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The following is a list of status effects in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Spells and items can be used to apply beneficial status effects, also referred to in-game as "buffs", while many negative status ailments can be applied by enemies or the party. Negative statuses can be healed using abilities from the Cleansing Materia Cleansing Materia.

Beneficial status effects are marked by blue icons, while negative status ailments are marked by red. Status ailments with a yellow icon can have a positive or negative effect, depending on the situation.

All status effects, whether they're beneficial or ailments, have a set duration. Certain weapon upgrades can increase the duration of beneficial effects and reduce the duration of ailments.

Beneficial status effectsEdit

Positive status effects, or buffs, can be extended by the Enchanted Ring, and by many weapons that extend buff duration.


Regen icon from FFVII Remake Regen gradually restores HP at 1% of their maximum HP every two seconds. It can be applied by the Regen spell from the Healing Materia Healing Materia, and when cast this way, last three minutes, providing 90 ticks in total, or a full 90% heal of their max HP. It is opposed to Poison, overwriting an existing poison status, and vice versa.


Barrier icon from FFVII Remake Barrier reduces physical damage taken. It can be applied by the Barrier spell from the Barrier Materia Barrier Materia.


Manaward icon from FFVII Remake Manaward reduces magic damage taken. It can be applied by the Manaward spell from the barrier materia.


Shield icon from FFVII Remake Shield nullifies physical damage entirely. It can be applied by Aerith's level 2 Limit, Planet's Protection.


Reflect icon from FFVII Remake Reflect will bounce magic spells back on the caster. It can be applied by the Carbuncle Summoning Materia Summoning Materia.


Haste icon from FFVII Remake Haste will quicken the rate at which an ATB gauge builds by 30%. It does not otherwise have an impact on buff or debuff duration. It can be applied by the Haste spell from the Time Materia Time Materia. It is opposed to Slow, Stop, overwriting the existing statuses, and vice versa.


Resist icon from FFVII Remake Resist prevents status ailments being inflicted on a character. It can be applied by the Resist spell from the Cleansing Materia Cleansing Materia.


Auto-Life will automatically revive a target from incapacitation during battle. It can be granted by equipping revival earrings.

Status ailmentsEdit


Poison icon from FFVII Remake Poison gradually saps HP. It can be cured using Poisona or Esuna, and can be inflicted with spells from the Poison Materia Poison Materia. It is opposed to Regen, overwriting an existing regen status, and vice versa.


Silence icon from FFVII Remake Silence prevents a target from being able to cast spells. It can be applied by the Silence spell from the Binding Materia Binding Materia. It can be cured using Esuna.


Sleep icon from FFVII Remake Sleep renders a unit unable to act until awoken. It can be applied by the Sleep spell from the Binding Materia Binding Materia. It can be cured using Esuna.


Slow icon from FFVII Remake Slow decreases the rate at which a unit's ATB gauge builds. It can be applied by the Slow spell from the time materia. It is opposed to Haste, and the two overwrite each other.


Stop icon from FFVII Remake Stop renders a target unable to act for its duration. It can be applied by the Stop spell from the time materia. It is opposed to Haste, and the two overwrite each other.


Toad icon from FFVII Remake Toad greatly lowers a unit's damage in battle, and severely limits their movement speed, although they can use dodge roll through the Circle, which when used repeatedly is actually faster than normal movement. Characters under toad cannot cast spells, but can use abilities, albeit all are replaced by "Leapfrog", where the character jumps high in the air and descend with a flying kick. Basic attacks are replaced by tongue lashes and leaps, with the tongue attack actually having very long range that can rival ranged weapons such as Barret's gun-arms. The unique Triangle ability is Bubble Breath, which sends three slow-moving projectiles that lingers in the air for very long time, dealing minimal damage upon contact, but being capable of flinching opponents.

Characters under Toad are still capable of using items, and using a maiden's kiss item can cure toad, as can using Esuna from another character. In addition, characters under Toad are immune to grab attacks, but will still take damage from such moves.

Toad status from FFVII Remake gameplay

Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith in toad status.

Toad can only be afflicted on the player characters by three enemies: Sahagin and Sahagin Prince through Salientian Curse and Harpoon Hurl, and Malboro through Bad Breath. The accessory called Enfeeblement Ring also puts the wearer in a permanent Toad status, only really useful for potential challenge runs.

Each character has a unique model when afflicted by the Toad status effect, such as Cloud having a tiny Buster Sword on his back, Aerith having a small pink bow on her head, Tifa being a black and white colored toad with suspenders and a skirt, and Barret being a large brown toad with sunglasses and a metal wristband on his right arm.


Berserk icon from FFVII Remake Berserk reduces a unit's Defense Defense, but increases their Strength Strength, meaning they deal more damage, but also receive more damage.

The accessory called Fury Ring puts the wearer in a permanent Berserk status. In addition, Cloud can put himself in a short duration Berserk by holding the Square during combos while in Punisher Mode.


Fury icon from FFVII Remake Fury quickens a character's limit gauge build-up, but causes them to take more damage. It is opposed to Sedate, overwriting an existing Sedate status, and vice versa.


Sedate icon from FFVII Remake Sedate reduces a character's limit gauge buildup, but causes them to take less damage. It is opposed to Fury, overwriting an existing Fury status, and vice versa.


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