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The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is a playable version of the Final Fantasy VII Remake that was published on March 2, 2020 to PlayStation Network.

Players who downloaded the demo before May 11, 2020 had access to an exclusive Final Fantasy VII Remake PlayStation 4 theme, which was made available on the day of the game's release.[1]


The demo requires a PlayStation 4 with at least 7.6 GB free mass storage space. Operating software version 7.02 or later is also recommended.


The player is guided through a three-dimensional version of the Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission in the first chapter of the main story. After selecting a difficulty level, the opening movie plays without the first part of the scene and the opening credits before transitioning to the gameplay. It is not possible to save the game, nor is progress transferable to the full version.

The player can control Cloud and later Barret in a scenario rife with environmental nuances; as obstacles can now damage the player and loose objects such as boxes are now destructible. Before the battle with the Scorpion Sentinel, the player can set the timer for the bomb that destroys the reactor.

Following the bombing mission, the player is shown brief clips of several scenes following the mission, including Cloud meeting Aerith and receiving a flower. Should twenty minutes be chosen for the timer, a secret scene of Sephiroth plays. The player is prompted to digitally purchase the game, or can cancel to return to the title screen.



  • Cloud Strife is the main protagonist, introducing himself as a former member of SOLDIER who now operates as a mercenary. Cloud is hired by the eco-terrorist group Avalanche to destroy Mako Reactor 1.
  • Barret Wallace is the leader of Avalanche who wields a gun on his right arm in place of his injured hand. Barret cares deeply for the state of the planet, going so far as to destroy the mako reactor of Sector 1 to stop the excessive pumping of mako, the lifeblood of the planet, in order to save the world from its destruction.
  • Biggs is a member of Avalanche. He feels relief in infiltrating the Mako Reactor 1 with the presence of the ex-SOLDIER Cloud and, in turn, he feels confident in accomplishing their mission to destroy the reactor.
  • Wedge is a member of Avalanche. Though Cloud brushes him off, Wedge continues to cheerily welcome him into the group.
  • Jessie is a member of Avalanche. Finding Cloud attractive, Jessie constantly flirts with him even in the face of danger.


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Aerith Gainsborough prays in front of a concentration of mako energy before being chased from an alley. She stumbles before heading into a main thoroughfare, where she loses a few flowers. As she gathers them up, an unconcerned passerby tramples a single flower, which Aerith takes up in lament. Meanwhile, Avalanche arrives at the Sector 1 train station.

Cloud Strife, a former member of the elite paramilitary group SOLDIER, joins Avalanche on its mission to destroy the No. 1 reactor complex on the premise that it will save the planet. As a mercenary, Cloud is interested only in the bounty he was hired for. The player will accompany Cloud and his agents as they storm the reactor itself.

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