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Final Fantasy VII Vinyl Limited Edition is a collection of tunes from Final Fantasy VII: Original Soundtrack in the form of gramophone records. Only 1200 copies with a serial number were released in the EMEA territories in December 2013. A non-numbered reprint was made available in July 2015.[1]

Track listEdit

Disc 1Edit

  1. "The Prelude"
  2. "Opening - Bombing Mission"
  3. "Tifa's Theme"
  4. "Let the Battles Begin!"
  5. "Turks' Theme"
  6. "Under the Rotting Pizza"
  7. "Fight On!"
  8. "The Chase"

Disc 2Edit

  1. "Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII"
  2. "Farm Boy"
  3. "Electric de Chocobo"
  4. "In Search of the Man in Black"
  5. "Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony"
  6. "JENOVA"
  7. "Gold Saucer"
  8. "Cait Sith's Theme"

Disc 3Edit

  1. "Cosmo Canyon"
  2. "Lifestream"
  3. "Cid's Theme"
  4. "Wutai"
  5. "Win/Place/Show Chocobo!"
  6. "Words Drowned by Fireworks"
  7. "Forested Temple"
  8. "Aerith's Theme"

Disc 4Edit

  1. "Shinra's Full-Scale Assault"
  2. "The Highwind Takes to the Skies"
  3. "Birth of a God"
  4. "One-Winged Angel"
  5. "The Planet's Crisis"

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