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This article or section is about the list of enemy abilities in Final Fantasy VII Remake that's still to be released. As such, some of the information might be inaccurate or likely to change. Please look over our policy for updating articles covering upcoming games before editing this page.

This is a list of enemy attacks in Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Enemy abilities


Ability Description Enemy
Acid Malboro
Aeolian Onslaught Sephiroth
Aeroga Jenova Dreamweaver, Sephiroth, Trypapolis
Air Support Crab Warden
Amber Whirl Whisper Croceo
Apotosis Bomb, Proto Trypapolis
Aquatic Force Leviathan
Assault Butch
Auto-Repair Restores 94 HP Scorpion Sentinel
Azure Blast Whisper Viridi
Azure Wave Whisper Viridi


Ability Description Enemy
Backspring Kick Inflicts moderate physical damage Elite Shock Trooper, Shock Trooper
Backwash Abzu
Backwash Spout Abzu
Bad Breath Malboro
Barrier Shift Hell House
Bash and Smash Abzu
Beam Cannon Pride and Joy Prototype
Beatdown Reno (1st)
Big Bomber Airbuster
Black Hole Rust Drake
Blackwater Blast Abzu
Blizzaga Sephiroth, Shiva
Blizzara 3-C SOLDIER Operator, Roche, Shiva
Blizzard Phantom
Bombs Away Fat Chocobo
Boom Fat Chocobo
Bounce Hedgehog Pie (Kids on Patrol mission only)
Bright Lights Rufus
Bright Spark Reno (1st)
Briny Barrage Leviathan
Briny Bellow Leviathan
Brute Force Pride and Joy Prototype
Burst Fire Rapid-fire shooting attack lasting approximately two seconds Corneo Lackey, Security Officer
Buzzsaw Blitz Cutter, Jury-Rigged Cutter


Ability Description Enemy
Call to Arms Doomrat
Cast Aside Jenova Dreamweaver
Catch Pride and Joy Prototype
Chair Salvo Hell House
Chair Salvo Deluxe Hell House
Charge Abzu, Crab Warden
Chef's Knife Tonberry
Combustion Flametrooper
Combustion Sword Roche
Concentrated Fire Blast-Ray
Consume Enigmatic Spectre
Corkscrew Darkstar
Correction Whisper Harbringer
Counterattack Reno (1st)
Crimson Arc Whisper Rubrum
Curaga Darkstar


Ability Description Enemy
Dance Trypapolis
Death Grip Binds one opponent and, if not pressured quickly enough, shocks and blows them to the ground, dealing high lightning-elemental damage Scorpion Sentinel
Diamond Dust Shiva
Discharge EM Mine
Divebomb Bahamut
Divekick Shock Trooper
Divide and Conquer Airbuster
Doom and Gloom Tonberry
Double Rocket Charge Hell House
Dream Powder Rude (1st)
Dreams of Flame Jenova Dreamweaver
Dreams of Quietude Jenova Dreamweaver
Dreams of Sanctuary Jenova Dreamweaver
Dreams of Vengeance Jenova Dreamweaver
Drillstrike M.O.T.H. Unit
Dust Cloud Doomrat, Wererat


Ability Description Enemy
Eat up, kupo! Fat Chocobo
Eject Armored Shock Trooper
Electrical Discharge Blast-Ray
Electrostomp Inflicts moderate lightning-elemental damage and knocks opponent back Scorpion Sentinel
EM Charge Reno (1st)
EM Field Emits an electromagnetic field surge within moderate radius, dealing moderate lightning-elemental damage and knocking opponents back Crab Warden, Scorpion Sentinel
EM Flail Reno (1st)
EM Mine Toss Reno (1st)
EM Shot Reno (1st)
Enrage Abzu
Erode Whisper Croceo
Essence Drain Phantom


Ability Description Enemy
Fatal Fangs Hellhound
Feast Gorger, Ringmaw
Fingers crossed, kupo! Fat Chocobo
Fira Hedgehog Pie (Kids on Patrol mission only)
Firaga Jenova Dreamweaver, Sephiroth, Whisper Rubrum
Fire Inflicts low fire-elemental damage Ghost, Hedgehog Pie, Monodrive
Fire Blast Sweeper, Sweeper Prototype
Fire Combo Mark II Monodrive
Fire Infusion Sephiroth
Fireball Bomb
Flamethrower Crab Warden
Flamewall Sephiroth
Flare Breath Leviathan
Flee Wrath Hound (Sector 7 only)
Flood Enigmatic Spectre
Flurry Whisper Rubrum
Flying Knee Grungy Bandit
Follow-Up Darkstar
Frost Familiars Shiva
Frozen Barbs Cerulean Drake
Frozen Claw Phantom
Full Salvo Sentry Launcher


Ability Description Enemy
Ghenghana Zenene
God House Mode Hell House
God House Primer Hell House
Gravity Rust Drake
Grenade Throws a grenade that explodes after a few seconds Corneo Lackey, Hoodlum, Security Officer
Grenade Shot Grenadier
Ground Pound Abzu
Guard Scissorclaw
Guns Akimbo Rufus
Gyro Spume Leviathan


Ability Description Enemy
Hard Charger Charges into one direction, inflicting high physical damage Sweeper, Sweeper Prototype
Harpoon Hurl Sahagin
Haymaker Rude (1st)
Haywire Haze Smogger
Headbutt Leaps forward to hit a target ahead of it with its hard skull, dealing moderate physical damage Abzu Shoat, Wrath Hound
Heartless Angel Sephiroth
Heavensward Hell House
Heel Rufus
Hell's Gate Sephiroth
Hellbound Hell House
Hellish Smash Hellhound
Heavenly Strike Shiva
High Voltage M.O.T.H. Unit
House Call Hell House
Housing Rush Hell House
Housing Shock Hell House


Ability Description Enemy
Icicle Impact Shiva
Icy Aura Cerulean Drake
Inferno Eruption Hellhound
Ignition Flame Roche
Impale Mysterious Spectre


Ability Description Enemy
Javelin Bolts Eligor, Jenova Dreamweaver
Jetstream Hell House
Jump Sahagin, Sahagin Prince


Ability Description Enemy
Killing Blows Sledgeworm
Kweh... Fat Chocobo
Kweh, kweh! Fat Chocobo


Ability Description Enemy
Leaping Slash Grashtrike, Venomantis
Lightning Infusion Sephiroth
Lights Out Rufus
Luminous Blast Slug-Ray


Ability Description Enemy
Mark 98 Cannons A two to three-hit attack with each hit dealing a tiny amount of damage each that momentarily interrupts its opponents' actions Scorpion Sentinel
Mark 99 Launchers Missiles land within a moderate radius from an opponent, with each missile that lands on its opponents dealing a low amount of damage Scorpion Sentinel
Masamune in Waiting Sephiroth
Megaflare Bahamut, Bahamut Whisper
Mephistic Shower Zenene
Merge Airbuster
Missile Barrage Crab Warden
Missile Launcher Sentry Launcher
Mourning Wail Jenova Dreamweaver


Ability Description Enemy
Napalm Elite Grenadier


Ability Description Enemy
Open Fire Corneo Lackey, Hoodlum
Orb of Gravity Corneo Lackey
Overkill Combines Mark 99 Launchers, Mark 98 Cannons, and Stinger Salvo to perform an area of effect attack and deal a low amount of damage with each hit on opponents Scorpion Sentinel


Ability Description Enemy
Poison Sting Queen Grashtrike
Potion Elite Security Officer
Pounce Abzu
Prop Swipe Elite Helitrooper
Protection Hedgehog Pie King
Pulse Shot Elite Shock Trooper
Putrid Discharge Scissorclaw
Provoke Abzu
Pyramid Reno (2nd)
Psychokinesis Byobapolis


Ability Description Enemy
Quietude Jenova Dreamweaver


Ability Description Enemy
Reconstitution Jenova Dreamweaver
Reflect Eligor, Ghost, Jenova Dreamweaver, Phantom
Rejection Jenova Dreamweaver
Rejuvenate Ringmaw
Reload Rufus
Renewed Hospitality Hell House
Resolution Jenova Dreamweaver
Riot Shield Elite Riot Trooper, The Huntsman
Rock Hard Sledgeworm
Rocket Charge Hell House
Roly-Poly Fat Chocobo
Royal Webbing Queen Grashtrike
Running Tackle Rude (1st)


Ability Description Enemy
Salientian Curse Sahagin, Sahagin Prince
Scatter Whisper Croceo
Scintilla Sephiroth
Scorpion Strikes Strikes its tail downwards six times with electricity, dealing moderate lightning-elemental damage with each strike Scorpion Sentinel
Scourge Tonberry
Screech Trypapolis
Seize Rude (1st/2nd)
Self-Destruct Smogger
Shadow Flare Sephiroth
Shock Swipe Reno (1st)
Shockwave Rude (1st/2nd)
Shotgun Elite Security Officer
Sickle Strike Gorger, Grashtrike, Ringmaw
Sickle Swipe Venomantis
Siphon Strike Bloodhound
Skewer Armored Shock Trooper
Skull Cracker Chromogger
Sleep 3-C SOLDIER Operator
Slow Hedgehog Pie King
Slumber Spume Blugu
Spearhead Slug-Ray
Spiderweb Beastmaster
Spinning Axe Kick Rude (1st)
Spinning Bodyblow Varghidopolis
Spinning Dive Leviathan
Springboard Elite Shock Trooper
Spirit Geyser Rude (1st)
Steam Blast Spews large flames in front of the user, inflicting moderate fire-elemental damage Sweeper
Stinger Salvo Sends out 10 cannon balls consecutively with light trailing behind each of them, each dealing a small amount of damage. Scorpion Sentinel
Stomp Jumps and lands on opponents, crushing them Sweeper, Sweeper Prototype
Stun Baton Riot Trooper, The Huntsman
Stun Beam Laser Cannon
Suppressive Fire Slug-Ray
Surge Crab Warden
Swarm Enigmatic Spectre
Sweep Whisper Rubrum
Sweet Dreams Rude (1st)
Swing Away Burke


Ability Description Enemy
Tail Laser Fires laser at target's direction and deals a great amount of damage when target is successfully hit Scorpion Sentinel
Tail Swipe Swipes an opponent behind it with its tail to either side dealing a nearly moderate amount of damage Scorpion Sentinel
Tail Whip Leviathan
Talon Dive Cerulean Drake
Talon Snatch Cerulean Drake, Rust Drake
Tankbuster Airbuster
Target Lock Crab Warden
Target Scanner Locks on to an opponent Scorpion Sentinel
Tear Gas Elite Helitrooper
Telluric Fury Sephiroth
Tentacle Whip Lashes out the tentacle attached to its head to quickly hit a target in front, dealing physical damage Wrath Hound
Test Bite Malboro
Thanatos Denied Jenova Dreamweaver
Think Fast Rufus
Throat Clamp Leaps onto the target and binds them, biting and dealing damage Bloodhound, Guard Dog, Wrath Hound
Throttle Grungy Bandit
Thundaga Sephiroth, Unknown Entity, Whisper Viridi
Thundara 3-C SOLDIER Operator, Byobapolis
Thunder Darkstar
Thunderclap Rufus
Thunderstorm Sephiroth
Tidal Roar Leviathan
Tidal Wave Leviathan
Tornado Lesser Drake
Torpid Strike Sledgeworm
Trample Eligor, Jenova Dreamweaver
Tread Softly Rufus
Triple Charge Abzu
Truncheon Elite Riot Trooper
Twister Enhanced Shock Trooper


Ability Description Enemy
Ultrahigh Voltage M.O.T.H. Unit
Umbral Aura Bahamut
Umbral Frenzy Bahamut
Umbral Inferno Bahamut
Umbral Strikes Bahamut
Unholy Howl Hellhound
Up in Smoke Rufus


Ability Description Enemy
Vacuum Wave 3-C SOLDIER Operator
Vengeance Jenova Dreamweaver


Ability Description Enemy
Wark Fat Chocobo
Wark, wark! Fat Chocobo
Whack Fat Chocobo
Whirling Blades Terpsicolt
Whirling Smokestack Chromogger
Whirlwhip Inflicts moderate physical damage Bloodhound, Guard Dog
Whiteout Shiva
Wild Stab Beastmaster, Hoodlum
Wildfire Crab Warden
Wind Infusion Sephiroth
Wind Slash 3-C SOLDIER Operator


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