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Final Fantasy VII Remake has five enemy types, which classify each of its enemies in the Enemy Intel screen. Each enemy type has unique properties, and many are resistant to a specific element.

Enemy typesEdit


Security Officer from FFVII Remake render

Security Officer.

Human enemies largely include Shinra Electric Power Company infantry and bosses. These enemies are normally weak to Fire Fire.

Human enemies include:


Scorpion Sentinel from FFVII Remake render

Scorpion Sentinel.

Mechanical enemies are machines and robots used by Shinra. They are normally weak to Lightning Lightning.

Mechanical enemies include:


Sahagin from FFVII Remake render


Biological enemies include a wide variety of monsters fought around Midgar. These enemies are normally weak to Ice Ice.

Biological enemies include:

Artificial LifeEdit

Swordipede from FFVII Remake render


Artificial Life refers to beings created and used by Shinra.

Artificial Life enemies include:


Phantom from FFVII Remake render


Unreadable includes a variety of unusual enemies, such as ghosts.

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