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This is a list of official Square Enix merchandise available for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. For a generic list, see merchandise.




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Action Figures, Statues and ReplicasEdit

SE-Adniversary FFVIIAC-CloudSephiroth-PlayArt

Advent Children promotional cold cast figurine.

Kotobukiya 2005Edit

Three Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children figures were released by Kotobukiya in the end of 2005. The figures are sculpted by Takayuki Takeya and are Bahamut SIN, Shadow Creeper and the airship Shera.


An amiibo figurine based on Cloud Strife will be released on July 21, 2017. The amiibo will be compatible with Super Smash Bros..


Aeris theme music box

Music BoxEdit

One of the rarest, if not out-right the rarest, pieces of Final Fantasy merchandise is the limited edition Final Fantasy VII music box that plays "Aeris's Theme". It has a gold plaque that says "Aeris's Theme" and its limited number. Only 100 pieces were ever produced by Sankyo Orpheus Japan. This music box has 50 notes whereas most music boxes have only 18 and the box is made out of curubixa wood.


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