All spells have an elemental affinity. Fire deals fire damage, Blizzard deals ice damage, and Thunder deals lightning damage.

Most enemies have elemental weaknesses that can be exploited to deliver lethal attacks.

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The following is a list of all elements in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The element of one's attack determines the damage it deals depending on the target's weakness or resistance; if the target absorbs the element of the attack, they gain health rather than lose it. Several Magic Materia Magic Materia also have an element; if a character has the Elemental Materia Elemental Materia equipped, they can pair it with said magic materia to imbue their attacks with the element, or resist against it.

Fire[edit | edit source]

Fire. Fire is the earliest accessible element. It can be used by characters with the Fire Materia Fire Materia equipped, and is the element of the summon Ifrit. Many human enemies are weak to it.

Ice[edit | edit source]

Ice. Ice can be used by characters with the Ice Materia Ice Materia equipped. It is also the element of the summon Shiva. It is effective against many biological enemies.

Lightning[edit | edit source]

Lightning. Lightning can be used by characters with the Lightning Materia Lightning Materia equipped. Lightning is effective against mechanical enemies.

Wind[edit | edit source]

Wind. Wind can be used by characters with the Wind Materia Wind Materia equipped. Wind is effective against flying enemies, and is the element of the chocobo aspect of the summon Chocobo & Moogle. It is also a command from Chocobo Chick.

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