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Can you become history's first SOLDIER?


Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a free-to-play battle royale multiplayer game for mobile phones released November 17, 2021. Developed by Ateam Inc. and published by Square Enix,[1] the game is set 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII,[2] before SOLDIER was established.[3]


Set in Midgar[4] 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII,[2] The First Soldier follows SOLDIER candidates and the establishment of SOLDIER by the Shinra Electric Power Company to bolster their military. Due to the nature of the game, the story is said to not be very prominent.[3]

The game's battles are set in a virtual reality recreation of Midgar, similar to the Virtual Reality System and Shinra Combat Simulator.[5]


A SOLDIER candidate.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a competitive action-shooter with RPG elements, where up to 75 players are placed in the same battlefield and must compete to be the last ones standing.[2] The game allows players to enter these battles alone or in teams of three.[3]

As time passes in the battlefield, the playable area will shrink and move, forcing the player characters, known in-game as SOLDIER candidates, into confrontations. SOLDIER candidates must procure firearms, materia, accessories and items scattered throughout the map while keeping in movement to effectively compete against their opponents.[5]

Battle system[]

The First Soldier mainly takes an over the shoulder, third-person perspective, following a SOLDIER candidate as they fight using firearms, melee weapons and magic spells to fight other SOLDIER candidates, though firearms can also be fired down an "aim down sights" perspective allowing more precise shots. SOLDIER candidates can use Summon Materia to call forth summons to fight alongside them. Additionally, candidates can use Magic Materia, such as Cure or Protect, to heal teammates or defend themselves from incoming attacks respectively, or use spells like Aero to place a gust of wind on the ground to allow themselves and others to reach higher areas.[2]

SOLDIER candidates are allowed to carry two firearms at the same time, which can be switched at any time. Additionally, candidates have three materia slots, allowing for them to quickly use any of the three equipped Materia at a moment's notice.[2]

SOLDIER candidates can also carry different grades of Potions and Ethers, with one item being able to be quickly consumed at the press of a button. MP is presented as small pips, with different spells requiring different amount of pips, with up to a maximum of 8 pips of MP. This MP recovers over time.[2]

SOLDIER candidates are able to use melee weapons, such as Swords, Fists and Staves, as well as powerful melee abilities such as True Strike, which trigger when an enemy combatant is staggered from melee attacks.[2]

The game also features RPG elements, where SOLDIER candidates can gather items and subdue monsters to strengthen themselves, raising their levels.[3] Spells feature levels, firearms rarity types denoted by color,[2] and accessories can be found and equipped.[5] In addition to finding these, candidates can also earn and find Gil, which they can spend on vending machines to obtain new items, upgrade equipped ones or purchase ammo for their ranged weapons.[5] Additionally, various classes, called Styles, are available for SOLDIER candidates based on the series' traditional job system.[6]


Named as such because the world of Final Fantasy VII does not feature traditional jobs, Styles determine what melee weapon a SOLDIER candidate wields, as well as which Trait, Ability and Skill they have available for them.[5]

Style Icon Default Traits Weapon
Fs icon job 05.png
Fearless Charge (チャージスラッシュ, Chāji Surasshu?, lit. Charge Slash) Trait

Rush Ability

Siphon Slash (スラッシュドレイン, Surasshu Dorein?, lit. Slash Drain) Skill

Fs icon job 01.png
Magic Boost (マジックブースト, Majikku Būsuto?) Trait

Arcane Field (マジカルスポット, Majikaru Supotto?, lit. Magical Spot) Ability

Concentration Skill

Fs icon job 03.png
Inner Strength Trait

Manawall Ability

Revitalize Skill

Fs icon job 04.png
Mark (マーキング, Mākingu?, lit. Marking) Trait

Assess (みやぶる, Miyaburu?) Ability

Sniper Eye (スナイパーアイ, Sunaipā Ai?) skill

Fs icon job 02.png
Acrobat Trait

Hide Ability

Retreat skill



Standard Guns
Assault Rifles
Name Image Description Ammo Type
Lethal Gaze
Lethal gaze.png
Fully-automatic assault rifle. Each round packs a heavy punch. Heavy
Combat Rifle Mod 2
Combat rifle mod 2.png
Fully-automatic assault rifle. Lacks power due to using light ammo, but is easy to use. Light
Shinra Type B Assault Rifle
Shinra type b ar.png
3-round burst assault rifle. Minimal recoil on the first two shots. Heavy
Light Machine Guns
Name Image Description Ammo Type
Inferno lmg.png
Fully-automatic light machine gun. Holds a large amount of ammo and has minimal recoil. Heavy
Gryphon Fully-automatic light machine gun. Fires powerful rounds at a rapid fire.
Submachine Guns
Name Image Description Ammo Type
MP-60 Type A
Mp60 typeA.png
Fully-automatic submachine gun. Packs a powerful punch and has a minimal recoil. Light
Dissent's Bane
Dissents bane.png
Full-automatic submachine gun. Has an extremely rapid rate of fire. Light
Sniper Rifles
Name Image Description Ammo Type
Mark 5 Sniper Rifle
Mk5 sr.png
Semi-automatic sniper rifle. Has a rapid rate of fire. Heavy
Executioner Gamma
Executioner gamma.png
Bolt-action sniper rifle. Each round packs a heavy punch. Heavy
Cyclops Roar Has a heavy recoil and a poor rate of fire, but each round packs an extremely heavy punch.
Name Image Description Ammo Type
Model S-7
Model s7.png
Semi-automatic shotgun. Has a rapid rate of fire. Shotgun shells
Eclipse Eater
Eclipse eater.png
Pump-action shotgun. Each shell packs a heavy punch. Shotgun shells
Name Image Description Ammo Type
87-Type Handgun
87 type hg.png
Fully-automatic handgun. Easy to use. Light
Wrath Revolver
Wrath revolver.png
Semi-automatic handgun. Each round packs a heavy punch. Heavy

Special Weapons
Name Image Description Obtained
Buzzsaw Launcher
Buzzsaw launcher.png
Fires chainsaw shots. The rounds stick to the target and inflict damage when touched. Defeat a Cutter
Bomb Launcher
Bomb launcher.png
Uses bombs as rounds. Can be reloaded by weakening bombs and sucking them up. Defeat a Bomb
Special shotgun. When the shells hit a special coin, they turn into lasers and fire. Defeat a Scorpion Sentinel.


Materia can be found through the map and equipped by SOLDIER candidates. Up to three materia can be slotted at once and they can be increased in level by obtaining multiples of the same materia. Magic Materia can inflict friendly fire when playing in trios and self damage when playing solo.[5]

Magic Materia
  • Fire, launches a ball of fire forward. Difficult to aim at longer distances but good for high damage at medium range.
  • Blizzard, sets a stationary ice structure that shoots rapid fire ice projectiles to enemy characters in range, effectively working as a turret.
  • Thunder, causes a circular area to be covered in storm clouds and repeated lighting bolts strike the area.
  • Cure, recovers HP in an area of effect.
  • Comet, summons comets to attack a wide area of effect which take time to fall. Effective as area denial.
  • Aero, places a gust of wind on the ground, allowing player characters to gain height from it.
  • Raise, allows player to raise teammates at range.
  • Protect
  • Blind, generates an opaque smoke, effectively diminishing line of sight.
  • Gravity, creates a trap in the set location, slowing down anyone that steps inside.
  • Bio, creates a small area of effect that inflicts damage over time.
Summon Materia
  • Ifrit, featured in Season 1, when summoned can perform the Crimson Dive attack. Follows the player and surrounds the area with blasts of fire. Deals damage to opponents but does not damage the summoner.
  • Shiva, featured in Season 1, when summoned can perform the Diamond Dust attack. Creates a wide area blizzard effect which slows players and deals damage. Remaining in this field will also damage the summoner.


  • Lightweight Shoes - Increases movement speed by 20% when crouching or crawling.
  • Shelter Ring - Nullifies explosion damage (excluding damage from materia).
  • Power Wristguards - Increases melee attack damage against monsters by 20%.
  • Mapping Pen - Displays the location of monsters, vehicles, and chests on the map.
  • Glowing Egg - Increases XP obtained by defeating monsters by 20%.
  • Fortune Ring - Grants additional rare items from chests.
  • Foresight Ring - Grants you the ability to see the training zone for the next phase.
  • Cat's Bell - Recovers 2 HP every 5 seconds.
  • Jewel Pendant - Nullifies the effects of slow, blind, and poison.


Movement and transportation[]

Upon starting a match, the SOLDIER candidates use helicopters to choose where to drop into battle. When fighting in trios, one SOLDIER candidate will be selected as pilot, while the rest ride with them.[5]

SOLDIER candidates are able to run, jump and climb to navigate the areas in The First Soldier. They are able to jump and mantle up objects of medium size, as well as crouch and go prone. Crouching and moving slowly will reduce the sound profile of a SOLDIER candidate, allowing them to sneak up on enemy candidates or simply avoid detection.[5]

In certain areas of the map, Chocobo stops can be found and used to call a Chocobo for transportation. Chocobos are quick and nimble, but fragile and feature a weak Chocobo Kick attack. Additionally, motorcycles and utility vehicles can also be found in the map and used as transportation. Motorcycles can only be ridden by one SOLDIER candidate and allow them perform a drive by attack with their melee weapon, while utility vehicles can carry multiple candidates.[5]


The map in The First Soldier features many areas returning from Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. The areas marked on the map are:[7]

First Soldier Map.png

  • Sector 5 Station
  • Church
  • Verdant House
  • Collapsed Expressway
  • Sector 7 Slums
  • Sector 5 Slums
  • Train Graveyard
  • Corneo's Mansion
  • Plate Support
  • Sector 7 Station
  • Entertainment District
  • Sewer System
  • Desolate Area (West)
  • Desolate Area (East)
  • Colosseum

Chocobo Farm[]

The player can obtain Chocobo eggs from Secret Boxes, or by buying them at the Moogle Emporium. Chocobo eggs take about 8 hours to hatch, but the process can be sped up by spending Shinra Credits. Players can keep up to 3 Chocobos at the farm at one time, but the number of slots can be increased with Shinra Credits.

Chocobos have five primary stats: Attack, Speed, HP, Stamina, and Jump. These stats can be changed by feeding the Chocobo different greens, which are collected in Secret Boxes, bought at the Moogle Emporium, or obtained by completing challenges in the Season Pass. Each type of green increases one stat while decreasing two others.

Green Image Stat Increased Stats Decreased
Curiel Root Speed Attack, Stamina
Pahsana Fruit Stamina Jump, Speed
Tantalplant HP Jump, Speed
Krakka Root Attack HP, Stamina
Gysahl Greens Jump Attack, HP

If the player has a male chocobo and a female chocobo, they can breed the chocobo to boost stats and to obtain extra abilities. The player can also choose to use a nut to change two of the stats of the bred chocobo.

Impresario-ffvi-ios.pngThis section is empty or needs to be expanded. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by expanding it.
Nut Image Stats Changed
Pepio Nut
Pram Nut
Luchile Nut
Sahara Nut
Lasan Nut


SOLDIER candidate player characters can be customized, with players being able to choose their skin tone, hairstyle and colour, body type and so on. Candidates can wear different clothing, obtained through either purchases with gil or earned through collection of pieces by completing in-battle objectives, as well as equip different cosmetic weapons, both melee and ranged. Additionally, vehicles skins can be customized and emotes and minor cosmetic accessories can be equipped.


Tetsuya Nomura expressed interest in developing a battle royale game to broaden the series' appeal, believing that a long-running IP series' fan demographics tend to become fixed. His hope was that those in the core audience for battle royale games who are unfamiliar with Final Fantasy VII would develop an interest in its world through The First Soldier. As he himself lacked experience in the battle royale field, his role was limited to only "inexpert feedback" compared to the project's producer, Shoichi Ichikawa, who provided more expertise as a big player of games in the genre and who Nomura could feel confident in making his own "reckless proposals" to, knowing Ichikawa would keep them in check.[6]

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier was announced 25 February 2021 on Twitter, following the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on Sony Interactive Entertainment's digital presentation that same day.[4]

On 7 May 2021, the first official stream titled FFVII The First Soldier - Livestream #0 Shinra EPC Private Security Force Orientation (『FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER』公式生放送 #0 神羅カンパニー私設強化兵募集案内, “Fainarufantajī VII THE FIRST SOLDIER” Kōshiki Namahōsō# 0 Shinra Kanpanī Shisetsu Kyōka-hei Boshū An'nai?, lit. "FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER" Official Live Broadcast # 0 Shin-Ra Company Private Reinforcement Soldier Recruitment Information),[5] was aired. During the stream, more gameplay was shown and a closed beta test was announced, with signups available from that same day through to 27 May 2021, with the beta itself set to run from 1 June to 7 June of that same year.[7]

Players who pre-queued The First Soldier received their copies two full days before launch. While they could download a package of game assets, they were not activated until 00:00 PST on the date of launch, at which point their Player IDs were issued.


The game released with server issues, with players unable to access certain content requiring emergency maintenance to stabilise.[8]


Season 1: Rise of Shinra[]

Set to run from 17 November 2021 to 28 February 2022, Season 1, titled Rise of Shinra takes place in the Midgar Undercity and features rewards themed after the Shinra Electric Power Company as part of its Season Pass.[9]

Season 1's collection is Moogle themed. Players can collect Data materials by defeating monsters and collecting Secret Boxes. Collecting enough of each type of material will allow the player to unlock Moogle-themed gun skins, chocobo skins, and character skins.



Holiday 2021

Holiday promo.jpg

The event is set to run from 8 December 2021 to 28 December 2021. Players can accept special missions during matches to decorate holiday trees with ornaments given. These special missions can be found in decorated holiday chests and supply drops. Completing orders will earn the player "holiday gift boxes," which are event-exclusive secret boxes. These boxes have a chance to contain one of 13 different ornaments to decorate the home screen.[citation needed]

Completing missions and decorating trees will also earn the player holiday themed rewards such as emotes, skins, and a holiday banner. There are also skins that can be purchased using Shinra Credits.

In addition to the challenges, the map is updated to include holiday decorations at locations like Seventh Heaven and the Sector 5 Undercity. The hazard zone is updated to appear as a blizzard.

An image of the glitch field, from the First Soldier website

Glitch Fields[]

Beginning 24 November 2021, players were advised to investigate a "strange disturbance." Shinra sent out a unit to investigate and lost contact, believing them to be attacked by an unknown force.[citation needed]

On 29 November 2021, the disturbance was officially confirmed to be a "glitch" of Cloud. Cloud spawns surrounded by a dome of swirling black matter, referred to as a "glitch field." Defeating Cloud earns the player a Cloud Mimic Materia, which allows the player to take the form of Cloud, which boosts speed and jump ability and allows players to use abilities such as Cross-Slash and Braver.[citation needed]

Production credits[]

Executive Producer Yoshinori Kitase[10]
Creative Director / Character design Tetsuya Nomura[10][1]
Producer Shoichi Ichikawa[10]
Scenario Supervisor Kazushige Nojima[10]
Development Ateam Inc.[10]


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