Difficulty setting.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has four difficulty levels that adjust the challenge of the game and how it is played. Though the first three modes are available on any playthrough, the fourth requires the game to be completed first to unlock, and some content requires this mode to be available at all.

The first two, Classic and Easy, have the same difficulty level, though Classic will automate all actions except for executing commands from the command menu. Normal provides standard difficulty, where enemies have more HP. Hard mode is unlocked after the game is finished, and alters several fights entirely, provides additional content, and makes enemies significantly more challenging.

Finishing the game unlocks Chapter Select, allowing players to select any chapter they want on the go while maintaining their levels, abilities, materia, items and equipment. In addition, EXP awarded is tripled and AP yield is doubled for the cleared save file.

Classic[edit | edit source]

Classic difficulty more closely resembles the original Final Fantasy VII. It provides the same difficulty settings as Easy, but automates all combat actions except for entering commands in the commands menu. Though players can input controls at any time to take over, the actions of characters will otherwise be automated.

Easy[edit | edit source]

Easy difficulty is the basic setting and is described as being designed for those who wish to experience the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake without worrying about battles. The main change in this mode is that enemies have the lowest HP, and are faster to defeat.

Normal[edit | edit source]

Normal is the standard difficulty option, and is described as being designed for those who wish to enjoy the battles as well as the story. Enemies here have the same attributes as Easy difficulty, but have more HP.

Hard[edit | edit source]

Trophy: Hardened Veteran
Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty. Gold

Hard difficulty is unlocked after completing the game. This difficulty changes gameplay significantly, while also offering entirely new content. It can only be played on a cleared save file.

In Hard difficulty, items are unavailable for use (both in and out of combat), and benches only restore HP, making MP scarce. All enemies have stronger attributes and are on level 50, and some boss battles play very differently (for example, Hell House gains the ability to summon tonberries). Hard mode is significantly more challenging than the other modes, and requires different playstyles.

Additional content is added in the Shinra Combat Simulator, including the superboss Pride and Joy Prototype. Furthermore, the majority of manuscripts are only available in Hard.

Completing all chapters in Hard difficulty unlocks the gold trophy Hardened Veteran.

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