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The Final Fantasy VII Remake Material Ultimania is the second Ultimania for Final Fantasy VII Remake after the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania. It was edited by Studio BentStuff (owned by Digital Hearts), edited by Square Enix and published under SE-Mook on October 29, 2020. The book features concept art and information about the materials and design created.

The book contains development notes and quotes from staff alongside artwork for characters, locations, enemies, and devices in the game. It also includes CG art from VisualWorks, references for costumes, drafts, and cutscene storyboards. Additionally, the book has quotes from sound staff and Q&As with Japanese voice actors.

Other versions[]

  • Publisher: Mana Books (September 16, 2021)
  • Translator: Jean-baptiste Flamin
  • Region: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada
  • Format: 333 pages
  • ISBN 979-1-0355-0265-2

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