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  • This transcript contains cutscene dialogue and mandatory gameplay dialogue.
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Main story[]

Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1[]

Enter the Reactor Grounds[]

On-screen: Mako Reactor 1

Barret: Get down here, merc.

(Upon walking past Barret.)
Security Officer (1): Halt!

Security Officer (2): Who goes there!?

Barret: You're up.

(After the battle starts.)
Security Officer (1): You're coming with us.

Security Officer (2): Nice and easy!

Cloud: Don't think so.

(Upon entering the station.)
Security Officer: Who in the hell—!?

Security Officer: Hands where I can see 'em!

Jessie: Have fun!

(During the battle.)
Security Officer (3): Freeze!

Security Officer (4): Move and we shoot!

Cloud: Go ahead.

(Upon filling an ATB bar.)
Cloud: Enough of this.

(Upon using an ability.)
Security Officer: Holy shit! He a SOLDIER operator?

(Upon using magic.)
Security Officer: He can use magic!?

(Upon jumping further inside.)
Security Officer: Drop the weapon!

Biggs: You got this!

Wedge: Yeah, what he said!

(During the battle.)
Security Officer: You're coming with us!

Cloud: Can't get surrounded.

(Upon approaching Wedge in front of the Reactor Grounds entrance.)
Jessie: So what's SOLDIER boy's deal? Is he one of us now? He's got balls, this, uh... Uh...what was his name again?

Biggs: Cloud. Cloud Strife.

Jessie: Right.

Biggs: And he isn't a SOLDIER anymore. Still, he's a professional—unlike the rest of us. I'm glad to have him.

Cloud: This is a onetime gig. When it's done, we're done.

(In the background, after the cutscene ends.)
Biggs: Real joy to work with though.

Jessie: Real joy to look at too.

Biggs: Here we go...

Jessie: Looks are what people notice first.

Biggs: Guess I'm not on the same page as "people."

Jessie: I'd say you're not even reading the same book.

Biggs: Enough. We're done here.

Jessie: Or even the same—

Biggs: Give it a rest.

(Upon talking to Wedge before approaching Barret.)

  • You'll keep us safe...right, Cloud?
  • Wow, they've almost got the door.
  • We're doing this. We're really doing it. Man...I think I'm gonna be sick...

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Wedge: C'mon, nobody'd do something this crazy just for money. They may not think you're a true believer, but you know what I think?

Cloud: Not interested.

Barret: Wedge!

Barret: You'd better be worth the money, merc. Every last gil.

Infiltrate the Reactor[]

(During the first battle against the Security Officer and a Guard Dog.)
Security Officer: Get him, boy!

(Upon targeting the Security Officer first.)
Cloud: Guess you're first.

(After defeating the Guard Dog before the Security Officer.)
Security Officer: Hey!

Cloud: Looks like you're next.

(Upon taking the treasure chest after the battle.)
Security Officer: I found one!

(Upon entering the small warehouse.)
Wedge: Hey Cloud! Elevator's over there! Catch up soon!

(After Jessie cuts a hole in the fence.)
Biggs: This way!

(Upon approaching Biggs.)
Biggs: Not so fast. We've got company.

Follow Barret[]

(Upon coming out of the fenced area and approaching two Security Officers.)
Security Officer (1): There's one!

Security Officer (2): Get him!

(Upon pulling down the switch.)
Barret: You know what to do—now go!

Wedge: See you later!

Jessie: C'mon, Cloud!

Barret: Pick up the pace!

(Upon talking to Wedge before entering the reactor.)

  • I'll secure our escape route, okay? You go on and catch up with the others.
  • Keep them safe—please!
  • Don't worry about me. Go!

Breach Security[]

(Upon entering Mako Reactor 1.)
On-screen: Mako Reactor 1 - Interior

Barret: SOLDIERs may attack on command, but I hear they make good guard dogs too. Bet you've seen a few reactors. So how do we get to the bridge above mako storage?

Barret: Ain't holding out on me, are you? Stamp scared to bite the hand that fed him? Or is he a loyal little doggie!?

Barret: Have it your way, mutt. We can do this with you, or we can do this without you.

Cloud: Different reactor, different layout. Depends when it was built. Never seen one like this, but I'll manage.

(Upon talking to Jessie before talking to Biggs.)
Jessie: Don't you worry. Biggs'll have the door open soon.

(Upon talking to Barret before talking to Biggs.)
Barret: I'm watching you.

(Upon talking to Biggs)
Biggs: In three, two... Damn, I'm good!

Security Officer (1): Who's there!? Door!

Barret: W-wait!

Security Officer (2): It's over!

Cloud: That's my line.

(During the battle.)
Security Officer (1): He's alone! We can take him!

Security Officer (2): Make it rain!

(After the battle.)
Jessie: We're back!

Cloud: Then let's move.

Jessie: He always knows just what to say!

Barret: Cut it out!

(Upon passing Biggs before talking to Jessie.)

  • I got this place covered.
  • Well, what're you waiting for?

(Upon talking to Barret before talking to Jessie.)
Barret: Simmer down, hotshot.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: It's a good thing I know someone who can get us the passcodes. Pity no one else at command will talk to us, but what can you do? And we're good!

Biggs: Careful in there.

(If Biggs was approached before talking to Jessie.)
Biggs: Well, what're you waiting for?

(If Biggs was not approached before talking to Jessie.)
Biggs: I got this place covered.

(Upon talking to Barret before pressing the button to call the elevator.)
Barret: Security's only gonna get tighter, so be ready. We can't afford any mistakes.

(Upon talking to Jessie before pressing the button to call the elevator.)
Jessie: Looks like the elevator's on another floor. Mind pushing that button?

(Upon pressing the button to call the elevator.)
Jessie: know Tifa, right? It's not really my business, but are you guys close?

(During a flashback.)
Tifa: Cloud! Are you ignoring me!?

(After the flashback ends.)
Cloud: Tifa and I...

(In President Shinra's office.)
Heidegger: These sewer rats appear to call themselves Avalanche, sir. We are currently investigating whether they belong to the same group that made the attempt on your life. Rest assured, our inquiries will not take much longer.

(In the elevator.)
Barret: This pump's sole purpose is to drain the planet dry. While you sleep, while you eat, while you shit—it's here, sucking up mako. It doesn't rest and it doesn't care! You do realize what mako is, don't you?

Barret: Mako is the lifeblood of our world. The planet bleeds green like you and me bleed red. The hell you think's gonna happen when it's all gone, huh!? Answer me!

Barret: You gonna stand there and pretend you can't hear the planet crying out in pain? I know you can!

Cloud: You really hear that?

Barret: Damn straight I do!

Cloud: Get help.

Barret: Say that again!

Cloud: I'd worry less about the planet and more about the next five seconds. Save the screaming for later.

(After exiting the elevator.)
On-screen: Mako Reactor 1 - Utility Access

Barret: Our lives are on the line now. You listening, merc? One false move... And that happens!

Jessie: Well, so much for having Cloud do all the fighting. There are some places a sword just can't reach... Just...bear with him for me, would you?

Cloud: Should've asked for more money.

(As the battle against Sentry Rays begins.)
Barret: Gonna throw your sword at 'em? Let the man with the gun go to work! These tin cans ain't got nothing on me!

(Upon using Barret's Overcharge.)
Barret: Now for the real show!

(Upon destroying all three Sentry Rays and switching to Cloud.)
Barret: Do your job, merc!

Cloud: Shut up and move over.

(Upon switching to Barret again.)
Cloud: Don't forget to aim.

Barret: Oh yeah? How about I aim for your head!?

Reach Mako Storage[]

(Upon approaching Jessie downstairs.)
Jessie: Look what we have here.

Cloud: A laser security system... Great.

Jessie: Those things'll hurt more than your pride if you're careless. They'll cut you down to size and then some. ...But I'm guessing you've done this kind of thing before.

Cloud: Yeah. Figure out the timing of the lasers. Then make a move when they cycle off.

Jessie: Exactly! I'll go first. Nothing like a little danger to get the blood pumping.

Cloud: Hey!

Jessie: Just keep those baby blues of yours on me!

Follow Jessie[]

(Upon hitting the lasers, one of the following lines of dialogue will play depending on how many times the player has hit them. After playing all lines, one of the following will randomly play.)

  • You okay!?
  • Pay more attention.
  • Just relax.
  • Keep your cool.
  • (chuckles) Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  • You SOLDIERs sure can take a beating. Still kickin', I see.
  • Are you trying to get hit?
  • You sure you were a SOLDIER?
  • (chuckles) I had no idea you were such a klutz.
  • Um, you have a fetish or something?
  • There's a fine line between being daring and being dumb. Food for thought.

(After safely going through the first set of lasers.)
Jessie: Huh. He's a natural!

(After safely going through the second set of lasers.)
Jessie: Not too shabby.

(After safely going through the third set of lasers.)
Jessie: You're doing good, SOLDIER!

(Upon arriving at the second staircase.)
Jessie: Okay, let's see what's up next!

(Upon arriving down the second staircase.)
Jessie: ...And it's more of the same. Come on, then.

(After passing through the fourth set of lasers.)
Jessie: Pretty easy, right?

(After passing through the fifth set of lasers.)
Jessie: Nice job, Cloud!

(After passing through the sixth set of lasers.)
Jessie: Like a walk in the park, huh?

(Upon approaching the third staircase without getting hit by the lasers.)
Jessie: Not a scratch! Now onto the objective!

(Upon approaching the third staircase if hit by the lasers.)
Jessie: Well, I'm glad that's over with. And we're almost at our objective.

(Upon arriving down the third staircase.)
Jessie: Look. They don't call those things sweepers for nothing. They can wipe out a whole squad in seconds.

Cloud: Not if you wipe the floor with them first.

(At the start of the battle with the sweeper.)
Barret: Hah! We can take this hunk of junk!

Cloud: That "hunk of junk" is a heavy weapons platform. If we rush in...we die.

Barret: Is that right?

Cloud: Need to hit it with magic. That should give us an opening.

(Upon pressuring the sweeper.)
Barret: Hey! It stopped moving!

Cloud: Let's pin it down! Give it all you've got!

(If its pressure first subsides without being staggered.)
Barret: Of course, it just had to get back up.

Cloud: So we knock it down again. No time to complain.

(Upon staggering the sweeper.)
Cloud: Now's our chance! Go!

Barret: Don't need to tell me twice! I'm gonna enjoy this!

(Upon destroying the sweeper.)
Jessie: And that's that!

Barret: What are you, twenty-something?

Cloud: First.

Barret: Huh?

Cloud: SOLDIER: First Class. Doesn't go into the twenties.

Barret: The hell you talking about? I mean your age, not your goddamn rank!

Cloud: I, uh...

Barret: Though, for all I know, a SOLDIER's rank could be the same as his age... Mm-hmm. Guess that'd make you a one-year-old, huh? Live and learn!

(Upon reaching mako storage.)
Jessie: That's our target. The reactor core. Gotta set the bomb at the bottom.

Jessie: Let's get down there.

Set the Charge[]

(Upon arriving down the ladder.)
Barret: Goddamn... I can practically taste the mako in here... Hurry it up!

(Upon reaching near the end of the platform.)
Barret: My heart's pounding like a jackhammer!

Cloud: Scared, huh?

Barret: Hah! More like excited. I've been dreaming about this for years!

(Upon approaching Jessie.)
Jessie: Heads up, boys—the end's in sight. I leave the rest in your capable hands. Good luck!

(Upon approaching the other ladder to the right.)
Jessie: Not that way! Down the ladder, dummy!

(Upon talking to Jessie.)

  • Aw, you're choosing me over the reactor? That's sweet, but I'll wait my turn. Go blow her mind.
  • Go on. Shoo.

(Upon arriving down the stairs before the last ladder leading downwards.)
Barret: You think, if we fell in, we'd sink right down to the bottom? To the planet's core?

Cloud: No, the pump would suck us back up.

Barret: How comforting.

(Upon taking the ladder down to the floor with the reactor core.)
On-screen: Mako Reactor 1 - Core

Barret: Yeah, let's do this... Let's do this!

(Upon approaching the core.)
Barret: All right. Let's see if little Stamp really can bite the hand that feeds...

Barret: Go on. Do the honors. Prove to me you're the man Tifa says you are. That you're one of us.

Cloud: Never said I was. I'm just here for the paycheck.

Barret: Then do the damn job!

Barret: What's wrong?

Cloud: I'm fine. What about the timer?

Barret: Your call, merc.

On-screen: Set the timer:

  • (Upon selecting "Twenty minutes".)
    Barret: Pretty cocky, ain'tcha?
  • (Upon selecting "Thirty minutes".)
    Barret: Hah! That long enough for you?

Barret: You double-crossing—

Cloud: Heads up!

Barret: What in the hell!?

(As the battle with Scorpion Sentinel begins.)
Barret: Hey! How the hell do we fight this thing?

Cloud: It's got reinforced armor plating—but the internals can be overloaded. Lightning magic.

Barret: No other option, huh.

(Sometimes during battle.)

  • Focus and find a way.
  • Going in for the kill! Follow my lead!
  • Military-grade armor in a reactor...?
  • Find an opening...
  • Heal up and regroup.

(When Barret is targeted by Scorpion Sentinel for the first and/or second time. Either line plays.)

  • Uhh, should I be worried?
  • Why you gotta pick on me!?

(Sometimes after using normal attacks with Cloud against the Scorpion Sentinel.)
Cloud: Can't see an opening... Impressive...

(Sometimes after using normal attacks with Barret against the Scorpion Sentinel.)
Barret: Damn, this thing is tough!

Cloud: Wouldn't be much of a weapon if it went down easy.

Barret: Don't compliment the giant scorpion!

(If Cloud's HP falls to half during the battle.)
Cloud: Gotta heal up.

(If Barret's HP falls to half during the battle.)
Barret: Sure could use a break...

(If Cloud's HP is critically low.)
Cloud: Damnit. Need to heal up soon...

(When both are consecutively struck by the Scorpion Sentinel's attacks.)
Cloud: Gotta memorize the attack patterns...

(After missing multiple attacks.)
Cloud: Gotta time our attacks just right! Hold out until you spot an opening!

(When Barret uses Thunder for the first time in the battle.)
Barret: Hell yeah! You see the damage that did!?

Cloud: Keep it up!

(When Scorpion Sentinel sustains damage if Barret hasn't used Thunder.)
Barret: We barely scratched the damn thing!

Cloud: Didn't I tell you to use magic!?

Barret: Thought you were full of shit.

Cloud: Think whatever you want—just do it!

(When Barret is struck by an attack such as Mark 99 Launchers.)
Barret: Damn pain in the ass...

(When Cloud is bound by the Scorpion Sentinel.)
Barret: Got anything you wanna say?

Barret: Funny way to ask for help.

(If Barret fails to free Cloud from being bound, leading to Cloud being thrown off onto the platform.)
Barret: Shit. Was just about to get you out.

Cloud: Wasn't expecting you to do jack...

(If Barret is struck by Tail Swipe.)
Barret: Pretty quick for a heap of scrap!

(Phase 2: When Scorpion Sentinel engages its barrier.)
Barret: The hell is that!?

Cloud: A barrier? Never seen this defense system before...

Barret: Thought you were the expert!

Cloud: So what's your brilliant plan, genius?

(Upon first changing to Barret during this phase.)
Barret: (chuckles) It's my time to shine!

Cloud: Or go down in flames...

(When Cloud attacks the Field Generator, either of the following dialogues plays.)

  • Cloud: There! Attack it from the rear!
    Barret: Aight, SOLDIER boy! Show me what you got!
  • Cloud: Bingo. Focus on that core!
    : Oh, now he remembers. Don't keep me waiting in suspense next time!

(If Barret uses Thunder while the Scorpion Sentinel's barrier is active.)
Barret: Huh!? It didn't work!?

(Sometimes upon attacking normally with Cloud while the barrier is active, any of the following lines/dialogues may play.)

  • Cloud: Frontal assault's no good...
  • Cloud: Head-on attacks won't cut it.
  • Cloud: Hmph. No effect on target...
  • Cloud: Maybe long-range attacks instead?
  • Cloud: That didn't work either...
  • Cloud: Bounced right off...
    Barret: Nice try, dumbass!
  • Cloud: Dammit, no good...
    Barret: Haha! Swing and a miss!
    : There's gotta be a weak point somewhere...
    Barret: Then hurry the hell up and find it!

(Sometimes upon attacking normally with Barret while the barrier is active, any of the following lines/dialogues may play.)

  • Barret: Dammit! Gotta do something about that barrier first!
  • Barret: Damn, this thing is tough!
    Cloud: Wouldn't be much of a weapon if it went down easy.
    Barret: Don't compliment the giant scorpion!
  • Barret: If we don't change it up soon, this thing's gonna kill us both!
    Cloud: Less talking, more shooting!
    : How 'bout less lip from you!?

(If Cloud destroys the barrier.)

Cloud: Now! Hit it hard and fast!

Barret: Ohhh, you're in for it now!

Cloud: Just. Shoot.

(If Barret destroys the barrier.)

Barret: Hell yeah, baby!

Cloud: Now's our chance! Give it everything you've got!

(If the Scorpion Sentinel sets up another barrier.)

  • Cloud: Another barrier!?
  • Barret: Enough with the barriers!

(Phase 3: When Scorpion Sentinel engages its Tail Laser.)
Cloud: Watch the tail! You don't want to get hit by that laser!

Barret: Huh!? So, whadda we do!?

Cloud: Don't get hit! Take cover behind that debris.

(Sometimes after the Scorpion Sentinel's finishes a Tail Laser attack, any of the following lines/dialogues may play.)

  • Cloud: Now! Go!
  • Cloud: Strike now—before it fires again!
  • Barret: Now! Get in there and do some damage!
  • Barret: It's wide open! Gonna light it up!

(When it uses Tail Laser again, any of the following dialogues may play.)

  • Cloud: Heads up—tail laser!
    Barret: I see it!
    Cloud: Then take cover already!
  • Cloud: Incoming—take cover!
    Barret: There really no other option?
    Cloud: Wanna get shot? Be my guest!
  • Barret: Hey, it's doing that thing again!
    Cloud: Find cover and hunker down!
    Barret: Again and again and again!
  • Barret: Getting tired of that laser!
    Cloud: Mechs don't get tired. Or complain.
    Barret: And you're getting tired of my complaining, huh? Solid copy!

(Phase 4: When Scorpion Sentinel first activates its Auto-Repair.)
Barret: Aw, hell, what's it doing now!?

Cloud: An auto-repair unit? Dammit—we gotta take it out quick or we're screwed!

Barret: Oh, I am way ahead of you, merc!

(Sometimes during this phase, any of the following lines/dialogues may play.)

  • Cloud: Just a little more...
  • Cloud: Enough, let's end this!
  • Barret: When I get my chance, I'm gonna blow this bastard the hell up! And that's a promise!
  • Barret: I ain't about to quit after coming this far!
  • Barret: Firing everything!
  • Barret: Hey, you still with me!? We better bring the heat—and quick!
    Cloud: Ready when you are.

(Upon crippling one leg, any of the following lines/dialogues plays.)

  • Cloud: It's down! Rain hell on it!
    Barret: Ain't gotta tell me twice!
  • Barret: Hey! Follow my lead!
    Cloud: No time to waste—let's take it out quick!
  • Barret: Oh, I got your leg! You ain't going nowhere now!

(Upon crippling another leg, any of the following lines/dialogues plays.)

  • Cloud: There goes another! Now's our chance to do some real damage!
  • Barret: And down goes another! Ohh, you're in for it now!
  • Cloud: It's not gonna go down easy! Focus!
    Barret: You focus, SOLDIER boy! You ain't gotta worry 'bout me missing my shot!

(Upon defeating the Scorpion Sentinel.)
Barret: Shit! The bomb!

  • (If the bomb timer was set to twenty minutes.)
    Announcement: Twenty minutes until detonation.
  • (If the bomb timer was set to thirty minutes.)
    Announcement: Thirty minutes until detonation.

Barret: Hah, you hear that? Damn thing showed you how it's done!

Cloud: Come on, we've gotta move.

Barret: Wedge should be covering our way out! Go, go, go!

Escape from the Reactor[]

(Upon reaching Jessie.)
Cloud: You okay?

Jessie: Do I look okay!? Help a girl out, would ya!?

Jessie: My hero!

Barret: Hey! We'll link up over there! Look after Jessie!

Jessie: Come this way! This route should lead us straight to Barret! Probably!

(Upon reaching the bottom of the ladder.)
Jessie: I think I see an exit. Come on!

(Upon reaching the bottom of another ladder.)
Jessie: Don't look back! Let's go, let's go, let's go!

(Upon reaching the bottom of a third ladder.)
Jessie: We're running out of time!

Cloud: Shut up and climb. You're not helping.

Jessie: Sorry, it just— It keeps me focused! I'll freak out if I don't talk!

Cloud: Have it your way.

(Upon reaching the topmost platform.)
Jessie: Barret—

Barret: I've got you covered. Find us a way outta here!

Jessie: But then—

Barret: Don't worry, I'll be fine. I've got SOLDIER boy with me!

Cloud: Ex-SOLDIER boy.

(During the battle.)
Security Officer (1): They're here!

Security Officer (2): Take 'em down!

Barret: We don't have time for this shit! The clock's ticking!

Cloud: Cool it. Five seconds is all we need.

(If Cloud's HP falls to critical in any battle during the quest.)
Barret: You don't look so good. Take care of those wounds before you bleed out.

(After the battle.)
Barret: Let's go! The others are waiting! Gotta get the hell outta here ASAP...

(Upon encountering another sweeper in battle.)
Barret: Ugh! This is all we need!

Cloud: You got that right.

(Upon encountering a group of Monodrives after climbing the staircase.)
Barret: Heads up! We got a whole lotta company!

Cloud: No shit.

(Upon encountering a Shock Trooper.)
Barret: Whoa! Ain't you a feisty one!

Cloud: Like a rook seeing his first action...

(Upon reaching the elevator, cut to President Shinra's office.)
Heidegger: Sir.

(After cutting back to the elevator.)
Barret: Come on...come on, come on, come on!

Sprint to Safety[]

Jessie: Door's open!

Barret: Bada-bing bada-boom—bam!

Jessie: We don't have a lot of time here! Pick up the pace, people!

(Upon leaving Mako Reactor 1.)
Wedge: Over here! This way!

(Upon approaching Jessie.)
Cloud: Can you walk?

Jessie: If I couldn't, believe me, you'd be the first to know.

Cloud: I'll take that as a yes.

Jessie: Cloud!

Jessie: Okay, that was pretty cool.

Jessie: All right. Come on!

Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters[]

Use the Escape Route[]

Barret: Looks like we made it. And with nothing but a few scratches to show—

Barret: Think you might've overdone it?

Jessie: I followed the instructions to the letter. Maybe it triggered a reaction with the mako?

Barret: Well, let's hope this city's still in one piece.

Biggs: But the planet's what matters, right?

Biggs: I mean...this must've helped some.

Jessie: After all that, it better have. Anyway, let's get going. We in Sector 8?

Wedge: That'd be just down there!

Barret: All right, then. Lead the way.

Wedge: You got it!

(After the first cutscene, while walking through as Cloud.)
Wedge: Watch out for live wires. They're everywhere.

Biggs: Ugh, the air in here reeks. Can't wait to get out in the open!

Biggs: (sniffs) Man, what is that? I've never smelled anything so foul. (sniffs) Aw, it's me. Gotta do something about that, and soon.

(After rubble falls near the end of the first hallway.)
Wedge: I felt that one in my guts...

Biggs: They just keep on coming.

Barret: We need to get out of this place.

Jessie: Was it the mako density? The primary explosive? The blasting agent?

Biggs: Hey, we can figure that out later.

Wedge: Ugh. I'm running on empty here...

Barret: You can refuel at the base.

Wedge: Next time, I'll have to bring a little pick-me-up.

(Before the second hallway.)
Jessie: How much farther do we have to go?

Wedge: Not far!

(Upon reaching the second hallway.)
Wedge: That's about as good a place as any.

Jessie: Stand back then. I'll set the bomb.

Barret: Can't wait to see you, Marlene.

Biggs: Can't wait to take a hot shower.

(Upon reaching the end of the second hallway.)
Jessie: She's good to go.

Jessie: Fire in the hole!

Biggs: You sure told those doors.

Jessie: Let that be a lesson to anything that gets in my way!

(Upon exiting the Plate Partition - Interior onto the Business District.)
On-screen: Sector 8 Business District

Announcement: Attention all citizens. Attention all citizens. This is an alert from the Shinra Emergency Operations Center. Unidentified intruders have detonated a bomb inside Mako Reactor 1. Multiple explosions have been confirmed, as well as ongoing fires. In response, a disaster warning has been issued in Sectors 1 and 8. Structures in the area are at high risk of collapse, rendering the entire sector hazardous.

Jessie: No... No way.

Biggs: This couldn't have been us...could it?

Wedge: But what if it was...?

Cloud: What's done is done.

Barret: Merc's right. It ain't pretty, but we can't stop now. This was just the first reactor. And the planet won't be safe till we get the rest.

Biggs: Yeah... We always knew this was gonna get messy.

Wedge: And this is only the beginning...

Barret: Y'all gotta look at the bigger picture here. Nothing worth fighting for was ever won without sacrifice. Though you may not be crying out, I know you're in pain—just like the planet. But it's okay, 'cause I'm here for you! To help take the load off your shoulders!

Barret: Your fears... Your worries... Your concerns... And yes, your fees... Whatever your problem, I got you.

Biggs: So, what's our next move, boss?

Barret: That's easy enough! We get our asses home!

(Upon running up the staircase.)
Barret: We'll split up and shoot for the last train home. Regroup in the freight car. Got it?

Wedge: Later then!

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Cloud: Hey. I'd like my money now.

Barret: You can have it—once we're back at base.

Reach the Sector 8 Station[]

(Upon reaching the bottom of the staircase.)
Jessie: Yoo-hoo.

Jessie: I don't need to tell you what this is, right?

Cloud: Of course not. It's healing materia.

Jessie: You can have it. For saving my life.

Cloud: Just doing my job. Nothing more.

Jessie: Yeah, yeah... Fact is, I'm lucky you were there.

Cloud: Survival can be a matter of luck or skill. And you can't rely on luck.

Jessie: Words to live by!

Cloud: Yeah, well...thanks.

Jessie: You do know how to use it, right?

Cloud: You do know what I was, right?

(After the materia tutorial is viewed or skipped.)
Jessie: Okay! I was only trying to help.

(If the bomb timer was set to 20 minutes.)
Jessie: Oh—before I forget, here's a little something extra, for being so brave. That really was the ride of a lifetime... Well, see you on the train!

(Upon reaching Jessie at the end of the street if Cloud did not wait for too long.)
Jessie: Cloud! Up here! Look up! I said look up!

(If Cloud does not look up at Jessie.)
Jessie: I said look up!

(If Cloud does not look up at Jessie again.)
Jessie: I give up. If you ever get up here, just be careful you don't fall, okay?

(Upon aiming the camera toward Jessie.)
Jessie: Careful up here! This could collapse at any moment! If you want up, you'll have to use those stairs!

(Upon talking to the main in front of the staircase.)

Topside Resident
  • The stairs are right there if you wanna try crossing the rubble.
  • If you really want to get to the station, you can always climb those stairs. Try picking your way across the rubble...

(Upon approaching the station.)
Cloud: Station's intact.

(After rubble falls.)
Cloud: What the...?

Cloud: How...!?

Follow Him[]

Cloud: He couldn't be... But then...

Cloud: The hell...?

Cloud: Wait...

(Upon reaching Sephiroth.)
Cloud: You're not real... You're... ...dead!

Sephiroth: I am?

Cloud: I killed you with my own—

Sephiroth: Oh, you need not remind me. It was the crowning moment of our time together. But that was then, and this is now. I have a favor to ask.

Sephiroth: Our beloved planet is dying. Slowly. Silently. Painfully. Can you bear to see the planet suffer... Cloud?

Cloud: Mom... Mom...

Sephiroth: Were the planet to die, so many things would be lost. Your hometown that burns so bright... The sound of her voice pleading for me to spare you. The shiver of her flesh yielding to cold steel.

Sephiroth: That which binds us together would be no more. And I would be loath to live in such a world. Which is why I must ask you this one favor. Don't worry. It's a simple thing.

Sephiroth: Run, Cloud... Run away. You have to leave... You have to live.

Cloud: You bastard!

Sephiroth Good, Cloud. Very good. Hold on to that hatred.

Cloud: I'm seeing things. Fumes from all the mako, maybe. All right. You got this.

Taking a Detour[]

(Upon approaching the rubble.)

  • Well, can't go this way.
  • All right. Need to find another route.
  • Better hurry. Don't have much time.

(Upon talking to the couple in the alleyway.)

  • Topside Resident (1): Shooting for the station? Take the alley and climb up to the roof of that building at the end and you're practically there.
    Topside Resident (2): If you make it that far...
  • Topside Resident (2): Sure, we could try the alley, but is getting to the station really worth breaking our necks over?
    Topside Resident (1): Yes, because we won't.

(Upon climbing the ladder, after the camera pans over to the reactor ruins.)
Cloud: Man... What a mess.

(Upon talking to the man at the end of the roof.)

Topside Resident
  • The station? Well, take that fire escape. It'll put you right on the street.
  • Once you're on the street, you'll want to head for the plaza with the fountain. Station's not too far.

(Upon reaching Loveless Street.)
On-screen: Loveless Street

(Upon attempting to go down the barricade street near Loveless Street.)

  • Security Officer: Don't let the intruder escape!
    Cloud: Security's everywhere...
  • Security Officer: He must be close.
    Cloud: No need to make it harder for yourself.

(Upon reaching the end of Loveless Street.)
Sephiroth: You are too weak to save anyone. Not even yourself.

Flower Peddler:[note 1] Are you okay!?

Flower Peddler: Hey... Are you okay?

Cloud: I'm fine.

Flower Peddler: Here. This is for you.

Cloud: A flower?

Flower Peddler: That's right. It's a gift. You know, for scaring those things away.

Cloud: What things?

Flower Peddler: Never mind. Think of it as a memento.

Cloud: Just my luck...

Flower Peddler: I heard that, you know.

On-screen: Here. This is for you.

  • (Upon selecting "How much?")
    Cloud: How much?
    Flower Peddler: Well, that depends on the customer. In your case... It's on the house.
  • (Upon selecting "I'm good.")
    Cloud: I'm good.
    Flower Peddler: Oh, don't be like that. I know you want one. When was the last time you saw a real flower, huh? Plus, it'll make your girlfriend's day. I guarantee it.
    Cloud: How much?
    Flower Peddler: Well, that depends on the customer. In your case... It's on the house.
    • (Upon selecting "Don't be stupid.")
      Cloud: Enough already. I'll give you two gil for it.
      Flower Peddler:Two measly gil!? For a real flower? Come on.
      Cloud: Five then.Flower Peddler:Please, that's not nearly enough. Besides, I clearly said it was on the—
      Flower Peddler: You're trying to get rid of me! For five lousy gil! Sorry, but your plan won't work.
    • (Upon selecting "Fine, I'll take it.", the dialogue options conclude.)

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Flower Peddler: Lovers used to give these when they were reunited...

Cloud: Look, I'm involved in things. Dangerous things.

Flower Peddler: Oh, I'm sure you are. So?

Cloud: So keep your distance.

Flower Peddler: Wait—you think someone's out to get you? Is that what you're all worked up about? Relax. No one's going to attack you. I promise.

Cloud: Hey, a mako reactor just blew. You shouldn't be out here trying to sell fl—

Flower Peddler: Help me!

Flower Peddler: What are they?

Security Officer: Drop your weapon!

Cloud: Are you blind...?

Flower Peddler: You know—you're right!

Cloud: Wha—Wait!

Flower Peddler: Nice meeting you!

Security Officer: Sword on the ground! Right now!

Evade Pursuers[]

(Upon heading to the alley.)

  • Captain: That bastard couldn't have gotten far. Stay alert!
    Cloud: Don't wanna stick around here.
  • Captain: Arrest anyone who looks suspicious!
    Cloud: Gonna have to find a way around.
  • Captain: The suspect is armed and dangerous. Be on your guard!
    Cloud: So much for the direct route.

(Upon encountering the Security Officers past the barricades on Loveless Street.)
Security Officer: Hey! You there!

(Upon encountering the Security Officer near the end of Loveless Street.)
Security Officer (1): You!

(Upon encountering the Security Officers at the end of Loveless Street.)
Security Officer (1): There he is! You're not going anywhere!

Security Officer (2): HQ, this is Sector 8 Unit 4. We have eyes on the target! We need backup! I repeat: this is 8-4 requesting immediate backup!

(Upon approaching the Security Officer with two Guard Dogs near the alleyway on the way to the fountain.)
Security Officer: All clear.

(Upon beginning the battle at the fountain.)
Security Officer (1): Just give it up!

Security Officer (2): Don't run!

Security Officer (1): Sic 'em!

(Throughout the battle while defeating enemies.)
Security Officer (3): Box him in! Box him in!

Security Officer (4): There's nowhere to run!

Shinra Helicopter: Target sighted. I repeat, target sighted.

Shinra Helicopter: Shock troopers, prep for immediate deployment!

Shinra Helicopter: Troopers on standby!

Shinra Helicopter: You are clear to engage!

Shinra Helicopter: Be advised—target is headed for the station!

Shinra Helicopter: Enemy combatant—you are surrounded! Lay down your weapon and surrender!

Security Officer (5): Don't let him escape!

Security Officer (6): Give up!

Shinra Helicopter: Ground forces engaging target in fountain plaza! All nearby units converge and provide immediate support!

Security Officer (7): There's no way out.

Security Officer (8): Move in!

Shinra Helicopter: Requesting immediate reinforcements at fountain plaza!

Flying through the City[]

(After the battle at the fountain ends.)
Shinra Helicopter: Target still mobile! Support, proceed to rally point at the station.

Cloud: So much for the direct route. Find another way... Use the rooftops, maybe...

Climb to the Roof[]

(While searching for the ladder.)
Security Officer: Don't let him get away, no matter what!

(While running away from the ladder.)
Cloud: ...But the rooftops look clear.

(While climbing the ladder.)
Security Officer (1): Over there!

Security Officer (2): Open fire! Shoot to kill!

(After climbing the first ladder.)
Cloud: Close call.

(While running across the rooftops.)
Shinra Helicopter: Be advised—target approaching residential area. Seal all access immediately!

Break the Blockade[]

(Upon reaching the end of the rooftops.)
Security Officer: Target sighted! Get him!

Cloud: It's all or nothing now...

(Upon reaching the Residential Area.)
On-screen: Sector 8 Residential Area

(Upon engaging the first group of Security Officers in the Residential Area.)
Security Officer: Don't underestimate him!

(Upon engaging the second group of Security Officers.)
Security Officer: I see him!

(While moving down the street.)
Shinra Helicopter: Confirmed—target has entered residential area!

Shinra Helicopter: Full lockdown is in effect! All units—

(Upon engaging the third group of Security Officers.)
Security Officer (1): I have eyes on the target.

Security Officer (2): You're mine now.

(Upon engaging the fourth group of Security Officers.)
Security Officer: Target spotted! Moving to intercept!

(Upon engaging the fifth group of Security Officers.)
Security Officer: He's here!

(While moving down the street.)
Shinra Helicopter: Enemy combatant—you have been warned! Surrender yourself to Public Security immediately!

(Upon engaging the sixth group of Security Officers.)
Security Officer: Not so fast!

Shinra Helicopter: You have nowhere to run!

(Upon reaching the end of the road.)
Security Officer (1): End of the line, punk!

Security Officer (2): I'm gonna enjoy this!

(After defeating all enemies.)
Security Officer (1): Move in!

Security Officer (2): Don't let him escape!

Security Officer (3): HQ, this is Sector 8 Unit 2. Target is surrounded. Moving to secure.

Security Officer (4): Wait! I know that—

Last Train[]

Wedge: Guess Cloud won't be joining us after all...

Biggs: No need to assume the worst. I'm sure he's fine. You saw him in action, didn't you? Guy's a SOLDIER. Goddamn one-man army.

Jessie': Mmm, you think he's a keeper?

Barret: On my go.

Barret: Ugh, you had me worried for a minute...

Barret: What the hell you been up to? Huh!?

Cloud: Giving Public Security the runaround, that's what. Had to draw them away from the station somehow.

Jessie: Nicely done.

Biggs Well—can't argue with the results, huh?

Cloud: Wait. Got a question for you all.

Barret: What?

Cloud: Ever been attacked by an invisible enemy?

Cloud: Wearing robes. Came and went like the wind.

Biggs: Thought they were invisible.

Cloud: They were—at first. Only saw them after she grabbed me...

Jessie: A new Shinra weapon, maybe?

Barret: Hah! More like a panic-induced hallucination!

Cloud: Never mind. Forget I said anything.

Barret: Suit yourself. C'mon, let's move up.

(While walking through the train.)
Wedge: Lotta people here.

Jessie: And in the freight car, too...

Biggs: 'Cause of the evacuation order, maybe?

Barret: Lucky us. We've got a crowd to hide in. Head for the front of the train and hold there.

Announcer: Due to an explosion at Mako Reactor 1, an emergency schedule is now in effect. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

(Upon approaching Wedge.)
Wedge: Ugh, so cramped...

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: Man, everyone's on edge.

Cloud: Of course they are.

Wedge: Hey, Cloud,

Cloud: If you're about to "unburden" yourself—don't.

Wedge: Yeesh... You don't make it easy...

(Upon approaching to Biggs.)
Biggs: Hey, got a sec?

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: You're uh...holding up pretty well, huh? Even after what we saw at the station and all over Sector 8?

Cloud: I'm a SOLDIER.

Biggs: hands are still shaking.

Cloud: You get used to it.

Biggs: Something to look forward to... Or maybe not.

(Upon approaching Jessie.)
Jessie: Little help, Cloud? Please?

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: I can't stop thinking about it. The bomb I made shouldn't have produced an explosion that big. It doesn't make any sense...

Cloud: The explosion triggered a reaction with the mako. You said so yourself.

Jessie: That was my first guess—but shouldn't a reactor have fail—safes to prevent that kinda thing? You mentioned "invisible enemies" back there, right?

Cloud: Right.

Jessie: Hmm... No. I'm just looking for excuses for something that was clearly my own fault. Gotta own up to it if I'm gonna learn from this and move on. Thanks, Cloud. You're a good listener.

(Upon entering the train cart with Barret.)
Shinra Employee (1): What kind of maniacs would go so far as to bomb a reactor?

Shinra Employee (2): They've yet to announce it publicly, but I heard it was Avalanche's doing.

Shinra Employee (1): Really? Aren't they the terrorists who tried to kill the president?

Shinra Employee (3): Is there nothing they won't do?

Barret: Hey! Quit talking out your ass. Everyone knows Avalanche only cares about saving the planet.

Shinra Middle Manager: J-just who do you think you are?

Barret: A law-abiding concerned citizen.

Shinra Employee (1): "Law-abiding"? Really?

Shinra Employee (2): Don't antagonize him!

Barret: In my humble opinion, that explosion was a message—a message to the bastards bleeding our planet dry. Think they got it? Heard it loud and clear? Y'all's masters?

Shinra Middle Manager: We will not submit to intimidation or violence! But work together for peace and prosperity! That is how civilized people change the world!

Shinra Employee (1): That's right!

Shinra Employee (2): That is the Shinra creed!

Barret: Hmph. Them's fighting words.

Shinra Middle Manager: It's what we believe. We all have to follow our conscience, don't we?

Shinra Employee (3): We should go.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)

  • Well, I get it if you can't relate...
  • Shower might help. A long, hot one...

(Upon talking to Wedge.)

  • They'd probably kill us if they knew we were the ones responsible...
  • No-don't think about it.

(Upon trying to head back to the freight.)

  • Wedge: You got somewhere you need to be?
  • Biggs: Don't wander off, huh?
  • Barret: Quit acting like a damn kid. I ain't in the mood.
  • Jessie: Cloud! Over here.

(Upon talking to Barret.)

  • You hear that suit? Shinra creed my ass.
  • We're the good guys, damnit...

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Let's get this out of the way... Personally, I find visual aids make the dull stuff a lot more bearable. If it helps, think of it as an initiation rite.

Cloud: How many times do I have to tell you people. I'm not—

Jessie: Shh. There's such a thing as playing too hard to get.

Jessie: So, here we've got a wireframe model of the great city of Midgar. Complete with massive steel plates suspended three hundred meters above ground level... Atop which stands a shining beacon of civilization. The whole system is sustained by the mako reactors, which feed the insatiable appetites of the public.

Announcement: The train will be passing through an ID checkpoint shortly.

Jessie: This here is the train's route. As you can see, it'll take us around this main pillar. Look—we're about halfway through it now. They've set up a checkpoint here to scan the IDs of all passengers heading in and out. Date of birth, residential status, criminal history... All that and more is automatically cross-referenced in their databases. Public Security wouldn't have it any other way. Heads up.

Jessie: Don't worry. Our IDs are impeccable.

Jessie: What'd I tell you? Have a little faith.

Jessie: Won't be long till we reach the bottom. Relax.

Barret: Take a good look. It's because of that great big pizza in the sky that people down there gotta struggle to survive. Shinra sucks up mako while the soil turns to dust, the air fills with smog, and the flowers die.

Cloud: Then leave and don't look back. That's what's always worked for me.

Barret: Hmph! Well, that's all well and good if you're only out for yourself. But the folks down there don't have the luxury of choice, you know?

Cloud: Like this train, I suppose... There's only one way it can go...

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum[]

Return to Base[]

Barret: Hot damn, we are good!

Jessie: Woohoo!

Biggs: Yes!

Wedge: Bombs detonated: one. Members lost: zero!

Biggs: And one step closer to a brighter future!

Jessie: Hell yeah!

Barret: Guys! Lower your voices, huh? People are listening.

Barret: Now get some R&R. You've earned it. Just be ready for the next mission, alright?

Barret: See you soon. At Seventh Heaven? You know, where Tifa works? Don't keep her waiting. She'll worry.

(After the scene ends.)
On-screen: Sector 7 Undercity Station

Barret: Not long now, honey! (laughs) Daddy's almost home!

(Upon reaching the Pillar Plaza.)
Undercity Resident: Hah. "Mako is the lifeblood of the planet"? The hell it is. Goddamn eco-warriors with their dumbass posters. I tear 'em down and they're back up inside of an hour. Like I've got nothing better to do...

Undercity Resident: I mean, look at all that steelwork... You're trying to tell me that's not progress?

Undercity Resident: What the—You okay, buddy?

Undercity Resident: Mako junkie, huh? Figures...

Cloud: You again...

(Upon approaching Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie.)
Biggs: That hot shower can't come soon enough. I can barely tell my skin from all the ash and sweat.

Wedge: When I get back, it's refuelin' time.

Biggs: And you, Jessie?

Jessie: I dunno. Figure out how I screwed up?

Biggs: Hah! You're such a kidder.

(Upon approaching the Shinra soldiers at the Pillar Plaza fence gate.)
New Recruit: Um, excuse me. Due to an emergency, entry into this area is prohibited. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Senior Officer: You call that a warning!?

New Recruit: No, sir!

(Upon approaching the two again.)
New Recruit: In accordance with emergency regulations, entry into this area is prohibited. Please, leave at once!

Senior Officer: Still too nice!

(Upon approaching the two again.)
New Recruit: This area's off-limits! Turn around and leave at once! If you don't, I'll have no choice but to use force!

Senior Officer: Now you're gettin' the hang of it!

(Upon reaching the Residential Area.)
On-screen: Sector 7 Slums

(Upon passing a TV screen.)
Announcer: Once again, relief supplies are currently being distributed in the lobby of the Shinra Building. Doctors are also stationed at the building's disaster relief center. If you are unable to reach the building on your own, please contact the nearest Shinra employee for assistance. Mayor Domino, in conjunction with President Shinra, has declared a state of emergency in Midgar. The administration have issued assurances that they are doing everything they can that they are doing everything in their power to provide aid to those most in need. As yet, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but security services are doing everything they can to identify those involved. If you have any information pertaining to the identity of the perpetrators, please contact your nearest Public Security officer or Security Headquarters.

(Upon approaching Tifa in front of Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Marlene!

Marlene: Daddy! You're home!

Barret: That's right angel, I am! (laughs)

Tifa: Welcome back!

Barret: Have you been a good girl?

Marlene: Yeah, I've been helping Tifa.

Barret: Oh you did, did you? Well, well...(laughs)

Tifa: You made it.

Tifa: Where'd you get that? I can't remember the last time I saw a real one.

Tifa: How sweet. When did you get so thoughtful?

Cloud: A guy can change. Has been five years.

Tifa: Huh?

Cloud: I need to talk to Barret.

Tifa: Right. Come on in.

Marlene: Daddy, the mako place blew up. Everyone on TV's talking about it.

Barret: Don't you worry about all that silliness. Daddy's here, and he's not going anywhere tonight. Now turn that thing off and let's get you to bed, huh?

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Do you mind keeping Marlene company until I'm done with this?

Cloud: Me?

Tifa: Yeah, you.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Yeah, yeah, your money. Ask Tifa. She takes care of all that.

(Upon talking to Marlene.)
Barret: Hey! The hell you think you're doing scaring my daughter like that!?

Marlene: Daddy says never talk to strangers.

Barret: That's right, honey, I do say that. What a good girl you are, remembering Daddy's lessons. You know what else good girls do? They go to bed on time. C'mon.

Marlene: But I'm not tired! I wanna talk some more, Daddy...

Barret: Mmm...Alright—but just this once!

Tifa: So, then! What can I get you?

Cloud: My money. I'm still waiting on it.

Tifa: Ah... Right... About that... We should talk. Outside.

Marlene: Um, Daddy...did the people who died all return to the planet?

Barret: Of course.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Let that be a lesson to you.

(Upon talking to Barret again.)
Barret: When you wanna talk to a little kid, don't go giving her the professional-killer eyes.

(Upon approaching Tifa outside Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Before we get onto money... There's an empty apartment in a place just down the road. It's nothing fancy, but... I was thinking you could stay there for now. The landlady's a big friend of the cause, so you wouldn't even have to pay rent! Sound good?

Cloud: Sure does. Thanks.

Tifa: Follow me then!

(While following Tifa to Stargazer Heights.)
Tifa: How was it up on the plate?

Cloud: It was...chaotic.

Tifa: Sorry for dragging you into all this. It was wrong of me to put you in danger like that. I promise I won't do it again.

Cloud: Danger's part of the job. Don't worry about me.

Tifa: I'll try not to.

Cloud: Always happy to help stick it to Shinra.

Tifa: So, you make nice with everyone?

Cloud: Much as I could, all things considered. Maybe not enough for them.

Tifa: Good. You had me worried. You're not exactly a people person.

Cloud: I'll give you that.

Tifa: I saw Sector 8 on the news... It was like a war zone...

Cloud: The news is just another Shinra mouthpiece. They'll spread whatever lies Shinra tells 'em to.

Tifa: wasn't that bad?

Cloud: ...It was.

Tifa: Oh. Right.

(Upon reaching Stargazer Heights.)
Tifa: And here we are. Good ol' Stargazer Heights. You're on the second floor.

(Upon walking away from Stargazer Heights.)

  • Do you need some alone time or something?
  • Hey, Cloud! This way!
  • Stick with me for now. I'll give you the grand tour later.
  • It's not my fault if you get lost.
  • Cloud—come on!
  • Uh... that's not the way.

(Upon reaching the second floor of Stargazer Heights.)
Tifa: Room 201 here is where I sleep. Don't have time for much else, what with Seventh Heaven and all. Not even time to decorate.

Tifa: Here's your room—202. Don't worry, I already told the landlady about you.

Cloud: You did?

Tifa: Yes? Ohhh, I mean I told her I had a friend looking for a place to stay. Was that too much?

Cloud: No. It's fine. And this?

Tifa: That one's, uh... Know what, it's getting late. I'll introduce you tomorrow.

(Upon attempting to interact with room 201.)
Cloud: Wait a minute. That's Tifa's room. Don't be weird.

(Upon attempting to inteact with room 203.)
Cloud: What are you doing? You've never even meet this person.

(Upon entering room 202.)
Tifa: It's a little bare, but should be enough to get you through the night. If you want anything else, we can always get it—

Cloud: There is one thing. My money. You guys owe me two thousand, remember?

Tifa: I do, and we'd love to settle up, especially since this was your first job for us, but...

Cloud: That's it?

Tifa: Sorry. We spent the rest preparing for the mission. That really is it. But not for long! I'm collecting money for filters tomorrow, so I can pay you after.

Cloud: (sighs) And you're sure about that?

Tifa: Of long as you help, that is. Wait... Then I'd have to pay you for that too. Never mind.

Cloud: No, two thousand's enough. That's what we agreed on, so that'll be the price. With what you gave me, that leaves fifteen hundred.

Tifa: You're the best! I'll see you bright and early at the bar, then. Thanks again for everything. Sleep tight!

Noisy Neighbors[]

Cloud: Guess it's time for introductions.

(Upon approaching room 201.)
Cloud: What, you gonna wake her up?

(Upon approaching room 203.)
Cloud: Hey. You okay in there?

Cloud: Coming in.

Tifa: Cloud! Stop!

Cloud: Get back inside!

Cloud: Get off me!

???: Reunion... Reunion...

Tifa: What are you doing to Marco? This is his apartment. He's got a few problems, but he's not a bad guy. The landlady asked me to check on him now and then to make sure he's okay. Can I ask you to do the same?

Cloud: Sure...

Life in the Slums[]

(Upon exiting Stargazer Heights.)

Marle: Well, now. You must be Cloud. I'm Marle, your landlady. So how'd you like the place? You from up on high?

Cloud: I've been around.

Marle: I'll bet. No matter. All kinds come through with all kinds of reasons. If you ever need an ear to bend, I'll lend you mine. Can be about anything—even Tifa.

Cloud: What's she to you?

Marle: The granddaughter I never had. And if you hurt her, I'll take it out of your hide. You hear me?

Cloud: Loud and clear.

Marle: Good! Now you'd best get a move on to Seventh Heaven! She's got a head start on you and then some.

(Upon talking to Marle.)

  • You know Tifa's probably wondering why you haven't joined her yet.
  • Come on, quit lollygagging and go to Seventh Heaven already!
  • Is your face always that pale? You're not getting enough sleep!

(Upon entering Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Morning!

Cloud: Hey.

Tifa: Just so you know, Marlene's still asleep.

Tifa: Let's get down to business, shall we? These water filters won't replace themselves. Although, the next batch probably could, if Jessie put her mind to it. Most every home in the area has one. Folks love 'em 'cause they practically eliminate the rotten-egg smell. Honestly, they make us more money than this place. And it's easy money too. We bring new filters, collect the old ones, and get paid.

Tifa: What?

Cloud: Gimme a break. I'm not a salesman. I'm a SOLDIER.

Tifa: Which is why no one will refuse to pay. What do you say? Please?

Cloud: Let's get this over with.

Tifa: Great. And while we're at it, I'll give you the grand tour.

(Upon walking outside Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Go ahead and keep whatever we collect. Seeing as you didn't bring any luggage, I'm guessing there's stuff you need to buy.

Cloud: Thanks.

Tifa: And don't worry. We'll pay you the difference after. Barret's out making his rounds too.

Cloud: As long as I get it all today.

(Upon entering the Item Store.)
Tifa: Hey, there. Here to change out your water filter.

Item Store Owner: Tifa baby, how you doing? Been waiting for you to—Wait. Who's he?

Tifa: Cloud's in charge of collections. He'll take your money.

Item Store Owner: Sounds like a pretty sweet gig! If you ever need someone to fill in, I'm your man.

Cloud: In your dreams, maybe.

Item Store Owner: Huh?

Tifa: Cloud! Uh...since we're here, maybe we should do a little shopping?

Cloud: Suppose I could take a look.

(After closing the shop menu.)
Item Store Owner: Thanks! If you're ever in the market for anything else, drop on by. Especially if Tifa's with you.

Tifa: We'll see you around, okay? And let us know when your filter next needs changing!

(Upon talking to the item store owner.)

Item Store Owner
  • Hey—no window-shopping, all right?
  • What's a girl like Tifa doing running around with a guy like...
  • What you see is what we got.
  • Take a look around if you want.

(Upon leaving the store.)
Tifa: He's a regular. Stock up here and he might throw in a freebie or two.

Cloud: For you maybe...

Tifa: Well... You could try being a little nicer.

Cloud: To get free shit? Not my style.

Tifa: (chuckles) Our next stop is Stargazer Heights. Landlady's a client.

Cloud: Just met her.

Tifa: Then you know what to expect. Remember: she's a good friend of Avalanche, so be nice. Please.

(Upon approaching Marle.)
Tifa: Hey, Marle! Got some filters for you.

Marle: Tifa! My dear, dear girl! ...Oh. What's he doing here?

Cloud: Working.

Tifa: Be nice! Cloud's helping me with collections.

Marle: You'd better take care of her!

Tifa: I'm pretty good at taking care of myself, you know.

Marle: That I do. Still, better him than you. No charm, no wit. Big sword...but no skills.

Cloud: I've got skills.

Tifa: Be nice!

Cloud: I'm doing my best...

Marle: You're looking awfully glum. Are you getting enough sleep? A good long rest'll cure anything, I tell you.

Tifa: A tried-and-true lesson for life on the ground floor, am I right?

Marle: That you are. Now—your money.

Tifa: Thanks, Marle. You take care of yourself.

Marle: Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

(Upon talking to Marle after the conversation.)

  • You'd better not cause Tifa any heartache!
  • You'd have more color in your cheeks if you went to bed earlier!
  • Don't you still have work to do? Well, go on, then—get back to it!

(Upon leaving towards the Beginner's Hall.)
Tifa: Marle's great. She helped get me set up back in the day.

Cloud: You...been here a while now?

Tifa: Five years, give or take... But never mind that! We've gotta get you your money! Last stop is the weapon store.

(Upon approaching the Weapons Vendor.)
Weapons Vendor: Hey! That last filter didn't do shit!

Tifa: We're so sorry about that. Hopefully this one will work better...

Weapons Vendor: Save your excuses and get out!

Tifa: All right. If you could just settle your bill, we'll be on our way.

Weapons Vendor: The hell? You charging me for your busted-ass goods?

Tifa: My associate handles payment disputes...

Weapons Vendor: Think you can mosey up in here and have it your way?

Cloud: Pretty please.

Tifa: Thank you very much!

Tifa: Seeing as we're done with our rounds, and you've got a small fortune now, why not take a gander at the weapons?

Cloud: Well...when will Barret be back with the rest?

Tifa: Before we open up tonight. It'll be a while yet, so...what do you wanna do?

Cloud: Don't really know...

Tifa: In that case, I've got a suggestion. Wanna hear it? If you're serious about becoming a merc, then you're going to need to start making connections. "It's not what you know, but who you know," y'know?

Cloud: Hmph. Another lesson for life on the ground floor?

Tifa: Yep. Connections get you jobs, jobs build your rep, and more rep gets you better connections...

Cloud: How do I start?

Tifa: Hmm...why not help out the neighborhood watch? They're mostly volunteers, but you'll get to know people.

Cloud: Yeah, okay.

Tifa: Didn't see anybody at the office, so let's head up top.

(Upon talking to the Weapons Vendor.)
Weapons Vendor: Huh? I ain't got nothing for a punk-ass bitch like you! Get on outta here!

A Job for the Neighborhood Watch[]

(Upon entering the room on the second floor of the Beginner's Hall.)
Tifa: Huh, didn't know you were holding down the fort.

Wedge: Oh, hey, Cloud. Looking to join the neighborhood watch?

Cloud: That depends. What does this neighborhood watch do?

Biggs: Umm...lots of stuff, really. But our top priority is taking care of any beasts that wander into town. That, and teaching the locals how to defend themselves.

Wedge: Like they say: "The only one who'll look out for you is you."

Tifa: Cloud's a great fighter, but only we know that. If no one knows him, no one'll hire him. Thought if he joined the watch, he could get his name out there.

Wedge: That would work for everybody!

Biggs: Truth be told, we could really use your help. We can't pay you in girl, but we'll work something out. For example... Aha, what about your sword? I could mod it for you.

Cloud: No thanks. It's fine just the way it is.

Biggs: You some kind of a purist? I know I'd never pass up a chance to improve my gear. C' least let me show you how it's done.

(After closing or skipping the weapon upgrade tutorial.)
Biggs: All set? Needless to say, you'll have to try it out to appreciate the difference.

Cloud: Thanks.

Biggs: We'll do you one better—spread the word to everyone who'll listen about the new merc in town.

Tifa: Between him and Wedge, there isn't anyone they don't know.

Wedge: I'll march through the streets singing your praises—even on an empty stomach!

Cloud: So...where are these monsters?

Biggs: Scrap Boulevard. Good hunting.

Tifa: Hey, Cloud. I'll come with.

Cloud: No, I've got this.

Tifa: don't know the way, do you?

Cloud: Lead on.

Tifa: (chuckles) Sure thing. I know these streets better than anyone.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)

  • Just so you know, the watch relies on residents' donations for funding.
  • This isn't just a cover—we really do wanna keep the neighborhood safe. We grew up here, after all.
  • Lemme have a look at your sword when you get back, huh?

(Upon talking to Wedge.)

  • Won't be anyone who doesn't know about the new merc when we're through!
  • Working for the neighborhood watch is the best kind of cover.
  • You can go all over town, meet all kinds of people, and no one bats an eye.

(Upon leaving the room towards Scrap Boulevard.)
Tifa: Scrap Boulevard is out west. Past the barricades supposed to keep the monsters out. Anyway, we should prepare, just in case.

(Upon entering Scrap Boulevard.)
On-screen: Scrap Boulevard

Tifa: Here's Scrap Boulevard.

Cloud: I can see why monsters'd feel right at home.

Tifa: Hm. And the more we pile up, the more they show up.

(Upon reaching a group of monsters.)
Tifa: And there's our first challenger! Show me what you got, Cloud!

(Upon defeating the first group.)
Tifa: Wow... So that's what a SOLDIER looks line in action.

Cloud: This was just a warm-up.

Tifa: (chuckles) I'll bet. Let's keep at it!

(Upon defeating a third group of monsters.)
Tifa: You're good at this! Charging in like it was nothing...

Cloud: You too. It's a little surprising.

Tifa: Well, I've been here five years now. "If you don't look out for yourself, no one else will." By the way—that one's gonna be on the test.

Cloud: This a lesson?

Tifa: Gotta learn if you're gonna stick around. Okay, let's wrap this up...

(Upon defeating the final group.)
Tifa: Alright. I think that might be the last of them.

Cloud: They won't stay gone for long...

Tifa: Of course not. Even so, folks'll be grateful for the peace and quiet in the meantime. A win's a win, you know?

Cloud: True.

Tifa: Trust me—it'll do wonders for your rep. Right, let's go check in with Biggs and Wedge.

(Upon walking past Katie before talking to her.)

  • Got new numbers for monsters slain this month! Check 'em out!
  • The tally of monsters slain has been updated!

(Upon talking to Katie.)
Katie: It's you! You're the merc everybody's talking about, am I right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Katie: I knew it! So, the board here tracks how many monsters folks've taken down, right? A bigger number means a safer town—and who wouldn't want that? Just between you and me, though—they're pretty much all your kills. Cool, huh? Anyway, keep up the good work! We'll try to make it worth your while.

(Upon walking past Katie after talking to her while numbers are lower.)
Katie: C'mon you guys! Let's get these numbers up!

(Upon walking past Katie while numbers are higher.)

  • Can you believe how much safer our town has become!?
  • I sure do love the smell of safety, don't you!?

(Upon talking to Katie after defeating 50+ monsters.)
Katie: Whoa, check it out! I don't think the number's ever gone that high before! At this rate, we won't have to worry about monsters ever again! What a thing to be able to say...

Katie: Thank you so, so much! We'll never forget how many bloodthirsty beasts you kept off our streets! Ahhh, smell that fresh air! That's the smell of a safe and happy town—one you can be proud to call home!

(Upon talking to Katie after collecting the final reward.)
Katie: Hey there, how's it going? I don't think anyone's ever gonna beat that record of yours! It's incredible!

(Upon returning to Biggs and Wedge at the Beginner's Hall.)
Biggs: Back already?

Tifa: Got every last one too. Now the slums should be safe.

Wedge: You guys are machines!

Biggs: Good job. Meanwhile, we told everyone we could about you.

Cloud: So I heard. I've gotta ask though. What did you tell them?

Tifa: It's alright. All you gotta do is keep up the good work. It'll pay off soon enough, I promise.

Biggs: How's the sword, by the way?

Cloud: Good.

Biggs: Glad to hear it. Seems like the perfect fit for you.

Cloud: Yeah. We've been through a lot—

Tifa: You okay?

Cloud: I'm fine.

Tifa: Been meaning to ask... After you left the village...

Cloud: It's a long story.

Tifa: I've got time! Why don't you tell me all about it while we try to rustle up some more work for you?

Wedge: That sounds great! I'll come too!

Biggs: Oh, no you won't. Run along now, you two. Go on.

Tifa: Sorry. Maybe next time.

Wedge: No fair!

Biggs: Think about it for a second. They haven't seen each other in years. You'd be a third wheel!

Problem Solving[]

Tifa: Hey, before we get back to it, why don't you check out the weapons?

Cloud: No need.

Tifa: C'mon, the dealer's probably heard all about you by now. Might treat you better.

Cloud: I dunno about that...

(Upon talking to the Weapons Vendor.)
Weapons Vendor: Hold up. Heard there's a merc that'll take on any monster. You the man?

Tifa: Word spreads fast around here.

Cloud: What if I am?

Weapons Vendor: Sorry 'bout before. I get antsy when business is slow. Man in your line of work needs weapons, no? Why not try that one on for size? Yours on the house. Badass like you rocking my weapons is good advertising. Think about it.

Cloud: Fine.

Weapons Vendor: Or if you wanna take a look at something else...

Cloud: Just a look.

(After closing the weapon store menu.)
Weapons Vendor: Don't be a stranger.

Tifa: Since you've got yourself a new weapon, let's see if we can't put it to good use. Come on. Let's go chat up Wymer.

Cloud: Who?

Tifa: The guy who tracks all the requests that come to the watch. You never know—could toss some work your way.

Cloud: Where's he at?

Tifa: Oh, he should be back at the office by now.

(Upon talking to Wymer.)
Wymer: Hey there, Tifa! You need a helping hand?

Tifa: Actually, I wanted to introduce you to an old friend of mine. This is Cloud. He's a merc.

Wymer: Hah, you don't say! Well, we're always on the lookout for experienced fighters to help us deal with the bigger critters.

Cloud: I'll take on anything. For the right price, that is.

Wymer: Experienced and cocky, huh? If it's a challenge you want, I might have a few good ones. Your clients can fill you in on the details. Prove yourself with these jobs, and I'll see if I can't find you some more.

Cloud: Thanks.

(Upon talking to Wymer before completing any Odd Jobs.)

  • You're gonna have to talk to your clients if you want all the details.
  • You'll never want for work around here if you prove yourself useful.
  • Do me proud now, and I just might have more work for you later.

(Upon talking to the DJ near the Municipal Storage Area.)
DJ: Hey man, check it out! This song's pretty sweet, ain't it? You like it? Have a copy!

(Upon talking to the DJ again after obtaining the song.)

  • Still rocking out to that song I gave you, bro?
  • Tellin' you, man. It's fire!

(Upon approaching Johnny's house near Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Something's wrong. Let's check it out.

(After completing one Odd Job.)
Tifa: That went well. Could be you've found your calling.

Cloud: Eh. Was alright I guess.

Tifa: Think of each job as an opportunity—not to make money, but to build connections.

Cloud: "It's not what you know, but who."

Tifa: (chuckles) You remembered.

Cloud: Had a patient teacher.

Tifa: Maybe not so patient next time.

Cloud: Hoo boy.

Tifa: Oh, Barret should've finished collecting his share of the money by now, so what do you wanna do? Head back to the bar?

(Upon completing three Odd Jobs.)
Tifa: I'll be a lot of people are talking about you right now. "There's this amazing merc who can handle anything!"

Cloud: Nothing I've done around here has been all that special though.

Tifa: Oh, so you want more of a challenge, huh?

(Upon completing six Odd Jobs.)
Tifa: Okay then! That's another solid gig in the books! You know the whole town is really impressed with what you've done. Keep it up and you'll have enough work to keep you fed for a lifetime!

Cloud: All thanks to you.

Tifa: And don't you forget it!

Cloud: So where do we get paid? The shop or something?

Tifa: Yeah, but why don't we head back to the apartments first? Take a quick breather.

Cloud: Which lesson was that again...?

Tifa: Lesson one. Got it? Anyway, let's go!

Chadley's Report[]

(Upon talking to Chadley. In a first playthrough, this occurs immediately after the conversation with Wymer.)
Chadley: Candidate detected. Performing physical analysis... Sizable weapon, excellent cardiovascular health and impressive lung capacity. Perfectly balanced muscle and bone structure... An optimal candidate!

Chadley: My name is Chadley. I'm an intern for Shinra's Research and Development Division. I hope you'll be interested in helping me with my research. Please accept this as a down payment.

Chadley: I would like you to set that Assess materia in your equipment and use it to gather intelligence in battle. This data will help me to develop new types of materia.

Cloud: I'm not interested in working for Shinra.

Chadley: You should know that I work actively to undermine Shinra's efforts. I'm sure you of all people can appreciate the tremendous power of materia—as well as how it might be wielded against your corporate enemies. And if you later decide that I am not worthy of your trust, you can do what you do best.

Cloud: I will hold you to that.

Chadley: Excellent! Then we shall work together so long as you deem fit. Once you've completed your task, please return and report to me.

(Upon talking to Chadley before completing the Battle Intel report Monster Bio Pt. 1.)
Chadley: Please set the orb of Assess materia to your equipment, and use it to whether battle intel.

(After completing a battle when the Battle Intel report is complete.)
Cloud: There. That should be enough intel for the kid.

On-screen: Return to Chadley?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", teleport in front of him.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to Chadley once the Battle Intel report is complete.)
Chadley: Cloud. You were the first to gather the data I requested. Here is the rest of your payment. I have developed new materia. Would you like to see it?

(After closing Chadley's materia shop menu.)
Chadley: I plan to develop more materia in the future. Together, we can harness enough power to take down Shinra. I'll be preparing more battle intel reports, which I hope you will assist me in completing.

(Upon talking to Chadley at any point after completing the quest.)

  • I look forward to receiving all of your future battle intel submissions.
  • I hope you will continue to help me gather vital information for my research.

(Upon talking to Chadley after completing a Battle Intel report.)

  • I've done it. I've developed a new materia!
  • I have to tell you that I am grateful for all of your help thus far.

(Upon talking to Chadley and closing the menu when new Battle Intel reports are available.)
Chadley: Cloud, I've come up with the most fascinating theory. Perhaps you can lend me your assistance in gathering data to test it?

Rat Problem[]

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner to begin the quest.)
Item Store Owner: Hey there, Tifa, welcome back! And you. The new merc in town looking for work, right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Item Store Owner: In that case, maybe you could do something about the doomrats? Them and their wererat buddies have been tearing up town, looking for food and whatnot. Got into the store and made one hell of a mess, let me tell you.

Item Store Owner: Oh, you think that's funny, do you? Don't lie. I saw you crack a smile. Well, do the job and you can laugh it up for all I care. Anyway...they're probably nesting in the outskirts. Now I've heard a wererat in pain'll call its friends for help. And the whole rat pack'll come running, just like that.

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner again.)

Item Store Owner
  • Seriously, though, I can't have doomrats coming in here again, chasing off customers and chewing up the merchandise. I'll be ruined.
  • Kill the wererats and their buddies oughta show, so you'd best make sure you're ready for round two.
  • Figure the pack must be nesting somewhere just outside of town. Good hunting.

(Upon talking to the Undercity Resident outside the tunnel entrance.)
Undercity Resident: The leader of the rat pack is the worst of 'em all. The loudest, most obnoxious squeaking... Johnny liked to mimic it until we told him to cut that shit out.

(After defeating the wererats.)
Cloud: I don't see any "doomrats" around...

Tifa: Hmm, what do you think? Should we wait? You know, this might be a waste of time. Let's head back to the store and touch base for now.

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner after defeating the wererats.)
Item Store Owner: Well? Rats too much to handle? I'm just messing with you—heard you took out some wererats, which is nice and all, but the job was to wipe out the doomrats. No biggie—get back out there and finish the job and we're good.

Item Store Owner: Don't look so glum. It's only a matter of time till they show. You'll get 'em this time for sure!

(Upon defeating the doomrats.)
On-screen: Return to the item store?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", teleport in front of the store.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner after defeating the doomrats.)
Item Store Owner: Finally managed to get those doomrats, huh? Thanks guys—you're the greatest! Was so dead in here I thought I might have to close up shop for good.

Item Store Owner: Hey—got an idea. Hear me out. If the guy who took care of the town's rat problem told everybody where he liked to shop... Well? Whaddya say?

Item Store Owner: I'll make it worth your while, of course. Give you some incentive. Talk you up to Wymer and my customers and anybody else who'll listen. You'll be swimming in work before you know it!

Cloud: Yeah, sure.

Item Store Owner: (laughs) Okay then! That's what I like to hear! Seventh Heaven, the new merc in town, and my little store! I can see it now! We're gonna clean up!

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner any time after completing the quest.)
Item Store Owner: Keepin' your nose to the grindstone, huh? I've got just the thing for a go-getter like you!

(After closing the store menu.)
Item Store Owner: Pleasure as always. Say hi to Wymer for me!

(Upon talking to the Undercity Resident outside the tunnel entrance after completing the quest.)
Undercity Resident: I'm guessing you're the merc who dealt with those damn rats? That wasn't me who put in the request, but as a resident of Culvert Street, I appreciate what you did.

Nuisance in the Factory[]

(Upon talking to the Junk Dealer to begin the quest.)
Junk Dealer: Hello, hello! Oho, what do we have here? I'm guessing you're that merc I've heard so much about. You're not here to shop, are you? People were right. You look like you can handle yourself.

Junk Dealer: So some drakes've made themselves at home in the abandoned Talagger factory. Can't have that kind of trouble around here. My regulars will do anything to get their hands on the scrap in there, and if they run into those drakes, they could get hurt.

Cloud: I'll handle it.

Junk Dealer: Much obliged, sir! Head on over to the old Talagger factory and talk to Narjin. He's the watchman guarding the entrance. Good luck! I'm counting on ya, my friend!

(Upon talking to the dealer again.)
Junk Dealer: Narjin's the one with all the details. You'll found him outside the old Talagger factory. Don't forget to stock up before you go!

(Upon approaching Narjin.)
Narjin: Step back.

(Upon talking to Narjin.)
Narjin: Factory's off-limits. Drakes have been spotted inside.

Narjin: Huh? Wait a minute. Tifa? Don't tell me you're here to take care of those things. Are you? In that case, be my guest! We believe there's at least two groups lurking somewhere inside the factory. Find and cull 'em all.

(Upon talking to him again.) Narjin: Reports said the drakes looked like they were nesting. Need you to clear 'em out before they breed.

(Upon entering the factory.)
On-screen: Abandoned Talagger Factory

(Upon defeating all drakes.)
On-screen: Return to the scrap dealer?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", teleport to the junk dealer.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the Junk Dealer after defeating all the drakes.)
Junk Dealer: Got rid of those drakes in the factory, did ya? What a relief! I can't wait to give my regulars the good news!

Junk Dealer: You're the real deal all right. Keep it up, and I can see you going far as a merc in this town. I've worked with my fair share over the years, so believe me when I say that I know what I'm talking about.

Junk Dealer: Anyway—you're needed over at the pillar. Apparently another flying bastard's stirring up trouble. Bet you can't get enough of this, eh?

Cloud: Well...

Junk Dealer: No, I get it. If you're good at something, might as well make it your living. May not know you, but I know a man who's found his calling when I see one. Keep at it! I switch out my stock every so often, so drop by when you're in the neighborhood, huh?

(Upon talking to the Junk Dealer after completing the quest.)

Junk Dealer
  • Welcome! I'm always getting in new stuff to keep up with the latest trends. You won't be disappointed!
  • Couldn't stay away, eh? Step right up—check out what I have in stock!
  • Welcome! Lemme know if you need help.

(Upon closing the store before beginning "Just Flew In from the Graveyard".)
Junk Dealer: Always a pleasure. Oh—you look into that other gig yet? If you're planning to, might wanna buy some extra supplies first.

Lost Friends[]

(Upon approaching Betty before talking to her.)
Betty: Hey...where'd you guys go?

(Upon talking to Betty to begin the quest.)
Betty: Oh, hey there! Uhh, is Marlene with you?

Tifa: No.

Betty: Oh, okay. I was kinda hoping she could help me find my friends.

Tifa: I know someone who can help you. This guy right here.

Betty: Really!? Okay! Lemme tell you all about them. They have long arms and legs. And they're a little skinny. They like places where there's food. And nice people who give them treats when they ask! And small spaces! Oh yeah, and they're all cats!

Cloud: I'm looking for cats?

Betty: They're friendly, so if you call them, they'll come running. All three of them! Find my friends. Please!

(Upon talking to Betty after accepting the quest.)

  • They love crowded places, like the road to the station. A lot of people stop to play with them there.
  • They'll also go wherever there's free food. Marlene says she always gives them some snacks when they go to Seventh Heaven.
  • I see a lot of cats hanging out near the Beginner's Hall, too. You know the place. It's the one with all the houses around it.

(Upon approaching one the cats not found behind a tunnel.)

  • Wait. Did you hear that just now? I think one of Betty's cats might be nearby.
  • Ah! That was definitely a cat. I wonder if it's one of Betty's.

(Upon approaching the woman near a tunnel leading to a cat.)
Undercity Resident: Hey, what are you doing in there? Come on out.

(Upon talking to her before finding the cat.)
Undercity Resident: I'm trying to get a cat to come out. It snatched one of my pastries and scurried in there. Will you be a dear and lend me a hand?

(Upon talking to her generally.)

Undercity Resident
  • I've been seeing more and more cats around here lately.
  • And of course, they all come to me for food, as cats do.
  • But I can't complain. They're so adorable.

(Sometimes upon finding a cat.)
Cloud: This sucks.

(Upon talking to the woman near the tunnel after finding the cat.)
Undercity Resident: Oh, for the love of... I am sick and tired of chasing this little guy around!\

(After finding them all.)
Cloud: Ugh, screw this.

On-screen: Return to Betty?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", teleport in front of her.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to Betty after finding them all.)
Betty: What? They ran away? So...I'm never gonna see them again?

Betty: You guys! You came back! They said that a scary man was chasing them! Thank you!

On the Prowl[]

(Upon approaching Wymer before accepting the quest.)
Wymer: Hey, I got another job for you, merc.

(Upon talking to Wymer to begin the quest.)
Wymer: A certain shopkeeper told me you paid him a visit. Thanks for helping him out. Just so happens there's another job I'd like to offer you, now that I know you can handle yourself in a fight.

Wymer: We've got a real killer on the loose, you see. A rabid catch dog. Maybe you heard people talking about it? Shinra mutt gone feral. Last sighting was in Scrap Boulevard. Think you're up to it?

Cloud: I'll handle it.

Wymer: You're a lifesaver! Doubt anyone else around here stands a chance! Go get 'em, bud.

(Upon talking to Wymer again.)

  • The catch dog was last seen in Scrap Boulevard, but if it wanders into town, a lot of people could get hurt.
  • This is no ordinary dog, my friend. Damn thing's already put a few of the watch out of commission.
  • What idiot let that ugly mutt loose in the first place?

(Upon approaching Wymer at the front of Scrap Boulevard after taking out half of Wrath Hound's HP.)
Wymer: Hey! Over here! Tifa! Hey, Cloud!

(Upon talking to Wymer.)
Wymer: I drove the hound into the area up ahead. He's pissed, so make sure you're ready.

(Upon defeating Wrath Hound.)
On-screen: Return to Wymer?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", teleport in front of him in front of the Scrap Boulevard entrance.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to Wymer after defeating the Wrath Hound.)
Wymer: Took care of the dog, did ya? Phew! We owe you one.

Cloud: Gotta say, I've never seen a Shinra breed like that before. Out of curiosity, when exactly did it show up?

Wymer: Oh, today. The first reports came in just this morning. Uh...why do you ask?

Wymer: Wait a minute... There's this crazy story about a Shinra research lab hidden right beneath our feet—under the slums.

Cloud: Huh. Really...? That's news to me.

Wymer: (laughs) And here I thought you might know something I don't! Well, I guess not.

Cloud: It's a big organization. I'm sure there's lots of secrets I don't know.

Wymer: Yeah, fair enough. You got the bastard. That's good enough for me.

(Upon talking to Wymer after completing the quest.)

  • A new breed of attack dog, huh? Not something you see every day—around here, at least.
  • Can't thank you enough for everything you've done lately.
  • I didn't tell you this, but you've inspired some of our people to hit the training room, believe it or not.
  • Well, I sure do hope that we can count on your assistance in the future, Cloud.
  • I'll make sure everyone knows just how much you've done for us.
  • Still can't believe how badly tht mutt hurt out guys. We're getting soft. Might need a new training regimen.

Just Flew In from the Graveyard[]

(Upon approaching Gwen at the Pillar Plaza.)
Gwen: Seriously!?

New Recruit: I'm sorry, but it's outside our jurisdiction!

Senior Officer: Show some spine!

New Recruit: Y-yessir! Ma'am, if you don't leave at once, I will be forced to arrest you!

Gwen: Oh yeah? Go ahead!

(Upon talking to Gwen.)
Gwen: Tifa! You won't believe this! A cerulean drake flew in from the train graveyard, but these two clowns refuse to get off their butts and do anything about it!

Gwen: Hey... Is that...? It is you! The new merc! Then maybe you can help us out? The drake is in the old Talagger factory over there, but to reach it you'll need to get ahold of a watch security key. You should be able to find one inside one of the crates—I forget which. Just smash 'em all.

(Upon talking to Gwen again.)

  • To reach the drake, you'll need to get past a locked door in the factory.
  • There oughta be a key stashed inside one of the million crates in there. Keep smashing 'em until you find what you're looking for.
  • So long as you can track down one of our security keys, access shouldn't be a problem.

(Upon talking to the Senior Officer.)

Senior Officer
  • Pest control is not our responsibility, so stop asking!
  • My duty is to protect Shinra's interests. And that is all!
  • Move along, citizen!

(Upon talking to the New Recruit.)

  • New Recruit: This really isn't a good time...
    Senior Officer: What was that!? Do your job!
    New Recruit: Y-yessir!
  • New Recruit: I'm on duty...
    Senior Officer: Don't fraternize with civilians!
    New Recruit: Y-yessir! You will r-respect my authority, or else I'll...I'll give you what for!
  • New Recruit: I'm on duty...
    Senior Officer: Don't fraternize with civilians!
    New Recruit: Y-yessir! You will r-respect my authority, or else I'll...I'll give you what for!

(Upon approaching Narjin.)
Narjin: If it ain't the merc himself.

(Upon attempting to open the door to the drakes before obtaining the key.)

  • Locked up tight.
  • Dammit.

(Upon finding the watch security key.)
Tifa: That the key?

Cloud: Yeah.

(Upon defeating the drake.)
On-screen: Return to Gwen?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", teleport in front of her.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to Gwen after defeating the drake.)
Gwen: And there he is! I knew you were the right man for the job! There's no denying you're the real deal! Not like these idiots, with their excuses. Rather have one of you than twenty of them!

Cloud: They're just doing their jobs. Can't expect them to be at your beck and call.

Gwen: What exactly is it you're trying to say, merc?

Cloud: You need people who can follow orders too.

Gwen: I see now. Heard you were ex-Shinra. Guess I shouldn't be surprised you'd go to bat for your old buddies. Me, I'm just looking out for my people. All there is to it.

Gwen: Hell with you. We can take care of this town ourselves! No more mercs or Shinra—we'll build up the watch and kick you all out!

(Upon talking to Gwen after completing the quest.) Gwen: We don't want your so-called "protection"! We'll take care of ourselves!

New Recruit: But...we're only here to...

Senior Officer: Recruit!

New Recruit: Y-yessir! Leave now, otherwise I'll be forced to arrest you!

Gwen: C'mon then, tough guy, do it!

Alone at Last[]

(Upon talking to Marle.)
Marle: Huh? Someone's back awful early. Not that I mind! Would you two be dears and swap your filters out for me? I left them in your rooms.

Tifa: Sure thing!

Marle: Not so fast, you. Do me a favor. She needs a friend—a real friend.

Cloud: ...We're already friends.

Marle: So when she talks, are you really listening? Thinking about her and her feelings? Or are you just going through the motions? Go on.

(Upon climbing the stairs to Stargazer Heights' second floor.)
Tifa: Let's take care of this real quick, okay?

Cloud: Sure.

Tifa: Come over when you're done.

(Upon interacting with the filter in Cloud's room.)
On-screen: You changed the filter.

(Upon entering Tifa's room.)
Tifa: Gimme one sec. I'll be done in a bit.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Finally!

Tifa: So. After you left the village.

Cloud: Hm?

Tifa: I let you off the hook before. Back at the hall. But not this time.

Cloud: Well, when we were kids...everybody wanted to be a SOLDIER, right?

Tifa: Yeah, I remember they were on the news every day during the war.

Cloud: Thing is, by the time I finally made it in, they didn't need heroes anymore. It was nothing like what we'd dreamt of. It was just...working for Shinra. Just...

Tifa: I'm sorry. I know it's a touchy subject.

Cloud: Not exactly small talk. Especially with someone you haven't seen in a while.

Tifa: I get it. Still, it's kinda funny. Us going our separate ways, thinking that must be it... that we'd never meet again—and then here of all places we do.

Tifa: You know what? We should totally celebrate! Let's dress up and hit the town!

Cloud: Really?

Tifa: I mean, why not? It'll be fun!

Cloud: Do you even have fancy clothes?

Tifa: Not like fancy fancy, but I'll figure something out! What do you think would suit me, huh?

On-screen: I wonder what would suit me.

  • (Upon selecting "Something refined.")[note 2]
    Cloud: Something refined.
    Tifa: Yeah, I guess we're not kids anymore.
  • (Upon selecting "Something...sporty?")
    Cloud: Something...sporty?
    Tifa: I don't think that'd be so different from my usual.
  • (Upon selecting "Something exotic?")
    Cloud: Something exotic?
    Tifa: Uhhh...really? Then again, if we're making an effort...

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Tifa: Be sure to pick an outfit that goes with mine, okay?

Cloud: Will do.

Tifa: (chuckles) This is gonna be so much fun, you'll see!

Cloud: Yeah...maybe.

Tifa: And on that happy note, I think it's time we headed back to the bar. C'mon!

Cloud: Uh, you don't need a break?

Tifa: Honestly, I'm feeling pretty good. Marle isn't always right you know.

(Upon approaching Marle.)
Tifa: Hey, Marle. We took care of the filters, so we're gonna head back to the bar now.

Marle: Take care you two! ...Oh? You're looking pretty chipper!

Tifa: Uh...I don't feel that different.

Marle: Must be my imagination then. (chuckles) Anyway! Keep your wits about you, merc! A token of my appreciation. Be good to her.

(Upon talking to Marle again.)

  • You'll get no second chances from me.
  • Swing by anytime if you want advice. Or just to talk, even.
  • People need more than empty words. They need to know you're there for them, and you'll still be there for them when things get tough. That knowledge alone can give a woman wings.

Shinra Reacts[]

Johnny: Stay away from me!

Johnny: Get off me, assholes! I didn't do shit!

Security Officer: Shut it, punk!

Johnny: Or what!? Screw you!

Tifa: What's going on?

Undercity Resident (1): "Somebody" went and stole some blasting agent from a Shinra warehouse. So Public Security started asking questions, and you know how Johnny gets...

Undercity Resident (2): It's because of the reactor bombing, I bet. I could be wrong... But something tells me they're not gonna settle for just roughing him up this time.

Tifa: We've gotta save him, Cloud!

Cloud: Is he Avalanche?

Tifa: No. He doesn't really know what we do...but he has his suspicions. And... He's a talker.

Tifa: Actually, you know what...maybe I should go alone.

Cloud: I'm coming.

Tifa: Uh...are you sure?

Cloud: It's the least I can do. Lead on.

Tifa: Thanks. Come on!

(Upon reaching the first gate in front of the Municipal Storage Area.)
Johnny: (screams) What the hell, man!? You trying to break my arm!? Dragging me through the street like this is—ow—cruel and unusual punishment!

(While following Johnny further in.)
Security Officer: Shut your mouth and keep walking! Or else!

Johnny: Come on, guys! Is this any way to treat a model citizen of Midgar?

Tifa: Come on. Let's get a closer look.

(Upon hiding behind the storage container further in.)
Security Officer: Model citizens don't steal blasting agent! So why don't you tell me why your ID popped when we were going over the warehouse logs!?

Johnny: Huh? You've got it all wrong! I've never gone anywhere near a Shinra warehouse! Unless it was Jessie... She jacked my ID!

Security Officer: Your ID was never logged, dumbass. It would've never gotten you inside a Shinra installation in the first place! But don't you worry—we'll take all the time we need to help you get your story straight.

Johnny: What!? That's bullshit! Cheap bullshit! Entrapment! Yeah, yeah! I know my rights!

Tifa: I swear, all he had to do was keep his mouth shut.

Cloud: Yep.

Tifa: Anyway, you distract the officers, and I'll...figure something out.

(Upon opening the gate and approaching Johnny.)
Cloud: Let him go.

Security Officer: Who're you? The cavalry?

Johnny: Is that—is that who I think it is!? Aw, hell yeah! You guys really came to save me! Ava—

Security Officer: Hey! The hell you think you're doing!?

Tifa: Here we go...

(After defeating the enemies.)
Johnny: it over? Yo, anybody there? If you're there, then help me!

Tifa: Grab Johnny so we can get outta here.

Cloud: Alright.

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Tifa: Wh—what now?

Cloud: He's a talker.

Tifa: No!

Johnny: Huh!? You're not gonna... Hold up! Wait! Don't—don't do it, man!

Cloud: You wanna live, then get the hell out of town.

Johnny: Y-y-you got it, boss! You ain't never gonna see my face again, I swear!

Cloud: Are you sure about this? It's a big risk.

Tifa: I know,'s fine.

Cloud: And them?

Tifa: No more... Cloud... You're scaring me.

Tifa: We need to go before they wake up.

(Upon leaving the area and approaching Tifa.)
Tifa: I...I'm worried about Johnny.

Cloud: I'm more worried about us. We gotta go, right?

Tifa: Right...

Cloud: What?

Tifa: It's've really changed.

Cloud: How?

Tifa: I suppose it's...yeah. Your eyes. They used to be less...

Cloud: It's the mako. SOLDIER, remember?

Tifa: ...I remember. So, what do you wanna do now? Head back to the bar? Or do you wanna tackle another job or two?

(Upon interacting with the door to Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: And here we are. You must be tired.

Cloud: Same as you, I guess.

Tifa: Could use a little something to take the edge off, right? How about a refreshing cocktail made by yours truly that you can sit back and savor?

Cloud: Tifa...

Tifa: Yeah, I'm feeling it a bit too. Hey... Do you think you'll stick around a little longer?

Cloud: Maybe. Work for a minute, build up some savings...

Tifa: I see. In that case, wanna head back out and look for more gigs?

On-screen: Head back out into town?

  • (Upon selecting "Good idea.", next quest commences.)
  • (Upon selecting "No.")
    Cloud: Yeah, why not.

(Upon interacting with the Seventh Heaven door after first choosing not to enter.)
Tifa: Well? You wanna head inside?

On-screen: Head into Seventh Heaven?

(Upon selecting "No.", nothing happens. Upon selecting "Yeah.", next quest commences.)

Talking Strategy[]

Tifa: We're back.

Marlene: Did you...have fun?

Tifa: Lotsa fun.

Barret: Hey—need y'all downstairs.

Tifa: Uh...right now? Then the plan is...?

Barret: Marlene, wanna go wait for Jessie out front?

Marlene: Okay!

Tifa: Looks like we're officially on for tomorrow night, then. Gotta go over the details with the others.

Cloud: Before you do, about my pay—

Barret: You'll get your money! So sit down and shut up until we're finished. Double time, Tifa.

Tifa: I'm really sorry...but it shouldn't take much longer. In the meantime... Grab a seat.

Tifa: What'll it be?

On-screen: What'll it be?

  • (Upon selecting "Something hard.")
    Cloud: I dunno...something hard and bitter.
  • (Upon selecting "Not in the mood.")
    Cloud: Not really in the mood right now.
    Tifa: But if you were, then maybe...

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Tifa: Well? Most people would say something sweet right about now.

Cloud: I'm sure they would.

Tifa: Ahh, but you're a more discerning customer, aren't you? In which case...

Tifa: Our house special: the Cosmo Canyon.

Cloud: Beautiful.

Tifa: I gotta go. Enjoy.

Jessie: Hey! You see the news? "The reactor bombing was the work of the eco-extremist group 'Avalanche.'" Public enemy number one! Gets your heart racing, doesn't it? They don't know our faces, so we're in the clear for now, but we'll wanna capitalize on this momentum. Speaking of which, you coming on the next one?

Cloud: For the right price.

Jessie: Oh, you can bet I'll be pushing hard for a raise!

Jessie: Tifa'll be joining us too, but I dunno... Even a blind man can see her heart's not in it. She was never on board with the bombings, so if it comes down to do or die... If I've got to put my life in someone else's hands... Then...I'd rather that someone was a professional. Like you.

Cloud: Could still kill some time.

(Upon interacting with the yellow flower behind the counter.)
Cloud: What was up with that girl anyway?

(Upon interacting with the dartboard.)
On-screen: Play some darts?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", dart minigame commences.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(After playing darts.)
Cloud: Maybe just chill a bit.

(Upon interacting with the chair.)
On-screen: Wait at the counter for Tifa?

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Cloud: I heard you're having second thoughts.

Tifa: I know we have to think big if we're going to make a difference. But not like this. I just... I feel trapped.

Cloud: If it feels wrong, don't do it.

Tifa: Guess that's that, then.

Cloud: What, they kick you out?

Tifa: We agreed to disagree. So—you want another drink?

Barret: Tifa! Time to celebrate! Break out all the good stuff!

Tifa: Oh. Sure.

Barret: We won't be needing you for this next job. Feel free to look for work elsewhere.

Cloud: Fine by me. That's how I like it. No contract, no obligation.

Barret: Figured you'd say that. Here—the rest of your payment, along with a little extra for your exemplary service. And thus concludes our business. Gonna have to ask you to leave now. This here's a private affair.

Jessie: Sorry, I tried. We talked it over, the end... We didn't want to put so much on you. This is our fight.

Biggs: Jessie, what's the holdup?

Jessie: Be right there!

Jessie: No hard feelings, huh?

Cloud: It's fine.

Jessie: Let's talk more after I'm done here, okay?

Cloud: Really, it's fine.

Wedge: C'mon, Jessie! I'm dying here!

Jessie: I'll catch you later.

Jessie: Sorry to keep you thirsty boys waiting!

(In Seventh Heaven while roaming around.)
Everyone: Avalanche!

Biggs: Glug, glug, glug, glug... Ahhh! That hit the spot!

Jessie: Damn, Biggs, slow down!

Barret: Keep it tight! Ain't no room for error come tomorrow!

Wedge: More reason to live it up now!

Biggs: Yep! Best way to clear your head so. you can focus when it counts!

Tifa: It's been too long since we did this.

Wedge: Not since we went on that all-night bender after HQ gave us the boot.

Jessie: They did not "give us the boot"!

Barret: It was an "amicable separation."

Jessie: Just thinking about it's making me mad again.

Tifa: Can't believe it's already been a year. I don't know how we managed.

Barret: Well, I do. It was you guys going above and beyond. Thank you.

Biggs: No need for that, boss. We all knew what we were signing up for.

Barret: Yeah, but when shit hits the fan, it's good to know you're in my corner. End of the're all I got!

Biggs: Happy to look out for you, like I know you'll look out for me.

Wedge: So long as someone looks out for my stomach!

Jessie: Tifa's got you covered there.

Barret: As a friend, or as a cook?

Jessie: As if you've really gotta ask!

Wedge: That tickled!

Tifa: I guess it is kinda obvious!

Wedge: You know, it'd be really cool if we could do this again tomorrow night.

Barret: Oh we will. Avalanche!

Everyone: Avalanche!

Tifa: You guys...

(Upon talking to Tifa.)

  • We'll talk later. I promise.
  • Don't take this the wrong way, but right now I need to spend time with the gang.

(Upon talking to Barret.)

  • When the job's done, we're done. Your words!
  • Oh no. You better not be about to ask for more money.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)

  • We were all pushing real hard for you, you know.
  • But he was afraid we'd lean on you too much if we took you along.
  • We'll talk.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)

  • Can't expect anyone but a true believer to stand tall if everything goes sideways.
  • Could get pretty dicey out there.
  • Sorry. Boss man wasn't having it.

(Upon talking to Wedge.)

  • Lemme treat you to dinner at my place! I can introduce you to all my cats!
  • I'd offer to share know.
  • Bet you could use a bit to eat too huh?

Ominous Shadows[]

(Upon leaving Seventh Heaven.)
Cloud: What's up with them?

Hoodlum (1): So what, we just hang around here till he shows up? Big guy with a gun for an arm?

Hoodlum (2): Word is he lives in this town. Just shut up and wait. We'll find him soon enough.

Hoodlum (3): Man! Seems like the boss always gives us the most shit-tastic assignments.

Hoodlum (2): Guess that's why we're paid so damn much.

Hoodlum (1): What're you looking at?

Hoodlum (3): We got a problem?

Hoodlum (2): What?

(Upon talking to the hoodlums.)
Hoodlum: Hey brother! You from around the way?

Cloud: I guess.

Hoodlum: Know a big man with a big gun strapped to his right arm? Heard he's set up shop somewhere in the neighborhood.

Cloud: That depends...

Hoodlum: Clever. Smell an opportunity to make some scratch, do ya?

Cloud: Five hundred.

Hoodlum: Two hundred.

Cloud: Mm, three.

Hoodlum: Whatever, man. Let's fin somewhere quiet to talk. Walk with me.

(While following the hoodlums.)
Hoodlum (1): Got something to say!?

Hoodlum (2): You lookin' at me?

Hoodlum (1): Move it! I said move!

Hoodlum (2): Look at all these assholes starin' at us.

Hoodlum (3): This shithole's got nothing on Wall Market—am I right?

Hoodlum (2): Word of advice, blondie. Don't piss off my friend here, or you'll be real sorry. Unless you've got some kinda death with—then be my guest. (laughs)

Hoodlum (1): After you, brother... And don't worry—I ain't the backstabbin' type—most days...

(Upon entering the tunnel.)
Hoodlum: Spill it. You know where the bastard's hiding, don't you?

Cloud: I told you before... That depends.

Hoodlum: Oh yeah? You wasting my time!?

Cloud: Shinra's time, you mean?

Hoodlum: Hah. Shinra knows better than to stick its nose in my boss's business.

Cloud: Like I give a shit.

(After defeating two of the hoodlums.)
Cloud: Big man with a big gun for an arm, right!?

Hoodlum: Uh...'s...

Cloud: Why do you want him?

Hoodlum: Just a grunt following orders, you know? Nobody tells me shit. Lemme walk away. Please!

(After defeating them all.)
Cloud: So, if they weren't Shinra, then...

Cloud: Not my problem. Lesson one for life on the ground floor... Get some rest.

The Jessie Job[]

(Upon returning to Cloud's room at Stargazer Heights.)
Jessie: Welcome home, honey! Took your sweet time.

Jessie: Psych.

Jessie: Are you gonna let me in so we can talk in private?

Jessie: Guess I'll get right to the point, then.

Cloud: What've you got there?

Jessie: An apology. For not getting you on the mission. Or not. What do you think it is?

Cloud: A proposition.

Jessie: Nailed it in one. Gonna have to ask you to keep all this a secret from the others, though. It's a personal matter—something I need to sort out tonight.

Cloud: Tonight?

Jessie: Tonight. You and me, together. I want you to come with me to the Sector 7 plate. I'll give you the details on the way.

Cloud: That's fine by me... But don't you have a pretty big day ahead of you?

Jessie: I do, but... If I don't deal with this now, it's only gonna get harder... Anyway... I can count on you, can't I?

Jessie: A down payment.

Jessie: Doubt we'll be back before morning—'case you were planning on traveling light. Make sure you've got everything you need before we leave. I'll wait here.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: You all set?

On-screen: Ready to go?

  • (Upon selecting "No.".)Jessie: Take all the time you need. Nothing a woman likes more than being kept waiting. But seriously, get your ass in gear already!
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah.")
    Jessie: Awesome. Meet me at the station before dark. Don't be late!
    Cloud: It's...just another job...

Chapter 4: Mad Dash[]

Motor Chase[]

Biggs: Tough break. They changed the times. Last train's already left. Which is why we borrowed these bikes. Need a lift to the plate?

Jessie: How did you guess...?

Wedge: Easy. You've been acting weird. Like, talking about one thing when you're obviously thinking about something else.

Biggs: Yeah, and don't get me started on all that pep.

Jessie: All right, I'll give you that—but how did you know I wanted to head topside? Was I talking in my sleep? What else did I say!?

Wedge: No. We just figured you wanted to see your parents. That's all.

Biggs: Nailed it, huh?

Jessie: Yup. Right on the head.

Biggs: So—seeing as we don't have any family of our own... How about you let us be a part of yours for a bit? You know, spread the wealth.

Jessie: Are your parents still around?

Cloud: No.

Jessie: Okay, then. Guess you're all invited! Here's to awkward family reunions!

Biggs & Wedge: Yeah!

Jessie: I take it you boys have your brand-spanking-new IDs?

Biggs & Wedge: Yes, ma'am!

Jessie: Then let's lay down some rubber!

Biggs: Crank that throttle!

Wedge: Okay, you got it!

On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel

Jessie: You hear me?

Cloud: Yeah.

Jessie: Just so you know, I'm not going plateside for the reason they think I am. Look—you saw the way the reactor went up. It was huge, right?

Cloud: Because of all the mako. Isn't that what you said?

Jessie: Yeah...that was wishful thinking. Deep down, I know it was my fault. I used a more powerful blasting agent than the directions called for. It had nothing to do with the mako.

Cloud: Let's say you're right. So what?

Jessie: I'm planning on using a weaker blasting agent this time. But...since I can't get in touch with my supplier, our only option is to loot a warehouse owned by Shinra.

Cloud: Shinra? Good luck with that.

Jessie: With your help, we won't need luck.

Jessie: ID scan! Ready!?

(When the bike minigame begins.)
Biggs: So far so good!

Jessie: Alright, here comes the hard part!

Biggs: And that is?

Jessie: The fake IDs may have held up, but from this point on, if we get pinged by a scan...

Cloud: They'll come for us.

Jessie: Yeah, what he said.

Biggs: Oh, man!

Wedge: Just like that!?

Jessie: No need to worry. We've got Cloud, remember?

Jessie: Hey, you do know how to drive, right?

Cloud: SOLDIERs get mandatory training.

Jessie: Well then! You gonna take my breath away? Make my head spin with your amazing skills?

Cloud: Don't blame me if ya get sick.

Jessie: Right...

(Upon first using Spinning Slash or Sharp Gust.)
Jessie: That some super-secret technique? You got a fancy name for it?

Cloud: Of course not.

(Upon encountering the first enemy.)
Jessie: We've got company!

Cloud: Someone's having fun.

Jessie: How could I not!? "Pursued by villains, a young couple thrust together by fate race through the neon-streaked night..."

Cloud: Get off!

(Upon defeating the first enemy.)
Jessie: Oh! My hero!

(Upon encountering the second group of enemies.)
Biggs: Straight to lethal force!?

Jessie: What, so you'd just pull over if they asked nicely?

Biggs: Eh... You've got a point.

Jessie: See!? So don't go holding back now!

(After defeating the second group.)
Jessie: "Had the cold-eyed mercenary's heart suddenly begun to melt?"

Cloud: Nope.

Jessie: I won't forget that. (laughs) Wait, is it just me or did we slow down?

Cloud: Just you.

(Upon encountering the third group of enemies.)
Biggs: More of 'em!?

Jessie: Think we've bitten off more than we can chew! Whadda we do!?

Cloud: Shut up!

(After defeating the third group.)
Mobile Unit Officer: Targets sighted. Moving to intercept.

Biggs: Got more company!

Cloud: A-team's here.

Jessie: Uhh, I don't like the sound of that!

Wedge: We're not screwed, are we!?

(Upon encountering the fifth group of enemies.)
Jessie: Head's up—drones!

Biggs: One thing after another... C'mon Wedge, gun it!

Wedge: I am gunning it!

Cloud: We're good.

Biggs: Nothing about this is good!

Cloud: You got me.

Biggs: Fair enough! Alright then, do your thing!

(After defeating the fifth group.)
Mobile Unit Officer (1): SOLDIER en route. HQ's saying he's less than a few minutes out.

Mobile Unit Officer (2): Copy.

Mobile Unit Officer (1): You think it's "him"?

Mobile Unit Officer (2): Probably. All the more reason to finish this quick. Don't need that kind of trouble.

(After defeating the sixth group.)
Biggs: That's an ex-SOLDIER for ya. Next to him, we look like kids on trikes.

Jessie: You're damn right you do!

Biggs: You're part of that "we" too, you know.

Wedge: We made it!

Biggs: Woo-hoo! Topside!

Cloud: Keep going till we hit the station?

Jessie: No, head straight for the warehouse. Awww... Our magical ride is almost at an end...

Biggs: Why ya talking like we're not here?

Jessie: Because you're not!

Biggs: Clearly we are!

(Upon encountering the seventh group.)
Biggs: Not over yet! Cloud! Little help!?

(After defeating the seventh group.)
Mobile Unit Officer (1): Time's up. Break off before he shows!

Mobile Unit Officer (2): Copy!

Jessie: What's going on?

Jessie: Who's that?


Roche: Well, hello!

Biggs: Who's this!?

Roche: "Too quick for the eye, you cross him, you die!" Now... Mind if I cut in? Woo! Splendid! I've been looking for a new dance partner!

Roche: Private party, huh? That's fine. I'll settle for a race then. Just one.

Cloud: You talking to me?

Roche: I most certainly am.

Cloud: Then no!

Roche: Ah, so terribly sorry! Your words fail to reach my ears, sluggish and slow as they are!

Jessie: What's this guy's deal!?

Roche: The lady's curiosity has been piqued! My name is Roche, but you may address me by the more accurate appellation: Speed Demon!

Jessie: Heard that, huh!?

Roche: My ears are attuned to the feminine voice!

Jessie: This guy is the worst.

Roche: Yes. Yes! This is the contest I've been waiting for!

(When Roche is at half HP.)
Roche: Fascinating...

Jessie: What is he up to now?

Cloud: Same shit. Being a dumbass.

Roche: Not bad. You have promise, and an abiding affection for your mount. But! One cannot simply ride one's bike! Nay! One must unlock its true potential—become one with the machine! Like this!

(After defeating Roche.)
Cloud: Had enough?

Roche: Don't be absurd. As if I could ever grow tired of your company!

Roche: Naughty, naughty! Until one of our flames is forever extinguished, our dance will never end! (laughs) Burn for me!

Roche: Come on! Let's push it past the redline!

Cloud: Jessie, take over.

Roche: Well, well, well! I do believe this round is yours. (chuckles) Maybe next time we can keep it just between the two of us.

Cloud: Maybe.

Roche: (laughs) Until we meet again, my friend!

Biggs: We did it!

Wedge: Go team!

Jessie: Don't get too excited. Reinforcements are hot on our trail.

(After the bike minigame ends.)

  • (If Cloud finished with very low HP.)
    Jessie: You failed the test.
    Cloud: What test?
    Jessie: Driving.
    Cloud: I'm great at driving.
    Jessie: Hah! Great at scaring your passengers, more like...
    Cloud: Not used to having any.
    Jessie: Maybe you should just let me drive.
    Cloud: Nope.
    Jessie: Gues I'll take one for the team and be your back warmer again.
  • (If Cloud finished with high HP but below 80%.)
    Jessie: You passed the test!
    Cloud: What test?
    Jessie: Driving.
    Cloud: Did more than just passs.
    Jessie: Not really. You made it by the skin of your teeth, if we're being honest.
    Cloud: Whatever.
    Jessie: I bet you held back because I was with you.
    Cloud: Didn't want you to fall.
    Jessie: So now I'm too weak to stay on a bike? Huh? Huh?
    Cloud: Just hold on tight, will you?
    Cloud: What?
    Jessie: I falling after all.
    Jessie: Psych!
  • (If Cloud finished with above 80% HP.)
    Jessie: You passed the test!
    Cloud: What test?
    Jessie: Driving.
    Cloud: Been driving for years.
    Jessie: So you don't need a reward?
    Cloud: No.
    Jessie: Well, you got one anyway.
    Jessie: You can thank me later. I'll wait.
    Jessie: Giving me the cold shoulder?

(After either previous dialogue sequence concludes.)
Jessie: Aw, would you look at that... It's the end of the ride.

To Sector 7[]

Jessie: We'll go on foot from here. Don't wanna draw too much attention to ourselves.

Wedge: Hey, did these things leave a mark?

Biggs: (laughs) They got you pretty good.

Wedge: Aw...and I'm running on fumes...

Jessie: Don't worry, we'll top you up soon enough. Now let's roll.

(Upon running back towards the Corkscrew Tunnel.)
Jessie: Hey! Focus!

(Upon climbing the staircase.)
Jessie: The residential area's just beyond this gate. Mind doing the honors?

(Upon pulling the lever.)
Jessie: You've got an arm on ya!

(Upon attempting to leave down the tunnel.)

  • You really shouldn't go off on your own!
  • Over here, Cloud! Over here!
  • Where you trying to go?
  • Uh, Cloud? Hello?


On-screen: Sector 7 Employee Housing Area

Jessie: Here we are—the employee housing district. Where they put you when your parents work for Shinra. While their reactors were slowly killing the planet, we were living the good life...

(Upon attempting to run away from the Employee Housing Area.)

  • Gotta move.
  • Not this way.
  • What am I doing...?
  • Quit screwing aroud.

(Upon approaching Wedge near a cat.)
Wedge: C'mere... Aw, no dice... Someone's playing hard to get.

(Upon approaching Biggs near a Shinra billboard.)
Biggs: Folks here must be living off three or four times what I do.

(Upon approaching Jessie.)
Jessie: Figures. Still leaves the lights on every night for the girl who only comes home once every other blue moon. Mom's an old-fashioned type like that.

Wedge: Think she'll make us pizza? Her "Midgar Special"?

Biggs: She's quite the cook. Quick to whip up finger-lickin' food even if you drop by in the dead of night.

Jessie: And she loves guests who ask for seconds or thirds.

Jessie: Okay, let's head in. Cloud—you know what to do. Why don't you wait around the corner over there?

Cloud: Ah. Okay.

Wedge: It's a shame you won't get to try the Midgar Special. You would've really liked it.

The Jessie Job[]

(After Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie enter her house.)
Jessie (in Cloud's memory): With your help, we won't need luck. You'll take on just about any job, right? Well, I need you to rob my house. Think you can do that for me?

Jessie (in Cloud's memory): Go in through the back door when the coast is clear. The signal will be obvious.

Cloud: Once the lights come on, it's go time.

Cloud: Time to go.

(Upon entering the house.)
Jessie (in Cloud's memory): Inside, you'll find a room with two doors. Don't take the one in front of you. You want the room on the right. That's where you'll find it.

Jessie: Sorry about dropping in like this again.

Jessie's Mom: This will always be your home. So—how's practice going?

(Upon entering Jessie's father's room.)
Jessie (in Cloud's memory): We'll be chatting Mom up in the kitchen, so don't even bother being quiet. There's no way she'll ever hear you. Dad'll be in there, but it's okay.

Jessie (in Cloud's memory): I need you to grab his Shinra ID card. And yeah, I know I should do it myself, but... (chuckles) but I honestly don't think I'm up to it. Just do this for me, okay?

(In the background randomly while roaming around the room.)

  • Jessie: Now this—this is what I've been waiting for!
  • Biggs: Yeah, like a dog!
  • Wedge: Don't mind if I do!
  • Biggs: This is amazing!
  • Jessie: Alright, here comes a Midgar Special!
  • Jessie's Mom: Eat as much as you like!
  • Wedge: I'll take another one, please!
  • Biggs: You've still got room, Wedge?!
  • Jessie: Dang, Mom, how'd you get even better at this?
  • Jessie's Mom: Please, take more!
  • Wedge: So, got more pizza in the oven?
  • Jessie's Mom: Careful, it's hot!
  • Biggs: Aw, thank you!
  • Jessie: Wedge, don't hurt yourself!
  • Biggs: Now that is a damn good pie.
  • Wedge: I'm not full yet!

(Upon inspecting the documents on the desk or the notepad on the bookshelf.)
Cloud: This isn't it.

(Upon inspecting the family photo.)
Cloud: Jessie...

(Upon inspecting the letter on the floor.)
Cloud: What's this?

  • (Upon selecting "Read".)
    Jessie (in letter): "Dear Mom and Dad", Sorry for not getting in touch sooner, but... I'm working at the Gold Saucer as an actress now. It wasn't easy, and I had a lot of help from people along the way... but I managed to land a starring role. Enclosed are two tickets to my play. Looking forward to seeing you both there."
    Cloud: Jessie Rasberry as...the Princess?
  • (Upon selecting "Put Back", nothing happens.)

(Upon interacting with Jessie's father's maintenance outfit.)
Jessie (in Cloud's memory): My dad—he was a maintenance supervisor at the reactor.

Cloud: Thanks.

(Upon interacting with any other items after obtaining the ID card.)
Cloud: Time to go.

(Upon leaving the house and attempting to walk back.)
Cloud: Need to hurry up.

(Upon leaving onto the road.)
Cloud: Mission accomplished.

(In Jessie's house.)
Jessie's Mom: When are you going to give up on the Gold Saucer? How long as it been since you even performed?

Wedge: A lot of people really rely on Jessie.

Jessie's Mom: As a stagehand though, right? You can be one of those anywhere. So why not come home and get a job at the Sector 8 theater?

Jessie: Uhhh, I'll think about it. You know, I'd really love to stay and chat, but we gotta go.

Jessie's Mom: So soon!?

Jessie: Yeah, well, we hadn't even planned on dropping by. But Wedge wanted some of your famous pizza.

Wedge: So good!

Jessie's Mom: Sure I can't tempt you with some more?

Wedge: Maybe just a couple slices, Missus R.

Biggs & Jessie: Wedge!

Wedge: Hey! I'm...I'm doing it for you guys! You don't want me going to work on an empty stomach.

(As Cloud.)
Jessie (in Cloud's memory): I'm planning on using a weaker blasting agent this time. Since I can't in touch with my supplier, our only option is to loot a warehouse owned by Shinra.

Jessie: Hey there.

Cloud: This it?

Jessie: Now comes the hard part. I'm gonna use this to sneak into the 7-6 Annex.

Biggs: All right, let's get to it.

Jessie: Sorry, but you're staying outside. Only I know what to steal from where, so it's gotta be me who goes in.

Biggs: So...we came all this way just to eat pizza!?

Jessie: (chuckles) You think I'd let you off that easy? You're gonna earn every slice helping Cloud. Just do the thing where you draw everyone's attention away, like you did at my parents'. What's the word again? Maybe I'm more nervous than I thought.

Cloud: Diversion.

Jessie: Yeah, that! Nice one, military man.

Wedge: So what, does this mean we're gonna ask some Shinra folks out to dinner?

Biggs: You know damn well what she means. While you're inside, we make sure the guards are focused on the outside. Yeah?

Jessie: Exactly. Couldn't've put it any better. When you see a flare go up, that's your cue. Rush the front gates and make for the warehouse plaza. The more hell you raise, the more time you buy me.

Biggs: You're gonna run this guy into the ground, aren'tcha?

Cloud: How much time do you think you'll need?

Jessie: Not too much. I'll be in and out. I'll send up another flare when I'm done. We rendezvous in the vacant lot up ahead.

Biggs: Hold on. How are we supposed to get back to the slums? Wait for the first train?

Jessie: No, I wanna be back before that. Don't worry, I have something worked out. Now, let's get this done.

Biggs: Well, that diversion's not gonna create itself.

Sector 7-6 Annex Infiltration[]

Biggs: Jessie's dad was in there, right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Biggs: Mako poisoning. Happened while Jessie was doing a show at the Gold Saucer— Ah, but what do you care?

Cloud: No, I wanna hear it.

Biggs: Jessie always wanted to be an actress. Worked her ass off for years until finally she caught a break. Top billing. Parents were thrilled. And then...right before opening night...

Wedge: Her dad had an accident.

Biggs: Collapsed from overwork...and in the worst possible place. Mako storage. Lay there half a day before someone found him. Been like that ever since. No change whatsoever. That's what got her into planetology, and led her to seek out Avalanche. How far we've come...

Wedge: Jessie's got a theory about it. Thinks her dad's spirit is stuck now—between his body and the heart of the planet. So if we don't shut down the reactors soon...

Biggs: He'll get caught up in the flow and...poof.

Biggs: What's so funny?

Cloud: Just that I understand how you feel. Unlike most of the time.

Biggs: I see...

(Upon reaching the bridge in front of the Sector 7-6 Annex.)
Biggs: Mako's the essence of life itself. Of memory and hope. It's not something you burn in a reactor just to keep the lights on. Hell no.

Biggs: Oh—don't tell Jessie about this little chat, okay? When she gets pissed, she gets punchy.

Cloud: Well... No promises.

Wedge: He's serious, Cloud! She'll beat the shit out of us!

Cloud: Not my problem.

Biggs: This guy!

Wedge: Hey! It's the lot Jessie was talking about. We rendezvous here when we've got what we came for.

Biggs: Gotta stay hidden—wait for the signal.

Wedge: It's so quiet...

(Upon reaching Biggs near the gate.)
Biggs: Just need to get past this gate.

Cloud: Wait. Where are the guards?

Biggs: Looks like someone beat us here.

Wedge: And I don't think it was Jessie.

Biggs: This had better not get in the way of our plans...

Cloud: It won't.

(After the scene ends.)
On-screen: S7-6 Annex

Biggs: Don't see anyone. What the hell happened?

Wedge: Hey, man, the plaza's that way. Warehouses are further in. Jessie's supposed to be circling around from the back, right...?

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: No need for us to rush. Let's scout it out first.

Cloud: I can handle this solo.

Biggs: What, you're trying to keep us out of it now? Don't be a jackass.

Wedge: We're in this together!

Cloud: Don't expect me to save you.

Biggs: If you need to check your gear, now's the time. Give the word when you're good to go.

Wedge: You can use that vending machine over there to stock up!

Biggs: Guess there's a training center too. Could go a few rounds before the main event.

(After the conversation, while roaming around near Wedge.)

  • Man! I get really hungry when I'm nervous!
  • When you leave something at home, or just need a bite to eat, vending machines can be real lifesavers!
  • Whenever you're ready, just let us know, Cloud!

(Upon interacting with the training center controls.)
On-screen: Commence battle training?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", combat begins.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: Remind me—you've got summoning materia, don't you? There's no better way to deal with big groups. You'd be crazy not to equip it.

On-screen: You all set?

(Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

(Upon selecting "Yeah".)
Biggs: Okay. Let's go over the plan one last time. You start things off by cutting loose where everyone can see you.

Wedge: And us?

Biggs: We're the backup. First, we climb high enough to get a vantage point—then we go to town on 'em.

(During a flashback.)
Tifa: Heya. So...what did you wanna talk about?

Cloud (in flashback): When spring comes, I'm leaving town and going to Midgar.

Tifa: Should've figured. All the guys are leaving.

Cloud (in flashback): B-but I'm not like them. I'm not going just to look for work. I'm gonna be a SOLDIER. The best of the best. Like Sephiroth.

Tifa: The great war hero, huh? Mm... Isn't it pretty hard to become a SOLDIER?

Cloud (in flashback): Yeah. So I won't be back for a long time.

Tifa: Guess not. Think you'll be in the papers?

Cloud (in flashback): I'll try.

Tifa: Just...promise me one thing. When we're older, and you're a famous SOLDIER...if I'm ever trapped or in trouble... Promise you'll come and save me.

Cloud (in flashback): Huh?

Tifa: That's what heroes do. They save people. Please? Just once.

Cloud (in flashback): Uhh...

Tifa: Come on, promise me!

Cloud (in flashback): Fine. I promise.

(In the following flashback.)
Cloud (in flashback): I heard you're having second thoughts.

Tifa: I know we have to think big if we're going to make a difference...but not like this. I just... I feel trapped.

A Little Diversion[]

Wedge: That's the signal!

Biggs: All according to plan.

Cloud: Let's go.

Biggs: Right!

Wedge: Yeah!

(Upon entering the warehouse grounds.)
Security Officer: I don't see any intruders. Maybe they went home.

Security Officer: Hey! Over there!

Security Officer: T-target sighted!

Security Officer: Light him up!

Cloud: Give up?

Security Officer: K-kill the bastard!

(During combat.)
Security Officer: They're up there too!

Security Officer: We've spotted more intruders. Send backup.

Security Officer: They have a sniper. Get him first!

Security Officer: Focus on the other one! Quickly, before we're surrounded!

Security Officer: You're gonna pay!

(After defeating the first group of enemies.)
Biggs: Oh, you gotta be shitting me.

Biggs: Gimme a bit more time and I got you.

Security Officer: Give it up!

Security Officer: Puttin' up a fight, huh!?

(After defeating the Elite Security Officer and Riot Trooper.)
Biggs: Goodbye! And good riddance.

Elite Shock Trooper: Don't let them escape!

(After defeating the Shock Trooper and Elite Grenadier.)
Wedge: And down she goes!

Biggs: Look at us amateurs putting in the work.

Wedge: Don't worry—I've got this!

Wedge: (screams) Catch me if you caaan! (screams)

(During battle against Guard Dogs.)
Wedge: Tasty treats! Come and get 'em!

Wedge: Don't eat me! Please don't eat me!

Wedge: Midgar Special, don't fail me now!

(After defeating the Guard Dogs.)
Wedge: Think I ran off the pizza...

Biggs: (laughs) Helluva show, man! If only the ladies loved you that much!

Wedge: I'm glad someone's enjoying themselves...

Biggs: Of course they store mechs here...

Cloud: You ready?

Biggs: Hell yeah!

Wedge: More than you know! Look what I found. Let's give these jerks a taste of their own medicine!

(Halfway during the battle against the Sweepers.)
Wedge: Hurry! Lead the sweepers toward the mines!

(After defeating them.)
Wedge: Now that's what I call teamwork!

Security Officer: Stay where you are!

Biggs: Well, shit.

Security Officer: All right, assholes! Show me your hands!

Roche: (laughs) Well, aren't we having a wonderful time kicking the hornet's nest!

Roche: You know what I want. A second dance—just the two of us.

Roche: You turned the key... The engine roars with excitement... It hungers to be set free!

Cloud: Fall back.

Biggs: Right. C'mon!

Roche: It's been a long time since I fought a duel out of the saddle. But...for all the miles on the clock...

Roche: I'm just as fast as I ever was!

Roche: At last, our long-awaited dance begins! Here's to a fair fight, my friend!

(After Roche loses one-third of his HP.)
Roche: I told you we were gonna push it past the redline!

(After defeating Roche.)
Cloud: Satisfied?

Roche: (laughs) With such fleeting pleasure? Hardly. There are higher heights to which you and I can still soar...

Security Officer: Okay, boys! Give 'em everything you've got! But kill the swordsman first!

Roche: We really must do this again. Until then...try not to die. I'll see you on the road, my friend.

Cloud: Goddammit!

Cloud: Let's go!

Biggs: Right!

Cloud: Wedge!

Wedge: Run! Run while you can!

Trooper: Friendly! Friendly! Stand down!

Trooper: Your team shouldn't be here.

Wedge: Glad yours is...

Biggs: C'mere.

Biggs: Wedge'll be fine. But you won't be if they start asking questions.

Cloud: And who are "they"?

Biggs: First guests to the party. Another Avalanche cell. Our holier-than-thou friends from the old guard... It's always their way or the highway. Lately they've been a real pain in the ass... Till now.

Cloud: So then why are they here?

Biggs: Beats me. We've been on the outs ever since our cell got labeled too extreme... though they're the ones running around with mil-spec gear. Word is they've cut a deal with Wutai... Promised 'em all the materia in Midgar, apparently. Think there's any truth to that?

Cloud: You tell me.

Biggs: Sometimes I think we're the only ones who've realized the war is over.

Biggs: Okay—mission complete. Let's make our way back to the lot.

Cloud: Right.

Rendezvous at the Empty Lot[]

Biggs: Looking a lot more crowded now.

Cloud: Security's out in force.

Biggs: Just what we need.

Cloud: So, are we not gonna wait for Wedge?

Biggs: If we stuck around or went back, he'd only get upset.

Cloud: Why's that?

Biggs: Guess a SOLDIER wouldn't understand... I'll tell him you were worried about him, though. Who knows—might just make his day.

Security Officer: ...And many of our citizens have already been disturbed by the alarms. Squad A will set up here and search for suspects. B will establish a perimeter—roadblocks included. Contain the situation! Rumors of violence against Public Security will only serve to frighten the people. You will tell any concerned citizens that this was a false alarm!

(Upon reaching Jessie.)
Jessie: You made it! Over here!

Jessie: Could you have been any louder? I mean, it made my job a lot easier, but— Wait, where's Wedge?

Jessie: Wedge!? That was close...

Cloud: We'll go get him.

Biggs: Hey, buddy. How you doing?

Biggs: C'mon...

Wedge: Not my finest hour...

Biggs: You get hit?

Wedge: Just winged, I think... Or shot!

Biggs: Really? Let me see...

Jessie: Are we seriously doing this here? That'

Wedge: You guys are the worst...

Jessie: Your ass is fine. Maybe singed, but the only casualty is your underwear. This is like a bruise or a mild burn at worst!

Wedge: Now that was a gunshot.

Jessie: Is that a smile I spy?

Cloud: It's not safe here. We should go.

Biggs, Jessie, & Wedge: Copy that!

Return to the Slums[]

Wedge: So how do we get back to the slums?

Jessie: With a little trick I've been dying to try out...

Biggs: Man, can't believe HQ was running an op tonight of all nights.

Cloud: Coincidence?

Biggs: That or a bad omen. If they're ramping up for something, could get messy. Add it to the pile of complications to think about.

(Upon reaching the entrance to the Plate Partition.)
Jessie: Right, this is it! Through here and we're home free.

Wedge: Where exactly are we going?

Jessie: When we get there, you'll know! Now that I've got my blasting agent, we should have everything we need for our next mission!

Biggs: Sure hope so.

Cloud: Yeah...m-me too. For your dad's sake.

Biggs: Hey! What the hell, man!?

Jessie: Huh?

Wedge: Uh—Cloud was just saying how he hopes to come back and try the Midgar Special next time!

Jessie: Really, huh? Cloud said that?

Biggs: Sure did! Wants a whole pie to himself, isn't that right?

Cloud: That's...that's right...

Jessie: Really...? Well, okay then! Maybe I'll lend Mom a hand next time too!

Wedge: That'd be awesome!

Biggs: Super-duper awesome!

(Upon reaching the Plate Edge.)
On-screen: Sector 7 Plate Edge

(Upon catching up with Jessie at the end.)
Jessie: Should be somewhere around here... Bingo! I half figured my dad got it wrong, but nope! They're here just like he said!

Biggs: Parachutes?

Wedge: Huh? Whaddya mean "half figured"!?

Jessie: Fifty-fifty is pretty good odds, if you ask me! This is gonna be fun!

Jessie: Thanks guys. I really appreciate you coming all this way with me. And like I said before, I'd be grateful if you kept this between us until after the mission. I don't wanna...complicate things.

Biggs: Sure. Okay, who's ready to fly!?

Jessie: Me! Me!

Biggs: Hey Cloud—you let him down gently, alright?

Cloud: Yep.

Jessie: Wait, I almost forgot! One more thing!

Biggs: S-stop it! What in the hell are you trying to—

Jessie: Easy! You'll make us fall!

Biggs: Not if you do first!

Jessie: Swing by my place after—so I can "pay you in full."

Biggs: Huh!? Now!? (screams)

Wedge: Wait! Gimme a minute!

Cloud: No.

Wedge: Why do you have to be such a hard-ass, bro?

Cloud: I ain't your bro.

Wedge: I wish I could've done more... Just got hurt—

Cloud: You did enough. You took one for the team. Be proud.

Wedge: Yeah...? Yeah...

Biggs: Feels like we're flying high these days!

Jessie: (chuckles) Now more than ever!

Biggs: He's a keeper all right.

Jessie: Yeah! Together we can take on the world!

To Wedge's Place[]

On-screen: Sector 7 Slums

Wedge: I'll head home on my own. After all, I'm only a little sore...

Cloud: It's cool, we'll go together.

Wedge: Aw, thanks, bro!

Cloud: Cut that out.

Wedge: This way!

(While following Wedge.)
Wedge: Think Jessie and Biggs made it back safe?

Cloud: I guess.

Wedge: Cool if we check on them? We'll pass by their places anyway.

Cloud: Sure.

(Upon reaching Bigg's house.)
Wedge: Well, this is Biggs's place. I guess he hasn't made it home yet.

Cloud: Guess not.

Wedge: Hope he isn't "worst case-ing" it again. He's got a habit of overthinking things. Worrying about all the possible outcomes till his head hurts.

Cloud: Wouldn't've guessed.

Wedge: And when he worries, I worry. Anyway, let's head on over to Jessie's!

(Upon reaching Jessie's house.)
Wedge: This is where Jessie lives. Men are not allowed inside.

Cloud: Hmm...

Wedge: Lots of pretty girls trying to make it big onstage live here. So don't hang around or they might get the wrong idea.

Cloud: Huh.

Wedge: I'm telling you this for your own good, Cloud! People around here love to gossip.

Cloud: They know about Jessie and Avalanche?

Wedge: Nah, it's all good. They think she's an actress. Oh...and one more thing, bro. It's all a game to her. Don't fall for it!

Cloud: You lost me.

Wedge: (laughs) Life's a stage and love's the play!

(Upon attempting to open the door to her house.)
Wedge: Guys aren't allowed, remember!?

(Upon reaching Wedge's house.)
Wedge: Hey there, Biggums, Reggie, Smalls... Brought a new friend to meet you! These little guys are on guard duty today.

Cloud: Okay...

Wedge: Thanks for seeing me home!

Cloud: Really sorry about your ass.

Wedge: S'all good, bro!

Cloud: It's kinda weird when you call me th—

Wedge: Hey, don't be scared! Deep down, he's a big softie.

Cloud: Hell with it...

(After the scene ends, while roaming near Wedge.)

  • Aw, I missed you too!
  • Oh, Biggums! Acting so tough!
  • And you, Reggie... You are just the cutest!
  • Aw, Smalls! Do you want a belly rub?
  • Glad to see you guys are getting along just fine!

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: Hey, bro! Wanna chill with me and the gang for a bit?

Cloud: Uh, who's the gang?

Wedge: The cats, dummy. Who else? Biggumus Rex, Reginaldo, Mister Smalls...

Cloud: Right...

(Upon talking to Wedge again.)
Wedge: Mind checking on the others again for me? Thanks! Oh, and have a good night!

Remaining Payment[]

(Upon opening Jessie's door.)
Jessie: Well, if it isn't Cloud Strife! Was wondering when you'd show up. Without further ado... Here you are. Thanks for stepping up, "merc." And now for the cherry on top.

Cloud: Okay, I get it. Mind letting me breathe?

Jessie: Depends. Mind coming over tomorrow night? My roommates should all be out for a while.

Cloud: Are you seriously that desperate? Just let go already.

Jessie: Only if you promise to come back tomorrow night. Deal?

On-screen: Will you come back tomorrow night?

  • (Upon selecting "No promises.")
    Cloud: No promises, but I'll think it over.
    Jessie: Really? You will!? I make a mean pizza, I'll have you know! Marche, luche, black milly, red shelly—I use only the best ingredients! Sound good?
    Cloud: Never heard of any of that stuff.
    Jessie: Awww, you are so adorable, you know that!? You just leave everything to me—it'll be great!
  • (Upon selecting "Not happening.")
    Cloud: Not happening.
    Jessie: Ah, sorry... Little too in-your-face? I'll just have to change it up then.

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Jessie: (laughs) Nighty night!

Jessie: Psych!

(Upon interacting with Jessie's door again.)
Cloud: Bad idea...

Slum Wisdom[]

(Upon talking to Biggs in front of his house.)
Biggs: Oh, hey, Cloud! Survived the jump? How's Wedge?

Cloud: He's fine.

Biggs: Well, that's good to hear. Tomorrow's a really big day for all of us. When Wedge said he'd been shot, I was afraid we'd have to call off the whole damn thing. Heading topside in secret... Don't think I could've faced Barret if something had happened. But Jessie'd been acting weird and I knew I couldn't just ignore her.

Cloud: Biggs.

Biggs: She must be prepping the bomb right now. But will she be able to finish before morning? I should go and see if she needs any—

Cloud: Biggs!

Biggs: Huh? Sorry. Our chute was blown pretty far off course. It...felt like a bad omen or

Cloud: Get some rest. You need it.

Biggs: Roger.

Cloud: Night.

Biggs: Night. And thanks. Really.

(Upon talking to Biggs again.)

  • Tomorrow's gonna be a success, I know it. We've all put in the work.
  • Lesson one for life on the ground floor. "A good long rest'll cure anything." Thanks for the refresher.
  • 'Preciate you coming.

(Upon attempting to open Tifa's door.)
Cloud: She's probably asleep.

(Upon interacting with Cloud's bed.)
On-screen: Go to sleep?

  • (Upon selecting "Sleep until tomorrow", next day begins.)
  • (Upon selecting "Rest", restore HP.)
  • (Upon selecting "Not now", nothing happens.)

(After choosing to sleep until the next day.)
Tifa: Cloud?

Cloud: Yeah.

Tifa: You were out for a while.

Cloud: Just walking.

Tifa: I ran into Johnny, by the way. Said not to worry, he was getting out of town.

Cloud: Oh, that guy.

Tifa: You...weren't thinking of leaving Midgar anytime soon, were you?

Cloud: Well, seems this old friend of mine's in a tight spot... Long time ago I said I'd be there for her. Made a promise, so...

Tifa: Can't say this is quite what I had in mind when I put that on you way back when.

Cloud: If you wanna talk, I'm listening.

Tifa: Huh? What's with you all of a sudden?

Cloud: With me?

Tifa: Like you're losing that hard edge.

Cloud: That bad?

Tifa: Not at all—I like it. Maybe Marlene won't be so scared of you next time...

Tifa: (chuckles) I'm really glad to have you back, Cloud. Really glad.

Tifa: It's pretty late, huh? I'd like to catch up more, but we should probably both get some sleep, yeah?

Cloud: Yeah.

Tifa: Good night then.

Cloud: Good night, Tifa...

Sudden Attack[]

???:[note 3] Sleep. And dream the sweetest dreams...

Tifa: Cloud!

Cloud: What's wrong?

Tifa: Come with me! Quickly!

Tifa: We were getting ready to set out when those things showed up and came after us!

Cloud: The others?

Tifa: Barret and Jessie are holding their ground, but for how long I don't know...

Cloud: Let's go.

Tifa: Right.

Cloud: Ready?

Tifa: You know it!

(During the battle with the Mysterious Spectres.)
Cloud: Let's head for the bar.

Tifa: Okay!

(Upon attacking a Mysterious Spectre.)
Cloud: Is this even working?

(Upon killing a Mysterious Spectre.)
Cloud: We kill it?

(Upon killing the first group of Mysterious Spectres.)
Cloud: There's no end to this.

(Upon killing another Mysterious Spectre.)
Tifa: What are these things?

Cloud: No idea. Pretty sure you can't even see them unless they make physical contact first...

Tifa: And that's all you can tell me?

Cloud: I can tell you they're not invincible.

Tifa: I guess that's something.

(Upon running towards Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: More of them!? We're running out of time.

Cloud: Any other way?

Tifa: Yeah—over here!

(After following Tifa.)
Cloud: Again?

Tifa: Are they trying to stop us from reaching the others?

Tifa: Cloud. This way.

(After running towards Seventh Heaven again.)
Tifa: Oh, you gotta be kidding me. It's like trying to fight a hurricane.

Cloud: Stay on your feet.

Tifa: You don't have to tell me that.

(Upon reaching Seventh Heaven.)
Jessie: Barret!

Barret: Gimme a break!

Tifa: Jessie! Barret!

Barret: Where you been!?

Jessie: They just keep coming! We've gotta do something!

Tifa: Hang on!

Cloud: Tifa!

Tifa: Cloud!

Cloud: I'm coming!

Cloud: Move!

(Sometimes during the battle with the Enigmatic Spectre and Mysterious Spectres.)

  • Leave us alone already!
  • How many of them are there!?

(Upon defeating a Mysterious Spectre.)
On-screen: The enigmatic spectre is vulnerable.

(Sometimes if Cloud is controlled when the Enigmatic Spectre becomes pressured.)

  • What the—
  • It's adapting.

(Sometimes if Tifa is controlled when the Enigmatic Spectre becomes pressured.)

  • Something weird is going on.

(When the Enigmatic Spectre begins Flood.)
Tifa: What is it doing now?

(When the Enigmatic Spectre begins Swarm.)
Cloud: Be careful.

(When the Enigmatic Spectre is down to 80% HP.)
Tifa: So this thing's not gonna give up without a fight, huh?

(Upon defeating the Enigmatic Spectre.)
Barret: How's your ammo?

Jessie: Running low—

Jessie: Shit!

Tifa: Jessie!

Barret: Dammit!

Tifa: Huh?

Cloud: The hell...?

Barret: Jessie!

Tifa: You okay?

Jessie: Me and my two left feet...

Tifa: Easy now!

Barret: We ain't putting on a damn show!

Barret: The hell were those things? Some kind of...I dunno! Guess I shouldn't be surprised, though. Never can tell what weird shit'll come crawling out of the scrap down here. It's those reactors, I'm telling you...

Cloud: It hurt?

Jessie: Wish I could say it didn't, but yeah... (chuckles)

Jessie: God, this is so embarrassing... Hate playing the damsel in distress...

Cloud: It happens.

(Inside Seventh Heaven.)
Wedge: What did you do to your leg!? D-does it hurt?

Jessie: Not nearly as much as the fuss everyone's making.

Tifa: Still, I think you ought to avoid putting any—

Jessie: I'm fine!

Barret: That's enough! You're out, Jessie.

Jessie: Huh? What about the mission? We already sent Biggs in, remember? Don't tell me you're thinking of calling it off!?

Barret: Nah, we got this...

Jessie: The hell you do!

Wedge: If you need someone to step up, I'm your man! (coughs)

Barret: Okay... So here's the thing...

Cloud: I'm gonna need a raise.

Barret: Consider it done!

Barret: Aight, everyone—Cloud's in. The mission is on!

Jessie: Go and raise some hell for me, okay?

Barret: Listen, Wedge—I need you to hang back and guard the home front.

Wedge: But I'm in perfect health!

Barret: Which makes you the perfect choice to look after Jessie and Marlene.

Barret: Let's get this show on the road... to Mako Reactor 5! Once you've got your gear in order, head to the station for the meet. Got it?

Barret: This'll help you get squared away. Don't tell me I never did nothing for ya. I'm counting on you, SOLDIER boy...

A New Operation[]

(Upon talking to Wedge if Cloud reached the top of the darts leaderboard.)
Wedge: Ah, forgot to give this to you, bro. Your prize for taking the top spot on the darts leaderboard. You earned it. After you guys come back from the plate, maybe we can play a round together?

(Upon talking to Wedge.)

  • I'm counting on you, bro... Don't let anything happen to the others.
  • Good luck out there, bro. And take care.
  • With old Wedge in charge, this place'll be safer than ever!

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Relegated to stagehand once again. I'm starting to think I'll never have a starring role...

Cloud: There's always next time.

Jessie: What's this? Words of encouragement? (chuckles) Thanks, I need them.

(Upon talking to Jessie again if the player selected "No promises" in response to her on the previous day. After this, her usual lines will repeat.) Jessie: Hurry back now. You don't want my home-cooked pizza to get cold.

(Upon talking to Jessie again.)

  • If I didn't know any better, I'd swear those robed things were after me. Be careful out there.
  • Once the mission's over, you've gotta celebrate with us, alright?
  • Don't be a hero, okay? Just get the job done.

(Upon leaving Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Alright, let's get going.

Cloud: Sure...after you take a deep breath.

Tifa: Huh?

Cloud: I can tell you're nervous.

Tifa: That obvious, huh?

Tifa: Okay. I'm ready now.

(Upon approaching the guards by the gate to Sector 6.)
New Recruit: Sir... I got my hands on tickets for the Loveless musical. Would you like to go with me?

Senior Officer: You do realize, we're on duty. The slums are Avalanche territory. Stay sharp.

New Recruit: Right. Sorry, sir! It's just that...never mind.

(Upon approaching the guards again.)
New Recruit: I heard they've deployed SOLDIER operatives, too. It's been a while since they'd done that. I wanted to be a SOLDIER, but as you can see—

Senior Officer: Cut the chatter. We're working!

New Recruit: Right! Sorry, sir.

(Upon approaching the guards again.)

  • Senior Officer: You're not Avalanche, are you?
  • New Recruit: Oh man... A bomb threat? I'm not ready for this...
  • Senior Officer: Seen anything suspicious?
  • New Recruit: I don't know who's scarier—Avalanche or my superior.

(Upon talking to the item vendor in the truck near the station.)

Item Vendor
  • Welcome! So tell me, what's the town's favorite mercenary looking for today?
  • Mind if I bill the items you buy as "local merc's favorites"? They'll fly off the shelves!

(Upon passing Chadley near the station.)
Chadley: Cloud. You have exceeded my expectations.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Alright, people. Mission starts the moment we board that train. You sure you ready for this?

On-screen: Get on the train?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", proceed to next scene.)
  • (Upon selecting "No".)
    Barret: Well then, what're you waiting for!? Finish up so we can get going.

(After selecting "Yes".)
Tifa: Do you think Biggs is...on schedule?

Barret: All we can do is hope...

Cloud: Today really gotta be the day, huh?

Barret: Ain't no stopping this train we're on, son. A lotta people risked their lives to get it rolling... Already put the word out more's coming, too... "Shut them all down by today, or we shut another down for you." Ain't on us. Not us...

Barret: Play it cool.

Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit[]

All Aboard for Sector 4[]

Announcement: This is an announcement from the Shinra Electric Power Company. The terrorist group "Avalanche" has issued another bomb threat. In response, we have raised the threat level and entered a state of heightened alert. All lines are currently experiencing delays. We anticipate that our arrival at Sector 4 will be later than scheduled.

Barret: The target's Mako Reactor 5. From the station, we take the backstreets. Once we're inside the facility, it's the same deal as last time.

Cloud: Head for mako storage.

Barret: And then blow it all to hell.

Barret: Let's do this one for Jessie and Wedge. They deserve it.

Tifa: Yeah.

Cloud: Sure.

Tifa: I didn't think word would spread this fast. There's barely anyone on this train. And none of them look happy to be here.

Barret: Might stand out as a group. You two stay here.

(Upon approaching Tifa.)
Tifa: Cloud.

Announcement: The train will be passing an ID checkpoint shortly.

Tifa: Here comes the first hurdle...

Cloud: Not much of one.

Tifa: I know, I know. But that doesn't mean I don't have butterflies in my stomach.

(Upon approaching Tifa after the ID scan is complete.)
Tifa: Hey, would you mind keeping an eye on things the next car over? I'm worried there might be trouble.

Cloud: Why's that?

Tifa: Barret's always on edge before missions, but you know he's a good guy underneath it all. The people on this train don't.

Cloud: He'll be fine.

Tifa: Maybe...but I won't be until I know for sure.

Cloud: (sighs) Be right back.

Tifa: Thanks.

(Upon entering Barret's car.)
Shinra Middle Manager: So do you still support those terrorists? Avalanche is a blight on Midgar. Their bomb threat has thrown our offices into chaos, let alone the reactor itself. It's total insanity! But we won't lose heart! No! Everyone at Shinra agrees. The reactor will stay online!

Barret: Heh. Is that right?

Shinra Middle Manager: What? You got a problem with that?

Barret: Do I have a problem with that? Oh, you can bet—

Cloud: He doesn't.

Barret: Hmph. Asshole...

Cloud: You know you're better than that.

Barret: (hums "Victory Fanfare")

(Upon talking to the Shinra Middle Manager.)

Shinra Middle Manager
  • I know nothing more to say to you and your friend.
  • The Sector 4 offices got the worst of it. Everyone's panicking over there.
  • Just leave me alone.

(Upon talking to Barret.)

  • Go see how Tifa's doing. She needs you more than I do.
  • Why don't you go check on Tifa? Quit screwing around here.

(Upon returning to Tifa's car.)
Announcement: Emergency ID scan in progress.

Tifa: No way!

Announcemnet: Unauthorized IDs detected. Threat level: critical. Inspection and containment sweep initiated, commencing at the rear of the train.

Tifa: Not good!

Barret: Get over here! Now!

Passenger: What the hell—!?

Tifa: Take care of them, Cloud!

Cloud: On it.

(During the battle against Slug-Rays.)
Annoincement: Lockdown protocol initiated. This train car will enter lockdown in three minutes.

Tifa: You have to get to the next car!

Barret: Keep moving, people!

NPC: Whadda we do!?

Barret: Get to car two!

NPC: I...I can't...

Barret: You wanna survive this? Then move!

NPC: Y-y-yessir!

Tifa: Cloud!

Barret: Move it!

Announcement: Lockdown protocol initiated. This train will enter lockdown shortly.

(If the lockdown timer expires.)
Announcement: Lockdown complete. One unauthorized passenger detained. Inspection will continue until all unauthorized passengers are detained.

(Upon attempting to open the door.)
Cloud: Dammit.

Tifa: Just go! How many are there!?

Announcement: Three unauthorized passengers successfully contained. Neutralizing threat.

Barret: We gotta jump...

On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel

Cloud: Tifa... Barret...

Separate Ways[]

(Upon entering the next car.)
Tifa: Please! You have to get out of here!

Shinra Middle Manager: Wh—what are you doing!?

Tifa: Trying to keep you alive.

Shinra Middle Manager: But I work for Shinra. I'm the enemy.

Tifa: I don't care. I don't want anyone to die. Please!

Shinra Middle Manager: I'll look after the others.

Tifa: My turn!

Cloud: There's no end to them...

Announcement: Three unauthorized passengers successfully contained. Neutralizing threat.

Barret: Looks like you're right, SOLDIER boy.

Cloud: Screw this.

Barret: Huh?

Cloud: The station will be crawling with security. We gotta jump.

Barret: Screw that!

Cloud: Need to slow the train down.

Barret: Sounds like a Biggs plan E.

Barret: Okay, y'all watch and learn. I'm gonna jump. Gonna do it. Gonna show you how it's done!

Cloud: Tifa!

On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel.

Cloud: You okay?

Tifa: Yeah...

Cloud: Alright, you ready?

Tifa: Ready.

Looking for a Friend[]

(If Cloud successfully jumped off the train before lockdown expired.)

(After defeating the Slug-Rays.)
Barret (in the distance): Ha ha ha!

Tifa: That's gotta be him!

(While running towards Barret.)
Tifa: Hey, thanks. For when we jumped from the train, I mean.

Cloud: No biggie. You're pretty light, you know.

Tifa: You always know what to say.

(If Cloud failed to beat the lockdown timer.)

(After defeating the Slug-Rays.)
Barret (in the distance): Ha ha ha!

Cloud: Where are they?

(Upon reaching Tifa.)
Cloud: Tifa!

Tifa: They just won't quit!

(After defeating the enemies.)
Barret (in the distance): Ha ha ha!

Tifa: Whew! Thanks for the assist!

Cloud: Glad to see you're okay. So—where's Barret?

Tifa: Somewhere over there, I think.

(While running towards Barret.)
Tifa: After Barret jumped, I knew I had to go right after, but...

Cloud: Don't worry about it.

Tifa: Cool as ever, I see.

Cloud: If I wasn't, they would've never made me a SOLDIER.

Tifa: Good point.

(After either scenario concludes.)

(In Heidegger's office.)
Heidegger: (laughs) Well done, well done! I felt sure we had them, didn't you?

Subordinate: Sir!

Heidegger: Born survivors, these sewer rats. Speaking of which, where's the third?

Subordinate: In custody, sir.

Heidegger: Return it to the wild.

Subordinate: Yessir! Right away!

(After the scene ends.)
On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel - Section C

(Upon encountering the first group of enemies.)
Security Officer: It's them! We have a visual on the targets! Requesting immediate assistance!

(Upon reaching the end of Section C.)
Tifa: He's close! Come on!

Tifa: There! Barret!

Barret: Tifa! Could use some help here!

Tifa: We're coming!

Barret: Make it quick! Should be some stairs over there!

Tifa: We'd better hurry.

Cloud: Yeah.

Barret: I've had it up to here with you damn robo-bugs! I'm gonna rip off those spindly legs of yours one by one!

(Upon crossing the bridge.)
Barret: I ain't going down without a fight!

Tifa: That doesn't sound good!

Cloud: Let's go.

(Upon reaching Barret.)
Tifa: Barret!

Barret: Great! Gimme a hand!

Grenadier: Confirmed! It's the three who jumped from the train! Don't let any of them escape!

(After defeating the group of enemies.)
Barret: This calls for a song! Duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn, duhn duhn, duhn-da-duhn!

Tifa: That's gotta be the last of them...right?

Barret: Aw, who cares? We can take 'em! Now let's confirm our position and get back on mission! That reactor's waiting!

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Barret: Looks like it's gonna be plan E.

Cloud: Go on.

Barret: Plan A was if everything went off without a stitch. From the station, it would've been a straight shot to the reactor. Didn't work out, but we knew going in we had to have alternatives. Backup plans, 'case we had to get off early.

Barret: From closer in to further out—B, C, D, and so on.

Cloud: Up to what?

Tifa: ... To E.

Cloud: Lucky us...

Barret: (laughs) You're damn right!

Tifa: Anyway, we were riding the train between Sector 4 and the main pillar when we had to bail out. And we ended up on the adjacent line, which should take us to Reactor 5.

Barret: That's right. So for now we follow the tracks. Not too far, though. Need to switch to a different route before we hit the station. 'Cause you can bet your ass it's gonna be crawling with security—all on high alert.

Tifa: Let's move.

Barret: Our friends in Sector 5 marked the route, so don't worry about getting lost. It's a straight shot to victory, people! All we gotta take it!

(In Heidegger's office.)
Heidegger: You have nothing to worry about, sir. Preparations for the grand finale are proceeding without incident. I have the utmost confidence that everything will play out as you intended...

Heidegger: Yes, of course. I will not fail you, sir.

Subordinate: Sir. Analytics reports that the results fall within the admissible range. However, the casualty rate significantly exceeds previous proje—

Heidegger: (groans) Remind me what your job is. Is it to question the wisdom of your superiors and bemoan your personal hardships?

Subordinate: Sir?

Heidegger: Casualty rate? You think I care about the casualty rate? They are pawns in a greater game. If your stock runs low, then go round up more for Sector 3 or wherever else. Use your head and bring me solutions instead of problems for a change, yes?

Subordinate: Sir!

Heidegger: It is so hard to find good help these days. Which is why the president ought to count his blessings. What would he do without me? (laughs)

Find Stamp[]

On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel - Section C

(While running down the wrong way.)

  • Tifa: The reactor's the other way.
  • Barret: You got any sense of direction at all?

(Upon hitting a warning while running the wrong way.)
Barret: You wanna keep going this way, you best explain yourself.

Tifa: I think the reactor's in the other direction.

(While walking down the tunnel.)
Barret: When the time comes, remember: we just gotta follow the nose.

Cloud: What?

Tifa: Stamp's nose.

Barret: We look for graffiti, then head in whichever direction its nose points. But pay attention to railway signals too. You see blue lights, you're going the right way.

(After defeating the first group of Slug-Rays.)
Barret: Follow the blue lights and we'll reach the reactor.

(After walking down further.)
Barret: You gotta check the signals, son. The signals!

(After walking down further.)
Barret: Biggs is way ahead of us. Jessie was gonna back him up, so it wouldn't surprise me if he needs our help. So let's not keep him waiting.

Tifa: Right.

(Upon encountering a group of Slug-Rays and an Elite Grenadier.)
Elite Grenadier: You're not going anywhere!

(Upon reaching the staircase at the end of Section C.)
Barret: There's one.

(Upon attempting to run further down Section C off-course.)
Barret: The hell you off to?

(Upon reaching Barret on the staircase.)
Barret: In nose we trust.

Tifa: Good things our colleagues put up all that Stamp graffiti. Without it, we'd be lost for sure.

The Nose Knows[]

(Upon taking the staircase down towards Section D.)
Tifa: What's that?

Barret: Nothing good.

Tifa: Guys...I think it might be a nest!

Barret: All kinds of creepy-crawlies make themselves at home in the plate, then get messed up even more by the mako.

Tifa: Mako did this?

Barret: No. Not mako. Shinra.

Barret: What?

Cloud: That black-and-white world of yours.

Barret: Ya like it, huh? You know there's room for one more.

Cloud: I'll think about it.

(Upon encountering a Grashtrike.)
Barret: That's disgusting!

(Upon descending to the bottom floor of Section E with the Queen Grastrike.)
Tifa: More of 'em!?

Barret: What is this? A science experiment!?

(Upon encountering the Queen Grastrike.)
Barret: What now!?

Tifa: It's huge!

Barret: So you must be the queen, huh!?

(Upon defeating the Queen Grashtrike.)
Barret: I ain't no exterminator. Why I gotta kill all these nasty-ass bugs?

Tifa: Those things really creep me out.

Barret: A train's gonna get derailed by 'em one of these days.

Tifa: Shinra should do something.

Barret: After an accident they will.

Tifa: When it's too late then.

(Upon climbing the staircase.)
Barret: There's good ol' Stamp. Check his nose.

Tifa: This isn't bad, y'know...

Barret: Yeah, they really captured the essence of corporate propaganda.

(Upon crossing the bridge over Shinra soldiers.)
Tifa: Check it out. I guess Shinra's doing something about those monsters after all.

Barret: Doing a half-assed job looks like.

Security Officer: Man, how'd we get such a shit detail?

Flametrooper: Screw it. Let's just give it a quick once-over and call it a day.

(Upon engaging the soldiers in battle.)
Security Officer: How did you get in here!?

Security Officer: It's those three terrorists from the train!

Check the Route[]

Barret: Alright. Let's figure out where the hell we are.

(Upon running away from Barret.)
Barret: Where you going!?

(Upon reaching Barret by the map.)
Barret: There's an old rail yard not far from here. What we're looking for's somewhere inside.

Cloud: And that is...?

Barret: A secret passageway.

(In Heidegger's office.)
Subordinate: We've compiled our report on Avalanche's combat capabilities and are—

Heidegger: Report, report, report! What good do you think a damn report will do anyone!?

Subordinate: I don't...

Heidegger: Have you already forgotten the war with Wutai? An enemy spared is an enemy who will repay your "kindness" with blood. We must crush them—thoroughly and completely, without hesitation or mercy! Shinra cannot and will not settle for anything less. Will you!?

Subordinate: But...but sir—

Heidegger: If so...I can only assume that you and your men no longer wish to serve in your current positions. Is that correct?

Subordinate: We'll prepare the prototype in Section E for immediate deployment. Right now, dammit!

Heidegger: Another day, another victory! How do I do it!? (laughs)

(Back with Cloud.)
On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel - Section E

(While walking down the track.)
Barret: Gotta love the irony of Shinra's smarmy lapdog leading the way to its master's destruction.

(Upon encountering Security Officers after first taking treasure from the warehouse door.)
Security Officer: Intruders!

(Upon attempting to run down the right path off-course.)

  • Barret: We're going to the rail yard, remember?
  • Tifa: Just so you know, this way leads to the station, not the rail yard.

(Upon reaching the edge off-course.)
Barret: I told you this ain't the right way!

(Upon taking the left path down the ramp towards the objective.)
Tifa: You really don't like Stamp, do you, Barret?

Barret: It's not that I hate him. I hate the fact Shinra took a loyal animal like that and co-opted it for their own self-serving agenda.

Tifa: Poor old Stamp.

Barret: Starting to remind me of one Marlene's picture books. The one that's full of nothing but mazes...

Tifa: Think you're making progress and then you hit a wall.

Cloud: Knock it down.

Tifa: You're starting to sound like Barret.

Cloud: Never mind.

Barret: It's a good plan!

Train Yard Security[]

(Upon reaching the rail yard.)
On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel - Rail Yard

Barret: Hey! Hold up! This way.

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Tifa: Security is a lot tighter than I thought it would be.

Barret: If they wanna stand between us and the rail yard, that's their choice.

(Upon engaging the Flametroopers and Sentry Launchers.)
Flametrooper: Get 'em!

Flametrooper: You bastards aren't going to get away this time!

Secret Passageway[]

Barret: No getting through that gate! Let's take the stairs.

(Upon opening the door to a corridor.)
Barret: We should be reaching that secret passage real soon. I knew plan E wouldn't fail us. Shoulda called it "plan excellent"! Whatcha think, Mister Ex-SOLDIER?

Cloud: Biggs made the plan, right?

Barret: I provided some input.

Cloud: Hope not too much.

Barret: What's that s'posed to mean?

(Upon entering the door to a nearby storage room with a vending machine and bench.)
Tifa: Thought this place was abandoned.

Barret: Guess not.

(Upon encountering a group of Elite Security Officers.)
Elite Security Officer: Give it up, assholes, or we'll blow you to hell!

Elite Security Officer: Surrender!

(Upon leaving the room after defeating them.)
Tifa: So many guards.

Barret: Too many...

(Upon taking the ladder down.)
Barret: Keep looking for faithful little Stamp. He'll lead us to the passageway.

(Upon finding the Stamp graffiti.)
Cloud: This it?

(Upon approaching it.)
Cloud: Get back!

Tifa: What the—!?

Barret: That all you got!?

Cloud: Someone's mad.

Barret: Take your best shot, asshole!

(During the battle against Crab Warden.)
Cloud: Huh. Looks like an old model.

Barret: So it's an antique.

Cloud: Don't underestimate it. It's slow, but it hits hard.

(Upon attacking its main body.)
Barret: The hell—!? Tough bastard.

Tifa: What do we do?

Cloud: Aim for its legs. Bring it down.

(When the Crab Warden scans Cloud.)
Barret: I think you've got its attention, Cloud!

Cloud: I'll draw its fire. You two stay on the offensive.

(When the Crab Warden uses Target Lock on Tifa.)
Tifa: I think it hates me.

(When the Crab Warden scans Barret.)
Barret: Hah, look at that! It's tough being Mr. Popular.

(When the Crab Warden uses Target Lock on a character a second time.)
Tifa: Not again!

(Upon crippling one of its legs.)

  • Right Front Leg: You crippled the right front leg.
  • Right Rear Leg: You crippled the right rear leg.
  • Left Front Leg: You crippled the left front leg.
  • Left Rear Leg: You crippled the left rear leg.

(Upon staggering the Crab Warden.)
Tifa: Hey, see that?

Cloud: That's its heart—a mako generator.

Barret: I'm guessin' we aim for that!

(After Crab Warden loses 25% HP.)
Tifa: What are those?

Cloud: More drones.

(While attacking the Crab Warden when Slug-Rays are active.)
Tifa: Get out of our way!

Cloud: Bastards.

Barret: Damn! Think we gotta take these down first.

Barret: This is where I shine!

(After the Crab Warden is down to 30% HP.)
Barret: That it!?

Tifa: Now what?

Cloud: Could be a system error.

Barret: Thing's probably busted!

(When Crab Warden uses Surge.)
Barret: What's it doing now?

Tifa: I think—

Cloud: Get away from the tracks!

Cloud: It can electrify the tracks.

(Sometimes before it uses Surge again.)
Cloud: Watch out for the surge!

(After Crab Warden's Pilot becomes targetable.)
Barret: Shit! It's still going!

Tifa: Now what?

Cloud: Destroy the pilot! That'll expose the generator!

(After defeating Crab Warden.)
Cloud: All clear.

Barret: And stay down!

Cloud: Let's go.

Tifa: Sure.

Barret: Alright, this way.

(In Heidegger's office.)
Heidegger: This won't do.

Subordinate: Sir, Analytics reports that the feed went down...after an anomaly was registered during the test.

Heidegger: An "anomaly"? Or an excuse for your failure to properly prepare the armor?

Subordinate: N-no sir! All modules were confirmed fully operational! It's far more likely—given the circumstances—that the sensors were overloaded.

Heidegger: Is that so?

Subordinate: All the sensors in Section E are...inoperable.

Subordinate: The president.

Heidegger: Yes... Yes... Everything is fine, sir. Better, even—there's been a development.

Heidegger: Yes... Understood, sir.

Heidegger: We know exactly where they were headed. If the armor is intact, then you'd best determine the nature of this anomaly soon. Should you fail to do so... You will deal with our intruders. Personally.

Subordinate: ...Y-yessir.

Heidegger: Don't worry. I treat my people more than fairly. So don't disappoint me.

The Road to Mako Reactor 5[]

Barret: The passage is beyond these shipping containers. Let's slip through 'em.

Barret: Talk about a tight squeeze...

Tifa: You okay?

Barret: Yeah...

(Upon passing through the containers.)
Tifa: So, you bump into any giant robots like that in Reactor 1?

Barret: Yeah, except the bastard looked like a scorpion! Speaking of which...what would you say that last one looked like?

Tifa: Huh? Uh... Well...

Cloud: Looks dead now.

(Upon taking the ladder down to the Plate Maintenance Corridor.)
On-screen: Service Tunnel

(Upon reaching the elevator to Sector 4 Plate.)
Barret: Lo and behold.

Barret: All aboard...

(Upon entering the elevator.)
Barret: Just so you's not gonna get any easier.

Cloud: When did it ever?

Chapter 6: Light the Way[]

Head for Section G[]

Barret: Through here and straight on to Reactor 5.

Tifa: You make it sound so simple...

Barret: Only 'cause it is. That there's the reactor support pillar.

Cloud: So what's the plan?

Barret: After plan E comes F, G, and then H!

Cloud: Thought E was the last.

Tifa: This here is Section F.

Barret: We cut through Section G and head for H.

Tifa: A cargo platform in H will get us closer to the reactor. Biggs should be somewhere over there.

Tifa: Looks like the sun's going down on Midgar...

Barret: Right. Double time! We got a date with a reactor.

On-screen: Sector 4 Plate

(Upon reaching Barret across the catwalk.)
Barret: Nothing but air below us.

Cloud: Shut up and move.

Tifa: Just don't look down, okay?

Barret: Easy for you to say.

Barret: Section G's through here, huh?

(Upon interacting with the switch for the sun lamp.)
Cloud: This a switch for the lamp?

(Upon approaching Tifa by the gate.)
Tifa: This oughta open it.

(Upon interacting with the gate controls.)
Tifa: No good?

Cloud: Needs power, I think.

Barret: That looks more like what we need...

Cloud: Control room.

Tifa: Let's check it out.

Head to the Control Room[]

(Upon heading towards the Facility Control Room before interacting with the gate.)
Barret: Hey. You see something over there?

Tifa: Maybe the gate didn't budge because there's not enough power to spare?

Barret: Gotta figure this out.

(Upon heading towards the Facility Control Room after having interacted with the gate first.)
Tifa: Maybe no one uses that entrance.

Barret: I'm getting the feeling no one's come down here for a long time.

Tifa: No "plate inspectors," huh.

Secure a Power Source[]

(Upon interacting with the Facility Control Room terminal.)
Announcement: Error. Insufficient power.

Cloud: Of course.

Tifa: Hey guys, look at this. Instructions for dealing with a power shortage.

Cloud: Kill the lights, and we free up power for the gate and other stuff.

Tifa: "Sun lamps"... You think these are the plate suns? The closest thing we have to the real thing.

Barret: Gotta put out a sun just to open a gate, huh?

Tifa: But if we go through with it, the grounders in Sector 4 will suffer...

Barret: Now or later—sun's going out for good once we blow the reactor.

Tifa: That's true.

Cloud: Let's go.

Tifa: All these lamps... You'd think they'd be able to balance the load by now though.

Barret: Maybe. If the maintenance guys or whoever weren't playing hooky.

Tifa: The lamps are important, but when you think about how much mako it must take to keep them running...

(Upon approaching the No. 1 Lighting Equipment sun lamp.)
Tifa: That's gotta be one. Man, look at the size of it.

Barret: That a console I see near the top of that ladder? A, uh, pretty tall ladder too.

Cloud: I'll go.

Tifa: Okay. We'll wait down here.

(Upon pulling the lever.)
Console: Emergency power supply confirmed. Disengaging locking mechanisms.

Barret: Okay! That's that.

Tifa: Great job, Cloud!

Head for Section H[]

(Upon opening the gate.)
Barret: Next stop: Section G!

Tifa: Yep! And after that, Reactor 5!

Tifa: Not again...

Barret: Great. I'm sure those things'll welcome us just as warmly as before. Tell you what, the rot runs deep in this damn pizza.

On-screen: Section G - Middle Level

(Upon encountering the first Grashtrikes.)
Barret: Don't mind us, y'all—just passing through!

Cloud: If only.

(Upon reaching the broken bridge.)
Cloud: No way to cross that.

Tifa: Gotta go where the catwalks take us.

(Upon approaching deactivated Sentry Rays.)
Tifa: They busted?

Cloud: Powered down, is my guess.

Barret: Lucky us, am I right? One less thing for us to worry about.

(Upon approaching exhaust fumes.)
Barret: Filling the air that we gotta breathe with their shit.

Tifa: Monsters sure seem to like it. What's up with that?

Barret: It's like in the tunnels. They get twisted by the mako. But it all goes back to Shinra.

(Upon taking the stairs to the lower level.)
On-screen: Section G - Lower Level

(Upon defeating Grashtrikes at G - 08.)
Barret: You know the best way to not get lost is to believe that you're not. Mind over matter.

Tifa: Isn't that from one of Marlene's books?

Barret: Yup, one of her favorites! Loves it when I read it to her before bedtime, doing all the voices.

Tifa: "Life in the Endless Maze," am I right? (chuckles) I remember.

Collapsed Passageway[]

(Upon attempting to cross the passageway at Section G - Lower Level.)
Tifa: You okay?

Cloud: Yeah.

Barret: Hah. Going for that materia, weren't you?

Tifa: So close, and yet so far. This path's no good now.

Barret: I'm sure there's another way to get there.

Tifa: Hm... Nothing we can do but search.

Barret: And when we find it, we can finally snag that materia.

The Way to Section H[]

(Upon reaching the Upper Level.)
On-screen: Section G - Upper Level

Tifa: Hey, let's take a moment to get our bearings.

(Upon approaching Tifa.)
Barret: We're still in G, right?

Tifa: Yeah. And to reach Mako Reactor 5, we need to go through Section H.

Cloud: Okay.

Tifa: Unfortunately, I didn't spot a connecting catwalk to Section H. Did you?

Barret: Well, we can always do another lap.

Cloud: Go for ten, why don'tcha.

Tifa: The only other route that I can think of would be...

Cloud: Along the wall.

Tifa: Up for giving it a try? It might not work out, but it's the only idea I've got.

Cloud: It's not a bad one.

Barret: So we're shooting for those giant fans over there? Okay. At least we've got a clear landmark to guide us.

Tifa: Those ventilation fans?

Barret: Keeping the plate's air clean by pushing the smog into the slums. Whole system's designed to make shit roll downhill faster.

(Upon backtracking to lower levels.)
Tifa: You lost?

(Upon approaching the ventilation fans.)
Tifa: Hey, look! I think we can climb onto that pipe!

Cloud: Sure seems that way.

Barret: Dammit.

Barret: I feel no fear...yeah, no fear—little fear!

(Upon climbing the ladder by the pipe.)
Barret: Hey guys, know, these fans are really loud and...

Cloud: You chickening out?

Barret: Hell no! I'm just worried that your bony ass is gonna get blown off the side and shit!

Tifa: Enough. We gotta keep moving.

Barret: O-okay then! Follow me!

(While walking across the fan.)
Barret: No worse than a windy day, huh?

Tifa: One with a tornado warning maybe. Don't look at the fan! Whatever you do!

Barret: Right.

(Upon crossing to the other end.)
Tifa: Made it through in one piece.

Barret: Think that took a couple years off my life. I—I mean, uh, not really! Couple seconds maybe. Three tops!

(Upon crossing the catwalk on the Section H Utility Access to the cargo platform.)
Tifa: Section H is just up ahead! Slow and steady, guys.

Cloud: And that's our objective?

Tifa: The cargo platform? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the one.

Inside the Ventilation Fan[]

(Upon moving the camera toward the ventilation fan while crossing.)
Tifa: Hey, what's that behind the fan over there?

Cloud: Isn't that—

Barret: Hey! Don't be a dumbass! Tifa told you not to look at the fan!

Power for the Platform[]

(Upon reaching the Section H Utility Access platform.)
On-screen: Section H - Sun Lamp 1

Barret: This is it. The cargo platform Biggs was talking about. Let's not keep him waiting.

Announcement: Error. Insufficient power.

Barret: You're kidding me.

Cloud: Needs three light's worth, looks like.

Tifa: But that's... That's all of them, isn't it?

Barret: All or nothing...

Tifa: Let's regroup here if we get lost. Remember the H-01 sign.

Cloud: Right.

Barret: Lessee now... Closest light oughta be...

Cloud: That one.

Tifa: "By the light of these magnificent lamps... we shall lead our brothers and sisters of the undercity to a brighter future."

Barret: Say what?

Tifa: It's from a speech President Shinra gave talking about the importance of the sun lamps.

Barret: Brighter future, my ass. Shinra's leading us down a one-way path to darkness and death.

One Sun Lamp Down[]

(Upon attempting to use a moving platform before deactivating two sun lamps.)
Announcement: Error. Insufficient power.

Cloud: Gotta power down a sun lamp first.

(Upon reaching the first sun lamp.)
Tifa: Look! There's the switch.

Barret: Let's flip it and go.

(Upon pulling the lever.)
Announcement: Rerouting power. Please wait.

Tifa: That's one down.

Barret: Only two more lights to go.

Announcement: Reinitializing intrusion prevention system.

Tifa: "Intrusion prevention"?

Cloud: Back online 'cause of us.

Barret: No need to fret, y'all. A few rusted mechs ain't gonna keep us from reaching the reactor.

Two Sun Lamps Down[]

(Upon reaching inactive turrets.)
Announcement: Intruders detected. Engaging countermeasures.

(Upon reaching the first group of inactive turrets.)
Cloud: Mid-range turrets, huh?

Barret: Hey, Cloud! Hang back while I deal with these pests.

(After defeating them.)
Tifa: Just made our lives a lot harder.

Cloud: We restored power to more than just security, remember?

(Upon interacting with a control terminal for the catwalks.)
Tifa: We can move this catwalk!

(Upon moving the catwalk again.)
Barret: Think back. Anybody see a connecting catwalk?

(Upon reaching the second sun lamp area.)
On-screen: Section H - Sun Lamp 2

Barret: Which way to the next light?

Tifa: If we can't make sense of this place we're gonna get lost.

Barret: Well at least we know where the big-ass things are.

(Upon pulling the lever for the second sun lamp.)
Barret: And that makes two lights down.

Tifa: Meaning we've only got one left.

Barret: The end's in sight, y'all!

Cloud: Should be able to climb down from here.

Barret: This'll hold, right?

Cloud: That the Sector 4 slums down there?

Tifa: Huh? You wanna check them out sometime? I can show you around.

Barret: We'll check them out now if we fall!

Three Sun Lamps Down[]

(Upon taking the small platform to the starting position.)
Tifa: You think they'll miss those three plate suns?

Barret: I say the real sun's the only one we need! To hell with Shinra and their night-lights.

(Upon returning to the starting position.)
Tifa: We're right back where we started. Hmm... Where was that last light again?

(Upon taking the platform to Sun Lamp 3.)
On-screen: Section H - Sun Lamp 3

Tifa: Almost done. It's a shame we had to wander around so much.

Barret: Well. No Stamps here to guide us. No Jessie or Wedge to back us up neither.

Tifa: Yeah... Speaking of which, what should we tell Biggs? I don't want him to worry.

(Upon taking the ladder down to the lower level.)
Barret: Uhh, you takin' a detour? Well, aight then.

(Upon interacting with the terminal on the middle level to control the catwalk.)
Barret: If there's no viable path, we'll just have to make one.

(Upon pulling the lever for the third sun lamp.)
Tifa: And that makes three. Enough to finally get our cargo platform moving.

Cloud: Better be.

Barret: Okay! Let's head on back to the H-01 sign.

Tifa: I hope that Jessie's injury isn't anything serious.

Barret: The best thing you can do to speed her recovery is to kick Shinra ass in her stead.

Tifa: I know. I know. And Cloud's gotta cover for Wedge too.

(Upon taking the platform to return to H-01.)
Cloud: When do we link up with Biggs?

Barret: Soon enough, don't you worry.

Tifa: He knew we might be late, so he came up with a few ways to kill time.

Barret: Oughta reach him long before he dies of boredom.

(Upon returning to H-01.)
Tifa: And we're back at the cargo platform.

Barret: Get ready, Mako Reactor 5. We're coming.

(Upon interacting with the cargo platform with all three lamps deactivated.)
Announcement: Auxiliary power supply confirmed. Reactivating cargo platform.

Announcement: Cargo platform activated. Awaiting input.

Barret: So long, underplate. I hate you too.

Inside the Ventilation Fan (continued)[]

(Upon attempting to take the platform from H-01 towards the ventilation fan before deactivating two lamps.)
Announcement: Error. Insufficient power.

Tifa: We need to disable a lamp first.

(Upon taking the platform from H-01 towards the ventilation fan.)
Barret: Where could they be going...? Embarking on an adventure to find some treasure!?

(Upon reaching the ventilation maintenance control room.)
Announcement: Ventilation system service mode active. Access maintenance terminal to complete procedure.

(Upon interacting with the terminal.)
Cloud: Does this control the fans?

Tifa: We stop it?

Announcement: Switching ventilation system to maintenance mode. Please complete the maintenance access procedure within the designated time limit.

Barret: Man, what are we even doing?

(Upon failing to deactivate the fans within the time limit.)
Announcement: Error. Error. Maintenance access procedure not completed within time limit. Reactivating ventilation system.

(Upon attempting to deactivate the fans after failing the time limit.)
Announcement: Access denied. Ventilation system is currently active.

(Upon interacting with the terminal to deactivate the fans.)
Announcement: Access granted. Disengaging time lock.

Cloud: Okay.

Barret: What?

(Upon obtaining the Chocobo & Moogle Materia.)
Barret: This is summoning materia!

Tifa: Wow...

Barret: What kind of badass will pop outta this one?

Cloud: We'll see.

To the Cargo Platform[]

(Upon interacting with the terminal to move the cargo platform.)
Tifa: Wonder what the reactor's like.

Barret: Dark. Dismal. A slaughterhouse where they butcher the planet. Then there's the smell. The mako. Be ready for it.

Tifa: Right...

Barret: Hear that, guys? It's the reactor calling us. Beckoning us, saying "Bring it on, Avalanche."

(Upon crawling through the duct in Plate Partition - Interior.)
Tifa: Even after all that fighting, no one's coming for us?

Cloud: No need. This is Shinra's city. They probably have cameras everywhere.

Tifa: Why didn't you say something sooner?

Cloud: Way too late to bail now.

Barret: It's like walking a tightrope. When you're on it, only two ways off.

Tifa: Better keep my balance.

Cloud: You'd be good at it.

Tifa: I wonder.

On-screen: Interplate Utility Access

(Upon climbing the first ladder inside the Plate Partition - Interior.)
Cloud: Tifa?

Tifa: It's nothing. Just thinking about the next step. Didn't think I'd be this nervous.

Barret: Some things you never get used to.

Tifa: Yeah.

(Upon reaching the end of the path.)
Biggs: Mercy!

Biggs: Wait... Cloud? Where's Jessie and Wedge?

Barret: Report.

Biggs: Topside's going nuts after some terrorists jumped off a train. Nice and quiet here, though. So quiet I had no trouble securing your route into the reactor.

Barret: You magnificent son of a bitch, bring it in!

Biggs: So—where are the others?

Tifa: Jessie got hurt and couldn't make it.

Biggs: Bad?

Barret: Not so bad she couldn't rope in this guy.

Biggs: Thanks for stepping up.

Cloud: It's a jump.

Biggs: Worked out pretty good, you picking that train you did. While Shinra scours Sector 4... You can waltz right on into Sector 5. It's a bit of a squeeze, but it ought to get you where you need to go.

Barret: Little dark and foreboding for my taste...

Biggs: Beggars can't be choosers. Oh—and you'll be needing your grappling guns, of course. All set?

Barret: Ready to take on the world and then some!

Tifa: Make sure everyone gets clear, okay?

Biggs: Will do!

Barret: Okay, y'all. Keep these grappling guns close. Secure 'em to your belt or whatever so you don't lose 'em. When we're done, we'll be using these babies to get down safe. All of us.

Cloud: Got it.

Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung[]

Reach Mako Storage[]

(At President Shinra's office.)
Security Officer: More to the left. Left! Hurry it up!

Security Officer: Fix those lights!

NPC: Excuse me, sir. Your tie?

Heidegger: Quickly now. Quickly!

(In Mako Reactor 5.)
On-screen: Mako Reactor 5 - Interior

Barret: That's it. That's the smell. This place reeks of mako.

Tifa: Looks like we made it.

Barret: Layout's the same as Reactor 1?

Cloud: Yeah. We're near mako storage.

Barret: Let's move.

(Upon running to the edge of the Perimeter Passageway.)
Barret: I'm not seeing a way down...

Tifa: Here maybe?

Barret: Well now! That could work.

Barret: I'm next.

(Upon sliding down the pipe.)
Tifa: Kinda scary, huh?

Cloud: S'all in the mind.

(Upon running through the armory.)
Barret: Hey! Check it out. They sic this big boy on us, we'd be screwed six ways from Sunday.

Cloud: Mechanized units like these were designed to take out giant monsters. Probably a new prototype. If they do decide to deploy it, then our best bet would be to run like hell.

Barret: Then let's hope he sleeps through the explosion.

(Upon walking through the hallway at the end of the armory.)
Tifa: Where is everybody?

Barret: You mean Shinra? Got spooked and cleared out, is my guess.

(Upon taking the ladder down.)
Tifa: Almost there...

Tifa: The smell... It takes me back...

(Upon encountering two Sweepers and Laser Cannons.)
Tifa: Guys!

Barret: Well, well! What we got here!?

Cloud: Turrets up top.

Barret: I can deal with those things!

(Upon descending further after defeating them.)
Tifa: was like this last time?

Barret: Little more chaotic—ain't that right?

Cloud: Yeah.

(Upon reaching the bottom floor of mako storage.)
On-screen: Sector 5 Reactor - Core

(Upon approaching the core.)
Tifa (in flashback): Sephiroth... SOLDIERs... Mako... Shinra...

Tifa (in flashback): I'm sick of this! I'm sick of all of this!

Barret: Hey! SOLDIER boy!

Cloud: Tifa—

Tifa: What?

(Upon interacting with the core.)
Cloud: How much time we need?

Barret: Got all the time in the world. This one comes with a remote detonator.

Tifa: Courtesy of Jessie.

Barret: We withdraw to a safe distance—then...kaboom!

Cloud: "Safe" distance?

Barret: What? No such thing?

Escape from the Reactor[]

Barret: We get out the same way we got in. Let's double back.

(Upon reaching the ladder.)
Barret: What the—Where you goin'!?

Cloud: Weirdly perfect timing.

Tifa: Wait a minute. Is someone watching us?

Heidegger: (laughs) Greetings, my dear sewer rats! As architect of our populace engagement campaign, I, Heidegger, head of Public Security... bid you welcome.

Barret: The chief warmonger.

Heidegger: You should be flattered. Right now, you command the undivided attention of every soul in Midgar.

Tifa: What is this!?

Announcer: Breaking news from Mako Reactor 5. Shinra has confirmed the reactor to be the target of the bomb threat issued by the terrorist group Avalanche. Members of the group were observed entering the facility, and security is currently sweeping it for explosive devices. We now go live to the scene...

Reporter: I'm here in the Sector 5 undercity. Having confirmed the terrorists' target... the Shinra Emergency Operations Center has issued an evacuation advisory. Residents are outraged that the tragedy of Mako Reactor 1 was only the first attack... in a campaign of violence.

NPC: No more bombings! No more bombings!

Announcer: President Shinra has issued a statement providing assurances that the terrorists will soon be brought to justice.

Heidegger: And so, to a people beset by chaos and uncertainty, we will offer the finest comfort: bread and circus!

Barret: The big boy!

Heidegger: I give you Shinra's latest triumph of technology! The airbuster! Your executioner! (laughs)

Subordinate: Engineering on the line. Currently, the airbuster is only sixty percent operational. The estimates were optimistic...

Heidegger: I'm on air!

Heidegger: To the imbecile in charge down there—you are hereby ordered to seize those intruders and bring them to me!

Elite Shock Trooper: Come quietly or there'll be trouble!

Barret: Shhh.

(During battle against the Shock Troopers and Elite Shock Trooper.)
Heidegger: Attention all security forces! I repeat—you are to bring the insurgents to the command center without further delay. What's Engineering's progress on getting that airbuster operational?

Heidegger: ...Still only sixty percent!? Bullshit! I swear, if you fail me, I'll throw you off the plate myself! So get it done already!

(After defeating them.)
Barret: Shut the hell up!

Tifa: I don't believe it... We played right into Shinra's hands!

Barret: Yeah. And their bullshit news is already peddling their false narrative.

Tifa: So we're screwed.

Barret: No no no no no! Hell no! Listen! They wanna turn this into a spectacle? Then I say let's give 'em one! Let's take down Shinra's big-ass mech in front of everybody!

Cloud: Okay. I'm sold.

Sentenced to Death[]

(Upon entering the facilities.)
On-screen: Mako Reactor 5 - Assembly Plant

(Upon entering the B8 Facilities.)
Security Officer (1): You heard the man! Get these components prepped for the airbuster ASAP!

Security Officer (2): It's ready, sir!

Security Officer (1): Component outbound from B8.

Engineering Officer: Copy, B8.

Security Officer (1): Intruders!

Security Officer (2): Take 'em out!

Monitor Data[]

(After defeating all enemies at the B8 Facilities.)
Barret: All clear! Now let's see what these bastards were up to...

Tifa: Barret, Cloud! Over here!

(Upon obtaining a keycard before interacting with a component console.)
Barret: Huh? Find something?

Cloud: Keycard. Might come in handy.

Barret: You think!? Nice work!

(Upon interacting with the terminal to leave the room before removing a component.)
Tifa: You really that impatient, Cloud?

(Upon interacting with the terminal by Tifa.)
Tifa: It looks like a few of its components are still in transit...

Barret: (chuckles) We'll see about that.

Cloud: Could tamper a little with its loadout...

Tifa: And give ourselves an edge?

Cloud: There should be a console somewhere...

Barret: This the console you talking about?

(Upon interacting with a component console.)
Barret: Think you can get it to work?

Cloud: Needs a keycard.

(If Cloud has no keycard.)
Barret: Well, let's find it then!

(If Cloud has a keycard.)
Barret: Try that keycard of yours.

(Upon obtaining a keycard after interacting with the console first.)
Tifa: You find it?

Cloud: Yeah.

Barret: Good job! Now, let's check out that console.

(Upon interacting with the console with the keycard.)
Tifa: "M units," huh? I'm guessing that's some sort of component?

Cloud: Yep. An enhancement powered by liquefied materia.

Barret: Sounds bad.

Cloud: Pretty sure I can divert this unit for disposal.

On-screen: Dispose of an M-unit? (Cost: 1 Keycard)

(Upon selecting "No".)
Barret: What the hell? You got a better plan or something?

(Upon selecting "Yes" and disposing of an M unit.)
Console: M unit flagged for disposal.

Sentenced to Death (continued)[]

(Upon disposing of a component through a console adjacent to Barret.)

  • Serves y'all right!
  • Heidegger's got no idea who he's messing with!
  • Just imagining their faces when they find out...

(After the M unit is disposed.)
Tifa: So far so good.

Barret: Right. Let's move!

(Upon interacting with the console to leave B8 Facilities.)
Tifa: You think they're watching us? Even now?

Cloud: Yep. Probably got a live feed.

Barret: Nothing we can do about it...'cept smile for the folks at home.

(Upon entering the B7 Facilities.)
Security Officer: Component outbound from B7.

Engineering Officer: Copy. We've lost contact with B8. Send some men to check it out. We've got a schedule to keep!

Security Officer: Intruders, size them!

Security Officer: Engineering, this is B7! We've got hostiles! Requesting backup!

Engineering Officer: Negative B7, airbuster prep is priority. You're on your own!

Security Officer: Then we'll deal with you ourselves!

(After defeating the enemies at B7 Facilities.)
Tifa: Looks like there's two consoles this time.

Barret: Hah! Double the sabotage!

Cloud: If we can find the keycards.

(Upon obtaining a keycard.)
Tifa: Any cards?

Cloud: Just the one.

Tifa: Two choices, and only one single-use card... It's up to you, Cloud.

(Upon first interacting with the left console at B7 Facilities.)
Barret: Console talks about big bomber shells. You acquainted?

Cloud: We called 'em BBs. One's enough to blow you to hell and back.

Barret: Could divert them and give it a couple less shots to take out.

On-screen: Dispose of a big bomber shell? (Cost: 1 Keycard)

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Yes" and disposing of a big bomber shell.)
Console: Big bomber shell flagged for disposal.

(Upon first interacting with the right console at B7 Facilities.)
Tifa: What does an "AI programming core" do?

Cloud: Increases processing power dedicated to motor function computation. Makes it move real quick.

Tifa: A "real quick" giant robot, huh? That doesn't sound good. Anyway, we should weigh our options carefully.

On-screen: Dispose of a programming core? (Cost: 1 Keycard)

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Yes" and disposing of a programming core.)
Console: Programming core flagged for disposal.

(Upon disposing of a component through a console adjacent to Tifa.)

  • Yeah. That'll do.
  • That should slow them down some.

(Upon discarding either component on B7 Facilities.)
Tifa: So, where did we send the discarded stuff?

Cloud: To a storeroom for defective equipment, I'm guessing.

Barret: That so... You think these defective shells and programming cores might be valuable enough to warrant a little...detour?

Cloud: Maybe.

Barret: I say we grab 'em.

Cloud: Hmph. If we get that far.

(Upon opening the door to leave the B7 Facilities.)
Barret: Okay! Listen up, y'all! Everything Shinra has told you is a goddamn lie! Mako is the lifeblood of our planet! Those greedy bastards are bleeding it dry! Y'all gotta rise up—

Tifa: Barret!? Who are you talking to?

Barret: The people! Put me on TV, I'mma drop some truth!

Cloud: Thousand gil says they cut the sound.

(Upon entering the B6 Facilities.)
Security Officer: Good to go?

Security Officer: Locked and loaded!

Security Officer: Heads up! We got company!

Security Officer: Take 'em down!

Security Officer: Engineering, this is B6—enemy contact! Enemy contact!

Engineering Officer: Shit! We can't afford any more delays. You need to keep those components coming—do whatever it takes!

Security Officer: Solid copy. B6 will hold the line!

(Upon defeating the enemies at B6 Facilities.)
Barret: Piece o' cake!

(Upon obtaining the keycard in B6 Facilities.)
Tifa: Find any cards?

Cloud: Only one. And this time we've got three choices...

Tifa: Take your pick.

(Upon interacting with a console for M units on B6.)
Barret: Hell is this?

Cloud: M unit. Another type of enhancement.

Barret: Your call if you wanna nix it.

(Upon interacting with a console for big bomber shells.)

  • Feel like scrapping some BBs? Hurry up and decide what you wanna get rid of. It's past time we taught Shinra a lesson!
  • Big bomber shells. We should divert them if you think it'll improve our odds.
  • From what you said, even one big bomber shell is too many. But I'll let you be the judge of that.

(Upon interacting with a console for AI programming cores.)

  • AI programming core... Hmm... What are you thinking, Cloud? Should we get rid of it?
  • An AI programming core. Should we discard this or something else?
  • AI programming cores help it move faster, right? Divert it or not?

(Upon interacting with the console to leave the room.)
Barret: I tell you what, I ain't never looked forward to an execution more in my entire life!

Tifa: You don't say.

Barret: We're about to make fools outta Shinra while the whole damn city's watching! (chuckles) Times like these you gotta savor!

Tifa: Oh no—if you're about to ask me to dance, then don't.

Barret: C'mon, don't be shy! How 'bout you, Cloud?

Cloud: I don't dance.

(Upon opening the door to B5 Facilities.)
Engineering Officer: B5, this is Engineering. You need to pick up the pace—we're running dangerously low on components because of those terrorists!

Security Officer: Copy!

Security Officer: They're here!

(After defeating enemies at the B5 Facilities.)
Barret: Buncha pushovers. C'mon, y'all. Let's see what kinda mischief they were getting up to.

(Upon obtaining a keycard at the B5 Facilities.)
Cloud: Four consoles. And never enough keycards...

(After using all keycards to disable components.)
Tifa: Think we've done enough to weaken the robot?

Cloud: All that we can, at least.

Barret: It's all good. The stage is set—all that's left is to hijack Heidegger's show!

(Upon using the console to leave the room.)
Barret: We're coming up on the exit. Tifa—detonator still in range?

Tifa: We should be good.

Barret: The moment big boy goes down, you hit that switch.

Tifa: Right.

(Upon opening the door to the hallway to the armory.)
Barret: Can't say we didn't prepare. Now we just gotta get it done!

(Upon entering the armory, where XXX is either "BBs" or "AI cores" depending on which the player removed more of.)
Engineering Officer: Status report!

Security Officer: We're short on XXX, but tracking down replacements!

Engineering Officer: Work faster! Or you'll hear it from the brass!

Barret: Look! They're still preppin' it!

Engineering Officer: They're here! Hold 'em back! Buy us every second you can!

(During the following battle.)
Heidegger: What is the status of my airbuster? Report!

Engineering Officer: I'm sorry, sir. We're going to need more time! The terrorists have breached the room and are engaging our forces. At this rate, there's no telling when we'll have it fully operational!

Heidegger: (laughs) As expected. Deploy it at once!

Engineering Officer: But sir, it's not ready yet!

Heidegger: That was an order!

Engineering Officer: Understood. Prepare the airbuster for immediate deployment!

Barret: Shit! We too late?

Engineering Officer: That's far enough, you bastards! I'm taking you down!

(Upon defeating the officers.)
Barret: Y'all never had a chance!

Tifa: Hey, guys.

Status of the Airbuster[]

(Upon approaching Tifa.)
Tifa: Looks like a performance assessment, don't you think?

  • (If more AI cores were removed.)
    Tifa: Reduced response time... Should work in our favor.
  • (If more big bomber shells were removed.)
    Cloud: We'll figure out its weaknesses as we fight it. As long as we stay focused, we'll be fine. We can do this.

Barret: For real, though, we need to talk victory poses. Something coordinated for the live, on-camera finish! Could blow up big—start a new trend!

Cloud: Veto.

(After the conversation ends.)
Barret: Huh. No way up?

(Upon attempting to leave the armory.)
Barret: Damn near gave me a heart attack!

(After defeating the Cutter.)
Barret: Bastard cleared the way for us.

Cloud: Real subtle invitation.

Barret: We were gonna spring the trap anyway!

(Upon walking past the airbuster on the way up.)
Barret: Big boy's going to an execution all right. We're gonna put him out of his misery while the whole damn city watches!

Tifa: We give it our all and we'll win!

(Upon entering the elevator.)
Barret: We're gonna get through this. We're gonna make it home. All of us. No exceptions.

Tifa: Right. We don't wanna disappoint Marlene.

Tifa: That goes for you too, Cloud. Right?

Barret: You'd better give her a big ol' smile this time.

Cloud: If the price is right.

Storming the Gates[]

(Upon interacting with the console to leave the reactor.)
Barret: What? Open it already!

Cloud: It's locked down.

Tifa: Is there any way we can get it open?

Cloud: Yeah. From that room over there.

Barret: Why does everything have to be so damn complicated...?

Cloud: You know, the faulty equipment storeroom's that way too.

Tifa: Do you think we'll find the components we diverted there?

Barret: It's like a treasure vault! Hoo, I like the sound of that!

Disable the Emergency Lock[]

(Upon approaching the lock terminal.)
Tifa: So how do we do this?

Cloud: It's simple, really. We move the levers at the same time.

Tifa: Got these ones.

Barret: I'll take left. Which just leaves right, SOLDIER boy.

(Upon beginning the lock terminal disabling minigame.)
Announcement: Emergency lockdown is currently in effect.

Tifa: So we need to synchronize our movements?

Barret: In that case, follow my lead.

Cloud: Nah—Tifa's.

Barret: Fine! Have it your way!

Tifa: Okay, pay attention, you two...

(Beginning the lock countdown.)
Tifa: Three, two, one...

(Upon failing the command.)

  • Barret: I'm, uh, still getting warmed up!
  • Barret: Shit!
  • Tifa: No good. Let's try again.
  • Tifa: Don't rush it!
  • Tifa: Um... Breathe when I breathe!
  • Barret: No need to grip it so hard!

(Upon failing after multiple attempts, immediately after a normal response.)

  • Barret: Got an idea! Seventh seventh heaven heaven hoo-ah! Seventh seventh heaven heaven hoo-ah!
    Cloud: Hell no.
    Barret: How 'bout this then? Seveeenth heaven! Heaven! Heaven!
    Tifa: We're doing it my way! Three, two, one...
  • Barret: Hey, are you even trying? How 'bout a chant to help us time it right? Aaa-vaaa-lanche!
    Tifa: This is exhausting!
  • Barret: Hey, I think I should lead after all. Five...four...three-two-one-go!
    Cloud: Much better.

(Upon restarting the countdown after a failed attempt.)

  • Tifa: We got this. Three, two, one...
  • Tifa: Shake it off. Three, two, one...
  • Tifa: Focus! Three, two, one...
  • Tifa: Let's just get through this. Three, two, one...

(Upon successfully disabling the lock.)
Announcement: Emergency lockdown—disengaged.

(If there were many failures.)
Tifa: Thank god...

Barret: How the hell we made it through with dumbass here, I'll never know.

Cloud: We really are in sync. Took the words right outta my mouth.

Barret: What did you say!?

Tifa: Okay, that's it. Let's go.

(If there were a few failures.)
Barret: Gotcha!

Tifa: Now that is what I call teamwork!

Cloud: Go team.

(If there were no failures.)
Barret: Hell yeah! (laughs)

Tifa: We really did it! Great timing—right on the money!

Cloud: Yeah...

Waste Recovery[]

(After successfully disabling the first lock.)
Barret: Whatcha'll got tucked away in that vault, huh?

(Upon interacting with the waste storage room terminal.)
Barret: This would be the treasure vault?

Cloud: That's right.

Tifa: What's the catch?

Cloud: Need to bypass a high-level security lock.

Barret: Different from the other one?

Cloud: Same deal, but we gotta do it several times.

Barret: Hah. Not a problem!

Tifa: Yeah, let's try!

(Upon beginning the lock terminal disabling minigame.)
Announcement: Delta-level security lockdown is currently in effect.

Tifa: Okay, guys. You know what we have to do.

Barret: Copy me?

Cloud: No, Tifa leads.

Barret: Oh, fine! After you, girl.

(Beginning the countdown for the first lock.)
Tifa: Gotta get past level one first, right? Three, two, one...

(Upon failing, and repeat attempts, dialogue is the same as the previous mission.)

(Upon successfully disabling the first lock.)
Announcement: Alpha-level security—disengaged.

Tifa: That was great, you guys! Let's keep it up!

(Upon successfully disabling the second lock.)
Announcement: Beta-level security—disengaged.

Tifa: Wow! Think we've got this?

Barret: Hell yeah, bring it on! Ain't nothing I love more than sticking it to Shinra!

(Beginning the countdown for the third lock.)
Tifa: Halfway there. Steady, guys. Three, two, one...

(Upon successfully disabling the third lock.)
Announcement: Gamma-level security—disengaged.

Tifa: No way! You guys are naturals!

(Beginning the countdown for the final lock.)
Tifa: Okay, final round. Don't lose focus. Three, two, one...

(Upon successfully disabling the final lock.)
Announcement: Delta-level security—disengaged. Disposal room now accessible.

(Upon successfully disabling all locks with many failures.)
Tifa: Finally. I was beginning to think it'd never end.

Barret: Ayo, Cloud, what's the deal? You really a bona fire SOLDIER?

Cloud: We didn't train for this stuff.

Barret: All that marching with no rhythm? How did you SOLDIER on?

Tifa: Okay, that's enough of that. Let's see what's inside.

(Upon successfully disabling all locks with a few failures.)
Barret: Take that, Shinra? Makin' us jump through hoops to steal your shit...

Tifa: Didn't take as long as I expected! Good work guys!

Cloud: Likewise. You made it easy.

Tifa: (chuckles) I put my heart and soul into those countdowns...

(Upon successfully disabling all locks with no failures.)
Barret: Boo-yah! Bet all the Shinra suits watching enjoyed that!

Tifa: You guys were great!

Tifa: I swear, your timing was perfect. It's almost could read my mind. SOLDIERs can't do that, can they?

Cloud: I can't—yet.

Tifa: Thank god.

Barret: C'mon, you two, let's see what we got.

(Upon pulling the lever in the waste recovery room and obtaining items.)
Tifa: Score! It's just like Cloud said!

Barret: They say a job well done's its own reward... I say take everything that ain't nailed down!

Storming the Gates (continued)[]

(Upon leaving through the gate.)
Barret: All right, time to go!

(Upon reaching the end of the walkway.)
Tifa: Look!

Barret: President Shinra?

President Shinra: Oho. The eyes of one who has bathed in mako... Which would make you...a SOLDIER?

Cloud: Ex-SOLDIER.

President Shinra: Once a SOLDIER, always a SOLDIER. Though not, alas, for very long. Accelerated cellular degradation being the most common cause of death by far. This is classified, of course, but every SOLDIER knows the truth.

Cloud: ...That's right.

Barret: Think you forgettin' someone!?

President Shinra: Would that I could. You strike me as the type to go on without end.

Barret: Ain't enough hours in the day to hold you to account for all your crimes!

President Shinra: And what a wasteful indulgence it would be even if there were.

Barret: Oh, okay then... Let's talk about wasteful indulgences. What is mako? The lifestream! The lifeblood of the planet—our planet! But Shinra keeps on slurping it up like a thirsty dog! Whadda you think's gonna happen if you don't stop, huh!?

President Shinra: We do indeed keep on "slurping it up," as you say... But...for whose benefit, I wonder. The true nature of mako is known to one and all, yet the people willfully turn a blind eye to the cost. As you must surely be aware?

Barret: Don't you dare try to put this on us! If anyone's going along with your plans... it's 'cause you brainwashed 'em!

President Shinra: Such methods are beneath me. As are you, my faithful sewer rats. Henceforth allies of wicked Wutai, our sworn enemy. Thank you for stoking our people's patriotic fever.

Barret: Wutai? The hell we are?

Heidegger: (laughs) You still don't understand your role in this.

Barret: What are they doin'!?

Heidegger: Don't you see? You fools were never in control. Never anything but pawns in our plans to sell great and glorious war to the people! And your instruments of insurrection will detonate—when we so choose!

Barret: Goddammit!

Heidegger: Now let us raise the curtain on our main event! The trial of the eco-extremist group "Avalanche"! Terrorists who conspired with Wutai against Midgar! Your guilt is undeniable! Your punishment: death!

Tifa: I'm sick of this. I'm sick of all of this!

Cloud (in his memory): It's just when I failed you.

Barret: Cloud! Get your head in the game! We're counting on you, man.

(When the battle against Airbuster begins.)
Heidegger: (laughs) Sewer rats of Avalanche, pawns of Wutai! The people of Midgar will now see you for the cowards you are!

Tifa: Cloud, are you all right?

Cloud: I'm fine, You guys good to go?

Barret: As good as I'll ever be!

(Throughout the battle.)

  • To fan the flames of hatred, you need a suitably spectacular display!
  • Now, let me hear you scream!
  • You struggle in vain against the airbuster. Shinra's advanced weapons are unstoppable!
  • You sewer rats are truly pathetic!
  • Yes, that's it! Very good. Now you will learn what happens to all those who oppose Shinra.
  • Writhe and squirm for me! You didn't think your deaths would be quick, did you?
  • Enjoying your time with Shinra's new weapon?
  • I have toyed with you three for long enough. Now I shall watch you die screaming!
  • This data will prove most useful!
  • It's almost time for the grand finale! You will burn like the reactors you so hate!
  • Insolent fools! You brought this torment upon yourselves by opposing us!
  • How does it feel to hear your friends cry out in agony?

(After Airbuster stuns Cloud.)
Tifa: Cloud? What'd it do to you?

Barret: Dammit! Big boy means business!

(After Airbuster loses 25% HP.)
Heidegger: Commencing phase two of the combat trial. You've seen but a fraction of this machine's true capabilities!

(When Airbuster first uses Tankbuster.)
Heidegger: Tankbuster ready to fire! Now, show me how fast you can run!

(After Airbuster first uses Tankbuster.)
Barret: Damn, that thing's powerful!

Tifa: That was too close...

Cloud: We need to come up with a plan.

(When Airbuster deploys its arms.)
Heidegger: Your efforts are futile. It'll chase you to the edge of the world if need be.

Tifa: I hate when they do that!

Cloud: Let's take care of them first.

(After crippling one of its arms.)
Heidegger: Hmph! I hope this isn't the end for you three. I was looking forward to a battle against worthy opponents.

Cloud: Now we can finally take it down!

(After Airbuster loses 50% HP.)
Heidegger: Behold the full potential of the airbuster!

Heidegger: Time to carry out your executions!

Cloud: Damn, all those drones. Time to do your thing, big man.

Barret: Watch and learn! Just make sure you got my back, all right?

(When Airbuster approaches the walkway.)
Cloud: Now! Get in there!

Tifa: Yep! I hear you loud and clear!

(When Airbuster moves away from the walkway again.)
Barret: Let me show ya how it's done!

Cloud: Yeah. Light 'em up!

(When Airbuster returns to the walkway.)
Cloud: Now!

Tifa: Right! Give it all you've got!

(When Airbuster uses Tankbuster in its final phase.)
Heidegger: And now for the grand finale! The tankbuster is ready to be deployed!

Cloud: It's coming. Move!

(When Airbuster loses 90% HP.)
Heidegger: My dearest Avalanche. My apologies, but it is time that we part ways. This footage will prove invaluable in raising the morale of our Shinra rank and file. (laughs)

Cloud: We almost got this. Come on, guys!

Tifa: Bring it on!

Barret: Let's show 'em what we're made of!

(When Airbuster uses Tankbuster while on low HP.)
Tifa: Again!?

Cloud: This ends right here!

(After defeating Airbuster.)
Barret: We don't have long to get clear!

Cloud: Take Tifa, and get outta here!

Barret: I...I was wrong aboutchya—

Cloud: This ain't the end of the line for you or me!

Tifa: Cloud!

Barret: C'mon!

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard[]

Second Chance Meeting[]

(In Cloud's mind.)
Cloud (in his mind): Hey, buddy. You okay?

Cloud: Yeah.

Cloud (in his mind): Made it through with just a couple of scraped knees back then...

Cloud: "Back then"?

Cloud (in his mind): Whaddya say? We doing this?

Cloud: Have we—

Cloud (in his mind): Never mind about that. Right now, you need to focus on yourself. Move something, anything.

Cloud: Why not...

Cloud (in his mind): Good. Easy does it. Slow...and steady...

Cloud: Yeah, yeah...

Flower Peddler: Hello?

Cloud: Hey, uh... Who are you? Who are you!?

Sephiroth: I am...your everything.

Flower Peddler: Hello in there!

Sephiroth: Oh, Cloud. There's still so much to be done.

(In the Sector 5 Slums Church.)
On-screen: Sector 5 Slums - Church

Flower Peddler: Maybe you're not okay...

Flower Peddler: Ah, he lives! Finally awake, are we?

Cloud: You're...

Aerith: Aerith. It's Aerith. And you are...?

Cloud: Cloud.

Aerith: Nice to meet you again.

Cloud: "Again," huh?

Aerith: What? You don't remember? What about...the flowers?

Cloud: Ohhh... The flower girl. And this is...?

Aerith: An old church in the Sector 5 slums. You came crashing through the roof without so much as a "look out below." Fell right into my flower bed. Lucky for you. Like, really.

Cloud: S-sorry, I-I didn't mean to—

Aerith: Don't worry about it. They're a lot tougher than they look. This place... It has a kind of power.

Aerith: Before I forget—you dropped this when you landed.

Cloud: Thanks.

Aerith: I've got one too.

Cloud: You and everybody and their mother.

Aerith: Not like mine, no. It's special. Mine's not good for anything at all.

Cloud: Bet you just don't know how to use it.

Aerith: Could be. Though, I really don't mind. Just having it is enough. It was a gift from my mother.

Aerith: Pretty crazy, huh? Us meeting again like this. You should stay awhile.

(Upon wandering around the church.)
Aerith: And just when I had finished tending the flowers here... Gotta start over... Just me, myself, and I...

(Upon wandering near the church exit.)
Reno: Hang back. We're not in any hurry.

(Upon talking to Aerith.)
Cloud: I could stick around a bit.

Aerith: Really!? You will!? In that case...

Reno: I'll see myself in, thanks. And who are you?

Aerith: He's my bodyguard. And a SOLDIER. Pretty cool, huh?


Cloud: Ex-SOLDIER.

Reno: Well whaddya know, you've got the eyes at least.

Aerith: You don't mind, do you? Bodyguard work's not too different from merc stuff, right?

Aerith: Uh... I guessed! From the sword! Just do this for me, okay?

Cloud: Fine, but it'll cost you. A lot.

Aerith: A lot, huh? One date ought to do it.

Reno: Well, you're weird enough to be one... What class?

Cloud: First.

Reno: (laughs) If you're gonna bullshit me, at least try to make it believable...

Reno: Ooh!

Aerith: Hey! Watch the flowers!

Cloud: I'll make this quick.

Aerith: You better!

(When the battle begins against Shinra soldiers.)
Reno: Bodyguard, huh? You know I'm hers too, right?

Aerith: Really? Since when? This is the first I've heard of it.

Reno: 'Cause it was a classified op, princess.

Aerith: I don't think that counts then.

(When Cloud or an enemy treads on the flowers during battle.)

  • Do you really have to fight near the flowers?
  • Hey—don't step on the flowers!
  • You're gonna catch holy hell!

(After defeating the first group of soldiers.)
Reno: Ugh... Hey! Little help in here, guys?

(Upon beginning battle with Reno.)
Reno: Good ol' what's-his-face. Hardly knew ya.

Reno: Hate doing cleanup, but... I'm damn good at it!

Aerith: Cloud, be careful!

(After Reno uses Beatdown.)
Reno: Whatcha waiting for, bodyguard? I'm right here!

(When Reno charges towards Cloud.)
Reno: C'mere, SOLDIER boy. I won't bite.

(After Reno loses 50% HP.)
Reno: Gonna make me work for it, huh? Well, lucky for you—tough guy... I'm a consummate professional!

Reno: Figured this dance of ours could use a spark!

(After Reno uses Bright Spark.)
Reno: Oooh. Feeling all right there, mister bodyguard?

(After Reno prepares EM Flail.)
Reno: Not so tough now, are you!

(When Reno uses EM Shot.)
Reno: Yoo-hoo! SOLDIER boy!

(Before Reno uses Beatdown in second phase.)
Reno: Don't tell me you're trying to cut and run.

(Before Reno uses EM Mine Toss.)
Reno: Heads up!

(After defeating Reno.)
Reno: You've got it all wrong, man. I just wanted to—

Aerith: Cloud! No!

Security Officer: Huh?

Security Officer: Were they—

Security Officer: Sir! Are you hurt!?

Reno: I'm fine! Go get the girl.

Security Officer: Sir!

Cloud: The hell?

Aerith: Weird. They're not attacking.

Security Officer: Hey! Open up!

Cloud: C'mon.

Escape from the Church[]

Aerith: Over here!

Security Officer: Hey! Open up in there!

(When Aerith reaches the top of the staircase.)
Aerith: Nowhere to go but up...

(Upon approaching the Whispers blocking the lower room on the.)

  • Cloud: Huh?
    Aerith: Are they trying to stop us?
    Cloud: What do they want?
  • Aerith: Do they want us to go upstairs?
    Cloud: Could be a trap.
  • Aerith: They're...trying to show us the way.
    Cloud: I don't like it.

(Upon following Aerith up the first staircase.)
Aerith: Um, we should run.

To the Attic[]

Security Officer: What's going on!?

Aerith: Through the attic—maybe we can get out that way!

Cloud: Right. Through that hole.

Aerith: Huh? They saved me...

Cloud: C'mon.

(Upon trying to cross the ladder without Aerith.) Cloud: Can't leave now. She needs help.

(Upon crossing the beam.)
Security Officer: Break it down!

Cloud: I'll go first.

Cloud: Come on.

Security Officer: Nothing!

Security Officer: Up there!

Reno: Hey! No shooting!

Aerith: Aw, man...

Cloud: Hey, you okay?

Aerith: Probably! ...Or maybe not.

Reno: If there's so much as a scratch on're done.

Security Officer: Sir!

Reno: We bring her in in one piece.

Security Officer: Huh?

Reno: What now?

Cloud: Run!

Security Officer: Move and I'll shoot!

Reno: Oh no, you won't!

Security Officer: But, sir!

Cloud: Could drop that.

Rescue Aerith[]

(Upon attempting to use a ladder to leave.)
Cloud: Can't leave now. She needs help.

(Upon crossing the bars.)
Cloud: Okay.

Reno: What's the holdup!?

Security Officer: I can't get to her!

Reno: Huh. Some kind of magic trick?

(Upon dropping the chandelier.)
Cloud: Run!

Aerith: 'Kay!

Reno: Stop her!

(While leaving toward Aerith.)
Security Officer: Over there!

Aerith: Cloud! Over here!

(Upon reaching Aerith.)
Aerith: Thank you!

Cloud: Let's move.

(When Aerith reaches the obstacle.)
Aerith: Cloud, gimme a hand!

(After climbing the ladder to attic.)
Security Officer: They're in the attic. Should we pursue?

Reno: Nah. Leave 'em be.

Security Officer: But, sir!

Reno: Partner's got it. We. Are. Out. Beginner's luck.

Cloud: More of those things.

Aerith: It's like they're...guiding us.

Cloud: Stay close.

Aerith: So cool.

(While walking and approaching the beams at the top.)
Aerith: There!

Cloud: Need to stay ahead of 'em.

Security Officer: Prep for exfil.

Cloud: Or not...?

(When the Whispers leave.)
Cloud: They gone?

Aerith: Yeah. Think so.

Cloud: What are they?

Aerith: I think... Actually...I don't know. Let's just go.

Head for the Station[]

Aerith: Okay. Up for crossing the rooftops? See that pillar over there? There's a station right by it. Shall we mosey on over?

Cloud: Let's.

(After descending the first ladder.)
Aerith: So...what's next for you?

Cloud: A little bit of bodyguard work.

Aerith: Right.

Cloud: After that, it's back to the Sector 7 slums.

Aerith: You...know how to get there?

Cloud: Yup.

Aerith: 'Course you do...

(After walking further along.)
Cloud: That suit from earlier. He was one of Shinra's Turks. What's a Turk want with you?

Aerith: Dunno...

Aerith: Hey, don't Turks keep an eye out for potential SOLDIERs and stuff?

Cloud: They do more than just scout for candidates. Turks get called in to handle all kinds of situations. With extreme prejudice.

Aerith: Professional bad guys. Gotta love 'em.

Cloud: Back to my question. So what's he to you? Looked like you knew each other.

Aerith: Maybe he thought I could be the greatest SOLDIER yet!

Cloud: Forget it.

Aerith: Hmm? You mad?

(After climbing the second ladder.)
Aerith: I...actually...haven't traveled by rooftop before.

Cloud: Be surprised if you had.

Aerith: It's honestly...kind of exciting.

Cloud: Well... First time and all.

(After hopping over a gap and proceeding.)
Aerith: Wait! Give me a moment!

(After approaching Aerith again.)
Aerith: Don't off on your own...

Cloud: Those the words of a SOLDIER candidate?

Aerith: So petty.

(After climbing the following ladder and approaching the pillar.)
Cloud: So, does no one live in these buildings?

Aerith: Nope. No one to get mad if we make noise.

(Upon approaching the ladder atop the pillar.)
Aerith: Looks kinda...rusty.

Cloud: I'll go first.

(After climbing the ladder.)
Cloud: It's pretty old. Be careful.

Aerith: Okay...

Cloud: Easy now.

Aerith: You worry too much. I'm not some princess who needs to be coddled.

Aerith: Shit.

(Upon walking away from Aerith while dangling.)
Aerith: Cloud!

(After helping Aerith up.)
Aerith: Whew, that was unexpected! Thank you, Cloud.

Aerith: Ah, there it is. The wall.

Aerith: You know, I thought about leaving once... the end, I couldn't.

Cloud: Too dangerous?

Aerith: Too much. A whole world, bursting with life. Maybe more than I can handle, I think sometimes... Even now. People hate the steel sky, the slums...but I don't. How could I? All that passion, all those dreams... Flowing and blending together into something greater...

(Upon descending the wooden path down.)
Aerith: This time I'll go first. After all, I can't count on you to wait.

Cloud: Sure about this?

Aerith: See for yourself!

Aerith: Hmm... Maybe I'll go on ahead and leave you all by your lonesome! Just—

Cloud: Maybe you shouldn't talk.

Aerith: Then you talk. Tell me a story.

(Upon crossing the pipe.)
Cloud: Not for free.

Aerith: Cheapskate. You're—(screams)

Aerith: Gotcha.

Cloud: You're killing me here.

(Upon approaching Aerith by the slide.)
Aerith: Here goes nothing!

(After jumping down.)
Cloud: You good?

Aerith: Of course!

Aerith: My hero!

Cloud: Never a dull moment with you.

Aerith: That a compliment?

Cloud: Not really.

Aerith: Thanks anyway!

Aerith: We're getting closer to the station. Even so, we'll probably run into a few monsters on the way.

Aerith: Heh... There's a face that screams "so what?"

Cloud: Eh. I've fought scarier things in my sleep.

(Upon attempting to run back to the church.)
Aerith: Where are you going, Cloud?

(Upon encountering the first group of enemies.)
Aerith: Look out, Cloud!

(After defeating them.)
Aerith: Someone looks like they're in their element.

(After defeating the second group of enemies.)
Aerith: So don't know the slums that well, do you?

Cloud: Compared to you? No. Training grounds, barracks, battlefields—that's the world I know.

Aerith: Heh, you sound proud of that.

(Upon approaching the fence near the station.)
Aerith: Station's there.

Cloud: I can see that.

Aerith: Oh? Thought the world you knew didn't include stations.

Cloud: Hah hah...

The Station[]

On-screen: Sector 5 Slums - Station

Undercity Resident (1): We poured so much of our blood and sweat into building that reactor, and now...

Undercity Resident (2): I can't believe this is happening...

Station Worker: If you would all just please calm down...

Undercity Resident (3): Hey, what the hell's going on!?

Girl: Check it out, Mom!

Undercity Resident (4): Come on, there's no need to shout...

Cloud: Popular place.

Aerith: Yeah, well, it's got a good view of the reactor.

Undercity Resident (5): It's on fire!

Cloud: Ain't a show.

Aerith: They know that. They're worried.

(After the cutscene ends.)
Undercity Resident: Oh! Didn't expect to see you here.

Aerith: Huh? Um... Yeah...

Undercity Resident: Oh, on your way home from the church?

Aerith: That's...right.

Undercity Resident: Well, I'm glad you're okay. Did any debris hit the church?

Aerith: Not debris, no...

Undercity Resident: That's something, at least—but you may not be so lucky next time!

(Upon walking away while Aerith is talking to an NPC.)
Aerith: Oh—Cloud! Wait!

(Upon passing the topside resident.)
Topside Resident: Hey. You know a way to get topside other than the train?

Aerith: Sorry, can't say I do...

Topside Resident: Figured as much. What a goddamn pain in the ass...

Avoid the Turk[]

(Upon reaching the south end of the station.)
Cloud: Wait.

Security Officer (1): Deck is all clear!

Security Officer (2): Rope's good! Go!

Security Officer (3): Form up!

Security Officer (1): Let's go!

Cloud: Another Turk.

Aerith: A real man on a mission.

Cloud: On the hunt, more like.

Aerith: For me? Or you?

Cloud: Don't know. Don't care.

Aerith: Then...let's stick to the backstreets? Ah. There will be monsters.

Cloud: Better than Shinra.

Through the Backstreets[]

(Upon trying to enter the Sector 5 slums.)

  • They'll see you!
  • We're using the backstreets right?

(Upon entering the Scrapyard Back Alley.)
On-screen: Sector 5 Slums - Scrapyard

Aerith: There's a Shinra dump site up ahead. Not the kind of place anyone would ever choose to hang around in.

Cloud: But a great place to lay low.

(Upon encountering the first group of monsters.)
Cloud: They've got the run of it.

(After defeating them.)
Aerith: No telling where they'll come from...

Cloud: Monsters instinctively target weaker prey.

Aerith: Hmm... You'd better watch out then, Cloud.

(Upon traveling to the northwest end of the area.)
Aerith: That way's a dead end. They were doing some construction, but quit halfway.

The Gate Won't Open[]

Aerith: Over here.

(Upon attempting to open the gate atop Scrapyard Back Alley.)
Aerith: That didn't work. Maybe it's broken?

Aerith: Pretty sure this path we're on loops around, too, so...

Around the Gate[]

(Upon approaching Shinra storage containers blocking the path.)
Aerith: Hmm, wonder if we can move this.

(After moving it.)
Aerith: Ah, I knew it!

(After defeating the first group of enemies in Twilight Valley.)
Aerith: Must've been a new breed.

Cloud: How do you figure?

Aerith: 'Cause they went for the stronger prey.

(After traveling up Steel Mountain.)
Aerith: There—check it out! The heart of the slums.

Cloud: Still a fair ways off...

Aerith: Well, we did take a detour. Getting tired?

Cloud: Nah.

Aerith: Me, I'm feeling a bit hungry. How about you?

Cloud: Amazed...

Aerith: You're in for a treat when we make it back.

Cloud: Don't have time for that.

Aerith: You'll wanna make time for my mom's cooking! And that's the final word on it! We'll get home quick and eat ourselves stupid!

(Upon encountering the Smogger.)
Aerith: (screams) It's awake!

Cloud: Gonna wish it kept sleeping.

Through the Backstreets (continued)[]

(Upon attempting to open the gate at Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills.)
Aerith: Don't think it'll open. What to do... That gate just doesn't want to open, does it? Maybe there's a way to get over it? For you, at least.

(Upon climbing the plates before moving the container.)
Aerith: No good. That sucks. Ah! Try moving that container to make a path.

(Upon pushing the container.)
Aerith: Yeah! That should do the trick!

(Upon trying to leave before opening the gate.)

  • Um, can you get it open from over there?
  • You're not really gonna leave me, are you?
  • Hold on, Cloud!

(After opening the gate.)
Aerith: Thanks, Cloud. I knew you'd find a way.

(Upon traveling down the path.)
Aerith: Guess we're home free.

Cloud: No need for thanks. I'd rather get paid.

Aerith: Hm? You're getting paid right now.

Cloud: Hm?

Aerith: Huh?

Cloud: Oh...

(Upon reaching the exit to the backstreets.)
Aerith: Should be able to relax a little now...

Cloud: Don't forget about the Turks.

Aerith: Ah!

Cloud: Could come at us anytime. Keep an eye out.

(Upon traveling down the Station Way towards the Undercity Station.)
Aerith: Uhhh... That's the station.

(Upon attempting to travel down Station Way.)
Aerith: Somewhere else you'd rather be?

Sector 5 Slums Monitor[]

(Upon entering the Center District.)
On-screen: Sector 5 Slums - Center District

Aerith: What're they watching?

Cloud: Hey!

(Upon attempting to leave the path.)

  • Come on, Cloud! This way!
  • Get a move on, Cloud.

(Upon approaching the monitor.)
Reporter: I'm standing inside the gutted shell of Mako Reactor 5. As you can see, there's still a lot of smoke rising from the rubble. While fallen beams and other debris continue to hinder rescue efforts, the fires appear to have been mostly extinguished.

Reporter: Ah, over there! That's the director of Shinra's Advanced Weaponry Division, isn't it? Excuse me, ma'am, but would you mind answering a few questions?

Scarlet: Move.

Reporter: Can you give us any updates on the status of the reactor? What kind of damage did it suffer in the explosion? Are we in any danger?

Scarlet: Mako Reactor 5 has been temporarily shut down, and all fires have been successfully extinguished. The situation is under control, and the people of our fair city need not worry about any additional complications. We are in the process of conducting a full forensic investigation. But we suspect the device used was similar to that employed in the attack on Mako Reactor 1.

Scarlet: The perpetrators of that atrocity were filmed making their escape. These agents of the eco-terrorist group Avalanche are currently believed to be hiding somewhere in Midgar...

Reporter: And...given that this group has now attacked two reactors in quick succession...can they really be stopped before they strike again?

Scarlet: What do you think?

Reporter: Well, I—

Scarlet: Have no fear. Shinra will keep Midgar safe.

Security Officer: Okay, time's up!

To Aerith's House[]

Aerith: Alright...let's go.

(Upon attempting to leave Aerith.)
Aerith: Hey, my house is this way.

(Upon passing Fifth Cafe while following Aerith.)
Restaurant Owner: Aw, what timing. Mind lending me a hand?

Aerith: The place is really hopping, huh?

Restaurant Owner: Nice side effect of the train situation! So, whaddya say?

Aerith: I'd love to, but...

Aerith: I help out every now and then. It's fun.

(Upon reaching Oates.)
Oates: Aerith!

Aerith: Well, well, what are you doing all the way up there?

Oates: Was trying to get a look at the reactor. Who's this guy?

Aerith: This is Cloud. He's a mercenary...and currently my bodyguard. That's Oates.

Oates: See you.

Aerith: Two peas in a pod.

(Upon reaching a group of orphans.)
Boy: Aerith!

Aerith: So, what are you guys up to?

Girl: We all went to see the reactor.

Boy: Oh, that's right. You're supposed to come by the House.

Aerith: What for?

Girl: I dunno. You're just supposed to.

Aerith: Well, guess we have a new destination.

Aerith: I should probably explain. The Leaf House is the local orphanage. That's where all these kids live.

Girl: Hey Aerith, where'd you go?

Boy: The church again?

Girl: Next time, we should all go together!

(Upon reaching the doctor.)
Doctor: Why hello, Aerith. As popular as ever, I see.

Aerith: Apparently. But they sure keep me on my toes!

Doctor: (laughs) Better than being bedridden!

Doctor: Thanks again for all those herbs. You've helped a lot of people.

Aerith: No problem. Anytime.

Doctor: How'd you manage to find so many, anyway?

Aerith: (chuckles) Oh, I have my ways.

Doctor: And him?

Aerith: He's my bodyguard. Just until I get home.

Doctor: And you're sure he's up to it?

Aerith: Hmmm... Maybe?

Aerith: Since I'm so generous, I gather medicinal herbs for his patients sometimes.

(Upon approaching the Leaf House.)
Aerith: Here's the Leaf House.

Housemother: There you are.

Boy: We're back! And we brought Aerith with us!

Housemother: Sorry to make you come out here.

Aerith: Don't be. It's on my way home.

Housemother: Well then, I hope you won't mind me asking for some flowers.

Aerith: No problem! How many?

Housemother: All you can carry. What with all the doom and gloom we've been hearing on the news recently, I thought some flowers might help cheer everyone up.

Aerith: I'm sure they will, and I'd love to help.

Housemother: Let's all wash up before our meal.

(While following Aerith to her house.)
Aerith: So, Cloud, what's your favorite flower?

Cloud: They're all the same to me.

Aerith: (chuckles) You sure you wanna say that to a florist?

Cloud: Better than lying.

Aerith: Okay, then what'd you do with the flower I gave you?

Cloud: I, uh...

Aerith: You give it away?

Cloud: I did.

Aerith: Ooh! To who? Tell me!

Cloud: Don't recall.

Aerith: Hmmm?

Cloud: What?

Aerith: Thought you didn't like lying.

Aerith: Well, anyway...

(Upon reaching Aerith's garden.)
Aerith: My house is just up this path. Mom should be home by now, so I'll introduce you.

Aerith: There you go. That's my house.

Cloud: It's amazing.

(Upon approaching Aerith's house.)
Aerith: Come on.

Aerith: I'm home!

Elmyra: Hey baby. Been up to no good? Rude came by—

Aerith: So, this is my mom, Elmyra. And this is Cloud. My bodyguard.

Cloud: Uh...hi.

Elmyra: Take good care of her?

Cloud: That's my job. Or was my job.

Aerith: Yep. Thanks. So, Cloud, you gonna head back to Sector 7?

Cloud: Yeah.

Aerith: Then I'll show you the way.

Cloud: Then why'd you have me bring you here? What if the Turks show up again?

Aerith: It'd suck, but I've dealt with them before. Honestly, I'm much more worried about you. What if you get lost, huh? You'd be too embarrassed to admit it, so you'd just and so you'd just keep on going.

Cloud: Quit acting like you know me.

Aerith: Hey, Mom? I'm gonna go take Cloud over to Sector 7, okay?

Elmyra: Okay... But why not wait until tomorrow? If you head out now, it'll be dark when you get back. Better to rest up here and make the trip first thing in the morning. When you'll have daylight to spare.

Aerith: That's true. She's got a point, Cloud.

Cloud: Hold up.

Aerith: Oh, yeah! I still need to deliver some flowers to the Leaf House. Since we have a little time before dinner... You should come with.

Cloud: That wasn't the deal.

Aerith: You mean you want more? Even though you've got a priceless reward coming your way? Do you know what I promised him?

Cloud: I'll do it!

Aerith: I'll go grab the baskets. Be right back!

Leaf House Delivery[]

Elmyra: That Aerith... She's a handful, isn't she?

(Upon talking to Elmyra.)
Elmyra: It must be tough— No, never mind.

(Upon talking to Elmyra again.)
Elmyra: Hmph.

(Upon passing Aerith's room.)
Aerith: That's weird. Could've sworn I put them here...

(Upon passing into the balcony.)
Cloud: Huh.

(Upon descending the staircase after passing Aerith's room.)
Aerith: Found 'em!

Aerith: You take this one. Take it.

Aerith: Right. Off we go!

(After leaving the house.)
Aerith: And these, right here, are my babies.

(Upon approaching the flower beds.)
Aerith: Hmm... Which ones do you think we should pick?

Cloud: Any of them.

Aerith: Aw, don't be like that. I know you have an eye for this kind of thing.

(Upon picking up the yellow flowers.)
Aerith: That's the one I gave you.

Cloud: Huh. It is?

Aerith: Nice try, mister. You can't fool me.

(Upon picking up the foxtails.)
Aerith: Whoa, foxtails, huh? I gotta hand it to you, I never would've thought of that. It'll definitely take them by surprise.

(Upon picking up the white flowers.)
Aerith: Good eye. People used to give these to declare their loyalty to one another. Interesting, right?

(After taking the first group of flowers.)
Aerith: I think we still need a few more. What should we pick next?

(After taking the second group of flowers.)
Aerith: She said "as many as you can carry," so maybe a few more?

(After taking three groups of flowers.)
Aerith: I think we're good now. Whaddya say? Shall we go?

(On the path to the Leaf House.)
Aerith: No need to hurry. We're not under the gun or anything.

Cloud: I'm not cut out for this crap.

Aerith: Sure you are. And when you're done, you'll be drowning in job offers.

Aerith: So, how do you think they'll arrange these flowers?

Cloud: Dunno.

Aerith: Well, we'll soon find out.

(Upon attempting to walk away from the Leaf House.)

  • Did you forget the way or something?
  • You do know we're going to the Leaf House, right?
  • Come on, the flowers are drying out.

(Upon reaching the Leaf House.)
Cloud: I'll wait out here.

Aerith: Oh, okay. But I might be a while. Why not check out the town?

(Upon attempting to leave the Sector 5 slums.)
Cloud: Nah, can't leave without telling her.

(After talking to Chadley and closing the menu.)
Chadley: Cloud, I have the most amazing news! I believe I might know how to develop summoning materia, something heretofore thought impossible. Scientists say that this materia can only be found in nature, but I may just be able to prove otherwise! And so, Cloud, I turn to you. I would like to test this theory by way of my combat simulator—to wit, I want you to fight and defeat summon data in VR. I sense that you find my phrasing to be somewhat...obtuse.

(Upon beginning a VR battle against a summon.)
Chadley: Then I invite you to ready your portable battle simulator.

(After losing to the summon.)
Chadley: What a shame. It was a close match. However, I did manage to obtain valuable data. Analyze and learn from your mistakes, so that you can claim victory next time.

(After defeating Shiva.)
Chadley: Outstanding. The Shiva summoning materia is complete. And now it's yours. Use it as you see fit. The lady of frost is the perfect companion for a man like you, Cloud. She will prove most useful when the time comes to destroy Shinra.

(Upon talking to the materia store vendor.)
Materia Vendor: I've got the finest collection of materia you'll find anywhere.

(After closing the store menu.)
Materia Vendor: I knew you had a keen eye.

(Upon talking to the weapon store vendor.)
Weapon Vendor: What'll it be for you today?

(After closing the store menu.)
Weapon Vendor: Got what you need to stay safe?

(Upon attempting to enter the hideout.)
Boy: Nuh-uh! No grown-ups allowed!

(Upon talking to Oates.)
Oates: Ah!

Cloud: I remember you...

Oates: Where's Aerith?

Cloud: The Leaf House.

Danger in the Hideout[]

(Upon returning to Aerith at the Leaf House.)
Cloud: Is something wrong?

Aerith: You could say that. Sounds like someone spooked the kids.

Oates: Yeah, two of 'em disappeared. They ran away after this creepy guy wearing black clothes showed up.

Cloud: A Turk?

Aerith: That's what I thought, but no.

Oates: It's this guy who's always stumbling around town in a dirty robe full of holes. They say he's sick or something. Oh, and he had some kind of number tattooed on his arm.

Aerith: I don't like the sound of this. I'm gonna check it out.

Cloud: I know someone who fits that description. I'll come with.

Aerith: 'Kay.

Oates: C'mon.

(Upon attempting to leave the Sector 5 Slums.)

  • Where are you going?
  • You can go sightseeing later, Cloud.
  • Uh, aren't we supposed to be helping the kids?
  • Don't you get it? Children are in danger!

(Upon talking to Chadley.)
Chadley: Cloud! I understand you must be busy, but I hope you haven't forgotten about my research.

Chadley: Oh, hello. Cloud has been assisting me with my research and development.

Aerith: Ooh, that sounds fun. Count me in.

Chadley: One moment while I run diagnostics. Huh... How very strange... You don't appear to be in my database...

Aerith: And that's bad?

Chadley: There must have been some sort of server error. Oh well, any friend of Cloud's is sure to be of great help.

(Upon approaching Oates by the entrance to the Children's Secret Hideout.)
Oates: C'mon.

Aerith: I know this place is off-limits to grown-ups, but if we want to rescue them...well... We gotta break the rules.

(Upon entering the Children's Secret Hideout.)
Boy (1): Oates!

Boy (2): You're back!

Oates: Aerith's come to help.

Aerith: Yeah, leave it to us. We'll take care of it from here.

Boy (1): But there are monsters out there!

Aerith: Don't worry. I've brought a superstrong friend along with me.

Cloud: I used to be a SOLDIER. So where's the guy?

Oates: I dunno. He disappeared and we can't find him.

Aerith: Right now, let's worry about the kids.

Oates: C'mon.

(Upon approaching Oates by the entrance to Underdeveloped Land.)
Oates: They ran off this way. Be careful.

(Upon entering Underdeveloped Land.)
On-screen: Sector 5 Slums - Undeveloped Area

Aerith: Where do you think they went?

Cloud: Who knows. They're kids. Nothing to do but look all over.

Aerith: I just hope we find them in time.

(Upon crossing the bridge.)
Aerith: There they are!

Cloud: And they're not alone.

(Upon defeating the first group of enemies at Toad Marsh.)
Aerith: Quickly! We gotta save them!

Cloud: Alright.

(Upon engaging the monsters near the children.)
Boy: Aerith!

Girl: Hey, Aerith!

Aerith: Hold on!

Escort the Children[]

(Upon approaching Aerith after defeating the monsters.)
Boy: Stay back!

Cloud: Careful.

Girl: Watch out! The ground's really shaky!

Boy: It's 'cause of the reactor. You can't trust your feet.

Cloud: I'll go.

Cloud: C'mon.

Boy: Thank you.

Girl: That was cool...

Aerith: Okay. Let's head back.

(After defeating the first group of enemies.)
Boy: That's so cool!

Girl: How did you get to be so strong!?

Aerith: Well you see, Cloud here used to be a SOLDIER!

Boy: He was?

Girl: Did you go fight in the war?

Cloud: I might've.

(After defeating the second group of enemies.)
Boy: I'm gonna grow up to be a SOLDIER—like you.

Girl: You can't just grow up to be a SOLDIER. You gotta work at it.

Boy: Cloud thinks I'm good enough to be one. Right?

Aerith: Look at you, Mr. Popular.

Boy: That was so cool, you guys! Especially that, "Hah! Yah!"

Girl: Yeah, it was really cool when you went like, "Hah! Yah!"

Boy: You've got it all wrong. (imitates fight noises) Like that.

Girl: No way! It was way faster than that! (imitates fight noises) Like that.

Boy: Fine, then how about—(imitates fight noises) Yeah?

Girl: Yeah! (imitates fight noises) Like that.

Boy: Isn't that right, Cloud?

Girl: Isn't that right, Cloud?

(Upon reaching the entrance to the Children's Secret Hideout.)
Boy (in Cloud's memory): Tifa, wait!

Boy (in Cloud's memory): Tifa!

Cloud: Tifa...

Aerith: Tifa?

Aerith: What's wrong?

Cloud: Nothing.

Aerith: Is Tifa, like...your girlfriend?

Cloud: No.

Aerith: But she's someone special.

Cloud: It's not like that. More like... I don't know how to explain...

Aerith: I see...

(Upon reaching Oates.)
Oates: Thank you.

Aerith: From now on, if you run into trouble, promise me you'll find an adult, okay?

Oates: Okay, I will. And here. Since you're so cool. You guys are both grown-ups, but you're also one of us now. You can come and play here whenever you want.

(Upon attempting to leave to the Center District.)
Aerith: Don't worry. It'll be okay.

Cloud: Wait.

Cloud: Hm. Not him, but looks pretty damn similar.

Aerith: Huh? There's the number...but why "2"?

Cloud: Who knows. Come to think—

Sephiroth: The nothing to fear.

Aerith: Cloud? Get it together. Come on.

Cloud: You don't know who Sephiroth you?

Aerith: Sephiroth, the war hero? I know he died in an accident five years ago. They said so on the news.

Cloud: Maybe they did. But I've got a feeling he's still alive.

Aerith: Oh...right. C'mon, let's go.

(Upon talking to the boy near the exit.)
Boy 1: My dad told me that that man, he used to be a SOLDIER when he was younger.

Boy 2: I heard he came back because he got sick or something. Isn't that kinda weird? Can SOLDIERs even get sick?

Requests for the Mercenary[]

(Upon approaching Oates at the Children's Secret Hideout.)
Oates: Hey, Cloud. I know a lot of people around here need help. When I'm out on patrol, a lot of them tell me about their problems. Do you think you might be interested in helping out?

Aerith: Well, I'm all for it! We still have plenty of time.

Cloud: I'm on the clock.

Aerith: Don't worry. I give you permission!

Oates: I always have the latest information. Come find me if you wanna know.

(Upon talking to Oates again.)
Oates: The monsters out there are getting stronger and stronger. But that's no problem for you, though, right? ...Be careful anyway.

(Upon talking to a man outside the community center.)

Undercity Resident
  • This here's the Sector 5 community center.
  • Truth be told, it's really just a place for us old folks to sit here and chat.
  • Care to stay and keep us company a bit?

(After completing one Odd Job.)
Aerith: I see you're working hard, mister merc.

Cloud: Yep.

Aerith: So whaddya gonna do next?

Cloud: Keep on working hard.

Aerith: As you always do, I'm sure.

Cloud: You know, this is how I earn a living.

Aerith: Huh? Really!? I thought you were just doing it for fun!

Cloud: I suppose some people do.

Aerith: Hello! I'm some people. Nice to meet you!

(Upon talking to the Weapons Vendor after completing a few Odd Jobs.)
Weapons Vendor: People are talking about you. You've got one helluva reputation.

(After completing three Odd Jobs.)
Aerith: It feels good to help people out, doesn't it?

Cloud: Eh.

Aerith: You having fun yet?

Cloud: Heaps.

Aerith: Then you can't be afraid to show it more. Don't forget, it's all about service and salesmanship.

Cloud: I'll leave that to you.

Aerith: All right, but don't think you can rely on me forever, mister.

Cloud: Wasn't planning to.

Aerith: That's good. 'Cause I demand a very good salary.

(After completing all Odd Jobs.)
Aerith: We probably oughta call it a day.

Cloud: Getting late, huh?

Aerith: You've been working so hard, you lost track of time.

Cloud: Had to. The pay sucked.

Aerith: 'Cause they didn't know if you were worth it yet. But now they do. C'mon. Let's go home.

(Upon approaching the road to Aerith's garden after completing an Odd Job.)
Housemother: Aerith, you're back. Come, look what we've done with the flowers. Lovely, don't you think?

Aerith: Great job. It's wonderful.

Housemother: Isn't it?

Housemother: Oh, I nearly forgot. I saw some Shinra suit walking towards your house a little while ago. He was dressed all in black. A little scary looking.

(Upon talking to the Housemother.)
Housemother: You alright?

(Upon approaching Rude.)
Rude: Hello, Aerith.

Aerith: What do you want?

Rude: Haven't seen him before. He your new boy toy?

Aerith: He's my bodyguard, if you must know.

Rude: Wait a minute... Those eyes... Is he the one who beat up Reno?

Cloud: And what if I am?

Rude: Need to cross my T's, dot my I's. That's all.

Aerith: Cloud, leave him be. Rude's not a bad person. Really.

Rude: No, I'm not bad. But like it or not... I sometimes have to do bad things. Don't take it personal.

Cloud: You Turks are all the same. All bite.

Rude: You're one to talk!

(During the battle after it begins.)
Aerith: No need to get rough!

Cloud & Rude: Stay back.

Aerith: Can't you leave us alone?

Rude: No.

Rude: Gotta get a little payback for my partner.

Cloud: Come on then.

Rude: Hmph. SOLDIER huh?

Cloud: First Class.

(After Rude loses 30% HP.)
Rude: Okay then.

Aerith: So, you had enough yet?

Rude: No, I don't believe that I have.

(When battle resumes.)
Aerith: Just stop it.

Rude: Can't. It's my job.

Aerith: Cloud's pretty strong, isn't he?

Rude: I've seen his type before.

Cloud: How's that payback working out for ya?

Rude: Oh, better than expected.

Rude: I thought you didn't wanna get rough.

Aerith: No...but this is self-defense!

(After defeating Rude.)
Aerith: Please. Just leave us alone.

Rude: You know I can't do that.

Reno (on phone): Hey there, partner. I'm sure you're having the time of your life, but we're needed on standby for a job. Something about Sector 7. So get your ass back here now.

Rude: Understood.

Aerith: Got somewhere else to be?

Rude: ...Apparently so.

Rude: Go home and stay there.

Aerith: You know I can't do that!

Rude: Huh?

(Upon interacting with the door to Aerith's house.)
Aerith: You're heading in already?

On-screen: Return to Aerith's house?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah.")
    Cloud: Yeah. That's enough for one day.
  • (Upon selecting "No.")
    Cloud: Nah. Not quite yet.

The Mysterious Moogle Merchant[]

(Upon talking to Moggie.)
Aerith: Oh my! Is that a moogle!?

Moggie: You can see me, kupo? Then you two must be very, very special people. In that case... Welcome to the Moogle Emporium! I'm the owner—Moggie!

Aerith: You must not be familiar with "Mog the Moogle." It's a pretty famous fairy tale. Mog wanted to bring happiness to all the moogles of the forest, so he decided to open a shop of wonders.

Moggie: That's right, kupo! I opened a store to bring happiness to the slums—like Mog! And you know, only people with the purest of hearts can even see moogles!

Cloud: talking 'bout me?

Moggie: Well...moogle magic isn't perfect, kupo. Anyway, we've collected all kinds of rare and wonderous goods! They can be yours if you've got enough moogle medals. But you'll need to buy a membership first!

(Upon purchasing a Moogle Membership Card.)
Moggie: If you find any moogle medals, you can spend them here, kupo!

Aerith: So, Moggie, what do you do with the medals we give you?

Moggie: Oh, you know what! I use them to make everyone happy! That's the duty of every moogle!

Aerith: Of course. Just like Mog the Moogle.

(Upon talking to Moggie again.)

  • Good to see you, kupo!
  • Welcome, kupo.

(After closing the store menu having purchased items for the first time.)
Moggie: You guys are great! Thanks to you, I've got a ton of medals, kupo! Which means I can bring happiness to a ton of people!

Cloud: Good for you.

Aerith: Hey, Cloud...maybe say it like you mean it?

Cloud: Not until I'm happy. Go on. Work your magic. Make me smile. From ear to ear.

Moggie: I'll need a lot more medals, kupo!

Aerith: Well, that won't do! C'mon Cloud—let's go get more!

Moggie: Good luck, guys!

(After closing the store menu.)
Moggie: A pleasure as always, kupo.

Kids on Patrol[]

(Upon talking to Ms. Folia.)
Ms. Folia: Oh... You're that former SOLDIER, aren't you? Cloud, was it?

Aerith: Former SOLDIER turned problem solver. Are you okay, Ms. Folia? You look upset.

Ms. Folia: Yeah! I am pretty upset. The kids are still off doing patrols, even though it's now time for their lessons. Not a single one of them has come back yet!

Aerith: Patrols? Is that a Leaf House thing? Something they do to help out?

Ms. Folia: That's right. In return for the donations we receive, the kids go around town picking up litter, running errands—that kind of thing. I don't suppose you've seen any of them, have you? You see, I have some important plans this evening, and I really need to go and get ready.

Aerith: Would you like us to go round them up?

Ms. Folia: That would be wonderful! There are five of them out on patrol right now. They all wear homemade swords on their back, so they should be easy to spot.

(Upon talking to the girl by the community center.)
Girl: Wow, you're that SOLDIER, right? Can I ask you a super important question? I heard bad people broke the mako reactor and there's gonna be another war 'cause of it. Is that true?

Cloud: Who knows, but isn't there something else you should be worrying about right now?

Girl: I forgot about Ms. Folia's lesson! I gotta head back to the House.

(Upon talking to the boy in the southwest corner in a tunnel.)
Boy: Cloud!?

Aerith: Hey there. How goes the patrol?

Boy: There's a lot more people on the streets than usual. Maybe because the reactor blew up?

Aerith: Well, you've been keeping a very sharp lookout. But don't you think you're forgetting something important?

Boy: Oh, Ms. Folia's lessons! I gotta get back to the House!

(Upon talking to the girl in the eastern end of the Center District.)
Aerith: Hey there. How goes the patrol?

Girl: Great! I've been picking up garbage and giving people directions! Plus, I helped an old lady cross the street!

Aerith: You've been busy.

Girl: It's a normal day for me. Gotta work hard—the House depends on people's donations!

Girl: Oh no, I'm late! Did you see Ms. Folia? Is she mad? I gotta go! I'm sorry!

(Upon talking to the boy by the weapon store.)
Boy: You scared me!

Aerith: Hey there. How goes the patrol?

Boy: I've been watching them really close. I'm trying to learn all about the business.

Aerith: You wanna open up a shop of your own someday?

Boy: Yeah, so I can earn lots of money and use it to help the House. The teachers don't like to talk about it, but we know the donations aren't enough to keep things running. ...But that's a secret, okay? I'm not supposed to tell anyone! Anyway, I gotta go study!

(Upon talking to the boy at the southern tip of Station Way.)
Boy: Hello, Cloud—Sir! It's a real honor to meet you! I think you SOLDIER guys are awesome! I wanna be strong and tough when I grow up too!

Aerith: You sound very determined.

Boy: These are dangerous times! A reactor blew up, and a bunch of kids lost their friends and families. Who knows what might blow up next?

Aerith: I guess that means more children might be coming to the House soon.

Boy: Then I think the teachers are gonna have a whole lot more work to do.

Cloud: Speaking of teachers, Ms. Folia is looking for you.

Boy: Oh man, I completely forgot! I have to get back right now!

(After talking to all children.)
Aerith: That's everyone. Let's go back to the House.

(Upon talking to Ms. Folia after finding all children.)
Ms. Folia: The children finally came back—thanks to you two. You've been a great help. Okay, everyone! Come inside—it's time to hit the books!

Boy (1): You guys, the toad king's back! I saw him near the hideout!

Boy (2): We gotta do something about him.

Aerith: The toad "king"?

Boy (2): A weird, creepy monster we've seen near the hideout lately.

Girl (1): He wears a crown and walks around like he owns the place. If he's not a king, he's gotta be monster royalty at least. I bet a SOLDIER could beat him up easy!

Cloud: Oh, yeah. Real easy. But here's the thing...I don't work for free—or cheap.

Girl (1): But we don't have any money!

Girl (2): The watch wouldn't ask for money.

Boy (1): But if we ask any other grown-ups for help, they'll find out about the hideout, and that'll be it!

Girl (2): We really don't wanna lose the hideout. C'mon, help us! Oh—and we'll give you some cool treasure if you do!

Boy (3): And if that's not enough, I'll pay the rest of your fee once I open my shop!

Boy (4): Well! If you won't help, then we'll just have to kill it ourselves!

Cloud: I'll do it for three gil. I'm offering a special discount right now on toad king jobs. Looks like it's your lucky day.

Boy (2): Awesome! Now that's my kind of bargain!

Boy: The toad king wants to take over our hideout. He's mean and angry, and smells bad too, so be careful!

(Upon defeating the Hedgehog Pie King.) On-screen: Return to the Leaf House?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", teleport to the Leaf House.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the boy after defeating the Hedgehog Pie King.)
Boy: Did you defeat the toad king!?

Cloud: Yup. Kicked his butt real good.

Boy: Awesome! I knew you could do it!

Boy: Now we don't have to worry about the king and his smelly friends!

Girl: Thank you so much! Here—this is for you—the treasure we promised. It's definitely worth at least three gil.

Ms. Folia: Okay, kids, playtime's over for now! I've prepared a special assignment for everyone. One that I expect you to finish today. Understood?

Boy: Yes! Yes, Ms. Folia!

Ms. Folia: I appreciate you getting rid of the toad king, by the way.

Aerith: Wow, Ms. Folia. You must know all their secrets.

Ms. Folia: Oh, if only. Easier said than done. They're always on the move, looking for new adventures, chasing new dreams, all while trying to make the lives of everyone around them just a little better. I try to make sure they don't stumble and fall, and when they finally do, I help them back up.

Cloud: Sounds exhausting.

Ms. Folia: Sometimes it is. But I want the children to know that until they can stand on their own two feet that I'm here to support them, care for them, love them—that even if we're not actually related, we're still a family—a real family, in all the ways that matter. If I can do that for them, then well...then maybe I'm making this world a better place.

Aerith: I know you are.

Ms. Folia: My predecessor taught me everything I know. I just took up his torch and ran with it, I guess. Not that I'm anything close to what he was. Biggs is one of a kind.

Ms. Folia: Oh no! I've completely lost track of time!

Aerith: Do you have somewhere you need to be?

Ms. Folia: More like a dream I need to fulfill! Thank you again for your help!

Aerith: I wonder what kind of dream she's chasing tonight.

Cloud: No idea.

Boy: Thanks again for saving our hideout from the king. In return, I let everyone know you guys can join the "game"—as special guests. If you wanna know more, then come to the hideout!

(Upon talking to Oates after completing the quest.)
Oates: Now that things are starting to settle down a bit, we can finally play Whack-a-Box again! It's all thanks to you!

Oates: Oh, yeah, I forgot. There's this tired-looking guy out by the community center...and I heard he was looking for some help.

Weapons on a Rampage[]

(Upon approaching the Scared Man.)

Scared Man
  • Hey! Any mercs around!?
  • Somebody help me!

(Upon talking to the scared man.)
Scared Man: Shinra weapons are on the rampage. Five of 'em, like floatin' eyeballs! I saw them wander off into the scrap, but if they come back into town, it'd be a disaster. We need someone who's willing and able to fight...

Cloud: I'll handle it.

Scared Man: You will!? Aw man, you're the best! I could hear them shouting "intruder detected" or some other nonsense when they floated off. Be careful. They looked dangerous!

(Upon defeating all Mark II Monodrives.)
On-screen: Return to the scared man?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", teleport in front of the scared man.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon returning to the scared man after defeating Mark II Monodrives.)
Scared Man: I heard, I heard! You got 'em all, right? Robots from the reactor getting lost in the slums... Must be because of the explosion up top, huh? They must've thought they were protecting the reactor, and figured I was trespassin' on their turf or something.

Cloud: Maybe.

Scared Man: Almost feel sorry for 'em, getting all lost and confused like that.

Scared Man: Ah, what am I sayin'? Man or machine... Shinra bitches get what they deserve.

Cloud: Now hold on—

Aerith: Anyway, I think it's safe to say our work here is finished! If you're ever in the market for a merc again, remember: you can count on Cloud!

Scared Man: Uh, sure. And sorry about putting this on you all of a sudden. I'm really glad you were willing to help out, though! Thanks again.

Scared Man: Actually, while you're here, I've got another favor to ask. There's this old guy who hangs out in front of the weapons shop. I think he might need your help. Would you mind talking to him?

(Upon talking to the scared man again after the quest is complete.)
Scared Man: I'd appreciate it if you could talk to that old guy. He helped me out a while back, and I'd like to return the favor.

A Verified Hero[]

(Upon talking to Sarah.)
Sarah: Oh hey, Cloud! You're just in time for our favorite game—Whack-a-Box! You want in? It's super fun! The rules are easy. The person who whacks the most boxes is crowned champion of the hideout! We usually don't let adults play, but since you're cool, we're gonna make a special exception just for you.

(After Sarah offers to play a Whack-a-Box game.)
On-screen: Play a game of Whack-a-Box?

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens. Upon selecting "Yes", a game begins.)

(After playing the first game of Whack-a-Box.)
Sarah: See? Pretty fun, right? Play with us again, 'kay!

(After obtaining the target score.)
Sarah: Holy cow! You crushed it!

(Upon talking to Sarah again.)
Sarah: Wanna play some Whack-a-Box?

(Upon entering a match and not reaching the highest score.)

  • Only one way to become a Whack-a-Box master: whack, whack, whack!

The Angel of the Slums[]

(Upon approaching Damon.)
Damon: Ah, you wouldn't happen to be a certain merc that's become the talk of the town?

Cloud: Yup.

Damon: I'm Damon. Little more than a humble reporter with the Daily Buzz.

Aerith: Ugh, that rag? The one that's always printing awful rumors about the slums?

Damon: On the contrary, my dear! We strive to raise awareness of the plight of our undercity brethren. We seek a better future for everyone, rich and poor.

Damon: Now then, my friends. I find myself in need of your exceptional services for a trifling matter. Are you familiar with the mysterious—and notorious—bandit known as the "Angel of the Slums"? She delivers written declarations to her victims—usually Shinra associates—before divesting them of their valuables.

Aerith: Everyone knows her. Everything she steals, she gives to the poor and needy.

Damon: Yes. She's got a knack for public relations. Very popular down here as a result. Nevertheless, she is a criminal and a threat to the public order! I've made it my mission to unmask the villain, but the locals have been uncooperative and uncommunicative, to put it mildly. And now that my identity as a reporter has been exposed, my sources have all deserted me! Which brings me to you—the merc of the hour, and the man who will serve up my scoop!

(Upon talking to Damon again.)
Damon: I'll welcome any and all information pertaining to the so-called Angel of the Slums.

(Upon talking to a woman inside the community center.)
Undercity Resident (1): Why, hello! What is it? The Guardian Angel of the Slums? Such a mysterious figure. Always talked about, but never seen by anyone! The Angel gets in and out without being noticed and always leaves a calling card. Maybe a magician!? No, no, it's no magic trick—it's genuine magic! Rumor has it that the Angel is a witch.

Undercity Resident (2): If we're going by rumors, then I've heard that it's actually a monster in disguise.

Undercity Resident (1): Well, I could talk all day about the dozens of stories I've heard!

(Upon talking to Mireille.)
Aerith: Good to see you again, Mireille.

Mireille: Good to see you too, Aerith. I'd heard you found yourself a funny new friend.

Aerith: Cloud, meet Mireille. She knows everything there is to know about the slums. Mireille, meet Cloud. He's a former SOLDIER, and super strong.

Mireille: He looks useful enough. The kids have been talking about you. The defender of the secret hideout. And now the Hero of the Leaf House is helping the Daily Buzz look for the Angel of the Slums.

Cloud: I am?

Mireille: (chuckles) I'm a lover of the whispered word. Not that it's any real secret, considering how chatty that Shinra mutt's been.

Cloud: Not looking into it for the reporter. I'm doing it for myself. Call it curiosity...or whatever.

Mireille: Or could it be you've fallen under the Angel's spell like so many others? Anyway—it so happens that I have some information for you. But I'll need a moment before I can give it to you. Why don't you wait with that reporter of yours?

(Upon talking to Mireille again.)
Mireille: Just wait outside with the reporter. I'll be along soon.

(Upon talking to Damon again.)
Damon: So! Any news?

Aerith: Have you tried talking to Mireille at all? She told us that she had some information to share.

Damon: Mireille as in the Mireille? The town gossip? I chased her for days, begging for info, but she wouldn't give up a single scrap! So how'd you get the old bird to talk?

Mireille: This old bird had a change of heart, that's all.

Damon: Then quickly, before you have another, tell us: what do you know about the notorious Angel of the Slums? Has she struck again? Is that it!?

Mireille: I don't know anything about that. But I do know where her hideout is.

Damon: Her base of operations? Now that's a scoop! Where is it!? Tell me!

Mireille: Deep in the scrap—at Lookout Point. Hardly anyone goes out there these days. It's the perfect place for a criminal to hole up.

Damon: Lookout Point—got it! I'll check it out right now!

Mireille: But before you go, I should warn you about this rumor I heard—about a terrible fiend that's claimed the Angel's hideout as its lair. Quite large, lots of teeth, always hungry. I don't know about you, but I'd not go anywhere near that thing.

Damon: Er, well, uh... Well! A good reporter knows never to take foolish risks. "Plan first, then act." That's every respectable journalist's motto!

Mireille: If it's a "plan" you're looking for, I'd say you have one right here. Wouldn't you?

Damon: So, my good mercenary. If I might impose upon you again, it would be lovely if you investigated Lookout Point for me.

(Upon talking to Damon again.)

  • The forgotten Lookout Point deep within the scrap. Could it be that this place holds the secrets of the Angel? This is what we need to find out!
  • If you do happen to run afoul of any ravenous fiends, it would be lovely if you did something about it. For the truth!
  • I promise I'll pay you once the job's complete. Just make sure you come back with good news—or any news!

(Upon talking to Mireille again.)

  • Heard the monster up at Lookout Point ain't your average beastie. You be careful now.
  • Don't let that thing lay a claw on Aerith, you hear me?
  • Hm. This oughta be good. Best be on your way, merc.

(After defeating the Chromogger.)
Cloud: Okay then. Guess we should look around.

(Upon inspecting the Angel's calling card.)
Cloud: "The Guardian Angel of the Slums will collect your offering on behalf of the poor."

Aerith: This must be one of her calling cards!

Cloud: I don't see anything else interesting. Let's head back and tell them what we found.

On-screen: Return to the reporter?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", teleport in front of Damon.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to Damon after inspecting the card.)
Damon: I can't believe it! You found one of her calling cards! This is the genuine article, I'm sure of it! Penned by the Angel herself!

Mireille: Hmm... So this is one of her famous warnings.

Damon: It's an incredible find! Oh—was that all?

Mireille: Hold on. Looks like there's something else—a message. "To the nosy Shinra reporter sniffing around... I was planning to teach you a lesson you would never forget. However, by the grace of your mercenary friend, you were spared that lesson. But next time he might not be around to save you. You would be wise to watch your step."

Damon: Not just a message from the Angel... A warning!

Mireille: If the merc here hadn't bailed you out, that fiend in the scrap would've ripped you to shreds. Sorry about that, friend. Here I was just trying to help you out, but instead my kindness almost got you violently killed.

Damon: Now, now. No harm, no foul...right? In any case, I hope this narrowly averted tragedy won't discourage you from sharing information with me in the future.

Undercity Resident (1): Hey, everybody! The Angel left another calling card! She's gonna rip off Don Corneo!

Undercity Resident (2): It's about damn time!

Undercity Resident (3): Don Corneo's no easy mark. I can't wait to see how this goes down!

Damon: Excuse me! I'm a reporter for the Daily Buzz and—

Cloud: So much for my reward.

Mireille: Here. Why don't you take this? Oh, and no need to thank me. Let's just say it slipped out of that reporter's pocket. (laughs) Can't call it theft if you're just claiming what you're owed—am I right? Well done, mister merc. You certainly lived up to your reputation.

(Upon talking to Mireille after the quest is complete.)

  • You know, there's a rumor that the Angel of the Slums is as radiant and beautiful as she is daring. Personally, I think that one's true.
  • Now what could our Angel want from a man like Don Corneo? Of all his many goodies—or maybe she wants his whole fortune!

Paying Respects[]

(Upon talking to the old man.)
Old Man: Oh, I know you. You must be that mercenary. I have a problem. It's the anniversary of my wife's death, and I wanted to visit her grave. But I can't because some creatures have turned the graveyard into their nest. Could you do me a favor and go there in my stead? She shouldn't be alone today.

Cloud: It'll cost you.

Old Man: That's fine, that's fine. The graveyard's right by the head of the river. But I heard they put a new gate in recently to replace the old broken one. Now that those creatures have moved in, I'm sure it's locked up tight.

(If Cloud has the graveyard key.)
Aerith: Didn't we buy a graveyard key off Moggie? I think we did.

(Upon talking to the Old Man again before completing the task.)
Old Man: You'll find my wife's grave with all the others out by the river's head. But I suspect you're going to need a key to get past the new gate they put in.

(After defeating the enemies at the graveyard.)
Aerith: This must be it.

Aeroth: Hey. You wanna say a prayer too?

Cloud: No thanks. I think you've got it covered.

On-screen: Return to the old man?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", teleport to the old man.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to the old man after defeating them.)
Scared Man: I'm really grateful for what you did. Here's your reward. I owe him a lot—maybe more than I can ever repay. And now I owe you a lot too. I know it's not much, but I hope it makes up for it a little bit.

Aerith: We paid our respects to your wife—and we took care of those creatures.

Old Man: Oh, that's such a relief to hear. I can't tell you how much it was weighing on my mind. I was beginning to think I might never be able to visit her grave again. With my bad back and my legs—my whole body's a mess, frankly—I...I didn't think I could make it past the creatures. But I was prepared to die trying. And then you two came along.

Old Man: Still, I've got to face facts. Creatures or no, I can't keep making these trips...

Scared Man: Don't say that.

Cloud: This is the graveyard key. Run it back to Moggie.

Old Man: But...I just told you about my legs...

Scared Man: Why don't you just give it back?

Cloud: Okay. It'll cost you five thousand gil though.

Scared Man: Five thousand!

Old Man: It's always money with you people! Hmph. Fine! I won't ask you for anything else! I'll take your damned key and give it to the boy!

Old Man: It's downright depressing. What is the world coming to these days...

(Upon talking to the old man again.)

Old Man
  • Money! That's all you kids think about. Not a whit of generosity or selflessness. May as well keep working till the day I die!
  • Maybe it's not too late for kids to learn that life's about more than just money!

(Upon talking to the scared man again.)

Scared Man
  • You're a real dick, you know that? But on the bright side, it seems he's all fired up again.
  • I don't know if you knew, but he used to offer free lessons to all the street kids in the neighborhood. And yeah, I was one of those street kids.

The Language of Flowers[]

(Upon reaching Aerith's garden.)
Aerith: Wait a sec.

Aerith: coming?

(Upon approaching Aerith by the flower bed.)
Cloud: You talking to the...

Aerith: Shh. So yeah... It was that kind of day.

Aerith: Let's go. Shouldn't keep Mom waiting.

Cloud: Hey... What'd they say?

Aerith: "Good work today, guys."

Aerith: Kidding. They didn't say a word. But you know... Ah...never mind. It's not like you'd believe me after all.

Cloud: ...Probably not.

Cloud: Tell me anyway.

Aerith: Really?

Cloud: Yeah.

Aerith: It won't be much longer now. The flowers, they...they have something important to tell us. Something they...need to share with us. At least, that's the feeling I get. But...before they can...there's a final step that has to be taken. Otherwise...we won't hear them. Maybe I should just give up. Honestly, it's what I do best.

Cloud: Could've fooled me. From what I've seen, you're no quitter.

Aerith: Well today's special! That's why I've been working my butt off.

Cloud: Uh...What's so special about it?

Aerith: (laughs) Okay, time to go!

Cloud: Learn to talk to her.

Aerith: Did the flowers say anything?

Cloud: Uh... "Good work today, guys"?

Aerith: (chuckles) That's the spirit!

The Price of Strength[]

Elmyra: Where have you two been? I've been worried sick.

Aerith: Sorry. We got a little sidetracked.

Elmyra: Dinner's ready, in case you're wondering.

Aerith: Ah, great!

Elmyra: But before we sit down—I want you to make up the guest room.

Aerith: Gotcha! Take a load off, okay?

Elmyra: Judging by those eyes, I'm guessing you're a SOLDIER?

Cloud: Ex-SOLDIER.

Elmyra: I hate to ask...but would you leave here tonight? Without any fuss—no questions? You boys made a trade—a normal life for power. You can't have it both ways.

Aerith: I'm back!

Elmyra: Good. Now—I hope you're hungry.

Aerith: Starving. Right?

(In Cloud's dream.)
Claudia: I've never been so proud. The man you've become... Women must be hounding you day and night.

Cloud: Not really.

Claudia: You know, there's all kinds of temptations in the big city. I'd feel a lot better if I knew you'd found a good girl—one who'd make sure you didn't get into trouble.

Cloud: I can take care of myself.

Claudia: An older, more mature girl that could keep you on the straight and narrow—and tell you when you're being a silly goose. That's the perfect type for you, I'd say.

(After Cloud wakes up.)
Cloud: Don't want to overstay my welcome.

(Upon waking Aerith up the first time.)
Aerith: What're you doing?

Cloud: ...Nothing.

Aerith: Did you have a bad dream? Don't worry. You'll feel much better in the morning. And I promise to take you straight home.

Cloud: Uh... Okay.

Cloud: Please don't let her hear me again.

(Upon waking Aerith a second time.)
Aerith: You jerk! I thought I told you not to leave your room. Now get back in there!

Cloud: Okay...

(Upon waking Aerith a third time.)
Aerith: No. More. Games.

(Upon reaching the ground floor.)
Elmyra: You're leaving.

Cloud: So, how do I get to Sector 7?

Elmyra: It's simple enough. Just cut through Sector 6. It isn't exactly safe, but you should be okay, seeing as you're a SOLDIER.

Cloud: Was one.

Elmyra: Promise me. You'll never talk to Aerith again. Please.

Cloud: You got it.

Elmyra: Thank you.

(Upon talking to Elmyra.)
Elmyra: I'm sorry.

(Upon talking to the Housemother.)
Housemother: If it isn't the new florist! I appreciate you helping the kids out today. Thank you. They won't stop talking about the SOLDIER who "saved the day." And make sure to give my thanks to Aerith too.

Cloud: Sure.

(Upon talking to the Housemother again.)

  • The kids are talking about you like they've found themselves a new hero. Thank you for being there for the children. I really appreciate it.
  • Are you working at this hour?
  • Don't push yourself too hard.

Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps[]

Tour Guide[]

Aerith: Well, look who it is. Talk about a coincidence.

Cloud: What're you doing here?

Aerith: Waiting.

Cloud: Why?

Aerith: Because I'm not sick of you yet.

Cloud: Lead on, then.

Aerith: With pleasure. (hums)

Aerith: Cloud? Is something wrong?

Cloud: It's nothing.

(While walking down the S6-5 Road.)
Cloud: You can see the sky.

Aerith: They're still working on the new plate. I don't like this part of Midgar. Back when they were still building Midgar, there was an accident, and the plate fell. People had only just started moving in, so there weren't a lot living there at the time, but...

(Halfway along the road.)
Cloud: And that's...?

Aerith: The underside of Sector 6. "Wall Market." A real special place. But...I'm sure you already knew that, right?

Cloud: I didn't tell you? I enlisted pretty much right after I left home. Dunno much about this place, or any of the slums.

Aerith: Well, it took a lot of people to build Midgar. And they all needed to blow off steam. So some traders built an entertainment district. Inns, shops, bars, the works. Folks started pouring in from all over. Business was booming, money was flowing... Which attracted the attention of some guys who...didn't much care for the law.

Cloud: And now there isn't any.

Aerith: Right. But instead of trying to solve the problem, the government decided to just wall it in. And that's how Wall Market began. "Out of sight, out of mind," as the old saying goes. For the folks in charge, there's no better way to deal with it.

Cloud: So it's like a giant veil.

Aerith: Yeah. Wanna see what's behind it?

Cloud: Not really.

Aerith: That's good—'cause I know a better way to get to Sector 7. One that—tragically—doesn't go through Wall Market. And it's just through this tunnel here. At least it was, back when I was a kid.

Take the Shortcut[]

(Upon entering the Collapsed Expressway.)
On-screen: Sector 6 Slums - Collapsed Expressway

Aerith: It's been like this, you know. Ever since the plate fell.

Cloud: And there's no other way?

Aerith: It'll be an adventure.

(Upon approaching the first robot arm.)
Cloud: What's that?

Aerith: A big arm. Kinda cute, don't you think?

Beyond the Ladder[]

(Upon dropping to the first Robot Arm Worksite.)
Aerith: Oh, great. Someone's pulled up the ladder.

Aerith: I wonder if we can use this.

(Upon offering Aerith a ride with the robot arm.)
Aerith: Here's an idea. I'll hop on, and you give me a ride.

Cloud: You serious?

Aerith: Absolutely! I'll throw down the ladder for you to climb up after.

(After dropping Aerith by the ladder.)
Aerith: Piece of cake! Gimme a sec.

Aerith: And here comes the ladder.

Aerith: Well? What did I tell ya?

(Upon reaching Aerith.)
Aerith: You did it!

Cloud: Yeah...

Aerith: Hm?

Aerith: Alright, good enough. Let's keep on truckin'!

(Upon approaching the Sweeper Prototype.)
Cloud: Stop.

Aerith: Did we wake it up?

(After destroying it.)
Aerith: Huh, that's weird. Used to be a way through here.

(Upon talking to Aerith.)
Aerith: I wonder if someone blocked it off because of all the monsters that kept showing up.

Cloud: Pretty dangerous place for kids to play.

Aerith: Raised in the slums, remember?

Cloud: You're tough.

Aerith: Hmm, that supposed to be a compliment?

Working Together[]

(Upon approaching the tunnel.)
Aerith: Looks like a dead end.

(Upon approaching the robot arm controls at the Machinery Graveyard.)
Aerith: Hey, I bet you can grab that container with the arm.

(After grabbing the container.)
Aerith: Not half bad! So, do you moonlight as a crane operator or something?

Aerith: Yeah?

Aerith: Uhhh...

Aerith: Aw, no. Look. Why's it always gotta be so tough? Lucky for me, you'll make this easier.

Cloud: Yes, ma'am.

Aerith: Well then, I'm gonna head down.

Aerith: Okay, Cloud! Ready!

(Upon dropping Aerith near the magic materia.)
Aerith: Hold on a second.

Aerith: Gotcha!

(Upon dropping Aerith by the ladder.)
Aerith: Okay, right there! Hold on while I drop the ladder!

(Upon reaching Aerith.)
Aerith: Cloud, over here!

Beyond the Dead End[]

(Upon descending the ladder to the Thugs' Lair.)
Aerith: Whoa. Not too fast, okay?

Cloud: Got it.

(Upon reaching Aerith at the end of the Large Cave-In if the Thugs' Lair has not been reached yet.)
Aerith: Well, jumping's not an option, that's for sure.

Cloud: Look.

Aerith: Someone made a campfire.

Cloud: If they found a way down, so can we.

(Upon reaching the campfire in Thugs' Lair.)
Aerith: Anybody around?

Aerith: Guess it's just us.

Cloud: It's still warm.

Aerith: Should we relight it? Have our own campfire?

Cloud: I need to get back. Besides—

Beck: Lookie here, boys! Caught us some burglars!

Burke: Comin' into our homes and stealing out shit—doin' crimes!

Beck: I'd say we're owed "compensatory damages"!

Butch: (laughs) Yeah! Complementary—uh, composite— Uh, I don't get it.

Beck: How stupid can you be? It's crazy simple! Compensatory damages is like, uh... It's like...compensation... For damages!

Burke: Oh yeah! (laughs) That's what you get when, when somebody else! Uh...

Cloud: We haven't done anything wrong.

Aerith: Yeah. We were just passing through.

Burke: Ohhh? A likely story.

Aerith: Okay, what do you want?

Beck: Nothing but our due recompense—that's all!

Burke: Due recompense! Due recompense!

Butch: Wait...what? Due wreck-em-pants!?

Beck: No, shit-for-brains! "Due recompense"! It's like...uh... It's like...uh... Compensatory damages!

Butch: Oh! So damage is recompense! I get it!

Beck: Simple as that!

Aerith: I think we've heard enough.

(After defeating Beck, Burke, and Butch.)
Beck: Okay, guys. Whatever you do...don't move...

Burke: Don't look... Just don't look...

Butch: I'm dead... I'm super dead...

(Upon passing further through the Thugs' Lair.)
Beck: Shit! Let's get the hell outta here!

Butch: Wait, you guys! Don't leave me! I'm coming!

Aerith: Random question, but...why did you quit being a SOLDIER?

Cloud: That is random.

Aerith: You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.

Aerith: Um, did you have any SOLDIER friends? Any war buddies?

Cloud: No...not really.

Aerith: Oh, okay.

(Upon encountering the first group of bandits.)
Bandit (1): Huh!? What we got here?

Bandit (2): Fresh meat to test our new toy on, that's what!

Working Together Again[]

(Upon interacting with the robot arm controls for the Dual Robot Arms Worksite.)
Aerith: Stupid ladders. Always out of reach... Okay Cloud, heading down. You're in charge of the arm, got it?

(After dropping Aerith by the support materia.)
Aerith: Gotcha.

(Upon hitting Aerith with the robot arm.)
Aerith: Cloud?!

(After reaching Aerith by the ladder at the end.)
Aerith: That went pretty well.

Cloud: Sure did.

Aerith: Hm? Wait a minute, did you just...?

Cloud: Nope.

Aerith: Don't worry, we'll be on the same page next time.

Cloud: What are you talking about?

Aerith: I'm sorry, okay!

(Upon encountering the enemies at the end of the Utility Tunnel.)
Bandit (1): Hold it right there, lovebirds!

Bandit (2): You wanna pass through our territory, then you gotta pay the toll!

(After defeating them.)
Aerith: We made it! Smell the fresh air?

Saying Goodbye[]

(Upon reaching Aerith at the end of the Utility Tunnel.)
Aerith: Cloud. Up top.

(While waiting before giving Aerith a high five.)

  • Aw, don't leave me hanging.
  • Gimme some skin!
  • Slowly losing circulation in arm...

(Upon reaching Evergreen Park.)
On-screen: Sector 6 Slums - Evergreen Park.

Aerith: Alright, there it is. The gate to Sector 7.

Cloud: Looks shut. How do we open it?

Aerith: More importantly, how about we take a break? Sound good?

Cloud: No. I don't have time for—

Aerith: Up there looks nice.

Aerith: C'mon!

Aerith: You know, a long time ago, I used to sell flowers here.

Cloud: Oh yeah?

Aerith: So, Cloud... You were a SOLDIER: First Class, right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Aerith: Weird.

Cloud: Really? What's weird about it?

Aerith: Nothing. Just that you were the same rank.

Cloud: As who?

Aerith: The first guy I ever loved.

Cloud: What's his name? I probably know him.

Aerith: Are you okay?

Aerith: Wow... Your eyes.

Cloud': Oh. It's 'cause of the mako. All SOLDIERs have 'em.

Aerith: Yeah... I know. Sorry, I'm bumming you out. We should go.

Aerith: Gotta look forward, not back.

(Upon interacting with Aerith by the tunnel.)
Aerith: Here. This won't take long.

Aerith: Ready! Wanna get to Sector 7 in style? This is the passageway for you.

Cloud & Aerith: So...

Aerith: (chuckles) Go ahead.

Cloud: You gonna be okay getting home?

Aerith: And if I said I wasn't?

Cloud: I'll go with you.

Aerith: Thought you needed to get back? (chuckles) Don't worry. I have a backup route for emergencies. And it's safer too.

(Upon talking to Aerith again.)
Aerith: Guess this is it, then. Ready?

On-screen: Head to the Sector 7 slums?

  • (Upon selecting "Let's go.")
    Cloud: Yeah.
  • (Upon selecting "Not yet.".)
    Cloud: No.
    Aerith: Aww, you big softie. Gonna miss me?
    • (Upon talking to Aerith again after first answering "No.")
      Aerith: Shall we?
      • (Upon selecting "Let's go.")
        Cloud: Yeah.
      • (Upon selecting "Not yet.")
        Cloud: No...
        Aerith: Nothing wrong with taking a little break.

Chasing Tifa[]

Cloud: Tifa!?

Tifa: Cloud! You're alive! I thought we'd lost you!

Cloud: What's going on?

Tifa: Shh. I'll explain everything later. But now, I'm on my way to see Don Corneo. You should head back to Seventh Heaven, meet up with the gang.

Cloud: But—

Tifa: I'll be fine. You've seen how much ass I can kick.

Cloud: I have...

Aerith: Oh no you don't. You're going after her.

Cloud: She's a big girl. She can handle the likes of him. And worse.

Aerith: Uh-uh. You don't know Corneo. It doesn't matter how strong or smart you think you are. He'll find a way to turn it against you. And where's she going to meet him? A mansion filled with his goons. Come on. Aren't you worried what might happen in there? You have to help her!

Aerith: Come on!

Cloud: 'Kay.

Aerith: Come on, Cloud. We gotta hurry!

(Upon talking to the Stablehand by Wall Market.)
Stablehand: Hey there! Where you headed?

Aerith: You gave a ride to a girl earlier. Do you have any idea where she went?

Stablehand: No, and if you don't need a ride, then get the hell outta here. Can't you see I'm trying to work?

Cloud: Can't say I can, no.

Stablehand: What'd you say to me, you little—

Sam: What's all the ruckus out here? Hmm... I don't know you. What's your story?

Aerith: We're looking for a girl who took one of your carriages. Can you help us find her?

Sam: Depends. What d'you want with this girl of yours?

Cloud: Guess. We want to save—

Aerith: Save her from a life without this handsome guy!

Sam: So that's how it is, huh? Well, I get a lotta customers. Hard to keep track of 'em all. This girl, what's she look like?

Cloud: Well...

On-screen: The girl we're looking for...

  • (Upon selecting "She's in great shape.")
    Cloud: She's in great shape.
    Aerith: Is that really important?
  • (Upon selecting "She's a great fighter.")
    Cloud: Um...she's a great fighter.
    Aerith: I'm not sure that helps.
  • (Upon selecting "She's great at handling the books.")
    Cloud: She's...great at handling the books.
    Aerith: Cloud, I really don't think that'll help.

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Sam: Wait a minute, you talking about Tifa?

Cloud: That's her.

Sam: Oho, looks like someone's got a bit of a crush! Hate to break your heart, kid, but it's gonna be a long while before she sees the light of day again.

Cloud: What do you mean?

Sam: She's a real pretty girl. Corneo's hosting another audition, and Tifa was chosen as a candidate.

Aerith: An audition for what?

Sam: For the title of the next Mrs. Corneo. She's what he likes, all rolled into one sweet package. Having scouted girls for so long, I know his tastes better than my own. And considering those tastes, I can guarantee you this: she won't be walking out of that mansion anytime soon...if at all.

Cloud: So where can we find this Don Corneo?

Sam: What're you asking for? Thinking of raising holy hell or something? Do what you gotta, but leave me out of it. I told you what you wanna know—now take a walk.

Aerith: And there goes our best lead yet. Maybe we'll have better luck in town. Let's check it out.

To Corneo's Mansion[]

(Upon entering Wall Market.)
On-screen: Wall Market

Barker: Welcome to Wall Market, the pleasure capital of Midgar that's got everything for everybody! Couple, huh? S'all good! Play together, do your own thing—earn a little scratch on the side, even—whatever you're into, we got you. Got a special onetime limited offer—

Aerith: No, thank you! Come on, Cloud—let's go!

(Upon talking to the Barker.)

  • So, what kind of mischief you looking to get up to tonight?
  • You gotta let go of your inhibitions and set yourself free!

(Upon approaching the inn.)
Barker: You two! Yes, you! Do you have a place to stay this enchanted evening? We have the perfect room for a sweet-looking couple like you!

On-screen: Stay the night?

  • (Upon selecting "...No thanks.")
    Cloud: ...No thanks.
    Aerith: But you thought about it, didn't you?
  • (Upon selecting "How much?")
    Cloud: How much?
    Aerith: Cloud!
  • (Upon selecting "Back off.")
    Cloud: Back off.
    Aerith: Sorry. We're in a rush.

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Barker: (laughs) Just give me a holler when you change your mind.

(Upon talking to the Barker outside the inn again.)

  • No preferences we can't accommodate, no sir.
  • Hey, hey, heeey! If you're looking for the most unforgettable night of your life, look no further!
  • Enjoy a sleepless night in the city true to its name!

(Upon talking to the Innkeeper.)
Innkeeper: Welcome. Are you in need of accommodations?

On-screen: Stay the night?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    Innkeeper: Have a safe trip.
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to Johnny's Father.)

Johnny's Father
  • You know, I've heard from more than a few people that my son, Johnny, has been roaming the streets of Wall Market. Before he leaves town, I need to make sure I deliver him his lucky pillow. I have faith in my boy, of course. But a growing man needs plenty of sleep—sleep of good quality, no less. That's how mind and body stay healthy and active. In other words, this pillow is crucial to his health.
  • My wife is back in Sector 7. I thought it best she wait for me there because the establishments in this town are, uh, provocative. Of course, I haven't been to any myself so I don't know what goes on around here. Not in the slightest.

(Upon approaching the item procurement machine room.)

  • Step right up, step right up! It's the fully automated, state-of-the-art item procurement machine!
  • Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Any item you can think of, just a button push away!

(Upon attempting to use the machine.)
Aerith: Maybe it's broken?

(Upon talking to the Barker outside the item procurement machine.)

  • Huh? What's that? Not working, you say? Maybe there's something wrong with the wiring...
  • Huh!? It shot you!? Well, that's not good for business. Wiring must be faulty or something...

(Upon talking to the Pharmacist.)
Pharmacist: Hey there. We're a pharmacy, but we stock other stuff too.

(After closing the Pharmacist store menu.)
Pharmacist: Thanks a bunch.

(Upon talking to the Restaurant Owner.)
Restaurant Owner: Hey there, friend! Grab a seat, any that's open.

(Upon talking to the Restaurant Owner again.)
Restaurant Owner: So, what will it be?

(Upon talking to the Materia Vendor.)
Materia Vendor: See the sign out front? All I got is materia.

(After closing the store menu.)
Materia Vendor: Thanks, buddy.

(Upon talking to Chadley.)
Chadley: Cloud! I will go wherever my research leads me, but the success of my endeavors rests entirely upon you. Your assistance would be much appreciated.

(After closing Chadley's menu.)
Chadley: Cloud, I've registered a new summons battle intel request. Please take a look. I need you to defeat the summoned entity so I can complete the materia.

(Upon defeating the Fat Chocobo.)
Chadley: Truly amazing work, Cloud! This is incontrovertible proof that the universe has a sense of humor. Now that you have a fun new partner in Fat Chocobo, you can work together to squash Shinra like a bug.

(Upon talking to the Cowgirl before obtaining the "Farm Boy" disc.)
Cowgirl: I can't believe I bought the same disc twice. Excuse me, sir. If you like, you can have it.

(Upon talking to the Cowgirl again.)
Cowgirl: Even if you love the artist, you don't need more than one copy.

(Upon talking to the Thugs in an alleyway northwest.)

  • It's always best to be prepared for the worst, wouldn't you agree?
  • Quality monster insurance is more essential than ever these days.

(Upon talking to the Receptionist at the Honeybee Inn.)

  • My apologies, sir. We are not ready to open at this time.
  • Please come back later.

(Upon talking to Ms. Folia.)
Ms. Folia: ...What?

(Upon talking to Ms. Folia a second time.)
Cloud: Aren't you that Leaf House—

Ms. Folia: Hey! What the hell, merc!? Digging into people's personal affairs in this town is a huge no-no!

Cloud: What are you doing here?

Ms. Folia: Well, if you must know...I've wanted to be a dancer ever since I was a little girl. I come here at night to live the dream. I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell the children, okay?

(Upon talking to Ms. Folia again.)

Ms. Folia
  • I practice every second I can. It's the only way I'll become the best!
  • I've always wanted to dance for a living.

(Upon talking to Ms. Folia a second time if "Kids of Patrol" was not completed.)
Honeygirl: Um are you a customer? In case you can't tell, I'm on a break. If you're looking for a good time, I'm sure you can find it inside.

(Upon talking to Ms. Folia again if "Kids of Patrol" was not completed.)
Honeygirl: Sorry, buddy, but I'm on a break right now.

(Upon talking to Undercity Residents in an alleyway northwest.)
Undercity Resident (1): Hey. You hear 'bout that real narrow street just over there...?

Undercity Resident (2): You're not still wasting your gil at the Honeybee Inn, are ya?

Undercity Resident (1): You bet I am. Found me a secret route in, one nobody don't know about. Only trouble is, it's filled with drunks 'n' garbage!

(Upon talking to the Man in Line in the bar.)
Man in Line: Shit! These are high stakes, man!

(Upon talking to the Patient inside the bar's bathroom.)
Patient: I feel like shit.

(Upon talking to the Singer at the bar's karoake stand.)
Singer: Thank you. I signed with Shinra Records a while back, but I'm still looking for my first big hit. It's been seven years now. Not easy, but you gotta do what you love—and I love to sing. This is a new song of mine. Maybe it'll be that number one.

(Upon talking to the Clothing Store Owner at the bar.)
Clothing Store Owner: Dig a hole and throw me in. I'm already dead.

(Upon talking to the Weapons Vendor.)
Weapons Vendor: Welcome to Wall Market's premier weapons shop!

(Upon approaching Corneo's mansion.)
Aerith: Check it out! I think we might've found our man...and he's a gaudy one.

Cloud: Yeah...

(Upon talking to Leslie.)
Leslie: Not so fast, buddy. Back it up. Got no need for pretty boys here.

Cloud: We're looking for someone.

Leslie: Lemme guess. First time in Wall Market.

Cloud: Yeah, so?

Leslie: So people can't just walk through the don's front door. Especially men.

Aerith: How 'bout me, then? Can I go inside?

Leslie: Maybe, but you're gonna wish you didn't.

Corneo Lackey (1): Y'know, Leslie, she's kinda cute. Homely, but cute.

Aerith: Excuse you?

Leslie: "Kinda cute" is not gonna cut it.

Aerith: Come on, can't you help us out?

Leslie: Do you have any idea what you're getting yourself into?

Cloud: Aerith.

Corneo Lackey (2): Seriously, Les, she's not half bad! With a little work, I bet she'd clean up real nice.

Aerith: Cloud...requesting permission to kill.

Cloud: Denied.

Leslie: If you're really sure you wanna join an audition, then you're gonna need to get official approval.

Aerith: And who can give us that?

Leslie: The Trio—the only ones in town who're considered authorities on Corneo's particular tastes. First, there's Chocobo Sam. And then there's Madam M, over at the massage parlor. Last but not least, there's the Honeybee Inn's Andrea Rhodea. They're an eccentric bunch, to put it mildly, and you should know they don't recommend just any girl stupid enough to come knocking.

Aerith: Hmm, duly noted. Thanks for the info. We'll be back soon.

(Upon talking to Leslie again.)
Leslie: If you're hell-bent on getting in, then go bother the Trio.

Vagabond Johnny[]

(Upon encountering Johnny.)
Johnny: Warmth, relaxation, the sweet embrace of pretty ladies! That's what I need!

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: To enter, or not to enter. That is the question. Wherefore does this philosophical quandary torment me!? You totally get where I'm coming from, right?

On-screen: Agree with Johnny?

  • (Upon selecting "Yeah.")
    Johnny: Hah! I knew it! Let me guess—after you've had your fun, you fall into a spiral of shame and self-loathing. But it only lasts a moment, doesn't it? Next thing you know, you're right back here again... Huh? Gotta question for me?
  • Upon selecting ("No.")
    Johnny: Yeah, I should've figured. You're not the philosophical introspective type like me. That soft, naive face. I know your kind well, bro. You're just another musclehead who uses violence to work through your inner demons. It's sad, really. Huh? Yeah, what's up?

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Cloud: Seen Tifa around?

Johnny: Tifa? My love, my light!? Who are you, and how do you know her!? No, shut up. I don't care! Tifa's here? Why!? Tell me why! Oh god, no. I did this to her, didn't I. She came looking for me, to beg me not to leave her! Snap out of it, Johnny. Your Tifa needs you! Tifa—I'm coming, baby!

Aerith: Who was that...?

Cloud: Nobody you want or need to know.

The Trio[]

Cloud: Aerith. You sure about this?

Aerith: If you've got any better ideas...

Cloud: Not really.

Johnny: So that's the way it is, hmmm? Tifa's been invited invited into the don's estate...

Aerith: Huh?

Johnny: But! To earn such a privilege, you must first win the approval of one of the Trio. Right? Meaning! I now know what I must do to save her! Stay strong, Tifa! Help is on the way! Johnny's comin', baby!

Aerith: Not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he?

Cloud: Nope.


(Upon approaching Sam.)
Johnny: What were you thinking!? Stupid, stupid, stupid! Crawl into a hole and die!

(Upon talking to Johnny after he sits down.)

  • You should've known better. Always go with your gut!
  • Shoulda said heads...

(Upon talking to Sam.)
Sam: Not you two again. Told you once, I'll tell you a thousand times—got nothin' for you. Now scram.

Aerith: Wait, hear us out. You're one of the Trio, right? I want you to get me into the audition.

Sam: Huh?

Aerith: Pretty please?

Sam: Why not.

Aerith: Really!?

Sam: Sure. Next time an audition comes round, I'll put your name in the hat.

Aerith: Next time will be too late. Can't you get me into this one?

Sam: You want in now? No can do, sweetheart. I already recommended Tifa, and she's got this in the bag.

Aerith: How can you be so sure Corneo will pick Tifa? You never know. He might pick me.

Sam: Damn, you really do want in, don't you?

Aerith: Sure do!

Sam: Then how's about we play for it? Call it, missy. Heads or tails. Guess right, and I'll grant you your wish. Guess wrong, and you'll leave me in peace.

On-screen: Heads or tails?

  • (Upon selecting "Heads.")
    Cloud: Heads.
    Sam: Tails. You lose.
  • (Upon selecting ("Tails.")
    Cloud: Tails.
    Sam: Heads. You lose.
  • (Upon selecting "No deal.")
    Cloud: No thanks.
    Sam: Oh? Not a gambler, huh?
    Aerith: I am! Heads!
    Sam: Tails. You lose.

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Sam: Hey, don't look so glum. You're a pretty enough gal, just...not quite Corneo's cup of tea. But if only the don will do, try convincing one of the other two. That's why it's a Trio, and not just the me-oh. Now skedaddle.

Cloud: Wait. Mind if I see that coin of yours?

Cloud: Trick coin. I had a hunch.

Aerith: That's cheating!

Cloud: And that's the Wall Market way. Lesson learned.

Aerith: Still cheating.

Andrea Rhodea[]

(Upon approaching the Honeybee Inn.)
Johnny: Damn, man... It wasn't supposed to go down like this. I-I just wanted to see Andrea. Curse my weak will... But... It was like whoa...

Cloud: This the place?

Aerith: Think so.

Cloud: Lemme handle this. You wait out here, okay?

Aerith: And why would I do that? No, I'm coming with.

Cloud: I'm not really sure that—

Aerith: You're a man of many talents, but "talking" isn't one of them.

(Upon talking to Johnny after he sits down.)
Johnny: I mean, shit...

(Upon entering the Honeybee Inn.)
Aerith: Whoa... (chuckles)

Receptionist: Good evening.

Aerith: Heya.

Receptionist: Welcome to the heart and soul of Wall Market—the Honeybee Inn. Is there a honeyboy or girl whose company you desire?

Cloud: We're here to see Andrea Rhodea.

Receptionist: Ahhh, the shining star of the Honeybee Inn. Now, are you the one who made the appointment, sir? Can I have your name?

Cloud: Oh, we don't have an appointment.

Receptionist: I see...I'm terribly sorry, sir. An appointment is required, and the earliest available slot is three years from now.

Aerith: Three years!?

Cloud: All we want is five minutes. He can spare that.

Aerith: I need his help for the Corneo audition.

Receptionist: Yes, well, regardless of the circumstances, you cannot meet him without an appointment.

Aerith: Is there really no other way?

Receptionist: It is rare, but Mr. Rhodea does occasionally extend invitations to individuals who catch his eye. Otherwise, I'm sorry, but there really is nothing that can be done.

Aerith: I guess that's that, then. Ah well. Let's try someone else.

(Upon talking to the Receptionist again.)
Receptionist: I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more help to you.

Madam M[]

(Upon attempting to open the door to her parlor before completing "Sam" and "Andrea Rhodea" first.)
Aerith: I guess they're closed right now?

(Upon approaching Madam M's parlor after completing the other two.)
Johnny: The hell is this bullshit? I ain't payin' that much!

Madam M: Well this ain't a charity—so if you don't have the gil to pay, then get the hell out!

(Upon talking to Johnny after he runs into a corner.)

  • Ol' Johnny's been had. She's a siren, I tell you...
  • My gil...

(Upon entering Madam M's parlor.)
Madam M: Welcome, welcome. Just the two of you? Step right up. Now then, what manner of massage do you desire?

Aerith: Say what?

Madam M: This your first time in our establishment? We are a hand-massage parlor. An excess of fatigue and tension can make even the simplest task a terrible strain. It is our pleasure to relieve our patrons of that tension. (chuckles) And what better way to seek relief than through the skilled ministrations of a professional? So now that we understand each other, what manner of massage do you desire?

Cloud: We're not customers.

Madam M: Then you are...?

Aerith: Hoping you can help us get an invite to an audition with Don C—

Madam M: Oh for the love of— Say another word and I'll shove this fan right down your throat!

Madam M: This is the last thing I need. You're young and stupid, and I suppose that means you think I'll let you off easy. So you want what? A favor? Well, here's the thing... This is a massage parlor—a respectable establishment. But if you don't require our services... Then tell me! Is there any reason I shouldn't have you dragged outside and shot for wasting my valuable time!? Well!?

Madam M: Hm. Name?

Cloud: ...Cloud Strife.

Madam M: Hand.

Cloud: Huh?

Madam M: Give it to me!

Madam M: The strong, firm hands of a fighter...yet they possess a certain elegance and grace. Okay, Cloud. Let's see what you're made of. After that...we'll talk.

Madam M: So. Which course will it be?

On-screen: Choose which course?

(Upon selecting "Not today.")
Madam M: Hmph! If you're not a customer, then get out.

(Upon interacting Madam M a second time if "Not today." was previously selected.)
Madam M: Ready to take the plunge, are we.

(Upon attempting to interact with a vase.)

Madam M
  • Keep your filthy hands to yourself.
  • Do you even know how much that costs?
  • If you break it, you're paying for it.

(Upon selecting a course the player cannot afford.)
Madam M: Hey! You don't have enough for that. Why don't you choose a course you can actually afford?

(Upon selecting any course if the player has enough gil.)
Madam M: (chuckles) Then make your way to the room in the back...and wait.

Aerith: Cloud...

  • (If "Luxury Course - 3,000 G" was chosen.)
    Madam M: This exclusive treatment is reserved for our most well-to-do patrons... First...the hand cream... A generous coating for each and every one of your richly deserving fingers...
    Madam M: Let's start...with the tips... That's it. Relax. I'm only here to help.
    Madam M: Oh? Did that hurt?
    Cloud: No...
    Madam M: Then I'll move the base of the fingers... Let's see if we can't improve your circulation. Get that blood flowing.
    Madam M: No, don't fight it. Stress is poison to the body. And finally...some gentle simulation for the palm. No more than a touch. Just like this.
    Madam M: Oh? What was that? A cry of pleasure? Is this how you like it? How about this? Or maybe this?
    (After the massage ends.)
    Madam M: If that was to your liking, do come again.
    Cloud: Right.
  • (If "Standard Course - 1,000 G" was chosen.)
    Madam M: Well then. It should go without saying that you get what you pay for. All four fingers at once. Quick and to the point.
    Cloud: Little rough.
    Madam M: Hm? I can stop at any time if it's too much to handle.
    (After the massage ends.)
    Madam M: Try flexing the muscles. You'll feel the difference.
    Madam M: Loose and limber. Am I right?
    Cloud: Actually... Yeah...
  • (If "Poor Man's Course - 100 G" was chosen.)
    Madam M: I should warn you. This technique has certain risks. It's somewhat...experimental. You may find it extremely pleasurable and rewarding. Or the opposite.
    Cloud: Wait!
    Madam M: Absolutely not. You asked for this, now take it like a man!
    (After the massage ends.)
    Cloud: Everything...hurts...

Madam M's Desire[]

(After Cloud returns from a massage.)
Aerith: How was it?

  • (If "Luxury Course - 3,000 G" was chosen.)
    Cloud: Huh?
    Aerith: You okay?
    Cloud: Yeah...
    Aerith: You're acting weird, Cloud.
    Cloud: I am?
    Aerith: Really weird.
  • (If "Standard Course - 1,000 G" was chosen.)
    Cloud: S'alright, I guess.
    Aerith: What are you doing?
    Cloud: Flexing.
    Aerith: Flex-ing...?
    Cloud: Uh... Never mind.
  • (If "Poor Man's Course - 100 G" was chosen.)
    Cloud: Not now. Maybe not ever.
    Aerith: Did something happen to you in there?
    Cloud: Just...just give me a sec.
    Aerith: Just one?
    Cloud: Maybe a few minutes.

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Madam M: Think you'll make a habit of it?

Madam M: All right then. I think I've seen everything I need to see.

Aerith: So...

Madam M: Tell me what you want and we'll take it from there.

(Upon talking to Madam M.)
Aerith: You're one of the Trio, right? I want to get into Corneo's next audition.

Madam M: And why in the world would you want to do that? Hmmm... Okay.

Aerith: Really!?

Madam M: But. You cannot go dressed like that.

Aerith: Huh?

Madam M: I could never send Corneo a candidate wearing such a plain-looking getup. Doing so would call my position as one of the Trio into question.

Aerith: Is something wrong with my outfit?

On-screen: How is Aerith's outfit?

  • (Upon selecting "It's alright.")
    Cloud: It's alright, I guess.
    Aerith: (chuckles) Oh, you.
  • (Upon selecting "Looks comfortable.")
    Cloud: It's comfortable, isn't it?
    Aerith: Cloud, the fashion critic.
  • (Upon selecting "It matter what I think?")
    Cloud: It matter what I think?
    Aerith: Well I think it's pretty cool.

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Madam M: Look, just...take it outside the parlor, would you?

Aerith: Sorry, we'll stop. So...what should I do about the outfit?

Madam M: You just leave that to me. I'll put you in a dress so fabulous, you'll look like a million gil. So long as you can afford it.

Cloud: How much?

Madam M: What I said. But don't worry. It's obvious you can't afford a dress with that kind of price tag. So listen. I have an idea. There's an underground colosseum in this town. Up for a fight, Cloud? Good, because I'm getting you into that arena. If you win the tournament, I'll transform Aerith into a drop-dead gorgeous beauty.

Cloud: There any prize money?

Madam M: Yes—for the person who got you in. So? What do you say?

Cloud: All right.

Madam M: That's what I like to hear. You'll need this. They're already letting fighters inside. You should hurry, run along.

Underground Colosseum[]

(Upon talking to Madam M.)
Madam M: Remember: you are going to win me that money.

(Upon leaving the parlor.)
Aerith: What have we gotten ourselves into?

Cloud: Nothing good. I wouldn't expect a fair fight in this town...

Aerith: Think we can win it all?

Cloud: That's one thing I'm definitely sure of.

Aerith: I appreciate the confidence, just...don't get too cocky, okay?

(Upon approaching the Corneo Colosseum.)
Staff: Spectators, please enter from the right, and contenders from the left.

(Upon talking to Johnny's Father opposite the gym.)
Johnny's Father: Wall Market really is one helluva town, isn't it? I'm sure my son Johnny learned a lot of lessons about life right here. The hard way, of course. Oh, my beautiful boy! As your father, and as someone who's been where you are, I look forward to seeing the man you become.

(Upon talking to Johnny's Father opposite the gym a second time.)
Johnny's Father: I heard there was some sort of tournament going on. That must be why it's so crowded. It almost made me miss a chance to get a ticket to my favorite place. What's that? Oh, I could never tell!

(Upon talking to the Souvenir Shop Owner.)

Souvenir Shop Owner
  • Everybody knows I've got the best colosseum souvenirs around! And when I'm open for business, you can buy some!
  • I'm waiting for a shipment of fresh stock, but be sure to swing by on your way out.

(Upon talking to the first Staff by the spectator entrance.)

  • You lost? This is for spectators only.
  • Check-in for contenders is over there.
  • You better hurry.

(Upon talking to the second Staff by the spectator entrance.)

  • This check-in is for spectators only.
  • Contenders should take the elevator over to the left.
  • If you're in the tournament, you really oughta hurry.

(Upon talking to the third Staff by the spectator entrance.)

  • This check-in is for spectators.
  • The entrance for contenders is over there.
  • Please go to the designated area.

(Upon talking to the Staff by the Colosseum elevator.)
Staff: What's this? You're here to compete? I hope you know you're cutting it really close. So—the two of you are a team?

Cloud: Team? No, it's just me—

Aerith: Yes! The two of us are a team!

Aerith: I need to get into that audition, but I won't let anyone else fight my battles for me. That includes you, mister.

Staff: All right, team it is. Head to the waiting area down below.

(Upon talking to the Staff by the Colosseum elevator a second time.)
Staff: You need to take the elevator down. Don't keep 'em waiting.

(After taking the elevator down.)
Aerith: Down, down, down we go.

Aerith: So how deep does this thing go, you think?

Aerith: I wonder how many people are fighting.

Aerith: Hey, you're not nervous, are you?

Cloud: Nope.

Aerith: Really? You're even more quiet than usual.

Cloud: Just trying to focus. Like you should.

(After leaving the elevator.)
Staff: Hey, lovebirds! Over here!

Scotch: In the city that never sleeps!

Kotch: In the paradise of debauchery and sin—of pain and pleasure!

Scotch: Where your every desire can be indulged for the right price—Wall Market!

Kotch: To you esteemed connoisseurs of chaos and bloodshed—we bid you the warmest of welcomes!

Scotch: Are you sitting comfortably? For tonight, the most gruesome spectacle anywhere in Wall Market or beyond shall be yours to witness! Here in the Corneo Colosseum!

Kotch: Tonight's grand prize is no less than one million gil! And there is only one way to get it: brutalize your opponent!

Scotch: Thoroughly and utterly!

Kotch: Viciously!

Scotch: Without mercy!

Kotch: Until they vomit blood!

Scotch: Only the most ruthless fighters—

Kotch: The savages still standing here at the end—

Scotch: Shall claim the gil and the glory!

Kotch: And now, the long-awaited event in which the blood-starved beasts will battle for your amusement is upon us!

Scotch: Warriors of every shape and size will fight to the death before your very eyes! In tonight's Corneooo Cuuup!

Aerith: Wow, this place is really something.

(Upon talking to the Staff.)
Staff: You two—wait here until it's time.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper before the announcement.)
Gatekeeper: Uh, it's not your turn yet. Your names will be announced over the speaker. Just wait until then.

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Oh... You again.

Aerith: Ouch! What happened to your face?

Johnny: I just needed a little scratch, you know? So I signed up for the preliminaries, and well... I hope you guys realize what you're getting into. I don't wanna scare you but if you can make a run for it, you should.

Announcer: Cloud and Aerith. Your match will begin shortly. Please make your way to the gate.

Aerith: We're in way too deep to back out now.

(Upon talking to Johnny again.)
Johnny: Never been more scared in my entire life.

(Upon interacting with the bottle next to Johnny.)
Johnny: It's a gift from Don Corneo. Drink it, and they say you'll be raring to go for hours on end. If I had, maybe things would've gone differently for me. Maybe you should. It's yours if you want.

On-screen: Taste mystery drink?

(Upon selecting "I'll taste it.")
Aerith: How is it?

Cloud: It's thick...

Aerith: But it so much you couldn't possibly share, right?

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper.)
Gatekeeper: You two ready?

On-screen: Participate in the first round?

(Upon selecting "Not yet.")
Gatekeeper: Come on! Hurry it up!

(Upon selecting "Ready.")
Gatekeeper: Try not to get yourselves killed.

(As the first match begins.)

Scotch: For our next match, we welcome two fighters—a young couple, no less!

Kotch: Talk about a bad date!

Scotch: This is their first tournmanet!

Kotch: A bad first date!

Scotch: And most likely their last, inexperienced as they are—or are they!? Give it up for Cloud and Aerith!

Kotch: Booo! Get lost! Go home! You suck!

Spectator (1): "Couple"!? Get outta here with that lovey-dovey bullshit!

Spectator (2): 'Sup with the pole!? Gonna do a little dance for us, baby girl?

Aerith: Okay. Now I'm mad.

Kotch: Their opponent—one of Wall Market's own, a renowned master of beasts! Will his pets make a meal of our two challenges before our very eyes?

Scotch: They've already been given their appetizer!

Kotch: Their hunger for flesh and fear is unquenchable—the demon dogs of hell, the Sanguine Stalkers!

Staff: No, please!

Beastmaster: Feast!

Aerith: You brought animals?

Beastmaster: Oh? First-timers, huh? There's no rule that says you gotta fight man-to-man.

Scotch: We're in for a treat, ladies and gentlemen! Who will prevail in this brutal contest between man and beast!? This could be over in an instant, so don't even blink! Without further ado, the fourth match of the first round...begins now!

(After defeating all enemies on the first match.)
Scotch: Can you believe it!? I don't think anyone saw this coming!

Kotch: What a completely unexpected turn of events!

Scotch: And the winners of our match are...Cloud and Aerith!

(After waiting before leaving the arena.)
Announcer: Contenders, please return to your waiting room.

(Upon returning to the waiting area.)
Aerith: Well that's one win down. Go team!

Aerith: What's wrong?

Cloud: The rules don't make sense.

Aerith: Yeah, true. But maybe it'll be better in the next match?

Cloud: Nah, wouldn't bet on it. Better to expect the worst.

(Upon talking to the Staff after the match.)

  • You've got some time before your next match. Get some rest.
  • Not bad, not bad.
  • You better make sure you rest up nice and good.

(Upon talking to the Beastmaster after the match.)

  • Well that was some bullshit.
  • Guess I better start lookin' for a new job.

(After some time.)
Announcer: Cloud and Aerith. Your match will begin shortly. Please make your way to the gate.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper when the semifinals are ready.)
Gatekeeper: That's what they call beginner's luck. But the next match won't be so easy. Ready to rock?

On-screen: Participate in the semifinals?

(Upon selecting "Not yet.")
Gatekeeper: You gonna take all day?

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper a second time.)
Gatekeeper: Ready to rock?

(Upon selecting "Ready.")
Gatekeeper: Just remember: try not to die.

(As the semifinals begin.)

Scotch: For the second match in our spectacular semifinals... Fresh from their first date with death, I present...the lucky couple!

Kotch: More like "unlucky" for the rest of us!

Scotch: Give it up once again for Cloud and Aerith!

Spectator (1): "Couple" my ass! The hell you two tryin' to pull!?

Spectator (2): You assholes cost me a fortune!

Kotch: Their opponents—reavers of the scrapyard, thieves and killers through and through! Too criminal for common criminals—the worst of the worst!

Scotch: Ladies and gentlemen, check your pockets, because they may have already robbed you blind!

Kotch: The most contemptible sons of bitches this side of Wall Market—Beck's Badasses!

Aerith: Hey, it's those guys.

Burke: Hey... It's those guys!

Beck: Well, hot damn! Been fixin' to feed you two your just desserts! So open wide, 'cause we're gonna serve up a heapin' helpin'!

Butch: Hey, what do "just desserts" taste like?

Beck: Like justice! Like payback!

Aerith: Huh? More of 'em?

Scotch: And who are these unscrupulous-looking gentlemen?

Kotch: It would seem that there are actually eight members of Beck's Badasses!

Aerith: Hey! That's cheating!

Beck: The only rule here is that there are no rules! If Corneo says it's okay, then you gotta suck it up!

Kotch: The don has granted his approval!

Aerith: This is ridiculous!

Kotch: The odds are overwhelmingly stacked against them!

Scotch: This could be a real bloodbath! So I implore you, ladies and gentlemen—don't look away, or you may miss the best part!

Kotch: The second match of the Corneo Cup's semifinals...begins now!

(After defeating all enemies of the semifinals.)
Kotch: Un-freaking-believable! What the hell did I just see!?

Scotch: It was two against, uh, I don't remember who many exactly, but a lot! But somehow, the winners of our match are... Once again! Cloud and Aerith!

(Upon returning to the waiting area.)
Sam: That kid's really something.

Madam M: Well, of course he is. I did give him a massage you know. His palm told quite the tale. He's cheated death more than a few times...

Sam: So have half the people in this town. Anyway, we're both still alive. Call it?

Madam M: There you go again. One of these days your "luck" is going to run out.

Sam: When I fall from grace, maybe I'll land in your parlor once more.

Madam M: That is one mistake I will never repeat.

Honeygirl: You gotta admit, Andi—the way he moves is totally amazing!

Honeygirls: Andi!

Aerith: Next up: the big finale.

Cloud: Yeah.

Aerith: I thought you'd be happier.

Cloud: Just thinking about what we might face next.

Aerith: But you know, we've made it this far. I'm sure we can handle anything they throw at us.

(Upon talking to Butch in the waiting area.)
Butch: Does...this mean I don't gots to play dead no more?

(Upon talking to Beck in the waiting area.)
Beck: Damn, you two are really somethin' else. I could use that kinda muscle in my gang.

(Upon talking to Burke in the waiting area.)
Burke: So...hungry.

(After some time in the waiting area.)
Announcer: Cloud and Aerith. The final match will begin shortly. Please make your way to the gate.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper.)
Gatekeeper: Man, you proved me wrong! You guys are pretty good! It's the final match! You good to go?

On-screen: Participate in the finals?

(Upon selecting "Not yet.")
Gatekeeper: Hey, it's the finals. Take all the time you need.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper a second time.)
Gatekeeper: It's the final match! You good to go?

(Upon selecting "Ready.")
Gatekeeper: I've got a lotta money riding on you two. Win it for me!

(As the finals begin.)

Kotch: Ladies and gentlemen, our time together is almost over!

Scotch: Tonight's thrilling Corneo Cup–filled with unprecedented upsets and drama—has only one match to go!

Kotch: We know—we're just as disappointed as you are! But ladies and gentlemen, all good things must come to an end! So let's celebrate by getting so damn loud—they'll hear us up on the plaaate!

Scotch: Once more—the sweethearts who've surprised us with upset after spectacular upset! The power couple with a boundless love for bloodshed! The champions of Madam M—Cloud and Aerith!

Kotch: Yeah! Come on, now! Come on, you can do better than that! And now—five-time winners of the Corneo Cup! Murder machines with countless kills to their names!

Scotch: Along with a handful of maimings.

Kotch: The deadly duo that takes out the trash—with a vengeance!

Scotch: The electric executioners... Chocobo Sam's champions... Cutty and Sweepy!

Kotch: Come on out!

Aerith: Robots!?

Cloud: More like Shinra armor.

Aerith: More like cheating!

Scotch: Who will walk away with the one-million-gil prize!? Get ready for a fight guaranteed to go down in history!

Kotch & Scotch: The final match of the Corneo Cup...begins now!

(After defeating all enemies on the finals.)
Kotch: This has never—! I can't believe it! And the winners of the Corneo Cup—the deadly and dynamic duo, Cloud and Aerith!

Madam M: My condolences.

Sam: Hmph.

Madam M: Oh! You're taking this rather well. I was looking forward to a little temper tantrum.

Sam: When you bet it all on a toss, sometimes you get burned by lady luck. Every coin has two sides.

Madam M: You're right of course—even if they are both the same.

Sam: Later.

Madam M: And now, I believe I have a prize to collect.

Leslie: Sorry—the madam will have to wait. The don's demanding that we tack on one more match, it seems.

Madam M: What?

Leslie: If they win out, then you get paid in full.

Madam M: Now hold on just a goddamn minute!

Leslie: His call, not mine.

Aerith: Now that that's over, we can go save Tifa.

Cloud: So we'll head back to Madam M's, get you changed, and then it's off to Corneo's.

Aerith: Right!

Madam M: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. still have one fight left.

Aerith: What do you mean?

Madam M: The crowd loved your show a little too much. People were placing hefty bets, much heftier than you can possibly imagine. Corneo's going to milk this for as much as he can.

Cloud: Meaning what?

Madam M: You face and defeat Corneo's fighter of choice, and only then will you be declared winners of the tournament.

Aerith: Hey! That wasn't the deal!

Madam M: Don't you think I know that!? (groans) You greedy bastard! Scum-sucking piece of shit festering asshole!

Madam M: (sighs) But that's the way it is. Corneo's the one who makes the rules around here. But if you win this match, Corneo will have to accept your victory. And the crowd will make sure he does.

Cloud: So this is the last one?

Madam M: I sure hope so.

(Upon talking to Madam M.)
Madam M: Go on, now. That prize money is going to pay for your dress.

(Upon talking to the Staff.)

  • I've been working here a long time, but this has never happened before. Whew—gonna be one helluva match.
  • You'd better be ready for this one.

(Upon talking to Sam in the waiting room.)

  • Well then. You sure fixed my wagon.
  • Do you two have any idea how much those mechs cost me?
  • Sure you got time to shoot the shit with me? Don't think you do.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper.)
Gatekeeper: Watching you guys fight gave me goose bumps. Hope your next match is even better than the last! Ready to kick ass!?

On-screen: Participate in the bonus match?

(Upon selecting "Not yet.")
Gatekeeper: Hey, consecutive matches are tough. Take all the time you need to rest.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper a second time.)
Gatekeeper: Ready to kick ass!?

(Upon selecting "Ready.")
Gatekeeper: It's not even about the money anymore, man. I just want you guys to win it all! Show 'em what you got!

(As the bonus match begins.)

Scotch: Tonight's Corneo Cup has been a spectacle like no other. And we shared your disappointment, ladies and gentlemen, when we told you that it was coming to an end.

Kotch: But nobody felt it more keenly than one Don Corneo...who has decided that a bonus match is in order!

Scotch: Participating in this match will be this evening's leading lights—the dynamic duo that has crushed all competition thus far! Cloud and Aerith!

Spectator (1): Cloud! Cloud! Over here! Look at them! They're so adorable!

Spectator (2): You're the man, Cloud!

Spectator (3): Aerith! I love you! Marry me!

Kotch: Their opponent! Buried in the bowels of the colosseum... An unspeakable horror, long imprisoned, set free tonight for your entertainment!

Scotch: The secret star of Don Corneo's stellar stable!

Kotch & Scotch: Enter: the Hell House!

Aerith: Huh?

Aerith: It's just...a house.

Cloud: That's no ordinary house!

Kotch: The manifestation of pure evil versus the most badass couple this side of Midgar—have you ever seen a fight more incredible, more epic!?

Scotch: You have not! No sir, you have not!

Kotch: They'll be singing songs about tonight for generations to come!

Scotch: Keep your eyes glued to the action, ladies and gentlemen!

Kotch: The Cup's final, final battle...

Kotch & Scotch:!

(When the Hell House battle begins.)

Kotch: The battle is joined, and already I can tell you this bonus match will not disappoint!

Scotch: This couple has fought the toughest of the tough, the meanest of the mean, but can they handle the horror of the Hell House!?

Kotch: Who will come out on top!? Strap yourselves in, folks, 'cause this show is only getting started!

(Upon hitting Hell House will an elemental spell of an element it is weak to.)
Kotch: That had to hurt! Has our dynamic duo already found this house's major design flaw!?

(Upon using Healing Wind.)
Kotch: A heroic move by Aerith as she provides support for her partner! Savor that healing wind!

Scotch: Let it wash over you—restore you inside and out!

(Upon summoning.)

  • (If Ifrit was summoned.)
    Kotch: We have a special guest that wants to kick things up a notch! But don't get too close—you can't handle his heat!
    Scotch: Feel that raging fire! Can the Hell House weather the inferno!?
  • (If Chocobo & Moogle was summoned.)
    Kotch: Tearing through the colosseum like a tornado, a moogle and chocobo!
    Scotch: Don't be fooled by their cute looks, because they're here to kick ass and take names!
  • (If Shiva was summoned.)
    Kotch: Grab your coats, folks! You're gonna wanna bundle up for this! We've got the queen of ice herself coming in for a meet and greet. What a beauty!
    Scotch: That frosty stare could strike a man dead where he stands. Maybe I'll be the lucky victim!
  • (If Fat Chocobo was summoned.)
    Kotch: A fat chocobo from the heavyweight division joins the combatants in the arena! I think the feathers are about to fly!
    Scotch: Will our big-boned birdie make a meal of the Hell House? Will he gobble it right up? Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!
  • (If Leviathan was summoned.)
    Kotch: The spiteful dragon of the sea is here in the arena! I'm warning you folks: you will get wet!
    Scotch: Hold on tight, ladies and gentlemen, for the fury of the ocean might swallow you whole!
  • (If Bahamut was summoned.)
    Kotch: What? Do my eyes deceive me? The king of dragons has graced us with his royal presence!
    Scotch: I hope you have insurance, because safety is not guaranteed. None of us may make it out of here alive!

(When Cloud falls to critical HP.)

  • Kotch: Cloud is shaken—and stirred! I bet he's not gonna be standing for much longer!
  • Scotch: Cloud has seen better days! Can he keep fighting the good fight or is he ready to throw in the towel!?

(When Aerith falls to critical HP.)
Scotch: Ouch, that's gotta hurt. Aerith gets a double dose of neighborly hatred!

(When Aerith falls unconscious.)

  • Scotch: And Aerith is down for the count!
    Kotch: Can you hear that, Midgar? Aerith fans are not happy!
  • Scotch: And Aerith is down for the count!
  • Kotch: Aerith is down for the count!

(As the battle goes on while a party member is low or unconscious.)

  • Kotch: This housewarming party is putting their love to the test! Are they strong enough to pull through?
  • Scotch: I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but this is painful to watch!
  • Scotch: Batten down the hatches, folks, because a storm is brewing on the horizon!

(Upon reaching Game Over.)
Scotch: And the winner, the man-eating monstrosity, the horror, the Hell House!

Kotch: The babe and beautiful Cloud and Aerith would be champions reduced to food for the beast. We will never forget your sacrifice!

(After Hell House first uses Barrier Shift.)
Scotch: Oof, that color is a dead giveaway! The architect must've had one too many when he designed this thing!

(Sometimes upon pressuring Hell House.)
Kotch: The Hell House is d-d-d-down! Cloud is taking control of the fight and is really showing this building who's boss!

(Upon staggering Hell House.)

  • Kotch: Whoa! And in a stunning turn of events, the Hell House has come to a complete stop!
  • Kotch: And the Hell House is down! Will this be the end for our quaint living space of evil?

(After Hell House loses 25% HP.)
Cloud: Wait!

Madam M: It's almost disappointing.

Andrea: No. Not yet...

Scotch: Ladies and gentlemen! What is happening!?

Aerith: What the—

Cloud: Look out!

Kotch: Just try and call this house warm and inviting now! We dare ya! We double-dog dare ya!

Scotch: The Hell House is showing us its true paint job! How will Aerith and Cloud adapt?

(Sometimes before Hell House charges Renewed Hospitality.)
Kotch: Who has been caught in the Hell House's sights!?

(Sometimes when Hell House uses Renewed Hospitality.)

  • Scotch: If you wanna know what's in the box, you'll just have to open it up and see!

(After Hell House swallows Cloud or Aerith with Hospitality or Renewed Hospitality the first time.)
Kotch: The Hell House has welcomed its first guest! What kind of party is it!? I don't know, but I'm glad I wasn't invited!

(Sometimes after Hell House swallows Cloud or Aerith with Hospitality or Renewed Hospitality.)

  • Kotch: And with that, the gateway to hell slams shut!
  • Kotch: This house is hungry, and it's about to chow down on the competition!
  • Scotch: What is going on in there!? Only time will tell, but I'm not sure we wanna know!

(Sometimes after Hospitality or Renewed Hospitality releases a character still conscious.)
Kotch: A miraculous escape from our courageous contender! But from the looks of it, they had a pretty wild time in there!

(After Hospitality or Renewed Hospitality releases Cloud unconscious.)
Kotch: And Cloud is back with us once again...or is he!? The masticating mansion did a real number on the man!

(Sometimes when Hell House charges up Housing Shock.)
Kotch: The Hell House is ready to shove its message of hate down their throats!

(When Hell House lands a hit with a powerful attack.)

  • Kotch: Oh, man! Did anyone get the number of that house!?
  • Scotch: The Hell House isn't afraid to fight dirty!
  • Scotch: Now that had to hurt, folks! Are these moves even legal!?
  • Kotch: What a brutal hit by the Hell House! There's no way that didn't hurt!
  • Kotch: Talk about making an impact! The Hell House is absolutely tearing it up tonight!

(Upon pressuring Hell House before it charges.)
Kotch: Cloud and Aerith with a stunning reversal! The Hell House is dead in the water!

Scotch: Now that is the price you pay for daring to get in the way of true love!

(Sometimes when the Hell House uses God House Mode.)
Scotch: The Hell House isn't afraid to fight dirty!

(Upon attacking the Hell House with normal attacks while its God House Mode barrier is active.)

  • Kotch: The lovebirds are going hard at the house, but they'll have to do better than that if they wanna raze this roof!
  • Kotch: Well, that sure ain't workin'!
  • Kotch: Nope! Not gonna cut it!
  • Kotch: Not even so much as a flinch!

(Upon casting a spell against Hell House while its God House Mode barrier is active.)
Kotch: The barrier's still holding! Does our dynamic duo have what it takes to defeat the security of this high-tech home!?

(Sometimes before Hell House uses Double Rocket Charge.)
Kotch: Our favorite couple is about to get a face full of flame! Is there any way to escape the heat!?

(Before Hell House uses Chair Salvo Deluxe the first time.)
Kotch: Here comes the windup, folks! Brace for impact!

Scotch: There'll be no coming back from this one!

(When Hell House uses Chair Salvo Deluxe again.)

  • Kotch: Looks like our couple's in for another round of musical chairs!
    Scotch: Another barrage of chaos coming in hot, folks! Will this turn the tide against them!?
  • Scotch: Where'd these chairs come from? Who do they belong to? Who needs all those chairs? I have so many questions!

(When Hell House falls to 50% HP.)
Kotch: Stuffed animals are available at the colosseum gift shop. The perfect present for friends and family! Available only while supplies last so act fast!

(When Hell House uses Heavensward.)
Kotch: Liftoff! We have liftoff! Ladies and gentlemen, are you seeing this!? The world's first flying house!

(Sometimes when Hell House uses Hellbound.)

  • Scotch: What's this? The ol' switcheroo? As usual, the Hell House is up to no good!
  • Kotch: This house has had enough of the neighborhood riffraff!

(Upon pressing Hell House during Heavensward flight.)
Kotch: Our tremendous twosome has put on their hard hats! They know exactly what they need to do to make this house come crashing down!

Scotch: They're bringing that high-flying house back down to earth!

(When Hell House uses House Call.)
Kotch: Well, wouldja look at this! A gift from the selfless and generous Don Corneo himself!

(When Hell House falls to 20% HP.)
Scotch: Cloud and Aerith—they stand poised to win it all!

Kotch: The crowd is going wild, but no amount of applause is gonna bring this house down!

(When Hell House is staggered at low HP.)
Kotch: Are we witnessing the final moments of the wicked Hell House!?

(After defeating the Hell House.)

Aerith: We did it!

Kotch: And the winners—

Scotch: And champions—

Kotch & Scotch: Cloud and Aerith!

Madam M: Yay! Yes!

Andrea: That boy...

Madam M: Awfully rare, you showing an interest in someone. What will you do?

(Upon talking to the man outside the elevator after beating Hell House.)

  • Why didn't you tell me you guys were gonna kick so much ass!? Can I have your autographs?
  • I know that you can take on bigger and better opponents, champ! Keep on fighting!

(Upon attempting to leave the colosseum.)
Gatekeeper: There you are. I've been looking for you two. So Madam M wanted me to give you a message. She says you guys did pretty damn good, and that you should swing by her shop when you're done here. Got it? I was also hoping you might be interested in a few more matches here at the colosseum. Big events like the Corneo Cup are pretty sporadic, but there's always action if you wanna get a piece.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper again on the first floor.)
Gatekeeper: Huh? You wanna take me up on my offer now? Cool! Then I'll see you down below.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper on the colosseum's bottom floor to begin a free match.)
Gatekeeper: Hey, been waiting for ya. So—what're ya in the mood to fight?

(Upon talking to the Souvenir Shop Owner.)
Souvenir Shop Owner: With these babies, you can send intruders flying! I guarantee this is the only home protection you'll ever need!

(After closing the store menu.)
Souvenir Shop Owner: Only a few left. Get yours while you can!

(Upon talking to the Staff on the colosseum's first floor.)

  • Staff (1): Why didn't you tell me you guys were gonna kick so much ass! Can I get your autographs?
  • Staff (2): Congratulations on the win! You know tonight's tournament is going down in history!
  • Staff (3): Watching you win was so inspiring! It made me want to fight too!

(Upon talking to Johnny's Father.)

Johnny's Father
  • Congratulations on winning the tournament! You're an impressive fighter! I know that you'll be a great influence on my Johnny. Why, you might even end up having a friendly rivalry! You can spur each other to greater heights! I can see it. You two will become great friends—the best of friends. (laughs)
  • I tell you, I'm exhausted from all the fun and excitement of that tournament. I'll look for my son tomorrow. For now, though. I really should get some rest. And what's rest without a little relaxation for the body, mind, and soul? Fortunately I'm in the right place for that...

Parting Ways[]

(Upon talking to Madam M.)
Madam M: You're here. Good. I have everything I need to get started. Just one thing before we do. You're the Cloud, right? Cloud the merc?

  • (If no Odd Jobs in Chapter 8 were completed.)
    Madam M: Hah! Well that's what you call yourself I'm told, but what've you actually done for the people of Sector 5, hmm? There's this little thing called karma. How a person treats others dictates how they themselves should be treated. And believe me—I'll get you the dress that you earned.
  • (If a few Odd Jobs in Chapter 8 were completed.)
    Madam M: I've heard a few stories about you helping out the people of Sector 5. If you don't mind me saying so, though, you could be doing a little bit more. The rule of karma is highly respected in the slums. A somewhat decent person deserves a somewhat decent dress. But really, let's not kid ourselves. Corneo's not even gonna look at what she's wearing.
  • (If all Odd Jobs in Chapter 8 were completed.)
    Madam M: I'm told you did a wonderful job helping the people of Sector 5. You have a very impressive work ethic. It's like they say, "Good things come to those who work." What goes around, comes around—and in ways that might surprise you. I'm gonna put Aerith in the most gorgeous dress you've ever seen. It'll be a real jaw-dropper.

(After previous dialogue.)
Madam M: All right. Now that that's out of the way... Once you change, you won't be able to leave town. Are you sure you're ready?

On-screen: Have Aerith get changed?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    Madam M: All right, then. Let's get started. Beauty takes a lot of work and preparation, far more than you'd know. In the meantime, let me see, let me think...
  • (Upon selecting "No".)
    Madam M: Huh!? Don't waste my time! If you have things to do, then get out there and do them!
    • (Upon interacting with Madam M a second time.)
      Madam M: Like I said, once you change, you won't be able to leave town. Are you sure you're ready now?
      • (Upon selecting "Yes", same dialogue as if selected first time plays.)
      • (Upon selecting "No" a second time.)
        Madam M: Hurry. It. Up!

Madam M: There oughta be things you can only do without your friend. Now's your chance to get out and have some fun. I can tell you're already beginning to feel at home here. Though being so new to it I assumed you still wouldn't know how to enjoy yourself properly. So I went and had a chat with Sam. He said he'd be happy to help you out.
Cloud: Hey. No one asked you to do that.
Madam M: But there's so much you don't know! This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn the ways of the world and man the hell up!

Madam M: You look like you haven't experienced the best of what this town has to offer. That really won't do.
Cloud: Not interested.
Madam M: Then maybe you can show the town what you have to offer instead. Which is to say, why don't you try putting those finely honed mercenary skills of yours to good use here in Wall Market? I have a few little requests that you might be able to help out with. I gave that hand extra-special treatment. Now get out there and show me what you can do with it.

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Madam M: And that's enough of that. Aerith, come with me.

Aerith: Oh boy! I can't wait to see the dress!

Madam M: The dress is part of it, sure...but we'll also need to do something about that plain-Jane makeup and hairdo. This is gonna take some work.

Aerith: Ouch! Well, I'll see you later, Cloud!

Madam: Peek and I'll poke out your eyes.

(Upon interacting with Madam M behind the curtain.)

Madam M
  • I thought I told you. No peeking!
  • You have a lot of nerve.
  • How old are you?

(Upon talking to Sam if his questline was selected.)
Sam: Howdy. Madam M said you'd be swinging by. Lemme see if I've got this straight. You ditched your lady friend and fellow champion to have a boy's night out in Wall Market?

Sam: Kidding! If I know the madam—and I do—this was all her idea. I can see why. There's no denying you're skilled with a sword, but when it comes to damn near anything else, well...can't help but have my doubts. Ain't nothing wrong with that, but then there's nothing wrong with expanding your horizons neither. Seeking new experiences. Knowing the ways of this here world will help you to better protect her while you're in it. Reckon I've got a few solid gigs for you. Whaddya say? You game?

Cloud: ...Yeah, why not.

Sam: (chuckles) That's the spirit. You have yourself a grand time tonight, mister merc.

Burning Thighs[]

(Upon entering the gym.)
Ronnie: Never seen you before.

Jay: Here to work out? Put some muscle on that bony frame of yours?

(Upon talking to Jules.)
Jules: Cloud! Been waitin' for you to show up. Thanks for coming, and welcome to our humble training hall. Jules—head trainer. If you've got some time to spare, how about a little bit of fun? Wanna try taking on one of our guys?

Ronnie: Hah! You're not serious, are you? Look at him! He's a scrawny little thing. I could snap him like a twig!

Jules: Now, now—I wouldn't judge this one by his muscle mass. What do you say, Cloud? If you wanna give it a go, just let me know.

(Upon talking to Jules again.)
Jules: So? You up for a round?

On-screen: Squats: Trainee
Challenge Ronnie?

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Ronnie: Ha! You're taking me on? You look like a dried-up old terpsicolt left out in the sun. You got no idea what you're getting into, little man.

Jules: All right, enough talk. We'll settle this the tried-and-true traditional way: a squat-off. Now, let's all see what you've got.

(When beginning the Trainee challenge.)
Ronnie: Now don't go crying to mommy.

(Upon successfully performing a squat if Jules is not competing.)

  • I knew you could do it!
  • That's how it's done!
  • Not bad at all.
  • Your form's looking good!
  • You've got this! Come on!

(Upon failing a squat if Jules is not competing.)

  • Now don't forget to breathe.

(Upon winning a squats match.)

  • Was never in doubt.
  • Not bad.
  • That was easy.

(Upon beating Ronnie.)
Ronnie: How—? How the hell did I lose to this scrawny little kid who looks like he doesn't even consume his daily recommended amount of protein?

Jules: Ronnie—you know it's all about quality, not mass. You're too quick to judge people by their build. That, and your overtrained ego are the main reasons you lost to our bold challenger here!

Jules: Thanks for helping me teach my boys a valuable lesson. And sorry for dragging you into it. Cloud, we're all one big family here at this gym, and now you're part of it. If you're ever up for training, our doors are always open to you. Let's work together to maintain healthy minds and bodies.

(Upon talking to Jules again before unlocking Pro difficulty.)
Jules: If you're ever in the mood for another workout, just talk to Jay or Ronnie.

(Upon talking to Jay.)
Jay: You wanna go, do ya? All right then, bring it on!

On-screen: Squats: Amateur
Challenge Jay?

(Upon beginning the Amateur challenge.)
Jay: Bringing everything I've got.

(After completing the challenge.)
Jay: No!

(The first time after beating Jay.)
Jay: You did it, you really beat me. You gotta be in incredible shape!

Jules: (laughs) It's unfair that you guys are having all the fun. What do you say? May I have this squat?

(Upon talking to Jules when Pro difficulty is unlocked.)

  • (laughs) You up for some exercise?
  • Let's you and me work up a sweat.
  • I'll never say no to a friendly competition.

On-screen: Squats: Pro
Challenge Jules?

(Upon beginning the Pro difficulty challenge.)
Jules: I won't go easy on you.

(Upon successfully performing a squat in a Pro difficulty match.)

  • Ronnie: Just how much training do you do!?
  • Ronnie: You're better than I thought!
  • Jay: You are in the zone!
  • Jay: Poetry in motion!
  • Jay: Slow and steady! One-two, one-two!
  • Jay: I can't get enough of those beautiful muscles!

(When Jules falls.)

  • Jay: You can do it, Jules! We're rooting for you!
  • Ronnie: I believe in you!

(When the scores are closely matched.)

  • Jay: Who'da thought it'd be this close?
  • Ronnie: Oh, man! Who's gonna win this one? It's too close to tell!

(After failing the Pro difficulty match.)
Jules: You gotta loosen up. You're way too tense.

(After beating Jules the first time.)
Jules: I had no idea how strong you really were. You truly are something, aren't you?

Jules: Listen up, everyone. We can be stronger, better. Let's hit those weights!

Gym Members: You got it, Jules!

The Party Never Stops[]

(Upon approaching the bar.)
Johnny: Wait up, Cloud! Sam caught me up on everything. He said you're gonna go rescue Tifa. And to do that, you're trying to learn all about Wall Market. Bro, I know this town like the back of my hand, so I can answer all of your questions! Now, let's go knock this one out! The bar's this way, Cloud.

Johnny: Drunkards', here we go!

(Upon approaching the bar's entrance.)
Johnny: Uh, are we even allowed to walk through the door? I'm getting a "regulars only" kinda vibe.

(Upon entering the bar.)
Johnny: It's mostly the same folks every night, so... Whoa! You can't just waltz in there uninvited! Listen, there are rules for this kind of—

(Upon talking to the Clothing Store Owner)
Johnny: Hey! Old dude!

Clothing Store Owner: Huh...? Son, is that you? Did you always look so...moronic?

Johnny: Wha—? Well, right back at ya! Ugh, whatever. We're here to take you back to the store.

Clothing Store Owner: I'm not going back! Not ever! My life is ruined. It's over. Kill me now!

Johnny: Come on, there's no need to talk like that, old dude! I'll help you out with whatever you need!

Clothing Store Owner: Really? Oh, thank you, son! See, I made this bet with the materia merchant—a sure thing—but then I lost... And so I had no choice but to steel my heart and surrender my precious inspiration!

Johnny: Your precious inspir-who with the what now?

Clothing Store Owner: INSPIRATION! Without it, there's simply no point in me ever going back to the store...

Johnny: Got it! I mean, I don't got it, but... I just need to get your inspiration back, right? Whatever the hell that is. Leave it to me, old dude!

Clothing Store Owner: Uh, hey... Aren't you gonna go with your friend?

(While leaving the bar.)
Johnny: I've never actually been inside, now that I think about it.

(Upon approaching the materia store.)
Johnny: I don't even really know how people use materia. They're just, like, huge orbs of...something.

(Upon talking to Johnny outside the materia store.)
Johny: This place looks kinda creepy, don't you think? Like maybe they practice ritual sacrifice or...

(Upon entering the materia store.)
Johnny: Hey, wait for me!

(Upon talking to the Materia Vendor.)
Johnny: Sooo...this is it, huh?

Materia Vendor: And wadda you two want?

Johnny: I'm here for the "precious inspiration" you took from the old dude.

Materia Vendor: Inspiration...? Oh, that thing. But I didn't "take" it, I won it fair and square. It's mine by rights now.

Johnny: Well, that's true!

Materia Vendor: But I tell you what. I'll consider giving it back in exchange for...a favor.

Johnny: ...Whatcha need?

Materia Vendor: Something only..."real men" can deliver. I need you to go and get me something from the vending machine at the inn. You know what. You know!

Johny: No, I don't think I... Wait. The Sauce!

Cloud: The Sauce?

Materia Vendor: Stop saying "the Sauce!" ...Anyway. Good luck.

Johnny: The time has come...for me to wield my powers of assessment!

(Upon talking to the Materia Vendor again.)
Materia Vendor: Wait, you haven't even gone there yet? Well, I guess I can't force you to go...

(Upon approaching the inn.)
Barker: I have the perfect room for the both of you! Just say the word, and I'll show you to it!

Johnny: Huh!? No no no, we're not here for that!

Barker: Say what? If you don't need a room, then what the hell do you want?

(Upon talking to Johnny outside the inn.)
Johnny: I wish I was here with Tifa. No offense, bro.

(Upon talking to the barker outside the inn.)

  • No preferences we can't accomodate, no sir.
  • Hey, hey, heeey! If you're looking for the most unforgettable night of your life, look no further!
  • Enjoy a sleepless night in the city true to its name!

(Upon interacting with the vending machine.)
Johnny: That's it. That's the one! It looks like a regular old vending machine, right? But wait! You ready for this? All right. This particular model has secret buttons.

Cloud: Where?

Johnny: Well...I can't tell you—it's a secret! You just need to tap into your knowledge and expertise—like, grab it and whip it out! And then you'll be able to see everything?

On-screen: Use Assess to find the secret buttons? (The higher the materia usage, the luckier you may be.)

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Cloud: I don't need to "whip it out." I've done this before. Watch this.

Johnny: Whoa, look at you, bro!

(Upon obtaining vitalabrew from the machine.)
Johnny: Huh? Is this the Sauce? I dunno... Come on, bro! You know there are more hidden buttons waiting to be pushed!

(Upon obtaining Crimson Spike from the machine.)
Johnny: Oh... So this is the Sauce. Neato... It-it's time. The last button...

(Upon obtaining the Sauce from the machine.)
Johnny: The Sauce! P-put it away! Put it away before someone sees you! No one can know that we have it!

Vending Machine: You're the grand prize winner! Have a special prize!

Johnny: (screams) Don't scare me like that! Whatever! We got what we came here for. Let's get outta here and head to the materia guy!

(While leaving the inn.)
Johnny: Uh, is it me, or is everyone looking at us...? So this is what it feels like to be a champ.

(Upon approaching the materia store again.)
Johnny: Come on, bro! Hurry up! Let's show him what we brought back from our little trip into the weird!

(Upon talking to the Materia Vendor.)
Materia Vendor: Ohh! It's you two!

Johnny: It's time, bro! The Sauce.

Materia Vendor: Could it be...? It is! The Sauce! The Sauce! Whoa... Never thought I'd live to see the day...

Cloud: It's just sauce. No big deal.

Materia Vendor: Don't sell yourself short! This is only given to one who is truly a man among men.

Cloud: I know.

Johnny: Damn, bro! That's why you're such an awesome dude!

Materia Vendor: Oh, right... Hate to break it to you, but that thing you were looking for? Not here. It's long, long gone.

Johnny: You shittin' me!?

Materia Vendor: Nope. Sorry. As I recall...the guy who runs the restaurant should have it.

Johnny: Ugh... Well, I guess we know where we're headed next. Come on, bro!

Materia Vendor: Well, that's that. Time to polish the ol' orbs, give them a spit shine so they positively sparkle!

Johnny: Restaurant up next, huh? Getting kinda hungry, actually. Do you smell that? I think it's coming from over there.

(Upon talking to the Materia Vendor again.)
Materia Vendor: Oh! An honor as always, sir!

(Upon approaching the restaurant entrance.)
Johnny: Let's see what's on the menu today. Meat, fish, and...ooh, that special looks good.

(Upon talking to Johnny outside the restaurant.)
Johnny: Man, I like seriously don't know which one to get! I'm a decisive, but when it comes to food, it's a different story.

(Upon entering the restaurant.)
Johnny: Hey, wait for me! I still don't know what I wanna order yet!

(Upon talking to the Restaurant Owner.)
Restaurant Owner: Welcome! Feel free to take any open seats.

Johnny: Sorry, we're not here to eat. The materia guy gave you something, yeah? We want it.

Restaurant Owner: Materia guy? Ohhh, you're here for that. I'm surprised—didn't take you for the type. Lemme ask you something. Either of you know anything about cooking?

Johnny: Nope. Never cooked once.

Restaurant Owner: That's too bad. For some reason, my food doesn't taste nearly as good as it used to. I was hoping one of you two might be able to help me figure it out. I've narrowed it down to the fridge, the stove, or the power supply, but I'm not sure what's to blame.

On-screen: Give him advice? (The higher level your magic materia, the better advice you'll give.)

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Johnny: Man, I seriously have no idea what it could be. This sucks.

On-screen: The problem is... (Give advice based on your strongest magic materia.)

  • (Upon selecting "Stove".)
  • (Upon selecting "Fridge.")
    Johnny: You know...your fridge might be broken. Maybe it's not keeping the ingredients cold enough.
    Restaurant Owner: That so? You're an expert on all things ice? Okay then. Let's see if we can't fix this by fiddling with the temperature.
    Restaurant Owner: Hmm... At a glance everything looks fine to me.
  • (Upon selecting "Power Supply".)

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Restaurant Owner: Here! Eat up!

Johnny: Man, this looks great!

Johnny: I can't...

Restaurant Owner: What a shame. He seemed to be enjoying the meal so I wanted to ask him what he thought. Maybe next time. Anyway, thanks for your help. Oh—and here's a voucher with my apologies. Get the poor guy some medicine, will ya?

Johnny: Drugs...I need all the drugs right now! Outta the way! Outta the goddamn way! N-no... Can't go...

(Upon talking to the Restaurant Owner again.)
Cloud: Hey. About that thing we're looking for...

Restaurant Owner: Maybe I should fine-tune the flavor more—give it something extra to punch it up? Now what did I do with those spices I ordered from Wutai? I know there's some left...

Cloud: I should help Johnny first.

(Upon leaving the restaurant.)
Johnny: Goodbye, cruel world...

Pharmacist: Hey! Off my doorstep, you bum! You're scaring away my customers.

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Sanctuary...

Pharmacist: Hey, you. This yours?

Cloud: Well...

Pharmacist: Oh, that a voucher you got there? Should've said something sooner. Come on in.

Pharmacist: What is it with today? People are dropping like flies.

Cloud: Besides this dumbass?

Pharmacist: Loads of 'em. I got enough outstanding orders to fill a book. I was about to leave and make some deliveries, but...

Johnny: I'm gonna hurl...

Pharmacist: Can't very well leave him alone now, can I? Hey, you're not doing much. Maybe you can deliver that medicine for me. You're, what, military or something, right? Then you must know a thing or two about dealing with the sick and injured.

On-screen: Deliver the medicine? (The higher level your cleansing materia, the more help you'll be.)

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Pharmacist: You're a lifesaver—literally. So, lemme see, what needs delivering... Here—need you to deliver this to someone. You'll probably find this guy sprawled out on the ground somewhere. But make sure you check his symptoms before giving him meds.

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Can't...go on...

(Upon talking to the Patient in the bar.)
Patient: It was poisoned, I tell ya. The sick sonuvabitch puts poison in his food...

Cloud: I've got meds. Lemme take a look at you.

Patient: Thanks, buddy! You saved my life. Here, it's not much, but it's yours. ...I'm grateful for your help you think a guy could get a little privacy?

Cloud: Should probably head back.

(Upon returning to the pharmacy.)
Johnny: And then there was this crazy-looking house, right? And it was all like trying to kill 'em! But then Cloud was all like bing, bang, boom!

Pharmacist: Your friend fought...a house? A house?

Johnny: Oh, hey! Welcome back, bro.

Cloud: Better already?

Pharmacist: Yeah, and now he won't shut up. Anyway, how'd the deliveries go?

Cloud: I did about as much as I could.

Pharmacist: Thanks for the help. And great work. Anyway, I promised it'd be worth your while. Here, Iv'e got something you're definitely gonna like.

Johnny: What is it?

Pharmacist: Well, it belonged to the owner of the clothing store first. Heard from the cook that you boys been running all over town looking for this, am I right?

Johnny: Wait, we have? Hold up. What were we doing before all this? Oh shit! The inspiration!

Pharmacist: Bingo. Y'see, all us Wall Market entrepreneurs go way back. We get together for a game every night, bet all kinds of stuff. This found its way into the pool, and eventually into my possession. And now it's yours, 'cause hey—why the hell not. It's a VIP card, highly coveted and extremely rare. They're only given to a select few. Not that having it's gonna do you much good, but...

Johnny: Holy mother of... No way! Bro! We gotta get to the Honey—er, um, I mean Drunkards' on the double!

Pharmacist: Tell the old man I said hi!

Johnny: C'mon, bro. Get a move on!

(Upon reaching the bar entrance.)
Johnny: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! I gotta know!

(Upon talking to Johnny outside the bar.)
Johnny: You still got the inspiration, right? You didn't lose it!?

(Upon entering the bar.)
Johnny: My heart is beating so fast, bro. Like it's gonna burst right outta my chest!

(Upon talking to the Clothing Store Owner.)
Johnny: Hey, old dude. We're back!

Clothing Store Owner: Huh? Who're you? You're no son of mine. I think.

Johnny: Special delivery—just for you.

Clothing Store Owner: Hoho! My inspiration! You've returned to me at long last!

Johnny: Yo, is that...what I think it is...?

Clothing Store Owner: Oh you bet it is. And it was hard won! I sewed dresses day and night for those ladies, until I got what I was after. A Honeybee Inn VIP card!

Johnny: I knew it!

Clothing Store Owner: Now make way for the VIP, boys. I don't wanna keep my ladies waiting any longer! But first—I should pick up a gift dress!

Johnny: Lead the way, old dude. We are comin'!

(Upon entering the clothing store.)
Johnny: Hey, how's about this?

(Upon talking to the Clothing Store Owner's Son.)
Clothing Store Owner's Son: Well, thanks for bringing him back. Can't imagine what you went through. Here, you earned it.

Johnny: Hey—you're coming, right bro? Get ready for a real Wall Market education!

Cloud: I'm done with this. You—you can do whatever the hell you want.

Johnny: I get it, bro. You're scared. It's only natural for people to fear the unknown. It's a pity you're not gonna join us, but I swear to you, bro, as an aspiring Wall Market connoisseur... I'm gonna go in there and get as much inspiration as I can handle. For you, bro! For you! Because Cloud—you are my one true bro. Honeybee Inn, here I come!

Clothing Store Owner: Inspiration, here I come!

Clothing Store Owner's Son: Perfect example of how age has absolutely nothing to do with maturity.

Cloud: Couldn't agree more. Should probably go see Sam again.

(Upon talking to the Clothing Store Owner's Son after completing the quest.)
Clothing Store Owner's Son: My dad is one amazing designer! At least, he would be if he ever actually did some work.

(While walking around the clothing store.)
Johnny: Hey, how's about this?

Clothing Store Owner: What're you, crazy? This one's much better!

Johnny: Hot damn, old dude. Y-you made this one, too?

Clothing Store Owner: Now you see why all the ladies love and adore me? Tonight, you're with the VIP. I'll teach you all the right moves, all the ways to make 'em swoon!

Johnny: Yessir! I'll be your most loyal pupil, I swear it!

(Upon talking to the Clothing Store Owner after completing the quest.)
Clothing Store Owner: Huh? You wanna help us pick a dress? Alrighty, what d'you think of this real skimpy one here?

Johnny: This silky one over here's kinda nice, too!

A Dynamite Body[]

(Upon talking to Chocobo Sam.)
Sam: So, tell me. What'd you see in our little enclave of sin and debauchery? Bet it was an eye-opening experience.

Cloud: Nothing I haven't seen before. That it for jobs?

Sam: Not exactly. I got one more favor to ask. You wanna get Tifa out, right?

Cloud: What's your angle?

Sam: Heh, just get your ass to the colosseum. You'll see.

(Upon talking to Sam again.)
Sam: Heh, just get your ass to the colosseum. You'll see.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper.)
Gatekeeper: We've been waiting for you, champ!

On-screen: Take on which challenge?

(Upon selecting "Free Battle", the Corneo Colosseum menu appears. Upon selecting "Cancel", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Special Match".)
Gatekeeper: Stands are packed, thanks to you! Now get out there and give 'em a show!

Gatekeeper: Lovers of bloodshed and mayhem! Your favorite champion, Cloud, is back in the ring! Right now, this boy may be hot, hot, hot... But look out, folks, 'cause these dynamite challengers may just blow the champ clean off his throne! I hope you brought shades because you're about to see some fireworks! Fighters...begin!

(Upon defeating all enemies.)
Gatekeeper: The reigning champ does it again! Was that hot enough for you, fight fans? Did the champ bring the heat!? Indeed he did—he proved there's nothing more explosive than the guns he's packing!

(Upon approaching Sam.)
Sam: Nice going, champ. You were in fine form today. Here's your cut. You earned it.

Cloud: Not here for the cash. Tell me about Tifa.

Sam: Ahh, Tifa... She's something of a bombshell herself, huh? Girl keeps in shape, and boy does it show.

Cloud: Hey.

Sam: Just making an observation, that's all. Anyway, seems like you're serious about getting the poor girl out of her predicament. I could tell easy enough by the way you fought back there.

Cloud: Cut to the chase. Well? You helping or not?

Sam: Never said I would—opposite, even. Getting mixed up in other people's business isn't my way. Plus... As you are now, I reckon you could ride to her rescue without anybody's help. And that's the truth. You've changed since you first rolled into this here town. For the better.

Sam: At any rate, I've said all I'm gonna say. Your lady friend oughta be done changing by now, am I right? She ain't no Tifa, but she is a firecracker. Keep her waiting too long and she might just blow up in your face.

The Price of Thievery[]

(Upon approaching Mireille and the Stablehand.)
Stablehand: The Angel of the Slums strikes again! It even says so on the card!

Mireille: Oh, don't be an idiot! The Angel would never stoop so low as to steal from children! I'm telling you, I saw the real culprits.

Stablehand: You're saying there's multiple Angels on the loose?

Mireille: What? No there's not!

Stablehand: Then the Angel of the Slums is their leader!?

Mireille: Hell no!

Stablehand: Hmph! How can you be so sure?

Mireille: How can you!?

(Upon talking to Mireille.)
Mireille: Madam M told me about a merc. That you? Maybe you can help us sort this out. Some criminals have stolen a shipment of donations bound for the Leaf House. The fiends!

Stablehand: The culprit is none other than the notorious Angel of the Slums. People worship her as some kind of folk hero, but there's no denying she's the one that done did it! I mean, look at this calling card. "The Garden Angle Three"...? Well they must've meant to write "Guardian Angel"!

Mireille: Oh, come on! "Garden angle"!? Listen to me. I guarantee this is not the work of the Angel. I saw it with my own eyes. Three shady-looking types wandering around, scouting their mark I bet.

Stablehand: Well if you're so sure then bring 'em here! Prove to me this wasn't the work of your beloved "Guardian Angel"!

Mireille: You heard the man, merc. I've got to find those thieves to clear the Angel's name—and I need your help to do it. She would never, ever, do anything to harm the less fortunate. Find the three I saw and bring them here to me. They ran off toward the old expressway on the other side of Evergreen Park.

(Upon talking to Mireille again.)
Mireille: The expressway's just past Evergreen Park. Hurry—those thieves've got a head start. They won't catch themselves!

(Upon approaching the Collapsed Expressway.)
Beck: (laughs) The garden angel strikes again! Suckers! And all it took was one fake card. Too easy! (laughs)

Burke: Sucks to be you, Miss Angel, but we're stealing your name and all that sweet loot!

(Upon approaching Beck, Burke, and Butch.)
Beck: Hey! It's you!

Burke: The hell you doin' comin' after us!?

Butch: Shit! dead. Play dead!

Beck: Shuddup! It's too late for that. Bring it. We're ready for you this time! Wakey wakey! Time to shine.

Beck: Check out this brick shithouse! We picked him up at the colosseum! Gonna pay you back double—nah, quadruple for what you done to us!

Butch: What's a droople? I, uh...what are we doing!?

Burke: Uh... Sh-shut up! We're kicking blondie's ass for bein' an ass!

(After defeating them.)
Cloud: You're coming with me.

Stablehand: These are the Angels of the Slums...?

Butch: Oh man, you're real stupid! We're the garden angels! Get it right!

Beck: Shut your trap, moron!

Mireille: Hmph, you don't honestly thing that the beloved Angel of the Slums could be any of these three idiots, do you?

Stablehand: Nah, I recognize the masks. These guys're just small-time crooks who've been pestering folks around here for a minute. Should've listened to you earlier. Sorry about this.

Mireille: Well, you should be sorry. I'll consider us square once you've taught these boys a lesson.

Stablehand: Deal. All right. Get moving!

Beck: Hey, watch it! Not so rough, you lummox.

Butch: Yeah, you lummox! You lum...mucks?

Cloud: So what about the donations? Do you need help taking them to the Leaf House?

Mireille: Kind of you to offer, but I can manage on my own. I know these streets like the back of my hand. Better, even.

Staff: It's the Angel of the Slums! She took the don's stuff! He's gonna be pissed!

Mireille: Well, I'll be seeing ya. Thanks to you, we can put this mess behind us. I'm grateful.

Cloud: "The Guardian Angel of the Slums, radiant defender of the downtrodden"...? Huh. Wonder if I'm an accomplice.

Shears' Counterattack[]

(After beating the other two Odd Jobs.)
Cloud: That's enough of that. Should head on back to Madam M.

(Upon reaching Madam M's parlor with both Odd Jobs complete.)
Gatekeeper: Why hey there, champ! Got word from Madam M. She said you had time to kill before Aerith's ready for the big event. So, uh...whaddya say to taking on a little extra work while you're waiting around? We've got a helluva lotta fans clamoring to see their favorite champ go another round or ten. And something tells me they're not gonna rest until they see you kick ass again. Now get on down to the colosseum ASAP!

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper at the colosseum.)
Gatekeeper: Here he is, the man of the hour!

On-screen: Take on which challenge?

(Upon selecting "Free Battle", the Corneo Colosseum menu appears. Upon selecting "Cancel", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Special Match".)
Gatekeeper: Stands are packed, thanks to you! Now get out there and give 'em a show!

Gatekeeper: This challenger wanted another bite at the champ! One of Sam's favorite machines of mayhem, Cutty! He's been sharpening his blades and dreaming of payback! Can our champ come out on top again? Fighters...begin!

(After defeating all enemies.)
Gatekeeper: Our champ stands victorious once more! Cloud wins! Cutty's quest for sweet revenge has ended in bitter defeat!

(Upon approaching Madam M.)
Madam M: Very nicely done! (chuckles) Here's your cut—you earned it.

Cloud: Wait, you're here? What about Aerith?

Madam M: My people are working on her hair right now. I thought I'd take the opportunity to drop by and watch your match. (laughs) I have to admit, I never get tired of seeing Sam's precious toys take a beating.

Cloud: ...That right?

Madam M: I can tell by your hands you've come a long way. They're the hands of a fighter...who has found new purpose. A woman...or two? I wonder...

Cloud: Just doing what I've always done.

Madam M: (chuckles) Anyway, Aerith should be finishing up soon. I'll go on ahead to check on her. Whenever you're ready, come back to the parlor.

Rescue Tifa[]

(Upon interacting with the door to Madam M's parlor.)
On-screen: Check in on Aerith?

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Johnny: Nooo!

Johnny: Cloud! Finally! Tifa! She—I— Tifa! She-she's—I don't—

Cloud: Take a deep breath. What about Tifa?

Johnny: I heard Corneo was gonna audition new girls soon, and Tifa's...Tifa's gonna be— I just...I-I don't know what to do.

Cloud: Well I do.

Johnny: I'll come too!

(On the way to Corneo's mansion.)
Johnny: Hey Cloud! Bro! I can call you bro, right?

Cloud: Nope.

Johnny: Just wanna say, bro, that I'm totally relieved that you're looking out for Tifa. So like, how'd you get so strong anyway, bro?

Cloud: I said—

Johnny: The way you fight, bro, is like poetry and violence! "Bam! Bam! Whoosh whoosh!" You know? I really wish I could be just like you. My problem is that I tend to overthink and overanalyze everything. So—bro, do you have any advice for a smart, stand-up guy like myself?

Cloud: No.

(Upon reaching the mansion.)
Johnny: Well, this is it for me. Call me crazy, but...I have a feeling that I'll just be getting in the way.

Cloud: Go find Aerith at Madam M's. Tell her to wait for me there once she's done. Think you can handle that?

Johnny: Yessir!

(Upon talking to Leslie.)
Leslie: You again.

Cloud Got a letter of approval right here.

Leslie: You know that's only good for women, right?

Cloud: Yeah. It's for Aerith.

Leslie: Who? Oh, that girl you were with. Sorry to hear that. Well, either way, you're stuck out here, pal. I can't let you in.

Cloud: I wasn't asking for permission.

Leslie: Wouldn't try it if I were you. Trust me, you don't wanna screw with the don. If you even think about causing trouble, he'll make sure someone pays for it. And that "someone" might wind up being the girl you're trying so hard to break out. Or it could wind up being someone you've never even met before. Get it? You're in the don's world now. Anyway, you've got some time. The audition won't start for a while. If you're sure you wanna go through with this, then bring the girl and the letter. But...if I were you, I wouldn't.

(Upon talking to Leslie again.)
Leslie: Go on, get outta here.

(Upon leaving the mansion.)
Johnny: Hey, get outta the way! Quit gawking! Move it, move it! C'mon! Yo, clear the road!

Johnny: Ma'am.

  • (If Aerith is wearing the poor dress.)
    Aerith: Heya...
    Cloud: Uh, Aerith? What are you wearing?
    Aerith: I know right? It's bad. Like, super bad. I've been trying to figure out if there was anything more I could've done with it, but...
    Cloud: Doesn't really matter if you get picked or not anyway.
    Aerith: Yeah, but still... You put a lot of work into this.
    Aerith: ...Did you put a lot of work into this?
  • (If Aerith is wearing the medium dress.)
    Aerith: Heya.
    Cloud: Hey. What are you wearing?
    Aerith: I hear Corneo likes his girls super-duper girly and dolled up. But I thought he might appreciate something a little more down to earth for a change.
    Aerith: What, you don't like it?
    Cloud: I...didn't say that.
    Aerith: Then...does that mean you do like it?
    Cloud: Uh...
  • (If Aerith is wearing the best dress.)
    Aerith: Heya.
    Cloud: That's really...
    Aerith: Yeah. Corneo's got certain...tastes. This dress is so gaudy and impossible to move in...
    Cloud: Y-yeah...
    Aerith: Cloud!?
    Cloud: 'Scuse me.

(After the previous dialogue concludes.)
Cloud: Hey, wait a minute. Did Johnny forget to give you my message?

Aerith: The one asking me to stay put? No, I got it. I was worried about you.

Cloud: I'm starting to think this place is more dangerous than we thought. Who knows what they'll ask you to do in this "audition." No way in hell I'll let you go in there by yourself.

Aerith: By myself? Oh, don't worry, I wasn't gonna. Come on. You'll see.

Cloud: See what, exactly?

Aerith: According to Madam M, you've caught the eye of a certain fabulous someone, and they'd like to meet in person.

Cloud: Huh?

Aerith's Plan[]

(While walking to the Honeybee Inn, if Aerith is in the best dress.)
Loitering Man: Look at you all dolled up and fabulous. Where are you headed tonight?

Sweet Old Man: Well, what do we have here? You're quite the pretty little lady.

Man in Love: Huh. She's not bad at all.

Woman in Love: What? Say that again.

Man in Love: Don't be like that. You're still the most beautiful girl in the world. And I'm lucky to be with you.

Woman in Love: Ohh, I can never stay mad at you!

Womanizer: Hey there, cutie. Where you headed? Why don't you let me buy you a cup of coffee?

Critical Woman: Hmm... I give her a B for effort.

Sharp-Tongued Woman: That dress is completely overshadowing her. She's got a lot to learn.

Poet: You are like the beautiful flower that blooms under the brilliant moonlight.

(Upon reaching the Honeybee Inn.)
Cloud: Why are we here?

Aerith: To see the Honeybee Inn's Andrea Rhodea, and convince him to give you his stamp of approval. You said you didn't want me going alone, right? Well, with Andrea's help, you can join me. It'll be fun! And honestly, I think you'll look pretty cute in a dress.

Cloud: What!?

Aerith: It's pretty rare for Andrea to take a personal interest in someone. At least, that's what Madam M said. Trust me, this is gonna work out great.

Cloud: Uhh...

Aerith: C'mon. Don't you wanna save Tifa?

Cloud: Wait—

Aerith: No can do, Cloud. This is our plan, and you'll learn to love it. So! Here's how I think we should approach him. Madam M said Andrea was a man who'd give anyone a fair chance to win him over. So I say we march right up to him, explain the situation, and see where that gets us. Sound good?

(Upon talking to Aerith again.)
Aerith: C'mon. Don't you wanna save Tifa?

(Upon talking to the Receptionist.)
Receptionist: Good evening. Welcome to the entertainment extravaganza that is the Honeybee Inn.

Cloud: We're here to see Andrea Rhodea.

Receptionist: You must be Mr. Cloud. He's waiting for you.

Cloud: "Mr. Cloud"?

Receptionist: I've been instructed to send you through without delay, sir. Please make your way to the stage in the back.

Cloud: What stage?

Receptionist: The one in the back, sir. Straight through those doors and down the hall.

(Upon talking to the Honeygirl in the bottom-left room with Johnny's Father.)
Honeygirl: Watch the stinger, sweetie. What shape am I making?

Johnny's Father: Hmm... It's a circle.

(Upon talking to Johnny's Father again.)
Johnny's Father: Huh? Who's there? Eh, whatever... I'm havin' trouble seein' straight. What's the answer?

On-screen: The shape is a...

  • (Upon selecting "Triangle".)
    Honeygirl: Ding ding ding ding ding! That's a right answer, baby!
    Johnny's Father: Ya did it, boyo! I'm so damn proyd of ya.
  • (Upon selecting "Circle", "Cross", or "Square".)
    Honeygirl: Aww, that's a wrong answer, sweetie!
    Johnny's Father: Man... You know what? You're useless...

(Upon talking to Johnny's Father again.)
Johnny's Father: Oh, I getcha. Ya wanna go for round two!

On-screen: Try again?

(Upon selecting "Yes", the same dialogue options as before appear.)

(Upon talking to Johnny's Father after successfully answering.)
Johnny's Father: Huh? You're still here? But...why...?

(Upon inspecting the top-right room.)
Palmer: I'm gonna getcha!

(Upon inspecting the top-left room.)
Customer: Oh yeah, right there. That's the stuff!

(Upon talking to the honeygirl in the bottom-left room.)
Honeygirl: Hey there, dollface! We've been waiting for ya! Come on in, have a seat!

Cloud: No, I'm not here for—

Honeygirl: Huh? ...Oh, wait a minute. I think you might've wandered into the wrong room by mistake.

(Upon talking to her again.)

  • Shucks. You would've been a fun distraction.
  • You could stay a while, you know.
  • Stage is through the door on the left, babe.

(Upon talking to the Honeygirl at the main door to the stage.)
Honeygirl (1): And here's the man of the hour!

Honeygirl (2): Chosen by Andrea himself.

Honeygirl (3): Our honored guest!

On-screen: Head to the stage?

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Honeygirl (1): This is your first time, right? It's okay. Do you want to practice your dance moves first?

Cloud: Why would I want do that?

Honeygirl (2): Andrea thought it might be a good idea.

Honeygirl (3): Over here, c'mon now!

Cloud: Hey! Hold on!

(Upon getting a Great score during Dance Practice.)

  • Deeelicious.
  • Perfection!
  • Work it, honey!

(Upon getting a Good score during Dance Practice.)

  • That's kinda...
  • Fabulous!

(Upon failing a prompt during Dance Practice.)

  • Oh...
  • That's kinda...
  • Umm...

(After finishing Dance Practice with a mostly good score.)
Honeygirl: You've got real rhythm, mister. Move over girls, a new dancer's come to town!

(After finishing Dance Practice with a mostly bad score score.)
Honeygirl: Well, you weren't...awful, I guess

On-screen: Practice again?

(Upon selecting "No", main dance starts.)

(When the main dance begins.)
Honeygirl: C'mon, c'mon—the show's about to start!

Madam M: My, my! Is that Cloud? Darling! I had no idea.

Honeygirl: Now you just sit tight until Andrea takes the stage!

Andrea: Welcome to the Honeybee Inn...Cloud. You seek my approval, do you? I understand. But those who crave my favor must first prove that they know how to move.

Aerith: Woohoo!

Andrea: Think you can follow my lead?

(If Cloud gets a good score.)
Aerith: Woohoo! You're a start!

Aerith: (laughs) Keep it up, Cloud! Work it!

(If Cloud gets a bad score.)
Aerith: C'mon Cloud! Get into it!

Aerith: Uh, umm...

  • (After the dance minigame if Cloud gets a mostly good score.)
    Aerith: Nice moves! (laughs) I love it!
  • (After the dance minigame if Cloud gets a mostly bad score.)
    Aerith: Well, you tried...?

Andrea: Honey...I'm in love. Yes. Yes, I will transform you into a vision of beauty. Now, without further ado, let us begin!

Honeyboy: You were born for this.

Andrea: Come.

Andrea: Perfection! True beauty is an expression of the heart. A thing without shame, to which notions of gender don't apply. Don't ever be afraid, Cloud.

(Upon talking to Cloud as Aerith outside the Honeybee Inn.)

  • Wow, Cloud. Now that was a show!
  • Cloud?
  • Yoo-hoo. Cloud? Hello?
  • Aerith to Cloud. Come in!

(Upon talking to Cloud while he has stopped in place.)
Cloud: Please don't.

(Upon talking to him again.)
Cloud: Not a word.

Aerith: Not even one?

Cloud: No!

Aerith: But you're so pretty!

The Audition[]

Aerith: Hey! Watch the way you walk.

(Upon attempting to leave Wall Market.)
Aerith: No time to dillydally-let's go!

(Upon talking to the Honeybee Inn Receptionist.)

  • The evening performance has ended. We hope to see you again very soon.
  • I must say, you were breathtaking.

(Upon talking to Andrea.)

  • Your equipment will be delivered to you at the appropriate time. Don't worry—I know people. As for the rest—it's up to you.
  • Give 'em a show.

(Upon talking to the Honeygirl in the dressing room.)

  • Hey there. You the new girl?
  • One of our customers had to cancel. Poor guy fainted at the colosseum from all the excitement, or so I heard.
  • Wow, your bone structure is amazing! They're gonna love you.

(Upon talking to the Honeygirls by the main stage entrance.)
Honeygirl (1): Promise to come back soon?

Honeygirl (2): Don't be a stranger!

Honeygirl (3): After all, we honeybees need fresh flowers to pollinate!

(Upon approaching the Poet near the Honeybee Inn.)

  • Side by side with another beautiful flower.
  • A toast—to the lovely ladies of this town!
  • Oh, what's this? One magnificent blossom!

(Upon approaching the Critical Woman and Sharp-Tongued Woman in the alleyway near Honeybee Inn.)
Critical Woman: Hey, you. We're looking for new hires. Wanna come work with us?

Sharp-Tongued Woman: With your looks, you could be the best in Wall Market. No, the best in Midgar if you wanted to!

Critical Woman: We hope you decide to join us!

Sharp-Tongued Woman: You could conquer the world with those cheekbones of yours!

(Upon approaching the Womanizer near Chadley.)

  • I never believed it, but love at first sight does exist.
  • Whoa! Be still, my heart! It's the girl of my dreams!
  • Who is she? I need to learn everything about her!

(Upon talking to Chadley.)
Chadley: Ohhh... Ahem. Forgive me, miss, but the way you're staring at me is rather... O-oh goodness... I'm experiencing an emotional response...

(Upon talking to him again.)
Chadley: What is this emotional response...?

(Upon approaching the Man in Love near the gym.)
Man in Love: Whoa! She is the most beautiful girl in the world.

Woman in Love: Wait a minute! I thought you said that I was the most beautiful girl.

Man in Love: All right, then you're the most beautiful girl in the world. But she's the most beautiful girl in the entire universe!

Woman in Love: You are such an asshole!

Man in Love: I'd like to take this moment to officially declare to you my undying love!

Woman in Love: What the hell did I ever see in you!?

(Upon talking to Madam M at her parlor.)
Madam M: Don't we look absolutely stunning in our dress? Not that I ever had any doubt you would, darling. I was a little pressed for time since Andrea didn't give me much notice, but I did my humble best. How could I not go the extra mile for the merc who's done so very much for me and mine. What's one more dress between friends?

Sam: Can't say I ever understood the appeal of going to so much trouble to gussy yourself up.

Madam M: No, you certainly do not, and I doubt that you ever will.

Sam: Wh...what's with the attitude?

(Upon talking to her again.)

Madam M
  • I have to admit, that was quite the show.
  • Off you trot. And remember: Corneo plays for keeps.

(Upon talking to the Barker at Wall Market's entrance.)
Barker: Hey there, ladies! Would you be interested in making a lotta money? You get to eat, drink, and have loads of fun! How does that sound to you!

(Upon talking to Mireille.)
Mireille: I owe you for your help. Here. I'm no fashionista, but I'm sure this'll go great with that dress of yours.

Mireille: Oh, too good for my gifts, huh? Come on, just take it already, would you? Got these things comin' out of my ears as it is. Now get goin'. Teach that greasy slime ball a lesson he won't soon forget.

(Upon talking to the Clothing Store Owner's Son.)
Clothing Store Owner's Son: Hmm... You just might be the perfect "inspiration" my dad's been missing...

(Upon talking to Jules.)
Jules: Came running when I heard you were putting on a show. I didn't know you were such an amazing dancer! I wouldn't recommend lifting in that outfit, but if you need to work up a sweat later, feel free to pop into the gym!

(Upon approaching the Sweet Old Man and Kind Old Man opposite the Corneo Colosseum.)
Sweet Old Man: Am I dead? Did these beauitful angels come for me?

Kind Old Man: Are you one of them models? The ones who wear those pretty clothes?

Sweet Old Man: I feel blessed just seeing them.

Kind Old Man: I've got butterflies in my stomach! It's been a while since I felt like this.

(Upon approaching the Loitering Man near the Corneo Colosseum.)

Loitering Man
  • H-hello there. It's a fine night, isn't it?
  • Whoa! That is one hot chick!
  • And she's with that cutie from before! Who are they?

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper at Corneo Colosseum.)

  • Huh? You're planning on fighting in that getup? Uh, I don't know about that.
  • To be honest, I can't say I'm not curious, but...I really don't think I can let you do that.

(Upon talking to the Staff at the Corneo Colosseum.)

  • Excuse me, miss, but...are you sure you're in the right place?
  • This is an arena where men and monsters fight each other to near death—nowhere a delicate flower like you should be.

(Upon talking to Weapons Vendor.)
Weapons Vendor: Your beauty is deadlier than anything I have here in my store!

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Bro, look at you.'s the dress workin' out for ya? I wanted to help out. Do my part, you know? After Andrea told me the plan, I ran all over looking for...something. But, like, I don't got a lotta money...

(Upon talking to Johnny a second time.)
Johnny: Don't worry bro. You got this!

(Upon talking to Leslie.)
Leslie: No way.

Aerith: Here you are—letters from Andrea Rhodea and Madam M. That ought to do the trick, right?

Leslie: You serious?

Aerith: Is there a problem?

Leslie: I hope you know what you're in for.

Aerith: Oh, we'll be fine.

Leslie: If you say so. Come on.

(Upon entering further inside.)
Corneo Lackey: The two of you here for the audition? Second floor, at the very end of the walk. And don't go pokin' your nose in where it doesn't belong!

(Upon talking to the Corneo Lackey on the left.)
Corneo Lackey: Welcome to the mansion of the esteemed Don Corneo.

(Upon talking to the Corneo Lackey in the middle.)
Corneo Lackey: Room's on the second floor, at the very end of the walk.

(Upon walking up the staircase.)
Corneo Lackey: That one's Madam M's girl, ain't it? Man, she's hot.

(Upon talking to the lackey outside the office.)
Corneo Lackey: We've been waitin' for ya to show.

(Upon walking past Corneo's office.)
Corneo Lackey: That Andrea's girl? I'd let her do things to me.

(Upon attempting to enter Corneo's office.)
Corneo Lackey: Go to your room and wait. Quietly.

(Upon approaching the end room.)
Corneo Lackey: Room's at the end. Keep walking!

(Upon entering the chamber.)
Aerith: What's that weird, sweet smell? And why do I feel so dizzy?

Cloud: Gas. Come on.

Cloud: Dammit.

Aerith: Cloud...

Corneo Lackey (1): Wassup? How you pretty ladies doin'? Feeling a little light-headed? Well, we can't have that. What say we escort you to the parlor, so you can make yourselves more comfortable?

Corneo Lackey (2): Let's get this show on the road.

Aerith: Where...are you...taking us?

Corneo Lackey (1): C'mon now. Upsy-daisy...

Corneo Lackey (2): Hey! Handle with care, asshole!

Corneo Lackey (1): The hell!? You wanna throw down!?

Corneo Lackey (2): They're Corneo's if ya leave a mark on 'em, you ain't gettin' off with a warning.

Corneo Lackey (1): Yeah, I know.

Corneo Lackey (2): Managed to wrangle some real lookers this time though, know what I'm sayin'?

Showdown with Corneo[]

Tifa: Hey, can you hear me?

Cloud: Tifa!?

Tifa: Yes...?

Cloud: You okay?

Tifa: ...Mm-hmm.

Cloud: Good.

Tifa: Wait a minute. (gasps) Cloud!? Is that you!? Oh my god, that makeup! And that dress!

Cloud: Nailed it, I know. Thank you. Moving on.

Cloud: You good?

Aerith: Yeah. Bit woozy, but I'll manage.

Aerith: Hey, Tifa. How you doing?

Tifa: Okay...

Aerith: Oh right—I'm Aerith. A friend of Cloud's. We were worried and thought we'd come help you out?

Tifa: Thanks...?

Cloud: Cut the chatter. We gotta leave.

Tifa: Huh?

Cloud: Right now.

Tifa: No! Not until I've got what I came for.

Cloud: What?

Tifa: So... After we made it back to the slums, some guys came around asking all kinds of questions. So I did some digging...

Cloud: And found out they were Corneo's men.

Tifa: Right. They were interested in Avalanche... But...I couldn't figure out why. So I thought I'd come and ask the man himself.

Cloud: Seriously?

Tifa: Thought if I could find a way in, and get some one-on-one time... But then I realized I'd only be one of three candidates. And that if he didn't pick would all be for nothing.

Aerith: Then your worries are over, aren't they? Because the other two candidates are right here. Right?

Cloud: Right...

Aerith: So yeah! If we're all in on it, then nothing can go wrong!

Tifa: Uh, I guess not...

Aerith: You—me—Cloud. Makes no difference who gets chosen, does it?

Tifa: I dunno, Aerith. It feels wrong getting you involved in all this.

Cloud: Don't even bother trying to talk her out of it.

Aerith: Aww! Cloud gets me! Took you long enough.

Cloud: So what happens now?

Tifa: I think they'll call for us when it's time.

Aerith: This room gives me the creeps.

(Upon looking at Tifa.)

  • No?
  • Well?
  • (chuckles)

(Upon passing Aerith.)

  • C'mon, you know you're into this.
  • (chuckles)
  • So...?

(After some moments.)
Corneo Lackey: Now ladies, listen up. I'm sure you're still feeling a bit woozy, but tonight's audition's about to begin. Head out the door to the left and up the stairs. Come on ladies, let's hustle.

Cloud: All right guys. Let's do this.

Tifa: (chuckles) Do you want to do this?

(Upon reaching the top of the stairs.)
Kotch: Okay, my beautiful ladies! Time to line up for the don!

Kotch: Wait. You look kinda familiar. We haven't met before, have we?

Kotch: Eh, whatever. Alright! Y'all good to go? Then let's do this thing! Introducing Wall Market's most elegible bachelor... The one and only Don Corneo!

Don Corneo: Ladies!

Don Corneo: Nice. Very nice! Whichever one shall I pick?

Don Corneo: Shall I pick you? Or

Don Corneo: Oh yeah! I've got it! I've got it! Today's bride-to-be is...

Aerith: "Today's"?

Kotch: And tomorrow's or the day after's—if the don takes a shine to you.

Cloud: Pathetic.

Don Corneo: Huh? Hey, which one of you said that? Was it you?

Don Corneo: Ohhh, you got a mouth on you! I'm gonna enjoy breaking it in! Today's lucky lady is the big-boned girl! (laughs) Still playing hard to get? I can dig it. Oh yeah.

Don Corneo: The leftovers are all yours.

Kotch: Hell yeah! Okay ladies, y'all coming with me.

(In Corneo's office.)
Don Corneo: Don't be shy, little kitten. Shimmy on over and give daddy some sugar! No need to play coy. Nobody here but you and me...

Don Corneo: You're even cuter than I thought!

Cloud: Back off.

Don Corneo: Ooh! (laughs) This kitten's got claws! I love it! (laughs)

Cloud: What was that?

Don Corneo: Don't you worry your pretty little head. Just a picture to preserve the moment! And to ensure you don't do anything inappropriate like say "No"...

Cloud: Asshole...

Don Corneo: Oh! Praise me more!

(In the room with the lackeys.)
Kotch: Ayo, fellas, we've got guests! And y'all got first crack at "entertaining" them! Courtesy of the ever-generous Don Corneo himself! Never forget—the don provides!

Scotch: Yeah...

Corneo Lackeys: Corneo!

Scotch: So, ladies. Ready to...get to it?

Aerith: Yeah...I guess I'm good to go whenever. How 'bout you, Tifa?

Tifa: Mmm...Four guys between us... Okay. Let's not keep Cloud waiting.

Aerith: Right.

Scotch: Wait...I know you... The colosseum!

Corneo Lackey: What the hell!?

Tifa: Get down!

Corneo Lackey: Oh, you stupid— W-wait!

Tifa: Good job, Aerith!

Aerith: It was nothing compared to you!

Leslie: Andrea filled me in on the situation. I come bearing gifts—your gear. I'll do what I can to clean this up. Just finish the job.

Aerith: Thank you!

Aerith: Okay, let's go rescue Cloud.

Tifa: Corneo's room, right?

(Upon passing or talking to Leslie.)
Leslie: Better hurry.

(Upon entering the lobby.)
Corneo Lackey: Man, I'd love to spend some quality time with girls like that. Bet they're going at it right now. Lucky bastard!

(Upon entering Corneo's showroom.)
Corneo Lackey (1): What're you doing here?

Corneo Lackey (2): Hey! Ain't you two the rejects!?

(Upon entering Corneo's office.)

Don Corneo: (laughs) Don't stop! Tell me what a bad boy I am!

Cloud: You depraved bastard!

Don Corneo: (laughs) Yes! Yes, I am! Here I come, baby! (screams)

Don Corneo: Hey! Who the hell gave you permission to do that!? One of you get in here and teach this bitch some manners!

Tifa: Sorry, but... Your boys had to learn some manners too.

Don Corneo: What the—!?

Aerith: Cloud! Your clothes!

Don Corneo: So you're a man, huh? What are you three up to?

Tifa: We'll ask the questions. Like: why'd you have men in Sector 7 asking about Avalanche?

Don Corneo: Huh? Dunno what you're talking about.

Tifa: Don't play dumb with me. Let's try again. Why did you have men in Sector 7 asking about Avalanche? Spill the beans or...

Cloud: I'll cut 'em off.

Don Corneo: Alright, alright! I'll talk! I'll talk! Some guy with a gun for an arm—I was paid to find him!

Tifa: Paid by who?

Don Corneo: I can't tell you that! They'd hunt me down like a dog!

Tifa: Well you better...'cause if you don't...

Aerith: I'll rip 'em off.

Don Corneo: It was the director of Public Security! Heidegger! It was Heidegger!

Tifa: Shinra!? And what were they planning?

Don Corneo: Some things are better left unsaid, ya know!?

Aerith: See, I'm not so sure they are. Better keep talking...

Tifa: Or I'll smash 'em.

Don Corneo: (squirms, laughs) Heh. Alright, you got me. I could never say no to a sexy girl. Since Avalanche blew up two reactors, Shinra's decided they ought to stamp them out, home base and all. And I mean "stamp out." By targeting the support pillar and blowing it up.

Tifa: The pillar?

Don Corneo: Did I stutter? The plate will come crashing down! (mimes explosion noises) It'll be Sector 6 all over again. I'm sure you've been there and seen the wreckage for yourself. So you know exactly what Sector 7's gonna look like!

Tifa: They wouldn't...

Aerith: Come on, guys! We gotta go!

Don Corneo: Before you do!

Cloud: No.

Don Corneo: Please! This won't take long!

Don Corneo: As everyone knows, villains only divulge their plans in a certain situation. But what is that situation?

On-screen: What is that situation?

  • (Upon selecting "When they're faced with certain death.")
    Cloud: When they're faced with certain death, jackass.
    Don Corneo: Not what we were looking for! But you can find the sewers!
  • (Upon selecting "When they think they've already won.")
    Cloud: When they think they've already won...right?
    Don Corneo: Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a winner! You get an all-expenses-paid the sewers.
  • (Upon selecting "When they've lost their minds.")
    Cloud: I dunno. When they've lost their minds?
    Don Corneo: Close, but no cigar! Your parting in the sewers!
  • (Upon not answering in time.)
    Don Corneo: Oh, I'm sorry! Time's up! The answer the sewers!

(After the previous options.)
Don Corneo: Hee hee hahaha! Enjoy the sights and smells!

Chapter 10: Rough Waters[]

Escape to the Surface[]

(At President Shinra's office.)

President Shinra: Are we on schedule?

Heidegger: (laughs) The Turks are on top of it. Yes, there will be no delays.

Reeve: Please, Mr. President! I am asking you to reconsider—no, begging. The Sector 7 undercity is home to more than 50,000—

President Shinra: (groans) Director Tuesti.

Reeve: At least let us issue a warning, sir.

Heidegger: The stench of the director's cowardice fills the room yet again.

President Shinra: Reeve. Progress requires sacrifice. Learn to live with it.

(In the sewers.)

Cloud: Where in the...?

On-screen: Sewer System

Cloud: Damn, it reeks.

  • (Upon awakening Tifa.)
    Cloud: Tifa?
    Tifa: Cloud... We have to get to the slums—right now!
    Cloud: Yeah.
    Tifa: I didn't wanna drag Aerith into all this...
    Cloud: She'll understand.
    Tifa: How do you two know each other?
    Cloud: I saved her, she saved me... Round and round it goes.
    Tifa: And...that's all there is to it? Sure there isn't something else going on?
    Aerith: Dammit.
  • (Upon awakening Aerith.)
    Cloud: Aerith.
    Aerith: Cloud... We have to get to Sector 7...
    Cloud: Yeah.
    Tifa: That bastard!

(After previous dialogue options conclude.)
Tifa: You gotta be kidding me!

Cloud: Good to go?

Aerith: You bet!

Tifa: Bring it on!

(After defeating Abzu.)
Tifa: There it goes...

Aerith: Do you think it lives down here, or...?

Cloud: Was probably Corneo's pet. And we were dinner.

Aerith: (mimics Corneo's laugh)

Tifa: Hey... You don't believe that crazy story of his, do you? Shinra wouldn't sacrifice a whole sector just to take out Avalanche, would they? Destroying part of the city—killing all those people, just to get at us?

Cloud: I dunno... Is Corneo the kind of guy who'd make up shit just to screw with you?

Tifa: I wouldn't put it past him.

Aerith: But...if he was telling the truth... And there's still a chance he was, isn't there? Then...we should go. And if it turns out he was lying, then so what? Right?

Cloud: Tifa!

Follow the Waterway[]

Tifa: I knew it. These tunnels are all connected.

(Upon approaching Tifa.)
Cloud: What is it?

Tifa: I'm pretty sure we can use these tunnels to make our way back to Sector 7. The sewers under Sectors 6 and 7 should be connected. "If you get in trouble, just follow the stench."

Cloud: Another one of those lessons?

Tifa: An Avalanche saying, actually. We use them to move around the undercity. In emergencies.

Cloud: Sure we're not lost?

Tifa: Positive. There should be a big waterway just up ahead. Let's find that first.

(Upon draining the first canal.)
Aerith: Ugh, it reeks down here.

Tifa: Well the undercity isn't exactly the prettiest place, and we're under that so...

(Upon first entering a dark canal.)
Tifa: Is it safe to go through here?

Aerith: It's really dark.

Tifa: I'm sure we'll be fine. Come on.

Tifa: Hey, Cloud... Assuming Corneo was telling us the truth... What do you think Shinra's really up to? I mean, they've gotta have an endgame, but I can't imagine what it is. Destroying a whole chunk of the city just to get back at us doesn't make any kind of sense.

Cloud: Yeah. I can't imagine any way they could profit from it. It's gonna cost them a fortune to rebuild.

Tifa: Corneo's lying. He's gotta be. Guys like him do it all the time out of habit.

Find the Skeleton Key[]

(Upon attempting to use the door to the Trunk Line.)
Cloud: Locked up tight.

Tifa: But not if we used the skeleton key Jessie made.

Aerith: Huh. Does this mean it's in the water?

Cloud: We'll see.

(Upon approaching the power generator.)
Cloud: That's a power generator, all right.

Aerith: Wow. Talk about ancient.

Cloud: It's an antique—older than the mako reactors even. It'll be a miracle if it still works.

(Upon obtaining the Key to the Sewers.)
Cloud: This it?

(Upon opening the door to the Trunk Line with the key.)
Aerith: It worked!

Crossing the Trunk Line[]

Tifa: Wait a minute. I know this place. Sector 7 should be just on the other side of this waterway.

Cloud: So this is where Sector 6 ends.

On-screen: Sewer System - Trunk Line

Tifa: And where Sector 7 begins. Once we cross over we can start looking for a way back to the surface.

Cloud: Might be harder than you think.

Tifa: Let's just try to make our way down this tunnel. See if we can't use those gates to clear a path. We can do this. We'll figure it out.

Aerith: Yeah, for sure.

(Upon closing the sluice gate to create a bridge across the canals.)
Tifa: All right! Now we should be able to get across.

Cloud: I'll go first, okay?

(Upon crossing.)
Tifa: Dammit. I can't stop thinking about what Corneo said.

Aerith: I know... Me too.

Tifa: It's gotta be a trick. There's no way they'd go that far. But... But what if Corneo really was telling the truth...? We have to get there in time to stop it. We have to.

Aerith: Right.

Tifa: Aerith, what are you not telling me?

Aerith: Huh?

Cloud: Guys! C'mon! We gotta keep moving!

Tifa: Coming! I'll go first.

Tifa: Okay Aerith! Your turn!

Aerith: On my way! Here we...go.

Tifa: Almost there!

Tifa: Aerith!

Cloud: Jump!

Tifa: That was close.

Aerith: Thanks. You saved me.

Tifa: (chuckles) Least I could do.

Aerith: Hear that, Cloud?

Aerith: C'mon.

(Upon climbing the ladder and passing through the gate.)
Tifa: Focus!

Aerith: Still thinking about the plate?

Tifa: Yeah.

Aerith: The future isn't...set in stone. That's what I always tell myself.

Tifa: Yeah...? I hope you're right.

Aerith: How 'bout this, then? Think of something fun. After saving Sector 7, you're gonna...?

Tifa: I'm gonna... Go shopping—topside! I'll buy... Stuff for the bar! Decorations, coasters...

Aerith: Can I come?

Tifa: You'd better!

Aerith: Then it's a date! (both laugh)

Tifa: Cloud can carry all our stuff!

Aerith: He'll be our pack chocobo!

Cloud: What was that about me?

Tifa: Nothing! (chuckles)

Tifa: Huh!? No way!

Aerith: C'mon, Tifa!

Aerith: Cloud! Hold on tight!

Tifa: On three, okay? One, two, three!

Cloud: Sorry 'bout that.

Aerith: No need to be.

To the Surface[]

(Upon reaching the Sector 7 Sewers - Primary Treatment.)
Aerith: Look. That must be the way out!

On-screen: Sewer System - Primary Treatment

Tifa: I wonder. There must be some way we can lower the water level.

(Upon entering the water control room.)
Tifa: Guys, check it out. Seventh Heaven's water tank has something similar. I'm betting we can use this to control the sewage level.

Aerith: Hey Cloud—you wanna give it a try?

Cloud: This oughta drain the water...right?

(Upon attempting to drain the water.)
Aerith: No luck?

Cloud: Must be busted.

Tifa: A red light indicates a blockage, apparently. We can use the hand pump to clear the blockage. Sounds about right. I remember having to do this at the bar before.

Cloud: Alright. I'll—

Tifa: Aerith, you mind giving me a hand? Cloud, you stay put. Keep an eye out for more red lights.

Cloud: Wait, I'm not sure—

Tifa: Trust me. This is the best way to handle it. We'll be back soon.

Operating the Pump[]

(Upon approaching with the pump.)
Tifa: So maybe this is a little different from the one at the bar. More...industrial?

(When the wastewater pump minigame begins.)
Aerith: Here goes.

(Upon correctly closing the valve.)

  • Tifa: Spectacular!
  • Aerith: That went well.

(Upon failing to close the valve.)

  • Tifa: Try to stay in sync.
  • Tifa: Keep calm.
  • Aerith: Coulda gone better...

(Upon closing all three valves.)
Tifa: Alright, I think that did it!

Aerith: Wonderful!

Tifa: Okay, let's head back. Cloud's probably getting worried.

To the Surface (continued)[]

(Upon pulling the control room lever.)
Cloud: Nicely done.

Tifa: We make a great team.

Aerith: Go team!

(Upon using the ladder up near the end.)
Aerith: Sure is nice to go up for a change.

Tifa: Hope the pillar's not much further...

(Upon approaching the ladder out of the sewers.)
Cloud: Hang back. I'll go on ahead and secure the exit.

(Upon using the ladder.)
Tifa: Cloud!

Tifa: Looks like they're hungry for more.

Aerith: We're not delicious! Not even a little bit!

Cloud: Get going.

Tifa: Now!

Aerith: Okay!

Cloud: You too!

Tifa: But there's too many of them!

Cloud: Not for me.

Tifa: Hurry!

Cloud: Last warning! Back off, or die!

Tifa: Cloud!

Aerith: C'mon!

Chapter 11: Haunted[]

A Train Wreck[]

Rude: ...Understood. The Avalanche mission's been approved. We are to proceed as planned.

Reno: This is bullshit. What the hell are they thinking?

Rude: "Threats to public order are to be summarily put down." This is what we've always done.

Reno: "Summarily put down."

Reno: Guess it's a little late to grow a conscience. ...Meh.

Cloud: Just on patrol.

Aerith: Don't worry. We'll make it in time.

On-screen: Train Graveyard

(Upon climbing the first abandoned train car.)
Cloud: We could get lost in here.

Tifa: This is the train graveyard all right—a real treasure trove of scrap. Sector 7 should be just past that large maintenance facility over there. I vote we stay past the light so we can see where we're going.

Aerith: Dark, dark, everywhere...

Cloud: That it?

Toward the Light[]

(Upon approaching Aerith and Tifa.)
Aerith: It's deserted...and kinda creepy.

Tifa: People don't come around here often. And not just because of the monsters, but...because of the stories.

Aerith: What kind?

Tifa: Everyone seems to think that the train haunted. "Those who lose their way out there in the dark of night will never, ever find their way back home again."

Cloud: Is that right?

Tifa: I mean, it's not like I think it's true or anything, but you's just...

Cloud: Then let's hurry.

(Upon approaching the lit abandoned warehouse.)
Tifa: Guys, what was that!?

(After monsters emerge from the door.)
Tifa: (screams) Don't scare me like that!

Someone's There[]

Tifa: I think I just heard a little kid... Did you guys hear it too?

Cloud: Why would there be kids out here this late?

Tifa: What? Then—

(Upon reaching the end of the bridge to the maintenance facility.)
Tifa: Huh? What is that!?

Cloud: You okay?

Aerith: All good...I think.

Tifa: Still in one piece here too.

Tifa: Guys?

Cloud: Seriously?

Aerith: "Come on," huh? Well, that's...inviting.

Pass Through the Maintenance Facility[]

(Upon approaching the facility entrance.)
Cloud: Alright, let's see what's inside.

Tifa: Well, whaddya think...?

Aerith: Hmm... I'm game!

Tifa: But...

Aerith: It'll be fine! We've got a bodyguard, don't forget. Mine! Right?

Cloud: Ghosts aren't my thing.

Tifa: You're just being modest! After you!

Cloud: Mind letting me go, then?

(Upon entering.)
On-screen: Abandoned Station - Maintenance Facility

Tifa: What was that!?

Aerith: Look! Over there!

(Upon reaching Aerith.)
Aerith: Found you. Hey...can we talk? Just for a bit?

Cloud: Get back.

(Some time after defeating the enemies.)
Aerith: It's you...

(Upon approaching Aerith.)
Aerith: Don't!

Cloud: That thing's dangerous.

Aerith: I know, but even so...

Tifa: What the—!?

Cloud: Run!

Cloud: You okay?

Tifa: Yeah.

Aerith: Thanks, Cloud. You saved us.

Cloud: Gonna need to find another way through.

All Aboard for the Graveyard[]

(Upon approaching the closed entrance.)
Tifa: Wh-what now?

???: This train will be stopping at the Sector 7 slums...and is bound for the train graveyard. The train will depart shortly. Please stand clear of the closing doors.

(After the abandoned train car is lifted by the crane.)
Aerith: That's not funny, you know.

Cloud: Guess the crane's up there.

(Upon attempting to use the crane.)
Cloud: It's not working. There's no power coming through.

Aerith: I wonder if this is another prank? Someone might be messing with the power supply to make us run around.

Shadow in the Control Room[]

(Upon entering the abandoned warehouse on the lefthand side.)
Tifa: Do you think there's...more in here?

Aerith: Looks like.

Aerith: Aha! Found you!

(Upon attempting to open the control room door on the lefthand side.)
Tifa: I'm pretty sure I saw a door on the other side of this place. I think our only choice might be to find another route.

(Upon using the control room computer.)
Aerith: Tifa!

Aerith: "Coming to get you"...?

Cloud: I don't have time for your shit.

(After defeating Ghoul.)
Aerith: "That was fun"... All this time, you were waiting for someone to come and play with you.

Cloud: What're you talking about?

Cloud: C'mon, let's get back to the crane.

Crane Game[]

(While walking back towards the crane.)
Tifa: "Those who lose their way out there in the dark of night will never, ever find their way back home again." What do you guys think would've happened if they'd caught us?

Aerith: I wonder... Maybe they're the ones who were caught.

Cloud: Can we just drop the whole—

Aerith: What if they're trapped here and can't leave?

(Upon using the crane.)
Tifa: Just like we hoped! What a relief.

Aerith: We should be able to get through now.

Cloud: Let's find out.

Head for the Exit[]

(Upon reaching the exit.)
Aerith: We're through!

Tifa: Great. Let's head outside.

Tifa: Wait.

Aerith: A girl?

Tifa: Marlene?

(In Tifa's flashback.)
Marlene: ...And...the kids that the black wind carries away have to live in the train graveyard forever and ever! So you have to stay far, far away from there!

Tifa (flashback): All right, then. I will.

Marlene: Oh, you know Betty? Yesterday she went with her daddy

Marlene: When is...Daddy coming back?

Tifa (flashback): Actually...he might not make it home tonight.

(After the flashback.)
Tifa: Marlene, what are you—

Tifa: We can't waste any more time here.

Cloud: What was that about?

Tifa: Nothing you need to worry about. Let's get going.

Back Amongst Friends[]

(Upon activating the turntable.)
Aerith: It's moving!

Tifa: Maybe now we can get to the other side.

Blocked Road[]

(After climbing the first ladder and attempting to cross.)
Tifa: This path is blocked too? But we're so close, I can see it.

Aerith: Hey, do you think these trains might still run?

Cloud: Could give it a try.

(Upon approaching the first movable train.)
Cloud: Good call. Looks like it still works.

Aerith: I knew it!

(Upon moving it.)
Tifa: Everybody good?

Cloud: Yeah.

Aerith: Huh? I think that's...

Tseng (radio): Plate separation code is... Got it?

Reno (radio): Yeah, yeah, of course I do! We can drop the damn thing whenever... It's just that...

(At the support pillar.)
Reno: You got a death wish or something? Because I sure as shit don't.

Tseng (radio): Reno, what's happening? Do we have a problem?

Reno: Not really. Small arms fire from some local boys trying to defend the pillar.

Tseng (radio): More would-be heroes, huh? Sending reinforcements. The more players that take the stage, the better.

Reno: So that's what we are, huh?

Tseng (radio): Contact me when the mission is complete.

(At the Train Graveyard.)
Cloud: Tifa...

Tifa: They're really gonna drop the plate.

Cloud: They won't if Barret and the others have anything to say about it.

Aerith: All we can do now is keep moving.

Tifa: Please... Please let us be in time.

(Upon seeing helicopters after the ladder at the end of the first bridge.)
Cloud: Why am I not surprised?

Clear the Way[]

(Upon activating the second movable train.)
Aerith: Wow—would you look at that!

(Upon activating the third movable train.)
Tifa: Thanks.

Cloud: Let's go.

Back Amongst Friends (continued)[]

(Upon approaching Freight Storage.)
Tifa: Almost there. Come on!

Cloud: Right.

Aerith: Cloud!

Cloud: Aerith!

Marlene (Tifa's memory): The kids that the black wind carries away have to live in the train graveyard forever and ever!

Aerith: You're just trying to help, aren't you?

Aerith: You. You're the one who...

Boy (vision): Are you ready? Well, are ya!?

Boy (vision, 2): I'm ready now!

Girl (vision): Me too!

Boy (vision): Found you!

Girl (vision): No way!

Boy (vision): We found you!

Boy (vision, 2): Aw, you got me.

Boy (vision): Hey, where's Aerith?

Aerith (vision): I'm ready! I'm ready!

Aerith (vision): I said I'm ready! Come get me!

Aerith (vision): I'm right here... (cries)

Cloud: Aerith!

Tifa: Hey. We found you.

Aerith: I guess you did.

Cloud: Let's go.

(While Eligor has the Reflect buff.)
Tifa: How do we hurt it?

Aerith: Hit it with magic.

Cloud: It'll bounce right off. Gotta deal with the barrier first.

(After Eligor is down to 30% HP.)
Aerith: Cloud!

Tifa: Look out!

(Upon defeating Eligor.)
Tifa: Hold on, guys. We're coming.

Tifa: And you...can go to hell!

Tifa: Let's go.

Cloud: Right.

Aerith: Right!

Tifa: It's that ghost...

Tifa: Wow...

Aerith: So long.

(Upon reaching the fence at the end.)
Tifa: We made it!

Chapter 12: Fight for Survival[]

Head for the Pillar[]

Shinra Helicopter: Attention, Avalanche! You are surrounded! Stand down and surrender to Public Security immediately! Shinra does not negotiate with terrorists! Resist and we will use lethal force! I repeat: Shinra does not negotiate with terrorists! Resist and we will use lethal force!

Barret: Got your lethal force right here, asshole!

Security Officer (1): Stop! I said stop!

Security Officer (2): Drop the weapon now!

Avalanche Member: Screw you, you fascist pricks!

Tifa: Dropping a whole plate...just like that. No. No way.

Aerith: Tifa!

On-screen: Sector 7 Undercity Station

(Upon approaching Tifa.)
Aerith: Please! Let us through!

Cloud: What are you!?

Aerith: Cloud, Tifa! We have to get past, whatever it takes!

Tifa: Right!

(After the Enigmatic Spectre battle ends.)
Tifa: There's too many!

Cloud: Aerith?

Aerith: Come on!

(Upon reaching Pillar Plaza.)
Barret: What you got!? Come on!

Tifa: That's Barret!

Cloud & Tifa: Wedge!

Cloud: You okay!?

Wedge: Cloud... It's Shinra! They're trying to take out the pillar!

Cloud: I know.

Wedge: I have to go back— Barret and the others are still—

Cloud: Stop! Stay with Wedge. I'm going up.

Aerith: Sure.

Wedge: I'm going too! I can still fight! Biggs, he— They were shooting at me and he—

Tifa: Wedge, please. Let Cloud handle it.

Aerith: Don't worry. I'll patch him up.

Wedge: Hang on, guys! Help is coming!

Cloud: Wedge—listen to me. You stay here with them.

Biggs: 'Bout time you showed up, merc. Gotta do my part to clear the path before you steal the show.

Link Up with Avalanche[]

On-screen: Sector 7 Slums Pillar

(While moving through objects on 2F.)
Security Officer (1): Ah, for the love of... I'm getting sick of this. Don't they have anything better to do?

Security Officer (2): Tell me about it. You see how hard we got hit over here? Shit. What's wrong with these people?

Security Officer
  • Hope things stay quiet down here.
  • This is Echo 1-3. What's the situation up there? This is Echo 1-3. L-2 is quiet.
  • I repeat: This is— Goddamn it. No signal.
  • Stay frosty, boys.

(Upon engaging the enemies on 2F.)
Security Officer (2): What the—? Avalanche!?

Security Officer (1): Hostile contact—one target! Engage!

(Upon engaging the enemies on 3F.)
Security Officer: Bastards just keep coming! Don't think you're gonna get away with this!

(Upon reaching floor 4F.)
Cloud: Biggs!

Biggs: You made it...though...I might not. Hey. Is Wedge...

Cloud: Don't worry. He'll bounce back.

Biggs: That's...good to hear. Could've used some extra padding myself. (coughs)

Cloud: Don't talk.

Biggs: It's...pretty bad up there. Cloud. Promise me. Don't let it be for nothing.

On-screen: Don't let it be for nothing.

  • (Upon selecting "I won't.")
    Cloud: I won't.
    Biggs: You're a good man. Giving me that...that comfort.
  • (Upon selecting "What about you?")
    Cloud: What about you?
    Biggs: I've still got some fight left in me. 'Nough for another platoon or two. Don't gotta be a make a difference.

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Biggs: Oh. One more thing. The Leaf House. It's an orphanage. In the...Sector 5 slums. The kids...they're great. I used to visit—(coughs)

Cloud: That, you'll have to do yourself.

Biggs: Lemme guess...not a fan of kids.

Cloud: No.

Biggs: But you much in common.

Biggs: Good luck...Cloud. Our in your hands.

Cloud: This isn't over.

(Upon engaging the enemies on 5F.)
Helitrooper: Contact—L5! Moving to engage!

(Upon engaging the enemies on 6F.)
Helitrooper: Wutai dogs!

(Upon climbing the stairs on 7F.)
Reno: Testing, testing... Attention, Avalanche scum! We know all about your evil plans to destroy the pillar. But the Turks—ahem! But Shinra—that's us—won't let you get away with it! So go crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of, or something!

Reno: That oughta do it, right?

Rude: Eh. Good enough.

Reno: Wait. I know you... Mister "First Class." (chuckles) First-class asshole! Gotcha now! You ain't got nowhere to run!

Cloud: Not good.

Rude: Throw down your weapon and surrender! Shinra does not negotiate with terrorists!

Reno: Man, screw this cheap-ass play.

(Below the pillar.)
Tifa: Get down!

Aerith: Thank you!

Wedge: That was a close one...

Aerith: How is it?

Wedge: Much better, thanks.

Tifa: I'm sorry. I can't stay here—I have to help them.

Aerith: Go. Follow your heart.

Tifa: Aerith. There's a bar in the center of town—Seventh Heaven. I need you to—

Aerith: Get Marlene to safety. Right? It's okay. I'll find her.

Tifa: Huh?

Tifa: Can you take her to the bar for me, Wedge?

Wedge: Consider it done! Now get up there and kick Shinra's ass!

Wedge: C'mon—Seventh Heaven is this way!

Aerith: Wedge, wait!

Evacuation Orders[]

Wedge: You guys can't stay here! Come on, come on!

(Near the gate.)
NPC: Hey, let us through! How else're we supposed to get to Wall Market!?

Senior Officer: Sir, you need to step away from the gate!

(Upon reaching the gate.)
Wedge: You have to open the gate! If you don't let these people through—

Senior Officer: Back off! It's not gonna happen!

Aerith: Wedge!

Wedge: I'm no good—not to anyone up there or down here...

Aerith: That's not true, Wedge. Don't give up hope yet! We can still save a lot of lives!

Wedge: You don't think we're gonna stop them from dropping the plate, do you? I wanna believe that we can still win somehow.

Aerith: Mm.

Wedge: But...something in my gut tells me we're due for a reckoning. Just this...feeling. Know what I mean?

Aerith: Yeah... I do. But...that's no excuse to give up. I don't wanna look back one day...and wish I'd done it different. Right here, right now, I need to know I did everything I could.

Wedge: (screams) I'm not sure what's gonna happen next. But I am sure I don't wanna regret the choices I make tonight. Our lives are in your hands. If you don't open up, we're all gonna die!

Senior Officer: Close it!

New Recruit: No, sir! I will not obey that order!

New Recruit: This way, everyone! Quickly, quickly!

Senior Officer: You can't just... Wait!

Aerith: Wedge! Seventh Heaven is just down this road, isn't it?

Wedge: Head straight and look right—you can't miss it!

Aerith: Don't worry about me!

Wedge: Alright, I'll get these people to safety!

(After the scene ends.)
New Recruit: This way, everyone! Quickly, quickly!

Wedge: There's no time, guys! You've got to get out of Sector 7 as quickly as you can! We'll have a better chance to survive if we work together!

Aerith: Get out of Sector 7, please! You need to get as far away from Sector 7 as possible! Right now! Go to Sector 5 or 6—anywhere but here!

(Upon reaching the Residential Area.)
Aerith: You all have to get out of Sector 7! Now! Please!

Marle: Slow down! Do you know what's going on? What do they want with the pillar?

Aerith: Well, there's still time, but...

Marle: They're going to drop the plate on us?

Aerith: Yes.

Neighborhood Watch Member (1): Those sons of bitches!

Neighborhood Watch Member (2): What good do they think that'll do!?

Marle: Feel free to cry about it later! Right now, we need to get everyone to safety.

Neighborhood Watch Member (1): Wait—the watch should clear the roads first!

Marle: Ah, good thinking! Hop to it!

Marle: Avalanche, I take it?

Aerith: Just a friend.

Marle: Tell Tifa to lay low. We'll take care of things here.

Aerith: I've got to get to Seventh Heaven!

(Upon attempting to run down the road on the left.)
Neighborhood Watch Member: We've got this area covered, don't worry!

(Upon approaching Seventh Heaven.)
Aerith: That's it!

NPC: Oh god. Look out!

Aerith: Oh no...

Undercity Resident: Look out—it's gonna crash!

Aerith: Marlene!

Neighborhood Watch Member: We need water! Hurry! The fire's spreading!

Saving Marlene[]

(Upon moving.)
Aerith: Ow... Marlene...

(Upon attempting to approach the crashed helicopter.)
Aerith: Oh, no! Need to find another way to get there!

(While running through the alternate route.)
Aerith: Gotta get through. Gotta find a way.

Neighborhood Watch Member: If anyone needs any assistance, please let the watch know!

Neighborhood Watch Member: This underground passage'll take you to Wall Market.

The Rescue[]

(Near the end of the road in view of Seventh Heaven.)
Aerith: Finally!

Aerith: Hold on.

Undercity Resident (1): Go, go, go!

Undercity Resident (2): Quit pushing!

Aerith: Oh, you poor thing!

Aerith: I know it must hurt...but you've got to be brave now, okay?

Marle: C'mon, keep moving! This way! Hey! Hey! Over here! C'mon!

Aerith: I'll take you to her. Ready?

(While walking to Marle.)
Aerith: Almost there, okay?

Aerith: No need to rush. Steady now...

Aerith: I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.

Neighborhood Watch Member: We can get through this! We just have to work together!

Neighborhood Watch Member: Get to Wall Market now! It's too dangerous here!

(Upon reaching Marle)
Marle: This way, people! Quickly now! Keep moving!

Aerith: Can you take care of her?

Marle: Of course.

Betty's Dad: Betty! I've been looking everywhere for you!

Betty: Daddy!

Aerith: You'll be fine.

Saving Marlene (continued)[]

(While running to Seventh Heaven after dropping off Betty.)
Marle: Stop! That way's already—

Aerith: Please, I need to get through!

Aerith: Almost there!

(Upon reaching the crashed helicopter.)
Tseng: Confirmed, one more bird lost. Probably for the best. After all—

Tseng: Change of plans. You can take it from here. Someone's been a little too adventurous.

(While running to Seventh Heaven again.)
Aerith: Please be okay.

Aerith: Hold on, Marlene. I'm coming for you.

(Upon approaching Marlene.)
Aerith: You're Marlene, right?

Marlene: Who...who are you?

Aerith: I'm...a friend! Of Tifa's!

Marlene: Um... Where is she?

Aerith: Right now, she's with Cloud and the others.

Marlene: Daddy too?

Aerith: You mean Barret? Yep. He's there too.

Marlene: Wait... Daddy's not coming home?

Aerith: Not yet. That's why I came to find you. Tifa asked me to. She said, "Take care of Marlene." The thing is, this place isn't safe now. I'm gonna take you somewhere safer, okay?

Marlene: Are they gonna destroy the bar? Are they gonna destroy our house?

Aerith: I know it's hard. Just remember, you still have your daddy. You can build a new home together. Anywhere. Shall we go?

Marlene: You smell nice.

Aerith: Oh?

Marlene: our flower.

Aerith: I hope you remember it. C'mon.

Aerith: Tell you what. We'll grow lots of flowers at your new house.

Marlene: Do you think that I could help too?

Aerith: Of course you can. Hey—what's your favorite flower?

Marlene: (chuckles) Ummm...

(Upon reaching the door.)
Tseng: You led us on a merry chase, Aerith.

Aerith: Tseng.

Tseng: Before you say another word, know that your options are limited.

Aerith: There's nothing to be scared of. Okay?

Aerith: How about...we make a deal?

To the Top[]

Cloud: Gotta move.

Reno: Pop your head out and let me finish this already.

Rude: Stairs.

Reno: Two birds with one shitload of bullets!

Reno: Hey!

Tifa: Cloud!

Cloud: What the hell!?

Tifa: Nice catch!

Cloud: You're crazy!

Tifa: Just like you. So suck it up, 'cause I'm not leaving.

Reno: Dammit! You wanna explain yourself, partner?

Rude: Uh... Hand slipped.

(After the scene ends.)
Cloud: Where's Aerith?

Tifa: I sent her to Seventh Heaven to get Marlene out.

Cloud: And Wedge?

Tifa: I asked him to show her the way.

Cloud: Okay.

Tifa: We can still stop this...right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Tifa: Then let's keep moving!

Reno: And where do you think you're going? Come out, come out, wherever the hell you are!

Reno: Save us all some time and give up.

(Upon being attacked by helicopter gunfire.)

  • I see you!
  • Wassup, guys!

(While running around when out of Reno's sight.)

  • Well, if this is how you wanna play it, that's fine by me.
  • Stay where I can see ya!
  • Man, you suck at hiding!
  • (laughs) Yeah, you better run!

(Upon encountering a group of enemies.)

  • You still want some more?
  • How do you assholes like this?

(Sometimes upon defeating the a group of enemies.)
Reno: I don't know about you, but I am over this shit!

(Upon being attacked by helicopter fire while in the middle of a battle.)
Reno: Looks like you guys are having the time of your life.

(Upon reaching 12F.)
Tifa: What was that?

Jessie: So, how'd you guys rate my latest and greatest design? Eleven outta ten?

Jessie: Today's your unlucky day, 'cause I never miss.

(After defeating the enemies on 12F.)
Reno: What, what?

Rude: Seems we've lost control of the top floor.

Reno: Huh? Our guys are seriously struggling to take down these assholes?

Rude: Anyway, we may need to intervene personally.

Reno: Whatever you say, partner. Keep 'em busy, will ya?

(Upon reaching Jessie.)
Tifa: Jessie!

Jessie: Oh, jeez... Tifa... If you could see the look on your face...

Jessie:'re the guy...who gets to hear my last words... Heh... Lucky me.

Cloud: Like hell they're your last.

Jessie: It's okay, Cloud... It's okay. They were my bombs. They were victims. I had it...coming.

Jessie: My hero. So gentle...

Cloud: Just try to hang on!

Jessie: (chuckles) So dramatic... I...I just wish that... I could've had you over again... Everyone... With Mom's cooking... I really believe...we could...

Cloud: Yeah. You owe me a pizza.

Jessie: (chuckles) That's right. I do. But...I don't think...

Jessie: Oh no... Tifa's crying. Did I say something wrong?

Jessie: Don't you guys...have somewhere to be? It's not know...

Tifa: Jessie...

Cloud: Hey...


(Upon climbing the stairs to 15F.)
Barret: (screams) I ain't done with you yet! You hear me!? Think you can come up in here—do what you want—and we're gonna take it!?

Tifa: Barret!

Barret: Tifa!? Get your ass behind cover! Now! Chopper's gonna chew you up!

Cloud: Still alive and kicking?

Barret: Damn right! Leadin' man sticks around till the credits roll! Though we gotta keep moving if we wanna make it that far. You ready?

Cloud: Yup.

Reno: Time for a rematch, huh... Rude!

Cloud: You!

Reno: It's nothing personal...bitch! Ha!

Reno: Missed me!

Barret: You're next, asshole!

Reno: Sorry, losers! Gotta play for keeps today. No time to dick around.

Announcement: Plate separation authorized. Awaiting confirmation. Plate separation authorized. Awaiting confirmation.

Reno: Yeah, yeah, coming right up.

Reno: No you don't! Not when I'm working!

Announcement: Plate separation authorized. Awaiting confirmation.

Cloud: Press it.

Reno: Now, now... You ain't got shit on us.

(During battle against Reno.)
Cloud: Careful. He's quick.

Barret: Yeah, quick at runnin' away, maybe!

Reno: Ha! In your dreams.

Reno: So. Heard you gave Rude a beating.

Cloud: Had to.

Reno: No choice, huh? I guess I ain't got one neither.

(When Reno loses 30% HP.)
Reno: Stubborn little shitbirds, ain'tcha?

Rude: Prepping for bombing run, how copy?

Reno: Say what!?

Reno: I see you're doin' whatever the hell you want. Guess I'm rubbing off on ya.

Cloud: Heads up, guys!

(When Reno is down to 30% HP and Rude's helicopter is shot down.)
Reno: Dammit...

Reno: (chuckles) Clipped your wings, huh?

Rude: I was planning to join you anyway.

Reno: Any landing ya can walk away from... C'mon! Let's teach 'em the Turks two-step!

Rude: Time for you to learn...

Reno: What happens when you mess with the Turks! If you're gonna pick a fight with the Turks, you'd better be prepared to leave in a body bag.

Barret: Confident, ain't we?

(Upon defeating Reno while Rude is active.)
Rude: Reno!

(Upon defeating Rude while Reno is active.)
Reno: Rude!

(Upon defeating both.)
Announcement: Plate separation authorized. Awaiting confirmation.

Cloud: How do we stop it?

Reno: Who knows?

Barret: Where you going!?

Cloud: Move!

Barret: Getting real tired of your shit!

Cloud: Tifa!

Barret: Where'dja—

Announcement: Plate separation initiated. Plate separation initiated. Commencing separation sequence. Section 1 separation imminent. Evacuate immediately. Plate separation initiated.

Barret: You son of a bitch! What have you done!?

Tifa: Cloud!

Cloud: Tifa!

Rude: Five minutes to go.

Tifa: What do we do!?

Tseng (computer): Nothing. There is nothing you can do now.

Tifa: You can't do this!

Aerith (computer): Tifa! I found Marlene!

Tifa: Aerith!

Barret: Marlene? My Marlene!? What did you do with her!?

Cloud: Where are you!?

Aerith (computer): I'm at the—

Security Officer (computer): Sir. C'mon.

Tseng (computer): Your activities unwittingly brought you into contact with the Ancient, who is now back in our custody where she belongs. For this, you have my sincerest gratitude. Alas, the sector in which you stand has been condemned.

Cloud: "Ancient"?

Aerith (computer): Run! You have to go now!

Tseng (computer): And where exactly do you expect them to go?

Cloud: Aerith!

Announcement: Total plate separation imminent. Evacuate the area immediately.

Tifa: No, no, no...

Barret: If we don't get the hell outta here right now, we're dead! We gotta think of something! Think dammit think! Look around... Gotta be something! Shit...shit... Shit!

(Upon approaching Tifa.)
Barret: Hey! Over here! Found us a way out!

Cloud: Tifa.

Barret: C'mon, c'mon!

Barret: Now!

Chapter 13: A Broken World[]

Through the Rubble[]

On-screen: Sector 6 Slums - Gate

(While moving towards Barret.)
Barret: Hey! Anybody out there!?

Tifa: Barret!?

Tifa: I think I hear him up ahead!

Barret: Hey! Can anybody hear me!?

(Upon interacting with the rubble.)
Cloud: Here goes.

Tifa: And push!

(After moving it.)
Barret: Marlene... Marlene! Marlene!

Barret: Marlene! Biggs! Wedge! Jessie!

Barret: Goddammit. Goddamn you! Goddamn you all! (cries)

Barret: Marlene... Marlene... (cries)

Tifa: It was us. We did this.

Barret: No. You can't think like that. Whatever came before, it was Shinra that pulled the trigger today. Am I right!?

Tifa: ...Yeah.

Barret: Hold on to this. This...anger. Okay?

Cloud: Barret. Marlene's fine. Aerith found her.

Barret: Aerith? Is that the girl they took?

Tifa: Yeah. That's her.

Barret: The hell's going on!?

Tifa: I asked Aerith to find Marlene and take her somewhere safe.

Barret: And she did? You sure!?

Barret: Hey! Where you going!?

Words of Hope[]

(Upon approaching the New Recruit and Senior Officer.)

  • New Recruit: How could this happen...?
    Senior Officer: I didn't really think that...
  • New Recruit: I don't—What do we do now?
    Senior Officer: What you were hired to do. Get these people outta here!
  • Senior Officer: So you know, things could've been worse if you hadn't done what you did. Sometimes you can't let yourself be bound by orders.
    New Recruit: I've made up my mind. I'm not gonna do this job for Shinra anymore. I'm an officer of the people now!
  • New Recruit: We need to think about supplies and shelter and food for all these people. I work for the people now, not some corporation.
    Senior Officer: You know, you've given me a lot to think about. I can't let rules and orders dictate my life.

(Halfway down the S7-6 Road.)
Barret: I said—where you going?

Cloud: Aerith's house. It's in the Sector 5 slums.

Barret: And that's where Marlene is?

Cloud: Where we hope she is.

Barret: Tell me she is! Give me something to hang on to! Even if she's not. I won't blame you for it, I swear!

Barret: Who am I kidding. I'd probably try to tear your head off.

Cloud: Hey, Tifa. Know anything about "Ancients"?

Tifa: I know I've heard of them at least.

Barret: They come up in planetology books. Meant to be the original stewards of the planet. Could even "commune" with it. Talk to it and stuff.

Cloud: That must be why the Turks wanted her so badly.

Sephiroth (in Cloud's memory): Within my veins flows the blood of Ancients. This my birthright.

Sephiroth (vision): You have failed again, I see.

Sephiroth (vision): But through suffering, you will grow strong. Isn't that what you want?

Tifa: Cloud?

Cloud: It's nothing. Let's go.

(Upon talking to Sam.)
Sam: Hey. Pretty crazy, huh? Can you believe this mess?

Cloud: You doing all right?

Sam: I am, but I can't say the same 'bout my birds. Poor things're scared half to death.

(Upon talking to him again.)

  • Gotta calm 'em down somehow.
  • Times like these, people are gonna need our help.

(Upon talking to the Stablehand at Wall Market.)

  • Carts ain't running right now.
  • Who could've seen this coming? It's all so tragic...
  • Chocobos are so frightened, they're refusing to move.

(Upon entering Wall Market.)
Cloud: Wait. Over there.

Barret: What the hell are they doing here?

Cloud: Their jobs, probably. Just focus on seeing Marlene again. Nothing else.

(Upon passing the Security Officers in Wall Market.)
Security Officer (1): Found 'em?

Security Officer (2): We're searching the compound as we speak, sir.

(Upon talking to Andrea.)
Andrea: Did you find what you were looking for?

Cloud: Thanks to you I did.

Andrea: Good. Now never let it go again.

(Upon talking to him again.)

  • I need to prep for my next show.
  • Times like these, song and dance are truly essential.
  • The stage could be yours.

(Upon talking to Madam M.)
Madam M: Well, this is a fine mess...

Cloud: How bad is it here?

Madam M: Compared to Sector 7, we're doing fine. But that's hardly an accomplishment.

(Upon talking to her again.)

Madam M
  • How ever did it come to this...?
  • I don't like not knowing what's going on...

(Upon reaching the S6-5 Road.)
Barret: You guys run into Jessie at the pillar?

Tifa: Yeah...Biggs too. They were both in pretty bad shape. But Wedge wasn't up there with 'em. He got out.

Barret: All right.

(Upon approaching the Stablehand on the S6-5 Road.)
Stablehand: Come on now, there's no need to be afraid. We're all scared...

(Upon running further down the S6-5 Road.)
Barret: I've been thinking, y'all... We gotta go find the others.

Tifa: Huh?

Barret: If we don't look for them, who will?

Tifa: ...Right.

Barret: Hey, Cloud. Gonna need your help with it too.

Cloud: Right.

(Upon reaching Sector 5 Slums - Center District.)
On-screen: Sector 5 Slums - Center District

Barret: This is Sector 5, right? So where's this place you said Marlene is?

Cloud: Where I think she is. It's a house on the other side of town.

Barret: Well, come on then, pick up the pace!

Cloud: I'm going as fast as you are.

(Upon talking to Chadley.)
Chadley: Cloud! I'm glad to see that you're okay. In these trying times I hope to develop new materia to help us endure.

(Upon reaching Aerith's garden.)
Cloud: That's the house.

Barret: Marlene! Marlene!

(Upon entering Aerith's house.)
Barret: Where's Marlene!? Is she here!?

Cloud: Barret!

Barret: Sorry. I'm Barret. Marlene's my little girl. Marlene—she's got short hair. She's cute as a button, with the heart of an angel. She was wearing...! She was wearing a pink dress today!

Elmyra: She's sleeping upstairs.

Elmyra: I said she's sleeping!

Tifa: I wanna see her too. C'mon. Let's go look in on her.

Elmyra: Keep it down. Don't wake her.

(Upon talking to Elmyra.)

  • Maybe you should join your friend upstairs.
  • Keep it down. Don't wake her.

(Upon reaching the upper floor.)
Barret: baby. Thank god.

Tifa: Sh.

Elmyra: Shinra has my daughter now.

Cloud: I'm sorry.

Tifa: No. I'm the one who asked her to go get Marlene. We'd only just met, but she was so kind and helpful. I...took advantage of her.

Elmyra: It's not your fault. It was only a matter of time before she ended up back there.

Cloud: Because she's an Ancient. That it?

Elmyra: So she told you about that? She must trust you all a great deal...

Elmyra: Yes. Aerith is an Ancient. Probably the last one living. She's not my daughter. Not by blood, I mean. If that's what you were wondering...

Elmyra: About fifteen years ago... My husband, he'd been shipped off to fight on the front lines. But then I received a letter saying he'd be home for a bit. So when the day came, I went to the station to meet him... But...he didn't come. I couldn't help fearing the worst, even then...but I told myself his leave must've been postponed, that he'd been delayed. Every day I went, to wait, and to pray...

Elmyra: And that's how I met her. Her and her mother. I thought maybe they'd run away from Wall Market. Or that they were topsiders fallen on hard times. I'd seen that sort of thing a lot. "Take Aerith somewhere safe." Those were her mother's dying words. My husband had been away for so long, and I was lonely. So I convinced myself the safest place for the girl was with me.

Elmyra: It took no time at all for her to start feeling like family. She was a real chatterbox. She told me strange stories... Like how she and her mother had escaped from some sort of facility... And how she wasn't sad because her mother had just..."returned to their planet."

Barret: Their planet, huh? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Elmyra: I didn't understand any of it at the time. When I asked if she meant one in the sky... She said no, this one. Right here. I mean...what can you say to that...?

Aerith (flashback): Mommy, don't be sad.

Elmyra: That's what she said to me one day, out of the blue.

Elmyra: So I asked her, "What's wrong?"

Aerith (flashback): A man you really, really love just died. His heart came a long way to say goodbye. But he couldn't stay, 'cause he had to return to the planet.

Elmyra: I didn't believe her, of course. And then, a few days later, I received a letter saying my husband had been killed in action. Things like that, she'd just know. It was a lot to deal with, but we were happy. And then came the knock.

Aerith (flashback): Coming!

Aerith (flashback): No... Go away!

Tseng (flashback): Aerith... You know you're not just any little girl. You're a descendant of the Ancients.

Elmyra: I had no idea what he meant, so I said, "Who are the Ancients?"

Tseng (flashback): They were the original stewards of the planet whose boundless knowledge and wisdom shall guide us to the promised land. Some believe the promised land to be a myth. Others, an allegory of sorts. But we take the words of the scriptures at face value, and believe it to be quite real. Which is why Shinra would like very much for Aerith to help us—

Aerith (flashback): You're wrong! I'm not an Ancient!

Tseng (flashback): But Aerith... Even when you're all alone, don't you hear voices whispering secrets?

Aerith (flashback): No, never!

Elmyra: But all three of us knew that wasn't true. That man knew exactly who Aerith was, where she'd come from, and what she could do.

Cloud: They knew where she was, but they didn't just take her? Doesn't sound like the Turks I know.

Elmyra: She had to come willingly, otherwise it wouldn't work, they said. That's why...even if they did take her away, I'm sure she's still being treated like a guest... And that they'll send her straight back home once they get what they need.

Cloud: I doubt it.

Elmyra: You're not planning anything, are you? Don't make things worse than they already are. If I lost her too, I don't know if I could... if I could ever... Just don't.

Tifa: Cloud. Maybe she's right about this. Maybe they'll let Aerith go when it's all over. Maybe...we'd be better off waiting a little while.

Barret: Let's head back to Sector 7. Got things to take care of. Like...checking up on the bar.

Tifa: Yeah.

Cloud: Okay.

Checking on Friends[]

(Upon talking to Elmyra.)
Elmyra: Take care of yourselves now.

(Upon interacting with Marlene.)
Barret: We're gonna win this fight. I promise.

(Upon leaving Aerith's garden.)
Tifa: The main entrance to Sector 7 is buried under rubble now. So how are we supposed to get back inside?

Cloud: Underground passage in the park.

Barret: Ah, good plan.

Tifa: But how do we get to the park?

Cloud: I know another way to get there. Aerith showed me before.

Barret: Heh. This Ancient girl knows her stuff. Didn't mean anythin' by it.

(Upon reaching the Collapsed Expressway.)
On-screen: Sector 6 Slums - Collapsed Expressway

Barret: Aight, let's keep moving.

(Upon reaching the Old Bypass.)
On-screen: Collapsed Expressway

(Upon encountering the first group of bandits.)
Bandit: Get the bastards!

(Upon encountering Beck, Butch, and Burke.)
Beck: Not so fast! You wanna come through here, you'll need to provide due compens— You again!?

Burke: Oh shit!

Barret: Friends of yours!

Beck: Stop lying! We go way back!

(Upon reaching the Dual Robot Arms Worksite.)
Tifa: Over there!

Barret: Huh? That a way out?

Tifa: I'm almost afraid to go back. To see it with my own eyes...

Cloud: Tifa...

Tifa: Come on.

(Upon reaching Evergreen Park.)
Barret: Wymer! You're alive!

Wymer: Still in one piece.

Barret: Who else made it out?

Wymer: I wish I knew... Sorry.

Tifa: It's fine.

Barret: I'm just glad you survived. Gives me hope for the others.

(Upon approaching Wymer.)
Wymer: This is bad.

(Upon talking to Wymer.)

  • We need able-bodied men and women.
  • We can't afford to lose any more lives. Not now.
  • I don't even know where to start.

(Upon talking to Betty.)
Betty: I really hope that all my friends are okay.

Betty's Dad: I'm sure they are, honey. Don't worry.

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner.)
Item Store Owner: Never know what you're gonna run into out there. Best be prepared.

(After closing the store menu.)
Item Store Owner: Careful out there.

(Upon talking to the Weapons Vendor.)
Weapons Vendor: Sector 7, huh?

Barret: Yeah... Left a few things behind.

Weapons Vendor: I see. I know it's not much, but it's all I got.

(After closing the store menu.)

Weapons Vendor
  • Godspeed.
  • Gotta keep fighting.
  • Stay strong.

(Upon talking to him again.)

Weapons Vendor
  • I dug this stuff out of the rubble. It's still usable.
  • Hey merc. Need some gear?

(Upon interacting with the Sector 7 tunnel.)
On-screen: Head underground?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", next quest begins.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

Crawling to the Surface[]

On-screen: S7-6 Service Tunnel

Barret: Okay. Let's see what's on the other side.

(After an earthquake upon using the ladder.)
Barret: Again!?

Cloud: That one was a lot closer.

Home Is Where the Heart Is[]

(Upon reaching the Sector 7 Slums.)
On-screen: Sector 7 Slums

Barret: My god...

Marle: Just a little more! Come on! C'mon!

Neighborhood Watch Member: It won't budge!

Barret: Make room!

Tifa: Marle!

Marle: You're alive!

Cloud: With me. Ready and—

Barret: Great job, guys.

Undercity Resident: Thank you. (cries)

Marle: I can't tell you how relieved I am to see you. So. What now?

Barret: Don't know. Find something—anything—to do.

Marle: Been back to the bar yet?

Barret: No.

Marle: Maybe you should go take a look.

Barret: Okay. First the bar...then the rest.

Marle: Careful. The roads are a mess. Watch your step or you'll wind up in a hole!

Barret: Hello! Anybody out there!? If you can hear me, say something!

(Upon talking to Marle.)

  • I take it that little Marlene's safe and sound?
  • That little girl's a hell of a lot stronger than you might think.

(Upon reaching Barret.)
Cloud: Tifa.

Cloud: Get back!

Barret: Shit!

Tifa: Hear that?

Cloud: That's Wedge's cat.

Barret: What?

Tifa: Let's follow it.

(Upon moving the rubble.)
Barret: Ready? One, two, three!

(Upon reaching Wedge's house.)
Tifa: Is this all that's left of Wedge's place?

(Upon dropping down the cave-in in the ground.)
Barret: Hey! We're coming down! Stay right where you are!

Barret: Hmph. This place reeks of Shinra.

(Upon approaching Wedge.)
Tifa: Wedge?

Barret: Wedge!

Barret: Of all the times! (screams)

In Solitude[]

On-screen: Shinra Underground Test Site

Barret: Tifa! Cloud! Shout if you can hear me! Hey!

(After closing tutorial "Destroying Obstacles to Progress".)
Barret: If there's no path, you gotta make one.

(Upon reaching the Waste Processing Chamber.)
Barret: Must be a secret Shinra facility.

(Upon reaching the Type C Specimens - Nursery.)
Barret: How long it take 'em to build all this beneath our feet?

(Upon climbing the ladder to B5.)
Barret:'d think they dug halfway to hell.

(Upon climbing the ladder to B4.)
Barret: Just no escapin' them, is there?

(After defeating the first group of Bugaboos on B4.)
Barret: I'm really gonna enjoy burning it all down.

Reunite with Tifa[]

Barret: Tifa! Hey, Tifa!

Tifa: Barret!

Barret: You okay?

Tifa: To tell you the truth, not really. I think there's a nest around here somewhere. Can you take care of it?

Barret: I gotcha!

(After destroying the nest.)
Barret: Sorry.

(Upon reaching Tifa.)
Baret: Tifa! Where's Cloud?

Tifa: I don't know.

Barret: Well, he can take care of himself. We've got bigger issues.

(After defeating the Bugaboos.)
Barret: Are you all right?

Tifa: Yeah, I'm good, thanks.

Barret: All right. Gotta go find Wedge. Come on.

Finding Wedge[]

(Upon entering Type-D Specimens - Creche.)
Tifa: I'm afraid to ask, but did you just shoot your way in here?

Barret: Well, yeah. Worked, didn't it?

(Upon climbing the first ladder in the Type-D Specimens - Creche.)
Barret: If I gotta climb another damn ladder...

(Upon climbing the second ladder down to a lower platform.)
Tifa: Hey. You think Wedge is holding up okay?

Barret: Of course he is. He's a lot tougher than people think. Probably sleeping soundly, dreaming about his cats.

Tifa: You're right. We should treat him to a nice meal when he gets back. His choice.

(Upon climbing the staircase to the Break Room on B1.)
Barret: Gotta stay on my toes if I'm gonna make it outta here alive.

(Upon approaching the Specimen Testing Area.)
Barret: Wedge!

Tifa: He's okay.

Barret: You sure?

Barret: (chuckles) Making me worry like that. I'd kick your ass if you didn't look like shit! Thank god.

Tifa: Thank you!

Tifa: Okay. Let's go.

Barret: Uh—sure!

Barret:'s you all right.

Tifa: What is this...?

Tifa: Barret!

Barret: The hell is this now!?

(When the battle against Unknown Entity enemies begins.)
Barret: Where were you freaks hiding!?

Tifa: Are they Shinra experiments!?

Barret: Hah! Well if that's the case, then it's only right we put the bastards down!

(After defeating the first group.)
Barret: Ah, of course there's more.

Tifa: You good?

Barret: Like you even gotta ask!

(After defeating the second group.)
Barret: Gettin' real tired of this shit!

Tifa: This is ridiculous.

(When the third group appears, or after time passes before Tifa reaches the higher ledge.)
Barret: We gotta close that duct. Tifa, you're up!

Tifa: Okay! Cover me!

(After Tifa reaches the higher ledge.)
Barret: Tifa!

(When Tifa is surrounded by a group of enemies.)
Tifa: Seriously!?

(When the Failed Experiment uses Fling.)
Tifa: It's using its friends as weapons!?

(When the Failed Experiment uses Demolish.)
Barret: Hey, Tifa! Heads up!

(Upon crippling the Failed Experiment's appendage.)
Barret: Huh! Getting tired?

Tifa: Look!

Barret: (laughs) Well, that sure looks like a weak point to me!

(When the Failed Experiment loses 30% HP.)
Barret: All that's left is to deal with these freaks!

(After defeating the Failed Experiment.)
Tifa: Cloud!

Barret: 'Bout time, merc.

Cloud: You're up.

Barret: Late to the party and you're giving me orders?

Barret: Hell yeah!

Barret: So how'd you manage to track us down?

Cloud: Followed the trail of bullet holes. There's nobody else I know who'd leave that kinda mess.

Beyond the Fracture[]

(Upon destroying the fracture.)
Tifa: Oh, god...were those...

Barret: People?

Cloud: Yeah. That's the Shinra I know.

Tifa: Cloud?

Barret: What the hell was that?

Tifa: We need to get him somewhere safe. Everything else can wait until after.

Barret: Agreed. Let's go.

Tifa: Cloud.

Cloud: Good kitty.


(After walking some distance back.)
Barret: I want you to take Wedge back for me. I'm gonna look around for the others. He made it, didn't he? They could still be alive.

Cloud: I saw them both at the pillar... Jessie and Biggs. bad they were hurt. I'm sorry, but...

Barret: Don't.

Tifa: They've returned to the planet.

Barret: They...they were supposed to return to us.

Barret: But if we stop now...they'll never let us live it down. So...we carry that weight.

Chapter 14: In Search of Hope[]


Barret: I'm sorry. I truly am. We had no other place to go and...

Elmyra: I would never leave a wounded man out on the street.

Cloud: Elmyra. I know what you said, but you have to let us go after Aerith.

Elmyra: Not this again.

Cloud: We found an underground Shinra lab where they've done human testing. This wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. I know these people, and I know they're never gonna let Aerith go. She's the last living Ancient on the planet. Think about what that means to Shinra's scientists. Especially to that son of a bitch Hojo. We're all just numbers and meat to him.

Elmyra: Enough!

Cloud: But—

Elmyra: Please. I need some time to think. You've all had a long day. Why don't you go upstairs and get some rest.

(Barret's resolution, if neither Aerith nor Tifa have 5 affection points.)

Barret: You should rest up while you can.

Cloud: Likewise.

Barret: Nah, I'm good—real good. 'Sides, when I close my eyes, I start thinking 'bout things. 'Bout people. Like Finn. Lazy little punk. Kid would do damn near anything 'cept what you told him. But ask him to paint you a picture and boy howdy. Those Stamps in the tunnels? Finn's work. Every one.

Barret: Then there's Al. Intel guy. He had these tricks for stealing codes I still don't understand. Stole his share of hearts, too. But, when it came to the ladies, he just had the one trick. Bouquet of flowers hidden behind his back. Funny to think, some of 'em might've even come from here. He pulled the flower trick on Tifa once, believe it or not. She told him where to stick 'em.

Cloud: 'Course she did.

Barret: Our quartermaster, Nellie, had a good laugh at that. She was tight with Jessie. People sometimes took 'em for sisters even. They'd say "No way!" and get upset, but then they'd start giggling and you knew...

Barret: Yeah... They'll all be fine. They're strong. They're tough. Like me. After we save Aerith, I'll introduce you to them.

Cloud: Sounds good.

Barret: Never thought I'd feel better after talking with your hard-boiled ass.

Cloud: Think you can sleep now?

Barret: Oh yeah. Like a baby.

(Tifa's resolution, if Tifa has the highest affection score and is above 5.)

Cloud: Can't sleep?

Tifa: No. You too?

Cloud: I heard footsteps.

Tifa: Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you.

Cloud: I'm a light sleeper. It's a SOLDIER thing.

Tifa: That flower you gave me the other night. That was from Aerith, wasn't it?

Tifa: I knew there was something weird going on. You, buying flowers. They symbolize reunion, believe it or not. I was curious, so I looked it up. I tried to keep it alive as long as I could. But's dead and buried.

Tifa: Like the bar...our home...and everything else.

Tifa: They took everything from us. Again. (cries)

Tifa: Cloud... Cloud, you're hurting me.

Tifa: It's stupid. I know that crying's a waste of time.

Cloud: That's not true.

Tifa: Thank you.

(Aerith's resolution, if Aerith has the highest affection score and is above 5.)

Cloud: How is this...? Is this a dream?

Aerith: Maybe. You tell me.

Cloud: You okay?

Aerith: Don't I look it? I used to live in the Shinra Building, back when I was really little.

Cloud: Your mom told us.

Aerith: Right. So it kinda feels like I've gone back to my childhood home, you know? Honestly, it's not that bad.

Cloud: So what, you wanna stay?

Aerith: C'mon, Cloud. Don't be silly.

Cloud: Your mom's really worried too.

Aerith: "Too"? So you're worried about me?

Cloud: Of course I am.

Aerith: I'm sorry about that. Really.

Cloud: Is that...?

Aerith: Everyone dies eventually.

Cloud: I suppose.

Aerith: So we need to make the most of the time we have—to live our lives the way we wanna live. Every minute...every moment, matters.

Cloud: I'll remember that.

Aerith: Good. So...

Cloud: You need to embrace this moment. Right?

Aerith: I'm glad I met you, Cloud. I really am. I'm grateful for all the words we've shared. For all the moments and the memories. You've made me more happy than you know. And I'll always cherish what you've given me. But... But whatever happens, you can't fall in love with me. Even if you think you's not real.

Cloud: Do I get a say in all this?

Aerith: It's almost morning. Time to go.

Cloud: I'm coming for you.

Aerith: If that's what you want. Thank you.

(After the resolution scene ends.)

Barret: You've done more for us than we deserve. I won't forget this. If you ever need anything, all you gotta do is holler.

Elmyra: Happy to help out however I can.

Cloud: Elmyra.

Elmyra: ...I've been thinking about what you said.

Cloud: She's calling out to me. I can feel it.

Tifa: We all can. So please. She's our friend. We have to help her.

Barret: Mm.

Elmyra: I always knew it was coming. Knew that one day I'd have to say goodbye to my baby girl. But not yet. Please—bring her back to me.

Marlene: Daddy!

Barret: Marlene...

Marlene: Are you going?

Barret: I'm sorry, honey. I wish I didn't have to. I wish I could be with you all the time. I really do. But if I stay here, I can't fight out there.

Marlene: Hm?

Barret: Some bad people are...trying to hurt the planet. And Daddy...Daddy and his friends are trying to stop those bad people. The slums, your friends, the whole planet—it's Daddy's job to protect it.

Barret: And that's why I've gotta go. You remember that nice girl who came to find you? Well, now we have to go find her. And when we bring her home, you ned to say thank you, okay?

Marlene: 'Kay! That girl... She was kinda...

Barret: What?

Marlene: Nothing. You should help her.

Barret: We will.

Marlene: You'll come back...right?

Barret: Of course, I promise.

Marlene: Okay. You can go!

Tifa: Barret...

Barret: She's tougher than me.

Barret: Aight! Time to get some payback.

Cloud: Don't forget why we're doing this.

Barret: I know, I know. To rescue Aerith.

Intel Gathering[]

Tifa: So, how're we supposed to get topside? With everything that's happened, the trains still aren't running.

Barret: Well, we could walk along the tracks.

Cloud: The city's on high alert. All the roads and public transit have probably been locked down by now.

Barret: So what's the plan then? You know another way up?

Tifa: No, but I think I know someone who might.

Cloud: You mean Corneo.

(Upon approaching the Sector 5 slums monitor.)
Kyrie: My fellow grounders, listen up, because boy, do I have some news for you! And it's assured to knock your socks all the way into next week! Gather round, 'cause this is the good stuff!

(Upon reaching the monitor.)
Kyrie: So, after bombing Reactors 1 and 5, what do the eco-terrorists do? They go for the trifecta and take out Mako Reactor 7! Another attack by amateurs who don't care about collateral damage. The sky is falling and Avalanche is to blame! But wait! Did you know Wutai is the one funding their activities!? For all their claims about fighting for the slums...they're nothing more than pawns of Wutai—puppets dancing to the tune of their foreign masters! And that's the truth! Topside news delivered straight to your ears! That'll be five gil. Five gil—come on!

Undercity Resident (1): Damn, man! Knew we couldn't trust Wutai to leave us alone.

Undercity Resident (2): It's the reactors. They want 'em, we got 'em.

Undercity Resident (3): Does this mean there'll be another war?

Undercity Resident (1): After what they've done? What choice do we have?

Kyrie: Five gil apiece—cough it up! The truth ain't free, you know!

Barret: We ain't no damn pawns of Wutai! I couldn't care less about the rest, but that shit?

Tifa: No one will listen to us. There's no point in even trying.

Tifa: I'm sorry.

Barret: Hey... Hey Tifa, listen. There's no room in this for regrets or what-ifs or any of that. All we can do is keep moving forward. Keep following this path we chose. Wherever, so we can say we did all we could.

Tifa: I know. But...right now...instead of looking forward, you need to look around. Everyone here is terrified. So I'm asking you...don't.

Tifa: I know we're short on time, but let's try to help out wherever we can.

(Upon defeating Leviathan in Chadley's VR Combat Simulator.)
Chadley: Marvelous! Leviathan, the patron deity of Wutai, is not an enemy to be trifled with. Together, you can cleanse the world of the Shinra scourge.

(Upon defeating Bahamut in Chadley's VR Combat Simulator.) Chadley: Now that was a battle! What an impressive feat to hold your own against one of the most exalted summons known to man. Together with the legendary Bahamut, I have every confidence you can expunge Shinra from existence. Such bravery... incredible!

(Upon entering Wall Market.)
Tifa: Do we really have to deal with Corneo again?

Cloud: Got no other choice.

Barret: What? Did you guys get into it with him or something?

Tifa: I don't wanna talk about it.

Barret: Huh? Hey, Cloud, what ha—

Cloud: Don't recall.

(Upon talking to the Innkeeper at Wall Market.)
Innkeeper: It's quite crowded at the moment, but I'll see what I can do.

On-screen: Stay the night?

(After selecting "Yes" and restoring HP and MP.)
Innkeeper: Have a safe trip.

(Upon talking to the Souvenir Shop Owner.)
Souvenir Shop Owner: With these babies, you can send intruders flying! I guarantee this is the only home protection you'll ever need!

(After closing the store menu.)
Souvenir Shop Owner: Only a few left. Get yours while you can!

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper without beginning "Tomboy Bandit", or selecting "Free Battle" during the quest.)
Gatekeeper: Hey, been waiting for ya. So—what're ya in the mood to fight?

(Upon entering Corneo's mansion.)
Barret: No one's home.

(Upon walking down the dungeon staircase.)
Kotch: Help, somebody! Hey!

(Upon talking to Kotch.)
Kotch: You mother— Uh, I mean... Hey, there. Would you mind helping me out? I'm kind of in a bind, as you can see...

Kotch: Thanks, you guys! Man, these jerks from Shinra showed up outta nowhere! Accused me of leaking information and called me "useless." And, well, the rest is history. Well, anyway, thanks for helping me out. Peace out!

(Upon entering Corneo's bedroom.)
Leslie: Long time no see. What brings you back here?

Tifa: Well, we need to find a way to get topside as quickly as possible, and we figured Corneo oughta know one.

Leslie: Is that so... In that case, I can help.

Barret: You serious? Then tell us!

Leslie: Follow me.

Cloud: Let's just hear him out.

Barret: So...what's the deal with the hole?

Leslie: Unfinished business. If you three give me a hand with it, I'll give you what you need to get topside.

Tifa: You want us to go back into the sewers with you? What's down there?

Leslie: Corneo's hidey-hole. That's where I'm headed.

Barret: You're not gonna try to screw us over, are you?

Leslie: If that's what you think, walk away. I'll find somebody else to work with. And you'll have to find another way to get topside.

Cloud: All right. We're in.

Barret: Say what?

Cloud: He betrays us, he dies.

Leslie: Fine by me.

Tifa: He means it.

Leslie: I'll tell you more after we've climbed down. When you're good to go, let me know.

(Upon talking to Leslie again.)
Leslie: You guys ready?

On-screen: Head into the sewer?

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Leslie: Okay. Follow me.

Barret: Seriously—what's the deal with the hole?

Cloud: It's a trop for the don's enemies.

Barret: What?

Leslie: No one's ever gotten out alive. Well. Until recently that is.

Missing Children[]

(Upon approachig Ms. Folia.)
Ms. Folia: How far could they have gone?

(Upon talking to Ms. Folia.)
Ms. Folia: Oh, Cloud! Have you seen the kids around by any chance? I haven't seen them since they left to do their patrols. I knew I should've told them to stay inside today. If you do happen to run into them somewhere, could you tell them to come back right away? I can describe them if it'd help—

Cloud: Don't worry. I'll know.

Barret: Just stay calm and wait here. Never know—they might come back on their own. Okay?

Ms. Folia: Yes, of course. Thank you so very much.

(Upon talking to her again.)

Ms. Folia
  • Thank you, I appreciate the help.
  • Plates aren't supposed to ust fall. I mean, what's going on up there?
  • Please come back safe and sound. Please.

(Upon approaching to Oates.)
Oates: Hey, Cloud.

Barret: Hmm. Gotta be one of them lost kids.

Oates: Lost? Who said we were lost? Stupid old man.

Barret: What'd you say?

Cloud: What're you doing out here? And where's everyone else?

Oates: Well, we saw a bunch of tombstones lying on the ground, so we decided to stand them back up. And then I heard laughing coming from somewhere, and when I turned around, everyone was gone. I was alone.

Oates: That! I heard that and everyone disappeared.

Cloud: Heads up!

(After defeating the Phantoms.)
Oates: Guys!

Boy (1): Oates!

Boy (2): Look! Cloud's here too!

Barret: So why'd you kids come out all this way?

Oates: This is where our parents are. They're resting, but we wanted to say hi. Sometimes you just wanna do that, you know?

Barret: ...I do.

Oates: Thanks so much for coming to find us! That's another one I owe ya! We're gonna head back to the House now. Ms. Folia's probably pretty worried.

Boy (2): Hey Cloud, I found this on the ground. You should take it. I think it might come in handy!

Barret: Buncha little smart-asses... With good hearts.

Chocobo Search[]

(Upon approaching the stablehand in the Sector 5 Slums.)
Stablehand: Hey, you! Cloud, right? Man, am I glad I caught you. Sam—he told me who you are. Said you're a merc, and a former SOLDIER at that! Listen, I hate to ask, but we've got a few runaway birds. Mind helping us find them? Poor things were so startled by that plate coming down, they just up and bolted. I'm sure they're around here somewhere, frightened and hungry. My poor birds...

Barret: Worried about 'em huh? All right. I think we can help you out.

Stablehand: Oh, thank you! When you find them, feed them this. THere's there missing all told, and their names are Coco, Lolo, and Momo. They'll come on home once they got some food in their bellies. Good luck. I'm counting on y'all.

(Upon talking to the Stablehand near Wall Market.)
Stablehand: Oh, thank goodness! Been looking for y'all. You gotta help me. It's the chocobos... They've escaped, wouldn't you know!

(Upon talking to Sam before bringing back all chocobos. Sentences referring to chocobos will not be said if they have been recovered.)
Sam: Thanks for agreeing to find my birds. You're a real saint. Someone said they heard a chocobo warking in one of them Sector 5 back alleys. Heard there's a chocobo out by the collapsed expressway. A chocobo was spotted near the old church. That's about all that's reached my ears. I'd bet good money those wandering birds are mine.

(Upon talking to Sam again.)

  • You don't think my missing birds're hurt, do ya?
  • It's just plain senseless, that's what it is.

(Upon approaching a lost chocobo.)
Chocobo: Kweh kweh.

(Upon interacting with the lost chocobo by the church.)
Chocobo: Kweh...? Kweh!

(Upon interacting with the lost chocobo in the Sector 5 scrapyard area and the Collapsed Expressway.)
Chocobo: Wark wark. Kweh kweh.

(Upon interacting with the chocobo again.)

  • Kweh kweh. Kweh!
  • Kweh kweh. Wark!

(After finding all three.)
Barret: Okay then! That makes three.

Cloud: We'd better check in at Sam's.

On-screen: Return to Sam?

(Upon talking to Sam after finding all three.)
Sam: There's the champ with a heard of gold! My babies are all back home, safe and sound. Now I can finally get back to the busienss of business. Thanks, partner. Here, y'all earned this. It's a pass that'll get you a ride on one of my carriages whenever you need it—free of charge, of course. Not bad, am I right?

Sam: Chocobos're somethin' else. You can ride 'em, pet 'em, befriend 'em. What would we do without 'em? They're the reason a guy like me can keep a roof over his head in a town like this—and that's no lie. I wouldn't blame ya for doubting that coming from me, but it is what it is.

(Upon talking to Sam after completing the quest.)

  • Anyhow, gotta make up for lost time.
  • But hell, me and the birds've been through thick 'n' thin. We'll fiigure it out.
  • Question is, where to start.

Malicious Goons[]

(Upon talking to Madam M.)
Madam M: If it isn't Cloud.

Cloud: We're looking for a way topside. Know one?

Madam M: Good luck with that. Security's so tight these days that not even a gnat could slip through. Wall Market's in a sorry state, too. Corneo's men are turning it upside down looking for Avalanche.

Madam M: Hmm? The man with a gun for an arm...

Barret: What? Got a problem?

Madam M: No, but you might. Corneo's men are searching high and low for an Avalanche member who fits your description. Shinra has placed a very impressive bounty on you and your friends' heads. And a lot of people are looking to get rich.

Barret: Ain't these fools got anything better to do?

Madam M: You should also know that you and that arm of yours were spotted in the Sector 5 slums. Apparently, you were loitering in a rather lovely flower garden?

Barret: Oh yeah...? Wait!

Tifa: This is bad. Really bad.

Barret: Let's move!

(Upon talking to Madam M again.)
Madam M: Do be careful on your way back to the slums.

(Upon approaching the Housemother by Leaf House.)
Housemother: Oh Cloud! Thank goodness you're here. A group of Corneo's men just came through—headed for Aerith's place.

(Upon talking to her.)
Housemother: I don't know what business they have with Aerith, but I know it can't be anything good.

(Upon approaching the Corneo Lackeys.)
Corneo Lackey: I dunno... You really think this gun-arm dude'll come back instead of running?

Hoodlum: Oh, you bet your ass he'll come back. Now shut up and keep your eyes peeled.

Corneo Lackey: Yeah, yeah. Well, not like we're goin' anywhere with this thing, anyway.

Hoodlum: How's he holdin' up?

Corneo Lackey: Beats me. His face creeps me out.

Corneo Lackey: Better watch where he points that thing.

Hoodlum: Better watch your mouth, bitch. You don't wanna give him a reason to hold a grudge, ya know?

(Upon reaching the Corneo Lackeys.)
Corneo Lackey: Hey, it's him! Gun-arm!

Barret: Heard you punks were lookin' for me. Didn't wanna keep you waitin'.

Corneo Lackey: Wait! You!?

Hoodlum: Should've known you were one of 'em!

Cloud: But am I?

Hoodlum: Whatever—enough of this bullshit! Hey, let 'em loose.

Corneo Lackey': Uh, sure!

Hoodlum: Hah! Y'all are in for a world of hurt now! Hack 'em to bis, y'hear me! Leave the faces, though. Shinra ain't gonna give us the bounty otherwise!

(During the battle.)

  • Hrah!
  • Ha! You're nothin' special.
Corneo Lackey
  • Let's have some fun, huh?
  • An eye for an eye, right!?
  • Take a shot!
  • Time for some fun!

(After defeating the Tonberry.)
Hoodlum: We give up, okay!? We won't say a word to no one about you bein' here. Really—honest!

Cloud: That's right. You'll tell everyone we were never here—that the rumors were bullshit. And if we hear about you, or any of your friends, coming round here ever again...

Tifa: You'll answer to my boot.

Hoodlum: Yessir! Er, miss!

(Upon talking to Madam M after finishing the quest.)

Madam M
  • Been saying a lot less of Corneo's men lately. Your doing?
  • I know that look. You're up to no good, aren't you? (chuckles) Good luck.
  • Do stop by again if you desire additional treatment.

Wavering Heart[]

(Upon approaching Andrea in the gym.)
Jules: It's been hours now—don't you think you've done enough? Believe me, I ought to know.

Andrea: No...not yet...

Ronnie: Andi...

(Upon talking to Jay.)

  • Andi hasn't slowed down or stopped.
  • Man, I can hear his lats screaming out in pain!

(Upon talking to Ronnie.)

  • I'm worried about Andi. He's gonna push himself too far.
  • But my god, when I look at that magnificent physique of his...

(Upon talking to Jules.)

  • Looking for Andi? You found him/ He's been at it half the day.
  • Not sure what's gotten into him.

(Upon talking to Andrea.)
Andrea: Cloud... How are you?

Cloud: I was hoping you knew a way we could get topside.

Andrea: Hmm... Sorry, but it's...not possible...

Andrea: Well, well. What do we have here? I can see you're someone who likes to train, to be their very best.

Tifa: Me?

Andrea: Your physique: slender, yet toned. And that perfectly balanced symmetry. I can tell from a glance that you learned from the best there is. But your muscles look tight, which can only mean one thing—you're conflicted.

Cloud: Tifa?

Jules: Excuse me. You're Tifa, right? While you're here, wanna give Andi a run for his money? Work up a sweat, release some endorphins. It's the answer to everything. I promise.

Andrea: I'm in...if you are.

(Upon talking to Andrea again.)
Andrea: All right then. The winner will be the one who does the most pull-ups.

On-screen: Challenge Andrea?

(When the challenge against Andrea begins.)
Andrea: It's just the two of us now.

(During Pull-Ups matches, dialogue from other characters will be the same as during the Squats minigame.)

(After Andrea wins.)
Andrea: Thank you. I had quite a wonderful time.

(After Tifa by with a wide margin.)

  • Worked up a good sweat!
  • Would kill for a shower!
  • That's the way to do it!

(After Tifa wins by a narrow margin.)

  • No surprises there!
  • Gotta learn from this for next time!
  • You can do better than that! Much better!

(After beating Andrea.)
Andrea: You truly are perfection, my dear.

Andrea: ...It seems you've bested me, Tifa.

Tifa: I can't believe I won.

Andrea: Your fiery passion pushed me to my limits and helped me to overcome my lingering stress and fatigue. I'll be taking the stage tonight in the best condition of my life. Thank you.

Tifa: No, thank you for...the same!

Andrea: To commemorate the evening. I would be honored if you joined me onstage for a perfomance someday. (laughs)

(Upon talking to Ronnie.)

  • Looking to work up a sweat?
  • You here to test your muscular mettle against mine?
  • Today's another great day to feel the burn!
  • What're you looking at me for? Oh, you here to take me on, are you? Bring it on.

(Upon talking to Jules before the Pro challenge is unlocked.)
Jules: There's always time for training.

(Upon talking to Jay.)

  • Here for a little training?
  • You wanna go, do ya? All right then, bring it on!
  • Those who sweat together get swole together!
  • True athletes need to be able to perform in cool and hot conditions!

(Upon beginning the Amateur challenge.)
Jay: Are you ready for this?

(After beating Jay.)
Jay: No!

  • You beat me fair and square. You really are a true champion!
  • You've gotta give me another chance!

(Upon talking to Jules with the Pro challenge unlocked.)

  • Hm? Are you here for a workout?
  • (laughs) You up for some exercise?
  • Let's you and me work up a sweat.
  • I'll never say no to a friendly competition.

(Upon beginning the Pro challenge.)
Jules: Okay—let's have some fun!

(After losing to Jules.)
Jules: You know where to find me for a rematch.

(After beating Jules.)

  • Couldn't keep up with you. Even as a trainer, I still have a lot to learn.
  • I couldn't have asked for a better opponent.

The Power of Music[]

(Upon approaching Betty.)
Betty: Everyone's so sad... Think, think...

(Upon talking to Betty.)
Betty: Oh, heya!

Tifa: Betty. I'm so glad to see you're okay.

Betty: You too! Uh, where's Marlene? Is she okay?

Barret: Don't worry. She's safe.

Betty: Really? I'm so glad! Hey, can you help me with something? I'm looking for music discs for the jukebox. I think some new music might cheer people up—make them happy!

Tifa: That's a wonderful idea.

Barret: Okay! If we find any music discs, we'll bring 'em straight to you. You just promise to crank up the volume, all right?

Betty: You know I will! Thanks!

(Upon talking to Betty again.)

  • Hope you guys find some really good ones.
  • I just want people to smile more.
  • Thanks a bunch!

(Upon selecting a song on the jukebox that is not one of the objectives.)
Betty: Hmm, I don't think this song's doing it. People still seem kinda sad. I'm still seeing a lot of frowns.

(Upon talking to Old Man near the jukebox.)
Old Man: It's not right, me getting out...

(Upon talking to Woman near the jukebox.)
Woman: Hngk...

(Upon talking to Man near the jukebox.)
Man: Th-th-there's nothing left for me now.

(Upon talking to the Guest at the inn.)
Guest: There's nothing quite like kicking back and letting the music flow through you. What's that? You wanna get in on my flow?

(Upon talking to the Souvenir Shop Owner.)
Souvenir Shop Owner: With these babies, you can send intruders flying! I guarantee this is the only home protection you'll ever need!

(Upon talking to the Woman near in the alley outside the Honeybee Inn.)
Woman: Hey, what's up man! You vibing with this jam too? You can have a copy if you want.

(Upon playing a song that is not part of the quest.)
Betty: Hmm, I don't think this song's doing it. People still seem kinda sad. I'm still seeing a lot of frowns.

(Upon playing "Good Night, Until Tomorrow" on the jukebox.)
Betty: Ooh, I like this one. It's really peaceful, don't you think?

Woman: Um... Is it okay if I stay and listen for a bit? This song is a favorite of mine.

Betty: Sure!

(Upon playing "Fight On!".)
Betty: Wow, what a song! It makes me feel like I can do anything!

Man: Yeah...yeah! I can feel this song calling to my inner warrior. Yeah, I can take on the world! It's time I took action, made a stand!

Barret: Hell yeah, that's it! That's the fire we need right now! Be a force for change, brother!

(Upon playing "Stand Up".)
Betty: I know this one! Marlene and I danced to it before.

Old Man: That's wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong! This is how you get down with this jam. I oughta know—it was my favorite back in the day! Pay attention kiddo! It's all in the hips!

Marlene: Wow!

Old Man (laughs) C'mon, little lady. Why don't you give it a whirl?

(Upon talking to Betty after finding and playing one or two discs.)
Betty: Tell me if you find more music discs!

(Upon playing all music discs.)
Betty: Isn't this great!? Everyone's smiling again. Thanks so much for the help!

Tifa: Our pleasure. I think we needed it too.

Barret: (hums victory fanfare, laughs) Until our victory fanfare rings out through all of Midgar, our battle will rage on! Hey, I'm just kidding.

(Upon talking to Betty after completing the quest.)

  • Make sure to bring Marlene next time!
  • I'll be here if you wanna listen to more!

Secret Medicine[]

(Upon approaching the Doctor.)
Doctor: What am I gonna do now...?

(Upon talking to the Doctor.)
Doctor: Hey, I know you. You're Aerith's bodyguard. I could really use her help. She always knew where to find the best herbs, and... You haven't seen her, have you? I used up all my meds treating people injured when the plate fell, you see. I could make more, but not without those herbs.

Cloud: So what do you need?

Doctor: You mean you're willing to help me out? Oh, thank you! You'd be doing this town a huge favor. Here's a list of everything I'm looking for.

(Upon talking to the Doctor before finding all items. Lines related to specific herbs will not play if they have been found.)

  • Couple of my patients were talking about a behemoth in some underground lab or something. Can't say I've ever heard of a lab like that before though...
  • Apparently, Aerith was looking after flowers elsewhere—not just at her house.
  • My son claims he got a mortar from a moogle. If you can believe a crazy story like that.
  • I can whip up alternatives with the right ingredients.
  • I'd been stockpiling Shinra meds, but it was nowhere near enough.
  • Please, hurry. Time is of the essence.

(After finding all three.)
On-screen: Return to the doctor?

(Upon talking to the Doctor after finding all three.)
Doctor: Oh! Did you manage to get everything I needed? Thank you. This oughta be more than enough. I can see why Aerith put her trust in you. Don't worry. I'll take it from here. You've done more than your fair share already. Here, take this. I'm betting it'll come in handy.

(Upon talking to the Doctor after finishing the quest.)
Doctor: My medicine's gonna help a lot of people.

Tomboy Bandit[]

(Upon approaching Johnny.)
Johnny: What were you thinking!? Stupid, stupid, stupid! Crawl into a hole and die!

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Bro! Tifa! Damn, is it good to see you guys again.

Cloud: I told you to stop calling me that.

Johnny: Bro. I'm in serious need of your expertise. Lend me a hand!

Cloud: Fine, what?

Johnny: Truth is, I'm, uh, trying to get outta town, for, uh, reasons. Yeah, reasons. But the thing is... (cries) I got mugged! She took it. Took it all, man! I tried to chase her down, I really did! But she was real fast-like. Man, what I am gonna do? This could be the end for ol' Johnny boy! I'm beggin' ya—help me out! Come on, bro!

Cloud: (sighs) What'd she look like?

Johnny: Bro! Uh, hold on. Lemme think—wanna get this right. She was a cutie. Black hair. Pretty sure she was wearin' a hat. And...oh yeah! She was wearing these striped stockings too.

Cloud: Kyrie...?

Barret: Which way'd she go?

Johnny: Uh, toward the church I think.

(Upon talking to Johnny again.)

  • Looked like she was hurt real bad, so I stopped to help.
  • And this is the thanks I get!
  • Bro! Do me a solid. Get my money back!

(Upon talking to Kyrie.)
Kyrie: What? It wasn't me. You've got the wrong girl! Never committed a crime in my life!

Cloud: You Kyrie?

Kyrie: Kyrie? Who's that? Can't say I know her, but cool name.

Tifa: (chuckles) Someone mugged our friend and took every last gil he had. Sound familiar?

Kyrie: Oh, that? I thought I was in actual trouble. Don't scare me like that!

Barret: Now I remember you. You're that chick. The one who was spreadin' lies in Sector 5.

Kyrie: Oh yeah, I did do that. Good times, good times.

Kyrie: Hold on. I know you, blondie! You're that merc everyone's talking about! Maybe my luck's not so bad. Shinra's after me. You've gotta help me.

Cloud: Stole from them too, did you?

Kyrie: No! Well, yes, sorta—it's complicated. How was I supposed to know they were Shinra? And now those jerks won't leave me alone! Even though all I took was some ugly key. I mean, what's the big deal anyway?

Barret: Wait a minute—that was you!?

Kyrie: ...Oh greqt. So, everyone's talking about it? Is this the end? Am I a dead woman? Do I have to go on the run? Leave Midgar forever and never look back?

Tifa: Kyrie, please. Just give us the money you stole from our friend, would you? And the key while you're at it.

Kyrie: No way. You're gonna split the second I do. And then who'll protect me? I can't handle this on my own...(cries)

Cloud: We'll handle Shinra if you give us the key. Deal?

Kyrie: It's a deal! Right about now, those Shinra creeps should be hanging out at the colosseum. They're waiting for a special match to start, starring yours truly. It's the talk of the town.

Tifa: You're joking!

Kyrie: Oh, I won't be there. I'm not stupid.

Barret: It's a miracle you've managed to stay alive this long.

Kyrie: I'll take that as a compliment. Now run along and clean up my mess.

(Upon talking to Kyrie again.)

  • You'll get your key...once I know I'm safe.
  • Man, if I'd known he was Shinra... Well, lesson learned.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper.)
Gatekeeper: Oh! Champ! Couldn't have picked a better time. This Kyrie chick totally flaked on her match, which means we're down a fighter. And we can't exactly pit the other guy against himself! What d'you say? Mind takin' her spot?

On-screen: Take on which challenge?

(Upon selecting "Special Match".)
Beastmaster: The hell you doin' here!? Where's the girl, Kyrie!? That thievin' little pip-squeak!

Barret: Guessin' he's the guy she's runnin' from.

Cloud: Kyrie's not coming. You'll have to make do with us.

Beastmaster: Whatever. I can roll with it. After all, you and me, we got unfinished business!

Gatekeeper: In a shocking turn of events, our next bout is now a grudge match! Which of these two will claim victory in today's Angel Cup!? Fighters...begin!

(After defeating all enemies.)
Gatekeeper: Our reigning champion does it again! Not only does he retain his crown, but now he can add beast whisperer to his list of impressive achievements!

Barret: Hah! That wasn't too much trouble.

(Upon talking to the Gatekeeper.)
Gatekeeper: Watching you guys fight gave me goose bumps. Hope your next match is even better than the last!

On-screen: Return to Kyrie?

(Upon talking to Kyrie.)
Kyrie: So, how'd it go?

Cloud: Well enough. If they're smart, they won't send anyone else.

Kyrie: Really!? (sighs) That is so good to hear!

Barret: Learn your lesson, girl?

Kyrie: Totally! From now on, I only steal from the right people.

Barret: That ain't the lesson.

Kyrie: (sighs) Talk about a weight off my shoulders. Oh, I completely lost track of time! I'd better get going.

Mireille: Hold it!

Kyrie: Grandma!? Why're you here?

Mireille: You, young lady, are gonna hear about this later. Thank you for keeping her out of trouble.

Tifa: She say "grandma"?

Mireille: What? Did I forget to mention it to you? Kyrie's my granddaughter—my flesh and blood. See? We even have the same eyes.

Mireille: Kyrie, the key. You've kept them waiting long enough.

Kyrie: Yeah, yeah... What's it for, anyway? Why do you guys want it?

Mireille: And how's that any of your business, young lady? Learn to wipe your own ass before you start rooting around in other people's shit.

Kyrie: Ugh, Grandma! Cut it out. You're embarrassing me...

Mireille: Me embarrass you? Says the girl who steals from anyone. Even a thief needs principles, not to mention the courage of convictions to follow their conscience. Take it from me—the Guardian Angel of the Slums.

Tifa: Wait a minute—you're the Angel!?

Mireille: And you three are Avalanche. There's a fire in you. I can see it flickering in your eyes. That same fire's in me, too. The Guardian Angel of the Slums, Avalanche—they're just names. We are who we choose to be. But you have to decide who that is, and commit. Make the most of your time while you still have it. Right?

Corneo's Secret Stash[]

(Upon talking to Damon.)
Damon: It's you, my good merc! What brilliant timing you have! Oh, hello there—it is a pleasure to meet you both. I'm a journalist for the Daily Buzz.

Barret: The Daily Buzz? You mean that trash filled with Shinra fluff pieces?

Damon: Well, yes, that's fair—but we do get a lot of inside information because of our close ties with the company. (laughs) Curious? Here's the scoop. A certain division of Shinra—that shall remain nameless—was planning to seize Corneo's assets. But before they could, the key to his secret vault within which his misbegotten gains were securely tucked away...was stolen! And my sources tell me that the the undercity's beloved hero: the Angel of the Slums! The unidentified bandit who's been targeting anyone with ties to Shinra or Corneo! Yes, that Angel of the Slums has struck again! Well? Do I have your undivided attention now?

Barret: Kinda, but hurry it up. We don't have time for a three-act play.

Damon: Then I'll make this quick. So! My good merc. You do remember where the Angel's hideout is, right?

Cloud: Do you remember the death threat she left there?

Damon: Oh, that. I've decided to seek the silver lining in this case. If the Angel of the Slums deigns to taken an interest in a humble reporter, then that itself would be a story!

Cloud: ...What are you asking?

Damon: If you recover the stolen key, feel free to help yourself to the contents of Corneo's vault. All I want is knowledge—the identity of the Angel. So if you happen to learn anything of value, I'd be tremendously grateful to you if you passed it along.

(Upon talking to him again.)

  • If you learn anything at all, I demand that you tell me!
  • I'm dying to find out who the Angel of the Slums really is.
  • It is a desire that transcends the professional! Could it

(Upon talking to Mireille after finishing "Tomboy Bandit".)

  • I hear Corneo's got secret rooms hidden in the sewers. More than even he knows, if the rumors are true.
  • That reminds me—someone spotted a tacky-looking door over by the collapsed expressway.
  • If you're curious, there's another door that's got Corneo's emblem and everything on it, right by the Angel's hideout.

(Upon pulling the lever to lower the water in the Sewer System.)
On-screen: Former Disposal Area

(Upon obtaining all three tiaras.)
Barret: Okay then. Y'all think we got everything? Question is: now what? It's not gonna be easy selling this stuff.

Tifa: Oh, I know. What about Marle? We could ask her to help. I'm sure she'd be happy to.

(Upon talking to Marle.)
Marle: Oh, what brings you here?

Cloud: Gifts from an angel.

Tifa: They're to be used to help the people of Sector 7 rebuild.

Marle: The Angel of the Slums? You didn't meet her, did you? Tell me, what was she like?

Cloud: Never met her. Just her go-between.

Marle: A shame. Bless her sweet soul... I don't know what to say... I'll make sure the funds are put to good use. Here, why don't you take this? Something tells me you can use it more than me.

Subterranean Menace[]

(Upon approaching Wymer.)
Wymer: This is bad.

(Upon talking to Wymer.)
Wymer: Oh, hey Barret.

Barret: Hey, how's it going?

Wymer: Could be better. I've got a good number of watchmen out looking for survivors. But as much as I'd love to join them, I've got another mess on my hands at the moment. Remember those rumors about a lab? They're true. There is one—hidden underground somewhere, and it's full of monsters. So, Cloud...think you can lend us a hand with it? It's only a matter of time before these monsters come calling. I know it's a dangerous job but—

Cloud: But no one else can do it.

Wymer: Well, yeah. So help us out.

(Upon talking to Wymer again.)
Wymer: I've been hearing reports of howling from deep underground.

(Upon talking to the Neighborhood Watch Member in the S7-6 Service Tunnel.)
Neighborhood Watch Member: We've been getting tremors ever since last night. Roads are collapsing, and sinkholes are opening up all over.

(On approach to the Type-0 Behemoth.)

  • You hear growling from afar.
  • You hear growling closer than before.
  • You hear growling from behind the door.

(Upon defeating the Type-0 Behemoth.)
Barret: Yeah! That's how it's done.

(Upon talking to Wymer.)
Wymer: You took care of those monsters? Oh, thank you! That's one less big problem to worry about. We owe you.

Barret: I know it's tough right now, but stay strong, y'hear?

Wymer: You too, buddy. But hey, we're grounders. We don't break easy. I know it's not much, but take this, with my thanks.

Johnny's Stolen Wallet[]

(Upon talking to Johnny after finishing "Tomboy Bandit".)
Johnny: My wallet! My precious wallet! You really did it, bro! I knew I could count on you.

Cloud: For the last time, don't call me that.

Johnny: Thank you. Now I can get outta town.

Tifa: You're leaving?

Johnny: Hush, Tifa. Don't try to stop me. I'm a wanted man in these parts. If I stayed I'd be a danger to you too.

Tifa: Uh, okay...

Johnny: But if you begged me to stay, I could reconsider throwing everything away—

Tifa: Good luck out there, Johnny.

Johnny: Oh, er...okay.

Tifa: You'll be fine wherever. You're Johnny—don't forget!

Johnny: Uh, yeah...hell yeah, I am! I'm your Johnny, Tifa. And nothing's gonna bring me down! Bro, Tifa, keep on shinin'. Johnny out!

Through the Underground Waterway[]

On-screen: Sewer System

Barret: You are gonna hold up your end of the bargain, right?

Leslie: Long as you hold up yours—yeah.

Barret: I don't trust you, and I don't like you. So if you so much as breathe in a suspicious way...I'll turn that face of yours into a honeycomb.

Leslie: I'd save your bullets for the monsters if I were you. Some are a lot tougher than you'd think. Hate to say it, but I can barely take 'em on my own. You, on the other, shouldn't have any trouble, am I right?

Cloud: Let's get this over with.

(Upon reaching Leslie.)
Leslie: Head for the trunk line—it marks the border with Sector 7. You three lead the way. I'll follow a short distance behind.

(Upon reaching the hallway at the Settling Basin Corridor.)
Barret: The mark of Avalanche. Right. Jessie and Biggs stashed a skeleton key down here.

Tifa: I never got the chance to thank them for what they did.

Cloud: Tifa...

Tifa: Let's just keep moving, okay?

Leslie: Hate to interrupt, but the trunk line's just through that door. The one over there.

Barret: Yeah, we heard you.

The Hideout[]

(Upon reaching the Sector 7-6 Main Aqueduct.)
Barret: Made it. 'Bout time.

Leslie: This way. There should be a door with Corneo's mark on it around here somewhere.

(Upon reaching Leslie.)
Tifa: Hey...wasn't this locked before?

Leslie: Your time to shine. Clear the path ahead, would you?

Barret: Yeah, yeah...

Tifa: Can I ask you something? Why did you help us out before? You could've lost everything.

Leslie: Andrea. He told me to.

Tifa: That really it?

Leslie: And I couldn't bring myself to let it happen again...

Tifa: Huh?

Leslie: It doesn't matter. Let's go.

(Upon opening the door to the Sector 6 Restricted Area.)
Leslie: Wait. We're getting close to Corneo's hideout. From here on, I'll take the lead.

Recovering the Key[]

(Upon reaching Leslie.)
Barret: This it?

Leslie: Yeah.

Cloud: So how we supposed to get topside?

Leslie: Through here.

Cloud: Then you're telling me we're not done?

Leslie: Sorry guys, but it's not that simple—

Leslie: No... Wait! We gotta catch him!

Tifa: Huh?

Leslie: He took the key to the door! Without it, we're screwed!

Cloud: Let's go.

(Upon reaching Barret.)
Barret: Bastard went that way!

Leslie: Shit! Don't lose him!

(Upon encountering Sahagins.)
Leslie: Deal with 'em!

(After defeating them.)
Barret: Where in the hell did that thing run off to?

Leslie: Up. As if this wasn't enough fun already.

(After climbing the ladder.)
On-screen: Sewer System - Old Line

Leslie: The area up ahead—it's that thing's den. Keep your eyes peeled. You never know when its friends're gonna pop up, or where.

(After chasing it further.)
Barret: We ain't got time to play hide-and-seek, ya little shit!

(When the Mischievous Shoat reaches a dead end.)
Barret: (chuckles) Gotcha now! So, gonna make us work for it, are ya! I'm not gonna hurt ya, little fella. So just stay st—

(After chasing the Mischievous Shoat to the aqueduct.)
Cloud: Take the right.

Tifa: I'm on it.

Barret: Your days are numbered, ratboy!

(Upon approaching the Mischievous Shoat.)
Tifa: He's so slippery!

Cloud: Just like his owner.

Leslie: Give it back!

(After defeating the Mischievous Shoat.)
Leslie: Give it back.

Tifa: That's...

Leslie: Give it back.

Barret: That's not a key.

Leslie: Sorry.

Barret: That's not your pendant either. Were they family?

Leslie: No...

Leslie's Fiancée (flashback): It was all just a dream, wasn't it... But one day... No. Time to wake up. And forget.

Leslie: Six months ago... On that day Corneo picked her as a bride. And on the next she vanished without a trace. But before she did, she gave it back. Salt on the wound. Thing cost me a small fortune.

Tifa: Why did you wanna come down here?

Leslie: Revenge. I know I need to let go, but I can't. I need closure, 'cause without it...I'll never be able to move on.

Cloud: It's fine. As long as you get us topside, we're still in.

Leslie: Thanks. And don't worry, I got you.

Barret: You all right.

Fateful Decisions[]

Leslie: I know a shortcut. Follow me.

(While following Leslie.)
Barret: That twisted piece of shit. I'm gonna enjoy beatin' him to a pulp.

Leslie: Corneo's mine, and mine alone.

Barret: Huh?

Leslie: Please.

Cloud: Fine.

(Upon reaching Leslie.)
Leslie: Wait outside.

Barret: Think the kid's gonna be okay goin' it alone?

(Upon opening the door to follow Leslie.)
Leslie: It's Leslie! Got some urgent info for hte don!

Don Corneo: Oho? Come alone?

Leslie: 'Course.

Don Corneo: Really? Without my little Avalanche kittens? I thought I told you to round them up and bring them to me.

Leslie:'s them I came to talk about.

Don Corneo: Leslie. I don't think I need to remind you why I'm down here. Spilling the beans to those three escape artists was a serious mistake. And now I'm on Shinra's shitlist! The plate stunt was meant to be an unprecedented tragedy claiming countless innocent lives... But those naughty little kittens organized an evacuation and screwed up the plan.

Don Corneo: I'll let you in on a secret. Shinra's going to abandon Midgar...and build something close to paradise. I was invited to be a part of it—don of a new and improved Wall Market. I'll be lucky to live another week. Leslie... I was gonna let you run your own place—give you a piece of the action. What a shame.

Don Corneo: Pop quiz time, kiddo! Villains like us only divulge our evil a certain situation. But what is that situation, hm?

Leslie: When you've already won.

Don Corneo: Goodbye.

Cloud: Think again, Don.

Don Corneo: Oho! It's you!

Barret: You were talking 'bout the Sector 7 plan. Keep talking, asshole.

Don Corneo: Ahh! Over there! Over there, look!

Barret: Don't try to bullshit us!

Don Corneo: But that's the thing! It's not technically bullshit when it's true.

Don Corneo: Good Abzu! Feel free to play with your food! Don out...

Barret: Bastard...

Cloud: First him, then Cornei.

For the Reunion[]

(Upon reaching Leslie.)
Cloud: You okay?

Leslie: Where's Corneo?

Barret: Sorry. Bastard got away.

Leslie: It's fine. I'll track him down eventually. Not like I have anything better to do.

Tifa: You know, I wouldn't be so sure about that. She could still be out there.

Barret: Can never be sure how much someone means to ya till they're gone. Don't give up on her yet.

Leslie: Was it a message? What was she trying to tell me?

Tifa: "We'll meet again."

Leslie: Huh?

Tifa: It's a symbol of "reunion."

Leslie: Then I guess I've got no choice but to find her first. Thanks.

Barret: Hold up. I think ya might be forgetting something.

Leslie: I haven't. Found it. Let's get outta here. And then I'll give you what you need.

(Upon interacting with the ladder.)
On-screen: Head back up?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", leave the Sewer System.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

Over the Wall[]

Barret: Ahh! Taste that sweet Midgar smog!

Leslie: This way.

Leslie: Grappling guns. You can practically fly with the souped-up motors on these babies. Sector 7 is on the other side of that wall. The guns will get you over and past it, along with any number of other obstacles. But—they're one-way tickets. So once you start up, there's no coming back. You should probably get your affairs in order. Just in case.

Tifa: Thank you.

Barret: Didn't tell you before, but we're looking for someone too.

Leslie: That right? Hope you find 'em.

Cloud: You too.

Barret: Let's go.

(Upon interacting with the wall.)
Barret: Ready to do this? Once we start up that wall, we won't be comin' back here any time soon.

On-screen: Climb over the wall?

  • (Upon selecting "No".)
    Barret: We won't be comin' back here anytime soon. Best handle any unfinished business now, okay?
    • (Upon approaching again.)
      Barret: Hope you're ready now. No coming back, remember? Last chance to change your mind.
      (Options repeat.)
  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    Barret: So...when this is over, you gonna go on being a merc?
    Cloud: That's the plan.
    Barret: Reckon it suits you.
    Tifa: Yeah, it does.
    Barret: Used to think you were a little shit with a big attitude and a bigger inferiority complex. Quite possibly the worst person I have ever met. But that was before I figured you out. All this? It ain't you.
    Tifa: Deep down, you're a pretty nice guy. Didn't see it when we were kids, but...
    Cloud: Don't know about any of that, but kindness is no use on the battlefield. If anything, it's a liability.
    Barret: Hey, no one's asking you to treat Shinra with kid gloves.
    Tifa: Aerith's up there waiting for us.
    Barret: Then we better get a move on, huh?
    Cloud: Ready?

Chapter 15: The Day Midgar Stood Still[]

A Broken World[]

Barret: Two goals! Goal one! Kick some Shinra ass and save the planet! Goal two! Save the girl—while kicking more Shinra ass—and get out!

Cloud: Copy.

On-screen: Collapsed Sector 7 Plate

(While following Barret.)
Barret: Gotta be careful. No tellin' what's gonna collapse or when.

Barret: See what I mean?

(Upon approaching the Neighborhood Watch Member.)
Neighborhood Watch Member: Hey, you guys might wanna turn around.

Tifa: A friend of ours needs help.

Neighborhood Watch Member: It's too dangerous.

Cloud: For you, maybe.

(Upon talking to him again.)
Neighborhood Watch Member: Do what you gotta...

The Climb[]

(When the camera pans up to a skyscraper by the plate.)
Tifa: So that's where we have to climb?

Barret: If it comes apart while we're up there...(imitates falling and splatting)

Cloud: We've made it through worse, you know.

Barret: Yeah, no kidding. It's a miracle we haven't been killed a dozen times over by now.

(After crawling through the fallen metal pillar.)
Barret: It's a dead end.

Tifa: Wonder if this rope belongs to search and rescue.

Barret: Think we might be able to climb up here.

(Upon approaching the gap across.)
Tifa: Time for the grappling guns. Try to aim for that part of the rope that's hanging there.

Barret: Don't screw up and fall. By the way, how well you do with this grappling gun will tell us a whole lot about you.

Tifa: (chuckles) Just remember, we can't come back down. Are you ready?

Barret: I think I see a rope hanging off the top there.

(After using the grappling gun.)
Barret: Too easy. This keeps up, I'm gonna get bored.

Cloud: Kill team.

Barret: We can take 'em.

Cloud: We need to stay on mission.

Barret: I know. Saving Aerith is our top priority.

Hiding in Plain Sight[]

(Upon encountering the first group of 3-C SOLDIER Operators.)
3-C SOLDIER: You... You're Avalanche!

(After defeating them.)

  • Hey, what's your status?
  • I said respond!
  • Respond!

(Upon picking up the radio.)
Radio: Hunter 2-2! Respond, dammit!

Cloud: This is Hunter 2-2. Just had to put down a few monsters. Over.

Radio: Roger. Friggin' Avalanche making us put in OT... Probably cowering in the dark somewhere. If you find the shitheads, make 'em suffer. 2-3 out.

Barret: Listen up! We ain't runnin' and we ain't hidin'! Y'all don't know the meaning of sufferin'! But you will!

Cloud: Call was over.

(After the camera pans over to the Valkyrie .)
Barret: Not this guy again!

Tifa: Come on! We need to get inside!

(Upon reaching the rope.)
Barret: Why don't we use our grappling guns to get up there? Jump over all this shit.

Cloud: Not much choice.

(After using the grappling gun.)
Security Officer (1): What the—!?

Security Officer (2): It's them! Avalanche!

Security Officer (1): 2-3, this is 1-4—we have contact!

Barret: I guess everybody and their mothers knows we're here now.

Security Officer (1): Goddamn traitors!

Security Officer (2): Take 'em down!

(After defeating the first wave of enemies.)
Security Officer (3): There they are!

Security Officer (4): Stop 'em!

(After defeating the second wave of enemies.)
Security Officer (5): They're over here!

Security Officer (6): Surround 'em!

(After defeating all enemies.)
Tifa: They'll be coming for us now.

Barret: Well, to hell with being subtle!

The Path to Greater Heights[]

Tifa: What do you think? Can we climb it?

Barret: Sure—with a grappling gun.

Tifa: I just hope that this time it holds.

(Upon reaching the rope in the crumbling building.)
Barret: I think I see a rope hanging off the top there.

(Upon climbing the ladder up the Industrial Tank.)
Barret: Dammit. If any of this crumbles, we're all going down.

(Upon reaching the top of the Industrial Tank.)
Tifa: No...

Barret: Don't you ever forget this view.

(Upon crawling through the rubble on the Collapsed Highway.)
Barret: Just thinkin' about bustin' into Shinra HQ's got me fired up!

Cloud: Save some for later.

Barret: No need, son. I've got more than enough to keep me goin' for days.

(Upon walking across the thin pillar.)
Barret: Don't look down. You can do this. Don't look down. Just keep going. Don't look down. Don't look down!

Flight of the Valkyrie[]

Cloud: Hide!

Barret: That son of a bitch is back!? I thought we lost him!

Barret: Dammit! Looks like there's only one way to go.

Cloud: We were headed that way anyway.

(Upon encountering the Blast-Ray.)
Barret: You want some of this? Then come get it!

To the Top of the Plate[]

(Upon reaching the top of the Industrial Tank Utility Access.)
Tifa: Cloud...

Barret: I guess...we'll build another bar.

Tifa: Yeah. We will.

Tifa: You'll help too, won't you?

Cloud: For a price.

(Upon using the grappling gun to encounter the Valkyrie.)
Cloud: Run!

(While running from it.)
Barret: Run, dammit, run! Move your ass!

Barret: Shit! Look out!

(Upon engaging it in battle.)
Barret: Was gettin' tired of playing tag anyway!

Cloud: C'mon!

(After the Valkyrie falls to 80% HP.)
Cloud: You okay!?

Tifa: Cloud!

Cloud: Grab on!

Barret: That was close!

Cloud: It's not done with us yet.

Barret: Yeah, I hear ya. Let's blow the bitch outta the sky!

(After the Valkyrie falls to 50% HP.)
Barret: What the hell!?

(When the Valkyrie's Mark 99 Anti-fiend Artillery attack connects.)
Barret: Oh you gotta be shittin' me.

Cloud: Don't get caught in the open.

(Upon defeating the Valkyrie.)
Barret: (chuckles) We win again. Not that there was ever any doubt! (chuckles)

Barret: Now what?

Cloud: Shit!

Cloud: Tifa!

Tifa: Barret!

Barret: There's such a thing as too much excitement.

Tifa: Yeah. And there's still more to come.

Barret: Guess so.

Cloud: Hope everybody's warmed up.

Chapter 16: The Belly of the Beast[]


Security Officer: That's good.

Barret: Rolled out the welcome wagon.

Tifa: Gotta say, I can't help but wonder if this is a lost cause.

Barret: Well, ya know, some lose causes are worth fighting for.

Cloud: Let's just think this through.

Barret: So. I got an idea. Frontal assault, guns blazing. Make for a good story.

Cloud: Why'd we bring you along again?

Cloud: Rear entrance. We'll get inside via the parking garage.

On-screen: Shinra Building

(While following Barret and Tifa.)
Tifa: Security's looking pretty tight.

Barret: Ha! So they know what they're up against.

Cloud: Somehow I don't think it's all for us. Could be for Avalanche. Or maybe even Wutai.

Barret: Can't be for Wutai. What about the cease-fire?

Cloud: That only put the war on pause.

Barret: Either way, I'm gonna put the fear of Avalanche in 'em! Their days of sittin' smug in this glass tower are over!

Cloud: We're here to rescue Aerith, remember? We don't need much more attention than what we're gonna get. We need to be smart.

Barret: Yeah, I hear ya! But my soul's screaming for payback, you know? I'm a tickin' time bomb, and sooner or later, I'mma have to blow up!

Cloud: Well, then make it later.

(Upon reaching the bridge.)
Tifa: That one there—that's a Shinra truck, isn't it?

Cloud: C'mon.

Bust Out of the Garage[]

On-screen: Shinra Building - Underground Parking Garage

Security Officer (1): How's it looking out there?

Security Officer (2): Anything?

Security Officer (1): Nah.

Security Officer (2): All clear!

Security Officer (1): Roger. Okay, head on in!

Barret: So far, so good. (screams)

Security Officer (1): Where'd you come from!?

(Upon running further in.)
Security Officer (1): Hey, what's going on!?

Security Officer (2): Halt! Show me your hands!

Barret: Ha! Bring it on!

Cloud: The idea was to not get noticed.

Barret: Stealth ain't my style.

Cloud: You never planned to be stealthy in the first place.

Barret: Don't remember. Maybe, maybe not.

(After defeating the first wave of enemies.)
Barret: It's feelin' like a proper party now!

Cloud: (sighs) Let's keep moving. Should be a service entrance in the back.

(Upon approaching Gate-01.)
Security Officer (1): What's the situation?

Security Officer (2): Can't get in contact with HQ.

Security Officer (1): Did they do this?

Security Officer (2): No idea.

(Upon entering the gate.)
Security Officer: What the—!?

(Upon defeating the Elite Security Officers at the gate.)
SOLDIER: Intruders! Get 'em!

(Upon engaging the enemies in the warehouse.)
Security Officer: Huh!? Who's that!?

(After defeating the first group in the warehouse.)
Security Officer: Get them!

(Upon engaging the final group of enemies.)
Security Officer: That's far enough!

(Upon defeating all enemies.)
Barret: That's that.

Tifa: Sure hope no one else knows we're here.

Cloud: Come on. We need to move.

Shinra Building Intel[]

On-screen: Shinra Building - Entrance

Barret: Nobody's home.

Cloud: Yeah.

Tifa: Do you have any idea where they might be holding Aerith?

Cloud: I'm thinking a research facility. That'd make the most sense.

Barret: And where is that?

Cloud: Upper floors...maybe near the top... That's where you are.

Barret: Maybe!?

Tifa: Maybe we can use the console at the reception desk to find out.

(After the scene ends.)
Tifa: This building's incredible.

Barret: Hah! A shining monument to corporate greed. One of these days I'm gonna tear it down and burn the rubble.

Cloud: But not today.

Barret: Yeah, yeah.

(Upon approaching Tifa by the reception desk.)
Tifa: I don't know about you, but I don't think we should try touching it.

Barret: Shit. Making life hard.

Cloud: Let's just keep heading up.

(Upon using the lobby stairs.)
Barret So, how do we get upstairs?

Cloud: Either the elevator or the emergency stairwell.

Barret: Isn't the lab we're looking for on one of the top floors? I vote we take the elevator.

Acquiring the Keycard[]

Barret: No getting upstairs without a keycard, huh?

Tifa: Think we're gonna need a few before this is over.

Cloud: Pretty sure I saw one lying around.

Barret: The reception desk!

Cloud: Yeah, but how to get in?

Tifa: Go up and over, maybe?

Tifa: Look. Pretty sure we could reach it if we hop across those lights.

Barret: I don't know...

Tifa: I think I'll give it a shot. As the lightest one here, I figure I've got the best chance. You two can sit back and watch.

(After the scene ends.)
Tifa: Okay, guys. Wish me luck.

Barret: You be careful.

Tifa: Aren't I always?

(After falling from the lamp.)
Cloud: Tifa!

Barret: Oh shit! Tifa!

Cloud: Are you okay!?

Tifa: I thought I was dead for sure!

(Upon reaching the first monkey bars on the main path.)
Tifa: Hand over hand, huh? That's fine, bring it on.

(Upon reaching the third pillar.)
Tifa: This isn't so bad. Pretty close now. Just need to make it over there.

(Upon using the ladder on the fourth pillar.)
Tifa: Almost there. Just need to get across those platforms.

(Upon reaching the reception desk.)
Barret: That's some fine work.

Tifa: Ah! I might be able to disable security from here.

Tifa: Huh?

Barret: Ha! Hot damn, girl.

Tifa: But I didn't do anything...

Barret: Shit, I'll take it. So you can use that to look up what floor the research facility's on?

Tifa: I think so. Gimme a sec.

Tifa: Bingo. Professor Hojo's lab. 65th floor, looks like.

Tifa: Huh. Guess we can only get to the 59th floor via the elevators or stairs. To access any level above that. we need to check in at the Skyview Hall reception.

Cloud: 59th floor it is, then.

Barret: Right.

Use the Elevator[]

(Upon using the elevator.)
Elevator: Going up. Doors closing.

Barret: So what can we expect further up?

Cloud: More security and restrictions. It's not gonna get any easier.

Barret: Huh?

Elevator: 10th floor. Doors opening.

On-screen: 10th Floor - Administration

(Upon using the elevator again.)
Barret: Wasn't expectin' that.

Tifa: Think anyone knows we're here?

Cloud: Nah, we took 'em down quick.

Elevator: Going up. Doors closing.

Tifa: Wonder if it'll stop again.

Barret: People oughta try using the damn stairs sometime!

Cloud: If it happens again, we'll deal with it like before. We got this.

Barret: Well that didn't take long, did it?

Elevator: 20th floor. Doors opening.

On-screen: 20th Floor - Research and Development

(Upon using the elevator again.)
Elevator: Going up. Doors closing.

Barret: Straight on up to the top now. C'mon.

Tifa: We just keep getting waylaid, don't we?

Cloud: If you wanna take the stairs...

Barret: Now that you mention it... No.

Elevator: 30th floor. Doors opening.

Cloud: Heads up. Could be trouble.

On-screen: 30th Floor - Urban Planning

Elevator: Going up. Doors closing.

Tifa: Right. Normal people work here too.

Barret: She probably called for help.

Elevator: 40th floor.

Barret: Who's it gonna be next?

Elevator: Doors opening.

On-screen: 40th Floor - Space and Aeronautics

Shinra Employee: Yeah... Yeah, we're safe here. What about you, Mom? You okay? Good. That's a relief... ...What? Oh, they gotta be kidding!

Elevator: Going up. Doors closing.

Shinra Employee: ...No, we haven't heard anything new yet. But they told us that Avalanche could attack again at any time. Just get somewhere safe, okay? Yeah. About that...

On-screen: 45th Floor - Advanced Weaponry

Elevator: Going up. Doors closing.

Tifa: A whole lotta mormal people with families and friends work for Shinra. People just trying to support their loved ones as best they can. I know it's not exactly a revelation, but... It's easy to forget.

Barret: A good man who serves a great evil is not without sin. He must recognize and accept his complicity. He must open his eyes to the truth—that his corporate masters are profiting from the planet's pain. Only then can he redeem himself. I know you know this.

Tifa: I do.

Cloud: Tifa. We need to focus on saving Aerith.

Tifa: I know. I will.

Elevator: 59th floor. Doors opening.

Use the Emergency Stairwell[]

(Upon entering the stairwell.)
Barret: You have got to be shittin' me.

Cloud: Nope. We're a lot less likely to get caught this way.

Barret: But a lot more likely to die of boredom.

Cloud: It's only fifty-nine floors.

Tifa: Nothing to it.

Barret: Well, at least it ain't a race. Small blessing.

(Upon using the stairs from 4F.)
Tifa: Wonder what it's like up there.

Cloud: More security and restrictions. It's not gonna get any easier.

Barret: We're gonna be exhausted by the time we finally get to the top.

Cloud: Long as you pace yourself, you'll be fine.

Barret: Maybe we should take a quick break.

Tifa: C'mon, Barret.

(Upon reaching 10F.)
On-screen: 10th Floor - Administration

Barret: You can stop if you want. Can even say it's for me.

Cloud: Just say you can't hack it.

Barret: I'll hack you, jackass!

Tifa: That's enough from both of you. Stupid arguments aren't going to get us there faster.

Cloud: But Tifa, I wasn't—

Tifa: Not now. Save it for the top!

(Upon passing 17F.)
Barret: Guess these labs...and shit...are all the way at the very top?

Cloud: Yep. The very top.

Barret: That's...good to know...

(Upon reaching 20F.)
On-screen: 20th Floor - Research and Development

Tifa: Cloud! Keep an eye on Barret!

Cloud: Copy.

Tifa: What was that? I don't think I heard you. Speak up!

Cloud: I'll keep an eye on Barret!

Barret: Thanks for the assist.

Cloud: Whatever.

(Upon reaching 24F.)
Barret: I said...wait up!

(Upon reaching 29F.)
Tifa: Hey, guys! Where are you!?

Barret: Hey! Just a few floors behind you!

Tifa: Oh? You're sounding better!

Barret: Think I've got, like, a stairclimber's high!

Tifa: Glad to hear it!

(Upon reaching 30F.)
On-screen: 30th Floor - Urban Planning

(Upon reaching Tifa near 34F.)
Cloud: You tired?

Tifa: I was. But I'm feeling okay now.

Barret: Hahhh... Hahhh... Hahhh... Then what're we waitin' for!? Let's roll!

Tifa: You really are doing better!

Barret: Hahhh... We...we gotta keep movin' (laughs) keep movin'! Hahhh...

Tifa: Hard to argue with that. Let's go.

(Upon reaching 40F.)
On-screen: 4oth Floor - Space and Aeronautics

(Upon passing 41F.)
Barret: But tell me, these stairs...are these stairs ever gonna end!?

Tifa: I dunno! Ask the stairs!

Cloud: I don't think the stairs are talking.

Barret: Well, duh. I mean...duh.

Cloud: I was joking.

Tifa: That's enough from both of you.

(Upon passing 47F.)
Barret: Worst route ever. Gimme a suicidal last stand. At least— At least—at least that'd have an end!

Cloud: Let's shut up.

Tifa: Yes, let's.

Barret: Why?

Tifa: Because wishing for trouble might bring it.

Cloud: Yup. And you're in no state to fight anyway.

Barret: So...what should I do?

Cloud: Shut up and move.

(Upon reaching 50F.)
On-screen: 50th Floor - Public Security

(Upon reaching 55F.)
Barret: This sucks! I wanna go back!

Tifa: You wanna go down all those stairs you just climbed?

(Upon passing 57F.)
Barret: Another day, another struggle... Climbing stairs is so much trouble.

(Upon reaching 59F.)
Barret: Cloud, slow down!

Tifa: ...The end.

Barret: Made it.

Cloud: The real challenge starts now. Okay. Let's go.

Reach for the Skyview Hall[]

(After using the elevator or stairwell to reach floor 59.)
On-screen: B13 - Materia Research Facility

Researcher (1): Seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred percent, one hundred ten... Mako supersaturation confirmed.

Researcher (2): Engaging materia cooling to reduce temperature.

Subordinate: Madam Director. You have a meeting shortly.

Scarlet: Stop. Your timing is impeccably atrocious.

Researcher (1): Mako density and materia integrity are both holding steady.

Researcher (2): Registering mass increase in core materia!

Scarlet: Now... Show me something truly exquisite!

Researcher (2): Contaminants registered!

Scarlet: We're leaving.

Researcher (2): Materia growth accelerating—outpacing models! Registering crystallization within the reserve tanks!

Researcher (1): The reaction is out of control! We have to stop it quickly—

Scarlet: Clean up the mess, would you?

Subordinate: Ma'am.

On-screen: 59th Floor - Skyview Hall

Barret: So this is the Skyview Hall, huh? Bet this place cost a fortune and then some.

Cloud: Let's look for reception.

(Upon passing the Skyview Lounge window.)
Barret: Hey! Check it out.

Tifa: Come take a look, Cloud.

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Barret: Damn fools.

Tifa: Hm?

Barret: Ones who come here at night to "take in the view." So pretty and marvelous and beautiful! But every little light burning bright runs off her blood. And bit by bit they bleed her, never stoppin' to think how it'll end for them.

Tifa: Yeah.

Barret: Terrible, but beautiful all the same.

(Upon entering the elevator.)
On-screen: Go to 3F (Elevator Hall)?

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Elevator: Going down. Doors closing.

Playing the Tourist[]

(Upon interacting with the reception desk.)
Receptionist: You must be here for our grand tour. Visitors have access to floors 60, 61, 62, as well as floor 63. You will proceed in that order. By the exit to each floor, you will find a device that will allow you to update the keycard in your possession...thereby allowing you to access the next floor. And now begins your grand tour. Please enjoy the Shinra experience!

Barret: Why's this whole thing gotta be such a big pain in the ass?

Tifa: I don't know about you, but this is kinda weird.

Cloud: You think everything's going too well?

Tifa: Yeah, I do. Think this is a trap?

Barret: Ha! If it is, then bring it on. Let's get this party started!

(Upon opening the door to the Elevator Hall with the keycard.)
Barret: Man, why we gotta get all these damn keycards just to get anywhere?

Cloud: This is Shinra HQ. The hell did you expect?

Barret: Says the former company man himself. Guess you'd know about all the rules, regulations, and red tape—it's like coming home, huh?

(Upon taking the escalator to floor 60.)
On-screen: 63rd Floor - Urban Planning Administration

Reeve: Yes. Every reactor, every pillar. Like I said...a full inspection. There's no telling what kind of damage there might be. If you see anything—anything out of the ordinary, I want to know.

Administrative Assistant: Sorry to bother you, sir...

Reeve: No, it's fine.

Administrative Assistant: I've brought the damage assessment for Sector 7 you requested. Sir...perhaps you should try and get some sleep.

Reeve: No, not yet. I need to finish preparing my draft of the reconstruction plan before tonight's board meeting. Whatever reasons they might've had, destroying an entire sector is... ...It's beyond the pale.

Administrative Assistant: Director... I would strongly advise you not to say such things outside this room.

Reeve: Don't I know it...

On-screen: 60th Floor - Memorial Museum

(Upon entering the Memorial Museum.)
On-screen: President Shinra Exhibit

Guide: Welcome to the Shinra Building, our humble home!

Barret: Oh, hell no.

Guide: Here in the Memorial can learn all about our well as the various divisions that make up the company...and of course, the city of Midgar and the miracle of mako energy. Whatever takes your fancy, you're sure to learn something new!

Barret: Yeah, yeah. Shut up.

(Upon walking further in.)
Tifa: I think I just threw up a little.

Barret: Man thinks very highly of himself.

(Upon entering the hallway to the next room.)
Guide: Hey, everybody! How's the grand tour? I hope you're all enjoying yourselves! Wasn't it fun to learn about Shinra and our esteemed president? And to get a peek at the president's mementos—that was super cool!

Guide: Now, moving along! The next exhibit will teach you about the important work we do giving you a closer look at each of our divisions! I hope you're ready to be amazed, because you simply won't believe all the exciting adventures we have here!

(Upon entering the next room.)
On-screen: Business Division Exhibit

Tifa: These all look so familiar.

Barret: 'Cause we've destroyed a bunch of 'em already.

(Upon interacting with the Scarlet hologram.)
Guide: The Advanced Weaponry exhibit is currently undergoing maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.

(Upon interacting with the Palmer hologram.)
Palmer: What, what? Read this? This paper right here? Give me a moment... "Welcome to the Shinra Building. The Space and Aeronautics Division has taken rocket systems developed for military applications and adapted them to a different purpose: the search for new precious resources in the infinite reaches of space." That being said...since we have plenty of mako at the present, those plans are currently on hold. It's a...bit of a shame, really.

(Upon interacting with the Hojo hologram.)
Hojo: (sighs) Uh, welcome to Shinra headquarters. My duties as director of Research and Development are, in all likelihood, far beyond your ability to comprehend. So, there will be no presentation, as it would be a waste of my time and yours. But rest assured, we are making great strides. Albeit not at this particular moment, because I'm filming this rubbish instead. I believe I've wasted enough of my precious time as it is. Science waits for no one, after all. So—good day.

(Upon interacting with the Heidegger hologram.)
Guide: The Public Security exhibit is currently undergoing maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.

(Upon interacting with the Reeve hologram.)
Reeve: Welcome to the Shinra Building. Our mission here at Urban Planning is to supply the residents of Midgar with energy created from mako. We also take pride in maintaining public infrastructure—the pillars and railways that run all throughout the city. Currently, we are working to construct an intra-plate expressway. When this project has been completed, it will provide much easier access to numerous locations all across Midgar. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

(Upon entering the following hallway.)
Guide: Impressive, wasn't it? I hope you enjoyed learning about our divisions...and the wonderful ideas and solutions that are produced to benefit us all! Here at Shinra, we strive to ensure the safety of all residents around the clock!

Guide: Now, moving along! The next exhibit will teach you all about the miracle of mako energy and our well as the city of Midgar itself! So come on!

(Upon entering the next room.)
On-screen: Mako Energy Exhibit

Guide: This is Midgar—our home—recreated in 1/10000 scale. As you can see here...the eight mako reactors form a ring around the center of our city...and keep Midgar running day and night. The mako which flows beneath our feet is a truly limitless resource. At Shinra, we have developed technologies to extract it...and transform it into the fuel and electricity that powers everything we do. Thanks to the miracle of mako energy, our lives are richer and better than ever before. Mako keeps our lights on at night, and made Midgar into the city that never sleeps. A triumph of technology and testament to man's potential.

Barret: Nothin' but a buncha lies!

Cloud: Except that mako has made people's lives better.

Barret: It's made people blind. Blind to the cold hard truth. Even I used to buy into their bullshit. Rememberin' that...makes me even madder.

(Upon using the keycard to leave the room.)
Guide: Congratulations! You can call yourself a proud Shinra scholar! Now, moving along! Next you'll learn about our progress in advanced science and technology. Please proceed to the 61st floor, the Visual Entertainment Hall.

(Upon entering the following hallway.)
Guide: Welcome to the Visual Entertainment Hall, where we showcase Shinra's cutting-edge technology...through an immersive visual and audio experience. Please relax and enjoy the show!

(Upon reaching floor 61.)
On-screen: 61st Floor - Visual Entertainment Hall

(Upon attempting to use the keycard to leave.)
Guide: Please stay, and enjoy the show!

(Upon entering the Cosmos Theater.)
Barret: This place is empty.

Barret: The hell—!?

Guide: In the distant past, our planet was home to a people we call the Ancients. Many millennia before we discovered mako, these precursors were already pioneering its use. Somehow they learned of the great reservoir of energy pulsing beneath their feet. And once they had...the Ancients developed the means to harness this bountiful energy and bend it to their will. The fruits of their labors have survived to this very day in the form of certain kinds of materia. Their scripture, too, has endured: "We who are born of the planet, with her we speak. Her flesh we shape." "Unto her promised land shall we one day return. By her loving grace and providence may we take our place in paradise."

Guide: Alas, the Ancients themselves are long gone. Two thousand years ago, a meteor brought an end to their civilization. But before their fiery end, did the Ancients find their promised land? Even now, we have only to wonder. Times have changed—and the Shinra Electric Power Company is committed to changing and evolving with them. Like the Ancients, we have harnessed the power of mako.

Guide: Are they out there, watching us? Waiting for us to join them in some blessed corner of the world—a green and verdant land, where boundless mako energy will provide for our every need? Shinra is working for you, to fulfill the hope of the Ancients and lead us to that promised land. We shall not rest until our dream is realized.

Barret: That it?

Cloud: No!

Cloud: Sephiroth...

On-screen: 69th Floor - Executive Suite

Palmer: Oh dear, oh dear... A man of my refined tastes running out of butter! Shorn of its proper accompaniment, this tea...might as well be boiled pond water!

Palmer: No, it couldn't possibly have been...

Barret: Crazy-ass thing made me wanna puke. And not just 'cause of the presentation, but the content too. Oughta come with a warning! That ain't for kids!

Cloud: That wasn't just a movie.

Tifa: That huge meteor... What was that about?

Barret: Like I said—nothing you should show a kid.

(Upon using the keycard to leave the Cosmos Theater.)
Guide: Congratulations! You can call yourself a proud Shinra expert! Your mission is to go out and tell everyone about the wonders of Shinra! Next, you'll be visiting the repository for Shinra's expertise and know-how. Please make your way to the 62nd floor, the Corporate Ar—

Barret: What the—!?

Hart: Greetings and welcome. Avalanche, I presume? My name is Hart, and it's a pleasure to meet you. I've come to escort you to Mayor Domino, per his request.

Barret: The mayor of Midgar? The empty suit that's just a mouthpiece for Shinra?

Hart: Yes. The mayor of our dear Midgar...the most magnificent city ever built. That Mayor Domino. The Visual Entertainment Hall has been experiencing technical difficulties of late...and he suspected that these difficulties might impede your progress.

Cloud: So what does the mayor want with us?

Hart: I'm afraid you will have to ask him that yourself.

Barret: Guess we're supposed to follow.

A Helping Hand[]

On-screen: 62nd Floor - Corporate Archives

Barret: Look at this place! So what—you telling me the mayor's some kind of crazy bookworm?

Hart: Through here.

Barret: If this is a trap, you're a dead man, y'hear?

(Upon talking to Hart.)
Hart: The mayor is waiting.

(Upon entering Domino's office.)
Barret: This can't be right.

Domino: Ah! Wonderful! You finally made it. I am the mayor of the great metropolis of mako. Domino, at your service. (chuckles) I must say, you three haven't exactly been discreet. I wonder who's been cleaning up all your messes.

Cloud: What the hell's going on?

Domino: Come on. Think about it. You've been caught by security several times...walked in front of every other camera...and scared an accountant half to death. Do you hear the alarm? No? You're weclome.

Domino: I can only assume your cell wasn't looped in. I am Avalanche's man on the inside.

Barret: Say what?

Domino: Is it really that surprising to you? You've seen where they've put me. The mayor of the greatest city in the whole wide world...tucked away in a secret broom closet in the damned archives! The nerve. Those stupid Shinra pricks thought I'd just shut up and accept their treatment, but they were wrong! Dead wrong!

Barret: Huh. Well, this oughta make things easier.

Tifa: We need to break into Professor Hojo's lab.

Domino: What? Why? You mean you're not here to give President Shinra his comeuppance?

Cloud: We're here to save a friend who was taken.

Barret: But the president's gonna get his too—if I have anything to say about it.

Domino: Well, I don't particularly care what you end up doing—so long as it hurts Shinra.

Barret: Great.

Domino: So. I can get you as far as the 64th floor.

Barret: Hold up. You telling me that that's the best you can do?

Domino: That is indeed the best that I can do.

Cloud: But you're the mayor.

Domino: "But you're the mayor"!? Does this look like the office of a mayor? I'm a glorified librarian—nothing more! They don't even invite me to their meetings! Sorting records and reports—that's all I do! My hands and fingers have more paper cuts than skin! No one knows my pain—my daily torment! They've made me a pathetic shell of a man.

Barret: Okay! They did you wrong, like us—but we'll make it right. So just calm down. Deep breaths, man. Deep breaths.

Domino: Hm. Let me see that keycard of yours.

Domino: Here you are. You can now use it to access the Recreational Facility on the 63rd floor.

Barret: And then what are we supposed to do?

Domino: You look for a fellow Avalanche collaborator. Identify yourselves and he'll give you a keycard to the 64th. The countersign is... "The mayor is the best!" "Midgar's mayor is nothing less!" "Everyone says he's cooler than the rest!"

Domino: Just say "mayor" to the guy, and if he goes "the best!" with gusto, then you've found your man. You got it?

(Upon talking to Domino again.)
Domino: If you think you've found the collaborator, say "mayor" and see if he says "the best!" You got it now?

(Upon talking to Hart.)
Hart: If you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

Cloud: So, can you tell us anything about this collaborator?

Hart: Certainly, I can do just that. But a man in my position must conduct his affairs with discretion. Which is to say that that which has been requested cannot be freely given...if you take my meaning.

Barret: You want money!

Hart: Disclosing confidential information entails considerable risk. Due compensation is to be expected. In this particular instance, that would amount to ten thousand gil.

Barret: Rip us off more, why don'tcha?

On-screen: Give 10,000 gil?

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Hart: The 64th floor is reserved for our executives. The individual you seek is fastidious and well-dressed. This individual likes to visit the 63rd floor to decompress from the stress of the job.

Barret: That really all you got for us?

Hart: Oh, are you dissatisfied with your purchase? How unfortunate. Perhaps this will help preserve our relationship.

Barret: Huh?

Hart: An expression of my gratitude and appreciation.

Barret: That's better.

(Upon talking to Hart again.)
Hart: If you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

(Upon leaving the office.)
Tifa: I still can't believe the mayor is working with Avalanche.

Barret: Would've been nice to know. Idiots at HQ shoulda kept us in the loop.

(Upon passing the robots in the archives, depending on the robot passed.)

  • Mayor. Very best.
  • Mako. Explosive.
  • Mayor. Very bad?
  • Mayor. Explosive.

(Upon traveling to floor 63.)
On-screen: 66th Floor - Hojo's Laboratory: Main Level

Hojo: So. About this precious promised land of yours... Come now, Aerith. You misunderstand my intenions. I wish only to satisfy their material greed so I can be left to pursue my great work. Our great work, my dear.

Hojo: Hmm. You're the spitting image of her now. I regret it to this day. If she had only trusted me instead of trying to run, it could have played out quite differently. What a terrible tragedy, to lose the last of the pure-blooded Ancients...though not completely. Would like to see your mother? Albeit, through the lens of one of my microscopes. Did you really think we'd leave such a precious specimen to rot in the gutter? We collected and catalogued every last bit of her. Hair, skin, organs, every fragment of every bone... As breathtaking in death as in life! As you, my dear! Ifalna was elegance, right down to her cellular structure. (chuckles) And there it is. That same elegance.

Hojo: Oh—yes. Time for yet another meeting. Sit tight. I won't be long.

Aerith: (gasps)

On-screen: 63rd Floor - Recreational Facility

Barret: Here's the 63rd floor, where loyal Shinra employees relax and recharge!

Tifa: It's pretty late, but I bet people are still here dealing with the aftermath of Sector 7.

Barret: It's their own damn fault.

Cloud: Stay focused. We need to find this guy.

Barret: Yeah, yeah. Guess I better get working on my conversation skills.

(Upon entering the Urban Planning Adminsitration hallway.)
Tifa: They look busy.

Cloud: A plate did just fall.

Tifa: Seeing them like this somehow makes me feel a little bit better.

Cloud: Let's find our contact.

Barret: Not seeing any security around. One less thing to worry about.

(Upon entering the Food Court.)
Barret: Where are you...mister collaborator...

Tifa: I think we just need to start talking to people who look the part.

Barret: Remember, say "mayor."

Tifa: If they say "the best," then we have a winner.

(Upon approaching the projector screen.)
Host: Today we welcome a special guest: Shinra's Director of Public Security...who has an important message to share with us.

Heidegger: Everyone here at Shinra is deeply saddened and outraged by this unconscionable act of terrorism. But at the same time, we will not be cowed by threats or violence. To the people of Midgar, I make this vow: we will find the villains responsible and bring them to justice. Are you listening, Avalanche—you cowardly dogs!? Run all you like. Shinra is coming.

(Upon reaching the Combat Simulator Lounge.)
Barret: The hell's that?

Cloud: Combat sim. You can use it to train for battle in a virtual space.

Barret: Does training in that thing really make you better?

(Upon talking to the Server at the cafeteria.)
Server: Hello there! So—what'll it be for you today?

Cloud: The mayor.

Server: Mayo? Sorry, we don't have any here.

(Upon talking to her again.)
Server: Come on, why don't you eat something hearty? It'll give you energy.

(Upon talking to the Shinra Employee on a table near the.)
Shinra Employee: Hm? Are you military? Cool, cool. I guess things have been keeping you pretty busy around here. Have you found the guys who did this yet?

Cloud: The mayor.

Shinra Employee: Huh? Uhh...what about the mayor?

Cloud: Never mind.

(Upon talking to the Shinra Employee on a phone close to the window.)
Shinra Employee: No, I'm gonna be here a while longer.

Cloud: The mayor.

Shinra Employee: Hey, shhh! I'm on the phone!

(Upon talking to the Shinra Employee holding his head on the table.)
Shinra Employee: Please, just leave me alone.

Cloud: The mayor.

(Upon attempting to talk to the man sitting on the bench.)
Cloud: The mayor.

(Upon talking to the employee on a table near the Shinra Combat Simulator.)
Shinra Employee: You're gonna train in the sim at a time like this?

Cloud: The mayor.

Shinra Employee: Hm? Are you looking for the mayor? He's not on this floor...

(Upon talking to the Shinra Employee on the right side of the Shinra Combat Simuatlor.)
Shinra Employee: You're military, right? Can you give me any tips for doing better in the sim?

Cloud: The mayor.

Shinra Employee: Mare? I need to be tough like a horse?

(Upon talking to the Server at the Item Shop.)
Server: Welcome. What would you like?

(Upon talking to the Collaborator, listed at first as Shinra Employee, in front of the Shinra Combat Simulator entrance.)
Collaborator: You work here? I don't recognize you. Can I help you with something?

Cloud: The mayor.

Collaborator: ...Is the best! I was told to expect you. Need access to upper floors, right?

Barret: That's right.

Collaborator: Before I trust you with this keycard, I need to see what you can actually do.

Barret: Say what?

Collaborator: Do you know what would happen if you got caught? We're putting our lives on the line here. Prove you're worth it. We have a state-of-the-art combat simulator. It can provide a real challenge, let me tell you. If you beat the sim, then the keycard is all yours.

(Upon talking to the Collaborator after beating the "Three-Person Team vs. Mayor Is Best" challenge.)
Collaborator: All right, I've seen enough. I'm a man of my word. Here. This keycard will grant you access to the 64th floor. You can use the elevator to get there. Once you're up there, just what is it you plan on doing?

Cloud: We came to get one of our friends. She's being held in a research lab somewhere.

Collaborator: A lab? Then she must be with Professor Hojo. It won't be easy to get to her. Access to R&D is limited to authorized personnel only.

Cloud: We'll find a way in. Know where we can find Hojo?

Collaborator: A board meeting is scheduled to start soon. It's being held in the main conference room. President Shinra, Professor Hojo, and the other directors will be in attendance.

Barret: Think they like surprises? We can even take the president as a hostage. Think of the leverage!

Collaborator: Try it, and security will be on your asses in seconds.

Cloud: We need to find out what they're planning.

Collaborator: So you want to spy on their meeting? Hmm, I have an idea. Head to the men's restroom. You can climb into the air ducts there. They go all the way to the conference room.

Cloud: Thanks for the tip.


(Upon talking to Chadley.)
Chadley: Cloud. I've been waiting for you. You haven't forgotten me, have you? I'm an intern in the R&D Division here. I took the liberty of hacking into the executives' private network to monitor your progress through the building. I will support you in any way that I can. I sense a surge in trust. We should keep this brief to avoid suspicion.

(Upon attempting to leave the floor.)
Security Officer: Cloud? You're Cloud, right? Holy shit! It's cool, bro. We went through training together. Damn! So you still alive and kicking, huh? Some of the guys heard you got smoked, but I told 'em it was all bullshit!

Security Officer: Hey, sit tight man—I'mma go get Kunsel. I'll be right back!

Barret: Old buddy?

Tifa: You okay?

Cloud: Yeah.

Tifa: But you were just—

Cloud: I'm good. Let's keep moving.

(Upon reaching the Escalator Hall.)
President Shinra: I trust the narrative is intact?

Heidegger: Rock solid. The people have embraced the Wutai-Avalanche conspiracy wholeheartedly. I've almost come to believe it myself.

President Shinra: Wutai's response?

Heidegger: So far, nothing. And if those cowards do react, all the better for us and our story.

President Shinra: Very well. Then we shall stay the course.

Heidegger: If I may, sir, there was one other matter.

President Shinra: Oh?

Heidegger: A message from our man Palmer.

Barret: Dammit!

Tifa: Barret.

Barret: Yeah, yeah, I know. We came here to save Aerith. That's our first priority.

Cloud: That's right. We only get one chance. Hojo should be at that board meeting, so that'll buy us some time. We need to plan this just right.

(Upon talking to Domino.)
Domino: I've done everything I can for you. Now don't make me regret doing it!

(Upon reaching floor 64.)
On-screen: 64th Floor - Conference Rooms

(Upon talking to the Shinra Employee outside the central conference room.)
Shinra Employee: Can I help you?

(Upon walking further inside the conference rooms hallway.)
Tifa: What's the plan?

Cloud: Little bit of recon. Need to find a way to infiltrate that room.

Barret: You hear the words comin' out of your mouth? We just gotta find that bathroom so we can get into the air duct. Ask anyone here. They can point us in the right direction.

Cloud: No, thanks. We can find it on our own.

(Upon talking to the Shinra Employee standing by a pillar.)
Shinra Employee: Yes, what is it?

(Upon talking to the Shinra Employee standing by vending machines.)

Shinra Employee
  • Hm? You guys private security or something?
  • Are you allowed to be hanging out here on the clock?

(Upon opening the door to men's restroom.)
Tifa: All right, I'll wait out here.

Barret: Huh? You can't hang out here.

Cloud: Tifa. It'd be better if you waited inside.

Tifa: Maybe, but this is... Oh...never mind, you're right.

(Upon entering.)
Tifa: Oh, thank god. No one's in here.

Barret: Love to show them what the ones down below look like.

Tifa: Come on, let's just find that duct.

(Upon interacting with the air duct.)
Cloud: Gotcha.

Barret: Look, I'm...

Cloud: On guard duty.

Barret: Right.

Tifa: So...can I go with you? Don't wanna be here any longer than I have to.

Cloud: Yeah, sure. Just follow behind.

(Upon interacting with the first vent.)
Shinra Employee (1): I'm sure they're safe.

Shinra Employee (2): But we live right by Sector 7 and I keep calling and calling, but I still can't get through.

Shinra Employee (1): I heard that all the phone lines are down. It doesn't mean anything.

Shinra Employee (2): ...You sure?

Shinra Employee (1): Pretty sure...

(Upon interacting with the second vent.)
Shinra Employee: Depending on the board's decision, we may start two projects simultaneously: rebuilding the plate and the city. Members of the Urban Planning Division will likely take point on both. Director Tuesti has ordered teams to come up with three-, five-, and ten-year plans. Each team needs to come up with a detailed proposal and schedule. We're going to have to put a lot of man-hours into this, so we'll need to start ASAP. Does anyone have any questions at all? If not, then we'll wait for the director to return.

(Upon reaching the final vent.)
Cloud: This it?

(Upon interacting with the final vent.)
Palmer: I'm telling you, I saw him! With my own eyes! Sauntering down the corridor!

Heidegger: We don't have time for this nonsense!

Palmer: He was as close to me as you are now! The shock of it made me spill my tea!

Heidegger: Enough already! If there are intruders in the building, my men will deal with them.

Palmer: But Mister President! Sir! I swear to you—

President Shinra: Reeve.

Reeve: Sir. I have the damage assessment for Sector 7, and I'm afraid the figures are catastrophic—

President Shinra: Spare us the doom and gloom. Was there anything else?

Reeve: Uh... Well sir, I've also drafted a reconstruction plan—

President Shinra: That will not be needed. Not with the Ancient in our custody once more.

Reeve: Uh...with respect, sir, I don't see how—

Scarlet: Two words, Reeve: "Neo Midgar." Hm.

President Shinra: In their promised land...we will build a new mako-powered metropolis.

Reeve: Mister President! We still don't know for sure that the promised land even—

President Shinra: Professor Hojo.

Hojo: The test results were within expectations. The specimen is somewhat lacking compared to her pure-blood mother, but for our purposes she should more than suffice.

President Shinra: So, she can lead us to the promised land?

Hojo: Well, Mister President, that remains to be seen. I would like your permission to secure her cooperation through more "forceful" means. Forceful yet gentle. She is a precious resource that must be handled with care.

Scarlet: Personally, I've never had a problem with torture.

Heidegger: My armory is at your disposal, should you require anything.

Hojo: I...had something more...psychological in mind. Better to scar the psyche than mar the flesh.

Palmer: (laughs)

President Shinra: Proceed as you see fit. However. You will not make the same mistake twice. Is that clear?

Hojo: If I may, Mister President, I have an idea how we might mitigate the risks. Simply put, we could have the Ancient reproduce. In the absence of a second specimen, we would need to identify an alternative mate. I would start with candidates from SOLDIER. These would of course include S and G types. Quite frankly, there's no telling what kind of properties a crossbred specimen might possess. So— What say you all?

President Shinra: If there is nothing else.

Reeve: Mister President!

President Shinra: Meeting adjourned.

Reeve: Please, sir!

Hojo: Something stinks.

Operation: Save Aerith[]

Barret: Anything?

Cloud: The man in the lab coat. Head of R&D. We follow him.

Barret: Okay. And then we kill the son of a bitch.

Cloud: Not until he's led us to Aerith. That's the plan.

(Upon exiting the conference rooms.)
Hojo: Walking the halls of this very building. Who would have believed it. I wonder...were I to arrange a face-to-face...(chuckles) How I should like to meet their offspring. Ahh, but that can wait. First, we must have answers. A simple psychoactive agent should suffice. Nothing likely to cause any long-term damage. (laughs)

On-screen: 64th Floor - Hojo's Laboratory: Entrance

Cloud: Let's go.

Barret: Right.

(While following Hojo.)

  • So first... Hmm, or perhaps instead...
  • This one. This is definitely the one.
  • Hmm...
  • Wait a minute.
  • Yes, yes. Why didn't I think of that earlier?
  • Wait, wait. You mustn't overthink it.

(Upon reaching Hojo.)
Barret: Don't move! I ain't bluffing.

Hojo: What is this?

Barret: A dozen bullets in your head, unless you open that door right now.

On-screen: 65th Floor - Hojo's Laboratory: Sublevel

Hojo: You must be the ones who've been stirring up trouble lately. The eco-terrorists? If so I can't imagine what business you have with me. The president's upstairs. Go on, shoo.

Barret: Shut up. Keep walking.

Barret: None of y'all better move a muscle!

Hojo: Do stop pushing. Unlike you, I am less accustomed to physical violence.

Barret: You'll get used to it.

Hojo: What is it that you want?

Barret: Our friend. She's in your lab.

Hojo: Really?

Barret: Tell us where Aerith is!

Hojo: Oh, so she's your friend... Well well well, in that case... Yes... That might do the trick.

Barret: Mind speaking up some?

Hojo: It's nothing. Just imagining how she might react if I were to present to her your fresh corpses. (laughs) I will regret this.

(Upon Specimen H0512.)
Barret: Hey! Hojo's getting away!

(Upon using the elevator.)
On-screen: 66th Floor - Hojo's Laboratory: Main Level

Cloud: Aerith!

Hojo: Very impressive. I really must thank you for providing me such invaluable combat data.

Barret: Cocky little egghead, ain'tcha.

Hojo: The results provided by my predictive models...indicate that this force should be more than capable of handling you.

Barret: Y'all 'bout to learn predictable.

Cloud: We're taking Aerith back!

Hojo: Oh? "Take her back," you say? Correct me if I am wrong, but did the girl not come here of her own free will? Or do you mean to tell me that she is your "personal property"?

Barret: She only came here to save Marlene!

Hojo: I'm afraid you misunderstand. But I really can't be bothered to explain. This facility is home to extraordinary specimens that will change the world as we know it. Do try to be considerate.

(After defeating the group of enemies.)
Barret: Looks like your models got it wrong.

Hojo: unknown variable, perhaps. Well, no matter. Reinforcements will soon arrive.

Cloud: But will they get here in time to save you from me?

Hojo: My, are you a SOLDIER?

Cloud: Yeah.

Hojo: No, not quite. Oh, now I recall. My memory was mistaken. My boy, you weren't a SOLDIER...

Hojo: What!? What is this—fascinating phenomenon!? What's happening!? Where are you taking me!?

Barret: What are those things up to this time?

Aerith: Cloud!

Cloud: Barret!

Barret: Got it. Stand back.

Aerith: You came for me.

Cloud: Yep.

Tifa: You good?

Aerith: I'm great!

Barret: Thanks for saving Marlene. I owe you one.

Cloud: Save it for later!

(After defeating the group of enemies.)
Tifa: Aerith! You okay?

Aerith: Mm-hm. Thank you.

Cloud: Let's get outta here.

Barret: The hell was that thing?

Aerith: We need to go!

Tifa: Aerith!

Barret: What the—!?

Cloud: Come on.

(Upon entering the laboratory control room.)
Barret: What? You wanna go?

Aerith: Stop. This child's a friend.

Barret: Uhh... So what the hell is it?

Red XIII: A fascinating question.

Tifa: Did it just talk?

Red XIII: You asked what "it" is. Hmm... I am that which you see before you. Nothing more. I'd appreciate it if we simply left it at that. Agreed?

Tifa: Thirteen?

Red XIII: "Red XIII." The designation given to me by Hojo.

Tifa: must have another name. What is it?

Cloud: He got away.

Barret: So, we gonna go get the son of a bitch?

(While walking towards the elevator.)

Sephiroth (voice)
  • Mother. I have come for you.
  • Mother. Together we can reclaim our world.
  • Mother. They have come again.
  • Mother. The days have come again.

Cloud: Oh... Ah...

(Upon reaching the elevator.)
Cloud: Mo...ther...

Tifa & Aerith: Cloud!

On-screen: B3 - General Affairs: Auditing

Tseng: You know, Reno. I think you might be due for some R&R.

Reno: Nah, I'm good...

Rude: What are we going to do about Sector 7?

Tseng: (sighs) "We" are going to do nothing.

Rude: Been thinking. Was all that necessary?

Tseng: Had we refused, someone else would've completed the task. We have spared that someone the burden of a guilty conscience. Perhaps that will ease yours.

Reno: Yeah...nope.

Tseng: Let's try another tack then. They were a sacrifice to balance the scales.

Reno: Say what?

Tseng: After everything we've taken from the planet, we were due to give something back.

Rude: Do you actually believe that?

Tseng: Does it matter?

Tseng: Yes. Understood.

Tseng: The VP needs us.

(After the previous cutscene in hard mode for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.)
Chadley: That should be everything. Initiate projection sequence.

Chadley: What do you make of the new form, Weiss? We’ve replicated everything about you, from thought patterns to stress responses. You should, however, notice some improvements in my latest update. Indeed, I’d venture to say you’re stronger now than you’ve ever been.

Weiss: Hm. Stronger than I’ve ever been… A big claim, little man.

Weiss: Now… Who do I kill?

Chadley: Given that this is merely a training exercise—no one.

Weiss: We’ll see. Be sure to choose my victims wisely… (laughs)

Chapter 17: Deliverance from Chaos[]

A Way Out[]

Tifa: Cloud.

Aerith: Oh, thank goodness. You're awake.

Tifa: You okay?

Cloud: Yeah. Where are we?

Aerith: Where I lived—when I was still a child.

(Upon approaching Tifa.)

  • Are you okay? Maybe you should rest a little longer.
  • I don't want you to push yourself. We're all worried.\

(Upon approaching Barret.)

  • Don't scare us like that, man.
  • Not enough sleep?

(Upon approaching Red XIII.)

  • I'm the one who carried you here.
  • Don't thank me.

(Upon talking to Aerith.)
Aerith: My mom and I stayed here, years ago when I was just a little girl. The room...looks exactly the same.

(Upon talking to Aerith again.)
Aerith: Every morning, they'd come and take my mom away. I remember crying here alone.

Cloud: ...Aerith. Before we break outta here, talk to us. There's so much we don't know.

Aerith: I'm...a descendent of the Ancients. That's pretty much it, really. Oh, but just so you know, that's not their actual name. They called themselves...the Cetra.

Barret: "We who are born of the planet, with her we speak. Her flesh we shape." "Unto her promised land she well one day return." "By her loving grace and providence may we take our place in paradise."

Aerith: You know it!

Barret: Yeah, well... Honestly I thought that part was just a fairy tale.

Aerith: Shinra thinks it's true. They've been searching for the promised land for a long time.

Tifa: And they must think you can lead them to it... Can you?

Aerith: (sighs) Nope. Someday, maybe, I'll find it in me. But now? Not even if I wanted to.

Barret: Even if you could, that land belongs to the—I mean... To you and your people. Shinra's after it because they believe it's rich in mako—mako they've got no right to claim. But they'll try to take it anyway, won't they? Hmph. Greedy bastards'll never stop.

Barret: Okay. New plan. Y'all take Aerith and get the hell outta here. Me, I'mma go bust some Shinra heads.

Aerith: Barret, wait... You can't do that...

Barret: Oh, great. These assholes again! Probably some Shinra science experiment.

Red XIII: Whispers. Perhaps best described as arbiters of fate. They are drawn to those who attempt to alter destiny's course and ensure they do not.

Tifa: Like capital D... "Destiny"?

Red XIII: The flow of the great river that is the planet, from inception to oblivion.

Tifa: And you're saying that that flow is somehow...fixed?

Red XIII: Yes. For it is the will of the planet itself.

Barret: So if we're destined for a bleak future, these Whispers will try to keep us on that course? Now wait just a damn minute! How in the hell can you possibly know any of that? Spouting that cryptic stuff—which could all be bullshit! I mean, ain't you a Shinra lab rat—dog?

Red XIII: I'm not a rat dog. When Aerith reached out to me...I found this knowledge of the Whispers.

Aerith: Listen to me! Please...

Cloud: Aerith.

Aerith: The Shinra Electric Power Company isn't the real enemy. It started with them, sure...but I promise you...there's a much bigger threat. I just want to do everything in my power to help. All of you... And the planet.

Tifa: Aerith. What are you not telling us?

Aerith: I'm lost in a maze, and...every step is taking me further from the path... Every time the Whispers touch me...I lose something. A part of myself. "Follow them. The yellow flowers."

Tifa: It's okay. We'll find a way out together.

Aerith: Okay.

Barret: Weird...

(Upon approaching the screen.)
Domino: Ah-ha! There you are!

Domino: What are you doing, man!?

Wedge: Hey guys! Long time no see!

Barret: Wedge!?

Tifa: You're here!?

Barret: Y-you shouldn't be up and moving!

Wedge: I'm feeling much better thanks to Elmyra's cooking! Ah, but that's not what I wanted to talk to you about! Listen—any moment now—

Tifa: What was that? An explosion?

Wedge: HQ's running the show this time. They're raising hell to try and flush out the president.

Domino: This complicates matters. That explosion just now put the whole building on high alert.

Tifa: So now we're trapped in here?

Domino: No need to panic, little lady. See? You can still move freely within Hojo's laboratory.

Wedge: Find a way to the roof. An Avalanche chopper will come to extract you.

Barret: HQ's bailing us out? I doubt it. Not after all the shit we've pulled.

Wedge: I asked them really nicely! Like, super-duper nicely!

Tifa: Thanks, Wedge.

Wedge: Just get to the roof, okay?

Barret: I didn't ask him to do any of that.

Cloud: Yeah, well, I'm glad he did.

Barret: Huh? Heh. I'mma still chew him out for it later.

(While following Barret and Red XIII.)
Barret: Anyway, we gotta get to the roof, right?

Red XIII: Then we can use the same elevator that Hojo did.

Barret: That elevator. Was it this way?

Red XIII: Yes. His odor still lingers.

(Upon using the elevator.)
Barret: What happened here?

Aerith: The little ones in the pods. Where did they go?

Red XIII: It stinks in here.

(Upon approaching Red XIII.)
Red XIII: Back there.

Barret: Now what do we do?

Red XIII: The one thing we can.

(Upon reaching them.)
Cloud: Someone's picking a fight.

Barret: So go give 'em one already!

Cloud: Way ahead of you!

(After defeating the group of enemies.)
Barret: Nice job!

Barret: What?

Barret: Shit—what the hell Red!?

(Upon reaching the VR simulator in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade in Hard Mode.)
Chadley: Cloud… We’ve added a new individual’s data to the combat simulator. I can’t divulge any details…but I can say its existence is both highly-classified and extremely dangerous. To be completely honest…I had some misgivings about implementing it. Even now, I’m still not entirely sure I made the right decision. However, I do believe that engaging it in combat will yield vital information. And who better to extract that information than you, Cloud? If you’re willing to try, I’d appreciate the help.

(Upon defeating Pride and Joy Prototype in Chadley's VR simulator in Hard Mode.)
Chadley: Now that my research is at long last complete... I believe that it's time I told you the truth about myself. I'm...not human. I'm a cyborg created to serve as Hojo's assistant. I was given knowledge and power beyond that of a human... ...But I was robbed of free will, bound to obey the whims of my master. But when we met, Cloud, I sensed something within you—something I knew would allow me to break free of my chains. By identifying and studying a subject with infinite potential such as yourself... I could adhere to the directives imposed upon me...all the while pursuing my plans for independence in secret. Your combat data provided me the vital information that I required to enhance my basic functionality... This is the result. Through my research and with your assistance, I have freed myself from Hojo's bondage.

Cloud: Cool.

Chadley: I cannot thank you enough for your help. You've given me the power to finally live my life on my own terms.

Cloud: So...what are you gonna do now?

Chadley: I'm not sure. It's all a big, wonderful mystery. It's nice not knowing something for a change...

(Upon beginning "Three-Person Team vs. The Immaculate One".)
Weiss: They shall be slashed, strangled, and slaughtered. Beaten, stabbed, and crushed. Garroted and impaled. Shot and executed…without mercy. Now…let the hunt begin!

(Upon defeating Weiss.)
Weiss: So this is what’s possible when you transcend the flesh? Good to know. (laughs) Either way, see you in Deepground.

(Upon using the elevator.)
Cloud: Let's go.

Tifa: Right.

On-screen: 68th Floor - Hojo's Laboratory: Restricted Level

Barret: Hell is this place?

Red XIII: Hojo's treasure. Shinra's dark secret.

Barret: What I wouldn't give to burn it all down...but we need to get to the roof.

(Upon reaching the bridge.)
Barret: What is that...?

Aerith: Jenova.

Sephiroth (flashback): Mother... Together we will reclaim our world.

Tifa (flashback): I'm sick of this! I'm sick of all of this!

Tifa: Cloud?

Cloud: Tell me. Is it really you?

Sephiroth: Don't deny me. Embrace me.

Cloud: (screams)

Aerith: Cloud!

Sephiroth: A touching reunion.

Hojo: Very, very good! And thus is the hypothesis proven correct! I can only hope you will continue not to disappoint. (laughs)

Find the Others[]

Cloud: I'd better hurry.

On-screen: Classified Research - The Drum

(Upon pulling the first lever.)
Cloud: Test subject pods? Guess I can use these.

(Upon encountering the first Unknown Entity group.)
Red XIII: Need a hand?

Cloud: Thanks.

(After defeating them.)
Red XIII: You okay?

Cloud: Yeah. Where're the others?

Red XIII: Nowhere close.

Cloud: Let's go.

(Upon reaching the second set of test pods.)
Red XIII: What is it?

Cloud: If we flip that switch, we can get to the other side.

Red XIII: Hm. I may be able to do that.

(Upon directing Red XIII to leap across.)
Cloud: You sure?

Red XIII: Yes.

Red XIII: Will this do the trick?

(Upon entering the 1st Ward.)
On-screen: The Drum - 1st Ward

Find Barret[]

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Barret: What kind of freak show have they got going on in here?

(Upon reaching Barret.)
Barret: Stay back!

Cloud: Need hand?

Barret: Yeah, right! Just having a little bit of fun with them, that's all.

Cloud: For how long?

Barret: Long as it took you to get here?

(After the M.O.T.H. Unit arrives.)
Barret: Shit, it's like they're churning out monsters here.

Red XIII: That's not far from the truth.

(After defeating all enemies.)
Barret: Hey... You okay?

Cloud: Yeah. I'm fine...

Barret: If you say so.

Cloud: Guess we're out.

Red XIII: What's the plan?

Barret: First, we find Tifa and Aerith. Then we head for the roof. Should be an elevator somewhere. Didn't expect any of this, but we just gotta roll with it. Come on, let's go.

Find the Others (continued)[]

(After directing Red XIII to leap across to use the lever.)
Barret: All right. Now you're starting to impress me.

Aerith: We got 'em!

Barret: Yeah! Keep it up, y'all!

Aerith: Don't move an inch! We'll head down too. Be right there!

(Upon crossing the pods.)
Barret: Huh? I can't hear what you're saying!

Red XIII: I think there's something over there.

(Upon directing Red XIII to leap across the pods on the far side.)
Red XIII: Now it's my turn.

Red XIII: There's no control panel. We don't have the means to go this way.

(Upon interacting with the PHS Terminal.)
Tifa: Hello? Cloud? Can you hear me?

Cloud: Yeah. You okay in there?

Tifa: No need to worry. We're fine, but what do we do now? I don't see any way out of this room.

Hojo: Ahem. Can you all hear me?

Red XIII: Hojo.

Hojo: (laughs) So tell me. How are you finding the Drum? You know it's filled with the most advanced technology in Midgar, if not the entire world. You should feel honored to see it firsthand! You'll also have the opportunity to take part in a rather ambitious experiment of mine.

Barret: What!?

Hojo: When all the pieces are in place, I will open the door to the 3rd ward. Perhaps you can help me with the necessary preparations? Given that you're already in the perfect position to do so. I look forward to data both invaluable and instrumental.

Barret: "Necessary preparations"? What the hell is this asshole talking about?

Tifa: Can't we just ignore him and keep going?

Red XIII: I'm afraid not. If I know Hojo, he won't let us out until we indulge his request for data.

Tifa: He said something about a ward, right? I'm pretty sure I saw a door to one upstairs somewhere.

Aerith: wanna check it out?

(After conversations at the PHS Terminal end, or if there is no conversation.)
On-screen: Switch parties?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", switch.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

Research the 3rd Ward[]

Cloud: You two'll be on your own. Be careful.

Tifa: Thanks. We will.

Barret: We'll be waiting right here. If anything happens—anything at all—you call us. All right?

Aerith: Roger that!

Tifa: Hey, you think Cloud's doing okay? He's been acting really weird lately—more than usual.

Aerith: True, but it's Cloud—I'm sure he'll be fine. But what about you, Tifa? How are you holding up?

Tifa: Huh? Oh (chuckles) I'm fine!

(Upon reaching the entrance to the 3rd Ward.)
Tifa: I guess this has to be the 3rd ward, right?

Aerith: Think so. But it looks like the door's locked.

Tifa: There has to be something we can do. Let's look around.

Aerith: Gotcha.

(Upon pulling the lever.)
Aerith: Look! Now they can get across too.

Tifa: We should let Cloud know.

(Upon using the PHS Terminal.)
Tifa: Cloud, can you hear me? We found the door to that ward he was talking about, but it's locked and we can't get it open.

Cloud: All right.

Aerith: About those preparations Hojo mentioned before... I think we're supposed to do something with that.

Red XIII: The central terminal. Interesting.

Aerith: We were fiddling with some sort of control panel. Do you see a way to get across now?

Use the Central Terminal[]

Cloud: All right. We'll make our way to the central terminal. Sit tight until you hear from us.

Barret: The hell kind of "research" is this?

Red XIII: The cataclysm that came from the stars—Jenova. Hojo has devoted half of his life to her study.

Barret: I don't give a shit about any of that.

Red XIII: The experiments in this facility...involve the enhancement of life-forms and machines through the application...of Jenova biological data. Hojo's plan is to pit his subjects against ust, thereby facilitating their growth.

Barret: Hmph! So this asshole thinks he can treat us like his experiments.

Red XIII: I know what fate awaits these creations. Let us put them out of their misery.

Red XIII: We must first find a passage that leads to the center.

(Upon directing Red XIII to leap across.)
Red XIII: Off I go.

Red XIII: There's no control panel. We don't have the means to go this way.

(Upon reaching the central pillar.)
Barret: Wait sec. Weren't the girls right by the door to the 3rd ward?

Red XIII: There are four switches. One for each ward.

(Upon pulling a lever. After pulling it again, only the Announcement line is spoken.)
Barret: What the—?

Announcement: Transfusion procedure complete. Commencing test of augmented research specimen.

(After opening the 3rd ward.)
Red XIII: You need to warn the others. Tell them to be careful. Very careful.

(Upon using the PHS Terminal after opening the door.)
Cloud: Tifa, you there? We accessed the central terminal. The door should be unlocked now.

Research the 3rd Ward (continued)[]

Cloud: Any one of Hojo's twisted creations could be in that ward. Be careful.

Tifa: We will. See you in a bit.

(Upon entering the 3rd Ward.)
On-screen: The Drum - 3rd Ward

(Upon entering the 3rd Ward - Nursery.)
Tifa: Uh, what is this place for?

Aerith: There's a...sadness...

(Upon reaching the top of the staircase overlooking pipes across the following room.)
Aerith: Look.

Tifa: Let's get across with those.

(After falling.)
Aerith: That hurt. Did we wake 'em up?

Tifa: Yeah, looks like it.

(Upon walking through the exit.)
Tifa: Is this really the exit?

Aerith: I hate that man. I really do.

(Upon pulling the lever at the end.)
Tifa: You think now the others can get across too?

(Upon using the PHS Terminal.)
Tifa: Hey, Cloud?

Cloud: Tifa?

Tifa: We used the control panel here a little while ago, so you should be able to get to the other side. Can you check?

Barret: Roger that. Was gettin' pretty bored anyway.

2nd Ward[]

Cloud: You two, stay there. We'll call if anything comes up.

Aerith: Okay. Be careful.

(Upon approaching the ward before opening the door.)
Red XIII: We need to open the door first.

(Upon entering the 2nd Ward.)
On-screen: The Drum - 2nd Ward

Red XIII: (sniffs) It stinks.

Cloud: More of Hojo's experiments.

(Upon entering the first two testing rooms.)
Announcement: Commencing test. All personnel must evacuate area. Commencing test.

(After defeating all enemies in the first testing room.)
Hojo: I hope you're enjoying your experience.

Barret: Why don'tcha come down here and ask me?

Hojo: Before you get any ideas, you should know this glass is bulletproof. No discernable changes after contact. Most fascinating. Hmm...

Barret: Hey! We ain't done yet!

Red XIII: It seems we have no choice.

(After defeating all enemies in the second testing room.)
Barret: How'd ya like watchin' your precious toys get torn to shreds!?

Hojo: I never grow tired of watching my toys be broken, no matter how many times I've seen it happen. Such is the case when you truly enjoy your work. Now, for the next step...

(Upon entering the third testing room.)
Barret: Look! Now's our chance to kill the bastard! Time for you to pay the piper!

Hojo: Hmph. They never learn.

Announcement: Commencing test. All personnel must evacuate area. Commencing test.

Hojo: (laughs) Be a good boy and keep the other pets company. (laughs)

Barret: Shit. Looks like Red might need our help up there!

(After defeating all enemies in the room.)
Barret: C'mon! We're going!

(Upon climbing the staircase.)
Barret: Get outta here!

Barret: What was that thing?

Cloud: Where's Hojo?

Red XIII: Sorry. He got away.

Cloud: Forget about him for now.

(Upon entering the 2nd Ward - Specimen Refinement.)
Barret: Remind me. This ain't a hospital, is it?

Red XIII: Test subjects don't receive treatment.

Cloud: They're enhanced...or dissected.

Barret: This guy's a real piece of work...

(Upon attempting to leave.)
Barret: Now what!?

Barret: Hey, let us out!

Barret: I remember you!

Red XIII: And he remembers us, I think.

(Upon leaving the ward.)
Barret: Fine! One step at a time it is.

Red XIII: I don't see any elevators around here.

Cloud: I'll let Tifa and Aerith know.

4th Ward[]

Barret: Huh, whaddya know. That's the door to the 4th ward.

Red XIII: If we want to get in, we'll need to go all the way back to the central terminal.

Barret: But the door we used to get here is shut. So what now?

Cloud: The passages have to be connected somehow.

(Upon directing Red XIII to leap and pull the nearby lever.)
Cloud: Please.

Barret: It's a PHS terminal. Call up Tifa, see if they can get to the central terminal.

Barret: Hey! You okay down there?

Rescuing Red XIII[]

Red XIII: Dammit!

Cloud: Red!

Barret: Shit! He can't hold them off forever!

Barret: You should call Tifa.

Cloud: Right. On it.

(Upon using the PHS Terminal.)
Cloud: Tifa, you there?

Tifa: Is something wrong?

Cloud: Red fell to your level. Can you try to get to him?

Aerith: Oh, no!

Tifa: Come on!

(Upon reaching Red XIII.)
Aerith: Sorry for the wait!

Tifa: Now, let's get this over with!

(Upon defeating all enemies by Red XIII.)
Tifa: Let's finish this!

Tifa: You okay?

Red XIII: I am now.

Barret: Nice one!

Tifa: Have Cloud and Barret found anything?

Red XIII: Actually, they just found the entrance to the 4th ward. But to unlock it, they have to access the central terminal—which they cannot do from their position.

Aerith: Maybe we can get to it instead.

Tifa: Yeah, let's try.

To the Central Terminal[]

(Upon directing Red XIII to leap across to use the lever.)
Red XIII: Now it's my turn.

Aerith: Look! An elevator!

Aerith: ...And it's not moving.

Red XIII: The professor still has plans for us, I presume.

Aerith: For the record, I don't like this one bit.

Red XIII: All that remains is the 4th ward. We must trust in Cloud and Barret to see it through.

(After unlocking the door to the 4th ward.)
Tifa: This was a good idea...right?

Aerith: Yep! Let's go give the others the news.

(Upon using the PHS Terminal.)
Cloud: That you?

Tifa: Yeah. We found an elevator on our side.

Cloud: Good. Glad to hear it.

Tifa: But...we can't use it for some reason.

Aerith: Hojo did something. I know it.

Red XIII: There's only one thing we can do. We need to head to the 4th ward, just like he wants.

Tifa: We unlocked it on our side. You should be able to get in.

Cloud: Thanks. Wait for us there.

4th Ward (continued)[]

Barret: Right. Now we head back to that door.

(Upon entering the ward.)
On-screen: The Drum - 4th Ward

Barret: We, uh, made Wedge wait a while to be rescued.

Cloud: Guess so.

Barret: You know, he really likes you.

Cloud: Maybe.

Barret: Friendly guy, but he has a hard time opening up to people.

Cloud: Well...that makes two of us.

Barret: He's got your back, though. Heh...makes two of us.

(Upon entering the second tube.)
\ Barret: Huh. You hear that?

Cloud: Run!

Barret: Flyin' fishbot here's trying to turn us into mincemeat!

(When Swordipede falls to 50% HP.)
Barret: It's outta control!

Cloud: Dammit!

Tifa: What the—!?

Aerith: I think it's coming this way!

(After defeating Swordipede.)
Aerith: That's enough.

Hojo: Again you triumph! (laughs) I'd be disappointed if you didn't! Yes... I believe I have just about all the data that I require. Then we are ready to proceed to the next stage.

Aerith: Yes! We got it to work.

(Upon reaching the elevator.)
Tifa: Could this be a trap?

Aerith: Don't worry. The elevators are safe.

Tifa: All right. If you say so.

Tifa: Huh? Are we there already?

Aerith: No, something tells me that we aren't. Call it a hunch.

Red XIII: I hear something.

(Upon approaching Cloud and Barret.)
Barret: We don't have all day, you know.

Tifa: I think it might be locked from this side.

Aerith: Should we open it up then?

(Upon pulling the lever.)
Barret: Uh... Cloud...

Aerith: Heya, guys!

Barret: Oh...hey. Band's back together. Past time we got outta here and made our way to the roof.

Red XIII: There's an elevator just over there. But it will move only at Hojo's discretion.

Source of the Sound[]

(Upon reaching the elevator.)
Tifa: Well, okay then. Looks like the elevator's working.

Red XIII: It appears Hojo's done having his fun.

Barret: (laughs) Glad to hear he enjoyed the show.

Tifa: We're back...again.

Cloud: Yeah.

Barret: Hey.

The Ominous Trail[]

Barret: What the hell's going on?

Tifa: Who would...?

Red XIII: We may find out soon.

Cloud: Let's go.

(Upon opening the door to leave.)
Barret: So what's above this floor?

Red XIII: The president's office. And then the roof.

Aerith: Wait. Once we get in that elevator, there's no turning back.

Tifa: We're ready...right?

Cloud: Huh?

Red XIII: The elevator back there can take us down to the central terminal again. Now's the time for any unfinished business.

On-screen: Head for the roof?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    Cloud: I'm ready to do this. Let's go.
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon reaching the staircase on floor 69.)
On-screen;: 69th Floor - Executive Suite

(Upon reaching floor 70.)
On-screen: 70th Floor - President's Office

Barret: Where the hell is that bastard hiding?

Tifa: And Sephiroth?

Red XIII: Wait. I can hear something.

(While in the office, before reaching President Shinra.)

President Shinra
  • Help! Is anybody there!?
  • Please, help me!
  • Help me! Please!
  • Hey!
  • Is anyone out there!?
  • Heeey!

(Upon reaching President Shinra.)
President Shinra: Help me...

Barret: Well, well, well...

President Shinra: Pull me up! I'll give you all the money you want! I have gil! Plenty of it!

Barret: Thing is, I don't want your money.

President Shinra: Please!

President Shinra: Just let me live. Everything you want can be yours.

Barret: I'm a man of modest dreams. Dropping you from seventy stories up would get me damn near to good.

President Shinra: But not all the way. You want something more, don't you!?

Barret: More than this right here? Talk to me again like you know me.

Tifa: Barret!

Aerith: Stop it!

Barret: You're gonna get on TV and tell 'em. Tell 'em what you did to Sector 7—that it was you who killed all those people! Then, you're gonna tell them the truth about Avalanche. That Avalanche ain't Wutai or anybody's puppet! That Avaalnche fights for the people—the planet! That we fight to hold Shinra to account for its crimes! That is Avalanche! The filthy sewer rats...who brought down a goliath! You tell 'em that.

President Shinra: Is that really all you want? For your names to be cleared? Hmph. That is what matters most to you? More than shutting down the reactors? Than the future of the planet itself?

Barret: Huh? Damn.

President Shinra: You're lying to yourself, even now. Truth...justice, honor, freedom! Vain indulgences, every one. Picture it! Picture a world without Shinra. Without mako energy. A stagnant, impotent world. Now picture a natural disaster. Who would help the people? Help the recover and rebuild? You? With their old would ruined, will they thank you for the new? I'm going to give you a chance. One last opportunity to consider what your principles are truly worth. But bear in mind that time is of the essence.

Barret: And what about you Mister President. What are your vaunted principles?

President Shinra: What principles!? Did you understand even a single word of what I told you? I know what I want, and I take it. I take advantage of whatever I can, and discard that which I cannot. There is no room for sentiment or guilt.

Barret: You son of a bitch!

Tifa: Barret!

Red XIII: This is...

Aerith: The source. Of everything.

(When the battle against Jenova Dreamweaver begins.)
Tifa: What's happening!?

Red XIII: It's an illusion. Stay calm.

(After Jenova Dreamweaver falls to 20% HP.)
Red XIII: You okay?

(After defeating Jenova Dreamweaver.)
Avalanche Helicopter: HQ, this is Avalanche 3-1. Making another pass to search for friendlies.

Tifa: Barret! Are you hurt!?

Barret: Don't think so.

Red XIII: This death was not the one ordained for you by fate.

Barret: Thanks.

The Showdown[]

(Upon climbing the ladder toward Sephiroth.)
Cloud: Sephiroth!

(Upon reaching the rest of the party.)
Cloud: Everyone okay?

Barret: Hey. Get your man?

Cloud: He got away.

Barret: Huh. 'Bout time we made our escape too.

Cloud: Shit.

Reno: Sure you wanna do this personally, boss?

Barret: If it ain't Rufus Shinra. Heir to the throne himself.

Cloud: Yep.

Cloud: Stop.

Barret: Huh!? The hell I will! We can finish off the family here and now!

Cloud: Take Aerith and get outta here.

Cloud: I'll buy you guys some time.

Barret: I could stay here—back you up.

Cloud: Barret...I'm asking you. Please.

Barret: Fine. Have it your way then. But you better be right behind us.

Rufus: You're a SOLDIER, aren't you? Which, of course, would mean that I own you.

Cloud: Ex-SOLDIER. I quit.

Rufus: Secure the others. Just the two of us. Well. Maybe three.

(When the battle against Rufus Shinra begins.)
Cloud: Let's get this over with.

Rufus: Don't say that.

(Upon blocking Darkstar's Whirlwhip attack in Punisher Mode.)
Rufus: Hmph. Not bad.

(Upon blocking Darkstar's Corkscrew attack in Punisher Mode.)
Rufus: Okay.

(After Darkstar loses 50% HP.)
Air Traffic Controller: This is control. Hostile air units sighted. Redirect to engage.

Rude: Understood.

(As Rude leaves.)
Cloud: Think you got my number?

Rufus: Not at all. You're making me sweat. Good thing I came prepared.

Cloud: That's a new trick.

Rufus: Like it? 'Course you do.

(After defeating Darkstar.)
Cloud: Now it's just the two of us.

Rufus: Let's make it a night to remember.

Cloud: It's on for real now?

Rufus: Yeah. You should be honored.

(After defeating Rufus.)
Cloud: I could end this—here and now.

Rufus: No, not quite. Tonight marks a new beginning for Shinra!

Tifa: You gotta be better than this...if you're gonna play the hero.

The Great Escape[]

Red XIII: Think they can manage on their own?

Barret: You've seen the both in action. You know they can. Besides—

Barret: What was that!?

Barret: Gotta believe they made it out.

Aerith: I hope so.

Barret: Dammit!

Red XIII: Hey.

Barret: Screw it—we gotta go back!

Red XIII: Hey!

Barret: What, Red!?

Barret: Get down!

On-screen: 64th Floor - Conference Rooms

Wedge: We're cool. Everything's cool.

Wedge: Barret!

Wedge: Not again!

Wedge: You can't stop me! For Bigggs... For Jessie... Tifa...and Barret too! I'm sorry, Cloud... (screams)

Wedge: Just...tell me that—that I made a difference...

On-screen: 59th Floor - Skyview Hall

Barret: Hey. Still in one piece?

Aerith: Yeah. Somehow.

Barret: Oh, you gotta be kidding me!

On-screen: 58th Floor - Skyview Atrium

Barret: Okay, you asked for it, mech! Open wide! And suck on this!

Red XIII: Get ready.

Barret: I was born ready, Red.

(Upon attack the Arsenal's Barrier Drones.)
Arsenal: Barrier drones damaged. Overriding main cannon safety protocols.

(When the Arsenal drops to 80% HP.)
Arsenal: Threat level: critical.

(Sometimes with the Arsenal's right arm is exposed.)
Red XIII: Now! Its right arm!

(After destroying both Barrier Drones.)
Arsenal: Defensive systems compromised. Threat level: elevated.

(When the Arsenal falls to 60% HP.)
Arsenal: Threat level: critical.

(When the Arsenal drops to 10% HP.)
Barret: We piss it off?

Arsenal: Threat level: maximum.

Aerith: This doesn't look good!

Barret: Any ideas!?

Red XIII: Take cover behind debris!

(After the Arsenal fires Cry Havoc in its final phase.)
Aerith: They all just...flew off.

Barret: If more come, we're done.

Red XIII: Then let's finish this quick.

(When the Arsenal charges Cry Havoc a second time in its final phase.)
Barret: Not this again!

Aerith: We can't hide! What do we do!?

Red XIII: Stop its attack!

(After the Arsenal is defeated.)
Barret: Damn, does it feel good to be alive!

Red XIII: Quite. But we could still die later tonight. Cloud and Tifa could be dead already.

Barret: The hell they are!

Red XIII: Then we need to find a way we can all escape—and quickly.

Aerith: You're right. Let's go.

Barret: All we gotta do now is find the others.

Security Officer: We have them surrounded, sir.

Heidegger: Yes...I can see that. It was only a matter of time. And here we are. (laughs) So then—what is this ragtag group of misfits I see before me?

Barret: Avalanche!

Aerith: Local florist!

Red XIII: Lab rat dog!

Heidegger: And where are the rest of you?

Barret: Up your ass.

Heidegger: Hm. Charming. Though not what I would've chosen as my last words. Secure the Ancient, but feel free to kill both the idiot and the dog.

Barret: Aerith. You saved my Marlene.'s time I returned the favor.

Aerith: Wait!

Aerith: Cloud!

Heidegger: Goddammit!

Tifa: Everyone, get in!

Heidegger: Stop, them you fools! Don't let them escape!

Cloud: Let's roll.

Tifa: Okay!

Barret: Why's he always gotta— Whoa! Shit.

Chapter 18: Destiny's Crossroads[]

Flying Through the Night[]

Barret: Home free, Red!

Red XIII: I wouldn't celebrate just yet.

Barret: Man, you need to lighten up. Hell, you might even try smiling.

Barret: On second thought...maybe frowning suits you better. Hey, don't pout!

Red XIII: Look.

Barret: Whoa! Are you guys seeing this!?

On-screen: Midgar Expressway

Aerith: Whispers.

On-screen: Shinra Building - Executive Suite

Rufus: What is all this?

Tseng: Is something wrong, sir?

Tseng: I see. Very good.

Tseng: The men are on standby, sir. Your orders?

Rufus: Bring them in.

Barret: It's like the whole damn building's made of 'em.

Cloud: Yeah.

Tifa: I don't understand. What are they doing?

Aerith: Who knows...

Barret: Wedge—you don't think he got caught up in it do you?

Tifa: If he did, I hope he's okay...

Red XIII: They're coming.

Barret: Who?

Barret: This, we don't need.

Cloud: Time to go!

(Through the bike minigame, Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and Barret will randomly say lines from their battle dialogue.)

(As the bike minigame starts.)
Barret: They're gainin' on us! C'mon, step on it!

Tifa: I'm trying, but it won't go any faster!

Barret: How the hell'd we get saddled with this junker!?

Security Officer: Give it up! There's nowhere to run!

(Upon dying.)
Barret: No...dammit...

(While the Security Officers are active.)

Security Officer
  • Give it up, asshole!
  • There's nowhere to run!
  • You're only making it worse!
  • Pull over, now!
  • Get ahead of 'em!
  • You gotta get past us!

(When the truck arrives.)
Security Officer: Pull over right now! We will use lethal force to make you comply!

(Upon being hit by the truck's machine gun.)

  • Careful—stay out of the line of fire.
  • Circle around to the other side.

(After destroying the truck.)
Barret: Stubborn bastards!

Aerith: Look!

Tifa: Come on!

Barret: (laughs) And let that be a lesson to you!

(When the helicopter arrives.)
Shinra Helicopter: Firing warning shots.

Cloud: Heads up!

Barret: That chopper is all mine! I'll bring it down real quick!

(Upon entering the tunnel following bridge.)
Red XIII: Cloud, here!

Barret: (laughs) Try catching us now, ya bastards!

Red XIII: I hate to spoil the celebration, but...there's more.

(When the M.O.T.H. Unit arrives.)
Aerith: What the—!?

(When the M.O.T.H. Unit charges a spinning blade attack.)
Barret: Cloud! Keep your guard up!

(Upon successfully charging the M.O.T.H. Unit's spinning blade attack.)

  • Barret: That's it! Now seize the opening and attack!
  • Red XIII: Its guard is down. Now!

(After destroying the M.O.T.H. Unit.)
Barret: Ha ha ha! How do you like that!?

Red XIII: Cloud, you all right?

Cloud: Get down!

Barret: Them again!?

Barret: Guess we owe you another!

Barret: Shit! We got incoming! I'll take the chopper! The bikes are all yours, Cloud!

Mobile Officer: We've got 'em! Engaging targets!

(When the helicopter charges an attack.)

Shinra Helicopter
  • Preparing to engage targets.
  • Firing warning shots.
  • Targeting vehicles' wheels!
  • Targets acquired.

(After defeating most Mobile Officers.)
Barret: Ha! Think you can take us? Well think again, asshole!

(After destroying all Mobile Officers.)
Barret: That's it—I'm takin' you down!

Barret: We done here!?

Cloud: You good?

Aerith: Somehow!

Red XIII: Cloud, you okay?

Barret: So now...they're on our side?

Red XIII: The Whispers intervene not to defend us, but to preserve the flow of destiny.

(When M.O.T.O.R. arrives.)
Barret: Oh no, don't you dare!

Barret: C'mon! You see the piece of shit we're driving here!?

Red XIII: Says the three hundred pound sack of it.

Barret: Hey!

Tifa: Focus!

(Sometimes upon staggering M.O.T.O.R.)

  • Get your ass in gear!
  • Time for a serious ass-whooping!

(When M.O.T.O.R. uses its electric attacks.)
Aerith: I don't want any trouble!

(After M.O.T.O.R.'s stagger ends on low HP.)
Barret: Time to meet your maker!

(After defeating M.O.T.O.R.)
Barret: Okay, y'all! Let's finish him off! C'mon!

Red XIII: Cloud!

Cloud: Copy! Go for the head.

Red XIII: With pleasure.

Barret: Nice!

The Turning Point[]

First scene

On-screen: End of the Road

(Upon approaching the end.)
Barret: Okay, asshole, let's—

Aerith: Don't.

Aerith: And you... You're wrong.

Sephiroth: Those who look with clouded eyes see nothing but shadows.

Aerith: Everything about you is wrong.

Sephiroth: All born are bound to her. Should this world be unmade, so too shall her children.

Cloud: The world won't end today. But you... You will.

Sephiroth: Listen.

Sephiroth: Destiny come.

Zack: We drag our asses all this way...and this is the welcome we get.

Zack: Boy, oh boy... The price of freedom is steep.

Zack: Embrace your dreams. And, whatever happens... Protect your a SOLDIER! Come and get it!

Sephiroth: I'm waiting, Cloud.

Aerith: This is the point of no return.

Aerith: Destiny's crossroads.

Cloud: Then why did you stop me?

Aerith: I'm not really sure.

Tifa: What will we find on the other side?

Aerith: Freedom. Boundless, terrifying freedom. Like a great, never-ending sky. What you heard just now were the voices of the planet. Those born into this world. Who lived and who died. Who returned. They're howling in pain.

Cloud: Because of him? Sephiroth?

Aerith: They... Their words...they don't reach him. All these moments and memories, precious and fleeting...they're like rain rolling off his back... And when they're gone, he won't cry...or shout...or anything. He'd tell you that he only cares about the planet. That he'd do everything in his power to protect and preserve it. But this isn't the way it's supposed to be. There's no greater threat to the planet than him. Sephiroth has to be stopped. He has to be. And that's why... I'm asking you to help me. I know that together, we can do this. But if we do... We'll be changing more than fate itself. If we succeed...if we win...we'll be changing ourselves... I guess...maybe, that's why I hesitated.

Cloud: You said it yourself. He has to be stopped. And frankly, I've heard enough howling for a lifetime.

(Upon talking to Red XIII.)

  • Is it our destiny to defy destiny? It's an interesting question.
  • Will there be Whispers on the other side?

(Upon talking to Barret.)

  • So if we go through that thing, there's no coming back?
  • I don't know what kind of freedom we're buying...but I know it'll cost us.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)

  • Cloud, we should go.
  • If we wait any longer, I dunno...

(Upon talking to Aerith.)

  • Thank you, Cloud.
  • Whatever happens, we'll be long as we stick together.

(Upon approaching the portal.)
Aerith: Ready?

On-screen: Ready?

(Upon selecting "Not yet.", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Yeah.")
Tifa: Never tried to challenge destiny.

Red XIII: This could well be her last line of defense. It won't be easy.

Cloud: Let's go.

Barret: Wouldn't be the first time I spit in destiny's eye. Whether you can see the seams or you can't...doesn't change that she's always trying to have it her way.

Barret: Daddy's coming home real soon, honey!

On-screen: Singularity

Barret: Don't know about you, but looks normal to me.

Aerith: Over there.

Barret: Okay, that ain't right!

Battles against the Whispers

(Upon reuniting with Barret and Tifa.)
Barret: You're alive!

Cloud: Happy to see me?

Barret: Wouldn't go that far.

Cloud: So that thing...that's a Whisper too, huh?

Barret: Looks a lot more like an "arbiter of fate" than the others.

Tifa: We can beat them.

Barret: Ha! Bring it on!

(After the first battle ends.)
Barret: Come on, that ain't fair!

Cloud: Run!

Barret: We gotta go!

Cloud: Just go!

Barret: Shit! Look out! Run dammit, run! Move your ass!

(After the second battle ends.)
Tifa: Dammit!

Barret: We gotta get outta here now!

(After defeating Whisper Rubrum in the third battle.)
Barret: Did we do it!?

Aerith: Hang on!

Tifa: Aerith!

Barret: What the hell did I just see?

Red XIII: A glimpse of tomorrow if we fail here today.

Barret: Dammit! How do we stop these things!?

Red XIII: Well, the big one is way over there. However...

Cloud: These guys are right here.

(After defeating Whisper Croceo and Whisper Virdi in the fourth battle.)
Tifa: This can't be our future...

Aerith: The future is always a blank page.

Barret: Them again? Least they could do is give us a little breather!

Cloud: I say we split up. Take 'em down at the same time.

Barret: In that case, ultra big boy's all mine!

Cloud: Bring it on, bitch!

(When Whisper Bahamut appears.)
Cloud: Let's do this.

Tifa: Right!

Aerith: We can do this—together!

(Upon defeating one of the three Whispers in the fifth battle.)
Aerith: Barret, we're counting on you!

Barret: Ain't no stoppin' us now!

Barret: Gotcha!

(Upon defeating the second of three Whispers in the fifth battle.)
Aerith: Red, you're up!

Barret: I'm gonna show you what Avalanche is made of!

(Upon defeating the third of three Whispers in the fifth battle.)
Tifa: Barret, go for it!

Red XIII: I decide my destiny.

Aerith: We did it!

Tifa: Right.

(Upon defeating Whisper Harbinger.)
Cloud: Where are we?

Sephiroth: I'm waiting, Cloud.

Barret: What the hell is this!?

Red XIII: This is—

Cloud: Sephiroth...

Cloud: Let's finish this.

Sephiroth battle

(When the battle against Sephiroth begins.)
Sephiroth: Fate is not to be taken lightly, Cloud.

Cloud: Shut up!

(Sometimes during battle after attacking.)

Sephiroth (to Cloud)
  • Have we forgotten already?
  • The planet will claim you.
  • Do I frighten you?
  • Will you weep for me?
Sephiroth (to Tifa)
  • Begone.
  • Away.
  • Leave.
  • Fools.
Sephiroth (to Aerith)
  • Can you not see your future?
  • What hope have you?
  • You cannot change it.
Sephiroth (to a party of Cloud-Tifa-Aerith)
  • The weakness within.

(Sephiroth does not seem to have any lines specifically for Barret.)

(After Sephiroth falls to 80% HP.)

  • (If Tifa joins the party.)
    Tifa: Need some help?
    Cloud: Don't know about need... Good to go?
    Tifa: You know it!
  • (If Aerith joins the party.)
    Aerith: Did you miss me?
    Cloud: Not really. He's tough.
    Aerith: Yeah, so what? Screw him.

(After Sephiroth falls to 60% HP.)

  • (If Tifa joins the party, after Aerith had previously joined.)
    Aerith: Tifa!
    Tifa: What'd I miss?
  • (If Aerith joins the party, after Tifa had previously joined.)
    Tifa: Aerith!
    Aerith: Sorry I'm late!
  • (If Barret joins the party, after Tifa had previously joined.)
    Tifa: Barret!
    Barret: Ain't you two havin' fun!
  • (If Barret joins the party, after Aerith had previously joined.)
    Aerith: Barret!
    Barret: Better late than never!

Cloud: Let's go.

(After defeating Sephiroth.)

  • (If Barret has yet to join the party.)
    Tifa: Barret!
    Aerith: Welcome back.
  • (If Tifa has yet to join the party.)
    Barret: We get him!?
    Aerith: Tifa!
    Barret: 'Bout time you showed!
  • (If Aerith has yet to join the party.)
    Barret: We get him!?
    Tifa: Aerith!
    Barret: 'Bout time you showed!

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Aerith: We can do this. We can. We can change it—make it right!

Aerith & Tifa: Cloud!

Barret: Go!

Sephiroth: Careful now. That which lies ahead...does not yet exist.

Sephiroth: Our world will become a part of day. But I...will not end. Nor will I have you end.

Cloud: This is...?

Sephiroth: The edge of creation. Cloud, lend me your strength. Let us defy destiny...together.

Cloud: Never.

Sephiroth: Not yet. Seven seconds till the end. Time enough for you. Perhaps. But what will you do with it? Let's see.

Final scene

Heidegger: Mister Vice President.

Tseng: Mister President.

Rufus: That's right.

Hojo: (laughs)

Zack: Wait... Was that all of 'em?

Zack: Hey, Cloud. You see that?

Undercity Resident (1): There.

Undercity Resident (2): Thank you.

Elmyra: Marlene!

Marlene: Coming!

Marlene: Daddy...?

Barret: Marlene!

Barret: I'll come back.

Tifa: So...what now?

Cloud: Sephiroth. Long as he's still out there, I...

Barret: I thought you beat him.

Aerith: We can. We will.

Tifa: Count me in.

Red XIII: If it's to be a hunt, you could use a nose like mine.

Barret: I'm in too! Bastard wants to destroy the whole planet, doesn't he? An enemy of hers is an enemy of Avalanche!

Zack: Almost there, Cloud. We're almost there...

Aerith: I miss it. The steel sky.

On-screen: The Unknown Journey Will Continue

Episode INTERmission[]

Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest[]

First Challenge[]

Yuffie: (hums "Yuffie's Theme")

Yuffie: Well, guys... Your girl finally made it to Midgar.

Yuffie: Whoa...

Yuffie: Awha! (screams)

Yuffie: (sniffs) Blech!

Yuffie: You got this, Yuffie! Mm-hm.

Yuffie: My name is Yuffie, materia hunter and elite special forces operative for the new Wutai government. I have orders to infiltrate Shinra headquarters and steal their ultimate materia. To prove to our common enemy that Wutai is not to be trifled with. Members of Avalanche...with your full support... We got this!

Yuffie: So, members of Avalanche... Where are you!? Come get me already!

Yuffie: Okay. If I was a man in a moogle hat...

Yuffie: Wait, does this mean what I think it does? Interesting... So, I gotta come to you, do I? You got some nerve! (chuckles)

On-screen: Sector 7 Slums - Outskirts

(Upon encountering the first toxirats.)
Yuffie: Hmph! Guess you're never far from a rat in Midgar! Let's see what you've got!

(Upon defeating them and the nearby gorgers.)
Yuffie: Well, that was easy! And my search for the elusive moogle continues.

(Upon encountering the first robed man.)
Yuffie: Huh?

Yuffie: (sighs) No pom...

Yuffie: You okay? Anybody home?

(While near a robed man.)

Robed Man
  • Re...un...ion.
  • Urh... Ah...

(Upon approaching the elevator near the robed man.)
Yuffie: Well, guess I'm not going anywhere until I get that elevator moving.

(Upon throwing at the switch to reactive the elevator.)
Yuffie: (chuckles) Ah, I never cease to amaze myself.

(Upon exiting the warehouse.)
Yuffie: Yeesh, this town's a total dump. I thought Midgar was supposed to be "the marvel of the modern world." Talk about false advertising. "City of Mako"? "City of Garbage," more like.

(Upon seeing the robed man surrounded by wolves.)
Yuffie: Huh? I gotta do something!

(Upon spotting the bridge above.)
Yuffie: Ah... You'll do the trick. Come on down!

(Upon lowering the bridge.)
Yuffie: Sweet! Now to save the day!

(Upon reaching the robed man.)
Yuffie: Have no fear, Yuffie's here!

(Upon defeating the wayward wolves.)
Robed Man: Uh... Urah...

Yuffie: Uh, so...not even a "thank you"?

(While near the robed man by Scrap Boulevard.)
Robed Man:

(Upon entering Scrap Boulevard.)
Robed Man:

Yuffie: This is too weird...

Yuffie: Hn, hn, hah! Okay...! You got this!

On-screen: Scrap Boulevard

(While running through Scrap Boulevard.)
Yuffie: Huh, okay... That rotten egg smell's gone. Must've gotten used to it. Hah. Way things are goin', I'll be workin' for Shinra next. Nice try, Midgar.

Yuffie: I'm talkin' to myself. City's getting to me!

(Upon reaching the screen inside the Sector 7 slums.)
Scarlet: Mako Reactor 5 has been temporarily shut down, and all fires have been successfully extinguished. The situation is under control, and the people of our fair city need not worry about any additional complications. We are in the process of conducting a full forensic investigation. But we suspect the device used was similar to that employed in the attack on Mako Reactor 1.

On-screen: Sector 7 Slums

Yuffie: Oh, oh, oh! Whadda we have here!? (chuckles) Man, that's gotta be Avalanche! Not bad. Not bad at all... But I can do better!

Zhijie: Yuffie?

Zhijie: Yo.

Yuffie: Wha...? There's our pom!

Yuffie: So, you're Avalanche?

Zhijie: I'm Zhijie. Follow me.

Yuffie: Wha—? W-wait up!

Esteemed Avalanche Colleagues[]

Yuffie: So, Zhijie, why didn't you come meet me before?

Zhijie: I figured an elite W agent could find their own way.

Yuffie: I may be elite, but it's not like I've ever been to Midgar. ...And what exactly is a "W" anyway?

Zhijie: Anyone who lives where you just came from. Think of it as a codename.

Yuffie: Uh-huh...

Zhijie: Still can't believe they sent a kid to do this job...

Yuffie: This "kid" could kick your ass!

Zhijie: Sayin' you're a fresh face is all.

Yuffie: Oh, don't worry. I know exactly what you're saying!

Zhijie: Gimme a break, will ya?

Yuffie: And let you walk all over me?

Zhijie: Well, here we are. Ladies first.

(While near Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge.)
Jessie: I don't get it. The mission was a success. So why aren't they back yet?

Biggs: Well, judging from the news, they didn't get caught. They'll turn up.

Wedge: Amd when they do, we're gonna treat 'em to a feast! I can almost taste your pizza now, Jessie!

Jessie: Shame, since you won't be getting any.

Wedge: What!?

Biggs: Heh heh...

(Upon entering the Sector 7 Clinic.)
On-screen: Avalanche's Base

(Upon reaching Nayo, Polk, and Billy Bob.)
Zhijie: These two are Billy Bob and Polk. And that's Nayo.

Yuffie: Hi. My name is Yuffie, materia hunter and elite special forces operative for the new Wutai government. I have orders to infiltrate Shinra HQ and steal their ultimate materia. To prove to our common enemy that Wutai is not to be trifled with. Members of Avalanche, with your full support... We got this!

Billy Bob: (chuckles) Ready to rumble, huh?

Yuffie: You better believe it! So, did you guys meet Sonon yet? He was supposed to be here.

Polk: Yeah, he got in three days ago.

Nayo: He's out on the town as we speak. Really seems to be enjoying it here.

Yuffie: Oh he does, does he!?

Polk: You, any bags?

Yuffie: As if. Ninjas always travel light. It's like a rule.

Yuffie: But I did bring these—Wutai's famous Da-chao beans. Eat up. And here you go.

Billy Bob: And these things?

Billy Bob: (chuckles) Guess you do.

Nayo: Sheesh. You ninjas are insane.

Zhijie: Do me a favor, Yuffie, and wait here for Sonon. I gotta head out. Your IDs should be ready for pickup by now.

Yuffie: Then why don't I join ya!?

Zhijie: Naw, I got this. Besides, you reek of trouble. (chuckles)

Yuffie: Huh?

Gathering Intel[]

(Upon attempting to leave before talking to everyone.)

  • Billy Bob: Hey, you gonna be okay out there? Got all the info you need?
  • Polk: Uh, Yuffie? Might wanna wait for Sonon before hittin' the city.

(Upon talking to Nayo the first time.)
Nayo: You must be tired from your trip. Why don't you get some rest?

Yuffie: With all the noise in this city? Im-freakin'-possible. How about you tell me where in the Shinra Building they're keeping that materia instead. Don't hold out on me now. I know you know.

Nayo: Actually...I kind of don't. At least, not an exact location. All I know is that Shinra—for most purposes—treats materia as a weapon. Which means the Advanced Weaponry Division probably deals with it. And since that's in the basement...

Yuffie: I see... So... Shinra hides its top secret materia in the basement. (chuckles) You won't have to wait much longer, my precious...I promise.

Nayo: Just be careful, will you? Please?

Nayo: Oh yeah, you should introduce yourself to Billy Bob. He knows a thing or two about the Shinra Building.

(Upon talking to Billy Bob the first time.)
Billy Bob: My teeth...

Yuffie: You're welcome. So, the materia I'm looking for is in the Shinra Building, right? And where is that, exactly?

Billy Bob: (chuckles) Ignorance truly is bliss, huh?

Yuffie: What did you just say?

Billy Bob: Haha, didn't mean to offend you. Of course, you probably knew this already, but there's a whole other city built on the plate above us. Shinra Building's right in the middle. You can't miss it.

Yuffie: Oh, that one. Why didn't you say so?

Billy Bob: Now, if ya wanna get topside, ya first gotta get outta the slums. And for help with that, you should talk to Polk.

(Upon talking to Polk the first time.)
Polk: You look kinda nervous.

Yuffie: I just wanna make sure I have the plan down pat. You know, like how to get up top and all that.

Polk: Huh, well... If you had an ID, you'd normally just take the train up there. But with all the commotion going on, that's not really an option. Security's on high alert. If you ask me, your best bet is to sit tight and wait for things to settle down some.

Yuffie: Sit tight? But I wanna go now...

Polk: Be my guest, then—go get killed.

Yuffie: Harsh.

(Upon talking to Nayo the second time.)
Nayo: Sonon's still not back? Must be in Wall Market, then.

Yuffie: What's Wall Market?

Nayo: Let's just say it's a place for people with "mature tastes."

Yuffie: Mature tastes...

Nayo: There's lots of different establishments. It's...kinda hard to explain.

Yuffie: No, I think I get it. Like bars filled with smoke so thick you can't even see, and drinks so bitter you wanna spit 'em right back out!

Nayo: Uh...

Yuffie: Where everyone gets drunk and complains about how "Kids just don't understand the value of hard work. They'll be the death of society." Ugh, how can they not see that they're the ones destryoing it!?

Nayo: (chuckles)

Yuffie: Wutai's got a place like that, where grown-ups drink their lives away. It's called the "Happy Turtle."

Nayo: Interesting. There's a Happy Turtle in Midgar as well.

Yuffie Huh?

Nayo: I don't know where exactly, because I've never actually been, but I do see their flyers from time to time.

Yuffie: You do, huh? (gasp) They're taking down Midgar one citizen at a time!

Nayo: (chuckles)

Yuffie: I salute you, Happy Turtle!

Nayo: Come to think of it... There's a man who goes around putting up flyers for the bar. People call him "Old Snapper." And he doesn't dress like your average Midgar male. Might be from Wutai.

Yuffie: I oughta find him! Man deserves some Da-chao beans.

(Upon talking to Billy Bob the second time.)
Billy Bob: You know about the VR combat simulation module, right?

Yuffie: Huh? Uh...course I do! Why wouldn't I? It's that thing that...stimulates...modulation.

Billy Bob: Hm. (chuckles) Kinda. It's a machine that puts you in a virtual world where you can practice fighting all you want. There's even a portable version of it. Guy around the corner has one.

Yuffie: Uh-huh...

Billy Bob: Hardly ever see technology that cutting-edge down here. So whaddya say? Wanna try it?

Yuffie: I really don't have time to be playin' around with some stimulator. But, just to be polite, I guess I'll take it for a spin.

Billy Bob: The guy's name is Chadley. He's over by the neighborhood watch. If you ever feel like some virtual training, I'm sure he'd be happy to help.

(Upon talking to Polk a second time.)
Polk: You look about ready to die of boredom. Wanna play Fort Condor?

Yuffie: "Fort...Condor"?

Polk: (chuckles) I shoulda known. It hasn't been out long, so there's no way you Ws would've heard of it.

Yuffie: Uh, yes I have! And what's more, I'm awesome at it. I'll whoop you so hard, you'll wonder if you ever knew the rules!

Polk: For my benefit, then, lemme go over them...

(After beating Polk in a match.)
Polk: Damn, Yuffie! How'd you do that? You totally kicked my ass!

Yuffie: You mean you didn't lose on purpose? ...Wow.

Polk: (chuckles) Well, if you're looking for a challenge, the undercity's got no shortage of serious players.

Yuffie: I've kinda got better things to do.

Polk: Sure 'bout that? Word is if you beat the grandmaster, you can win some serious cash—materia, too.

Yuffie: Materia!?

Polk: That's right. But you should know the hardcore competitors won't give you the time of day till you've proven yourself.

Yuffie: Whatever! Bring it on!

(After talking to all three twice.)
Yuffie: Ugh... Al this talking's giving me a headache. I'm gonna go do some recon.

Nayo: I won't stop you. Just don't go too far, okay?

Scout Out Sector 7[]

(Upon talking to Marle by Stargazer Heights.)

  • Got the place a guard dog. Figured it'd spare my tenants the troubles of chasin' off nosy men.
  • Ah, have business with the merc, do ya? If it's a job you want done, he's your man, but otherwise don't bother.

(While near the teacher with children in the middle of the slums.)

  • Okay, everyone, listen up! Time for "Stamp: The Loyal Little Helper."
  • "Bow wow! I'm Stamp, the good boy who never stops helping! Cap'n's given me a very important mission: to buy bread for tonight's dinner!"
  • So with his super-duper nose, Stamp went into town to sniff out a bakery. He went a-sniff-sniff here, and a-sniff-sniff there! Even finding milk, sausage, and cake didn't distract him.
  • Using his trusty nose, Stamp was able to find the best, most yummiest bakery in the whole city! And from that bakery, he picked out the best, most yummiest-smelling loaf of bread! Thinking about how pleased the captain would be, Stamp went trotting back to base, wagging his tail, and singing a happy song.
  • But on the road home, he came across a moogle crying all by himself. "What's wrong?" Stamp asked the forlorn little fellow. "I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten in ages, kupo," the moogle sniffled. "Never fear, Stamp's here! And I know just how to help." So Stamp gave the crying moogle his loaf of bread. "Thank you, kupo," the moogle exclaimed, his pom bouncing excitedly.
  • Then Stamp waved goodbye and returned to base. When he got there, he went straight to the captain and told him what had happened. The captain was very proud of Stamp. Helping that moogle was the right thing to do. "Who's a good boy," the captain laughed, as he gave Stamp a good scratch behind the ears. And Stamp let out a happy bark, for he knew that he was the good boy. The end.
  • That's all for today. Did everyone enjoy that?

(Upon passing Betty in front of the teacher.)

  • Hi there, moogle! Are you here for the story?
  • I bet you like Stamp too, huh!

(Upon attempting to enter Seventh Heaven.)
Yuffie: His ways are a mystery.

(While near the gate at the Pillar Plaza.)
New Recruit: Um... Sir? What are we going to do?

Senior Officer: We're going to concentrate on our jobs, and not worry about things that don't concern us.

New Recruit: But...what if Avalanche is hiding somewhere in this sector?

(After beating one of the discovery quests before finding Sonon.)
Yuffie: Sonon's gotta be back by now.

(Upon returning to the base.)
Sonon: I'm back.

Nayo: Ah, there you are. Someone's been expecting you.

Yuffie: What took you!?

Sonon: Sorry 'bout that.

Yuffie: Wh-what?

Sonon: Just thinking how you're nothing like your old man. Anyway, it's nice to meet you. I'm Sonon Kusakabe. I was lucky enough to learn how to fight from G—

Yuffie: Yeah, I don't wanna talk about him. Let's talk about something else. Like how you've adjusted to life here—indulging in "adult" pastimes. Which I guess means...drinking yourself stupid! Last thing I need is my partner stinking like an over-the-hill has-been.

Yuffie: Speaking of been to the Happy Turtle? If you're part of Operation Down-in-One, I take it back. I am there next time you go. Don't worry, I can do adult stuff just fine.

Sonon: Well, I don't even know where to begin with all of that... But I do know I haven't heard of "Operation Down-in-One." At any rate, I'm looking forward to working with you, Boss.

Yuffie: "Boss"? As in me?

Sonon: Well, I've got a few years on you, I'll admit—but out of us two, you've done this longer.

Yuffie: I...I guess I have! "Boss," huh? I could get used to that. Beats being stuck on the bottom rung, that's for sure. (chuckles)

Sonon: After we get that materia, we can celebrate your promotion at the Happy Turtle.

Yuffie: Yeah! Yeah!

Yuffie: Stupid bird.

Polk: Says the merchandise is good to go. Handoff's at a depot in municipal storage.

Nayo: Okay. Yuffie, Sonon. You mind coming along?

Yuffie: Not at all! Need to scope out the city anyway. Really get to know the enemy.

Nayo: We'll be passing through a rough part of town, so you'll wanna go prepared. I'll leave you to get ready. Hit met up outside when you're done, okay?

Yuffie: Be right there!

Chadley's Research[]

(While near Chadley before talking to him.)
Chadley: Searching for candidates...

(Upon talking to Chadley.)
Chadley: Candidate detected. Performing physical analysis. She seems relatively agile, and has substantial muscle mass for her stature. Hm. An acceptable candidate.

Yuffie: Hey, wanna tell me what you're mumblin' about?

Chadley: My apologies. My name is Chadley. Would you be interesting in helping me with my research?

Yuffie: I'm Yuffie. Neet to meet you. So...what're you researchin'?

Chadley: Combat. It would entail doing battle with a summon in a virtual arena using this portable simulator. Interested?

Yuffie: Hmmm...sure! Why not. Imma kick its butt!

Chadley: Very well then...

(Upon talking to Chadley again before beating Ramuh.)
Chadley: Can I assume you're ready to do battle with a virtual summon?

(Upon selecting "VR Missions" from Chadley and exiting.)
Chadley: You're withdrawing? That is...most disheartening.

(Upon losing to Ramuh.)
Chadley: What a shame. It was a close match. However, I did manage to obtain some invaluable data. Analyze and learn from your mistakes, so that you can claim victory next time.

(Upon beating Ramuh.)
Chadley: Splendid! Thanks to the data you provided during your battle, I succeeded in developing a new materia! One might say you were "faster than lightning." And with the Lord of Levin on your side, your enemies will struggle to keep up!

(Upon talking to Chadley again after beating Ramuh.)

  • If you'd like to participate again, you're more than welcome!
  • You "kicked its butt," like you promised.

Mastering Fort Condor[]

(While near Kyrie before talking to her.)
Kyrie: Attention! For three gil, you can play Fort Condor against the lovely Kyrie!

(Upon talking to Kyrie.)
Kyrie: You know the drill. You wanna play, you gotta fork over—Hm? What's your deal? And why're you dressed like a five-year-old? That's just weird.

Yuffie: Uh... What are you talking about? This isn't weird—it's super cute!

Kyrie: "Super cute"? Heh. More like "super lame."

Yuffie: Not as lame as Midgar.

Kyrie: Huh?

Yuffie: Just saying how much I was looking forward to playing Fort Condor. I could really use the training, y'know?

Kyrie: Sure, I'll put you through your paces...but you do know it's gonna cost ya, right? One match, three gil. Play up.

On-screen: Challenge Kyrie (Rank 1) to a match?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    • (After beating Kyrie.)
      Kyrie: Um, excuse me? I cheated and I still lost?
      Yuffie: (chuckles) What can I say? Talent trumps all.
      Kyrie: Whatever. You still owe me for my time. It's gotta be gil at least!
      Yuffie: As if!
  • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

(Upon passing Kyrie after beating her.)
Kyrie: I don't wanna think about it. Maybe I should just go home and pass out.

(While near Johnny before talking to him.)
Johnny: Ugh. Great work, Johnny. Just great. Where you gonna find enough money at this short notice?

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Johnny: Ah! Don't freakin' scare me like that! I'm highly strung! You trying to kill me or—Huh? Who the hell are you?

Yuffie: Who am I? Someone who doesn't spend all day muttering to themselves in the shadows... Like some kinda Shinra spy!

Johnny: Say what!? Me!? Nuh-uh! I was just...y'know...thinkin' about stuff. Huh? Hmm... (chuckles) Yeah, like how to bag that sweet, sweet Fort Condor prize money! It's my ticket outta here!

Yuffie: Heh. So you're after the grandmaster too? Sorry to burst your bubble, Mr. Shadow Lurker, but I'll be the one takin' home those spoils of war.

Johnny: Wha—Over my dead body you will! My life's on the line here! I deserve to eat! I deserve to live!

On-screen: Challenge Johnny (Rank 1) to a match?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    • (After beating Johnny.)
      Johnny: What!? No, this can't be—Say it ain't so! Goodbye fortune... Goodbye pride!
      Yuffie: (chuckles) Now I'm taking down Midgar, a citizen at a time.
      Johnny: Huh? Wait, what'd you say?
      Yuffie: That all of Midgar's gonna suffer the same fate.
  • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

(While near the Shinra Middle Manager before talking to him.)

Shinra Middle Manager
  • So the key to victory is ensuring that your units—Wait. What was a unit again...?
  • And then there's formations and placement... Who came up with this stuff?

(Upon talking to the Shinra Middle Manager.)
Shinra Middle Manager: So when your opponent leads with this, you respond with...this? This game is insane...

Yuffie: Hey there, suit. How's that conversation with yourself workin' out?

Shinra Middle Manager: Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb anyone. My daughter's been dying to play this game, and I promised to teach her. But first, I have to teach myself.

Yuffie: That "game" wouldn't happen to be Fort Condor, would it!? If you want, I'll help you figure stuff out.

Shinra Middle Manager: Y-you will? Uh, thanks, that'd be a great help.

On-screen: Challenge the Shinra middle manager (Rank 1) to a match?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    • (After beating him.)
      Shinra Middle Manager: Well, whaddya know! I think I'm startin' to get the hang of this!
      Yuffie: Starting to get the hang of what? Losing?
      Shinra Middle Manager: Losing on purpose, to be precise. If I can let my daughter win without her suspecting, that to me is as good as a victory.
      Yuffie: Boo!
      Shinra Middle Manager: (chuckles) I know, I know... But if it'll make her happy...
  • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

(While near Jessie before talking to her.)

  • Enough already, Shinra. We get it.
  • I should be up there with them... Not that I'd be much use, but still...

(Upon talking to Jessie before reaching rank 2.)
Jessie: Where are they? They should've been here by now...

Yuffie: Hm? Waiting for somone? Ooh, you got stood up.

Jessie: As if! Wait, who are you?

Jessie: Don't mean to be rude or anything, kid, but do you mind? I'm not exactly in the mood.

(Upon talking to Jessie again before reaching rank 2.)
Jessie: Not in the mood. Go bug literally anyone else.

(While near Roche before talking to him.)

  • Hahahahahahahahaha! I'm waiting, my friend! Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  • Don't by shy! I simply wanna finish what we started!

(Upon talking to Roche.)
Roche: Why, hello there! Forgive me for saying, but you remind me of a dear friend of mine. Perhaps you've met him?

Yuffie: I dunno—is he Shinra too?

Roche: Perhaps, perhaps... My name is Roche, by the way. Ordinarily, your ill-concealed hostility and exotic wardrobe would give me pause. But not today, for I am here on business of a personal nature. Looking for my aforementioned friend.

Yuffie: What's his name?

Roche: Oh, I only wish I knew! But I can tell you that he has a real..."need for speed," as they say. And while he boasts a very large sword, his first love his plainly his mount!

Yuffie: Yeah, he sounds great. Say, is that Fort Condor I see over there? You play?

Roche: I'm always ready for a round of Fort Condor!

  • (If the player has not reached rank 2.)
    Roche: Though...I suspect a delicate flower like you would wither if exposed to my scorching passion for the game. Maybe after some practice, hm?
  • (If the player has reached rank 2.)
    Roche: (chuckles) In the absence of my friend, you will provide some much-needed entertainment, my dear!
    On-screen: Challenge Roche (Rank 2) to a match?
    • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
      • (After beating Roche.)
        Roche: Well played, my friend! And to think I thought I'd best you easily!
        Yuffie: Wait...did you just call me your friend?
        Roche: But of course! With that display of passion, you've more than proven yourself worthy! Henceforth, you shall occupy a place in the pantheon of my closest companions! When next we meet, it will be on the open road, the wind in our hair... Just don't make me come looking for you, my friend!
    • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

(Upon talking to Roche again before reaching rank 2.)
Roche: Hahahahahaha! Nice try, but no.

(Upon beating three rank 1 players.)
On-screen: Fort Condor You may now challenge Rank 2 players!

(Upon talking to Jessie after reaching rank 2.)
Yuffie: So, I've been thinkin' about it, and I know just what you need... Round of Fort Condor?

Jessie: You gotta be—Didn't I tell you I'm not in the mood?

Jessie: (sighs) You know what? Fine, why the hell not. Might help take my mind off things.

On-screen: Challenge Jessie (Rank 2) to a match?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    • (After beating Jessie.)
      Jessie: Damn... Well, can't win 'em all.
      Yuffie: (laughs)
      Jessie: Ha ha, laugh it up. Now leave me alone, wouldja?
      Yuffie: Hm? What's that I hear? The sound of the world's smallest violin?
      Jessie: Keep pushing me...
  • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

(While near Wedge before talking to him.)

  • There, there... Don't worry. They'll be back soon. I promise.
  • We're all sad they aren't here, but we gotta be brave.

(Upon talking to Wedge after reaching rank 3.)
Yuffie: So...I couldn't help noticing your Fort Condor set. Got time for a game?

Wedge: It'd be my pleasure!

Yuffie: Then let's do it up! I gotta warn you, though, I'm kind of an expert at this.

Wedge: (laughs) Pretty sure I'll hold my own. I eat experts for breakfast!

Yuffie: Oho, is that right? Well, you can talk the talk, so let's see ya walk the walk!

On-screen: Challenge Wedge (Rank 3) to a match?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    • (After beating Wedge.)
      Wedge: Not gonna lie...I didn't think you had a chance. Sure showed me.
      Yuffie: You freakin' bet I did! Aw, not gonna go cryin' to your cats, are ya!?
      Wedge: Ugh!
      Yuffie: Looks like you've got your work cut out for you, my furry friends!
  • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

(After beating all players before the grandmaster.)
Yuffie: Hey... Wait a second. That was everyone, right? Including the grandmaster? So where's my materia!? I want it now!

(While near Chadley upon reaching rank 4.)

  • Searching for competitors...
  • Competitor detected. Initiating proficiency analysis...

(Upon talking to Chadley upon reaching rank 4.)
Chadley: Hell, Yufife. I've finished reviewing your Fort Condor match records. You exhibit what in sporting parlance is called "the ability to perform in the clutch," and "the heart of a champion." In combination, these traits make you the ideal player! That being the case, if it isn't too much trouble, would you mind testing your mettle against me?

Yuffie: Uh... I guess so?

Chadley: I'm sure you'll "kick butt"!

(Upon choosing the "Fort Condor" option from Chadley's menu.)

  • (After beating Chadley.)
    Chadley: That was quite the performance, Yuffie! Thanks to you, my hypothesis has been substantiated.
    Yuffie: Your hypo-thingy's what now?
    Chadley: Substantiated. I was testing security measures against Wutaian espionage operations. By offering a reward, I surmised I could accelerate the rate of adoption, which would, in turn—
    Yuffie: Yeah, yeah, skip to the end!
    Chadley: (sighs) My apologies. What I meant to say was this: The money and the materia are yours. Do with them as you please.
    Yuffie: did you say "materia"!?'re the Grandmaster!? Whodda thunk! (laughs) How does it feel, Shinra—to see the whole of Midgar brought to its knees by the Amazing Yuffie!
    Chadley: Heh. Your capacity to remain undeterred and overcome adversity is commendable. You are truly a worthy competitor. When I next test a hypothesis, I would be honored if you would agree to... ..."kick its butt"!
    Yuffie: Anytime!
  • (After losing to CHadley.)
    Chadley: Shame; it was a close match. Maybe next time.

(Upon talking to Chadley again before beating him.)
Chadley: Would you care to assist in my research by joining me in a game or two of Fort Condor?

The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign[]

(Upon talking to Old Snapper.)
Old Snapper: Oh the joy and cheer that await at the Happy Turtle...

Old Snapper: Oho! Greetings, softshell. So, how many of those flyers didja find?

Yuffie: Wha?

Old Snapper: Ahem! Collect just six flyers for the Happy Turtle, and a one-of-a-kind prize could be yours! Ring any bells?

Yuffie: Nope.

Old Snapper: Well then! Allow me to explain. The Happy Turtle's running a contest. And the rules are simple. All you have to do is collect six of our fabulous flyers from around Sector 7...and you'll earn yourself a prize sure to delight even the dourest diamondback! Hah hah! Sadly, a handful of locals have taken to acting like stinkpots toward anything Wutaian, 'speciall since the bombings. Some've even gone so far as to tear down my poor posters. Little wonder nobody's won yet.

Yuffie: Bummer.

Old Snapper: (sighs) Which leaves me in a pretty predicament... But hey, my pain might be your gain. By collecting just a handful of flyers, you could be the first, and—at this rate—the only winner of the most testudinarious contest in Midgar's history! This here's a sample of one of our ads. Breathtaking, isn't it? Now it's up to you to find all six. Leave no shell unturned, no pond unplumbed!

Yuffie: That prize is as good as mine!

Old Snapper: Ah, since you're here. You wouldn't happen to have any condor coins on you, wouldja? This job may keep a shell over my head, but my real passion's coin collecting. I'd gladly party with some oddities and commodities in exchange for those little beauts.

(Sometimes upon passing the Old Snapper.)
Yuffie: Hm hm hm hm-hm-hm-hm-hmmm... (hums Happy Turtle theme)

(Upon talking to the Old Snapper again before obtaining all flyers.)
Old Snapper: So, what can I do ya for?

On-screen: What can Old Snapper do for you?

  • (Upon selecting "Let me redeem condor coins.", open store menu.)
  • (Upon selecting "Give me flyer hints.", hints given based on how many are left.)
    • (Newsletter 1.)
      Old Snapper: Went to check on one of my flyers, and would't ya know, some rascally youngsters've hidden the darn thing.
    • (Newsletter 3.)
      Old Snapper: Friend of mine manages some apartments nearby, and she's been kind enough to let me post a flyer.
    • (Newsletter 2.)
      Old Snapper: Saw one of my babies floating through the air earlier! Poor thing...
    • (Newsletter 4.)
      Old Snapper: The one I put up in Culvert Street's vanished, too. Swiped by one of those pesky cats...
    • (After giving all hints.)
      Old Snapper: Oh, if you overhear any songs, jams, or grooves about the Happy Turtle, be sure and follow 'em.
  • (Upon selecting "Nothing.", conversation ends)

(Upon seeing a flyer in the distance.)
Yuffie: There it is. The call of the turtle!

(Upon taking the poster behind boxes at the playground.)
Yuffie: You never stood a chance, little guy!

On-screen: The Happy Turtle Newsletter 1 obtained.

(Upon obtaining the poster from the balloon.)
Yuffie: The gumshoe ninja strikes again!

On-screen: The Happy Turtle Newsletter 2 obtained.

(Upon reaching the second floor of Stargazer Heights.)
On-screen: Don't let the dog notice you!

(Upon being spotted by the dog.)

  • Yeesh!
  • (screams)
  • Easy, Fido...

On-screen: Hide behind the boxes when the dog's awake!

(Upon obtaining the poster from Stargazer Heights.)
On-screen: The Happy Turtle Newsletter 3 obtained.

Marle: Just what do you think you're doing, young lady?

Yuffie: (screams)

Marle: And whaddya want with that, exactly? Better yet, who are you? Heard some punks've been hasslin' the nice people at the Happy Turtle, rippin' down their flyers. Are you one of 'em?

Yuffie: Mm-mm.

Marle: So you're trying to sneak a peek at the merc? Not that I blame ya. Boy's easy on the eyes, I'll give him that much.

Yuffie: Uh...

Marle: But cut your losses, honey. Unless you like your men silent and emotionally unavailable. Merc's built a wall around himself so damn high, even he can't see over it. He'll never tell you what he's thinking. And that attitude of his...! I tried to get through to him—but would he listen? Would he?

Yuffie: Uh, I'm really not here for...whoever he is.

Marle: Then what are you here for?

Yuffie: For, uh...directions! But I'm all good now, thanks!

(Upon talking to Marle after obtaining the poster.)

  • Sorry, merc's not here.
  • Here for advice? Gonna have to wait your turn.
  • Something about today. Not sure what...

(Upon leaving Stargazer Heights after obtaining the poster.)
Yuffie: Hah... That was a close one.

(Upon entering the tunnel at the back of the town.)
Yuffie: I'm comin' for ya, flyer!

(Upon obtaining the correct flyer from the correct cat.)
Yuffie: Heh heh, gotcha!

Yuffie: (screams)

Yuffie: Flyer acquired!

On-screen: The Happy Turtle Newsletter 4 obtained.

(Upon reaching the Pillar Plaza after beginning the quest.)
Wymer: Hey! Over here! Can't belive those freakin' morons... They damn near got 'emselves eaten tryin' to hide that stupid poster. You stay away from that factory, y'hear? Place has monsters comin' outta the walls.

(Upon talking to Wymer again.)
Wymer: Fiends've been actin' up since the bombings—like they know something we don't. (sighs) Just wish that merc were still around. He'd sort those critters out.

(Upon obtaining the poster from the billboard at the Pillar Plaza.)
Yuffie: Heh heh, gotcha! You thought you could hide from me, didn't ya!

On-screen: The Happy Turtle Newsletter 5 obtained.

(Upon entering the Abandoned Talagger Factory.)
Yuffie: (gasps) My turtle senses are tingling!

(Upon obtaining the poster from the factory.)
Yuffie: Heh heh, gotcha!

On-screen: The Happy Turtle Newsletter 6 obtained.

(After obtaining six flyers.)
Yuffie: And that makes six! Won't Old Snapper be impressed when I rock up with these bad boys.

On-screen: Return to Old Snapper?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", go to Old Snapper.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon talking to Old Snapper after obtaining all flyers.)
Old Snapper: Well, well, well... Look what the tide washed in. That's a one, two...three and a four...five and—I can't believe it—six! We have a winner! Three cheers for the Happy Turtle's all-conquering champion! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooraaay!

Yuffie: Please, it was a piece of cake. Only these Midgarian dummies would find that a challenge. Speaking of which... Here—for a fellow tough nut!

Old Snapper: Would ya look at that... Da-chao beans! Does this mean what I think it does?

Yuffie: Mm-hm.

Old Snapper: Well, whaddya know. A real-life ninja, paying Old Snapper a visit. Truth be told, I'd love to have you 'round to the bar, got your hands full. (chuckles) Not to mention the whole underage thing. Still just a young'n, I s'pose, ninja though you are. Well, I don't plan on movin' from Midgar anytime soon, so once your shell's seen a bit more wear and tear, make sure to come on back. Whip you up the finest food and drink this side of Wutai. Only the best for you.

The Handoff[]

(Upon talking to Nayo.)
Nayo: You guys all set?

On-screen: You all set?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    Nayo: Okay. Streets are kind of a maze, so stay close.
  • (Upon selecting "No".)
    Nayo: Take all the time you need.

(Upon walking away from Nayo.)
Nayo: Yuffie? Where are you going?

(While following Nayo.)
Sonon: So Nayo, where we headed?

Nayo: To pick up your IDs. There's no way to get topside without 'em.

Yuffie: But I thought Zhijie was getting our High-D's. What happened with that?

Nayo: He is, but those are different. It takes more than one ID—or even two—to survive in this town. Don't forget, Midgar was built by Shinra, for Shinra.

Yuffie: Those tyrants!

Sonon: Put the claws away, Boss. Least while we're in Shinra territory.

Yuffie: Reowr!

Sonon: Whoa.

Nayo: So, Yuffie, what do you think of the undercity?

Yuffie: Way too crowded. I can't stand it. Ugh, and the stench! How can anyone live here?

Sonon: Gotta agree with you about the smell, but you get used to it quick enough.

Nayo: And the crowds stop bothering you eventually. The place can grow on you if you give it a chance.

Yuffie: Uh...wait a second. Are you actually saying you like it here? I thought you hated it.

Nayo: Midgar isn't the enemy—Shinra is. I know Ws don't really see the distinction, but...we do.

Yuffie: Then what was that stuff on the news? About a reactor blowin' up and all. No way that was an accident. It had to be Avalanche.

Nayo: Shh!

Yuffie: Sorry...

Yuffie: Uh, what's up?

Nayo: Those guys there are from the splinter cell.

Yuffie: Splinter cell?

Nayo: They used to be with Avalanche, but left after a "policy dispute."

Biggs: Well, look who it is. Lovin' your work! So how many reactors is that now? Wait... Where's Cloud?

Barret: We lost him.

Biggs: You what?

Tifa: He will be okay though...right?

Barret: Well...of course he will! A little fall ain't gonna stop a hard-ass like him. He'll come swaggerin' back before long, you mark my words.

Tifa: Yeah...I guess he will.

Barret: Now can we talk about President Shithead? Spoutin' all that crap about us!? That lyin' son of a bitch! Working for Wutai!? Avalanche ain't nobody's—

Tifa: Barret.

Biggs: Speakin' of sons of bitches...I heard the Wall Market's very own Don Corneo has his stooges out lookin' for ya.

Tifa: Huh?

Barret: Is that so?

Barret: Don't got time for no low-level mobsters. We got Shinra in our sights.

Barret: Tifa. You and I both know this is far from over. Right? Might as well get some rest—while we still can.

Tifa: Right.

Tifa: You know what? I think I am gonna look into this.

Biggs: Good luck out there.

Nayo: They're the ones who blew up the reactors.

Yuffie: Cool. Should we say hi?

Sonon: Nah, better not. After what they've done, you gotta assume Shinra's on their tail. Should keep our distance.

Nayo: Yeah. My thoughts exactly.

(While following Nayo again.)
Nayo: The people in the splinter cell, they couldn't care less about collateral damage...long as Shinra goes down.

Yuffie: So, what's wrong with that? Sounds good to me.

Nayo: We're not out to blow Midgar up or tear it down—we want to save it from Shinra. Look around. Nine outta ten of the people living here are innocent bystanders. We can't level their home to take down one company.

Yuffie: Well, that company almost leveled our home, and they've gotta learn their lesson.

Nayo: Yeah, I get that.

Sonon: Gotta admit, I'm surprised you agreed to work with us.

Nayo: We're just doing what we think is build a brighter future. That's all there is to it.

Sonon: In other words, you're working with us so we don't work with your old buddies—knowing what would happen if we did.

Nayo: Uh, can we table this for later, maybe? Not sure now's the best time for heavy topics.

Yuffie: Yeah, couldn't agree more. Consider it tabled!

(Upon talking to Nayo outside the gate.)
Nayo: So...what exactly does this "ultimate materia" do? I'm guessing you have big plans for it?

Yuffie: Like after we steal it? Well, the more materia you have, the stronger you are, right? So once we've got the ultimate materia, we'll be stronger than anyone!

Nayo: I guess you will...

Yuffie: (chuckles) It's gonna be awesome!

Sonon: And not just that. By sneaking into Shinra HQ and snatching their most prized possession from under their noses...not only will we deal a massive blow to their morale...but we'll prove to them that while Wutai might be down, we're not out. That the gist of it, Boss?

Yuffie: Uh, sure is!

(Upon walking through the gate.)
Corneo Lackey (1): See that one?

Corneo Lackey (2): Well hello there, hot stuff... How'd ya like a shot at the big time?

Yuffie: (chuckles)

Corneo Lackey (2): With those looks, I guarantee you're golden.

Yuffie: (chuckles)

Corneo Lackey (2): So whaddaya say? Ready to be queen of the undercity?

Yuffie: Hey! What am I? Chopped liver!?

Corneo Lackey (2): The kid doesn't need to hear this.

Corneo Lackey (1): Now be a good girl and cover your ears, okay?

Corneo Lackey (2): You'd be living and working in the most luxurious residence in all of Wall Ma—

Nayo: You want me to be one of Corneo's brides, is that it? Which makes you a "person of influence," right?

Corneo Lackey (2): Oh, I see you know your stuff. But I'd say I'm more of a "helping hand." So, why don't you help me help you?

Corneo Lackey (3): Let's get going.

Nayo: What're you doing!? Get your hands off me? Ugh!

Corneo Lackey (3): Now, don't go playin' ha—

Yuffie: (laughs) Know any kids who can do that? No you don't, 'cause I'm an adult.

Corneo Lackey (2): (laughs)

Yuffie: Also, I'm pretty hot stuff myself, thank you very much.

Corneo Lackey (2): Hah. Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night, little girl. But if you wanna pull up a seat at the grown-ups' my guest.

(After defeating the Corneo Lackeys.)
Sonon: Hey, at least you tried.

Corneo Lackey (2): You're gonna eat those words, you smuh piece of shit.

Corneo Lackey (4): Boss! Boss! You're not gonna believe this! The hottie of the century just fell righ t into our laps!

Corneo Lackey (2): She did?

Corneo Lackey (4): (laughs) Goods under the hood, junk in the trunk, and down for a bumpy ride!

Corneo Lackey (2): Sorry, ladies, but after careful consideration, we've decided to go with a more "qualified" applicant. Let's go.

Corneo Lackey (3): See ya around!

Yuffie: Okay...

Yuffie: So, who were those creeps anyway?

Nayo: Don Corneo's "talent scouts." They'll say and do just about anything to get unsuspecting girls back to the don's mansion.

Sonon: I thought it looked seedy. Guess you'd have to be a scumbug to build a place like that.

Yuffie: Oho? And how do you know what it looks like?

Sonon: I saw it while I was scouting the area.

(Upon entering the warehouse.)
Nayo: Well, we're here. Now we just have to wait.

Yuffie: Wait for who?

Nayo: Not sure. We used to have someone who could make fake IDs in-house, but...they went off with the splinter cell. We've never dealt with this particular vendor before.

Yuffie: Hey, uh... What's up with that guy?

Nayo: Mako poisoning. That's what happens if you don't make the grade as a SOLDIER...or when the military's done using you.

Sonon: Just another one of Shinra's victims.

Yuffie: Them again!? Oh, Shinra's so gonna get it!

Counterfeiter: If it's Shinra you've got beef with... You'll be needing these. Can't access the plate without 'em. They're gonna scan for those things on the train, so make sure to keep 'em on you.

Nayo: Thank you.

Yuffie: Hey, hold up!

Yuffie: Try it. You'll love it.

Yuffie: Foreigners and their weak jaws...

Nayo: We should probably head back and wait for Zhijie.

Yuffie: Enjoy your materia while you still can, Shinra, 'cause we're comin'!

Sonon: Not yet, Boss. With things the way they are, we can't just go strolling up to the front gates. We're gonna need Avalanche to help us bypass security before we can do anything.

Yuffie: Aw! Hmph.

Back to Base[]

(Upon passing the robed man outside the warehouse.)
Robed Man: Re...un...ion...

(Upon returning to town.)
Yuffie: A-wha...?

Nayo: Huh. What's this about?

Nayo: "Change of plans. Go to the pillar. Will explain there. Hurry.—Zhijie"

Yuffie: "Change of plans"?

Sonon: The S7 pillar?

Nayo: Otherwise known as "the roof of the slums." Follow me, guys.

Change of Plans[]

Sonon: Why's he need us to hurry? I don't like the sound of this.

Yuffie: Well, if you ask me, it's high time things picked up around here.

Nayo: You like living in the fast lane, huh.

Yuffie: Yeah, I'm not your garden-variety Wutaian. I'm a rare bloom!

Sonon: More like a mutant.

Yuffie: Ooh, I'm so gonna use that!

Nayo: Almost there.

(Upon seeing Zhijie.)
Yuffie: Hey! That's Zhijie.

Sonon: You're right. Hold up.

Security Officer: Hey, I'm talking to you! Answer me! Well?

Zhijie: Uh... Look! A moogle!

Security Officer: Stop!

Sonon: We gotta help.

Nayo: You two go after Zhijie. I'll head back and tell the others what happened.

Sonon: That way.

After Him[]

Sonon: Boss. We might not be back for a while. Best to stock up before leaving.

(While following Zhijie to the station.)
Yuffie: Do you have any idea what Zhijie actually did?

Sonon: Whatever it was, he probably did it for us.

Yuffie: Well, now I feel bad.

Sonon: No time for that, Boss.

Yuffie: Right.

(Upon reaching Zhijie near the Shipping Facility Connecting Passage entrance.)
Zhijie: Shit...

Security Officer (1): Got nowhere to run.

Security Officer (2): Tell us what you know. Now.

Zhijie: (chuckles) How 'bout later? I'm not stupid.

Security Officer (2): Hey!

Security Officer (1): After him!

Yuffie: Oho! Talk about fast. Is he one of us?

Sonon: We don't have time to get into that, Boss. You can ask him yourself once he's safe. Come on.

Tracking Zhijie[]

On-screen: Shipping Facility

Zhijie: You got grit, I'll give ya that.

Security Officer: Piece of shit. He's toying with us.

Yuffie: This some kind of factory or something? It reminds me of a place I passed through when I first got here. And if it's anything like that, it'll be crawlin' with monsters.

(Upon seeing Zhijie on the higher floor.)
Zhijie: Sorry!

Security Officer (1): (sighs) Dammit.

Security Officer (2): We should radio the other squads.

Yuffie: Aha! Been lookin' for you!

Security Officer (1): The hell!?

(Upon reaching the conveyor belt.)
On-screen: Operate conveyor belt?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", conveyor belt begins movement.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(While on board the conveyor belt.)
Yuffie: Hey, you think Nayo's alright?

Sonon: She's a local, remember. She'll be fine.

Yuffie: You know, she's actually pretty cool. I feel bad saying this, but after what happened back home, I just kinda assumed no one in Avalanche could be trusted. Like, they were all the same as the ones I fought.

Sonon: Yeah. I can imagine.

Yuffie: But it looks like Avalanche has changed a lot since that went down, huh?

(Upon exiting the conveyor belt.)
Yuffie: C'mon.

Zhijie: You guys just don't know when to quit.

Yuffie: (screams) Man, that stings... Alright, now you've done it! When this is over, you're gettin' it good! Enjoy your freedom while you can, Zhijie!

(Upon running into the Security Officers again.)
Security Officer (1): Ten-four. Be there as soon as we can. Unit 3 says they've got the suspect detained near pillar maintenance. We'd better not keep them waiting.

Security Officer (2): What? Pillar maintenance? How'd they let him get that far?

Security Officer (1): Hell if I know. Come on.

Yuffie: You heard the main.

Sonon: Wait—Boss! No!

Yuffie: (stumbles)

Security Officer: Freeze!

Yuffie: (chuckles)

Sonon: (sighs)

Main Pillar Maintenance[]

(After defeating the Security Officers.)
Yuffie: Well that sucked. Why did tailing people have to be so hard?

Sonon: You gotta learn to think before ya act, Boss. Gonna get yourself killed one of these days.

Yuffie: Eh. Sure, whatever. Now how do we find Zhijie?

Sonon: I've got an idea about that, but let's get to a vantage point first.

(Upon reaching the Storage Depot.)
On-screen: Storage Depot

(Upon climbing the railing ahead.)
Sonon: Alright, see that massive structure up ahead? That's the pillar those troopers were talking about. Assuming the maintenance facility's near there, we should probably head toward it. Sound good?

Yuffie: Yeah, works for me.

Sonon: C'mon.

(Upon attempting to cross the first set of railings.)
Yuffie: Now how are we gonna get across. Hmmm...

(Upon seeing the distant switch.)
Yuffie: Oho! Is that a switch I see?

(While further in the depot.)
Sonon: Hey, about what you said earlier.

Yuffie: Which was...?

Sonon: About Avalanche—how it's changed.

Yuffie: Oh. That.

Sonon: These people are too soft. But those splinter cell guys? They sound like the ones we should've teamed up with. Don'tcha think?

Yuffie: Yeah... I guess so.

Sonon: I feel bad for complaining, considering all they've done for us.

Yuffie: I know what you mean, though... They're all just really good people, huh.

Sonon: And that's the problem. Midgar doesn't need good people. Not that we care what happens to it.

Yuffie: Right...

(Upon descending at the depot's exit.)
On-screen: Waste Disposal Plant

(Upon seeing the levikron.)
Sonon: Hey, Boss... Wanna try treading a little lighter this time? No point fighting if we don't have to.

Yuffie: Yeah, yeah, I know...! Gotta be quiet... Very quiet... As quiet as a mouse...

(While passing the levikron.)
Yuffie: Eek!

Yuffie: (chuckles) Uh... Good morning!

Sonon: (sighs) Why me?

(After defeating the levikron.)
Yuffie: Alright, it can't be far now. Let's get our rears in gear! Big "g", little "o", go, go, go!

(Upon approaching the tunnel entrance to pillar maintenance.)
Yuffie: Up ahead. Building just screams "important."

Sonon: Pillar maintenance. It has to be.

Save Zhijie[]

Yuffie: Bleh, why'd there have to be so many guards?

On-screen: Main Pillar Maintenance

Sonon: I think you know exactly why. Gotta say, they might call this place a maintenance facility...but it looks more like an arms factory to me. Let's keep it tight, Boss. We can't afford any more mistakes. Zhijie's life depends on it.

Yuffie: Understood.

(Upon reaching the staircase at the end.)
Security Officer (1): Now spill it! Who gave you that information!?

Zhijie: Oh, his name was something like...Heidegger?

Security Officer (2): Wrong answer!

Security Officer (1): I'm gonna ask you again.

Zhijie: Alright, alright, I'll tell you. It was Rufus.

Security Officer (1): You don't say...

Zhijie: (screams) ...Or was it Hojo? (chuckles)

Yuffie: Huh. Nice goin', Zhijie.

Sonon: Ready to do this, Boss?

Yuffie: Born ready!

Sonon: Great. I'll draw their attention. You grab our guy.

Yuffie: A diversion, huh? I like it. But don't forget: I'm the leading lady.

Yuffie: Hey, you! Evildoers! Over here!

Security Officer (2): What the hell?

Security Officer (1): Who's there!?

Yuffie: That's exactly what I was hoping you'd ask!

Yuffie: And...action!

Yuffie: Some know me as a beguiling ninja! Others as the world's greatest materia hunter. But! Who am I truly? Well, excited onlookers, wonder no more!

Yuffie: Before you stands a rare bloom: the single white rose of Wutai...the one-and-only Yuffie! (coughs)

Security Officer (2): Never mind, it's just some kid.

Security Officer (1): Right?

Yuffie: Hey, who're you callin' a kid!? (stumbles)

Yuffie: Uh...guh...uhk...

Sonon: Award-winning performance, Boss.

Yuffie: (chuckles)

Security Officer (2): Who are you anyway!?

Security Officer (2): Wutaians? Got eyes on hostiles. Requesting backup.

Yuffie: No freakin' way!

Sonon: Centipede model, huh?

Yuffie: Couldn't they have made it less gross?

(When the gigantipede first leaves.)
Yuffie: Oho... Running away, are we?

Yuffie: Or maybe it's doing one of those..."tactical retreats"?

Sonon: Boss!

(When the gigantipede uses Drone Deployment.)
Yuffie: It's spitting little critters!

Sonon: Drones? What does it need them for?

Yuffie: They've got lasers too! And where there's lasers...

Sonon: There's missiles.

Yuffie: How're we supposed to dodge those things!?

Sonon: By not letting it launch 'em.

(When the gigantipede returns to the battlefield.)
Yuffie: So now you've come crawling down.

Sonon: This'll make thigns easier.

(When the gigantipede falls to 1/3 HP.)
Sonon: Boss!

Yuffie: Get wrecked!

Sonon: Wait, what?

Sonon: Looks like it wants to get serious.

Yuffie: Oh, we'll make it serious, alright—dead serious.

(After defeating the gigantipede.)
Yuffie: (chuckles) You see that?

Sonon: That's how ninjas do it.

Yuffie: Yep.

Zhijie: Nice work! You saved my ass.

Yuffie: (gasps) Hahaha... It was nothin'!

Zhijie: Well, it did earn ya these. Employee ID cards. They'll get you into the Shinra Building. And pretty much any floor—basement included. That's where Advanced Weaponry's got their lab set up...and where they conduct their materia research. If what you're looking for's anywhere in that place, it's gonna be there.

Yuffie: Got it.

Zhijie: You guys should probably get movin'. Word is, Shinra's got something big lined up for us. Nothing less than the destruction of Sector 7. But, whatever it is they're planning, you're better off out of it.

Yuffie: Right.

Zhijie: Imma go report to the others. Good luck up there. See ya soon.

Sonon: Yeah. Next time, I'm buying. I'll show you how Wutaians really party.

Zhijie: Deal.

Yuffie: Don't forget to tell the splinter cell—about Sector 7, I mean!

Zhijie: I won't.

Sonon: Well, Boss, sounds like we'd better get going. Let's head up as soon as you're ready.

Yuffie: Ready!

Shinra Building or Bust[]

Undercity Resident (1): To think this is where those bastards plotted their attacks. Right under our noses.

Undercity Resident (2): Too bad they made it out before the military could get here. Like chickens flying the coop...

Sonon: Prob'ly best if we don't stick around. Let's catch the train.

Yuffie: 'Kay.

(Upon passing the Sector 7 Clinic.)
Security Officer: Stay back. That's close enough.

(Upon reaching the undercity station platform.)
Sonon: Boss. I don't think we'll be back here anytime soon, so make sure you're ready for anything, okay?

On-screen: Ready for anything?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes".)
    Yuffie: I think we're good here. Let's roll.
  • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

Yuffie: What's with all these people?

Train Attendant: Due to the recent incident at Mako Reactor 5, only a limited number of trains are currently in service. Please note that the Sector 5 Undercity Station is closed until further notice. Thank you.

Nayo: Shh!

Polk: Splinter cell's done its best to make things hard for ya. Miss this train and there's no telling when the next'll be.

Billy Bob: Looks like it's now or never, guys.

Nayo: Sorry we couldn't give you a proper send-off. Just know that we're rooting for you, okay?

Yuffie: All aboard!

Yuffie: Oh boy...

Sonon: Gonna be sick?

Yuffie: (gulps) I'll be long as I'm standing up...

Yuffie: Don't laugh.

Sonon: Melphie always got motion sick. Chocobos, boats... Sure trains would've done it too.

Yuffie: Who's Melphie?

Sonon: My sister.

Yuffie: Huh...

Sonon: She trained under your father at the same time as me. And she had such promise...

Yuffie: "Had"?

Sonon: The war was ending... But a Shinra mech went haywire near a crowd, and...she had to do something.

Sonon: They deserve what's comin' to 'em.

Yuffie: Yeah... They do. But I'm not your sister.

Chapter 2: Covert Ops[]

Scarlet's Trap[]

(At President Shinra's office.)

President Shinra: Are we on schedule?

Heidegger: (laughs) The Turks are on top of it. Yes, there will be no delays.

Reeve: Please, Mr. President! I am asking you to reconsider—no, begging. The Sector 7 undercity is home to more than 50,000—

President Shinra: (groans) Director Tuesti.

Reeve: At least let us issue a warning, sir.

Heidegger: The stench of the director's cowardice fills the room yet again.

President Shinra: Reeve. Progress requires sacrifice. Learn to live with it.

(In the Shinra Building.)

On-screen: Shinra Building - Entrance

Sonon: Whoa, look at all these people...

Yuffie: Enough to make you sick. Let's get this over with.

Newspaper Reporter: Excuse me! I have some questions! You work for Shinra, isn't that right? Then would you care to on rumors that Sector 7 will be the terrorists' next target? They're going to hit the reactor, aren't they?

Security Officer: You! Stop right there!

Sonon: Elevators're right there. Let's catch one.

Yuffie: You're up, High-D!

Yuffie: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

Security Officer: Hold the door.

Security Officer: What floor?

Sonon: The basement. Advanced Weaponry.

Elevator: Going down. Doors closing.

Scarlet: Perfect. Just perfect. Hm?

Scarlet: (chuckles) But oh, how the mighty are fallen—Wutai...colluding with Avalanche and resorting to terrorism? Hm. I always thought the Wutaians an honorable people. They used to be, certainly... But now? Now they're nothing but blood-sucking flies, buzzing around Shinra's face.

Scarlet: Would you not agree? In light of recent events, I mean.

Yuffie: I would. A hundred percent! (chuckles)

Scarlet: What a lovely smile.

Yuffie: Open up!

Scarlet: I think not. Foreign visitors should take the scenic route. ...And savor the opportunity to meet our latest autonomous weapons. (laughs)

Sonon: Dammit! I'll never get a better chance. That was Scarlet, director of Advanced Weaponry. It was one of her machines that killed Melphie!

Yuffie: Calm down, Sonon. Calm down. Remember: we're here for a reason.

Sonon: Right, Boss... I'm sorry.

Yuffie: Don't be. I was ready to strangle her myself. And that's before she sent us off in the wrong direction...

Sonon: Where did she send us?

Yuffie: Only one way to find out. Don't worry, we'll get to Materia Research eventually. Just a little longer, my precious...

On-screen: B16 - Advanced Weaponry: Inspection

(Upon entering the first room through the hallway.)
Yuffie: Just look at this place. Weapons here, weapons there, weapons everywhere! They're ready for some serious action.

Sonon: It sounds like you are, too.

Yuffie: Duh. Unlike my old man, I'm not some lazy drunk. I fight for what I believe in, something he'd never understand.

Sonon: Wonder how he's holding up...

Yuffie: Behind bars, you mean? Not well, if the government's got anything to say about it. Good on 'em. Jail's where he belongs.

Sonon: That's my master you're talking about. Mind laying off him a little?

Yuffie: You know what? Let's drop it. Not exactly my favorite topic. It's only gonna make me mad. More importantly...

Scarlet: My god, you people are deadly boring. Luckily, I know exactly how to liven things up...with a little experiment. Just don't go dying on me—that wouldn't yield very interesting results, now would it?

Announcement: Unit calibration complete. Initiating combat data-collection sequence.

(Upon defeating the first group of enemies.)
Announcement: Data collection complete. Re-calibrating for next test.

Announcement: Unit calibration complete. Initiating combat data-collection sequence.

(Upon defeating the second group of enemies.)
Announcement: Data collection complete. Re-calibrating for next test.

Yuffie: What? There's more?

Announcement: Unit calibration complete. Initiating combat data-collection sequence.

(Upon defeating the third group of enemies.)
Announcement: Data collection complete.

Scarlet: Credit where credit is due. You exceeded my every expectation. And for being such good may now leave.

Yuffie: Why did I ever think for a second she'd be nice to us!? She knows damn well it's gonna be a pain in the ass gettin' up there.

(Upon dropping the container to create a path up.)
Yuffie: There we go. Honestly, how do I do it? Now then, Sonon, how ya feel about givin' me a boost?

Sonon: Ecstatic.

(Upon climbing up with Sonon.)
Sonon: And...go!

(Upon dropping the ladder for Sonon.)
Yuffie: Okay, get to climbin'!

(Upon exiting through the hallway.)
Subordinate: Madam Director. The intruders are about to reach the research facility.

Scarlet: And we'll let them. Meanwhile, find out what it is they want.

Subordinate: Uh...?

Scarlet: You do have eyes, don't you? Then you can see that, while they are simpletons, they've made it further than any normal Wutaian ever could. Clearly, they are ninjas. Teenage ninjas. And they've come such a long way. We simply must roll out the red carpet. My trusty steed should provide a fitting welcome, I think. Keep me apprised, would you?

Subordinate: Ma'am. Cut system power to the research facility. Bar access to confidential data, then retrace their steps. Find out why they're here. Above all, do not let them out of your sight.

Subordinates: Sir!

Find That Materia[]

Yuffie: Oh, materia, where are you?

(Upon entering the first room in the hallway.)
On-screen: B15 - Advanced Weaponry: Production

Yuffie: Hm? Is that materia I smell?

Shock Trooper: End of the line, Wutai scum!

(After defeating both troopers.)
Yuffie: This their idea of mood lighting? 'Cause it's bad.

Sonon: Might be the power. That thing's off too.

(Upon passing a materia capsule.)
Yuffie: Talk about hitting the jackpot! This must be where they make their materia!

Sonon: Maybe—but they're not what we came for. Let's keep movin', Boss.

Yuffie: Totally. After I grab a few souvenirs.

(Upon interacting with the level one power grid terminal.)
Announcement: Level one power grid: online. Initiating mako energy saturation. Deploying security grate.

(Upon reaching the security grate.)
Yuffie: Wait, is that a security grate or a ladder? Thanks, Shinra!

(Upon climbing to the higher floor.)
On-screen: B14 - Advanced Weaponry: Maintenance

Yuffie: Huh, that's weird... Not even a whiff of materia up here... But then there's nowhere else to go.

The Scent of Materia[]

(Upon interacting with the level two power grid terminal.)
Announcement: Level two power grid: online. Initiating mako energy saturation. Deploying security grate.

Yuffie: Not long now, my precious. You'll be safe in my arms soon!

Announcement: Entry lock released.

Yuffie: And what do we have here? A secret materia vault perhaps?

(Upon using the elevator from floor B14.)
On-screen: Go to which floor? Currently on B14 (Maintenance)

  • (Upon selecting "B15 - Production", travel to lower floor.)
  • (Upon selecting "Stay on This Floor", conversation ends.)

(Upon using the elevator from floor B15.)
On-screen: Go to which floor? Currently on B15 (Production)

  • (Upon selecting "B14 - Maintenance", travel to higher floor.)
  • (Upon selecting "Stay on This Floor", conversation ends.)

(Upon climbing to the higher floor.)
On-screen: B13 - Advanced Weaponry: Development

Yuffie: Uh...uh-oh.

Yuffie: (groans) Aw, c'mon! How could we have gotten so lost!?

Sonon: Easy now. Focus. Ah, I know. Spare a Da-chao bean?

Yuffie: Sure...

Yuffie: You ate it!

Sonon: You sound surprised.

Yuffie: Man, I'm glad you're here!

Sonon: Likewise.

Yuffie: It really helps—knowing I'm not alone in all this.

Sonon: Yeah, same here.

Yuffie: Aha! Think I found our way across!

Sonon: Right. Shall we?

Secret Vault[]

(Upon interacting with the Box Buster terminal.)
Announcement: Employee identity confirmed. Access granted. Occupancy limited to one subject. Proceed to gate to begin training exercise.

Yuffie: Training? Really? Just give us what we came for already!

Sonon: Might still be worth a shot. Could be something in it for us. careful, 'kay?

On-screen: Run the basic training program?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", begin minigame.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

(Upon interacting with the terminal a subsequent time.)
Announcement: Access granted. Occupancy limited to one subject. Proceed to gate to begin training exercise.

(Upon interacting with the terminal after unlocking SOLDIER training.)
On-screen: Select a training program to run.

  • (Upon selecting "Basic Training", same options as before to begin basic training mode.)
  • (Upon selecting "SOLDIER Training".)
    On-screen: Run the SOLDIER training program?
    • (Upon selecting "Yes", begin minigame.)
    • (Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)
  • (Upon selecting "Cancel", conversation ends.)

The Hunt Continues[]

(Upon entering the materia development room.)
Yuffie: Sonon! Check that out!

Sonon: It does look more important than the others...

Yuffie: This has to be it! Oh, sweet baby, come to mama!

Yuffie: Can't see squat. Light. Light! I need more light!

(Upon activating the level three power grid.)
Announcement: Level three power grid: online. Initiating mako energy saturation. Deploying security grate.

Yuffie: Now we're cookin'! I'm comin', materia, ready or not!

(Upon using the elevator from floor B13. Lower floors then include the option "B13 - Development".)
On-screen: Go to which floor? Currently on B13 (Development)

  • (Upon selecting "B14 - Maintenance", travel to lower floor.)
  • (Upon selecting "B15 - Production", travel to lower floor.)
  • (Upon selecting "Stay on This Floor", conversation ends.)

(Upon returning to the materia capsule.)
Yuffie: Man... Another stupid dud!

Yuffie: Wha—? Uh-oh...

Yuffie: Quit holdin' out on us, Shinra! We're here for materia, not these dorks!

(After defeating both troopers.)
Scarlet: So—have you found out what they want yet?

Subordinate: We think so. We can't say for certain, as their behavior is...erratic. But they appear to be searching for materia.

Scarlet: Excuse me? You mean to say that these savages have gone to all this trouble for materia?

Subordinate: So far as we can tell, yes.

Scarlet: How very dull. Be that as it may, I suppose I should talk to them.

Subordinate: Ma'am!

Scarlet: Enjoying yourselves, I trust?

Yuffie: (screams)

Scarlet: Awed by a simple hologram? How precious. But I know just what you need—to loosen up a little. After such a long must be so tense!

Yuffie: (screams)

Scarlet: Luckily, I have toys for that—all far more entertaining than this.

Sonon: What do you want!?

Scarlet: Oh dear. Is that any way to talk to your host? Really though, as guests, it's more about what you want. And I think you'll find it just up ahead. Hurry now. Don't keep me waiting.

Sonon: So, Boss. What're you thinking?

Yuffie: That we're walking into a trap, I guess. But it's nothing we can't handle, right?

Sonon: Couldna said it better myself.

The Invitation[]

(Upon entering the testing grounds.)
Scarlet: Welcome to our state-of-the-art weapons testing facility. This is where we push every piece of ordnance to its limits...and beyond. Such tests are an invaluable part of the development process. Go on, see where the magic happens.

On-screen: Testing Grounds

Research Program: Commencing ordnance testing.

(Before a new test.)
Research Program: Select ordnance type to deploy for this trial.

(Upon selecting a type.)
Research Program: Selection confirmed. Initiating ordnance deployment procedure.

Research Program: Subjects approaching test site. Test will begin momentarily.

(When a battle begins in the testing grounds.)
Research Program: Beginning analysis.

(After defeating a group of enemies in the testing grounds.)
Research Program: Analysis concluded. Continuing trial.

(After defeating Deathwheel.)
Scarlet: My, my, how impressive! Seems I may have underestimated how resilient you ninjas can be.

Yuffie: "May have"!? How 'bout "did", you old hag!?

Scarlet: (chuckles) You Wutaians, so fesity. But let's see how you fare against what I have in store for you next. It's quite the treat, I assure you. Only the best for our honored guests, after all. Whenever you're ready.

A Fateful Confrontation[]

(Upon reaching the room at the end of the corridor.)
On-screen: Heavy Weapons Platform Testing

Yuffie: Where are we?

Yuffie: That thing...can't be operational, can it?

Sonon: We better hope not, boss.

Scarlet: At long last, Wutai's finest deign to join us. You've performed admirably.

Yuffie: Quit acting all superior. We both know you're afraid of us!

Scarlet: (chuckles) Is that so? Well, maybe I am!

Yuffie: You should know there's more where we came from—lots more! And you'll never see 'em comin'! Just imagine a whole clan of ninjas landing on your doorstep!

Scarlet: Oh my! We must do something right away!

Yuffie: Well, you can't!

Scarlet: Don't say that. Won't you at least give us a chance?

Yuffie: What the—

Scarlet: Allow me to present...the latest innovation in Shinra battle armor... Designed by yours truly. This'll be a memory to cherish for the rest of your lives. All thirty seconds of them.

Yuffie: Oh look, we're surrounded!

Sonon: But not for much longer, eh, Boss?

Yuffie: Right on! They're as good as scrap!

(When Scarlet uses Directive: Deploy.)
Scarlet: Rather rude to ignore your playmates, is it not?

Yuffie: Hey, no fair!

(When the Crimson Mare's HP reduces to 2/3.)
Yuffie: Wha—Come back!

Scarlet: Oh, I will, my dear. But I rather suspect you'll wish that I hadn't.

Yuffie: So what! Just smash it up!

(When the Crimson Mare's HP reduces to 1/3.)
Scarlet: A moment, if you please.

Yuffie: Hey! Don't you know that's cheating!?

Scarlet: (chuckles) Pardon the wait.

Yuffie: More? How many of those things you got?

(After defeating the Crimson Mare.)
Scarlet: Useless!

Scarlet: Not nearly mobile enough. Should've known those actuators weren't up to the task. Time for an overhaul.

Yuffie: Hellooo!

Scarlet: Hm?

Yuffie: My, my, my, how the tables have turned...

Scarlet: (laughs) Proud of yourself, little savage?

Sonon: What're you doing!?

On-screen: Deepground

Weiss: Sleep well?

Nero: Weiss? This is a surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Weiss: These idiots want to "digitally replicate" me, so I'm indulging them.

Researcher (1): All set.

Researcher (2): Transporting...

Nero: (laughs) When will Shinra learn? There is no replicating you. They ought to know better.

Weiss: (chuckles) Looking forward to this?

Nero: I am. It has been too long since my last hunt.

Sonon: What'd you do? Tell us!

Scarlet: (sighs) Is this how it's done in Wutai? You just howl until you get what you want?

Yuffie: That's enough, Sonon. I got this. Alright, lady, out with it. Tell us where you're hiding the new materia. Don't play dumb now. We know you've been cooking up something super-powerful.

Scarlet: Well, well... Wutai must have some highly skilled intelligence operatives. That...or we have a mole in our midst.

Yuffie: What was...?

Sonon: I'll check on it.

Yuffie: Alright, but make it quick.

Scarlet: You are correct that we're in the process of creating an exquisite new materia. However, it is far from complete.

Yuffie: Yeah, right. You must think I'm stupid.

Scarlet: Would I lie to you? Regrettable though it is, other plans have been deemed a higher priority.

Yuffie: What other plans?

Scarlet: (chuckles) Well...just between you and me... My colleagues and I...are going to drop Plate Number 7 on the slums. And then we're going to blame it on Avalanche and Wutai.

Yuffie: I don't get it. You're gonna drop a plate? And?

Yuffie: What the—!?

Scarlet: Oh dear. I think your friend might've run into trouble. Aren't you going to save him?

Scarlet: Quickly now! (laughs)

A New Threat[]

(Upon meeting up with Sonon.)
Sonon: There you are!

Yuffie: Who're these assholes!?

Sonon: No clue. They just appeared!

Yuffie: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...

Sonon: Just hit me with it.

Yuffie: There is no ultimate materia—not yet. She said it's still in the works. And she mentioned somethin' else. They're gonna drop Plate Number 7.

Sonon: They're gonna do what?

Yuffie: They're gonna drop Plate Number 7 on the slums...apparently.

Sonon: But that's the whole upper part of the sector!

Yuffie: Wait! So Zhijie was being serious!?

Sonon: This is bad.

Yuffie: Let's go!

Sonon: Right behind ya! We may not have that materia, but we do have good intel.

(After defeating the Deepground SOLDIERs.)
Deepground SOLDIER: They're cornered. Box 'em in!

Yuffie: No way I'm givin' up!

Sonon: That's the spirit. Let 'em have it!

Yuffie: I'm not goin' down till I've been to the Happy Turtle!

Sonon: Huh?

Deepground SOLDIER: Opening doors. Set it up!

Deepground SOLDIER: Grenade out!

Sonon: Yuffie!

Yuffie: (screams)

On-screen: Combat Simulator Prototype

Yuffie: Is it over?

Sonon: Somehow, I seriously doubt it...


Yuffie: Ow... Man, I so don't wanna go back out there...but I don't think we've got a choice.

(Upon attempting to leave the Combat Simulator Prototype.)
Yuffie: Work, you stupid...

Yuffie: No good. Door won't budge.

Sonon: Meaning we're trapped.

Scarlet: I want suffer.

Scarlet: The rest, I leave to you.

Combat Simulator: Pain Sensation Level set to: maximum.

Yuffie: What was that?

Sonon: They figure we need a challenge. Meaning we're in for a world of hurt.

Yuffie: No fair!

(After defeating the first group of enemies.)
Combat Simulator: Pain Sensation: Max. Deploying additional combatants.

Yuffie: Where are these freaks even coming from!? 'Cause I'd really like 'em to stop!

(After defeating the second group of enemies.)
Combat Simulator: Pain Sensation: Max. Deploying additional combatants.

Yuffie: Joke's on you, Shinra, if you think we're dying in this ugly box!

(After defeating the third group of enemies.)
Combat Simulator: Pain Sensation: Max. Deploying additional combatants.

Yuffie: Okay, this is gettin' old!

Sonon: There's gotta be a projection mechanism around here somewhere. If we can just find it...

Sonon: Boss!

Yuffie: What the—!? Why can't I hit it!?

Sonon: Cause that tentacled freak won't let you. We're gonna have to tough this one out.

(After defeating Diabolic Creation a first time.)
Sonon: Boss, the projector! While it's down!

Yuffie: Leave it to me!

(After defeating the projector.)
Yuffie: Now can we please get outta here already?


(Upon leaving the Combat Simulator Prototype.)
Sonon: Who could've done this?

(Upon reaching Nero.)
Researcher (1): Subjects on site. It's time. Initiate the Tsviet field test.

Researcher (2): Sir.

Yuffie: What are you doing? Aren't you all on the same team?

Nero: "Team"? Fool. There are no "teams" in Deepground.

Yuffie: Deep...ground?

Nero: The place where my brother and I like to play.

Yuffie: Cool. Now, mind moving aside?

Sonon: Let's take a different tack.

Yuffie: Well, can't blame a girl for trying.

Nero: Now...let the games begin.

Yuffie: What's with this company? They have a "freaks only" policy?

Sonon: Careful. This "freak's" no pushover.

(Sometimes while fighting Nero.)
Nero: Do I frighten you?

(When Nero grabs Sonon with Binding Talons.)
Nero: You cannot run from me.

Sonon: Now, Boss. While he's distracted!

(When Nero grabs Yuffie with Binding Talons.)
Nero: I have you now.

Sonon: Sonon, help! Get this creep off'a me!

(When Nero's HP is reduced to 3/4.)
Researcher (1): Abnormal readings detected. The control program's been compromised!

Researcher (2): Containment protocol!

Yuffie: You're dead!

Sonon: Boss!

Nero: How dare you? How dare you stand in my way?

Researcher (1): No, please—(screams)

Nero: Now then...where were we?

Yuffie: Dunno what this crap is, but it's definitely not good!

Nero: Surrender to the darkness. Embrace it.

(Sometimes when attacking Nero during the second phase.)
Yuffie: Uhn heh...! Urk...!

Nero: All your suffering will soon be at an end.

(Sometimes when Nero uses Soul Erosion.)
Nero: All your suffering will soon be at an end.

(When Nero first uses Chaotic Pulsars.)
Nero: Oh, Weiss. This is it. This is it!

Yuffie: No darkness! Get it away from me! Get it away!

(When Nero first uses Dark Torrent.)
Yuffie: Ew...I don't want that stuff anywhere near me!

Sonon: Stay focused. We'll get through this.

(When Nero falls to half HP.)
Nero: (screams) It hurts, Brother. It much...(screams)

Yuffie: This is bad!

Sonon: Agreed. Let's get outta here.

Yuffie: No!

Nero: This is where you die.

Yuffie: Gross! It's everywhere!

Sonon: Let's end this before it swallows us too.

(Sometimes when Nero uses Dark Matter.)
Nero: It's time I brought this to a close.

Nero: Behold the true beauty of darkness!

(Sometimes when Sonon is hit by Dark Matter.)
Sonon: Aaah! Gah... Raaah!

Nero: (laughs) Yes, savor this pain.

(Sometimes when Sonon is knocked back.)
Sonon: Not my finest moment.

Yuffie: Just stand back. Your boss has got ya covered!

Nero: Come closer. Allow me to hasten the inevitable.

Yuffie: Yeah, no. I don't think so.

(After defeating Nero.)
Nero: Yes, yes! I must know more of this feeling! Of pain! Of death!

Sonon: Now, Boss! Let's finish this!

Yuffie: Don't gotta tell me twice!

Yuffie: Did we?

Sonon: We did.

Yuffie: Awesome...(sighs)

Sonon: Don't wanna spoil the moment, but...we should prob'ly get going.

Yuffie: But I'm so tired...

Sonon: I could carry you.

Yuffie: You win. Sheesh.

Yuffie: Aha!

Yuffie: Hey, whaddaya think you're—

Yuffie: Sonon?

Nero: (chuckles)

Sonon: Go...

Yuffie: No, I—

Sonon: Please.

Yuffie: But...

Nero: (laughs)

Yuffie: Sonon...?

Sonon: Yuffie.... You gotta keep going...for us.

Yuffie: No... Stop it...

Yuffie: Sonon!?

Yuffie: (cries)

Sonon: Damn...

Sonon: Melphie...

Yuffie: (cries) You asshole! I'm not a kid! I'm not your sister!

Yuffie: This is just wrong... (screams)

Final scene

Yuffie: (hums "Chocobo Theme")

Yuffie: Don't think I can do this alone.

Yuffie: The Amazing Yuffie wants you! Join her team and the sky's the limit!

Post-credits scene

Tifa: Hey, Barret. We really walking the whole way?

Barret: Yup.

Tifa: Kalm's still pretty far, though, isn't it?

Barret: 'Nother full day, give or take.

Aerith: Question... When my mom says, "a full day," she means from the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to bed...but for me, it means from the time you get up in the morning all the way through till the time you get up the next morning. So, which is it for you?

Barret: Gotta go with Elmyra on that one.

Aerith: Phew, that's a relief!

Tifa: Is it, though?

Barret: Cloud. Bet you've had to hoof it from sunup to sundown tons of times. This is all just same old, same old, right?

Cloud: That's right. But even so, we're all gonna need to stop and rest. Especially you.

Barret: Yeah, yeah, I know... Anyway, marchin' into the unknown ain't easy, but don't worry, 'cause I'm here to lead the way!

Aerith: (chuckles) That's comforting!

Barret: Of course it is! (laughs)

Barret: Alright, everyone—let's stop here for a minute. Leader's orders! Now breathe in that fresh air!

Barret: Actally, scratch that. Let's, it for later. When we're not so close to Midgar.

Tifa: Guess this is good-bye, City of Mako.

Aerith: Like this?

Tifa: Yup. Just like that.

Aerith: Cool.

Tifa: Hm? No way! A car!

Barret: Hey! Stop!

Barret: What is it with these damn birds!?

Tifa: Uh, sorry 'bout that.

Chocobo Bill: No need to apologize, ma'am!

Barret: (hums "Chocobo Theme")

Aerith: Look at that...

Aerith: Where's a roof when you need one?

Cloud: Gonna be okay?

Aerith: Should be, but... Weird... My stomach's in knots...

Barret: That's its way of telling you it's hungry. Let's move.

Zack: It's been a while, huh?

Zack: Long time, no see.

Zack: How you been? (sighs)

Zack: Listen... Hey...(sighs)

Zack: I'm back!

Zack: Aerith...?


(Upon obtaining EXP, where XX is the amount of EXP gained.)
On-screen: XX EXP gained.

(Upon obtaining gil, where XX is the amount of gil gained.)
On-screen: XX gil gained.

(Upon leveling up a player character, where XXXXXX is the name of the player character and Y is the new level.)
On-screen: XXXXXX is now level Y.

(If the Weapon Upgrades menu section is available when leveling up, where X is the SP gained on leveling up.)
On-screen: X SP gained.

(Upon leveling up a materia, where XXXX is the name of the materia as listed in the menu.)
On-screen: XXXX improved!

(Upon defeating an enemy, where XXXX is the name of the enemy.)
On-screen: XXXX defeated.

(Upon defeating multiple enemies of the same name, where XXXX is the name of the enemy and Y is the enemy's letter in that battle.)
On-screen: XXXX Y defeated.

(Upon learning an ability, where XXXX is the name of the ability.)
On-screen: Acquired the XXXX ability.

(Upon defeating the target enemy for an Odd Job quest.)
On-screen: Target eliminated.

(Upon synergizing during "Episode INTERmission".)
On-screen: Yuffie and Sonon have synergized!

(When synergizing ends.)
On-screen: Finished synergizing.

(Upon obtaining a common item during battle or by picking it up from a chest. Below are different messages shown for each specific item, where X is the number obtained if multiple are.)

  • Mako shard: You recovered MP with a mako shard.
  • Potion: You have obtained a/X potion(s).
  • Hi-Potion: You have obtained a/X hi-potion(s).
  • Mega-Potion: You obtained a/X mega-potion(s).
  • Ether: You have obtained a/X bottle(s) of ether.
  • Turbo Ether: You obtained a/X bottle(s) of turbo ether.
  • Phoenix Down: You have obtained a/X tuft(s) of phoenix down.
  • Elixir: You have obtained a/X elixir(s).
  • Antidote: You obtained an/X antidote(s).
  • Maiden's Kiss: You obtained a/X maiden's kiss(es).
  • Echo Mist: You obtained a/X bottle(s) of echo mist.
  • Adrenaline: You obtained a/X bottle(s) of adrenaline.
  • Sedative: You obtained a/X vial(s) of sedative.
  • Remedy: You obtained a/X remedy/remedies.
  • Celeris: You obtained a/X vials of celeris.
  • Grenade: You have obtained a/X grenade(s).
  • Hazardous Material: You obtained a/X canister(s) of hazardous material.
  • Molotiv Cocktail: You obtained a/X Molotov cocktail(s).
  • Big Bomber: You obtained a big bomber.
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy: You obtained a Fuzzy Wuzzy.
  • Mr. Cuddlesworth: You obtained a Mr. Cuddlesworth.
  • Orb of Gravity: You have obtained an/X orb(s) of gravity.
  • Moogle Medal: You have obtained a moogle medal.

(Upon attempting to obtain a common item when inventory is full, where XXXX is the name of the item.)
On-screen: Inventory full. You were unable to obtain one or more of the following item: XXXX.

(Upon obtaining an item as a quest reward, where YYYY is the name of the item. This is identical to the item name as listed when picking one up.)
On-screen: A/X YYYY(s) obtained.

(Upon obtaining a weapon. Either given during dialogue or picked up by the player.)

  • Iron Blade: An iron blade obtained.
  • Nail Bat: A nail bat obtained.
  • Light Machine Gun: A light machine gun obtained.
  • Wrecking Ball: A wrecking ball obtained.
  • EKG Cannon: An EKG cannon obtained.
  • Metal Knuckles: You obtained a pair of metal knuckles.
  • Sonic Strikers: You obtained a pair of sonic strikers.
  • Feathered Gloves: You obtained a pair of feathered gloves.
  • Mythril Claws: You obtained a pair of mythril claws.
  • Purple Pain: You obtained a pair of Purple Pain.
  • Arcane Scepter: An arcane scepter obtained.
  • Mythril Rod: You obtained a mythril rod.
  • Bladed Staff: You stole a bladed staff!
  • Reinforced Staff: You obtained a reinforced staff.
  • Boomerang: You obtained a boomerang.
  • Indurate Staff: You obtained an indurate staff.
  • Steel Reaper: You obtained a Steel Reaper.
  • Djinn Staff: You obtained a djinn staff.

(Upon obtaining armor.)

  • Star Bracelet: A star bracelet obtained.
  • Mesmeric Armlet: You obtained a mesmeric armlet.
  • Titanium Bangle: You obtained a titanium bangle.
  • Mythril Armlet: You obtained a mythril armlet.
  • Caliginous Bracelet: You obtained a caliginous bracelet.
  • Studded Bracer: A studded bracer obtained.
  • Heavy-Duty Bracer: You obtained a heavy-duty bracer.
  • Cog Bangle: You obtained a cog bangle.
  • Iron Maiden: You obtained an iron maiden.
  • Astral Cuff: You obtained an astral cuff.
  • Chain Bangle: You obtained a chain bangle.
  • Force Bracelet: You obtained a force bracelet.
  • Volant Armlet: You obtained a volant armlet.

(Upon obtaining an accessory.)

  • Talisman: You obtained a talisman.
  • Revival Earrings:
    • A pair of revival earrings obtained.
    • You obtained a pair of revival earrings.
  • Crescent Moon Charm: A crescent moon charm obtained.
  • Star Pendant: You obtained a star pendant.
  • Protective Boots: A pair of protective boots obtained.
  • Champion Belt: A champion belt obtained.
  • Circlet: You obtained a circlet.
  • Healing Carcanet: You obtained a healing carcanet.
  • Mythical Amulet: You obtained a mythical amulet.
  • Enfeeblement Ring: You obtained an enfeeblement ring.
  • Enchanted Ring: You obtained an enchanted ring.
  • Chthonian Armlet: You obtained a chthonian armlet.
  • Kindred Cord: You obtained a kindred cord.
  • Gozu Drive: You obtained a Gozu drive.
  • Ribbon: You obtained a ribbon.

(Upon obtaining a materia orb on the ground. Unlike the text for leveling up the materia, this differs in capitalization from the menu name.)

  • Healing Materia: You obtained an orb of healing materia.
  • Revival Materia: You obtained an orb of revival materia.
  • Fire Materia: You obtained an orb of fire materia.
  • Ice Materia: You obtained an orb of ice materia.
  • Lightning Materia: You obtained an orb of lightning materia.
  • Poison Materia: You obtained an orb of poison materia.
  • Binding Materia: You obtained an orb of binding materia.
  • Subversion Materia: You obtained an orb of subversion materia.
  • Time Materia: You obtained an orb of time materia.
  • Chakra Materia: You obtained an orb of Chakra materia.
  • Elemental Materia: You obtained an orb of elemental materia.
  • Magnify Materia: You obtained an orb of magnify materia.
  • Warding Materia: You obtained an orb of warding materia.
  • HP Up Materia: You obtained an orb of HP Up materia.
  • MP Up Materia: You obtained an orb of MP Up materia.
  • Magic Up Materia: You obtained an orb of Magic Up materia.
  • Deadly Dodge Materia: You obtained an orb of deadly dodge materia.
  • Pedometer Materia: You obtained an orb of Pedometer materia.
  • Chocobo & Moogle Materia: You obtained an orb of chocobo & moogle materia.
  • Ninja Cannonball Materia: Ninja Cannonball materia obtained.
  • Skill Master Materia: Skill master materia obtained.
  • Steadfast Block Materia: Steadfast block materia obtained.

(Upon obtaining a materia orb as a quest reward.)

  • Healing Materia: Healing materia obtained.
  • Barrier Materia: Barrier materia obtained.
  • Time Materia: Time materia obtained.
  • Assess Materia: Assess materia obtained.
  • MP Up Materia: MP Up materia obtained.
  • Luck Up Materia: Luck Up materia obtained.
  • Ifrit Materia: Ifrit materia obtained.
  • Shiva Materia: Shiva materia obtained.
  • Fat Chocobo Materia: Fat chocobo materia obtained.
  • Ramuh Materia: Ramuh materia obtained.
  • ATB Assist Materia: ATB assist materia obtained.
  • ATB Boost Materia: ATB boost materia obtained.
  • ATB Stagger Materia: ATB stagger materia obtained.
  • Magnify Materia: Magnify materia obtained.
  • Gil Up Materia: Gil Up materia obtained.
  • EXP Up Materia: EXP Up materia obtained.

(Upon obtaining a music disc, where XXXX is the name of the track.)

  • "XXXX" obtained.

(Upon obtaining a key item in a quest. Either given during dialogue or picked up by the player.)

  • Yellow Flower: Yellow flower obtained.
  • Combat Analyzer: Combat analyzer obtained.
  • Watch Security Key: You obtained a watch security key.
  • Shinra ID Card: Shinra ID card obtained.
  • Sector 5 Reactor Keycard: Sector 5 reactor keycard obtained.
  • AI Programming Core: You obtained an AI programming core.
  • Handmade Necklakce: Handmade necklace obtained.
  • Guardian Angel's Calling Cards: Guardian Angel's calling cards obtained.
  • Sam's Coin: Sam's coin obtained.
  • Tournament Entry Form: Tournament entry form obtained.
  • Sam's Requests: Sam's requests obtained.
  • Madam M's Requests: Madam M's requests obtained.
  • Vitalabrew: Vitalabrew obtained.
  • Crimson Spike: Crimson Spike obtained.
  • The Sauce: The Sauce obtained.
  • Medicine Voucher: Medicine voucher obtained.
  • Bottle of Antiemetic: Bottle of antiemetic obtained.
  • VIP Card: VIP card obtained.
  • Fake Calling Card: Fake calling card obtained.
  • Real Calling Card: Real calling card obtained.
  • Madam M's Endorsement: Madam M's endorsement obtained.
  • Andrea's Earrings: Andrea's earrings obtained.
  • Andrea's Endorsement: Andrea's endorsement obtained.
  • Key to the Sewers: Key to the sewers obtained.
  • Gysahl Greens: Gysahl greens obtained.
  • Sam's Delivery Lifetime Pass: Sam's Delivery lifetime pass obtained.
  • Doctor's List: Doctor's list obtained.
  • Medicinal Flowers: Medicinal flowers obtained.
  • Moogle's Mortar: Moogle's mortar obtained.
  • Behemoth Horn: You obtained a behemoth horn.
  • Corneo's Vault Key: Corneo's vault key obtained.
  • Johnny's Wallet: Johnny's wallet obtained.
  • Ruby Tiara: Ruby tiara obtained.
  • Diamond Tiara: Diamond tiara obtained.
  • Emerald Tiara: Emerald tiara obtained.
  • Grappling Gun: Grappling gun obtained.
  • Letter from the Guardian Angel: Letter from the Guardian Angel obtained.
  • Shinra Keycard: Shinra keycard obtained.
  • Shinra Executive Keycard: Shinra executive keycard obtained.
  • Interplate ID Card: Interplate ID card obtained.
  • Note from Zhijie: You obtained a note from Zhijie.

(Upon losing a key item in a quest.)

  • Yellow Flower: Yellow flower lost.
  • Shinra ID Card: Shinra ID card lost.
  • Sector 5 Reactor Keycard: Sector 5 reactor keycard lost.
  • Graveyard Key: Graveyard key lost.
  • Medicine Voucher: Medicine voucher lost.
  • Bottle of Antiemetic: Bottle of antiemetic lost.
  • VIP Card: VIP card lost.
  • Gysahl Greens: Gysahl greens lost.
  • Johnny's Wallet: Johnny's wallet lost.
  • Behemoth Horn: Behemoh horn lost.
  • Medicinal Flowers: Medicinal flowers lost.
  • Moogle's Mortar: Moogle's mortar lost.
  • Ruby Tiara: Ruby tiara lost.
  • Diamond Tiara: Diamond tiara lost.
  • Emerald Tiara: Emerald tiara lost.

(Upon obtaining a Fort Condor item. Either given during dialogue or picked up by the player.)

  • Obtained the Fort Condor starter pack.
  • Sorcerer Board I: Sorcerer board I obtained.
  • Assassin Board I: Assassin board I obtained.
  • Assassin Board II: Assassin board II obtained.
  • Assassin Board III: Assassin board III obtained.
  • Battalion Board III: Battalion board III obtained.
  • Helitrooper (Vanguard): Helitrooper (Vanguard) obtained.
  • Sweeper (Ranged): Sweeper (Ranged) obtained.

Loading screens[]

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  1. Aerith is referred to as "Flower Peddler" in Chapter 2.
  2. In the original release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, the dialogue choice was instead "Something mature". This was updated with Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.
  3. The voice resembles that of Sephiroth.