A relationship map of all the Final Fantasy VII characters included in the Ultimania.

The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy VII.

Player characters[edit | edit source]

Optional characters[edit | edit source]

Guest characters[edit | edit source]

Non-player characters[edit | edit source]

Shinra Staff[edit | edit source]

The Turks[edit | edit source]

AVALANCHE members[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Other characters[edit | edit source]

Historic characters[edit | edit source]

Minor characters[edit | edit source]

Chocobos[edit | edit source]

All Chocobo names are written in CAPITALS in the game itself.

  • Teioh
  • Aimee - A racing chocobo
  • Andy - A racing chocobo
  • Arl - A racing chocobo1
  • Blues - A racing chocobo
  • Clive - A racing chocobo
  • Dan - A racing chocobo
  • Dario - A racing chocobo
  • Edward - A racing chocobo
  • Ellen - A racing chocobo
  • Fox - A racing chocobo
  • Gary - A racing chocobo
  • George - A racing chocobo
  • Graham - A racing chocobo
  • Grey - A racing chocobo
  • Harvey - A racing chocobo
  • James - A racing chocobo
  • Jenny - A racing chocobo
  • Joel - A racing chocobo
  • John - A racing chocobo
  • Ju - A racing chocobo2
  • Julia - A dummied racing chocobo
  • K - A racing chocobo1
  • Knight - A racing chocobo
  • Lia - A racing chocobo
  • Ly - A racing chocobo2
  • Marie - A racing chocobo
  • Mike - A racing chocobo
  • Nancy - A racing chocobo
  • Paula - A racing chocobo
  • Paule - A racing chocobo
  • Peter - A racing chocobo
  • Rica - A racing chocobo
  • Rober - A racing chocobo3
  • Robin - A racing chocobo
  • Rudy - A racing chocobo
  • Sam - A racing chocobo
  • Sammy - A racing chocobo
  • Sandy - A racing chocobo
  • Sara - A racing chocobo
  • Sean - A racing chocobo
  • T - A racing chocobo3
  • Terry - A racing chocobo
  • Tim - A racing chocobo
  • Tom - A racing chocobo
  • Young - A racing chocobo
1 - Since the two are consecutive on the in-game list, it can be assumed they were meant to be one Chocobo named "Karl".
2 - Since the two are consecutive on the in-game list, it can be assumed they were meant to be one Chocobo named "July".
3 - Since the two are consecutive on the in-game list, it can be assumed they were meant to be one Chocobo named "Robert".

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

  • ^Soldier – Troops that circle Cloud before "boarding" the train in Sector 8.
  • ^Receptionist – A receptionist in the lobby of the Shinra Building.
  • TV Producer – An "invisible" character who comments if Cloud messes up in the Junon army performance minigame in Upper Junon.
  • AD – Comments on the performance and Cloud, alongside TV Producer, during the Junon army performance minigame.
  • ^Shinra Soldier – A soldier who battles the party when Yuffie steals the player's Materia before entering Wutai.
  • ^Shinra soldier – A soldier after Don Corneo in Wutai.
  • (Operator) – Communicates to Rufus via a communication device that WEAPON has been defeated, and that an energy ray is coming for Midgar.
  • ^Mr. Dolphin – A dolphin in Under Junon who takes the party up to Lower Junon.
  • Elmyra's husband – Husband of Elmyra. Died in the Wutai War.
  • Myrna – Wife of Barret. Died when Shinra razed Corel.
  • Red XIII's mother – Mother of Red XIII and partner of Seto. Made Bugenhagen seal the Cave of the Gi and tell no one about it.
  • Yamski – Attempted to scale Gaea's Cliff with Holzoff. He cut his own rope and killed himself.
  • ^"Old guy" – Known to Zack as "old guy", "gramps", and "pops", drove Zack and Cloud to Midgar in his truck.
  • ^Commander – The commander who lead to soldiers and killed Zack Fair, and left Cloud.
  • ^Shinra Soldier – A soldier who killed Zack Fair in a flashback.
  • Flower girl – A girl who sells flowers in Sector 8. Later discovered to be Aeris Gainsborough.
  • ^Big Bro – Crossdresser from the Men's Hall in the Wall Market. Involved in the Cloud's disguise quest to get a wig. Uses female character model.
  • Man – Reveals his name to be Dio.
  • ^Mog – A Mog in the Mog's House game at Wonder Square.
  • ^Mag – A female Mog in the Mog's House game at Wonder Square, and Mog's love-interest.
  • ^Mr. Hangman – A worker in the Ghost Square.
  • ^Noppo – A worker in the Ghost Square.
  • ^Semusi – A worker in the Ghost Square.
  • ManEster reveals his name to be Joe.
  • ^Weapon seller – Tells the party he sold the Keystone to Dio. The player can give him Mythril in return for the Great Gospel, or a Gold Armlet.
  • ^Time Guardian – A monstrous mouth who talks to the player on the Clock puzzle in the Temple of the Ancients.
  • Narration – The narrator for the scene in Event Square.
  • ^Knight – A knight in the scene in Event Square.
  • Alfred – A fictional hero in the scene in Event Square, played by Cloud.
  • ^King – The king in the scene in Event Square.
  • ^Wizard – A wizard called Vorman in Event Square.
  • ^EDK – The Evil Dragon King called Valvados in Event Square.
  • Princess – A fictional princess called Rosa in the scene in Event Square, played by Aeris, Tifa, or Yuffie, depending on Cloud's date.
  • ^Beautiful Girl – The Evil Dragon King free from her curse in Event Square.
  • ^Staff – A worker at the Gold Saucer who won't let the party leave due to the tram being out of order.
  • ^Snow – A lady who lives in a Cave in the Great Glacier. Battles the player if they have touched the hot springs.
  • ^Pilot – The pilot of the Highwind. Known as Pilot in training (LV3-5), Pilot in Training (LV6), Learner Pilot (LV7-14), and Full Pilot beyond that.
  • ^Doctor – A doctor who treats Cloud at the Clinic in Mideel.
  • ^Nurse – A nurse at the clinic in Mideel.
  • ^Crazed Consumer – An opportunist who purchases and hoards goods in Mideel in the wake of Meteor. After Mideel is destroyed, she sells her purchased goods while the other shops' have lost their stock.
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