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Final Fantasy VII Vinyl [Limited Edition] is a collection of tunes from Final Fantasy VII: Original Soundtrack in the format of vinyl records on two picture discs. The original 2013 pressing was supposed to be limited to only 1200 copies with serial numbers. However, the actual number is believed to be higher as some copies exist with numbers exceeding the limit (i.e. 1400/1200). A non-numbered reprint was later made available in July 2015 exclusively on the Square Enix e-Store.[1][2] A different version was released with Remake tracks in 2020.

Track list[]

Disc 1[]

A-Side (27:37)
  1. The Prelude — 2:52
    (プレリュード, Pureryūdo?)
    Plays during the introduction screen.
  2. Opening - Bombing Mission — 3:58
    (オープニング~爆破ミッション, Ōpuningu ~ Bakuha Misshon?)
    Plays before and after the attack on Mako Reactor 1.
  3. Tifa's Theme — 5:06
    (ティファのテーマ, Tifa no Tēma?)
    Plays during Tifa's flashbacks and in the 7th Heaven before the party leaves to attack Mako Reactor 5.
  4. Let the Battles Begin! — 2:47
    (闘う者達, Tatakau Monotachi?, lit. Those Who Fight)
    Plays during all normal battles.
  5. Turks' Theme — 2:20
    (タークスのテーマ, Tākusu no Tēma?)
    Plays in any room or cutscene the Turks appear in.
  6. Under the Rotting Pizza — 3:23
    (腐ったピザの下で, Kusatta Piza no Shita de?)
    Plays in Sector 5 and Sector 6 Slums.
  7. Fight On! — 3:33
    (更に闘う者達, Sara ni Tatakau Monotachi?, lit. Those Who Fight Further)
    Plays during boss battles.
  8. The Chase — 3:38
    (クレイジーモーターサイクル, Kureijī Mōtāsaikuru?, lit. Crazy Motorcycle)
    Plays during the motorcycle minigame.
    B-Side (26:50)
  9. Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII — 6:30
    (F.F.VIIメインテーマ, F.F. VII Mein Tēma?)
    First theme on the world map.
  10. Farm Boy — 2:52
    (牧場の少年, Bokujō no Shōnen?)
    Plays in the Chocobo Farm.
  11. Electric de Chocobo — 4:03
    (エレキ・デ・チョコボ, Ereki de Chokobo?)
    Plays during a battle encounter with a chocobo and during the snowboarding minigame.
  12. In Search of the Man in Black — 3:05
    (黒マントの男を追え, Kuro Manto no Otoko o Oe?)
    Plays in the Mythril Mine, Ancient Forest and the Sleeping Forest among other locations.
  13. Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony — 2:15
    (ルーファウス歓迎式典, Rūfausu Kangei Shikiten?)
    Plays during Rufus's welcoming ceremony, the marching minigame and from there on after in Junon until Part II.
  14. JENOVA — 2:33
    Plays during battles against Jenova∙BIRTH, Jenova∙DEATH and Helletic Hojo, and during the descent to Jenova∙SYNTHESIS.
  15. Gold Saucer — 1:58
    (ゴールドソーサー, Gōrudo Sōsā?)
    Plays in the Gold Saucer.
  16. Cait Sith's Theme — 3:34
    (ケット・シーのテーマ, Ketto Shī no Tēma?)

Disc 2[]

C-Side (27:45)
  1. Cosmo Canyon — 3:36
    (星降る峡谷, Hoshi Furu Kyōkoku?, lit. Valley of the Falling Stars)
    Plays in Cosmo Canyon.
  2. Lifestream — 3:37
    (生命の流れ, Seimei no Nagare?, lit. Stream of Life)
    Plays during scenes at Cosmo Canyon Observatory when Geisel Bugenhagen explains about the Planet and the Lifestream.
  3. Cid's Theme — 3:11
    (シドのテーマ, Shido no Tēma?)
    Plays when meeting Cid and during prominent scenes featuring him.
  4. Wutai — 4:30
    (ウータイ, Ūtai?)
    Plays in Wutai.
  5. Win / Place / Show Chocobo! — 1:50
    (本命穴チョコボ, Honmei Ana Chokobo?, lit. Place Chocobo)
    Plays in the Chocobo Square of the Gold Saucer.
  6. Words Drowned by Fireworks — 2:51
    (花火に消された言葉, Hanabi ni Kesareta Kotoba?)
    Plays on the Round House ride in Gold Saucer during the date scene.
  7. Forested Temple — 3:52
    (樹海の神殿, Jukai no Shinden?)
    Plays in the Temple of the Ancients.
  8. Aerith's Theme — 4:18
    (エアリスのテーマ, Earisu no Tēma?)
    Plays during scenes with Aeris and Sephiroth in the Forgotten City and during the subsequent battle with Jenova∙LIFE.
    D-Side (26:10)
  9. Shinra's Full-Scale Assault — 2:58
    (神羅軍総攻撃, Shinra-gun Sōkōgeki?)
    Plays during the FMV when Barret shows Tifa the Meteor, when Cloud is going through various obstacles when trying to reach the upper plate to get to Shinra headquarters, and in Junon after acquiring the Highwind.
  10. The Highwind Takes to the Skies — 3:35
    (空駆けるハイウィンド, Sora Kakeru Haiwindo?)
    Plays during flights with the Highwind and after the player beats the Mog House game in Gold Saucer.
  11. Birth of a God — 4:12
    (神の誕生, Kami no Tanjō?)
    Plays during the battle with Bizarro∙Sephiroth.
  12. One-Winged Angel — 7:19
    (片翼の天使, Katayoku no Tenshi?)
    Plays during the battle with Safer∙Sephiroth.
  13. The Planet's Crisis — 8:06
    (星の危機, Hoshi no Kiki?)
    Plays in the ending.

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