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This article or section is about the list of enemy abilities in Final Fantasy VII Remake that's still to be released. As such, some of the information might be inaccurate or likely to change. Please look over our policy for updating articles covering upcoming games before editing this page.

This is a list of enemy attacks in Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Enemy abilitiesEdit


Ability Description Enemy
Auto-Repair Restores 94 HP Scorpion Sentinel


Ability Description Enemy
Backspring Kick Inflicts moderate physical damage Shock Trooper
Burst Fire Rapid-fire shooting attack lasting approximately two seconds Security Officer


Ability Description Enemy
Death Grip Binds one opponent and, if not pressured quickly enough, shocks and blows them to the ground, dealing high lightning-elemental damage Scorpion Sentinel


Ability Description Enemy
Electrostomp Inflicts moderate lightning-elemental damage and knocks opponent back Scorpion Sentinel
EM Field Emits an electromagnetic field surge within moderate radius, dealing moderate lightning-elemental damage and knocking opponents back Scorpion Sentinel


Ability Description Enemy
Grenade Throws a grenade that explodes after a few seconds Security Officer


Ability Description Enemy
Fire Inflicts low fire-elemental damage Monodrive


Ability Description Enemy
Hard Charger Charges into one direction, inflicting high physical damage Sweeper


Ability Description Enemy
Mark 98 Cannons A two to three-hit attack with each hit dealing a tiny amount of damage each that momentarily interrupts its opponents' actions Scorpion Sentinel
Mark 99 Launchers Missiles land within a moderate radius from an opponent, with each missile that lands on its opponents dealing a low amount of damage Scorpion Sentinel


Ability Description Enemy
Overkill Combines Mark 99 Launchers, Mark 98 Cannons, and Stinger Salvo to perform an area of effect attack and deal a low amount of damage with each hit on opponents Scorpion Sentinel


Ability Description Enemy
Scorpion Strikes Strikes its tail downwards six times with electricity, dealing moderate lightning-elemental damage with each strike Scorpion Sentinel
Steam Blast Spews large flames in front of the user, inflicting moderate fire-elemental damage Sweeper
Stinger Salvo Sends out 10 cannon balls consecutively with light trailing behind each of them, each dealing a small amount of damage. Scorpion Sentinel
Stomp Jumps and lands on opponents, crushing them Sweeper


Ability Description Enemy
Tail Laser Fires laser at target's direction and deals a great amount of damage when target is successfully hit Scorpion Sentinel
Tail Swipe Swipes an opponent behind it with its tail to either side dealing a nearly moderate amount of damage Scorpion Sentinel
Target Scanner Locks on to an opponent Scorpion Sentinel


Ability Description Enemy
Whirlwhip Inflicts moderate physical damage Guard Dog


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