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The following is a list of achievements and trophies unlockable in the 2012 PC / 2013 Steam and 2016 PlayStation 4 / 2019 Xbox One re-releases of Final Fantasy VII.

On PC, the player's achievements are loaded in the "achievement.dat" file, found in a folder with the user's ID, within a "FINAL FANTASY VII" folder, within a "Square Enix" folder placed in My Documents by default. The file is a seventy-two bit file: 36 bits relate to the achievements, while the others appear to serve no purpose. The achievement order corresponds to the bit, with the first (End of Part I) corresponding to the eightieth bit, then each achievement thereafter is the previous bit, down until the last (Dice) which corresponds to the forty-fifth bit. If the player were to edit this file in a hex-editor and change it to read "0000000fffffffff00" the player can receive all achievements. However, this will only save to the system if the edits are made while in the game.


Microsoft Windows / Steam

Achievement/Trophy Icon Description Notes
End of Part I EndOfPartI-ffvii-achievement Complete the first part of the game The ordinary end of Disc 1, after defeating Jenova∙LIFE.
End of Part II EndOfPartII-ffvii-achievement Complete the second part of the game The ordinary end of Disc 2, after defeating Lifeform-Hojo N.
End of Game EndOfGame-ffvii-achievement Complete FINAL FANTASY VII
Master Materia MasterMateria-ffvii-achievement Reach the maximum level of any Materia Despite the description, it must be a 5-star Materia to trigger the achievement.
Master of Gil MasterOfGil-ffvii-achievement 99,999,999 Gil See Gil#Final Fantasy VII for gil earning tips.
Top Level TopLevel-ffvii-achievement Reach level 99 with any character
Knights of the Round KnightsOfTheRound-ffvii-achievement Get materia Knights of the Round
Omnislash Omnislash-ffvii-achievement Get Cloud's last Limit Break The player automatically obtains Omnislash before the fight against Sephiroth and completes this achievement, regardless of whether the Omnislash manual was ever obtained.
Catastrophe Catastrophe-ffvii-achievement Get Barret's last Limit Break
Chaos Chaos-ffvii-achievement Get Vincent's last Limit Break
Great Gospel GreatGospel-ffvii-achievement Get Aeris's last Limit Break "Aeris's" is replaced by "Aerith's" on the website. This is missable on a playthrough if the player does not obtain the limit manual before the Temple of the Ancients events and learn it before fighting Demons Gate.
Highwind Highwind-ffvii-achievement Get Cid's last Limit Break
Final Heaven FinalHeaven-ffvii-achievement Get Tifa's last Limit Break
All Creation AllCreation-ffvii-achievement Get Yuffie's last Limit Break
Cosmo Memory CosmoMemory-ffvii-achievement Get Red XIII's last Limit Break
Slots Slots-ffvii-achievement Get Cait Sith's last Limit Break
Bahamut Zero BahamutZero-ffvii-achievement Get materia Bahamut Zero
Ultimate Weapon UltimateWeapon-ffvii-achievement Defeat the Ultimate Weapon Awarded for defeating Ultimate Weapon after fighting him for the final time near Cosmo Canyon.
Diamond Weapon DiamondWeapon-ffvii-achievement Defeat the Diamond Weapon
Ruby Weapon RubyWeapon-ffvii-achievement Defeat the Ruby Weapon
Emerald Weapon EmeraldWeapon-ffvii-achievement Defeat the Emerald Weapon
Vincent Vincent-ffvii-achievement Get Vincent on your team
Yuffie Yuffie-achievement Get Yuffie on your team
Materia Overlord MateriaOverlord-ffvii-achievement Master all Materia Must have at least one of each Materia in the game mastered (except for Underwater Materia). The player needs at least one Enemy Skill Materia with all the skills unlocked. Master Magic, Master Summon and Master Command Materia are needed and all the Materia must be in the inventory or equipped to a member of the current party. The check is performed after the battle where the last Materia is mastered (although it has been reported the check is done after a battle where one learns an enemy skill, this is incorrect).
Battle Square BattleSquare-ffvii-achievement Start a battle in the Battle Square
Gold Chocobo*(Name in game)
Golden Feather*(Name on website)
GoldenFeather-ffvii-achievement Get a Gold Chocobo
Won 1st Battle*(Name in game)
First Battle*(Name on website)
FirstBattle-ffvii-achievement Win your first battle
Braver Braver-ffvii-achievement Use Cloud's 1st Limit
Big Shot BigShot-ffvii-achievement Use Barret's 1st Limit
Galian Beast GalianBeast-ffvii-achievement Use Vincent's 1st Limit
Healing Wind HealingWind-ffvii-achievement Use Aeris's 1st Limit "Aeris's" is replaced by "Aerith's" on the website. This is missable on a playthrough if the player does not use Healing Wind before the end of the Temple of the Ancients events.
Boost Jump BoostJump-ffvii-achievement Use Cid's 1st Limit
Beat Rush BeatRush-ffvii-achievement Use Tifa's 1st Limit
Greased Lightning GreasedLightning-ffvii-achievement Use Yuffie's 1st Limit
Sled Fang SledFang-ffvii-achievement Use Red XIII's 1st Limit
Dice Dice-ffvii-achievement Use Cait Sith's 1st Limit

PlayStation 4 / Xbox One

Name Icon Description PSN Value Xbox Gamerscore
Gaia's Guardian Gaia's Guardian icon Obtain all trophies PS Platinum Trophy N/A
First Blood FirstBattle-ffvii-achievement Emerge victorious from your first battle PS Bronze Trophy 15
Breaking New Ground Braver-ffvii-achievement Use a Limit Break PS Bronze Trophy 15
Consummate Cross-dresser Consummate Cross-dresser icon Get Don Corneo to choose Cloud over the two females PS Bronze Trophy 15
Fledgling Summoner Fledgling Summoner icon Use a summon Materia in battle PS Bronze Trophy 15
Materia Mastermind MasterMateria-ffvii-achievement Raise a materia to Lv. 5 PS Bronze Trophy 15
Best Bromance Best Bromance icon Go on a date with Barret in the Gold Saucer PS Bronze Trophy 15
Chocochampion Chocochampion icon Win the Chocobo Racing mini-game PS Bronze Trophy 15
Corel's Angel Corel's Angel icon Score 10,050 points or more in G-Bike at the Gold Saucer PS Bronze Trophy 15
Shuriken Join Us Yuffie-achievement Have Yuffie join your party PS Bronze Trophy 15
Won't You Be My Valentine? Vincent-ffvii-achievement Have Vincent join your party PS Bronze Trophy 15
Making Waves Making Waves icon Obtain the Leviathan materia PS Bronze Trophy 15
Waiting in the Wings Waiting in the Wings icon Obtain the Bahamut materia PS Bronze Trophy 15
Coming Up All Nines MasterOfGil-ffvii-achievement Obtain 99,999,999 gil PS Silver Trophy 35
Liege of Leveling TopLevel-ffvii-achievement Reach Lv. 99 with one character PS Silver Trophy 35
Bahamutype-0 BahamutZero-ffvii-achievement Obtain the Bahamut ZERO materia PS Silver Trophy 35
Roundtable Destruction KnightsOfTheRound-ffvii-achievement Obtain the Knights of the Round materia PS Silver Trophy 35
The Slash to End All Slashes Omnislash-ffvii-achievement Learn Omnislash—Cloud's last Limit Break PS Silver Trophy 35
Loose Cannon Catastrophe-ffvii-achievement Learn Catastrophe—Barret's last Limit Break PS Silver Trophy 35
Packing a Punch FinalHeaven-ffvii-achievement Learn Final Heaven—Tifa's last Limit Break PS Silver Trophy 35
See the Light GreatGospel-ffvii-achievement Learn Great Gospel—Aeris's last Limit Break PS Silver Trophy 35
A Universe of Pain CosmoMemory-ffvii-achievement Learn Cosmo Memory—Red XIII's last Limit Break PS Silver Trophy 35
Meet Your Maker AllCreation-ffvii-achievement Learn All Creation—Yuffie's last Limit Break PS Silver Trophy 35
Wheel of Fortune Slots-ffvii-achievement Learn Slots—Cait Sith's last Limit Break PS Silver Trophy 35
Inner Demons Chaos-ffvii-achievement Learn Chaos—Vincent's last Limit Break PS Silver Trophy 35
Gale Warning Highwind-ffvii-achievement Learn Highwind—Cid's last Limit Break PS Silver Trophy 35
A Feat of Meteoric Proportions A Feat of Meteoric Proportions icon Complete FINAL FANTASY VII PS Gold Trophy 70
Transcendent Convoker Transcendant Convoker icon Obtain the Master Summon Materia PS Gold Trophy 70
Diamond Disintegrator DiamondWeapon-ffvii-achievement Defeat Diamond Weapon PS Gold Trophy 70
Ruby Render RubyWeapon-ffvii-achievement Defeat Ruby Weapon PS Gold Trophy 70
Emerald Eviscerator EmeraldWeapon-ffvii-achievement Defeat Emerald Weapon PS Gold Trophy 70
Failure IS An Option Failure IS an Option icon Have your whole party fall in battle PS Bronze Trophy 15


  • Upon beating the game the player will have obtained at least seven achievements automatically: Won 1st Battle, Battle Square, End of Part I, Diamond Weapon, End of Part II, Omnislash, End of Game (it would also be difficult to beat the game without gaining the seven achievements for the first limit breaks of the required characters).
  • The achievement notification for End of Part I will appear when the game internally sets the main story variable to after Aeris's death, causing it to obscure part of the video of Cloud putting her body to rest.
  • The achievements for characters' final limit breaks are obtained by learning it by using the limit manual item in the menu, not by actually using the limit break in battle.
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