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This page comprises the full vertal transcript of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

  • This transcript contains cutscene dialogue and mandatory gameplay dialogue.
  • Transcriptions of non-unique battle dialogue are found on Final Fantasy VII Remake battle dialogue. However, battle dialogue that occurs only during certain battles are included here.
  • Dialogue is sorted by the quest and chapter it appears within.

Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1Edit

Enter the Reactor GroundsEdit

Barret: Get down here, merc.

(Upon walking past Barret.)
Security Officer (1): Halt!

Security Officer (2): Who goes there!?

Barret: You're up.

(After the battle starts.)
Security Officer (1): You're coming with us.

Security Officer (2): Nice and easy!

Cloud: Don't think so.

(Upon entering the station.)
Security Officer: Who in the hell—!?

Security Officer: Hands where I can see 'em!

Jessie: Have fun!

(During the battle.)
Security Officer (3): Freeze!

Security Officer (4): Move and we shoot!

Cloud: Go ahead.

(Upon filling an ATB bar.)
Cloud: Enough of this.

(Upon using an ability.)
Security Officer: Holy shit! He a SOLDIER operator?

(Upon using magic.)
Security Officer: He can use magic!?

(Upon jumping further inside.)
Security Officer: Drop the weapon!

Biggs: You got this!

Wedge: Yeah, what he said!

(During the battle.)
Security Officer: You're coming with us!

Cloud: Can't get surrounded.

(Upon approaching Wedge in front of the Reactor Grounds entrance.)
Jessie: So what's SOLDIER boy's deal? Is he one of us now? He's got balls, this, uh... Uh...what was his name again?

Biggs: Cloud. Cloud Strife.

Jessie: Right.

Biggs: And he isn't a SOLDIER anymore. Still, he's a professional—unlike the rest of us. I'm glad to have him.

Cloud: This is a onetime gig. When it's done, we're done.

(In the background, after the cutscene ends.)
Biggs: Real joy to work with though.

Jessie: Real joy to look at too.

Biggs: Here we go...

Jessie: Looks are what people notice first.

Biggs: Guess I'm not on the same page as "people."

Jessie: I'd say you're not even reading the same book.

Biggs: Enough. We're done here.

Jessie: Or even the same—

Biggs: Give it a rest.

(Upon talking to Wedge before approaching Barret.)
Wedge: You'll keep us safe...right, Cloud?

(Upon talking to Wedge again before approaching Barret.)
Wedge: Wow, they've almost got the door.

(Upon talking to Wedge a third time before approaching Barret.)
Wedge: We're doing this. We're really doing it. Man...I think I'm gonna be sick...

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Wedge: C'mon, nobody'd do something this crazy just for money. They may not think you're a true believer, but you know what I think?

Cloud: Not interested.

Barret: Wedge!

Barret: You'd better be worth the money, merc. Every last gil.

Infiltrate the ReactorEdit

(During the first battle against the Security Officer and a Guard Dog.)
Security Officer: Get him, boy!

(After defeating the Guard Dog before the Security Officer.)
Security Officer: Hey!

Cloud: Looks like you're next.

(Upon taking the treasure chest after the battle.)
Security Officer: I found one!

(Upon entering the small warehouse.)
Wedge: Hey Cloud! Elevator's over there! Catch up soon!

(After Jessie cuts a hole in the fence.)
Biggs: This way!

(Upon approaching Biggs.)
Biggs: Not so fast. We've got company.

Follow BarretEdit

(Upon coming out of the fenced area and approaching two Security Officers.)
Security Officer (1): There's one!

Security Officer (2): Get him!

(Upon pulling down the switch.)
Barret: You know what to do—now go!

Wedge: See you later!

Jessie: C'mon, Cloud!

Barret: Pick up the pace!

(Upon talking to Wedge before entering the reactor.)
Wedge: I'll secure our escape route, okay? You go on and catch up with the others.

(Upon talking to Wedge again.)

  • Keep them safe—please!
  • Don't worry about me. Go!

Breach SecurityEdit

(Upon entering Mako Reactor 1.)
On-screen: Mako Reactor 1 - Interior

Barret: SOLDIERs may attack on command, but I hear they make good guard dogs too. Bet you've seen a few reactors. So how do we get to the bridge above mako storage?

Barret: Ain't holding out on me, are you? Stamp scared to bite the hand that fed him? Or is he a loyal little doggie!?

Barret: Have it your way, mutt. We can do this with you, or we can do this without you.

Cloud: Different reactor, different layout. Depends when it was built. Never seen one like this, but I'll manage.

(Upon talking to Jessie before talking to Biggs.)
Jessie: Don't you worry. Biggs'll have the door open soon.

(Upon talking to Barret before talking to Biggs.)
Barret: I'm watching you.

(Upon talking to Biggs)
Biggs: In three, two... Damn, I'm good!

Security Officer (1): Who's there!? Door!

Barret: W-wait!

Security Officer (2): It's over!

Cloud: That's my line.

(During the battle.)
Security Officer (1): He's alone! We can take him!

Security Officer (2): Make it rain!

(After the battle.)
Jessie: We're back!

Cloud: Then let's move.

Jessie: He always knows just what to say!

Barret: Cut it out!

(Upon approaching Biggs before talking to Jessie.)
Biggs: I got this place covered.

(Upon talking to Barret before talking to Jessie.)
Barret: Simmer down, hotshot.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: It's a good thing I know someone who can get us the passcodes. Pity no one else at command will talk to us, but what can you do? And we're good!

Biggs: Careful in there.

(If Biggs was approached before talking to Jessie.)
Biggs: Well, what're you waiting for?

(If Biggs was not approached before talking to Jessie.)
Biggs: I got this place covered.

(Upon talking to Barret before pressing the button to call the elevator.)
Barret: Security's only gonna get tighter, so be ready. We can't afford any mistakes.

(Upon talking to Jessie before pressing the button to call the elevator.)
Jessie: Looks like the elevator's on another floor. Mind pushing that button?

(Upon pressing the button to call the elevator.)
Jessie: know Tifa, right? It's not really my business, but are you guys close?

(During a flashback.)
Tifa: Cloud! Are you ignoring me!?

(After the flashback ends.)
Cloud: Tifa and I...

(In President Shinra's office.)
Heidegger: These sewer rats appear to call themselves Avalanche, sir. We are currently investigating whether they belong to the same group that made the attempt on your life. Rest assured, our inquiries will not take much longer.

(In the elevator.)
Barret: This pump's sole purpose is to drain the planet dry. While you sleep, while you eat, while you shit—it's here, sucking up mako. It doesn't rest and it doesn't care! You do realize what mako is, don't you?

Barret: Mako is the lifeblood of our world. The planet bleeds green like you and me bleed red. The hell you think's gonna happen when it's all gone, huh!? Answer me!

Barret: You gonna stand there and pretend you can't hear the planet crying out in pain? I know you can!

Cloud: You really hear that?

Barret: Damn straight I do!

Cloud: Get help.

Barret: Say that again!

Cloud: I'd worry less about the planet and more about the next five seconds. Save the screaming for later.

(After exiting the elevator.)
On-screen: Mako Reactor 1 - Utility Access

Barret: Our lives are on the line now. You listening, merc? One false move... And that happens!

Jessie: Well, so much for having Cloud do all the fighting. There are some places a sword just can't reach... Just...bear with him for me, would you?

Cloud: Should've asked for more money.

(As the battle against Sentry Rays begins.)
Barret: Gonna throw your sword at 'em? Let the man with the gun go to work! These tin cans ain't got nothing on me!

(Upon using Barret's Overcharge.)
Barret: Now for the real show!

(Upon destroying all three Sentry Rays and switching to Cloud.)
Barret: Do your job, merc!

Cloud: Shut up and move over.

(Upon switching to Barret again.)
Cloud: Don't forget to aim.

Barret: Oh yeah? How about I aim for your head!?

Reach Mako StorageEdit

(Upon approaching Jessie downstairs.)
Jessie: Look what we have here.

Cloud: A laser security system... Great.

Jessie: Those things'll hurt more than your pride if you're careless. They'll cut you down to size and then some. ...But I'm guessing you've done this kind of thing before.

Cloud: Yeah. Figure out the timing of the lasers. Then make a move when they cycle off.

Jessie: Exactly! I'll go first. Nothing like a little danger to get the blood pumping.

Cloud: Hey!

Jessie: Just keep those baby blues of yours on me!

Follow JessieEdit

(Upon hitting the lasers, one of the following lines of dialogue will play depending on how many times the player has hit them. After playing all lines, one of the following will randomly play.)

  • You okay!?
  • Pay more attention.
  • Just relax.
  • Keep your cool.
  • (chuckles) Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  • You SOLDIERs sure can take a beating. Still kickin', I see.
  • Are you trying to get hit?
  • You sure you were a SOLDIER?
  • (chuckles) I had no idea you were such a klutz.
  • Um, you have a fetish or something?
  • There's a fine line between being daring and being dumb. Food for thought.

(After safely going through the first set of lasers.)
Jessie: Huh. He's a natural!

(After safely going through the second set of lasers.)
Jessie: Not too shabby.

(After safely going through the third set of lasers.)
Jessie: You're doing good, SOLDIER!

(Upon arriving at the second staircase.)
Jessie: Okay, let's see what's up next!

(Upon arriving down the second staircase.)
Jessie: ...And it's more of the same. Come on, then.

(After passing through the fourth set of lasers.)
Jessie: Pretty easy, right?

(After passing through the fifth set of lasers.)
Jessie: Nice job, Cloud!

(After passing through the sixth set of lasers.)
Jessie: Like a walk in the park, huh?

(Upon approaching the third staircase without getting hit by the lasers.)
Jessie: Not a scratch! Now onto the objective!

(Upon approaching the third staircase if hit by the lasers.)
Jessie: Well, I'm glad that's over with. And we're almost at our objective.

(Upon arriving down the third staircase.)
Jessie: Look. They don't call those things sweepers for nothing. They can wipe out a whole squad in seconds.

Cloud: Not if you wipe the floor with them first.

(At the start of the battle with the sweeper.)
Barret: Hah! We can take this hunk of junk!

Cloud: That "hunk of junk" is a heavy weapons platform. If we rush in...we die.

Barret: Is that right?

Cloud: Need to hit it with magic. That should give us an opening.

(Upon pressuring the sweeper.)
Barret: Hey! It stopped moving!

Cloud: Let's pin it down! Give it all you've got!

(If its pressure first subsides without being staggered.)
Barret: Of course, it just had to get back up.

Cloud: So we knock it down again. No time to complain.

(Upon staggering the sweeper.)
Cloud: Now's our chance! Go!

Barret: Don't need to tell me twice! I'm gonna enjoy this!

(Upon destroying the sweeper.)
Jessie: And that's that!

Barret: What are you, twenty-something?

Cloud: First.

Barret: Huh?

Cloud: SOLDIER: First Class. Doesn't go into the twenties.

Barret: The hell you talking about? I mean your age, not your goddamn rank!

Cloud: I, uh...

Barret: Though, for all I know, a SOLDIER's rank could be the same as his age... Mm-hmm. Guess that'd make you a one-year-old, huh? Live and learn!

(Upon reaching mako storage.)
Jessie: That's our target. The reactor core. Gotta set the bomb at the bottom.

Jessie: Let's get down there.

Set the ChargeEdit

(Upon arriving down the ladder.)
Barret: Goddamn... I can practically taste the mako in here... Hurry it up!

(Upon reaching near the end of the platform.)
Barret: My heart's pounding like a jackhammer!

Cloud: Scared, huh?

Barret: Hah! More like excited. I've been dreaming about this for years!

(Upon approaching Jessie.)
Jessie: Heads up, boys—the end's in sight. I leave the rest in your capable hands. Good luck!

(Upon approaching the other ladder to the right.)
Jessie: Not that way! Down the ladder, dummy!

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Aw, you're choosing me over the reactor? That's sweet, but I'll wait my turn. Go blow her mind.

(Upon talking to Jessie again.)
Jessie: Go on. Shoo.

(Upon arriving down the stairs before the last ladder leading downwards.)
Barret: You think, if we fell in, we'd sink right down to the bottom? To the planet's core?

Cloud: No, the pump would suck us back up.

Barret: How comforting.

(Upon taking the ladder down to the floor with the reactor core.)
On-screen: Mako Reactor 1 - Core

Barret: Yeah, let's do this... Let's do this!

(Upon approaching the core.)
Barret: All right. Let's see if little Stamp really can bite the hand that feeds...

Barret: Go on. Do the honors. Prove to me you're the man Tifa says you are. That you're one of us.

Cloud: Never said I was. I'm just here for the paycheck.

Barret: Then do the damn job!

Barret: What's wrong?

Cloud: I'm fine. What about the timer?

Barret: Your call, merc.

(Upon setting the timer to twenty minutes.)
Barret: Pretty cocky, ain'tcha?

(Upon setting the timer to thirty minutes.)
Barret: Hah! That long enough for you?

(As Scorpion Sentinel approaches.)
Barret: You double-crossing—

Cloud: Heads up!

Barret: What in the hell!?

(As the battle with Scorpion Sentinel begins.)
Barret: Hey! How the hell do we fight this thing?

Cloud: It's got reinforced armor plating—but the internals can be overloaded. Lightning magic.

Barret: No other option, huh.

(The following lines are stated at any point during the battle.)

  • Focus and find a way.
  • Going in for the kill! Follow my lead!
  • Military-grade armor in a reactor...?
  • Find an opening...
  • Heal up and regroup.

(When Barret is targeted by Scorpion Sentinel for the first and/or second time. Either line plays.)

  • Uhh, should I be worried?
  • Why you gotta pick on me!?

(Sometimes after using normal attacks with Cloud against the Scorpion Sentinel.)
Cloud: Can't see an opening... Impressive...

(Sometimes after using normal attacks with Barret against the Scorpion Sentinel.)
Barret: Damn, this thing is tough!

Cloud: Wouldn't be much of a weapon if it went down easy.

Barret: Don't compliment the giant scorpion!

(If Cloud's HP falls to half during the battle.)
Cloud: Gotta heal up.

(If Barret's HP falls to half during the battle.)
Barret: Sure could use a break...

(If Cloud's HP is critically low.)
Cloud: Damnit. Need to heal up soon...

(When both are consecutively struck by the Scorpion Sentinel's attacks.)
Cloud: Gotta memorize the attack patterns...

(When both constantly miss their attacks.)
Cloud: Gotta time our attacks just right! Hold out until you spot an opening!

(When Barret uses Thunder for the first time in the battle.)
Barret: Hell yeah! You see the damage that did!?

Cloud: Keep it up!

(When Scorpion Sentinel sustains damage if Barret hasn't used Thunder.)
Barret: We barely scratched the damn thing!

Cloud: Didn't I tell you to use magic!?

Barret: Thought you were full of shit.

Cloud: Think whatever you want—just do it!

(When Barret is struck by Mark 99 Launchers.)
Barret: Damn pain in the ass...

(When Cloud is bound by the Scorpion Sentinel.)
Barret: Got anything you wanna say?

Barret: Funny way to ask for help.

(If Barret fails to free Cloud from being bound, leading to Cloud being thrown off onto the platform.)
Barret: Shit. Was just about to get you out.

Cloud: Wasn't expecting you to do jack...

(If Barret is struck by Tail Swipe.)
Barret: Pretty quick for a heap of scrap!

(When Scorpion Sentinel engages its barrier.)
Barret: The hell is that!?

Cloud: A barrier? Never seen this defense system before...

Barret: Thought you were the expert!

Cloud: So what's your brilliant plan, genius?

(If Cloud attacks its Field Generator quickly.)
Cloud: There! Attack it from the rear!

Barret: Aight, SOLDIER boy! Show me what you got!

(If Cloud starts attacking its Field Generator after some time passes first.)
Cloud: Bingo. Focus on that core!

Barret: Oh, now he remembers. Don't keep me waiting in suspense next time!

(If Barret uses Thunder on the Scorpion Sentinel or its Field Generator for the first time while its barrier is active.)
Barret: Huh!? It didn't work!?

(If Barret uses Thunder on the Scorpion Sentinel or its Field Generator for the second time while its barrier is active.)
Barret: Dammit! Gotta do something about that barrier first!

(When the Scorpion Sentinel leaps onto the wall after its barrier is down.)
Barret: It's my time to shine!

Cloud: Or go down in flames...

(If the Scorpion Sentinel sets up another barrier.)
Cloud: Another barrier!?

(When Scorpion Sentinel engages its Tail Laser.)
Cloud: Watch the tail! You don't want to get hit by that laser!

Barret: Huh!? So, whadda we do!?

Cloud: Don't get hit! Take cover behind that debris.

(After the Scorpion Sentinel's Tail Laser attack is finished and debris clears.)
Cloud: Now! Go!

Barret: Now! Get in there and do some damage!

Barret: It's wide open! Gonna light it up!

(When it uses Tail Laser, the below sets of dialogue will play sequentially.)

  • First set:
    Cloud: Heads up—tail laser!
    Barret: I see it!
    Cloud: Then take cover already!
  • Second dialogue:
    Cloud: Incoming—take cover!
    Barret: There really no other option?
    Cloud: Wanna get shot? Be my guest!
  • Third dialogue:
    Barret: Hey, it's doing that thing again!
    Cloud: Find cover and hunker down!
    Barret: Again and again and again!

(After the first Tail Laser ends.)
Cloud: Now! Go!

(When Scorpion Sentinel uses its Auto-Repair for the first time.)
Barret: Aw, hell, what's it doing now!?

Cloud: An auto-repair unit? Dammit—we gotta take it out quick or we're screwed!

Barret: Oh, I am way ahead of you, merc!

(While attacking it with Barret after it uses Auto-Repair.)
Barret: When I get my chance, I'm gonna blow this bastard the hell up! And that's a promise!

(While attacking it with Cloud after it uses Auto-Repair.)
Cloud: Gotta time our attacks just right! Hold out until you spot an opening!

(Upon crippling one leg.)
Cloud: It's down! Rain hell on it!

Barret: Ain't gotta tell me twice!

(Upon crippling another leg.)
Cloud: There goes another! Now's our chance to do some real damage!

(Upon defeating the Scorpion Sentinel, if the player chose twenty minutes for the bomb timer.)
Announcement: Twenty minutes until detonation.

(If the player chose thirty minutes.)
Announcement: Thirty minutes until detonation.

(After the Scorpion Sentinel explodes.)
Barret: Hah, you hear that? Damn thing showed you how it's done!

Cloud: Come on, we've gotta move.

Barret: Wedge should be covering our way out! Go, go, go!

Escape from the ReactorEdit

(Upon reaching Jessie.)
Cloud: You okay?

Jessie: Do I look okay!? Help a girl out, would ya!?

Jessie: My hero!

Barret: Hey! We'll link up over there! Look after Jessie!

Jessie: Come this way! This route should lead us straight to Barret! Probably!

(Upon reaching the bottom of the ladder.)
Jessie: I think I see an exit. Come on!

(Upon reaching the bottom of another ladder.)
Jessie: Don't look back! Let's go, let's go, let's go!

(Upon reaching the bottom of a third ladder.)
Jessie: We're running out of time!

Cloud: Shut up and climb. You're not helping.

Jessie: Sorry, it just— It keeps me focused! I'll freak out if I don't talk!

Cloud: Have it your way.

(Upon reaching the topmost platform.)
Jessie: Barret—

Barret: I've got you covered. Find us a way outta here!

Jessie: But then—

Barret: Don't worry, I'll be fine. I've got SOLDIER boy with me!

Cloud: Ex-SOLDIER boy.

(During the battle.)
Security Officer (1): They're here!

Security Officer (2): Take 'em down!

Barret: We don't have time for this shit! The clock's ticking!

Cloud: Cool it. Five seconds is all we need.

(If Cloud's HP falls to critical in any battle during the quest.)
Barret: You don't look so good. Take care of those wounds before you bleed out.

(After the battle.)
Barret: Let's go! The others are waiting! Gotta get the hell outta here ASAP...

(Upon encountering another sweeper in battle.)
Barret: Ugh! This is all we need!

Cloud: You got that right.

(Upon encountering a group of Monodrives after climbing the staircase.)
Barret: Heads up! We got a whole lotta company!

Cloud: No shit.

(Upon encountering a Shock Trooper.)
Barret: Whoa! Ain't you a feisty one!

Cloud: Like a rook seeing his first action...

(Upon reaching the elevator, cut to President Shinra's office.)
Heidegger: Sir.

(After cutting back to the elevator.)
Barret: Come on...come on, come on, come on!

Sprint to SafetyEdit

Jessie: Door's open!

Barret: Bada-bing bada-boom—bam!

Jessie: We don't have a lot of time here! Pick up the pace, people!

(Upon leaving Mako Reactor 1.)
Wedge: Over here! This way!

(Upon approaching Jessie.)
Cloud: Can you walk?

Jessie: If I couldn't, believe me, you'd be the first to know.

Cloud: I'll take that as a yes.

Jessie: Cloud!

Jessie: Okay, that was pretty cool.

Jessie: All right. Come on!

Chapter 2: Fateful EncountersEdit

Use the Escape RouteEdit

Barret: Looks like we made it. And with nothing but a few scratches to show—

Barret: Think you might've overdone it?

Jessie: I followed the instructions to the letter. Maybe it triggered a reaction with the mako?

Barret: Well, let's hope this city's still in one piece.

Biggs: But the planet's what matters, right?

Biggs: I mean...this must've helped some.

Jessie: After all that, it better have. Anyway, let's get going. We in Sector 8?

Wedge: That'd be just down there!

Barret: All right, then. Lead the way.

Wedge: You got it!

(After the first cutscene, while walking through as Cloud.)
Wedge: Watch out for live wires. They're everywhere.

Biggs: Ugh, the air in here reeks. Can't wait to get out in the open!

Biggs: Man, what is that? I've never smelled anything so foul.

Biggs: Aw, it's me. Gotta do something about that, and soon.

(After rubble falls near the end of the first hallway.)
Wedge: I felt that one in my guts...

Biggs: They just keep on coming.

Barret: We need to get out of this place.

Jessie: Was it the mako density? The primary explosive? The blasting agent?

Biggs: Hey, we can figure that out later.

Wedge: I'm running on empty here...

Barret: You can refuel at the base.

Wedge: Next time, I'll have to bring a little pick-me-up.

(Before the second hallway.)
Jessie: How much farther do we have to go?

Wedge: Not far!

(Upon reaching the second hallway.)
Wedge: That's about as good a place as any.

Jessie: Stand back then. I'll set the bomb.

Barret: Can't wait to see you, Marlene.

Biggs: Can't wait to take a hot shower.

(Upon reaching the end of the second hallway.)
Jessie: She's good to go.

Jessie: Fire in the hole!

Biggs: You sure told those doors.

Jessie: Let that be a lesson to anything that gets in my way!

(Upon exiting the Plate Partition - Interior onto the Business District.)
On-screen: Sector 8 Business District

Announcement: Attention all citizens. Attention all citizens. This is an alert from the Shinra Emergency Operations Center. Unidentified intruders have detonated a bomb inside Mako Reactor 1. Multiple explosions have been confirmed, as well as ongoing fires. In response, a disaster warning has been issued in Sectors 1 and 8. Structures in the area are at high risk of collapse, rendering the entire sector hazardous.

Jessie: No... No way.

Biggs: This couldn't have been us...could it?

Wedge: But what if it was...?

Cloud: What's done is done.

Barret: Merc's right. It ain't pretty, but we can't stop now. This was just the first reactor. And the planet won't be safe till we get the rest.

Biggs: Yeah... We always knew this was gonna get messy.

Wedge: And this is only the beginning...

Barret: Y'all gotta look at the bigger picture here. Nothing worth fighting for was ever won without sacrifice. Though you may not be crying out, I know you're in pain—just like the planet. But it's okay, 'cause I'm here for you! To help take the load off your shoulders!

Barret: Your fears... Your worries... Your concerns... And yes, your fees... Whatever your problem, I got you.

Biggs: So, what's our next move, boss?

Barret: That's easy enough! We get our asses home!

(Upon running up the staircase.)
Barret: We'll split up and shoot for the last train home. Regroup in the freight car. Got it?

Wedge: Later then!

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Cloud: Hey. I'd like my money now.

Barret: You can have it—once we're back at base.

Reach the Sector 8 StationEdit

(Upon reaching the bottom of the staircase.)
Jessie: Yoo-hoo.

Jessie: I don't need to tell you what this is, right?

Cloud: Of course not. It's healing materia.

Jessie: You can have it. For saving my life.

Cloud: Just doing my job. Nothing more.

Jessie: Yeah, yeah... Fact is, I'm lucky you were there.

Cloud: Survival can be a matter of luck or skill. And you can't rely on luck.

Jessie: Words to live by!

Cloud: Yeah, well...thanks.

Jessie: You do know how to use it, right?

Cloud: You do know what I was, right?

(After the materia tutorial is viewed or skipped.)
Jessie: Okay! I was only trying to help.

(If the bomb timer was set to 20 minutes.)
Jessie: Oh—before I forget, here's a little something extra, for being so brave. That really was the ride of a lifetime... Well, see you on the train!

(Upon reaching Jessie at the end of the street.)
Jessie: Cloud! Up here! Look up! I said look up!

(Upon aiming the camera toward Jessie.)
Jessie: Careful up here! This could collapse at any moment! If you want up, you'll have to use those stairs!

(Upon talking to the main in front of the staircase.)
Topside Resident: The stairs are right there if you wanna try crossing the rubble.

(Upon approaching the station.)
Cloud: Station's intact.

(After rubble falls.)
Cloud: What the...?

Cloud: How...!?

Follow HimEdit

Cloud: He couldn't be... But then...

Cloud: The hell...?

Cloud: Wait...

(Upon reaching Sephiroth.)
Cloud: You're not real... You're... ...dead!

Sephiroth: I am?

Cloud: I killed you with my own—

Sephiroth: Oh, you need not remind me. It was the crowning moment of our time together. But that was then, and this is now. I have a favor to ask.

Sephiroth: Our beloved planet is dying. Slowly. Silently. Painfully. Can you bear to see the planet suffer... Cloud?

Cloud: Mom... Mom...

Sephiroth: Were the planet to die, so many things would be lost. Your hometown that burns so bright... The sound of her voice pleading for me to spare you. The shiver of her flesh yielding to cold steel.

Sephiroth: That which binds us together would be no more. And I would be loath to live in such a world. Which is why I must ask you this one favor. Don't worry. It's a simple thing.

Sephiroth: Run, Cloud... Run away. You have to leave... You have to live.

Cloud: You bastard!

Sephiroth Good, Cloud. Very good. Hold on to that hatred.

Cloud: I'm seeing things. Fumes from all the mako, maybe. All right. You got this.

Taking a DetourEdit

(Upon talking to the couple in the alleyway.)
Topside Resident (1): Shooting for the station? Take the alley and climb up to the roof of that building at the end and you're practically there.

Topside Resident (2): If you make it that far...

(Upon approaching the rubble.)
Cloud: Well, can't go this way.

(Upon climbing the ladder, after the camera pans over to the reactor ruins.)
Cloud: Man... What a mess.

(Upon talking to the man at the end of the roof.)
Topside Resident: The station? Well, take that fire escape. It'll put you right on the street.

(Upon reaching Loveless Street.)
On-screen: Loveless Street

(Upon attempting to go down the barricade street near Loveless Street.)
Security Officer: Don't let the intruder escape!

(Upon reaching the end of Loveless Street.)
Sephiroth: You are too weak to save anyone. Not even yourself.

Flower Peddler:[note 1] Are you okay!?

Flower Peddler: Hey... Are you okay?

Cloud: I'm fine.

Flower Peddler: Here. This is for you.

Cloud: A flower?

Flower Peddler: That's right. It's a gift. You know, for scaring those things away.

Cloud: What things?

Flower Peddler: Never mind. Think of it as a memento.

Cloud: Just my luck...

Flower Peddler: I heard that, you know.

On-screen: Here. This is for you.

  • (Upon selecting "How much?")
    Cloud: How much?
    Flower Peddler: Well, that depends on the customer. In your case... It's on the house.
  • (Upon selecting "I'm good.")
    Cloud: I'm good.
    Flower Peddler: Oh, don't be like that. I know you want one. When was the last time you saw a real flower, huh? Plus, it'll make your girlfriend's day. I guarantee it.
    Cloud: How much?
    Flower Peddler: Well, that depends on the customer. In your case... It's on the house.
    • (Upon selecting "Don't be stupid.")
      Cloud: Enough already. I'll give you two gil for it.
      Flower Peddler:Two measly gil!? For a real flower? Come on.
      Cloud: Five then.Flower Peddler:Please, that's not nearly enough. Besides, I clearly said it was on the—
      Flower Peddler: You're trying to get rid of me! For five lousy gil! Sorry, but your plan won't work.
    • (Upon selecting "Fine, I'll take it.", the dialogue options conclude.)

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Flower Peddler: Lovers used to give these when they were reunited...

Cloud: Look, I'm involved in things. Dangerous things.

Flower Peddler: Oh, I'm sure you are. So?

Cloud: So keep your distance.

Flower Peddler: Wait—you think someone's out to get you? Is that what you're all worked up about? Relax. No one's going to attack you. I promise.

Cloud: Hey, a mako reactor just blew. You shouldn't be out here trying to sell fl—

Flower Peddler: Help me!

Flower Peddler: What are they?

Security Officer: Drop your weapon!

Cloud: Are you blind...?

Flower Peddler: You know—you're right!

Cloud: What— Wait!

Flower Peddler: Nice meeting you!

Security Officer: Sword on the ground! Right now!

Evade PursuersEdit

(Upon encountering the Security Officers past the barricades on Loveless Street.)
Security Officer: Hey! You there!

(Upon encountering the Security Officers at the end of Loveless Street.)
Security Officer (1): There he is! You're not going anywhere!

Security Officer (2): HQ, this is Sector 8 Unit 4. We have eyes on the target! We need backup! I repeat: this is 8-4 requesting immediate backup!

(Upon approaching the Security Officer with two Guard Dogs near the alleyway on the way to the fountain.)
Security Officer: All clear.

(Upon beginning the battle at the fountain.)
Security Officer (1): Just give it up!

Security Officer (2): Don't run!

(Throughout the battle while defeating enemies.)
Security Officer (3): Box him in! Box him in!

Security Officer (4): There's nowhere to run!

Shinra Helicopter: Target sighted. I repeat, target sighted.

Shinra Helicopter: Shock troopers, prep for immediate deployment!

Shinra Helicopter: Troopers on standby!

Shinra Helicopter: You are clear to engage!

Shinra Helicopter: Be advised—target is headed for the station!

Shinra Helicopter: Enemy combatant—you are surrounded! Lay down your weapon and surrender!

Security Officer (5): Don't let him escape!

Security Officer (6): Give up!

Shinra Helicopter: Ground forces engaging target in fountain plaza! All nearby units converge and provide immediate support!

Security Officer (7): There's no way out.

Security Officer (8): Move in!

Shinra Helicopter: Requesting immediate reinforcements at fountain plaza!

Flying through the CityEdit

(After the battle at the fountain ends.)
Shinra Helicopter: Target still mobile! Support, proceed to rally point at the station.

Cloud: So much for the direct route. Find another way... Use the rooftops, maybe...

Climb to the RoofEdit

(While searching for the ladder.)
Security Officer: Don't let him get away, no matter what!

(While running away from the ladder.)
Cloud: ...But the rooftops look clear.

(While climbing the ladder.)
Security Officer (1): Over there!

Security Officer (2): Open fire! Shoot to kill!

(Upon climbing the first ladder.)
Cloud: Close call.

(While running across the rooftops.)
Shinra Helicopter: Be advised—target approaching residential area. Seal all access immediately!

Break the BlockadeEdit

(Upon reaching the end of the rooftops.)
Security Officer: Target sighted! Get him!

Cloud: It's all or nothing now...

(Upon reaching the Residential Area.)
On-screen: Sector 8 Residential Area

(Upon engaging the first group of Security Officers in the Residential Area.)
Security Officer: Don't underestimate him!

(Upon engaging the second group of Security Officers.)
Security Officer: I see him!

(While moving down the street.)
Shinra Helicopter: Confirmed—target has entered residential area!

Shinra Helicopter: Full lockdown is in effect! All units—

(Upon engaging the third group of Security Officers.)
Security Officer (1): I have eyes on the target.

Security Officer (2): You're mine now.

(Upon engaging the fourth group of Security Officers.)
Security Officer: Target spotted! Moving to intercept!

(While moving down the street.)
Shinra Helicopter: Enemy combatant—you have been warned! Surrender yourself to Public Security immediately!

(Upon engaging the fifth group of Security Officers.)
Security Officer: Not so fast!

Shinra Helicopter: You have nowhere to run!

(Upon reaching the end of the road.)
Security Officer (1): End of the line, punk!

Security Officer (2): I'm gonna enjoy this!

(After defeating all enemies.)
Security Officer (1): Move in!

Security Officer (2): Don't let him escape!

Security Officer (3): HQ, this is Sector 8 Unit 2. Target is surrounded. Moving to secure.

Security Officer (4): Wait! I know that—

Last TrainEdit

Wedge: Guess Cloud won't be joining us after all...

Biggs: No need to assume the worst. I'm sure he's fine. You saw him in action, didn't you? Guy's a SOLDIER. Goddamn one-man army.

Jessie': Mmm, you think he's a keeper?

Barret: On my go.

Barret: Ugh, you had me worried for a minute...

Barret: What the hell you been up to? Huh!?

Cloud: Giving Public Security the runaround, that's what. Had to draw them away from the station somehow.

Jessie: Nicely done.

Biggs Well—can't argue with the results, huh?

Cloud: Wait. Got a question for you all.

Barret: What?

Cloud: Ever been attacked by an invisible enemy?

Cloud: Wearing robes. Came and went like the wind.

Biggs: Thought they were invisible.

Cloud: They were—at first Only saw them after she grabbed me...

Jessie: A new Shinra weapon, maybe?

Barret: Hah! More like a panic-induced hallucination!

Cloud: Never mind. Forget I said anything.

Barret: Suit yourself. C'mon, let's move up.

(While walking through the train.)
Wesge: Lotta people here.

Jessie: And in the freight car, too...

Biggs: 'Cause of the evacuation order, maybe?

Barret: Lucky us. We've got a crowd to hide in. Head for the front of the train and hold there.

Announcer: Due to an explosion at Mako Reactor 1, an emergency schedule is now in effect. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

(Upon approaching Wedge.)
Wedge: Ugh, so cramped...

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: Man, everyone's on edge.

Cloud: Of course they are.

Wedge: Hey, Cloud,

Cloud: If you're about to "unburden" yourself—don't.

Wedge: Yeesh... You don't make it easy...

(Upon approaching to Biggs.)
Biggs: Hey, got a sec?

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: You're uh...holding up pretty well, huh? Even after what we saw at the station and all over Sector 8?

Cloud: I'm a SOLDIER.

Biggs: hands are still shaking.

Cloud: You get used to it.

Biggs: Something to look forward to... Or maybe not.

(Upon approaching Jessie.)
Jessie: Little help, Cloud? Please?

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: I can't stop thinking about it. The bomb I made shouldn't have produced an explosion that big. It doesn't make any sense...

Cloud: The explosion triggered a reaction with the mako. You said so yourself.

Jessie: That was my first guess—but shouldn't a reactor have fail—safes to prevent that kinda thing? You mentioned "invisible enemies" back there, right?

Cloud: Right.

Jessie: Hmm... No. I'm just looking for excuses for something that was clearly my own fault. Gotta own up to it if I'm gonna learn from this and move on. Thanks, Cloud. You're a good listener.

(Upon entering the train cart with Barret.)
Shinra Employee (1): What kind of maniacs would go so far as to bomb a reactor?

Shinra Employee (2): They've yet to announce it publicly, but I heard it was Avalanche's doing.

Shinra Employee (1): Really? Aren't they the terrorists who tried to kill the president?

Shinra Employee (3): Is there nothing they won't do?

Barret: Hey! Quit talking out your ass. Everyone knows Avalanche only cares about saving the planet.

Shinra Middle Manager: J-just who do you think you are?

Barret: A law-abiding concerned citizen.

Shinra Employee (1): "Law-abiding"? Really?

Shinra Employee (2): Don't antagonize him!

Barret: In my humble opinion, that explosion was a message—a message to the bastards bleeding our planet dry. Think they got it? Heard it loud and clear? Y'all's masters?

Shinra Middle Manager: We will not submit to intimidation or violence! But work together for peace and prosperity! That is how civilized people change the world!

Shinra Employee (1): That's right!

Shinra Employee (2): That is the Shinra creed!

Barret: Hmph. Them's fighting words.

Shinra Middle Manager: It's what we believe. We all have to follow our conscience, don't we?

Shinra Employee (3): We should go.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: Well, I get it if you can't relate...

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: They'd probably kill us if they knew we were the ones responsible...

(Upon talking to Barret.)

  • You hear that suit? Shinra creed my ass.
  • We're the good guys, damnit...

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Let's get this out of the way... Personally, I find visual aids make the dull stuff a lot more bearable. If it helps, think of it as an initiation rite.

Cloud: How many times do I have to tell you people. I'm not—

Jessie: Shh. There's such a thing as playing too hard to get.

Jessie: So, here we've got a wireframe model of the great city of Midgar. Complete with massive steel plates suspended three hundred meters above ground level... Atop which stands a shining beacon of civilization. The whole system is sustained by the mako reactors, which feed the insatiable appetites of the public.

Announcement: The train will be passing through an ID checkpoint shortly.

Jessie: This here is the train's route. As you can see, it'll take us around this main pillar. Look—we're about halfway through it now. They've set up a checkpoint here to scan the IDs of all passengers heading in and out. Date of birth, residential status, criminal history... All that and more is automatically cross-referenced in their databases. Public Security wouldn't have it any other way. Heads up.

Jessie: Don't worry. Our IDs are impeccable.

Jessie: What'd I tell you? Have a little faith.

Jessie: Won't be long till we reach the bottom. Relax.

Barret: Take a good look. It's because of that great big pizza in the sky that people down there gotta struggle to survive. Shinra sucks up mako while the soil turns to dust, the air fills with smog, and the flowers die.

Cloud: Then leave and don't look back. That's what's always worked for me.

Barret: Hmph! Well, that's all well and good if you're only out for yourself. But the folks down there don't have the luxury of choice, you know?

Cloud: Like this train, I suppose... There's only one way it can go...

Chapter 3: Home Sweet SlumEdit

Return to BaseEdit

Barret: Hot damn, we are good!

Jessie: Woohoo!

Biggs: Yes!

Wedge: Bombs detonated: one. Members lost: zero!

Biggs: And one step closer to a brighter future!

Jessie: Hell yeah!

Barret: Guys! Lower your voices, huh? People are listening.

Barret: Now get some R&R. You've earned it. Just be ready for the next mission, alright?

Barret: See you soon. At Seventh Heaven? You know, where Tifa works? Don't keep her waiting. Don't keep her waiting. She'll worry.

(After the scene ends.)
On-screen: Sector 7 Undercity Station

Barret: Not long now, honey! Daddy's almost home!

(Upon reaching the Pillar Plaza.)
Undercity Resident: Hah. "Mako is the lifeblood of the planet"? The hell it is. Goddamn eco-warriors with their dumbass posters. I tear 'em down and they're back up inside of an hour. Like I've got nothing better to do...

Undercity Resident: I mean, look at all that steelwork... You're trying to tell me that's not progress?

Undercity Resident: What the— You okay, buddy?

Undercity Resident: Mako junkie, huh? Figures...

Cloud: You again...

(Upon approaching Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie.)
Biggs: That hot shower can't come soon enough. I can barely tell my skin from all the ash and sweat.

Wedge: When I get back, it's refuelin' time.

Biggs: And you, Jessie?

Jessie: I dunno. Figure out how I screwed up?

Biggs: Hah! You're such a kidder.

(Upon approaching the Shinra soldiers at the Pillar Plaza fence gate.)
New Recruit: Um, excuse me. Due to an emergency, entry into this area is prohibited. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Senior Officer: You call that a warning!?

New Recruit: No, sir!

(Upon approaching the two again.)
New Recruit: In accordance with emergency regulations, entry into this area is prohibited. Please, leave at once!

Senior Officer: Still too nice!

(Upon approaching the two again.)
New Recruit: This area's off-limits! Turn around and leave at once! If you don't, I'll have no choice but to use force!

Senior Officer: Now you're gettin' the hang of it!

(Upon reaching the Residential Area.)
On-screen: Sector 7 Slums

(Upon approaching Tifa in front of Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Marlene!

Marlene: Daddy! You're home!

Barret: That's right angel, I am!

Tifa: Welcome back!

Barret: Have you been a good girl?

Marlene: Yeah, I've been helping Tifa.

Barret: Oh you did, did you? Well, well...

Tifa: You made it.

Tifa: Where'd you get that? I can't remember the last time I saw a real one.

Tifa: How sweet. When did you get so thoughtful?

Cloud: A guy can change. Has been five years.

Tifa: Huh?

Cloud: I need to talk to Barret.

Tifa: Right. Come on in.

(After the scene ends.)
Marlene: Daddy, the mako place blew up. Everyone on TV's talking about it.

Barret: Don't you worry about all that silliness. Daddy's here, and he's not going anywhere tonight. Now turn that thing off and let's get you to bed, huh?

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Do you mind keeping Marlene company until I'm done with this?

Cloud: Me?

Tifa: Yeah, you.

(Upon talking to Marlene.)
Barret: Hey! The hell you think you're doing scaring my daughter like that!?

Marlene: Daddy says never talk to strangers.

Barret: That's right, honey, I do say that. What a good girl you are, remembering Daddy's lessons. You know what else good girls do? They go to bed on time. C'mon.

Marlene: But I'm not tired! I wanna talk some more, Daddy...

Barret: Mmm... Alright—but just this once!

Tifa: So, then! What can I get you?

Cloud: My money. I'm still waiting on it.

Tifa: Ah... Right... About that... We should talk. Outside.

(After the scene ends.)
Marlene: Um, Daddy...did the people who died all return to the planet?

Barret: Of course.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Let that be a lesson to you.

(Upon talking to Barret again.)
Barret: When you wanna talk to a little kid, don't go giving her the professional-killer eyes.

(Upon approaching Tifa outside Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Before we get onto money... There's an empty apartment in a place just down the road. It's nothing fancy, but... I was thinking you could stay there for now. The landlady's a big friend of the cause, so you wouldn't even have to pay rent! Sound good?

Cloud: Sure does. Thanks.

Tifa: Follow me then!

(While following Tifa to Stargazer Heights.)
Tifa: How was it up on the plate?

Cloud: It was...chaotic.

Tifa: Sorry for dragging you into all this. It was wrong of me to put you in danger like that. I promise I won't do it again.

Cloud: Danger's part of the job. Don't worry about me.

Tifa: I'll try not to.

Cloud: Always happy to help stick it to Shinra.

Tifa: So, you make nice with everyone?

Cloud: Much as I could, all things considered. Maybe not enough for them.

Tifa: Good. You had me worried. You're not exactly a people person.

Cloud: I'll give you that.

Tifa: I saw Sector 8 on the news... It was like a war zone...

Cloud: The news is just another Shinra mouthpiece. They'll spread whatever lies Shinra tells 'em to.

Tifa: wasn't that bad?

Cloud: ...It was.

Tifa: Oh. Right.

(Upon reaching Stargazer Heights.)
Tifa: And here we are. Good ol' Stargazer Heights. You're on the second floor.

(Upon walking away from Stargazer Heights.)
Tifa: Do you need some alone time or something?

(Upon reaching the second floor of Stargazer Heights.)
Tifa: Room 201 here is where I sleep. Don't have time for much else, what with Seventh Heaven and all. Not even time to decorate.

Tifa: Here's your room—202. Don't worry, I already told the landlady about you.

Cloud: You did?

Tifa: Yes? Ohhh, I mean I told her I had a friend looking for a place to stay. Was that too much?

Cloud: No. It's fine. And this?

Tifa: That one's, uh... Know what, it's getting late. I'll introduce you tomorrow.

(Upon entering room 202.)
Tifa: It's a little bare, but should be enough to get you through the night. If you want anything else, we can always get it—

Cloud: There is one thing. My money. You guys owe me two thousand, remember?

Tifa: I do, and we'd love to settle up, especially since this was your first job for us, but...

Cloud: That's it?

Tifa: Sorry. We spent the rest preparing for the mission. That really is it. But not for long! I'm collecting money for filters tomorrow, so I can pay you after.

Cloud: And you're sure about that?

Tifa: Of long as you help, that is. Wait... Then I'd have to pay you for that too. Never mind.

Cloud: No, two thousand's enough. That's what we agreed on, so that'll be the price. With what you gave me, that leaves fifteen hundred.

Tifa: You're the best! I'll see you bright and early at the bar, then. Thanks again for everything. Sleep tight!

Noisy NeighborsEdit

(Upon approaching room 203.)
Cloud: Hey. You okay in there?

Cloud: Coming in.

Tifa: Cloud! Stop!

Cloud: Get back inside!

Cloud: Get off me!

???: Reunion... Reunion...

Tifa: What are you doing to Marco? This is his apartment. He's got a few problems, but he's not a bad guy. The landlady asked me to check on him now and then to make sure he's okay. Can I ask you to do the same?

Cloud: Sure...

Life in the SlumsEdit

(Upon exiting Stargazer Heights.)

Marle: Well, now. You must be Cloud. I'm Marle, your landlady. So how'd you like the place? You from up on high?

Cloud: I've been around.

Marle: I'll bet. No matter. All kinds come through with all kinds of reasons. If you ever need an ear to bend, I'll lend you mine. Can be about anything—even Tifa.

Cloud: What's she to you?

Marle: The granddaughter I never had. And if you hurt her, I'll take it out of your hide. You hear me?

Cloud: Loud and clear.

Marle: Good! Now you'd best get a move on to Seventh Heaven! She's got a head start on you and then some.

(Upon talking to Marle.)
Marle: Is your face always that pale? You're not getting enough sleep!

(Upon talking to Marle again.)
Marle: Come on, quit lollygagging and go to Seventh Heaven already!

(Upon entering Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Morning!

Cloud: Hey.

Tifa: Just so you know, Marlene's still asleep.

Tifa: Let's get down to business, shall we? These water filters won't replace themselves. Although, the next batch probably could, if Jessie put her mind to it. Most every home in the area has one. Folks love 'em 'cause they practically eliminate the rotten-egg smell. Honestly, they make us more money than this place. And it's easy money too. We bring new filters, collect the old ones, and get paid.

Tifa: What?

Cloud: Gimme a break. I'm not a salesman. I'm a SOLDIER.

Tifa: Which is why no one will refuse to pay. What do you say? Please?

Cloud: Let's get this over with.

Tifa: Great. And while we're at it, I'll give you the grand tour.

(Upon walking outside Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Go ahead and keep whatever we collect. Seeing as you didn't bring any luggage, I'm guessing there's stuff you need to buy.

Cloud: Thanks.

Tifa: And don't worry. We'll pay you the difference after. Barret's out making his rounds too.

(Upon entering the Item Store.)
Tifa: Hey, there. Here to change out your water filter.

Item Store OWner: Tifa baby, how you doing? Been waiting for you to—Wait. Who's he?

Tifa: Cloud's in charge of collections. He'll take your money.

Item Store Owner: Sounds like a pretty sweet gig! If you ever need someone to fill in, I'm your man.

Cloud: In your dreams, maybe.

Item Store Owner: Huh?

Tifa: Cloud! Uh...since we're here, maybe we should do a little shopping?

Cloud: Suppose I could take a look.

(After closing the shop menu.)
Item Store Owner: Thanks! If you're ever in the market for anything else, drop on by. Especially if Tifa's with you.

Tifa: We'll see you around, okay? And let us know when your filter next needs changing!

(Upon leaving the store.)
Tifa: He's a regular. Stock up here and he might throw in a freebie or two.

Cloud: For you maybe...

Tifa: Well... You could try being a little nicer.

Cloud: To get free shit? Not my style.

Tifa: Our next stop is Stargazer Heights. Landlady's a client.

Cloud: Just met her.

Tifa: Then you know what to expect. Remember: she's a good friend of Avalanche, so be nice. Please.

(Upon approaching Marle.)
Tifa: Hey, Marle! Got some filters for you.

Marle: Tifa! My dear, dear girl! ...Oh. What's he doing here?

Cloud: Working.

Tifa: Be nice! Cloud's helping me with collections.

Marle: You'd better take care of her!

Tifa: I'm pretty good at taking care of myself, you know.

Marle: That I do. Still, better him than you. No charm, no wit. Big sword...but no skills.

Cloud: I've got skills.

Tifa: Be nice!

Cloud: I'm doing my best...

Marle: You're looking awfully glum. Are you getting enough sleep? A good long rest'll cure anything, I tell you.

Tifa: A tried-and-true lesson for life on the ground floor, am I right?

Marle: That you are. Now—your money.

Tifa: Thanks, Marle. You take care of yourself.

Marle: Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

(Upon leaving towards the Beginner's Hall.)
Tifa: Marle's great. She helped get me set up back in the day.

Cloud: You...been here a while now?

Tifa: Five years, give or take... But never mind that! We've gotta get you your money! Last stop is the weapon store.

(Upon approaching the Weapons Vendor.)
Weapons Vendor: Hey! That last filter didn't do shit!

Tifa: We're so sorry about that. Hopefully this one will work better...

Weapons Vendor: Save your excuses and get out!

Tifa: All right. If you could just settle your bill, we'll be on our way.

Weapons Vendor: The hell? You charging me for your busted-ass goods?

Tifa: My associate handles payment disputes...

Weapons Vendor: Think you can mosey up in here and have it your way?

Cloud: Pretty please.

Tifa: Thank you very much!

Tifa: Seeing as we're done with our rounds, and you've got a small fortune now, why not take a gander at the weapons?

Cloud: Well...when will Barret be back with the rest?

Tifa: Before we open up tonight. It'll be a while yet, so...what do you wanna do?

Cloud: Don't really know...

Tifa: In that case, I've got a suggestion. Wanna hear it? If you're serious about becoming a merc, then you're going to need to start making connections. "It's not what you know, but who you know," y'know?

Cloud: Hmph. Another lesson for life on the ground floor?

Tifa: Yep. Connections get you jobs, jobs build your rep, and more rep gets you better connections...

Cloud: How do I start?

Tifa: Hmm...why not help out the neighborhood watch? They're mostly volunteers, but you'll get to know people.

Cloud: Yeah, okay.

Tifa: Didn't see anybody at the office, so let's head up top.

(Upon talking to the Weapons Vendor.)
Weapons Vendor: Huh? I ain't got nothing for a punk-ass bitch like you! Get on outta here!

A Job for the Neighborhood WatchEdit

(Upon entering the room on the second floor of the Beginner's Hall.)
Tifa: Huh, didn't know you were holding down the fort.

Wedge: Oh, hey, Cloud. Looking to join the neighborhood watch?

Cloud: That depends. What does this neighborhood watch do?

Biggs: Umm...lots of stuff, really. But our top priority is taking care of any beasts that wander into town. That, and teaching the locals how to defend themselves.

Wedge: Like they say: "The only one who'll look out for you is you."

Tifa: Cloud's a great fighter, but only we know that. If no one knows him, no one'll hire him. Thought if he joined the watch, he could get his name out there.

Wedge: That would work for everybody!

Biggs: Truth be told, we could really use your help. We can't pay you in girl, but we'll work something out. For example... Aha, what about your sword? I could mod it for you.

Cloud: No thanks. It's fine just the way it is.

Biggs: You some kind of a purist? I know I'd never pass up a chance to improve my gear. C' least let me show you how it's done.

(After closing or skipping the weapon upgrade tutorial.)
Biggs: All set? Needless to say, you'll have to try it out to appreciate the difference.

Cloud: Thanks.

Biggs: We'll do you one better—spread the word to everyone who'll listen about the new merc in town.

Tifa: Between him and Wedge, there isn't anyone they don't know.

Wedge: I'll march through the streets singing your praises—even on an empty stomach!

Cloud: So...where are these monsters?

Biggs: Scrap Boulevard. Good hunting.

Tifa: Hey, Cloud. I'll come with.

Cloud: No, I've got this.

Tifa: don't know the way, do you?

Cloud: Lead on.

Tifa: Sure thing. I know these streets better than anyone.

(Upon leaving the room towards Scrap Boulevard.)
Tifa: Scrap Boulevard is out west. Past the barricades supposed to keep the monsters out. Anyway, we should prepare, just in case.

(Upon entering Scrap Boulevard.)
On-screen: Scrap Boulevard

Tifa: Here's Scrap Boulevard.

Cloud: I can see why monsters'd feel right at home.

Tifa: Hm. And the more we pile up, the more they show up.

(Upon reaching a group of monsters.)
Tifa: And there's our first challenger! Show me what you got, Cloud!

(Upon defeating the first group.)
Tifa: Wow... So that's what a SOLDIER looks line in action.

Cloud: This was just a warm-up.

Tifa: I'll bet. Let's keep at it!

(Upon defeating a third group of monsters.)
Tifa: You're good at this! Charging in like it was nothing...

Cloud: You too. It's a little surprising.

Tifa: Well, I've been here five years now. "If you don't look out for yourself, no one else will." By the way—that one's gonna be on the test.

Cloud: This a lesson?

Tifa: Gotta learn if you're gonna stick around. Okay, let's wrap this up...

(Upon defeating the final group.)
Tifa: Alright. I think that might be the last of them.

Cloud': They won't stay gone for long...

Tifa: Of course not. Even so, folks'll be grateful for the peace and quiet in the meantime. A win's a win, you know?

Cloud: True.

Tifa: Trust me—it'll do wonders for your rep. Right, let's go check in with Biggs and Wedge.

(Upon walking past Katie before talking to her.)

  • Got new numbers for monsters slain this month! Check 'em out!
  • The tally of monsters slain has been updated!

(Upon talking to Katie.)
Katie: It's you! You're the merc everybody's talking about, am I right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Katie: I knew it! So, the board here tracks how many monsters folks've taken down, right? A bigger number means a safer town—and who wouldn't want that? Just between you and me, though—they're pretty much all your kills. Cool, huh? Anyway, keep up the good work! We'll try to make it worth your while.

(Upon walking past Katie after talking to her while numbers are lower.)
Katie: C'mon you guys! Let's get these numbers up!

(Upon walking past Katie while numbers are higher.)

  • Can you believe how much safer our town has become!?
  • I sure do love the smell of safety, don't you!?

(Upon talking to Katie after defeating 50+ monsters.)
Katie: Whoa, check it out! I don't think the number's ever gone that high before! At this rate, we won't have to worry about monsters ever again! What a thing to be able to say...

Katie: Thank you so, so much! We'll never forget how many bloodthirsty beasts you kept off our streets! Ahhh, smell that fresh air! That's the smell of a safe and happy town—one you can be proud to call home!

(Upon talking to Katie after collecting the final reward.)
Katie: Hey there, how's it going? I don't think anyone's ever gonna beat that record of yours! It's incredible!

(Upon returning to Biggs and Wedge at the Beginner's Hall.)
Biggs: Back already?

Tifa: Got every last one too. Now the slums should be safe.

Wedge: You guys are machines!

Biggs: Good job. Meanwhile, we told everyone we could about you.

Cloud: So I heard. I've gotta ask though. What did you tell them?

Tifa: It's alright. All you gotta do is keep up the good work. It'll pay off soon enough, I promise.

Biggs: How's the sword, by the way?

Cloud: Good.

Biggs: Glad to hear it. Seems like the perfect fit for you.

Cloud: Yeah. We've been through a lot—

Tifa: You okay?

Cloud: I'm fine.

Tifa: Been meaning to ask... After you left the village...

Cloud: It's a long story.

Tifa: I've got time! Why don't you tell me all about it while we try to rustle up some more work for you?

Wedge: That sounds great! I'll come too!

Biggs: Oh, no you won't. Run along now, you two. Go on.

Tifa: Sorry. Maybe next time.

Wedge: No fair!

Biggs: Think about it for a second. They haven't seen each other in years. You'd be a third wheel!

Problem SolvingEdit

Tifa: Hey, before we get back to it, why don't you check out the weapons?

Cloud: No need.

Tifa: C'mon, the dealer's probably heard all about you by now. Might treat you better.

Cloud: I dunno about that...

(Upon talking to the Weapons Vendor.)
Weapons Vendor: Hold up. Heard there's a merc that'll take on any monster. You the man?

Tifa: Word spreads fast around here.

Cloud: What if I am?

Weapons Vendor: Sorry 'bout before. I get antsy when business is slow. Man in your line of work needs weapons, no? Why not try that one on for size? Yours on the house. Badass like you rocking my weapons is good advertising. Think about it.

Cloud: Fine.

Weapons Vendor: Or if you wanna take a look at something else...

Cloud: Just a look.

(After closing the weapon store menu.)
Weapons Vendor: Don't be a stranger.

Tifa: Since you've got yourself a new weapon, let's see if we can't put it to good use. Come on. Let's go chat up Wymer.

Cloud: Who?

Tifa: The guy who tracks all the requests that come to the watch. You never know—could toss some work your way.

Cloud: Where's he at?

Tifa: Oh, he should be back at the office by now.

(Upon talking to Wymer.)
Wymer: Hey there, Tifa! You need a helping hand?

Tifa: Actually, I wanted to introduce you to an old friend of mine. This is Cloud. He's a merc.

Wymer: Hah, you don't say! Well, we're always on the lookout for experienced fighters to help us deal with the bigger critters.

Cloud: I'll take on anything. For the right price, that is.

Wymer: Experienced and cocky, huh? If it's a challenge you want, I might have a few good ones. Your clients can fill you in on the details. Prove yourself with these jobs, and I'll see if I can't find you some more.

Cloud: Thanks.

(Upon talking to Wymer before completing any Odd Jobs.)
Wymer: You're gonna have to talk to your clients if you want all the details.

(Upon talking to the DJ near the Municipal Storage Area.)
DJ: Hey man, check it out! This song's pretty sweet, ain't it? You like it? Have a copy!

(Upon approaching Johnny's house near Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Something's wrong. Let's check it out.

(After completing one Odd Job.)
Tifa: That went well. Could be you've found your calling.

Cloud: Eh. Was alright I guess.

Tifa: Think of each job as an opportunity—not to make money, but to build connections.

Cloud: "It's not what you know, but who."

Tifa: You remembered.

Cloud: Had a patient teacher.

Tifa: Maybe not so patient next time.

Cloud: Hoo boy.

Tifa: Oh, Barret should've finished collecting his share of the money by now, so what do you wanna do? Head back to the bar?

(Upon talking to Wymer after an Odd Job has been completed, if "On the Prowl" is not available.)
Wymer: Do me proud now, and I just might have more work for you later.

(Upon completing three Odd Jobs.)
Tifa: I'll be a lot of people are talking about you right now. "There's this amazing merc who can handle anything!"

Cloud: Nothing I've done around here has been all that special though.

Tifa: Oh, so you want more of a challenge, huh?

(Upon completing six Odd Jobs.)
Tifa: Okay then! That's another solid gig in the books! You know the whole town is really impressed with what you've done. Keep it up and you'll have enough work to keep you fed for a lifetime!

Cloud: All thanks to you.

Tifa: And don't you forget it!

Cloud: So where do we get paid? The shop or something?

Tifa: Yeah, but why don't we head back to the apartments first? Take a quick breather.

Cloud: Which lesson was that again...?

Tifa: Lesson one. Got it? Anyway, let's go!

Chadley's ReportEdit

(Upon talking to Chadley. In a first playthrough, this occurs immediately after the conversation with Wymer.)
Chadley: Candidate detected. Performing physical analysis... Sizable weapon, excellent cardiovascular health and impressive lung capacity. Perfectly balanced muscle and bone structure... An optimal candidate!

Chadley: My name is Chadley. I'm an intern for Shinra's Research and Development Division. I hope you'll be interested in helping me with my research. Please accept this as a down payment.

Chadley: I would like you to set that Assess materia in your equipment and use it to gather intelligence in battle. This data will help me to develop new types of materia.

Cloud: I'm not interested in working for Shinra.

Chadley: You should know that I work actively to undermine Shinra's efforts. I'm sure you of all people can appreciate the tremendous power of materia—as well as how it might be wielded against your corporate enemies. And if you later decide that I am not worthy of your trust, you can do what you do best.

Cloud: I will hold you to that.

Chadley: Excellent! Then we shall work together so long as you deem fit. Once you've completed your task, please return and report to me.

(Upon talking to Chadley before completing the Battle Intel report Monster Bio Pt. 1.)
Chadley: Please set the orb of Assess materia to your equipment, and use it to whether battle intel.

(After completing a battle when the Battle Intel report is complete.)
Cloud: There. That should be enough intel for the kid.

(Upon talking to Chadley once the Battle Intel report is complete.)
Chadley Cloud. You were the first to gather the data I requested. Here is the rest of your payment. I have developed new materia. Would you like to see it?

(After closing Chadley's materia shop menu.)
Chadley: I plan to develop more materia in the future. TOgether, we can harness enough power to take down Shinra. I'll be preparing more battle intel reports, which I hope you will assist me in completing.

(Upon talking to Chadley at any point after completing the quest.)
Chadley: I look forward to receiving all of your future battle intel submissions.

Rat ProblemEdit

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner to begin the quest.)
Item Store Owner: Hey there, Tifa, welcome back! And you. The new merc in town looking for work, right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Item Store Owner: In that case, maybe you could do something about the doomrats? Them and their wererat buddies have been tearing up town, looking for food and whatnot. Got into the store and made one hell of a mess, let me tell you.

Item Store Owner: Oh, you think that's funny, do you? Don't lie. I saw you crack a smile. Well, do the job and you can laugh it up for all I care. Anyway...they're probably nesting in the outskirts. Now I've heard a wererat in pain'll call its friends for help. And the whole rat pack'll come running, just like that.

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner again.)
Item Store Owner: Seriously, though, I can't have doomrats coming in here again, chasing off customers and chewing up the merchandise. I'll be ruined.

(After defeating the wererats.)
Cloud: I don't see any "doomrats" around...

Tifa: Hmm, what do you think? Should we wait? You know, this might be a waste of time. Let's head back to the store and touch base for now.

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner after defeating the wererats.)
Item Store Owner: Well? Rats too much to handle? I'm just missing with you—heard you took out some wererats, which is nice and all, but the job was to wipe out the doomrats. No biggie—get back out there and finish the job and we're good.

Item Store Owner: Don't look so glum. It's only a matter of time till they show. You'll get 'em this time for sure!

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner after defeating the doomrats.)
Item Store Owner: Finally managed to get those doomrats, huh? Thanks guys—you're the greatest! Was so dead in here I thought I might have to close up shop for good.

Item Store Owner: Hey—got an idea. Hear me out. If the guy who took care of the town's rat problem told everybody where he liked to shop... Well? Whaddya say?

Item Store Owner: I'll make it worth your while, of course. Give you some incentive. Talk you up to Wymer and my customers and anybody else who'll listen. You'll be swimming in work before you know it!

Cloud: Yeah, sure.

Item Store Owner: Okay then! That's what I like to hear! Seventh Heaven, the new merc in town, and my little store! I can see it now! We're gonna clean up!

(Upon talking to the Item Store Owner any time after completing the quest.)
Item Store Owner: Keepin' your nose to the grindstone, huh? I've got just the thing for a go-getter like you!

(After closing the store menu.)
Item Store Owner: Pleasure as always. Say hi to Wymer for me!

Nuisance in the FactoryEdit

(Upon talking to the Junk Dealer to begin the quest.)
Junk Dealer: Hello, hello! Oho, what do we have here? I'm guessing you're that merc I've heard so much about. You're not here to shop, are you? People were right. You look like you can handle yourself.

Junk Dealer: So some drakes've made themselves at home in the abandoned Talagger factory. Can't have that kind of trouble around here. My regulars will do anything to get their hands on the scrap in there, and if they run into those drakes, they could get hurt.

Cloud: I'll handle it.

Junk Dealer: Much obliged, sir! Head on over to the old Talagger factory and talk to Narjin. He's the watchman guarding the entrance. Good luck! I'm counting on ya, my friend!

(Upon approaching Narjin.)
Narjin: Step back.

(Upon talking to Narjin.)
Narjin: Factory's off-limits. Drakes have been spotted inside.

Narjin: Huh? Wait a minute. Tifa? Don't tell me you're here to take care of those things. Are you? In that case, be my guest! We believe there's at least two groups lurking somewhere inside the factory. Find and cull 'em all.

(Upon entering the factory.)
On-screen: Abandoned Talagger Factory

(Upon talking to the Junk Dealer after defeating all the drakes.)
Junk Dealer: Got rid of those drakes in the factory, did ya? What a relief! I can't wait to give my regulars the good news!

Junk Dealer: You're the real deal all right. Keep it up, and I can see you going far as a merc in this town. I've worked with my fair share over the years, so believe me when I say that I know what I'm talking about.

Junk Dealer: Anyway—you're needed over at the pillar. Apparently another flying bastard's stirring up trouble. Bet you can't get enough of this, eh?

Cloud: Well...

Junk Dealer: No, I get it. If you're good at something, might as well make it your living. May not know you, but I know a man who's found his calling when I see one. Keep at it! I switch out my stock every so often, so drop by when you're in the neighborhood, huh?

(Upon talking to the Junk Dealer after completing the quest.)
Junk Dealer: Welcome! I'm always getting in new stuff to keep up with the latest trends. You won't be disappointed!

Lost FriendsEdit

(Upon approaching Betty before talking to her.)
Betty: Hey...where'd you guys go?

(Upon talking to Betty to begin the quest.)
Betty: Oh, hey there! Uhh, is Marlene with you?

Tifa: No.

Betty: Oh, okay. I was kinda hoping she could help me find my friends.

Tifa: I know someone who can help you. This guy right here.

Betty: Really!? Okay! Lemme tell you all about them. They have long arms and legs. And they're a little skinny. They like places where there's food. And nice people who give them treats when they ask! And small spaces! Oh yeah, and they're all cats!

Cloud: I'm looking for cats?

Betty: They're friendly, so if you call them, they'll come running. All three of them! Find my friends. Please!

(Upon talking to Betty after accepting the quest.)

  • They love crowded places, like the road to the station. A lot of people stop to play with them there.
  • They'll also go wherever there's free food. Marlene says she always gives them some snacks when they go to Seventh Heaven.
  • I see a lot of cats hanging out near the Beginner's Hall, too. You know the place. It's the one with all the houses around it.

(Upon approaching one of two cats not found behind a tunnel.)
Tifa: Wait. Did you hear that just now? I think one of Betty's cats might be nearby.

(Upon approaching the woman near a tunnel leading to a cat.)
Undercity Resident: Hey, what are you doing in there? Come on out.

(Upon talking to her.)
Undercity Resident: I'm trying to get a cat to come out. It snatched one of my pastries and scurried in there. Will you be a dear and lend me a hand?

(Upon finding the first cat.)
Cloud: This sucks.

(After finding them all.)
Cloud: Ugh, screw this.

(Upon talking to Betty after finding them all.)
Betty: What? They ran away? So...I'm never gonna see them again?

Betty: You guys! You came back! They said that a scary man was chasing them! Thank you!

On the ProwlEdit

(Upon approaching Wymer before accepting the quest.)
Wymer: Hey, I got another job for you, merc.

(Upon talking to Wymer to begin the quest.)
Wymer: A certain shopkeeper told me you paid him a visit. Thanks for helping him out. Just so happens there's another job I'd like to offer you, now that I know you can handle yourself in a fight.

Wymer: We've got a real killer on the loose, you see. A rabid catch dog. Maybe you heard people talking about it? Shinra mutt gone feral. Last sighting was in Scrap Boulevard. Think you're up to it?

Cloud: I'll handle it.

Wymer: You're a lifesaver! Doubt anyone else around her stands a chance! Go get 'em, bud.

(Upon approaching Wymer at the front of Scrap Boulevard after taking out half of Wrath Hound's HP.)
Wymer: Hey! Over here! Tifa! Hey, Cloud!

(Upon talking to Wymer.)
Wymer: I drove the hound into the area up ahead. He's pissed, so make sure you're ready.

(Upon talking to Wymer after defeating the Wrath Hound.)
Wymer: Took care of the dog, did ya? Phew! We owe you one.

Cloud: Gotta say, I've never seen a Shinra breed like that before. Out of curiosity, when exactly did it show up?

Wymer: Oh, today. The first reports came in just this morning. Uh...why do you ask?

Wymer: Wait a minute... There's this crazy story about a Shinra research lab hidden right beneath our feet—under the slums.

Cloud: Huh. Really...? That's news to me.

Wymer: And here I thought you might know something I don't! Well, I guess not.

Cloud: It's a big organization. I'm sure there's lots of secrets I don't know.

Wymer: Yeah, fair enough. You got the bastard. That's good enough for me.

Just Flew In from the GraveyardEdit

(Upon approaching Gwen at the Pillar Plaza.)
Gwen: Seriously!?

New Recruit: I'm sorry, but it's outside our jurisdiction!

Senior Officer: Show some spine!

New Recruit: Y-yessir! Ma'am, if you don't leave at once, I will be forced to arrest you!

Gwen: Oh yeah? Go ahead!

(Upon talking to Gwen.)
Gwen: Tifa! You won't believe this! A cerulean drake flew in from the train graveyard, but these two clowns refuse to get off their butts and do anything about it!

Gwen: Hey... Is that...? It is you! The new merc! Then maybe you can help us out? The drake is in the old Talagger factory over there, but to reach it you'll need to get ahold of a watch security key. You should be able to find one inside one of the crates—I forget which. Just smash 'em all.

(Upon approaching Narjin.)
Narjin: If it ain't the merc himself.

(Upon finding the watch security key.)
Tifa: That the key?

Cloud: Yeah.

(Upon talking to Gwen after defeating the drake.)
Gwen: And there he is! I knew you were the right man for the job! There's no denying you're the real deal! Not like these idiots, with their excuses. Rather have one of you than twenty of them!

Cloud: They're just doing their jobs. Can't expect them to be at your beck and call.

Gwen: What exactly is it you're trying to say, merc?

Cloud: You need people who can follow orders too.

Gwen: I see now. Heard you were ex-Shinra. Guess I shouldn't be surprised you'd go to bat for your old buddies. Me, I'm just looking out for my people. All there is to it.

Gwen: Hell with you. We can take care of this town ourselves! No more mercs or Shinra—we'll build up the watch and kick you all out!

Alone at LastEdit

(Upon talking to Marle.)
Marle: Huh? Someone's back awful early. Not that I mind! Would you two be dears and swap your filters out for me? I left them in your rooms.

Tifa: Sure thing!

Marle: Not so fast, you. Do me a favor. She needs a friend—a real friend.

Cloud: ...We're already friends.

Marle: So when she talks, are you really listening? Thinking about her and her feelings? Or are you just going through the motions? Go on.

(Upon climbing the stairs to Stargazer Heights' second floor.)
Tifa: Let's take care of this real quick, okay?

Cloud: Sure.

Tifa: Come over when you're done.

(Upon interacting with the filter in Cloud's room.)
On-screen: You changed the filter.

(Upon entering Tifa's room.)
Tifa': Gimme one sec. I'll be done in a bit.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Finally!

Tifa: So. After you left the village.

Cloud: Hm?

Tifa: I let you off the hook before. Back at the hall. But not this time.

Cloud: Well, when we were kids...everybody wanted to be a SOLDIER, right?

Tifa: Yeah, I remember they were on the news every day during the war.

Cloud: Thing is, by the time I finally made it in, they didn't need heroes anymore. It was nothing like what we'd dreamt of. It was just...working for Shinra. Just...

Tifa: I'm sorry. I know it's a touchy subject.

Cloud: Not exactly small talk. Especially with someone you haven't seen in a while.

Tifa: I get it. Still, it's kinda funny. Us going our separate ways, thinking that must be it... that we'd never meet again—and then here of all places we do.

Tifa: You know what? We should totally celebrate! Let's dress up and hit the town!

Cloud: Really?

Tifa: I mean, why not? It'll be fun!

Cloud: Do you even have fancy clothes?

Tifa: Not like fancy fancy, but I'll figure something out! What do you think would suit me, huh?

On-screen: I wonder what would suit me.

  • (Upon selecting "Something mature.")
    Cloud: Something refined.
    Tifa: Yeah, I guess we're not kids anymore.
  • (Upon selecting "Something...sporty?")
    Cloud: Something...sporty?
    Tifa: I don't think that'd be so different from my usual.
  • (Upon selecting "Something exotic?")
    Cloud: Something exotic?
    Tifa: Uhhh...really? Then again, if we're making an effort...

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Tifa: Be sure to pick an outfit that goes with mine, okay?

Cloud: Will do.

Tifa: This is gonna be so much fun, you'll see!

Cloud: Yeah...maybe.

Tifa: And on that happy note, I think it's time we headed back to the bar. C'mon!

Cloud: Uh, you don't need a break?

Tifa: Honestly, I'm feeling pretty good. Marle isn't always right you know.

(Upon approaching Marle.)
Tifa: Hey, Marle. We took care of the filters, so we're gonna head back to the bar now.

Marle: Take care you two! ...Oh? You're looking pretty chipper!

Tifa: Uh...I don't feel that different.

Marle: Must be my imagination then. Anyway! Keep your wits about you, merc! A token of my appreciation. Be good to her.

Shinra ReactsEdit

Johnny: Stay away from me! Get off me, assholes! I didn't do shit!

Security Officer: Shut it, punk!

Johnny: Or what!? Screw you!

Tifa: What's going on?

Undercity Resident (1): "Somebody" went and stole some blasting agent from a Shinra warehouse. So Public Security started asking questions, and you know how Johnny gets...

Undercity Resident (2): It's because of the reactor bombing, I bet. I could be wrong... But something tells me they're not gonna settle for just roughing him up this time.

Tifa: We've gotta save him, Cloud!

Cloud: Is he Avalanche?

Tifa: No. He doesn't really know what we do...but he has his suspicions. And... He's a talker.

Tifa: Actually, you know what...maybe I should go alone.

Cloud: I'm coming.

Tifa: Uh...are you sure?

Cloud: It's the least I can do. Lead on.

Tifa: Thanks. Come on!

(Upon reaching the first gate in front of the Municipal Storage Area.)
Johnny: What the hell, man!? You trying to break my arm!? Dragging me through the street like this is—ow—cruel and unusual punishment!

(While following Johnny further in.)
Security Officer: Shut your mouth and keep walking! Or else!

Johnny: Come on, guys! Is this any way to treat a model citizen of Midgar?

Tifa: Come on. Let's get a closer look.

(Upon hiding behind the storage container further in.)
Security Officer: Model citizens don't steal blasting agent! So why don't you tell me why your ID popped when we were going over the warehouse logs!?

Johnny: Huh? You've got it all wrong! I've never gone anywhere near a Shinra warehouse! Unless it was Jessie... She jacked my ID!

Security Officer: Your ID was never logged, dumbass. It would've never gotten you inside a Shinra installation in the first place! But don't you worry—we'll take all the time we need to help you get your story straight.

Johnny: What!? That's bullshit! Cheap bullshit! Entrapment! Yeah, yeah! I know my rights!

Tifa: I swear, all he had to do was keep his mouth shut.

Cloud: Yep.

Tifa: Anyway, you distract the officers, and I'll...figure something out.

(Upon opening the gate and approaching Johnny.)
Cloud: Let him go.

Security Officer: Who're you? The cavalry?

Johnny: Is that—is that who I think it is!? Aw, hell yeah! You guys really came to save me! Ava—

Security Officer: Hey! The hell you think you're doing!?

Tifa: Here we go...

(After defeating the enemies.)
Johnny: it over? Yo, anybody there? If you're there, then help me!

Tifa: Grab Johnny so we can get outta here.

(Upon talking to Johnny.)
Tifa: Wh—what now?

Cloud: He's a talker.

Tifa: No!

Johnny: Huh!? You're not gonna... Hold up! Wait! Don't—don't do it, man!

Cloud: You wanna live, then get the hell out of town.

Johnny: Y-y-you got it, boss! You ain't never gonna see my face again, I swear!

Cloud: Are you sure about this? It's a big risk.

Tifa: I know,'s fine.

Cloud: And them?

Tifa: No more... Cloud... You're scaring me.

Tifa: We need to go before they wake up.

(Upon leaving the area and approaching Tifa.)
Tifa: I...I'm worried about Johnny.

Cloud: I'm more worried about us. We gotta go, right?

Tifa: Right...

Cloud: What?

Tifa: It's've really changed.

Cloud: How?

Tifa: I suppose it's...yeah. Your eyes. They used to be less...

Cloud: It's the mako. SOLDIER, remember?

Tifa: ...I remember. So, what do you wanna do now? Head back to the bar? Or do you wanna tackle another job or two?

(Upon interacting with the door to Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: And here we are. You must be tired.

Cloud: Same as you, I guess.

Tifa: Could use a little something to take the edge off, right? How about a refreshing cocktail made by yours truly that you can sit back and savor?

Cloud: Tifa...

Tifa: Yeah, I'm feeling it a bit too. Hey... Do you think you'll stick around a little longer?

Cloud: Maybe. Work for a minute, build up some savings...

Tifa: I see. In that case, wanna head back out and look for more gigs?

On-screen: Head back out into town?

(Upon selecting "Good idea.", next quest commences.)

(Upon selecting "No.")
Cloud: Yeah, why not.

(Upon interacting with the Seventh Heaven door after first choosing not to enter.)
Tifa: Well? You wanna head inside?

On-screen: Head into Seventh Heaven?

(Upon selecting "No.", nothing happens. Upon selecting "Yeah.", next quest commences.)

Talking StrategyEdit

Tifa: We're back.

Marlene: Did you...have fun?

Tifa: Lotsa fun.

Barret: Hey—need y'all downstairs.

Tifa: Uh...right now? Then the plan is...?

Barret: Marlene, wanna go wait for Jessie out front?

Marlene: Okay!

Tifa: Looks like we're officially on for tomorrow night, then. Gotta go over the details with the others.

Cloud: Before you do, about my pay—

Barret: You'll get your money! So sit down and shut up until we're finished. Double time, Tifa.

Tifa: I'm really sorry...but it shouldn't take much longer. In the meantime... Grab a seat.

Tifa: What'll it be?

On-screen: What'll it be?

  • (Upon selecting "Something hard.")
    Cloud: I dunno...something hard and bitter.
  • (Upon selecting "Not in the mood.")
    Cloud: Not really in the mood right now.
    Tifa: But if you were, then maybe...

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Tifa: Well? Most people would say something sweet right about now.

Cloud: I'm sure they would.

Tifa: Ahh, but you're a more discerning customer, aren't you? In which case...

Tifa: Our house special: the Cosmo Canyon.

Cloud: Beautiful.

Tifa: I gotta go. Enjoy.

Jessie: Hey! You see the news? "The reactor bombing was the work of the eco-extremist group 'Avalanche.'" Public enemy number one! Gets your heart racing, doesn't it? They don't know our faces, so we're in the clear for now, but we'll wanna capitalize on this momentum. Speaking of which, you coming on the next one?

Cloud: For the right price.

Jessie: Oh, you can bet I'll be pushing hard for a raise!

Jessie: Tifa'll be joining us too, but I dunno... Even a blind man can see her heart's not in it. She was never on board with the bombings, so if it comes down to do or die... If I've got to put my life in someone else's hands... Then...I'd rather that someone was a professional. Like you.

Cloud: Could still kill some time.

(Upon interacting with the yellow flower behind the counter.)
Cloud: What was up with that girl anyway?

(Upon interacting with the dartboard.)
On-screen: Play some darts?

(Upon selecting "Yes", dart minigame commences. Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(After playing darts.)
Cloud: Maybe just chill a bit.

(Upon interacting with the chair.)
On-screen: Wait at the counter for Tifa?

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Cloud: I heard you're having second thoughts.

Tifa: I know we have to think big if we're going to make a difference. But not like this. I just... I feel trapped.

Cloud: If it feels wrong, don't do it.

Tifa: Guess that's that, then.

Cloud: What, they kick you out?

Tifa: We agreed to disagree. So—you want another drink?

Barret: Tifa! Time to celebrate! Break out all the good stuff!

Tifa: Oh. Sure.

Barret: We won't be needing you for this next job. Feel free to look for work elsewhere.

Cloud: Fine by me. That's how I like it. No contract, no obligation.

Barret: Figured you'd say that. Here—the rest of your payment, along with a little extra for your exemplary service. And thus concludes our business. Gonna have to ask you to leave now. This here's a private affair.

Jessie: Sorry, I tried. We talked it over, the end... We didn't want to put so much on you. This is our fight.

Biggs: Jessie, what's the holdup?

Jessie: Be right there!

Jessie: No hard feelings, huh?

Cloud: It's fine.

Jessie: Let's talk more after I'm done here, okay?

Cloud: Really, it's fine.

Wedge: C'mon, Jessie! I'm dying here!

Jessie: I'll catch you later.

Jessie: Sorry to keep you thirsty boys waiting!

(In Seventh Heaven while roaming around.)
Everyone: Avalanche!

Biggs: Glug, glug, glug, glug... Ahhh! That hit the spot!

Jessie: Damn, Biggs, slow down!

Barret: Keep it tight! Ain't no room for error come tomorrow!

Wedge: More reason to live it up now!

Biggs: Yep! Best way to clear your head so. you can focus when it counts!

Tifa: It's been too long since we did this.

Wedge: Not since we went on that all-night bender after HQ gave us the boot.

Jessie: They did not "give us the boot"!

Barret: It was an "amicable separation."

Jessie: Just thinking about it's making me mad again.

Tifa: Can't believe it's already been a year. I don't know how we managed.

Barret: Well, I do. It was you guys going above and beyond. Thank you.

Biggs: No need for that, boss. We all knew what we were signing up for.

Barret: Yeah, but when shit hits the fan, it's good to know you're in my corner. End of the're all I got!

Biggs: Happy to look out for you, like I know you'll look out for me.

Wedge: So long as someone looks out for my stomach!

Jessie: Tifa's got you covered there.

Barret: As a friend, or as a cook?

Jessie: As if you've really gotta ask!

Wedge: That tickled!

Tifa: I guess it is kinda obvious!

Wedge: You know, it'd be really cool if we could do this again tomorrow night.

Barret: Oh we will. Avalanche!

Everyone: Avalanche!

Tifa: You guys...

(Upon talking to Tifa.)

  • We'll talk later. I promise.
  • Don't take this the wrong way, but right now I need to spend time with the gang.

(Upon talking to Barret.)

  • When the job's done, we're done. Your words!
  • Oh no. You better not be about to ask for more money.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)

  • We were all pushing real hard for you, you know.
  • But he was afraid we'd lean on you too much if we took you along.
  • We'll talk.

(Upon talking to Biggs.)

  • Can't expect anyone but a true believer to stand tall if everything goes sideways.
  • Could get pretty dicey out there.
  • Sorry. Boss man wasn't having it.

(Upon talking to Wedge.)

  • Lemme treat you to dinner at my place! I can introduce you to all my cats!
  • I'd offer to share know.
  • Bet you could use a bit to eat too huh?

Ominous ShadowsEdit

(Upon leaving Seventh Heaven.)
Hoodlum (1): So what, we just hang around here till he shows up? Big guy with a gun for an arm?

Hoodlum (2): Word is he lives in this town. Just shut up and wait. We'll find him soon enough.

Hoodlum (3): Man! Seems like the boss always gives us the most shit-tastic assignments.

Hoodlum (2): Guess that's why we're paid so damn much.

Hoodlum (1): What're you looking at?

Hoodlum (3): We got a problem?

Hoodlum (2): What?

Cloud: What's up with them?

(Upon talking to the hoodlums.)
Hoodlum: Hey brother! You from around the way?

Cloud: I guess.

Hoodlum: Know a big man with a big gun strapped to his right arm? Heard he's set up shop somewhere in the neighborhood.

Cloud: That depends...

Hoodlum: Clever. Smell an opportunity to make some scratch, do ya?

Cloud: Five hundred.

Hoodlum: Two hundred.

Cloud: Mm, three.

Hoodlum: Whatever, man. Let's fin somewhere quiet to talk. Walk with me.

(While following the hoodlums.)
Hoodlum (1): Got something to say!?

Hoodlum (2): You lookin' at me?

Hoodlum (1): Move it! I said move!

Hoodlum (2): Look at all these assholes starin' at us.

Hoodlum (3): This shithole's got nothing on Wall Market—am I right?

Hoodlum (2): Word of advice, blondie. Don't piss off my friend here, or you'll be real sorry. Unless you've got some kinda death with—then be my guest.

Hoodlum (1): After you, brother... And don't worry—I ain't the backstabbin' type—most days...

(Upon entering the tunnel.)
Hoodlum: Spill it. You know where the bastard's hiding, don't you?

Cloud: I told you before... That depends.

Hoodlum: Oh yeah? You wasting my time!?

Cloud: Shinra's time, you mean?

Hoodlum: Shinra knows better than to stick its nose in my boss's business.

Cloud: Like I give a shit.

(After defeating one of the hoodlums.)
Cloud: Big man with a big gun for an arm, right!?

Hoodlum: Uh...'s...

Cloud: Why do you want him?

Hoodlum: Just a grunt following orders, you know? Nobody tells me shit. Lemme walk away. Please!

(After defeating them all.)
Cloud: So, if they weren't Shinra, then...

Cloud: Not my problem. Lesson one for life on the ground floor... Get some rest.

The Jessie JobEdit

(Upon returning to Cloud's room at Stargazer Heights.)
Jessie: Welcome home, honey! Took your sweet time.

Jessie: Psych.

Jessie: Are you gonna let me in so we can talk in private?

Jessie: Guess I'll get right to the point, then.

Cloud: What've you got there?

Jessie: An apology. For not getting you on the mission. Or not. What do you think it is?

Cloud: A proposition.

Jessie: Nailed it in one. Gonna have to ask you to keep all this a secret from the others, though. It's a personal matter—something I need to sort out tonight.

Cloud: Tonight?

Jessie: Tonight. You and me, together. I want you to come with me to the Sector 7 plate. I'll give you the details on the way.

Cloud: That's fine by me... But don't you have a pretty big day ahead of you?

Jessie: I do, but... If I don't deal with this now, it's only gonna get harder... Anyway... I can count on you, can't I?

Jessie: A down payment.

Jessie: Doubt we'll be back before morning—'case you were planning on traveling light. Make sure you've got everything you need before we leave. I'll wait here.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: You all set?

On-screen: Ready to go?

(Upon selecting "No.", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Yeah.")
Cloud: It's...just another job...

Chapter 4: Mad DashEdit

Motor ChaseEdit

Biggs: Tough break. They changed the times. Last train's already left. Which is why we borrowed these bikes. Need a lift to the plate?

Jessie: How did you guess...?

Wedge: Easy. You've been acting weird. Like, talking about one thing when you're obviously thinking about something else.

Biggs: Yeah, and don't get me started on all that pep.

Jessie: All right, I'll give you that—but how did you know I wanted to head topside? Was I talking in my sleep? What else did I say!?

Wedge: No. We just figured you wanted to see your parents. That's all.

Biggs: Nailed it, huh?

Jessie: Yup. Right on the head.

Biggs: So—seeing as we don't have any family of our own... How about you let us be a part of yours for a bit? You know, spread the wealth.

Jessie: Are your parents still around?

Cloud: No.

Jessie: Okay, then. Guess you're all invited! Here's to awkward family reunions!

Biggs & Wedge: Yeah!

Jessie: I take it you boys have your brand-spanking-new IDs?

Biggs & Wedge: Yes, ma'am!

Jessie: Then let's lay down some rubber!

Biggs: Crank that throttle!

Wedge: Okay, you got it!

On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel

Jessie: You hear me?

Cloud: Yeah.

Jessie: Just so you know, I'm not going plateside for the reason they think I am. Look—you saw the way the reactor went up. It was huge, right?

Cloud: Because of all the mako. Isn't that what you said?

Jessie: Yeah...that was wishful thinking. Deep down, I know it was my fault. I used a more powerful blasting agent than the directions called for. It had nothing to do with the mako.

Cloud: Let's say you're right. So what?

Jessie: I'm planning on using a weaker blasting agent this time. But...since I can't get in touch with my supplier, our only option is to loot a warehouse owned by Shinra.

Cloud: Shinra? Good luck with that.

Jessie: With your help, we won't need luck.

Jessie: ID scan! Ready!?

(When the bike minigame begins.)
Biggs: So far so good!

Jessie: Alright, here comes the hard part!

Biggs: And that is?

Jessie: The fake IDs may have held up, but from this point on, if we get pinged by a scan...

Cloud: They'll come for us.

Jessie: Yeah, what he said.

Biggs: Oh, man!

Wedge: Just like that!?

Jessie: No need to worry. We've got Cloud, remember?

Jessie: Hey, you do know how to drive, right?

Cloud: SOLDIERs get mandatory training.

Jessie: Well then! You gonna take my breath away? Make my head spin with your amazing skills?

Cloud: Don't blame me if ya get sick.

Jessie: Right...

(Upon first using Spinning Slash or Sharp Gust.)
Jessie: That some super-secret technique? You got a fancy name for it?

Cloud: Of course not.

(Upon encountering the first enemy.)
Jessie: We've got company!

Cloud: Someone's having fun.

Jessie: How could I not!? "Pursued by villains, a young couple thrust together by fate race through the neon-streaked night..."

Cloud: Get off!

(Upon defeating the first enemy.)
Jessie: Oh! My hero!

(Upon encountering the second group of enemies.)
Biggs: Straight to lethal force!?

Jessie: What, so you'd just pull over if they asked nicely?

Biggs: Eh... You've got a point.

Jessie: See!? So don't go holding back now!

(After defeating the second group.)
Jessie: "Had the cold-eyed mercenary's heart suddenly begun to melt?"

Cloud: Nope.

Jessie: I won't forget that. Wait, is it just me or did we slow down?

Cloud: Just you.

(Upon encountering the third group of enemies.)
Biggs: More of 'em!?

Jessie: Think we've bitten off more than we can chew! Whadda we do!?

Cloud: Shut up!

(After defeating the third group.)
Mobile Unit Officer: Targets sighted. Moving to intercept.

Biggs: Got more company!

Cloud: A-team's here.

Jessie: Uhh, I don't like the sound of that!

Wedge: We're not screwed, are we!?

(Upon encountering the fifth group of enemies.)
Jessie: Head's up—drones!

Biggs: One thing after another... C'mon Wedge, gun it!

Wedge: I am gunning it!

Cloud: We're good.

Biggs: Nothing about this is good!

Cloud: You got me.

Biggs: Fair enough! Alright then, do your thing!

(After defeating the fifth group.)
Mobile Unit Officer (1): SOLDIER en route. HQ's saying he's less than a few minutes out.

Mobile Unit Officer (2): Copy.

Mobile Unit Officer (1): You think it's "him"?

Mobile Unit Officer (2): Probably. All the more reason to finish this quick. Don't need that kind of trouble.

(After defeating the sixth group.)
Biggs: That's an ex-SOLDIER for ya. Next to him, we look like kids on trikes.

Jessie: You're damn right you do!

Biggs: You're part of that "we" too, you know.

Wedge: We made it!

Biggs: Woo-hoo! Topside!

Cloud: Keep going till we hit the station?

Jessie: No, head straight for the warehouse. Awww... Our magical ride is almost at an end...

Biggs: Why ya talking like we're not here?

Jessie: Because you're not!

Biggs: Clearly we are!

(Upon encountering the seventh group.)
Biggs: Not over yet! Cloud! Little help!?

(After defeating the seventh group.)
Mobile Unit Officer (1): Time's up. Break off before he shows!

Mobile Unit Officer (2): Copy!

Jessie: What's going on?

Jessie: Who's that?


Roche: Well, hello!

Biggs: Who's this!?

Roche: "Too quick for the eye, you cross him, you die!" Now... Mind if I cut in? Woo! Splendid! I've been looking for a new dance partner!

Roche: Private party, huh? That's fine. I'll settle for a race then. Just one.

Cloud: You talking to me?

Roche: I most certainly am.

Cloud: Then no!

Roche: Ah, so terribly sorry! Your words fail to reach my ears, sluggish and slow as they are!

Jessie: What's this guy's deal!?

Roche: The lady's curiosity has been piqued! My name is Roche, but you may address me by the more accurate appellation: Speed Demon!

Jessie: Heard that, huh!?

Roche: My ears are attuned to the feminine voice!

Jessie: This guy is the worst.

Roche: Yes. Yes! This is the contest I've been waiting for!

(When Roche is at half HP.)
Roche: Fascinating...

Jessie: What is he up to now?

Cloud: Same shit. Being a dumbass.

Roche: Not bad. You have promise, and an abiding affection for your mount. But! One cannot simply ride one's bike! Nay! One must unlock its true potential—become one with the machine! Like this!

(After defeating Roche.)
Cloud: Had enough?

Roche: Don't be absorb. As if I could ever grow tired of your company!

Roche: Naughty, naughty! Until one of our flames is forever extinguished, our dance will never end! Burn for me!

Roche: Come on! Let's push it past the redline!

Cloud: Jessie, take over.

Roche: Well, well, well! I do believe this round is yours. Maybe next time we can keep it just between the two of us.

Cloud: Maybe.

Roche: Until we meet again, my friend!

Biggs: We did it!

Wedge: Go team!

Jessie: Don't get too excited. Reinforcements are hot on our trail.

(After the bike minigame ends.)

  • (If Cloud finished with very low HP.)
    Jessie: You failed the test.
    Cloud: What test?
    Jessie: Driving.
    Cloud: I'm great at driving.
    Jessie: Hah! Great at scaring your passengers, more like...
    Cloud: Not used to having any.
    Jessie: Maybe you should just let me drive.
    Cloud: Nope.
    Jessie: Gues I'll take one for the team and be your back warmer again.
  • (If Cloud finished with high HP but below 80%.)
    Jessie: You passed the test!
    Cloud: What test?
    Jessie: Driving.
    Cloud: Did more than just passs.
    Jessie: Not really. You made it by the skin of your teeth, if we're being honest.
    Cloud: Whatever.
    Jessie: I bet you held back because I was with you.
    Cloud: Didn't want you to fall.
    Jessie: So now I'm too weak to stay on a bike?
    Cloud: Just hold on tight, will you?
    Cloud: What?
    Jessie: I falling after all.
    Jessie: Psych!
  • (If Cloud finished with above 80% HP.)
    Jessie: You passed the test!
    Cloud: What test?
    Jessie: Driving.
    Cloud: Been driving for years.
    Jessie: So you don't need a reward?
    Cloud: No.
    Jessie: Well, you got one anyway.
    Jessie: You can thank me later. I'll wait.
    Jessie: Giving me the cold shoulder?

(After either previous dialogue sequence concludes.)
Jessie: Aw, would you look at that... It's the end of the ride.

To Sector 7Edit

Jessie: We'll go on foot from here. Don't wanna draw too much attention to ourselves.

Wedge: Hey, did these things leave a mark?

Biggs: They got you pretty good.

Wedge: Aw...and I'm running on fumes...

Jessie: Don't worry, we'll top you up soon enough. Now let's roll.

(Upon running back towards the Corkscrew Tunnel.)
Jessie: Hey! Focus!

(Upon climbing the staircase.)
Jessie: The residential area's just beyond this gate. Mind doing the honors?

(Upon pulling the lever.)
Jessie: You've got an arm on ya!


On-screen: Sector 7 Employee Housing Area

Jessie: Here we are—the employee housing district. Where they put you when your parents work for Shinra. While their reactors were slowly killing the planet, we were living the good life...

(Upon attempting to run away from the Employee Housing Area.)
Cloud: Gotta move.

(Upon approaching Wedge near a cat.)
Wedge: C'mere... Aw, no dice... Someone's playing hard to get.

(Upon approaching Biggs near a Shinra billboard.)
Biggs: Folks here must be living off three or four times what I do.

(Upon approaching Jessie.)
Jessie: Figures. Still leaves the lights on every night for the girl who only comes home once every other blue moon. Mom's an old-fashioned type like that.

Wedge: Think she'll make us pizza? Her "Midgar Special"?

Biggs: She's quite the cook. Quick to whip up finger-lickin' food even if you drop by in the dead of night.

Jessie: And she loves guests who ask for seconds or thirds.

Jessie: Okay, let's head in. Cloud—you know what to do. Why don't you wait around the corner over there?

Cloud: Ah. Okay.

Wedge: It's a shame you won't get to try the Midgar Special. You would've really liked it.

The Jessie JobEdit

(After Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie enter her house.)
Jessie (in Cloud's memory): With your help, we won't need luck. You'll take on just about any job, right? Well, I need you to rob my house. Think you can do that for me?

Jessie (in Cloud's memory): Go in through the back door when the coast is clear. The signal will be obvious.

Cloud: Once the lights come on, it's go time.

Cloud: Time to go.

(Upon entering the house.)
Jessie (in Cloud's memory): Inside, you'll find a room with two doors. Don't take the one in front of you. You want the room on the right. That's where you'll find it.

Jessie: Sorry about dropping in like this again.

Jessie's Mom: This will always be your home. So—how's practice going?

(Upon entering Jessie's father's room.)
Jessie (in Cloud's memory): We'll be chatting Mom up in the kitchen, so don't even bother being quiet. There's no way she'll ever hear you. Dad'll be in there, but it's okay.

Jessie (in Cloud's memory): I need you to grab his Shinra ID card. And yeah, I know I should do it myself, but... but I honestly don't think I'm up to it. Just do this for me, okay?

(In the background while roaming around the room.)
Jessie: Now this—this is what I've been waiting for!

(Upon inspecting the documents on the desk or the notepad on the bookshelf.)
Cloud: This isn't it.

(Upon inspecting the family photo.)
Cloud: Jessie...

(Upon inspecting the letter on the floor.)
Cloud: What's this?

(Upon selecting "Put Back", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Read".)
Jessie (in letter): "Dear Mom and Dad", Sorry for not getting in touch sooner, but... I'm working at the Gold Saucer as an actress now. It wasn't easy, and I had a lot of help from people along the way... but I managed to land a starring role. Enclosed are two tickets to my play. Looking forward to seeing you both there."

Cloud: Jessie Rasberry as...the Princess?

(Upon interacting with Jessie's father's maintenance outfit.)
Jessie: My dad—he was a maintenance supervisor at the reactor.

Cloud: Thanks.

(Upon interacting with any other items after obtaining the ID card.)
Cloud: Time to go.

(After leaving the house through the back entrance.)
Biggs: Now that is a damn good pie.

(Upon leaving the house and attempting to walk back.)
Cloud: Need to hurry up.

(Upon leaving onto the road.)
Cloud: Mission accomplished.

(In Jessie's house.)
Jessie's Mom: When are you going to give up on the Gold Saucer? How long as it been since you even performed?

Wedge: A lot of people really rely on Jessie.

Jessie's Mom: As a stagehand though, right? You can be one of those anywhere. So why not come home and get a job at the Sector 8 theater?

Jessie: Uhhh, I'll think about it. You know, I'd really love to stay and chat, but we gotta go.

Jessie's Mom: So soon!?

Jessie: Yeah, well, we hadn't even planned on dropping by. But Wedge wanted some of your famous pizza.

Wedge: So good!

Jessie's Mom: Sure I can't tempt you with some more?

Wedge: Maybe just a couple slices, Missus R.

Biggs & Jessie: Wedge!

Wedge: Hey! I'm...I'm doing it for you guys! You don't want me going to work on an empty stomach.

(As Cloud.)
Jessie (in Cloud's memory): I'm planning on using a weaker blasting agent this time. Since I can't in touch with my supplier, our only option is to loot a warehouse owned by Shinra.

Jessie: Hey there.

Cloud: This it?

Jessie: Now comes the hard part. I'm gonna use this to sneak into the 7-6 Annex.

Biggs: All right, let's get to it.

Jessie: Sorry, but you're staying outside. Only I know what to steal from where, so it's gotta be me who goes in.

Biggs: So...we came all this way just to eat pizza!?

Jessie: You think I'd let you off that easy? You're gonna earn every slice helping Cloud. Just do the thing where you draw everyone's attention away, like you did at my parents'. What's the word again? Maybe I'm more nervous than I thought.

Cloud: Diversion.

Jessie: Yeah, that! Nice one, military man.

Wedge: So what, does this mean we're gonna ask some Shinra folks out to dinner?

Biggs: You know damn well what she means. While you're inside, we make sure the guards are focused on the outside. Yeah?

Jessie: Exactly. Couldn't've put it any better. When you see a flare go up, that's your cue. Rush the front gates and make for the warehouse plaza. The more hell you raise, the more time you buy me.

Biggs: You're gonna run this guy into the ground, aren'tcha?

Cloud: How much time do you think you'll need?

Jessie: Not too much. I'll be in and out. I'll send up another flare when I'm done. We rendezvous in the vacant lot up ahead.

Biggs: Hold on. How are we supposed to get back to the slums? Wait for the first train?

Jessie: No, I wanna be back before that. Don't worry, I have something worked out. Now, let's get this done.

Biggs: Well, that diversion's not gonna create itself.

Sector 7-6 Annex InfiltrationEdit

Biggs: Jessie's dad was in there, right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Biggs: Mako poisoning. Happened while Jessie was doing a show at the Gold Saucer— Ah, but what do you care?

Cloud: No, I wanna hear it.

Biggs: Jessie always wanted to be an actress. Worked her ass off for years until finally she caught a break. Top billing. Parents were thrilled. And then...right before opening night...

Wedge: Her dad had an accident.

Biggs: Collapsed from overwork...and in the worst possible place. Mako storage. Lay there half a day before someone found him. Been like that ever since. No change whatsoever. That's what got her into planetology, and led her to seek out Avalanche. How far we've come...

Wedge: Jessie's got a theory about it. Thinks her dad's spirit is stuck now—between his body and the heart of the planet. So if we don't shut down the reactors soon...

Biggs: He'll get caught up in the flow and...poof.

Biggs: What's so funny?

Cloud: Just that I understand how you feel. Unlike most of the time.

Biggs: I see...

(Upon reaching the bridge in front of the Sector 7-6 Annex.)
Biggs: Mako's the essence of life itself. Of memory and hope. It's not something you burn in a reactor just to keep the lights on. Hell no.

Biggs: Oh—don't tell Jessie about this little chat, okay? When she gets pissed, she gets punchy.

Cloud: Well... No promises.

Wedge: He's serious, Cloud! She'll beat the shit out of us!

Cloud: Not my problem.

Biggs: This guy!

Wedge: Hey! It's the lot Jessie was talking about. We rendezvous here when we've got what we came for.

Biggs: Gotta stay hidden—wait for the signal.

Wedge: It's so quiet...

(Upon reaching Biggs near the gate.)
Biggs: Just need to get past this gate.

Cloud: Wait. Where are the guards?

Biggs: Looks like someone beat us here.

Wedge: And I don't think it was Jessie.

Biggs: This had better not get in the way of our plans...

Cloud: It won't.

(After the scene ends.)
On-screen: S7-6 Annex

Biggs: Don't see anyone. What the hell happened?

Wedge: Hey, man, the plaza's that way. Warehouses are further in. Jessie's supposed to be circling around from the back, right...?

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: No need for us to rush. Let's scout it out first.

Cloud: I can handle this solo.

Biggs: What, you're trying to keep us out of it now? Don't be a jackass.

Wedge: We're in this together!

Cloud: Don't expect me to save you.

Biggs: If you need to check your gear, now's the time. Give the word when you're good to go.

Wedge: You can use that vending machine over there to stock up!

Biggs: Guess there's a training center too. Could go a few rounds before the main event.

(After the conversation, while roaming around near Wedge.)

  • Man! I get really hungry when I'm nervous!
  • When you leave something at home, or just need a bite to eat, vending machines can be real lifesavers!
  • Whenever you're ready, just let us know, Cloud!

(Upon interacting with the training center controls.)
On-screen: Commence battle training?

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens. Upon selecting "Yes", combat begins.)

(Upon talking to Biggs.)
Biggs: Remind me—you've got summoning materia, don't you? There's no better way to deal with big groups. You'd be crazy not to equip it.

On-screen: You all set?

(Upon selecting "No", conversation ends.)

(Upon selecting "Yeah".)
Biggs: Okay. Let's go over the plan one last time. You start things off by cutting loose where everyone can see you.

Wedge: And us?

Biggs: We're the backup. First, we climb high enough to get a vantage point—then we go to town on 'em.

(During a flashback.)
Tifa: Heya. So...what did you wanna talk about?

Cloud (in flashback): When spring comes, I'm leaving town and going to Midgar.

Tifa: Should've figured. All the guys are leaving.

Cloud (in flashback): B-but I'm not like them. I'm not going just to look for work. I'm gonna be a SOLDIER. The best of the best. Like Sephiroth.

Tifa: The great war hero, huh? Mm... Isn't it pretty hard to become a SOLDIER?

Cloud (in flashback): Yeah. So I won't be back for a long time.

Tifa: Guess not. Think you'll be in the papers?

Cloud (in flashback): I'll try.

Tifa: Just...promise me one thing. When we're older, and you're a famous SOLDIER...if I'm ever trapped or in trouble... Promise you'll come and save me.

Cloud (in flashback): Huh?

Tifa: That's what heroes do. They save people. Please? Just once.

Cloud (in flashback): Uhh...

Tifa: Come on, promise me!

Cloud (in flashback): Fine. I promise.

(In the following flashback.)
Cloud (in flashback): I heard you're having second thoughts.

Tifa: I know we have to think big if we're going to make a difference...but not like this. I just... I feel trapped.

A Little DiversionEdit

Wedge: That's the signal!

Biggs: All according to plan.

Cloud: Let's go.

Biggs: Right!

Wedge: Yeah!

(Upon entering the warehouse grounds.)
Security Officer: I don't see any intruders. Maybe they went home.

Security Officer: Hey! Over there!

Security Officer: T-target sighted!

Security Officer: Light him up!

Cloud: Give up?

Security Officer: K-kill the bastard!

(During combat.)
Security Officer: They're up there too!

Security Officer: We've spotted more intruders. Send backup.

Security Officer: They have a sniper. Get him first!

Security Officer: Focus on the other one! Quickly, before we're surrounded!

Security Officer: You're gonna pay!

(After defeating the first group of enemies.)
Biggs: Oh, you gotta be shitting me.

Biggs: Gimme a bit more time and I got you.

Security Officer: Give it up!

Security Officer: Puttin' up a fight, huh!?

(After defeating the Elite Security Officer and Riot Trooper.)
Biggs: Goodbye! And good riddance.

Elite Shock Trooper: Don't let them escape!

(After defeating the Shock Trooper and Elite Grenadier.)
Wedge: And down she goes!

Biggs: Look at us amateurs putting in the work.

Wedge: Don't worry—I've got this!

Wedge: Catch me if you caaan!

(During battle against Guard Dogs.)
Wedge: Tasty treats! Come and get 'em!

Wedge: Don't eat me! Please don't eat me!

Wedge: Midgar Special, don't fail me now!

(After defeating the Guard Dogs.)
Wedge: Think I ran off the pizza...

Biggs: Helluva show, man! If only the ladies loved you that much!

Wedge: I'm glad someone's enjoying themselves...

Biggs: Of course they store mechs here...

Cloud: You ready?

Biggs: Hell yeah!

Wedge: More than you know! Look what I found. Let's give these jerks a taste of their own medicine!

(Halfway during the battle against the Sweepers.)
Wedge: Hurry! Lead the sweepers toward the mines!

(After defeating them.)
Wedge: Now that's what I call teamwork!

Security Officer: Stay where you are!

Biggs: Well, shit.

Security Officer: All right, assholes! Show me your hands!

Roche: Well, aren't we having a wonderful time kicking the hornet's nest!

Roche: You know what I want. A second dance—just the two of us.

Roche: You turned the key... The engine roars with excitement... It hungers to be set free!

Cloud: Fall back.

Biggs: Right. C'mon!

Roche: It's been a long time since I fought a duel out of the saddle. But...for all the miles on the clock...

Roche: I'm just as fast as I ever was!

Roche: At last, our long-awaited dance begins! Here's to a fair fight, my friend!

(After Roche loses one-third HP.)
Roche: I told you we were gonna push it past the redline!

(After defeating Roche.)
Cloud: Satisfied?

Roche: With such fleeting pleasure? Hardly. There are higher heights to which you and I can still soar...

Security Officer: Okay, boys! Give 'em everything you've got! But kill the swordsman first!

Roche: We really must do this again. Until then...try not to die. I'll see you on the road, my friend.

Cloud: Goddammit!

Cloud: Let's go!

Biggs: Right!

Cloud: Wedge!

Wedge: Run! Run while you can!

Trooper: Friendly! Friendly! Stand down!

Trooper: Your team shouldn't be here.

Wedge: Glad yours is...

Biggs: C'mere.

Biggs: Wedge'll be fine. But you won't be if they start asking questions.

Cloud: And who are "they"?

Biggs: First guests to the party. Another Avalanche cell. Our holier-than-thou friends from the old guard... It's always their way or the highway. Lately they've been a real pain in the ass... Till now.

Cloud: So then why are they here?

Biggs: Beats me. We've been on the outs ever since our cell got labeled too extreme... though they're the ones running around with mil-spec gear. Word is they've cut a deal with Wutai... Promised 'em all the materia in Midgar, apparently. Think there's any truth to that?

Cloud: You tell me.

Biggs: Sometimes I think we're the only ones who've realized the war is over.

Biggs: Okay—mission complete. Let's make our way back to the lot.

Cloud: Right.

Rendezvous at the Empty LotEdit

Biggs: Looking a lot more crowded now.

Cloud: Security's out in force.

Biggs: Just what we need.

Cloud: So, are we not gonna wait for Wedge?

Biggs: If we stuck around or went back, he'd only get upset.

Cloud: Why's that?

Biggs: Guess a SOLDIER wouldn't understand... I'll tell him you were worried about him, though. Who knows—might just make his day.

Security Officer: ...And many of our citizens have already been disturbed by the alarms. Squad A will set up here and search for suspects. B will establish a perimeter—roadblocks included. Contain the situation! Rumors of violence against Public Security will only serve to frighten the people. You will tell any concerned citizens that this was a false alarm!

(Upon reaching Jessie.)
Jessie: You made it! Over here!

Jessie: Could you have been any louder? I mean, it made my job a lot easier, but— Wait, where's Wedge?

Jessie: Wedge!? That was close...

Cloud: We'll go get him.

Biggs: Hey, buddy. How you doing?

Biggs: C'mon...

Wedge: Not my finest hour...

Biggs: You get hit?

Wedge: Just winged, I think... Or shot!

Biggs: Really? Let me see...

Jessie: Are we seriously doing this here? That'

Wedge: You guys are the worst...

Jessie: Your ass is fine. Maybe singed, but the only casualty is your underwear. This is like a bruise or a mild burn at worst!

Wedge: Now that was a gunshot.

Jessie: Is that a smile I spy?

Cloud: It's not safe here. We should go.

Biggs, Jessie, & Wedge: Copy that!

Return to the SlumsEdit

Wedge: So how do we get back to the slums?

Jessie: With a little trick I've been dying to try out...

Biggs: Man, can't believe HQ was running an op tonight of all nights.

Cloud: Coincidence?

Biggs: That or a bad omen. If they're ramping up for something, could get messy. Add it to the pile of complications to think about.

(Upon reaching the entrance to the Plate Partition.)
Jessie: Right, this is it! Through here and we're home free.

Wedge: Where exactly are we going?

Jessie: When we get there, you'll know! Now that I've got my blasting agent, we should have everything we need for our next mission!

Biggs: Sure hope so.

Cloud: Yeah...m-me too. For your dad's sake.

Biggs: Hey! What the hell, man!?

Jessie: Huh?

Wedge: Uh—Cloud was just saying how he hopes to come back and try the Midgar Special next time!

Jessie: Really, huh? Cloud said that?

Biggs: Sure did! Wants a whole pie to himself, isn't that right?

Cloud: That's...that's right...

Jessie: Really...? Well, okay then! Maybe I'll lend Mom a hand next time too!

Wedge: That'd be awesome!

Biggs: Super-duper awesome!

(Upon reaching the Plate Edge.)
On-screen: Sector 7 Plate Edge

(Upon catching up with Jessie at the end.)
Jessie: Should be somewhere around here... Bingo! I half figured my dad got it wrong, but nope! They're here just like he said!

Biggs: Parachutes?

Wedge: Huh? Whaddya mean "half figured"!?

Jessie: Fifty-fifty is pretty good odds, if you ask me! This is gonna be fun!

Jessie: Thanks guys. I really appreciate you coming all this way with me. And like I said before, I'd be grateful if you kept this between us until after the mission. I don't wanna...complicate things.

Biggs: Sure. Okay, who's ready to fly!?

Jessie: Me! Me!

Biggs: Hey Cloud—you let him down gently, alright?

Cloud: Yep.

Jessie: Wait, I almost forgot! One more thing!

Biggs: S-stop it! What in the hell are you trying to—

Jessie: Easy! You'll make us fall!

Biggs: Not if you do first!

Jessie: Swing by place after—so I can "pay you in full."

Biggs: Huh!? Now!?

Wedge: Wait! Gimme a minute!

Cloud: No.

Wedge: Why do you have to be such a hard-ass, bro?

Cloud: I ain't your bro.

Wedge: I wish I could've done more... Just got hurt—

Cloud: You did enough. You took one for the team. Be proud.

Wedge: Yeah...? Yeah...

Biggs: Feels like we're flying high these days!

Jessie: Now more than ever!

Biggs: He's a keeper all right.

Jessie: Yeah! Together we can take on the world!

To Wedge's PlaceEdit

On-screen: Sector 7 Slums

Wedge: I'll head home on my own. After all, I'm only a little sore...

Cloud: It's cool, we'll go together.

Wedge: Aw, thanks, bro!

Cloud: Cut that out.

Wedge: This way!

(While following Wedge.)
Wedge: Think Jessie and Biggs made it back safe?

Cloud: I guess.

Wedge: Cool if we check on them? We'll pass by their places anyway.

Cloud: Sure.

(Upon reaching Bigg's house.)
Wedge: Well, this is Biggs's place. I guess he hasn't made it home yet.

Cloud: Guess not.

Wedge: Hope he isn't "worst case-ing" it again. He's got a habit of overthinking things. Worrying about all the possible outcomes till his head hurts.

Cloud: Wouldn't've guess.

Wedge: And when he worries, I worry. Anyway, let's head on over to Jessie's!

(Upon reaching Jessie's house.)
Wedge: This is where Jessie lives. Men are not allowed inside.

Cloud: Hmm...

Wedge: Lots of pretty girls trying to make it big onstage live here. So don't hang around or they might get the wrong idea.

Cloud: Huh.

Wedge: I'm telling you this for your own good, Cloud! People around here love to gossip.

Cloud: They know about Jessie and Avalanche?

Wedge: Nah, it's all good. They think she's an actress. Oh...and one more thing, bro. It's all a game to her. Don't fall for it!

Cloud: You lost me.

Wedge: Life's a stage and love's the play!

(Upon attempting to open the door to her house.)
Wedge: Guys aren't allowed, remember!?

(Upon reaching Wedge's house.)
Wedge: Hey there, Biggums, Reggie, Smalls... Brought a new friend to meet you! These little guys are on guard duty today.

Cloud: Okay...

Wedge: Thanks for seeing me home!

Cloud: Really sorry about your ass.

Wedge: S'all good, bro!

Cloud: It's kinda weird when you call me th—

Wedge: Hey, don't be scared! Deep down, he's a big softie.

Cloud: Hell with it...

(After the scene ends, while roaming near Wedge.)

  • Aw, I missed you too!
  • Oh, Biggums! Acting so tough!
  • And you, Reggie... You are just the cutest!
  • Aw, Smalls! Do you want a belly rub?
  • Glad to see you guys are getting along just fine!

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: Hey, bro! Wanna chill with me and the gang for a bit?

Cloud: Uh, who's the gang?

Wedge: The cats, dummy. Who else? Biggumus Rex, Reginaldo, Mister Smalls...

Cloud: Right...

(Upon talking to Wedge again.)
Wedge: Mind checking on the others again for me? Thanks! Oh, and have a good night!

Remaining PaymentEdit

(Upon opening Jessie's door.)
Jessie: Well, if it isn't Cloud Strife! Was wondering when you'd show up. Without further ado... Here you are. Thanks for stepping up, "merc." And now for the cherry on top.

Cloud: Okay, I get it. Mind letting me breathe?

Jessie: Depends. Mind coming over tomorrow night? My roommates should all be out for a while.

Cloud: Are you seriously that desperate? Just let go already.

Jessie: Only if you promise to come back tomorrow night. Deal?

On-screen: Will you come back tomorrow night?

  • (Upon selecting "No promises.")
    Cloud: No promises, but I'll think it over.
    Jessie: Really? You will!? I make a mean pizza, I'll have you know! Marche, luche, black milly, red shelly—I use only the best ingredients! Sound good?
    Cloud: Never heard of any of that stuff.
    Jessie: Awww, you are so adorable, you know that!? You just leave everything to me—it'll be great!
  • (Upon selecting "Not happening.")
    Cloud: Not happening.
    Jessie: Ah, sorry... Little too in-your-face? I'll just have to change it up then.

(After the previous dialogue options conclude.)
Jessie: Nighty night!

Jessie: Psych!

(Upon interacting with Jessie's door again.)
Cloud: Bad idea...

Slum WisdomEdit

(Upon talking to Biggs in front of his house.)
Biggs: Oh, hey, Cloud! Survived the jump? How's Wedge?

Cloud: He's fine.

Biggs: Well, that's good to hear. Tomorrow's a really big day for all of us. When Wedge said he'd been shot, I was afraid we'd have to call off the whole damn thing. Heading topside in secret... Don't think I could've faced Barret if something had happened. But Jessie'd been acting weird and I knew I couldn't just ignore her.

Cloud: Biggs.

Biggs: She must be prepping the bomb right now. But will she be able to finish before morning? I should go and see if she needs any—

Cloud: Biggs!

Biggs: Huh? Sorry. Our chute was blown pretty far off course. It...felt like a bad omen or

Cloud: Get some rest. You need it.

Biggs: Roger.

Cloud: Night.

Biggs: Night. And thanks. Really.

(Upon talking to Biggs again.)

  • Tomorrow's gonna be a success, I know it. We've all put in the work.
  • Lesson one for life on the ground floor. "A good long rest'll cure anything." Thanks for the refresher.
  • 'Preciate you coming.

(After resting.)
Tifa: Cloud?

Cloud: Yeah.

Tifa: You were out for a while.

Cloud: Just walking.

Tifa: I ran into Johnny, by the way. Said not to worry, he was getting out of town.

Cloud: Oh, that guy.

Tifa: You...weren't thinking of leaving Midgar anytime soon, were you?

Cloud: Well, seems this old friend of mine's in a tight spot... Long time ago I said I'd be there for her. Made a promise, so...

Tifa: Can't say this is quite what I had in mind when I put that on you way back when.

Cloud: If you wanna talk, I'm listening.

Tifa: Huh? What's with you all of a sudden?

Cloud: With me?

Tifa: Like you're losing that hard edge.

Cloud: That bad?

Tifa: Not at all—I like it. Maybe Marlene won't be so scared of you next time...

Tifa: I'm really glad to have you back, Cloud. Really glad.

Tifa: It's pretty late, huh? I'd like to catch up more, but we should probably both get some sleep, yeah?

Cloud: Yeah.

Tifa: Good night then.

Cloud: Good night, Tifa...

Sudden AttackEdit

???:[note 2] Sleep. And dream the sweetest dreams...

Tifa: Cloud!

Cloud: What's wrong?

Tifa: Come with me! Quickly!

Tifa: We were getting ready to set out when those things showed up and came after us!

Cloud: The others?

Tifa: Barret and Jessie are holding their ground, but for how long I don't know...

Cloud: Let's go.

Tifa: Right.

Cloud: Ready?

Tifa: You know it!

(During the battle with the Mysterious Spectres.)
Cloud: Let's head for the bar.

Tifa: Okay!

(Upon attacking a Mysterious Spectre.)
Cloud: Is this even working?

(Upon killing a Mysterious Spectre.)
Cloud: We kill it?

(Upon killing the first group of Mysterious Spectres.)
Cloud: There's no end to this.

(Upon killing another Mysterious Spectre.)
Tifa: What are these things?

Cloud: No idea. Pretty sure you can't even see them unless they make physical contact first...

Tifa: And that's all you can tell me?

Cloud: I can tell you they're not invincible.

Tifa: I guess that's something.

(Upon running towards Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: More of them!? We're running out of time.

Cloud: Any other way?

Tifa: Yeah—over here!

(After following Tifa.)
Cloud: Again?

Tifa: Are they trying to stop us from reaching the others?

Tifa: Cloud. This way.

(After running towards Seventh Heaven again.)
Tifa: Oh, you gotta be kidding me. It's like trying to fight a hurricane.

Cloud: Stay on your feet.

Tifa: You don't have to tell me that.

(Upon reaching Seventh Heaven.)
Jessie: Barret!

Barret: Gimme a break!

Tifa: Jessie! Barret!

Barret: Where you been!?

Jessie: They just keep coming! We've gotta do something!

Tifa: Hang on!

Cloud: Tifa!

Tifa: Cloud!

Cloud: I'm coming!

Cloud: Move!

(Sometimes during the battle with the Enigmatic Spectre and Mysterious Spectres.)

  • Leave us alone already!
  • How many of them are there!?

(Upon defeating a Mysterious Spectre.)
On-screen: The enigmatic spectre is vulnerable.

(Sometimes if Cloud is controlled when the Enigmatic Spectre becomes pressured.)

  • What the—
  • It's adapting.

(Sometimes if Tifa is controlled when the Enigmatic Spectre becomes pressured.)

  • Something weird is going on.

(When the Enigmatic Spectre begins Flood.)
Tifa: What is it doing now?

(When the Enigmatic Spectre begins Swarm.)
Cloud: Be careful.

(When the Enigmatic Spectre is down to 80% HP.)
Tifa: So this thing's not gonna give up without a fight, huh?

(Upon defeating the Enigmatic Spectre.)
Barret: How's your ammo?

Jessie: Running low—

Jessie: Shit!

Tifa: Jessie!

Barret: Dammit!

Tifa: Huh?

Cloud: The hell...?

Barret: Jessie!

Tifa: You okay?

Jessie: Me and my two left feet...

Tifa: Easy now!

Barret: We ain't putting on a damn show!

Barret: The hell were those things? Some kind of...I dunno! Guess I shouldn't be surprised, though. Never can tell what weird shit'll come crawling out of the scrap down here. It's those reactors, I'm telling you...

Cloud: It hurt?

Jessie: Wish I could say it didn't, but yeah...

Jessie: God, this is so embarrassing... Hate playing the damsel in distress...

Cloud: It happens.

(Inside Seventh Heaven.)
Wedge: What did you do to your leg!? D-does it hurt?

Jessie: Not nearly as much as the fuss everyone's making.

Tifa: Still, I think you ought to avoid putting any—

Jessie: I'm fine!

Barret: That's enough! You're out, Jessie.

Jessie: Huh? What about the mission? We already sent Biggs in, remember? Don't tell me you're thinking of calling it off!?

Barret: Nah, we got this...

Jessie: The hell you do!

Wedge: If you need someone to step up, I'm your man!

Barret: Okay... So here's the thing...

Cloud: I'm gonna need a raise.

Barret: Consider it done!

Barret: Aight, everyone—Cloud's in. The mission is on!

Jessie: Go and raise some hell for me, okay?

Barret: Listen, Wedge—I need you to hang back and guard the home front.

Wedge: But I'm in perfect health!

Barret: Which makes you the perfect choice to look after Jessie and Marlene.

Barret: Let's get this show on the road... to Mako Reactor 5! Once you've got your gear in order, head to the station for the meet. Got it?

Barret: This'll help you get squared away. Don't tell me I never did nothing for ya. I'm counting on you, SOLDIER boy...

A New OperationEdit

(Upon talking to Wedge if Cloud reached the top of the darts leaderboard.)
Wedge: Ah, forgot to give this to you, bro. Your prize for taking the top spot on the darts leaderboard. You earned it. After you guys come back from the plate, maybe we can play a round together?

(Upon talking to Wedge.)
Wedge: I'm counting on you, bro... Don't let anything happen to the others.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Relegated to stagehand once again. I'm starting to think I'll never have a starring role...

Cloud: There's always next time.

Jessie: What's this? Words of encouragement? Thanks, I need them.

(Upon leaving Seventh Heaven.)
Tifa: Alright, let's get going.

Cloud: Sure...after you take a deep breath.

Tifa: Huh?

Cloud: I can tell you're nervous.

Tifa: That obvious, huh?

Tifa: Okay. I'm ready now.

(Upon approaching the guards by the gate to Sector 6.)
New Recruit: Sir... I got my hands on tickets for the Loveless musical. Would you like to go with me?

Senior Officer: You do realize, we're on duty. The slums are Avalanche territory. Stay sharp.

New Recruit: Right. Sorry, sir! It's just that...never mind.

(Upon approaching the guards again.)
New Recruit: I heard they've deployed SOLDIER operatives, too. It's been a while since they'd done that. I wanted to be a SOLDIER, but as you can see—

Senior Officer: Cut the chatter. We're working!

New Recruit: Right! Sorry, sir.

(Upon approaching the guards again.)
Senior Officer: You're not Avalanche, are you?

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Alright, people. Mission starts the moment we board that train. You sure you ready for this?

On-screen: Get on the train?

(Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

(Upon selecting "Yes".)
Tifa: Do you think Biggs is...on schedule?

Barret: All we can do is hope...

Cloud: Today really gotta be the day, huh?

Barret: Ain't no stopping this train we're on, son. A lotta people risked their lives to get it rolling... Already put the word out more's coming, too... "Shut them all down by today, or we shut another down for you." Ain't on us. Not us...

Barret: Play it cool.

Chapter 5: Dogged PursuitEdit

All Aboard for Sector 4Edit

Announcement: This is an announcement from the Shinra Electric Power Company. The terrorist group "Avalanche" has issued another bomb threat. In response, we have raised the threat level and entered a state of heightened alert. All lines are currently experiencing delays. We anticipate that our arrival at Sector 4 will be later than scheduled.

Barret: The target's Mako Reactor 5. From the station, we take the backstreets. Once we're inside the facility, it's the same deal as last time.

Cloud: Head for mako storage.

Barret: And then blow it all to hell.

Barret: Let's do this one for Jessie and Wedge. They deserve it.

Tifa: Yeah.

Cloud: Sure.

Tifa: I didn't think word would spread this fast. There's barely anyone on this train. And none of them look happy to be here.

Barret: Might stand out as a group. You two stay here.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)
Tifa: Cloud.

Announcement: The train will be passing an ID checkpoint shortly.

Tifa: Here comes the first hurdle...

Cloud: Not much of one.

Tifa: I know, I know. But that doesn't mean I don't have butterflies in my stomach.

(Upon approaching Tifa after the ID scan is complete.)
Tifa: Hey, would you mind keeping an eye on things the next car over? I'm worried there might be trouble.

Cloud: Why's that?

Tifa: Barret's always on edge before missions, but you know he's a good guy underneath it all. The people on this train don't.

Cloud: He'll be fine.

Tifa: Maybe...but I won't be until I know for sure.

Cloud: Be right back.

Tifa: Thanks.

(Upon entering Barret's car.)
Shinra Middle Manager: So do you still support those terrorists? Avalanche is a blight on Midgar. Their bomb threat has thrown our offices into chaos, let alone the reactor itself. It's total insanity! But we won't lose heart! No! Everyone at Shinra agrees. The reactor will stay online!

Barret: Heh. Is that right?

Shinra Middle Manager: What? You got a problem with that?

Barret: Do I have a problem with that? Oh, you can bet—

Cloud: He doesn't.

Barret: Hmph. Asshole...

Cloud: You know you're better than that.

(Upon talking to the Shinra Middle Manager.)

Shinra Middle Manager
  • I know nothing more to say to you and your friend.
  • The Sector 4 offices got the worst of it. Everyone's panicking over there.
  • Just leave me alone.

(Upon talking to Barret.)
Barret: Go see how Tifa's doing. She needs you more than I do.

(Upon returning to Tifa's car.)
Announcement: Emergency ID scan in progress.

Tifa: No way!

Announcemnet: Unauthorized IDs detected. Threat level: critical. Inspection and containment sweep initiated, commencing at the rear of the train.

Tifa: Not good!

Barret: Get over here! Now!

Passenger: What the hell—!?

Tifa: Take care of them, Cloud!

Cloud: On it.

(During the battle against Slug-Rays.)
Annoincement: Lockdown protocol initiated. This train car will enter lockdown in three minutes.

Tifa: You have to get to the next car!

Barret: Keep moving, people!

NPC: Whadda we do!?

Barret: Get to car two!

NPC: I...I can't...

Barret: You wanna survive this? Then move!

NPC: Y-y-yessir!

Tifa: Cloud!

Barret: Move it!

Announcement: Lockdown protocol initiated. This train will enter lockdown shortly.

Separate WaysEdit

(Upon entering the next car.)
Tifa: Please! You have to get out of here!

Shinra Middle Manager: Wh—what are you doing!?

Tifa: Trying to keep you alive.

Shinra Middle Manager: But I work for Shinra. I'm the enemy.

Tifa: I don't care. I don't want anyone to die. Please!

Shinra Middle Manager: I'll look after the others.

Tifa: My turn!

Cloud: There's no end to them...

Announcement: Three unauthorized passengers successfully contained. Neutralizing threat.

Barret: Looks like you're right, SOLDIER boy.

Cloud: Screw this.

Barret: Huh?

Cloud: The station will be crawling with security. We gotta jump.

Barret: Screw that!

Cloud: Need to slow the train down.

Barret: Sounds like a Biggs plan E.

Barret: Okay, y'all watch and learn. I'm gonna jump. Gonna do it. Gonna show you how it's done!

Cloud: Tifa!

On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel.

Cloud: You okay?

Tifa: Yeah...

Cloud: Alright, you ready?

Tifa: Ready.

Looking for a FriendEdit

(After defeating the Slug-Rays.)

Barret: Ha ha ha!

Tifa: That's gotta be him!

(While running towards Barret.)
Tifa: Hey, thanks. For when we jumped from the train, I mean.

Cloud: No biggie. You're pretty light, you know.

Tifa: You always know what to say.

(In Heidegger's office.)
Heidegger: Well down, well done! I felt sure we had them, didn't you?

Subordinate: Sir!

Heidegger: Born survivors, these sewer rats. Speaking of which, where's the third?

Subordinate: In custody, sir.

Heidegger: Return it to the wild.

Subordinate: Yessir! Right away!

(After the scene ends.)
On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel - Section C

(Upon encountering the first group of enemies.)
Security Officer: It's them! We have a visual on the targets! Requesting immediate assistance!

(Upon reaching the end of Section C.)
Tifa: He's close! Come on!

Tifa: There! Barret!

Barret: Tifa! Could use some help here!

Tifa: We're coming!

Barret: Make it quick! Should be some stairs over there!

Tifa: We'd better hurry.

Cloud: Yeah.

Barret: I've had it up to here with you damn robo-bugs! I'm gonna rip off those spindly legs of yours one by one!

(Upon crossing the bridge.)
Barret: I ain't going down without a fight!

Tifa: That doesn't sound good!

Cloud: Let's go.

(Upon reaching Barret.)
Tifa: Barret!

Barret: Great! Gimme a hand!

Grenadier: Confirmed! It's the three who jumped from the train! Don't let any of them escape!

(After defeating the group of enemies.)
Barret: This calls for a song! Duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn, duhn duhn, duhn-da-duhn!

Tifa: That's gotta be the last of them...right?

Barret: Aw, who cares? We can take 'em! Now let's confirm our position and get back on mission! That reactor's waiting!

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Barret: Looks like it's gonna be plan E.

Cloud: Go on.

Barret: Plan A was if everything went off without a stitch. From the station, it would've been a straight shot to the reactor. Didn't work out, but we knew going in we had to have alternatives. Backup plans, 'case we had to get off early.

Barret: From closer in to further out—B, C, D, and so on.

Cloud: Up to what?

Tifa: ... To E.

Cloud: Lucky us...

Barret: You're damn right!

Tifa: Anyway, we were riding the train between Sector 4 and the main pillar when we had to bail out. And we ended up on the adjacent line, which should take us to Reactor 5.

Barret: That's right. So for now we follow the tracks. Not too far, though. Need to switch to a different before we hit the station. 'Cause you can bet your ass it's gonna be crawling with security—all on high alert.

Tifa: Let's move.

Barret: Our friends in Sector 5 marked the route, so don't worry about getting lost. It's a straight shot to victory, people! All we gotta take it!

(In Heidegger's office.)
Heidegger: You have nothing to worry about, sir. Preparations for the grand finale are proceeding without incident. I have the utmost confidence that everything will play out as you intended...

Heidegger: Yes, of course. I will not fail you sir.

Subordinate: Sir. Analytics reports that the results fall within the admissible range. However, the casualty rate significantly exceeds previous proje—

Heidegger: Remind me what your job is. Is it question the wisdom of your superiors and bemoan your personal hardships?

Subordinate: Sir?

Heidegger: Casualty rate? You think I care about the casualty rate? They are pawns in a greater game. If your stock runs low, then go round up more for Sector 3 or wherever else. Use your head and bring me solutions instead of problems for a change, yes?

Subordinate: Sir!

Heidegger: It is so hard to find good help these days. Which is why the president ought to count his blessings. What would he do without me?

Find StampEdit

On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel - Section C

(While walking down the tunnel.)
Barret: When the time comes, remember: we just gotta follow the nose.

Cloud: What?

Tifa: Stamp's nose.

Barret: We look for graffiti, then head in whichever direction its nose points. But pay attention to railway signals too. You see blue lights, you're going the right way.

(After defeating the first group of Slug-Rays.)
Barret: Follow the blue lights and we'll reach the reactor.

(After walking down further.)
Barret: You gotta check the signals, son. The signals!

(After walking down further.)
Barret: Biggs is way ahead of us. Jessie was gonna back him up, so it wouldn't surprise me if he needs our help. So let's not keep him waiting.

Tifa: Right.

(Upon encountering a group of Slug-Rays and an Elite Grenadier.)
Elite Grenadier: You're not going anywhere!

(Upon reaching the staircase at the end of Section C.)
Barret: There's one.

(Upon attempting to run further down Section C off-course.)
Barret: The hell you off to?

(Upon reaching Barret on the staircase.)
Barret: In nose we trust.

Tifa: Good things our colleagues put up all that Stamp graffiti. Without it, we'd be lost for sure.

The Nose KnowsEdit

(Upon taking the staircase down towards Section D.)
Tifa: What's that?

Barret: Nothing good.

Tifa: Guys...I think it might be a nest!

Barret: All kinds of creepy-crawlies make themselves at home in the plate, then get messed up even more by the mako.

Tifa: Mako did this?

Barret: No. Not mako. Shinra.

Barret: What?

Cloud: That black-and-white world of yours.

Barret: Ya like it, huh? You know there's room for one more.

Cloud: I'll think about it.

(Upon encountering a Grashtrike.)
Barret: That's disgusting!

(Upon descending to the bottom floor of Section E with the Queen Grastrike.)
Tifa: More of 'em!?

Barret: What is this? A science experiment!?

(Upon encountering the Queen Grastrike.)
Barret: What now!?

Tifa: It's huge!

Barret: So you must be the queen, huh!?

(Upon defeating the Queen Grashtrike.)
Barret: I ain't no exterminator. Why I gotta kill all these nasty-ass bugs?

Tifa: Those things really creep me out.

Barret: A train's gonna get derailed by 'em one of these days.

Tifa: Shinra should do something.

Barret: After an accident they will.

Tifa: When it's too late then.

(Upon climbing the staircase.)
Barret: There's good ol' Stamp. Check his nose.

Tifa: This isn't bad, y'know...

Barret: Yeah, they really captured the essence of corporate propaganda.

(Upon crossing the bridge over Shinra soldiers.)
Tifa: Check it out. I guess Shinra's doing something about those monsters after all.

Barret: Doing a half-assed job looks like.

Security Officer: Man, how'd we get such a shit detail?

Flametrooper: Screw it. Let's just give it a quick once-over and call it a day.

(Upon engaging the soldiers in battle.)
Security Officer: How did you get in here!?

Security Officer: It's those three terrorists from the train!

Check the RouteEdit

Barret: Alright. Let's figure out where the hell we are.

(Upon running away from Barret.)
Barret: Where you going!?

(Upon reaching Barret by the map.)
Barret: There's an old rail yard not far from here. What we're looking for's somewhere inside.

Cloud: And that is...?

Barret: A secret passageway.

(In Heidegger's office.)
Subordinate: We've compiled our report on Avalanche's combat capabilities and are—

Heidegger: Report, report, report! What good do you think a damn report will do anyone!?

Subordinate: I don't...

Heidegger: Have you already forgotten the war with Wutai? An enemy spared is an enemy who will repay your "kindness" with blood. We must crush them—thoroughly and completely, without hesitation or mercy! Shinra cannot and will not settle for anything less. Will you!?

Subordinate: But...but sir—

Heidegger: If so...I can only assume that you and your men no longer wish to serve in your current positions. Is that correct?

Subordinate: We'll prepare the prototype in Section E for immediate deployment. Right now, dammit!

Heidegger: Another day, another victory! How do I do it!?

(Back with Cloud.)
On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel - Section E

(While walking down the track.)
Barret: Gotta love the irony of Shinra's smarmy lapdog leading the way to its master's destruction.

(Upon encountering Security Officers after first taking treasure from the warehouse door.)
Security Officer: Intruders!

(Upon attempting to run down the right path off-course.)
Tifa: Just so you know, this way leads to the station, not the rail yard.

(Upon reaching the edge off-course.)
Barret: I told you this ain't the right way!

(Upon taking the left path down the ramp towards the objective.)
Tifa: You really don't like Stamp, do you, Barret?

Barret: It's not that I hate him. I hate the fact Shinra took a loyal animal like that and co-opted it for their own self-serving agenda.

Tifa: Poor old Stamp.

Barret: Starting to remind me of one Marlene's picture books. The one that's full of nothing but mazes...

Tifa: Think you're making progress and then you hit a wall.

Cloud: Knock it down.

Tifa: You're starting to sound like Barret.

Cloud: Never mind.

Barret: It's a good plan!

Train Yard SecurityEdit

(Upon reaching the rail yard.)
On-screen: Corkscrew Tunnel - Rail Yard

Barret: Hey! Hold up! This way.

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Tifa: Security is a lot tighter than I thought it would be.

Barret: If they wanna stand between us and the rail yard, that's their choice.

(Upon engaging the Flametroopers and Sentry Launchers.)
Flametrooper: Get 'em!

Flametrooper: You bastards aren't going to get away this time!

Secret PassagewayEdit

Barret: No getting through that gate! Let's take the stairs.

(Upon opening the door to a corridor.)
Barret: We should be reaching that secret passage real soon. I knew plan E wouldn't fail us. Shoulda called it "plan excellent"! Whatcha think, Mister Ex-SOLDIER?

Cloud: Biggs made the plan, right?

Barret: I provided some input.

Cloud: Hope not too much.

Barret: What's that s'posed to mean?

(Upon entering the door to a nearby storage room with a vending machine and bench.)
Tifa: Thought this place was abandoned.

Barret: Guess not.

(Upon encountering a group of Elite Security Officers.)
Elite Security Officer: Give it up, assholes, or we'll blow you to hell!

Elite Security Officer: Surrender!

(Upon leaving the room after defeating them.)
Tifa: So many guards.

Barret: Too many...

(Upon taking the ladder down.)
Barret: Keep looking for faithful little Stamp. He'll lead us to the passageway.

(Upon finding the Stamp graffiti.)
Cloud: This it?

(Upon approaching it.)
Cloud: Get back!

Tifa: What the—!?

Barret: That all you got!?

Cloud: Someone's mad.

Barret: Take your best shot, asshole!

(During the battle against Crab Warden.)
Cloud: Huh. Looks like an old model.

Barret: So it's an antique.

Cloud: Don't underestimate it. It's slow, but it hits hard.

(Upon attacking its main body.)
Barret: The hell—!? Tough bastard.

Tifa: What do we do?

Cloud: Aim for its legs. Bring it down.

(When the Crab Warden scans Cloud.)
Barret: I think you've got its attention, Cloud!

Cloud: I'll draw its fire. You two stay on the offensive.

(When the Crab Warden uses Target Lock on Tifa.)
Tifa: I think it hates me.

(When the Crab Warden scans Barret.)
Barret: Hah, look at that! It's tough being Mr. Popular.

(When the Crab Warden uses Target Lock on a character a second time.)
Tifa: Not again!

(Upon crippling one of its legs..)

  • Right Front Leg: You crippled the right front leg.
  • Right Rear Leg: You crippled the right rear leg.
  • Left Front Leg: You crippled the left front leg.
  • Left Rear Leg: You crippled the left rear leg.

(Upon staggering the Crab Warden.)
Tifa: Hey, see that?

Cloud: That's its heart—a mako generator.

Barret: I'm guessin' we aim for that!

(After Crab Warden loses 25% HP.)
Tifa: What are those?

Cloud: More drones.

(While attacking the Crab Warden when Slug-Rays are active.)
Tifa: Get out of our way!

Cloud: Bastards.

Barret: Damn! Think we gotta take these down first.

Barret: This is where I shine!

(After the Crab Warden is down to 30% HP.)
Barret: That it!?

Tifa Now what?

Cloud: Could be a system error.

Barret: Thing's probably busted!

(When Crab Warden uses Surge.)
Barret: What's it doing now?

Tifa: I think—

Cloud: Get away from the tracks!

Cloud: It can electrify the tracks.

(Sometimes before it uses Surge again.)
Cloud: Watch out for the surge!

(After Crab Warden's Pilot becomes targetable.)
Barret: Shit! It's still going!

Tifa: Now what?

Cloud: Destroy the pilot! That'll expose the generator!

(After defeating Crab Warden.)
Cloud: All clear.

Barret: And stay down!

Cloud: Let's go.

Tifa: Sure.

Barret: Alright, this way.

(In Heidegger's office.)
Heidegger: This won't do.

Subordinate: Sir, Analytics reports that the feed went down...after an anomaly was registered during the test.

Heidegger: An "anomaly"? Or an excuse for your failure to properly prepare the armor?

Subordinate: N-no sir! All modules were confirmed fully operational! It's far more likely—given the circumstances—that the sensors were overloaded.

Heidegger: Is that so?

Subordinate: All the sensors in Section E are...inoperable.

Subordinate: The president.

Heidegger: Yes... Yes... Everything is fine, sir. Better, even—there's been a development.

Heidegger: Yes... Understood, sir.

Heidegger: We know exactly where they were headed. If the armor is intact, then you'd best determine the nature of this anomaly soon. Should you fail to do so... You will deal with our intruders. Personally.

Subordinate: ...Y-yessir.

Heidegger: Don't worry. I treat my people more than fairly. So don't disappoint me.

The Road to Mako Reactor 5Edit

Barret: The passage is beyond these shipping containers. Let's slip through 'em.

Barret: Talk about a tight squeeze...

Tifa: You okay?

Barret: Yeah...

(Upon passing through the containers.)
Tifa: So, you bump into any giant robots like that in Reactor 1?

Barret: Yeah, except the bastard looked like a scorpion! Speaking of which...what would you say that last one looked like?

Tifa: Huh? Uh... Well...

Cloud: Looks dead now.

(Upon taking the ladder down to the Plate Maintenance Corridor.)
On-screen: Service Tunnel

(Upon reaching the elevator to Sector 4 Plate.)
Barret: Lo and behold.

Barret: All aboard...

(Upon entering the elevator.)
Barret: Just so you's not gonna get any easier.

Cloud: When did it ever?

Chapter 6: Light the WayEdit

Head for Section GEdit

Barret: Through here and straight on to Reactor 5.

Tifa: You make it sound so simple...

Barret: Only 'cause it is. That there's the reactor support pillar.

Cloud: So what's the plan?

Barret: After plan E comes F, G, then H.

Cloud: Thought E was the last.

Tifa: This here is Section F.

Barret: We cut through Section G and head for H.

Tifa: A cargo platform in H will get us closer to the reactor. Biggs should be somewhere over there.

Tifa: Looks like the sun's going down on Midgar...

Barret: Right. Double time! We got a date with a reactor.

On-screen: Sector 4 Plate

(Upon reaching Barret across the catwalk.)
Barret: Nothing but air below us.

Cloud: Shut up and move.

Tifa: Just don't look down, okay?

Barret: Easy for you to say.

Barret: Section G's through here, huh?

(Upon approaching Tifa by the gate.)
Tifa: This oughta open it.

(Upon interacting with the gate controls.)
Tifa: No good?

Cloud: Needs power, I think.

Barret: That looks more like what we need...

Cloud: Control room.

Tifa: Let's check it out.

Head to the Control RoomEdit

(Upon heading towards the Facility Control Room before interacting with the gate.)
Barret: Hey. You see something over there?

Tifa: Maybe the gate didn't budge because there's not enough power to spare?

Barret: Gotta figure this out.

(Upon heading towards the Facility Control Room after having interacted with the gate first.)
Tifa: Maybe no one uses that entrance.

Barret: I'm getting the feeling no one's come down here for a long time.

Tifa: No "plate inspectors," huh.

Secure a Power SourceEdit

(Upon interacting with the Facility Control Room terminal.)
Announcement: Error. Insufficient power.

Cloud: Of course.

Tifa: Hey guys, look at this. Instructions for dealing with a power shortage.

Cloud: Kill the lights, and we free up power for the gate and other stuff.

Tifa: "Sun lamps"... You think these are the plate suns? The closest thing we have to the real thing.

Barret: Gotta put out a sun just to open a gate, huh?

Tifa: But if we go through with it, the grounders in Sector 4 will suffer...

Barret: Now or later—sun's going out for good once we blow the reactor.

Tifa: That's true.

Cloud: Let's go.

Tifa: All these lamps... You'd think they'd be able to balance the load by now though.

Barret: Maybe. If the maintenance guys or whoever weren't playing hooky.

Tifa: The lamps are important, but when you think about how much mako it must take to keep them running...

(Upon approaching the No. 1 Lighting Equipment sun lamp.)
Tifa: That's gotta be one. Man, look at the size of it.

Barret: That a console I see near the top of that ladder? A, uh, pretty tall ladder too.

Cloud: I'll go.

Tifa: Okay. We'll wait down here.

(Upon pulling the lever.)
Console: Emergency power supply confirmed. Disengaging locking mechanisms.

Barret: Okay! That's that.

Tifa: Great job, Cloud!

Head for Section HEdit

(Upon opening the gate.)
Barret: Next stop: Section G!

Tifa: Yep! And after that, Reactor 5!

Tifa: Not again...

Barret: Great. I'm sure those things'll welcome us just as warmly as before. Tell you what, the rot runs deep in this damn pizza.

On-screen: Section G - Middle Level

(Upon encountering the first Grashtrikes.)
Barret: Don't mind us, y'all—just passing through!

Cloud: If only.

(Upon reaching the broken bridge.)
Cloud: No way to cross that.

Tifa: Gotta go where the catwalks take us.

(Upon approaching deactivated Sentry Rays.)
Tifa: They busted?

Cloud: Powered down, is my guess.

Barret: Lucky us, am I right? One less thing for us to worry about.

(Upon approaching exhaust fumes.)
Barret: Filling the air that we gotta breathe with their shit.

Tifa: Monsters sure seem to like it. What's up with that?

Barret: It's like in the tunnels. They get twisted by the mako. But it all goes back to Shinra.

(Upon taking the stairs to the lower level.)
On-screen: Section G - Lower Level


(Upon obtaining EXP, where XX is the amount of EXP gained.)
On-screen: XX EXP gained.

(Upon obtaining gil, where XX is the amount of gil gained.)
On-screen: XX gil gained.

(Upon leveling up a player character, where XXXXXX is the name of the player character and Y is the new level.)
On-screen: XXXXXX is now level Y.

(If the Weapon Upgrades menu section is available when leveling up, where X is the SP gained on leveling up.)
On-screen: X SP gained.

(Upon leveling up a materia, where XXXX is the name of the materia as listed in the menu.)
On-screen: XXXX improved!

(Upon defeating an enemy, where XXXX is the name of the enemy.)
On-screen: XXXX defeated.

(Upon defeating multiple enemies of the same name, where XXXX is the name of the enemy and Y is the enemy's letter in that battle.)
On-screen: XXXX Y defeated.

(Upon learning an ability, where XXXX is the name of the ability.)
On-screen: Acquired the XXXX ability.

(Upon defeating the target enemy for an Odd Job quest.)
On-screen: Target eliminated.

(Upon obtaining a common item during battle or by picking it up from a chest. Below are different messages shown for each specific item, where X is the number obtained if multiple are.)

  • Mako shard: You recovered MP with a mako shard.
  • Potion: You have obtained a/X potion(s).
  • Hi-Potion: You have obtained a/X hi-potion(s).
  • Ether: You have obtained a/X bottle(s) of ether.
  • Phoenix Down: You have obtained a/X tuft(s) of phoenix down.
  • Elixir: You have obtained a/X elixir(s).
  • Adrenaline: You obtained a/X bottle(s) of adrenaline.
  • Grenade: You have obtained a/X grenade(s).
  • Orb of Gravity: You have obtained an/X orb(s) of gravity.
  • Moogle Medal: You have obtained a moogle medal.

(Upon obtaining an item as a quest reward, where YYYY is the name of the item. This is identical to the item name as listed when picking one up.)
On-screen: A/X YYYY(s) obtained.

(Upon obtaining a weapon. Either given during dialogue or picked up by the player.)

  • Iron Blade: An iron blade obtained.
  • Metal Knuckles: You obtained a pair of metal knuckles.

(Upon obtaining armor.)

  • Star Bracelet: A star bracelet obtained.

(Upon obtaining an accessory.)

  • Revival Earrings: A pair of revival earrings obtained.
  • Crescent Moon Charm: A crescent moon charm obtained.

(Upon obtaining a materia orb on the ground. Unlike the text for leveling up the materia, this differs in capitalization from the menu name.)

  • Healing Materia: You obtained an orb of healing materia.
  • Revival Materia: You obtained an orb of revival materia.
  • Fire Materia: You obtained an orb of fire materia.
  • Ice Materia: You obtained an orb of ice materia.
  • Lightning Materia: You obtained an orb of lightning materia.
  • HP Up Materia: You obtained an orb of HP Up materia.
  • Deadly Dodge Materia: You obtained an orb of deadly dodge materia.

(Upon obtaining a materia orb as a quest reward.)

  • Barrier Materia: Barrier materia obtained.
  • Assess Materia: Assess materia obtained.
  • MP Up Materia: MP Up materia obtained.
  • Luck Up Materia: Luck Up materia obtained.
  • Ifrit Materia: Ifrit materia obtained.

(Upon obtaining a music disc, where XXXX is the name of the track.)

  • "XXXX" obtained.

(Upon obtaining a key item in a quest. Either given during dialogue or picked up by the player.)

  • Yellow Flower: Yellow flower obtained.
  • Combat Analzer: Combat analyzer obtained.
  • Watch Security Key: You obtained a watch security key.
  • Shinra ID Card: Shinra ID card obtained.

(Upon losing a key item in a quest.)

  • Yellow Flower: Yellow flower lost.
  • Shinra ID Card: Shinra ID card lost.


  1. Aerith is referred to as "Flower Peddler" in Chapter 2.
  2. The voice resembles that of Sephiroth.
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