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The PlayStation 5 upgrade of Final Fantasy VII Remake is called Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and includes various small changes to the original PlayStation 4 release. The player can move their save file from the PS4 version to the PS5 version.

List of changes[]


FFVII Remake Intergrade promo 8.jpg
  • Higher quality textures, lighting, volumetric fog and background details, as well as the option of two different display modes: "Graphics Mode", which prioritizes image quality and 4K resolution, and "Performance Mode", which prioritizes 60 frames-per-second display.
  • The game takes advantage of the PlayStation 5 system capabilities to minimize loading times and add DualSense controller support for haptic feedback.
    • Furthermore, the button layout uses X to confirm and Circle to cancel across all versions to reflect the button layout on PS5.
  • In the North American and European versions, an option to link the player's Square Enix Members account is available.


  • Photo mode is accessible from the pause screen. It pauses all action and in battle and field scenes and hides UI elements and allows the player to toggle if the characters are shown and turn the camera. Photo mode in cutscenes simply pauses the scene, and the player can't change the angle.
    • If photo mode is used during Elmyra Gainsborough's flashbacks, the sepia tone in these scenes will turn off, showing the actual colors of the character models.
  • Normal difficulty is available in Classic Mode.
  • Weiss is available to fight as a superboss.
  • An option to link a Square Enix Members account is available in the NA/EU version.


  • Synergy Materia Synergy Materia allows non-active characters to cast elemental spells for free (no ATB or MP consumed). This means it should always be equipped on magic users, such as Aerith, since the user gets to cast a free spell for every attack command the leader uses, e.g. Tifa or Cloud uses Divekick or Braver, and Aerith would cast a free spell. This changes the value of synergy materia in Intergrade, making it a priority to equip at almost all times.
  • The cooldown times of ATB Boost Materia ATB Boost Materia at each level are halved, which now range from 180s–60s. This means that it can provide ATB twice as frequently, greatly improving its overall accessibility and usefulness.
  • Parry can now be cancelled into and out of faster and more consistently. Characters will also be able to parry into a block flawlessly, with no period of vulnerability.


  • Braver deals more damage, and has improved tracking around Cloud. This makes Braver a considerably stronger choice for damage output against single targets over Triple Slash, although Triple Slash still reigns supreme against multiple targets.
  • Infinity's End deals more damage, and has improved tracking around Cloud. This helps it to keep up with Braver, which was also made stronger.
  • Point Blank's explosion after the delay is stronger, and the ability now deals about 50% more total damage than its ranged counterpart, Maximum Fury. This gives better incentive for Barret to use Point Blank instead of Maximum Fury when the situation calls for it.
  • Overpower can now be used directly after Whirling Uppercut, Tifa's default Triangle ability. After performing Whirling Uppercut, Tifa will be airborne, and can use Overpower to continue to string combos together. This will more effectively pressure enemies and increase their stagger meter, but deals less damage than Divekick.
  • Focused Strike now has reduced interrupt defense after Tifa jumps backward to dodge attacks.
  • Ray of Judgment now grants increased interrupt defense, making it much harder for enemies to interrupt Aerith while she is using this ability.


  • Unblockable enemy attacks now feature a red warning symbol in the attack name.
  • Wind spells now stick to enemies, and have a reduced delay.
  • Limit break use grants temporary invulnerability; the user does not take damage until the animation is over.
  • Many ability animations can be cancelled out of much earlier after they hit, allowing faster back-to-back ability use, and non-stop combos.
  • Basic and special attacks can be cancelled out of much easier and more consistently with block, dodge, abilities, and/or spells, making it easier react to an enemy attack or use abilities in the middle of a combo.
  • Some enemies have less total HP.


The door with the correct texture.

  • The glitched door texture on Cloud's and Tifa's apartments in the PlayStation 4 version has been fixed.
  • The opening sequence music track ("Midgar, City of Mako") has been altered.