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This page comprises the full text transcript of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1 Enter the Reactor Grounds - Infiltrate the Reactor - Follow Barret - Breach Security - Reach Mako Storage - Follow Jessie - Set the Charge - Escape from the Reactor - Rendezvous with Barret - Sprint to Safety
Miscellaneous HP status - Notifications

Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1Edit

Enter the Reactor GroundsEdit

Barret: Get down here, merc.

(Upon walking past Barret.)
Security Officer (1): Halt!

Security Officer (2): Who goes there!?

Barret (to the mercenary): You're up.

(After the battle starts.)
Security Officer (1): You're coming with us.

Security Officer (2): Nice and easy!

Cloud: Don't think so.

(In the middle of the battle.)
Cloud: Not bad.

(Upon entering the station.)
Security Officer: Who in the hell—!?

Security Officer: Hands where I can see 'em!

Jessie: Have fun!

(During the battle.)
Security Officer (3): Freeze!

Security Officer (4): Move and we shoot!

Cloud: Go ahead.

(Upon using an ability.)
Security Officer: Holy shit! He a SOLDIER operator?

(Upon using magic.)
Security Officer: He can use magic!?

(Upon jumping further inside.)
Security Officer: Drop the weapon!

Biggs (to Cloud): You got this!

Wedge: Yeah, what he said!

(During the battle.)
Security Officer: You're coming with us!

Cloud: Can't get surrounded. Try harder.

(Upon approaching Wedge in front of the Reactor Grounds entrance.)
Jessie: So what's SOLDIER boy's deal? Is he one of us now? He's got balls, this, uh... Uh...what was his name again?

Biggs: Cloud. Cloud Strife.

Jessie: Right.

Biggs: And he isn't a SOLDIER anymore. Still, he's a professional—unlike the rest of us. I'm glad to have him.

Cloud: This is a onetime gig. When it's done, we're done.

Biggs: Real joy to work with though.

Jessie: Real joy to look at too.

Biggs: Here we go...

Jessie: Looks are what people notice first.

Biggs: Guess I'm not on the same page as "people."

Jessie: I'd say you're not even reading the same book.

Biggs: Enough. We're done here.

Jessie: Or even the same—

Biggs: Give it a rest.

(Upon talking to Wedge before approaching Barret.)
Wedge: You'll keep us safe...right, Cloud?

(Upon talking to Wedge again before approaching Barret.)
Wedge: Wow, they've almost got the door.

(Upon talking to Wedge a third time before approaching Barret.)
Wedge: We're doing this. We're really doing it. Man...I think I'm gonna be sick...

(Upon approaching Barret.)
Wedge: C'mon, nobody'd do something this crazy just for money. They may not think you're a true believer, but you know what I think?

Cloud: Not interested.

Barret: Wedge!

Barret: You'd better be worth the money, merc. Every last gil.

Infiltrate the ReactorEdit

(During the first battle against the Security Officer and a Guard Dog.)
Security Officer: Get him, boy!

(Upon entering the small warehouse.)
Wedge: Hey Cloud! Elevator's over there! Catch up soon!

Follow BarretEdit

(After Jessie cuts a hole in the fence.)
Biggs: This way!

(Upon approaching Biggs.)
Biggs: Not so fast. We've got company.

(Upon coming out of the fenced area and approaching two Security Officers.) Security Officer (8): There's one!

Security Officer (9): Get him!

(Upon pulling down the switch.)

Barret: You know what to do—now go!

Wedge: See you later!

Jessie: C'mon, Cloud!

Barret: Pick up the pace!

(Upon talking to Wedge before entering the reactor.)
Wedge: I'll secure our escape route, okay? You go on and catch up with the others.

Breach SecurityEdit

(Upon entering Mako Reactor 1.)
Barret: SOLDIERs may attack on command, but I hear they make good guard dogs too. Bet you've seen a few reactors. So how do we get to the bridge above mako storage?

Barret: Ain't holding out on me, are you? Stamp scared to bite the hand that fed him? Or is he a loyal little doggie!?

Barret: Have it your way, mutt. We can do this with you, or we can do this without you.

Cloud: Different reactor, different layout. Depends when it was built. Never seen one like this, but I'll manage.

(Upon talking to Jessie before talking to Biggs.)
Jessie: Don't you worry. Biggs'll have the door open soon.

(Upon talking to Barret before talking to Biggs.)
Barret: I'm watching you.

(Upon talking to Biggs)
Biggs: In three, two... Damn, I'm good!

Security Officer (10): Who's there!? Door!

Barret: W-wait!

Security Officer (11): It's over!

Cloud: That's my line.

(During the battle.)
Security Officer (12): He's alone! We can take him!

Security Officer (13): Make it rain!

(After the battle.)
Jessie: We're back!

Cloud: Then let's move.

Jessie: He always knows just what to say!

Barret: Cut it out!

(Upon approaching Biggs before talking to Jessie.) Biggs: I got this place covered.

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: It's a good thing I know someone who can get us the passcodes. Pity no one else at command will talk to us, but what can you do? And we're good!

Biggs: Careful in there.

(If Biggs was approached before talking to Jessie.)
Biggs (to Cloud): Well, what're you waiting for?

(If Biggs was not approached before talking to Jessie.)
Biggs: I got this place covered.

(Upon talking to Biggs before pressing the button to call the elevator.)
Biggs: Security's only gonna get tighter, so be ready. We can't afford any mistakes.

(Upon talking to Jessie before pressing the button to call the elevator.)
Jessie: Looks like the elevator's on another floor. Mind pushing that button?

(Upon pressing the button to call the elevator.)
Jessie: know Tifa, right? It's not really my business, but are you guys close?

Cloud: Tifa and I...

(In President Shinra's office.)
Heidegger: These sewer rats appear to call themselves Avalanche, sir. We are currently investigating whether they belong to the same group that made the attempt on your life. Rest assured, our inquiries will not take much longer.

(In the elevator.)
Barret: This pump's sole purpose is to drain the planet dry. While you sleep, while you eat, while you shit—it's here, sucking up mako. It doesn't rest and it doesn't care! You do realize what mako is, don't you? Mako is the lifeblood of our world.

Barret: The planet bleeds green like you and me bleed red. The hell you think's gonna happen when it's all gone, huh!? Answer me! You gonna stand there and pretend you can't hear the planet crying out in pain? I know you can!

Cloud: You really hear that?

Barret: Damn straight I do!

Cloud: Get help.

Barret: Say that again!

Cloud: I'd worry less about the planet and more about the next five seconds. Save the screaming for later.

(After exiting the elevator.)
Barret: Our lives are on the line now. You listening, merc? One false move... And that happens!

Jessie: Well, so much for having Cloud do all the fighting. There are some places a sword just can't reach... Just...bear with him for me, would you?

Cloud: Should've asked for more money.

(During the battle against Sentry Rays.)
Barret: Gonna throw your sword at 'em? Let the man with the gun go to work! These tin cans ain't got nothing on me!

(Upon using Barret's Overcharge.)
Barret: Now for the real show!

(Upon destroying all three Sentry Rays and switching to Cloud.)
Barret: Do your job, merc!

Cloud: Shut up and move over.

Reach Mako StorageEdit

(Upon approaching Jessie downstairs.)
Jessie: Look what we have here.

Cloud: A laser security system... Great.

Jessie: Those things'll hurt more than your pride if you're careless. They'll cut you down to size and then some. ...But I'm guessing you've done this kind of thing before.

Cloud: Yeah. Figure out the timing of the lasers. Then make a move when they cycle off.

Jessie: Exactly! I'll go first. Nothing like a little danger to get the blood pumping.

Cloud: Hey!

Jessie: Just keep those baby blues of yours on me!

Follow JessieEdit

(Upon hitting the lasers, one of the following lines of dialogue will play depending on how many times the player has hit them. After playing all lines, one of the following will randomly play.)

  • You okay!?
  • Pay more attention.
  • Just relax.
  • (chuckles) Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  • You SOLDIERs sure can take a beating. Still kickin', I see.
  • Are you trying to get hit?
  • You sure you were a SOLDIER?
  • I had no idea you were such a klutz.
  • Um, you have a fetish or something?
  • There's a fine line between being daring and being dumb. Food for thought.

(After safely going through the first set of lasers.)
Jessie: Huh. He's a natural!

(After safely going through the second set of lasers.)
Jessie: Not too shabby. You're doing good, SOLDIER!

(Upon arriving at the second staircase.)
Jessie: Okay, let's see what's up next!

(Upon arriving down the second staircase.)
Jessie: ...And it's more of the same. Come on, then.

(After passing through the third set of lasers.)
Jessie: Pretty easy, right?

(Upon approaching the third staircase.)
Jessie: Well, I'm glad that's over with. And we're almost at our objective.

(Upon arriving down the third staircase.)
Jessie: Look. They don't call those things sweepers for nothing. They can wipe out a whole squad in seconds.

Cloud: Not if you wipe the floor with them first.

(At the start of the battle with the sweeper.)
Barret: Hah! We can take this hunk of junk!

Cloud: That "hunk of junk" is a heavy weapons platform. If we rush in...we die.

Barret: Is that right?

Cloud: Need to hit it with magic. That should give us an opening.

(Upon pressuring the sweeper.)
Barret: Hey! It stopped moving!

Cloud: Let's pin it down! Give it all you've got!

(If its pressure first subsides without being staggered.)
Barret: Of course, it just had to get back up.

Cloud: So we knock it down again. No time to complain.

(Upon staggering the sweeper.)
Cloud: Now's our chance! Go!

Barret: Don't need to tell me twice! I'm gonna enjoy this!

(Upon destroying the sweeper.)
Jessie: And that's that!

Barret: What are you, twenty-something?

Cloud: First.

Barret: Huh?

Cloud: SOLDIER, First Class. Doesn't go into the twenties.

Barret: The hell you talking about? I mean your age, not your goddamn rank!

Cloud: I, uh...

Barret: Though, for all I know, a SOLDIER's rank could be the same as his age... Mm-hmm. Guess that'd make you a one-year-old, huh? Live and learn!

(Upon reaching mako storage.)
Jessie: That's our target. The reactor core. Gotta set the bomb at the bottom. Let's get down there.

Set the ChargeEdit

(Upon arriving down the ladder.)
Barret: Goddamn... I can practically taste the mako in here... Hurry it up!

(Upon reaching near the end of the platform.)
Barret: My heart's pounding like a jackhammer!

Cloud: Scared, huh?

Barret: Hah! More like excited. I've been dreaming about this for years!

(Upon approaching Jessie.)
Jessie: Heads up, boys—the end's in sight. I leave the rest in your capable hands. Good luck!

(Upon approaching the other ladder to the right.)
Jessie: Not that way! Down the ladder, dummy!

(Upon talking to Jessie.)
Jessie: Aw, you're choosing me over the reactor? That's sweet, but I'll wait my turn. Go blow her mind.

(Upon arriving down the stairs before the last ladder leading downwards.)
Barret: You think, if we fell in, we'd sink right down to the bottom? To the planet's core?

Cloud: No, the pump would suck us back up.

Barret: How comforting.

(Upon arriving at the floor with the reactor core.)

  • Barret: Yeah, let's do this... Let's do this!

(Upon approaching the core.)
Barret: All right. Let's see if little Stamp really can bite the hand that feeds...

Barret: Go on. Do the honors. Prove to me you're the man Tifa says you are. That you're one of us.

Cloud: Never said I was. I'm just here for the paycheck.

Barret: Then do the damn job!

Barret: What's wrong?

Cloud: I'm fine. What about the timer?

Barret: Your call, merc.

(Upon setting the timer to twenty minutes.)
Barret: Pretty cocky, ain'tcha?

(Upon setting the timer to thirty minutes.)
Barret: Hah! That long enough for you?

(As Scorpion Sentinel approaches.)
Barret: You double-crossing—

Cloud: Heads up!

Barret: What in the hell!?

(During the battle with Scorpion Sentinel.)
Barret: Hey! How the hell do we fight this thing?

Cloud: It's got reinforced armor plating—but the internals can be overloaded. Lightning magic.

Barret: No other option, huh.

(The following lines are stated at any point during the battle.)

  • Focus and find a way.
  • Going in for the kill! Follow my lead!
  • Military-grade armor in a reactor...?
  • Find an opening...

(When Barret is targeted by Scorpion Sentinel for the first and/or second time. Either line plays.)

  • Uhh, should I be worried?
  • Why you gotta pick on me!?

(When both are consecutively struck by the Scorpion Sentinel's attacks.) Cloud: Gotta memorize the attack patterns...

(When both constantly miss their attacks.)
Cloud: Gotta time our attacks just right! Hold out until you spot an opening!

(When Barret uses Thunder for the first time in the battle.)
Barret: Hell yeah! You see the damage that did!?

Cloud: Keep it up!

(When Scorpion Sentinel sustains damage if Barret hasn't used Thunder.)
Barret: We barely scratched the damn thing!

Cloud: Didn't I tell you to use magic!?

Barret: Thought you were full of shit.

Cloud: Think whatever you want—just do it!

(When Barret is struck by Mark 99 Launchers.)
Barret: Damn pain in the ass...

(When Cloud is bound by the Scorpion Sentinel.)
Barret: Got anything you wanna say?

Barret: Funny way to ask for help.

(If Barret fails to free Cloud from being bound, leading to Cloud being thrown off onto the platform.)
Barret: Shit. Was just about to get you out.

Cloud: Wasn't expecting you to do jack...

(If Barret is struck by Tail Swipe.)
Barret: Pretty quick for a heap of scrap!

(When Scorpion Sentinel engages its barrier.) Barret: The hell is that!?

Cloud: A barrier? Never seen this defense system before...

Barret: Thought you were the expert!

Cloud: So what's your brilliant plan, genius?

Barret: It's my time to shine!

Cloud: Or go down in flames...

(If Cloud starts attacking its Field Generator.)
Cloud: Bingo. Focus on that core!

Barret: Oh, now he remembers. Don't keep me waiting in suspense next time!

(If Barret uses Thunder on the Scorpion Sentinel or its Field Generator for the first time while its barrier is active.)
Barret: Huh!? It didn't work!?

(If Barret uses Thunder on the Scorpion Sentinel or its Field Generator for the second time while its barrier is active.)
Barret: Dammit! Gotta do something about that barrier first!

(If the Scorpion Sentinel sets up another barrier.)
Cloud: Another barrier!?

(When Scorpion Sentinel engages its Tail Laser.)
Cloud: Watch the tail! You don't want to get hit by that laser!

Barret: Huh!? So, whadda we do!?

Cloud: Don't get hit! Take cover behind that debris.

(After the Scorpion Sentinel's Tail Laser attack is finished and debris clears.)
Cloud: Now! Go!

Barret: Now! Get in there and do some damage!

Barret: It's wide open! Gonna light it up!

(When it uses Tail Laser, the below sets of dialogue will play sequentially.)

  • First set:
    • Cloud: Heads up—tail laser!
    • Barret: I see it!
    • Cloud: Then take cover already!
  • Second dialogue:
    • Cloud: Incoming—take cover!
    • Barret: There really no other option?
    • Cloud: Wanna get shot? Be my guest!
  • Third dialogue:
      • Barret: Hey, it's doing that thing again!
      • Cloud: Find cover and hunker down!
      • Barret: Again and again and again!

(When Scorpion Sentinel uses its Auto-Repair for the first time.)
Barret: Aw, hell, what's it doing now!?

Cloud: An auto-repair unit? Dammit—we gotta take it out quick or we're screwed!

Barret: Oh, I am way ahead of you, merc!

(Upon crippling one leg.)
Cloud: It's down! Rain hell on it!

Barret: Ain't gotta tell me twice!

(Upon crippling another leg.)
Cloud: There goes another! Now's our chance to do some real damage!

(Upon defeating the Scorpion Sentinel, if the player chose twenty minutes for the bomb timer.)
Announcement: Twenty minutes until detonation.

(If the player chose thirty minutes.)
Announcement: Thirty minutes until detonation.

(After the Scorpion Sentinel explodes.)
Barret: Hah, you hear that? Damn thing showed you how it's done!

Cloud: Come on, we've gotta move.

Barret: Wedge should be covering our way out! Go, go, go!

Escape from the ReactorEdit

(Upon reaching Jessie.)
Cloud: You okay?

Jessie: Do I look okay!? Help a girl out, would ya!?

Jessie: My hero!

Barret: Hey! We'll link up over there! Look after Jessie!

Jessie: Come this way! This route should lead us straight to Barret! Probably!

(Upon reaching the bottom of the ladder.)
Jessie: I think I see an exit. Come on!

(Upon reaching the bottom of another ladder.)

  • Jessie: Don't look back! Let's go, let's go, let's go!

(Upon reaching the bottom of a third ladder.)
Jessie: We're running out of time!

Cloud: Shut up and climb. You're not helping.

Jessie: Sorry, it just— It keeps me focused! I'll freak out if I don't talk!

Cloud: Have it your way.

(Upon reaching the topmost platform.)
Jessie: Barret—

Barret: I've got you covered. Find us a way outta here!

Jessie: But then—

Barret: Don't worry, I'll be fine. I've got SOLDIER boy with me!

Cloud: Ex-SOLDIER boy.

(During the battle.)
Security Officer (14): They're here!

Security Officer (15): Take 'em down!

Barret: We don't have time for this shit! The clock's ticking!

Cloud: Cool it. Five seconds is all we need.

(After the battle.)
Barret: Let's go! The others are waiting! Gotta get the hell outta here ASAP...

(Upon encountering another sweeper in battle.)
Barret: Ugh! This is all we need!

Cloud: You got that right.

(Upon encountering a group of Monodrives after climbing the staircase.)
Barret: Heads up! We got a whole lotta company!

Cloud: No shit.

(Upon encountering a Shock Trooper.)
Barret: Whoa! Ain't you a feisty one!

Cloud: Like a rook seeing his first action...

(Upon reaching the elevator, cut to President Shinra's office.)
President Shinra: (nods)

Heidegger: Sir.

(After cutting back to the elevator.)
Barret: Come on...come on, come on, come on!

Sprint to SafetyEdit

Jessie: Door's open!

Barret: Bada-bing bada-boom—bam!

Jessie: We don't have a lot of time here! Pick up the pace, people!

(Upon leaving Mako Reactor 1.)
Wedge: Over here! This way!

(Upon approaching Jessie.)
Cloud: Can you walk?

Jessie: If I couldn't, believe me, you'd be the first to know.

Cloud: I'll take that as a yes.

Jessie: Cloud!

Jessie: Okay, that was pretty cool.

Jessie: All right. Come on!


HP statusEdit

(If Cloud's HP falls to half.)
Cloud: Gotta heal up.

(If Barret's HP falls to half.)
Barret: Sure could use a break...

(If Cloud's HP is critically low, when Barret is in the party.)
Barret: You don't look so good. Take care of those wounds before you bleed out.


(Upon obtaining EXP, where XX is the amount of EXP gained.)
On-screen: XX EXP gained.

(Upon obtaining gil, where XX is the amount of gil gained.)
On-screen: XX gil gained.

(Upon leveling up a player character, where XXXXXX is the name of the player character and Y is the new level.)
On-screen: XXXXXX is now level Y.

(Upon defeating an enemy, where XXXX is the name of the enemy.)
On-screen: XXXX defeated.

(Upon defeating multiple enemies of the same name, where XXXX is the name of the enemy and Y is the enemy's letter in that battle.)
On-screen: XXXX Y defeated.

(Upon obtaining an item. below are different messages shown for each specific item, where X is the number obtained if multiple are.) On-screen:

  • Mako shard: You recovered MP with a mako shard.
  • Potion: You have obtained a/X potion(s).
  • Ether: You have obtained a/X bottle(s) of ether.
  • Phoenix Down: You have obtained a/X tuft(s) of phoenix down.
  • Grenade: You have obtained a/X grenade(s).
  • Moogle Medal: You have obtained a moogle medal.
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