeris: Cloud, over here!

Aeris: What rank were you?

Cloud: Rank?

Aeris: You know, in SOLDIER.

Cloud: Oh, I was... First Class.

Aeris: Just the same as him.

Cloud: The same as who?

Aeris: My first boyfriend.

Cloud: You were...serious?

Aeris: No. But I liked him for a while.

Cloud: I probably knew him. What was his name?

Aeris: It doesn't really matter.

Cloud: Huh? Hey, back there......

Cloud: Tifa!?

Aeris: That girl in the cart was Tifa? Where was she going? She looked kind of odd...

Cloud: Wait! I'll go on alone! You go home!

To Corneo Hall[]

(Upon entering Wall Market.)
Aeris: This place is scary in a lot of ways. Especially for a girl. So we've got to find Tifa fast.

(Upon reaching Don Corneo's mansion.)
Aeris: This is Don Corneo's mansion. He's a big shot here in Wall Market. Listen, the Don's not interested in men. So just get the hell outta here.

(Upon talking to man in front of Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Welcome!! Even unpopular dweebs, like you may meet their destiny here!! You looking for a girlfriend too?

(Upon selecting "You know a girl named Tifa?".)
NPC: Hey, you're pretty fast. Tifa's our newest girl. But, unfortunately, she's having an interview right now. Here at the Honey Bee Inn, it's customary for all the new girls to be taken to Don Corneo's mansion. Don Corneo's a famous dilettante. Now he wants to settle down and is in the market for a bride.

(Upon selecting "This place doesn't interest me.")
NPC: Hmm...Seems to like it just fine. Good for you.

(Upon talking to guard in front of Corneo's mansion if this is the first conversation.)
Guard: This is the mansion of Don Corneo, the most powerful man in Wall Market. Look, the Don's not into men. So don't let me catch you around here again...

(Upon talking to guard in front of Corneo's mansion at any time.)
Guard: Hey, and you got another cute one with you!

Aeris: Hey, this look's like the Don's mansion. I'll go take a look. I'll tell Tifa about you.

Cloud: No!! You can't!!

Aeris: Why?

Cloud: You DO know...what kind of... place this is, don't you?

Aeris: Then what am I supposed to do? You want to go in with me?

Cloud: Well being a man, that'll be pretty hard. Besides if I bust in there, it'll cause too much commotion. But, I just can't let you go in alone... Oh, man......

Cloud: First...we need to find out if Tifa's alright...

Cloud: What's so funny, Aeris?

Aeris: Cloud, why don't you dress up like a girl? It's the only way.

Cloud: WHAT!?

Aeris: Just wait. I've got a cute friend I want to bring.

Cloud: Aeris! I can't......

Aeris: You ARE worried about Tifa, aren't you? Then come on, hurry!

(Upon talking to the guard again.)
Guard: A friend, huh...? Sounds pretty good to me. That'll make the Don happy, too. Who knows, maybe I can......heeee, hee hee.

(Upon talking to the store clerk at the Boutique.)
Aeris: Excuse me! I'd like to get a dress.

Clerk: Umm, it might take a little time. Will that be all right?

Aeris: What's the problem?

Clerk: Well, my father, the owner, has been in a slump lately. You see, he makes all the dresses.

Aeris: And, where is your father?

Clerk: He's probably plastered at the bar.

Aeris: So... You're saying we can't get a dress unless we do something about your father?

Clerk: Yes, I'm sorry. He's caused so much trouble. ! You'd help me bring him back?

Aeris: Well, if we don't do something, we don't get a dress, right?

Clerk: Really!? Please help my crazy old dad. I just don't know what to do anymore...

Aeris: All right, we'll do something. Let's go, Cloud!

(Upon talking to the clerk again.)
Clerk: So how did it go?

Cloud: We couldn't find him yet.

(Upon talking to owner at the bar.)
Aeris: Excuse us, are you the father of the girl at the Clothing Store?

Owner: I own the Clothes Shop... but I ain't your father.

Aeris: I didn't say that......

Cloud: Make me some clothes.

Owner: I don't make men's clothes. And I don't feel like makin' anything right now.

Aeris: Cloud, you wait over there for a second. I'll try and (Upon talking to him.

Owner: Why don't you go over there and have something to drink.

Aeris: You know, Mister. He always said that just once, he'd like to dress up like a girl. So, that's why I wanted a cute dress for him...

Owner: What!? A tough lookin guy like that?

Aeris: So, how 'bout it? Will you make him one?

Owner: ...might be interesting. I was gettin' a little bored just makin' regular clothes.

Aeris: Then you'll do it for us?

Owner: Yeah, all right. What kind of dress you want?

Aeris: Something...

(Options include "That feels clean" or "That feels soft". The next line occurs regardless of the option selected.)
Aeris: And something...

(Options include "shiny" and "that shimmers". The next line occurs regardless of the option selected.)
Owner: Hmm, got it. Y'know I got a friend that has the same taste as him. I'll go (Upon talking to him.

(Upon talking to the owner again.)
Owner: Hey, hold on. Wait till I get an image in my head. Gulp...ummm, that's good.

(Upon talking to the clerk at the Boutique.)
Clerk: Looks like everything went well. He's been making the dress ever since he came back.

(Upon talking to the owner at the counter.)
Owner: Oh, you're here. It's ready. Go try it on.

(If the player selected something "That feels clean".)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Cotton Dress"!

(If the player selected something "That feels soft" and is "shiny".)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Satin Dress"!

(If the player selected something "That feels soft" and "that shimmers".)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Silk Dress"!

Cloud: you put this on?

Cloud: Whoa! What are you doing!

Aeris: It's still not right. A wig! That's what you need!

Owner: Umm, I thought you might, so I talked to my friend about getting one. You know the gym? You'll find a lot of people there like you. Go and (Upon talking to them.

Cloud: ...'like you'? Aeris, what did you tell him?

Aeris: Does it matter? Anyhow, we got a pretty dress!

(Upon talking to the clerk again.)
Clerk: So? Were you able to get the wig?

(Upon talking to the owner again.)
Owner: So, how was it? Were you able to see him?

(Upon talking to the man in the Men's Hall with the cyan shirt.)
NPC 1: You the one...... Who wants to be cute?

Cloud: Cute?

Aeris: Right. And about the wig...

NPC 1: Yeah, I heard. But it'll cost ya.

NPC 2: Urrrrgh!!! Big Bro!! The only way you're gonna get cuter is if you can beat Big Bro!!

NPCs: That's right! So, you've got to compete with us!

NPC 2: You're right. Let's do squats.

NPC 3: All right! We'll beat you out of this gym!

Cloud: Are you...?

Aeris: THE beautiful Bro?

NPC 1: What? You didn't know? Always running around here sayin' Big Bro' this, Big Bro' that... Never mind that, come over here. No, I'll explain the rules. From the ready position, push Square Button to squat, push X Button to get up, and push Circle Button to go back to the ready position. So it's Square Button, X Button, Circle Button in that order. Got it?

(Upon selecting "Don't have it".)
NPC 1: Then I'll explain it again.

(The instructions will then repeat.)

(Upon selecting "Got it".)

NPC 1: Whoever has the most squats after 30 seconds gets the wig.

NPC 2: I'm not going to lose. Big Bro's wig is MINE!!

NPC 1: Just be quiet... It's not fair for you to start right away, So, you want some practice?

(Upon selecting "A little".)
NPC 1: Then, start practicing!

(Upon completing the practice, where X is the player's number of squats completed in 30 seconds.)
NPC 1: You had X squats.

(Upon selecting "Don't need to practice".)
NPC 1: Now let's begin the real thing. Start!

(Upon completing the correct number of squats, where X is the player's number and Y is the NPC's number.)
NPC 1: He had Y squats and you had X squats.

(If the NPC has more squats than the player.)
NPC 1: Sorry You lose. Since the old man from the clothing store asked me, I can't keep it from you, so... Oh, now where did I put it? All right then. Stupid! What kinda place is that to hide it in!? Uuuuhh, Bro's fists of steel cut to the bone! should still be able to use it if you disinfect it first.

(If the NPC and the player have an equal number of squats.)
NPC 1: Good job. Here's a hand-me-down.

NPC 2: Hey, Bro I...I was supposed to get that.

NPC 1: Shut up! You have no room to talk, tying with a beginner like him!!

NPC 2: Uuuuhh, Bro's fists of steel cut to the bone!

(If the player has more squats than the NPC.)
NPC 1: You're really something. Okay, I'm a man of my word, here you are.

NPC 2: Big Bro I'm so mad I'm so so so---mad!

NPC 1: Shut up! Don't cry, just because you lost!

NPC 2: Uuuuhh, Bro's fists of steel cut to the bone!

(Upon talking to the man with the cyan shirt again.)
NPC 1: Take care of it.

(Upon talking to NPCs doing squats.)
NPCs: Big Bro Get a hold of yourself.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia shop.)
NPC: Hey man. Got a minute? I need to to man.

Cloud: ......

  • (Upon selecting "What is it".)
    NPC: Really! I really appreciate it. ......I'm sorry but, young lady? Would you turn the other way, for a second?
    Aeris: Why......?
    Cloud: ......Aeris.
    Aeris: Gosh!
    NPC: I'm sorry, lady. Now here's the thing. Do you know that vending machine in the Inn? I'm itchin' to know what they're selling in it. I just can't ask a girl to go get it. What? Why don't I buy it myself? Well to tell you the truth, I got in a fight with the guy at the Inn and can't go there anymore. Come on, so how 'bout it?
    Cloud: ......
    • (Upon selecting "I'll go".)
      NPC: Good, thanks. I'll be waitin' here when you're done.
    • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
      NPC: Sorry about that. Just forget it.
    • (After either option.)
      Aeris: Finished?
  • (Upon selecting "Not interested" when first asked to talk.)
    NPC: Sorry about that. Just forget it.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia shop again.)
NPC: Good luck.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia shop after leaving the shop and returning.)
NPC: How was it?

Cloud: Not yet.

NPC: Hmm, I'm countin' on you.

(Upon entering the inn.)
Innkeep: Welcome. It'll be 10 Gil per night.

  • (Upon selecting "Stay".)
    • (If the player has enough at least 50 gil.)
      Cloud: He means this?
      • (Options are "Don't buy it", "Buy the one for 200 Gil", "Buy the one for 100 Gil", and "Buy the one for 50 Gil".)
      • (Upon attempting to buy something without enough money.)
        Cloud: I don't have enough money. I'll get him the other one.
        Innkeeper: Thank you very much. Please come again.
    • (If the player has less than 50 gil.)
      Innkeeper: You don't have enough money.
  • (Upon selecting "Don't stay".)
    Innkeeper: All right then......, please come again.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia shop with the item.)
Cloud: I got it.

NPC: Oh, really!! Hey!

Aeris: Geez.

NPC: And, what was it?

  • (If the player purchased the item for 200 gil.)
    NPC: A protein drink set. That jerk. I'm gonna do so much more business than him, his head'll spin. Thanks, bud. I'm motivated now. Take this, it's not much......
    On-screen: Received Key Item "Diamond Tiara"!
  • (If the player purchased the item for 100 gil.)
    NPC: A Stamina Drink Set. That jerk. I'm gonna do so much more business than him, his head'll spin. Thanks, bud. I'm motivated now. Take this, it's not much......
    On-screen: Received Key Item "Ruby Tiara"!
  • (If the player purchased the item for 50 gil.)

NPC: A Muscle Relaxing Cream Set. That jerk. I'm gonna do so much more business than him, his head'll spin. Thanks, bud. I'm motivated now. Take this, it's not much......
On-screen: Received Key Item "Glass Tiara"!

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia store again.)
NPC: Come by again. I'll still be here doin' business.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia store after leaving the shop and returning.)
NPC: I'm sorry, we're sold out and I've got nothing for you.

(Upon entering the diner.)
NPC: Welcome! Sit wherever you like!

(Upon talking to other diners.)

  • Umf...grunt...smack... Don't sneak up on me like that!
  • I'm gonna get another Pharmacy Coupon today.
  • I always get the Special.
  • It's thanks to the Don that we can eat like this.
  • umf...scarf...glub...

(Upon approaching an empty seat.)
NPC: Have a seat over here.

  • (Upon selecting "Don't sit down", nothing happens.)
  • (Upon selecting "Sit down".)
    NPC: Yes, what will you have?
    Cloud: Hmm...
    • (Upon selecting "Korean B.B.Q. Plate".)
      Cloud: One Korean B.B.Q. Plate.
    • (Upon selecting "Sushi Plate".)
      Cloud: One Sushi Plate.
    • (Upon selecting "Today's Special".)
      Cloud: One Today's Special.
  • (After a selection.)
    NPC: Comin' up! In this store, you pay first. It'll be 70 Gil.
    • (If the player does not have enough gil.)
      NPC: Hey! Cancel that order! Excuse me! You can't come in here and order things without any money. Come again...when you have money.
    • (If the player has enough gil.)
      NPC: Thank you. Just a second. There you go. Enjoy.
      Cloud: ............
      • (Upon selecting "It was all right" if the player has not already received a coupon.)
        NPC: Thank you. Here's an item coupon for the Pharmacy. You can exchange it for one item there. We're out of coupons, so we stopped giving them away. Watch for our NEXT promotion!
        On-screen: Received Key Item "Pharmacy Coupon"!
      • *Upon selecting "It was all right" if the player has already received a coupon.)
        NPC: Thank you very much!
      • (Upon selecting "I've had better dog food", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the man inside the pharmacy.)
NPC: Whoa! Why don't you say something, if you're standing there?

  • (If the player has a coupon.)
    NPC: Oh, you have a coupon. Then please select any one medicine you like.
    • (Upon selecting "Disinfectant".)
      NPC: Here you are.
      On-screen: Received Key Item "Disinfectant"!
    • (Upon selecting "Deodorant".)
      NPC: Here you are.
      On-screen: Received Key Item "Deodorant"!
    • (Upon selecting "Digestive".)
      NPC: Here you are.
      On-screen: Received Key Item "Digestive"!

(Upon talking to the man in the bar outside the bathroom.)
NPC 1: Hey, could you do somethin' for me? Someone's been in there all day and they're not comin' out. I can't hold it anymore!

(Upon attempting to enter the bar's bathroom.)
NPC 2: HEY...someone's IN here... Don't look!

(Upon talking to the NPC inside.)

  • (If the player does not have medicine.)
    NPC 2: Got any medicine on you? I'm too hyper...and......ugh......
  • (If the palyer has medicine.)
    NPC 2: What......urk......
    • (Upon selecting "Don't give her it", nothing happens.)
    • (Upon selecting "Give her medicine".)
      NPC 2: Huh? You'll really give me some? Thanks.
      • (If the player has a Digestive.)
        NPC 2: Phew, I feel better now. This is for your kindness.
        On-screen: Received Key Item "Sexy Cologne"!
      • (If the player has Disinfectant.)
        NPC 2: What is this...? Oh well. It didn't do a thing, but thanks anyways. Here, this is for your kindness.
        On-screen: Received Key Item "Cologne"!
      • (If the player has Deoderant.)
        NPC 2: What is this...? Oh well. It didn't do a thing, but thanks anyways. Here, this is for your kindness.
        On-screen: Received Key Item "Flower Cologne"!

(Upon entering the bathroom again.)
NPC 2: Whoops!

(Upon approaching the Honey Bee Inn without a Member's Card.)
Bouncer: The Honey Bee Inn is a private club. Only members can go in. Shoo, shoo.

(Upon talking to Johnny outside the Honey Bee Inn.)
Johnny: Nope, I just can't make up my mind. Here, you take this. You won't be able to get in without it.

On-screen: Received Key Item "Member's Card"

(Upon talking to Johnny again.)
Johnny: .........

(Upon talking to the bouncer with a Member's Card.)
Bouncer: Hey! Is that a "Member's Card" I see shining in your hot little hand? Please, come in.

Cloud: ...Hmm. That's how you'll fool them.

Aeris: .........Hmmmmmmm. So that's how you fooled them.

Cloud: Let's go!!

(Upon talking to NPC with purple shirt.)
NPC: Mmm! Please, please!

(Upon entering Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Poo, I uh, mean, Sir... Hurry...

(Upon talking to the girl again.)
NPC: Please choose a room. (Gosh, he's so weird... but then again, they all are.)

(Upon checking the top-right room.)
On-screen: The Lover's Room

(Upon checking the bottom-right room.)
On-screen: The Queen's Room

(Upon checking the bottom-left room.)
On-screen: The Group Room

(Upon checking the top-left room.)
On-screen: The &$#% Room

(Upon talking to the girl on the left side in the room at the top if the player has not entered the Group Room or the &$#% Room.)
NPC: Paste, paste, paste... (Oh's another one of those guys. You know, the delicate type. Just ignore him, just ignore him.)

(Upon talking to her again.)
NPC: Fluff, fluff, fluff... (Hmm...! I guess he doesn't realize his position. I feel sorry for him. Just ignore him, just ignore him.)

(Upon talking to her for a third time.)
NPC: Pita, pita, pita... (God, what a pest! All right, get out of here! You dog...) (That's it, I'll name him 'pooch'.)

(Upon talking to her for a fourth time.)
NPC: Mix, mix, mix...... (What should I do... Is he following me? Really? What if he follows me home...?) (Poochy'll do it, I'm sure of it...)

(Upon talking to her for a fifth time.)
NPC: Shake, shake, shake... (You think he's after me? Really? This guy makes me sick... And his eyes are weird too...) (Yeah, don't hurt these guys' feelings. Let's at least say 'hi' to him.)

(Upon talking to her again after the fifth time if Cloud has not introduced himself.)
NPC: Uhh...... Hel...Hello. What a nice day, today.

  • (Upon selecting "Introduce yourself".)
    Cloud: By the way, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Cloud, a jack of all trades.
    NPC: Oh, yeah...? Welcome, Cloud. (Gross! Don't get carried away, remember your name is 'Pooch!')
  • (Upon selecting "Say Goodbye".)
    NPC: BYE!! (Phew - I'm safe now...)

(Upon talking to her after Cloud introduced himself.)
NPC: Take care...Cloud.

(Upon talking to the girl in the middle of the room at the top if the player has not entered the Group Room or the &$#% Room.)
NPC: Eyaaah! Don't!

(Upon talking to her a second time.)
NPC: Eyaaah! Don't watch!!

(Upon talking to the girl on the right side in the room at the top if the player has not entered the Group Room or the &$#% Room.)
NPC: Hmm, hmm, hmm...... Ohhh, I just can't seem to lose weight. Hmm, hmm, hmm... Sir!! You can't come in here. (Yuk......a pervert...)

(Upon talking to her again, if the player has not selected "Not interested".)
NPC: Oh my!! (...You're still here? Oh well, good timing anyway.) Hey, what do you think about me?

  • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
  • (Upon selecting "Whatever...".)
    NPC: Oh my!! Are you embarrassed? (Man!! Why are you so moody...)

(Upon talking to her after previously selecting "Not interested".)
NPC: Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm...... Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm... Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm... Phew......'s so tiring. Oh!! Is something the matter?

  • (Upon selecting "Not yet......".)
    NPC: OH......!!
  • (Upon selecting "......Not really".)
    NPC: Hmph......!! Listen you, not that it matters, but you sure do know how to make people mad.

(Upon checking the Lover's Room or the Queen's Room.)
Cloud: Looks like this room's being used.

(Upon selecting "Take a listen".)
Cloud: ............

(Upon selecting "Take a peek".)
Cloud: ......Wooo...ow!!

On-screen: Use directional buttons to look around

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Lover's Room for the first time.)

  • ...wheez...
  • Phew...
  • What's wrong, Grandpa? You keep sighing.
  • ...wheez...puff... You know, Grandma...
  • You talking about this room?
  • ...whew... I know our son rented this for us and all, but...
  • It's too nice for us. Big round bed, gorgeous tub, I just can't get comfortable.
  • Don't worry about it. It's a high class neighborhood, in the Big City.
  • You keep complainin' and we'll get in trouble.

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Lover's Room for the second time.)

  • ...wheez...
  • Phew...
  • Hey Grandma. What's the name of the company that our son is working for...?
  • Oh, Grandpa. Did you forget again...?
  • ...heave... Lately, it's getting worse...
  • It's Shinra, you know, Shinra, Inc.? It's the biggest company in the city.
  • Yeah, if it's the biggest company, it must be something.
  • Yeah. It IS really something.
  • He's doing well, and he told me that he's been promoted to Department Head.
  • Oh...thanks to our son we're able to live in a room like this.
  • Yeah, I'm really grateful.

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Lover's Room for the third time.)

  • Well, you wanna go to sleep...?
  • All right...
  • Good night.
  • Yeah, good night.

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Lover's Room after already viewing it three times.)

  • ...snore...snore...
  • ...heebeebeebee...snore...

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Queen's Room.)

  • ...... The wind's calm now......
  • It's the curse of the resurrected Satan... Our beloved Queen does not awaken...
  • The time is ripe...
  • A legend has been passed on through generations...
  • Psst...... (Hey, shouldn't we stop him soon?)
  • ...whisper...whisper... (We have a luncheon with President Shinra...)
  • Psst...... (You tell him......)
  • Psst...... (I can't tell him......)
  • Psst...... (Come on!! Oh, well......)
  • A legend has been passed on through generations...
  • ......the sought after Promised Land......
  • Psst...... (I'm so disgusted with the President.)
  • ......One with Blue Eyes...
  • Psst...... (It's like this every time we have a business trip to Midgar.)
  • ......and a Great White Sword on his back......
  • (We come all the way to Midgar, just for this...)
  • ......Will not lead to the Promised Land......
  • Psst... (What're you complaining about. You're just holding the lights. I've gotta wear this heavy armor!)
  • Psst...... (I know, I know... but it's all part of the job.)
  • Psst...... (Oh yeah, did you hear? The President's wife found out about this little hobby of his.)
  • Psst...... (Ha, ha......No way, that's the first I've heard of it.)
  • Psst...... (Oh, looks like he's done. Man, I'm glad!!)
  • Geez!! Mr. President!! I mean, Your Majesty......
  • Ohhh......I'm sorry. Please remove the ancient curse!
  • Go to the room at the top

(Upon selecting "Take a peek" in the Queen's Room after viewing it once.)

  • Psst...... (Oh man, not again!?)
  • Psst... (How many times IS this?)
  • Psst... (I don't even know... whew...the King sure gets into this...)

(Dialogue in the Queen's Room will otherwise repeat.)

(Upon checking the &$#% Room or the Group Room if a room has not been chosen yet.)
Cloud: Looks like it's unoccupied.

  • (Upon selecting "Hold ground".)
    Cloud: ............
  • (Upon selecting "I guess I'll take this one".)
    Cloud: I'll take this room.
    NPC: All right. Now all we have to do is enter the room. You're not going to have a change of heart, are you?
    • (Upon selecting "Don't make me repeat myself".)
      NPC: Oh, don't be angry with me... (Geez...this one's probably the violent type...) All right, please.
    • (Upon selecting "I'm still trying to decide".)
      NPC: There you are. Enjoy yourself (You moody creepo!)

(Upon attempting to enter a different room after choosing one.)
Cloud: I wonder if they'd change it if I asked.

  • (Upon selecting "Hold ground", nothing happens.)
  • (Upon selecting "I want this room".)
    Cloud: I've changed my mind... ......I want to change rooms.
    NPC: Oh, yes sir. (So indecisive...) All right, please.

(Upon entering the &$#% Room.)
Cloud: Hmm......? You......? What are you doing in a place like this?

NPC: That's what I want to ask you. Should you be foolin' around here? You think problems will just go away just thinkin' about them? Oh no! Help! Someone...! Hurry! You can't change anything by just sitting back and looking at it.

Cloud: What are you saying?

NPC: It's started moving.

Cloud: What has?

NPC: Wake up! rub, rub, rub... rub, rub, rub, rub... thump...pound... thump...pound... poik...poik... ...squish.

Cloud: Uh...OW...!!

On-screen: Cloud's HP/MP Restored!

NPC: Wake up!! Wake up!! Phew, I'm so relieved.

Mukki: Bubby!! I heard you collapsed.

Mukki: No, no, no. Don't get so uptight.

(Upon selecting either "Huh...?" or "Ugh...?".)
Mukki: Hmm...? They say youth is so long but so short. Let's give this next one your best shot.

Mukki: Time's up. Bye, bubby.

(Upon talking to Mukki on the way out.)
Mukki: Don't get depressed over a thing like this. It happens to me all the time.

(Upon talking to the girl before she leaves.)
NPC: I'm so sorry... There's a lot of 'adult' things going on... For your inconvenience, Please take this, okay?

On-screen: Received Key Item "Lingerie"!

Cloud: What, this rag? For me!? I just don't get it.

(Upon entering the Group Room.)
NPC: This way, please.

(Upon talking to the girl.)
NPC: Shall we begin? I guess since you chose this room, that would mean you... Hate being lonely?

(Upon selecting "I'm used to being alone".)
Cloud: I'm always alone.

(Upon selecting "Cut the small talk".)
Cloud: I don't want to talk right now.

(The next line appears regardless of the chosen option.)
NPC: All right, all right. (...geez, you're so moody!) Come on, everyone's waiting.

(Upon selecting "Everyone...?" or "What am I doing?".)
NPC: Here they are. All right, everyone.

  • NPCs:
  • One, two!!
  • One, two!!
  • Yeah!!

Mukki: Wassup!! (Smile, smile, smile...)

Cloud: Oh man... What should I do...?

(Upon selecting "I'm outta here.".)
Cloud: I've got no time to mess around with you. Outta my way!

(Upon selecting "This could be dangerous...".)

Cloud: Looks like I'm always going to be facing crises all my life...

Mukki: ...heave...pant... Don't be so embarrassed! Loosen up, bubby! ...heave...pant... Let's wash off all our sweat and dirt together!

NPC: Wassup!!

Mukki: Bubby! You're the intimate type, huh!!

Mukki: ...heave...pant... Wow!! Would ya look at that!

Mukki: Isn't bathing great...? It soothes your heart.

Mukki: How is it, bubby!? Feels good, huh?

  • (Upon selecting ".........".)
    Cloud: I don't feel good. Let me out...
  • (Upon selecting "It hurts".)
    Cloud: Too stuffy in here...

(The next line appears regardless of the chosen option.)
Mukki: You'll get used to it. Try counting to ten.

Cloud: Ten... Nine...

Mukki: Hey bubby, how old are you?

Cloud: Eight... Twenty one...

Mukki: You're less than half my age. I'm so jealous. So how 'bout it...? Do you wanna join my "Young bubby's" group?

  • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
    Cloud: Seven... Six... Maybe in another life.
  • (Upon selecting "............".)
    Cloud: Seven... Six... Not to be rude or anything, but could you go do someone else?

Mukki: Well, if that's how you feel...too bad. We have a trip planned at a cabin out in the country.

Cloud: Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Alright, that's ten. I'm gettin' out.

Mukki: Why don't you stick around and play a bit? Daddy's so lonely...

Mukki: Bubby!! This is important to me. Here's a memento of our time together!

On-screen: Received Key Item "Bikini briefs"!

Mukki: Hope we meet again!

Cloud: This is SOME underwear... I'm supposed to wear this...? Well, if it's to save Tifa... I guess there's no way around.

(Upon talking to the girl on the left of the room at the top after visiting the Group Room or the &$#% Room.)
Cloud: ............

Cloud: If I were to dress up like a woman... Then I've got to really prepare carefully. Seems like I could put makeup on here.

  • (Upon selecting "Have them put makeup on".)
    Cloud: I have a favor to ask of you. Can you put makeup on me too?
    NPC: ...paste, paste, paste......
  • (Upon selecting "Don't do it", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to one of the girls after getting makeup.)
NPC: ...............oh my......

(Upon talking to the girl in the main room of Honey Bee Inn on the way out.)
NPC: OK, b-y-e!

(Upon speaking to the man in purple after leaving Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Uh, sir!! It's almost closing time... So, please remember any personal belongings.

(Upon approach Aeris after leaving Honey Bee Inn.)
Aeris: Hey!! Cloud!!

(Upon speaking to the man in the grey suit after leaving Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: I bought some pretty flowers from Aeris. 500 gil, a little expensive. Well, at least I got her name.

(Upon talking to the soldier after leaving Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Uuuuuuh! I want flowers too! But, I get so nervous in front of cute girls... It just seems natural to get cautious...

(Upon talking to the store owner after gathering all dress materials.)
Owner: Looks like you're all set. Now try it on, and let's see how it fits.

(Upon talking to the clerk after gathering all dress materials.)
Clerk: Looks like you got it. So try it on for size.

(Upon entering the dressing room with all materials.)
Aeris: Aren't you going to change?

(Upon selecting "Not now, nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Okay...I'm ready")
Owner: Hmm, not bad. This may be a new business for me.

Clerk: Yeah, you're right. Should we try it? Thanks for showing us something new. My father's got his motivation back now, So the dress is on the house.

Aeris: Walk more nicely like...this. Miss Cloud.

Cloud: ...What do you mean 'nicely'?

Aeris: Oh you're so cute, Miss Cloud.

Aeris: Aaah, I want one. Do you have one that'll look good on me too?

Clerk: How's this?

Owner: How about that one?

Clerk: Father, what are you talking about? This one's much better.

Owner: No, what are you saying? This one.

Aeris: ...I want THIS one.

Clerk: Huh?

Owner: Huh?

Aeris: I'm going to go change.

Aeris: ......No peeking!

Aeris: So? How do I look?

Aeris: Oh, you're no fun!

(Upon talking to the store owner after dressing up.)
Owner: Hmm, good. It looks good on you.

(Upon talking to the clerk after dressing up.)
Owner: ...Hmm. It's REALLY somethin'.

(Upon attempting to leave Wall Market while dressed up.)
Cloud: What's wrong, Aeris?

Aeris: ...What is it? Are you going outside like that? I mean, that's okay with me, but...

Cloud: ...Oh, yeah.

Aeris: Get a hold of yourself, Ms. Cloud.

(Upon approaching Honey Bee Inn while dressed up.)
NPC: Yeow!! Hey, Princess!!

(Upon talking to the guy in cyan shirt in the Men's Hall if the player has 11 or fewer dress points.)
NPC: Ummm, not quite there.

(Upon talking to the guy in cyan shirt if the player has between 12-19 dress points.)
NPC: Ehhhh, so so.

(Upon talking to the guy in cyan shirt if the player has between 20 or more dress points.)
NPC: Hmm, pretty good.

(Upon talking to the guard in front of Don Corneo's mansion while dressed up.)
Guard: Damn!! Your friend's hot, too! Come in, come in!! Two ladies coming through!!

(Upon entering Don Corneo's mansion.)
NPC: Hey, ladies. I'll go and let the Don know you're here. Wait here. Don't go wandering around...

Aeris: Now's our chance. Let's find Tifa.

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: I wonder where she is...

(Upon approaching the door on the right.)
On-screen: Closed...

(Upon approaching the door in the middle.)
On-screen: Office of The Don Corneo Keep Out!

(Upon entering the basement of the mansion and approaching Tifa.)
Aeris: ...Tifa?

Aeris: Nice to meet you. I'm Aeris. Cloud's told me a lot about you.

Tifa: ...And you are? Hey you're the one with Cloud in the park...

Aeris: Right, with Cloud.

Tifa: Oh......

Aeris: Don't worry. We just met. It's nothing.

Tifa: What do you mean, 'Don't worry'...about what?

Tifa: No, don't misunderstand. Cloud and I grew up together. Nothing more.

Aeris: Poor Cloud, having to stand here and listen to both of us call him nothing.

Aeris: Right, Cloud?

Tifa: Cloud?

(Upon attempting to leave the room.)
Aeris: Embarrassed? Come on, speak up!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: ????

Tifa: Cloud!?

Tifa: Why are you dressed like that!? And what are you doing here!? Forget that, what happened to you after the fall!? Are you hurt!?

Cloud: Hey, give me a chance to answer.

Cloud: I'm dressed like this...... because there was no other way to get in here.

Cloud: I'm all right. Aeris helped me out.

Tifa: Oh, Aeris did...

Cloud: Tifa, explain. What are you doing in a place like this?

Tifa: Yeah, ummm......

Aeris: Ahem!! I'll just plug my ears.

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: Please, go on with your private conversation.

(Upon attempting to leave the room.)
Aeris: Hey, what's the secret?

(Upon talking to Tifa again.)
Tifa: ...I'm glad you're OK.

Cloud: Thanks. What happened?

Tifa: When we got back from the Number 5 reactor, there was this weird man. So Barret caught him and squeezed some information out of him.

Cloud: That's when the Don's name popped up.

Tifa: Right, Don Corneo. Barret told me to leave the lech alone... But something's been bothering me.

Cloud: I see. So you wanted to get the story straight from Corneo's mouth.

Tifa: So I made it here, but now I'm in a bind. Corneo is looking for a bride. Everyday, he gets three girls, chooses one of them, and then... ...and, well...... Anyway, I have to be the girl ...or I'm out for tonight.

Aeris: Sorry...but I overheard... If you know the three girls, there's no problem, right?

Tifa: I guess so, but...

Aeris: We have two here, right?

Cloud: No, Aeris! I can't have you get involved.

Aeris: Oh? So it's all right for Tifa to be in danger?

Cloud: No, I don't want Tifa in...

Tifa: Is it all right?

Aeris: I grew up in the slums... I'm used to danger. Do you trust me?

Tifa: Yes. Thanks, Ms. Aeris.

Aeris: Call me Aeris.

NPC: He---y!! It's time, ladies. The Don is waiting! I told you not to wander around... I tell ya, women nowadays... Hurry up, will ya!

Cloud: I probably don't need to ask but the other girl is...... Me......right?

Tifa: You're right, there was no need...

Aeris: ask.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Ha ha...You know, if you look closely, you're not so bad... I wonder what Barret would say if he could see you now...

(Upon talking to Aeris).
Aeris: They're going to get suspicious if we don't hurry.

(Upon talking to the guard outside Corneo's office.)
NPC: The Don's waiting in his room... Ha ha ha...

(Upon walking behind Corneo's desk.)
Kotch: All right, ladies! Line up in front of the Don!

Don Corneo: Hmmm! Good, splendid! Now, let's see... Which girl should I choose? Hmm---hmm---!

Don Corneo: This one?

Don Corneo: Or this one?

Don Corneo: Woo-hoo, I've made up my mind!! My choice for tonight is......

(If the player has 11 dress points or fewer.)
Don Corneo: This little beauty!

Tifa: Fu, fu, fu... Be nice, Don.

(If the player has between 12-18 dress points.)
Don Corneo: This slender little girl!

Aeris: Don, you've got great taste.

(If the player has 20 or more dress points.)
Don Corneo: This healthy-looking girl!

Cloud: Wa, wait a sec! I mean, uh, please wait a moment!

Don Corneo: Woo-hoo! I love chickies who play hard-to-get! Yeowza!

Don Corneo: You can have the other ones!

NPCs: Yes, sir! Thank you sir!

Don Corneo: Well then, shall we go my pretty!?

(If Cloud was not chosen, player goes to lackeys' room.)
Scotch: Hey guys! We've got guests. We'll take REAL good care of you.

Scotch: This is all thanks to the big boss, Don Corneo! Heeey!! Three cheers for Don Corneo!!

Scotch: Heh, heh... Well ladies, are we, uh, all ready?

(Upon talking to Scotch.)
Scotch: ...leer...snicker...

(Upon talking to the guy at the door.)
NPC: Whoa! Slow down, what's the hurry? Why don't you stick around... We'll treat you real nice!

(Upon talking to the guy in the blue shirt.)
NPC: Come on, dance with me, beautiful. They say if two people dance together, their hearts will become one, also...

(Upon talking to the guy with purple hair.)
NPC:'re in pretty good shape. Lookit your tight little bod...... No, it's more like...muscles...

(Upon talking to the guy in the gray shirt.)
NPC: Oh your eyes. They seem to...glow. I'm all yours, baby!

(Upon talking to the guy in the black shirt..)
NPC: Come on, baby! Woo-hoo! I gots ants in my pants wanna do a dance, gotta take a chance and mebbe find romance!

(Upon talking to Scotch after talking to at least 3 other people.)

Scotch: Hey...what's wrong? You want me to keep you company?

Cloud: No...I'm flattered, but no thanks. Because...

Scotch: Because......?

Cloud: Because... I ain't INTERESTED in a buncha scrubs like you!!

Scotch: Wha...a MAN!??? God damn it! You think you can get away with this! Get him! Knock the crap out of him!!

(After completing combat encounter against three Corneo's Lackeys.)
Scotch: Grr! C'mon, what's the matter with you good for nothings!? All right now, COME ON! I'll show you how it's done!!

(Upon trying to go to Don Corneo's office if Tifa was chosen.)
Aeris: No---!! Help!!

(Upon entering the basement of the mansion if Tifa was chosen.)
Aeris: No---!!

Kotch: Ha ha ha... Wait, you...!

Aeris: I'm so sorry!!

Kotch: oh, oh, oh......

Kotch: heh, heh, heh!!

Cloud: Aeris!!

  • (Upon selecting "You all right?".)
    Aeris: I told you. I'm used to danger. To tell you the truth, my heart was pounding!
  • (Upon selecting "We gotta help Tifa!".)
    Aeris: Ye...yes, you're right... ......let's hurry!

(Upon talking to Kotch.)
Kotch: C'mon...just once... I won't tell...I promise! I just wanted to act like I got a a cute girl... Cute!!

(Upon entering the foyer of the mansion if Aeris was chosen.)
Tifa: Cloud!!

Cloud: Tifa!!

  • (Upon selecting "You all right?".)
    Tifa: Of course! If you take me lightly, you're gonna pay for it!!
  • (Upon selecting "We've gotta help Aeris!!".)
    Tifa: Hey, don't you even care about how I am? ......never mind, let's go!

(Upon entering Don Corneo's bedroom.)
Don Corneo: Woo-hoo! Come, come, don't be so shy...

(If Don Corneo chose Tifa.)
Tifa: I know...... But you know, Don Corneo, I'd like you to explain something before we start...

Don Corneo: Hm? Oh, you mean about THAT? Don't worry. I'm single. There, feel better now?

Tifa: No...I'm not asking about that...... Wa...wait a minute! No, not yet!!

Tifa: Cloud!!

(If Don Corneo chose Aeris.)
Aeris: Ye...yes... But Mr. Don. I'd like you to explain something to me first...

Don Corneo: Of course, my dear. I'll take you through it slowly, step by step. So come on!

Aeris: No, that's not what I meant! NO, STOP! Just, just wait a second!!

Don Corneo: Come! Come! Aoooooooh!! I can't wait any longer! Here comes papa!!

Aeris: Cloud!!

(Regardless of who Don Corneo chose between Tifa and Aeris.)
Don Corneo: Wha...what the hell? Who goes there!?

  • (If Don Corneo chose Tifa.)
    Tifa: You still don't get it do you, Don Corneo?
  • (If Don Corneo chose Aeris.)
    Aeris: I'm sorry, Don.

Don Corneo: Get what?

(If Don Corneo chose Cloud. Enters Don Corneo's bedroom without taking Cloud to the lackey's room.)
Don Corneo: Ahh, we're finally alone... All right, pussycat... Come to daddy !!

(Upon attempting to leave the room.)
Don Corneo: Woo-hoo! Don't be shy. We're all alone now...

(Upon talking to Corneo.)
Don Corneo: You're so cute, I never get tired of looking at you. Do me, too?

  • (Upon selecting "Of course!".)
    Don Corneo: You sure do know how to make a guy feel good! Then, wh...what do you want to DO?
    • (Upon selecting "Whatever YOU want, daddy".)
      Don Corneo: Oh man! I can't stand it! All right, then...... Give me a kiss!! A KISS!!
      • (Upon selecting "All right......")
        On-screen: Ju---st a minute!!
        Don Corneo: Wha...what the hell? Who goes there!?
        Tifa: Cloud... Were you really......
        Don Corneo: A man!? What's goin' on?
      • (Upon selecting "Nope, can't do that......".)
        Don Corneo: Why? WHY? WHY?
        Cloud: Because...
        Cloud: Because I'm gonna have to use that mouth of yours to give me some information!!
        Don Corneo: A man!? You tricked me!! Somebody get in here NOW!!
        Tifa: Unfortunately, no one'll be comin' to help.
        Don Corneo: You're the ones from before! Wh...what the hell's going on?
    • (Upon selecting "Don't really care......" when Corneo asks "Then, wh...what do you want to DO?", or selecting "Ummm......" when Corneo asks "Do me, too?".)
      Don Corneo: You don't like me? There...there isn't someone else, is there?
      • (Upon selecting "No, only you", same dialogue plays as if the player answered "Of course!" when Corneo asks "Do me, too?".)
      • (Upon selecting "Yes, his name's Barret...".)
        Don Corneo: No way! Hmm? Barret? That sounds familiar...
        Cloud: You know, he's one of the ones you were trying to find out about. You know,AVALANCHE...?
        Don Corneo: Oh, yeah, yeah. In Sector 7 in the slum...
        Don Corneo: ...and how do YOU know that!?
        Don Corneo: A man!? You tricked me!! Somebody get in here NOW!!
        Tifa: Unfortunately, no one'll be comin' to help.
        Don Corneo: You're the ones from before! Wh...what the hell's going on?

(After Don Corneo says "Get what?" if he chose Aeris or Tifa, or after Corneo says "A man!? What's goin' on?" or "Wh...what the hell's going on?" if he chose Cloud.)
Tifa: Shut up, we're asking the questions now...

Tifa: What did your assistants find out? Talk! If you don't tell us...

Cloud: ...I'll chop them off.

Don Corneo: No! Not that! I'll talk! I'll tell you everything!


Don Corneo: ...I made 'em find out where the man with the gun-arm was. But that's what I was ordered to do.

Tifa: By who?

Don Corneo: No--! If I told you that, I'd be killed!

Tifa: Talk! If you don't tell us...

Aeris: ...I'll rip them off.

Don Corneo: Waaaaaaaaaaah--! It was Heidegger of Shinra! Heidegger, the head of Public Safety Maintenance!

Cloud: The head of Public Safety Maintenance!?

Tifa: Did you say the Shinra!? What are they up to!? Talk! If you don't tell us...

Tifa: ...I'll smash them.

Don Corneo: ...You're serious, aren't you... ...ohboy, ohbooy, ohboy. ...I'm not fooling around here either, you know. Shinra's trying to crush a small rebel group called AVALANCHE, and want to infiltrate their hideout. And they're really going to crush them...literally, By breaking the support holding up the plate above them.

Tifa: Break the support!?

Don Corneo: You know what's going to happen? The plate'll go PING and everything's gonna go BAMMM!! I heard their hideout's in the Sector 7 Slums... I'm just glad it's not here in Sector 6.

Tifa: They're going to wipe out the Sector 7 Slums!?

Tifa: Cloud, will you come with me to Sector 7?

Cloud: Of course, Tifa.

(Upon attempting to leave Corneo's bedroom.)
Don Corneo: Just a second!

Cloud: Shut up!

Don Corneo: No wait, it'll only take a second. How do you think scum like me feels when they babble on about the truth?

  • (Upon selecting "They've pretty much given up on life".)
    Don Corneo: Buuzzzzz! Wrong!
  • (Upon selecting "They're sure they'll win".)
    Don Corneo: Woo-hoo! Right!
  • (Upon selecting "They don't know what the hell's going on".)
    Don Corneo: Close, but no cigar!
(After either option is selected and the party falls down trap door, perspective jumps to President Shinra's office.)

President Shinra: How are the preparations going?

Heidegger: Ha, ha, ha!! Smoothly, very smoothly! I assigned the Turks to this.

Reeve: President!! Are we really going to do this? Simply destroy a group with only a few members...

President Shinra: What's the problem, Reeve? You want out?

Reeve: ...No. But, as head of the Urban Development Department, I have been involved in the building and running of Midgar. That's why...

Heidegger: Reeve, you should flush those personal problems in the morning!

Reeve: The Mayor's against this anyway...

Heidegger: Mayor? He just sits in this building all day feeding his face! You still call that a Mayor?

Heidegger: Now if you'll excuse me sir!

President Shinra: You're tired. Why don't you take a couple of days off and go somewhere.

President Shinra: We'll destroy Sector 7 and report that AVALANCHE did it. Then we'll send in the rescue operation care of Shinra, Inc.... Heh, heh, heh...this is perfect.

Prevent the Fall of the Plate[]

(After landing in the sewers below Corneo's office and talking to Aeris or Tifa.)
Cloud: You alright?

(If the player talked to Aeris.)
Aeris: Yeah.

(If the player talked to Tifa.)
Tifa: Man! This is terrible.

(Regardless of who the player talked to.)
Aeris: Well, the worst is over...

Aeris: Maybe not...

(After Aps is defeated.)
Tifa: It's too late...... Marlene...Barret ...the people of the Slums.

Aeris: Don't give up, never give up hope. It's not easy to destroy the pillar, right?

Tifa:'re right! We still have time.

(Upon approaching manhole and selecting "Let's try and jump down", descend to a lower part of the sewers. Upon selecting "Let's not......", nothing happens.)

(After exiting the manhole to the Train Graveyard.)
Cloud: Aeris. I got you mixed up in all of this...

Aeris: Don't tell me to go home.

Tifa: Let's see...If we can just get past the trains that are lit up, we should be able to get out of here.

(Upon reaching the Sector 7 slums.)
Tifa: We made it! The pillar's standing!

Cloud: Wait! You hear something......above us?

Aeris: ......gun fire?

Cloud: Wedge!! You all right!?

Wedge: .......Cloud...... You name. Barret's up top. him...... An' Cloud... Sorry, I wasn't any help.

Cloud: I'm going up!

Cloud: Aeris! You look after Wedge.

Tifa: Aeris, do me a favor. I have a bar called '7th Heaven' in this neighborhood. There's a little girl named Marlene there......

Aeris: Don't worry. I'll put her somewhere safe.

Tifa: It's dangerous here! Everyone get away from the pillar, quickly! Everyone get out of Sector 7!

(Upon attempting to leave the area.)
Tifa: Cloud!! You've gotta go now, or Barret's...

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: Don't worry. You let me handle this.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: Cloud... so you don't care...what happens... to the...Planet?

  • (Upon selecting "Nope, not interested".)
    Biggs: haven't changed. Oh, forget it.
  • (Upon selecting "You're wounded......".)
    Biggs: Thanks, Cloud. ...don't worry 'bout me...... Barret's...fighting up there. Go help him...

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: ...Cloud... I'm glad......I could talk with last time.

  • (Upon selecting "Don't say 'last'......".)
    Jessie: That's...all right... Because...of our actions...many......people died...... this our punishment...
  • (Upon selecting "Is that so...".)
    Jessie: ...Is...that so......? usual... ex-...SOLDIER. ...always...I liked you...

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Tifa! Cloud! You came! Be careful! They're attacking from the helicopter.

Tifa: Better equip ourselves before they attack in full force!

On-screen: Press the (MENU) button to access the Menu. Press the (OK)button when finished.

(After using and closing the menu.)
Tifa: Here they come!

Reno: You're too late. Once I push this button...

Reno: That's all, folks! Mission accomplished.

Tifa: We have to disarm it! Cloud! Barret! Please!

Reno: I can't have you do that. No one get in the way of Reno and the Turks...

(During battle with Turks:Reno.)

(When Turks:Reno casts Pyramid.)
Reno: Try and break it if you can.

(At the end of the battle with Turks:Reno.)
Reno: It's time.

(After the battle with Turks:Reno ends.)

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: DAMN! It's a time bomb!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Cloud! I don't know how to stop this. Try it!

(Upon inspecting the bomb.)
Cloud: ...It's not a normal time bomb.

Tseng: That's right. You'll have a hard time disarming that one. It'll blow the second some stupid jerk touches it.

Tifa: Please, stop it!

Tseng: Ha ha ha...... Only a Shinra Executive can set up or disarm the Emergency Plate Release System.

Barret: Shut yer hole!

Tseng: I wouldn't try that...... You just might make me injure our special guest.

Tifa: Aeris!!

Tseng: Oh, you know each other?

Tseng: How nice you could see each other one last time. You should thank me.

Cloud: What are you gonna do with Aeris!?

Tseng: I haven't decided. Our orders were to find and catch the last remaining Ancient.

Tseng: It's taken us a long time, but now I can finally report this to the President.

Aeris: Tifa, don't worry! She's all right!

Tifa: Aeris!

Aeris: Hurry and get out!

Tseng: Ha, ha, ha... Well, it should be starting right about now. Think you can escape in time?

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Once that Plate starts coming down it'll be too late. We gotta hurry!

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Yo, we can use this wire to get out!

Aeris's Secret[]

(After arriving in Sector 6 following the fall of the plate.)
Barret: Marlene! MARLENE!!

Barret: MAR---LE---NE!!

Barret: Biggs!

Barret: Wedge!!

Barret: Jessie!!

Barret: Goddamn it!!!

Barret: Dammit!


Barret: What the hell's it all for!?

Barret: ARGGHHHH!!!

Cloud: Hey, Barret!

Tifa: Barret!

Barret: ARGGHHHH!!!

Cloud: Hey!

Tifa: Barret, stop... Please stop, Barret.

Barret: URGHHHH!!!

Barret: God damn...

Barret: Marlene...

Tifa: ......... Barret......?

Tifa: Marlene is... I think Marlene is safe.

Barret: ......huh?

Tifa: Right before they took Aeris, she said, "Don't worry, she's all right." She was probably talking about Marlene.

Barret: R, really!?

Tifa: But...

Barret: Biggs...... Wedge... Jessie......

Cloud: All three of them were in the pillar.

Barret: Think I don't know that? But...we, all of us fought together. I don't wanna think of them as dead!

Tifa: ...and the other people in Sector 7.

Barret: This is all screwed up! They destroyed an entire village just to get to us! They killed so many people...

Tifa: ...are you saying it's our fault? Because AVALANCHE was here? Innocent people lost their lives because of us?

Barret: No, Tifa! That ain't it! Hell no!! It ain't us! It's the damn Shinra! It's never been nobody but the Shinra! They're evil and destroyin' our planet just to... build their power and line their own damn pockets with gold! If we don't get rid of them, they're gonna kill this planet! Our fight ain't never gonna be over until we get rid of them!!

Tifa: .........I don't know.

Barret: What don't you know!? You don't believe me?

Tifa: It's not that. I'm not sure My feelings.

Barret: An'what about you?

Cloud: .........

Barret: Yo!

Barret: Where's he think he's goin'?

Tifa: Oh! Aeris!

Barret: Oh yeah, that girl. What's up with her?

Tifa: ...I don't really know... But she's the one I left Marlene with.

Barret: Damn! Marlene!!

Barret: Tifa. There ain't no turnin' back now.

(Upon approaching the pipe downward in the Sector 6 junk yard.)
Barret: Cloud! Take me to Marlene!

Tifa: You're going to help Aeris?

Cloud: Yeah... But before that, there's something I want to know.

Tifa: What's that?

Cloud:'s about the Ancients.

On-screen: In my veins courses the blood of the Ancients. I am one of the rightful heirs to this planet!

Cloud: Sephiroth...?

Tifa: Are you all right?

Barret: Pull it together, man!

(Upon entering Aeris's house.)
Elmyra: Cloud......wasn't it? It's about Aeris, isn't it?

Cloud: ...Sorry. The Shinra have her.

Elmyra: I know. They took her from here.

Cloud: They were here?

Elmyra: That's what Aeris wanted...

Cloud: Why is Shinra after Aeris?

Elmyra: Aeris is an Ancient. The sole survivor.

Barret: ...What did you say? But, aren't you her mother?

Elmyra: ...Not her real mother. must have been 15 years ago...

Elmyra: ...during the war. My husband was sent to the front. Some far away place called Wutai. One day, I went to the station because I got a letter saying he was coming home on leave. My husband never came back. I wonder if something happened to him? No, I'm sure his leave was just canceled. I went to the station everyday. Then, one day.........

Elmyra: You used to see this sort of thing a lot during the war. Her last words were, "Please take Aeris somewhere safe." My husband never came back. I had no child. I was probably lonely. So I decided to take her home with me.

Elmyra: Aeris and I became close very quickly.That child loved to talk. She used to talk to me about everything. She told me she escaped from some kind of research laboratory somewhere. And that her mother had already returned to the planet, so she wasn't lonely...and many other things.

Barret: Returned to the planet?

Elmyra: I didn't know what she meant. I asked if she meant a star in the sky, But she said it was this planet... She was a mysterious child in many ways.

Aeris: Mom. Please don't cry.

Elmyra: Aeris just blurted that out all of a sudden. When I asked her if something happened...

Aeris: Someone dear to you has just died. His spirit was coming to see you, but he already returned to the planet.

Elmyra: At that time I didn't believe her. But... Several days later... We received a notice saying my husband died... ...and that's how it was. A lot had happened, but we were happy. Until one day...

Tseng: We want you to return Aeris to us. We've been searching for her for a long time.

Aeris: No! Never!

Tseng: Aeris, you're a very special child. You are of special blood. Your real mother was an 'Ancient'.

Elmyra: Of course I heard it. That she was an 'Ancient'.

Tseng: The Ancients will lead us to a land of supreme happiness. Aeris will be able to bring happiness to all those in the slums. That is why Shinra would like Aeris's cooperation......

Aeris: He's wrong! I'm not an Ancient! I'm not!

Tseng: But Aeris, surely you hear voices sometimes when you're all alone?

Aeris: No, I don't!

Elmyra: But I knew. I knew about her mysterious powers... She tried so hard to hide it, so I acted as though I never noticed.

Cloud: It's amazing how she's avoided the Shinra for all these years...

Elmyra: The Shinra needed her, So I guess they wouldn't harm her.

Tifa: But why now......

Elmyra: She brought a little girl here with her. On the way here, Tseng found them. She probably couldn't get away fast enough. She decided to go to the Shinra in exchange for the little girl's safety.

Cloud: Must be Marlene.

Barret: Marlene!! Aeris was caught because of Marlene!?

Barret: I'm sorry. Marlene's my daughter. I'm ...really...sorry...

Elmyra: You're her father!? How in the world could you ever leave a child alone like that!?

Barret: ...please don't start with that. I think about it all the time. What would happen to Marlene, if I... But you gotta understand somethin'... ...I don't got an answer. I wanna be with Marlene... But I gotta fight. 'Cause if I don't...the planet's gonna die. So I'm gonna keep fightin'! But, I'm worried 'bout Marlene. I really just wanna be with her...always. See? I'm goin' in circles, now.

Elmyra: ...I think I understand what you're saying... She's upstairs asleep, Why don't you go and see her.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: It's my fault... I was the one who got Aeris involved in this.

Elmyra: Don't say that. Aeris doesn't think that.

(Upon talking to Tifa again.)
Tifa: I feel so depressed.

(Upon talking to Elmyra.)
Elmyra: ...sigh...

(Upon entering Marlene's room upstairs.)
Barret: I'm so glad...... I'm so glad you're all right...

Marlene: Daddy, don't cry. Your whiskers hurt!

(Upon leaving the room.)
Barret: Cloud!

Barret: You gonna go help Aeris, right? She's done so much for me...

Barret: If it's the Shinra you're dealin' with, I can't just sit here! I'm comin', too!

Marlene: Guess what? Guess what? Aeris was asking me lots of questions. Like what kind of person Cloud is. I bet she likes you, Cloud!

(Upon answering either "I don't know" or "Let's hope so", the conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to Marlene after.)

  • (If the player answered "I don't know".)
    Marlene: Stupid!
  • (If the player answered "Let's hope so".)
    Marlene: I won't tell Tifa.

(Upon interacting with the bed on the left.)
Cloud: Looks like I could get some rest here...

(Upon selecting "Sleep", Cloud will sleep and HP and MP will be restored. Upon selecting "Don't want to sleep", nothing happens.)

(Upon leaving the house.)
Tifa: You're going after Aeris, right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Tifa: I'm coming with you.

Cloud: We're going right into Shinra Headquarters. ...You gotta be prepared for the worst.

Tifa: I know. Right now, I feel I have to push myself to the limit. If I stayed here...I'll go crazy.

Barret: Sorry, but can you take care of Marlene a bit longer?

Elmyra: Yes, I don't mind.

Barret: This place is dangerous now. You better go somewhere else.

Elmyra: ...You're right. But promise me that you'll come back to her. Don't get yourself killed.

(After leaving the house.)
Tifa: How do we get to the Shinra Building?

Barret: There ain't no train that goes up there anymore...

Tifa: ......

Tifa: Well, let's just go to Wall Market. We might be able to find something there.

(Upon talking to Elmyra after returning to the house.)
Elmyra: I mean it, come back to her. Don't get yourself killed.

(Upon talking to Marlene after returning to the house.)
Marlene: Daddy, Tifa, Cloud! Please bring Aeris back!

(Upon talking to the man on the left counter in the Weapon Store in Wall Market.)
NPC: You goin' up to the plate? You better have a Battery.

Cloud: You're gonna sell me something you just found?

NPC: Hey, you knew? But I repaired it, so it's all right.

Cloud: Why do I need a battery to climb up to the plate?

NPC: You'll find out when you get there. How 'bout 100 Gil for each?

Cloud: ......

  • (Upon selecting "All right, I'll take them".
    • (If the player has enough gil.)
      On-screen: Received "Batteries"!
    • (If the player does not have enough gil.)
      NPC: Hmm, looks like you're a little short, son. Come back again.
  • (Upon selecting "I think you're full of it".)
    NPC: All right then, go see for yourself. You'll be back again.

(Upon approaching Corneo's mansion.)
Kid: Wanna see somethin' awesome? Follow me!

(Upon talking to the kid in front of the wire next to the wall.)
Kid 1: Everyone climbed up this wire. Looks scary......Brrr.

Tifa: Can we climb it?

Kid 1: Yeah. It leads to the Upper World.

Barret: Awright! We'll climb this wire!

Cloud: There's no way we can do this. You know how far it goes up?

Barret: There IS a way! Look! What's that look like?

Cloud: Just a normal wire.

Barret: Oh yeah? Well to me it looks like a golden shiny wire of hope.

Tifa: You're right. This is the only way to save Aeris...

Cloud: Ok, that was a bad analogy, but, Barret, I understand how you feel.

Cloud: Let's go!

(While climbing up.)
Kid 2: Oh man! This is horrible...

Kid 3: Hey, scary, huh? Dad told me that it's the Shinra's doing.

(Upon interacting with battery box for the first time.)
Cloud: ...maybe if I put a battery in... The propeller might work.

(If the player did not obtain batteries from the shopkeeper.)
Cloud: It might work if I put a battery in it.

(If the player did obtain batteries.)
Cloud: I guess I'll just have to believe the shopkeeper.

(Upon interacting with the second and third battery boxes.)
Cloud: Need a battery here, too.

(When in front of the swinging bar.)
Cloud: Looks like the only way is to jump onto that bar. Should make it if I jump before it comes too close. (use OK button to jump)

(Upon failing a jump by jumping too early.)
Cloud: Jumped too soon...

(Upon failing by jumping too late.)
Cloud: Jumped too late...

Storming the Shinra Building[]

(Upon reaching the front of the Shinra Building.)
Barret: Hey, you oughta know this building well.

Cloud: ...Not really, now that I think about it, This's the first time I've ever been to the Headquarters.

Barret: I heard about this place before. Every floor above the 60th is special and not easy to get to even for employees. Must be where they took Aeris. The security's pretty light now. Awright, let's go!!

Tifa: Wait a second! You're not thinking of just going right through the main entrance, are you?

Barret: Well what else does it look like!? I'm gonna kick some Shinra butt and......

Tifa: That's not going to work! We've got to find another way...

Barret: Ain't gonna be no other way! If we keep wastin' time like this, Aeris'll...

Tifa: I know that! But if we get caught here... Hey, Cloud. ...What should we do?

  • (Upon selecting "Let's bust on in!".)
    Barret: That's more like it! C'mon, let's go!!
  • (Upon selecting "Let's sneak in quietly".)
    Tifa: See? Let's be careful and find a different route!

(Upon entering the building through the lobby, regardless of the dialogue option the player chose.)
Receptionist: Excuse me! If you don't have an appointment, you'll just have to...

Barret: Don't need no appointment... This is a 'mergency! Anyone who don't wanna get their face bashed in better git outta the way!! Yaagghh!


  • Who do they think they are?
  • Y, You don't think that's AVALANCHE?
  • Intruders! Seize them!!

(After defeating the following encounter.)
Barret: Let's go to the top!

(Upon interacting with the round elevators.)
Cloud: Nothing. Have to find another way up, I guess...

(Upon using the elevators at the back if the player did not go past the sixth floor of the stairs.)
Tifa: ......What's wrong?

Cloud: I didn't want to start a ruckus till we saved Aeris. I should have known that was impossible though...

Barret: Heh, heh, heh.

Cloud: What is it? You're givin' me the willies.

Barret: So there are times when even you fight for other people. I am impressed.

Cloud: Who cares if you're impressed...?

Barret: Y'know,I ain't so good at sayin' this,but... Sorry...for lotsa things.

(When an alarm goes off in the elevator.)
Barret: Wh, what the!?

Tifa: Look!

Barret: DA-MN...!

Barret: I don't care where, Cloud! Just stop it!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: What's going on!?

(Upon meeting a Shinra employee after pushing the button to stop the elevator on floors 29, 38, 47, or 56.)
NPC: Oh man!!

(If this is the first time meeting the Shinra employee on this floor.)
NPC: No, uh, that's all right. My mistake. I'm, uh, not getting on.

(After already meeting the Shinra employee on this floor.)
NPC: You, you're still driving...? Uh, I'll pass again.

(As the Shinra employee runs away after either previous line.)
NPC: Oh man!!

(When the player enters the side door to climb the stairs of the Shinra Building.)
Barret: Yo... You really gonna take these stairs all the way up?

Tifa: Well we've got to get to Aeris to help her somehow.

Barret: Talk about out of the way...

Tifa: I don't have time to argue with you! I'm going!

Barret: Y, yo Tifa! Don't go off alone!

(Upon leaving the stairs.)
Tifa: Wait a minute, Cloud!

(Upon reaching the sixth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: Don't know... Why...the hell... We gotta...climb...

Cloud: ...because we don't want to start a commotion until we've saved Aeris.

Cloud: I doubt that's possible though...

Barret: ...heh heh heh.

Cloud: Knock it off. You're giving me the creeps.

(Upon reaching the thirteenth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: So even you will fight for someone else. I had you figured wrong I guess.

Cloud: Who cares what you figured!

Barret: I'm just sayin' mebbe I was wrong...

Tifa: heh heh heh......

Cloud: What's that supposed to mean, Tifa?

(Upon reaching the twentieth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: much farther do these stairs go on?

Tifa: Why don't you ask them?

Barret: It's not one of them endless stairways or somethin', d'ya think?

Tifa: Of course not!!

Barret: Right...couldn't be that...

(Upon reaching the twenty-seventh floor of the stairs.)
Barret: Are we there yet?

Tifa: Not yet.

Barret: ...there yet?

Tifa: I said not yet!

Barret: Yo...

Tifa: Look, don't even ask! We're way way way way far away from being there, ok!?

(Upon reaching the thirty-fourth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: Damn, man! I've had it! I'm going back!

Tifa: And take just as long going down as you did coming up?

Barret: ............

(Upon reaching the fortieth floor of the stairs.)
Tifa: C'mon, Barret. Pull it together!

Barret: Yeah, well all I know is I'm just flesh 'n' blood... 'cept for this arm of mine. Don't treat me like I'm some ex-member of SOLDIER or somethin'......

Tifa: What about me!? I'm human too! Oh, do what you want, I'm going on!

Tifa: ......?

Tifa: Yaah! Barret! You go first!

Barret: What're ya ignorant? I didn't mean that...

Tifa: All right, all right!

Tifa: Cloud, you go on ahead too!!

(Upon reaching the forty-first floor of the stairs.)
Barret: Yo... What floor is this?

Tifa: ...I gave up counting.

Barret: Why they gotta build these buildings so damn tall?

Barret: That Shinra... They're just no damn good.

Tifa: .........

(Upon reaching the forty-eighth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: huff... Man, I'm beat...

Barret: Marlene, Daddy wanted to see your face one more time...

Tifa: Would you stop acting like a retard and climb!?

Tifa: It's just a bit more!

Tifa: ...maybe.

(Upon reaching the fifty-ninth floor of the stairs.)
Barret: F...finally... M...made it... N...never wanna see... no more stairs the rest of my life...

Tifa: huff...puff... this really takes it out of you... But this is it. We'd better get ready...!

(Upon trying to leave the fifty-ninth floor using the stairs or an elevator.)
Barret: Hey Cloud! You come all this way, you thinkin' of goin' back down to the 1st floor?

(Upon selecting "Yeah".)
Barret: We ain't got no time for that! Stop messin' around, boy!

(Upon selecting "No......".)
Barret: Yeah, that's right! Let's go on then!

(Upon approaching the guards.)
Guard: Destroy the intruders!

(After defeating the Mighty Grunt soldiers.)
Cloud: What's this?

On-screen: Received Key Item "Keycard 60"!

(When interacting with the elevator, it provides the options '1floor', '59"', '60"', '61"', '62"', '63"', '64"', '65"', '66"', or '69"'.)

(Upon attempting to select a greyed out floor.)
On-screen: You don't have a Card Key

(Upon talking to Tifa while using the elevator.)
Tifa: I hope Aeris is all right.

(Upon talking to Barret while using the elevator.)
Barret: This is the real thing. Don't let your guard down.

(Upon talking to the guards on floor 60.)
Guard: What're you doing here!? No unauthorized people are allowed here!! People like you don't belong here! Go on, get out!

(Upon entering the top-left room.)
Barret: Lookit that, all them guards is runnin' around. Cloud, you go on ahead and signal us when it's safe to come.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: When those guards turn around, MOVE!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Stay in the shadows!

(Upon reaching the middle successfully.)
On-screen: Wait for the soldiers to let down their guard, then push the [O] button to signal the others!

(Upon sneaking past successfully.)
Barret: Ok! We gonna rock!

Tifa: Remember, we're here to save Aeris.

Barret: Hell, I know that!

(Upon being caught by the guards.)
Guard: Hey there! What do you think you're doing there!?

(After defeating two Mighty Grunts in the following encounter upon being caught less than four times.)
Barret: What the hell're ya doin'? Come on gotta do it again!

(After defeating two Mighty Grunts upon being caught a fourth time.)
Barret: I shoulda known it'd turn out like this... If I'd known it'd be like this in the first place...

Tifa: Shhh! Now let's move on.

(Upon talking to an employee in the grey suit near elevators on floor 61, before getting Keycard 62.)
NPC: The hell are you? What're you doin' around here?

(Upon selecting "Where's Aeris?".)
NPC: Aeris? How did you know that name? You must be...!? Aeris, you mean that kid. The receptionist. Yeah, I was startin' to worry 'bout her myself. And so another rival appears on the scene, eh? You mean, she's not? It's someone else?

(Upon selecting "......".)
NPC: Oh, I see. So you must be that whatcha call it... Shinra, Inc. Repair Division!! You know, it looks like this building is starting to fall apart. This door was just pushed open. You ought to fix this right away. Oh yeah, and take a look on the other floors too. I'll give you this.

On-screen: Received Key Item "Keycard 62"!

(Upon talking to the employee after getting the keycard.)
NPC: This door is stuck wide open. Better fix this right away.

(Upon talking to Hart outside the mayor's office on floor 62.)
Hart: How do you do? This is the Midgar Mayor's Office. Mayor Domino is in his office. I am the Deputy Mayor. If you should have any questions feel free to ask me...

(Upon talking to Mayor Domino in his office.)
Domino: Hmm? Oh, and who might you be? You all must be those...ahem... Me? I'm Domino, the Mayor of Midgar. Actually, I'm Mayor in name only. The city and everything in it is really run by Shinra, Inc. My only real job is watching over Shinra's documents... Me! The Mayor! A librarian! Ohh...... You want to get upstairs? I tell you what, if you can guess the password, I'll give you my keycard. Yes, that's it. Guess the password and I'll give you my keycard! Get it on the first try and I'll even throw in a special item!

(Upon talking to Hart after speaking to Domino.)
Hart: Did you speak with the Mayor? What? A password? Oh, I get it... He's got way too much time on his hands. But you can't really blame him, Everything in Midgar is controlled by President Shinra. Maybe I can help you.

(If Hart has not given a hint yet.)
Hart: What do you want to know?

(If Hart has given one or two hints.)
Hart: What can I do for you?

(Upon selecting "HELP", "Give me the hint again", or "Give me the next hint".)
Hart: Sure, sure. All right. As a public servant, it's my job to serve the needs of the people. So here's a hint...

  • (If Hart has not given a hint yet.)
    Hart: ...for 500 gil.
  • (If Hart has given one hint.)
    Hart: ...for 1000 gil.
  • (If Hart has given two hints.)
    Hart: ...for 2000 gil.
  • (Upon selecting "Give him the money" if the player does not have enough gil.)
    Hart: Hey now! You're a bit short. I'm sure even item stores in the slums don't give credit nowadays.
  • (Upon selecting "Give him the money" if the player has enough gil.)
    Hart: Oh, my...well, Thank you very much.
    • (If this is Hart's first hint.)
      Hart: Now listen. On this floor are four research libraries for four different sections of Shinra, Inc.... Parts of the password are hidden in each of the libraries. Pay careful attention to the files in each room. The name of each library is written on the plaque outside the door.
    • (If this is Hart's second hint.)
      Hart: Now, in each library will be one file mixed in from another library. Look carefully at the numbers on each file.
    • (If this is Hart's third hint.)
      Hart: There is a number at the beginning of each file name. Of course there's a number even on the files that don't belong in that library. Match the number with the letters in the title of the file. If the file starts with a 4, then check the fourth letter and... well, you get the idea.

(Upon selecting "Forget it", "Uh, nothing", or "Forget it!", depending on the conversation.)
Hart: ...I see. Then, I guess that's that. Good luck finding it on your own. If you still can't find it. I'll just be right over here. Ready to tell you anytime...

Check the libraries. Books listed here are the ones that should be placed in their respective library. Not all will appear at once. (Upon inspecting the top-left library sign.)
On-screen: Shinra, Inc. Peace Preservation/ Weapon Dev. Research Library

(Upon inspecting the top-right library sign.)
On-screen: Shinra, Inc. Space Dev. Research Library

(Upon inspecting the bottom-left library sign.)
On-screen: Shinra, Inc. Urban Dev. Research Library

(Upon inspecting the bottom-right library sign.)
On-screen: Shinra, Inc. Scientific Research Library

(Upon inspecting the monitor in the Shinra, Inc. Peace Preservation/ Weapon Dev. Research Library.)
On-screen: This is the Public Order/Weapon Development Library. Return materials where you found them. Do not mix materials from other libraries.

(Upon inspecting the books inside the Shinra, Inc. Peace Preservation/ Weapon Dev. Research Library.)

  • 1 Breakdown of SOLDIER members by class
  • 2 Plan for new land weapons
  • 3 Special peace keeping law
  • 4 Ranks and extended use of Mako weaponry
  • 7 Economic report: anti-Shinra activities
  • 10 Materia production and its military uses
  • 14 Heidegger's Shinra peace keeping law

(Upon inspecting the monitor in the Shinra, Inc. Space Dev. Research Library.)
On-screen: This is the Space Dev Research Library. Click on the plate in front of each library to see which it is.

(Upon inspecting the books inside the Shinra, Inc. Space Dev. Research Library.)

  • 1 Results of failed space mission "YA-79"
  • 2 Economic report: Space Dev Program
  • 6 Shinra rocket space travel
  • 16 Modern history of Midgar space program vol. 1
  • 17 Modern history of Midgar space program vol. 2

(Upon inspecting the monitor in the Shinra, Inc. Urban Dev. Research Library.)
On-screen: Materials are non-circulating! It is forbidden to remove any materials from this floor.

(Upon inspecting the books inside the Shinra, Inc. Urban Dev. Research Library.)

  • 2 Problems with Plate construction in Midgar
  • 3 An illustrated guide to City Planning
  • 4 Midgar City Map: Sectors 0 - 4
  • 4 Midgar City map: Sectors 0-4
  • 5 Reactor Construction Chart
  • 5 Reactor construction chart
  • 6 Reactor Construction Chart
  • 8 New plans for Urban Planning
  • 9 Midgar City map: Sectors 5-8
  • 10 New plans for urban planning

(Upon inspecting the monitor in the Shinra, Inc. Scientific Research Library.)
On-screen: This is the Scientific Research Library. Materials for the... Urban Dev. Library Peace/Weapon Dev. Library Space Dev. Library are held in their respective libraries...

(Upon inspecting the books inside the Shinra, Inc. Scientific Research Library.)

  • 1 Biological characteristics of the Ancients
  • 2 Mako energy and the rise in life forms
  • 3 File on Dr. Gast, Biologist
  • 4 Report on high Mako levels in living beings
  • 4 The Jenova Project
  • 6 Data on experimental animals living near Midgar
  • 7 Diminishing Mako energy and Planet movements
  • 8 Final evolutionary stages in land dwelling life
  • 14 The Ancients in History
  • 15 Diminishing Mako energy and Planet movements

(Upon talking to Domino again after figuring out password.)
Domino: Got it? Then tell me. So, what's the password?

(Upon selecting "Wait a second", nothing happens.)

(The correct password randomly changes each game. The options are either "BEST", "KING", "BOMB", or "MAKO". "ORBS" and "HOJO" are never the password.)

  • (Upon selecting "BEST" if it is the correct password.)
    Domino: BEST!! God, I love the sound of that! BEST!! I AM the best...ME!! No matter what anyone else says, you'd better believe it.
  • (Upon selecting "KING" if it is the correct password.)
    Domino: KING!! God, I love the sound of that! KING!! President Shinra sucks! I should be King of Midgar!
  • (Upon selecting "BOMB" if it is the correct password.)
    Domino: BOMB!! God, I love the sound of that! BOMB!! I'm so angry, I'm like a walking time bomb waiting to explode!
  • (Upon selecting "MAKO" if it is the correct password.)
    Domino: MAKO!! God, I love the sound of that! MAKO! If I had a lot more of it, I would be a real Mayor!
  • (If the player selected the wrong password.)
    Domino: Nope! You're ALL wrong! It's a much better word than that! Try again!

(If the player selected the right password.)
Domino: ......hmm. Well, ok. Here, take it.

On-screen: Received "Keycard 65"!

(If the player selected the right password first time.)
Domino: I never thought you'd get it on the first try... Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. Oh well, a promise is a promise. Take this, too.

(If the player has the slots for more Materia.)
On-screen: Received "Elemental" Materia!

(If the player does not have enough slots.)
Domino: it full already? Come back again when it's empty.

(If the player selected the right password on the second attempt.)
Domino: Hmm. It appears you're not completely stupid. Fine then, take this.

On-screen: Received "Elixir"!

(If the player selected the right password on the third attempt.)
Domino: I see... I think for you...this would be best. Then, I have this to give the lot of you.

On-screen: Received "Ether"!

(If the player selected the right password on the fourth attempt.)
Domino: Hoo boy! You finally got it...? You all really don't like to use your heads, do you? ......What the hey. Here, just take it anyway.

On-screen: Received "Potion"!

(If the player selected the right password within the first four attempts.)
Domino: Why would I do something like this, you ask? To mess with them, of course! Shinra's been torturing me forever. That's why I was a little rough on you all just now. Now go up there and really make them suffer. This ought to make us even! Heh heh heh......

(Upon talking to Domino after receiving the keycard.)
Domino: But my card will only get you to the 65th floor. Can you believe how they treat me? ...ME! Like some common employee...

(Upon talking to Hart after receiving the keycard.)
Hart: If you run into President Shinra please don't tell him about this. I can't be a partner to anymore trouble for Shinra.

(Upon interacting with the first five boxes on floor 65 when unlocked.)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Midgar Parts"!

(Upon interacting with the last box on floor 65 when unlocked.)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Keycard 66"!

(Upon interacting with the model of Midgar.)
Cloud: A model of Midgar...born from Mako sucked right out of the earth.

(If the model is not complete.)
Cloud: Parts of the model are missing...

(Upon selecting "Place the Midgar parts".)
Cloud: ...Sounds like something opened up...

(Upon selecting "Leave it alone", nothing happens.)

(Upon interacting with the broken piece on the left.)
Cloud: Midgar...born from Mako energy which was sucked right out of the earth. A model of the city... When construction of Sector 6 finishes, Shinra's plan will be complete. That must be why he took Aeris...

(Upon viewing the conference room in the ventilation duct.)
Barret: Geez--! That's a lotta suits!

Reeve: We have the damage estimates for Sector 7. Considering those factories we already set up and all the investments, the damage is estimated at approximately 10 Billion gil...

Reeve: The estimated cost to rebuild Sector 7 is...

President Shinra: We're not rebuilding.

Reeve: What?

President Shinra: We're leaving Sector 7 as it is. And restarting the Neo-Midgar plan.

Reeve: ...then the Ancients?

President Shinra: The Promised Land will soon be ours.

President Shinra: I want you to raise the Mako rates 15% in every area.

Palmer: Rate hike! Rate hike! Tra, la, la! And please include our Space Program in the budget!

President Shinra: Reeve and Scarlet will divide the extra income from the rate increase.

Palmer: Oh man!

Reeve: Sir. If you raise the rates, the people will lose confidence...

President Shinra: It'll be all right. The ignorant citizens won't lose confidence, they'll trust Shinra, Inc. even more.

Heidegger: Ha ha ha! After all, we're the ones who saved Sector 7 from AVALANCHE!

Barret: That dirty #$*$^

President Shinra: Hojo. How's the girl?

Hojo: As a specimen, she is inferior to her mother. I'm still in the process of comparing her to her mother, Ifalna, but for now the difference is 18 %.

President Shinra: How long will the research take?

Hojo: Probably 120 years. It's probably impossible to finish in our lifetime. Or in the lifetime of the specimen too, for that matter.

Hojo: That's why we're thinking of breeding her. Then we could create one that could withstand our research for a long time.

President Shinra: What about the Promised Land? Won't it hinder our plans?

Hojo: That's what I need to plan. The mother is strong... and yet has her weaknesses.

President Shinra: That concludes our meeting.

Scarlet: Something stinks...

Cloud: They were talking about Aeris...right?

Barret: I dunno.

Tifa: Probably.

Cloud: Let's follow 'em.

(After passing the conference room when the camera pans towards Hojo taking the stairs.)
Cloud: Hojo...huh...?

(After climbing the stairs to floor 67 while following Hojo.)
Barret: I remember him. That Hojo guy. He's in charge of the Shinra's Science Department. Cloud, don't you know him?

Cloud: This is the first time I've actually ever seen him. So...that's what he looks like...

(Upon talking to the scientist in the office on the left.)
NPC: Let's see... The specimen Hojo asked me for is...

(Upon reaching Hojo's lab area on the left.)
NPC: Is this today's specimen?

Hojo: Yes. We're starting right away. Raise it to the upper level.

Hojo: My precious specimen...

Tifa: Precious specimen...? Is it going to be used for a biological experiment?

Cloud: Jenova... Jenova... Sephiroth's... So...they've brought it here.

Tifa: Cloud, be strong!

Cloud: Did you see it?

Barret: See what?

Cloud: It's moving......still alive?

Barret: Where's its $#&*&@ head? This whole thing's stupid. Let's keep goin'.

(Upon talking to the man in the office.)
NPC: That elevator back there is only to transport Specimens. You can't use it. It would be a lot easier if it led to the 68 Floor Research Lab.

(Upon taking the elevator to the specimen holding area.)
Cloud: Aeris!

Hojo: Aeris? Oh, is that her name? What do you want?

Cloud: We're taking Aeris back.

Hojo: Outsiders......

Barret: Shoulda noticed it earlier, you...

Hojo: There's so many frivolous things in this world.

Hojo: Are you going to kill me? I don't think you should. The equipment here is extremely delicate. Without me, who could operate it? Hmm?

Cloud: Ugh.

Hojo: That's right. I recommend you think things out logically before you make any rash moves.

Hojo: Now, bring in the Specimen!

Aeris: Cloud, help!

Cloud: What do you think you're doin'?

Hojo: Lending a helping hand to an endangered species... Both of them are on the brink of extinction... If I don't help, all these animals will disappear.

Tifa: ...animal? That's terrible! Aeris is a human being!

Barret: You're gonna pay!

Cloud: Barret! Can't you do anything?

Barret: Awright!! Step back!

Hojo: Stop!!

Hojo: Wh...what are you do-- Oh! My precious specimens...

Cloud: Now's our chance to get Aeris!

Aeris: Thanks, Cloud.

Tifa: Cloud...what's wrong?

Cloud: ...The elevator is moving.

Hojo: This is no ordinary specimen. This is a very ferocious specimen!

Red: He's rather strong. I'll help you all out.

Tifa: It talked!?

Red: I'll talk as much as you want later, Miss.

Cloud: We'll take care of that monster. Somebody take Aeris somewhere safe...

(Upon selecting "Tifa, I'm countin' on you!" or "Barret, take care of her!", the chosen character leaves the party.)

Cloud: What's your name?

Red: Hojo has named me, Red XIII. A name with no meaning whatsoever to me. Call me whatever you wish.

(Upon selecting the name "Red XIII".)
Cloud: Come on!

(After defeating Sample:HO512.)
Cloud: Aeris, you all right?

Tifa: She seems all right, many ways.

Red XIII: I have a right to choose, too. I don't like two-legged things.

Barret: What are you?

Red XIII: An informed question. But difficult to answer. I am what you see.

Red XIII: ...You must have many questions, but first, let's get out of here. I'll lead the way.

Aeris: Cloud... so you did come for me.

Red XIII: I apologize for what happened back there. I was merely acting to throw Hojo off guard......

Barret: Now we've saved Aeris, ain't no need to be in this buildin'! So let's get the hell outta here!

Cloud: If all five of us go together, we'll be noticed. Let's break up in two groups.

On-screen: Press the (MENU) button to access the Menu. Press the (CANCEL) button for Change Party. Press the (OK) button when finished.

(After forming a party, depending on characters who are not in the party.)

  • Aeris: I'll see you later!! We'll be waiting at the 66th Floor Elevator.
  • Tifa: We'll be going first! Meet at the 66th Floor Elevator.
  • Barret: Later! Meet up at the 66th Floor Elevator!
  • Red XIII: Don't be late. Do you know where the Elevator is? The 66th Floor!

(Upon talking to the scientist in the room.)
NPC: No! Please don't kill me. I only did what Hojo told me to do. To prove it to, this is the key card to the 68th Floor. Would I be doing this if I was the enemy?

On-screen: Received Key Item "Keycard 68"!

(Upon attempting to walk up to floor 69, depending on the first character of the below order that is present in the party.)

  • Barret: Where you goin'? Everyone's waitin' at the 66th Floor Elevator.
  • Tifa: Where are you going? Everyone's waiting for us at the 66th Floor Elevator.
  • Aeris: Not that way! Everyone's on the 66th Floor Elevator.

(Upon reaching the elevator.)
Cloud: H, hey! What is it?

Rude: Would you press 'Up' please?

Cloud: Turks? Must be a trap...

Tseng: It must have been a real thrill for you... Did you enjoy it?

Cloud: Ggh...

(In President Shinra's office.)
Cloud: You all got caught, too?

Cloud: Where is Aeris!?

President Shinra: In a safe place. She's the last surviving Ancient...

President Shinra: Don't you know? They called themselves the Cetra, and lived thousands of years ago. Now they are just a forgotten page in history.

Red XIII: Cetra...That girl, is she a survivor of the Cetra?

President Shinra: Cetra, or the Ancients will show us the way to the 'Promised Land.' I'm expecting a lot out of her.

Red XIII: The Promised Land? Isn't that just a legend?

President Shinra: Even so, it's just too appealing to not to pursue. It's been said the Promised Land is very fertile. ...If the land is fertile...

Barret: Then there's gotta be Mako!

President Shinra: Exactly. That is why our money sucking Mako Reactor is necessary. The abundant Mako will just come out on its own. That is where Neo-Midgar will be built. Shinra's new glory...

Barret: @$#*^%! Quit dreamin'!

President Shinra: Oh really, don't you know? These days all it takes for your dreams to come true is money and power.

President Shinra: Well, that is all for our meeting.

Rude: Come on! Outta his way!

Barret: Hold it! I got a lot I wanna say to you!

President Shinra: If you need something else... talk to my secretary.

The Nightmare Beginning Anew[]

(Upon talking to Tifa inside the jail cell at any time.)
Tifa: Psst (Can we get out?)

(Upon selecting "(Leave it to me)".)
Tifa: Psst (Cloud, you're so brave!)

(Upon selecting "(Kinda hard)".)
Tifa: Psst (Don't give up!)

(Upon approaching the door and selecting "I wonder how Barret is doing".)
Barret: Hey!

Barret: Aeris is an Ancient and the real name of the Ancients is Cetra. The Ancients know where the Promised Land is and the Shinra is searching for that Promised Land.

Barret: I only heard stories 'bout the Promised Land. I don't know if it really exists. Is that right?

Barret: The Shinra believe that the Promised Land is full of Mako energy. Which means, if the Shinra get there, they'll suck up all the Mako energy. ...and the land'll wither away. The Planet's gonna get weaker.

Barret: I can't just leave 'em be. I'm recruitin'new members!! Me, Tifa, Cloud... and Aeris too. How 'bout you?

Barret: You're so damn boring.

(Upon approaching the door and selecting "I wonder how Red XIII is doing".)
Red XIII: ............Grandpa.

Barret: Grandpa!? Ha, ha, ha...... Grandpa, hmm......ha, ha, ha......

Red XIII: What's so funny?

Barret: Nothin'......ha, ha

(Upon approaching the door and selecting "I wonder how Aeris is doing".)
Aeris: Cloud, are you there?

Cloud: Aeris!? You safe?

Aeris: Yeah, I'm all right. I knew that Cloud would come for me.

Cloud: Hey, I'm your bodyguard, right?

Aeris: The deal was for one date, right?

Tifa: ............oh, I get it.

Aeris: ...!? Tifa! Tifa, you're there too!

Tifa: EXCUSE me.

Tifa: You know, Aeris. I have a question.

Aeris: What?

Tifa: Does the Promised Land really exist?

Aeris: ...I don't know.

Aeris: All I know is... The Cetra were born from the Planet, speak with the Planet, and unlock the Planet. And......then... The Cetra will return to the Promised Land. A land that promises supreme happiness.

Tifa: ...What does that mean?

Aeris: More than words......I don't know.

Cloud: ...Speak with the Planet?

Tifa: Just what does the Planet say?

Aeris: It's full of people and noisy. That's why I can't make out what they are saying.

Cloud: You hear it now?

Aeris: I, I only heard it at the Church in the Slums. Mother said that Midgar was no longer safe. That real mother.

Aeris: Someday I'll get out of Midgar... Speak with the Planet and find my Promised Land. ...That's what mom said. I thought I would stop hearing her voice as I grew up, but...

(Upon selecting "Let's just get some sleep". The option is only available after talking to Aeris.)

(Upon talking to Tifa after sleeping.)
Tifa: ......

(Upon approaching the door.)
Cloud: The door's open... When did it open?

(Upon interacting with the guard outside.)
Cloud: What's happened?

(Upon talking to Tifa after interacting with the guard.)
Cloud: Tifa... Wake up!

Tifa: What's wrong?

Cloud: Something's wrong. Look outside.

(Upon talking to Tifa after she leaves the cell.)
Tifa: I wonder what happened...

Cloud: He should have the key on him...

Cloud: Come on, Tifa, get Aeris. I'll go help Barret and the others.

(Upon talking to Tifa or Aeris in Aeris's cell.)
Tifa: This's kinda eerie...

Aeris: Must've been attacked by...

(Upon talking to Barret or Red XIII.)
Cloud: Barret, Red XIII ...come with me. Something's wrong.

Barret: How'd you get in? Why's the door open!?

(Upon talking to Barret after he leaves the cell.)
Barret: The hell's goin' on!?

Red XIII: No human could've done this.

Red XIII: I'll go on ahead.

Barret: I'll clean up back here, so you guys go ahead. And don't get caught by Shinra!

(Upon talking to Aeris or Tifa after Red XIII goes to investigate.)
Tifa: Come on, let's follow Red XIII!

(Upon interacting with the broken Jenova tank in Hojo's lab.)
Cloud: ...Did it get away? Jenova...?

(Upon talking to Red XIII outside the Jenova tank.)
Red XIII: Jenova Specimen... Looks like it went to the upper floor using that elevator for the specimens.

(Upon talking to Red XIII on floor 68.)
Red XIII: It looks like it leads up...

(Upon approaching President Shinra in his office.)
Barret: He's dead... The leader of Shinra, Inc. is dead...

Tifa: Then this sword must be...!?

Cloud: Sephiroth's!!

Tifa: ...Sephiroth is alive?

Cloud: ...Looks like it. Only Sephiroth can use that sword.

Barret: Who cares who did it!? This is the end of the Shinra now!

Palmer: Uh!

Palmer: P, p, p, please, don't kill me!

Cloud: What happened?

Palmer: Se...Sephiroth. Sephiroth came.

Cloud: Did you see him? Did you see Sephiroth?

Palmer: Yeah, I saw him! I saw him with my own eyes!

Cloud: You really saw him?

Palmer: Uh! Would I lie to you at a time like this!? And I heard his voice too!

Palmer: Um, he was saying something about not letting us have the Promised Land.

Tifa: Then what? Does that mean that the Promised Land really exists and that Sephiroth's here to save it from Shinra?

Barret: So he's a good guy then?

Cloud: Save the Promised Land? A good guy? No way!! It's not that simple! I know him! Sephiroth's mission is different!

Barret: Rufus! &*%$! I forgot about him!

Tifa: Who's that?

Barret: Vice President Rufus. The President's son.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: I heard that he's been assigned somewhere else for a long time...

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: I wonder what kinda person he is...

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: I've heard that no one's ever seen him bleed or cry.

(Upon talking to Red XIII.)
Red XIII: I only know his name.

(Upon going outside to the roof.)
Rufus: So... So Sephiroth was actually here. ...By the way.

Rufus: Who are you guys?

Cloud: I'm Cloud, former SOLDIER First Class!

Barret: I'm from AVALANCHE!

Tifa: Same here!

Aeris: ...a flower girl from the slums.

Red XIII: ...a research specimen.

Rufus: What a crew.

Rufus: Well, I'm Rufus. The President of Shinra, Inc.

Barret: You only President, 'cause yer old man died!

Rufus: That's right. I'll let you hear my new appointment speech.

Rufus: ...Old man tried to control the world with money. It seems to have been working. The population thought that Shinra would protect them. Work at Shinra, get your pay. If a terrorist attacks, the Shinra army will help you. It looks perfect on the outside.

Rufus: But, I do things differently. I'll control the world with fear. It takes too much to do it like my old man. A little fear will control the minds of the common people. There's no reason to waste money on them.

Tifa: He likes to make speeches just like his father.

Cloud: Get outta this building with Aeris!

Barret: What?

Cloud: I'll explain later! Barret! This is the real crisis for the Planet!

Barret: The hell's that supposed to mean?

Cloud: I'll tell you later! Just take my word for it now! I'll go after I take care of him!

Barret: Awright, Cloud!

(After perspective switches to other party members.)
Aeris: Cloud... I just thought of something.

Tifa: ...I'll wait for Cloud! Everyone, get to the elevator!

Aeris: Hmm, it's going to get pretty ugly from here on. We should check on our equipment.

On-screen: Cloud and Tifa's Materia...

(Upon selecting "(Remove)", Cloud and Tifa's Materia are removed from their inventories. Upon selecting "(Leave it as is)", nothing happens.)

(After perspective returns to Cloud.)
On-screen: Access Menu with [Triangle] button Remove Materia from other members with [Square] End with the (START) button.

Rufus: Why do you want to fight me?

Cloud: You seek the Promised Land and Sephiroth.

Rufus: Hm, exactly.

Rufus: Mm? Did you know that Sephiroth is an Ancient?

Cloud: ...A lot has happened. Anyway, I can't let either you or Sephiroth have the Promised Land!

Rufus: I see. I guess this means we won't become friends.

(During battle with Rufus and Dark Nation.)

(If Rufus has more than 200 HP, and Cloud's attack did not deal more than 100 damage, 33% chance to trigger.)
Rufus: Heh, Heh, Heh...

(At the end of the battle.)
Rufus: Heh... That's all for today...

(After defeating Rufus and talking to Tifa downstairs.)
Tifa: Where's Rufus?

Cloud: I couldn't finish 'em. Looks like this's gonna get complicated.

(After perspective switches to Aeris.)

(Upon approaching one of the elevators on floor 3.)
Aeris: Quickly, we have to get out of here...

(Upon approaching one of the elevators on floor 2.)
Aeris: Quickly, we can escape this way...

(Upon approaching one of the elevators on floor 1.)
Aeris: Quickly! We'll escape out this way......

(Upon approaching the main entrance.)
Barret: I'll go on ahead!

Barret: *&^%(*... surrounded, huh? If I was alone this wouldn't be a thang but, I gotta reputation to protect.

Aeris: You all get out while you can. It's not you they're after... it's me.

Barret: Yeah, well that ain't happenin'. You got caught up in this over Marlene. Now, it's my turn to watch out for you!

Barret: Ok, playtime's over for you jackasses...

Aeris: ...thank you, Mr. Barret!

Barret: Who you callin' Mr. Barret? That don't sound right!

Red XIII: Well then... If you are through talking, may I suggest that we think of a way to get out of here.

Barret: Huh? Oh, oh yeah... You a cold man. Just like someone else 'round here I know.

Red XIII: Did you say something?

Barret: Notta thing. So what're we gonna do?

Tifa: Barret!!

Barret: Tifa! Where's Cloud?

Tifa: Everyone, over here!

Barret: Huh? What's up? Where's Cloud?

Tifa: I'll tell you later! Hurry, Hurry!!

(After leaving the Shinra Building.)
On-screen: Control the bike with the [Directional buttons] and save your friends in the truck from the Shinra Pursuit Troops.

Square button Attack on left
Circle button Attack on right
Triangle button Menu
X button Form Party
Start button Start Game

(After defeating Motor Ball.)
Barret: Well, what do we do now?

Cloud: Sephiroth is alive. I ...I have to settle the score.

Barret: And that'll save the Planet?

Cloud: ...Seems like it.

Barret: Awright, I'm going!

Aeris: I'll go too. ...I have things that I want to find out.

Cloud: About the Ancients?

Aeris: ......Many things.

Tifa: I guess this's good bye, Midgar.

(Outside the city gate.)

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: We told Aeris's mom to go somewhere safe, so Marlene should be safe too.

(Upon selecting "Yeah, she should be".)
Aeris: She said she didn't want to stay in Midgar anymore. ...Maybe it's for the best.

(Upon selecting "Hmm, I don't know".)
Aeris: Stop it, Cloud! I'm worried too.

(Upon talking to Aeris.)
Aeris: You know what? This is the first time I've ever left Midgar...

(Upon selecting "Really?...You worried?".)
Aeris: A little,, maybe a lot. But I have my bodyguard, right?

(Upon selecting "It's dangerous. You sure you want to go?".)
Aeris: I thought you'd say that!

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: ...I guess this is the start of our journey...

(Upon selecting "You hate traveling?".)
Tifa: ...I don't know. But, I don't have anywhere else to go. So I guess it doesn't really matter whether I like to travel or not.

(Upon selecting "It's dangerous. You sure you want to go?".)
Tifa: ......Mmm. But you know, it should be all right if you keep your promise.

(Upon talking to Red XIII.)
Red XIII: I'm going back to my hometown. I'll go with you as far as that.

(Upon walking away from Midgar.)
Cloud: Then...

(Upon selecting "Let's stay here for a while", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Let's go!".)
Barret: We need a group leader for our journey. 'Course only me could be the leader.

Tifa: You think so...?

Aeris: It would have to be Cloud.

Barret: ^#$^%......awright. Go Northeast to a town called Kalm. If something happens, we'll meet up there.

Barret: 'Sides, we can't have 5 people strolling down the fields. It's too dangerous. Split us into 2 parties...

(Upon forming a party with Barret and Red XIII.)
Aeris: ...Unexpected

Tifa: ...combination.

Tifa: Well, have fun with just the guys.

(Upon forming a party with Tifa and Aeris.)
Barret: ...Thought you'd do that.

(Upon forming a party without Barret.)
Barret: Later, at Kalm!

(Upon forming a party without Tifa.)
Tifa: We'll see you at Kalm!

Act 2: Pursuit[]

The Tragedy of Five Years Ago[]

(Upon reaching Mythril Mines before visiting Kalm.)

(Depending on the first party member. If Aeris is the second party member, Tifa's line plays.)

  • Barret: Hey Cloud. If we keep going, we'll never get to Kalm.
  • Tifa: Hey, Cloud. Wasn't Kalm right before this cavern?
  • Red XIII: ...We won't get to Kalm even if we go through these caverns.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Yo, wassup? Can't SOLDIER-man even lead the way?
  • Tifa: Kalm should be closer to Midgar.
  • Aeris: Cloud! Are you lost!?
  • Red XIII: If we're planning to meet at Kalm, we should go back and look for it again.

(Upon reaching Kalm.)

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: This is Kalm.
  • Aeris: We've reached Kalm.
  • Tifa: So this is Kalm?
  • Red XIII: ......looks like we've reached Kalm.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Yo, I'll be waitin' at the inn... Hurry up and get your butt over there!
  • Aeris: I wonder if everyone's there already. Let's hurry over to the inn!
  • Tifa: Everyone's waiting at the inn. Let's go Cloud.
  • Red XIII: We're supposed to meet at the inn. ......Shall we go?

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Get over here!
  • Aeris: Well then, I'll go on ahead.
  • Tifa: Let's go Cloud.
  • Red XIII: Let's go Cloud.

(Upon attempting to leave Kalm.)
Cloud: Barret and the others are waiting for us at the inn.

(Upon talking to the innkeeper.)
Innkeeper: Mr...... Cloud? Your party is waiting for you on the 2nd floor.

(Upon reaching the top floor of the inn.)
Aeris: Cloud, you're late!

(Upon attempting to take the item in the top-left of the inn.)
On-screen: Can't reach it...

(Upon approaching the party in the inn.)
Barret: Yo man, you're late!

Cloud: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Aeris: Guess everyone's here now.

Barret: So let's hear your story...... You know, the one about Sephiroth and the crisis facing the planet. Let's hear it all.

Cloud: ......I used to want to be like Sephiroth, so I joined SOLDIER. After working with Sephiroth on several missions, we became friends.

Barret: You call that a friend?

Cloud: Yeah, well...... He's older than me, and he hardly ever talked about himself.

Tifa: .........

Cloud: So I guess you'd call him a war buddy...... We trusted each other. Until one day......

Aeris: day?

Cloud: After the war it was SOLDIER's duty to put down any resistance against the Shinra.

Cloud: ......that was 5 years ago. I was 16......

(During the flashback in Nibelheim.)

Cloud: It sure is raining hard.

Cloud: Hey, how are you doing?

NPC 1: I'm all right.

Cloud: I wouldn't know... I've never had motion sickness.

Cloud: Everything okay?

Sephiroth: Hey.

Sephiroth: Settle down.

Cloud: They gave me some new Materia. I can't wait to use it.

Sephiroth: ...just like a kid.

Cloud: You going to brief us about this mission?

Sephiroth: ...this isn't a typical mission.

Cloud: Good!

Sephiroth: Why do you say that?

Cloud: I joined SOLDIER so I could be like you. But by the time I made First Class, the war was already over. My big hopes of becoming a hero like you ended with the war. That's why I always sign up whenever there's a big mission. Kind of a way to prove myself.

Cloud: Say, how do you feel, MISTER Sephiroth?

Sephiroth: ...I thought you wanted a briefing?

Sephiroth: Our mission is to investigate an old Mako reactor. There have been reports of it malfunctioning, and producing brutal creatures. First, we will dispose of those creatures. Then, we'll locate the problem and neutralize it.

Cloud: Brutal creatures... Where?

Sephiroth: The Mako Reactor at Nibelheim.

Cloud: Nibelheim... That's where I'm from.

Sephiroth: Hmm... hometown...

NPC 2: Sir... s, something strange just crashed into our truck!

Sephiroth: That would be our Monster...

(After the battle ends.)

(Back at Kalm.)

Cloud: Sephiroth's strength is unreal. He is far stronger in reality than any story you might have heard about him.

Aeris: So... Where do you come in?

Cloud: Me? I was mesmerized by the way Sephiroth fought.

Tifa: .........

Cloud: ......and then we reached Nibelheim.

(During the flashback at Nibelheim.)

Sephiroth: How does it feel? It's your first time back to your hometown in a long time, right? So how does it feel? I wouldn't know because I don't have a hometown...

Cloud: Ummm... how 'bout your parents?

Sephiroth: My mother is Jenova. She died right after she gave birth to me. My father...

Sephiroth: What does it matter...? All right, let's go.

(Upon talking to the soldier on the right.)
NPC: Psst... (You keep wandering around here and you'll get in trouble.)

(Upon talking to the soldier on the left.)
NPC: It's so boring, being on watch.

  • (Upon selecting "You want to do what we always do?")
    Cloud: Shall we practice?
    NPC: Practice... oh, you mean practice my pose. Does someone in SOLDIER always have to be careful about what other people think? ...How did it go?
    NPC: ...Was it like this?
    Cloud: Good job!
    NPC: I really don't want to be in SOLDIER.
  • (Upon selecting "Just sit tight, it's your job, right?")
    Cloud: I'll come and talk to you once in a while. Just stick with it.

(Upon talking to Sephiroth.)
Sephiroth: The Mako smell is pretty bad here.

(Upon heading forward.)
Barret (over narration): You wait a minute!! Isn't that, um...? The name of Sephiroth's mother...

(Back in Kalm.)

Barret: I remember Jenova. That's that damn headless spook livin' in the Shinra building.

Cloud: That's right.

Tifa: Barret, would you please let us hear what Cloud has to say? You can ask questions later.

Barret: Tifa, I was only......

Tifa: Okay Cloud, continue.

Aeris: It's a reunion of childhood pals!

Cloud: ......I was really surprised with Tifa.

(During the flashback at Nibelheim.)

Cloud (narrating): ...The town was quiet. Everyone must be staying in their houses, afraid to come out because of the monsters. No, maybe they're afraid of us...

Sephiroth: We leave for the reactor at dawn. Make sure you get to sleep early.

Sephiroth: All we need is one lookout, so you others, get some rest.

Sephiroth: Oh, that's right... You may visit your family and friends.

(Upon talking to the man with a camera.)
NPC: I heard Sephiroth was coming and got my camera ready. I want a shot of Sephiroth and a monster.

  • (Upon selecting "Take my picture.")
    NPC: I don't take pictures with nobodys.
  • (Upon selecting "Better get back in the house, it's dangerous.")
    NPC: All right... So big-headed...
    NPC: Hey? This guy's a real...
    NPC: You... Are you Cloud? Really? So that's how it is, huh? Gosh, Cloud, you've grown up to be a nice-looking lad.
    • (Upon selecting "Then take my picture")
      NPC: Let's do this, Cloud. Let me take a picture of you with Sephiroth.
    • (Upon selecting "It's dangerous, get back in your house")
      NPC: OK, OK,...... So big-headed... You're just his assistant

(Upon talking to the soldier.)
NPC: Man... I'm so nervous.

  • (Upon selecting "How come?")
    NPC: Look, you never know when a monster's gonna show up, right?
  • (Upon selecting "I'm excited.")
    NPC: ...That's right. Don't blow your chance to become a hero...

(Upon entering the house next to the inn.)
NPC: Welcome. Hey? Aren't you...

(After a flash of white when the woman disappears.)

Cloud (narrating): ...Have I come here before? ...I don't remember.

Barret (over narration): Now you're pissin' me off!! This don't matter, so get on with it!

(Upon approaching the Shinra Mansion.)
Cloud: This Mansion...

Cloud: ...No, I'll come here later.

(Upon talking to the man near the mansion.)
Tifa's father: Hmm? You from Shinra?

  • (Upon selecting "That's right!")
    Tifa's father: Geez... Big-headed young kid.
  • (Upon selecting "Who are you?")
    Tifa's father: I'm the town's... ...... ......!? Aren't you Cloud? Don't you know me?
    Cloud: You're Tifa's...
    Tifa's father: Right. I'm Tifa's father.
    Tifa's father: ...I want you to stay away from my daughter. We don't need the Shinra's help to protect our town!

(Upon entering Cloud's house.)
Cloud (narrating): This is...... my house. It has nothing to do with that incident five years ago.

Barret (over narration): Yo wait, I wanna hear.

Aeris (over narration): Me too! It's been a long time, right?

Barret (over narration): Tell us more! You saw your family, right?

  • (Upon selecting "Don't want to talk about it".)
    Barret (over narration): Well I ain't gonna force ya...
    (After this, the player leaves the house.)
  • (Upon selecting "All right......")
    Cloud (narrating): I don't know if you could call it a 'family'...... My father... died when I was still very young. That's why my mom...... was living alone in this house.
    Cloud (over narration): Yeah, I saw my mom. My mom... she was a vibrant woman. Hadn't changed at all. But a few days later, she died... But when I saw her, she looked fine.
    Cloud: Uh...?
    Cloud's mother: Ye----s?
    Cloud's mother: Cloud!? Welcome home, Cloud!
    Cloud: Hi, mom.
    Cloud's mother: Come, come... Let me take a look at you!
    Cloud's mother: Hmmm...... You look so handsome. So this is a SOLDIER uniform?
    Cloud: ......Mom, I...
    Cloud's mother: My, how you've grown. I'll bet the girls never leave you alone.
    Cloud: ...Not really.
    Cloud's mother: ...I'm worried about you. There are a lot of temptations in the city... I'd feel a lot better if you just settled down and had a nice girlfriend.
    Cloud: ...I'm all right.
    Cloud's mother: You should have... an older girlfriend, one that'll take care of you. I think that would be the perfect type for you.
    Cloud: ......I'm not interested.
    Cloud's mother: Are you eating right?
    Cloud: I'm all right. The Company takes care of me.
    Cloud's mother: Is that so? You can't cook, right? I was worried sick about how you were doing...
    Cloud's mother: Cloud...?
    Cloud's mother: You know, Cloud......
    Cloud's mother: ......isn't that right, Cloud?
    Cloud's mother: I will always be your mother...
    Cloud (narrating): ......Let's stop this......

(Upon attempting to enter Cloud's house again after seeing the flashback.)
Cloud (narrating): Hey... I can't... remember much else. There's... nothing more to talk about.

Aeris (over narration): That's all right, Cloud.

(Upon entering Tifa's house.)
Tifa (over narration): Cloud...? Did you go into my house?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah...")
    Cloud (narrating): I thought you might be home.
  • (Upon selecting "No...")
    Cloud (narrating): I remember you weren't there.
    (After this, the player leaves the house.)

(Upon entering Tifa's room.)
Tifa (over narration): Cloud...? Did you go into my room?

(Upon selecting "Yeah......", the player can explore further. Upon selecting "No...", the player leaves the house.)

(Upon approaching Tifa's piano.)
Tifa (over narration): Did you play my piano?

  • (Upon selecting "No, I didn't", nothing happens.")
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, I jammed on it".)
    Cloud: ...Now how did this go?
    • (Upon selecting "I forgot", nothing happens.)
    • (Upon selecting "I remember", the player can play on the piano.)
      On-screen: It was Start button to finish.
      Start button End
      (If the player plays the "Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII" on the piano.)
      Cloud: I've heard this melody somewhere before. Managed to play well...
  • (Upon selecting "Just a little".)
    Cloud: I can read sheet music too, you know...... Ummm, let's see......
    Cloud: Do... Re... Mi... Ti... La... Do... Re... Mi... So... Fa.. Do.. Re... Do... Forget...

(Upon approaching Tifa's desk.)
Cloud (narrating): The letter...

Tifa (over narration): Did you read it? My letter?

  • (Upon selecting "I'd never do that!")
    Tifa (over narration): Of course!
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah...")
    Tifa (over narration): Do you remember what it said...?
    • (Upon selecting "I don't remember...")
      Tifa (over narration): Then, let's go on with the story about Sephiroth.
    • (Upon selecting "I remember clearly")
      Cloud (over narration): I read it... It was a letter addressed to Tifa from the son of the guy that runs the General Store...
      On-screen: Tifa, how are you? I just arrived in Midgar eight days ago. Yesterday, all of Nibelheim got together to welcome me. The only person that we couldn't get a hold of was Cloud. But everyone said he wasn't really that close to us. So even if we asked, he probably wouldn't have come anyway.
      On-screen: Well, enough about him. Midgar is really something. But to tell the truth, I feel so behind on everything... so out of it. Even the rooms of people in the slums are clean. Right now I'm living in the slums, but I plan to move to a really nice room, like the ones I've seen in magazines, once I make some money. ...but, to do that, I guess I have to find a job first.
      On-screen: That's right. I still haven't found a job yet. I lied to my parents and told them I found a great job with Shinra, Inc. I wonder if it's too late to go back. Sometimes I think I should've taken over my parents' store.
      Tifa (over narration): Cloud... Do you remember all of it?
      • (Upon selecting "No, that's it")
        Tifa (over narration): Then, let's go on with the story about Sephiroth.
      • (Upon selecting "Yeah, I remember it all")
        Tifa (over narration): Because there was some stuff about me...
        On-screen: I just made it here to Midgar but all I think about is Nibelheim. Hey, Tifa... Is that stupid old water tower still working? Is the old man at the Inn doing well? Are my parents still at the shop everyday? Have any monsters attacked? And most of all, how are you, Tifa? It feels like I haven't seen you for years.
        On-screen: We were all talking about you last night. Everyone likes you. But because everyone idolizes you, I couldn't very well stab them in the back. I always acted cool, but actually, I was just afraid of being jilted. Wow, if I keep writing like this, this'll become a love letter! So, I think I'll stop here. Take care. I'll write again. P.S. Write me back, okay?

(Upon interacting with the dresser in Tifa's room.)
On-screen: Received "Orthopedic Underwear!"

Tifa (over narration): Cloud!!!

(Upon selecting "It's true" or "Just kidding. Don't get mad...", the response is the same.)
Tifa (over narration): ...Cloud. We're talking about something really important here.

(Upon entering the house adjacent to Tifa's.)
NPC 1: ...Oh, you're with the Shinra? Welcome.

NPC 1: Oh, I'm sorry! It's you, Cloud! I didn't recognize you.

NPC 2: Shinra----?

NPC 3: Chinra---?


NPC 3: Saltza?

NPC 2: Are you going to kill the monsters?

NPC 3: ......are you going to?

NPC 2: He's soooo cool!!

NPC 3: Way cool!!

NPC 1: Cloud, you've grown to be a strong man.

NPC 3: ........................

NPC 2: Do your best.

NPC 3: Do your best.

(Upon talking to the innkeeper.)
NPC: So, what do you need, Cloud?

  • (Upon selecting "Where's Sephiroth?")
    NPC: Yeah, he's upstairs.
  • (Upon selecting "Give me a room to stay.")
    NPC: It's all reserved for you Shinra people, so I don't mind. But, wouldn't you feel more comfortable staying at home?
  • (Upon selecting "Let me know the situation of the town.")
    NPC: Now about the town... A lot of monsters have been appearing in the last 12 months. Other than that, there's not much change. Nothing much exciting happens in a little town like this. It was all right when they were building the reactor.
    NPC: ...while they were still building it. But once it was completed, it's been bad.

Within a few years, all the trees on the mountain withered away. I don't know if the reactor was good or bad... I mean it's easy to say that it was a bad idea now. But now, what can you do about it...?
NPC: Anyhow we've got to get rid of the monsters... Then, we'll all be able to relax a little bit.

(Upon talking to Zangan in the inn.)
Zangan: ......Hmmmm

Zangan: Is Shinra here to get rid of the monsters?

Cloud: And who are you?

Zangan: I'm Zangan. I travel around the world teaching children martial arts. I have 128 students all over the world! In this town, a girl named Tifa is my student.

Cloud: Did you say Tifa?

Zangan: Tifa has good sense. She'll be a powerful fighter.

Zangan: I want to see some Shinra techniques. And if you see anything you can use, you might want to incorporate some of my techniques.

Zangan: Well, good luck.

(Upon talking to Sephiroth in the top floor of the inn.)
Cloud: What are you looking at?

Sephiroth: ...This scenery...... I feel like I know this place.

NPC: We're short one bed...

(Upon talking to Sephiroth again.)
Sephiroth: .........

Sephiroth: ...We have an early start tomorrow. You should get some sleep soon.

  • (Upon selecting "It's still early".)
    Sephiroth: ...I'm not going to wake you up tomorrow.
    (Nothing happens.)
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, let's get some sleep.")
    Sephiroth: I've hired a guide to the Mako reactor. I've heard she's young, I hope we can rely on her...
    (The next day then commences.)

(Upon talking to the man with the camera the next day.)
NPC 1: Think they'd let me take a picture?

(Upon talking to Tifa's father the next day.)
Tifa's father: If I knew this was going to happen, I would've made mountain climbing off limits...

(Upon talking to the soldier on the left.)
NPC 2: I was so nervous. I couldn't get any sleep...

(Upon talking to the soldier on the right.)
NPC 3: ...Late again.

(Upon talking to Sephiroth in front of the exit to Mt. Nibel.) Sephiroth: Once the guide gets here, we're heading out.

Tifa's father: Listen to me, Sephiroth. In case something happens...

Sephiroth: ...Trust me.

Tifa: I'll be all right, Dad! I have two men from SOLDIER with me.

Tifa: I'm Tifa. Nice to meet you!

Cloud: Tifa! You're the guide?

Tifa: That's right. I just happen to be the number one guide in this town.

Cloud: It's too dangerous! I can't involve you in something like this!

Sephiroth: Then there's no problem if you protect her.

Sephiroth: ...Let's go.

NPC: Ummm... Mr. Sephiroth! Please let me take one picture for a memento! Tifa, can you ask him for me too......?

NPC: Cheeeeese!

NPC: Great, thank you! I'll give each of you a copy once I get it developed!

(After entering Mt. Nibel.)
Cloud (narrating): A Mako Reactor was built in Mt. Nibel. The cold air of the mountains of Nibel. It was no different...

(Upon running back to town and talking to Tifa's father.)
Tifa's father: I hate myself for asking you this, but... Don't take your eyes off of Tifa! Hurry up and go back to her side!

(Upon running back to town and talking to Zangan.)
Zangan: Oh? Did you come crying home?

(Upon approaching Tifa on Mt. Nibel.)
Tifa: It gets harder from here! Follow me!

(Upon reaching Tifa.)
Tifa: Uh... the bridge!!

Sephiroth: Everyone seems to be all right. Can we get back to where we were?

Tifa: These caves are intertwined, just like an ant farm... Oh, and Sephiroth... There seems to be one person missing...

Sephiroth: It may sound cold, but we've got no time to search for him. We can't go back now, so we must go on. We'll travel together from here.

(Upon entering the cave.)
Cloud: What's this?

Tifa: A mysteriously colored cave...

Sephiroth: It must be the Mako energy. This mountain is especially abundant in it. That's why the Mako Reactor was built here.

(Upon leaving through the cave's back exit.)
Cloud: ...And what's this?

Sephiroth: A Mako fountain. It's a miracle of nature.

Tifa: It's so beautiful...

Tifa: If the Mako Reactor continues to suck up the energy, this fountain will dry up too...

Sephiroth: Materia. When you condense Mako energy, materia is produced. It's very rare to be able to see materia in its natural state.

Cloud: By the way... Why is it that when you use materia you can also use magic too?

Sephiroth: You were in SOLDIER and didn't even know that? ...the knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients is held in the materia. Anyone with this knowledge can freely use the powers of the Land and the Planet. That knowledge interacts between ourselves and the planet calling up magic...... or so they say.

Cloud: Magic...... a mysterious power...

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha!

Cloud: Did I say somethin' funny?

Sephiroth: A man once told me never to use an unscientific term such as mysterious power! It shouldn't even be called 'magic'! I still remember how angry he was.

Cloud: Who was that?

Sephiroth: Hojo of Shinra, Inc. ... An inexperienced man assigned to take over the work of a great scientist. He was a walking mass of complexes.

Tifa: A Mako fountain... So this is where the knowledge of the Ancients is.

(Upon reaching the Nibel Reactor.)
Tifa: We finally made it. We sure took the long way though.

Cloud: Tifa, you wait here.

Tifa: I'm going inside too! I wanna see!

Sephiroth: Only authorized people are allowed in. This place is full of Shinra's industrial secrets.

Tifa: But!

Sephiroth: Take care of the lady.

Tifa: Mm, man! Better take real good care of me then!

(Upon talking to Sephiroth in front of Jenova inside the reactor.)
Cloud: This is...... Jenova, right? The lock won't open...

Sephiroth: This is the reason for the malfunction. This part is broken. Cloud, close the valve.

(Upon closing the valve.)
Sephiroth: Why did it break...?

Sephiroth: I see, Hojo. But, even doing this, will never put you on the same level as Professor Gast. This is a system that condenses and freezes the Mako energy... that is, when it's working correctly. Now... what does Mako energy become when it's further condensed?

Cloud: Uh, umm...... Oh yeah! It becomes a Materia.

Sephiroth: Right, normally. But Hojo put something else in there. ...Take a look.

(Upon talking to Sephiroth.)
Sephiroth: Look through the window.

(Upon interacting with the window.)
Cloud: Wh... what is this!?

Sephiroth: Normal members of SOLDIER are humans that have been showered with Mako. You're different from the others, but still human. But, what are they? They've been exposed to a high degree of Mako, far more than you.

Cloud: this some kind of monster?

Sephiroth: Exactly. And it's Hojo of Shinra that produced these monsters. Mutated living organisms produced by Mako energy. That's what these monster's really are.

Cloud: Normal members of SOLDIER? You mean you're different?

Cloud: H... hey, Sephiroth!

Sephiroth: N... no...... ...Was I?

Sephiroth: ...Was I created this way too? Am I the same as all these monsters......

Cloud: ...Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: You saw it! All of them... were humans...

Cloud: Human!? No way!

Sephiroth: ...I've always felt since I was small... That I was different from the others. Special, in some way. But... not like this...

Cloud (narrating): Am I...... human? I didn't quite understand what Sephiroth was saying at that time. I was even more surprised by the fact that Shinra was producing monsters.

(Back at Kalm)

Barret: Damn, Shinra! The more I hear, the more I hate 'em!

Tifa: ......who would have ever thought the Mako Reactor held a secret like that.

Red XIII: That would seem to explain the increase in the number of monsters recently. I think we should listen carefully to Cloud. Don't you think so Barret?

Barret: (Why you talkin' to me!?)

  • (Upon selecting "Save game and take a rest".)
    Barret: Yeah, mebbe so. Wanna take a breather here?
    (After saving.)
    Barret: ......I get it.
  • (Upon selecting "Keep talking".)
    Barret: Hmph! Pokin' his damn nose in where it don't belong. Cloud! Why don't you finish that story?
    Red XIII: (Phew......)

Aeris: Tifa... You were waiting outside then?

Tifa: ......Yes.

Cloud: We returned to Nibelheim. Sephiroth confined himself at the inn. He didn't even try to talk to me.

Tifa: Then all of a sudden he just disappeared, right?

Cloud: We found him inside the biggest building in Nibelheim.

Tifa: The villagers used to call it Shinra mansion.

Cloud: Long ago, people from Shinra used to live in that mansion...

(During the flashback in Nibelheim.)

(Upon talking to the man with the camera.)
NPC: What's Sephiroth doing?

(Upon talking to Zangan.)
Zangan: There's nothing that'll harm the town, right?

  • (Upon selecting "Why...?")
    Cloud:...Why do you ask?
    Zangan: The Shinra showed up to eliminate any information that could be an embarrassment to the company...
    Zangan: you pick these things up when you travel as much as I do.
  • (Upon selecting "No way!")
    Cloud: It's Sephiroth. He would never do that.
    Zangan: ...Oh my. You sure do have faith.

(Upon talking to Tifa's father.)
Tifa's father: Until we know that there's no danger, we're not moving.

(Upon talking to the soldier outside one of the mansion's bedrooms.)
NPC: There's no sign of Sephiroth, but I know I saw him go into this room...

(Upon talking to Sephiroth in the library at the basement of the mansion.)
Sephiroth: organism that was apparently dead, was found in a 2000 year old geological stratum. Professor Gast named that organism, Jenova...

Sephiroth: X Year, X Month, X Day. Jenova confirmed to be an Ancient... X Year, X Month, X Day. Jenova Project approved. The use of Mako Reactor 1 approved for use...

Sephiroth: My mother's name is Jenova... Jenova Project... Is this just a coincidence?

Sephiroth: Professor Gast... Why didn't you tell me anything? ...Why did you die?

(Upon talking to Sephiroth.)
Sephiroth: Let me be alone.

(Upon leaving the library.)
Cloud (narrating): Sephiroth didn't come out of the Shinra Mansion... He continued to read as if he were possessed by something, and not once, did the light in the basement go out...

(Upon talking to soldier after Cloud wakes up.)
NPC: Sephiroth seems different.

(Upon entering the library after Cloud wakes up.)
Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha......

(Upon approaching Sephiroth.)
Sephiroth: Who is it!?

Sephiroth: Hmph... traitor.

Cloud: Traitor?

Sephiroth: You ignorant traitor. I'll tell you. This Planet originally belonged to the Cetra. Cetra was a itinerant race. They would migrate in, settle the Planet, then move on... At the end of their harsh, hard journey, they would find the Promised Land and supreme happiness.

Sephiroth: But, those that disliked the journey appeared. Those who stopped their migrations built shelters and elected to lead an easier life. They took that which the Cetra and the planet had made without giving back one whit in return! Those are your ancestors.

Cloud: Sephiroth...

Sephiroth: Long ago, disaster struck this planet. Your ancestors escaped... They survived because they hid. The Planet was saved by sacrificing the Cetra. After that, your ancestors continued to increase. Now all that's left of the Cetra is in these reports.

Cloud: What does that have to do with you?

Sephiroth: Don't you get it? An Ancient named Jenova was found in the geological stratum of 2000 years ago. The Jenova Project.

Sephiroth: The Jenova Project wanted to produce people with the powers of the Ancients...... no, the Cetra. ...I am the one that was produced.

Cloud: Pr... produced!?

Sephiroth: Yes. Professor Gast, leader of the Jenova Project and genius scientist, produced me.

Cloud: How... how did he...?

Cloud: Se... Sephiroth?

Sephiroth: Out of my way. I'm going to see my mother.

(Upon attempting to leave to Mt. Nibel.)
Zangan: He---y! Is anyone here?

(Upon approaching the town after leaving the Shinra Mansion.)
Zangan: Hey it's you! You're still sane, right?

Zangan: Then come over here and help me! I'll check this house. You check that one over there!

(Upon talking to the man with the camera.)
NPC: ...Hey, Ummm... Am I going to die?

(Upon talking to the soldier.)
NPC: ...Sephi... roth

(Upon checking the house on the right.)
Cloud: Terrible... Sephiroth... This is too terrible...

(Upon finding Tifa in the Nibel Reactor.)
Tifa: Papa... Sephiroth!?

Tifa: Sephiroth did this to you, didn't he!?

Tifa: Sephiroth... SOLDIER... Mako Reactors... Shinra... Everything! I hate them all!

(Upon following Tifa to the core.)
Sephiroth: Mother, I'm here to see you. Please, open this door.

Tifa: How could you do that to papa and all the townspeople?

(Upon reaching Tifa at the bottom of the stairs.)
Tifa: ...You promised... You promised that you'd come...... when I was in trouble...

(Upon approaching Sephiroth inside Jenova's chamber.)
Sephiroth: Mother, let's take this planet back together. I've thought of a great idea. Let's go to the Promised Land.

Cloud: Sephiroth... My family! My hometown! How could you do this to them!?

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha...... They've come again, mother. With her superior power, knowledge, and magic, Mother was destined to become the ruler of this Planet.

Sephiroth: But they... Those worthless creatures are stealing the planet from Mother

Sephiroth: But now I'm here with you so don't worry

Cloud: What about MY sadness!? My family... friends... The sadness of having my hometown taken away from me!? It's the same as your sadness!

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha... my sadness? What do I have to be sad about? I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to be the leader of this Planet.

Sephiroth: I have orders to take this planet back from you stupid people for the Cetra. What am I supposed to be sad about?

Cloud: Sephiroth... I trusted you... No, you're not the Sephiroth I used to know!

(Back in Kalm.)

Cloud: ......and that's the end of my story.

Barret: Wait a damn minute! Ain't there more?

Cloud: ......I don't remember.

Aeris: What happened to Sephiroth?

Cloud: In terms of skill, I couldn't have killed him.

Tifa: Official records state Sephiroth is dead. I read it in the newspaper.

Aeris: Shinra, Inc. owns the paper, so you can't rely on that information.

Cloud: ......I want to know the truth. I want to know what happened then. I challenged Sephiroth and lived. Why didn't he kill me?

Tifa: ......I'm alive, too.

Aeris: Seems like a lot of this doesn't make sense. What about Jenova? It was in the Shinra building, right?

Cloud: Shinra shipped it from Nibelheim to Midgar.

Aeris: Did someone else carry it out after that? It was missing from the Shinra building.

Tifa: Sephiroth......?

Barret: Damn! Don't none of this make sense! I'm going, going, going, gone! And I'm leavin' the thinkin' to you!

Barret: Yo, Cloud! Let's get a move on!

  • (Upon selecting "Wait a sec")
    Barret: Cloud, what's wrong? You just gonna stand there while Sephiroth heads for the Promised Land? I ain't lettin' Sephiroth or Shinra get to no Promised Land. If they do, then we're all screwed. Y'know what I'm sayin'!
    • (Upon selecting "Beautiful, just beautiful")
      Barret: Y'all jes leave it to me!
    • (Upon selecting "Is that all?")
      Cloud: Oh brother......
      Barret: Fine! That's good enough.
  • (Upon selecting "Right")
    Barret: Yo, c'mon let's go!

Cloud: Oh brother......

Tifa: ......... Cloud...? How bad was I when Sephiroth cut me?

Cloud: I thought you were a goner. ......I was really sad.

Tifa: .........

Aeris: I... The Ancients...... Cetra...... Jenova...... Sephiroth and myself......

Tifa: Let's go. Barret's waiting.

Red XIII: What a fascinating story......

(Upon reaching Barret downstairs, depending on who is not in the party based on descending order.)

  • Barret: Yo, Cloud. Here.
  • Aeris: Cloud. Take this.
  • Tifa: Oh, Cloud. Let me give you this.

On-screen: Received "PHS"!

On-screen: ( Changing party members ) Access the menu and select [PHS]. It can only be used on the World Map or at a Save Point.

(Depending on who is not in the party, or did not say the previous line.)

  • Aeris: With [PHS], I can see you any time!
  • Tifa: Just use [PHS], and you can contact any one of us easy.
  • Red XIII: [PHS], will put us in constant contact with each other.

(Depending on who is not in the party, same as the first line.)

  • Barret: Awright then, we're outta here.
  • Aeris: Well, I'll be going.
  • Tifa: I'm going on ahead.

Going After Sephiroth[]

(Upon talking to Choco Bill inside the house in Chocobo Farm.)
Choco Bill: Thinking of crossing the marshes?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah".)
    Choco Bill: Hmm, then it'll probably be safer for you to get a Chocobo. That way you can zip through the marshes with the Chocobo. It's the only way to avoid being attacked by the Midgar Zolom.
    Choco Bill: Midgar Zolom...? It's a serpent-like creature over 30 feet tall!! It picks up on footsteps that enter the marshes... And then, BAM!! It attacks!!!
    Choco Bill: To avoid that, buy a Chocobo at the Choco Bill & Choco Billy Chocobo Farm. To purchase a Chocobo, please talk to my grandson. He's in the Chocobo stables at the far right end of the farm. By the way, there was another person heading towards the Marshes. Without a Chocobo, the Midgar Zolom probably got him. It was a man in a Black Cape.
  • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
    Choco Bill: Hmm, then, I guess that's that.

(Upon talking to "Chole".)
Chole: Welcome.

(Upon talking to Choco Billy.)
Choco Billy: Do you want a Chocobo?

Cloud: Mmm......

  • (Upon selecting "Give me one".)
    Choco Billy: You old folks are out of luck!
    Cloud: Old folks...?
    Choco Billy: We're all out of Chocobos. I'm taking care of those ones out there for someone else. You know, if you really want a Chocobo, you should go out and catch one.
    Choco Billy: Want to know how to catch a Chocobo?
    • (Upon selecting "Where are they?".)
      Choco Billy: You see those claw prints out there? Wild Chocobo's will appear in those areas. But, if you don't have 'Chocobo Lure' they won't come out. They very cautious animals by nature.
      • (Upon selecting "Chocobo Lure?".)
        Choco Billy: 'Chocobo Lure' is a type of materia which attracts Chocobos. If you equip this, they'll come to you. But, without it, they won't appear.
      • (Upon selecting "Go on", returns to previous menu.)
    • (Upon selecting "How do I catch one?".)
      Choco Billy: A wild Chocobo always appears with other monsters. But, you won't be able to catch it because of the monsters. That is why you must defeat the monsters first before you catch the Chocobo.
      • (Upon selecting "And then?".)
        Choco Billy: Also, wild Chocobos are really cautious. They'll run away from the slightest things. But, if you use 'Greens' They'll focus on that, and won't run away.
      • (Upon selecting "That all you can talk about?", returns to previous menu.)
    • (Upon selecting "What else?".)
      Choco Billy: Whatever you do, don't make Chocobos angry. They're usually calm, but if you get them angry, you'll get hurt. Oh, and remember, once you get off a Chocobo, it'll escape.
    • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
      Choco Billy: Well then, shall we get down to business? I'll sell you the 'Chocobo Lure' for 2000 gil, right now. You want it?
      • (Upon selecting "Buy it".)
        Choco Billy: Thanks! It wouldn't hurt to buy some 'Greens' either. Oh, and how fast a Chocobo'll finish eating depends of what type of 'Greens' you feed them.
        (Opens Vegetable Store.)
      • (Upon selecting "Don't buy it".)
        Choco Billy: Mmmm, if you don't have it, you'll never catch one.
  • (Upon selecting "Nope".)
    Choco Billy: Oh, I'm so glad!

(Upon talking to Chole after buying a Chocobo Lure.)
Chole: Wasn't it really expensive? But don't be mad at my brother or Grandpa. Ever since dad and mom died, it's been like this...

(Upon reaching the front of Mythril Mine.)
Cloud: Did Sephiroth... do this......?

(Upon talking to the party members.)

  • Barret: This Sephiroth guy's pretty strong, I'd say.
  • Aeris: Our enemy is someone that could do this...?
  • Tifa: Amazing...
  • Red XIII: It's a power that we should respect...

(Upon reaching the west are and being confronted by the Turks.)
Rude: Just a second!

(Depending on who is in the party.)

  • Barret: Wh, who are you!?
  • Aeris: By any chance, are you...?
  • Tifa: Who are you?
  • Red XIII: ...... I hoped I'd never see you again...

Rude: Do you know who I am?

  • (Upon selecting "From the Turks, right?".)
    Rude: Well if you know, then this won't take long.
  • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
    Rude: ......I'm from the Turks. And don't you ever forget it.

Rude: It's difficult to explain what the Turks do...

Cloud: Kidnapping, right?

Rude: To put it negatively... you could say that. ...But, that's not all there is to it, anymore.

Rude: ............

Rude: ............

Elena: Sir! It's all right, Rude! I know you don't like speeches, so don't force it!

Rude: ...Then Elena, explain.

Elena: I'm the newest member of the Turks, Elena. Thanks to what you did to Reno, we're short of people. ...Although, because of that, I got promoted to the Turks, ...

Elena: In any case, our job is to find out where Sephiroth is headed. And to try and stop you every step of the way.

Elena: Wait a minute, it's the other way around... You're the ones that are getting in our way.

Tseng: ...Elena. You talk too much.

Elena: Mr. Tseng!?

Tseng: No need to tell them about our orders.

Elena: Sorry... Tseng.

Tseng: I thought I gave you other orders. Now go. Don't forget to file your report.

Elena: Oh! Right! Very well, Rude and I will go after Sephiroth, who's heading for Junon Harbor!

Tseng: ...Elena. You don't seem to understand.

Elena: Oh! I'm, I'm sorry...

Tseng: ...Go. Don't let Sephiroth get away.

Rude & Elena: Yes sir!

Rude: ...Reno said he wanted to see you after the injuries you gave him healed. He wants to show his affection for you all... with a new weapon.

Tseng: Well, then...

  • (If Aeris is is in the party.)
    Tseng: Aeris... Long time no see. Looks like you got away from the Shinra for a while, now that Sephiroth reappeared.
    Aeris: what are you saying? That I should be grateful to Sephiroth?
    Tseng: No... Well, I won't be seeing too much of you, so take care.
    Aeris: ...strange, hearing that from you.
    Tseng: Well then, stay out of Shinra's way.
  • (If Aeris is not in the party.)
    Tseng: ...Where's Aeris? She's not with you?
    Cloud: Aeris isn't with us. She's with the others.
    Tseng: Oh... Then give her my regards.

The Stowaway Strategy[]

(Upon entering Under Junon.)
Cloud: What happened to this town? It's so run-down...

(Upon talking to the soldier by the elevator.)
NPC: HEY! This is Shinra, Inc.'s elevator. Don't be snooping around here!!

(Upon talking to Priscilla by the beach.)
Priscilla: He-y! Mr. Dolphin! My name is...... Pri-scil-la! Now you say it.

Priscilla: Who are you guys? Are you members of the Shinra, Inc.?

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: No! You got it all wrong! We're fighting against the Shinra!
  • Tifa: No...stay calm...
  • Aeris: No you're wrong! We have nothing to do with the Shinra.
  • Red XIII: ...we don't get along well with the Shinra.
  • Yuffie: Hey watch your mouth! We hate the Shinra!

Cloud: ...that's how it is.

Priscilla: I don't believe you! Get out of here!

Cloud: Great...

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Hey! Look at that!
  • Tifa: Look at that!
  • Aeris: What's that!?
  • Red XIII: Hey! It's a monster!
  • Yuffie: Whoa, Gawd!

Priscilla: Be careful Mr.Dolphin!

Cloud: Hey! Hold on, we're coming!

(After defeating Bottomswell.) Cloud: This is bad... You don't think she's dead, do you?

NPC: Priscilla!!

NPC: Nope...she's not breathing...

NPC: Hey, that's it! Young man, CPR, now!

Cloud: Mouth to mouth!?

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: C'mon Cloud.
  • Tifa: Cloud, what are you going to do?
  • Aeris: Cloud, hurry!
  • Red XIII: You know I can't.
  • Yuffie: Do it, Cloud!

Cloud: But,... she's just a girl......

(The second party member will then say their line from the previous list.)

NPC: What? You don't know how? Come over here, I'll show you.

Cloud: Guess I gotta do it...

NPC: Just take a deep breath, hold it in. Then breathe into her.

NPC: Hurry up and do it!

On-screen: Push the Square button once, and it starts the CPR gauge. Push it again, and it stops the gauge.

(After successfully resuscitating Priscilla.)
Priscilla: Uh...ugh...

NPC: Hey hey! Priscilla, are you alright?

(Upon talking to the woman by the town's entrance.)
NPC: Hey, come in for a while.

(Upon entering the woman's house.)
NPC: I heard what happened. You've done so much for Priscilla.

NPC: You all must be tired. If you want to get some rest, stay here.

NPC: Make yourselves at home.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Tifa: Take a rest?
  • Barret: I'm gonna relax for a while.
  • Aeris: Want to rest?
  • Red XIII: Shall we rest?
  • Yuffie: Wanna rest?

Cloud: Yeah...

  • (Upon selecting "We'll try later", nothing happens.)
    • (Upon leaving the house and returning.)
      Cloud: Hmmm...
      • (Upon selecting "Let's get some rest", party sleeps.)
      • (Upon selecting "No time to rest", nothing happens.)
  • (Upon selecting "Let's rest", party sleeps.)

(After sleeping.)
Grey text: ...That reminds me

Cloud: You again? ...Who are you?

Grey text: ...You'll find out soon. ......But more importantly, 5 years ago...

Cloud: 5 Years ago...Nibelheim?

Grey text: When you went to Mt. Nibel then, Tifa was your guide, right?

Cloud: Yeah...I was surprised.

Grey text: But where was Tifa other than that?

Cloud: ...I dunno.

Grey text: It was a great chance for you two to see each other again.

Cloud: ...You're right.

Grey text: Why couldn't you see each other alone?

Cloud: ...I don't know. I can't remember clearly...

Grey text: Why don't you try asking Tifa?

Cloud: ...Yeah.

Grey text: Then, get up!

Tifa: Hey wake up. Wake up, Cloud!

Cloud: Tifa... When Sephiroth and I went to Nibelheim, where were you?

Tifa: ...We saw each other, right?

Cloud: The other time.

Tifa: was 5 years ago. I don't remember. But, something seems strange outside. Cloud, come quick.

(Upon talking to the other party members below a set of stairs.)

  • Tifa: Doesn't it seem a little strange? Everything getting so noisy all of a sudden...?
  • Aeris: I heard that girl regained consciousness.
  • Barret: Seems like something's goin' on up there!
  • Red XIII: Does this have something to do with the Shinra?
  • Yuffie: What's this loud music? It's giving me a headache!

(Upon climbing the stairs.)
Cloud: Are you all right now?

Priscilla: Umm...thanks for helping...

Priscilla: I'm sorry , I mistook you for one of those Shinra, Inc....

Cloud: That's all right.

Priscilla: I'll give you something SPECIAL!

  • (If the player can carry more Materia.)
    Priscilla: It's an amulet. Take good care of it, ok?
    On-screen: Received "Shiva" Materia!
  • (If the player cannot carry more Materia.)
    Priscilla: It's at my house, so come by later to pick it up, ok?

Barret: What's that music? It sure sounds lively.

Priscilla: I heard they're rehearsing the reception for the new Shinra president.

Barret: Rufus!? I gotta pay my respects.

Priscilla: Grandpa and grandma told me this beach was beautiful when they were small. But after the Shinra built that city above, the sun stopped shining here, and the water got polluted... I was raised on that story and hate Shinra so much, I could die!

Aeris: You think Rufus is thinking about crossing the ocean from here, too? What? Does that mean Sephiroth already crossed the ocean?

Red XIII: Cloud, didn't you finish Rufus off?

Barret: We gotta get to the town up there... Mebbe we could climb the tower?

Priscilla: No! No! There's a high voltage current running underneath the tower. Don't wander near it, it's dangerous!

Priscilla: might be able to if Mr.Dolphin helps you. Follow me!

Tifa: High voltage tower...... I guess this means Cloud'll be all right.

Aeris: Yeah, better leave it to Cloud!

Red XIII: We're counting on you, Cloud

Cloud: Hey!!

Cloud: Wait a second!

(Upon talking to other party members.)

  • Tifa: Don't you just hate this?
    Aeris: You're probably right.
  • Barret: Yeah, I'd like to take a good look at the new President of Shinra, Inc.!
  • Red XIII: That looks like a Shinra soldier.
  • Yuffie: Aren't you going to follow her?

(Upon talking to Priscilla by the beach.)
Priscilla: Wait a minute.

Barret: Now ain't that something! I ain't never seen no Dolphin jump like that!

Priscilla: Pretty cool, huh? When I blow this whistle, Mr.Dolphin jumps for me.

Priscilla: Here!! This is for you, Cloud!

Cloud: A gift? What am I supposed to do with it!?

On-screen: Square button Blow the whistle and call the dolphin.

Priscilla: Just go into the water, blow this whistle, and Mr.Dolphin'll jump you to the top of the pole!

Cloud: Jump to the top of the pole?

Priscilla: See that rod sticking out at the top? If you jump just right, you can climb to the top of the town.

Barret: Good luck Cloud! If you make it, we'll follow you!

Barret: Whoa, I'll hold the PHS for you. It'll break if it gets wet.

Priscilla: You wanna jump with Mr.Dolphin?

  • (Upon selecting "Explain it to me again", instructions are repeated.)
  • (Upon selecting "Sure", Cloud jumps into the water.)
  • (Upon selecting "I'll pass".)
    Priscilla: Come back whenever you want to see Mr.Dolphin!

(Upon swimming too far out.)
Priscilla: Did you drown? It gets deeper the farther you go out.

(Upon swimming too close to the tower.)
Priscilla: There's high voltage running through the bottom of the tower. Don't go near it...

(Upon swimming back to the beach.)
On-screen: Get out of the water?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", returns to land.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", remains in water.)

(Upon reaching the Airport Path in Upper Junon.)

  • Eh! Ho!
  • Hurry! Hurry!!
  • The new President!! He's here, he's here!!

NPC: Hey! You still dressed like that!? Come 'ere!

(Upon attempting to leave.)
NPC: Hey! Rookie!! Can't you hear me!! Come over here!

(Upon talking to the commander.)
NPC: Here!! Get in the room!

(Upon entering the Locker Room.)
NPC: Today's the big day when we welcome President Rufus! Hurry up and change!

(Upon talking to the commander.)
NPC: There's a uniform in the locker. Hurry and change!

Cloud: It's the Shinra uniform.

  • (Upon selecting "Don't change".)
    Cloud: There's Shinra soldiers all around. Better not try anything dumb...
    NPC: Quit yappin'! Hurry up!
  • (Upon selecting "Change".)
    Cloud: Brings back memories...
    NPC: Quit yappin'! Hurry up!

(After changing.)
Cloud: A Shinra uniform... I was so proud when I first put it on.

Cloud: I wonder when it was... ...I couldn't stand wearing this thing anymore.

NPC 1: Wow! You look good in it!

NPC 1: You remember the Greeting procedure, right!?

NPC 1: ...the look on your face says you forgot. All right, I'll show you again! Do just like we do.

NPC 2: Commander!! We'll help too! This is how to do it!

NPC 3: We'll sing too!

NPC 1: All right! Show 'em!!

NPC 2: Now, march!! This's the Welcoming March!

NPC 3: Then! I'll sing along with you!

NPC 3: Quietly--!! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Hey, come on now. Now!

NPC 1: And...march--!! One, two...! Three, four!

Song (on-screen): Rufus--- Rufus Shinra----
We---are---Shinra Company----
The new-----President------
Oh----- Oh----- Shinra---------
Oh----- Oh oh---- Shinra, Inc.---
Realization----of the new era--- New---President----Ru--fus---
Oh----- Oh----- Shinra---------
Oh----- Oh oh---- Shinra, Inc.---
Building------the new era----- Shinra-----forev---er-------

NPC 2:

  • Keep in step with the soldier next to you and march smoothly!
  • Once you're all in step, shoulder your gun!
  • To shoulder your gun, press the Circle button!
  • We'll practice some more!
  • Remember to march smoothly!

NPC 1: Got it!?

  • (Upon selecting "Not yet".)
    NPC 1: All right! Once more!
    (Drill is repeated.)
  • (Upon selecting "All clear!".)
    NPC 1: Good! Make sure you do well at the real parade!

NPC 4: Rufus has arrived! Preparation completed!

NPC 1: All right, show time! Don't disgrace yourselves!

(Upon leaving the Locker Room.)
NPC: Begin the Welcome Parade!

(Upon heading down the elevator to Under Junon.)
NPC: What? It's not time for our shift, yet. Just relax.

Cloud: Uh...yea......

(Upon entering the Upper Junon street.)
NPC 1:!! No one's here!

NPC 1: Late---!?

NPC 1: Hey! Rookie!! It's because you're running around like that!!

NPC 2: Captain!! We'll take a short cut!

NPC 1: Right! Good idea. Get over here!!

(Upon attempting to leave.)
NPC 1: Hey!! Don't get me any madder than I already am!

(Upon talking to the commander.)
NPC 1: All right! You first!

(Upon heading through the alley.)
NPC 1: I'll go first! Now you watch close and do as I do, rookie! Just sneak into the back of the line when you see an opening.

NPC 1: Now listen up! This parade's gonna be broadcast live on Shinra TV, around the world! If you look bad, the whole Junon army will look bad. Remember that and don't screw up!

NPC 1: OK! Jump in when I give you the sign!

NPC 1: Just sneak in from the back! Don't mess up the row! And no matter what you do don't try to go in from the front!

NPC 1: All right!! Start marching!!

NPC 1: Charge--!!

(Upon not moving after the commander orders Cloud to get in line.)
NPC 1: No, what're you doing!?

(Upon running out but failing to get in line.)
NPC 1: Hey!! Don't play around!

(Upon talking to the commander.)
NPC 1: Just GO! Then you just nonchalantly sneak in from the back! Make sure no one sees you!

(Upon attempting to leave.)
NPC 1: Hey!! Don't run away from me!

(Upon joining the line, spoken throughout, where XXX is the number called by the soldier when the line must hold their weapon up.) NPC: Now!! XXX......!

(After Cloud's marching is finished.)
TV Producer: What the hell was that soldier doing?

AD: I don't know.

TV Producer: Are the points up?

(Depending on Live TV Ratings.)

  • (30% or below.)
    AD: This's terrible! I fired?
    TV Producer: What!? You're FIRED!! Send that soldier a bomb or something!
    On-screen: Received "Grenade"!
  • (31-40%.)
    AD: Well, it's so-so.
    TV Producer: Hmm... Better send that soldier something.
    On-screen: Received 6 "Potion"!
  • (41%-50%.)
    AD: So-so.
    TV Producer: Really. I want somebody to send that soldier an expensive gift.
    On-screen: Received 6 "Ether"
  • (51%+.)
    AD: They just shot up!!
    TV Producer: We did it! Send that soldier something special.
    On-screen: Received 5000 gil!

(After the previous lines, on the next screen.) NPC: Good! We made it.

NPC: Oh! President Rufus!

NPC: Hey! Line up and shut up! Don't make a move!

(Upon attempting to move.)
NPC: Hey!

(After the commander in front salutes Rufus.)
Rufus: How's the job?

Rufus: What happened to the Airship?

Heidegger: The long range airship is still being prepared. It should be ready in about three more days. Gya haa haa!

Rufus: Even the Air Force's Gelnika?

Heidegger: ......Gya haa haa!

Rufus: Stop that stupid horse laugh. Things are different than when father was in charge.

Heidegger: Gya...

Rufus: Is the ship ready?

Heidegger: Yes Sir, we'll get it ready quickly.

NPC 1: What a disaster.

NPC 2: Heidegger was really irritated...

NPC 3: The man in the Black Cape's been roaming the city, but we can't find him.

Cloud: Man in a Black Cape?

NPC 4: He showed up two or three days ago, and killed a few of our soldiers.

NPC 5: He disappeared right after that. There's a rumor going around that it was Sephiroth.

NPC 6: Attention! Dismissed!

NPC 6: Hey! Hey you! You messing with the army?

(Upon selecting either "Who cares?" or "What if I am?", the response is the same.)
NPC 6: You're too lazy!! No break for you!!

NPC 6: Get over here!

(After returning to the Locker Room.)
NPC 1: This is the military, soldier!! Your orders for today are to send off President Rufus at the dock! I'll keep drilling you until it's time!

NPC 2: I'll help, sir!

NPC 3: Me too, sir!

NPC 1: All right!! Line up in order and show me your final pose! Today's command is Formation! Remember it!

NPC 1: Ready!? Junon Military Send Off, BEGIN!

(During the march drill.)
On-screen: Left/Right: Left/Right Turn

On-screen: Triangle: Triangle! Square!: Square Circle: Circle! X: Cross!

NPC 1: Circle: Circle!

NPC 2: All right!!

NPC 1: Triangle: Triangle!

NPC 2: All right!!

NPC 1: Square: Square!

NPC 2: All right!!

NPC 1: X: Cross!

NPC 2: All right!!

NPC 1: Left: Left Turn!

NPC 2: All right!!

NPC 1: Right: Right Turn!

NPC 2: All right!!

(After the march drill.)
NPC 1: All right! Now you try it!

(March drill repeats with player input.)

(After the repeated march drill.)
NPC 1: So, you got it?

  • (Upon selecting "Not yet!".)
    NPC 1: All right! Again!
    (March drill repeats.)
  • (Upon selecting "I've got it!".)
    NPC 1: All right! Don't mess up during the real thing!

NPC 2: Commander!! What's today's special pose?

NPC 1: Huh? ...I haven't decided yet.

NPC 1: All right, rookie!! I'll let you decide! Show me your best move!

Cloud: Let's see... My best move is...

NPC 2: Woo----ow!

NPC 3: That's awesome!

NPC 1: All right!! We'll go with that as today's special!! Practice it!

NPC 2: Yes sir!!

NPC 3: Yes sir!!

NPC 1: Well then! Meet at the dock!! Don't be late!!

NPC 1: Attention! Dismissed!!

(Upon talking to the soldier on the left side of the diagonal lift in Lower Junon.)
NPC: Oh! How's it going!? If you're looking for Junon dock, it's over there!

(Upon talking to them again.)
NPC: This lift goes to the Shinra section... Ever since that Black-caped murderer... But we can't use it because we're all on red alert.

(Upon talking to the soldier on the right side of the diagonal lift at Upper Junon.)
NPC: President Rufus is being sent off at the port.

(Upon talking to the sailor in the tunnel towards the Junon Underwater Reactor.)
NPC: What is it? The elevator's out of order right now due to an inspection. You know, right under us, is a Submarine Dock and the Underwater Mako Reactor.

(Upon talking to him again.)
NPC: Mako energy puts a lot of wear and tear on the machinery. A lot of problems can pop up. So it's necessary for close inspections and maintenance.

(Upon talking to the man in the Upper Junon streets near the airport.)
NPC: Come on, forget about your job! Step right up!!

(Upon talking to the clerk in the Upper Junon Item Store.)
NPC: Oh, a Soldier! Welcome!

(Upon talking to Rude in the bar in the Upper Junon alleyway.)
Rude: Mm...? You too? Then, take your mask off and come here. That's our rule.

(Upon talking to the man on the first floor in the Upper Junon Barracks repeatedly.)
NPC: Hey, how could you do that!? Nobody woke me up! And I can't find the uniform I left in my locker, either. I wonder if I left it somewhere...

NPC: Geez! Do you think this could be... what they call 'bullying?' Oh man, My future in the military, is pretty bleak.

(Upon talking to the man on the third floor in the Upper Junon Barracks.)
NPC: Mmm? I'm not going to the parade. The road to becoming SOLDIER First Class is very difficult.

(Upon talking to him again.)
NPC: Don't mind me. As a man with promise and future, I don't have any time to fool around like the rest of you.

(Upon talking to Reno in the Shinra Member's Bar in Lower Junon.)
Reno: The President's safety is secure because we're here.

(Upon talking to Tseng in the Shinra Member's Bar in Lower Junon.)
Tseng: Stay outta this.

(Upon talking to Elena in the Shinra Member's Bar in Lower Junon.)
Elena: The minute you think the job's boring, you guys start messing around.

(Upon talking to the bartender in the Shinra Member's Bar in Lower Junon.)
NPC: Hey soldier-boy, aren't you still on duty?

(Upon talking to the Junon Inn innkeeper in Lower Junon.)
NPC: Are you sure it's all right? Nap while on duty?

  • (Upon selecting "30 gil", party sleeps.)
  • (Upon selecting "Forget it", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the soldier on the first floor in the Lower Junon Barracks.)
NPC: Hey! Aren't you still on duty!? Look, I'm in no position to talk, but...

(Upon talking to him again.)
NPC: Don't become a delinquent worker like me.

(Upon reaching Junon Dock.)
NPC 1: All right, it's time! Ten...HUT!

NPC 2: President Rufus...has now arrived!

NPC 1: This is it!! Junon Military Reception--! Do it right---, Do it with enthusiasm...! Ready...!

(Spoken randomly.)

  • Circle: Circle!
  • Triangle: Triangle!
  • Square: Square!
  • X: Cross!
  • Left: Left Face!
  • Right: Right Face!

(After orders are concluded.)
NPC 1: All right! Now finish strong!! SPECIAL---!!

(Depending on the President's Mood Gauge.)

  • (50 or below.)
    Rufus: Looks like you need more practice. With things looking like this, you better be ready for pay cuts...
    Heidegger: Gya haa ha...!! Here's a special bonus for you!! A token of the President's kindness! Don't forget it!
    On-screen:Received "Silver Glasses"!
  • (60-90.)
    Rufus: Very entertaining. Keep up the good work.
    Heidegger: Gya haa ha...!! Here's a special bonus for you!! A token of the President's kindness! Don't forget it!
    • (If the player can hold Materia.)
      On-screen: Received "HP Plus" Materia!
    • (If the player cannot hold Materia.)
      On-screen: Received "Force Stealer"!
  • (100 or move.)
    Rufus: Well done. Keep up the good work for Shinra, Inc.
    Heidegger: Gya haa ha...!! Here's a special bonus for you!! A token of the President's kindness! Don't forget it!
    On-screen: Received "Force Stealer"!

Rufus: Once the word gets out that Sephiroth's here, Cloud and his friends will show up, too.

Heidegger: We'll crush them as soon as we find them!

Rufus: We can't have them get in our way.

Heidegger: Leave it up to me, sir! Gya haa ha!

Rufus: I thought I told you to stop that stupid laugh...

Heidegger: Gya......

NPC 1: All right! Dismissed!

NPC 3: That was close.

NPC 4: Heidegger's been really edgy lately.

NPC 3: Because Hojo disappeared, leaving a letter of resignation.

NPC 4: Heidegger's been forced to take care of that investigation, too.

NPC 1: Hey--! I thought you were dismissed!

NPC 1: We got some cleaning up to do! Hurry up!

(Upon attempting to leave.)
Red XIII: Hey, hurry. You're the last one.

Cloud: How did you get here?

Red XIII: A dolphin gave me a ride. Priscilla remembered the dolphin after you climbed the pole. But, you mustn't be mad at her.

(Upon entering the ship.)
Cloud: We'll cross the ocean, to the new continent.

Cloud: ...even if we are wearing Shinra's uniforms...

Dangerous Voyage[]

(Upon talking to the walking sailor in the Cargo Ship cabin.)
NPC: I'm workin' hard already, and you still want me to do more?

NPC: The new President's probably the same. He's just gonna order us around anyway.

(Upon talking to the soldier at the cabin door.)
NPC: Hey, get to work! Both the new President Rufus and Heidegger are aboard this ship! If we do good, we could get promoted!

(Upon talking to the sailor again after talking to the soldier.)
NPC: Geez... What chance for a promotion. The only one who's gonna benefit from this is the Chief, anyway. It has nothing to do with us workers.

(Upon talking to the soldier running along the stairs.)
NPC: It won't do any good trying to stop me!

NPC: All right! I'm going to show the new President what I'm made of!

(Upon talking to Yuffie, disguised as a sailor near boxes.)
Yuffie: Urrrgh... This is why...I hate ships.

Yuffie: Hey, Cloud. You have any 'Tranquilizers'?

  • (Upon selecting "Here, use this" if the player has a Tranquilizer.)
    Yuffie: Thanks... Gross...this is bitter.
  • (Upon selecting "Here, use this" with no Tranquilizer.)
    Yuffie: Ugh, you don't have any? ...unless it's an emergency get away from me.
  • (Upon selecting "Nope".)
    Yuffie: ...unless it's an emergency get away from me.

Yuffie: Where are the others? I dunno. Aren't they hiding somewhere around here? How should I know...? Ugh......urk......

(Upon talking to Aeris, disguised as a soldier near boxes on the left.)

  • (Before talking to three party members, or talking to her beforehand.)
    Aeris: Umm......It's me Aeris.
    Aeris: Hey, Cloud. Did you see the Airship at Junon
    Cloud: ...I heard it was big, but I didn't expect it to be THAT big.
    Aeris: That was REALLY something. Hey, do you think I could get on it?
    • (Upon selecting "I'll take you someday".)
      Cloud: ...keep hoping.
      Aeris: Wow! I'm really looking forward to it!
    • (Upon selecting "I dunno...".)
      Cloud: ...It's a Shinra weapon. We probably should've destroyed it.
      Aeris: ...Hmm. But just once, I'd like to ride it.
  • (After talking to her the first time, before talking to three party members total.)
    • (If "I'll take you someday" was selected.)
      Aeris: Let's ride the Airship together, OK? Promise, promise me!
    • (If "I dunno..." was selected.)
      Aeris: Just once, I'd like to ride that Airship.
  • (After talking to three party members.)
    Aeris: Hey, Cloud. Did you see Barret? I hope he's not doing anything stupid...

(Upon talking to Tifa, disguised as a soldier on top of the lookout platform on the Cargo Ship deck.)
Tifa: Yes sir! Everything quiet, sir!

Tifa: ...But, you know what? I really hate this uniform. Uniforms, soldiers, war, I hate 'em all. They take away all the things and people you love... I wish they'd all disappear. Right, Cloud?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah......".)
    Tifa: You're right!
    Tifa: Uh, yes sir, I'll continue my watch sir! Hee hee...
  • (Upon selecting "I don't know".)
    Tifa: ...Cloud. Wearing those clothes seems to have changed you a little. Does it remind you of being in SOLDIER? I hope not...

(Upon talking to the sailor walking along the top on the deck.)
NPC: Hey! What's wrong, kid? You got no pep! A seaman's gotta have umph!

  • (Upon selecting "I'm tired...".)
    NPC: I got just the perfect thing! 'Invisible Alpha'-- A super drink for seamen!! Just one'll rejuvenate you! Only 250 gil!
    • (Upon selecting "I'll take it" with enough gil.)
      NPC: Thanks! This is a necessity for a sailor. This is a must item for a sailor! Ha ha ha !
      On-screen: HP/MP Restored!
    • (Upon selecting "I'll take it" with insufficient funds.)
      NPC: Hey! You don't have enough money!
    • (Upon selecting "No thanks".)
      NPC: Hey! Seamen shouldn't be so stingy!
  • (Upon selecting "Something's missing".)
    NPC: Ey ey! Whattaya mean, 'missin'!?
    (Item shop opens.)
  • (Upon selecting "Leave me alone", conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to the sailor near the bottom of the deck.)
NPC: President Rufus and his men are in the Bridge of the Ship. If they see you slacking, they'll bust you one!

(Upon talking to the soldier on the bottom left of the deck.)
NPC: Oh man, we're almost to Costa del Sol. When I get there, I'm going to take a long overdue vacation. Maybe I'll go down to the beach and get a tan...

(Upon talking to Red XIII, disguised as a soldier on the left platform.)
Red XIII: ....... ......It's me. Red XIII.

Red XIII: I'm a little woozy, but I shouldn't get caught. Humans only look at appearances anyway. Anyway you look at it, I'd say I make a fine human being.

(Upon talking to him again.)
Red XIII: It's pretty hard standing on two feet...

(Upon talking to Barret on the front of the Cargo Ship after Aeris mentions him.)
Barret: Look, Cloud. It's Rufus and Heidegger. They're this close but we can't do a thing to 'em...

(Upon talking to him again.)
Barret: Ummmm...... Gmmmmm...... How can he...... Goin' off laughin' like that? Because of him, Biggs...... Wedge...... Jessie......! Ggggggggh... Ggggh......! Ggggggghhh!!

Barret: God!! I can't take it anymore! I'm gonna settle things here and now......

On-screen: Emergency alert! Reports of a suspicious character found! Those not on detail, search the ship. Report when found!

On-screen: I repeat. Suspicious character found on board! Those not on detail, search the ship. Report when found!

Barret: Damn, did they find us!?

Barret: Hey, that don't seem like us. Do they mean...Tifa and the others!?

Barret: Get off your spikey butt and let's go, Cloud!

(Upon talking to the party members after all gather on the deck.) Tifa: Everyone all right!?

Barret: You all right!?

Aeris: Huh?

Tifa: Everyone's here...right?

Barret: Hey, wait. You don't think that suspicious character is... Sephiroth!?

Tifa: Really!?

Barret: How the hell am I supposed to know!?

Cloud: ...Let's find out.

Red XIII: It's the most logical thing to do. Then, who's going to go?

Yuffie: N, not me... I don't even like Sephiroth anyway. And besid......ugh......urk......

(After forming a party.)
Cloud: ...... Sephiroth...... ......All right, let's go!

(Upon talking to remaining party members.)

  • Barret: I'm goin' too!
  • Tifa: Take me with you!
  • Aeris: Is it really Sephiroth......?
  • Red XIII: These clothes are too tight on me. Can I switch with you?
  • Yuffie: I told you...I don't want... to, ugh......urk......

(Upon talking to the sailor near the top of the deck.)
NPC: Say, who are you? You're not a part of the crew.

NPC: Oh well, seamen never bother with details! How you feelin'!

(The sailor then has the same dialogue options as when spoken to previously.)

(Upon talking to the fallen soldier in the Cargo Ship cabin.)
NPC: ...the Engine Room... ...a suspicious......character... No......there's no way...... that......not a human...... That thing's not human......

(Upon interacting with dead NPCs.)
NPC: .........

(Upon approaching the red soldier further inside the ship.)
Cloud: Is it......Sephiroth?

Cloud: No...not Sephiroth!

Sephiroth: ......After a long sleep... ...the time...... ...time has......come...

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Look, Cloud!!
  • Tifa: Cloud, look!!
  • Aeris: Look, Cloud!!
  • Red XIII: Over there, Cloud.
  • Yuffie: Ov......over there!!

Cloud: Sephiroth! You're alive!

Sephiroth: ......Who are you?

Cloud: You don't remember me!? I'm Cloud!

Sephiroth: Cloud...

Cloud: Sephiroth! What are you thinking!? What are you doing!?

Sephiroth: ...the now...

Cloud: What!? What are you saying!? Be more......

(After defeating Jenova·BIRTH., depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Isn't he......that guy?
  • Tifa: I've seen this somewhere...before.
  • Aeris: I've seen this before...
  • Red XIII: That's what disappeared from the Shinra building...
  • Yuffie: Eeeew! What IS it! GROSS!

Cloud: ...Jenova. The arm of Jenova.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Jenova...You mean he's been walkin' around with that thing?
  • Tifa: Jenova... He's been carrying this thing around?
  • Aeris: Jenova... With this thing?
  • Red XIII: Sephiroth took Jenova... What does it mean?
  • Yuffie: Gag... I'm feeling sick as it is without you having to show me THIS...

Cloud: So it WAS Sephiroth.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: He said the time is now.
  • Tifa: He said something about it being time for something.
  • Aeris: The time is now... I think that was what was said.
  • Red XIII: The time is now...? What does that mean?
  • Yuffie: He was mumbling something about time!

Cloud: now?

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: I don't know WHAT the hell's goin' on! Cloud, why don't you explain to me what's happened so far?
  • Tifa: I'm getting so confused... Cloud, explain what's happened so far.
  • Aeris: Hmm... I don't get it. Hey, Cloud. Can you explain it to us?
  • Red XIII: Hmm... The story's not that simple. Cloud, why don't you summarize what's happened so far?
  • Yuffie: So what's the story? Hey Cloud. Give us a quick run down.
  • (Upon selecting "I'll try".)
    Cloud: ...I'll try, but don't interrupt me while I'm explaining.
    Cloud: Sephiroth went off searching for the Promised Land, so he could become the ruler of the planet... That was 5 years ago. Then Sephiroth came back and killed President Shinra. And then just now all of us saw Sephiroth.
    Cloud: He was carrying Jenova with him. ...This much I do know. He told me he wants to go to the Promised Land with his mother, Jenova.
    Cloud: ...I guess that's about it.
  • (Upon selecting "Too much trouble" in response to other party members, or "No way" in response to Barret, dialogue is skipped.)

On-screen: Dock workers--We will be docking in Costa del Sol in 5 minutes. Prepare for docking.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Whoa! We'd best hurry and hide somewhere.
  • Tifa: We should hide somewhere again.
  • Aeris: Maybe we shouldn't stay in here anymore...
  • Red XIII: I don't think it's wise to stay here any longer.
  • Yuffie: Phew... We're finally here... Now we gotta hide......

(Upon leaving the room.)
Cloud: Sephiroth... is alive... The Promised Land... Does it really exist...?

(Upon arriving at Costa del Sol.)
Barret: Damn! Sure is hot here! But I sure feel better now that I can say good-bye to this sailor suit.

Barret: Yo listen up!! Y'all be sure to mingle like regular folks here!

Aeris: Oh, too bad. I liked Barret's sailor suit. He looked so cute.

Barret: ......What'ya mean "cute"?

Tifa: Right...well, uh... Barret, why don't you use that sailor suit for pajamas? Right, Cloud?

  • (Upon selecting "I guess".)
    Cloud: Ahhh...... You look like a bear wearing a marshmallow.
    Barret: The hell's that supposed to mean!? This happens to be the most comfortable, so shu'up!
  • (Upon selecting "Keep your mind on Sephiroth".)
    Cloud: Remember, this isn't a vacation. We're here after Sephiroth. I'm going on ahead.
    Barret: Hmmph, Cloud. You're the one, who's always hangin' around wastin' time. I'm going to skip this resort!

Red XIII: ...puff...puff... Would you kindly hurry? The heat here is drying my nose.

Yuffie: Yeah, mine, too!!

Cloud: All right. We'll take a break and then head off. Don't wander too far off.

(Depending on characters who are not in the party, in the following order.)

  • Barret: I'll wander wherever I damn well want! Who made him the leader?
  • Red XIII: It looks like my mane got messed up. I'm going to rest somewhere cool.
  • Yuffie: Don't bother looking for me!
  • Tifa: I think I'll go swimming.
    • (If neither Tifa nor Aeris is in the party, after Tifa's comment.)
      Aeris: Sounds good to me!
      Aeris: Hmm? Cloud, are you thinking of anything in particular? Your cool exterior's cracking...
      Aeris: Well then, let's go!
    • (If Tifa is in the party but Aeris is not.)
      Aeris: Maybe I should get a tan for a change. Which do you like, Cloud?
      (Upon selecting "I like fair complexions" or "Maybe a healthy tan is nice", Aeris's response is the same.)
      Aeris: Got it. I'll remember that.

(After exiting the port to enter Costa del Sol.)
NPC: What a long boat ride that was!!

Rufus: Hmmm...... Good work everyone......

Heidegger: Gya, Heh, heh..., ha!! Hurry up with that!

NPC: Yes, sir!!

Rufus: I heard Sephiroth was on board.

Heidegger: ......Yes.

Rufus: And it seems Cloud and the others were on board, too.

Heidegger: ......Yes.

Rufus: They all slipped through...... You messed up big this time, Heidegger.

Heidegger: I'm ashamed of myself.

Rufus: Is that all you can do...? Give one word answers and apologize for everything?

NPC: Ready for departure, sir!!

Rufus: ......Do something. I'll be expecting results.

(Characters not in the party can be found around town before sleeping at the inn or arriving at Mt. Corel.)

(Upon talking to Red XIII in the main area of town.)
Red XIII: Hm, that's interesting. It's not as if I'm doing this because I want to. You see, this tail of mine, moves quite independently of my will.

(Upon talking to him after kicking the ball.)
Red XIII: Grrr...... Grrrrr.........

(Upon talking to Yuffie behind the counter at the Materia Store.)
Yuffie: Orders are taken at the counter.

(Upon talking to Yuffie at the counter.)
Yuffie: Ah, Cloud! Let me make a buck why don't you? I'm sellin' Materia. Why don't you buy some!?

(Upon talking to Johnny in Johnny's New Home. Can occur before talking to Hojo, or any time if Tifa is in the party.)
Johnny: What's with YOU!!

Johnny: Hey, is We were in SOLDIER, and childhood friends before that. You were such a playboy. And a $#&^ murderer!! Why can't I remember your name?

  • (Upon selecting "Who are YOU?".)
    Johnny: That's right. Long time no see. Do you remember me? That's okay. We'll just keep on like we don't know each other. I'm starting a new life in this town. A lot of things happened to us. Heh, I better stop my mumbling! I sure envy you all just living outside with the sky as your ceiling.
  • (Upon selecting "I'm Cloud, and don't forget it".)
    Johnny: You think you're good enough to go around bragging about who you are? I don't wanna hear it! Heh, no more mumbling from me! From now on, I'm starting a new life!

NPC: I'm sorry about that. He's had some big shocks lately and is pretty depressed.

(Upon talking to Johnny again.)
Johnny: Hurry up and get out of here! I'm happy like this. So keep out of my life. (Upon entering the Costa del Sol inn.)
Barret: Uh uh!

Barret: Hmmm!?

Barret: Marlene! You ok?......

Barret: Dad'll wear this when I go to see you.

Barret: Uh uh!

(Upon approaching the bathroom.)
Barret: Hey, yo!!! Someone's in here, awright!?

(Upon talking to the innkeeper if Barret is not in the party and before talking to Hojo.)
NPC: Uggh! I feel God awful! Oh!! You! Weren't you the one with that big sailor?

  • (Upon selecting "Dunno what you're talking about".)
    Cloud: What's the matter?
    NPC: Listen to this... All of a sudden, this big sailor just busts in here, and takes over the restroom. He's been in there moaning ever since. I don't know what I'm gonna do.
  • (Upon selecting "Wasn't me".)
    Cloud: I don't know.
    NPC: Wrong guy? It puts us in a bad situation. That guy's taken over the john. And he hasn't even paid his hotel bill yet. Ah......if you're checking in, would you please pay his bill, too?
    Barret: Yo, Cloud! Still too early, ain't it?
    NPC: Come on now... He's a friend of yours......fibber.

NPC: What now? Call it a night? 200 gil a night.

(Normal dialogue occurs for choosing to stay at the inn after. If Cloud chooses to stay, all events, including the option talk to Hojo, end.)

(Upon talking to the innkeeper if Barret is in the party.)
NPC: Shucks!! Too bad!

NPC: Hey! Hey you! Does your friend have a cute lady? She came in here looking for him a while ago. Shouldn't you find her?

NPC: What are you going to do? Just forget about her and go to bed? 200 gil a night.

  • (Upon selecting "Stay" with enough gil.)
    NPC: You look like you can handle it. Well then......
    (Normal dialogue occurs for choosing to stay at the inn after. If Cloud chooses to stay, all events, including the option talk to Hojo, end.)
  • (Upon selecting "Changed my mind".)
    NPC: That's right. Don't worry. Please come by again.

(Upon reaching the beach, regardless of if Tifa or Aeris are in the party.)
Aeris: Oh! Cloud!!

Tifa: Look, look at that!

Cloud: Hm...?

  • (Upon selecting "Who, Hojo...?".)
    Cloud: Is that man over there, Hojo?
    Tifa: Go over and talk to him.
  • (Upon selecting "That girl in the bikini......?".)
    Cloud: Not a bad view......
    Tifa: What're you looking at? That man over there. That's Hojo from Shinra. Get outta here Go talk to him!

(If Tifa or Aeris are not in the party.)

  • Tifa: Go over and talk to him.
  • Aeris: I have a bad feeling about this.

(Upon talking to the two men on the left.)
NPC 1: heh heh...... All the good ones are gone.

  • (If Aeris or Tifa is in the party.)
    NPC 2: What about that one? Shall we make do with her?
    NPC 1: But she's got a guy with her.
    NPC 2: No problem, I can handle him.
    NPC 1: Right? You thought so, too?
  • (If neither Aeris nor Tifa is in the party.)
    NPC 2: Geez! What about those two?
    NPC 1: Heh heh......I want the one on the left.
    NPC 1: Well then, I guess that leaves me with the one on the right.

(Upon talking to the girls near Hojo.)
NPC: God!! What do you want?

  • (Upon selecting "I want to talk with that man".)
    NPC: (Hey, who do you think you are?)
    NPC: Professor Hojo. That scary man says he wants to talk with you.
  • (Upon selecting "Is that Hojo?".)
    NPC: (What's his problem?)
    NPC: Yes, that's right. It's the Professor!
    NPC: Professor... someone's here to see you, sir.

Hojo: I'm busy right now. ......But. Too bad.

  • (If Cloud talked to the girl below Hojo.)
    Hojo: No, I remember you all now......
    Hojo: Yes, yes. I remember now. It's been a long time, Cloud.
  • (If Cloud talked to any other girl.)
    Hojo: Heh heh heh...... All right. You sure are loud. Long time no see, Cloud.

Cloud: Hojo......

Hojo: Sometimes you just gotta do something like this.

Cloud: ......What are you doing?

Hojo: It should be obvious, I'm getting a tan.

Cloud: Answer me!

Hojo: Hmm! I believe we're both after the same goal.

Cloud: You mean Sephiroth?

Hojo: Did you see him?

Hojo: I see......Ha! Ha!

Cloud: What is it?

Hojo: Nothing. I just remembered a certain hypothesis...... Haven't you ever had the feeling something is calling you? Or that you had to visit some place?......

Cloud: I'll go anywhere Sephiroth is at! To beat him and put an end to all this!

Hojo: I see...... This could be interesting. Were you in SOLDIER?......Heh heh heh! Would you like to be my guinea pig?

Hojo: Oh, now what? Are you going to draw your sword?

  • (Depending on the second party member.)
  • Barret: Yo, yo! It's a bad idea to kill him.
  • Tifa: Stop, Cloud! I know how you feel, but you mustn't.
  • Aeris: Cloud, don't. If he dies, we won't find out anything!
  • Red XIII: ...huff...puff... Stop, Cloud!
  • Yuffie: Knock it off, Cloud! Look I don't know, but he knows a lot of stuff, right?

Hojo: Ha! Ha! Ha!......

Hojo: Say, aren't you the 'Ancient'?

Aeris: I'm Aeris. The least you can do is remember my name. I want you to tell me something, Professor Hojo... I know I'm an Ancient. My mother told me.

Hojo: Your mother? Oh, you mean Ifalna. How is she?

Aeris: You didn't know!? She died.

Hojo: ......I see.

Aeris: Professor Hojo... Is Jenova an Ancient? Is Sephiroth an Ancient? Do we all have the same blood?

Hojo: ......mumble...mumble...head west......

Aeris: He's mumbling slowly... That must means he's hiding something!

Hojo: ..................

(If Red XIII is in the party, he will interject before Tifa's next line. Otherwise, Tifa speaks next.)
Red XIII: Grrr, Grrr......... ...huff...puff...

Tifa: Hey! Answer us!!

Cloud: ......It's no use. It's no go.

(Upon talking to Hojo again.)
Hojo: ..................

(Upon entering Johnny's New Home after talking to Hojo, if Tifa is not in the party.)
Tifa: Oh, right! I remember that, too.

Johnny: Yeah, yeah! And you remember the time when......?

Tifa: Hee, hee, hee!

Johnny: Ha, ha, ha!......

Tifa: Ha, ha...oh stop it! That's right. Oh really......

Johnny: Yeah. Oh yeah, and then that time......

Tifa: Yeah, yeah!

(Upon entering Johnny's room while Tifa is talking to him.)
Tifa: Cloud, would you mind leaving us alone for the day? We haven't seen each other for ages and sometimes it's fun to talk about old times for a change.

(Upon talking to Tifa in Johnny's room.)
Tifa: We'll try not to be too late. So please don't worry about us!

  • (Upon selecting "Worry......?".)
    Cloud: I'm not worried.
    Tifa: You're right......
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah......".)
    Cloud: Just remember we're leaving early tomorrow.
    Tifa: Ok, I know.

(Upon talking to Johnny when Tifa is in.)
Johnny: Yeah, so don't get mad or anything.

(Upon talking to Aeris in the inn, if she is not in the party after talking to Hojo.)
Aeris: Whew... I don't know why I'm so tired. There's so many things I don't understand...... I feel a little uneasy.

Aeris: Cloud...? What do you think of me?

  • (Upon selecting "I dunno".)
    Cloud: I don't understand anything.
    Aeris: ......You're right. Even I don't understand myself. I wonder what part of me is like an Ancient? What is an Ancient supposed to be like? It's strange, isn't it? I don't understand it...... Ahh......I'm going around in circles. I wonder if there's any answer to this. Everything's so complicated.
    (Upon talking to her again.)
    Aeris: I'm going on to bed.
  • (Upon selecting "Nothing much".)
    Cloud: Sorry, but I never thought about things like that.
    Aeris: How could you say such a thing! Sometimes you make me so mad! Oh, I never should have brought this up!!
    (Upon talking to her again.)
    Aeris: I don't want to talk about it!

(Upon talking to the innkeeper at any point after talking to Hojo.)
NPC: Welcome!! What's it going to be? 200 gil a night.

  • (Upon selecting "Stay" with enough gil. Doing so ends previous events as party members can no longer be found in the town.)
    On-screen: Cradled by the sound of the ocean waves...... Sweet dreams...
    NPC: Good morning. Be careful traveling.
    (Upon talking to the innkeeper.)
    NPC: Your party has departed. Oops...... That's bad luck...... I mean, they have already left.
  • (Upon selecting "Stay" with insufficient funds.)
    NPC: Wait a minute! There's not enough money here.
  • (Upon selecting "I changed my mind".)
    NPC: Are you sure? Please come again.

Barret's Past[]

(Upon talking to the man at the mountain road entrance to Mt. Corel.)
NPC: Whew!! Hey! You're actually talking to me.

Cloud: What is it?

NPC: I just passed a guy in a black cloak back there. I just tried to tell him that it's dangerous up ahead, and he ignored me!

Cloud: Sephiroth...

(Depending on other party members.)

  • Tifa: Let's hurry on.
  • Aeris: There was a black-cloaked guy here, too?
  • Red XIII: Hmm...... I'm moving on ahead...
  • Yuffie: Oh gawd, what a drag!!
  • Barret: ............ahh.

(Upon talking to him again.)
NPC: It's dangerous up ahead. Be careful on your way.

NPC: If any strangers should greet you warmly while traveling, make sure to greet them back.

NPC: Whew! I guess that's the fun of being on the road.

(Upon losing balance at the railway in Mt. Corel.)
On-screen: Oh, oh oh oh oh!! Push the Circle button to jump!

(Upon falling from the railway, if there is any treasure below.)
On-screen: Get the treasure by holding the Left or Right Direction buttons down while repeatedly pressing the Circle button!

(Upon reaching the waterside tracks by the river in Mt. Corel.)

  • (If Tifa is not in the party.)
    Tifa: OH!! Cloud! That's it!
    Tifa: We can't go on until the bridge is let down. I think there's a switch in that shack over there... But there's too many monsters around and I'm beat...
    On-screen: The shack is here!! (^^);
    Aeris: Come on, Cloud. Let's rest a minute.
  • (If Tifa is in the party and Red XIII is not.)
    Red XIII: Wha? Oh, it's you.
    Red XIII: There seems to be an instrument in that hut that manipulates this bridge. Perhaps it's best if we rest a moment.
    On-screen: The shack is here!! (^^);
  • (If Tifa and Red XIII are in the party.)
    Aeris: Cloud!!
    Aeris: I was just wishing you were here! Unless someone lets down the bridge, we're stuck. Cloud should be able to do something. But let's take a breather first.
    On-screen: The shack is here!! (^^);

Cloud: Ok, then...

  • (Upon selecting "PHS", open party members screen.)
  • (Upon selecting "Let's move on!", party stays as-is.)

(Upon talking to characters not in the party.)

  • Barret: ......whew!
  • Tifa: I'm beat...
  • Aeris: I'm sure glad I'm with you, Cloud!
  • Red XIII: What...?
  • Yuffie: I'm pooped!

(While crossing the upper rail bridge, if they are not in the party.)

  • Tifa: Cloud!! Go Cloud!! Go!!
  • Aeris: Oh, Cloud!! Good Luck!!

(Upon reaching the shack.)
Cloud: OW!! Sure is tight in here... Come on, Cloud, don't let it get to you. Let's see...this is it.

Cloud: Maybe if I turn this... ...something should happen.

  • (Upon selecting "Do it", bridge from below is lowered.)
  • (Upon selecting "Leave it", nothing happens.)

(Upon climbing to reach the Nest, depending on who is in the party.)

  • Aeris: How cute!!
  • (If Tifa is in the party with Aeris.)
    Tifa: Yes!! cute.
  • (If Tifa is in a party without Aeris.)
    Tifa: Oh, cute!!
  • Barret: Haaeyy!
  • Yuffie: Yeow! What a rock!!
  • Red XIII: huff...huff...

Cloud: What should we do?

  • (Upon selecting "Take the damn treasure".)
    Cloud: Times are tough... I'm taking the treasure.
    (Depending on party members.)
    • Tifa: Oh! Cloud! Your hair looks like a Chocobo!
    • Aeris: Cloud......
    • Barret: Haeey!! Baaeby!!
    • Yuffie: Come to mommy!!
    • Red XIII: Glu...glug...!
  • (Upon selecting "Leave it where it is".)
    Cloud:'s got nothing to do with us. Just forget about it.
    (Depending on party members.)
    • Tifa: Right! That was admirable of you.
    • Aeris: Cloud......
    • Yuffie: You kiddin'?
    • Barret: Haeey!! Baaeby!!
    • Red XIII: Glu...glug...!

(Upon talking to the man in the cave in Mt. Corel.)
NPC: Hey! How'd you ever wind up around here?

NPC: Look, I'm sorry but, I can't do a thing for you!

(Upon talking to him a second time.)
NPC: Oh boy!! Corel sure has gone to pot. It used to be a famous coal mining town!

NPC: They say there were more jobs than you could shake a... Well, you get the picture!

NPC: Now, it's nothing but a miserable pit! Me, my bulldozer...everything's out of work.

(Upon talking to him a third time.)
NPC: Got no job...I can't even show my face. 'Bout all that's left for me is to just live in this hole all day.

(Upon reaching North Corel.)

  • (If Barret is in the party.)
    NPC 1: You, you're...
    NPC 2: Hey!! He's back!
    Barret: Wait here...
    NPC 1: Well, lookey here! Never thought I'd ever see your face again.
    NPC 1: Those people over there, they with you? Well, I feel sorry for 'em! Hangin' around a walkin' death sentence like Barret.
  • (If Barret is not in the party.)
    NPC 1: Well, lookey here! Never thought I'd ever see your face again.
    NPC 2: They kick you out of another town or somethin'? You destroy everything you touch.

NPC 3: You got a lot of balls comin' back here! Look at this place! It's all your fault North Corel turned into a garbage heap!

NPC 2: Why doncha say something!? Or did ya forget what you done here already?

Barret: ...I'm sorry...

NPC 3: ^%$#! You ain't even worth the effort.

NPC 2: Don't waste your time talkin' to that Techno-freak!

(Upon talking to Barret after the exchange if he is not in the party, or immediately after if he is in.)
Barret: You heard 'em... It's my fault this town was...destroyed...

(Upon reaching the Ropeway Station in North Corel.)
Aeris: Barret, what happened?

Barret: Sorry.

Cloud: What happened?

Barret: My hometown used to be around here.

Red XIII: What do you mean 'used to'?

Barret: It ain't here no more. Heard it got buried... in just 4 years.

Aeris: But how could those people say those terrible things?

Barret: An' it's my fault. ALL my fault.

(During flashback in Corel.) Barret (narrating): ...My hometown, Corel's always been a coal mining town. It's so dusty, but calm and so poor...... A real small town, this one. That's the first time I ever heard the word "Mako Reactor" mentioned since that time...

Village Headman: What are we going to do? The only one against this is Dyne...

Dyne: I am definitely against it, no matter what. There's nothing to talk about if you're thinking of throwing away our coal!

Dyne: Our coal's been protected for generations. Our fathers, and theirs before them, risked their lives for it. We have no right to throw it all away so easily!

Barret (in flashback): But listen, Dyne. No one uses coal nowadays. It's the sign of the times.

Scarlet: Right, everything is Mako, now.

Scarlet: It'll be all right, Dyne. Shinra, Inc. will guarantee your livelihood once the Mako Reactor is completed.

Barret (in flashback): Listen, Dyne. I don't want my wife, Myrna, to suffer anymore.

Dyne: I know how you feel! I feel the same way too, damn it! But even so, I won't give away our coal mines!

Village Headman:'ve got to understand.

Barret (narrating): That's how the Corel Reactor was built......and completed. We all thought it would bring us an easier life.

Barret (narrating): It happened when Dyne and I were out of town for a few days. Corel was burned down by the Shinra troops. All the townspeople... All my relatives...... Everyone...everything......

(After flashback is complete.)
Cloud: Shinra troops? What for!?

Barret: There was an explosion at a reactor. Shinra blamed the accident on the people. Said it was done by a rebel faction.

Tifa: That's so terrible!

Barret: Well, I guess that's true. But more than Shinra, I couldn't forgive myself. Never should've gone along with the building of the reactor...

Tifa: Don't blame yourself. We were all fooled by the promises Shinra made back then.

Barret: That's why... that's why I get so pissed off!! Not only did they take advantage of me...... But I lost my wife, Myrna, too...

NPC: Hey everyone! If you want to go to the 'Gold Saucer', hurry and get on!

NPC: Ride the Ropeway?

  • (Upon selecting "Go on".)
    Cloud: Let's get on.
    Barret: Dyne was my best friend. We was close ever since we was kids...
    Tifa: I never knew. Barret never said a thing...
    Aeris: .........
    Red XIII: .........
    Yuffie: I'm not sympathizing with Barret! He never should have trusted Shinra, Inc....
    Tifa: .........
    Tifa: We better go on!
  • (Upon selecting "Don't go on".)
    Barret: Dyne was my best friend. We was close ever since we was kids...
    (If Yuffie is not in the party (but is recruited).)
    Yuffie: I'm waiting inside.
    (Upon talking to other party members.)
    • Aeris: Everything Shinra does seem to make everyone miserable...
    • Barret: It's all my fault...
    • Tifa: I never knew. Barret never said a thing...
    • Red XIII: .........

Sanctuary of Amusement[]

(Upon attempting to enter the Gold Saucer without a ticket.)
NPC: Please buy your ticket here.

(Upon talking to the man outside the Gold Saucer entrance.)
NPC: Welcome to the Gold Saucer.

NPC: Are you together? A single pass is 3000 gil, or you can purchase a lifetime pass for 30000 gil.

  • (Upon selecting "Pay 3000 gil" with enough gil.)
    NPC: Thank you very much. If you leave Gold Saucer, your tickets become invalid.
  • (Upon selecting "Pay 30000 gil" with enough gil.)
    NPC: Thank you very much. If you have a Gold Ticket, you can come and go freely into the long as you don't lose it.
  • (Upon selecting either option with insufficient funds.)
    NPC: I'm sorry, you don't have enough money.
  • (Upon selecting "Don't pay", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to him after having bought a ticket.)
NPC: Here at the Gold Saucer, there are many places where you must pay with GP. Just think of 'GP' as money that you can only use at the Gold Saucer. GP can only be redeemed at the games in Wonder Square and at the Chocobo Races. Your GP limit is 10000, so please be careful. Please enjoy yourselves.

(Upon entering the Terminal Floor at the Gold Saucer.)
Aeris: Wow! Let's have fun!

Aeris: I know this isn't the right time to do this.

Aeris: Hey, Barret, cheer up!

Barret: ......I ain't in no cheery mood. So jes' leave me alone.

Aeris: Really? That's too bad.

Aeris: Let's go!

Tifa: ...whisper...whisper... (Wasn't that a little harsh, Aeris!?)

Aeris: ...whisper...whisper... (Just act normal when this happens)

Tifa: ...whisper... (You think so...?)

Aeris: Of course!

Aeris: We're gonna go play...

Barret: So PLAY! ...messin' round #@^%$! Don't forget we're after Sephiroth!

Aeris: ...I think he's mad.

Tifa: He'll be fine. He seems to be doing a little better now.

(Upon talking to one of the characters remaining. After their line, selecting "Go together" will cause them to join the party, while "Don't go together" will leave them where they are.)

  • Tifa: We'd better be careful, Sephiroth might be around.
  • Aeris: I wish we could just forget everything and have fun!
  • Red XIII: ......You want to go with me?
  • Yuffie: With me!?

(Upon attempting to leave to one of the squares with no companion, depending on which character has the highest date mechanics score. If the score with Barret is highest, Red XIII will take Barret's place.)

  • Aeris: Cloud!
    Aeris: Don't go alone, go with me!
  • Tifa: Cloud!
    Tifa: I'll go with you.
  • Yuffie: Cloud!
    Yuffie: Let's go together, Cloud!
  • Red XIII: Cloud!
    Red XIII: Don't go by yourself...

(Upon attempting to take the ropeway back to North Corel, depending on the other party member.)

  • Tifa: Hey, Cloud, Are we going back without the others?
  • Aeris: Are you thinking of just us going back?
  • Red XIII: Are we leaving the others?
  • Yuffie: Cloud! Are we just going to leave the others?

(Upon approaching Dio at the Speed Square. Dio is initially listed as "Man" until he says his name.)
Man: Hey boy.

Cloud: Boy...

Man: How is it? You having fun?

Man: Mmm, so, you ARE having fun. Well, good, good for you boy.

Cloud: My name's Cloud. And stop calling me boy.

Dio: Mmm? Me? I'm the owner of the Gold Saucer. The name's Dio. Just call me 'Dio'.

Cloud: ......(Not even listening)

Dio: By the way, boy, do you know what a 'Black Materia' is?

  • (Upon selecting "I know what it is".)
    Dio: Oh, so you do know.
  • (Upon selecting "What is it?".)
    Dio: Ha ha ha ......that, I say, that's a good one, boy! But it's not good to lie. You can't fool me.

Cloud: Why d'you ask me?

Dio: Well, a while back, a boy your age came in and asked me if I had a 'Black Materia.'

Dio: I thought you might know who he was, seein' as how you're both about the same age.

Cloud: Did he happen to have... a Black Cape...

Dio: Why yes, yes indeed. And a tattoo on his hand that said '1'.

Cloud: Where did he go!?

Dio: Ha ha ha, I have no idea.

Dio: Well then. I say, stop by the Battle Arena if you like, boy. You'll probably like it. Many of my collections are on display there.

Dio: Ha, ha ha.

(Upon reaching the Chocobo Square, depending on the other party member.)

  • Aeris: What happened?
  • Tifa: What?
  • Red XIII: What happened?
  • Yuffie: What is it?

Cloud: Sh...!

Cloud: Shinra soldiers... Even here...

NPC: Attention! Dismissed!!

(Upon reaching the Wonder Square.)
Cait Sith: Hey you!! What're you lookin' so down for!?

Cait Sith: How 'bout it? Want me to read your fortune!? A bright future! A happy future!

Cait Sith: Oh, but don't hold it against me if it's not a great prediction!

Cait Sith: Oh, so sorry! I'm a fortune telling machine. The name's...

(Upon selecting the name "Cait Sith".)
Cloud: You can only read the future?

Cait Sith: You kidding!? I can find missing things, missing people, anything!

Cloud: Then can you tell me where a man named Sephiroth is?

Cait Sith: Sephiroth, right!? Okay, here goes!!

Cloud: ...Ordinary luck. It will be an active fortune. Give into the good will of others, and something big'll happen after summer. ...wait...what's this?

Cait Sith: Huh? Let me try again.

Cloud: Be careful of forgetfulness. Your lucky color ...Forget it.

Cait Sith: Wait, wait give me another chance! Wait! Let me try it again!

Cloud: ...What the!?

(Depending on the other party member.)

  • Tifa: What does it say?
  • Aeris: What?
  • Red XIII: Read it out loud, Cloud
  • Yuffie: What is it! Tell us!

Cloud: What you pursue will be yours. But you will lose something dear.

Cait Sith: I don't know if it's good OR bad... This's the first time I ever got something like THIS.

Cait Sith: Then shall we?

(Depending on the other party member.)

  • Tifa: Excuse me?
  • Aeris: What are you talking about?
  • Red XIII: To where?
  • Yuffie: Huh?

Cait Sith: As a fortune teller, I can't help but think about this. If I don't see what it leads to, I won't be able to relax. That's why I'm going with you!

(Depending on the other party member.)

  • Tifa: Is it all right, Cloud?
  • Aeris: What are we going to do, Cloud?
  • Red XIII: Cloud, it's all right with you?
  • Yuffie: He's weird! Cloud, don't let him come!

Cait Sith: I'm comin' with you no matter WHAT you say!

Cloud: H...hey!

(Upon reaching the Battle Square entrance.)
Cloud: !!

Cloud: Mm!?

Cloud: Dead......

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Tifa: What!?
    Tifa: Wa...wait Cloud!
  • Aeris: What!? Why?
    Aeris: Cloud!? Where are you going?
  • Red XIII: What the...
    Red XIII: Hey, Cloud!
  • Yuffie: Wh...why?
    Yuffie: Don't, don't just leave me!

Cloud: Did Sephiroth do this!?

Cloud:'s not him... They're all shot... Sephiroth would never use a gun...

NPC: Ugh, ugggh.

Cloud: Hey, what happened!

NPC: Ugh...ugh...a man with a gun...on his arm......

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Tifa: A gun on his arm!?
  • Aeris: It can't be!?
  • Red XIII: ...did he!?
  • Yuffie: Wow, that's somethin!!

NPC: Hold it right there! And stay quiet!!

Dio: Did you guys do this!?

Cloud:, it wasn't us!

  • (If the player met Dio in Speed Square beforehand.)
    Dio: I must've been wrong...

Cait Sith: Hurry and run, it's gonna get ugly.

Cloud: He......hey!

Dio: Hold them!!

(In the arena.)
Dio: That's as far as you go.

Cloud: Wait, listen to...

Cait Sith: Cloud...

(In the Gateway to Heaven.)
Dio: One more to go.

NPC: Yes

Cloud: Hey! Pay attention!!

Dio: There's no need to listen. Pay for your crime down below!!

Dio: Do it!

NPC: Yes

The Desert Prison[]

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Tifa: Cloud, you all right?
  • Aeris: You all right?
  • Red XIII: Are you all right?
  • Yuffie: Hey, you okay?

Cloud: Where are we?

Cait Sith: A desert prison... Corel Prison...

Cloud: A desert prison?

Cait Sith: Yup, a natural prison in the middle of the desert... surrounded entirely by quicksand. I heard that once you get in, you never get out... But, there was one special exception...

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Tifa: Barret!?
  • Aeris: Hey!! Barret!!
  • Red XIII: Mmm!? Isn't that Barret?
  • Yuffie: Hey? Isn't that guy, Barret?

Cloud: Barret... Did he really......

Barret: Stay back! This's something I gotta deal with. Jes' leave me alone...

Cait Sith: Whew! That's one of your friends? He sure looks dangerous...

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Tifa: ...Barret......
  • Aeris: Cloud, what should we do? Barret's not his normal self.
  • Red XIII: Barret...
  • Yuffie: Hey, Cloud! Just leave him alone. I mean, he told us to, didn't he? Then that's that, right?

(Upon attempting to go out to the desert.)
Cloud: We should find Barret before we go out into the desert.

(Upon talking to the man near the fence.)
NPC: Wo-ho! Welcome to Corel Prison.

(Upon talking to him again.)
NPC: Hold---it. If you wanna pass, Then you're gonna need the boss's permission.

(Upon inspecting the dead body by the gate out to the desert.)
Cloud: This one's been shot too...

(Upon talking to the man following Cloud in the main Corel Prison area.)
NPC: Ha ha ha

(Upon talking to the man near the save point in the Corel Prison area.)
NPC: I'll tell you one thing, rookie. This desert is extremely dangerous. It'll welcome you in, but when you try to leave, it'll swallow ya. I hear tell, some of them never make it out... the best thing is to stay out of the desert entirely.

(Upon talking to the man with a green bandana.)
NPC: Want to enter the Chocobo Race?

  • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
    NPC: You thinkin' of livin' here forever? Then live a long life!
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, I want to enter".)
    NPC: Then go get permission with the boss of this place.
    Cloud: Who's the boss?
    NPC: You don't even know that? Oh man.

(Upon talking to the man near the elevator.)
NPC: This elevator will take you to the top... But, you gotta be picked as a Chocobo Racer, first.

(Upon talking to the man near the sign.)
NPC: Those guys only tell lies. Only lies. Not a one of 'em will tell you the truth. Just talk with 'em a couple of times, and you'll get sick of them.

(Upon talking to the three men in a row.)
NPC 1: This place is heaven.

NPC 2: This place is heaven.

NPC 3: This place is heaven.

(Upon talking to them a second time.)
NPC 1: Man with a gun on his arm?

NPC 1: Never heard of him.

NPC 2: Never heard of him.

NPC 3: Never heard of him.

(Upon talking to them a third time.)
NPC 1: You wanna see the Boss?

NPC 1: Go Southwest and you'll meet him.

NPC 2: You'll meet him.

NPC 3: You'll meet him.

(Upon talking to them a fourth time.)
NPC 1: Once out in the desert, stay still and don't walk.

NPC 2: Don't walk

NPC 3: Don't walk

NPC 1: There's no way you'll ever see a mysterious Chocobo carriage. No way.

NPC 2: No way.

NPC 3: No way.

(Upon attempting to enter the truck for the first time.)
NPC: You new? Then go and pay your respects to Mr. Coates.

(Upon attempting to enter a subsequent time.)
NPC: More respects again? You sure are formal, go ahead...

(Upon talking to Mr.Coates inside Coates' container.)
Mr.Coates: Never seen your face 'round here before. Goin' up?

  • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
    Mr.Coates: Heh heh! You sure got guts!
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, up".)
    Mr.Coates: You don't seem to understand how things work down here. This is the Gold Saucer's garbage dump. And that makes alluv ya scrubs. The only way to get back up there is to win the Chocobo Race. But, it's not as easy as you rookies think. Of course, if you got the boss's permission it'd be a different story but, YOU'll never get that! Ha ha ha ha.

(Upon entering the front of the truck.)
Cloud: Looks like we could get some sleep here.

  • (Upon selecting "Sleep", party sleeps.)
  • (Upon selecting "Don't sleep", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the bartender in the Prison Pub.)
NPC: A rookie? Then you gotta buy something. Yup, that's the rule here.

(Upon entering the Mayor's Old House.)
Barret: Didn't I tell you not to come here!?

Cait Sith: Ju......just hold on for a second! We just want to talk! You'll understand if you just hear us out!

Barret: Didn't want none of ya to get involved...

Aeris: Hey that's Cloud's line! '...It's too dangerous, I can't let you get involved...' blah, blah, blah...

Tifa: Yeah. We're already involved in this.

  • (If Aeris is not in the party.)
    Aeris: We saw you and hurried here. Barret, just tell us what's going on.
  • (If Aeris is in the party.)
    Tifa: We saw you and hurried here. So come on Barret, just tell us what's going on.

Barret: You guys...

Red XIII: I heard that the murders at the Battle Arena were done by a man with a gun-arm. ...Was that you?

Barret: There's another... another man that got a gun grafted inta one of his arms. It was four years ago...

(During Barret's flashback.)
Barret (narrating): I remember... I was on my way home from visiting a Mako Reactor being built.

NPC: Barret! Dyne! Come quick! The village's being attacked! It's Shinra soldiers!

Barret (in flashback): What!!!?

Barret (in flashback): What the hell happened?......

Dyne: Hey, Barret! It's not over yet! Everyone's waiting! Let's go back to the village!

NPC: Barret! Dyne! Protect the village...!

Barret (in flashback): Hmp!! Old man!!

Dyne: C'mon, Barret! We gotta hurry!

Barret (in flashback): Krggh!!

Dyne: Barret!! You stay here!!

Scarlet: Kyaa haa, ha!! You can shoot all day and never hit them with aim like that.

Barret (in flashback): Shu' up!!

Scarlet: Haa, ha, ha!! Stop playing around and cover me!!

Dyne: Watch out!!

Barret (in flashback): Dyne!! Hang on!! Lissen to me!! You're comin' back to the village, hear!!?

Dyne: Yeah... I ain't lettin' go... You're comin' back... Everyone's waitin' for ya... Eleanor... and Marlene... They all waitin' on us...

(Back in Corel Prison.)
Barret: From then on, I couldn't use my right arm no more. ...I was depressed for a while. But then I threw away my artificial arm and got this gun grafted in. Got a new right arm to get revenge on the Shinra, who took everything away...

Barret: Back then, I heard the doc say there was another man who got the same operation as me. But, his was the left arm.

Cloud: ......

Aeris: But...Dyne's injury was the same as yours, right?

Tifa: Yeah, that's right. He was deceived by the Shinra too. He'll probably join us to fight against the Shinra.

Barret: ...wouldn't bet on it. I gotta 'pologize to Dyne before I can rest in peace. An' that's why, I gotta go alone.

Cloud: Do whatever you want... Is that what you want to hear? Well, I can't let you do it. Because, if you die on me, I'm gonna have nightmares.

Aeris: Barret, this isn't the end.

Tifa: Weren't you going to save the Planet?

Barret: Shit! Tifa, you oughtta know by now.

Tifa: ...That's all right. I'm not so different from you.

Aeris: That's easier to understand. It's you, Barret.

Cloud: So there it is, Barret. So I guess it'll be Barret, me, and......

(After party selection screen, upon talking to characters not in the party. Party selection screen will reopen after their line.)

  • Tifa: Be careful.
  • Aeris: I wonder if Dyne will join us?
  • Red XIII: Hmm? Shall I go with you?
  • Yuffie: You sure are all acting pretty heroic, considerin' we're not makin' any money on this...
  • Cait Sith: Fortune's good. Everything is perfect!

(Upon talking to the man out in the desert.)
NPC: Man, the Boss was REALLY in a bad mood today... Or was it one of his better days?

(Upon talking to him again.)
NPC: If you get lost in the desert, just keep going Northeast. If you're lucky, you'll make it back here.

(Upon talking to the Chocobo carridge driver. The carridge appears after wandering around the desert with no progress made.)
NPC: Wanna ride...?

  • (Upon selecting "Get on", return to the prison gate.)
  • (Upon selecting "Don't get on", nothing happens.)

(Upon reaching Dyne's hideout.)
Barret: ...Dyne ...Is that you?

Dyne: Now that's a voice I haven't heard in years... A voice I'll never forget...

Barret: I always hoped I'd be able to see you again someday... I knew you were alive somewhere... we had the same operation.

Barret: Listen to me Dyne. I want to...

Dyne: What's that?......I hear her voice.

Barret: ......?

Dyne: I hear her voice, Eleanor's voice. Begging me... not to hate your rotten guts. That's why I didn't hunt you down...

Barret: ...I know I was stupid. I'm not asking you to forgive me. But...What're you doin' in a place like this? Why ya wanna kill those that ain't even involved? Why?

Dyne: ...Why!? The hell do you care for!? Are the people killed going to understand 'why'? Are the people of Corel going to understand just hearing Shinra's excuses?

Dyne: I don't CARE what the reason is! All they give us are artillery and stupid excuses... What's left is a world of despair and emptiness...

Barret: .......

Dyne: You still want to hear 'why'? ...All right, I'll tell you. 'Cause I want to destroy everything. The people of this city. This city itself. The whole world! I got nothing left in this world. Corel, Eleanor...... Marlene......

Barret: Dyne,Marlene...... Marlene's still alive.

Dyne: ......?

Barret: I went back into town. I thought she was gone for sure. That is why I wanted to be by her side till the end. That's when I found her... ...found Marlene.

Dyne: ...

Barret: She's in Midgar. Let's go see her together, all right?

Dyne: So......she's still alive...

Dyne: All right, Barret. I guess that means you and I gotta fight.

Barret: What!?

Dyne: Eleanor's alone all by herself. I've got to take Marlene to her.

Barret: Dyne...are you insane!?

Dyne: Marlene wants to see her Mom, don't she?

Barret: Stop, Dyne! I can't die yet!

Dyne: Oh yeah? Well my life's been over ever since then.

Barret: Stop it! I don't wanna fight you!

Cloud: Barret!

Barret: Cloud, you stay the hell out of it! This is MY problem!!

(After defeating Dyne.)
Dyne: Urgh!

Dyne: Back!!

Dyne: wasn't just my arm...... back then...... I lost something irreplaceable. I don't know where I went wrong...

Barret: Dyne...I don't know either, man. Is this the only way... we can resolve this?

Dyne: I told you... I... I want to destroy everything... Everything... This crazy world... Even me...

Barret: An' what 'bout Marlene? What's gonna happen to her!?

Dyne: ...Think about it...Barret... How old was Marlene back then...? Even if I did go to her now... she wouldn't even know me...

Dyne: And what's more...Barret... These hands are a little too stained to carry Marlene anymore...

Barret: ......

Dyne: Barret... Give that pendant to Marlene... It was...Eleanor's... my wife's...memento...

Barret: All right...

Dyne:'s... already......4......

Dyne: Barret... Don't ......make... ......Don't ever make Marlene......cry...

Barret: Dyne...?

Barret: Dyne!

Barret: Dy------ne!!

Barret: ...Dyne. Me an' you were the same... My hands ain't any cleaner...... I shouldn't be able to carry...Marlene either...

Barret: Uuuurrrrrrgh!!!

(In Coates' container.)
Mr.Coates: You want somethin'?

Barret: I want to go up.

Mr.Coates: Like I told you before, you gotta get the Boss' permission, then win the Chocobo......

Barret: Dyne's got his reasons an' can't speak. So, I got this, instead.

Mr.Coates: Yeah, bull--!!

Barret: I want to go up.

Mr.Coates: R, right. Did you kill Dyne? You must've. Or you'd never be holding that thing. ...So Dyne's dead... Maybe now, the place'll calm down a little. Dyne didn't care who anyone was......

Barret: The hell do YOU know!!

Mr.Coates: R...ri......right! I mean, no, I DON'T know anything. S, s...sorry.

Cloud: Then, will you get us outta here?

Mr.Coates: Huh? Oh man, you guys are mistaken. I already told you, there's only one way to get outta here. That's to win the Chocobo Race and that's held up there, in the Gold Saucer. And, only one racer can go up at a time.

Barret: Say what!?

Mr.Coates: Noooo! Really, even if you threaten me!! A rule's a rule. I can't change it. If I do, the whole system down here'll get messed up!! An' I can't do that!

Mr.Coates: Okay, ok, I'll let one go up there. After that, he's gotta deal with Dio.

Barret: Awright then. Cloud, you go. We'll wait down here. Hurry up an' win that Chocobo Race, an' get us outta here!

(Depending on the other party member.)

  • Tifa: Right, Cloud. We'll be waiting and rooting for you.
  • Aeris: Yes, good luck, Cloud.
  • Red XIII: You're right. Cloud should do it.
  • Yuffie: Well, Cloud go get 'em!
  • Cait Sith: Ok Cloud, knock 'em dead!

Mr.Coates: Have you decided?

Mr.Coates: All you need now is a manager. ... and register and get a Chocobo...

Ester: Hi......I happened to hear your story.

Mr.Coates: Ester?

Ester: I'll be your manager.

Mr.Coates: Well, I have nothing against it, but...

Mr.Coates: This is Ester. She may look kinda funny... But there's no better manager in the races...

Ester: That's so rude...

Ester: Yeah, well. Nice to meet you, Cloud.

Mr.Coates: All right then, Cloud. I'll send you up the elevator. Ester'll fill you in on the details.

(Inside the elevator.)
Ester: Hmm, so that's what happened. I'll talk to Dio directly. You just concentrate on the race. Oh yeah, getting back to the other thing, there are many different types of Chocobo jockeys. It's not only for criminals. Some people compete for the fame, some people compete for the money, some only for glory... And then there're people like you. Oh yeah, I'll teach you how to ride a Chocobo.

  • (Upon selecting "All right".)
    Ester: Ummm... First use the Select button to choose either AUTO or MANUAL. In other words, either you control the Chocobo or let it run on its own. But it's pretty hard to make the Chocobo run the way you want it to. If the Chocobo doesn't like you, it won't listen. You can't really help on this one. But, most of the Chocobo's that I'll provide you with are mellow and you should be able to handle them. When you're riding, use the Square Button to Speed Up and the X Button to Slow Down. But, if you go faster than the Chocobo can handle, it'll lose its stamina really fast. And use the Directional button to move the Chocobo left and right, use the Circle Button to get a boost of speed. Of course your stamina runs out faster though. There are some bad tempered Chocobos that can't pace themselves and they'll lose their stamina pretty fast. For these kinds of Chocobos, you should set the controls on Manual and slow it down. Finally, some advice for the restless, once the first and second Chocobo cross the goal line, Push the Start button to end the race.
  • (Upon selecting "Not interested", skip ahead.)

(Upon entering the waiting room.)
Man: You new?

Ester: Hi, Joe.

Joe: Hey,Ester you're looking pretty as usual.

Ester: Thanks.

Ester: Let me introduce you, Cloud. This is Joe, one of the top Chocobo Jockeys.

Joe: Nice to meet you, Cloud. If you're with Ester, then...

Ester: Right! He's an up and coming jockey. He's only been down here for a day and already he made it up here!!

Joe: What!? Oh, I see...

Joe: So what did you do down there?

Joe:'re not supposed to ask about the past here...

Joe: Pretty interesting... I have a feeling that we'll meet again. Then, until we meet again, Cloud.

Ester: I'm going to check on the Chocobo. You just wait here for a while.

(Upon talking to Ester before she walks out.)
Ester: I'll be right back.

(Upon talking to the jockey in the bottom-left.)
NPC: Don't get cocky. Skills don't matter once you get in the race...

(Upon talking to the jockey in the top-right.)
NPC: I got nothing to say.

(Upon talking to any other jockey.)
NPC: ......

On-screen: The race will start in a few moments. Will the jockeys for the next race, please proceed to the paddock. I repeat...

Ester: Cloud

(Upon talking to Ester.)
Ester: Thanks for waiting. I registered you in the next race. This is a Chocobo I prepared myself. He won't lose easily.

Ester: Oh yeah... You know how to ride one?

  • (Upon selecting "Uh, how was it again?".)
    Ester: Let's see First use the Select button to choose either AUTO or MANUAL. In other words, either you control the Chocobo or let it run on its own. But it's pretty hard to make the Chocobo run the way you want it to. If the Chocobo doesn't like you, it won't listen. You can't really help on this one. But, most of the Chocobo's that I'll provide you with are mellow and you should be able to handle them. When you're riding, use the Square Button to Speed Up and the X Button to Slow Down. But, if you go faster than the Chocobo can handle, it'll lose its stamina really fast. And use the Directional button to move the Chocobo left and right, use the Circle Button to get a boost of speed. Of course your stamina runs out faster though. There are some bad tempered Chocobos that can't pace themselves and they'll lose their stamina pretty fast. For these kinds of Chocobos, you should set the controls on Manual and slow it down. Finally, some advice for the restless, once the first and second Chocobo cross the goal line, Push the Start button to end the race.
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, I got it", skip ahead.)

Ester: Then, good luck.

(After losing the Chocobo racing minigame.)
Ester: Too bad.

(Depending on placement.)

  • (Finishing in fourth place or worse.)
    Ester: You had a tough situation there.
  • (Finishing in third place.)
    Ester: I was expecting a little more from you.
  • (Finishing in second place.)
    Ester: You were so close.

(Depending on how many consecutive losses.)

  • (First or second loss.)
    Ester: Let me find a better Chocobo for you. Wait here for a while, OK?
  • (Third loss.)
    Ester: If you couldn't win with that last Chocobo... All right, I'll go get the best Chocobo there is!
  • (Fourth loss or more.)
    Ester: You gotta be kidding me!? There aren't any other Chocobos better than the last one! Well, if you really want to win, just push the 'SELECT' and try the 'AUTO' mode.

(After winning the Chocobo racing minigame.)
Ester: Congratulations!! Now you're home free!

Ester: Oh yeah, the owner told me to give this letter to you when you won.

Dio (letter): Boy, if you're reading this letter, then you must've won. And won a victory that I am sure you earned. I heard about Dyne from Ester. Now that you are victorious, I promise that you and all your friends will get a full pardon, and you all will be set free. And also, by way of apology, I prepared a little gift for you to use on your journey. Sorry I couldn't be there to tell you this in person, but I'm a very busy man. Sincerely, Dio

Cloud: A gift?

Aeris (through PHS): Cloud, isn't this great!? The assistant manager just stopped by and dropped off a 'buggy' for you! Now you can go over 'deserts' and 'rivers' no problem. OK, Cloud. I'll be waiting outside.

Cloud: (Hmm? The letter continues...)

Dio (letter): P.S. I just recently met Sephiroth. He must have a lot of fans with boys your age. Why don't you get his autograph? It seems he's headed toward the South of the river, towards Gongaga.

Cloud: Sephiroth...

Ester: I guess this is goodbye. Yeah. Well, if you ever get your own Race Chocobo, come back again. I'll take care of your registration and everything. I'll see you again.

(On the world map.)
On-screen: How to drive the buggy Press the [OK] button to get on. Press the [CANCEL] button to get off. Buggy's can cross shallow rivers and deserts. You can even enter Costa del Sol and Junon by buggy, by hitching a ride on the 'Cargo Ship'.

(Upon attempting to drive past Cosmo Canyon.)
On-screen: !?

Cloud: Oh man...a breakdown? Now?

Gongaga, the Village of Sadness[]

(Optional chapter. Takes place upon traveling to Gongaga at any point before losing the Keystone in "Secret Date".)

(Upon taking a few steps forward in the Jungle in Gongaga.)
Cloud: ...Is someone there?

Reno: Hey, Rude. Who do you like?

Reno: What are you getting so embarrassed about? Come on? Who do you like?

Rude: .........Tifa.

Reno: Hmmmm... That's a tough one. But, poor Elena.

Rude: No, she likes Tseng.

Reno: I never knew that! But Tseng likes that Ancient...

Cloud: What are they talking about?

Elena: It's so stupid! They always talk about who they like or don't like. But Tseng is different.

Elena: Ah! Oh no!

Elena: They're here! They're really here!

Reno: Hmm... Then it's time...

Reno: Rude...Don't go easy on them even though they're girls.

Rude: ...Don't worry, I'll do my job.

Elena: Then, we're counting on you. I'll report to Tseng!

Reno: It's been a while.

  • (If visiting Gongaga before "Homecoming of a Miserable Daughter".)
    Reno: Payback time for what you did in Sector 7.
    • (Upon selecting "Sector 7?".)
      Reno: That's sad.
      Rude: That's as far as you go.
    • (Upon selecting "Out of our way".)
      Reno: I don't like being taken for a fool.
      Rude: That's as far as you go.
  • (If "Homecoming of a Miserable Daughter" is complete.)
    Rude: That's as far as you go.
    Reno: This is just part of the job. Don't take it personally.

(If only Tifa is alive and Rude does not attack, 33% chance to trigger.)
Rude: ..................

(Upon defeating Turks:Rude.)
Rude: ..................

(Upon defeating Turks:Reno.)
Reno: We may be retreating, but... we're still victorious.

(After defeating both Turks:Rude and Turks:Reno, depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: I don't like it. How'd they find out where we were?
  • Tifa: Hey, something seems wrong, Like they knew we were coming.
  • Aeris: ...How could they know we were coming here.
  • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): Interesting... They were definitely waiting for us.
  • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): Hey, Cloud. How did the Turks know to wait and ambush us here?
  • Cait Sith: How'd they know that we were here?
  • Yuffie: I don't like this! It's like the whole world knows where we're going.
  • Vincent: How did they know that we were here...
  • Cid: Man, looks like they've taken a short cut.

Cloud: They followed us...... But there weren't any signs of it. Then, that means......

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: A spy, maybe? No, no way.
  • Tifa: A spy!?...No way.
  • Aeris: That there's a Shinra spy...
  • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): ......someone's been informing them.
  • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): ...You think someone told the Shinra about us?
  • Yuffie: Maybe it's someone in this group?
  • Cait Sith: You don't think there's a spy, do you Cloud? I hate this. Now everyone's gonna blame me because I'm new.
  • Vincent: Means there's a Shinra spy...?
  • Cid: And a couple of Shinra dogs are here too!

Cloud: I don't even want to think that there's a spy... I trust everyone.

(Upon reaching the Meltdown Reactor.)
Cloud: A ruined reactor.

Cloud: It's Scarlet, Head of Shinra Weapon Development.

Scarlet: ......Hmph! This isn't any good either. You only get junky materia from junky reactors.

Scarlet: This reactor's a failure. What I'm looking for is big, large, huge materia. You seen any?

Tseng: ...No I haven't seen it. I'll get on it right away.

Scarlet: Please. We could make the ultimate weapon if we only had some.

Tseng: I just can't wait.

Scarlet: With Hojo gone, the Weapon Development's been getting a bigger budget.

Tseng: I envy them.

Scarlet: But, even if we make the perfect weapon, could that stupid Heidegger even use it?

Tseng: ......

Scarlet: Oh...sorry! I forgot Heidegger was your boss! Ha ha ha!

Tseng: ......

Scarlet: Let's go!

Cloud: ...Big, large, huge materia? An ultimate weapon? The perfect weapon? Just what are the Shinra up to...?

(Upon interacting with the spot where Scarlet saw Materia.)
Cloud: There's something shiny back there...

  • (Upon selecting "Don't do anything", nothing happens.)
  • (Upon selecting "Reach for it".)
    On-screen: Received "Titan" Materia!

(Upon entering the home of Zack's parents, the bottom-right house in Gongaga village.)
NPC 1: You a traveller? Hey wait, that glare in your eye... you in SOLDIER?

NPC 2: Oh you're right! Don't you know anything about our son?

NPC 1: His name is Zack.

NPC 2: It's been close to 10 years since he left for the city, saying that he didn't want to live in the country...

NPC 1: He left saying he's going to join SOLDIER. You ever hear of a Zack in SOLDIER?

Cloud: Hmmm...I don't know.

  • (If both Aeris and Tifa are in the party.)
    Aeris: Zack...
    NPC 1: Young lady, you know him?
    NPC 2: I remember he wrote us 6 or 7 years ago saying that he had a girlfriend. Could that have been you?
    Aeris: That can't...
    Tifa: Zack...
    Cloud: What happened to you two?
  • (If Aeris is in the party, but not Tifa.)
    Aeris: Zack...
    NPC 1: Young lady, you know him?
    NPC 2: I remember he wrote us 6 or 7 years ago saying that he had a girlfriend. Could that have been you?
    Aeris: That can't...
    Cloud: Aeris...
  • (If Tifa is in the party, but not Aeris.)
    Tifa: Zack...
    NPC 1: Young lady, you know him?
    NPC 2: I remember he wrote us 6 or 7 years ago saying that he had a girlfriend. Could that have been you?
    Tifa: ...No, it wasn't.
    Cloud: Tifa... What happened?
  • (If neither Tifa nor Aeris are in the party.)
    Cloud: ...Zack. Zack. I don't know anything about that man. ......But That name sounds familiar... Why...!?

(Upon talking to Zack's father.)
NPC: Have you ever met someone in SOLDIER named Zack?

(Upon talking to Zack's mother.)
NPC: I can't believe he hasn't contacted us in 10 years...! ...After all, we're his parents.

(Upon talking to Aeris after she runs out of Zack's house.)
Cloud: Aeris...

Aeris: What a shock... I didn't know Zack was from this town.

Cloud: You know him?

Aeris: Didn't I tell you? He was my first love.

Cloud: ............

Aeris: Zack... SOLDIER First Class. Same as Cloud.

Cloud: Strange, there aren't that many who make First Class, but I've never heard of him.

Aeris: That's all right. It's all in the past now. I was just worried because I heard he's been missing.

Cloud: Missing?

Aeris: I think it was 5 years ago. He went out on a job, and never came back. He loved women, a real lady's man. He probably found someone else...

Aeris: Hey? What's wrong?

  • (Upon selecting "Poor guy".)
    Aeris: I don't really mind that I haven't heard from him. But I feel for his parents.
  • (Upon selecting "(...jealous...envious...)".)
    Aeris: Are you...jealous? Hmm? Hmmm? Are you, Cloud?
    Aeris: I'm kidding. I'm sorry.
    • (If Aeris' date mechanics value is 120 or more.)
      Aeris: I was hoping maybe you were...

Aeris: Let's go, Cloud.

(Upon talking to Tifa after she runs out of Zack's house.)
Tifa: Zack......

Cloud: Do you know him?

Tifa: N, no, I don't know him!

Cloud: Your face tells me differently.

Tifa: I told you, I don't!

Cloud: A, all right.

Tifa: ............

Tifa: That sounds just like you, leaving town, and saying 'I'm joining SOLDIER!'.

Cloud: There were a lot of guys like that back then.

Tifa: You must really be something making it in SOLDIER out of a group like that. I really respect you...

  • (Upon selecting "I just got lucky".)
    Tifa: Don't be so humble!
  • (Upon selecting "I worked hard for it".)
    Tifa: Hard work pays off, huh.
  • (After the previous line, if Tifa's date mechanics value is 120 or more.)
    Tifa: You know... I'm as proud of Cloud joining SOLDIER as if it were me.

Tifa: Cloud, thanks for caring.

In the Land of the Study of Planet Life[]

(Upon reaching Cosmo Canyon.)
Red XIII: I am home! It is I, Nanaki!

NPC: Hey, Nanaki! You're safe! Come on, and say hello to Bugenhagen!

Cloud: ...Nanaki?

(Upon talking to other party members.)

  • Barret: I finally made it... So this is...Cosmo Canyon!
  • Tifa: Red XIII seems different, doesn't he?
  • Aeris: Cosmo...Canyon? I wonder if there's any relation to the planet or the Ancients...
  • Yuffie: Hmmm... Any Materia? Any Materia around?
  • Cait Sith: Hmmm...So this is Cosmo Canyon.

(Upon talking to the man at the entrance to Cosmo Canyon.)
NPC: Welcome to Cosmo Canyon. Are you familiar with this land?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    NPC: You lied. That is something that is not treated lightly here in Cosmo Canyon.
  • (Upon selecting "No".)
    NPC: Let me explain. People from all over the world gather here to seek the Study of Planet Life.
    (If Barret is in the party, he will interject before the next line.)
    Barret: Wooooooooo! I always wanted to come here!
    NPC: Ummgah! It's full capacity at present, so I'm afraid I can't let you enter.
    Red XIII: They helped me some when I was on the road. Please let them in.
    NPC: ...Oh, is that so? You helped our Nanaki? Please, come in.
    Cloud: Who is Nanaki?
    NPC: Nanaki is Nanaki. That's his name.

(Upon talking to Red XIII by the stairs.)
Red XIII: Here is where I was...I mean, ...this is my hometown. My tribe were protectors of those who appreciate this beautiful canyon and the Planet. My brave mother fought and died here, but my cowardly father left her...... I am the last of my race.

Cloud: Cowardly father?

Red XIII: Yes. My father was a wastrel. And so the mission I inherited from my ancestors, is to protect this place. My journey ends here.

Bugenhagen: Hey! Nanaki--! You're home!

Red XIII: Coming, Grandpa!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Good timin'. Let's take a breather. I got stuff I want to find out, too.
  • Tifa: That's perfect. Why don't we take a break too? We can meet back here in a while, OK?
  • Aeris: Let's rest for a bit. There are some things I want to find out about anyway.
  • Yuffie: Rest, rest, rest! I wanna rest! There! It's decided!
  • Cait Sith: I'm just dead tired. Everyone, how 'bout some rest?

(The other two party members can be found and spoken to in a certain spot in Cosmo Canyon. They are found in their spot after reaching the the floor of Cosmo Canyon, the floor directly below the observatory, before talking to Bugenhagen.)

  • (Upon talking to Aeris in Pub "Starlet".)
    Aeris: Maybe there are some people here that know about the Promised Land and the Ancients.
  • (Upon talking to Tifa in Pub "Starlet".)
    Tifa: Red XIII...... I wonder what's happened to Red XIII...? He's as excited as a little boy.
  • (Upon talking to Barret in the Elder's Room.)
    Barret: There was this guy who studied 'Planetary Life' here. He couldn't take things the way they were, so he went to Midgar to form AVALANCHE. Wanna hear more?
    • (Upon selecting "Go on".)
      Barret: Guess you could say this is where AVALANCHE was born. I always wanted to come here... And...I finally......made it. A lot...happened...
      • (Upon selecting "And then?".)
        Barret: And then...? I don't know what's going to happen, now that there is no AVALANCHE...
      • (Upon selecting "Yeah, whatever...", conversation ends.)
    • (Upon selecting "Not really", conversation ends.)
  • (Upon talking to Yuffie in the Materia Shop.)
    Yuffie: Oh man! This place looks like a real drag. And their Materia sucks, too.
  • (Upon talking to Cait Sith on the third floor.)
    Cait Sith: Hmm, this place seems like it has a lot of secrets. So, when's dinner?

(Upon entering the Bugen Research Center.)
Red XIII: Cloud, this is my grandfather, Bugen. He is incredible. He knows everything.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. I hear that you looked after Nanaki a bit. Nanaki is still a child you see.

Red XIII: Please stop, grandfather. I'm 48.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Nanaki's tribe has incredible longevity. So you see his 48 years would only be equivalent to say that of a 15 or 16 year old in human reckoning.

Cloud: 15 or 16!?

Bugenhagen: He's quiet and very deep. You thought he was an adult?

Red XIII: ......grandfather. I want to be an adult. I want to grow up to be able to protect you and the village.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. No Nanaki. You can't stand on your own yet. To do that now would destroy you in the long run. Reaching up into the heavens, threatening to snatch the very stars from the great city of Midgar. You've seen it, haven't you?

Bugenhagen: Well, that's a bad example. Looking up too much makes you lose perspective. When it's time for this planet to die, you'll understand that you know absolutely nothing.

Cloud: ......When the planet dies?

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. It may be tomorrow, or 100 years from now... But it's not long off.

Cloud: How do you know this?

Bugenhagen: I hear the cries of the Planet.

Cloud: What's that?

Bugenhagen: The sounds of the stars in the heavens. While this goes on, planets are born, and die.

Cloud: What was that?

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. That was a scream from this planet. Didn't you hear it? As if to say... I hurt, I suffer......

Red XIII: They have come here on a journey to save the planet. Why don't you show them your apparatus?

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. To save the planet? Ho Ho Hoooo!

Bugenhagen: But, then again, I guess it wouldn't hurt to show him.

NPC: Bugenhagen! Several odd looking people have come.

Bugenhagen: The whole place has gotten busy all of a sudden.

Red XIII: He brought friends too. I'll go get them.

Red XIII: Cloud, please call one of them. Only three people can fit in grandfather's machine.

(Upon talking to Bugenhagen or attempting to enter the hologram room.)
Bugenhagen: Don't worry. My machine won't run away. You go and invite your friends.

(Upon talking to one of the characters to choose who will join the party to enter.)

  • (Upon talking to Aeris in Pub "Starlet".)
    Aeris: Hmm?
  • (Upon talking to Tifa in Pub "Starlet".)
    Tifa: Are you going somewhere?
  • (Upon talking to Barret in the Elder's Room.)
    Barret: What?
  • (Upon talking to Yuffie in the Materia Shop.)
    Yuffie: God. I HATE studying!
  • (Upon talking to Cait Sith on the third floor.)
    Cait Sith: What did they say?

(Upon talking to Red XIII in Nanaki's Room.)
Red XIII: Don't worry about me. I've seen it many times. It's my first time back in a while. Let me rest for a bit...

(Upon returning to Bugenhagen in the Bugen Research Center having formed a party.)
Bugenhagen: Here, over here. The door's unlocked, come on in.

(Upon talking to Bugenhagen in the Observatory.)
Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. It looks like you have them all together. Then let's begin. I'll be stand there.

(Depending on the other party members, in order of priority. Whoever has the highest priority will speak their line, regardless of their position in the party.)

  • Aeris: So pretty...It's just like the real thing!
  • Tifa: Wow! It's just like the real thing!
  • Yuffie: Woa! Wooooah! Pretty good, surprisin' me!
  • Barret: This is really somethin'!

Bugenhagen: Hmm, yes pretty good. This is my laboratory. All the workings of space are entered into this 3D Holographic System.

(Depending on the other party members, in order of priority.)

  • Aeris: Hey! A shooting star!
    Aeris: Wow, how wonderful.
  • Tifa: Look, look! A shooting star!
    Tifa: Oh! This is amazing!!
  • Yuffie: Wh, what the? A shooting star?
    Yuffie: Whew!!
  • Barret: Whoa! Shootin' stars!
    Barret: This's really somethin'!

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Yes, it is something, isn't it? Well, let's get to the subject.

Bugenhagen: Eventually...all humans die. What happens to them after they die? The body decomposes, and returns to the Planet. That much everyone knows. What about their consciousness, their hearts and their souls?

Bugenhagen: The soul too returns to the Planet. And not only those of humans, but everything on this Planet. In fact, all living things in the universe, are the same. The spirits that return to the Planet, merge with one another and roam the Planet. They roam, converge, and divide, becoming a swell, called the 'Lifestream'.

Bugenhagen: Lifestream... In other words, a path of energy of the souls roaming the Planet. 'Spirit Energy' is a word that you should never forget. A new life...children are blessed with Spirit energy and are brought into the world. Then, the time comes when they die and once again return to the Planet... Of course there are exceptions, but this is the way of the world.

Bugenhagen: I've digressed, but you'll understand better if you watch this. Spirit energy makes all things possible, trees, birds, and humans. Not just living things. But Spirit energy makes it possible for Planets to be Planets. What happens if that Spirit energy were to disappear?

Bugenhagen: ......These are the basics of the Study of Planet Life.

Cloud: If the Spirit energy is lost, our Planet is destroyed...

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Spirit energy is efficient BECAUSE it exists within nature. When Spirit energy is forcefully extracted, and manufactured, it can't accomplish its true purpose.

Cloud: You're talking about Mako energy, right?

Bugenhagen: Everyday Mako reactors suck up Spirit energy, diminishing it. Spirit energy gets compressed in the reactors and processed into Mako energy. All living things are being used up and thrown away. In other words, Mako energy will only destroy the Planet...

(After the presentation.)
Bugenhagen: The story of the planets... and those who lived with them... You want to know more? Then you must listen to the words of the elders.

(Upon talking to Bugenhagen.)
Bugenhagen: Nanaki? His father a coward? So that's it... Nanaki's been thinking that all this time...

(Upon talking to characters by the bonfire outside.)

  • Red XIII: ......
  • Tifa: Cloud... Bonfires are funny, aren't they? They make you remember all sorts of things.
    Tifa: You know, Cloud. 5 Years ago...
    Tifa: ......It's nothing. No, forget it. I'm afraid to ask...
    Cloud: What is it...?
    Tifa: It feels like... it feels like you're going far away... You really, really are...... you...right?
  • Barret: Cosmo Canyon... This's where AVALANCHE was born... I promised my guys someday... when we saved the planet from the Shinra, that we'd all go to Cosmo Canyon and celebrate... Biggs... Wedge... Jessie... Now they're all gone... died for the planet.
    Barret: ...Really? To save the planet? We all... we all hate the Shinra... Do I even got a to go on? Will they...... ...will they ever forgive me?
    Barret: ...Right now, I really don't know. But I know one thing. If there's anything I can do, to save the planet...or the people livin' on it... Then I'm gonna do it! I don't care if it's for justice or revenge, or whatever. I don't care......let 'em decide for 'emselves.
    Barret: Urrrrrgh! I'm gonna do it!! Again... Again...AVALANCHE's born again!
  • Yuffie: What a boring place, just like I thought. I wanna go somewhere! Let's go find some Materia!
  • Cait Sith: I wonder how many years it's been... Gosh, it brings back memories......
  • Aeris: I learned a lot. The elders taught me many things. About the Cetra... And the Promised Land... I'm......alone... I'm all alone now...
    Cloud: But I'm......we're here for you, right?
    Aeris: I know. I know, but... I am the only......Cetra.
    Cloud: Does that mean we can't help?
    (Upon talking to her again.)
    Aeris: ......

(Upon talking to Red XIII after talking to the others.)
Red XIII: ...Long ago. ...When I was still very small. We were all around this flame...

Red XIII: No, never mind...

Cloud: What happened?

Red XIII: It's about my parents. When I talk about my mother, I am full of pride and joy... And that's fine. ...But when I remember my father, my heart is full of anger...

Bugenhagen: ...You really can't forgive your father...?

Red XIII: Of course. He......left mother for dead. When the Gi tribe attacked, he ran off by himself, leaving mother and the people of the Canyon!

Bugenhagen: ...Come, Nanaki. There's something you should see.

Red XIII: ...?

Bugenhagen: The place may be dangerous.

Bugenhagen: Cloud. Will you and one other person come with us?

(Upon talking to remaining characters to form a party.)

  • Barret: ...Where're they going?
  • Tifa: Can I go too?
  • Aeris: I wonder what he wants to show Red XIII...?
  • Yuffie: Does he want to show him THAT? You know, maybe there's some Materia that's been passed on for generations in this Canyon!?
  • Cait Sith: Dangerous? Count me out......

(Upon talking to Bugenhagen in the Cave of Naught.)
Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo

Bugenhagen: Are we all set?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah".)
    Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Shall we go?
    Bugenhagen: All right. Come in, come in.
    Red XIII: Hey? Aren't you going with us, Grandpa?
    Bugenhagen: What are you crazy? It's dangerous in there. I told you that! You want an old man like me should go first? I'll be right behind you.
  • (Upon selecting "Just a minute".)
    Bugenhagen: Not ready yet? Tell me when you are ready.

(Upon attempting to leave the Sealed Cave.)
Bugenhagen: What is it, you're going back? I'll be waiting here for you when you're ready. I can't leave this door open forever.

(Upon inspecting the first hole in the Cave of the Gi.)
Cloud: This is a strange looking rock...

  • (Upon selecting "Break it open", battle occurs against two Gi Spectors.)
  • (Upon selecting "Leave it alone", nothing happens.)

(Upon inspecting the middle hole in the Cave of the Gi.)
Cloud: Funny looking rock...

  • (Upon selecting "Break it open", battle occurs against three Gi Spectors.)
  • (Upon selecting "Leave it alone", nothing happens.)

(Upon inspecting the upper-right hole in the Cave of the Gi.)
Cloud: A strange shaped rock...

  • (Upon selecting "Break it open", battle occurs against three Gi Spectors.)
  • (Upon selecting "Leave it alone", nothing happens.)

(Upon inspecting the upper-left hole in the Cave of the Gi.)
Cloud:An odd shaped rock...

  • (Upon selecting "Break it open", proceed to the next area.)
  • (Upon selecting "Leave it alone", nothing happens.)

(Upon traveling through the cave opening.)
Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Everyone here's a Ghost of the Gi tribe. Killed in a certain battle.

Red XIII: A certain battle...?

Bugenhagen: The vengeful spirits of the Gi didn't disappear, and couldn't return to the Lifestream...

Bugenhagen: We still have far to go. Ho Ho Hoooo.

(Upon proceeding to the third screen of the Cave of the Gi.)
Bugenhagen: As you can see, this cave leads to the back of Cosmo Canyon. It was unfortunate that the Gi were larger than us. If they attacked through here, we wouldn't have stood a chance.

Red XIII: .......

Bugenhagen: Let's move on.

(Upon proceeding to the fourth screen of the Cave of the Gi.)
Bugenhagen: This warrior went through the cave all alone. Fighting attackers one after another...

Red XIII: Grandpa...... That warrior...

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo... We're almost there.

(In the fourth screen.)
Bugenhagen: What is this......?

Red XIII: Grandpa, is he...!?

Bugenhagen: After death... The ghosts of the Gi... Like stagnant air...... This...can't be!!

(After defeating Gi Nattak.)
Bugenhagen: ...Thank you, Cloud. Because of you, we survived. Nanaki, you have grown strong, too.

Red XIII: ......Oh yeah?

Bugenhagen: Now I know that it wasn't a mistake bringing you here...

Bugenhagen: Come, I have something I want to show you. Right over here.

(Upon reaching Seto's Wall.)
Red XIII: This is...

Bugenhagen: ...The warrior who fought against the Gi. He kept them from taking even one step into Cosmo Canyon. But he was never able to return to town...

Bugenhagen: Look, Nanaki. Look at your father, at the warrior, Seto.

Red XIII: ...That... That's ......Seto...?

Bugenhagen: Seto continued to fight the Gi tribe here. ...To protect this Canyon. Even after the Gi's poisonous arrows turned his body to stone...... Even after they all ran away... Seto, continued to protect us. And he continues to protect us, even now.

Red XIII: Even now...

Bugenhagen: You thought that he was a coward and ran away. But he, alone risked his life to protect Cosmo Canyon. That is your father, Seto.

Red XIII: That......that is Seto? ...!? Did mother know?

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo...She knew. The two of them made me promise to keep this cave shut. They asked me to seal it myself and not to tell a soul. They said we should forget about this cave.

Red XIII: .........

Bugenhagen: Cloud... Would you mind leaving the two of us alone?

Bugenhagen: Nanaki. I want you to continue your journey with Cloud and the others.

Red XIII: Grandpa!?

Bugenhagen: Listen, Nanaki. Cloud says they are trying to save the planet. Honestly, I don't think it can be done. For even if they stop every reactor on the planet, it's only going to postpone the inevitable. Even if they stop Sephiroth, everything will perish.

Bugenhagen: But, Nanaki. I've been thinking lately. I've been thinking if there was anything WE could do, as a part of the planet, something to help a planet already in misery... No matter what happens, isn't it important to try? Am I just wishing against fate?

Bugenhagen: I am too old to do anything about it... This year, I'll be 130. Ho Ho Hoooo. That is why, Nanaki, you must go with them! For my sake.

Red XIII: Grandpa...

Bugenhagen: I wanted to show you your real father before you left... I'm so glad that you came back while I was still alive to show you.

Red XIII: Grandpa...don't talk like that. I don't want to think of life... without you......

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Well, I've had a long life.

Red XIII: Grandpa! You must live!

Red XIII: I'll see to it. I'll see to what's happening to the planet. And I'll come back to tell you.

Bugenhagen: Nanaki...

Red XIII: I am Nanaki of Cosmo Canyon! The son of the warrior, Seto! I'll come back a warrior true to that noble name! So please, Grandpa...

Bugenhagen: That's...Seto's...... Seto......

Red XIII: Seto...... Fa...Father...

(At the bonfire.)

  • (If Cloud had asked the mechanic to fix the buggy.)
    Barret: They said they finished fixin' the buggy.
  • (If Cloud had never spoken to a mechanic.)
    Barret: The buggy's fixed, so we can go now.

Cloud: Shall we get going?

Aeris: So this is it, Red XIII...

Barret: That's just the way it goes. ...You came in handy at times...

(Upon leaving Cosmo Canyon.)
Red XIII: Wait for me! I'm coming too!

Cloud: Mmm?

Bugenhagen: Cloud. Please look after Nanaki.

Cloud: What happened?

Red XIII: I think I grew up a little. That's what happened!

(Upon talking to Bugenhagen.)
Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Come back whenever you need my knowledge.

Unnatural Hometown[]

(Upon entering Nibelheim.)

  • (If Tifa is in the party.)
    Tifa: What---!! This was all supposed to be burnt down, right?
    Cloud: ...I thought so.
    Tifa: Then why...? My house is still there too...
    (Depending on the other party member.)
    • Barret: The hell's goin' on!? This a dream or somethin'?
    • Aeris: ...somthing's strange?
    • Red XIII: I wonder what's going on...
    • Yuffie: What the...!?
    • Cait Sith: Cloud, maybe you were just dreaming...?
  • (If Tifa is not in the party.)
    (Depending on the first party member.)
    • Barret: You said the whole town burnt down, right?
    • Aeris: This is Nibelheim, right? But the town's all here.
    • Red XIII: This is Nibelheim? I heard it burnt down.
    • Yuffie: I heard from someone that this town was gone!
    • Cait Sith: The whole town was destroyed by Sephiroth. At least that's what I heard...
Cloud: ...Yeah.
(Depending on the second party member.)
  • Barret: You trin' to fool us!?
  • Aeris: Hey, what's going on?
  • Red XIII: Cloud... Did you lie to us?
  • Yuffie: What happened?
  • Cait Sith: Cloud, did you make up your story just to get our support?

Cloud: I'm not lying! I remember...the intense heat of the flames...

(Upon reaching the Mansion basement.)
Cloud: Sephiroth!

Sephiroth: Being here brings back memories.

Sephiroth: Are you going to participate in the Reunion?

Cloud: I don't even know what a Reunion is!

Sephiroth: Jenova will be at the Reunion. Jenova will join the Reunion becoming a calamity from the skies.

Cloud: Jenova, a calamity from the skies? You mean she wasn't an Ancient!?

Sephiroth: ...I see. I don't think you have the right to participate. I will go North past Mt. Nibel. If you wish to find out...then follow...

Cloud: ...Reunion? Calamity from the skies?

A Sleeping Village Dreaming of Outer Space[]

(Upon entering Rocket Town.)
Cloud: What's that...!?

Cloud: A rusty old rocket... Wonder what they'd make something that huge for?

(Upon entering the backyard of Cid's house.)
Cloud: There's a Shinra logo on it. Tiny Bronco...... This is cool.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: The Shinra always keep the most useful things to themselves. Let's steal it!
  • Tifa: I wonder if we can borrow it...
  • Aeris: Let's take it? OK, Cloud!
  • Red XIII: Will it fly? Is it all right to just take it?
  • Yuffie: Cloud, let's steal it! I love stealing from the Shinra!
  • Cait Sith: Cloud! If we steal it, we'll get in deep trouble!
  • Vincent: ...Want me to keep watch?

Shera: Um...may I help you?

Cloud: No... We're just looking at it.

Shera: ...If you would like to use it, please ask the Captain. The Captain should be in the Rocket.

Shera: I'm Shera. And what are your names?

Cloud: I'm Cloud.

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: I'm Barret, of AVALANCHE.
  • Tifa: Tifa. Nice to meet you.
  • Aeris: I'm Aeris.
  • Red XIII: Nanaki, otherwise known as Red XIII.
  • Yuffie: I'm Yuffie!
  • Cait Sith: Fortune telling machine Cait Sith, here.
  • Vincent: Vincent. My occupation is......forget it.

Shera: Hmm... So you're not with the Shinra. I thought the approval for the reopening of the Space Program came.

Cloud: ......!?

Shera: President Rufus is scheduled to come here. The Captain's been so restless all morning.

Cloud: Rufus!!?

(Upon talking to Cid in the rocket.)
Cid: What're you guys doin' here?

Cloud: We heard the Captain was here.

Cid: Captain? I'm the Captain!

(Upon selecting the name "Cid".)
Cid: The name's Cid. Everyone calls me 'Captain', though.

Cid: What d'ya want?

  • (Upon selecting "Tell me about this rocket". After this dialogue, the conversation will end.)
    Cid: Wow! Not bad for a kid. Alright then, I'll explain it to you. You know Shinra developed a lot of technological gadgets during the meaningless war, right? Now it's a Mako company, but in the old days it was a weapons manufacturer.
    Cid: Well, they came up with a Rocket Engine. There was so much excitement about the thought of going into outer space. Our dreams got bigger and bigger. They put a major budget into it and made prototype after prototype! Finally, they completed Shinra No. 26. They chose the best pilot in Shinra-- no, in the world--me. I mean, come on.
    Cid: And finally we get to the day of the launch. Everything was goin' well... But, because of that dumb-ass Shera, the launch got messed up. That's why they became so anal! And so, Shinra nixed their outer space exploration plans. After they told me how the future was Space Exploration and got my damn hopes up...DAMN THEM!
    Cid: Then, it was all over once they found out Mako energy was profitable. They didn't even so much as look at space exploration. Money, moola, dinero! My dream was just a financial number for them! Look at this rusted Rocket. I was supposed to be the first man in space with this. Everyday, it tilts a little bit more. At this rate, I don't know which will come first, this thing falling down or me gettin' outta here. My last hope is to talk to the President......
  • (Upon selecting "Is Rufus coming?".)
    Cid: Yeah! It must be news about restarting the Space Program. A young President, that's what we needed! He still has dreams, too!
  • (Upon selecting "Can we borrow the "Tiny Bronco"?".)
    Cid: You out of your *&$^$# mind!? That's my most cherished possession. I can't let you take it.

(Upon talking to Cid after leaving and returning.)
Cid: Ummm... Just look around...

(Upon talking to Shera after seeing Cid.)
Shera: Excuse me...Cloud? Did the Captain say anything?

Cloud: Nope...

Shera: Oh...?

Cid: ^%$#! Shera. What are you, blind!? We got guests!! GET SOME TEA! ^%$#!

Shera: I...I'm sorry.

Cloud: Really, don't mind us.

Cid: Shut up! Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA!

Cid: Arggggggh! DAMN, I'm pissed!

Cid: Shera! I'll be in the backyard tunin' up Tiny Bronco! An' make sure to serve them some tea! All right!?

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: ...damn, man. Wassup with that guy's attitude?
  • Tifa: Poor Shera.
  • Aeris: Sheesh...!! What bad manners!
  • Red XIII: Who does he think he is......?
  • Yuffie: Man, this sucks...!
  • Cait Sith: Man, he sure seems wound up tight.
  • Vincent: ............

Cloud: Sorry. It's our fault.

Shera: No, no. He's always like this.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: He always like this? That's pretty bad!
  • Tifa: Is it always like this...? Why is Cid so hard on you?
  • Aeris: Is it like this all the time? You keep quiet even when he's like that to you?
  • Red XIII: I think it's a bit too harsh.
  • Yuffie: What's his prob!? I'm gonna go clean that guy's clock!!
  • Cait Sith: Is he like this all the time...? Bitin' your head off like that? I could never stand it...
  • Vincent: ...It's amazing that you can live with it.

Shera: No... It's because of my stupid mistake. I was the one who destroyed his dream...

Cloud: What happened?

(During flashback in rocket.)
Cid (in flashback): Hey! Get your ass in gear! You work like a snail! Even the moon'd get tired waitin' around for your ass!

Shera (in flashback): I'm...I'm sorry.

Cid (in flashback): Don't take so much time checkin' that *%$^# oxygen tank! Shera, bein' careful's good, but it won't do any good, no matter how many times you check that oxygen tank. That thing wouldn't break even if hell froze over.

Shera (in flashback): But...

Cid (in flashback): No buts!! You're not stupid, so be more efficient!

Shera (in flashback): I'm sorry......

NPC (1): Captain! Our dreams are finally coming true!

NPC (2): We are so proud to be a part of the launch of Shinra No. 26.

NPC (3): Captain, preparations are complete! All that's left is lift off!

Cid (in flashback): Yeah! Leave it all to me! I'll be back in a few!

NPC: All right, Captain! Fly our dreams into outer space!

Cid (in flashback): Thanks, guys!

NPC: We're praying for your safety!

Cid (in flashback): Instrument panel...all clear. Shinra No. 26, ready for launch.

NPC: Engine pressure rising. Shinra No. 26, 3 minutes to launch. Beginning countdown.

Cid (in flashback): ......finally.

Cid (in flashback): What the? What happened!?

NPC: Cid! We have an emergency situation! A mechanic is still in the engine section of the rocket!

Cid (in flashback): What!? Who is the little ^%$@!?

NPC: I don't know. Activating the intercom in the engine section.

Cid (in flashback): Hey goddammit!! Who the &%$#'s still in there?

Shera (in flashback): It's Shera, Captain. Don't mind me, go ahead with the launch.

Cid (in flashback): Shera!? What are you still doin' in there!?

Shera (in flashback): I was still concerned. The results of the oxygen tank test weren't satisfactory.

Cid (in flashback): You stupid little ^$#^%! It's gonna get so hot in there that there ain't gonna be SHIT left when we blast off! You're gonna be burnt to a crisp! You're gonna die! You know that, doncha!?

Shera (in flashback): I don't mind. If I can just fix this, the launch will be a success. I'm almost done.

Cid (in flashback): Almost done!? You're gonna die!

NPC: Cid, we must start the countdown. We won't make it if we don't!

NPC: Starting engine!

Cid (in flashback): Hey, wait a minute! Shera's still in here!

NPC: What are you going to do, Cid? If we cancel now, it'll be another six months until the next launch!

Cid (in flashback): GODDAMMIT, Shera... you wanna make me a murderer?

Shera (in flashback): Captain!

Cid (in flashback): Shera!?

Shera (in flashback): Tank Number 7 check is complete. Once I complete Tank Number 8, it's all clear.

Cid (in flashback): Come on, Shera...hurry up... You're gonna die...

NPC: 30 seconds until ignition. Beginning countdown.

NPC: Cid! Forget about her. We won't make it in time!

Cid (in flashback): What...what am I...... What am I supposed to do...?

NPC: 15 seconds until ignition. Internal temperature rising.

Cid (in flashback): Oh man, the moon...outer space... my dreams...

NPC: Ignite Engine!

Cid (in flashback): SH-------------IT!!

(After flashback is complete.)
Shera: He pushed the Emergency Engine Shut Down switch, aborting the mission, to save my life. After that, the Space Program was cut back and the launch was canceled. It's my fault his dream was destroyed... That's's all right. I don't care what the Captain says, I'll live my life for him.

Cid: Shera! You still haven't served 'em tea!

Shera: I...I'm sorry.

Cid: Hurry up and sit down! Or ain't my hospitality good enough for you!?

Cid: They're late... Where is Rufus...?

Palmer: Hey-HEY! Long time no see! So Cid, how ya been?

Cid: Well, if it ain't fat man, Palmer. How long were you figurin' on keepin' me waitin'!?

Cid: So? When's the Space Program gonna start up again?

Palmer: Hey-hey! I don't know. The President's outside, so why don't you ask him?

Cid: ^$#&! Good for nothing, fat &$#$^@!

Palmer: Don't say 'fat'!

Palmer: Hey-hey! Tea! Can I have some too? With lotsa sugar and honey and... oh yeah, don't forget the lard!

(Upon talking to Shera.)
Shera: Is President Rufus here to announce that he's going to restart the Space Program?

(Upon talking to Palmer.)
Palmer: Hey-hey? Have we met before?

Palmer: Hey-hey! Is the tea ready yet? With plenty of sugar and honey. Oh yeah, and don't forget the lard too.

(Upon leaving the house.)
Cid: What the......! You got me all excited for nothing!? Then, what'd you come here for?

Rufus: I want to borrow the Tiny Bronco. We're going after Sephiroth. But seems like we've been going in the wrong direction. But now, we think we know where he's headed. But, we have to cross the ocean. That's why we want your plane...

Cid: &^#^%! First the Airship, then the Rocket, and now, the Tiny Bronco. Shinra took outer space away from me and now you want to take the sky away from me too!?

Rufus: Oh my... You seem to forget it was because of Shinra, Inc. that you were able to fly in the first place.

Cid: What!?

Shera: Uh, excuse me... This way...

Shera: You wanted to use the Tiny Bronco, right? I believe Palmer's going to take it. Why don't you talk to him?

(Upon talking to Shera.)
Shera: I believe Palmer's going to take it. Why don't you talk to him?

(Upon entering Cid's backyard.)
Palmer: Hmm... Why do I have to do this...? I'm the head of the Space Program...

Cloud: We'll be takin' that Tiny Bronco.

Palmer: I've seen you somewhere before...

Palmer: I know! The Shinra building! When the President was killed! Ulp!!!

(During the battle with Palmer.)

  • (Sometimes, randomly during battle.)
    Palmer: Heh-hic-heh-hic!
  • (When Palmer attacks.)
    On-screen: Mako Gun
  • (When the battle ends.)
    Palmer: Heh heh hic!
    Palmer: Ugh!

(After defeating Palmer, depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: It won't stop!
  • Tifa: It won't stop!
  • Aeris: It won't stop!
  • Red XIII: It's going to take off.
  • Yuffie: No!! It's gonna take off!
  • Cait Sith: No! It's going to take off!
  • Vincent: It's not going to stop...

Cloud: Forget it! Get in!!

Cid: Shit!! The tail's been hit!

Cloud: Emergency landing...

Cid: This's gonna be a big splash. Hold on to your drawers and don't piss in 'em!

Cid: She won't fly anymore.

Cloud: Can't we use it as a boat?

Cid: $#&%! Do whatever you want!

Cloud: Cid, what are you going to do now?

Cid: Dunno. I'm history with the Shinra and I've given up on the town.

Cloud: How 'bout your wife? How 'bout Shera?

Cid: Wife? Don't make me laugh! Just thinkin' 'bout marryin' her gives me the chills.

Cid: What're you guys gonna do?

Cloud: We're going after a man named Sephiroth. We'll have to get Rufus of the Shinra someday too.

Cid: I don't know about any of that, but...

Cid: What the hell!? Sign me up!

Cloud: How 'bout it, everyone?

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: I don't care.
  • Tifa: Of course, no problem!
  • Aeris: I'm all for it.
  • Red XIII: I don't really care.
  • Yuffie: Whatever!
  • Cait Sith: I don't mind.
  • Vincent: ...Do whatever you like.

Cid: Glad to be aboard, numbskulls!

Cloud: Numskulls...?

Cid: Yeah. Anyone stupid enough to go up against Shinra nowadays, has GOTTA be a numskull! I like it!

Cid: So, where we headed? Rufus was goin' after Sephiroth towards the Temple of the Ancients.

Cloud: Really!?...Where is it? That Temple of the Ancients?

Cid: Dunno. That numskull kid was tellin' me he was headin 'The wrong direction'... so maybe it's off this way?

Cloud: Let's just head for land and get some information. Temple of the Ancients... that name bothers me.

  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Yuffie: .........Hm. How 'bout goin' west? No, no reason. NO reason at all!

(On the world map.)
On-screen: How to fly the Tiny Bronco Press the [OK] button to get on. Press the [CANCEL] button to get off. Tiny Bronco can cross shallow waters and rivers. Players can get on and off it on the beach.

Homecoming of a Miserable Daughter[]

(Upon walking up the western continent from its southern tip or northern end.)
Yuffie: Wait, wait, wait, wai----t!!

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: What!? The hell happened, all of a sudden!?
  • Tifa: What the--? Did something happen?
  • Aeris: What!? What happened, all of a sudden?
  • Red XIII: What happened all of a sudden!? Don't scare me like that!
  • Cait Sith: Wh, wh, what is it, all of a sudden!? Don't scare me like that!
  • Vincent: What happened all of a sudden? Did something happen?
  • Cid: What the HELL is it! Shoutin' out and jumpin' in front of me all of a sudden!

Yuffie: I know this area pretty well. It gets pretty tough past here. Better get ready...

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • (If Yuffie previously stole money from the party during her recruitment scene.)
    • Barret: ...Hah, I know what you're thinkin'. And you sayin' that just now means you're up to somethin'! Right!?
    • Tifa: ...Really? Somehow,...I don't believe it. Are you trying to con us again...?
    • Aeris: ......Hmmm...... Something's fishy... You're not planning something sneaky again, are you?
    • Red XIII: Hmm...... Smells fishy. You're not going to trick us again...?
  • (If Yuffie did not steal from the party during her recruitment scene.)
    • Barret: ...You serious? And you sayin' that just now means you're up to somethin'! Right!? That means, I don't trust you.
    • Tifa: ...Really? Something's telling me I still shouldn't trust you. Are you thinking of tricking us again...?
    • Aeris: ......Hmmm... Something's fishy... You're not planning something sneaky again, are you?
    • Red XIII: Hmm,... Smells fishy. My nose never lies!
  • Cait Sith: You serious? I can't trust a person like you. But, I guess I'm not one to talk.
  • Vincent: Further down? I don't see any signs of danger... Also, there's something unnatural in the way Yuffie's acting...
  • Cid: Hey! You, serious? If you're trying to con us, you won't get away with it!

Yuffie: No! It's REALLY tough...

Shinra Soldier: There they are, catch 'em!!

(Depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: Shinra!?
  • Tifa: Shinra!?
  • Cid: What, the Shinra!?

Shinra Soldier: Hey, that's not them! These are the other guys from before!!

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Yuffie, so you're...!
  • Tifa: Yuffie, you're not......!
  • Aeris: Yuffie, did you by any chance...
  • Red XIII: So you were, Yuffie...!!
  • Cait Sith: Not bad, Yuffie, not bad at all.
  • Vincent: So what does this mean... You will explain this later...
  • Cid: Yuffie! You sure got some nerve, kid!

Yuffie: I didn't know! I have nothing to do with this one!

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Whaddya mean 'this one'!? 'This one'! So you WERE plannin' somethin'!!
  • Tifa: This one? Did you just say 'THIS one'? So you WERE trying to pull something off!
  • Aeris: This one? What do you mean 'THIS one'? So you WERE up to something bad!
  • Red XIII: What do you mean 'this one' 'THIS one'! So you were concocting some evil scheme!!
  • Cait Sith: This one? What do you mean 'THIS one'? So you had something else that you're planning to trick us with!
  • Vincent: What do you mean, 'This one'? You had something else in mind?
  • Cid: Whaddya mean 'THIS one'! 'THIS one'! So you WERE planning some crooked $%*&!!

Yuffie: No, umm, uh......

Shinra Soldier: What should we do!?

Shinra Soldier: Uh......Get them! Grab them and ask questions later!!

(Battle begins against two Attack Squad.)

(After defeating them, depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: The hell's goin' on!? I knew somethin' was missing. All my materia's gone!!
  • Tifa: What's going on!? I thought something was fishy... My, my materia is missing!!
  • Aeris: What's going on!? I thought something was missing... my materia's all gone!!
  • Red XIII: What's going on? I thought something was funny, my materia, disappeared!!
  • Cait Sith: What's going on!? Something's missing, and it's my materia-it's all gone!!
  • Vincent: I thought something was wrong, So that's it. Look, my materia's been stolen...
  • Cid: What the hell's goin' on! I knew I was missing something... My materia's gone!!

(If both Yuffie and Barret were in the party.)
Red XIII: O...OH NO! All of our materia...gone!?

(If Yuffie and another member were in the party.)
Barret: Hey, we gotta problem! Our materia's all gone!!

(Depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: Hey...where's Yuffie...?
  • Tifa: Hey...where's Yuffie...?
  • Cid: Ey...where the hell's that damn kid...?

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: That &*&$ kid!!! Grrrrrgh!! Arrrrrgh Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    Barret: She was after our materia from the start!! She went North! When I get my hand on her, I'll get our materia back! C'mon! We're goin' after her!
  • Tifa: She's done it to us again!! I'm never gonna forgive her!
    Tifa: She was after our materia from the beginning. I won't let her get away with it! I'm pretty sure she ran off North. Let's go after her!!
  • Aeris: I'm so------ mad!!
    Aeris: She was probably eyeing our materia from the beginning. Seems like she headed North. Let's hurry after her and get our materia back!
  • Red XIII: ZOUNDS!! Grrrrrrrgh...... Grrrgh! Grrrrrgh!!
    Red XIII: Her objective was stealing our materia from the beginning. ...sniff... North! She ran off to the North! I'm not going to let her get away with this! Hurry, hurry! We have to get our materia back!
  • Cait Sith: She's done it again! She sure took us for fools!
    Cait Sith: She must've been after our materia from the beginning. We can't just let her get away, right? Then, let's hurry after her! Which way? It's North, the North! It's a message from the stars!
  • Vincent: Inexcusable...
    Vincent: Seems as though all that she was after was our materia. We can't just let her get away. She ran the North... We must go after her and retrieve our materia back.
  • Cid: That little ^%#^$@!! Takin' me for a fool!!
    Cid: No doubt about it! That kid was after my materia from the start!! Hmm... Seems like she went North. Don't be draggin' your asses! We're going right NOW! That $#@^ is history!!

(Upon attempting to use a vehicle on the world map, depending on party leader.)

  • Cloud: ...First, I gotta do something about her.
  • Tifa: I can't just leave it there...
  • Cid: Damn kid! I'll get her no matter what!

(Upon entering Wutai.)
Yuffie: Hey!!

(Upon attempting to enter the top-right house in Wutai.)
NPC: This is MY house! Nobody gets in!

(Upon attempting to leave the town, depending on the first party member. Cait Sith has no dialogue.)

  • Barret: Wait, that damn Yuffie's still gotta be somewhere in this cheap town! Or you all jes' gonna go on?
  • Tifa: Knowing Yuffie, she's still hidden somewhere in town. You sure?
  • Aeris: I don't think she came out from here... Is that ok?
  • Red XIII: I know she hasn't left town! You still want to leave?
  • Vincent: She couldn't have left town... I think she is must still be here... Or do you want to go on?
  • Cid: You lettin' that damn kid off the hook? I know she's gotta be in this town somewhere!

(Upon talking to the child near the save point.)
NPC: A girl with materia? No, there hasn't been anyone climbing Da-chao for some time now.

(Upon talking to the man on the path to the pagoda.)
NPC: What, Yuffie... It's best to ask Lord Godo about that. But today he's not in the best of... Well, I should say... But really he's not so......

(Upon talking to the Weapon Store clerk.)
NPC: Sorry, listen I... No, nothing...never mind.

(Upon talking to the other man in the Weapon Store.)
NPC: Sorry, but we're entirely sold out now. What's this here? Ah, no...that's uh... ...a sample! Yeah, that's it...a sample. Sorry, but why don't you all come back later?

(Upon talking to one of the Turks in the Turtle's Paradise bar.)
Elena: Yy, you!? How did you get here...? Never mind that. I guess it's fate that brought us together. Get ready to die!!

Reno: ...Elena, you talk too much.

Elena: Ww, what?

Reno: What are we doing way out here in the middle of nowhere?

Elena: We're taking our vacation and resting up from our work.

Reno: Now our vacation is ruined.

Elena: B, but...

Rude: ...even the booze tastes bad now.

Elena: ...sorry...

(Upon talking to Elena.)
Elena: Hmm, you're lucky all right. Now get out of my sight! The next time we meet I won't be so nice.

(Upon talking to Rude.)
Rude: To the Turks... To Reno...cheers!

(Upon talking to Reno.)
Reno: Drink, Rude! How long have we been a team...? There have been hard times being a Turk, but all in all, I'm glad I did it. I even got to meet a bunch of wing nuts like you.

(Upon talking to the child near the save point after seeing the Turks.)
NPC: You know I've noticed that there's a pounding noise from time to time in this store.

(Upon talking to the man on the path to the pagoda after seeing the Turks.)
NPC: Anyhow, for some reason Yuffie's had a fondness for materia ever since I can remember. She's always hung around places she thought might have it.

(Upon opening the treasure chest in the Item Store.)
On-screen: Received "MP Absorb" Materia!

On-screen: Stole "MP Absorb" Materia!

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
NPC: Huh? What? You DID?

(Upon talking to the woman walking on the right side of the town after MP Absorb was stolen.)
NPC: Yuffie? I saw her a while ago. She must be in one of the houses around here.

(Upon talking to the man on the path to the pagoda after MP Absorb was stolen.)
NPC: Yuffie's like that, you know. Sometimes she'll just bust into people's houses. Then she hides in the shadows... Just like a little kid.

(Upon talking to Godo in the house on the path to the pagoda.)

  • (First time.)
    Godo: GOOGAH...what do you want? Don't have...GAH...anything much but, you should be able yourselves here. GOGAH...make yourselves at home.
  • (Second time.)
    Godo: ......Yuffie? ......nope, never heard of her. ...GOOGO...
  • (Third time.)
    Godo: again? I told you once, and I'm telling you again, I don't know her.
  • (Fourth time.)
    Godo: Listen, I said I didn't know her! There isn't anyone named Yuffie here in Wutai!
    Godo: ...never seen you around here before... Lately I've been seeing a lot of Shinra soldiers around here... You wouldn't have anything to do with that would you?
    Godo: I don't care about who you are. But if you're in trouble with the Shinra, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I don't want the Shinra hanging around here looking over my shoulder.
    Yuffie: What's with you, you coward!
    Godo: Yuffie......!
    Yuffie: You scared of the Shinra? Then why don't you fall into line and obey them, just like all of the other towns! Those guys are the ones who are really fighting the Shinra!
    Godo: Shut up! What would you know about this?
    Yuffie: You get beaten once, and then that's it? What happened to the mighty Wutai I used to know?
    Godo: No kid like you's going to talk to me like that! You keep acting like that! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
    Yuffie: That's my style! And it's my own business, not yours! Don't you try and dictate what I should do!
    Godo: Style...? Dictate...? Throwin' around all those fancy words... You're a miserable daughter!
    Yuffie: Hmph! You're a sad excuse for a father!!
  • (Subsequent times.)
    Godo: ......take your things and get out of here now. To protect Wutai, we cannot afford to stand up to Shinra.

(Upon entering the old man's house immediately to the right of the world map entrance.)
NPC 1: Oh no! More weirdos

NPC 2: No, these aren't like the one from a while ago, but these ones look weird too!

(Upon talking to the old man or the girl in the house while Yuffie is hiding.)
NPC: What are we going to do, Gramps? Some strange-looking girl came in here a minute ago and I...

(Upon inspecting the folding screen on the left side of the house.)
Yuffie: .......

(Upon talking to the man on the path to the pagoda after finding Yuffie behind the screen.)
NPC: That reminds me, Lately I've been seeing a kid around here that reminds me of Yuffie. Always sneakin' around corners And into somethin' she shouldn't be.

(Upon talking to the customer in Turtle's Paradise after finding Yuffie behind the screen, before finding her in the pot.)
NPC: It's been really loud and busy outside. Someone outside must be up to something bad...

(Upon inspecting the pot in front of Turtle's Paradise and punching it, depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: You can't get away, Yuffie.
  • Tifa: Give it up, Yuffie!
  • Cid: You lost, Yuffie.

Yuffie: O...ok, I know... I was wrong...... You win. I'll give you back your materia...

(After this, perspective shifts to Turtle's Paradise.) Shinra soldier: So our reports were right! He IS here on vacation! We've finally found him! Get the Turks here for back-up!

Reno: ...what a drag.

Shinra soldier: Ww, what was that...?

Reno: Right now we're off duty and can't run off to save your butts.

Shinra soldier: We know you're off duty, but...

Reno: If you knew that, then don't bother us! Lookin' at you is makin' me sober.

Shinra soldier: But you all have orders from headquarters to look for him too!

Shinra soldier: All right, that's it! We'll get him without any help from the Turks, just you see! And don't think that headquarters isn't going to hear about this!!

Elena: Reno, do you think that was really such a good idea!? I mean is that the way a professional, a Turk would act!?

Reno: Elena. Don't misunderstand. A pro isn't someone who sacrifices himself for his job. That's just a fool.

Elena: Rude...?

Rude: .........

Elena: Well, I don't buy that! Goodbye!!

Rude: .........

Reno: Relax. She's not a child. Let her have her way now...

(After perspective shifts back to the party, in Yuffie's house.) Yuffie: I know, the materia, right? I have it stored in a safe place. ...Follow me.

(Upon talking to Yuffie in the room downstairs.)
Yuffie: ...I've been hearing that ever since I was little. Before I was born, Wutai was a lot more crowded and more important...

Yuffie: You saw what it looks like now, right? ...JUST a resort town... After we lost the war, we got peace, but with that, we lost something else. Now look at Wutai...

Yuffie: That's why... if I had lots of materia I could...

(Depending on the party leader. If Cid is the leader, the game's text will list the line as Yuffie's line, though Cid is the speaker.)

  • Cloud: Listen, Yuffie. I don't care about the history of Wutai or your feelings. You've got our materia and I want it back If you give it back now, we'll drop the whole thing.
  • Tifa: I'm sorry, Yuffie. I know how you feel, but we need materia too. ...We just can't let you have it. Please understand.
  • Cid: ......Dammit, Yuffie. We ain't got time to be listening to your life story. If you want materia, get it yourself. That's how you should do it.

Yuffie: I know. I know that...

Yuffie: That...sniff...switch... the lever on the left...... materia's...sniff, there.

(Upon talking to other party members.)

  • Barret: Ain't nuthin' we can do about it...
  • Tifa: Now, the Materia...
  • Aeris: I feel bad, but......
  • Red XIII: Were we a little too harsh on her?
  • Cait Sith: Well, let's get our materia back.
  • Vincent: There was nothing else to do.
  • Cid: Hmmph... I dunno......

(Upon interacting with the machine and selecting either "Flip the Left Lever" or "Flip the Right Lever", depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Wh...what the hell is this!?
  • Tifa: Eyaaaaah
  • Aeris: Eyaaaaah
  • Red XIII: Wh, what are you doing!?
  • Cait Sith: Wh, what is this!?
  • Vincent: !?
  • Cid: Whoa!?
  • (If the left lever was flipped.)
    Yuffie: Ha ha ha------! Never trust anyone that easily!!
  • (If the right level was flipped.)
    Yuffie: Ha ha------! You should've listened!!

Yuffie: The Materia's mine! Tough!

Yuffie: You want your materia? Then go find it yourself! Yeah that's right. And when you're looking for the materia, remember you gotta steel it. Heh heh... steel...steel! Get it?

Yuffie: C ya!!

(Upon attempting to run upstairs before freeing the party members, depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Y, yo, wait up!!
  • Tifa: W...wait don't leave us here!
  • Aeris: Wait, don't leave us!
  • Red XIII: Help us first!
  • Cait Sith: Hey help us...please!
  • Vincent: Wait, don't go by yourself!
  • Cid: Hey! Help me first!

(Upon talking to the Turks again in Turtle's Paradise.)
Rude: .........

Reno: ....... It's just that we're off duty! I don't feel like drinking with you. And don't talk to me

(Upon entering the hidden room by ringing the bell outside the pagoda.)
Yuffie: Let go! I SAID let GO! Hey! Who do you think I...... OW! What're you doin'...? Jerk!

(Depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: You.......!
  • Tifa: Oh! You're......!
  • Cid: Ww, who are you!?

Corneo: .......ho...... ...............ho......... Hohi, hohi! Hohihi!

(Depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: Corneo!?
  • Tifa: Don Corneo!?
  • Cid: The hell are you doing!

Corneo: Hohi! I've finally got a new chicky! Two for one, in fact! Hohi, hohi!

Party leader: Two!?

Elena: H......hey! Let go of me! You're gonna regret this!!

Corneo: Hohi, hohi! Hohihi!

(After following Corneo upstairs.)
Shinra soldier: There he is! It's Corneo! Don't let him get away!

Shinra soldier: Attaaaack!

(Upon talking to Rude outside the pagoda.)
Rude: .......Elena.

(Upon talking to Reno outside the pagoda.)
Reno: Hmm... that Corneo is good at escaping...

Rude: .......Elena.

Reno: Let's go, Rude. We'll give them a taste of what the Turks can do.

Reno: ......Sounded pretty good.

Reno: If Elena is in his hands, that's going to make things a little difficult. And uh...

(Depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: ......Ok. Corneo took Yuffie from us. And without Yuffie, there's no way we'll get our materia back.
  • Tifa: ......all right. Corneo stole Yuffie from us, as well. And without her, there's no way we'll get our materia back.
  • Cid: ......that's just beautiful! And now that *#$^@'s walked off with Yuffie, too! And without that brat, we can't get our hands on our materia!

Reno: Don't misunderstand. We have no intention of joining you. But for now, we'll agree not to bother each other. That's all.

(Depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: That's fine. We have absolutely no intention of cooperating with the Turks either. Now, uh, just what direction did Corneo run off to?
  • Tifa: The same goes for us. We don't want to be friendly with the Turks. Now which direction did Corneo run off in?
  • Cid: Of course! There ain't no way we'd wanna join up with the Turks anyway! Anyhow, which direction did that %^$*& run off in?

Reno: Hmm, nice attitude. Here's a clue, it's the place that stands out the most.

(Upon talking to the man on the path to the pagoda after teaming up with the Turks.)
NPC: Two girls just went off towards Da-chao. I wonder if that place is starting to become popular with the kids? One had herself all tangled up in a rope. And the other one kind of looked like Yuffie.

(Upon talking to the child near the save point after teaming up with the Turks.)
NPC: Alright, alright, alright! I saw an old man in flashy clothes running towards Da-chao! He was babblin' somethin' and looked like he could float! It almost bowled me over!

(Upon talking to the Turks at the Da-chao statue.)
Reno: You're finally here. We're gonna split into two. You do whatever you want. But don't endanger Elena. Don't worry. We won't do anything to that girl, Yuffie. For now...

(After following the path from the third branch.)
Reno: You all thought they might be here too, huh? We were way off. There's no way they could get that far.

(Upon talking to Rude on one of the dead-ends.)
Rude: ......

(Upon talking to Reno on one of the dead-ends.)
Reno: Don't fool around. You know the enemy's not gonna wait for us, right?

(Upon reaching Corneo and Yuffie on the statue.)
Yuffie: LET...ME......GO!!!!

Corneo: Hmm! Delicious...scrumptious! I think I've just found a new HOBBY!

Corneo: Which shall it be? Hmm...Hmm...

Corneo: Should I go...with HER?

Elena: He...hey, I'm one of the 'Turks'! Don't think you can get away with this!?

Corneo: Or...maybe...HER?

Yuffie: Oh GAWD! If I knew this was gonna happen, I would've taken rope escape lessons more seriously!!

Corneo: Hmm!!! I've made my choice! My companion for the night will be......

Corneo: ...the cheerful one!

Yuffie: GROSS-NESS! Don't mess with me old man! You don't even have any Materia!

Corneo: Oooooh! And she's saucy, too! Wheee! Wheee!

  • (If Cloud is the party leader.)
    Cloud: All right, that's it!!
    Corneo: Hee-haw. What...what's goin' on!? Who's there?
    Yuffie: Oh man! Cloud......!
    Corneo: Wheeel...long time no see.
  • (If Tifa is the party leader.)
    Tifa: Hold it right there!
    Corneo: Hee-haw. What...what's goin' on!? Who's there?
    Yuffie: Oh man! Tifa......!
    Corneo: Wheeel...long time no see.
  • (If Cid is the party leader.)
    Cid: Hey, hey, hey! That's as far as you go!
    Corneo: Hee-haw. What...what's goin' on!? Who's there?
    Yuffie: Oh man! That old fart, Cid......!
    Corneo: Hmm...Who are you guys!?

(Depending on party members.)

  • Cloud: Don't tell me you forgot...
  • Tifa: That fall into the trap really hurt!
  • Aeris: You just don't get it, do you...!?
  • Cid: Maybe God'd forgive an ugly ^#@# like you, but I won't!
  • Barret: You damn Midgar hyena...!
  • Red XIII: Hurry and let the two go!
  • Vincent: I don't care what you're doing, so much as the idiotic way you're doing it...
  • Cait Sith: Listen you stupid, slimy, sleazy old scab bag! If you want to get women, there's such a thing as the RIGHT way!

Corneo: Be quiet! None of you know how much I've suffered since then... It's a long story, but......

  • (If Tifa is in the party.)
    Tifa: We don't want to hear it! Just let the two go!
  • (If Tifa is not in the party, but Cid is.)
    Cid: I don't really give a damn! You're gonna let the two girls go, or else I'm gonna break your arm!
  • (If neither Tifa nor Cid is in the party.)
    Cloud: I don't really care! Let Yuffie and Elena go!

Corneo: Hmm...You guys are...serious. ......Good, good. ...this ain't no time for me to be fooling around either...

Corneo: Why did you kill my little Aps? I'm gonna make you PLAY with my new pet, so you won't get in the way of my search for a bride!

Corneo: RAPPS---come here!!

(Battle begins against Rapps.)

(After defeating Rapps.)
Corneo: Wait... Just wait a second!

(Depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: SHUT UP!
  • Tifa: You better say your prayers!
  • Cid: Don't be such a poor loser, old man!

Corneo: Just listen to me - it won't take long. Why do you think a bad guy like me would swallow his pride and plead for his life?

  • (Upon selecting "1 Because he's ready to die".)
    Corneo: Hmm...! WRONG...!
  • (Upon selecting "2 Because he's sure to win".)
    Corneo: Hmm...! RIGHT!
  • (Upon selecting "3 Because he's clueless".)
    Corneo: Hmm...! Close, but no cigar...!

Elena: Eyaaaah...!

Yuffie: Makes me so MAD...!

Corneo: If I push this button, they'll fall upside down, and we'll have a SQUASHED TOMATOES!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Cloud: Damn...!
  • Tifa: Coward!
  • Cid: So this is how a loser lives...!
  • Barret: Damn dirty-playin' $#%@&T$*^%$ !
  • Aeris: All right...
  • Red XIII: Grrrrrgh...!
  • Cait Sith: You sure are vulgar!
  • Vincent: ......!

(After all party members' lines.)

  • (If either Tifa or Aeris is in the party.)
    Corneo: Now, give me your women too!

Corneo: Ha, ha, ha, ha! I guess I'm the one laughing last!

Reno: No, that would be us.

Corneo: Hee-haw. What...what's goin' on!? Who's there?

Corneo: ...The Turks!

Reno: You knew this was gonna happen ever since you leaked that secret. We're going to take care of you... personally.

Corneo: DAMMIT! Then they're all goin' with me!

Corneo: Ugh...!

Reno: Good timing, Rude.

Rude: ...Let's get to work.

Reno: All right, Corneo. This'll be over quick, so listen up. Why do you think we went to all the trouble of teaming up with those guys to get you...? 1. Because we were ready to die 2. Because we were sure of victory 3. Because we were clueless

Corneo: Two...Number two?

Reno: All wrong.

Corneo: No...! Wait, sto......!

Corneo: Aaaaaaaaaa......p

Reno: The correct answer was...

Rude: ...because it's our job.

Elena: Oh, thank you very much...! I never expected you'd to come help......

Reno: Elena, don't act so weak. You're a Turks!

Elena: Y...Yes, sir!

  • (If Tifa is the party leader.)
    Tifa: Th...Thanks.
  • (Otherwise, depending on party members.)
    • Aeris: Thanks for your help.
    • Barret: Never thought you'd come an' help us...
    • Cait Sith: You guys have some good in you.
    • Red XIII: I'll just say you...helped.
    • Cid: I guess, thanks for today.
    • Vincent: It would appear thanks are in order...

Rude: ......

Reno: Yes...this is Reno. Yes...Yes... I'll get on it right away.

Elena: Was that the company?

Reno: Yeah, they want us to find Cloud...

Rude: Are we on...?

Reno: No, today we're off duty.

Yuffie: Hey---who cares about that!? Get----me-----down----!

Yuffie: Phew, perfect. Now the materia is back in its rightful place.

(Depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: Hey...the placement of it is all messed up.
  • Tifa': Hey, what is this...? The placement of it's all messed up!
  • Cid: What the hell's goin' on!? The placement of the materia's all messed up!

Yuffie: Huh? Oh, it'll be all right... Don't be so picky!

Yuffie: Anyways, that sure was close...... No, normally I would kick their butts, Boom, Bang!! That Corneo guy's a real pain. I'd rather deal with my dad than deal with that guy.

Yuffie: Oh, by the way, some of those guys from the Turks are good, huh? At least, after all that, we got the materia back. Now come on everybody, let's continue our journey...

Yuffie: ......Hey!! W......Wait!

Yuffie: Oh, all right. Here, I'll give this to you guys.

  • (If the player has Materia space available.)
    Yuffie: Here, look, look!
    On-screen: Received "MP Absorb" Materia!
    Yuffie: .........
  • (If the player does not have enough Materia space.)
    Yuffie: ...No, forget it. Besides, they have lots of materia anyway.

Yuffie: Come on, wait---! No matter what anyone says, I'm going with you!

Yuffie: time......

(Upon attempting to go through the door of the pagoda before defeating Gorky.)
Gorky: Freeze!

  • (If Yuffie is not in the party.)
    Gorky: You aren't from Wutai, are you?
    • (Upon selecting "No".)
      Gorky: Only those from Wutai are allowed in the tower! I'll have to ask for you to leave!
    • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
      Gorky: Hey! I hate people who lie about their identities! Leave this tower at once!
  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Gorky: Miss Yuffie! You cannot go on to the second floor unless you defeat me!

(Upon talking to Gorky in the pagoda before defeating him.)

  • (If Yuffie is not in the party.)
    Gorky: ...
  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Gorky: Oh, Miss Yuffie! Will you be climbing the pagoda today?
    • (Upon selecting "Yeah, that's it".)
      Gorky: Then I, Sacred Gorky, will be your opponent on the first floor!
      Shake: Yo! They call me Shake! I'll be watchin' your fight with Gorky!
      Gorky: Then, begin!
      Gorky: Power Change!
      (Battle begins against Gorkii.)
    • (After defeating Gorkii.)
      Gorky: Here I am, Miss Yuffie!
      Yuffie: Of course!
      Shake: Hmm, I thought you were just a wild girl, but you handled that pretty well! Well, we'll see how you do on next one...
    • (After losing to Gorkii.)
      Gorky: It's just my opinion, but you need more training! Gorky is disappointed!
      Shake: No good! You have to do Gorky! Are you mocking this Pagoda?
      Yuffie: Shut up! Shut up! SHADDUP!
    • (Upon selecting "No way!", conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to Gorky after defeating him.)

  • (If Yuffie is not in the party.)
    Gorky: Winning Miss Yuffie's heart must mean you have tremendous skill.
  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Gorky: Here I am, Miss Yuffie!

(Upon attempting to go the third floor of the pagoda before defeating Shake.)
Shake: Hey, you there! Don't ignore me!

(Upon talking to Shake before defeating him.)

  • (If Yuffie is not in the party.)
    Shake: You aren't good enough to be here! This is the Wutai Temple of Martial Arts!
  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Yuffie: Who's next?
    Shake: Are you blind? I'm right here!
    Yuffie: What? I gotta fight a punk?
    Shake: Heh! Punk. I'm more of an adult than some bimbo girl!
    Yuffie: Wh, what did you say!?
    Shake: See what I mean? That kind of anger's what makes you so immature! Don't pat yourself on the back until you beat me!
    Yuffie: Now watch...!
    Shake: 'bout the only thing you do really good is breathe! Sure you're brave enough to fight?
    • (Upon selecting "Stop yappin'!".)
      Chekhov: Hm, so someone finally got past Gorky. So, I guess it's time for Chekhov to stand in...
      Shake: Here I go, brat! Speed Change!
      (Battle begins against Shake.)
      • (After defeating Shake.)
        Shake: URRGRAAAAGH! So you CAN fight a bit!
        Yuffie: Of course!
        Chekhov: Ho, ho, ho... It's been a while since I felt pain...
      • (After losing to Shake.)
        Chekhov: You can't go to the next floor unless you beat Shake.
        Yuffie: Shut up! Shut up! SHADDUP!
    • (Upon selecting "I'll forgive you".)
      Shake: So when it comes down to it, you're just all talk. Brat!

(Upon talking to Shake after defeating him.)

  • (If Yuffie is not in the party.)
    Shake: Compared to me, all of you are nothin' but a buncha babies.
  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Shake: URRGRAAAAGH! So you CAN fight a bit!

(Upon attempting to go the fourth floor of the pagoda before defeating Chekhov.)
Chekhov: How dare they mock us like that, thinking they could sneak past us.

(Upon talking to Chekhov before defeating him.)

  • (If Yuffie is not in the party.)
    Chekhov: That being the case, we have nothing further to discuss.
  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Staniv: So even Shake's been defeated. It's been a while since you had to fight, Chekhov.
    Chekhov: Unfortunately, this is as far as it goes. Staniv, you watch over there.
    Yuffie: That ain't going to happen! I'll teach you about the strength of youth!
    Chekhov: Keep mouthing off like that, little girl, and you're going to get burned.
    • (Upon selecting "I got insurance".)
      Chekhov: Ho, ho, ho. We'll see if you still talk like that after you taste some of my Sacred Magic...
      Chekhov: Magic Change!
      (Battle begins against Chekov.)
      • (After defeating Chekov.)
        Chekhov: I can't believe you beat me...
        Yuffie: Of course!
        Staniv: This should be interesting...! It's been a long time since I've had a chance to use my powers to their fullest...
      • (After losing to Chekov.)
        Chekhov: Ho, ho, ho! What does a immature young child know...?
        Staniv: So this IS the average person's limit...
        Yuffie: Shut up! Shut up! SHADDUP!
    • (Upon selecting "Let's get this over with, old bag".)
      Chekhov: Ho, ho, ho. What do you expect from a child barely out of diapers!?
      Staniv: First, Chekhov will keep you company...

(Upon talking to Chekhov after defeating him.)

  • (If Yuffie is not in the party.)
    Chekhov: Managing that girl must be exceedingly rough on you.
  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Chekhov: I can't believe you beat me...

(Upon attempting to go the fourth floor of the pagoda before defeating Staniv.)
Staniv: HAAAAH!

(Upon talking to Staniv before defeating him.)

  • (If Yuffie is not in the party.)
    Staniv: If it were not for Miss Yuffie, I wouldn't be facing him...
  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Yuffie: Huh? Who's the one I'm supposed to beat?
    Staniv: The rule is the best fighter on each floor will be your opponent... Although it's a five-storied pagoda, the fourth floor is the highest... In other words, no one has ever defeated me--Master of Weaponry! You still want to try...?
    • (Upon selecting "Just come on!!".)
      Staniv: I like you! Now watch...
      Staniv: Weapon Change!
      (Battle begins against Staniv.)
      • (Afet defeating Staniv.)
        Staniv: Wh, what...!?
        Yuffie: Of course!
        Gorky: Splendid! Your level and skills have improved...
        Shake: Oh, ho! You might not be as much of a child as we thought you were!
        Chekhov: Of course. If WE lost to her...
        Staniv: You have defeated four of our best, but now you will have to face HIM......!
      • (After losing to Staniv.)
        Staniv: How unfortunate! It was over before I could even put all of my strength into it...
        Yuffie: Shut up! Shut up! SHADDUP!
    • (Upon selecting "I'll pass!".)
      Staniv: You don't seem like the kind of person who can make it to the fourth floor without a problem...

(Upon talking to Staniv after defeating him.)

  • (If Yuffie is not in the party.)
    Staniv: I would like to fight you, however the Five Sacred Gods can only compete with those from Wutai...
  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Staniv: Wh, what...!?

(Upon talking to others on the fifth floor that were defeated on lower floors.)

  • Gorky: ......
  • Shake: Sh......!
  • Chekhov: ...
  • Staniv: ......

(Upon talking to Godo on the fifth floor of the pagoda after defeating the others.)

  • (If Yuffie is not in the party.)
    Godo: ...Hm. You can do it......
  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    • (If he has not been fought before.)
      Yuffie: D,...Dad!?
      Godo: I'm glad you made it this far, Yuffie!
      Yuffie: Why, why are you......
      Godo: I'll answer you by having you try your skills against me! Hold nothing back. Come as if you're trying to kill me! If you don't...then I'll have to kill you!
      Yuffie: H...hey!
      Godo: What are you doing! OMNI-Change!.......!!
      (Battle begins against Godo.)
    • (If Yuffie was previously defeated by Godo.)
      Yuffie: I'll show you this time, you old Fart-meister!
      Godo: Hmm? A slight improvement.
      Godo: Come at me with all you have! OMNI-Change!......!!
      (Battle begins against Godo.)

(After losing to Godo.)
Yuffie: Dammit......

Godo: Ohhh! And what was that!? Come back when you get more training!

(After defeating Godo.)
Yuffie: ...heave......heave...

Godo: ...huff......puff......

Yuffie: O...old coot... n......ot...bad...

Godo: You've......also......improved...

Yuffie: Hah...Ha, ha......

Godo: ...Heh, heh......

Yuffie: Ha ha haaaaaa......!

Godo: Waha haaaaa......!

Godo: It's time I gave this to you, Yuffie... This is Leviathan Materia. Take it.

  • (If the player has enough Materia space.)
    On-screen: Received "Leviathan" Materia!
  • (If the player does not have enough space.)
    Godo: ...I thought I'd give it to you, but you have no place to hold it. Then, come back for it later. And don't forget!

Staniv: But, Lord Godo. The Leviathan Materia should only be given to the person who conquers and takes over this Pagoda. That is our custom...

Yuffie: CUSTOM, CUSTOM, CUSTOM... I'm so sick of hearing that! It's so stupid!

Gorky: Silence, Miss Yuffie!

Yuffie: Then what 'bout all the rest of you? You have all that power... Are you satisfied being cooped up in this tower?

Godo: Yuffie...!

Yuffie: You too, dad...! Just because you lost the war! And turning Wutai into a place like this!

Chekhov: ...What do you want to say?

Yuffie: You turned Wutai into a cheesy resort town peddling to tourists... How dare you!? Da-chao Statue and Leviathan are ashamed!!

Godo: ...

Shake: She IS a kid.

Yuffie: Wh, what did you say...!?

Godo: Yuffie!!

Godo: Forgive me... It's all my fault...

Gorky: What are you saying, Lord Godo!

Godo: Losing the war...turning Wutai into this. It was all my fault...

Chekhov: Lord Godo!

Godo: Silence!!

Godo: Yuffie...... I am the same now as I was before when I wanted the war. But, after I lost the war, I began to think... Is strength, only for defeating the enemy? ...or just something to show-off to others...? Might begets might. That's the same way as the Shinra...

Yuffie: ......

Godo: I knew you were looking for Materia for the good of Wutai. But, the reason I hide my strength now, is also for the good of Wutai... And now, I realize both are necessary... Strength without determination means nothing. And determination without strength is equally useless...!

Staniv: Lord Godo...

Godo: You there, please take Yuffie with you! I perceive that you all have both determination and strength!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Cid: Well, just tell yourself you're on a big ship, and leave the rest to ol' Cid!
  • Cait Sith: If you put it that way, we can't refuse...
  • Red XIII: As long as she doesn't get in our way...!
  • Aeris: All right. We'll take your daughter with us.
  • Tifa: ...after that, how can we refuse?
  • Vincent: Hmm... You may come if you want to ...
  • Barret: Jes' don't do nothin' funny to our Materia...!
  • Cloud: All right, I don't mind.

Godo: Go, Yuffie! For the sake of strengthening Wutai!

Yuffie: Dad...

Godo: I'll take care of the Five Sacred Gods until you return! Go! And come back alive!

Yuffie: ......

Yuffie: Of course!

Godo: Yuffie, wait a minute. The Materia they all have... After their battle is over, you think they'll still want it?

Yuffie: Dad...!

Godo: Go! Survive till the end! And return! With the Materia!

Yuffie: Heh, bet!

Secret Date[]

(Upon talking to the weapon seller in the house east of Gongaga.)
Weapon seller: Huh? Oh another customer. You sure picked an out of the way place but...

Weapon seller: But if it's the "Keystone" you're looking for, you're too late. Don't have it.

Cloud: Keystone?

Weapon seller: What? You didn't come here for that? The "Keystone" is the key that unlocks the gate to a very old temple somewhere. You're not going to believe your ears, But I heard it was the Temple of the Ancients!!

Cloud: The Temple of the Ancients...

Weapon seller: Kya, hah hah hah... Don't take it seriously. It's just a legend!

(Upon talking to him again.)
Weapon seller: Huh? What?

  • (Upon selecting "Where is this "Keystone"?".)
    Weapon seller: I sold it already. Yeah well, to tell the truth, I didn't really want to sell it but... That guy had a way about him that made you feel like it may not be a good idea NOT to sell it to him...
    Cloud: Who did you sell it to?
    Weapon seller: The manager of the Gold Saucer... think his name was "Dio". Said he was going to put it in his museum, then he took off out of here.
  • (Upon selecting "Where is the Temple?")
    Weapon seller: Come's only a legend. But if it were true, that sure would be something, huh?
    Weapon seller: Now that you mention it, I have heard of something called Ultimate Destruction Magic was supposed to be hidden somewhere in the Temple of the Ancients.
    Cloud: Ultimate Destruction Magic...?
    Weapon seller: Come on! I told you not to take it seriously!
  • (Upon selecting "Let's change the subject", bring up regular conversation about trading Mythril.)
  • (Upon selecting "Never mind", conversation ends.)
(At the Gold Saucer.)

(Upon examining the exhibits in Dio's Museum.)

  • Star Cup
  • Weekend Clock
  • Laugh Sapling
  • Slayer's Pot
  • Chisa's Mask
  • Dio's Portrait
  • D Type Equipment
  • Zauger's Cup
  • Calling Gourd
  • Kleine's Pot

(Upon examining the pedestal in the center of Dio's Museum.)
Cloud: It's the Keystone...

Dio: Heh, heh, heh. Long time no see, my boy. Hmm? You like that, huh?

  • (If the player did not hear about the Keystone from the Weapon Seller near Gongaga.)
    Dio: I got it from the guy in a little shack that's south of here, past the 'River'. If you want to know about it, go there and talk to him.

Cloud: Can you let me borrow this?

Dio: Heh, heh, heh. Sorry, but it's not for rent.

Dio: Hmm. Since you've been good to me in the past, I CAN let you have it on one condition.

Cloud: One condition?

Dio: Heh, heh, heh. Entertain me!

  • (Upon selecting "What'd you want me to do?")
    Dio: Hoo boy!
    Dio: Heh, heh, heh. It's not something that's really difficult. This is the Battle Arena. Show me your fighting skills. Just you, my boy. I'm expecting a good fight!
  • (Upon selecting "Not in the mood".)
    Dio: I see... Then let's pretend that this never happened.
    (Upon talking to him again.)
    Dio: Heh, heh, heh! So! You want the Keystone, right? How 'bout entertaining me first?
    • (Upon selecting "What'd you want me to do?", same dialogue as above appears.)
    • (Upon selecting "Not in the mood for it", conversation ends.)

(Depending on the player's results in the Battle Square.)

  • (If the player was defeated or chose to stop before the fifth battle.)
    Dio: That's the best you could do? Well, a promise is a promise. Go ahead, take it.
    On-screen: Received Key Item "Keystone"!
  • (If the player chose to stop between the fifth battle and the final battle.)
    Dio: Hmm, you did pretty well, young man! Good, it's a promise, so go ahead and take it. I'll give this to you too.
    On-screen: Received Key Item "Keystone"!
    On-screen: Received "Protect Vest"!
  • (If the player won all battles.)
    Dio: Heh, heh, heh! Well done, young man! All right, as I promised, you can take it. Oh, and I'll give you this too.
    On-screen: Received Key Item "Keystone"!
    On-screen: Received "Protect Vest"!
    On-screen: Received "Choco Feather"!

Dio: Well then, we shall meet again! Heh, heh, heh.

(Upon attempting to use the ropeway to leave the Gold Saucer after obtaining the Keystone.)
Staff: Excuse me, sir. I'm sorry. The Tram is out of order right now.


Staff: I'm really sorry! I'm afraid you won't be able to leave until it's fully repaired.

  • (If Cait Sith is not in the party.)
    Cait Sith: What's wrong?

Cait Sith: Too bad. It happens, though.

Cait Sith: I know! Let's stay at the hotel! They know me here. I'll go talk to them.

Staff: I will let you know once the repairs are completed.

(In the Hotel Lobby of the Ghost Hotel.)
Cait Sith: We don't usually get the chance to be together like this, huh?

Cait Sith: Cloud, how 'bout it? Can you tell us what's happened so far? I don't really know what's goin' on because I wasn't here in the beginning.

Cid: Yeah! I'm all for it!

  • (If Vincent is in the party.)
    Vincent: Good idea.

Barret: I been here since the beginnin', an' I still don't know what the hell's goin' on either.

Barret: Cloud, the hell's goin' on? C'mon, tell us!

  • (Upon selecting "I'm tired...")
    Cid: All we have to do now is sleep! You're still young! What're you complaining about?
  • (Upon selecting "All right, I'll give it a shot...", continue.)

Cloud: Phew... We are going after Sephiroth. Sephiroth must be in search of the Promised Land.

Cid: The Promised Land?

Cloud: A land full of Mako energy. ...or at least that's what the Shinra believe. I don't know if it actually exists.

Aeris: The Cetras return to the Promised Land. A land that promises boundless happiness.

Barret: Cetra? That some kinda disease?

Aeris: That's what the Ancients call themselves. Hey, didn't you listen to the elders at Cosmo Canyon?

Aeris: ...You don't 'know' where the Promised Land of the Ancients is. You search and travel, until you feel it. Like you just know, '...this is the Promised Land.'

Cloud: Aeris...can you feel it too?

Aeris: I think so.

Tifa: So Sephiroth is traveling the world because he's searching for the Promised Land? Is that it?

Aeris: That, and one other thing he's searching for.

Cloud: The Black Materia...

Cait Sith: I heard from Dio that a man in a Black Cape was lookin' for the Black Materia.

Tifa: I don't even know what the Black Cape is... How many men with Black Capes and number tattoos are there?

Red XIII: know, of course... My tattoo is number 13.

Cloud: How did you get that tattoo?

Red XIII: ...Hojo put it on me. Everything else is just war scars, but the number was done by Hojo.

Tifa: So there are at least 13!?

Aeris: ...You know...... I think Hojo did something to those men in the Black Capes. But I don't know what it has to do with Sephiroth though... That's why I think we should just go after Sephiroth himself.

Barret: Yeah, me too! It's all just too damn confusin'.

Aeris: And...

Aeris: I'm sorry, forget it! I think I'm tired. I'm going to bed now.

Cait Sith: What was that, all of a sudden!?

  • (If Yuffie is in the party.)
    Yuffie: What!? That's it? I'm goin' to bed!

Cait Sith: Is that all? How 'bout the Black Materia?

Cloud: You wouldn't understand even if I told you.

Barret: Now all we gotta do is take action! We're startin' tomorrow!!

Red XIII: Cloud... I'm number 13. Am I going to go mad too?

Tifa: I don't know what Hojo did to you, but you've been all right so far, right?

Red XIII: But...

Tifa: Be strong.

Red XIII: But, I...

Tifa: Stop it, Red XIII! Be strong!

Cloud: Tifa?

Tifa: You're not the only one who's worried!

Cait Sith: I don't know what's goin' on, but we're in a bad situation...

  • (If Vincent is in the party.)
    Vincent: Hey Cid, let's go back to our rooms.

Cid: ...zzzz...zzzz...

(In Cloud's room, events depend on which character the player's date mechanics score is highest with between Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, and Barret.)

(If the player has the highest date mechanics score with Aeris.)

Aeris: Hee,hee!

Cloud: What's wrong?

Aeris: You want to go on a date?

Cloud: What?

Aeris: A DA-TE! Or haven't you ever gone on one?

  • (Upon selecting "Don't take me for a fool".)
    Aeris: Hey...a little touchy, aren't we?
  • (Upon selecting "Well, not a real one...")
    Aeris: No, just a mixed-up kid...

Aeris: Oh well. Come on, let's go!

Cloud: Hey.

(If the player has the highest date mechanics score with Tifa.)

Tifa: Cloud...

Cloud: What's wrong?

Tifa: ......

Tifa: I thought about what I was going to say, but, it's kinda embarrassing...

Tifa: Hey, Cloud! Why don't the two of us sneak out of here and spend some time together?

Tifa: Come on, let's go!

Cloud: Hey.

(If the player has the highest date mechanics score with Yuffie.)

Yuffie: Cloud you up?

Cloud: What's wrong?

Yuffie: Would you......keep me company for a bit.

Cloud: ? Keep you company where?

Yuffie: Just come on.

Cloud: Hey.

(If the player has the highest date mechanics score with Barret.)

Barret: Yo, Cloud. You still up?

Cloud: What's wrong?

Barret: Uh, I was jes thinkin' of goin' for a walk...

Cloud: What, just the two of us?

Barret: What's wrong with that!? Don't gimme no lip!! I say we go!

(After the scene at Cloud's room.)

(At Terminal Floor.)
NPC: Tonight's Enchantment Night! All the attractions are free. How 'bout it you two? There's going to be an entertaining show in Event Square!

(Depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: Come on, let's go.
  • Tifa: Come on, let's go.
  • Yuffie: Cloud, let's go.
  • Barret: Cloud, wanna take a peek?

(In the Event Square.)
NPC: Congratulations!!

  • (If the date is Aeris, Tifa, or Yuffie, continue.)
  • (If the date is Barret.)
    NPC: You are our 100th couple today...... Oh, you're not...... Sorry.
    (Skip to scene after Event Square.)

NPC: You are our 100th couple today!! You two will be the leads in tonight's show!!!!

Cloud: Wha?

NPC: Oh, now, it's not hard. Just play it however you want to and the rest of the cast will cover up for you. Come this way.

Cloud: H, hey!

(Depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: This sounds like fun. Come on Cloud, let's do it.
  • Tifa: Sounds like fun. Come on Cloud, let's give it a try.
  • Yuffie: I don't know what it's all about but sounds kind of cool. Wanna try it, Cloud?

(On stage.)
Narration: Long, long ago... An evil shadow appeared over the peaceful kingdom of Galdia... Princess Rosa was just kidnapped by the Evil Dragon King, Valvados. What will become of her? Just then, the legendary hero,Alfred,appears!!

Knight: Oh......You must be the legendary hero...Alfred!

Knight: Hey, it's your line.

Knight: Yeah, you. Ahem!

Knight: Oh......You must be the legendary hero...Alfred! I know in my soul. Please...please save Princess Rosa! Now......Please talk... to the King......!!

King: Oh...legendary hero,Alfred. You have come to save my beloved Rosa...

King: On the peak of a dangerous mountain... dwells the Evil Dragon King, Valvados... who's kidnapped Princess Rosa... But... you can't beat the Evil Dragon King now! Talk to one who can help you......

On-screen: Who will you talk to?

  • (Upon selecting "The knight".)
    Knight: I am...a lowly...knight. How ...can I help you?
    • (Upon selecting "Defeat the Evil Dragon King", continue.)
    • (Upon selecting "Defeat the King", continue.)
  • (Upon selecting "The wizard".)
    Wizard: I am the great wizard, Vorman. What do you wish to know?
    • (Upon selecting "The Evil Dragon King's weakness".)
      Wizard: Ahh, the weakness of the Evil Dragon King. It must be, it must be... Yes, it must be... True love! The power of love... Is the only weapon that can withstand the fangs of the Evil Dragon King...!
    • (Upon selecting "The Princess' measurements", continue.)

Narration: Oh what is going to happen next...! Oh...Legendary hero...look!

  • (If the player asked the knight to defeat the King, or asked the wizard about the Princess' measurements.)
    EDK: What ho! Do you dare ignore the Evil Dragon King!?

EDK: Gaaaaaaaah!

EDK: I am the Evil Dragon King...Valvados! I have not harmed the Princess... I have been!

Princess: Please help me... Legendary hero!

Princess: that?

(Depending on previous choices.)

  • (If the player asked the knight to defeat the EDK, or asked the wizard about EDK's weakness.)
    EDK: Gaaaaaah! Here I come, Legendary hero...Alfred! I already know... your name!
    • (If the player asked the knight to defeat the EDK.)
      Knight: Uuuuuurrrrrgh!
      EDK: Gaaaaaaaaaaahh! What now...Legendary hero!?
    • ("To the Princess".)
    • ("To the King".)
    • ("To home".)
  • (If the player asked the wizard about EDK's weakness.)
    Wizard: And now...Legendary hero...! Here is what will your beloved...... A kiss! The power of True Love!!
    • ("Kiss the Princess".)
    • ("Kiss the King".)
    • ("Kiss the Evil Dragon King".)
  • (If the player asked the knight to defeat the King, or asked the wizard about the Princess' measurements.)
    EDK: Who is your enemy...? Say it!
    • ("The Evil...Dragon King...".)
    • ("The King".)
    • ("That Knight".)

(Depending on previous choices.)

  • (If the player didn't choose to go home, or select "The King" or "That Knight" as their enemy.)
    • (If the player chose to rescue the princess or kiss the princess.)
      Princess: Cloud... I mean, Alfred...
      EDK: Arrggaahhh!! Curses...... The power!!
    • (If the player chose to rescue or kiss the King.)
      King: Oh......Alfred...! In truth...I too......
      EDK: Arrggaahhh!! Curses...... The power!!
    • (If the player chose to kiss EDK, or said EDK is their enemy.)
      EDK: What...
      EDK: Urrrrrgh
      Beautiful Girl: You've released me...from the spell and I am back to my normal self...
    • (After any of the above dialogue options.)
      King: Oh...look! Love has...triumphed! Now let's all return... And celebrate.
      On-screen: Yes let's...yes let's...!
      Narration: Oh, how profound the power of love... And so the legendary hero Alfred and our story live on happily ever after.
      • (If the player asked the knight to defeat EDK.)
        Knight: .........
      • (If the player did not go for the Princess.)
        Aeris: Wh, what is this? You can't do this!
        Tifa: H, hey, what is it? That can't be the end!!
        Yuffie: What...? ...That's it?
  • (If the player chose to go home, or selected "The King" or "That Knight" as their enemy.)
    King: Come on! No more!
    (Depending on the date.)
    • Aeris: Stop it Cloud! What are you doing!? The play's a disaster! Now I'm getting mad!
      EDK: Gaaaaaahh! You dare ignore me!!
      Aeris: Why don't you shut up, Blabbermouth!!
    • Tifa: Cloud!! Be serious!! You really don't want to be in the play that much!? Now I'm mad!
      EDK: Gaaaaaahh! You dare ignore me!!
      Tifa: Shut up!!
    • Yuffie: Come on, Cloud!! I'm tryin' to be serious here and you... Ok, now I'm pissed!
      EDK: Gaaaaaahh! You dare ignore me!!
      Yuffie: Just shut up!!
    • (After the above dialogue.)
      Narration: Oh my......what an unusually strong Princess! And so the new legendary hero Rosa and our story ends happily ever after.
(After the Event Square.)

(At Terminal Floor, depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: Oh, that was fun. Hey, let's go on the Gondola.
  • Tifa: Hmm, that was funny. Hey, let's go on the Gondola next.
  • Yuffie: I didn't get it. Cloud, let's go on the Gondola next.
  • Barret: Let's go somewhere where we can talk, in private.

(At Round Square.)

(Depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: Two, please.
  • Tifa: Two, please.
  • Yuffie: There will be two of us.
  • Barret: Hey! You mean just the two of us are gettin' on...? ...yeah, I guess that's cool.
    Barret: Yo. Two.

NPC: Here you are, two tickets. Enjoy the sights of Gold Saucer.

(Gondola scene, if Aeris is the date.)

Aeris: Wow, how nice.

Aeris: Oh! Look, Cloud. It's so pretty.

Aeris:'s beautiful, isn't it?

Aeris: ......first off, it bothered me how you looked exactly alike. Two completely different people, but look exactly the same. The way you walk, gesture... I think I must have seen him again, in you... But you're different. Things are different...

Aeris: Cloud... I'm searching for you.

Cloud: .............?

Aeris: I want to meet you.

Cloud: But I'm right here.

Aeris: (I know, I know...what I mean is...)

Aeris: I want to

(After the gondola.)
Aeris: I had fun tonight. Let's go together again.

Aeris: You don't like being with me?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah".)
    Aeris: Oh, don't tease me like that!
  • (Upon selecting "That's not it".)
    Aeris: I'm glad. Next time we come, let's take our time and go on more rides.

Aeris: Oh, look at the time. We'd better get going.

(On the gondola, if Tifa is the date.)

Tifa: Oh, how pretty.

Tifa: Look, Cloud.

Tifa: Oh, Cloud.'s really pretty, isn't it?

Tifa: Ok, I'm going to just go ahead and say it...

Cloud: ...what?

Tifa: Aeris would be able to just come out and say it, probably.

Tifa: Cloud...? Sometimes being old friends is hard. I mean, timing is everything.

Cloud: Yeah...

Tifa: Cloud...? I......

Tifa: ............ ..................

(After the gondola.)
Tifa: Cloud I really had fun tonight.

Cloud: By the way, What did you want to say a minute ago...?

Tifa: N, nothing!

Tifa: Nothing...

Cloud: ?

Tifa: Oh, look at the time. We should be getting back.

(On the gondola, if Yuffie is the date.)

Yuffie: Wow!

Yuffie: Geez!!

Yuffie: Cloud!

Yuffie: Cloud......?

Cloud: ............

Yuffie: I just felt like doing that.

Cloud: ............

Yuffie: That's all.

Cloud: ............

Yuffie: H, hey!! Say something, why don't you!

Cloud: ............

Yuffie: ............gawd, I could just die.

Cloud: ............

Yuffie: Say something, PLEASE!

Cloud: ...................something.

(After the gondola.)
Yuffie: I'll think I'll sleep really well tonight.

Yuffie: Thanks... for coming with me.

Yuffie: You wanna go back, Cloud?

(On the gondola, if Barret is the date.)

Barret: Hey foo. What you wanna see fireworks with me for?

Cloud: Not having fun?

Barret: You should've asked one or the other!

Cloud: Which would you have asked?

Barret: Oh man, there just ain't no choice!

Barret: Tifa, Aeris.

  • (If Yuffie was recruited.)
    Barret: Ah, Yuffie?

Cloud: (hoo boy)

Barret: What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Barret: Hey, you don't mean...Marlene?

Barret: NO WAY! Forget it! There ain't no way I'm lettin' a wacko like you anywhere near my little Marlene! She's my baby. My prized possession.

Barret: .......Marlene. Wish I could've brought Marlene here. She'd love the fireworks.

Barret: Why the hell do I gotta be here with a foo like you...! Shit...the more I think 'bout it the madder I get!

Barret: Damn fireworks anyways.

Barret: Shut up!!

(After the gondola.)
Barret: Oh man I'm beat. Let's head back.

(After the date scene, at Terminal Floor.)

(Upon seeing Cait Sith, depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: Hey? What's Cait Sith doing?
  • Tifa: That's ......Cait Sith. He seems strange.
  • Yuffie: Hey, isn't that Cait Sith? What's he doing?
  • Barret:'s Cait Sith. What's he doin' so quietly?

Cloud: !!

Cloud: Is that the...Keystone?

Cloud: Hey! Cait Sith!

(Upon attempting to play a game at the Wonder Square, depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: There's no time for that!! Let's hurry and go after Cait Sith!
  • Tifa: We got no time to relax. Let's hurry and go after Cait Sith!
  • Yuffie: You got time to fool around like that? Aren't you goin' after Cait Sith?
  • Barret: What the hell are you doing!? We gotta go after that damn cat !

(Upon attempting to register for the Speed Square, depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: We've got no time for this! Let's go after Cait Sith!
  • Tifa: We've got no time to relax. Let's go after Cait Sith!
  • Yuffie: Is it all right to relax like that? Aren't we going after Cait Sith?
  • Barret: What're ya doin'? We're goin' after Cait Sith!

(Upon attempting to register for a battle in the Battle Square, depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: We don't have time for that!? Let's hurry and go after Cait Sith!
  • Tifa: There's no time to waste. Let's hurry after Cait Sith!
  • Yuffie: Should we be doing that? We've got to go after Cait Sith?
  • Barret: Whacha doin!? We're goin' after Cait Sith!

(Upon attempting to rest at the Ghost Hotel, depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: There's no time for this! We have to go after Cait Sith.
  • Tifa: There's no time to waste. Let's hurry and go after Cait Sith!
  • Yuffie: Should we be wasting time like this? Aren't we going after Cait Sith?
  • Barret: The hell're you doin'!? We're goin' after Cait Sith!

(Upon attempting to ride the gondola at Round Square again, depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: We don't have time for this! We've got to go after Cait Sith.
  • Tifa: There's no time to be riding this. Let's hurry after Cait Sith!
  • Yuffie: Can we be wasting time like this? Aren't we going after Cait Sith?
  • Barret: The hell you doin'!? We gotta go after Cait Sith!

(Upon attempting to take the ropeway to leave the Gold Saucer, depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: There's no time for this, right!? Let's hurry after Cait Sith!
  • Tifa: There's no time to relax. Let's hurry after Cait Sith!
  • Yuffie: Should we be this laid back? Aren't we going after Cait Sith?
  • Barret: What the hell are you doing! Let's get Cait Sith!

(Upon talking to people in the Chocobo Square.)
NPC: What?

(Upon talking to the woman with blue hair in the Chocobo Square.)
NPC: Sir, we can't have you doing that!

(Upon reaching Cait Sith at the Chocobo Square lounge.)
Cait Sith: Hey! Over here! The Keystone!

Tseng: Well done.

Cloud: Hey!

Cait Sith: W, wait a second. I won't run or hide. Yes, I was a spy. I was hired by the Shinra.

(Depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: ...I trusted you. I can't believe you!
  • Tifa: Don't mess with us!
  • (If Yuffie is the date, Cloud speaks instead.)
    Yuffie: You think I'm jokin'!?
  • Barret: Ya dirty &*$*%$!

Cait Sith: I couldn't help it. How 'bout if we continue like nothing ever happened?

Cloud: No way, cat! You gotta lot of guts acting like a friend but being a spy!

Cait Sith: Then, what are you goin' to do? Kill me? You'd just be wastin' your time if you tried. This body's just a toy anyway. My real body's at Shinra Headquarters in Midgar. I'm controlin' this toy cat from there.

(Depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: So you're from Shinra. Who? Who are you! Tell me!
  • Tifa: So you're from Shinra. Who are you?
  • Yuffie: Part of the Shinra! Who the *&$# are you!?
  • Barret: The hell are ya!? What's your real name!?

Cait Sith: Whoa, I can't tell you my name.

Cloud: We're not gettin' anywhere.

Cait Sith: See? I told you! Talking won't do any good, so can't we just continue our journey?

Cloud: You think I'm jokin'!?

Cait Sith: ...Alright, yes, I am a Shinra employee. But we're not entirely enemies.

Cait Sith: ...Something bothers me. I think it's your way of life. You don't get paid. You don't get praised. Yet, you still risk your lives and continue on your journey. Seeing that makes me...

Cait Sith: It just makes me think about my life. I don't think I'd feel too good if things ended the way they are now.

(Depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: ......And so on, and so on...
  • Tifa: You're lying again.
  • Yuffie: Sounds fishy---
  • Barret: Hmph! You ain't foolin' us this time!

Cloud: He'll never tell the truth. Once a spy, always a spy. We can't go on with someone like that. C'mon get real!!

Cait Sith: ...just as I thought. Talking won't make a bit of difference. But I prepared something in case this happened. Why don't you listen to this?

Marlene (communicator): Papa! Tifa!

(Depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: Hey! That's Marlene!
    Marlene (communicator): Hey! It's the flower lady! Flower lady...
  • Tifa: Marlene!
    Marlene (communicator): Hey! It's Tifa! Tifa! Help, I'm-
  • (If Yuffie is the date, Cloud speaks instead.)
    Cloud: ...Marlene?
    Marlene (communicator): Hey! It's Cloud!
  • Barret: Ma......Marlene!?
    Marlene (communicator): Hey! It's Dad! Dad! It's me, Marlene!

Cait Sith: ...So, you have to do as I say.

Cloud:'re the lowest...

Cait Sith: I didn't want to do this... using dirty tricks and taking hostages... But this is how it compromises. So why don't we continue on as we did?

  • (If the player did not hear about the Keystone from the Weapon Seller near Gongaga.)
    Cait Sith: Oh, you didn't seem to know this, but... The Keystone is the key to the Temple of the Ancients. Even so, you're all going, right? I know where it is, so I'll show you later. The Shinra have already been there, but I guess you have to deal with that. If you heard about Keystone from Gongaga blacksmith
  • (If the player did hear about the Keystone from the Weapon Seller.)
    Cait Sith: Tomorrow is the Temple of the Ancients, right? I know where it is so I'll tell you later. Of course,we'll get there after the Shinra, but you'll have to deal with that.

Cloud: ...Well, we're stuck... We'll have to do what he says.

(Depending on the date.)

  • Aeris: I wonder if Marlene is all right... I wonder what happened to Mom.
  • Tifa: ......Marlene.
  • Yuffie: Uh, yup.
  • Barret: Sorry, Cloud.

(At the Ghost Hotel lobby after.) Cait Sith: What took you so long, Cloud?

Cait Sith: Oh yeah, about the Temple of the Ancients. I think if we take the Tiny Bronco East towards the sea, we should be able to find it.

Cait Sith: Well then, shall we get goin'? Who's gonna go?

Aeris: I want to go! I'm going for sure!

(Upon talking to other party members to reform a party.)

  • Barret: Yo! I'm goin' too, Cloud! Gotta keep movin'!!
  • Tifa: You, forget it. Let's go.
  • Red XIII: I'm so excited, my tail's starting to tingle. Let's go, Cloud!
  • Cid: I don't care what's goin' on let's just go!
  • Yuffie: I'm startin' to get nervous.
  • Cait Sith: The Temple of the Ancients is to the east. Shall we go?
  • Vincent: The Temple of the Ancients... This might be pretty interesting...

(Upon attempting to walk out the door if Cait Sith is not in the party.)
Cait Sith: Then see you later.

Within the Temple of the Ancients[]

(Upon reaching the outsde of the temple.)
Aeris: This is...the Temple of the Ancients... I...I know... I feel it... The knowledge of the Ancients...floating...

Aeris: You could become one with the Planet, but you're stopping it with the strength of will. For the future? For us?

Cloud: What are you saying? Do you understand?

Aeris: You're uneasy... But happy? Because I'm here? I'm sorry...I don't understand.

Aeris: I want to go inside!

(Upon talking to the man in the black coat.)

  • (Before getting Keystone back from Tseng.)
    NPC: Key......stone...... Open... the door...of the Temple...
  • (After getting the Keystone back.)
    NPC: Black......Materia......
    Aeris: Look......
    (Depending on the second party member.)
    • Barret: It says number 9. He has a tattoo on his neck.
    • Tifa: Number 9. Another man with a tattoo.
    • Red XIII: He's number 9. There's a tattoo.
    • Yuffie: He has a tattoo too! Ummm, I think it's number 9.
    • Cait Sith: Oh!? It's an number 9 tattoo.
    • Vincent: It's a number 9 tattoo.
    • Cid: Hey, he's got a tattoo. It says number 9.

(Upon entering the Temple of the Ancients.)
Aeris: Hey! It's Tseng!

Cloud: Tseng? Of the Turks!?

Tseng: Uh...I've been had. It's not the Promised Land... Sephiroth's searching for...

Cloud: Sephiroth? He's inside!?

Tseng: Look... for yourself...

Tseng: Damn... Letting Aeris go was the start... of my...bad luck... The President... was wrong...

Aeris: You're wrong. The Promised Land isn't like what you imagined. And, I'm not going to help. Either way, there was no way Shinra could have won.

Tseng: ...pretty harsh. Sounds like something... you'd say. The Keystone... Place it...on...the altar...

On-screen: Received Key Item "Keystone"!

Cloud: You crying?

Aeris: ...Tseng's with our enemy, the Turks, but I've known him since we were little... There's not a lot of people I can say that about. In fact, there are probably only a handful of people in the world who really know me.

(Upon talking to Tseng.)
Tseng: I am......still alive...

(Upon examining the altar.)
Cloud: Let's put the Keystone in.

(Upon entering the maze area.)
Aeris: Words... feelings... So many of them here.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Damn--! So this is the Temple of the Ancients! Oh man, you gotta be kiddin'. This is makin' me dizzy!
  • Tifa: What a strange place. Do you think we're welcome here?
  • Red XIII: ...sniff...sniff... This place smells good. It smells the same as Cosmo Canyon.
  • Yuffie: Geeeez! We got our work cut out for us. This is starting to get me really dizzy...
  • Cait Sith: Wow, this place is huge! I'm starting to get bored.
  • Vincent: No exits... We can't turn back.
  • Cid: Shit! Shit! Shit! What the hell's with this place!

Aeris: ...Cloud! I know it's going to be tough, but... Don't give up! We can do it!

(Upon attempting to enter the sealed passage found up the vine downstairs.)
Cloud: Sealed......? That sound brings back memories.

(Upon talking to the old man in the small chamber.)
NPC: Nyum...nyum...

Aeris: Whew! We finally caught up to you. I'm sorry. You waited for me.

Aeris: Those are the spirit bodies of the Ancients. They've been away from their Planet for a long time to protect this Temple.

Aeris: Over the many years, they've lost the ability to talk. Actually, they didn't need words from the beginning because there was only one objective for those left in the Temple.

Aeris: Please, talk to me!

Aeris: No good. I don't understand the rest. Are you afraid...? Is it because Sephiroth is in the Temple? Or something else?

(Upon talking to him again.)
NPC: Nyum, nyum...

  • (Upon selecting "Can I buy something?", open store menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "Let me rest".)
    On-screen: HP/MP Restored!
  • (Upon selecting "I want to save my game".)
    Cloud: This is the Temple of the Ancients. You won't be able to go back easily. Is that all right?
    • (Upon selecting "Changed my mind", cancel.)
    • (Upon selecting "Save", open save menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "Nothing", conversation ends.)

(Upon reaching the end of the hallway with the rolling boulder.)
Aeris: Phew--- We did it!

Cloud: Everyone all right? That sure took a lot out of us.

Aeris: Oh no...Cloud. Come quick!!

Aeris: Hurry, this way!

Aeris: It's full of the knowledge of the Ancients. No...not knowledge ...consciousness...a living soul...

Aeris: It's trying to say something.

Aeris: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Aeris: What? What is it?

Aeris: ...Danger? An evil...consciousness?

Aeris: You're going to show me?

(During the vision.)
Cloud: ...What's going on?

Aeris: Wait! Look! It's showing us!

Elena: Tseng, what's this? Can we find the Promised Land with this?

Tseng: ...I wonder. Anyway, we have to report to the President.

Elena: Be careful, Tseng.

Tseng: Yeah... Hey Elena, how 'bout dinner after this job's over?

Elena: Th...Thank you very much. If I may be excused...

Tseng: Is this the Promised Land? No, it can't be...

Tseng: Sephiroth!!

Sephiroth: So you opened the door. Well done.

Tseng: This place...what is it?

Sephiroth: A lost treasure house of knowledge. The wisdom of the Ancients....

Sephiroth: I am becoming one with the Planet.

Tseng: One with the Planet?

Sephiroth: You stupid fools. You have never even thought about it. All the spirit energy of this Planet. All its wisdom...knowledge... I will meld with it all. I will become one with it... it will become one with me.

Tseng: can do that?

Sephiroth: The way......lies here. Only death awaits you all. But do not fear. For it is through death that a new spirit energy is born. Soon, you will live again as a part of me.

(After the vision ends.)
Aeris: Did you see it?

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Yeah, I saw it.
  • Tifa: ...I saw it.
  • Red XIII: I...I saw it.
  • Yuffie: Oh grossness!
  • Cait Sith: ...I saw it. Tseng was in bad shape.
  • Vincent: An illusion that the Ancients showed...
  • Cid: Hey hey! Wh, what's the catch?

Cloud: ...Where is the room with the pictures on the walls?

Aeris: Almost there...

Cloud: Sephiroth is here, right?

Cloud: No matter what he thinks, it's going to end here. I'm taking him out!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: You mean WE are, right?
  • Tifa: We're here too, you know.
  • Red XIII: Don't forget about us!
  • Yuffie: I have nothing to do with it. But, I guess I'll lend a hand.
  • Cait Sith: I wonder if he'll go down that easy?
  • Vincent: .......
  • Cid: All right! Guess you youngsters gotta be enthusiastic like that!

(Upon talking to the old man nearby.)
NPC: Nyum, nyum...

  • (Upon selecting "Rest".)
    On-screen: HP/MP Restored!
  • (Upon selecting "Save", open save menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "Forget it", conversation ends.)

(Upon reaching the Time Guardian in the room with the clock layout.)
On-screen: I am the Time Guardian. Ye who seek the knowledge of the Ancients. I control the time, select your path.

On-screen: Triangle Button: Move it myself Circle Button: Spin XButton: Proceed now!

  • (Upon pressing Triangle.)
    On-screen: Triangle Button: Go back in time Circle Button: Speed up time X Button: Proceed now!
  • (Upon pressing Circle).
    On-screen: Circle Button: Stop!
  • (Upon pressing X).)
    On-screen: is time... You may proceed.

(Upon reaching the area where two Ancient Dragons are fought, after being knocked down by the seconds hand.)
Aeris: This atmosphere...

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Feels like a battle!
  • Tifa: Here it comes!
  • Red XIII: I'm tingling with excitement.
  • Yuffie: Oh man! I should've stayed at home.
  • Cait Sith: It's a battle!
  • Vincent: A battle...
  • Cid: Let's do it!

(Upon taking the 12 o'clock exit at the Time Guardian and checking the door.)
Cloud: I guess there's no way we can open it... We'll come back later.

(Upon taking the 6 o'clock exit at the Time Guardian and reaching the room with multiple ledges.)
Aeris: Hey! It's locked. No good. We have to catch it!

Aeris: You must be tired.

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah".)
    Aeris: Just hang in there. Someday we'll look back at these hard times and laugh.
  • (Upon selecting "I want to go home".)
    Aeris: Yeah. But it'll all be over soon!

On-screen: The Guard that escaped with the key to the door moves on a set course. Memorize the doors he enters and exits to figure out the pattern and catch him at an exit. Oh yeah, oh yeah... you can jump down to the ramp below and to the left of the screen.

(Upon standing near the wall to jump down.)
On-screen: Jump to the lower level with Circle Button!

(Upon catching the guard.)
On-screen: Door Unlocked!!

(Upon talking to the guard after catching him.)
NPC: Nyum, nyum...

  • (Upon selecting "Rest".)
    On-screen: HP/MP Restored!
  • (Upon selecting "Save", open save menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "Forget it", conversation ends.)

(Upon reaching the room with murals after it is opened.)
Aeris: This is the room with the murals...

Cloud: Where are you!? Sephiroth!!

Sephiroth: So cold. I am always by your side.

Sephiroth: Come.

(Upon attempting to go back through the door.)
Cloud: Looks like we're locked in.

(Upon following Sephiroth.)
Sephiroth: Splendid. A treasure house of knowledge...

Cloud: I don't understand what you're saying!

(Upon continuing down.)
Sephiroth: Look well.

Cloud: At what!?

Sephiroth: At that which adds to the knowledge of... I am becoming one with the Planet.

(Upon continuing.)
Sephiroth: ...Mother...'s almost time.

Sephiroth: Soon... we will become one.

Aeris: How do you intend to become one with the Planet?

Sephiroth: It's simple. Once the Planet is hurt, it gathers Spirit Energy to heal the injury. The amount of energy gathered depends on the size of the injury.

Sephiroth: ...What would happen if there was an injury that threatened the very life of the Planet? Think how much energy would be gathered.

Sephiroth: Ha ha ha. And at the center of that injury, will be me. All that boundless energy will be mine. By merging with all the energy of the Planet, I will become a new life form, a new existence. Melding with the Planet... I will cease to exist as I am now... Only to be reborn as a 'God' to rule over every soul.

Aeris: An injury powerful enough to destroy the Planet? Injure...the Planet?

Sephiroth: Behold that mural. The Ultimate Destructive Magic...Meteor.

Cloud: That'll never happen!

On-screen: Wake up!!

Cloud: Where are you!? Sephiroth!!

Aeris: Wait, Cloud!

Aeris: Cloud!!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Hey!! Cloud!!
  • Tifa: Hey, Cloud!
  • Red XIII: Cloud! What's wrong!
  • Yuffie: Cloud! What are you doing?
  • Cait Sith: Cloud! What's wrong with you!?
  • Vincent: What are you doing?
  • Cid: What the hell is going on!

Cloud: Ha ha ha ... Black Materia.

Cloud: Ha ha ha ... Call Meteor.

Aeris: Cloud!! Get a hold of yourself!

Cloud: Cloud... I'm... Cloud...

Cloud: How should I?

Cloud: ...I remember! I remember my way.

Aeris: ...Cloud.

Cloud: Mm? What's wrong? Is something wrong?

Aeris: ...It's nothing so don't worry about it.

Aeris: Right, Cloud! It's nothing.

Aeris: Sephiroth got away.

Cloud: ...Don't worry about it. I understood what he was saying. So this must be Meteor, right?

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Is it some sort of a disaster? It looks like something's gonna fall from the sky.
  • Tifa: Is something going to fall from the sky?
  • Red XIII: Something's going to fall down?
  • Yuffie: I don't know what it is but... It looks like it's going to make a mess...
  • Cait Sith: Then, we got trouble. Oh, so something's going to fall from the sky? It's going to be something big.
  • Vincent: Something huge is falling from the sky?
  • Cid: I don't know what the hell it is but it's falling from the sky? Hmpf! It's not even an omen.

Aeris: ...this must be magic. Just what Sephiroth was saying. The Ultimate Destructive Magic, Meteor. It finds small drifting planets with its magic. And then collides with them. This Planet might get wiped out entirely...

Cloud: Sephiroth!?

Sephiroth: Ha ha ha... It is not me.

(After defeating Red Dragon.)
Cloud: Any sign of Sephiroth?

Aeris: He disappeared.

(Upon attempting to leave through the back door.)
Cloud: We're locked in.

(Upon examining the floating object at the end of the hallway.)
Cloud: What is this?

Aeris: ...There's something written on it.

Aeris: ...B.l.a.c.k......M.a.t.e.r.i.a.

Cloud: Black Materia!!

Aeris: Hey! ...Black Materia. What should we do, Cloud?

  • ("Shake it".)
  • ("Take it".)
  • ("Leave it".)

(After selecting any option.)
Aeris: Wait a minute. I'll ask!

Aeris: I don't understand......

Aeris: What?

Aeris: Really!?

Aeris: They said that the Temple itself is the Black Materia.

Cloud: What do they mean?

Aeris: So, this whole building is the Black Materia?

Cloud: This huge Temple? This is the Black Materia!? Then no one could take it.

Aeris: Hmm, it's pretty hard. You see this is a model of the Temple. And inside it is a device, which gets smaller each time you solve a puzzle. As the model becomes smaller, you become smaller too. Until it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Cloud: So, if we solve the puzzles, the Black Materia will get smaller and smaller and we can take it out?

Aeris: Yes, but there's one thing... You can only answer the puzzles inside the Temple. So, anyone who solves the puzzle will be crushed by the Temple.

Cloud: I see... the Ancients didn't want dangerous magic to be taken out of the Temple so easily...

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Then just leave it. If we can't take it, then neither can Sephiroth, right?
  • Tifa: Let's just leave it, OK?
  • Red XIII: That'll be safer. If no one can else take it...... Then Sephiroth can't either, right?
  • Yuffie: Let's just leave it and get the hell out of here!
  • Cait Sith: The Ancients were a mean bunch. This way, no one'll be able to get it.
  • Vincent: I guess that means it's safe here.
  • Cid: Guess stuff this dangerous is best left alone?

Cloud: No. We've got to think of a way to get it out. Because Sephiroth has lots of different flunkies. It's nothing to him to throw their lives away to get the Black Materia. This place isn't safe.

Aeris: So what are we going to do?

  • (If Cait Sith is in the party.)
    Cait Sith: I heard your situation!
  • (If Cait Sith is not in the party.)
    Cait Sith: Hi, Cloud. This is Cait Sith. I overheard the whole story!

Cait Sith: Don't forget about me. Everything you said makes perfect sense! You can use my stuffed body for the future of the Planet.

Cloud: We can't let Sephiroth get his hands on the Black Materia. And we can't let the Shinra get theirs on it either.

  • (If Cait Sith is in the party.)
    Cait Sith: So that means you don't trust me?

Cait Sith: But Cloud. There's really nothing else you can do. Everyone, please trust me.

  • (Upon selecting "I guess we have no choice".)
    Cait Sith: All righty then! Leave it all to me!
  • (Upon selecting "No way".)
    Cait Sith: You sure are stubborn, Cloud.
    Cait Sith: Please believe me, Cloud.
    • ("Hmmm, I guess I have to")
    • ("How can I?")

(After the above dialogue.)

  • (If Cait Sith is in the party.)
    Cait Sith: Everyone, hurry up and get outside! I'll go with you to a safe place.
  • (If Cait Sith is not in the party.)
    Cait Sith: Please hurry, you've got to get out of here! I'll be waiting at the exit!

(Upon examining the door found on the path back through the 12 o'clock exit at the Time Guardian.)
Cloud: It's warm... This isn't good...

Aeris: Cloud... ...behind you.

(After defeating Demons Gate.)

  • (If Cait Sith is not in the party.)
    Cait Sith: Sorry to keep you waiting!! It's Me!!

Cait Sith: I'll handle the rest!

Cait Sith: Well, everyone... Take care of yourselves!

Aeris: Cait Sith...

Aeris: Come on, Cloud... Say something.

Cloud: I'm not good at this.

Cait Sith: Mmm, I understand. I feel the same too.

Aeris: Why don't you read our fortunes?

Cait Sith: Say, that's right... I haven't done it in a while, huh? I'm so exited. Right or wrong, I'm still the same 'ol me Now, what should I predict?

Aeris: Hmm, let's see how compatible Cloud and I are!

Cait Sith: That'll cost ya. Exactly one date!

Cait Sith: Here I go!

Cait Sith: This isn't good. I can't say it. Poor Tifa.

Aeris: No! Tell me! I promise I won't get mad!

Cait Sith: Is that so? Then I'll tell you. Looks good. You are perfect for each other! Aeris's star and Cloud's star! They show a great future! Cloud, I'll be your matchmaker, preacher... I'll do whatever you want me to! You just call me when it all happens!

Cait Sith: Thank you for believing in me, knowing that I was a spy. This is the final, final farewell!

Aeris: Be strong Cait Sith!!

Cait Sith: She told me to 'Be strong.' I feel so happy.

Cait Sith: Owwww......

Cait Sith: What happened?

Cait Sith: I can still move more.

Cait Sith: This must be it!

Cait Sith: The Ancients sure did a great job making this.

Cait Sith: I can protect the Planet too! I'm kinda embarrassed... There's plenty of stuffed toys like my body around, but there's only one me!

Cait Sith: Don't forget me even if another Cait Sith comes along.

Cait Sith: Good bye, then! I guess I'm off to save the Planet...

(Outside the temple.)
Cloud: That's the Black Materia...

(Depending on the second party member, if one is present.)

  • Barret: Hey! I'll keep watch here!
  • Tifa: I'll wait here.
  • Red XIII: I'll be sittin' out here.
  • Yuffie: Heh heh ...this looks majorly boring, so I'll stay here.
  • Vincent: I'll be looking around here.
  • Cid: I'm gonna have a smoke out here! Ahhh!! It's really something, having a smoke at a place like this.

Cloud: As long as we have this, Sephiroth won't be able to use Meteor.

On-screen: Got Key Item "Black Materia!"

Cloud: Mmm? Can you guys use it?

Aeris: Nope, we can't use it right now. You need great spiritual power to use it.

Cloud: You mean lots of Spiritual energy?

Aeris: That's right. One person's power alone won't do it. Somewhere special. Where there's plenty of the Planet's energy... Oh yeah! The Promised Land!!

Cloud: The Promised Land!! No, but...

Aeris: Sephiroth is different. He's not an Ancient.

Cloud: He shouldn't be able to find the Promised Land.

Sephiroth: ...Ah, but I have.

Sephiroth: I'm far superior to the Ancients. I became a traveler of the Lifestream and gained the knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients. I also gained the knowledge and wisdom of those after the extinction of the Ancients. And soon, I will create the future.

Aeris: I won't let you do it! The future is not only yours!

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha...I wonder?

Sephiroth: Wake up!

Cloud: Sh...shut up!

Cloud: The...Noise...

Sephiroth: There, Cloud...good boy.


(Upon talking to Cloud as child Cloud out of his body.)
Cloud (child): No......! Don't be afraid--!

On-screen: Gave "Black Materia" to Sephiroth!

Sephiroth: ......Well done.

Aeris: Cloud, are you all right?

Cloud: ...I gave the Black Materia to Sephiroth...?

Cloud: Wha...what did I do... tell me, Aeris.

Aeris: strong, OK?

Cloud: Urrrrrrgh... What have I done!?

Aeris: Cloud... you haven't done anything. It's not your fault.

Cloud: I...! I'm-----!

(Upon talking to Cloud as child Cloud out of his body.)
Cloud (child): Waaaa~!! What are you doing!?

  • (If Cait Sith was in the party.)
    Cait Sith: Oops! This looks like I came at a bad time! I'm Cait Sith No. 2. Pleased to meet you all!
  • (If Cait Sith was not in the party.)
    Cait Sith: Oops! This looks like I came at a bad time! I'm Cait Sith No. 2. Right pleased to meet you all!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Urrggggggh!!!! Cloud!!
    Barret: HEY! Cloud, you #$#&@!
  • Tifa: Cloud--!!
    Tifa: Cloud, what are you doing!?
  • Red XIII: Cloud!!
    Red XIII: Aeris, are you all right!?
  • Yuffie: What!? Cloud!
    Yuffie: Aeris! Cloud, what're you doing!?
  • Cait Sith: Cloud!! What are you doin'!!
  • Cid: Hey, EY!!
    Cid: Cloud! What the hell are you doing!?
  • Vincent: ......!!
    Vincent: Cloud!

Cloud: Everything is white... What did I do? I don't remember anything...

Cloud: My memory...since when...? If everything's a dream, don't wake me.

Parting with Aeris[]

(In the Sleeping Forest.)
Aeris: Cloud, can you hear me?

Cloud: Yeah, I hear you. Sorry for what happened.

Aeris: Don't worry about it.

Cloud: ...I can't help it...

Aeris: Oh... Then, why don't you REALLY worry about it? And let me handle Sephiroth. And Cloud, you take care of yourself. So you don't have a breakdown,okay?

Cloud: What is this place?

Aeris: This forest leads to the City of the Ancients... and is called the Sleeping Forest. It's only a matter of time before Sephiroth uses Meteor. That's why I'm going to protect it. Only a survivor of the Cetra, like me, can do it.

Aeris: The secret is just up here. At least it should be. ...I feel it. It feels like I'm being led by something. Then, I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over.

Cloud: Aeris?

Sephiroth: Hmm...... She's thinking of interfering? She will be a difficult one, don't you think?

Sephiroth: We must stop that girl soon.

(In the Gongaga Inn.)
Barret: You look like you was havin' a nightmare. How are you feeling?

  • (Upon selecting "I seem to be OK".)
    Barret: That's good. Man, I didn't know what was gonna happen.
  • (Upon selecting "Not good".)
    Barret: Oh... Better keep it to yourself.
  • (Upon selecting "Don't really know".)
    Barret: I guess that's right. Well, don't worry too much about it.

Tifa: You know, Cloud. Aeris is gone.

Barret: Everyone's out looking for Aeris.

Cloud: ......City of the Ancients. Aeris is headed there.

Barret: By herself!? Why did she go by herself!?

Barret: Hey, we're goin' too.

Cloud: Only the Ancients, only Aeris can save us from Meteor...

Tifa: Then we must go. What'll we do if something happens to Aeris? If Sephiroth finds her, she's in trouble.

Cloud: Sephiroth...already knows.

Barret: Hey! Why are you still sittin' around?

Tifa: Let's go, Cloud.

Cloud: No. I might lose it again. If Sephiroth comes near me I might......

Barret: Yeah, godammit! It's 'cuz of you that Sephiroth got the Black Materia in the first place. It's your damn fault!

Cloud: My fault?

Barret: I know you got problems... hell, we all do. But you don't even understand yourself.

Barret: But you gotta understand that there ain't no gettin' offa this train we're on, till we get to the end of the line.

Tifa: Cloud, we came this far... Aren't you going to settle up with Sephiroth?

Cloud: No... I'm afraid. If this keeps up, I may go crazy! I'm afraid...

Barret: Just a damn jackass, that's what you are... Yo, jes' think about it... How many people in this world do ya think really understand themselves? People get depressed in life because they don't know what's up. But, they go on living. They don't run away... Isn't that how it is?

Tifa:'ll come with us, right? I believe in you.

Cloud: I supposed to do? Pull out of here? Pull out? ...To where?

Tifa: Cloud...

Barret: Wait a minute, Tifa. Give him a little time. He has to decide this on his own. You believe in Cloud... right?

Cloud: ......I'm afraid to find out the truth...? But......why?

(Upon talking to the innkeeper.)
NPC: You awake? Those people were so worried that they stayed by your side until you woke up. You sure do have good friends.

(Upon leaving the inn.)
Tifa: Cloud...

Barret: Hey, how are you? I just wanna know, which is it gonna be? You wanna find out about yourself? Or are you afraid to find out? Either way, you stay around here and about all you can do is worry about it. Even if you do go nuts again when you see Sephiroth... If it happens, it happens. I'll go upside your spikey white head and bring you back to normal!

Tifa: Cloud, it'll be all right. We're all with you.

Cloud: But...

Barret: If it happens, it happens. Don't worry 'bout it.

Cloud: ...You're...right. ......He's right, isn't he?

Tifa: Come on, let's go and find Aeris...?

(Upon heading further in the Sleeping Forest.)
On-screen: The Sleeping Forest awoke...

(Upon taking the path on the right in the Forgotten Capital; depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Hey yo! Wait up.
    Barret: That way goes to the Mountains up north. Let's hurry and find Aeris.
  • Tifa: Hey, hey Cloud.
    Tifa: If we continue this way, we'll end up in the Northern Mountains. Aeris isn't over there, right?
  • Red XIII: Wait!
    Red XIII: That road leads to the Northern Mountains. We have to go the other way to find Aeris.
  • Yuffie: Ahhh--- I can't go another step!!
    Yuffie: We're looking for Aeris, right! Then why are you heading for the mountains!? What a dork!
  • Cait Sith: Wa------it!
    Cait Sith: Cloud, uh that's the road to the Northern Mountains. Aeris is waiting, let's go find her.
  • Vincent: Wait, Cloud.
    Vincent: This is the road to the Northern Mountains. Don't you want to find Aeris?
  • Cid: H...ey, Cloud
    Cid: You thinkin' of going skiing? If we wanna find Aeris, we go THAT way!

(Upon reaching the house with beds.)

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: heh, there's a bed.
  • Tifa: Do you think the people who used to live here used it?
  • Red XIII: Look, there's a bed here.
  • Yuffie: How COOL! I can't believe we found such a soft bed in a dive like this.
  • Cait Sith: We're in luck. There's a bed in here.
  • Vincent: I wonder if the owners used this?
  • Cid: Yeah, and it looks pretty comfortable.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Yo, Cloud. Let's take a break here.
  • Tifa: Shall we take a break here?
  • Red XIII: Hey, let's rest a bit. I'm tired...
  • Yuffie: Come on--, let's rest for a while--- I don't want to walk anymore...
  • Cait Sith: Cloud, why don't we catch 40?
  • Vincent: Maybe we should take a short nap?
  • Cid: I'm beat. Why don't we get some rest?

(Upon approaching the beds.)
On-screen: Here's a bed. Get some rest?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes" continue.)
    Cloud: I feel it...
    (Sleep, and continue.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(After sleeping.)

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Cloud, what is it?
  • Tifa: Cloud...what's wrong?
  • Red XIII: What's wrong? Are you sick?
  • Yuffie: Hey---, Cloud. What's your problem?
  • Cait Sith: What's wrong? What time is it...?
  • Vincent: ...What's wrong?
  • Cid: Do you know what TIME it is!?

Cloud: Aeris is here. ...and so is Sephiroth.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Wh, what! Sephiroth!?
  • Tifa: You're saying it's not just Aeris, but Sephiroth, too?
  • Red XIII: What! Sephiroth's here too!?
  • Yuffie: No way---! Sephiroth wasn't invited!
  • Cait Sith: Are you serious, Cloud!?
  • Vincent: ...If that's true, then we're in for it.
  • Cid: Wa, wa, wait a minute. You serious!?

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: How do you know that?
  • Tifa: But how can you tell?
  • Red XIII: How did you find out?
  • Yuffie: Wh...why? How can you tell that kind of stuff?
  • Cait Sith: But how can you tell that?
  • Vincent: ...How did you find that out?
  • Cid: Hey, how do you know!?

Cloud:'s not an excuse. I feel it in my soul.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Then, we better get up offa our lazy asses!!
  • Tifa: If that's true, then we've got to hurry! We've got to get to Aeris!
  • Red XIII: Wh,...what should we do? We must hurry to her!
  • Yuffie: That means it's pretty bad ...doesn't it?
  • Cait Sith: If that's true, then we're in for it! We have to find Aeris fast!
  • Vincent: If that's true, we should hurry. Something terrible could happen at any moment.
  • Cid: Shit, Cloud. We can't be sittin' around on our asses.

Cloud: ...right. Let's hurry and find Aeris.

(Upon inspecting any glowing orb in the Forgotten Capital)
Cloud: No time to think about it.

(Upon trying to use the beds again after sleeping once.)
Cloud: No time to be sleeping.

(Upon attempting to leave the Forgotten Capital after sleeping.)
Cloud: We have to find Aeris.

(Upon returning to the main fork at the Forgotten Capital entrance.)
Cloud: Aeris's voice...... Coming from there?

(Upon seeing Aeris in the underground city.)
Cloud: Aeris?

(Upon reaching Aeris at the water altar.)

First party member: Cloud!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Stop it!!
  • Tifa: Stop!
  • Red XIII: What are you doing!
  • Cait Sith: What are you doing!!
  • Yuffie: Sto----p!
  • Cid: Dumb #^%@!
  • Vincent: Stop it!

Cloud: Ugh...what are you making me do.

(After FMV.)
Cloud: ...Aeris.

Cloud: This can't be real!

Sephiroth: Do not worry. Soon the girl will become part of the Planet's energy. All that is left is to go North. The 'Promised Land' waits for me over the snowy fields. There, I will become a new being by uniting with the planet. As will this girl......

Cloud: ...Shut up.

Cloud: The cycle of nature and your stupid plan don't mean a thing. Aeris is gone. Aeris will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry......or get angry......

Cloud: What about us......what are WE supposed to do? What about my pain? My fingers are tingling. My mouth is dry. My eyes are burning!

Sephiroth: What are you saying? Are you trying to tell me you have feelings too?

Cloud: Of course! Who do you think I am!?

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha...... Stop acting as if you were sad. There's no need to act as though you're angry either.

Sephiroth: Because, Cloud. You are...

(After the Jenova·LIFE battle.)
Jenova: Beacause, you are......a puppet.

Cloud: I'm......a puppet?

(After FMV.)
Cloud: Everyone, listen to me. I'm Cloud, ex-SOLDIER, born in Nibelheim. I came to settle up with Sephiroth.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: What're ya tryin' to say?
  • Tifa: ...What's going on?
  • Red XIII ...Hmm?
  • Yuffie: Why now?
  • Cait Sith: Why're you being so formal? Is something wrong?
  • Vincent: ...You're right.
  • Cid: I heard that before.

Cloud: I came here by my own free will... Or so I thought. However...

Cloud: ...To tell the truth, I'm afraid of myself.

Cloud: ...There is a part of me that I don't understand. That part that made me give the Black Materia to Sephiroth. If you hadn't stopped me, Aeris might have been...

Cloud: ...There's something inside of me. A person who is not really me. That's why I should quit this journey. Before I do something terrible.

Cloud: But I am going. He destroyed my hometown five years ago, killed Aeris, and is now trying to destroy the Planet. I'll never forgive...Sephiroth. I... I must go on.

Cloud: ...I have a favor to ask of you. Will you all come with me?

Cloud: save me from doing something terrible.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: ...I dunno, man...
  • Tifa: ...But, Cloud
  • Red XIII: ...All right, Cloud.
  • Cid: Well, we'll face it when it happens.
  • Yuffie: Leave it to me!
  • Cait Sith: Watch you?...... We're all in this together!
  • Vincent: ...I guess so.

Cloud: I don't know how Aeris tried to save the planet from the Meteor. And I guess now, we'll never know.

Cloud: But! We still have a chance. We must get that Black Materia back before Sephiroth uses it.

Cloud: Let's go.

On-screen: ( End of Disc 1 ) Please do not open the Disc Holder until further instructions.

On-screen: Save the game to this point on the memory card?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", open save menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", continue.)

Beyond the Snow Fields[]

(Upon walking down the Forgotten Capital path.)

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Which way'd that damn foo' Sephiroth go?
  • Tifa: Sephiroth... I wonder which way he went?
  • Red XIII: Sephiroth... Which way did he go?
  • Yuffie: Ummm... Which way did that Sephiroth guy go?
  • Cait Sith: I wonder which way Sephiroth went?
  • Vincent: Which way did Sephiroth head?
  • Cid: ...Which way did that creep Sephiroth go!?

Cloud: ...ugh.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Hey, you awright?
  • Tifa: Cloud! Get a hold of yourself!!
  • Red XIII: You all right?
  • Yuffie: Wait! Get a hold of yourself!
  • Cait Sith: Cloud! Are you all right?
  • Vincent: all right?
  • Cid: Ey, hey! You alright?

Cloud: Hmmm... Sephiroth said to me... Head North...... ......past the Snow Fields......

(Upon attempting to leave Icicle Inn through the back.)
NPC: No, don't!! It's a steep downgrade, past here. It's dangerous, please don't go!

  • (Upon selecting "I'm still going".)
    NPC: Damn, I was just being nice...
    NPC: What the? Who are those people over there? Looks like trouble!
    Elena: There they are, hurry!!
    NPC: Yes ma'am!!
    Elena: Cloud...huff...wheeze. I won't let you go any further!
    Cloud: What's down there?
    Elena: It's a SE-CR-ET. It really doesn't matter! But you really got guts doin' my boss in like that!
    Cloud: You mean Boss......Tseng? That wasn't us. Sephiroth did it.
    Elena: No! Don't think you can fool me, liar!
    Cloud: I'm not lying... it was Sephiroth.
    Elena: Don't try to act innocent. I'll never forget it!!
    Cloud: Oh, man...
    Elena: Looks like talking alone won't cut it. You're going to have to feel some pain!
    NPC: Just you...and me!!
    Elena: No, I can handle him! There's no way he can avoid my punch.
    NPC: What? Yeah......
    On-screen: Dodge that punch! directional button [up] [left] [right]
    • (Upon dodging successfully.)
      NPC: Ele...Elena!?
      NPC: What the...? They sure were weak for Shinras.
    • (Upon failing to dodge.)
      Elena: Why? Why didn't you try to avoid it...
      Elena: There's no way they can climb the Great Glacier anyway. Put them in some house in the village.
  • (Upon selecting "Thanks for your kindness".)
    NPC: No, no. I just did what came natural.
    NPC: All right, I'm not too busy now. Do you want me to teach you how to ride a snowboard?
    • (Upon selecting "Maybe you should".)
      On-screen: directional button[down] Brake Squarebutton Brake Xbutton Jump
      directional button[left] + R1button Edge Left directional button[right] + R1button Edge Right
      directional button[up] Kick off when stopped directional button[left] Move left directional button[right] Move right
      NPC: Do you want me to explain again?
      • (Upon selecting "Yes, please", repeat.)
      • (Upon selecting "No thanks", conversation ends.)
    • (Upon selecting "Not interested".)
      NPC: You're so boring!

(Upon attempting to leave through the back again.)
NPC: I told you, you can't! You won't make it without a snowboard and a map!!

(Upon talking to the boy in the house in the middle of town.)
NPC: I got hurt on my snowboard, and now I can't go out for a while... Hey, I'll give you my snowboard.

(Upon inspecting the snowboard in his room.)
On-screen: Received Key Item "Snowboard"!

(Upon inspecting the map on the wall of the house on the right.)

  • (Upon selecting "Look at the Map", view.)
  • (Upon selecting "Take the Map".)
    On-screen: Received Key Item "Glacier Map"!

(Upon leaving through the back with a snowboard and map.)
On-screen: Be careful!

(After the snowboard minigame.)
Cloud: Ugh... I guess we're still in one piece. Everyone all right?

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: Of course.
  • Tifa: Yeah, somehow.
  • Red XIII: Got snow in my ear...
  • Yuffie: God! I can't stand it!
  • Cait Sith: A little off.
  • Vincent: Yeah, I'm all right.
  • Cid: I can't be doin' this! Damn!

Cloud: So where did we land?

  • (If the player landed at the main entrance.)
    Cloud: Seems like it didn't end up being such a big jump...
  • (If the player landed in the forest.)
    Cloud: Seems like maybe we didn't even jump at all...
  • (If the player landed at the single tree.)
    Cloud: We've jumped pretty far...
  • (If the player landed outside Frostbite Cave.)
    Cloud: Looks like we've jumped pretty far...

(Spoken by the first party member to appear in list below, depending on who is in the party.[note 1])

  • Tifa: Oh yeah, we got the map, right? Let's look at the map by pressing the Square button.
  • Yuffie: At times like these, we need the map! Let's open it with the Square button.
  • Cait Sith: Then, let's look at the map. Just open it with the Square button.
  • Vincent: We should check it on the map. Press the Square button.
  • Barret: Hey, what's that!? They just gave you something, right? Let's use the Square button to find out.
  • Cid: Quick! The map, the map! Look at it with the Square button!

Cloud: It sure is cold. We'll freeze if we stay here any longer.

(Upon reaching the puzzle with the floating ice.)
Cloud: The only way is to cross...

  • (Upon selecting "That's the way it goes...".)
    Cloud: Face the direction you want to jump in then press the Circle button.
  • (Upon selecting "I don't feel like it", nothing happens.)

(Upon reaching the second screen of Frostbite Cave.)
Cloud: Looks like trouble.

  • (Upon selecting "We're outta here!", leave to world map.)
  • (Upon selecting "Wait a minute!", nothing happens.)

(Upon approaching the hot springs.)
Cloud: This is the only place not frozen.

  • (Upon selecting "Touch it".)
    Cloud: Hmm, a hot spring.
  • (Upon selecting "Let's go on", nothing happens.)

(Upon reaching the snow field.) Cloud: far as you can see... Better watch where I walk.

Cloud: ...I'll place a landmark, and start walking. (Place a landmark by pushing [OK] button)

(Upon talking to the woman inside the cave west of the snow field.)

  • (If the player did not touch the hot spring.)
    NPC: ...Please leave. Please don't worry about me. Now, I don't want to harm any of you. And don't come back again. Please stop it. Please, that is enough.
  • (If the player touched the hot spring.)
    • (Before battling her.)
      NPC: Yeeew... You got a lot of nerve trying to touch me with the same dirty hands that touched that filthy hot spring! I'll never forgive you.
    • (If the player battled her but lost.)
      NPC: Huh, still don't get it, huh?

(After the battle with Snow.)

  • (After winning.)
    NPC: Why this...?
  • (After losing.)
    NPC: Hah, Just remember your place!

(Upon reaching the hut in the base of Gaea's Cliff.)

  • (If the player arrived on their own without passing out.)
    Holzoff: Now, this is a surprise!! How many years has it been since I last saw anyone here...? Oh, excuse me! My name is Holzoff. I've lived here for 20 years now. You mind listening to the stories of a lonely climber?
  • (If the player passed out.)
    Holzoff: You awake? You collapsed at the Great Glacier. It's a miracle you're all right. My name is Holzoff. I've been living here 20 years now. If you are planning to head North, you'd better listen to my story.

(Upon talking to Holzoff.)
Holzoff: Why don't we go to the next room and sit down.

Holzoff: You ever hear about those who challenged the cliff?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah".)
    Holzoff: The first time my friend Yamski and I tried to climb the cliff was 30 years ago.
  • (Upon selecting "No".)
    Holzoff: There's an old legend that says something fell from the sky here a long time ago. That's what's supposed to have pushed the land up and formed this cliff. 30 Years ago, Yamski and I took this cliff on to see what was on the other side.

Holzoff: But, we weren't prepared for it. We did expect the temperature to be low but... On that cliff, there's always a biting cold wind. The cold air lowers your body temperature. Yamski, was below me. He cut his own rope... ...and I didn't even notice... Ever since then, I've settled here... continuing to challenge the cliff, and provide warning and shelter to my fellow climbers.

Holzoff: If you're going to climb the cliff, there's 2 precautions you'll need to take.

On-screen: (OK)button Confirm route. Square button Push repeatedly to raise body temperature.

Holzoff: First, check your route... It's hard to find because of all the snow. Second, once you get to a ledge, make sure you warm yourselves up. Understand?

  • (Upon selecting "One more time", repeat.)
  • (Upon selecting "Yes", continue.)

Holzoff: You must've used a lot of energy getting up here... Better get some rest before you head out.

(Upon leaving Holzoff's house.)
Barret: You know, I've been thinkin'...?

  • (Upon selecting "What is it?")
    Barret: ...Seein' a place like this, makes you realize how awesome nature is. But, if anyone ever told me to live here, I'd tell them to know...
    Barret: I tell you one thing though, If I did have to live here I'd change things around 'n' make it better. I guess the total opposite of this would be......Midgar. When you think of it that way, Shinra don't seem so bad...
    Barret: Uuuuuurrrrrgh!! What the hell am I sayin'!? The Shinra, not bad!?
  • (Upon selecting "Save it for later", skip.)

Cloud: We'll secure the route. You come up later.

(Upon talking to party members to change party.)

  • Barret: Y'know...standing here like this... Kinda makes you feel like the Planet's not on our side, don't it? Of course we can't even compete. I mean... The Planet don't even notice us humans...
  • Tifa: This blizzard's nothing! I gotta say that or...brr...
  • Red XIII: I wonder what's at the top of that cliff? Well we shall see...
  • Yuffie: Brrrr, I can't take this cold!!
  • Cait Sith: This is secret info, but... Rufus's going to arrive here, too.
  • Vincent: I wonder what's on the other side of the cliff...
  • Cid: Damn! If I could just get back in the air, this cliff would be nothing!

(Upon reaching the rock inside Gaea's Cliff.)
On-screen: Push the rock over?

  • (Upon selecting "Push", move rock.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon reaching the dead-end trying to climb the right side of the fourth platform.)
Cloud: Dead end.

(Upon reaching the ledge in the cave.)
On-screen: Jump down to the room below?

  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing hapens.)
  • (Upon selecting "Yes", jump.)

(Upon selecting the chest on the left side of the cave.)
On-screen: Received "Last Elixir"![note 2]

(Upon inspecting the glowing pool.)
On-screen: HP/MP restored!

(Upon reaching the cave with Schizo.)
On-screen: Ugh...... Errgaahh!!

That Which Waits in the Northernmost Reaches[]

Cloud: An old crater...

Cloud: Something fell out of the sky and crashed down here...... Leaving a scar on the planet.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: So all this energy's gathered here for the planet to heal itself?
  • Tifa: So the planet has gathered all this energy here to heal itself?
  • Red XIII: The energy of the planet is concentrated here. It is slowly healing its old wound.
  • Yuffie: Even I know what's going on. The energy's bein' gathered here to heal the gash.
  • Cait Sith: It's trying to heal its wound by gathering all that energy here.
  • Vincent: It's amassed a vast amount of energy to heal itself.
  • Cid: Damn, this's somethin'. It's gathered all that energy to try an' heal itself.

Cloud: Sephiroth took that energy and is trying to use Meteor. Next time the wound won't be so small.

(Upon talking to the man in the black cape.)
NPC: ...b, ...i...roth...

(Upon reaching the misty path at the bottom of the crater.)

  • (If Tifa is in the party.)
    Tifa: The time has come to settle things with Sephiroth, huh? I, too, have lost many things because of Sephiroth. Let's go!
  • (If Tifa is not in the party.)
    Tifa: Cloud, wait for me!!
    Tifa: Please take me with you. You're going to have it out with Sephiroth, aren't you? Because of Sephiroth, I, too, have lost many things, so please take me along. Don't say no. Okay?......
    Cloud: It can't be helped......

(Upon talking to other party members.)

  • Barret: The rest is up to you!
  • Red XIII: I'm going to call everyone.
  • Yuffie: Are you saying you don't like me?
  • Cait Sith: I'll gather everybody, so you go on ahead.
  • Vincent: Don't be caught off guard...... Sephiroth may be near.
  • Cid: Man, I sure am thankful. Wanna rest a while?

(While progressing down the Whirlwind Maze.)
Cloud: That's......!!!

(On Rufus' airship.)
Rufus: So, I finally found you.

Scarlet: Kyaa haa hah.
Kyaa haa hah.
haa hah
This is incredible......

Heidegger: This is the Promised Land the President has been searching for!!

Rufus: But, I'll be the one who gets it.

Rufus: Sorry, old man.

Hojo: Heh heh heh...... That land is no one's. It's where the Reunion will take place...... They will all gather here......

Hojo: I wonder if we'll see......Sephiroth?

(On the Whirlwind Maze.)
Cloud: Rufus is coming here too?

(Upon reaching the screen with a wind barrier.)
Tifa: We need to cross when the wind is calm, or we'll get swept off!

(Upon talking to the men in capes.)

  • wh-...who---a
  • uph...Se...phi...roth...

(Upon encountering Sephiroth in the Whirlwind Maze.)
Sephiroth: This is the end...for all of you.

Cloud: Sephiroth!!!

Second party member: This is the end!

Sephiroth: You're right. This is the end of this body's usefulness.

Cloud: He disappeared!?

Tifa: He might still be nearby......

On-screen: Our purpose is to deliver the Black Materia to our master.

Cloud: Our...?

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: He got away?
  • Red XIII: I feel something...danger?
  • Cid: Hey, hey,! What's goin' on?
  • Yuffie: I was just getting into it!
  • Cait Sith: Vanished?...That can't be!
  • Vincent: Stay on alert. You never know when Sephiroth might appear.

On-screen: Those who carry Jenova's cells...

Cloud: Master...!?

On-screen: Of course...Sephiroth. Heh, heh, heh...

(After the battle with Jenova·DEATH.)
Cloud: Jenova's cells...

Cloud: ...hmm. So that's what this is all about. The Jenova Reunion...

Tifa: Not Sephiroth!? You mean all this time it wasn't Sephiroth we've been after?

Cloud: I'll explain later. Right now, the only thing I'm thinking about is beating Sephiroth.

Tifa: But Sephiroth is......

Cloud: He's here. The real Sephiroth is just beyond here. It's both incredibly wicked and cruel... But it's releasing a powerfully strong will from deep within this planet's wound.

On-screen: Received Key Item "Black Materia"!

Cloud: ...The Black Materia is back in our hands. Now all we have to do is defeat Sephiroth and that'll be the end of it.

Tifa: We'd better not take the Black Materia any further. Why don't you give it to someone else to hold on to?

(Upon talking to members who are in the party.)

  • Barret: Sephiroth...... What a damn crazy #*&^%.
  • Red XIII: What's happening, Cloud? That wasn't Sephiroth!
  • Yuffie: What!? You mean that wasn't Sephiroth? All that time I was following this ...thing?
  • Cait Sith: You serious!? That's not Sephiroth!
  • Vincent: You mean... we weren't in pursuit of Sephiroth...?
  • Cid: Hoo-boy...

(Upon talking to members not in the party, other than Barret or Red XIII.)

  • Cid: Me and Black Materia just don't mix.
  • Yuffie: I don't want anything to do with that Black Materia!
  • Cait Sith: No, not the Black Materia, please.
  • Vincent: How about if you hold on to the Black Materia?

(After talking to a member other than Barret or Red XIII.)
Cloud: I don't think I can...

(Upon talking to Barret or Red XIII.)

  • (Upon talking to Barret.)
    On-screen: Give the Black Materia to Barret?
    • (Upon se;ecting "Yes".)
      Barret: Damn, man!...Pressure's on now.
      Cloud: Don't give it to ANYONE. I'm counting on you.
    • (Upon selecting "No".)
      Barret: Sephiroth...... What a damn crazy #*&^%.
  • (Upon talking to Red XIII.)
    On-screen: Give the Black Materia to Red XIII?
    • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
      Red XIII: You want me to take the Black Materia? ......all right, I understand.
      Cloud: Don't give it to ANYONE. I'm counting on you.
    • (Upon selecting "No".)
      Red XIII: Cloud, be careful!

(Upon talking to members not in the party after giving the Black Materia.)

  • Yuffie: Shouldn't we hurry? The real Sephiroth is still close, right?
  • Cait Sith: Something feels rea---lly weird here!
  • Vincent: You never know when Sephiroth may show up... so don't let your guard down.
  • Cid: Let me catch some shut-eye.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Let's find Sephiroth!!

Cloud: We're going in first! You guys stay and keep watch.

(Upon talking to the party member who has Black Materia.)

  • Barret: I'll take care of the Black Materia. No matter what happens, I'll be right here.
  • Red XIII: I'll protect the Black Materia no matter what!

(Upon reaching the Nibelheim illusion after entering the crater.)
Tifa: What is this? What happened?

Cloud: Calm down, Tifa. Sephiroth is near. Anything could happen.

Tifa: Nibelheim...

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Why Nibelheim!? Are you high on Mako or something?
  • Red XIII: But, why!? A dream? An illusion?
  • Yuffie: But why Nibelheim? This is freaky, REALLY freaky!
  • Cait Sith: But Tifa! Isn't this an illusion?
  • Vincent: it an illusion?
  • Cid: What the hell? Why Nibelheim!?

Cloud: This is an illusion Sephiroth made up. He's trying to confuse us. It'll be all right. As long as we know it's an illusion, there's nothing to be afraid of. Come on, let's keep going.

Tifa: Yeah, you're right...

Tifa: Look!!

Sephiroth (in illusion): All right, let's go.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: That ain't Cloud... The hell is he?
  • Red XIII: Cloud's not here... I wonder who......this is...?
  • Yuffie: Huh---! Cloud's not here.
  • Cait Sith: Cloud, something's strange here. Who is this guy?
  • Vincent: ...It's not Cloud. Who is this man?
  • Cid: Cloud's not here......

Tifa: Stop...Sephiroth.

Cloud: This is so stupid...

(Upon talking to the second party member.)

  • Barret: How the hell're we gonna get outta here?
  • Red XIII: Is this illusion going to continue forever? How do we get out of it?
  • Yuffie: I don't want to be in an illusion. Let's get back to the real world!
  • Cait Sith: Come on, we have to hurry back to the real world!
  • Vincent: Now,how can we get out of here...?
  • Cid: Hey, Cloud. Let's get back to the real world, huh.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Cloud... It's just an illusion. Don't worry about it...

(In the next area.)
Cloud: What'

Tifa: Stop it already!!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: This is bad... Just like Corel.
  • Red XIII: This is terrible... Did Sephiroth do this?
  • Yuffie: Wow...... I didn't know it was THIS bad...
  • Cait Sith: This is insane...
  • Vincent: ...All this... while I was sleeping...
  • Cid: This is terrible...

Cloud: ...This is what actually happened five years ago. But... It's probably not me that's going to come out of the Shinra mansion. He's going to try and show us another stupid illusion.

Cloud: See...didn't I tell you?

Zangan (in illusion): Hey it's you! You're still sane, right? Then come over here and help me!

Tifa: I don't want this. Cloud...don't watch.

Zangan (in illusion): I'll check this house. You check that one over there!

Cloud: ...What's wrong, Tifa? I told you before, right? As long as we know that it's just an illusion, there's no need to be scared.

(In the next area.)

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Hey, you awright!?
    Barret: Damn! This was an illusion.
  • Red XIII: You all right!!
    Red XIII: We were in an illusion...
  • Yuffie: He...hey, you! You alright!?
    Yuffie: Oh, a dream! But it felt so real...
  • Cait Sith: Everyone OK!?
    Cait Sith: Umm...this was a hallucination.
  • Vincent: ...You all right?
    Vincent: was an illusion.
  • Cid: He...hey you! You alright!?
    Cid: Damn! This was all made up.

Cloud: Sephiroth! I know you're listening! I know what you want to say! That I wasn't in Nibelheim five years ago. That's it, isn't it?

Sephiroth: I see you finally understand.

Cloud: What you are trying to say is that you want to confuse me, right? But...even making me see those things won't affect me. I remember it all. The heat of the fire...the pain in my body... and in my heart!

Sephiroth: Oh, is that so? You are just a puppet... You have no heart...and cannot feel any pain... How can there be any meaning in the memory of such a being? What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion.

(Upon talking to another party member.)
Party member: Cloud...

(Upon talking to Sephiroth.)
Sephiroth: ...Do you understand?

Cloud: I don't want to understand. But, I want to ask you one thing. Why...why are you doing this?

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha...... I want to take you back to your real self. The one who gave me the Black Materia that day... Who would have ever thought a failed experiment would prove so useful? Hojo would die if he knew.

Cloud: Hojo!? What does he have to do with me!?

Sephiroth: Five years ago you were... ...constructed by Hojo, piece by piece, right after Nibelheim was burnt. A puppet made up of vibrant Jenova cells, her knowledge, and the power of the Mako. An incomplete Sephiroth-clone. Not even given a number. ...That is your reality.

(Upon talking to Sephiroth again.)
Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha......

(Upon talking to Tifa.)

Tifa: Cloud... Don't listen to him... Close your ears! Close your eyes!

Cloud: What's wrong, Tifa? I'm not affected by it. ...I wasn't paying attention to him.

Tifa: All that talk of Hojo constructing you is a lie. Don't we have our memories together? Being kids together, starlit nights...

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha...Tifa... Why are you so worried and scared by those words? Hmm...Shall I show everyone here what's in your heart?

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha... You look like you're not feeling well.

Cloud: ...Tifa? Is Sephiroth right?

(Upon talking to Tifa again.)
Tifa: Cloud...

Cloud: Why are you so scared? Don't worry about me. I'm all right. No matter how confused I am, I'll never believe a word that Sephiroth says.

Cloud: It's true that sometimes I can't figure out who I am. There's a lot of things muddled up in my memories.

Cloud: But, Tifa...... But you said, 'Long time no see, Cloud' right? Those words will always support me. I am the one you grew up with. I'm Cloud of Nibelheim. No matter how much I lose faith in myself, that is the truth.

Cloud: That's why you shouldn't be so scared. No matter what anyone else says to me, it's your attitude that counts...

Tifa: No, that's not true, Cloud......

Cloud: What's not? Aren't I the same Cloud you grew up with?

Tifa: That's not what I mean... I don't know how to say it... Cloud, I need some time... Just give me a little time...

Sephiroth: Cloud... Don't blame Tifa. The ability to change one's looks, voice, and words, is the power of Jenova. Inside of you, Jenova has merged with Tifa's memories, creating you. Out of Tifa's memory...... A boy named Cloud might've just been a part of them.

Tifa: Cloud... Please...don't think right now.

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha...... Think, Cloud! ...Cloud? Ha, ha, ha......Oh, excuse me. You never had a name...

Cloud: Shut up...Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: You still don't understand? Then... Do you remember the picture that we took before we headed for Mt. Nibel?

Sephiroth: ...Tifa, you remember, right? But there is no way he would know. Now...what happened to that picture?

Sephiroth: this it? ...Do you want to see it? It turned out pretty good.

Tifa: Cloud...don't...

Cloud: I...should be in the picture. Even if I'm not in there, no worry. This is just an illusory world Sephiroth made up.

Cloud: ...Just as I thought. This picture's a fake. The truth is in my memory. ...Five years ago, I came back to Nibelheim, to inspect the reactor. I was sixteen. The town hadn't changed at all. What did I do...? Oh yeah...

  • (If the player went into Cloud's house during "The Tragedy of Five Years Ago" flashback.)
    Cloud: I saw my mom. I saw the people in town.
  • (If the player went into Tifa's room during "The Tragedy of Five Years Ago" flashback.)
    Cloud: Yeah, I went to Tifa's room. There, I...
    • (If the player played Tifa's piano during "The Tragedy of Five Years Ago" flashback.)
      Cloud: I played the piano!
    • (If the player obtained Orthopedic Underwear during "The Tragedy of Five Years Ago" flashback.)
      Cloud: I looked in the drawers!
    • (If the player read Tifa's entire letter during "The Tragedy of Five Years Ago" flashback.)
      Cloud: I read the letter addressed to Tifa!

Cloud: I spent the night and went to the reactor in Mt. Nibel. I was excited about it. Because that was my first mission after becoming First Class in SOLDIER.

Cloud: ...SOLDIER, First Class?

Cloud: ...SOLDIER? When did I enter SOLDIER? How did I join SOLDIER? Why...why can't I remember?

Cloud: I'm...I'm...

Cloud: That's right...

Cloud: ...I didn't have to worry about it, because I was...

Tifa: ......Cloud?

Cloud: Let's go, Tifa. I'm...I'm all right.

(Inside Northern Cave.)
Scarlet: Wow!! That's amazing! It's all Materia!!

Rufus: The outside is rich with Mako energy. The inside is a treasure trove of Materia. This truly is the Promised Land.

Hojo: There is no such thing as the Promised Land. it's a old wives tale...'s utterly ridiculous.

Rufus: Everything's as I imagined it to be. Isn't it splendid? It is that kind of dullness that makes you a second-rate scientist.

Rufus: What's happening?

Scarlet: It's coming from within the wall! Something's in there! It's moving!

Hojo: Weapon... Then it really does exist... I didn't believe in it.

Rufus: What does this mean?

Hojo: ...Weapon. Monsters created by the Planet. It appears when the Planet is in danger, reducing everything to nothingness. That's what was stated in Professor Gast's report.

Rufus: I never saw that report... Where is it?

Hojo: Here, right here.

Rufus: You keep a lot of things to yourself.

(In the Whirldwind Maze.)

  • (If Barret was given the Black Materia.)
    Barret: Are Cloud and the others awright?
    Barret: But what's up with that? One little piece of materia, destroying the planet...
    Barret: What the ......?
    Barret: The hell was that?
    Barret: H, huh!?
    Barret: Hey...Guys!
    Barret: Where are we? Where did we end up?
    Tifa: Barret, you're here! I'm so glad!!
    Barret: Tifa!!
    Barret: Something's weird here! It got pitch black all of a sudden, and everyone disappeared!
  • (If Red XIII was given the Black Materia.)
    Red XIII: I wonder how Cloud and the others are...
    Red XIII: It's hard to believe... such a small piece of materia is able to destroy the Planet...
    Red XIII: What the!?
    Red XIII: Is everyone all right?
    Red XIII: What's going on?
    Red XIII: Where am I!? Don't leave me alone!
    Tifa: Red XIII, you're here! I'm so glad!!
    Red XIII: Tifa!!
    Red XIII: Something is strange... Why was it dark all of a sudden and where is everybody?

Tifa: Everyone's waiting! Cloud's in trouble! Please come. Help us! Over there!

(Depending on who has Black Materia.)

  • Barret: Yea...yeah! I don't know what's goin' on, but let's just get on with it.
  • Red XIII: R, right! I'm not sure I understand... but I'll go if you want me to.

Tifa: ......hee hee hee... And remember...

Sephiroth: ...the Black Materia!

(Inside Northern Cave.)
Scarlet: Mr.President... I've got a bad feeling about this place...

Rufus: Hmm...maybe we should go back to our ship now. We need to prepare for the inspection anyway.

Scarlet: Hey!!! Where did you come from?

Cloud: ...don't know...

Cloud: This place is going to get rough. Better leave things to me and get out of here while you still can!!

Rufus: Leave things to you? Hmph...I don't know what you mean.

Cloud: This is where the Reunion is happening. Where everything begins and ends.

Tifa: Cloud!!

(Depending on who has Black Materia.)

  • Barret: Hey! We're here to help you!
  • Red XIII: I'm here! I'm here to help you, Cloud!

(While pressing buttons rapidly.)

  • (If Barret has Black Materia.)
    Cloud: Thanks... Barret. Where's the Black Materia?
    Tifa: Cloud!!
    Barret: It's safe. I have it.
    Cloud: I'll take it from here. Give me the ...Black Materia.
    Tifa: You can't hear my voice?
    Barret: You alright?
    Barret: Okay then, here. Had a lot of pressure holding this thing.
  • (If Red XIII has Black Materia.)
    Cloud: Thanks... Red XIII. Where's the Black Materia?
    Tifa: Cloud!!
    Red XIII: It's safe. I'm holding on to it.
    Cloud: I'll take it from here. Give me the ...Black Materia.
    Tifa: You can't hear my voice?
    Red XIII: Are you all right, Cloud?
    Red XIII: Then... here you go. I was a little apprehensive holding this thing.

Tifa: No, don't!!! Please! Stop Cloud!

Cloud: Thanks. ......leave the rest to me

On-screen (red): Come on. The Black Materia...

On-screen: Please wait! Just a little longer!!

Cloud: Everyone, thanks for everything. And...I'm sorry.

Cloud: ...Sorry.

Cloud: ...Sorry.

Cloud: Especially you, Tifa. I'm really sorry. You've been so good to me...... I don't know what to say...

Cloud: I never lived up to being 'Cloud'. Tifa...... Maybe one day you'll meet the real 'Cloud'.

Hojo: Ha,ha,ha... this is perfect!!! It means that my experiment was a complete success.

Hojo: What number were you? Huh? Where is your tattoo?

Cloud: Professor Hojo... I don't have a number. You didn't give me one because you said I was a failed experiment.

Hojo: What the--? You mean only a failure made it here?

Cloud: Professor...please give me a number. Please, Professor...

Hojo: Shut up, miserable failure...

Rufus: Who...was that?

Hojo: ...He's a Sephiroth-clone I created after the real Sephiroth died five years ago. Jenova cells and Mako, with my knowledge and skills, have been combined with science and nature to bring him to life.

Hojo: ...I'm not wild about the failure part, but the Jenova Reunion Theory has now been proven.

Hojo: You see, even if Jenova's body is dismembered, it will eventually become one again. That's what is meant by Jenova's Reunion. I have been waiting for the Reunion to start. Five years have passed, and now the Clones have begun to return.

Hojo: I thought the clones would begin to gather at Midgar where Jenova is stored. But my predictions were not entirely correct. Jenova itself began to move away from the Shinra Building.

Hojo: But being a genius that I am, I soon figured it out. You see it was all Sephiroth's doing. Sephiroth is not just content to diffuse his will into the Lifestream; he wants to manipulate the Clones himself.

Cloud: Yes, that was how it got started.

Hojo: I wondered where the clones were going, but I was never able to figure it out.

On-screen: I couldn't figure it out, either.

Hojo: The one thing that I did know was that Sephiroth was at their final destination.

Cloud: I wasn't pursuing Sephiroth. I was being summoned by Sephiroth. All the anger and hatred I bore him, made it impossible for me to ever forget him. That and what he gave me.

Cloud: Sephiroth? Sephiroth? I'm here. And I brought you the Black Materia.

Cloud: Show yourself to me. Where are you?

Cloud: Sephiroth... So we finally meet again.

Hojo: Did you see it!! It's Sephiroth! So he IS here!

Hojo: This is perfect! Both Jenova's Reunion and Sephiroth's will! They won't be diffused into the Lifestream, but gathered here! Mwa, haa, ha,......

Tifa: What are you so happy about, Professor? You know what this means, don't you? Cloud has the Black Materia! Sephiroth is going to summon Meteor! Every single person is going to die!

Rufus: Whatever I say now is too little... too late......We must evacuate.

Rufus: I want you all to come with me. There is still much more I want to hear.

(Depending on who had Black Materia.)

  • Barret: Yo! Cloud! Stop! Knock it off!
  • Red XIII: Cloud, NO! Stop! Please!

Tifa: Cloud------!!

Act 3: Turmoil[]

In a World Approaching Its End[]

(During Tifa's dream.)
Tifa: Cloud...

Tifa: Cloud...

Tifa: ......I didn't know what to do. I was always like that...

(During Tifa's flashback in the Sector 7 station.)
NPC: What's the matter?

Cloud: ohhh...

NPC: ......poor kid.

Cloud: Ooouugh......

Tifa (in flashback): Are you all right?

Cloud: oo...uh...agh

Cloud: Uh...uh...Tifa...?

Cloud: Tifa...?

Cloud: Tifa!

Tifa (in flashback): ...............?

Tifa (in flashback): Oh, Cloud!

Cloud: That's right. I'm Cloud.

Tifa (in flashback): Is it really you, Cloud? I never thought I'd find you here!

Cloud: Yeah, it's been a while.

Tifa (in flashback): What happened to you? You don't look well.

Cloud: ......Yeah? It's nothing. I'm okay.

Tifa (in flashback): How long has it been?

Cloud: Five years.

Tifa (in flashback): ............

Cloud: What is it?

Tifa (in flashback):'s really been a long time.

Tifa: Actually, it's been seven years. You got your wish and joined SOLDIER, quit after the Sephiroth incident, and now you're a mercenary...

Tifa: You told me a lot about what happened after you left Nibelheim... But... ...Something's wrong. I felt there was something strange about the things you talked about. All the things you didn't know that you should, And other things you shouldn't know that you did... I wanted to make sure... But then I were going far away...

(After flashback, still during dream.)
Tifa: And I didn't want that... ...I didn't know what to do. So, I thought I needed more time. And that's why I told you about the AVALANCHE job. I wanted to be with you, watch you.

(After Tifa's dream, in Junon.)
Tifa: ...ding......

Barret: Huh?

Tifa: The glare...

Barret: You'll be better soon. You've been asleep for a long time.

Tifa: I'm......hungry...

Barret: Hey, why don't you ask?

Barret: About him.

Tifa: ...Because I'm scared.

Barret: Don't worry. I don't know what happened to Cloud either.

Barret: Guess I shouldn't tell you not to worry... None of them know if he's all right either.

Tifa: He's still...alive, right?

Tifa: How long...was I asleep?

Barret: Lessee now...... Must've been about 7 days.

Tifa: What about Sephiroth?

Barret: You ain't over it yet. Remember that huge light, in the Northern Cave? Since then, the crater's been surrounded by a huge barrier of light. Everyone knows Sephiroth sleeps in that big hole, protected by the barrier. We can't do a damn thing about it. We just gotta wait till he wakes up.

Barret: An' on topa that, some huge monster called Weapon's been on a rampage.

Tifa: ...Weapon?

Barret: Remember that huge monster that was with Sephiroth, at the bottom of the crater? Well it's up here now. They say it's some legendary monster from the past.

Tifa: protecting Sephiroth?

Barret: Dunno. But he's up here goin' around tearin' shit up. Right now Rufus' fightin' it. I hate to say it, but he's got guts.

Barret: We shoulda been the ones to destroy it, but we ain't got no time...

Tifa: Time...

Tifa: ... Hey! How about Meteor?

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Tifa: Do we have to give up?

Barret: ...Dunno.

Rufus: I thought Cloud would show up to save you all... Professor Hojo wanted to check up on Cloud, too.

Tifa: What are you going to do to Cloud?

Rufus: Sephiroth's alter ego...

Rufus: Meteor has been summoned... Essentially, it's all but over now. So, there's no need for you now.

Rufus: No, maybe there is an important task for you...

Heidegger: President! Preparations for the public execution are complete.

Barret: Execution!? What're ya gonna get by executin' us?

Rufus: You are to be executed for causing this situation. People are ignorant. They'll feel better as long as someone is punished.

Barret: I take back what little praise I had for this damn jackass!

Rufus: Well, enjoy your last moments together.

Heidegger: I'll tie your arms now.

(Upon talking to soldiers on the path while following Tifa.)
NPC: You can't pass.

(Upon reaching the press room.)
Scarlet: Is everyone here? These are the ones who brought this madness into the world!

Barret: The hell are these people?

Scarlet: We will be broadcasting your miserable deaths live on national television.

Cait Sith: Scarlet, why a public execution in this day and age?

Scarlet: With the chaos resulting from the Meteor reports, we desperately need to rally public support... it's better that we punish somebody, anybody.

Tifa: You make me sick...

Scarlet: Ha, ha, ha, ha ! They'll never admit it, but everyone loves this stuff!

Scarlet: We'll start with this girl.

Barret: If you've gotta do me first!

Scarlet: Camera, this way! Make sure you get this, the audience just eats up tearful goodbyes!

Tifa: What are you doing!?

Scarlet: This is my special gas chamber. Take your time, and enjoy a slow painful death.

Scarlet: Stuck up ^%$#&!!

Scarlet: Well now, the show's about to begin. Ha, ha, ha !

On-screen: Emergency! Emergency!

On-screen: Weapon's approaching! Attention all military personnel: take your positions!

NPC: Oh no! It's Weapon!

NPC: Run!

Scarlet: Hey, hey, all of you!

Scarlet: Damn! Why now?

Cait Sith: How does it feel now, Scarlet?

Scarlet: Hmm, so you didn't run? I'm impressed. How do I feel? Right now......

Scarlet: Nngaaaaaahhhh!

Barret: Huh!? Sleeping gas?

NPC: Weirdo!!

(After battle with Attack Squad.)
Cait Sith: I'm here to help!

Barret: Why you......? Ain't you part of Shinra?

Cait Sith: Let's just say I'm against capital punishment. Besides... I hate this broad. Come on, we gotta help Tifa.

Cait Sith: I'll keep watch at the entrance.

(Upon talking to Scarlet.)
Scarlet: ......Fools...... I've already pushed... the switch...

(Upon repeated attempts to open the door.)
Barret: It won't open!

Heidegger: It's Weapon.

Rufus: There's been so many attacks lately. Can we handle it?

Heidegger: I believe so. Your orders?

Rufus: No need to ask.

Heidegger: We'll give it a shot from our big cannon.

Heidegger: Open cannon doors!! Activate cannon. Target: Weapon!! NPC: Preparations complete!

Heidegger: The cannon...

Heidegger: Fire----!!!

Rufus: Did we get 'em?

Heidegger: Seems so...

NPC: Weapon approaching!

NPC: Speed, 50 Knots!

NPC: It's heading right toward us!

Heidegger: It can't be! We hit it dead on!

Rufus: How about the cannon?

Heidegger: It'll take time to reload.

Rufus: Then use regular fire power in the mean time!

Heidegger: Yes sir! Open all artillery doors! Target: Weapon! Don't let it land!

NPC: Speed, 70 Knots!

On-screen: Weapon, closing in!!

Heidegger: Not good! It's attacking!

Tifa: Gas!!

Tifa: Barret, help!!

Barret: Hold your breath! Hold on as long as you can!

Tifa: Come on! I can't hold on forever!

Barret: Shi-!

(Upon talking to Cait Sith.)
Barret: The Gas Room's probably locked from a different room!

Cait Sith: Hmm, we gotta go with a different plan. Let's get out of this room first.

Barret: Tifa! I'll help you, I promise!

(Upon leaving the press room.)
Barret: No! They locked this too!

Scarlet: Fools. Now, you can't save the girl.

Scarlet: Ha, ha, ha, ha !!

Barret: Goddammit......!!

Cait Sith: OK, OK time for Plan B. Let's run to the airport!

Barret: Why the airport? An' leave Tifa there?

Cait Sith: Trust me, trust me. We gotta take a chance.

(Upon attempting to go down the wrong way.)
Cait Sith: Where you goin'? The airport's the other way.

(Upon reaching the street under the cannon.)

  • (If Yuffie was recruited.)
    Yuffie: I know you're in a hurry! But, please if I could have a word......
    Barret: Shu'up!! I'm in a hurry!
    On-screen : Kiiiiin...
    Yuffie: Don't make so much noise...... It's me, ME! Yuffie!
    Barret: The hell you doin' here!?
    Yuffie: I'll explain later! Now we gotta get to the airport!
  • (If Yuffie was not recruited.)
    Barret: Damn, man!

(Upon reaching the airship.)
Barret: Yo! You sure this is the right way? It's a dead end!

Cait Sith: Uh oh? Did I make a wrong turn?

Barret: You damn cat......! What the hell're we gonna do now? They all be comin' soon!

Barret: Yo, better watch my back till the end...partner!

On-screen: Move your feet and arms, then use your head to get out of the chair. Triangle...(Head) Square...(Right Arm) Circle...(Left Arm) X...(Legs)

(Upon attempting to use legs, legs, head, and legs.)
On-screen: Try different patterns. Try and combine two movements at once.

(After freeing Tifa.)
Tifa: Which button stops the gas...?

(Upon inspecting the exit after turning off the gas.)
Tifa: Open it---......

Scarlet: What d'you do? Hey! Open it!

Tifa: First you lock me in this weird place, and now you're telling me to come out? Make up your mind!

Scarlet: Our little game of hide and seek ends here. The execution may have been unsuccessful, but your death by falling from here and crashing into the water below still might be pretty exciting.

Scarlet: Stuck up to the end!

Tifa': Quit slapping me! You old wench!!! (Push the Circle button!)

On-screen: Circle button ... Slap

(Upon slapping Scarlet.)

  • What!?
  • Pay back!!
  • Stop it!
  • Same to you!!

(When Scarlet slaps Tifa.)

  • How can you!?
  • You!!
  • That hurts!
  • That's enough!

(If Tifa wins the fight.)
Scarlet: God! I can't stand it!

(After the fight.)
Scarlet: Take her away.

Scarlet: Now it's time to pay up. I'll really drop you if you don't settle down!

Scarlet: Ha, ha, ha, ha !

On-screen: Run...

On-screen: Run to the end of the Cannon!!

A Shocking Reunion[]

Barret: You okay?

Tifa: My cheeks hurt a bit.

Tifa: Forget about that, what's all this about?

Cait Sith: Well, I'll catch the details later. In any case, the Airship, Highwind, is now yours.

(Upon reaching the walkway to the cockpit.)
Barret: Dammit! Why didn't ya tell me you could fly an airship!?

Barret: I thought...... Tifa was gone for good.

Cait Sith: Sorry, but I had to do something to trick the enemy.

Cait Sith: Come on! Everyone is waiting!

Tifa: Everyone? Everyone's here?

(Upon reaching the cockpit.)
Cid: Welcome to my airship-the Highwind!

Cid: What's wrong!? You should be more excited than that!

Red XIII: Cid......

Cid: Yeah......

Tifa: Not enough crew.

(Upon talking to party members.)

  • Barret: What's that sad face for?
  • Cait Sith: Tifa, I'll give you information Shinra. Ask me if there's anything you don't understand.
  • Vincent: ......So glad you're all right Tifa.
  • Cid: Well, it takes all kinds.

(Upon talking to the crew member on the right.)
Pilot in training (LV3): Yaaaaahh! Don't talk to me right now!

(Upon talking to the first crew member on the left.)
NPC: Whenever anyone talks to me, I get all nervous and mess things up!

Cid: Hey you! What the hell are you doin'!?

(Upon talking to the second crew member on the left.)
NPC: All we have to do is just pilot. They don't have to talk to us.

Cid: Hey you! What the hell are you doin'!?

(Upon talking to Red XIII.)
Red XIII: Do you think we aren't strong enough without Cloud? Do you think we can't save the Planet alone?

Tifa: Meteor is coming, and Weapon is on the rampage...... At a time like this, I don't know what I'm supposed to do......

Tifa: No idea at all......

Barret: Get a hold of yourself Tifa! C'mon, let's think about this! No way we can get offa this train we're on!

Tifa: ......If only Cloud was here, everything would be fine.

Tifa: Cloud would...... Stand that cocky little way he did, and tell us what to do. He'd say, 'Everything's under control, Tifa.'

Barret: Tifa! When'd you become such a wimp!

Tifa: I'm sorry Barret. I'm kind of shocked myself. I'm so depressed.

Red XIII: And Tifa......the reason why we all thought it was Cloud was because......

Tifa: ......I know. That's why I want to make sure. That's why I have to see him again.

(Upon talking to party members.)

  • Barret: What? Does Cloud always gotta be around?...... We did fine without him in the beginning...... Right? An' what happened to tough girl I used to know? Where'd she go to?
  • Red XIII: Cheer up, Tifa......

(Upon talking to Cid.)
Cid: I want you to know that I didn't dislike him.

Cid: Gotta admit he was a strange dude. Just when you thought he was cool, he'd go and do some damn fool thing. And when you thought he was smart, he'd show how stupid he was.

Cid: Everything about him from his movements to his speech were kinda odd. Knowin' what I do now, I can see why he was that way. Well, as long as you stay alive, you just might see him again someday, so cheer up, sis.

Tifa: ......I'll be able to see him someday.

Cid: If we can find out where he is, the Highwind'll get us there in no time.

Red XIII: ......Maybe

Red XIII: Cloud is still stuck deep in the North Crater, where the ground cracked and swallowed him up...... Buried in the depths of the underground......

Tifa: Deep within the earth......are you talking about the Lifestream?

Red XIII: The Lifestream sometimes gushes out to the surface from cracks in the ocean floor. I heard that such a place exists. Maybe, just maybe Cloud's......

(Upon talking to the crew member on the right.)
Pilot in training (LV3): Waaaaah! Captain Cid!

Cid: Tifa, sorry, but I've gotta show this moron how to land the ship. Don't worry, it'll be done in a minute.

Cid: Oh, and Tifa...... No matter what your goal is, you've got to be prepared. Go to your room and get ready for our operation.

(Upon talking to Cid.)
Cid: I put a lot of things for the operation in your room, so put them in order.

(Upon talking to Yuffie in the cabin.)
Yuffie: Ha! Ha! ......urk!

Yuffie: Well......I'm glad you're safe.

Yuffie: I'm going to stay up here a little longer.

(Upon talking to her again.)
Yuffie: ......Urk!......I can't ride ships either in the air or water.

(Upon talking to the man in the operation room.)

  • (Before talking to the pilot.)
    NPC: Sorry!! Go speak to Captain Cid!
  • (After first talking to the pilot.)
    NPC: Tifa, thank you for a job well done!

(Upon talking to party members in the cockpit.)

  • Barret: Whenever I think of Cloud, everything gets all jumbled up. No matter how powerful Shinra or Hojo is, I can't believe they can create humans. But because of them, we know that Meteor is heading towards us...... Y'know, even if I saw him, I don't have a damn idea what I'd do......
  • Red XIII: There appears to be a small island near the Lifestream...... They said the Lifestream sometimes suddenly gushes out at the south island. I remember hearing about this from Seto when I was a child, but I don't remember much else...... I'm sorry......Tifa.
  • Cait Sith: Everything appears calm right now at Shinra. So now's the time to look for Cloud. I'm worried about him, too. I wonder where Cloud is. Or could he already be......
  • Vincent: Too much hope is the opposite of despair. An overpowering love may consume you in the end......
  • Cid: OK! You just signal when you're ready to fly full speed.

(Upon talking to the crew member on the right.)
Pilot in training (LV4): Eagggghh! Are we going?

  • (Upon selecting "We're going".)
    Pilot in training (LV4): Eagggggh! We're off!
    (Control airship.)
  • (Upon selecting "We're staying put", conversation ends.)

(Upon reaching the dog in the upper part of Mideel.)
Tifa: What's the matter? Are you all alone?

Tifa: You got lost didn't you? Separated from someone you love......? Silly thing...

NPC (1): ......guess it's been about a week now since he washed up here on the shore... Poor pokey-headed young thing...

NPC (2): It was really sad......but weird. He was holding this really long sword. I dunno. The whole thing feels unlucky to me. But the amazing thing was those weird blue eyes......

Tifa: Wha!?

Tifa: Wh......wait a minute!! What did you just say!?

Tifa: Excuse me! That young person you were just talking about......

NPC (1): Yeah...a villager found him a little ways down the coast... It was about a week ago I think.

NPC (2): Yeah, poor kid...... He must've drifted from somewhere pretty far away...

Tifa: Cloud!! It must be!! It's Cloud!!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: You sure!?
  • Red XIII: Over here!
  • Cid: Heh, good job, Tifa.
  • Yuffie: BINGO!!
  • Cait Sith: Jackpot!
  • Vincent: You've found him.

Tifa: So where is he? Is he safe!? Where is he now......?

NPC (1): Yeah...up ahead here... At the, uh, clinic.......

Tifa: He's alive...! Cloud...... Cloud's alive!!

Tifa: Cloud......!!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: Uh......!? Yo, Tifa!!
  • Red XIII: Halt!
  • Yuffie: Oh, HEY!
  • Cait Sith: Wait up!

Tifa: Cloud!?

Doctor: Here now. The way you're running around here, you'd think Meteor fell or something.

Tifa: I'm sorry, but I heard that a friend of mine was being taken care of here......

Doctor: A friend...?

Doctor: Oh yeah......! That young fellow!? Don't worry. Your friend is next door. But I'm afraid his condition is...

Tifa: Here?

Tifa: Over here.

Tifa: Cloud...!?

Tifa: Oh...Cloud!! I'm so glad you're safe!?

Tifa: ......!?

Tifa: Cloud......?


Tifa: Wh......what's wrong...... Cloud......?

Cloud: A...... Gurk......?

Tifa: Cloud! What happened to you......!?

Doctor: Mako poisoning...... Quite an advanced case...... It appears this young man's been exposed to a high level of Mako energy for a protracted period of time. He probably has no idea who or where he is now...... Poor fellow, his voice doesn't even work. He is literally miles away from us. Some place far away where no one's ever been... All alone......

Tifa: Doctor......!!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: That's bad......
  • Red XIII: How horrible......
  • Cid: Damn......that's evil.
  • Yuffie: You lyin' or what!?
  • Cait Sith: That's terrible......
  • Vincent: .........

Tifa: Cloud.......

Doctor: Ahem! Let us excuse ourselves.

Doctor: Listen, would you all mind...... waiting outside?

  • (If Barret is in the party.)
    Barret: .......

Tifa: Why......? What do you want me to do?

Tifa: Please, Cloud...... Talk to me....... Tell me you see me, that you can hear me...... Tell me, please......

Tifa: I came this far believing in the memories we have together... This isn't happening......! This is too cruel......

Tifa: Oh, Cloud......! I.........

(Depending on the first party member in the list below.)

  • Barret: So what about him? You know......Cloud?
  • Cid: Listen Doc, why don't you tell us the truth. What about Cloud? Is he all right?
  • Red XIII: Tell me doctor, is Cloud all right? I mean will he heal?
  • Cait Sith: Hey doctor, is Cloud all right? Is he gonna get better? Come on, tell us the truth
  • Yuffie: Hey doc, is he okay? Is he gonna heal?

Doctor: I'll say it again, he's got Mako poisoning. I've never seen a case this bad... An immense amount of Mako-drenched knowledge was put into his brain all at once...... No normal human could have survived it......It's a miracle he did!

(Depending on the first party member in the list below.)

  • Barret: No wonder...... After fallin' in the Lifestream an' bein' washed up here......
  • Cid: No wonder...... After all he fell into the Lifestream and was carried down here.
  • Red XIII: No wonder. He fell into the Lifestream and was washed up here......
  • Cait Sith: No wonder. After falling into the Lifestream......
  • Yuffie: No lie. After fallin' head first into the Lifestream.

Doctor: But remember, the light of hope can be found anywhere. Listen, if you give up hope... What will happen to him?

(Depending on the first party member in the list below.)

  • Barret: .......hope......
    Barret: Hey, but honestly, man...... Do I really want him to come back? What did he do for the world? What can he do for us from here on out? He may be nothing more than Sephiroth's shadow......
    Doctor: Is something wrong?
    Barret: No, nothin'. Nothin' at all, doc.
  • Cid: ......... Hope............ I guess that's all that's left for us now......
  • Red XIII: Hmm, I know he'll recover! Cloud was a strong member of SOLDIER.
  • Cait Sith: Yeah! I know Cloud'll get better! With friends like us worrying about him He can't go wrong.
  • Yuffie: Yeah, that's right. Besides, WE'RE here for him. He's gotta get better!

Tifa: .........

(Depending on the first party member in the list below.)

  • Barret: You okay?
  • Cid: You okay?
  • Red XIII: Are you all right, Tifa?
  • Cait Sith: You all right?
  • Yuffie: You okay, Tifa?

Tifa: Yes...... I'm sorry I had you all worried. And I have something I want to tell you all......

Tifa: I don't care about anything else, only Cloud...... I......want to be by his side......

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: Yeah, that's probably best...... For Cloud...... an' for you......
  • Red XIII: Yes, that's best!
  • Cid: Yeah. Right. Hang in there, Tifa.
  • Yuffie: You gotta do it then. You gotta live true to yourself.
  • Cait Sith: If Tifa was my nurse, I'd switch places with Cloud any day!
  • Vincent: Do what you wish.

Tifa: I'm sorry, everyone... At a time like this......

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Why you apologizin'? We'll come back again an' check on ya.
  • Red XIII: That's all right. We'll be by again.
  • Yuffie: No big, no big. I'll pop in again later.
  • Cait Sith: What're you talkin' about? Not even. We'll stop in again.
  • Vincent: Don't worry. We'll return and check on him later.
  • Cid: Don't worry. I'll stop by again sometime.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: You take care now, Tifa. And take care of Cloud.
  • Red XIII: Do your best, Tifa. Take care of Cloud.
  • Yuffie: Look after Cloud. Take care, Tifa.
  • Cait Sith: Hope Cloud gets better soon.
  • Vincent: Take care of him.
  • Cid: You hang in there, Tifa. Take care of Cloud.

Tifa: Right......

  • (If Barret is in the party.)
    Barret: Oh, and uh, Tifa... I don't like askin' this but...... Is he really your childhood friend? And not Sephiroth's shadow?
    Tifa: Huh!? Well...that is......
    Tifa: No, I'm sure of it!
    Barret: Yeah......? Okay then...... Sorry for askin' that.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: We gotta get back to the Highwind.
  • Red XIII: We should be getting back to the Highwind
  • Yuffie: Hey, shouldn't we be gettin' back to the Highwind?
  • Cait Sith: Well, I guess we'd better go back to the Highwind.
  • Vincent: Very well then, we should be getting back to the Highwind..
  • Cid: Now, we gotta be headin' back to the Highwind.

Struggle for the Huge Materia[]

Barret: What're we gonna do now! What can WE do?

Barret: Huh? Ain't there nothin' we can do? An' don' go tellin' us to wait for Cloud to get better.

Cait Sith: Oh, I've got some news.

Barret: Yeah, what!? That you a spy?

Cait Sith: Yeah...... I've already told you I was.

Cait Sith: Both gya ha ha and Kya ha ha , are up to something. Wanna eavesdrop?

(In the Shinra Building conference room.)
Rufus: Now then...... We're faced with two issues. 1 Destroy Meteor. 2 Remove the barrier around North Cave and defeat Sephiroth. Any ideas?

Heidegger: Gya haah hah hah! We already solved the first problem! Meteor will soon be smashed to bits! The plan has already been put in motion. Namely, to collect Huge Materia from each region.

Rufus: Well......

Scarlet: Huge Materia is a high density special type of materia made through a special compression process in Mako reactors. The energy extracted from it is 330 times the strength of normal materia. Ha, ha, ha! How about that!? We will gather all the Huge Materia together and ram it into Meteor. That will cause a huge explosion!! Reducing Meteor literally to bits.

Rufus: You're going to ram Meteor? Do you think we have the technology to do it?

Scarlet: Don't worry about that! More importantly, we've got to collect Huge Materia from each area.

Heidegger: We've already collected materia from Nibelheim. All that's left is "Corel" and "Fort Condor". I've already dispatched troops to Corel. Ghaa haah hah hah!

(In the Highwind.)
Barret: Corel! What else can they do to Corel!?

Red XIII: And the Huge Materia...... You mean the Huge Materia, don't you? I've heard about it. When, our small materia nears the larger one, something should happen. I'm certain of it. That's why we're using the power of materia in our fight......

Barret: Can't let Shinra get a hold of the Huge Materia!

Barret: Besides, when Cloud gets back, I wanna show him this Huge Materia. He's gonna be shocked.

Cait Sith: So, what are you saying, Barret? Even though you're always knocking him, you really want Cloud to return.

Barret: I ain't sayin' nothin' 'bout nothin'. You just...shut your face!

Barret: Every group's gotta have a leader. An' that's me! Or at least I wanna be... But I ain't cut out to be no leader. I never knew that till lately.

Barret: An' that's what is......

Cid: ......ZZZZ......hmph?

Cid: Wha? What's goin' on?

Barret: You been chosen to be the new leader.

Cid: Pain in the ass. Forget it.

Barret: But for us to fight, we gotta have Highwind, and you. We need it to save the Planet. An' who's runnin' this ship? You! That's why you're our new leader. Ain't no one else can.

Cid: Hm......this ship's gonna save the Planet, huh? Ain't that gonna be just a little tough?

Cid: Oh man, that went straight to my heart. I'm a man, too! Okay, I'll do it! Everyone, follow me!

Barret: Awright, now here's the first job. The Operation Room's waiting for you!

Cid: Yeah!!

(Upon talking to the pilot in the cockpit.)
Pilot in training (LV5): Eaggggghh! Congrats' on becoming our leader, Cap'n!

(Upon talking to the crew members on the left side.)

  • Good day, Captain!
  • Looks like you turned out to be the leader after all, Captain......

(Upon passing the cockpit walkway.)
Barret: Yo, Cid! When you're ready, we're headin' for the Corel Reactor. C'mon Mr.leader, you'd better hurry.

  • (If Yuffie was recruited.)
    Yuffie: Cid...... ????
    (Upon talking to Yuffie.)
    Yuffie: I know you're all dyin' to talk to a babe like me! But just leave me alone. This ship makes me......urk...!!

(Upon talking to the crew member in the operation room.)
NPC: Cid, thank you for a job well done!

(Upon talking to party members in the cockpit.)

  • Barret
    • (Before Corel Huge Materia quest.)
      Yo, Mr. Leader! Get your pilot ass up here!
    • (After Corel Huge Materia quest.)
      Huh? Mr. Leader, what's next!?
  • Red XIII:
    • (Before Corel Huge Materia quest.)
      Cid. Let's visit Cloud and Tifa from time to time.
    • (After Corel Huge Materia quest.)
      We'll do our best for Cloud and you. ......And Aeris, too.


    • (Before Corel Huge Materia quest.)
      Cid......I wish I had your go-get-them attitude. It appears my feelings vanished into thin air ever since I was in that long slumber......
    • (After Corel Huge Materia quest.)
      ......Don't expect anything else from me except fighting beside you. I don't have any comforting words. Of course, I don't believe you're the type of guy who needs kindness from other's......
  • Cait Sith: Hmmn, the Huge Materia is at Corel, Fort Condor...... I'm sure there was another place that had it. Where was that......?

(Upon talking to the pilot.)
Pilot in training (LV6): Yaah! Shall we take off?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    Pilot in training (LV6): Yaah! We're taking off!
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon returning to the airship after taking off.)

  • (Before Fort Condor or Corel Huge Materia quests.)
    Cid: Well, let's see...... What's a good place to head to? Corel? Fort Condor?
  • (Before Fort Condor Huge Materia quest, after Corel.)
    Cid: Where shall we go next? Shall we head for the Corel reactor?
  • (Before Corel Huge Materia quest, after Fort Condor.)
    Cid: What's next? Shall we head for Fort Condor?

(Upon talking to Tifa in the Mideel clinic.)
Tifa: Cloud...... I don't understand a word he's saying...... I'm such a fool...... I thought there was something that I could do for him......

(Upon talking to Cloud in the Mideel clinic.)
Cloud: uh......a.......aah...... ......... What...... What I?

(Upon talking to him again.)
Cloud: A billion mirror fragments...... small......light...... taken......angel's...... singing voices...... ......zeno......gias......

(Upon talking to him again.)

(Upon talking to the doctor.)
Doctor: I'm sorry...... But your friend's condition remains unchanged...... You'll have to be patient and wait this out. These things take time. Just like fine wine, time is of the essence.

(Upon talking to the nurse.)
NPC: Oh, hello. She always stays right by his side. She must really love him. Remember, even at a time like this you can never give up hope. You've got to be strong like her.

NPC: Well anyhow...... Hey,you all look terrible. Why don't you rest up for a while?

NPC: OK! Perfect! Well then,take care.

Fort Condor (after winning minigame or defeating Cmd. Grand Horn)

NPC: YES! We did it! That was wonderful! Thank you!! I doubt Shinra will attack now.

NPC: A, arrgghh...... Th, that light just now...... The condor...... The eggs......

NPC: What!? Would you go outside and see what it was?

(Upon attempting to go downstairs.)
NPC: Would you go check on it immediately?

(Upon talking to the man.)
NPC: Oh, it's you. Thanks a lot. Be sure and report to my father, too.

(Upon talking to him after obtaining the Phoenix Materia.)
NPC: Gone... Be sure and report to my father, too.

(Upon talking to the old man downstairs.)
NPC: Everyone, thanks. I really mean it. Thanks. Although there isn't anything we can give you, we'll make sure you can stop in and stay any time, so be sure to drop by. Yes, yes, and there's one thing I forgot to tell you......

On-screen: Received key item "Huge Materia"!

(Depending on party members.)[note 3]

  • Cid: Huh? What's this?
  • Barret: Damn man, it's Huge Materia.
  • Yuffie: Gotta have that materia!
  • Cait Sith: Hmm, you mean this?
  • Vincent: This is......

NPC: The truth is, this is the materia inside the reactor.

Cid: What the hell did we fight for?

NPC: We weren't protectin' the reactor, we were protectin' the condors. When that reactor was built, they forced us to help. That's how we knew what was inside the reactor. I knew this day would come, so after the Shinra left, I sneaked in and took the materia. I didn't mean to fool you, but I guess that's how it ended up. I'm really sorry.

Cid: Just forget about it. Anyway, we're still alive.

NPC: I see. If you put it that way...... we're really grateful.

(If the Corel Huge Materia quest was complete.)
Cid: So the last Huge Materia that Shinra's after's in the underwater reactor in Junon?

(Depending on party members.)

    • Barret: We gotta get there first and beat'em no matter what!
    • Red XIII: We must get there before them and stop them!
    • Yuffie: We gotta get there and stop 'em...
    • Vincent: Getting to the reactor before them...

Cid: But ya know, Shinra's probably on high alert since we always mess with 'em. How 'bout we take a break and go see that little fella for a bit?

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: You mus' mean Cloud......
  • Red XIII: You mean, Cloud...?
  • Cait Sith: You must mean Mr. Cloud......
  • Yuffie: Cloud, right...?
  • Vincent: Must be Cloud......

Cid: Yeah, I'm worried 'bout Tifa; she may've collapsed takin' care of the guy.

Fort Condor (after losing the battle)

NPC: ...... Even if you could only spare them......

(Depending on party members.)[note 3]

  • Cid: God! What the hell happened here!?
  • Barret: He's still alive.
  • Red XIII: Where are we?
  • Yuffie: Oh good, they're still alive.
  • Cait Sith: Oy! What on earth happened?
  • Vincent: Seems like we survived.

(Depending on party members.)

  • Cid: Damn!! I can't stand this!
  • Barret: Oh man...... You look like hell.
  • Red XIII: ......not enough strength.
  • Yuffie: Well, I'm just glad we're all alive.
  • Cait Sith: Things sure don't go smoothly.
  • Vincent: We might have underestimated the situation.

Cid: This ain't no joke, Jack.

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: Oh man, this is real bad.
  • Red XIII: Things don't seem too favorable.
  • Yuffie: I told you I'm not kidding!
  • Cait Sith: It'd be one thing if it was a joke, but this's the truth.
  • Vincent: This is a rather harsh reality.

(If the Corel Huge Materia quest was complete.)
Cid: It's Huge Materia that the Shinra's after...... The only one left is in the underwater reactor in Junon.

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: We gotta get there first and protect it!!
  • Red XIII: We must get there first and stop them.
  • Yuffie: We got to get there first and stop them......
  • Vincent: We've got to get there first and stop them.

Cid: Yeah, but ever since we got in their way the last time, they should've gotten a little more cautious. I doubt they'll fly right into action. I'm more concerned about him that anything else.

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: Cloud, it's you......
  • Red XIII: Yes, it's you Cloud......
  • Cait Sith: Cloud......
  • Yuffie: It is you Cloud......
  • Vincent: Cloud, it's you......

Cid: Yeah, and I'm worried that even Tifa's gonna fall over on her butt. Let's go back and see what's happening?...... to Mideel...

Corel Reactor

(Upon approaching the Corel Reactor entrance.)
NPC: You guys are...!

(After the Attack Squad battle.)
Cid: Guess we're safe for now...!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Red XIII: Ohh!
  • Vincent: !!
  • Yuffie: Wa...wait!
  • Barret: Da---mn!
  • Cait Sith: Wha...what is it, what is it!

Cid: Looks like they're takin' off with the Huge Materia in that train!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: NO! You damn boneheads!
  • Red XIII: Did the Shinra beat us!?
  • Yuffie: What are ya gonna do!? Huge Materia!?
  • Cait Sith:'re not thinking about giving up...
  • Vincent: ...go after them?

Cid: Hey, do you know who I am? I'm Cid - that's who the hell I am! Now just let me handle it!

Cid: Hey, hey, hey, hey---!

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: How can they even drive this?
  • Red XIII: It sure helped having Cid here. I had no idea he could drive a train...
  • Yuffie: Pretty good for an old guy. I'm impressed you can move this thing!
  • Cait Sith: Way to go, Mister! You used to drivin' this thing too?
  • Vincent: I'm impressed. You can drive this too...?

Cid: Don't ask me... I don't know!

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: What!?
  • Red XIII: Wa...What!?
  • Yuffie: What!? You serious!?
  • Cait Sith: Huh? What'd you just say!?
  • Vincent: Wha...what...!?

Cid: Don't worry! I can handle this kinda stuff! Two levers; one on the right and one on the left...

Cid: I see, just alternate the two levers up and down, right!? Judging from the enemy's speed, I'd say it'll take about 10 minutes. We're gonna fly!! Hold on tight!!

On-screen: left lever ...(Directional button up) right lever...(Triangle button)

(Upon catching up to the other train.)
Cid: All right! We're gonna jump!!

(Upon reaching the front cart.)
NPC: What the! guys!

Cid: All right--- Just hand over the Huge Materia!

NPC: Sh......

NPC: Whooooa----!

(After the Attack Squad battle.)
Cid: You got guts comin' after me! I'll never forget you!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: Got no time for that now!
  • Red XIII: We got it going, but what about the brakes?
  • Yuffie: Forget about the Huge Materia, WE'RE the ones in deep trouble!
  • Cait Sith: What are we gonna do, kill off the engineer!?
  • Vincent: Hit the brakes, Chief.

Cid: I KNOW, already! Just shut up and keep quiet! If we keep this up, we'll crash right into North Corel!

Cid: Let's see... If we alternately use the levers to accelerate,...

On-screen: left lever ...(up)Directional button up (down)Directional button down right lever...(up)Triangle button (down)X button

Cid: It should brake if we move the levers up or down simultaneously!

(While holding both up and Triangle, or down and X.)

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: Hey, it's not working!
  • Red XIII: We're gaining speed!
  • Cait Sith: Hey-------WAIT! ...other way, other way, other way!
  • Vincent: Isn't it... the other way?
  • Yuffie: What are you doin' accelerating!?

Cid: ^%#@! The other way!? Just watch, this time, I'll...

(After again holding both up and Triangle, or down and X.)

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: Hey...HEY HEY!!
  • Red XIII: WH000OOO----A!!
  • Yuffie: Get serious, you OLD MAN!!
  • Cait Sith: No...DON'T----!!
  • Vincent: ......!!

Cid: SHI--------!!

North Corel (after stopping train in time)

On-sscreen: Received Key Item "Huge Materia"!

(Upon talking to the man.)
NPC: You guys are really something!

(Upon talking to the old lady.)
NPC: You sure are brave. I'm impressed!

(Upon walking into town .)
NPC: Aren't you the ones that stopped the Shinra Train? The Shinra was just about to destroy our lives again...

  • (If Barret is in the party.)
    NPC: It might be full of junk, but this is the only home we got, Barret!!
    Barret: Of...of course! We're all born and raised in the coal mines!! No matter how tough it gets, our hearts burn bright red like coal!
  • (If Barret is not in the party.)
    NPC: To you it may be a junk yard, but to us its home.

NPC (1): To hell with Meteor! We're Coal Miners, ain't we? We'll dig a deep tunnel and hide from the Meteor!

NPC (2): That's it! Hey, kid! How about givin' somethin' to these guys fighting' the Shinra?

  • (If the player has space for materia.)
    NPC (3): I got it out of the well. Isn't it an amazing rock!!
    On-screen: Received "Ultima" Materia!
  • (If the player does not have space.)
    NPC (3): Whoops... You can't hold all that. Here, I'll keep some in my pocket and you can come by later and get it, OK?

NPC (1): Must've been a horrific battle. You have scars all over your body. I already talked to the Inn's owner, today you can rest for free.

(If the Fort Condor Huge Materia quest was complete.)
Cid : There's only one more Huge Materia the Shinra needs... That's the one at the Underwater Reactor.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: We'll get there first!
  • Red XIII: We HAVE to stop them!!
  • Yuffie: We've got to hurry and stop 'em!!
  • Cait Sith: We headin' out to the Underwater Reactor?
  • Vincent: Are we going to the Underwater Reactor?

Cid: With us always in their face, even the Shinra's gotta be getting tired of it all.

Cid: We have to hurry that much... ...right now I'm more worried about him than anything else!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Cloud...
  • Red XIII: Must be about Cloud...
  • Yuffie: You must be talking 'bout Cloud...
  • Cait Sith: Cloud...
  • Vincent: Cloud...

Cid: Yeah, and I'm worried about Tifa, too. Let's go see what's going on at Mideel...

North Corel (after catching up to the train but failing to stop it)

Cid: Oh ^%$#&$! We're gonna crash into North Corel!

NPC: You all right? Some townspeople carried you here so the Shinra wouldn't find you. How much more will they have to destroy before they're satisfied!?

(Upon leaving the train.)
Cid: ^$#@%$ ! We couldn't stop the train...

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: I did it again... I can't keep up with this.
  • Red XIII: I could never forgive Shinra!
  • Yuffie: I'd be sad if this place was my hometown...
  • Cait Sith: We got into this situation because we goofed...
  • Vincent: A spectacular sight...

(If the Fort Condor Huge Materia quest was complete.)
Cid : The Huge Materia that Shinra is after... The last one left is at the Junon Underwater reactor.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: We'll get there before 'em!
  • Red XIII: We HAVE to stop them!!
  • Yuffie: We've got to hurry and stop them!!
  • Cait Sith: Are we heading out to the Underwater reactor?
  • Vincent: Are we going to the Underwater Reactor?

Cid: Even if they are the Shinra, they should have a hard time with us getting in their way. I don't think we have to hurry that much... ...I just can't get that guy out of my head.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Cloud...
  • Red XIII: You must be talking about Cloud...
  • Yuffie: You must mean Cloud...
  • Cait Sith: Cloud...
  • Vincent: Cloud...

Cid: Yeah, and I'm worried about Tifa, too. Let's go see what's going on at Mideel...

North Corel (after failing to catch up to the train before time runs out)

Cid: DAMN! Sorry! I couldn't catch up to them!

Cid: Sorry... I never shoulda gave that Huge Materia to the Shinra so easily...

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Can't keep regrettin' the past... It's the future we gotta think about now.
  • Red XIII: What are we going to do now?
  • Yuffie: No use baggin' on yourself! It's not like you, OLD guy!
  • Cait Sith: It's not all over yet. Cheer up!
  • Vincent: ...Isn't is too early to give up?

(If the Fort Condor Huge Materia quest was complete.)
Cid : There's only one more Huge Materia the Shinra needs... That's the one at the Underwater Reactor.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: We'll get there first!
  • Red XIII: We HAVE to stop them!!
  • Yuffie: We've got to hurry and stop 'em!!
  • Cait Sith: We headin' out to the Underwater Reactor?
  • Vincent: Are we going to the Underwater Reactor?

Cid: With us always in their face, even the Shinra's gotta be getting tired of it all.

Cid: We have to hurry that much... ...right now I'm more worried about him than anything else!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Cloud...
  • Red XIII: Must be about Cloud...
  • Yuffie: You must be talking 'bout Cloud...
  • Cait Sith: Cloud...
  • Vincent: Cloud...

Cid: Yeah, and I'm worried about Tifa, too. Let's go see what's going on at Mideel...

After both Huge Materia quests

(Upon returning to the airship cockpit.)
Cid: Hey...... It's tough being the leader.

Cid: Cloud did a great job. Sheesh...... Shall we go to Mideel to check on things?

(Upon returning to the cockpit after taking off.)
Red XIII: I wonder how Cloud's doing. I wonder if Tifa needs a break...... I could look after him instead.

(Upon talking to to party members.)

  • Barret: Yo, wanna see what Tifa and the gang are doing?
  • Red XIII: Say Cid. I wonder how Tifa and Cloud......are doing.
  • Cait Sith: Shinra's......stopped. Now we've got to be careful. I know Heidegger and his gang are plotting something.
  • Vincent: You look really tired, maybe you're ready to give up being leader?

(Upon talking to the pilot on the right.)
pilot in training (LV7): Yaaah! Shall we take off?

  • (Upon selecting "Roger".)
    pilot in training (LV7): Man! We're taking off!
  • (Upon selecting "Negative", conversation ends.)

Searching for the You of That Day[]

(Upon talking to the nurse at the Mideel clinic.)
NPC: She's finally beginning to look a little tired... I hope she's all right. No change in his condition, and still she stays there doing her best. It must be tough on her. If she keeps this up she'll probably get sick......

NPC: Well anyhow...... Hey,you all look terrible. Why don't you rest up for a while?

NPC: OK! Perfect! Well then,take care.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa:'s no use......I don't understand a thing, Cloud. What should I do......? What if you never recover for the rest of your life?

Tifa: Eyaaah!?

Cloud: .......They're....... They're......coming.......!!

Cid: What did you say, Cloud!?


Cid: Damn. What the hell's goin' on!?

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: No way...... Is this......!?

(Upon talking to the doctor.)
Doctor: This isn't good!! It's big!

(Upon talking to the nurse.)
NPC: Eyaaah! I hate earthquakes!!

(Upon leaving the clinic.)
Cid: What's this...!?

Cid: The Lifestream is gushing up from below the surface of the earth!

Cid: Damn, that's......!? This is bad......!!

Tifa: Cid......!? What's wrong?

Cid: N, nothin'!! You and Cloud get inside quick!!

Tifa: But I......!?

Cid: Hey, don't worry about a thing. I ain't about to die that easily.

Tifa: Be careful...!

Cid: Okay, here I go! Watch this!!

Cid: Damn!! That &%$^%$ Weapon!! Of all the times to show up......!

Cid: OK then, come on!! You &$^%$!

(After the Ultimate Weapon battle.) Cid: You &^$#&$# ! You tryin' to escape?

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Damn, man. Just a little bit more an' I woudda smashed him......
  • Red XIII: Just a little more and I would have beaten him.
  • Yuffie: I swear, next time, that guy's dead meat!
  • Cait Sith: No matter how many lives I get, it ain't enough!
  • Vincent: Hmm...... Looks like escape is their best skill.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Looks like the Lifestream's settled down now too.
  • Red XIII: It looks like the Lifestream has settled as well.
  • Yuffie: Well at least the Lifestream's back to normal.
  • Cait Sith: Looks like the Lifestream's back under control too.
  • Vincent: And the Lifestream also appears to be normal.

Cid: Damn, you gotta be kiddin'......!!

Cid: Th, this's bad......! The main stream is kickin' up!! Somethin' way bigger than that last one is on its way!!

Cid: No good!! Get outta here......!!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Red XIII: But what about Tifa and Cloud!?
  • Yuffie: But what about Tifa and Cloud......!?
  • Cait Sith: But what about Cloud and the others......!?

Cid: Goddammit!! You don't have time to worry about anyone other than yourself! You don't know when that stream'll blow......

Cid: Whoa!!

Cid: There's no time, hurry!!

Cid: Tifa!! Cloud!! Get outta here!!

Tifa: This is bad...... The tremors are getting worse.

Tifa: Wait a minute, Cloud.

Tifa: Doctor! Shouldn't we move him somewhere rather than stay here...?

Doctor: Hmm...... It might be safer to take refuge in a wide open space.

Tifa: Don't you worry about a thing, Cloud...... I'll see to it that you get somewhere safe!

Doctor: No! The structure can't take it!! Hurry!

Tifa: Yes!

Tifa: Ready Cloud? We're leaving now!!

(After FMV.)
Tifa: Wh,where am I......? what's happening? I......?

Tifa: Where's Cloud......!? Cloud,where are you!?

Tifa: Huh......what......? Who......?

Tifa: Who is it......? I can't hear......

Tifa: Wait a minute......! I don't know anything about that!

Tifa: No! It's not me......! I'd never do anything like that!!

Tifa: No! Stop it......!! Stay back!

Tifa:! Please!!

Tifa: Cloud,help me!!

Tifa: Eyaaaaghh......!!

Tifa: ............ Where am I......?

Tifa: Cloud!?

Tifa: What is it, Cloud? What is this......!? Is this the inside of your dreams? Or is it...... your......subconsciousness......?

Tifa: You're searching, aren't you Cloud? Searching......for yourself......

Tifa: I can help too. We'll work together to try and get the real you back!

Tifa: But...... Where do we start......?

(Upon inspecting the Cloud on the left side.)
Cloud: That starry night at the well...... The promise we made that night...... What if that memory was all a lie?

(Upon inspecting the Cloud on the bottom right.)
Cloud: ............a sealed up secret......wish....... Tender feelings....... that no one can ever know......

(Upon inspecting Cloud at the top.)
Cloud: The gates of Nibelheim... Five years ago, Sephiroth passed through these gates...... And...... That's how it all started.......

Tifa: It connects....... to Nibelheim......?

Tifa: That's right... It's probably best to start from there......

(Upon entering the Nibelheim area at the top.)
Tifa: Let's go have a look, Cloud. I know it's not easy...... But I'll be right with you......

Tifa: Cloud...look.

Tifa: Here's the well...

Tifa: And that's Gramps' Inn, too.

Tifa: The only truck in town. It's been here since we were little kids, right?

Tifa: This is the Nibelheim you remember, right? It's the same as my Nibelheim. That's why this place is......our Nibelheim.

(Upon talking to Cloud.)
Tifa: Five Years ago...two men from SOLDIER came... Sephiroth and...... a young and vibrant soldier. Can you tell me again what happened?

Sephiroth (in vision): How does it feel?

Tifa: Five Years ago...I saw the real Sephiroth for the very first time.

Sephiroth (in vision): It's your first time back to your hometown in a long time, right?

Sephiroth (in vision): So how does it feel? I wouldn't know because I don't have a hometown...

Cloud (in vision): 'bout your parents?

Tifa: So this is...the Great Sephiroth.

Sephiroth (in vision): My mother is Jenova. She died right after she gave birth to me. My father...

Tifa: But to tell you the truth, I thought he was very cold.

Sephiroth (in vision): What does it matter...?

Sephiroth (in vision): All right, let's go.

Tifa: I remember, I felt a foreboding about him.

Tifa: No, Cloud. I've been hiding it for some time, afraid that if I told you ...something terrible might happen. But, I'm not going to hide anything anymore.

Tifa: You weren't here. Cloud did not come to Nibelheim five years ago.

Tifa: I...waited. But, Cloud...never came. The two that were ordered here were Sephiroth and another person...

Sephiroth (in vision): All right, let's go.

Cloud: You mean that member of SOLDIER who came with Sephiroth wasn't......Cloud......?

Tifa: There's nothing...... I can say...... You must find the answer yourself...... If you can't...... Then you......

Tifa: Take your time, Cloud. Slowly......little by little, okay?

(Upon inspecting the Cloud on the bottom right.)
Cloud: .......a sealed up secret......wish....... Tender feelings...... that no one can ever know.........

(Upon inspecting the Cloud on the left side.)
Cloud: That starry night at the well...... And our promise that night... What if the memory was just a lie?

Tifa: Don't hurry, Cloud...... Don't answer too quickly. Just keep checking all those small emotions and it'll come back...... Slowly......little by little......

Tifa: the sky that night...... the heavens were filled with stars......

Tifa: From the beginning...OK?

Tifa: Try and remember, Cloud.

Tifa: Right, I was wearing these clothes.

Tifa: That's you, too. You were so small then...... ...and cute.

Tifa: Sephiroth once said... Cloud made up his memories by listening to my stories... Did you imagine this sky? No, you remembered it.

Tifa: That night the stars were gorgeous. It was just Cloud and I. We talked at the well... That's why I continued to believe that you were the real Cloud.

Tifa: I still believe you're the Cloud from Nibelheim... But you don't believe in yourself... These memories aren't enough.

Tifa: Cloud, what about your other memories?

Tifa: No, not memories. A memory is something that has to be consciously recalled, right? That's why sometimes it can be mistaken and a different thing......

Tifa: But it's different from a memory locked deep within your heart...... That's why it must be a fake. If he could recall up that memory......

Tifa: That's it! What about some memory that has to do with me? I say something and you don't remember it...... But you say something, and I remember it, too... Then we'll know that's our memory......

Tifa: Talk to me. About anything, some important memory to you...

Tifa: Now that you mention it, why did you want to join SOLDIER in the first place? I always thought it was a sudden decision you made......

Cloud: ......I was devastated. ......I wanted to be noticed.

Cloud: I thought if I got stronger I could get someone to notice......

Tifa: Someone to notice you...? ......who?

Cloud: Who......? ......You know who! ......You, that's who.

Cloud: You.......

Tifa: ......Me? Why!?

Cloud: Tifa......did you forget...... about those days?

Tifa: Look......I...... I'm sorry...... But what are you talking about?

Cloud:'s all right. You were having a hard time back then. You were so busy with your own things, it's only natural you don't remember me back then.

Tifa: 'Back then'?

Cloud: It's important to me...... I hate to say it but... It's a very important memory...... Do you want to see it?

(Upon talking to the Cloud on the left side.)
Cloud: A promise under a starry sky... But what if even that was a memory that Tifa imagined......?

(Upon talking to the Cloud at the top.)
Cloud: You mean that member of SOLDIER who came with Sephiroth to Nibelheim wasn't Cloud...?

(Upon talking to the young Cloud.)
Cloud: Come on, hurry.

(Upon inspecting the Cloud on the bottom right.)
Cloud: ......a sealed up secret......wish...... Tender memories...... no one can ever know.........

(Upon talking to the young Cloud.)
Cloud: Do you know where this window goes to, Tifa? Fine......I'll go.

Tifa: My room?

Cloud: It was my first time there.


Cloud: I only used to look up at it from outside.

NPC (in vision): Hey, look!

NPC (in vision): Cloud's coming!

NPC (in vision): You think he wants to come in?

Tifa: Was that the first day you came into my room?

Tifa: ...that's right. We lived next to each other. But I really didn't know you that well.

Tifa: I've known you since we were children and always thought we were close...

Tifa: Now that you mention it...I don't recall you ever being in my room...

Cloud: Tifa always used to be with this three-some.

Tifa: ...That's right.

Cloud: I used to think...they were all stupid.

Tifa: What!?

Cloud: You were all childish, laughing at every little stupid thing.

Tifa: But we were children, back then.

Cloud: ...I know. I'm the one that was stupid. I really wanted to play with everyone, but I was never allowed into the group.

Cloud: Then later... I began to think I was different... That I was different from those immature kids. That then...maybe...

Cloud: Just maybe, they would invite me in. I thought that might happen, so I hung around...

Cloud: I was so prejudiced. And...weak.

Cloud: That night I called Tifa out to the well... I thought to myself Tifa would never come...that she hated me.

Tifa: was so sudden. I was...a bit surprised.

Tifa: But... It's true that we weren't THAT close, but... After you left town, I really thought about you a lot. I used to wonder how Cloud was doing. I wonder if Cloud was able to get into SOLDIER? I started reading the newspapers, thinking that there might be an article about you.

Cloud: Thanks, Tifa. Tell him what you told me, later. He'll probably be so happy.

Tifa: OK!

Tifa: Huh? What happened on this day? Was it a special day? This was the day...

Cloud: Tifa's mother...

Tifa: The day Mom died...

Tifa (in illusion): I

Tifa (in illusion): ...I wonder if there's anything beyond that mountain?

NPC (1, in illusion): Mt. Nibel is scary. Many people have died there.

NPC (2, in illusion): No one crosses that mountain alive...

Tifa (in illusion): How 'bout those that died? Did mama pass through the mountains?

Tifa (in illusion) I'm going!

(Upon talking to the Cloud silhouette.)
Cloud: I don't remember the path I walked. Tifa missed her step. I ran to her...but didn't make it in time. Both of us fell off the cliff. Back then, I only scarred my knees but......

NPC (in illusion): Cloud! Why'd you bring Tifa to a place like this! What the hell's the matter with you!? What if she dies!?

Cloud: Tifa was in a coma for seven days. We all thought she wouldn't make it. If only I could've saved her... I was so angry... Angry at myself for my weakness.

Cloud: Ever since then, I felt Tifa blamed me... I got out of control... I'd get into fights not even caring who it was.

Cloud: That was the first time I heard about Sephiroth. If I got strong like Sephiroth, then everyone might...

Cloud: If I could just get stronger...... Then even Tifa would have to notice me......

Tifa: So that was it......

Tifa: Sorry, Cloud. If I had only remembered more clearly what happened, I could have done something sooner......

Cloud: It's not your fault, Tifa.

Tifa: But, I remember back when we were eight!

Tifa: That's it! Now I know! You weren't created five years ago. My childhood memories weren't all made up!

Tifa: Hang in there Cloud! Just a little longer! You've almost found the real you!

Tifa: Let's go back to Nibelheim again......!

(Upon talking to the Cloud at the top.)
Cloud: The truth is right there. We almost have the answer right in the palm of our hands.

(Upon entering the Nibelheim area.)
Tifa: Cloud, wait. Where are you going?

Cloud: ......The reactor......?

Cloud: To the reactor! The Mako reactor of five years ago!

Tifa: Hey! It's Cloud!

Cloud: Zack...

Tifa: You remembered!!

Tifa: That's right! It was Zack who came to Nibelheim with Sephiroth!

Tifa: Then, where were you, Cloud?

Tifa: Cloud... Did you...see it all?

Cloud: I saw...everything...

Sephiroth (in illusion): Aaarrrgh......who...who are you?

Cloud (in illusion): Mom... town...give it back...

Cloud (in illusion): I had so much respect for you... I admired you...

Tifa: Cloud!?

Tifa: That's what happened...

Tifa: ...You were there. You were watching me.

Tifa: Yeah, I remember.

Tifa: it was you.

Tifa (in illusion): Better take real good care of me then!

Zack (in illusion): Hey Cloud. If you're feeling sick, why don't you take that mask off?

Cloud (in illusion): Yeah......

Cloud: Yeah...this I...never made it as a member of SOLDIER. I even left my hometown telling everyone I was going to join, but... I was so embarrassed...... I didn't want to see anybody...

Sephiroth (in illusion): How does it feel?

Sephiroth (in illusion): It's your first time back to your hometown in a long time, right?

Cloud (in illusion): I'm...

Tifa: ...You came. ...You kept your promise. So you really did come when I was in trouble!

Cloud: Sorry... I didn't get enough...

Tifa: It's all right...Cloud.

Sephiroth (in illusion): Just like you.

Zack (in illusion): Cloud... Kill Sephiroth...

Cloud (in illusion): Sephiroth!!

Sephiroth (in illusion): Don't...push...your luck...

Sephiroth (in illusion): ...It can't be!

Tifa: Cloud......

Cloud: Then...this is goodbye, Tifa. Until we meet again......

Tifa: ............!?

(Upon inspecting the shadow at the center.)
Tifa: Cloud!!

Cloud: Uh...... Ah, Uh.......!

Cloud: Uh...... Tifa......

Tifa: Oh, Cloud......! It's really you, isn't it?

Cloud: Yeah...... Tifa...... We again......

Tifa: You stupid jerk!! You had us all worried sick!!

Cloud: Krgh......!

Tifa: Cloud!? Are you all right!?

Cloud: V, voice...... Their......

Tifa: I see. We're... in the Lifestream aren't we?

Tifa: Everyone's waiting. Let's go back, Cloud. Back to everyone......

Cloud: Yeah, I guess so... Come on, Tifa. Let's go home......

(In Mideel.)
Barret: Yo! You awright!? Tifa!?

Tifa: u...unn......?

Tifa: Barret... You came back. I...... Cloud... Where is he?

Barret: Don't worry about him. He's a tough one.

Tifa: Barret......I...... When I was in the Lifestream I saw the real Cloud. I mean, I didn't really find him. Cloud found himself on his own...

Barret: Awright, I know... I shouldn't have doubted him. But I can't win against you. You're some kinda lady.

Tifa: People have so many things pent up inside of themselves... And they can forget so many things...... Strange......isn't it....... .........

Barret: Yo, Tifa! Snap outta it!!

Barret: Tifa......!?

(In the Highwind operations room.)
Cloud: Everyone......I'm sorry. I don't know what to say......

Red XIII: Don't say anything, Cloud. All you've been doing is apologizing.

Cloud: I never was in SOLDIER. I made up the stories about what happened to me five years ago, about being in SOLDIER. I left my village looking for glory, but never made it in to SOLDIER...... I was so ashamed of being so weak; then I heard this story from my friend Zack... And I created an illusion of myself made up of what I had seen in my life...... And I continued to play the charade as if it were true.

Barret: Illusion, huh...? Pretty damn strong for a 'lusion, I'd say.

Cloud: I'm physically built like someone in SOLDIER. Hojo's plan to clone Sephiroth wasn't that difficult. It was just the same procedure they use when creating members of SOLDIER.

Cloud: You see, someone in SOLDIER isn't simply exposed to Mako energy. Their bodies are actually injected with Jenova cells......

Cloud: For better or worse, only the strong can enter SOLDIER. It has nothing to do with the Jenova Reunion. But weak me, get lost in the whole thing.

Cloud: The combination of Jenova cells, Sephiroth's strong will, and my own weakness are what created me. Everyone knew that. I'm......Cloud.

Cloud: ......the master of my own illusionary world. But I can't remain trapped in an illusion any more...... I'm going to live my life without pretending.

Tifa: You're sure messed up, Cloud!

Barret: That means there ain't no difference from before!

Cait Sith: By the way, Cloud. What are you going to do now? Don't tell me you're going to leave the ship?

Cloud: ......I'm the reason why Meteor is falling towards us. That's why I have to do everything in my power to fight this thing.

Barret: Good!! Then you're gonna keep fightin' to save the planet!?

Cloud: It's like you always told me, Barret.

Barret: Oh, uh, you mean that!

Red XIII: What? I don't understand!

Cloud: There ain't no gettin' offa this train we on!

Barret: There ain't no gettin' offa this train we on!

Tifa: The train we on don't make no stops!

Tifa: Let's do it, Cloud!

(Upon talking to the crew member in the room.)
NPC: Oh......oh...... Cloud......

(Upon leaving the room room.)
NPC: Cloud, I was deeply moved by your story! I'm really a weak person and so I could really understand how you feel, Cloud! No one knows when fighting will begin. But let's get ready!

(After selecting party members.) Cait Sith: Listen, Cloud. We're right in the middle of the mission for the Huge Materia, right?

Cait Sith: I know this's kinda outta the blue, but there's a underwater reactor at Junon. As far as I can see, that's the only one left. That's that. Let's go!

(Upon talking to party members.)

  • Tifa: Let's do our best, Cloud!
  • Barret: C'mon, Cloud! Don't #&$* around! We're goin' to Junon, boyeee!!
  • Red XIII: I'm glad you're back with us!
  • Cait Sith: This's kinda on the spur o' the moment, but shouldn't we oughta get to Junon!?
  • Vincent: Escape from a world of illusions... Hmph...I wonder which is better...?
  • Cid: I know how tough it is bein' a leader, because I've been one. I always forget who has what materia.

(Upon talking to Yuffie in the cabin, the first time.)
Yuffie: Huh? How would you even know? You don't know how tough it is...getting sick on boats and rides...... So, please......just leave me alone.

Cloud: ......I really do understand, Yuffie. When I get sick on a flight, it's a real killer. When I was in SOLDIER, I completely forgot about my motion sickness.

Yuffie: Oh...... Isn't there any way to prevent this?

Cloud: Well, according to my research...... First off, if you're nervous a lot, you won't get sick. But you can't always be nervous.

Cloud: With this much space, your best bet is to move around while you're riding. It also might be a good idea to stretch sometimes, too.

Cloud: But in SOLDIER, we spent a lot of time in trucks. That sucked!...... And there's one thing you mustn't do when riding. And that is......

Cloud: Read!

Cloud: Once you get sick, there's nothing anyone can do. I know it's tough......

Yuffie: you're a little better off than me. But I don't feel......well.

Yuffie: ......Urk...... ......I'm not down yet.

(Upon talking to Yuffie any subsequent time.)
Yuffie: Where's the next stop? Can't you get there any quicker? Cloud, put me in your party, so I can get off this ship.

(Upon talking to crew members on the left side of the cabin.)

  • Sorry, I'm in the middle of a very delicate operation!
  • Ahhhhh! Oh no, oh no, oh no!

(Upon talking to the crew member in the operations room.)
NPC: Thank you for a job well done! Your command?

  • (Upon selecting "(PHS)", open party menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "(SAVE)", open save menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "(HP/MP restored!)", fully heal.)

(Upon talking to the pilot.)
Learner Pilot (L8): Wanna Go?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", control airship.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

Act 4: Decisive Battle[]

Clash in the Deep Sea[]

(Upon reaching the street of Junon where the mako cannon used to be.)
Cloud: I may be mistaken, but...... Doesn't it feel like we're missing something?

(Upon reaching the underground path between lower and upper Junon where Shinra infantrymen are training.)
NPC: All right!! Let's see how hard you trained!

NPC: Attention! Charge--!!

NPC: He...hey--!! That's the Underwater Reactor!! Come back!!

(Upon reaching the elevator.)
NPC (1): How 'bout, whoever stays alive, gets to take her out?

NPC (2): All right, you're on!! But... What if both of us...

NPC (1): Whoa!! Don't even talk about that!

(Battle with Submarine Crew.)

(Upon talking to the lady in the elevator after the battle.)
NPC: ...gulp... (Great...there went two perfectly good men!)

(Upon exiting the elevator.)
NPC (1): OK! Back to work!! Back to work!!

NPC (2): Yawn...I'm sleepy!!

NPC (1): For Junon!!

(Battle with Submarine Crew.)

(Upon talking to the lone soldier found in the Underground Reactor entrance.)
NPC: You, you're Cloud!!!

(Battle with Submarine Crew.)

(Upon attempting to get through the guarded doorway in the Underground Reactor.)
NPC: You are NOT getting this Huge Materia!!

(Battle occurs with two Submarine Crew if the lone soldier was defeated, or three in a both sides battle if not.)

(Upon continuing down the next guarded doorway in the Underground Reactor.)
NPC: So you WERE after the Huge Materia!

(Battle with Underground MP.)

(Upon reaching the reactor core.)
Cloud: !? The Huge Materia!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Yuffie: Hey! A Crane Game!
  • Barret: Damn, just missed it!
  • Tifa: They're gonna take it on that submarine!
  • Cid: That's what you think! ^%$@#&$#!
  • Vincent: We were a little late...
  • Cait Sith: There's the submarine dock just ahead of us.
  • Red XIII: If we take a short cut, we might just make it......!

(Upon reaching the submarine dock.)
Cloud: Did we make it!?

(Upon approaching Reno.)
Reno: What are you doing? Help load.

Reno: Cloud!?

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: We're gonna help transport the Huge Materia...Reno!
  • Vincent: I refuse...
  • Red XIII: Help?
  • Cid: You know I don't work for cheap!
  • Tifa: Looks like we barely made it.
  • Yuffie: I'm SURE! You want me to do manual labor?

Cloud: Either give it to us or else. ...which is it gonna be?

Reno: Unfortunately, I don't have time to deal with you. My priority is the Huge Materia!

(After battle with Carry Armor.)
Cloud: Damn! The submarine!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Cait Sith: Oh no! It left the dock...
  • Barret: Damn! So they was just buyin' time!?
  • (If Yuffie is in the party, Cloud's name appears for the line, although Yuffie animates.)
    Cloud: !? The Huge Materia!
  • Tifa: We have to go after it!
  • Red XIII: But it's already in the water!
  • Vincent: There is one way...
  • Cid: Hold on to your horses! Let's get it from them!!

(Upon attempting to return to the previous room, depending on party members.)

  • Cid: Hey, hey, hey! Where do you think you're goin'?
  • Yuffie: Wait a sec! What about the Huge Materia---?
  • Cait Sith: Hey you! Where ya goin'?
  • Tifa: Cloud--! We have to go after Rude!
  • Barret: We ain't jes' gonna let them take the Huge Materia, are we?
  • Red XIII: Aren't we going after the Huge Materia?

(Upon approaching the soldiers by the submarine.)
NPC: Y, you...!

(Battle with Submarine Crew.)

(Upon continuing forward.)
NPC: You're not taking over this ship!

(Battle with Submarine Crew.)

(Upon entering the submarine.)

NPC (1): You want the Sub? Just try an' take it!

NPC (2): Um...sir! Maybe we shouldn't piss them off...

(After battle with Submarine Crew, if Barret is in the party.)
Barret: Come on, Cloud! Follow me!

Barret: Damn, man!! ......what the...? Hey yo! Remember I was the leader first, man!

Barret: Yo! We come a long ways since we got on that train! Lotsa things changed! This and that.

(Upon entering the control room.) NPC (1): NO, NO!! This is terrible!

NPC (2): We don't have much time left! I don't want to die!

NPC (3): There's still so much more I've got to do! I never even got to do my special victory dance in battle!

NPC (1): All right!! Then make this your first victory!! Go on, show 'em!!

NPC (2): Yes, sir!!

NPC (1): Remember your last training. Begin!!

NPC (1): Yes, sir!!

NPC (3): I'm back! An' now I got no regrets!!

NPC (1): ATT----ACK!!

Cloud: Hmmmm...

  • (Upon selecting "Fight them", battle begins with two Submarine Crew and Captain.)
    • (When Captain attacks.)
      Captain: Let me show you how it's done.
    • (When a Submarine Crew attacks.)
      NPC: Eyaaarrrgh!
    • (When Captain dies.)
      Captain: Ugh... they got me.
    • (When Submarine Crew A dies.)
      NPC: Captain... I can't hold on any longer!
    • (When Submarine Crew B dies.)
      NPC: The Special Pose...
  • (Upon selecting "Take them prisoner", the three move to the side and no battle or more dialogue commence.)

Cloud: Someone...please. I'm sorry I can't take it anymore The lack of space, the shaking, the roar of the engine...

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Stop your blubberin'!! How we gonna move this without you?
  • Tifa: What are we going to do... We stole a submarine but can't pilot it.
  • Red XIII: My legs can't budge it.
  • Yuffie: I...I can't... I'm history.
  • Cait Sith: I can't fit in this seat... No good!
  • Vincent: Better hurry. Reno's getting away.
  • Cid: DAMN-SAM! I've GOT to get back in the air!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Arrrrrrrgh!!
    Barret: EY!! Looks likes we're almost on our way! Just keep on fiddlin' with it!! It's all up to you!
  • Tifa: See!? Just fiddle with the controls, and we'll get somewhere!
    Tifa: Hey Cloud? Why don't you try piloting it? They say you don't get motion sickness if you're driving.
  • Red XIII: It moved!
    Red XIII: Cloud!! Try it!
  • Yuffie: HEY---! It's movin'!
    Yuffie: Oh man, this sucks!! Cloud, do something!
  • Cait Sith: It's movin'--- Keep it up, Cloud!
  • Vincent: I'm not very mechanical, but it seems like we're starting to move. Hang in there.
  • Cid: Hunka junk...just gotta do this!
    Cid: SEE! Now you take over!

Cloud: Hey, you're right... I DO feel a little better driving. No sweat. Just leave everything to me.

(Upon talking to party members.)

  • Barret: Don't worry! If it breaks down, I'll smack it one--that'll fix it!
  • Tifa: You can do it, Cloud!
  • Red XIII: Cloud!! Try it!
  • Cid: I'll be watchin' from here!
  • Yuffie: I'll hold my breath, so HURRY!
  • Cait Sith: Oh please drive safely, Cloud!
  • Vincent: Shinra's technology is really something.
  • Cid: I'll be watchin' from here!

(Upon talking to the hostages if the player took the crewmen prisoner.)

  • I thank you! I am happy to be a hostage!
  • Piloting a submarine is very difficult! I am completely clueless!
  • Hey! Who am I to know!

(Upon inspecting the panels.)
Cloud: Well, now what?

  • (Upon selecting "Read the manual".)
    • (The first time.)
      On-screen: Submarine Operation Manual - Beginner's Edition
      Button Placements
      Directional buttons Up : Descend Left : Left rotation Right : Right rotation Down : Ascend
      Buttons Triangle: Speed Up Square: Fire torpedo! X: Speed Down
      "Mission Orders" Presently on the ocean floor near Junon, a Red Leader Submarine carrying Huge Materia is being escorted by covert Shinra Submarine Units.
      Furthermore, it has been confirmed that several mines have been dispersed onto the ocean floor.
      The ocean floor can only be monitored with Shinra's Sonar Radar Screen.
      Enemy subs can only be detected within the Sonar area. Get in front of the detected enemy sub and "Lock On"!!
      Push Square button to fire the torpedo!
      The mines are found on the radar screen at the top of the indicators. The mines inflict great damage, so be careful!
      "Objective" Sink the Red Leader Submarine carrying the Huge Materia! Time Limit: 10 minutes!
      "Advice" 1. Get the enemy submarine in front of you! 2. Concentrate attack on the Red Leader Submarine! 3. If you lose track of the enemy, push the R1 button and use your radar!
    • (The second time.)
      On-screen: Submarine Operation Manual - Intermediate Edition
      "Radar Screen" The mines are found at the top of the indicators on the screen. The basic strategies are to 1)avoid the indicators, and 2) "Lock On" to enemies from behind. The lower gauge shows the sub's remaining power. The right gauge shows the sub's speed. Other warnings are as follows...
      WARNING...Enemy submarine detected nearby! ALERT...Approaching torpedo detected! MINE...Mine detected nearby! CONFLICT...Collision with the ocean floor!
    • (The third time.)
      On-screen: Submarine Operation Manual - Advanced Edition
      "LR Button/Start Button" L1: Climb R1: Laser sight L2: Dive R2: Change view Start Button: Help & PAUSE
      "How to release the "Lock On" mode" If the sub leaves the center of the sonar screen, the "Lock On" mode will reset.
      "When Locked On by an enemy torpedo" Shift up to maximum speed by pressing Trianglebutton repeatedly. This will enable you to speed up past the maximum speed and outrun the torpedo! ...That is all.
  • (Upon selecting "Sit in the seat".)
    Cloud: Everything seems set...
    • (Upon selecting "Read the manual", same dialogue as above appears.)
    • (Upon selecting "Start the mission!".)
      Cloud: This switch...?
      On-screen: Main screen: ON
      On-screen: Change the screen mode.
      (Submarine minigame.)
  • (Upon selecting "Leave it alone", nothing happens.)
(After the minigame, if the player won.)

On-screen: Received "Shinra Sub"!

Cloud: Phew--! We did it!! The Huge Materia should be at the bottom of the sea by now. Let's continue the search...

On-screen: ...All Shinra Submarine Units, do you read...?

On-screen: ...All Shinra Submarine Units, do you read...?

Cloud: Hmm...? ...Must be from Shinra.

On-screen: ...Report, No. 2...

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Is it us?
  • Tifa: No. 2... ...I saw that written at the dock! They must mean this sub.
  • Red XIII: We're Submarine No. 2
  • Yuffie: Oh my gawd...! They mean us.
  • Cait Sith: We need to respond!
  • Vincent: We've no choice but to respond.
  • Cid: Make 'em shut up! Just answer somethin'!

Cloud: All right, I'll do it.

Cloud: This is Shinra No. 2... Everything's normal.

On-screen: ...Roger... ...Your next mission is... ...Return to Junon Dock... ...We will transport the Huge Materia from the airport... ...Those without other assignments will report for guard duty... That is all. Over and out...

Cloud: Junon Airport... We should make it if we hurry.

Cloud: Forget about the Huge Materia for now. We're climbing!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Shit! What's all this 'Climbing!' crap? Gimme a break!
  • Tifa: Aye, aye... CAPTAIN!
  • Red XIII: Take o-ff!
  • Yuffie: ears...! LET ME OUT---I HATE THIS---
  • Cait Sith: We gotta hurry!
  • Vincent: First the ocean, now the air... What a busy day.
  • Cid: The airport? No sweat!

On-screen: How to drive a Submarine Press the [OK] button to get on /move forward. Press the [CANCEL] button to get off /submerge/float. Players can get on and off in bays like this one.

(Upon reaching the sunken red submarine.)
Cloud: So this is the Leader Sub...

Cloud: Damn......makes me sick just thinking about it...

On-screen: ...Huge Materia recovered... damage appears to have been sustained...

Cloud: ...Phew... That's good to hear.

On-screen: Received Key Item "Huge Materia"!

(Gelnika available.)

(After the minigame, if the player lost.)

Cloud: We're gettin' outta here!

On-screen: ...All Shinra Submarine Units, do you read...? ...Your next mission is... ...Return to Junon Dock... ...We will transport the Huge Materia from the airport...

Cloud: Hear that? Junon Airport! We can still get the Huge Materia back! Let's hurry!

Cloud: We're breakin' out of here!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Whatcha gonna do!?
  • Tifa: But how? We're at the bottom of the sea!!
  • Red XIII: I can't swim...
  • Yuffie: I wanna get outta here, now!
  • Cait Sith: What we gonna do?
  • Vincent: We're at the bottom of the sea.
  • Cid: Damn! What are we gonna do!

Cloud: We're gonna hop on a torpedo and blast outta here!

Cloud: Don't worry! I won't miss! We don't even have a target. We're just aiming for the sky.

(On Junon beach.)
Cloud: Old man...

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Yo!! Junon airport?
  • Tifa: Just in time! Come on! Let's go to the airport!
  • Red XIII: Ugh. It's salty! Let's go to the airport! airport!
  • Yuffie: Phew... The air up here is great! Hey! Let's go to the airport!
  • Cait Sith: Let's go to the airport!
  • Vincent: It seems as though we made it. You'll probably head for the airport, right?
  • Cid: God!! I'm drenched! Hurry up! Let's get to the

Cloud: Hmm... Junon. I'd love to get my hands on a submarine right now.

(Depeending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Yeah! I could go for that! Let's go to the submarine dock under Junon!
  • Tifa: There should only be a few guards now. It might be safe to go to the submarine dock under Junon.
  • Red XIII: I would like to ride it! Let's get one from the submarine dock beneath Junon!
  • Yuffie: ...Yeah!! The submarine dock underneath Junon! I can steal sub easy enough, but forget about me piloting it!
  • Cait Sith: Security's pretty light now! The submarine's at the submarine dock!
  • Vincent: It should be alright.
  • Cid: You want it? Then you gotta have it! They're down at the submarine dock underneath Junon! You gotta get what you want while you can!

Cloud: Let's go...

(Upon attempting to go back to the submarine dock through the underwater tunnel.)
On-screen: Locked

(Upon talking to the soldiers around the dog in the underground tunnel.)
NPC: This is the Junon Submarine Dock! If you want to enter, please talk to my dog. That's all the instructions you're going to get! Let's go!!

(Upon talking to the dog after the Submarine Crew battle.)
Cloud: Damn, Shinra dogs!! We'll take that submarine!! Out of our way!!

(Upon catching the dog in the submarine dock.)
Cloud: Shinra dog...!!

  • (Upon selecting "Ignore it".)
    Cloud: Feelin' lonely!? You'd better get back to your master.
  • (Upon selecting "Dognap it!".)
    Cloud: Shinra dog!! I'm gonna dognap you!!
    Cloud: Those attackers won't bother us now.

(Upon jumping onto the submarine.) NPC: P...Please!! Spare me!!

Cloud: Hmm......

  • (Upon selecting "Take them all hostage".)
    Cloud Be grateful. I'm taking you prisoner.
    (Upon talking to the hostages.)
    • Thank you!
    • You're pretty nice!
  • (Upon selecting "Fight them")
    Cloud: Don't think we're weak.
    (Battle with Submarine Crew occurs.)

(Upon attempting to leave the subarmine.)
Cloud: We can't go back after coming this far.

(Upon reaching the submarine control bridge.)
Cloud: An unconditional surrender, huh?

  • (Upon selecting "I'm your prisoner", no further dialogue or battle.)
  • (Upon selecting "Don't bet on it...", battle with Submarine Crew x2, Captain.)

On-screen: Received "Shinra Sub"!

Cloud: We'll hide it somewhere secluded.

On-screen: How to drive a Submarine Press the [OK] button to get on /move forward. Press the [CANCEL] button to get off /submerge/float. Players can get on and off in bays like this one.

Toward the Sea of Stars[]

(Upon reaching Junon airport.)
Cloud: Oh no! The Huge Materia...

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Let's go after it!
  • Tifa: Can't we go after it?
  • Vincent: Let's go after it.
  • Cid: Grrrrgh! Just barely! We're goin' after it!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: But where to?
  • Tifa: Where are they headed?
  • Red XIII: Where's their destination?
  • Cait Sith: Where is it flying to?
  • Vincent: Where is their destination...?
  • Yuffie: Hey, where? Where? Where are they headed?
  • Cid: Where's that thing headed?

Cloud: Rocket Town, of course.

(Upon talking to party members in the Highwind.)

  • Yuffie: Hmph!...... I wonder why anyone would ever make an airship like this...... Ugh......ugh......
  • Tifa: How are you feeling? You ought to rest a bit... Don't push yourself.
  • Barret: Them Shinra guys think they're gonna fight Meteor with the Huge Materia?
  • Red XIII: Shinra only cares if things are good right now. But, I plan to live for 500 years and won't stand for that type of thinking.
  • Cait Sith: Them Shinra's ar' all gathered at Cid's Rocket Town... Yep...there ain't nuthin' I like more than lettin' out secrets.
  • Vincent: does it feel, Cloud? Living for yourself and not someone else?
  • Cid: You said there's somethin' goin' on at Rocket Town...?

(Upon talking to the pilot.)
Learner Pilot (L9): Wanna go?

  • (Upon selecting "Go", control airship.)
  • (Upon selecting "Don't go", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to people beneath the rocket in Rocket Town.)

  • Is something about to happen? Oh, I'm getting excited.
  • Mmmmm, a SPECTACLE.

(Upon approaching guards around the rocket.)
NPC: Those terrorists are here!

(After the first battle with Attack Squad.)
NPC: Don't let them get any further! Everyone, ATTACK---!

(After the second battle with Attack Squad.)
NPC: Urrrgh, you're not going anywhere! Uh un, nowhere!

(After the battle with Attack Squad and Senior Grunt.)

  • (If Cid is in the party.)
    Cid: Goddammit, what the hell do they think they're gonna do to my rocket!?
    Cid: I'm outta here, Cloud! I'm gonna kick those $^%$# Shinra right out of my rocket!
  • (If Cid is not in the party.)
    Cid: Wait, Cloud!
    Cid: If you're gonna kick those *#$% Shinra out of my rocket, then take me with you!
    On-screen: Triangle button Open Menu Circle button Change members of party X button Continue Game
    Cid: ALL RIGHT! Let's show those &$!@& Shinra!

(Upon attempting to leave the area.)br< Cid: Cloud, what are you doin'!? There gonna launch the rocket!!

(Upon talking to the people beneath the rocket after the battles.)

  • What? You guys are terrorists? Wow, that's kinda exciting!
  • Mmmm, here comes some hard action!

(Upon climbing up the rocket.)
Rude: again?

Rude: ...We will eliminate everyone who gets in Shinra's way.

(1/3 of the time during the battle with Turks:Rude if only Tifa is alive.)
Rude: ..................

(When Turks:Rude is defeated.)

(After the battle.)
Rude: ......they got us.

(Upon talking to Rude.)
Rude: ...hmm.

(Upon entering the rocket.)
NPC:! Why are you here? Rude of the Turks should've been here!!

Cloud: Too bad. Those guys are over there.

NPC: Oh man...the Turks, being done in like that... But, I won't let you through!

(Battle with Senior Grunt.)

(Upon talking to the grunt after battle.)
NPC: urrrrgh...

(Upon reaching the cockpit of the rocket.)
Cid: Hey! What the hell're you guys doin'!?

NPC (1): Hey! Just when I thought somethin' was goin' on, you come back!

NPC (3): Listen to me, Captain. We're gonna launch this rocket!

Cid: Huh? What are you talkin' 'bout?

NPC (2): We're gonna load a Materia bomb in this and blow up Meteor.

NPC (1): Our rocket's gonna save the planet!

NPC (2): Urrrrgh. Man this is so COOL!!

Cloud: Wait a minute!

Cid: Shut up!! Just shut the hell up!

Cid: How's the rocket?

NPC (1): It's pretty much OK.

NPC (2): But...

NPC (3): We planned to run it into Meteor on Auto-Pilot, but the most important device is broken.

Cid: Broken? How's the repair goin'?

NPC (3): Shera's doin' it...

Cid: Oh great! What a buncha wizards you guys are! She's gonna take a 100 years!

Cid: I'll take over, so don't worry about the Auto-Pilot! Hey, go ahead! Go tell everyone!

NPC: All right, Captain. Good luck.

Cloud: Hey, Cid! What're you doing!?

Cloud: There are generations of knowledge and wisdom inside the Materia. We're gonna borrow their powers and save the planet from Sephiroth. There's no way that we can lose the Huge Materia. You understand that, right?

Cid: Yeah, I understand. I understand that Materia is precious, and I also understand what you're thinking. But listen. I don't give a rat's ass whether it's science or magical power.

Cid: No, I guess if I had to choose, I'd rather put my money on the power of science. Humans who used to only roam around on the ground are able to fly now! And finally, we're about to go into outer space.

Cid: Science is a "Power" created and developed by humans. And science just might be what saves this planet. I was able to earn my living thanks to science. So to me, there's nothing greater!

Cid: Now quit your worrying 'bout what Shinra's gonna do! I don't want to regret not having done something later.

Cloud: But, Cid......

Cid: Shut the hell up!! I don't wanna hear it!!

Cid: Alright, time to get to work! Anyone who ain't involved, get the hell outta here!

Cid: What the hell......? What the hell happened!?

Palmer: Hey-hey!

Cid: Palmer! What the hell did'ya do!?

Palmer: They said they finished repairing the Auto-Pilot. So, I laun---ched it!

Cid: Goddamn Shera! Why'd she pick today to get fast!

Cid: DAMN! Won't even budge! It's completely locked up!

Palmer: Hey-hey-hey! Almost lift off!

Cid: What the!? No countdown!? It just don't seem the same without it!

Palmer: Hey!!!! Hey-hey!!! Blast-----off!

(After the FMV.)
Cid: I finally made it... outer space...

Cid: Let's see, how's the course set...?

Cid: Yup, it's headed for a collision with Meteor.

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: Can't we do somethin'? We can't jus' leave it.
  • Tifa: Can't we do something? If it goes on, we're ......
  • Red XIII: What should we do? Are we all going to die?
  • Yuffie: Hey old man! Do something!
  • Cait Sith: What shall we do? What shall we do? I'm a toy, so I don't care, but for all of you it's a different story...
  • Vincent: We're in space now. A long rest...

Cid: That damn Palmer went outta his way to lock the Auto-Pilot device. We might not be able to change the course.

Cloud: ...this is the end?

Cid: Huh? What the hell're you sayin'? You're still young, and you give up that easily?

Cid: I'm not gonna crash into Meteor.

Cid: Just watch.

Cid: I keep an Escape Pod on the rocket just for emergencies like this.

Cid: I deciphered the lock code on the Escape Pod. We'll bail right before we crash into Meteor.

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: Hey wait a second! What's gonna happen to the Huge Materia?
  • Tifa: Hey, what about the Huge Materia?
  • Red XIII: But, what are we going to do with the Huge Materia? Are we just going to give it up?
  • Yuffie: Hmm? What are we gonna do with the Huge Materia? If you don't want it, maybe... you could ...give it to ME!
  • Cait Sith: By the way, what are we goin' to do with the Huge Materia?
  • Vincent: Then the remaining question is what to do with the Huge Materia.

Cid: ......

Cid: If you want the Materia, do whatever you want! The Materia should be there after you climb that ladder.

Cloud: ...You sure?

Cid: I dunno... I know what I said a minute ago. But maybe all that I really wanted was just to go into outer space. So, why don't you all do whatever you think is right?

(Upon attempting to take the path down.)
Cid: Hey, Cloud. If you're goin' to get the Materia, it's this way.

(Upon reaching the room with the Huge Materia.)
Cloud: I finally found the Huge Materia...

(Upon approaching the materia.)
Cid: It's structured so that the lock can be opened if we enter the passcode from this control panel.

(Upon inspecting the panel.)
On-screen: There is the control panel. Try and operate it?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    On-screen: Enter Passcode
    Cid: Hey Cloud, you know how to use it, right? Everytime it says, 'Enter Passcode,' push one of those Circle X Triangle Square buttons. If you punch in the right code, it'll unlock and you can get the Huge Materia!
    Cloud: So, what order am I supposed to enter the passcode in?
    Cid: I dunno. Just try and punch in the code randomly.
    On-screen: Enter Passcode 1
    On-screen: Enter Passcode 2
    On-screen: Enter Passcode 3
    On-screen: Enter Passcode 4
    • (After entering the code correctly.)
      Cid: Whoa, pretty good! You got the passcode in a single try!
      Cid: You must've known the passcode. If not, it's impossible.
      On-screen: Received Key Item "Huge Materia"!
    • (After entering the wrong passcode.)
      On-screen: Passcode input error
      On-screen: Unauthorized User identified Protection System will activate in 3 minutes
      Cid: Seems like you missed the code! If we don't enter the correct passcode before the Protection System activates, we won't be able to get the Materia back!
      On-screen: Enter Passcode 1
      On-screen: Enter Passcode 2
      On-screen: Enter Passcode 3
      On-screen: Enter Passcode 4
      • (After entering the correct passcode.)
        Cid: Alright, Cloud!! It's unlocked!
        Cid: Yup, my great advice saved the day.
        On-screen: Received Key Item "Huge Materia"!
      • (After entering the wrong passcode.)
        • (First time.)
          Cid: I heard there's a passcode only the top people in Shinra know. We probably have to enter that. Try and enter some codes while I try and remember that passcode!
      • (On subsequen times. One of the following lines selected randomly.)
        • Cid: I'm pretty sure that the last digit was a Triangle. No, maybe it was an X...?
        • Cid: The second digit wasn't a Triangle. I'm sure of it!
        • Cid: I think the first digit wasn't a Square.
        • Cid: I think the second digit wasn't an X...
        • Cid: The third digit was an X ......I think.
        • Cid: Did you use the Triangle? I'm pretty sure you didn't...
        • Cid: I have a feeling you push the Circle only once...
        • Cid: I think there was a key that you have to push twice...
        • Cid: Hmmmmmm, I can't remember. Give me some more time!
      • (When 2 minutes remain.)
        On-screen: 2 minutes until activation of the Protection System
      • (When 1 minute remains.)
        On-screen: Protection System Activated
        Cid: Ahhh &$#$#! The Protection System just activated!
        Cid: ...Cloud, too bad, but we gotta let it go.
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon reaching the Engine Room on the way down.)
Cid: Grrrgh! Damn! My leg's stuck in the debris......

Cloud: Cid!!

(Depending on party members.)

  • Barret: ...damn! ...can't lift it!
  • Tifa: ...I can't! It's so heavy, I can't lift it...
  • Red XIII: I can't do anything with my strength alone......!
  • Yuffie: I can't budge it by myself!!
  • Cait Sith: What shall we do--- It won't budge!
  • Vincent: I can't lift it.

Cid: Don't worry 'bout me. Hurry up and go! If you don't hurry, the rocket's gonna crash into Meteor!

Cloud: ...I can't go without my friends.

Cid: You ^%#@&%......! No time to worry 'bout other people!

Cloud: I'm gonna do whatever I can.

Cid: You're stupid. You're really $#&^%$* stupid.

Cid: Tank Number 8 blew up...... So Tank Number 8... really was malfunctioning......

Cid: Shera... You were right. But, ......this is the end for me.

Shera: Don't say that, Cid.

Cid: Huh!? Shera!?

Shera: I tagged along. I'm coming to help you.

Cid: You stupid &$#&%*%&%#!!

Cid: ... ... Sorry.

Shera: The Escape Pod is this way. Please hurry.

(Upon reaching the Escape Pod.)
Shera: Hurry. I'm going to detach the Escape Pod.

Cid: Hey, Shera! Does this Pod really fly?

Shera: It'll be OK. I've been checking it till now.

Cid: ......... Then I'm relieved.


Cid: So this is......outer space...

Cid:'s the real thing... I'm really here in outer space...

Cid: So long, Shinra No.26...

What Aeris Left Behind[]

(On the Highwind, after FMV.)
Cloud: Rufus and the others plan was a failure...

Barret: What a bust... But I kinda hoped it'd work.

Cait Sith: We been botherin' them as much as we can... But there ain't no other way... Wonder if we've been wrong all this time?

Red XIII: Makes you worry, doesn't it?

Tifa: Don't worry! Think!

Cid: Hey! The girl's right. You start worryin' and there's no stoppin' it! Things just start fallin' apart and get worse and worse.

Barret: You're pretty damn optimistic ! You up to somethin'?

Cid: Yeah, I been thinkin' about this and that. All the time we been up here lookin' at the planet. I been thinkin' even when we were floatin' in the ocean in that escape pod.

Cloud: I've...been thinking too. About the universe...planet...ocean. How wide and big... No matter where I go and what I do it won't change a thing.

Cid: Maybe you're right. But I came up with something different. I always thought this planet was so huge. But lookin' at it from space, I realized it's so small. We're just floatin' in the dark. ......kind of makes you feel powerless. On top of that it's got Sephiroth festerin' inside it like a sickness.

Cid: That's why I say this planet's still a kid. A little kid sick and trembling in the middle of this huge universe. Someone's gotta protect it. Ya follow me? That someone is us.

Tifa: Cid...that's beautiful.

Barret: Yo! Cid! You even got to me!

Barret: Do, now what? How're we gonna protect the planet from Meteor?

Cid: ...............I'm still thinkin' about that.

Red XIII: Huh!?

Red XIII: Did you......hear something?

Tifa: The planet's scream......or Meteor...? Is it this planet?

Cloud: Hey, how do we know that this is really the planet's scream?

Tifa: Did you forget? Bugenhagen told us.

Cloud: Bugenhagen...

Red XIII: Let's go see Grandfather! To Cosmo Canyon! I'm sure he'll be able to tell us something that will be helpful!

(Upon talking to party members.)

  • Tifa: Did Bugenhagen......tell you anything?
  • Barret: That Bugenhagen guy... He was a weird old dude. I thought he was some kinda naturalist, but he was all into them machines.
  • Red XIII: Hurry, hurry! We must go meet Grandfather!
  • Cait Sith: This's just between you 'n' me but... That there Bugenhagen feller, used to be a pretty handy Shinra worker. Yep, he ain't never bought no weapons or Mako though......
  • Vincent: The machines in Cosmo Canyon were presents of Dr. Gast. Wrapped up in the planet's strange notions surrounded by Shinra-made machines... Science and the planet lived side by side in that old man's heart.
  • Cid: Maybe it's just me, but has this ship been remodeled without me knowin' it? All these switches and levers. They're kinda gettin' to me.
  • Yuffie: What? Are we there? I know it's all for Wutai, But I can't take much more of this.

(Upon talking to the pilot.)
Learner Pilot (L10): Shall we go?

  • (Upon selecting "Let's", control the airship.)
  • (Upon selecting "No, let's not", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to Bugenhagen in the Cosmo Canyon observatory.)
Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. If you ever are in need of my wisdom, you are always welcome here.

Cloud: Yeah, that's why we came.

Bugenhagen: What to do? Have you lost your way? When that happens we each have to take a good long look at ourselves. There's always something in the deepest reaches of our hearts. Something buried, or something forgotten. Remember it... Whatever that is, must certainly be what you are all looking for...

Cloud: That's easy enough to say... But, I can't remember a thing.

Bugenhagen: It must be there. Look harder!

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: This ain't no good with just us! Cloud, we gotta get some others in here.
  • Tifa: good. Cloud, let's have the others come.
  • Red XIII: good. We alone cannot do it. We need to have the others here.
  • Yuffie: You expect me to know that? Let the others do it!
  • Cait Sith: How about it, Cloud? Shouldn't we have the others come?
  • Vincent: I don't know, Cloud. I think we should have everyone here.
  • Cid: Ahh, no good. Cloud you call the others in here too!

Bugenhagen: Do you see it? What is it that you are searching for?

Cait Sith: Nope. Not a thing. Naw. Can't come up with a thing.

  • (If Yuffie was recruited.)
    Yuffie: Me either! I don't get any of this!

Cloud: I remember Aeris a lot. No...not that. You haven't remembered. You haven't forgotten. That's not it... How would you say it... Aeris was right there all along. Right by our side. She was so close, we couldn't see her. What Aeris did... The words she left behind...

Tifa: That reminds me... I was the same.

Red XIII: was I.

Barret: Me too...

Cloud: She said she was the only one who could stop Sephiroth's Meteor.

Tifa: But Aeris is gone.

Red XIII: Is it impossible for us to carry on... what Aeris tried to accomplish?

Barret: We ain't no Ancients, if that's what ya mean.

Cid: What, did that girl go off to that place?

Cloud: That's it!!

Cid: What's it?

Cloud: We don't know about it. What did Aeris know? Why did she face Sephiroth without running away?

Red XIII: I see... She returned there once again, correct?

Bugenhagen: Hmmm. Perhaps I'll have you take me there.

Red XIII: You're going too?

Bugenhagen: What's so surprising about that...? Even I want to get out from time to time and see the outside world. I wonder what did it? I haven't felt like this in ages.

Red XIII: It must be the planet. The planet is calling you!

Cid: Yeah, hoo boy, the planet calling...right.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Then let's go.

  • (If the player has at least one Huge Materia.)
    Cloud: Oh yeah, Bugenhagen. I have one more thing I want to ask you. We're carrying around Huge Materia. This is pretty delicate stuff and we would like to keep it in a safe place...
    Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Then we'll put it upstairs. Now, shall we be on our way?
    Bugenhagen: 'll teach you how to work the machine. Watch carefully now. You just pull this here...
    (On the hologram machine.)
    Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Is this what you call Huge Materia...? This is really rare Materia, indeed. Materia this rare is certain to have a special consciousness enclosed in it.
    Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Good. Now let's leave. Do you remember how to use the machine down below? If you ever want to see Materia, come here anytime.

(In the Highwind.)
Bugenhagen: Hm, hmm, hmm!......

Bugenhagen: Smells like machinery. I love this smell. Of course, I also love the smell of nature, too......

Bugenhagen: Hm? Is the deck up there?

Bugenhagen: Then I'll be on the deck just passing the time. I can feel the workings of the planet in the smell of the wind. I also feel the greatness of man's wisdom and the knowledge in the smell of machinery... Well, bye for now.

(Upon talking to Bugenhagen on the deck again.)
Bugenhagen: I wonder where you're taking me?

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: I wonder what Aeris felt... when she was on that altar...?

Cloud: I'm sure she wanted to give her life for the planet...

Tifa: Really? I wonder? I don't think that's it at all. I think she didn't think she would die at all, but that she planned on coming back all along. She always used to talk about the 'Next time'. She talked about the future more than any of us...

(Upon talking to her again.)
Tifa: Although she never talked about it to us she must've had a rough life... I think Aeris looked forward to tomorrow and the future more than anyone... ...she must've had many many dreams......

(Upon talking to party members.)

  • Yuffie: Cloud......urp......ugh. You know, I was thinking......phew...... Why does materia always have something to do with battles or magic? I bet the Ancients must've always been fighting. It must've been...ugh... terrible...
  • Barret: And Aeris...she's dead. Guess she turned into spiritual energy and returned to the planet, huh? But even if she did, there's no way we'll meet her again...
  • Red XIII: Aeris used to pat me on the nose sometimes. I used to hate being treated like a child like that, but I also liked the attention. I wanted to apologize to her for what I did when we first met.
  • Cait Sith: I went an'told Aeris' Mom about her death. Yes, an' Miss Elmyra was cryin' herself silly... So was little Marlene...
  • Vincent: City of the Ancients... The Ancients...after a long time that is probably what others will come to call us... Hmm...hwa ha ha ha... It's only a matter of time for us.
  • Cid: Aeris...? I wanted to give her a ride in the Highwind......

(Upon talking to the pilot.)
Learner Pilot (L11): Okay then, let's go!

  • (Upon selecting "Let's go!", control airship.)
  • (Upon selecting "Wait a sec......", nothing happens.)

(Upon reaching the key at the end of the underwater tunnel toward Bone Village using the submarine.)

  • (If Bugenhagen has not shown the ancient writing in the Forgotten City.)
    Cloud: It seems like a key to somewhere... It seems really old.
  • (If Bugenhagen has shown the ancient writing.)
    • (If the player won the submarine minigame and kept the gray submarine.)
      Cloud: Do you think it's......?
    • (If the player lost the submarine game and has the red submarine.)
      Cloud: You think it could be...?

On-screen: ...analysis completed... ...exact date of origin cannot be determined... ...estimated to be several thousand years old...

  • (If Bugenhagen has not shown the ancient writing.)
    • (If the player has the gray submarine.)
      Cloud: Several thousand years... ......Ancients?
    • (If the player has the red submarine.)
      Cloud: Several thousand years... ...Ancients?
  • (If Bugenhagen has shown the ancient writing.)
    • (If the player has the gray submarine.)
      Cloud: Key of the Ancients...
    • (If the player has the red submarine.)
      Cloud: The Key of the Ancients...

On-screen: Received Key Item "Key to Ancients"!

(Upon reaching the crystal in the Forgotten City.)
Bugenhagen: This is...

Bugenhagen: Yes......exactly...

Cloud: Are you getting something?

Bugenhagen: ...give me a moment.

(Upon approaching Bugenhagen.)
Bugenhagen: The knowledge of the Ancients swirling around here is telling me one thing. The planet's in a crisis... A crisis beyond human power or endless time. It says, when the time comes, we must search for 'Holy'.

Cloud: Holy?

Bugenhagen: Holy...the ultimate White Magic. Magic that might stand against Meteor. Perhaps our last hope to save the planet from Meteor. If a soul seeking Holy reaches the planet, it will appear. Ho Ho Hooo. Meteor, Weapon, everything will disappear. Perhaps, even ourselves.

Cloud: Even us!?

Bugenhagen: It is up to the planet to decide. What is best for the planet. What is bad for the planet. All that is bad will disappear. That is all.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hooo. I wonder which we humans are?

Cloud: Search for Holy... How do we do it?

Bugenhagen: Speak to the planet. Get the White Materia... This will bond the Planet to humans. Then speak to the planet. If our wish reaches the planet, the White Materia will begin to glow a pale green.

Cloud: ...This is the end. Aeris had the White Materia... But when Aeris died, it fell from the altar... That's why......this is the end.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hooo!

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hooo!

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hooo! Look at this!

Cloud: !?

Bugenhagen: Ancients' writing.

Cloud: Can you read it?

Bugenhagen: I can't even make it out!!

Cloud: This's no time for jokes...

Bugenhagen: I'm not an Ancient. I can't read this thing!

Bugenhagen: I may be old, but my eyes aren't completely bad yet. Look closely below the writing.

  • (If the player does not have the Key to Ancients.)
    Cloud: There's something written in chalk... ......(even sunlight can't reach)......(Key)
  • (If the player has the Key to Ancients.)
    Cloud: There's a note written in chalk... ...(key)...(in the Music Box)

Bugenhagen: It was probably written by a scientist who's been here... He probably used all his energy to make out these two words.

Cloud: Key......? To what?

Bugenhagen: I don't know... But, it probably has something to do with our riddle. The riddle...then it must have something to do with Aeris.

(If the player has the kay.)
Cloud: What does it mean?

(If the player did not obtain the Key to Ancients earlier.)

Cloud: So this note points to where the key is?

Bugenhagen: Probably... Use these words as clues and go find the key. I'll continue to figure out the Ancients' writing.

Cloud: A place (Even sunlight won't reach) is where the (key) is, right?

Bugenhagen: When you find the key, or when you can't go any further, come back here. Maybe I'll understand more from the writing and get some new information for you.

(Upon talking to Bugenhagen without the Key to Ancients.)

  • (Initially..)
    Bugenhagen: Remember, a place (even sunlight can't reach) is where the (key) is...
  • (After returning to the area twice.)
    Bugenhagen: (even sunlight can't reach)... Hmm...if we're above ground, and sunlight reaches everywhere... Then it's probably not above ground...
  • (After returning to the area five times.)
    Bugenhagen: A place where sunlight doesn't reach... Right, it must be underwater!
    Cloud: Underwater? There' way... We need a submarine...
    Cloud: Wait. Submarine...I think there's one at Junon Port......

(Upon talking to party members in the Highwind during the Key to Ancients search.)

  • Yuffie: Are you waiting for Cloud? He's flying right now, so you can't get him. Were you going to force me into the submarine right now? Quit it! If you want to go, then just leave me behind. ............ooooooh. What're you talking about? I......
  • Tifa: Cloud......
  • Barret: Whacha gonna do, Cloud? Got any good ideas?
  • Red XIII: If I were more of an adult...Perhaps, I would have a better idea of what to do? Phew...I wish I could grow up. I wonder if I'll be an adult after all this is over?
  • Cait Sith: Lately, they don't call me to no more meetin's. Reckon that's because y'all know I'm a spy.
  • Vincent: ......feelings alone aren't enough.'s irritating, isn't it Cloud?
  • Cid: Phew......Cloud. What're gonna do?

(Upon talking to the pilot.)
Learner Pilot (L12): Cloud, let's go!

  • (Upon selecting "Okay! Let's go!", control airship.)
  • (Upon selecting "Uh, wait a sec!", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to Bugenhagen after finding the key.)
Bugenhagen: Oh! You've found it!

(When the player presents Key to Ancients to Bugenhagen. Occurs straight after if the player already had the key, or after returning to Bugenhagen with it.)

Bugenhagen: That Music Box over there. We'll put the key in it.

Bugenhagen: I'll go use the key. You all wait here. And watch closely what happens.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hooo!

Bugenhagen: Now, go inside. Hope may be inside... Or......

(Upon approaching the crystal.)
Bugenhagen: This was just a screen to project an image! Look! Look at the image projected on the screen of the water!

Cloud: ...It's glowing.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hooo!! It's pale green!!

Cloud: ...Aeris. Aeris has already prayed for Holy. ...After I gave up the Black Materia to Sephiroth...... Aeris' words came into my dreams... She said, she was the only one who could stop Sephiroth...... And to do that, there was a secret here... That was Holy...... That's why, she had the White Materia. Aeris knew about here... and what she had to do. Aeris has left us great hope. But, it cost her her life... her future...

Cloud: I'm sorry...Aeris. I should have figured this out sooner. ...You left us without saying a word...... It was all so sudden, so I couldn't think... That's why it took so long for me to find out... But, Aeris...I understand now. Aeris... I'll do the rest.

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: That's 'WE'!
  • Tifa: You mean, WE...
  • Red XIII: WE'LL take care of it.
  • Yuffie: Not I, dorkus! WE!
  • Cait Sith: It's WE! Isn't it WE?
  • Vincent: I? mean WE.
  • Cid: You &^$#%^! It's WE! WE!

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: The thing Aeris left for us... We gotta take care of it.
  • Tifa: What Aeris left us... We can't waste it.
  • Red XIII: What Aeris left for us... We can't let it go to waste.
  • Yuffie: The hope she left us... We've gotta take a chance with it!
  • Cait Sith: What Aeris left us... We mustn't let go to waste...
  • Vincent: The hope an important person left for us... We must make it stronger...
  • Cid: The big gift the flower girl left for us... It'd be sad if we didn't finish it!

Cloud: Thank you...Aeris.

Cloud: Aeris' voice has already reached the Planet. Just look at the glow of the White Materia. about Holy? How come Holy isn't moving? Why?

Bugenhagen: Something's getting in its way.

Cloud: ......Him...... He's the only one that could do it. ...Sephiroth. Where are you?

Mako Cannon Rampage[]

(Upon leaving the crystal in Forgotten City.)

  • (If Cait Sith is in the party.)
    Cait Sith: H...Hey!

Cloud: What the?

Cait Sith: whisper...whisper... (sorry I was a little surprised).

Cloud: What happened?

Cait Sith: You remember when the Junon Cannon disappeared? Actually, Rufus moved it.

Cloud: Moved it? That big thing......? Where...? Why?

Cait Sith: Rufus wants to destroy Sephiroth with it. That cannon operates on Huge Materia. But the Huge Materia has already been used in the Rocket Plan. So since the cannon's useless right now, he decided to move it. To a place where Materia... no, where Mako is gathered...

Cloud: And, where is that!?

(In the president's room in the Shinra Building.)
Rufus: ......That's why, Reeve. It's your job to adjust the reactor's output.

Reeve: I see......

Scarlet: Hah, hah, hah! Don't worry about adjusting it, Reeve. Once you open it up all the way everything will go full speed!

Heidegger: Gya hah, hah, hah! The President's sure done it this time! If we can only defeat Sephiroth, the idea that Meteor will also disappear is based on different objectives!

Scarlet: Please remember, Mr. President... It was my idea to fire Mako reactor powered shells.

Rufus: Will the shells really reach the far northern border?

Scarlet: Ah, hah hah! Of course! But Mr. President, please do not call it a Mako cannon. This new weapon will be called...... The Sister Ray!

(Upon returning to the Highwind.)
Cloud: ............?

Cloud: Wh, what the...!?

Cid: What's wrong!?

NPC: It's a strange signal!

Cid: From where?

NPC: It's coming from this...person (?)

Cait Sith: Wow!

Cait Sith: Hey!

Cait Sith: That was a surprise, the controls went crazy.

Cait Sith: This ain't good... Weapon came out of the sea and is heading straight for Midgar.

Cloud: The new weapon should stop him, right?

Cait Sith: I don't know if it's ready or not...

Barret: Hey! What's gonna happen to Marlene!?

Cait Sith: Doncha worry none, Marlene's in a safe place. She's with Aeris' mama.

Cait Sith: Barret!! What was that scratching just now!? As long as Marlene is safe, who cares what else happens, right?

Cait Sith: I been itchin' to say this to ya fer a while now! When ya blew the Midgar No. 1 up, how many folks d'ya think died?

Barret: ...that was for the life of the planet. Ya gotta expect a few casualties.

Cait Sith: A few? Whaddya mean 'a few'? What may be a few to y'all is everythin' to them who died......

Cait Sith: Protect the planet. Hah! Y'all sure sound good! Ain't no one that'd go against ya. So ya think ya can do whatever y'all want?

Barret: I don't wanna hear that from no one in Shinra...

Cait Sith: ......nuthin' I can do 'bout that...

Cloud: Stop it!

Tifa: Cait Sith...... Barret, he knows what he did. What we did in Midgar can't be forgotten no matter what the reason.

Tifa: Right? We haven't forgotten, right?

Tifa: I know you. You can't quit the company because you're worried about the people in Midgar, right?

Tifa: ......Cloud?

Cloud: OK! Let's go! We'll beat Weapon ourselves!

Cid: Hey Cloud...... You think we can win against that monster? We got a chance of winnin', right?

Cloud: How would I know? But that's no reason for us to just let him go! We're goin' to Midgar and fight Weapon! Come on, let's move!

(Upon talking to party members on the Highwind.)

  • Tifa: Whether you love it or hate it... You just can't bring yourself to leave Midgar, can you?
  • Barret: That damn Weapon... He's one big *&$*&%$... Even Midgar's gonna be in trouble.
  • Red XIII: Midgar... I hated the fact I was caught by Hojo and taken back to the lab where they did all kinds of experiments on me... But because of that I was able to meet you all... People you meet... others you don't......strange isn't it?
  • Cait Sith: Cloud, you do your best now, hear!? I know y'all can't forgive the Shinra, but them poor folks in Midgar ain't done a bit wrong!
  • Vincent: ......we still can't seem to get near Sephiroth...
  • Cid: That reminds me, there was a test rocket that landed in the Slums of Midgar long ago. I remember I was relieved when I heard it never blew up.

(Upon talking to Bugenhagen on the deck.)
Bugenhagen: Traveling is wonderful, isn't it?......

(Upon talking to the pilot.)
Learner Pilot (L13): Cloud! I'm going!

  • (Upon selecting "Okay", control airship.)
  • (Upon selecting "Excuse me, but could you wait?", nothing happens.)

(Upon ramming the Highwind into Diamond Weapon.)
Cid: Hey, HEY! What're ya tryin'to do? Break the Highwind? Let's fight on the ground!

(After defeating Diamond Weapon on land.)

(Depending on the first party member).

  • Barret: Wassup, Mr. Monster? What're you lookin' at?
  • Tifa: What's wrong? Are you still looking for something...?
  • Red XIII: Something's wrong...
  • Yuffie: Huh? It's looking somewhere else. Doesn't it want to fight us?
  • Cait Sith: What's going on?
  • Vincent: Doesn't look like it's after us. Something else...
  • Cid: What's wrong? It's like you're blowing us off!]

Cloud: No, it's......feeling something. ......Yeah, it senses murder.

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Let's go back to the Highwind!
  • Tifa: Let's go to the Airship!
  • Red XIII: Let's watch from the Airship!
  • Yuffie: OK, can we GO now!?
  • Cait Sith: Let's go back to the Airship.
  • Vincent: We should go back to the ship now.
  • Cid: To my ship!

(Depending on if Cait Sith is present.)

  • (If Cait Sith is in the party.)
    Cait Sith: Oh no! We gotta get outta here! Something big... I'm talkin' REALLY BIG's comin'!
  • (If not Cait Sith is not in the party.)
    Cait Sith: Oh no! Let's hurry out of here! Something big... I'm talkin' REALLY BIG's comin'!

(In the Shinra Building.)
Heidegger: Hah, hah, hah, Mr. President, preparations for Sister Ray are now in order.

Scarlet: Hah, hah, hah! Anytime is fine.

Rufus: ......Fire.

(In the Highwind.)
Tifa: Which direction is it going to attack from?

Red XIII: Midgar!

Barret: Marlene!!

Barret: Damn...

(After FMV.)
Red XIII: It went right through Weapon......

Cloud: I see! They're after Sephiroth! The crater on the Northern boundary!

(After FMV, in the Shinra Building.)
[operator]: Sir! Weapon's been defeated!! The barrier has disappeared!

[operator]: Sir! A mass of high density energy is heading towards Midgar!

(After FMV, in the slums.)
NPC (1): WH00A-- Weapon's attacking!

NPC (2): Run for your lives!!

(After FMV, in the Highwind.)
Cloud: What happened to......Sephiroth?

Cloud: Northern Cave... Let's go see what happened to it.

(Upon talking to party members aboard the Highwind.)

  • Yuffie: What's the pilot like? Tell him Yuffie says if he pilots the plane smoothly, give him my autograph...
  • Tifa: Now we're going to fight Sephiroth. I wonder what the inside of that cave looks like? You think Sephiroth is just sitting there waiting for Meteor?
  • Barret: When AVALANCHE was jes startin', we used to put up flyers everywhere. And now, we're up against Sephiroth. How about that? Feels like a long time ago.
  • Red XIII: Will we save the world if we beat Sephiroth? I'm frightened, but I'll do my best. Let's hurry to the Northern Cave!
  • Cait Sith: ......Wonder what that Sephiroth feller's up to?
  • Vincent: Defeat Sephiroth... Defeat the son of that beloved woman... Am I on the verge of committing another sin......? Or am I atoning as best I can for only watching...?
  • Cid: Maybe this is the time?

(Upon talking to the pilot.)
Learner Pilot (L14): Hey, Cloud!!!

  • (Upon selecting "Y, yeah, let's go!", control airship.)
  • (Upon selecting "U, uh wait", nothing happens.)

(Upon flying airship to the Northern Crater.)
Cloud: Sephiroth's energy barrier is gone......

Cloud: Cid! Can the Airship get inside?

Cid': Huh? He's my student, ain't he!? Of course he can go anywhere!

Cloud: Right, sorry about that.

Barret: Yo, Cait Sith! Now what?

Cait Sith: Hold it!

Cait Sith: Scarlet! Heidegger! What's going on?

(In the Shinra Building conference room.)
Heidegger: Strange. I can't reach the President!

Reeve: Not the President. To Sister Ray!

Scarlet: Ha, ha, ha. What is it Reeve? You're speaking strangely.

Reeve: None of that matters! The reactor's output is increasing all by itself!

Scarlet: Ww, wait a minute. That's not wise! It must cool for 3 hours or it won't work. Reeve, shut off the machine!

Reeve: We can't do that! It's inoperable!

On-screen: Someone has switched the machine over to mainframe operation! We can't operate it from here.

Reeve: What about the mainframe? Who!?

Reeve: Hey, call the mainframe!

Heidegger: Huh? Why are you giving orders?

Reeve: I don't give a damn about the details!!

(At the Sister Ray.)
Hojo: Ha, ha, ha...... Just you wait, Sephiroth. I'll give you all the Mako you want.

Reeve (on the phone): Hojo, STOP! The cannon, no, Midgar itself is in danger!

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha...... One or two Midgars?'s a small price to pay.

Reeve (on the phone): Hojo! HOJO......!!

Hojo: Show me......Sephiroth. It should be near... Ha, ha, ha...... Go beyond the powers of science... Before your presence, science is powerless... I hate it, but I'll concede to it. Just...let me see it. Ha, ha, ha......

(On the Highwind.)
Barret: YO! Do somethin'! Ya big cat!

Cait Sith: We're sunk. Hojo's doing this on his own...... ...?...? H, huh!? I don't like this......

Barret: You're busted, Reeve! Too late tryin' to hide it now...

Cloud: Can't you stop the Mako reactor?

Cait Sith: ......We can't stop it.

Barret: You're from Shinra, ain't ya? So why's it impossible!?

Cait Sith: ............

Cid: We came a long way to get here. You better not double-cross us now!

Cait Sith: I can't make you trust me......

Cid: You damn fool! Don't you understand anything I'm saying? I don't give a damn about Shinra. If you're a man... no, if you're a human being, you'll save the planet! Don't you even care?

Cait Sith: No way! If we shut down the reactor, all hell will break loose!!

Cid: Why? Can't you just shut off the valve?

Cait Sith: Yeah, it's easy to shut off the reactor's pipe valves...... But the reactor made a path for the energy to escape from below. Once you open that, it'll be impossible to close it until everything blasts out... And we can't try to stop the energy from gushing out......

Barret: An explosion!!

Cait Sith: This blast'll be way stronger than when the number 1 reactor blew up!

Barret: Damn...!

Cait Sith: Forget about that.........the CANNON! We've got to get to Midgar! That's the first thing!!

Cloud: Must stop Hojo...first.

(In the Shinra Building conference room.)
Reeve: Looks like Cloud and the others are on their way. Stay out of the way! Heidegger: Ghaa haah hah hah! Don't be so ludicrous! I don't recall you giving me any orders! The Peace Preservation will give their best effort to make the enemy retreat! Because of them, I...... I...!

Reeve: That's a private matter......

Heidegger: The President is dead! Now I'm doing things my way! Ghaa haah hah hah!

Scarlet: Ha, ha, ha. Heidegger! Now I'm going to use the new weapon!

Reeve: Hey! Wait!!

Reeve: Cloud, everybody! Sorry...... But!!

(In the Highwind.)
Cait Sith: But! But you'll come, won't you!?

Cloud: I know!

Cid: Hey! I'm leaving the ship in your hands!

Pilot: I'm heading for Midgar!

(Upon talking to party members aboard the Highwind.)

  • Yuffie: Headed for...Midgar? Uh, a, anywhere's fine...I don't care. Just hurry up and land this thing.
  • Tifa: It's all right. You're here... Everyone's all together Together...we can do anything. We've worked this hard already.
  • Barret: Comin' and goin'... gettin' pushed around. But I got a debt to all them back in Midgar that I can't never repay...
  • Red XIII: I wonder why Hojo performed so many of these experiments? Why couldn't he content himself with quiet research?
  • Cait Sith: I can't 'pologize to y'all enough. If I was just a bit more o' a better feller Ain't none of this woulda happened...
  • Vincent: Hojo...what a queer fellow. Such utter lack of scientific talent... compared with the genius of Dr. Gast...... Lucrecia chose him trying to protect him... Now I understand... I understand...but...
  • Cid: We're busy runnin' back and forth! Even my bikini goddess would be pantin' about now!

(Upon talking to the pilot.)<br Learner Pilot (L14 Limit Break!): Yo, Cloud! Whacha gonna do?

  • (Upon selecting "Move it!", control airship.)
  • (Upon selecting "Wait", nothing happens.)

(Upon reaching Midgar with the Highwind.)
Pilot: We've reached Midgar!

Barret: Even if we get there, Midgar's under martial law! There'll be no way we could slip into the slums.

Tifa: Looks like all transportation from the slums is cut off......

Cid: Hey, hey, whaddya think we have Highwind for? Where are we now!?

Barret: Huh? Where are we...?

Cid: If land's no go... We'll go by air!

Cloud: Okay then! We'll parachute into Midgar!!

On-screen: Choose from the members below. Change your party's members?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    On-screen: Leave it as is?
    • (Upon selecting "Yes", keep party members.)
    • (Upon selecting "Change", open party menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", skip.)

Cloud: Here we go!!

(After FMV, land in Midgar.)
Cait Sith: Heidegger is going after you all. That's why it's dangerous out there. Let's go underground!

(Upon talking to party members around the hatch.)

  • Barret: Sounds strange comin' from me... But it feels like home bein' back in Midgar. Kinda makes me sick...
  • Tifa: We sure got to know the Midgar underground.
  • Red XIII: I have an old score to settle with Hojo, so let's hurry and go!
  • Yuffie: This place smells gross. Let's get this over with!
  • Vincent: So it was Hojo who stirred up all this commotion, after all these years...?
  • Cid: Yeah! Let's get it over with!

(Upon talking to Cait Sith, or approaching the hatch if he is in the party.)
Cait Sith: This is where we go in.

Cait Sith: Please! Hurry and come to the Mako Cannon!

(Upon reaching the bottom end of the Winding Tunnel that leads to a dead end.)
Cloud: Dead end!

(Upon talking to Red XIII, present in the Winding Tunnel branch marked "2" if not in the party.)
Red XIII: I smell it! The cannon's not this way!

(Upon talking to Barret, present in the Winding Tunnel above the branch marked "6" if not in the party.)
Barret: Leave this to me! Hurry to the cannon!

(Upon reaching the end of the Winding Tunnel to the right of the branch marked "7".)
Elena: Oh no! They're here!

Elena: What are we going to do!? I think it's okay for you to ignore your orders now.

Reno': ...Elena, don't act so weak.

Rude: We're Turks, Elena.

Elena: ...Yes, sir. You're right.

Rude: Come on, we've got work to do.

Reno: I'm not really up for it, but...

Elena: Our orders were to seek you out and ... ...Kill. Our company may be in turmoil, but an order's an order. That's the will and spirit of the Turks! Believe it!

  • (If the player saw Don Corneo killed in "Homecoming of a Miserable Daughter".)
    Cloud: ......
    Elena: What are you doing! Let's go!
    • (Upon selecting "Okay, let's end this".)
      Reno: I know we have a weird relationship, but... We have to end this... like Turks!
      (Battle begins.)
    • (Upon selecting "No, let's not go".)
      Elena: You showing pity!? Don't take the Turks for fools!
      Reno: Wait, Elena.
      Elena: Reno! You're not violating the order...are you!?
      Reno: Shinra's finished. It's come down to this.
      Rude: ......
      Elena: Rude...
      Reno: Elena, you were a great Turk!
      Elena: ......
      Reno: Farewell. If we both survive... If we can save our lives...
      Elena: Remember the spirit of the Turks...!
      Rude: Our mission's finished...
  • (If the player did not see Don Corneo be killed in "Homecoming of a Miserable Daughter", or chose to battle them, battle with Turks:Elena, Turks:Reno, and Turks:Rude begins.)
    • (At the start of battle.)
      Elena: Try this on for size!
    • (Sometimes on Elena's turn.)
      Elena: Take THAT!!
    • (When Elena moves to the back row.)
      Elena: Yeow! That hurts!
    • (If only Tifa is alive on Rude's turn; 2/3 chance.)
      Rude: ..................
    • (When Elena or Reno is defeated.)
      Reno: Let's call it a day.
    • (When Rude is defeated.)
      Rude: Reno! Elena! Let's pull out!

(Upon talking to Yuffie, present in the Winding Tunnel above the branch marked "8" if not in the party and recruited by the player.)
Yuffie: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon---!

(Upon talking to Tifa, present in the right Winding Tunnel at the branch marked "8" if not in the party.)
Tifa: I'm all right! Hurry and go to the cannon!

(Upon talking to Cid, present in the Winding Tunnel branch marked "0" if not in the party.)
Cid: Which way...!? Goddamn, piece of $#@^% cannon!!

(Upon reaching the Shinra Building entrance.)
Cait Sith: No, no! The Sister Ray's not this way!

(While progressing through the Sector 8 street.)
(Depending on party members.)

  • Red XIII: !?
  • Barret: What the... hell is that!!?
  • Tifa: This can't be...
  • Yuffie: Are you serious...?
  • Cid: Hey-hey! You serious...?
  • Vincent: ......!
  • Cait Sith: No, no way...... I didn't know they completed it...

Heidegger: G'yaaa, Haaa, Haaa!!! Here they come!

Heidegger: G'yaaa, Haaa, Haaa!!! So they really showed up!

Heidegger: You sure did treat us like dogs up to now!!

Scarlet: You killed off a lot of my precious soldiers!

Heidegger: G'yaaa, Haaa, Haaa!!! But let's see how you do against anti-Weapon artillery!

Scarlet: You guys are worthless, but my proud creation is a sure thing!

Scarlet: I'll show you the destructive power of the Proud Clod! Boss immune to Gravity. Win Ragnarok.

(After defeating Proud Clod.)
Scarlet: Not that! This is the Proud Clod.........!?

Heidegger: Whoooooa!!

  • (If Cait Sith is in the party.)
    Cait Sith: We don't got any time! Please get on with it!

(Upon talking to Cait Sith, present on the way up the stairs to the Sister Ray if not in the party.)
Cait Sith: This way, Cloud!

(Upon talking to Vincent, present on the stairs to the cannon if recruited and not in the party.)
Vincent: Damn! Hojo...!

(Upon inspecting the treasure along the stairs if Barret is in the party.)
Barret: Hey! This is ...

On-screen: Received "Missing Score"!

Barret: This is great. Hold on, Hojo......!

(Upon reaching Hojo.)
Cloud: Hojo! Stop right there!!

Hojo: Oh...the failure.

Cloud: At least remember my name! It's Cloud!

Hojo: Every time I see you, I... It pains me that I had so little scientific sense... I evaluated you as a failed project. But, you are the only one that succeeded as a Sephiroth-clone. Heh, heh, heh...... I'm even beginning to hate myself.

Cloud: None of that matters... just stop this nonsense!

Hojo: ...nonsense? Oh, this?

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha... Sephiroth seems to be counting on the energy. So I'm going to lend him a hand.

Cloud: Why!? Why do that!?

Hojo: Quit asking me why, you moron.

Hojo: Hmm...actually, you might be cut out to be a scientist.

Hojo: Energy level is at......83%. It's taking too long.

Hojo: My son is in need of power and help. ...That's the only reason.

Cloud: ...your son?

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha... Although he doesn't know.

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha... HA, HA, HA ...!! What will Sephiroth think when he finds out I'm his father? Always looking down on me like that. HA, HA, HA...!!

Cloud: Sephiroth is your son!?

  • (If Vincent is in the party.)
    Vincent: ......!

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha... I offered the woman with my child to Professor Gast's Jenova Project. When Sephiroth was still in the womb, we took the cells of Jenova...

Hojo: HA, HA, HA!!

  • (If Vincent is in the party.)
    Vincent: You......!

Cloud: I can't believe you're the one who did this... The illusionary crime against Sephiroth...

Hojo: Heee, hee, hee, hee! No you're wrong! It's my desire as a scientist! Heee, hee, hee, hee!

  • (If Vincent is in the party.)
    Vincent: ......
    Vincent: I was......wrong. The one that should have slept was...
    ...You, Hojo!

Hojo: I...was defeated by my desire to become a scientist. I lost the last time as well.

Hojo: I've injected Jenova's cells into my own body! Heee, hee, hee! Here are...... Heee, hee, hee! results!!

During battle with Hojo.)

  • (At the beginning of battle.)
    Hojo: Gwah, haw, haw!!
  • (When the first form is defeated.)
    Hojo: let's see how the Mako Juice is reacting?

(After defeating Hojo.)
Cloud: ......

(Depending on party members.)

  • Cid: %$#&$*&^%^
  • Vincent: Hojo... Rest in peace...
  • Tifa: I can't believe Sephiroth is Hojo's son...
  • Red XIII: The father...
  • Yuffie: How sad...for him...
  • Barret: Anyway...that's the end of the cannon...
  • Cait Sith: I'm so glad you came.

(In the Highwind.)
Cait Sith: Shinra's......finished.

Cloud: Meteor's gonna fall in about......

Red XIII: Seven more days. That's what Grandfather said.

Cloud: Red XIII...... You want to see everyone in Cosmo Canyon again?

Red XIII: .........yes.

Cloud: You want to see Marlene, right?

Barret: Don't ask me that.

Cloud: We'll beat Sephiroth... Then, if we don't release the power of Holy in seven days...... There won't be a planet left to protect.

Cloud: If we can't beat Sephiroth... It's as good as death for us. We'll just go a few days sooner than the rest who'll die from Meteor.

Barret: Don't be thinkin' you're gonna lose before ya even fight!

Cloud: No!

Cloud: What I meant was...

Cloud: What are we all fighting for? I want us all to understand that. Save the planet...for the future of the planet... Sure, that's all fine. But really, is that really how it is?

Cloud: For me, this is a personal feud. I want to beat Sephiroth. And settle my past. Saving the planet just happens to be part of that.

Cloud: I've been thinking.

Cloud: I think we all are fighting for ourselves. For ourselves...and that someone... something...whatever it is, that's important to us. That's what we're fighting for. That's why we keep up this battle for the planet.

Barret: You're right... It sounds cool sayin' it's to save the planet. But I was the one who blew up that Mako reactor...... Lookin' back on it now, I can see that wasn't the right way to do things. I made a lot of friends and innocent bystanders suffer...

Barret: ...At first, it was revenge against Shinra. For attackin' my town. But now...... Yeah. I'm fightin' for Marlene. For Marlene... For Marlene's future... Yeah...I guess I want to save the planet for Marlene's sake...

Cloud: Go and see her. Make sure you're right, and come back.

Cloud: All of you. Get off the ship and find out your reasons for yourselves. I want you to make sure. Then I want you to come back.

Cid: Maybe ain't none of us'll come back. Meteor's gonna kill us all anyway. Let's just forget any useless struggling!

Cloud: I know why I'm fighting. I'm fighting to save the planet, and that's that. But besides that, there's something personal too... A very personal memory that I have. What about you all? I want all of you to find that something within yourselves. If you don't find it, then that's okay too. You can't fight without a reason, right? So, I won't hold it against you if you don't come back.

Cloud: What are you going to do, Tifa?

Tifa: Did you forget? I'm...all alone. I don't have anywhere to go.

(Below the Highwind.)
Tifa: Everyone's gone...

Cloud: Yeah, we don't have anywhere or anyone to go home to.

Tifa: You're right...

Tifa: But...I'm sure someday... they'll come back, don't you think?

Cloud: Hmm... I wonder...? Everyone has an irreplaceable something they're holding on to... But this time, our opponent...

Tifa: Hmm...But that's all right, even if no one comes back. As long as I'm with you... As long as you're by my side... I won't give up even if I'm scared.

Cloud: ......... Tifa......

Tifa: No matter how close we are... We were far apart...before this. But when we were in the Lifestream surrounded by all those screams of anguish, I thought I heard your voice...

Tifa: probably don't remember this... But deep in my heart I heard you calling my name... Or at least I thought I did...

(Depending on the player's date mechanics score with Tifa.)

  • (If 50 or higher.)
    Cloud: Yeah... At that time I heard you calling me. You were calling me back from the stream of consciousness in the Lifestream. After all, I promised. That if anything were to ever happen to you, I would come to help.
  • (If below 50.)
    Cloud: I see...... I think I've heard about it,too. At that time, it was Tifa's voice......

Tifa: Cloud...? Do you think the stars can hear us? Do you think they see how hard we're fighting for them?

Cloud: I dunno... But... Whether they are or not, we still have to do what we can. And believe in ourselves...

(Depending on date mechanics score with Tifa.)

  • (If 50 or higher.)
    Cloud: Someday we'll find the answer. Right, Tifa? That's what I learned from you when I was in the Lifestream.
    Tifa: Yeah......that's right...
    Cloud: Hey Tifa...... I...... There are a lot of things I wanted to talk to you about. But now that we're together like this, I don't know what I really wanted to say... I guess nothing's changed at all... Kind of makes you want to laugh...
    Tifa: Cloud... Words aren't the only thing that tell people what you're thinking...
    Cloud: ............
  • (If below 50.)
    Cloud: I'll find the answer someday. As long as I keep trying.
    Tifa: Yeah......that's right...
    Cloud: We've got a big battle tomorrow, we'd better get some sleep...
    Tifa: Umm. Yes, I guess you're right......

Cloud: ............ It's almost dawn...

Tifa: H, huh...?

(Depending on date mechanics score with Tifa.)

  • (If 50 or higher.)
    Cloud: Sorry. Did I wake you...? It's almost dawn, Tifa.
    Tifa: Umm... G, good morning...Cloud.
  • (If below 50.)
    Cloud: Morning, Tifa. It's almost dawn...
    Tifa: Mmm...... Good morning, Cloud.

Tifa: Give me a little longer... Just a little bit longer...

Tifa: This day will never come again... So let me have this moment...

(Depending on date mechanics score with Tifa.)

  • (If 50 or higher.)
    Cloud: Yeah...okay. This is probably the last time we'll have together......
  • (If below 50.)
    Cloud: ............

Tifa: .........

Cloud: We'd better go.

Tifa: But, I still...!?

Cloud: It's all right, Tifa. You said so yourself yesterday. At least we don't have to go on alone.

Tifa: Yes... That's right!

Cloud: Okay! Let's go!

(In the Highwind.)
Tifa: The airship is too big for just the two of us. Yeah, it's a little lonely without everyone.

Cloud': Don't worry. It'll be okay. I'll make a big enough ruckus for everyone.

Cloud: Besides, I'm the pilot. No more flying around casually like before. We won't have time to feel lonely.

Tifa: Huh!?

Cloud: It's moving......

Cloud: Barret! Cid!

Barret: O, that okay with you?

Cloud: Red XIII!

Tifa: Why didn't you tell me!?

Red XIII: But, you know, Cid.

Cid: Hey, Red XIII. If you butt in now, you never know what they'll say later......

(Depending on date mechanics score with Tifa.)

  • (If 50 or higher.)
    Tifa: ......Were you watching?
  • (If below 50.)
    Tifa: ......Were you listening?

(After the previous line.)

  • (If Vincet was recruited.)
    Cloud: Vincent!
    Vincent: Why such a puzzled look? You don't want me to come?
    Cloud: No, it's just that you're always so cold. I thought you didn't care what was happening.
    Vincent: Cool? Hmm...... I guess that's just how I am, sorry.

Barret: Well lookey-here. The Shinra Manager's come back.

Cait Sith: Uh, excuse me but... I wanted to come with the main group, but I couldn't get away...... So some people in Midgar took me in.

Cait Sith: I know I have a stuffed animal body, but I'll work really hard!

Barret: I guess that's everyone.

  • (If Yuffie was recruited.)
    Red XIII: No, Yuffie's missing.
    Barret: She ain't gonna show up. 'Least this time she didn't steal our materia. Guess we gotta be thankful for that.
    Yuffie: How could you say that!?
    Yuffie: I came all the way here after being seasick as a dog!
    Yuffie: I didn't go through all that just to have you guys have the best parts all to yourselves!
    Cloud: Welcome back, Yuffie.
    Yuffie: Gee, Cloud......that's so nice of you to say that.......You sick?
    Yuffie: Well, whatever. I'm gonna be in my reserved seat in the hall...... waiting......upp!......Urk!

Cloud: Thanks everyone.

Barret: We didn't come back for your spikey headed ass! We came back for Marlene. Guess it's jes' my......whatcha call, feelings or somethin'. I, uh I ain't got no words now......

Red XIII: ......Although she's not here, she left us a window of opportunity...

Cid: We can't let it go like this.

Cloud: ......Aeris. She was smiling to the end. We have to do something, or that smile will just freeze like that.

Cloud: Let's all go together. Memories of Aeris...... Although she should've returned to the planet by now, something stopped her and now she's stuck......

Cloud: We've got to let go of Aeris's memory.

Cid: Has anyone here changed their mind?

Cloud: I'm counting on you, Cid.

Cid: Yeah, yeah....... There are 2 levers here that've been buggin' me for a while now...

Cid: Let me try them out. All right, so what should I do? You decide, Cloud.

Cloud: This is our last battle. Our target is the North Cave. Our enemy is......Sephiroth!

Cloud: So let's move out!

(After FMV.)
Cloud: We're almost to the North Cave! We're on our way, Sephiroth!

Cid: Man, I'm going to stick it to him!

Cloud: What is it, Cid?

Cid: Errrrggh! Some incredible force! Losing...control......!

Cid: Get the hell outta here, flunkies! Didn't I tell you all to go home!?

NPC: Yes, sir. This is our home!!

Cid: Oh ma--......stop trying to act so cool. All right, you jokers! Hold me down with everything you got!!

Cid: Geronimo!!

On-screen: ( End Disc 2 ) Please do not open the Disc Holder until further instructions.

On-screen: Save the game to this point on the memory card?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", open save menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", skip.)

Feelings From the Heart of Every Place[]

(Chapter comprises events for optional quests. See optional dialogue at end of script.)

The Planet's Judgment[]

(Upon talking to the crew member by the ladder into the Northern Cave.)
NPC: Take care!

(Upon talking to the crew member after heading down to the Northern Cave and returning.)
NPC: Welcome! Everyone's waiting for you.

(Upon talking to party members above the Highwind.)

  • Yuffie: Cloud......sign this.
    Cloud: What is it?
    Yuffie: It's a contract that says when the war is over, all the materia will belong to me. It's all in there. Read it carefully and then sign it, all right?
    Cloud: Forget it, I'm not even gonna read it.
    Cloud: Whenever I read, I get airsick.
    Yuffie: Oh yeah......? I'm the same way, so I can't say too much...... Damn! My plan failed. Let's pick on Red XIII later to let off steam.
  • Tifa: Hey, Cloud... Would you tell me 'It's all right'?
    • (Upon selecting "Say it cool".)
      Cloud: It's all right, Tifa.
      Tifa: Now I feel like things are really going to be all right. Thanks, Cloud.
      (Upon talking to her again.)
      Tifa: I'm all right. I'm not going to chicken out at the last minute.
    • (Upon selecting "Say it normal".)
      Cloud: ...It's all right.
      Tifa: You're right, things will be all right.
      (Upon talking to her again.)
      Tifa: I'm...all right...really... I'll fight my hardest...
    • (Upon selecting "Don't say it".)
      Cloud: ...I just can't say it that easy.
      Tifa: I'm sorry...I guess you're right.
      (Upon talking to her again.)
      Tifa: ......Wow. I guess...I am a little scared. My knees are trembling.
  • Barret: Heh heh......heh heh heh... Time's got a way of sneakin' up on ya, huh? I'm shakin' all over... Heh heh...I feel sick...
  • Red XIII: I am Nanaki, son of Seto... I am afraid of nothing... It's all right, all right. I'm Nanaki, the son of brave Seto... I'm not afraid of Sephiroth...
  • Cait Sith: But I ain't gonna forget, no matter what happens. Not about this here trip, or them folks--none of it!
  • Vincent: Cloud......take the ship to the Northern Cave. The time for flying is now past. Our battlefield is now beneath the earth... The gate to tomorrow is not the light of heaven, but the darkness of the depths of the earth......
  • Cid: You ever see the play 'LOVELESS'?
    • (Upon selecting "No".)
      Cid: Yeah, I figured someone like you wouldn't be much on plays.
    • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
      Cid: Yeah? Really? Well, that's fine. They've been doin' that play every summer since I was a kid. An' I remember seein' it just once... That was when I was in Midgar interviewing to be a pilot. I had some free time and thought I'd catch the play.
      Cid: Now, I'm no big fan of the theater or anything. But this thing put me to sleep, just like I thought it would. Finally during the last scene, the guy next to me woke me up tellin' me my snorin' was too loud. So about all I really remember of that play is the end... The sister of the lead asks her lover, Do you really have to leave?
      Cid: And the guy says, I promised. The people I love, are waiting. ......I don't understand. Not at all. But......please take care of yourself. Of course...I'll come back to you. Even if you don't promise to wait. I'll return knowing that you'll be here.
      Cid: I remember thinking when I heard those lines, *&%! What the hell's he talkin' about? But, you I'm not so sure... I think I understand......
    • (Upon talking to him again.)
      Cid: When this job's done, I'm landing the ship...yeah, that's what I'll do.

(Upon talking ot the pilot.)
Full Fledged Pilot: Cloud, what do you want to do?

  • (Upon selecting "Go on", control airship.)
  • (Upon selecting "Wait a minute", nothing happens.)

(Upon reaching the slope into the Northern Cave.)
Cloud: Looks like we can only slide down.

  • (Upon selecting "Alright, let's go!", slide down.)
  • (Upon selecting "We'll get prepared first", nothing happens.)

(Upon approaching a ledge to climb.)
On-screen: Push [OK button] to climb up.

(Upon approaching a ledge to jump down.)
On-screen: Push (OK) button to jump.

(Upon reaching the rest of the party at the first fork in the Northern Cave.)
Cloud: The road splits into two. We'll split into two groups.

Cid: Which you gonna choose, Cloud?

  • ("Left".)
  • ("Right".)

(After selecting an option, other party members offer, in the following order; Yuffie and Vincent only if the player recruited the,. After each of their lines, the same options "Left" or "Right" will appear to determine where they go.)

  • Barret: All right. Then I'll go...
  • Tifa: Then I'm going...
  • Red XIII: All right, then I'll go...
  • Yuffie: I'm going......
  • Cait Sith: Then I'll be heading...
  • Vincent: Then, I will be going......
  • Cid: All right! I'm headin'...

(After giving each directions.)
Cloud: Now don't any of you die on me. ...... Gotta get through to Sephiroth!

(Depending on which party members were sent in a different direction from the player's chosen direction for Cloud.)

  • Cid: I'll destroy that Sephiroth before anyone gets to him!
  • Vincent: It's all over now. With this...
  • Yuffie: Oh man... 'Materia Hunter Yuffie' sounds like the last chapter of 'Materia Forever.'
  • Red XIII: All life on this planet, indeed the very life of this planet is in our hands...
  • Cait Sith: I'm so happy to have met you all, really! ...sniff...
  • Barret: Well...... Looks like this is our last big job!
  • Tifa: Let's all go back alive, okay?

Cloud: This will be the end of it!

(Upon attempting to go down a path different from the one the player chose for Cloud.)

  • (If at least one party member was sent that way, depending on who was chosen.)
    Cloud: We'll leave this to [party member].
  • (If everyone was sent the same path.)
    Cloud: We'll try to go down from the other side.

(If the player goes down the left path.)
Cloud: Another fork in the road...

(Depending on who is in Cloud's party.)

  • Barret: Cloud which way you gonna choose?
  • Cid: Which way you gonna go Cloud?
  • Tifa: Cloud which way should we go?
  • Cait Sith: Cloud, what shall we do?
  • Yuffie: Cloud, which way you goin'?
  • Red XIII: Which way are we headed, Cloud?
  • Vincent: What now, Cloud...?
  • Cloud: Well... which way should I go...?

(After whichever of the above lines was spoken.)

  • ("Up".)
  • ("Down".)

(Upon selecting a path for Cloud, depending on who was brought to the left side. For each, the options "Up" and "Down" also appear after their line.)

  • Barret: All right, I'm goin'...
  • Tifa: Then I'll go...
  • Red XIII: All right, then I'm going...
  • Yuffie: I'm goin'...
  • Cait Sith: Then, I'll be heading...
  • Vincent: If so, I will be going...
  • Cid: All right! I'm heading...

(After giving directions to each, depending on which party members were sent in a different direction from the player's chosen direction for Cloud.)

  • Cid: Sephiroth's probably crapping his pants right about now...
  • Vincent: Let's go...
  • Yuffie: If I knew THIS was gonna happen, I'd have bailed out sooner!
  • Red XIII: We're not the only ones fighting. The planet's fighting too!
  • Cait Sith: There's nothing to worry about. ALL of us are in this together!
  • Barret: Ain't no way I'm gonna die until I stick this into that guy.
  • Tifa: After this, we can go home. All of us...

Cloud: Wait! Sephiroth...

(Upon going down the area with a spiral around a rock pillar, found on the right path.)

  • (Upon selecting "Go down", proceed down.)
  • (Upon selecting "Don't do it", nothing happens.)

(Upon reaching the bottom of the Northern Cave and attempting to enter another cave entrance if the player did not come from that path.)

  • (If only one person was sent down that path.)
    • Cloud: Where's Tifa...?
    • Cloud: Where's Barret......?
    • Cloud: Where's Cid...?
    • Cloud: Where's Red XIII...?
    • Cloud: Where's Cait Sith...?
    • Cloud: Where's Yuffie...?
    • Cloud: Where's Vincent...?
  • (If more than one person was sent, in the following order.)
    • Cloud: Where're Tifa and the others...?
    • Cloud: Where's Barret and the others...?
    • Cloud: Where's Cid and the others...?
    • Cloud: Where's Red XIII and the others...?
    • Cloud: Where's Cait Sith and the others...?
    • Cloud: Where's Yuffie and the others...?
    • Cloud: Where's Vincent and the others...?

(Upon descending down the bottom of the Northern Cave, depending on who was sent in a different direction from Cloud. One from each of the two possible paths says their line, with priority depending on who in that group is first in the following list.)

  • Tifa: Hey, were you thinking of leaving me?
  • Barret: Yo, we're a bit late?
  • Cid: I can't let you guys go by yourselves, you'll make me worry.
  • Red XIII: Don't leave us, Cloud.
  • Cait Sith: You're so cruel, Cloud.
  • Yuffie: I finally got here, so I'm not leaving...
  • Vincent: You sure are hasty.

(Upon reaching the steps at the bottom of the Northern Cave.)
Cloud: This is the center of the Planet...?

(Upon talking to party members around the steps. If they were sent down a path different from the player's path and the player did not return to that cave before speaking to them, they will have an item.)

  • Barret
    • (If he has an item.)
      Barret: Here, Cloud.
      • (If he went right.)
        On-screen: Received "Guard Source"!
      • (If he went left, then up.)
        On-screen: Received "Vaccine"!
      • (If he went left, then down.)
        On-screen: Received "Remedy"!
    • (Otherwise.)
      Barret: Awright, this's the last dance!
  • Tifa
    • (If she has an item.)
      Tifa: Cloud, look.
      • (If she went right.)
        On-screen: Received "Mythril"! (this actually gives you Mystile)
      • (If she went left, then up.)
        On-screen: Received "Hero Drink"!
      • (If she went left, then down.)
        On-screen: Received "Turbo Ether"!
  • (Otherwise.)
    Tifa: This is it.
  • Red XIII
    • (If he has an item.)
      Red XIII: Cloud, I found this...
      • (If he went right.)
        On-screen: Received "Mind Source"!
      • (If he went left, then up.)
        • (If the player can carry more materia.)
          On-screen: Received "Shield" Materia!
        • (Otherwise.)
          Red XIII: Cloud...... Cloud... Seems like you got too much materia.
      • (If he went left, then down.)
        On-scren: Received "Speed Source"!
    • (Otherwise.)
      Red XIII: We finally made it here.
  • Cid
    • (If he has an item.)
      Cid: Hey, Cloud, I found this on the way.
      • (If he went right.)
        On-screen: Received "Speed Source"!
      • (If he went left, then up.)
        On-screen: Received "Imperial Guard"!
      • (If he went left, then down.)
        On-screen: Received "Elixir"!
    • (Otherwise.)
      Cid: Let's just get this over with!
  • Yuffie
    • (If she has an item.)
      Yuffie: ......... Wh...what?
      • (If someone else went down the same path as her, depending on who was sent.)
        • Tifa: By the way Yuffie, didn't you find something?
        • Barret: Oh yeah, Yuffie, didn't you find somethin'?
        • Red XIII: By the way Yuffie, didn't you find something on the way?
        • Cid: Yeah, Yuffie, didn't you pick up something on the way?
        • Cait Sith: By the way, Yuffie, didn't you pick up something...
        • Vincent: Yuffie, just let Cloud have it.
      • (After their line.)
        Yuffie: Oh, all right.
        Yuffie: Here, Cloud.
        • (If she went right.)
          On-screen: Received "Last Elixir"![note 4]
        • (If she went left, then up.)
          • (If the player can carry more materia.)
            On-screen: Received "Counter" Materia!
          • (Otherwise.)
            Yuffie: Hey!? But you have lots of materia! Then you won't need it.
      • (If she went left, then down.)
        On-screen: Received "Vaccine"!
    • (After she gives an item per above.)
      Yuffie: But I'm the one who found it, so you better give it back to me when you're done with it!
  • (Otherwise.)
    Yuffie: It feels like we made it as far as we can.
  • Cait Sith
    • (If he has an item.)
      Cait Sith: Hey, Cloud, I found this.
      • (If he went right.)
        On-screen: Received "Elixir"!
      • (If he went left, then up.)
        On-screen: Received "Remedy"!
      • (If he went left, then down.)
        On-screen: Received "X-Potion"!
    • (Otherwise.)
      Cait Sith: Well, shall we get goin'?
  • Vincent
    • (If he has an item.)
      Vincent: Hold on to this.
      • (If he went right.)
        On-screen: Received "Last Elixir"![note 4]
      • (If he went left, then up.)
        On-screen: Received "Magic Source"!
      • (If he went left, then down.)
        • (If the player can carry more materia.)
          On-screen: Received "MegaAll" Materia!
        • (Otherwise.)
          Vincent: No, first organize your materia. You have too much.
    • (Otherwise.)
      Vincent: Hmm... Being with you all is not so bad.

(Upon reaching the bottom of the Northern Cave.)

  • (Upon selecting "Let's get going", continue.)
  • (Upon selecting "(No, not yet...)", nothing happens.)

Cloud: All right, everyone, let's mosey.

Cid: Damn! Again! Stop sayin' it like a wimp! Can't you say 'Move out!' or somethin'?

Cloud: Move out!!

Barret: What?

Red XIII: Look at the number...

Cid: %#@^! They're comin' out in full force!

Barret: Cloud! You go first!

Cloud: I'm fighting here too.

Barret: Shu'up! It won't do us no good wit' everyone back here!

Cid: Barret's right. You take two of us with you and go first. The rest'll catch up with ya later.

Tifa: Is this like a practice run before the real thing?

Cait Sith: Yeah, a major practice run...

  • (If Yuffie was recruited.)
    Yuffie: Heh heh, I'm fine with that. (It's probably more fun than fighting Sephiroth down there.)
  • (If Vincent was recruited.)
    Vincent: Hmm, this might be fun to pass time.

Red XIII: They're coming! They're already on the floor next to us!

Barret: Cloud! Hurry up and make up your mind!

(After selecting a party.)
Cloud: All of you!

Cloud: Later!

(Depending on the chosen party.)

  • (If Barret was not chosen for the player's party.)
    Barret: Yeah, later.
  • (If Barret was chosen for the player's party, but not Tifa.)
    Tifa: We'll meet up later.
  • (If both Barret and Tifa were chosen for the player's party.)
    Cid: Yup! Later!

(Upon reaching the bottom of Inside the Planet, where Jenova·SYNTHESIS is fought.)

Cloud: Where are we...?

(Depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: What's that!?
  • Tifa: What!?
  • Red XIII: Wha...what!?
  • Cid: What the hell!
  • Yuffie: What! What!
  • Cait Sith: What!
  • Vincent: What's this...!?

Cloud: Jenova...!?

Cloud: It's coming!!

(After battle with Jenova·SYNTHESIS.)
On-screen: Li......ght......

On-screen: A light...

On-screen: Is this......

On-screen: Is this light......Holy?

(Depending on the player's party.)

  • (If Barret is not in the player's party.)
    Barret: Oww...damn, man!
    Cloud: Barret!?
    Barret: What...? So everyone's together again...?
  • (If Barret is in the party, but Cid is not.)
    Cid: Owww......
    Cloud: Cid!?
    Cid: Goddammit... So we're all here...?
  • (If both Barret and Cid are in the party.)
    Tifa: Owwww......
    Cloud: Tifa!?
    Tifa: Cloud...... Cloud... So we did end up together...

On-screen: Uuuugh...!!

Cloud: ...Sephiroth!!

Barret: Ugh...! Is this......the true power of Sephiroth?

Cid: body... I can't control my body...... Uuugh!?

Red XIII: My front hind legs...... my tail's about to tear off!!

Cait Sith: This is definitely not good...... He's way outta our league...

  • (If Yuffie was recruited.)
    Yuffie: I, I don't know if I can...go on...

Tifa: Cloud... Cloud...

Cloud: Ugh...ugh...

Cloud: ...there... It's ......there...

Tifa: Cloud...?

Cloud: ...Holy......Holy... is there...... The Holy is shining...... Aeris's prayer is shining......!

Tifa: Holy...... Aeris......

Cloud: It's not over yet... This isn't the end yet!!

(Upon closing equipment menu.)

  • (Upon selecting "Let's go, everyone...!", continue.)
  • (Upon selecting "Just one more time...!", reopen menu.)

(After closing equipment menu and continuing.)

  • (If Tifa or Yuffie did not get assigned to a party.)
    On-screen: Eeeyaaaa----!!
  • (Otherwise, if Barret, Red XIII, Cid, Cait Sith, or Vincent did not get assigned to a party.)
    On-screen: Uuuuuuuaaaaaaagh!!

(Depending on how parties were formed.)

  • Barret: Urrrrrgh!!
    Barret: Not only Aeris... Holy is the prayer of AVALANCHE... Of Marlene and Dyne...... And everyone on the planet!
  • Tifa: ...We're not gonna lose!!
    Tifa: Aeris is here... everyone is here... Cloud is here with us! There's still many things for us to do... I'm not giving up!!
  • Red XIII: ...No way we're gonna lose!!
    Red XIII: I'm going to see it through to the end. For our future... And that of the planet... I understand now, Grandpa. This is my mission! I won't let the Lifestream... or the Life of the Planet wither away!!
  • Cid: This ain't nothin'!!
    Cid: Hoo-ok......! I can't be foolin' around in the bottom of this hell hole... I still have lots of stuff to do with my life!
  • Yuffie: I don't like it!!
    Yuffie: Maybe...maybe I shouldn't have come... I don't need...materia......any... Nope, I still want it!! This an' that an' everything...MINE! And I'm never gonna give any up!!
  • Cait Sith: We're not losin'!!
    Cait Sith: Maybe we were a little late in noticing the trouble that we were getting into... But, there's still time... We should still be able to get out of it! Even if we can't get EVERYTHING back to normal! We should be able to protect what's most important!!
  • Vincent: Damn...!
    Vincent: I was frozen in time...... But now I feel as though my time is finally about to begin...! Sephiroth, now it's your time to sleep between the ages!!

Cloud: Aeris's memories... Our memories... We tell you...our memories... Come Planet! Show us your answer!

Cloud: And Sephiroth!! To the settling of everyth ing!!

(When beginning the battle with Bizarro·Sephiroth.)
On-screen: Think about the sequence of the 5 targets and beat them!

(If using more than one party.)
On-screen: If a part dies, change to a different party.

(After battle with Bizarro·Sephiroth and then with Safer·Sephiroth.)
Cloud: This is all we could do.

Barret: Wait! What about Holy? What's gonna happen to the Planet?

Cloud: That...I don't know. Isn't the rest up to the Planet?

Tifa: ...You're right. We've done all that we could do.

Cloud: All right, everyone. It's no use thinking about it. We'll leave all our worries here. Let's go home proud.

Tifa: What happened?

Cloud: ......I feel it...

Tifa: What......

Cloud: He is

Cloud: Still......

Tifa: Cloud!?

Cloud: He's...laughing...

Tifa: Cloud!

(After battle with Sephiroth, during FMV. Lines are not attributed, but matched with the charcacter whose lips are moving in video.)

Cloud: ........Lifestream?

Cloud: .......I think I'm beginning to understand.

Tifa: What?

Cloud: An answer from the Planet... the Promised Land... I think I can meet her...there.

Tifa: Yeah, let's go meet her.

Cloud: Hey, where is everyone?

Barret: Heeeey!

Tifa: I'm glad you're all safe!

Barret: They all seem to be safe, too.

Barret: what're we going to do?

Red XIII: Holy should be moving soon, and that means this place will...

Cid: Oh, Lady Luck don't fail me now...

Cid: Shit!!

Marlene: The flower girl?

Barret: Wait a damn minute! What's going to happen to Midgar? We can't let that happen!

Cait Sith: I had everyone take refuge in the slums, but the way things are now...

Red XIII: It's too late for Holy. Meteor is approaching the Planet. Holy is having the opposite effect. Forget Midgar, we've gotta worry about the Planet.

Tifa: What's that!?

Barret: What the hell IS that ...... ?

Cloud: .......Lifestream.

Marlene: It's coming.

On-screen: Five hundred years later


Sector 7 optional dialogue[]

(At any point.)

(Upon talking to the Weapon Shop clerk.)
Clerk: He, HEY! Waitaminit you!! You can't just walk outta here without buyin' somethin'... Might be unhealthy fer ya, if ya know what I mean.

(Upon talking to the boy in the Weapon Shop.)
NPC: You dried up old geez. You tired? Why don't you rest up on the third floor of my house? There's just one condition. You gotta give me some cash.

  • (Upon selecting "1 gil" if the player has 1 gil.)
    NPC: Damn, man!! Just forget about it!
  • (Upon selecting "10 gil" if the player has 10 gil.)
    NPC: Oh man, oh man...... Go ahead 'n' help yourself to the room.
  • (Upon selecting "1 gil" or "10 gil" if the player does not have enough.)
    NPC: Geez, dude, you're really old. You sure you ain't poorer than me?
  • (Upon selecting "nothin'".)
    NPC: Cheap %#*^...

(Upon talking to the boy after paying for a room.)
NPC: Use whatever bed you want. Sleep tight, old guy.

(Upon entering the bedroom at the top of the weapons store if the player has not paid for the room.) NPC: This is a slum, so don't think you can stay for free. What are you going to do? Doesn't just seeing the bed make you sleepy?

  • (Upon selecting "10 gil" if the player has 10 gil.)
    NPC: Sweet dreams, pops.
  • (Upon selecting "10 gil" if the player does not have enough.)
    NPC: Rough times, huh pop? Not a dime on you?
  • (Upon selecting "no way".)
    NPC: Tough guy, huh!? You'd better sleep when you can. You'd better save when you can. That's the trick to being tough. Remember that, old dude.

(Upon entering the bedroom if the player had paid for the room below already.)
Cloud: hoo...

(At any point before waking up the next morning, either before or after first meeting with Tifa.)

(Upon talking to the train conductor.)
Conductor: When you've been a train man as long as I have, you see a lot of people and a lot of lives. People meeting, parting, joy, sadness... After a while, it doesn't even get to you anymore.

(Upon talking to the conductor again.)
Conductor: I wonder how long it's been... There's an invisible rail between me and the passengers. I could never live their lives. I'm just a train man plain and simple. It's easier that way.

(Upon talking to the conductor again.)
Conductor: That's not to say that the crossing gate of my heart doesn't hurt now and again. Back during the war, I remember there was a lot of painful scenes then. But, that's a story for another day...

(Upon talking to the conductor again.)
Conductor: First train leaves Midgar at 05:04am.

(Upon talking to the man by the save point in front of the Support Pillar.)
NPC: Hey now!! Oops!! What on earth are you doing? Just butt out......geez! Huh? You come to see it, too? There was a bombing on top. If this pillar should come down, everyone in the slums is dust... Well, there's no point in worryin' about that. Hey!! Look! It's huge, ain't it? Hey... This is a strange and wonderful place. This is my place, but you can come here when you want. Bye, bro!

Barret: Yo, Cloud! Over here, now!

(Upon talking to the guard on the left blocking the crossroad path south.)
Guard 1: Excuse me. You cannot pass without the proper clearance. Did I do good this time?

Guard 2: You gotta be tougher!

Guard 1: But, uh, I......

(Upon talking to the guard on the right.)
Guard 2: What the hell do you want? You know who I am? You can't pass. I got the miserable job of keepin' scum like you from trying to sneak in here.

Guard 1: W, wow! You're great!!

Guard 2: Damn right!! Don't waste time talkin's, what I always say!

Guard 1: But, uh, I......

(Upon talking to the man opposite the counter in the weapon store.)
NPC: Hey!! What the, YOU? Anyone talking to me must be a novice.

  • (Upon selecting "Yep, that's me".)
    Cloud: So what. Everyone's a beginner sometime.
    NPC: Don't act so big, amateur. Seein' as how I'm such a warm hearted guy, I'll show ya the ropes. You come back here tomorrow. I got some things I gots ta do.
  • (Upon selecting "I used to be with SOLDIER, the name's Cloud".)

    Cloud: The name's Cloud. Used to be with SOLDIER, I got no business with you.
    NPC: Hmmph!! Well, I never heard of ya!

(Upon talking to the man in the Beginner's Hall on the second floor of the Weapon Shop.)
NPC: Unn...... !! Who the hell are you!? No unauthorized access. Since today's special, I'm gonna let you in on a juicy bit of news. But you gotta keep it to yourself. Do you know about what's been going on......?

  • (Upon selecting "What, that again?".)
    NPC: I guess you must be sick of hearing it... But it's been so long since there was any real news here. You're worried where it's all heading, right?
  • (Upon selecting "............".)
    NPC: Everything's in a buzz 'bout that terrorist group AVALANCHE blowin' up the Sector 1 Mako Reactor. On the surface they say they're an anti-Shinra group, but in reality... They say they're just out to kill as many people as they can. Gyaaaa, Haaa haaa!! That's a good one, ain't it!? While they're bustin' things up on top, the only ones makin' out good are us weapon stores! Now, if we can just get rid of this back stock, we'll be doin' ok.

(Upon talking to the boy in the Beginner's Hall.)
NPC: You know what I do? I'll bet you don't. You come here tomorrow and I'll tell you. Ahh, there just ain't no good jobs here in the slums. I wanna go to the upper world.

(Before meeting with Tifa.)

(Upon talking to the couple at the train station.)
NPCs: I'm not letting you go tonight. Wow!

(Upon talking to the couple again.)
NPCs: Isn't there somewhere we could go to be alone? Wow! There's only the train graveyard around here. And they say there's ghosts around too! .......damn. What?

(Upon interacting with the door to Johnny's home.)
NPC: I'm not opening up. Go away!!

(Upon interacting with the door to the Item Store.)
Clerk: We're closed today. Come back tomorrow.

(Upon inspecting the signposts by the Item Store.)
Cloud: What crappy handwriting. And look at all this graffiti!

Sign: Don't be taken in by the Shinra. Mako energy will not last forever. Mako is the life of the Planet and that life is finite. The end is coming. Saviors of the Planet: AVALANCHE

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Woo......ah geez, I'm blitzed. I jes love them homemade cocktails. But they sure do creep up on ya.

(Upon talking to the man with black hair.)
NPC: Oh Jesus!! What the hell's wrong tonight!! I thought that long blackout was strange. They say a Mako Reactor was destroyed above. I was jes sittin' here drinkin', watchin' the news by myself. 'n' all of a sudden I get kicked outta the &*%$ store. What's up with that!?

(Upon talking to the man with black hair again.)
NPC: I wasn't even done with my drink. I didn't even pay my bill...

(Upon talking to the boy.)
NPC: Explosions! Explosions! Oh Man! AVALANCHE is so cool!

(Upon talking to the girl.)
NPC: Did you hear?

  • (Upon selecting "No, what?".)
    NPC: There's a news update. They say that there was a terrorist explosion up above, and that this time it was a Mako Reactor!! You know what this means?
    • (Upon selecting "No, what?".)
      NPC: Ya see, I keep on top of these things, an' if ya ask me...... If you knock out Midgar's power, then all of its computers and signals are going to be knocked out too. Financially there must've been about a billion gil worth of damage. An' that ain't all!! A lotta innocent people got killed too! If the explosion had been in the middle of the night, that woulda been one thing. At least the people coulda gone in their sleep.
    • (Upon selecting "Don't care".)
      NPC: Oh, well excuse ME!
  • (Upon selecting "Don't care".)
    NPC: Oh, well excuse ME!

(Upon talking to the girl after already hearing her in full.)
NPC: This Mako explosion has really sent Midgar into a fit.

(After meeting with Tifa, before waking up the next morning.)

(Upon talking to the couple at the train station.)
NPC: Hey, come over here. But people will... Who cares? But... There's a weirdo over there. Huh? Say, you're pretty gutsy. Why don't you go snoop somewhere else, Romeo?

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Hey!! Open up! C'mon baby!! It's me! Johnny! Mom!!

(Upon talking to the man with black hair.)
NPC: There's a TV in there, but my cheap aunt won't let me in the house. Look for yourself.

(Upon talking to the man with black hair again.)
NPC: Now that you mention it, there used to be an outside TV monitor here in the slums. But that Barret, busted it up. Shot it up with that weird machine gun hand of his. Blam, blam, blam. I think it was when President Shinra was on. He was on again this morning, too, you know. Tifa better watch out for her TV.

(Upon talking to the boy.)
NPC: All's quiet!! Shh, I'm spying now! OH!! There's something!! DANGER!! ALERT!!

(Upon talking to the girl.)
NPC: Did you hear?

  • (Upon selecting "'Bout what?".)
    NPC: About that little girl named Tifa and that bar called '7th Heaven'. I'm not only informed, I'm kinda nosey too. Anyhow, I got the scoop. You wanna hear?
    • (Upon selecting "You bet!".)
      NPC: That Barret and three of his henchmen are like this sometimes. Suddenly, they threw out a customer and start talking trash to him. It's strange, if you ask me. And that place always smells like gun powder. It's dangerous, I tell you. They must be doing terrible things in there.
    • (Upon selecting "Don't care".)
      NPC: Oh really? Well, aren't you a cool one!
  • (Upon selecting "Don't care".)
    NPC: Oh really? Well, aren't you a cool one!
(After waking up the second morning, at any point before meeting with Don Corneo.)

(Upon talking to the man opposite the counter in the weapon store.)
NPC: Heh heh...He'll forget about it. OH, you!! Get my friend on the second floor to teach ya.

(Upon talking to the dog by the entrance of the Beginner's Hall.)
On-screen: How to use the buttons.
L1/R1 button: To turn quickly.
[Directional button] up down left right: walk [Button] Triangle: menu Square Circle: speak/execute down X: run
[How to reset] L1&L2&R1&R2&SELECT&START button. Push any of those buttons together to reset the game. (only works on the field.)

Cloud: Huh? Finger!? What the hell?

On-screen: I'm the position cursor!! Call me whenever you're walking around confused! Push the [SELECT] button and I'll appear over your shiny little head.

Cloud: Geez, you stand out even more than I do...

On-screen: Am I in the way? If so, just push the [SELECT] button one more time. I'm pretty busy myself, and can't always come when you need me. If I don't show up sometimes, don't get mad. Later! [Position Cursor] Push the [SELECT] button when you're lost in the field. Usually, the [Position Cursor] will appear on the screen. But wait!! [Red triangles] mark the exits and [Green triangles] mark ladders. These will help you safely make it through even the darkest streets or dangerous mountains! But, there are times when it won't appear, so be careful.

(Upon talking to the man next to the dog in the Beginner's Hall.)
NPC: This is the Beginner's Hall. You say you're a beginner? But your eyes say you're not.

Cloud: Don't mess with me. I used to be in SOLDIER. I'll tell you how much I know... an' for free too!

Cloud: What do you want to know?

  • (Upon selecting "How to save?".)
    Cloud: Now I'll tell you about saving. You know what'll happen if you don't save? That's right. Everything you worked so hard to do will be lost! You never know when there might be a power outage. And you've got a long battle ahead of you. It pays to save often and take breaks when you need them. Anyway you'll need a Memory card to save your games. But, uh, none of the stores around here sell any. You'll have to get some at a (real) store. I guess you already have a Memory card. Put the Card firmly into the slot. Put it in either the right or left side. Then when you're ready, access the menu. Select [Save]. Remember you can't just save wherever you want. You can only save at places marked [Save Point]. When you find one, a message will appear. Whenever you reach a [Save Point], you'll want to save your game. Slot 1 is on the left, slot 2 on the right. Choose either one. Next, choose your file and save it. Each Memory card can hold up to 15 files. If you have files from other games on it, there will be less room to save. The screen only shows 3 files at a time so, press the directional buttons to scroll down the list, and you can see the rest. Remember, the more files you have, the longer it will take to load. One last thing. The Memory card is a delicate device. Be careful when handling it. Never remove it while saving or loading. Don't get mad even if you lose. If that happens, just chill out, and let your head, and your console, cool down. That's all. Remember to save often so you don't lose your games.
  • (Upon selecting "How to heal your allies?")
    • (If the player has no Potions.)
      Cloud: First, you need Potions.
      NPC: You're a stingy one. Here, I'll give you ONE Potion.
    • (If the player has already received a Potion through this dialogue interaction.)
      NPC: I don't have any extra Potions on me. Why don't you go buy some?
    • (If the player has at least one Potion.)
      Cloud: You probably already know this but... HP is your life force. If HP is lost in battle, you're out of commission. MP is the source of your magic power. If your MP's lost, you'll be unable to cast spells. So, what should we do to cure a damaged ally? There are three ways. First, you can rest at an inn at a nearby town. Second, you can use items to help them recover. Third, you can use curative magic. I'll explain about Magic later, but here we'll talk about items. Select [Item] from the menu. Potion restores HP. If you can't find where Potion is, access the menu and select [Arrange] to change the order of items. You can arrange them however you like. Order items you'll use in the field. Order items you'll use in battle. Prioritize items you can throw in battle. Order weapons and armor separately. Order by name Order by most items held Order by least items held By the way, [Key Item]'s are just that, items that unlock problems just like a key. They're very important items to have. Keep that in mind. Ok, now select [Use], Then select [Potion]. Select the person you want to use it on. If they're already maxed out, you won't be able to use it on them. We can restore MP with [Ether]. You use this the same way you did for [Potion]. Just pick a member and use it! The number appearing next to the item name tells you how many are available. Of course, the more you use, the less you'll have. Some enemies will drop Potions or Ethers, but you'll want to stock up whenever you're at a store. One last thing, if someone in your party gets wiped out, either rest at an inn or use [Phoenix Down]. That's all!
  • (Upon selecting "Curative Magic?".)
    Cloud: Now I'll tell you how to use curative magic. First, access the menu and select [Magic]. Next, select who'll cast the spell. Pick an ally equipped with [Restore] Materia. You can select another party member by using the L1 and R1 buttons. The function also work in other sub menus. Better remember that. This is magic you can use, monsters you can summon, and enemy techniques you've learned. Whenever [Magic] is selected... the available magic appears on the screen... So, if you wanted to use [Cure]... you would select it from the menu... then select who you want to use it on. I think Potion is pretty expensive, so... when you're near an inn and you can restore MP, it's better to use curative magic rather than Potion. That's all.
  • (Upon selecting "Weapons and armor?".)
    Cloud: Equipping weapons & armor is basic to battle. Let me show you how it's done. Just finding or buying new weapons or armor, isn't enough. You have to access the menu and select [Equip]. Then, select who you want to equip. You can change weapons, armor and accessories. Accessories have special effects. Just select what you want to change. On the right side of the screen, here's a list of what can be equipped. You can see the item's effect here. Change your weapon with the OK button. Make sure it'll increase attack/defense levels. Pay special attention to Materia slots. The slots that are linked are effective. Also check the growth rates of Materia. Now when you want to remove an accessory... press the triangle button here. You should never remove weapons or armor. Because you never know when you'll be attacked. After you're finished equipping, you should re-equip your Materia. That's it!
  • (Upon selecting "How to apply Materia?".)
    Cloud: Materia can unleash hidden power in humans. So let's see how Materia is used. First, access the menu. Then select [Materia]. Select who you want to use it. Pay close attention to my weapon here. Each weapon and armor has slots in them. Choose which slot you want to put Materia in. Now select the Materia you want to use. This is curative Materia. If you want to know what its effect is, line the cursor up with [Check], and push the OK button. It's just like selecting battle commands. Just line the cursor up to [magic], you can see that the available magic has increased. Now you can use new magic [Cure]. And that's all there is to equipping Materia. See? It wasn't that tough! When you want to remove Materia, it's as easy as pointing to the materia slot, and pushing the triangle button. There's only one thing you have to watch out for. When you equip Materia, your condition changes. Parts of you will become stronger... while others get weaker. Normally, when you equip [Magic] Materia, your magic power will get stronger. But your physical strength weakens. So, Materia's kind of a double-edged sword. The left side of the screen, shows the effect of the Materia. Try out everything. And that's all. I'll tell you about some of the finer points next.
  • (Upon selecting "Effective ways to use Materia?".)
    Cloud: Access the menu if you find Materia. There's a lot of different Materia around. This is one of them. It's [All] Materia. If you equip this alone, nothing will happen. It's a little tricky, but I'll tell you anyway. Now look at my weapon. Look closely at those two slots. They're joined together as linked slots. You've got to remember to put it into linked slots. Different Materia will affect each other. But only if the slots are linked. Just to show you, let's put some [All] into one of the slots, and [Lightning] in the other. Now we can use [Bolt] on [All] the enemies. But it's limited to once per battle. Combine different things and you'll come up with different results. Combining [Restore] and [All], will let you use [Cure] for your entire party. There are also many useless combinations. For example, [Restore] and [Lightning] [Bolt] and [Cure] can be used normally, but there won't be any compound effect. Specialized Materia like [All] is called [Support Materia]. You can tell the difference just by looking at the Materia's color. This may sound weird, but did you know Materia grows on its own? Even if one of your allies uses it, it will continue to grow with each battle. As its level increases, so will the effects of the magic you can use. I told you [All] works once per battle. But it can work twice or more as it grows. When you get it to the master level, Materia will divide itself, looking like it's giving birth. But that master Materia won't grow anymore. When you can't take Materia on anymore, you'd better sell it or dump it somewhere. You can see the useful functions here. You can [Arrange] Materia, [Remove all] Materia from your weapon. You can throw Materia into the [Trash]. Oops, relax! I wasn't gonna dump it. Let's see. This is a special menu for you. You can exchange all Materia you have between allies, even if they're not in your party. Now about Materia's growth. The growth rate depends on what weapon or armor it's put into. Some will double in growth, while others won't grow at all. In most cases, the Materia's effect won't change whether you put it into a weapon or armor. But [Elemental] and [Added Effect] are completely different depending on whether they're put into weapons or armor. You've got to think about what weapon or armor to use, or what Materia combinations will be the strongest. I remember hearing once... about extraordinary Materia somewhere in the world. I think I've told you just about everything I can.
  • (Upon selecting "How to form your battle party?".)
    Cloud: I'll explain your party's order in battle. First, access the menu and select [Order]. Next, select who you want to switch. Now, select the position you want. This will change their position in battle. In this case there isn't any advantage/disadvantage. But when you select the same person twice, it will place them in either the front/back row in a battle. When they're on the left side of the screen, that'll be the front row... When they're on the right, that'll be the back row. When you're in the front row and you select [Attack] you inflict major damage on your enemy. But you will also receive greater damage. While in the back row, although you do less damage to the enemy, you also receive less damage. For magic attacks, there's no difference in damage between the front & back rows. There is also no difference when you use long range weapons. It's better to keep weaker members... in the back row. And that's it. Of course, I'm better off in the front row!
  • (Upon selecting "How to check your status?".)
    Cloud: You must know your current status. That's one of the basics of battle. Access the menu and select [Status]. Next, select the member you want to check. Were you surprised at the amount of information? I'll explain the order. First, these are your experience points and your level. The more experience you get in battle, the stronger you become. This gauge tells you how many points you need to get to the next level. If you can't beat stronger enemies, raise your level by fighting weaker ones. You'll improve your physical and magical skills. Next is HP and MP. HP is your life force. When it reaches zero, you won't be able to fight. MP is the source of your magic power. Every time you cast magic, you use MP. and when you run out of MP, you won't be able to cast spells. This is called the Limit gauge. It shows your anger level. When the gauge is full, you can use a "Limit Technique". I'll tell you about "Limit Techniques" later. You know the battle commands are classified roughly into two groups. [Attack] is for regular physical attacks. [Magic] and [Summon] cast magic attacks. Each has attacking power, defense power, and escape probabilities. The value depends on your equipment, and experience level. The total effect is on the chart below. These are commands you can use in battle. And your presently equipped weapons, armor, and accessories. Press the OK button here one more time. There are all types of attacks... Some monsters are weak against fire, others are weak against ice or lightning. The Materia or items you have can add these [Elemental]s to your attacks or protect yourself from them in an enemy attack. This chart shows your current attributes. Press the OK button here one more time. The chart below means [Added Effect]s. Some enemies will use sneaky attacks on you. These attacks change your condition, such as... sleep, confuse, poison, darkness, petrify, silence, small, frog, and so on. These conditions disappear after each battle, except fury and sadness which will remain. To cure these conditions quickly, use items or magic. There are specific medicines for each condition. I know I'm repeating myself but,... when you're taken out in battle, I mean, when you're almost dead, use [Life] magic or the item [Phoenix down]. When you change Materia or equipment it's best to look here to check on them. Mastering Elementals and Added Effects... will make your battles safer. That's all.
  • (Upon selecting "About Limit status?".)
    Cloud: Here are a few hints on limit techniques. When an enemy has pushed your anger to the limits, you can unleash unimaginable power. You know what I mean, right? The trick is how to use it. Access the menu and select [Limit]. Now select a member. Now decide what your limit will be. Lower limits have less power, but you can use them more often. If you set your limit higher, you can inflict great damage, but you'll have to wait longer. After using this technique for awhile, you'll improve your technique. Your development will change depending on how you fight. I can't tell you how it will change. That's something you'll have to find out by yourself. I've heard a rumor about secret items that inspire ultimate techniques. I don't know whether or not those items really exist. That's it! Try everything out and use what's best for you!
  • (Upon selecting "Other things to watch for?".)
    Cloud: You probably know all this. But just in case, I'll go over it. Until you get instructions, don't open or take discs out of the PlayStation. After you open up the Disc Cover I can't guarantee what'll happen. That's all.
  • (Upon selecting "That's all", conversation ends.)

(Upon obtaining the All Materia in the Beginner's Hall on the second floor of the weapon store.)
NPC: Hey!! You got one right off! That was Materia. Next, take this [treasure chest]!

(Upon inspecting the chest after obtaining the item from it.)
NPC: Now listen, Hidden in these treasure chests, are a lot of items There are box types and bag types, so make sure you don't overlook any.

(Upon talking to the woman in the Beginner's Hall by the save point.)
NPC: This is the fabled [Save Point]!! At a [Save Point] you can use a [tent] and/or select "SAVE". There's more, too. Look for something called secret. Even if you are wiped out, if you save you can restart from that same point. That way you don't have to worry when you've been wiped out. This is jumping ahead a little but, when you leave Midgar... Once you get the world map, you can save anywhere you like. Remember that. That should be all you need to know about the Save Point. I'll probably see you again somewhere on the road. Take care! I'm a [treasure chest]!! Beginners make sure and keep an eye out for me!!

(Upon talking to the kids in the Beginner's Hall.)
NPCs: ......smack......knock......!! Help!

Cloud: You've got to hang in there. You're limit gauge is just starting to build.

NPCs: Waaaah!!

Cloud: Ok! Now your limit gauge is full, go ahead and use it! Fight with your limit technique.

Cloud: Great!

(Upon talking to the kids again.)
NPCs: Magic!! Magic!! Help!

Cloud: Calm down! When your enemy uses magic counter with [Magic Barrier] or [reflect]. [Magic Barrier] reduces the damage received from magic by half. [reflect] bounces the attacks off you. But the number of times you can use it is limited so be careful.

Cloud: Great!

(Upon talking to the kids again.)

  • Wow! You sure are strong! I'm going to be strong, too !
  • Me too!

Cloud: If you want to get as strong as me you need to use Materia. And you have to find the best combinations of them. The type of Materia you put in your weapons and armor will determine how quickly your Materia grows. Put Materia into the open slots in your weapons and armor. The possible combinations are limitless. That's about all I can tell you. If you want to be like me, you have to have some natural talent.


  • I still don't get it!
  • I still don't get it!

Cloud: Listen kid, don't piss me off! That's all right. Just give it a try. Little by little, you'll get used to it.

(Upon talking to the bodybuilders in the Beginner's Hall.)
NPC: Hey SOLDIER!! Tell us about battles! We'll even pay you!

Cloud: I'm not hard up enough to take money from guys like you. But I'll rap with you for a while.

Cloud: What do you want to know?

  • (Upon selecting "About ATB".)
    Cloud: ATB or Active Time Battle is a system that is always in operation during battle. Select [Wait] from ATB on the Config Menu and time will stop when you select magic or items during battle. This gives you time to pick out your commands. This is especially helpful to beginners. Selecting [Recommended] ATB in the config menu can stop time while the effects of spells and items are taking place during battle. This lets you take your time looking over the progression of the battle. When you don't want to rush in battle, this is for you! Personally, I always use [Active], but you can use whichever you like.
  • (Upon selecting "The numbers on the screen".)
    Cloud: White numbers appearing on the screen in battle are damage points. Green numbers show restorative points. You better watch these if you don't want to get wiped out.
  • (Upon selecting "About [change] and [defend]".)
    Cloud: The [change] command can move characters to and from the front and back rows. In the back row, the damage received is less, but the attacking power is less. You can make a [change] by pressing the Directional button in battle. Pushing the Directional button the other direction during battle accesses [defend]. Selecting [defend] reduces the damage you receive by half until the next command. If you're up against a strong enemy, Don't hesitate to use this one. Of course, I never need it.
  • (Upon selecting "About [Escape]".)
    Cloud: I don't really remember ever having to use the [escape] command... but you'll probably need it. Push the L1 and R1 buttons at the same time, holding them down, and you can escape.
  • (Upon selecting "About the gauges".)
    Cloud: During battle, there are several [gauges] displayed. You can't check them now, so just remember what I tell you. [time gauge] displays the time remaining until your next turn while in battle. When the gauge is full, you can make your command. If you don't want to make one, push the Trianglebutton and you can move to the next character. It's convenient when you wanna make Barret work. The [limit gauge] increases every time you sustain damage. When it is full, you can use the [limit technique]. This gauge is not cleared after each battle, but gradually builds up over time. It takes a while for it to build up, so you have to think about which times are the best to use it. You probably don't know about it, but there are conditions of [status], [fury], and [sadness]. When you have [fury], your limit gauge builds up sooner, but your attacking accuracy is lower. Keep in mind that [sadness] makes your limit gauge build up slower, but the damage you receive is also lessened. [barrier gauge] is for specialized magic. The top gauge displays [barrier] or magic defense against attacks. The bottom gauge displays [magic barrier] or defenses against magic attacks. Both will cut the damage you receive in half. However, over time they will disappear. Whenever you use [barrier] or [magic barrier] make sure to pay attention to the [barrier gauge]. That's it. Remember that for the next battle.
  • (Upon selecting "About [status]".)
    Cloud: [status] means just that. The status of each character. I'll probably wind up repeating myself, but let me go over a few basic points. Sleep You cannot put in a command until you get up. Poison Steals your HP in battle. Fury Damage is increased, attack accuracy decreased. Tranquilizers will remedy it. Sadness Damage is decreased. Hyper will remedy it. Petrify Will petrify and become immobilized. Every member will be wiped out. Confuse Will attack enemy and ally alike. Silence Will be unable to cast magic. Paralyze Stops time gauges, commands. Darkness Accuracy of hitting attacks decreases. Frog Become a frog. I hate this one!
    Cloud: Hoo...I'm beat. [status change], since this can be changed with magic and items, you should check it whenever you buy things.
  • (Upon selecting "About [elementals]".)
    Cloud: [elemental] is the special effect that comes with certain weapons and magic. It's necessary to move ahead effectively. If you pay attention to the types of elementals you use you'll become intermediate in no time. I put together this list, but remember, it's just a partial list don't take it too literally. Fire Fire effect. Works best on animals and water monsters. Ice Ice effect. Works best on fire monsters and things that hate the cold. Lightning Lightning effect. Works best on mechanical things. Earth Attacks using the earth's power. Doesn't work on flying enemies. Poison Poisons enemies. Doesn't work on any poison based enemies. Gravity Gravity based attack. These hurt if they hit. Water Calls on the earth's water. Works well on fire monsters. Wind Calls up the winds. Works well on flying enemies. Holy Calls up the Planet's power. Works well on dark monsters.
    Cloud: If you use reciprocal elementals in your attacks, the effect is huge! Also, if you use the same elemental, your defenses are raised. But, you have to be careful because the opposite is also true. To see what elementals an enemy has, you need [Sense] Materia. If you get that Materia, you should try using it.
  • (Upon selecting "About [help]".)
    Cloud: Looks like you didn't get it the last time I told you. What's wrong with you? You touched in the head? Well, don't worry. You just need to push the [SELECT] button in battle. Do that, and the [help message] will walk you through the commands. It also shows you the name of your enemy, so even I use it once in a while. Make good use of it.
  • (Upon selecting "That's all the time I have for you!", conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to the lady in Johnny's home.)
NPC: He used to give us nothing but headaches when he was here, but now that he's gone...I kind of miss him. ......strange, isn't it?

(Upon talking to the man in Johnny's home.)
NPC: Ha! Ha!...... I wonder if my son's already left? When it's just my wife and I here, you have no idea how lonesome it gets.

(Upon talking to the man again.)
NPC: You want them to be happy and do what they want while they're young, but being a parent, you can't help but worry... I guess I'm not cut out to be a parent yet.

(Upon talking to the man again.)
NPC: By the way...... Where are you from?

  • (Upon selecting "A village called Nibelheim".)
    NPC: said Nibelheim? Wasn't it in the news a while back? Something to do with a Reactor accident... That was the first major Mako accident, so I remember it really being a hot topic.
  • (Upon selecting "Who cares?".)
    NPC: Ha, Ha!...... Well, there's nothin' wrong with that, I'd say. But if you still have a family, You outta at least write them. Even though you may turn your back on your hometown, It'll always be there for you. Least that's how I see it.

(Upon talking to the man again.)
NPC: Well, you mind leaving the two of us alone? I want to enjoy some quiet time together with my wife.

(Upon approaching the counter of the Item Store.)
Clerk: Ahh... Another slow day...... If this keeps up, this store's goin' under... Can't sell any really good medicine in a slum like this.

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
Clerk: Oh!! Look at this! This doesn't happen everyday. You a......customer? Yes!! Welcome!! We sell ! We buy!

(Upon talking to the guard on the left blocking the crossroad path south.)
Guard 1: You know, I got some tickets to "Loveless", do you want to go?

Guard 2: What're you, retarded? Midgar's under martial law now!

Guard 1: You mean, you really are concerned for me?

Guard 2: Hell no!! But in case you forgot, we're in the middle of a slum. They could be anywhere around, so stay on your guard.

Guard 1: Right. You mean the AVALANCHERS?

Guard 2: Don't you worry. SOLDIER has been added to the police force.

(Upon talking to the guard on the left again.)
Guard 1: Boy, it's been a while since SOLDIER's been mobilized, hasn't it? I ever tell you that I flunked the SOLDIER entrance exam? Damn right!! blahblahblah.......

Guard 2: Hey shut up for a minute and let me get back to work!

Guard 1: ............sigh.

(Upon talking to the guard on the left again.)
Guard 1: What are you more scared of... AVALANCHE or me?

Guard 2: Oh, you, of course.

(Upon talking to the guard on the right.)
Guard 2: HALT!! No one is allowed to pass!!

(Upon talking to the couple by the train station.)
NPCs: I've had it! Me too. You know this is the first time, we've ever agreed on something. Yes...... Well then, shall we......? Yes......

(Upon talking to the couple again.)
NPCs: urggh............ huff......wheez

(Upon talking to the train conductor.)
Conductor: Morning. Dawn comes and things never change. You be careful not to get hurt. Come on back again, hear?

(Upon talking to the conductor again.)
Conductor: ALL ABOARD! The train is about to depart.

(After waking up the next morning, before entering any other building, and before reaching the train station to leave to Sector 4.)

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: I'm leaving. Goin' faraway. But when I come back I'll be a better man! This is goodbye! Hey! Childhood friend! You better take good care of Tifa!

(Upon talking to the man with black hair.)
NPC: I hope he doesn't get hurt. That worries me the most.

(Upon talking to the boy.)
NPC: Ahh! Now I ain't got no one to pick on!

(Upon talking to the girl.)
NPC: Yesterday, everyone in town was peeking at the two of you from outside the bar. Tifa's childhood friend. That's a good one!

(After leaving towards the train station and returning before boarding the train.)

(Upon talking to the man with black hair.)
NPC: Ah...Johnny's gone. You look a little disappointed. I don't like to say it myself but, I'm just a lonely guy when I'm not drinking.

(Upon talking to the boy.)
NPC: When it comes down to it...I'm gutless. I'm still just a no good kid.

(Upon talking to the girl.)
NPC: Listen! If there isn't anyone to listen, what's the use of getting gossip on everyone!? Yeah, and you Mr. I-don't-care! I'll get a little more information that would poque even your interest. You wait and see!

(After meeting with Don Corneo and returning to Sector 7.)

(Upon talking to the train conductor.)
Conductor: I heard a rumor that the plate was going to fall, crushing this station, I've worked at so many years. But I just can't bear to leave here.

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
Clerk: Uh oh...... There goes the pillar. I'm scared, but it's for your own good. If things get too hairy, we'll escape. It's not something you'll see happen too often.

(Upon talking to the man with hair.)
NPC: Uhh......Help! My strange and wonderful little place.

(Upon talking to the guard at the top.)
Guard 2: Doh! And this was supposed to be my last job! Do something!! I never thought this would ever happen to me! Great... I'm quitting tomorrow!

(Upon talking to the guard at the bottom.)
Guard 1: L, look... This is my job, so I have to be here until the absolute last minute.

NPC: Umm... I just LOVE men with a sense of duty. Let me stay here with you.

(Upon talking to the guard after leaving the area and returning.)
Guard 1: B, but... What happens if AVALANCHE shows up?

NPC:'re shaking. You're so gentle...I think I'm in love.

Sector 5 optional dialogue[]

(At any point.)

(Upon inspecting the freezer in the Materia store.)
Clerk: Hey! Don't come barging into my house and be opening up my freezer! Didn't your mother ever teach you that?

(Upon inspecting the poster on the wall in the house in the market on the second floor.)
On-screen: Turtles Paradise News No.1
For delicious wine with a nice ring to it.......
Stop on by the "Turtle's Paradise"!!

(Before the Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon entering the Sector 5 Church and approaching the flowers in the middle.)
NPC: Um, we're, um taking care of the um, flowers for the um, lady here. that ok?

  • (Upon selecting "I don't mind".)
    Cloud: Take good care of them.
    NPC 1: Yeah!
    NPC 2: Sure!
  • (Upon selecting "No it's not!").
    Cloud: That's too much to ask of kids.
    NPC: Too much to ask? What's that? I don't get it.

(Upon talking to the boy in the Sector 5 Church.)
NPC: They're purty!

(Upon talking to the girl in the Sector 5 Church.)
NPC: I'm gonna water them later......

(Before first arriving at Aeris's home.)

(Upon talking to the man with brown hair blocking the path to Sector 6.)
NPC: Aaaaah......what a drag. You wanna go to that store in Sector 6 again?

(Upon talking to the man with red hair blocking the path to Sector 6.)
NPC: Huh? The hell are you? The hell do ya think you're talkin' to!!

(Before Sector 7's pillar falls.)

(Upon talking to the man in the market outside the Earthen Pipe.)
NPC: That guy in the pipe's a weird one. No matter what you ask him, he only answers 'uuh' or 'aahh'.

(Upon approaching the Earthen Pipe with Aeris in the party.)
Aeris: This guy are sick. He passed out nearby and someone must have helped him here.

(Upon talking to the woman walking around the market.)
NPC: What am I doing? I'm walking around looking at the ground. You find a lot of things people dropped when you look down. You never find them when you're looking up. Right?

(Upon talking to the man in green walking around the market.)
NPC: You ever hear of Wall Market?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah".)
    NPC: Oh yeah? Then maybe I should have you pick something up for me next time you're there...
  • (Upon selecting "Nope".)
    NPC: It's a market in the slums of Sector 6. They've got everything you could ever want there. If you can get there, that is. The road's something else.

(Upon talking to the man in blue running around the Weapon Store in the market.)
NPC: Outta the way! Move! You want something... move into the store!

(Upon talking to the sick man in the Earthen Pipe.)
NPC: ooh......aaah.........aghhhh......

Aeris: This is the one...... Won't you help him?

NPC: ooh......aaah.........aghhhh......

Cloud: Listen, I'm no doctor.

Aeris: No...I guess not...

Aeris: Hey...that man has a tattoo. I think it was the number 2.

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
Clerk: ...stare... ......hmph...we only trade items for gil here.

(Upon talking to the Materia store clerk.)
Clerk: I don't care if it's scrap metal or materia. We can get anything here in the slums. Got a lot of good materia here. Why don't you look it over?

(Upon talking to the Weapon Store clerk.)
Clerk: Take care of yourself. It's the law of the slums. But to do that, first you need weapons, right?

(Upon talking to the other man in the Weapon Store.)
NPC: Huh? You want weapons? That's too damn bad...... I ain't got no weapons to sell ya! And the reason why is... ...the weapon store's over that way.

(Upon talking to the boy in the Weapon Store.)
NPC: Toot toot! Next stop...Midgar Midgar. Any passengers getting off on Midgar should please ring. You know, Midgar's supposed to be sparkly 'n' springy 'n' sleeky. Oh yeah. Someday, I'm goin' there.

(Upon interacting with the TV in the house in the market, before seeing Tifa on the carriage to Wall Market.)
TV: And now for the news. Due to a terrorist attack by the group named AVALANCHE, parts of Midgar that were temporarily out of power will be restored momentarily. Following President Shinra's lead, Mayor Domino also spoke out public against AVALANCHE.

(Upon interacting with the TV after seeing Tifa on the carriage.)
TV: Now for the weather. Tomorrow's weather will be overcast and gloomy the entire day. With a slight chance of sprinkles over parts of the city.

(Upon talking to the man in the house in the market on the first floor.)
NPC: Hmph......! Everything President Shinra says is a lie. But then again, you can't trust that AVALANCHE, or whatever you call them. You can bat it around all you like. But in the end it comes down to wanting to be like those who live up above. So who do you believe in? Oneself! Me! I never lie to myself, that's for sure!

(Upon talking to the man a second time.)
NPC: I only believe what I say. That's because I never lie to myself.

(Upon talking to the boy in the house on the second floor.)
NPC: glug...glug... one... will find it...num... The top one... and the bottom one...

(Upon inspecting the drawers in the house on the second floor if the player did not talk to the boy.) Cloud: ............

(Upon inspecting the drawers in the house if the player did talk to the boy.)
Cloud: ............. .......huh?

  • (Upon selecting either "Open the top drawer" or "Open the bottom drawer".)
    Cloud: Empty.......
  • (Upon selecting "Open the hidden drawer between the drawer". This option is available only if the player talked to the boy and heard the mumbling.)
    Cloud: .......? 5 gil.
    • (Upon selecting "Take it".)
      On-screen: Received "5 gil"!
    • (Upon selecting "Leave it", nothing happens.)
(After Sector 7's pillar has fallen, before Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the man outside the Earthen Pipe.)
NPC: Even with all that commotion, you went on like nothing happened. You must really been through the mill to get that.

(Upon talking to the woman walking around the market.)
NPC: Never thought that would come tumbling down. Maybe I better walk around looking up from now on.

(Upon talking to the two men talking together.)

  • You finally think you're making a living in the pits of Midgar, and then a big piece of scrap like that falls down here...what's next?
  • Yeah, that's right! But , even so, where could we move to now...?

(Upon talking to the boy in the market.)
NPC: ...sniff...sniff... First there was a rumbling...... ...then cracking... and then ker-blaMM!!... ...I was so scared...sniff...

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
Clerk: ...stare... ......hmph...we only trade items for gil here. No matter what.

(Upon talking to the Materia store clerk.)
NPC: Living in a place like this, you could live out several lives, and it still wouldn't be enough! Well, how about some materia? Make some money and then scramble out of here!

(Upon talking to the Weapon Store clerk.)
Clerk: You never know what's going to happen! It's a crazy world, so you'd better at least have a weapon you can depend on! Am I right or what?

(Upon talking to the other man in the Weapon Store.)
NPC: ...sure is loud outside. Wonder what's happening?

(Upon talking to the man in the house in the market on the first floor.)
NPC: The hell's up with that!? I don't care if they're AVALANCHE or Avant-garde or whatever you call them. Anyone who brings the plates down on us is nuts!!

(Upon interacting with the TV in the house in the market, before returning to Aeris's house.)
TV: This just in. An accident today... ...the worst in the history of the metropolis. But thanks to the quick response by those in charge, there were no civilian casualties. The cause of the accident is unclear at this time, however, according to some sources it is believed to have something to do with the terrorist activities of the group, AVALANCHE.

(Upon interacting with the TV after leaving Aeris's house for the Shinra Headquarters.)
TV: Citizens, unite! Come to the light, Mako energy. Power is Truth Shinra is the future. Your real happiness can be found in obeying the company!

(Upon interacting with the TV after meeting Rufus.)
TV: What your car is missing is... ...a set of PTZ2000 tires!! That's right PTZ2000, good for your car and they look good too. Shinra, Inc...... Providing piece of mind in your hectic life in everything from can openers to Mako energy.

(Upon talking to the boy in the house on the second floor if the player took 5 gil from the drawer.)
NPC: sniff.........sniff......... ......'n' I hid nuthin' like this...... would ever happen.........sniff......

(Upon talking to the boy in the house on the second floor if the player took saw the drawer with 5 gil and did not take it.)
NPC: He heh! I bought an item with the money I'd been saving up for some time now. My dream is to grow up and become a big time dealer on Wall Market. Since I'm feeling so good today, I'll let you have this!

(Upon talking to the boy in the house on the second floor if the player never interacted with the drawer.)
NPC: My dream is to grow up and become a big time dealer on wall market.

(After the Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the man in the Sector 5 slum outskirts after Cloud returns as party leader.)
NPC: That's funny...did I drop the key to this gate...somewhere? Was it when I was on that excavation tour?

(Upon talking to the girl in the Sector 5 Church.)
NPC: Hey! Where's the flower lady?

(Upon talking to the man in the market outside the Earthen Pipe.)
NPC: These folks went wobbling off somewhere... They said something about the 'Reunion starting'... sounded almost like a chant. Wonder what the heck that meant.

(Upon talking to the woman walking around the market.)
NPC: I'm not going to look up or down! From now on I'm just going to look straight ahead. Maybe not. I'm just flapping my gums. I really wonder how things will turn out.

(Upon talking to the two men talking together.)

  • What's going on with the world? When it's all said and done, we're all gonna wind up dead.
  • Yeah, that's right! But , even so, where could we move to now...?
  • ...You've been talking like that for sometime now.

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
Clerk: ...stare... ......hmph...we only trade items for gil here. No matter what.

(Upon talking to the Materia store clerk.)
Clerk: And I just got together enough money to get out of this place... Now it doesn't matter where I go! Ho, ho, ho...

(Upon talking to the Weapon Store clerk.)
Clerk: I don't know crap about crap! But I do know one thing. The one thing that you'll always need is a good strong weapon!

(Upon talking to the other man in the Weapon Store.)
NPC: The planet's getting closer. You can hear it rumbling. We don't do something about it and pretty soon it'll be...ker-blam!

(Upon interacting with the TV in the house in the market.)
TV: g, ga ga..................

(Upon talking to the boy in the house in the market on the first floor.)
NPC: SOLDIER? What about them!? Damn! If they were really from SOLDIER, they would be doing something about all this!!

(Upon talking to the man in the house in the market on the second floor.)
NPC: The trick to bein' a real man, is not to fart around, but to let everyone know where you stand, right off!

Wall Market optional dialogue[]

(At any point.)

(Upon talking to the man standing outside the inn, if the party is Cloud and Tifa, or Cloud & Aeris.)
NPC: Hey, you two. Why don't you get some rest? We have a beautiful room, how 'bout it?

(Upon talking to the man if the party is any other combination.)
NPC: Hey, ya'll. Please stay here!

(Upon talking to the customer in the Boutique while Cloud is not dressed up.)
NPC: Don't push! Hooligan!

(Upon attempting to enter the kitchen in the Diner.)
NPC: Please keep out of kitchen!

(Upon interacting with the machine in the Item Store, except when Tifa and Cid are in the party after Meteor is summoned.)
On-screen: ......Beeeeeep...... blipppp......

Cloud: Whoa!

Cloud: ...Broken.

(Upon talking to the man doing squats in the Men's Hall.)
NPC 1: All right...1, 2, 3. Squats are all in the rhythm.

NPC 2: I'm doing my best, bro'!

NPC 1: How's... this!?

(Upon talking to the chef in the Bar.)
NPC: Yes? If you want to order, do it at the counter.

(Before meeting Don Corneo, before Cloud is dressed up.)

(Upon talking to the boy outside the Pharmacy.)
NPC: Aren't cats great? This one's a little big, huh?

(Upon talking to the man in front of the Boutique.)
NPC: Oh... what should I do... Should I just buy it......?

(Upon talking to the man outside the Diner before receiving a Pharmacy Coupon.)
NPC: Please come in. Here's a free 'Pharmacy Coupon' if you enter now.

(Upon talking to the man if the player has received a Pharmacy Coupon.)
NPC: Please, stop by.

(Upon talking to the man on the bottom-right pacing across the path to the Honey Bee Inn entrance.)
NPC: I just can't make up my mind... Mmm. Huh? About what? Hmmm, don't make me say it... It's the shop down on the right.

(Upon talking to the man on the first screen with red hair.)
NPC: Hey boy! You shore got a good lookin' heifer there! Take her to the Don's place, and you'll make a mint.

(Upon talking to the man with a cauldron by the Materia Store.)
NPC: It's a little early to start eating. Come back in a bit.

(Upon talking to the two near the junk heap by the Men's Hall.)

  • All this trash. Can't we do anything with it?
  • All this, belongs to the owner of the Weapons Shop. He keeps picking things up and saving them here.
  • Oh, you mean the owner who even has a tank in his shop.
  • But no matter how you look at it, it's just trash...

(Upon talking to the man kicking the punchbag in the Men's Hall.)
NPC: Join the club. Try it with us.

(Upon talking to the couple sitting at the table in the Bar.)

  • ...And then...
  • Hmm, hmmm, oh really?

(Upon talking to the man on the left counter in the Weapon Store in Wall Market.)
NPC: You want somethin'? I don't wanna hear any complaints 'bout how things look.

(Before Aeris suggests Cloud dress up.)

(Upon talking to the Boutique store clerk.)
Clerk: Welcome. Please take your time.

(Upon talking to the man in the Materia Store.)
NPC: ...We're closed now.

(Upon talking to the owner of the Boutique sitting in the Bar.)
Owner: Whew, times are bad.

(Upon talking to the man with the cyan shirt in the Men's Hall.)
NPC: Oh dear. I've gained weight again.

(Before entering Honey Bee Inn and before Cloud is dressed up.)

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Man... Should I go......or not? ...I get so mental at times like this. I'm hopeless!!

Johnny: Hey!! Aren't you...? What!! You mean you're...too?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, me too.".)
    Johnny: You're Tifa's childhood friend, and you brought a new girlfriend to a place like this!? What kind of guy are you!!
  • (Upon selecting "Don't bring me down to your level".)
    Johnny: What...Me too. I decided this after a lot of deep thought. My last memories of know. But... That guy over there kinda scares me.

(Upon talking to the man outside Honey Bee Inn with dark red hair.)
NPC: What the hell!! You *%^&!! This ain't no #$*&^% show!! I'm busy right now!! I'm feelin' like there's gonna be a fight!!

(Upon talking to the Shinra soldier outside Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: way...... I can't go on. Things aren't working out. Between our differences and my pay, it just isn't cutting it.

(After entering Honey Bee Inn, before Cloud is dressed up.)

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Aeris...... Thanks for the flower and 1 gil. I'll treasure this! I'm going to dry it and keep it for good luck.

(Upon talking to the man outside Honey Bee Inn with dark red hair.)
NPC: I asked Aeris for a date... And she said not even if I paid her 1,000,000 gil. Her flowers cost 300 gil, too... She's a good business woman.

(Upon talking to the Shinra soldier outside Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Uurrgh! So, this is it for today, huh?

(Upon talking to the man outside Honey Bee Inn in purple.)
NPC: It's closing time. yawn......I'm so sleepy......

(Upon talking to the bouncer outside Honey Bee Inn.)
Bouncer: Sir, is everything all right? Look, Aeris looks so lonely.

(While Cloud is dressed up.)

(Upon talking to the man with a cauldron by the Materia Store.)
NPC: What? Are you ladies going to eat too?

(Upon talking to the man on the first screen with red hair.)
NPC: Hey! Pretty lady. Let me tell you about a good job! Go to the Don's place. You'll make a small fortune!

(Upon talking to the customer in the Boutique.)
NPC: You're... Weird.

(Upon entering the Diner.)
NPC: Sorry! But we're completely full! Please come again!

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Uh...ummm I, I...... Uh...ummm... I'm...Jo......Johnny... Nice to meet you.

(Upon talking to the man outside Honey Bee Inn with dark red hair.)
NPC: That's funny. A hard, spiky hairstyle! Looks kinda familiar...

(Upon talking to the man outside Honey Bee Inn in purple.)
NPC: Ummm, young girls...soft skin. Ummm, OK, I'm refreshed now! ...Mmmm? Pretty hard. You work out?

(Upon talking to the bouncer outside Honey Bee Inn.)
Bouncer: Yeah, I only talk to the pretty ones. Mmmm, you're the one. You're just great.

(After meeting Don Corneo, before Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the boy outside the Pharmacy.)
NPC: It came down from the sky. But the old guy who likes tanks took all of it away. I wanted some too.

(Upon talking to the man standing outside the Diner.)
NPC: According to that guy with the tank, if you're strong enough, anyone can make it to the top plate. So, build your strength by having a plate of our food.

(Upon talking to the man on the first screen with red hair.)
NPC: I never believed that Sector 7 would ever come down.

(Upon talking to the man with a cauldron by the Materia Store.)
NPC: Phew, it's all dusty ever since the sky came down. I'll have to start over.

(Upon talking to the man in front of the Boutique.)
NPC: That was scary...

(Upon talking to the two near the junk heap by the Men's Hall.)

  • Is this pile of trash getting bigger?
  • Yes, I think so.
  • A lot of things came falling down when the Sector 7 pillar fell.
  • Right, right, you're right. The owner of the Weapons Shop scavenged all the stuff that came falling down.
  • Oh is that why? He seems pretty suspicious these days.
  • Oh, you mean he went out to the Plate cross section next to the Don's Mansion, right?
  • Oh, you know! I wonder what he's doing?
  • Yeah! It gives me the chills.

(Upon talking to the clerk at the Boutique.)
Clerk: You're dressed normal today. If something else interesting comes up, let me in on it.

(Upon talking to the man kicking the punchbag in the Men's Hall.)
NPC: More strength. I bet you could climb all the way up to the upper plate if you used that pipe. Don't you know? The old man at the Weapon shop can tell you more about it.

(Upon talking to the man with the cyan shirt in the Men's Hall.)
NPC: So? How's it?

(Upon talking to the couple sitting at the table in the Bar.)

  • Scary, isn't it? You just never know when the plate might come crashing down.
  • Yeah. I'd like to climb up to the plate if I could.

(Upon talking to the man outside the Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Hey!! It's you!! Sorry, but I already heard about you. In addition to dressing like a woman, it seems you like to smash and grind things. We only let cultured customers in! Got it? Then you'd better leave!

(Upon talking to Kotch, bound to the table in the torture room in Don Corneo's mansion.)
Kotch: Hey! You're...not them... you're... Please, help me!

  • (Upon selecting "Help him".)
    Kotch: Thanks! You know what? After you left, some Shinra guys forced themselves in here saying things like 'information leaked' and 'good for nothing'. They took Don somewhere and that's it...... I'm still here.
    Kotch: Oops! They're here again... I'm outta here! SEE ya
  • (Upon selecting "Leave him".)
    Kotch: I...I was just following the Don's orders! Help me!
(After Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the boy outside the Pharmacy.)
NPC: I wish I could live with a real cat.

(Upon talking to the man standing outside the Diner.)
NPC: It's a weird world we live in, so eat up and work hard.

(Upon talking to the man on the first screen with red hair.)
NPC: We're not leavin' this city no matter what happens.

(Upon talking to the man with a cauldron by the Materia Store.)
NPC: I don't know what's gonna happen next, But first, you gotta fill your stomach.

(Upon talking to the man in front of the Boutique.)
NPC: Seems like everything has frills on it.

(Upon interacting with the machine in the Item Store, if Tifa and Cid are in the party.)
Cid: Hmm? Let me see that.

Cid: It should work now. Go on, try and use it now.

Tifa: Cid! What did you do!?

Cid: Don't get mad, you'll just get more wrinkles. Hey, something's comin' out.

(Upon talking to the man kicking the punchbag in the Men's Hall.)
NPC: These days, you've got to have strength. Come on, you should work out.

(Upon talking to the man on the left counter in the Weapon Store in Wall Market.)
NPC: Oh, so you're back? I got something good for you. Why don't you buy it?

Cloud: You probably just found it lying around somewhere, right?

NPC: I'll admit that I found it, but you may never be able to get another one like it again. How 'bout 129,000 Gil for it?

Cloud: ...What kind of price is that?

  • (Upon selecting "Oh, all right...I'll buy it".)
    NPC: Hey, much obliged. You'll never regret it!
    On-screen: Received "Sneak Glove"!
  • (Upon selecting "Oh, all right...I'll buy it" with insufficient gil.)
    NPC: Hmm, looks like you're a little short, son. Come back again.
  • (Upon selecting "No, I don't want it".)
    NPC: Hmm, that's too bad. This's really something.

(Upon talking to the man after purchasing the Sneak Glove from him.)
NPC: Come again.

(Upon talking to the soldier outside Honey Bee Inn.)
NPC: Heee,...... The Shinra have occupied this shop!

Shinra Bldg. optional dialogue[]

(At any point.)

(Upon inspecting the left-hand side of the bulletin board on the first floor.)
On-screen: Shinra, Inc. This week's phrase
Shinra's Future Is The World's Future!!
Mako Energy For A Brighter World!!

(Upon inspecting the right-hand side of the bulletin board.)
On-screen: Turtle's Paradise Newsletter No. 2
The end of another hard day. Wouldn't you like to sit back with a tall cool one?
You can at the Turtles Paradise!! Stop in today!
There's nothing like a smooth one after work!

(During the first visit, before Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the couple in the accessory shop on the second floor.)
NPC 1: Honey...... Buy me that car!

NPC 2: But baby, that's way too expensive.

(Upon talking to the couple again.)

NPC 1: What did you say?

NPC 1: .........

NPC 2: .........

NPC 1: Hh, hey!

NPC 2: Ww, wait for meeeeeee.........!

(Upon talking to the cashier of the accessory shop from the counter for the first time. Lines in italics only occur if Aeris is in the party.)
Cashier: Welcome. Today we have on special... Eagghhh!! Here, t, take the money...

Barret: Don't want no money. AVALANCHE ain't no packa criminals. We jes want back what your boss stole from us. I mean, "who" he stole from us.

Cashier: A, AVALANCHE?

Barret: Now we ain't gonna hurt you. Might even pay ya, if ya help us.

Cashier: Ok...ok...well...

(Upon talking to the cashier at the accessory shop at any time.)
Cashier: What is it?

(After closing the shop menu at the accessory shop.)
Cashier: Thank you and come again... Forget I said that...

(Upon talking to the cashier from inside the counter if the player has not spoken to her yet.)
Cashier: Please take all purchases to the register

(Upon inspecting a treasure chest in the accessory shop.)
Cashier: You opened up all those things without asking and, hey wait!

(Upon talking to the employees sitting at the table on floor 61.)
NPC 1: I thought I heard a ruckus downstairs a minute ago. Do you know what that was all about?

NPC 2: No idea. But no need to worry because everything above the 60th floor is safe.

(Upon talking to the employee in dark blue walking around on floor 61.)
NPC: This is the lounge floor. Above us are the special floors for the big wigs in the company. It's tough working under someone. Tires you out.

(Upon talking to the employee in grey by the tree on floor 61.)
NPC: What's keeping her? Did she forget her keycard? Even employees can't walk around above the 60th floor without a keycard.

(Upon talking to the employee near the elevators.)
NPC: I don't remember seeing your face before... You new here? Say, you're cute. Let me teach you some...things.

(Upon selecting "Things?".)
NPC: Wipe that stupid look off your face. I was only going to teach you how to get to the next floor. The higher ups in the company use the floors above the 60th floor. But you can't get there without a keycard. Get a keycard and you can use the elevators freely. ...voila! You hear that sound and the door opens. Just remember there are different types of cards. One keycard alone won't let you go everywhere. For example, 'Keycard 60' only takes you to the 60th floor. 'Keycard 65' only takes you to the 65th floor. It's a security system worthy of Shinra. After all, all the power in Midgar and the world, for that matter, is controlled by them. Oh, I have to go. Gotta get back to work!

(Upon selecting "Um, I'm kinda in a hurry...".)
NPC: Oh? That's too bad...

(Upon inspecting the computer on floor 63 for the first time.)
Computer: ...beep...beep... ......verifying key card...... ........................... Level B employee: verified. You are permitted to open doors on this floor up to three times. blip...... If you receive an item coupon, remember to exchange it for an item. ...warning...refrain from entering the air conditioning ducts recklessly - they are very dangerous...

(Upon inspecting the computer a subsequent time.)
Comouter: Enter command

(Upon selecting "All clear" command if the player has not exchanged coupons yet.)
Computer: Start again from the beginning? The information and materials you received on this floor will all be cleared. Clear them?

(Upon selecting "Yeah......".)
Computer: ...... ......... ......... Cleared. You are permitted to open any door on this floor up to three times.

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "All clear" command if the player has exchanged coupons.)
Computer: ...beep...beep...... After you have exchanged coupons you may no longer use 'all-clear'.

(Upon selecting "Coupon Change" command if the player has at least one coupon.)
Computer: You can exchange your coupons for items. Here are the items you can have... A coupon.........'Star Pendant' B coupon.........'Four Slots' C coupon.........'All' Materia Please use caution...once you have exchanged coupons for items you may not use 'All Clear' function. Exchange coupon?

(Upon selecting "Yeah......".)
Computer: ....... ......... ....... Coupon exchange complete.

(If the player attempted to exchange a C coupon with no Materia space available.)
Computer: You cannot take on more materia. Please discard some materia. Your 'All' materia was returned for a C Coupon.

(Upon selecting "Naw", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Coupon Change" command if the player has no coupons.)
Computer: ...beep......beep...... You do not have any coupons.

(Upon inspecting the air duct in the first room with the computer.)
Cloud: An air-duct... It doesn't look like I'll be able to climb in here.

(Upon inspecting the air duct in any other room.)
Cloud: An air-duct......

(Upon selecting "Climb in and look around", Cloud enters the duct. Upon selecting "Leave it alone", nothing happens.)

(Upon inspecting a door before opening three doors.)
Computer: ...beep...beep...... Open the door?

(Upon inspecting a door after opening three.)
Computer: Bi, bing...... You have opened three doors. If you access the computer, You can begin this process one more time.

(Upon inspecting the treadmill on floor 64.)
Cloud: .......

(Upon selecting "This is so stupid", nothing happens. Upon selecting "Should I try it?", Cloud runs on the treadmill.)

(Upon running on the treadmill for a duration.)
Cloud: Whew...

(Upon selecting "Better quit pretty soon", Cloud gets off the treadmill. Upon selecting "Continue a bit longer", Cloud remains on.)

(Upon running after selecting "Continue a bit longer" three times in a row.)
Cloud: Feels like I got a little lighter...... At least I think so...

(Upon talking to the female employee on the treadmill.)
NPC: ...huff...puff... If you're tired, you should get some rest in the next room.

(Upon talking to the male employee on the treadmill.)
NPC: ...huff...wheeze... I'm starting to worry about my belly......

(Upon inspecting the vending machine in the exercise room if the player has not entered gil.)
On-screen: Take one to restore your energy!! 'Shinra Gym Special Drink' Only 250 gil!!

(Upon selecting "Try it out".)
Cloud: ...Nothing...

(Upon selecting "Don't try it", nothing happens.)

(Upon inspecting the vending machine in the exercise room again having entered gil.)
Cloud: ...... ...Is it broken?'

(Upon selecting "BANG on it".)
NPC: Sir, what are you doing!? No violence here, please!

(Upon selecting "Give up", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the man stretching on the bench in the exercise room.)
NPC: Hmph, hmph... Since I'm head of security for this building, stamina's very important to me.

(Upon talking to the clerk in the exercise room.)
NPC: You must be a visitor. Please feel free to use any unused machines.

(Upon entering the room with the Save Point on floor 64.)
Cloud: A nap room...

(Upon selecting "Let's get some rest", HP/MP restored. Upon selecting "Let's hurry on", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the man sleeping in the nap room.)
NPC: ...zzz... Please......let me...... get

(Upon inspecting the bathroom on floor 64.)
On-screen: Out of Order
Please use a different Floor
Shinra Company Repair Management Department

(Upon inspecting a locker on floor 64 after already obtaining an item inside.)
Cloud: There's nothing inside...

(Upon inspecting the locker on the left-hand side on the top row.)
Cloud: What is this......a Megaphone? Hanging on to this won't do any good...

(Upon talking to the female employee on floor 66 walking between rooms while she is in the hallway.)
NPC: Whew, I'm so sick of carrying all these files... But I get to meet lots of guys. I guess that's the benefit of being a secretary!

(Upon talking to her while she is inside a room. One line randomly chosen from the follow selection.)

  • Hello...!! (Looks so serious. I guess it means the man's fastidious.)
  • Hello...!! (Just concentrate on work...)
  • Hello...!! (Wow, Pee-U! No thanks.)
  • Hello...!! (He's kinda cute. But looks like that girl's with him... But that's kinda exciting!)

(Upon talking to the male employee walking around the conference room.)
NPC: ........................ ........................ ........................ ........................ ........................ ........................ Phew!

(Upon talking to the male employee walking around the top-left area.)
NPC: It gives me the feeling that I AM alive. The feeling of moving this world, just with my hands.

(Upon talking to the male employee in the bottom-right room.)
NPC: Is it just me or does the Conference Room smell? There's some sort of stench coming from somewhere...

(Upon talking to the male employee standing in the bottom-left room.)
NPC: Hey, when you're in the bathroom, do you ever hear whispers coming from somewhere?

(Upon talking to the man walking in the bottom-left room before the Shinra meeting.)
NPC: They're having another executive meeting. I wonder if it's about that Plate incident.

(Upon talking to him after the meeting.)
NPC: Sittin' here facing the in, day out... I kinda feel......forced...into doing it. And I just don't have any motivation.

(Upon talking to the female employee in the left room.)
NPC: Come on, we're building the future of Mako!

(Upon talking to the male employee walking around the top-left area.)
NPC: It gives me the feeling that I AM alive. The feeling of moving this world, just with my hands.

(Second visit, after Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon inspecting the counter at the accessory shop.)
NPC: Welcome... to the fully automated store. Place your

(Upon inspecting the computer on floor 63.)

(Upon inspecting the vending machine on floor 64, if the player entered gil in on their previous visit.)
Cloud: ...... ...Is it broken?'

(Upon selecting "Give up", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "BANG on it".)
On-screen: Received "Mind Source"! Received "Speed Source"!

World Map optional dialogue[]

(Upon attempting to go to the desert around the Gold Saucer.)

  • (First time, on foot, depending on party leader.)
    • Cloud: We're moving!?
      Cloud: This is bad!
      Cloud: Hoo boy...There's no way we can walk across now.
    • Tifa: Huh? What!?
      Tifa: W, wait a minute!
      Tifa: Whew...The sand flows almost like a river... I guess we can't get in.
    • Cid: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
      Cid: Damn...This's a problem!
      Cid: You gotta be kidding.
  • (First time, on Chocobo.)
    On-screen: Wark!?
    On-screen: Wark! Waaaark!!
  • (Subsequent times, on foot, depending on party leader.)
    • Cloud: Not even a Chocobo could make it across... Isn't there a more powerful vehicle?
    • Tifa: Not even a Chocobo could make it across... Let's not go in this way.
    • Cid: Not even a Chocobo could make it across.
  • (Afterwards, on Chocobo.)
    On-screen: Wark! Waaaark!!

(Upon flying the airship into the barrier at Northern Crater.)
Cid: Wh, what the hell was that!? That came buzzin' past here like a powerhouse!

(Upon flying the airship into Ultimate Weapon while it is flying to another destination.)
Cid: *&$*&, what energy! Damn! You think I'm just gonna give up!?

(Upon getting off a Chocobo while the stables are rented, depending on leader.)

  • Cloud: Now for the Chocobo...
    • (Upon selecting "Send it back to the stables", send back.)
    • (Upon selecting "Turn it loose", it leaves.)
  • Tifa: Let's see...should I:
    • (Upon selecting "Send the Chocobo back to the stables", send back.)
    • (Upon selecting "Turn it loose", it leaves.)
  • Cid: Ok, Chocobo, I'm gonna...
    • (Upon selecting "Send ya back to the stables", send back.)
    • (Upon selecting "Turn ya loose", it leaves.)

Kalm optional dialogue[]

(Before Meteor is summoned)

(Upon talking to the red-haired man at the town's entrance.)

  • (In most instances.)
    NPC: Aw, c'mon! Listen to me! Got anything interesting to say?......
  • (After viewing the Nibelheim flashback, before visitng Costa del Sol.)
    NPC: Listen to me! Just now, some guy in a black cloak goes walked east towards that grassy field. And he's got this killer sword, and is looking REAL scary......

(Upon talking to the old man walking around the town.)

  • Thanks to Shinra, Inc. developing Mako energy for us, everything's more convenient now.
  • Maybe a little too convenient.

(Upon talking to the black haired man by the fountain.)
NPC: Tourists, huh? There are some things you should know that'll come in handy when you travel around the world...... Want me to tell you what they are?

  • (Upon selecting "Tell me".)
    NPC: Then let me explain how to use the world map. Well then, what do you want to know?
    (Upon closing the tutorial menu that then opens.)
    NPC: Well then, bon voyage!
  • (Upon selecting "I already know".)
    NPC: Is that so? Well, that's that. Have a nice trip.

(Upon talking to the black-haired man in blue walking around.)
NPC: I hear that the natural resources near the reactors are being sucked dry. We're better off with them bringing in the Mako energy.

(Upon talking to the man near the fountain.)
NPC: I heard President Shinra was killed. And his son Rufus, the new president, was badly hurt. Hey, I bet that's news to you?

  • (Upon selecting "Hey you're pretty clued!!")
    NPC: Heh, heh, heh...... This is just between us. I heard it was that there Ava-whaddya call-ums that attacked the President Shinra and his son.
  • (Upon selecting "Don't care...".)
    NPC: Don't care? If you're going to travel, you'd best keep an eye on what Shinra's doing.

(Upon talking to him again.)
NPC: Shinra is leading the world around by the nose, and you guys are just gonna sit back and take it?

(Upon talking to the woman near the fountain.)

  • The famous floating city, Midgar... Just once I'd love to see it in person.
  • South of this town past the Mythril Mine and far to the west is a Shinra harbor called Junon. They say there's a reactor and many tall buildings there. I hope to see it someday.

(Upon talking to the child outside the bar.)
NPC: My old man was a miner, but he couldn't go to work after monsters started appearing in the Mythril Mine. Now all he does is sit around getting drunk in the bar...

(Upon talking to the inn keeper.)

  • (Before the Nibelheim flashback.)
    NPC: Mr......Cloud? Your party is waiting for you on the 2nd floor.
  • (After the flashback, before Meteor is summoned.)
    NPC: 20 gil a night. What's it gonna be?
    • (Upon selecting "Stay" with enough gil, party sleeps.)
    • (Upon selecting "Stay" with insufficient gil.)
      NPC: Seems like you're a little short. Why don't you drop by again... when you have money.
    • (Upon selecting "Move on", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the woman in the first house.)
NPC: Thanks to Mako energy, life's pretty darn convenient. Thanks to Shinra. Don't you think?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, maybe".)
    NPC: See!? How would we get by without Mako energy?
  • (Upon selecting "You're full of it".)
    NPC: Hmmn. But I'd hate to think of what life'd be like without Mako energy.

(Upon talking to her again.)
NPC: Yeah, Mako energy's made our lives much easier. And it's all thanks to Shinra, Inc.

(Upon talking to the girl upstairs.)
NPC: Mako energy's made things a lot more convenient...... But seems like a lot of plants and animals have been disappearing at a rapid pace.

NPC: I think the old life was better. Don't you think so?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah, maybe".)
    NPC: Yeah, sure I'm right! You think so, don't you?
  • (Upon selecting "No way".)
    That sounds just like what my mom says.

(Upon talking to her again.)
NPC: I thought things were better when I was able to play with animals......

(Upon talking to the old man in the second house.)
NPC: Did you say you came from Midgar? I used to live there, too. But I hear they got lots of troubles lately.

(Upon talking to the woman inside the third house.)
NPC: There was a suspicious-looking man in a black cloak! He was carrying a wicked-looking sword. Why doesn't anyone believe me? I'm all alone...

(Upon talking to her again.)
NPC: Why doesn't anyone believe me? I'm all alone...

(Upon talking to the girl upstairs.)
NPC: ......My older brother's so stupid. He's so embarrassing I could just puke!

(Upon talking to the boy upstairs.)
NPC: When I grow up I'm gonna be in SOLDIER. That's why I'm training hard now!! Hyah, hayah, eagghh!

(Upon talking to the woman inside the fourth house.)
NPC: Is it true that Shinra made a Monster?

(After selecting either "It's true" or "Just a rumor", the same response is given.)
NPC: Yeah, well either way, as long as we're using the reactor, we can't stand up to Shinra.

(Upon talking to the Kalm Traveler, located at the top floor of the fourth house.)

Kalm Traveler
  • The world's at peace... all's well.
  • Tomorrow's another day... all's well.
  • I got my health, and enough to eat... all's well.

(Upon talking to the person in blue inside the bar.)
NPC: I heard terrorists bombed a Midgar reactor... There sure have been a lot of dangerous accidents recently. I hate it, just hate it.

(Upon talking to the man inside the bar on the right.)
NPC: Me? I used to work in a coal mine down south called Mythril Mine. But, right around then, monsters started appearing. After that, business went to pot and now I spend the days here drinking.

NPC: Urrrp! ...hic... I'm stinking drunk!!

(Upon talking to the bartender.)
NPC: It seems there was this group called AVALANCHE runnin' around, but I guess they finally got wiped out by SOLDIER. Shinra is trying to eliminate anyone, who stands up to them. It don't matter if we like it or not. Shinra's taken over, and we gotta live with it!

(Upon trying to enter the kitchen.)
NPC: Stay out of the kitchen.

(After Meteor is summoned.)

(Upon talking to the red-haired man by the town's entrance.)

  • (Before finding Cloud at Mideel.)
    NPC: Huh? You're looking for your friend? You want to know where the Lifestream is? Let's see, I can't help you with your friend, but I've heard about the Lifestream. When I traveled to the southern islands, a doctor was very kind to me. I seem to recall him telling me something about the Lifestream......
  • (After Cid becomes party, before the Shinra rocket hits Meteor.)
    NPC: Hey, listen to me! The Shinra troops are on the move. The TV news said Rufus came up with 2 plans. One, is to launch a rocket into space containing Huge Materia...... Is Huge Materia really that destructive?
  • (After the Shinra rocket hits Meteor, before the barrier at Northern Crater goes down.)
    NPC: Listen to me! Something really big's happening in Midgar. They were just saying on TV it was Rufus second strategy and... That big cannon's pointed due north...... You think the target's......Sephiroth?
  • (After the barrier at Northern Crater goes down.)
    NPC: Hey, listen to me! I heard the barrier protecting Sephiroth is gone! But with Rufus dead, the Shinra troops don't know what to do Heidegger and Scarlet don't have what it takes to lead the troops...... I really thought something was finally going to get done, but everything's the same... not a damn thing's changed!

(Upon talking to the old man near the entrance.)
NPC: Ah, youth... You really believe that big meteor filling up the sky's going to fall here?

  • (If Hojo has not yet been defeated.)
    NPC: If that's the case then all we can do is put our hope in Shinra, Inc.
  • (If Hojo has been defeated.)
    NPC: If Shinra, Inc was our last hope, and they've been beaten by terrorists...... Are we all going to die?

(Upon talking to the man near the fountain.)

  • (Before the Shinra rocket hits Meteor.)
    NPC: I want you to stop that talk about a Meteor falling on us!
  • (After the Shinra rocket hits Meteor, before the barrier at Northern Crater goes down.)
    NPC: Sephiroth put up a huge barrier around the North Crater. Rufus wants to use a mammoth cannon to smash the barrier. He plans to have Shinra troops rush in and attack Sephiroth after the barrier falls.
  • (After the barrier at North Crater goes down.)
    NPC: The North Crater barrier's been demolished? So now's the time to defeat Sephiroth.

(Upon talking to the woman near the fountain.)
NPC: Even if Meteor falls, If you're in Midgar, you ought to be safe. They say it's a "Mako Metropolis" so they should survive somehow......

(Upon talking to the child outside the bar.)
NPC: My dad still just sits at the bar drinking, even though he knows that Meteor's coming! It's sad. Even though he's an adult, he just doesn't want to see the world as it really is. I dunno what to do.

(Upon talking to the innkeeper.)
NPC: One night, 300 gil. Wanna check in?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes" with enough gil, party sleeps.)
  • (Upon selecting "Yes" with insufficient gil.)
    NPC: Seems like you're a little short. Why don't you drop by again... when you have money.
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon inspecting the dresser on the second floor of the inn.)
On-screen: Can't reach it......

(After inspecting the dresser five times, depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: ......Damn it!!
  • Tifa: Oh! You!!
  • Cid: ......don't mess with me!!

On-screen: ...... Dropped "Megalixir"!

(Upon talking to the woman inside the first house.)

  • (Before defeating Hojo.)
    NPC: They say the meteor is going to fall, but it's okay! I'm sure Shinra will come through for us in the end and do something!
  • (After defeating Hojo.)
    NPC: Dear, can you believe it!? They say that Shinra's gone under!! This world is coming to an end all because those terrorists called AVALANCHE stuck their noses in the wrong place!

(Upon talking to the girl upstairs.)
NPC: I can't believe Meteor's really falling this way...... What's going to happen to us?

(Upon talking to the old man in the second house.)

  • (Before defeating Hojo.)
    NPC: Everyone at Shinra's in an uproar because they heard Weapon's coming. I heard a big hydroplane carrying secret weapons, got attacked by Weapon and was sunk at sea......
  • (After defeating Hojo.)
    NPC: If something ever happened to President Rufus, That'd be the end of Shinra, Inc...... and the rest of the world, too.

(Upon talking to the woman in the third house.)
NPC: Oh man, oh man! A meteor's gonna fall on us, and now there's some big huge monster the likes of which I've never seen just wandering around out there!

(Upon talking to her again.)
NPC: What's going to happen to all of us!!?

(Upon talking to the boy upstairs.)
NPC: I'm gonna hurry up and get strong so I can crush the meteor to bits! But I gotta train real hard to do it.

(Upon talking to the Kalm Traveler, located upstairs in the fourth house, if he has not yet asked for items or the player has no items to trade.)
NPC: The world's changed a lot in the past few days...... That huge monster Meteor was covering up the sky and acting like he owned it or something... A lot of my friends have died...... I'm goin' on a journey to pray for their souls.

NPC: A map that was sunk along with the ship. ........."Guidebook"

NPC: A rose that blooms once every 1000 years in the desert. ........."Desert Rose"

NPC: A harp that soothes those who hear it. ........."Earth Harp"

  • (If nothing has been traded.)
    NPC: I wonder if there's anyone who'll bring it to me?
  • (If one item has been traded, where XXXX are the two remaining items.
    NPC: "XXXX" and "XXXX"... Will you guys look for them for me?
  • (If two items have been traded, where XXXX is the remaining item.)
    NPC: Now if I can just get "XXXX", I can start my journey...

(Upon talking to the Kalm Traveler if the player has a Guide Book.)
Kalm Traveler: OH! It's "Guidebook"! Wanna trade it for this Underwater Materia? How about it?

  • (Upon selecting "Trade".)
    Kalm Traveler: Ok then, it's a done deal!
    Kalm Traveler: It's Underwater Materia. Go on, it's yours!
  • (Upon selecting "Don't trade")
    Kalm Traveler: I dunno......

(Upon talking to the Kalm Traveler if the player has a Desert Rose.)
Kalm Traveler: OH! It's "Desert Rose"! Wanna trade it for that Chocobo over there? How about it?

  • (Upon selecting "Trade".)
    Kalm Traveler: Ok then, it's a done deal!
    Kalm Traveler: It's a Chocobo. Take it, it's yours!
    (If the has a free stable, name selection opens.)
    (If the player does not have a free stable.)
    Cloud: Looks like my Stable's full. I'll come back when I have room.
  • (Upon selecting "Don't trade")
    Kalm Traveler: I dunno......

(Upon talking to the Kalm Traveler if the player has an Earth Harp.)
Kalm Traveler: OH! It's the Earth Harp! Wanna trade it for some Master Materia? I'm not bein' stingy either! I'll give you all three of 'em! How about it?

  • (Upon selecting "Trade".)
    Kalm Traveler: Ok then, it's a done deal!
    Kalm Traveler: It's a 3-piece Master Materia set... and it's all yours!
  • (Upon selecting "Don't trade")
    Kalm Traveler: I dunno......

(After trading for all the Kalm Traveler's items.)
Kalm Traveler: I guess it's time to go on a journey for the souls of my departed friends......

(Upon talking to the bartender.)

  • (Before Hojo was defeated.)
    NPC: I heard Shinra's taking all its biggest artillery from Junon and its various other facilities and gathering it in Midgar to fight the meteor and Weapon.
  • (After Hojo was defeated.)
    NPC: They say the remaining members of AVALANCHE broke Shinra's resistance and destroyed the Mako cannon at Midgar.

(Upon talking to the bartender again.)
NPC: What's going to happen to the world...?

(Upon talking to the man inside the bar on the right.)
NPC: Listen, I've worked hard till now... and you say Meteor's gonna smash everything to bits? Well, I ain't standin' around listenin' to fool talk like this. Makes a person lose the will to work, that's what it does!

(Upon talking to him again.)
NPC: What're ya, dense? Something like that'll never happen! It's ridiculous!

(Upon talking to the person in blue in the bar.)

  • (Before Hojo was defeated.)
    NPC: And all of Midgar's gonna be destroyed by a falling meteor? Oh, don't make me laugh! Lately, there's been a number of scary incidents. I hate it. Just hate it!
  • (After Hojo was defeated.)
    NPC: I heard the remaining members of AVALANCHE smashed the Shinra troops at Midgar. Lately, there's been a number of scary incidents. I hate it. Just hate it!

Chocobo Farm optional dialogue[]

(Dialogue before obtaining the Chocobo Lure to cross the marsh evading Midgar Zolom is listed under the chapter #Going After Sephiroth.)

At any point

(Upon approaching the beds in Choco Bill's house.)

  • (If Cloud or Tifa is the party leader.)
    Choco Bill: Looking for an Inn?
  • (If Cid is the party leader.)
    Choco Bill: Looking for a place to stay?
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah", with Cloud as leader, "Yup" with Tifa as leader, or "Right" with Cid as leader.)
    Choco Bill: How about 100 gil a night...?
    • (Upon selecting "All right" with enough gil.)
      Choco Bill: Thank you for your patronage.
    • (Upon selecting "All right" with insufficient gil.)
      Choco Bill: ....... Ummm, you don't have enough...
    • (Upon selecting "I'm in a hurry".)
      Choco Bill: Hmm, then, I guess that's that.
  • (Upon selecting "Not interested" with Cloud as leader, or "Nope" with Tifa or Cid as leader.)
    Choco Bill: Hmm, then, I guess that's that.
Before Meteor is summoned

(Upon talking to a Chocobo in the outside pen at Chocobo Farm.)
Chocobo: Wark! Wark? Warkwark wark?

  • (Upon selecting "Wark".)
    Chocobo: Wark-----
    On-screen: Received "Choco/Mog" Materia!
  • (Upon selecting "Wark" if the player cannot carry anymore Materia.)
    Chocobo: Wark!! Wark!!
    On-screen: They tried to give you something but you couldn't get it.
  • (Upon selecting "Warrrk".)
    Chocobo: Wark!! Wark!!

(Upon talking to Choco Bill after the player has the Tiny Bronco.)
Choco Bill: Welcome.

(After the previous line, if the player has not bought a Chocobo Lure Materia.)
Choco Bill: How 'bout a Chocobo Lure materia? Each level it increases, makes it easier for you to find a Chocobo.

After Meteor is summoned

(Upon talking to Choco Bill.)
Choco Bill: Oh, what is that? What has this world come to? Stars falling and everything.

Choco Bill: With things the way they are now, how 'bout raising a Chocobo? No, I'm not trying to persuade you for money. It's just because of the state of things in the world. I thought that it would be a good and healthy thing for you to raise some Chocobos...

Choco Bill: Hmm...You just happen to be in luck! It just so happens that we aren't taking care of any Chocobos for anyone else, so... I could take care of 6 Chocobos right now, for 10000 gil per Chocobo. How 'bout it?

  • (Upon selecting "Take care of my Chocobos" with Cloud or Cid as party leader, "Could you take care of the chocobos?" with Tifa as leader.)
    • (If this is the first time asking Choco Bill to raise them.)
      Choco Bill: To raise a Chocobo, you'll need a 'Chocobo Stable'. And they rent for 10000 gil. Currently, I can rent out up to 6 'Chocobo Stables'. If you rent a 'Chocobo Stable', we will keep up to 4 of the Chocobos you catch in the fenced area outside. At a later date, you can select the Chocobo that you would like to put in your 'Chocobo Stable'.
    • (If there are stables available.)
      Choco Bill: 'Chocobo Stables' cost 10000 gil...
      • (Upon selecting "Rent it" with enough gil.)
        Choco Bill: Thank you. My grandson takes care of the Chocobos. He's in the Chocobo Stable at the far right of the farm. Please tell him what you want.
      • (Upon selecting "Rent it" with insufficient gil.)
        Choco Bill: ....... Ummm, you don't have enough...
      • (Upon selecting "Don't need it", nothing happens.)
    • (If there are no stables available.)
      Choco Bill: We don't have enough room to rent out more than 6 here...
  • (Upon selecting "Tell me something else" with Cloud as leader, "I'd like to hear about something else" with Tifa as leader, or "I wanna hear about something else" with Cid as leader.)
    Choco Bill: Someone once told me there is a 'Chocobo Sage'...somewhere. He seems to know how to raise some great Chocobos. If he really does exist, I'd like to meet him someday.
  • (Upon selecting "How do you raise them?" with Cloud as leader, "Tell me how you raise them" with Tifa as leader, or "How do ya raise 'em?" with Cid as leader.)
    Choco Bill: Chocobos aren't hard to take care of. The day to day care will all be done here. But, please buy the food for the Chocobo, and feed them yourselves. Chocobo's abilities will differ with what you feed it, so feel free to choose your own food. Also, if you're able to find a male and a female Chocobo that like each other, they'll produce an egg. But only if you feed them a 'Nut'. New Chocobos inherit the abilities of their parents. I've heard that sometimes new breeds of Chocobo are born with special abilities. I've never actually seen it before, though.
  • (Upon selecting "Nothing" with Cloud as leader, "That's all" with Tifa as leader, or "That's enough" with Cid as leader, conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to Chole if the player has not talked to the White Chocobo in Mideel or the Chocobo Sage.)
Chole: Welcome! Hey, I've got something good to tell you. The white Chocobo likes it when you scratch behind its ears. But if you scratch it someplace that it doesn't like, it'll get mad, so be careful.

(Upon talking to Chole if the player has received advice from the Chocobo Sage, met the White Chocobo in Mideel, or heard Chole's advice.)
Chole: Hey, do you know what a Chocobo Sage is?

Chole: What!? You've actually met him!? Wow! What did he tell you?

Chole: Wow, that's amazing! ...let me take some notes.

(Upon talking to Chole after receiving new advice from the Chocobo Sage since first talking to her.)
Chole: Hey, did you ever see the Chocobo Sage again? What did he tell you?

Chole: Wow, that's amazing! ...let me take some notes.

(Upon talking to Chole in other instances.)
Chole: What...?

  • (Upon selecting "Let me jot this down".)
    • (After receiving the first advice from Chocob Sage.)
      Chole: Other than regular Chocobo, there are "Mountain Chocobo" and "River-Chocobo".
    • (After receiving the second advice from Chocob Sage.)
      Chole: In order for the "Mountain Chocobo" and "River Chocobo" to be born, You feed the "Carob Nut" to a "Great Chocobo" or a "Good Chocobo" and have it produce an egg. But we don't sell any "Carob Nuts".
    • (After receiving the third advice from Chocob Sage.)
      Chole: A "Great Chocobo" and a "Good Chocobo" are found... On an island Southeast of the Chocobo Sage's dwelling at Corel. And in the area west of Corel. The "Carob Nut" can be found south of the Chocobo Sage's dwelling. Monsters carry them. Let's see, is Bone Village just south of there?
    • (After receiving the fourth advice from Chocob Sage.)
      Chole: One surprise If you get the "Mountain Chocobo" and the "River Chocobo" to produce an egg, You'll get a Chocobo that can cross mountains and rivers. I bet that the right nut for that is the "Carob Nut."
    • (After receiving the fifth advice from Chocob Sage.)
      Chole: Bigger surprise: There seems to be a Chocobo that can cross the ocean. If you could cross the ocean, mountains, and rivers, there'd be no place you couldn't go.
    • (After receiving the sixth advice from Chocob Sage.)
      Chole: In order to get an Ocean Chocobo you need to get a Mountain-and-river Chocobo to mate with something else.
    • (After receiving the seventh advice from Chocob Sage.)
      Chole: If you mate the Mountain-and-river Chocobo with a "Wonderful Chocobo", You'll get an Ocean Chocobo. But to do that you can't use an ordinary Nut.
    • (After receiving the eighth advice from Chocob Sage.)
      Chole: The "Nut" that produces Ocean Chocobos is the "Zeio Nut". This is the first I've ever heard of it. I wonder where you get them?
    • (After receiving the ninth advice from Chocob Sage.)
      Chole: Zeio Nuts are found on a little island east of the Chocobo Sage. "Goblins" have them. With this, you can produce an "Ocean Chocobo". According to my research, Mountain, river, and ocean Chocobos are hard to produce. But, if you take the right care of the Chocobo, and increase their Class ranking by winning at the races, it'll increase your chances of getting one.
  • (Upon selecting "Chole's Chocobo inspection".)
    • (If the player has no Chocobos in stables.)
      Chole: There are no Chocobo.
    • (If the player has only one Chocob in stables.)
    • (If the player has multiple, where XXXX is the name of the Chocobo she is referring to.)
      Chole: For telling me that story, I'll tell you about each Chocobo's abilities.
      Chole: From what I see, the fastest sprinter is... I think it's XXXX.
      Chole: And, the fastest one is... That's XXXX
      Chole: Also, from what I can tell, the one with the most stamina is... I think it's XXXX.
      Chole: Finally, the most intelligent one is... That's XXXX
  • (Upon selecting "Nothing", conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to Choco Billy.)
Choco Billy: Welcome!

  • (Upon selecting "Buy", open Vegetable Store.)
  • (Upon selecting "Get some information", open submenu as below.)
    • (Upon selecting "Feed?".)
      Choco Billy: What the Chocobo eats are 'Greens' The most famous one is the 'Gizzard Greens.' Chocobos will mature differently depending on which 'Greens' they eat. Certain 'Greens' will boost their stamina. You'll have to figure out what kinds have what effects for yourselves. Oh, and Chocobos are born with certain natural abilities. So no matter how much they mature, they can't get more abilities than what they're born with. Remember that if a Chocobo's abilities don't increase even though you feed it, that means its limit is reached. It's best to let those kinds of Chocobo go or mate them to get a new Chocobo.
    • (Upon selecting "Mating?".)
      Choco Billy: A male and a female Chocobo together can produce an egg.
    • (Upon selecting "Chocobo by the fence?".)
      Choco Billy: The Chocobo out there is part of the stock that you caught. We can only keep 4 Chocobos here at once. If you get a fifth one, the first one will have to be let go. If you don't want that to happen, come back and put it in your own stable.
    • (Upon selecting "Ride it outside?".)
      Choco Billy: Yeah, you can ride this one. And even if you take it outside, this Chocobo won't run away when you get off of it. If you want to return it to your 'Chocobo Stable' just ride it onto the farm. Then, you'll be able to feed it again.
    • (Upon selecting "What are "Classes"?".)
      Choco Billy: Chocobos 'strengths are divided by 'Class'.
    • (Upon selecting "Nothing", conversation ends.)
  • (Upon selecting "Moving Chocobos".)
    • (If no stables have been rented.)
      Choco Billy: You don't even have any 'Chocobo Stable' If you want to raise Chocobos, go talk to Grandpa.
    • (If all stables rented are occupied.)
      Choco Billy: You have all the 'Chocobo Stables' you can carry. If you want to put a Chocobo in it, first, you must let it go and open a 'Chocobo Stable.'
    • (If no Chocobos are outside by the fence.)
      Choco Billy: It looks like you haven't even caught one yet...
    • (If stables are available and Chocobos are outside.)
      Choco Billy: Which one are you going to put in the 'Chocobo Stable'?
      On-screen: Use the Directional button left or right and Circle.
      (Depending on the quality of each Chocobo.)
      • Choco Billy: a wonderful Chocobo!
      • Choco Billy: This is a great Chocobo.
      • Choco Billy: Mmm, this seems like a good Chocobo.
      • Choco Billy: This Chocobo's so-so.
      • Choco Billy: This is a pretty average Chocobo.
      • Choco Billy: Mmm, this one's not bad.
      • Choco Billy: This one doesn't seem to be very good.
      • Choco Billy: I really can't recommend this one.
      • (After selecting a Chocobo.)
        Choco Billy: Want to put this Chocobo in your stable?
        • (Upon selecting "Put it in", where XXXX is the gender, either "Male" or "Female".)
          Choco Billy: Then, give Chocobo XXXX a name.
        • (Upon selecting "Let it go".)
          Choco Billy: I'm really going to let him go.
          • (Upon selecting "Go ahead", the Chocobo is released to the wild.)
          • (Upon selecting "No, don't", nothing happens.)
        • (Upon selecting "Choose a different one", returns to the previous menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "Feeding Chocobos".)
    • (If no stables have been rented.)
      Choco Billy: You don't even have any 'Chocobo Stable' If you want to raise Chocobos, go talk to Grandpa.
    • (If all rented stables are empty.)
      Choco Billy: Your 'Chocobo Stable' are empty.
    • (If the player has no greens.)
      Choco Billy: You don't have any 'Greens'... It just so happens I can sell you one...
      (Vegetable Store opens.)
    • (If the player has greens and stables are filled, menu displays list of greens and the quantity the player has.)
      • (Upon selecting a type of greens.)
        Choco Billy: Which Chocobo are you going to feed it to?
        (After selecting a Chocobo from a menu displaying list of Chocobos with their name, sex, and class.)
        Choco Billy: How many?
        (After selecting a quantity of greens.)
        Choco Billy: Is this all right?
        • (Upon selecting "Yeah", depending on the bonuses.)
          • On-screen: Speed Plus!
          • On-screen: Stamina Plus!
          • On-screen: Intelligence Plus!
          • On-screen: They're getting along better!
          • On-screen: Their personalities improved!
          • On-screen: No improvement...
        • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)
        • (Upon selecting "Choose another one", return to previous menu.)
      • (Upon attempting to select a type of greens the player does not have.)
        Choco Billy: I can't give you anything that I don't have.
  • (Upon selecting "Mating Chocobos".)
    • (If no stables have been rented.)
      Choco Billy: You don't even have any 'Chocobo Stable' If you want to raise Chocobos, go talk to Grandpa.
    • (If all rented stables are empty.)
      Choco Billy: Your 'Chocobo Stable' are empty.
    • (If no empty stables are available.)
      Choco Billy: You better have a 'Chocobo Stable' prepared for the little ones too.
    • (If the player has no nuts.)
      Choco Billy: Looks like you don't have any 'Nuts'... To get them to produce an egg,you need a 'Nut' Do you want me to sell you one?
    • (If the player has only one Chocobo.)
      Choco Billy: There's only one...
    • (If the player has all male or all female Chocobos.)
      Choco Billy: They gotta be male and female.
    • (If the player has no pairs ready to mate.)
      Choco Billy: You shouldn't mate those that just mated or those that were just born. There doesn't seem to be any others you could mate it with.
    • (If the player does have Chocobos that can mate.)
      Choco Billy: Which two Chocobos are you going to mate? Talk to the two you like and make your decision.
      • (Upon talking to one not ready to mate.)
        Choco Billy: You shouldn't mate those that just mated or those that were just born.
      • (Upon talking to a Chocobo that is ready, where XXX is their name, XXXX is their gender, X is their class.)
        On-screen: XXX XXXX Class X
        • (Upon selecting "This one", Chocobo is chosen.)
          • (Upon selecting two Chocobos of the same sex.)
            Choco Billy: They gotta be male and female.
          • (Upon selecting two viable Chocobos.)
            Choco Billy: So let's mate these two.
            • (Upon selecting "Go ahead".)
              Choco Billy: Which nut are you going to give 'em?
              (Menu displays list of nuts and the quantity the player has.)
              • (Upon selecting a nut the player has.)
                Choco Billy: Is this one all right?
                • (Upon selecting "Yes", where XXXX is the Chocobo's sex, either "Male" or "Female".)
                  Choco Billy: You got yourself a new Chocobo!
                  Choco Billy: Then, give Chocobo XXXX a name.
                • (Upon selecting "Give it a different "Nut"", return to previous menu.)
                • (Upon selecting "Quit", conversation ends.)
              • (Upon selecting a nut the player does not have.)
                Choco Billy: I can't give you anything that I don't have.
            • (Upon selecting "No, I changed my mind", conversation ends.)
        • (Upon selecting "Different one", Chocobo is ignored.)
        • (Upon selecting "Never mind", conversation ends.)
  • (Upon selecting "Releasing Chocobos".)
    • (If no stables have been rented.)
      Choco Billy: You don't even have any 'Chocobo Stable' If you want to raise Chocobos, go talk to Grandpa.
    • (If all rented stables are empty.)
      Choco Billy: Your 'Chocobo Stable' are empty.
    • (If Chocobos are in stables.)
      Choco Billy: Which Chocobo are you going to let go?
      (Menu opens displaying list of Chocobos with their name, sex, and class.)
      (Upon selecting one.)
      Choco Billy: Is it all right to let this one go?
      • (Upon selecting "Go ahead", Chocobo is released.)
      • (Upon selecting "No, don't", conversation ends.)
  • (Upon selecting "Riding Chocobos".)
    • (If no stables have been rented.)
      Choco Billy: You don't even have any 'Chocobo Stable' If you want to raise Chocobos, go talk to Grandpa.
    • (If all rented stables are empty.)
      Choco Billy: Your 'Chocobo Stable' are empty.
    • (If a Chocobo has already been taken out to ride.)
      Choco Billy: You can't take that many out a once. You must return the Chocobo that's out, If you want to take out with a different one.
    • (If a Chocobo is available.)
      Choco Billy: Which one are you going to take?
      (Menu opens displaying list of Chocobos with their name, sex, and class.)
      (Upon selecting one.)
      Choco Billy: Ride this one?
      • (Upon selecting "Giddyap!", Chocobo is taken out to ride on the world map.)
      • (Upon selecting "Whoa!", conversation ends.)
  • (Upon selecting "Do nothing", conversation ends.)

Recruiting Yuffie[]

(After defeating Mystery Ninja in one of the forests.)

(Upon talking to the other party members.)

  • Barret: Wassup with that broad?
  • Aeris: Who is that girl...?
  • Tifa: Cloud, do you know her?
  • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): ...You don't see ones like that everyday...
  • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): Who is that girl? She's still a child.
  • Cait Sith: Who do you think it is? I didn't recognize the face.
  • Vincent: She has a mysterious weapon... I've seen her somewhere before...
  • Cid: Who is that kid!

(Upon using the save point and closing the menu.)
Yuffie: Haa----ah! Gotcha! And you deserve it, too!
(Dialogue for failing to recruit Yuffie with money stolen plays. 200 gil stolen.)

(Upon approaching Yuffie.)
Yuffie: Man...... I can't believe I lost...

(Upon talking to her again, depending on who the party leader is.)

  • (If the party leader is Cloud.)
    Yuffie: You spikey-headed jerk! One more time, let's go one more time!
  • (If the party leader is Tifa.)
    Yuffie: Hey, boobs! Try that again! Just one more time!
  • (If the party leader is Cid.)
    Yuffie: Hey, you bow-legged ol' man! Give me another chance! I'll fight ya again!
  • (Upon selecting "All right" as Cloud, "What did you say!?" as Tifa, or "Give her a lickin'" as Cid.)
    Yuffie: I won't lose this time! Take your time and get ready. Holler when you're ready!
    (After using the menu screen.)
    Yuffie: No way I'm going to fight with punks like you more than once! I'll keep enough for the doctor bill! Next time, you won't be as lucky!
    (Dialogue for failing to recruit Yuffie with money stolen plays. 200 gil stolen.)
  • (Upon selecting "Not interested" as Cloud, "Don't fight" as Tifa, or "Forget it!" as Cid.)
    Yuffie: Thinkin' of running away? Stay and fight! FIGHT, I said!
    Yuffie: C'mon...... What's the matter? You're pretty scared of me, huh!?
    • (Upon selecting "......petrified." as Cloud or Tifa, or "Something like that" as Cid.)
      Yuffie: Hmm, just as I thought. What do you expect with my skills? Good luck to you guys too. If you feel up to it, we can go another round. Later!
      Yuffie: I'm really gonna leave! REALLY!
      • (Upon selecting "Go ahead..." as Cloud, "Yeah, so?" as Tifa, or "- GO, then!" as Cid.)
        Yuffie: Oh yeah? Then do whatever you want!
        (Dialogue for Yuffie leaving without stealing money plays.)
      • (Upon selecting "Wait a second!" as Cloud or Tifa, or "......Hold on!" as Cid.)
        (If Cloud is the party leader.)
        Yuffie: What is it, you still have somethin' for me?
        Yuffie: ......Hmmm. So is that it? I know you want my help because I'm so good! You want me to go with you?
        (If Tifa is the party leader.)
        Yuffie: What, you still want somethin'?
        Yuffie: ...Hmm. So is that it? You want my help 'cause I'm so good! You want me to go with you! Is that what you're saying?
        (If Cid is the party leader.)
        Yuffie: What is it, you still want somethin'?
        Yuffie: ...Hmm. So is that it? You want my help 'cause I'm so good! So you want me to come with you! Is that what you're saying?
        • (Upon selecting "......That's right." as Cloud, Tifa, or Cid.)
          Yuffie: Heh heh... thought so. You put me in a spot. Hmm, what should I do?
          (If Cloud is the party leader.)
          Yuffie: But if you want me that bad, I can't refuse...
          (If Tifa is the party leader.)
          Yuffie: But if you want me that bad, I can't say no...
          (If Cid is the party leader.)
          Yuffie: But if you want me that bad, I can't really say no...
          (After the previous line.)
          Yuffie: All right! I'll go with you!
          • (Upon selecting "......What's your name?" as Cloud, or "What's your name?" as Tifa or Cid.)
            Yuffie: Me? The name's......
            (Name selection opens.)
            Yuffie: What are you talking about!? You're the one who should go first!
            Yuffie: Okay forget it! I'm not going with you! Remember, if you piss me off... it'll cost you!!
            (Dialogue for failing to recruit Yuffie with money stolen plays. 700 stolen.)
          • (Upon selecting "......Let's hurry on." as Cloud, "Come on, let's hurry!" as Tifa, or "Come on, or we'll leave you!" as Cid.)
            Yuffie': Huh? Hey...HEY!
            Yuffie: Wait! I haven't even told you my name......
            (Name selection opens.)
            Yuffie: I'm Yuffie! Good to meetcha!
            Yuffie: Heh heh...... just as I planned. Now all I have to do is... a little this...... and a little that...... nyuk, nyuk, nyuk......
            Yuffie: Hey, wait up! Wait for me!!
            (If she has previously stolen money.)
            Yuffie: Here, I'll give you back the money I've stole from you! ......or, uh, what's left of it.
    • (Upon selecting "You're gonna lose again." as Cloud, "You're outta your league!" as Tifa, or "You're wasting your time" as Cid.)
      Yuffie: Wh... what!? Uuuuugh! Now I'm really mad! Make fun of me, will ya! Just watch!!
      (Dialogue for failing to recruit Yuffie with no money stolen plays.)

(Upon failing to recruit Yuffie when she steals money. This occurs in most options. Amount stolen is listed above.)

  • (Depending on the first party member.)
    • Barret: Hey, we been had! And... my money!
    • Aeris: Hmm... Hey, don't we have less money than what we had?
    • Tifa: She's gone... What is it with her?
      Tifa: Hey! My money!
    • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): ...... There's some money missing.
    • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): Hey! My emergency money!
    • Cait Sith: Gil, gil, gil, where's my gil!?
    • Vincent: ...... Difficult to understand her motivation.
      Vincent: Hmm? ......pretty fast.
    • Cid: What the--!? Gone! It's gone! My money's gone!
  • (After their dialogue.)
    On-screen: XXX Gil Stolen!
  • (Depending on the second party member.)
    • Barret: Shit!! Gimme back my money!!
    • Aeris: Geez!! You shouldn't do this!!
    • Tifa: Wait a second! Where's my money!?
    • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): Greed... A perfect example of human nature.
    • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): Give...give back what is rightfully mine!
    • Cait Sith: Hey, you can't--! My gil, give it back--!
    • Vincent: The Gil doesn't seem to be her real objective...
    • Cid: Steal MY money, will ya? You got a lot of #&^%$ nerve!! Just remember who you're dealin' with, punk!!

(Upon failing to recruit Yuffie when she does not steal money. Dialogue depends on party members.)

  • Barret: Gone... Wassup with that?
  • Aeris: She's gone... So what was that all about?
  • Tifa: She's gone... What is it with her...?
  • Red XIII: Huh? She's gone...... What is she doing?
  • Cait Sith: ...She disappeared... I don't have a clue what was going on.
  • Vincent: ...... Difficult to understand her motivation.
  • Cid: She's gone, hey...... What's with that kid!?

Old man's house[]

(Upon talking to the man in the house.)

  • (If the player does not have Myhtrhil, and their number of battles fought ends with 00, 11, 33, 55, 77, or 99.)
    NPC: Who're you? Hmph. I guess it was fate that I woke up and met you. Here!
    On-screen: Received "Mythril"!!
  • (If the player did not get Bolt Ring here, and their number of battles fought ends with 22, 44, 66, or 88.)
    NPC: Who're you? Hmph. I guess it was fate that I woke up and met you. Here!
    On-screen: Received "Bolt Ring"!!
  • (Otherwise, one of the following lines chosen randomly, where XX is the number he refers to.)
    • NPC: Large materia needs high level materia...... ......zzzzzz.......zzzzzzz......
    • NPC: Come on. You already escaped XX times. ......zzz......zzzzzzz.......
    • NPC: You've already fought XX times... ......zzzzz.......zzzzzzzz......

(Upon inspecting the box near the man's feet.)
NPC: What're you groping around for!

NPC: ............ .......zzzzz.........zzz.......

Fort Condor optional dialogue[]

(Upon talking to the man outside the Fort Condor exercise.)
NPC: We've been fighting the Shinra for a long time at this battlefield. Even now, we're still settled in for a long war with them. If you aren't in a hurry, would you help us fight them?

NPC: Listen, we don't want to push you but, if you're in the middle of something, why don't you finish that first?

  • (If the player has yet to reach Junon.)
    • (Upon selecting "Where is Junon?")
      NPC: Let's see...... Head north along the coast, and keep going for a ways and you'll run into Junon. You gotta be careful 'cause it sits in the shadows of a small hill.
    • (Upon selecting "We'll help you")
      NPC: Really!? Then go on up and they'll fill you in on the details.
  • (If the player has been to Junon before.)
    • (Upon selecting "Like to help but..." with Cloud as leader, or "I'm sorry... really" with Tifa as leader.)
      NPC: All right then...... Take care of yourselves...
    • (Upon selecting "I guess we'll help you" with Cloud as leader, or "All right, we'll help" with Tifa as leader.)
      NPC: Really!? Then go on up and they'll fill you in on the details.

(Upon talking to the man inside the shed at the top of the fort.)
NPC: Do you guys want to see it, too?

  • (If Cloud is the party leader.)
    Cloud: See what?
  • (If Tifa is the party leader.)
    Tifa: What?
  • (If Cid is the party leader.)
    Cid: What is it?

NPC: The condors. They're huge. Come on, have a look.

NPC: What do ya think? Awesome, huh?

(Upon approaching the beds, depending on the first party member.)

  • Barret: Ey, let's get some rest.
  • Aeris: Let's rest. Okay?
  • Tifa: Say, let's take a rest. Okay?
  • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): We should get some rest while we can.
  • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): Let's take a rest when we can afford to.
  • Yuffie: Come on... break time, break time!
  • Cait Sith: Now, shall we get some rest?
  • Vincent: It's probably best to get some rest now.
  • Cid: Come on; let's get some shut-eye.
  • (If Cloud is the party leader.)
    Cloud: ......
    (Upon selecting "We'll get some rest", party sleeps. Upon selecting "Let's move on", nothing happens.)
  • (If Tifa is the party leader.)
    Tifa: Yeah...
    (Upon selecting "Let's get some rest", party sleeps. Upon selecting "Maybe next time", nothing happens.)
  • (If Cid is the party leader.)
    Cid: Yo!
    (Upon selecting "Hurry up and take a break", party sleeps. Upon selecting "Now, not right now", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the Materia Store clerk.)
NPC: Hello. I'm sorry but we're not selling anything now. We're using everything we have for ourselves.

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk.)
NPC: Sorry, but I can't sell you anything now.

(Upon talking to the man sitting by the table on the first floor. Line in italics is spoken only if Cloud is the party leader.)
NPC: Hmmn, now this is something, I never thought anyone would ever climb up here. ......Your eyes are different. Well, anyhow. Any minute now, this will be a battlefield against Shinra. You'd better get down before you get involved.

(Depending on who else is in the party. Both party members make a comment, based on the order they are in the party.)

  • Barret: Shinra? The hell those jackasses doing here?
  • Aeris: What do you mean, "a battlefield"?
  • Tifa: You mean Shinra?
  • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): The Shinra......
  • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): Shinra again.
  • Yuffie: The Shinra? Here too?
  • Cait Sith: ......
  • Vincent: What do you mean by that?
  • Cid: A battlefield, we can't overlook that.

NPC: It appears you have a problem with Shinra, too. After all, you climbed up here. Why not listen to what I have to say for a moment?

  • (If Cloud is the party leader.)
    Cloud: ......
    • (Upon selecting "I guess so", party members do not interject.)
    • (Upon selecting "Not interested", party members make the following comments, based on the order they are in the party.)
      • Barret: The hell you talkin' about!? They're all fightin' the Shinra too! You gonna ignore that!?
      • Aeris: After all, we came all this way, Cloud.
      • Tifa: Cloud, let's listen to what they have to say.
      • Yuffie: Is this about the jewels?
      • Cait Sith: I know, I know, Cloud. But let's listen for a bit.
      • Vincent: There's no harm in listening to them.
      • Cid: Man, she sure's cold.
  • (If Tifa is the party leader.)
    Tifa: Oh, by all means.
  • (If Cid is the party leader.)
    Cid: All right, talk on!

NPC: Do you know what's at the top of this mountain?

(Depending on the second party member.)

  • Barret: Huh? Something's up there?
  • Tifa: Come on, let's get it together.
  • Yuffie: Look close, old man.
  • Aeris: A huge bird.
  • Red XIII: That's the reactor. And the condor.
  • Cait Sith: Yeah, come to think of it there was something.
  • Vincent: Come to think of it, there was a reactor. But I've never seen anything shaped like it......

(Depending on the party leader.)

  • Cloud: The reactor and the condor.
  • Tifa: That's the reactor and the condor.

NPC: I can see you're very perceptive. Yes, it's a reactor and a condor. It seems the Shinra doesn't like the idea of having a condor on top of the reactor.

(Depending on who else is in the party. Both party members make a comment, based on the order they are in the party.)

  • Barret: Damn, that's one big bird! But why are they trying to get rid of it with weapons?
  • Aeris: Why?
  • Tifa: What's so wrong with having a condor on top of the reactor?
  • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): It's not very logical.
  • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): The logic eludes me.
  • Yuffie: I'm certain there must be state-of-the-art materia inside the reactor. Am I right?
  • Cait Sith: Huh?......
  • Vincent: ......That's too much.
  • Cid: Huh? I don't get it.

NPC: It seems there's some type of special materia in the reactor above us. And because the condors came, the Shinra rushed troops here. The military wants to get the condor and all the villagers off this mountain. The condors are now warming their eggs, which hatch only once every few years. We would like to protect the condors from being harmed.

(Depending on who is in the party. All party members make a comment, with the party leader first, followed by other members.)

  • Cloud: New lives......
  • Barret: I'll do it! I'll protect them from Shinra!
  • Aeris: We must protect the condor eggs, right?
  • Tifa: Condors' eggs. A real work of nature. We've got to protect the life of the planet.
  • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): So, to protect the eggs, are you gonna protect the reactor?......
  • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): We're going to protect the reactor in order to save the eggs.
  • Yuffie: Special materia, huh? Well, well, things are getting interesting.
  • Cait Sith: I'm gonna leave it up to you all.
  • Vincent: ......and come out in one piece?
  • Cid: You guys, what are ya gonna do?

NPC: Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to fight Shinra ourselves. That's why we have hired soldiers to help us. As our sponsor you can help us with a contribution or by fighting along side of us... What do you think? You want to join us in our fight?

  • (If Cloud is the party leader.)
    Cloud: ......
    (Depending on the other party members. Both party members make a comment, `based on the order they are in the party.)
    • Barret: What's there to think about? We gotta do it!
    • Aeris: Cloud, why are you still worrying about it?
    • Tifa: Cloud......
    • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): You decide what we're going to do.
    • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): What are we going to do?
    • Yuffie: If things go right, we might even be able to pray to that special materia.
    • Cait Sith: I'll leave it up to you so please do as you see fit.
    • Vincent: It's difficult to get back what you've lost......
    • Cid: Don't be so wishy-washy. Hurry and make up your mind.
    • (After the party member's comments.)
      Cloud: ......
      • (Upon selecting "All right". Both party members make a comment based on order.)
        • Barret: Hey! We'll come to the rescue.
        • Aeris: Yes, yes. Let's do our best.
        • Tifa: Cloud, thanks.
        • Red XIII (before "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): I got it. Let me lend a hand, too.
        • Red XIII (after "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life"): Got it. I'm gonna lend a hand, too.
        • Yuffie: Okay, it's settled. We're gonna get the materia, right?
        • Cait Sith: Well then, let's do our best.
        • Vincent: That's the right decision.
        • Cid: If you've made up your mind, let's just do it.
        • (After the party member's comments, the man gives his response for agreeing to help.)
      • (Upon selecting "Not interested". Both party members make a comment based on order.)
        • Barret: What are you thinking!? And you call yourself a human!?
        • Aeris: What a jerk. I'm disappointed in you.
        • Tifa: Well......
        • Yuffie: We may have lost the materia.
        • Vincent: Now don't regret what's already past.
        • Cid: If you've made up your mind, let's just do it.
        • (After the party member's comments.)
          NPC: I see...... Come back if you should change your mind.
          (Upon talking to him again.)
          NPC: Have you by chance changed your mind?
          • (Upon selecting "Well, let's do it", the man gives his response for agreeing to help.)
          • (Upon selecting "My position hasn't changed", nothing happens.)
  • (If Tifa or Cid is the party leader. All party members make a comment, before the man gives his response for agreeing to help.)
    • Tifa: Everyone, listen to what I have to say. I can't possibly leave these people like this. Let's do whatever we can to help them. All right?
    • Cid: If you go that far, what can I say. Well, we'll be able to do something if you leave it up to us.
    • Barret: Hey! We'll come to the rescue.
    • Red XIII: Got it. I'm gonna lend a hand, too.
    • Yuffie: Okay, it's settled. We're gonna get the materia, right?
    • Cait Sith: Well then, let's do our best.
    • Vincent: That's the right decision.

(After the party leader agrees to help them. Cloud can refuse, but if Tifa or Cid is the party leader, they will accept automatically as above.)
NPC: Whew, we'll be saved. Ask my son, who's standing guard at the shed, about the details of our military tactics. We're depending on you. Yes, yes, I've also told the store owners about you, so they should sell you various items. And feel free to use our beds.

(Upon talking to the Materia Store clerk after agreeing to help.)
NPC: Hello. Do your best. We will, too.

(Upon talking to the Item Store clerk after agreeing to help.)
NPC: You hang in there!

(Upon talking to the man inside the shed at the top of the fort if Cloud talked to the man below and refused to help.)
NPC: So, will you help us? I don't want them to get killed. They're gigantic birds and so striking. We simply can't let them be killed by man's selfishness?

NPC: Of course not. There's no way, especially at the hands of Shinra. If you're going to go look at them, get on top of that chair over there.

(Upon talking to the man inside the shed at the top of the fort after agreeing to help, if he has not yet explained the strategy.)
NPC: Thanks for accepting. Let me explain our strategy. The enemy will climb the mountain looking for the reactor. We will leave a trap for them and hire soldiers to protect the area.

NPC: Well, that's all, but...... This village doesn't have any money. Even if we wanted to fight, our hands are tied 'cause we're broke. If we hired one soldier, we would need 400 gil. So, if we hire 20 soldiers, we must have 8000 gil. So if you folks have the time, we would like you to use your own money to hire these soldiers, buy the trap, set it up and command the troops. If you're pressed for time we'd like you to help us with the money. If you can give us the money, we can then hire soldiers with the funds and block Shinra's attack. We know that what we're asking is selfish. We have sent our wives and children to another village. We are resigned to our fate.

NPC: Let's get back to square one. If the enemy penetrates our shed, you'll have to fight them immediately. Well, just because you lost once, it's not the end of the world, but if you lose repeatedly, it could be dangerous.

NPC: Now then, is there anything you wish to ask?

  • (Upon selecting "Conditions for victory".)
    NPC: You can win by wiping out the enemy or killing the enemy commander in charge. If the enemy reaches the shed, they'll attack, and you'll have no choice but to go into battle immediately. In the event that you lose during direct contact, even if the enemy gets to the reactor, there's still a chance to save things. But it's only a slight chance, and we have no idea how much the reactor can endure in an attack. When we can't stand up to the attack any longer, the Shinra will take both the condors and our lives, as well as all the materia within the reactor.
  • (Upon selecting "The enemy".)
    NPC: There are four types of enemies.
    • (Upon selecting "Wyverns".)
      NPC: Wyverns are flying types that can move at high speed. Stoner and Tristoner aren't effective against them.
    • (Upon selecting "Beasts".)
      NPC: Beasts are monster types that do not move quickly, but have explosive attacking power.
    • (Upon selecting "Barbarians".)
      NPC: Barbarians are human types. They attack indirectly, so you've got to be on your toes.
    • (Upon selecting "Commanders".)
      NPC: Commanders are the enemy commanders. They're the ones we want to subdue, but they're formidable foes.
    • (Upon selecting "Anything else?", return to previous menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "Soldiers, which can be hired".)
    NPC: Your mobile allies are: Fighters, Attackers, Defenders, Shooters, Repairers and Workers. Your immobile allies are: Stoner, Tristoner, Catapult, and Fire Catapult. Which do you want to hear about?
    • (Upon selecting "Mobile types".)
      NPC: Which do you want to hear about?
      • (Upon selecting "Fighters".)
        NPC: Fighters are good at defending and attacking, but aren't especially effective or deficient for any enemy.
      • (Upon selecting "Attackers".)
        NPC: Attackers move extremely fast and are best for expanding the front line. They work good against enemy Beasts, but not enemy Barbarians.
      • (Upon selecting "Defenders".)
        NPC: Defenders have high endurance, but move slowly. They're best suited for defense. Defenders work best against enemy Barbarians, but not enemy Wyverns.
      • (Upon selecting "Shooters".)
        NPC: Shooters attack indirectly, but has low endurance. Shooters work best against enemy Wyverns, but not enemy Beasts.
      • (Upon selecting "Repairers".)
        NPC: Repairers repair allied aircraft, but have little attacking power.
      • (Upon selecting "Workers".)
        NPC: Workers set torpedoes. Torpedoes have strong attacking power, but Workers don't. Torpedoes explode when touched by the enemy. The explosions will damage everything in the immediate area.
      • (Upon selecting "Anything else", return to previous menu.)
    • (Upon selecting "Immobile types".)
      NPC: Which do you want to hear about?
      • (Upon selecting "Stoners".)
        NPC: Stoners can fire a single boulder, causing extensive damage to every enemy it hits.
      • (Upon selecting "Tristoners".)
        NPC: Tristoners can fire three boulders simultaneously, causing extensive damage to every enemy it hits.
        • (If Shinra has not yet been defeated six times, or this is not the Huge Materia battle.)
          NPC: We can't use the Tristoner or Fire Catapult, because they are still being developed.
        • (If Shinra has been defeated six-eight times, and this is not the final Huge Materia battle.)
          NPC: The Fire Catapult is ready now, so we can set it up. We can't use the Tristoner, because it is still being developed.
      • (Upon selecting "Catapults".)
        NPC: Catapults shoot rocks a great distance. causing extensive damage to every enemy it hits.
      • (Upon selecting "Fire Catapult".)
        NPC: Fire Catapults fire bombs a great distance. causing extensive damage to every enemy it hits.
        • (If Shinra has not yet been defeated six times, or this is not the Huge Materia battle.)
          NPC: We can't use the Tristoner or Fire Catapult, because they are still being developed.
        • (If Shinra has been defeated six-eight times, and this is not the final Huge Materia battle.)
          NPC: The Fire Catapult is ready now, so we can set it up. We can't use the Tristoner, because it is still being developed.
      • (Upon selecting "Anything else", return to previous menu.)
    • (Upon selecting "Anything else", return to previous menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "About funding", where XXXX is how much gil they have. Defaults to 15000.)
    NPC: We have XXXX gil right now.
    • (If they have less than 30,000 gil.)
      NPC: We need 3000 gil for each battle. How much can you help?
      (Options are 500 gil, 1000 gil, 2000 gil, 3000 gil, 5000 gil, or "We can't help right now".)
      • (Upon contributing if the player has the right amount. where XXXX is how much gil they have.)
        NPC: Thanks. This makes XXXX gil.
      • (Upon contributing if the player does not have enough.)
        NPC: We are very grateful, but you don't have enough money.
    • (If they have 30,000 gil or more.)
      NPC: That's enough money for now. If we run out, we'll ask you for more.
  • (Upon selecting "Other issues".)
    NPC: First off, we must prepare the troops. Move the cursor wherever the x mark does not appear, then press the O button to set-up. After all positions are in place, select by pressing the X button. This starts the battle.
    NPC: Soldiers can only be arranged near the shed, in the beginning. That's because if the soldiers are too far away, they won't be able to follow instructions. You can only put soldiers on the horizontal line at the very bottom. Soldiers can be instructed by pushing the select button. So if any commands are unclear, push it. Soldiers can report by pushing the Circle button......
    NPC: The cursor will move to the soldier who made the report. Press the X button and you'll hear the report without moving. And you can bet Shinra will send platoons at you on a regular basis.
    NPC: It would be great if you could spare the time to help us... But if you really don't have time, would you contribute some financial assistance.
  • (Upon selecting "Enough", dialogue for a battle starting begins.)

(Upon talking to the man inside the shed at the top of the fort after hearing the strategy discussion.)

  • (If this is the player's first battle.)
    NPC: Hey, this one climbing up here looks like they'd be just right. Please, any help is appreciated...
  • (If they were previously told to wait, or after the above line.)
    NPC: Preparations ready?
  • (In normal circumstances, and if this is not the Huge Materia battle.)
    NPC: Perfect timing! They're just around the corner. Get ready.
  • (During the Huge Materia event, if the player has fought battles in Fort Condor before.)
    NPC: The situation has changed. Looks like the enemy is set to attack. If we lose here, it's over. Our lives are in your hands. We're counting on you. Ready?
  • (During the Huge Materia event, if no battles were fought here before.)
    NPC: Ready?
  • (After the previous line.)
    • (Upon selecting "Wait", battle does not begin.)
    • (Upon selecting "Okay, ready".)
    • (If the player has 4000 gil or more, begin battle.)
    • (If the player has less than 4000 gil.)
      NPC: Hey we're a little short on money... So could you at least make it 4000 gil?
    • (Upon selecting "Contribute gil", same dialogue plays as in the "About funding" section of the strategy discussion. During the Huge Materia event, this option is not available.)
    • (Upon selecting "Let them handle it". During the Huge Materia event, this option is not available.)
      • (If they have more than 3000 gil.)
        NPC: I see, very well then. Maybe, we'll fight together again sometime.
      • (If they have less than 3000 gil, where XXXX is their current gil.)
        NPC: Sorry. We only have XXXX gil. We have to beg for your help.
    • (Upon selecting "Hear more", returns to the previous strategy menu.)

(When beginning a battle.)

  • (If this is the first battle.)
    NPC: You have 10 enemies. There appear to be many Beasts, so you may want to deploy more Attackers.
  • (If Shinra have been defeated 1-2 times.)
    NPC: The Barbarians are mixed during this attack. There are more than 20. Set up for a balanced-attack or we'll be in trouble.
  • (If Shinra have been defeated 3-5 times.)
    NPC: A strong unit's on their way. Looks like around 30. They'll probably climb up here using various routes. Better be careful or we'll be in trouble. And make sure to deploy Fire Catapults.
  • (If Shinra have been defeated 6-8 times.)
    NPC: You're probably used to it now, but don't let your guard down. Deploy Tristoners.
  • (If Shinra have been defeated 9-11 times.)
    NPC:Looks like the enemy numbers 40. Don't let your guard down.
  • (If Shinra have been defeated 12 times or more.)
    NPC: I think you don't need my advice. The rest is up to you.
  • (During the Huge Materia battle.)
    NPC: This is the deciding battle. The enemy numbers more than ever before.
    • (If Fort Condor have funds left, where XXXX is the amount of gil they have.)
      NPC: Let's give them all the gil we have.
      On-screen: Received "XXXX gil"!

(Upon successfully beating the minigame, where XXX is the number of allies, XXXX is the fort's funds, and XXXXX is the item reward, depending on how many battles were fought.)
NPC: Whew, that was good. But Shinra's troops will be back. Be sure and scout the area well... we don't know when they'll attack again. We have XXX allies left, so here's XXXX gil.

NPC: Oh, yeah. I found this just now on the battlefield. Maybe it'll come in handy for you guys.

On-screen: Received "XXXXX"!

(Upon failing the minigame.)
NPC: My God! They're attacking! We're counting on you.

  • (Upon defeating CMD.Grand Horn.)
    NPC: We made it through that one somehow. But Shinra'll be back. Be sure and scout the area well... we don't know when they'll attack again.
  • (Upon losing to CMD.Grand Horn.)
    NPC: Are you all right? Looks like a few got through.

(Upon talking to the man in the shed if a long time has passed since the previous battles, where XXXX is the fort's funds.)
NPC: How goes it? The Shinra troops have attacked [number] times since you were here. So we're getting a little short on funds. We have XXXX gil right now.

(Upon talking to the man in the shed if no battle is available.)
NPC: How are things going? Seems like there's no activity at Shinra.

Under Junon optional dialogue[]

(At any point.)

(Upon talking to the soldier at the elevator, anytime after Rufus' parade.)
NPC: If you want to get on the elevator that badly, give me 10 gil!

  • (Upon selecting "Okay, I guess" with enough gil.)
    NPC: Hurry up and get in!
  • (Upon selecting "Okay, I guess" with insufficient gil.)
    NPC: That's not enough! Can't let you get on...
  • (Upon selecting "No way!".)
    NPC: You're such a cheapskate.

(Upon talking to the Weapon Store clerk.)
NPC: If you see a weapon you want, you'd better buy it.

(Upon talking to the Weapon Store clerk after approaching from the back.)
NPC: You want me?

(Before Meteor is summoned)

(Upon talking to the woman walking near the entrance.)

  • (Before fighting Bottomswell.)
    NPC: Wow, now this is rare. We almost never have anyone other than the Shinra people visit this town.
    NPC: I know you guys want to go to the Western Continent, but the only way is on a Shinra ship.
  • (After staying in her house.)
    NPC: For the past few decades, the only thing I've been hearing about is the Shinra. I miss the times when we used to talk only about fish...

(Upon talking to the fisherman.)

  • (Before Priscilla gives Cloud the whistle.)
    NPC: Ever since...Shinra built that city up above during the war, ... ugh,ugh. There's been no fish in the water! It got so polluted...phew...
  • (After Priscilla gives Cloud the whistle, before Buggy.)
    NPC: I don't think I'll ever...cough... to see things... ...beautiful again.
  • (After getting Buggy.)
    NPC: Square Blow the whistle and call the dolphin. There's a dolphin in the bay. If you get close enough and blow the whistle, it might come to you. If you want to get on the ship, why not have the dolphin take you?

(Upon talking to the walking old man.)

  • (In most circumstances.)
    NPC: There's nothing here now... But it used to be a busy port.
  • (Before fighting Bottomswell, on the first conversation.)
    Cloud: What kinda place is this?
    NPC: Who are you people? Where did you come from?
    Cloud: Did you see a man with a black cape?
    NPC: Hmm... I've never seen that feller before.
  • (After fighting Bottomswell, before staying in the woman's house.)
    NPC: Sorry, Cloud. Priscilla needs to rest for a while.

(Upon talking to Priscilla in her house.)

  • No...that tickles...
  • No...Stop......
  • Mr. Dolphin......

(Upon pressing Square by the beach after getting Buggy.)
On-screen: Jump up to the cargo ship on the dolphin?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", dolphin arrives.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)
(After Meteor is summoned)
  • (While Tifa is party leader.)
    NPC: I almost passed out when I saw Weapon. It seems Weapon was beaten, but a Shinra soldier told me there are 4 more.
  • (While Cid is party leader.)
    NPC: They say Shinra's gathering Huge Materia from around the world and bringing it to Junon. Bringing it to Junon must mean they want to use their airplanes.
  • (When Cloud returns as party leader.)
    NPC: I've noticed there's been a lot of Shinra ships recently. I think they're going to the off-shore Underwater Reactor. Isn't Shinra trying to transport the Reactor's Huge Materia?
  • (After all Huge Materia quests, before Sister Ray is moved to Midgar.)
    NPC: I heard a war's about to start! And that's why they're moving the big cannon!
  • (After Sister Ray is moved to Midgar.)
    NPC: Could be the end of the world...

(Upon talking to the fisherman.)

  • (In most circumstances.)
    NPC: Once Meteor hits, not just the fish, but the whole ocean will be destroyed...
  • (After Junon Huge Materia quest, before Rocket Town Huge Materia quest.)
    NPC: It seems like there's something going on again up there. Is that huge plane going to take off again with that deafening roar?

(Upon talking to the walking old man.)

  • (While Tifa is party leader.)
    • (First conversation.)
      NPC: What? Cloud is missing?
      Tifa: Maybe...he dropped some from the North Caves into the Lifestream... Sir, do you know where the Lifestream runs through? Cloud might have drifted from there.
      NPC: What? The Northern...what? Sorry, but I don't think I follow. But...I think I remember hearing Priscilla saying 'Life...something' before.
    • (Subsequent conversations.)
      NPC: I think I've heard Priscilla mentioning 'Life...something' before.
  • (When Cloud returns as leader, before Junon Huge Materia quest.)
    NPC: I remember years ago, seein' the Shinra build a long pipe underwater. The underwater reactor is connected to Junon by a pipe. You should be able to get to the reactor through it.
  • (After Junon Huge Materia quest, before Rocket Town Huge Materia quest.)
    NPC: I just saw some Shinra soldiers all huddled together discussing something. They said a plane carrying Huge Materia would be taking off from the airport above.
  • (After Rocket Town Huge Materia quest.)
    NPC: Listen Cloud, I'm over the hill, but Priscilla is still a child. Isn't there a way to protect at least her from Meteor?

(Upon entering Priscilla's house.)

  • (While Tifa or Cid are party leader.)
    Priscilla: Who are you---?
  • (First time entering while Cloud is party leader.)
    Priscilla: Cloud!! Stupid jerk! Look how much you made me worry!! Were you at the Lifestream?
    Cloud: Yeah, that's right.
    Priscilla: You've gotta be more careful! Because you're going to marry me one day.

(Upon talking to Priscilla in her house.)

  • (While Tifa is party leader.)
    • (Before talking with the old man outside about the lifestream.)
      Priscilla: At least knock when you enter a lady's room!
    • (After talking with the old man outside about the lifestream.)
      Priscilla: Lifestream? Yeah, I know! It's Mr. Dolphin's playground. There's a Three-taloned island south of the continent. I heard the Lifestream runs below that island. But why are you asking about the Lifestream?
      Tifa: Cloud fell into the Lifestream at the North Cave, and has been missing ever since.
      Priscilla: Huh, Cloud!? Hurry up and help him!! He's very important to me.
    • (Upon talking to her again.)
      Priscilla: There's a Three-taloned island south of the continent. I heard the Lifestream runs below that island.
  • (While Cid is party leader.)
    • (First conversation.)
      Cid: We found Cloud!
      Priscilla: I'm so happy!! Someday I'm going to be Cloud's wife.
    • (Subsequent conversations.)
      Priscilla: I've decided I'm gonna be Cloud's wife.

Junon optional dialogue[]

(At any point, unless NPC is present or does not have dialogue for a specific event.)

(Upon talking to the first soldier in the Locker Room.)
NPC: Someday I'll get to use my special pose in a real battle!

(Upon talking to the other soldier in the Locker Room.)
NPC: Same here!! I'll keep practicing until then!

(Upon talking to the commander in the tunnel leading towards underwater reactor.)
NPC: Hey!! Civilian!! Stay out of our training!!

(Upon talking to him again.)
NPC: Go around them! And stay out of their way!!

(Upon talking to sleeping soldiers in the Upper Junon Barracks.)
NPC: Grrrrgh--- ---Grrrgh

NPC: ZZZZZ......

(Upon talking to the soldier near the Respectable Inn ladder.)
NPC: This is a Respectable Inn... guests only!

NPC: You should absorb all the wisdom until it is a part of you.

(Upon talking to the soldier on the left in the Respectable Inn.)
NPC: Ok wise-guy, I'll ask about Materia just so you can let off some stress.

Cloud: You're right...

  • (Upon selecting "Growth Materia".)
    Cloud: First off, the main points. Some types of Materia, like Magic, grow as you use them. Some, like Summon Magic, grow from being used once a battle, to several times per battle. Their effectiveness changes too. ...There are all different kinds. Some types don't change, but they must grow in order to be divided. ...And that's it. Maybe that sounded too official.
  • (Upon selecting "Kinds of Materia".)
    Cloud: Types of Materia... Here goes...!
    [Independent Materia] enables Abilities. No linking required.
    [Support Materia] is used with Command, Magic, and Summon Materia. You must equip them in linked slots or they won't be any good.
    [Command Materia] lets you use new commands. There are lots of different kinds of Materia, so you'll never get bored. One called [Attack] changes itself.
    [Magic Materia] is easy. You can use Magic, and as your Level increases, you'll learn new Magic.
    [Summon Materia] let's you use Summon Magic. As your Level increases, the number of times you can use it in a single battle increases. This's one of my favorites.
    And there you have it, the five types of Materia.
  • (Upon selecting "Combinations of Materia".)
    Cloud: There's no single way to combine Materia. So here goes the basics. Support Materia... The basic combination is Magic + All. The variety of magic you can cast will increase as your Magic Level increases. When your All level increases, so does the number of times you can use it in a battle. That about covers it.
    NPC: Huh? Wait a sec...
    Cloud: You can change between Magic-All and Magic with the L1/R1 buttons. I'll bet you've probably already done this. One effective combination is Elemental + Summon Materia. If you equip this combination to your weapon, you can put Magic and Summon Elementals on your weapon. For example, if you equip Fire + Elemental to your sword, you will end up with Fire Elemental Sword. I'm getting off the subject,... If you equip Fire + Elemental to your armor, it will have twice the resistance to fire damage. Now this is important. When the Elemental levels in your armor increase, so will their effectiveness. From half damage - no damage - absorb. If you combined Elemental and Fire you could develop Fire absorbing armor.
    Cloud: Wait, there's more. Next is the Added Effect for Support Materia. The Added Effect Materia grafts the effects of Compound Status Materia into your weapons and armor. For example, equip Added Effect + Poison to your weapon and select [Attack]. Sometimes you'll give a Poison status. Of course, it doesn't always work. If you don't combine the Added Effect Materia with Status Change Materia, like Confusion or Time, you won't get any effect. To learn more about Added Effect, access the menu and check the Status. It's a little hard to get, but if you take your time, you'll be all right.
  • (Upon selecting "Divisions of Materia".)
    Cloud: Division... I'm pretty good at this. People tell me that my personality is divided. But I don't think so, but maybe it is... Anyhow... Once your Materia reaches the maximum Level, it will divide. The original Materia will no longer grow. Once that happens, all you can do is use it as it is. New Materia always starts out with zero AP, so you need to raise its levels! Of course, once the new Materia reaches its max, it'll divide. That's how you increase your Materia collection. Ha, ha...... Right now I feel like I'm dividing myself.
  • (Upon selecting "Numbers of Materia that you may carry".)
    Cloud: Once Materia starts dividing, you must be careful. There's a limit to how much Materia you can have. Since we're fighting for the life of the Planet, it goes against my beliefs carrying too much Materia. Either way, I don't really care, but...I'll leave it up to you. That's why, the amount of Materia that we can have is limited to 200... only what we can equip. When you have too much Materia, you need to dispose of some. If you don't, you can't take on any more. So, ditch some Materia before that happens... Ahem...I mean, give them back to the Planet.
  • (Upon selecting "The rest is a secret", conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to the soldier on the right in the Respectable Inn.)
NPC: Ok. Expert! Enlighten us on Limit Techniques, why doncha?

Cloud: I don't have too much to say about that...

  • (Upon selecting "Developing Limits".)
    Cloud: There are 2 basic ways of building up your Limit techniques. First, just use them! And second is to finish off as many enemies as possible! It sounds easier than it is. Everyone knows that when you gain a new Limit technique, you need to select it in the menu. And you knew that you won't be able to use advanced techniques on each level if you haven't used the basic ones. Since the type and growth for each limit techniques is different, that's about all I will say.
  • (Upon selecting "Extreme Limits".)
    Cloud: A long time ago I heard extreme techniques exist within the Limit techniques. But, if that's true you wouldn't be able to get it in any normal way. That's about all I know about it.
  • (Upon selecting "That's it", conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to the ghost at the top of the Respectable Inn.)
NPC: Ok, Mr. Know-it-all, ex-SOLDIER! Let me revenge...I mean, review!

Cloud: What do you want to review?

  • (Upon selecting "ATB".)
    Cloud: ATB means Active Time Battle. It's a system in which time continuously runs during battle. If the ATB is changed to [WAIT] in the Config Menu... Time stops during battle while you select magic or an item. That lets you select your commands carefully. It's geared especially for beginners like you. In config, if you change from ATB to [Recommended]... Time will stop while magic or item effects are displayed. This lets you watch the effects carefully. Letting you fight at your own pace... this is the way to go. I always use ACTIVE mode, but choose what you want. That's all.
  • (Upon selecting "Onscreen numbers".)
    Cloud: During a battle, white numbers that appear on the screen indicate damage, and green numbers indicate recovery points. Remember that, if you don't want to be wiped out.
  • (Upon selecting "Change and Defend".)
    Cloud: Change will change your fighting position to either the front or back row. If you select the back row, the amount of damage you receive is reduced, but so is your attacking power. [Change] can be selected from the battle menu by pushing the [left Directional button]. You can also select [Defend] from battle menu by pushing the Directional button to the right. Defend will reduce your damage by half until your next turn. It's better to use Defend for strong enemies. Of course, I don't need anything like that.
  • (Upon selecting "Escape".)
    Cloud: I don't know too much about Escape during battles since I never do it, but...someone like you might need it. You can escape by holding down the