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This page comprises the full verbal transcript of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

  • This transcript contains cutscene dialogue and mandatory gameplay dialogue.
  • Dialogue is sorted by the quest and chapter it appears within.

Main story[]

Interlude: A World Apart[]

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Chapter 1: Fall of a Hero[]

Barret (narrating): Alright, then. Seein' as we've got the time, wanna tell the rest of us about you and your buddy Sephiroth?

Cloud (narrating): Sure...if Tifa doesn't mind.

Tifa (narrating): Me? Yeah, no problem. It's cool.

Cloud (narrating): It all started five years ago. Was sixteen at the time. There was hardly any work for SOLDIERs back then—and what little there was...was boring as hell. My heart wasn't in it. Then, outta nowhere, the job of a lifetime came up. A mission with Sephiroth. I couldn't believe my luck...

Cloud: It's really comin' down, huh?

Cloud: Hey. man. Feelin' any better?

Security Officer (1): I'm good...

Cloud: Sure don't look it. Wish I could help, but never been motion sick. Sorry, man.

Cloud: Ready to do this?

Security Officer (2): Yeah, you bet...

Sephiroth: Hey. Rein it in.

Cloud: Sorry... No can do.

Sephiroth: Kids...

Cloud: Say...I'd like to be briefed on the mission at some point. 'Cause if it's another one of those Turks gigs, you can let me off right here.

Sephiroth: Really?

Cloud: Finally make First, and what do they do? Call a cease-fire with Wutai, stealin' my shot at glory. I didn't join SOLDIER to be an errand boy. I joined up so I could be a hero like you.

Sephiroth: Well, our mission is to survey a run-down reactor. Another one of those Turks gigs.

Cloud: Ugh, fine... Job's a job, I guess. Where is it?

Sephiroth: Nibelheim.

Cloud: Nibelheim? That's where I grew up.

Driver: Got some fiends at our twelve!

Sephiroth: Let's go.

Sephiroth: You take one, I'll take the other.

Sephiroth: Wait in the truck.

Cloud: No way! I got this!

(Upon defeating Disgorgon.)
Cloud (narrating): He was in a different league from the rest of us.

On-screen: Kalm
Present Day

Barret: Nibelheim... That's where they built the first reactor. Right?

Tifa: Yeah... It all started in the fall. Something was wrong with the reactor, and the whole village was up in arms. Talk of strange new monsters on the mountain only made things worse. People were scared—desperate.

Cloud: The villagers tried to take care of the monsters themselves, but it was no good. Ended up calling Shinra. So the company sent help—best they had.

On-screen: Nibelheim

Sephiroth: Home sweet home, right?

Sephiroth: Tell me, how does it feel? I have no home, so I wouldn't know.

Cloud: Uh... You still go parents though, right?

Sephiroth: A mother named Jenova. She died shortly after I was born. My father...

Barret (narrating): Whoa there! "Jenova"? Like, from the Shinra Building?

Cloud (narrating): Yeah. Don't worry, I'm getting to that.

Sephiroth: (laughs) Why am I talking about this? Come on, let's go.

Mayor Zander: Hope I didn't keep you waiting! I'm Zander, the mayor here. I wanted to greet you myself—to welcome you to our humble little town! Please—if you'll follow me...

Sephiroth: Consider yourself off duty till sundown.

Home Sweet Home[]

(Upon talking to the security officer by the truck.)

Security Officer
  • Look at all this mud. It's never gonna come off.
  • (sighs) What a pain...

(Upon talking to the Security Officer at the entrance on the right.)

Security Officer
  • So, any friends here you wanna see? Maybe a girlfriend?

(Upon talking to the Security Officer at the entrance on the right.)

Security Officer
  • "Backwater" is an understatement... Don't blame you for gettin' the hell outta here.

(Upon passing villagers in the town square.)

  • Don't make any trouble for Sephiroth!
  • I'm eager to talk to him too, but now's not the time!
  • Everyone please, calm down!

(Upon talking to the villager near the town square.)
Villager: SOLDIER! Good to see ya. How about a taste of home before ya go?

Villager: Wait a minute—is that Cloud? Silly boy! You should've let us know you'd be paying us a visit!

On-screen: The taste reminds you of home.

(Upon talking to the photographer.)

  • Sephiroth's in there right now. Would kill for a shot of him...but I should prob'ly wait till later, huh?
  • Mind asking Sephiroth to come out?

(Upon entering the town hall.)
On-screen: Town Hall

(Upon talking to Mayor Zander.)

Mayor Zander
  • Oh, I'll be telling everyone how I welcomed the great Sephiroth to town till the day I die!
  • Do our village proud.

(Upon reaching the villagers doing Zangan exercises.)
Tifa (narrating): You worked out with everyone?

Cloud (narrating): Just for a bit.

Tifa (narrating): Could you keep up?

First Time in Two Years[]

(Upon entering Cloud's house.)
Cloud (narrating): Then I stopped by my mom's—not that it matters.

Barret (narrating): Sure it does! I know I wanna hear what happened.

Aerith (narrating): Me too!

Tifa (narrating): Yeah... Go on.

On-screen: "Go on."

  • (Upon selecting "Ugh, fine.")
    On-screen: Strife Residence
    Cloud (narrating): My dad died when I was a kid, so after I left for Midgar, she was on her own. Was the first time we'd seen each other in two years. First time...and last.
    Claudia: I'll be right there!
    Claudia: Cloud? Is that you!?
    Cloud: Hey.
    Claudia: Welcome home! Come in! Let me get a good look at you!
    Claudia: My, my... So that's what they've got you wearing, huh? You SOLDIERs sure do clean up nice!
    Claudia: I've never been so proud. The man you've become...Women must be hounding you day and night.
    Cloud: Not really.
    Claudia: You know, there's all kinds of temptations in the big city. I'd feel a lot better if I knew you'd found a good girl—one who'd make sure you didn't get into trouble.
    Cloud: I can take care of myself.
    Claudia: An older, more mature girl that could keep you on the straight and narrow—and tell you when you're being a silly goose. That's the perfect type for you, I'd say.
    Claudia: They are feeding you properly, aren't they?
    Claudia: Oh! Cloud?
    Claudia: But you know, Cloud...
    Claudia: Wouldn't you agree, Cloud?
    Claudia: You're my son. Of course I'll always be—
    Cloud (narrating): Okay. That's enough.
  • (Upon selecting "I don't think so.")
Lockhart Residence[]

(Upon opening the door of the Lockhart Residence.)
Tifa (narrating): Huh? You went to my place?

On-screen: "You went to my place?"

  • (Upon selecting "...No?")
  • (Upon selecting "Yeah.")
    Cloud (narrating): I figured you might be there.
    Barret (narrating): Wait a second. You two were neighbors?
    Tifa (narrating): We were,'s not like we hung out that much.
    Cloud (narrating): We had our reasons.
    Barret (narrating): (laughs) "Our" reasons, huh? Bet most of 'em had to do with you.

(Upon inspecting the cat food.)
Tifa (narrating): Remember my cat?

Cloud (narrating): Her name was...Fluffy, I think?

Tifa (narrating): Yeah. She was always disappearing. And that day was no different...

(Upon entering Tifa's room.)
Tifa (narrating): You went into my room?

Cloud (narrating): I did...

(Upon inspecting the closet.)
Tifa (narrating): You went through my stuff!?

On-screen: "You went through my stuff!?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes.")Cloud (narrating): I know I shouldn't've...
    Tifa (narrating): Cloud!
    Tifa & Aerith (narrating): You asshole!
  • (Upon selecting "No, I was making a joke.")
    Tifa (narrating): If that's your idea of a joke, I'm not laughing.
    Aerith (narrating): Yeah, me neither.
    Barret (narrating): C'mon, Cloud. I know you're better than this.

(Upon inspecting the sheet on piano.)
On-screen: Obtained a page of sheet music: Tifa's Theme.

Tifa (narrating): Did you actually play it?

On-screen: "Did you actually play the piano?"

  • (Upon selecting "Went to town on it.", begin playing.)
    (After playing.)
    Tifa (narrating): Wow... Where'd you learn to do that?
    Aerith (narrating): Hey! You gotta play for us sometime!
    Barret (narrating): Well, shit. You're a merc of many talents.
  • (Upon selecting "Thought about it, but no.")
The Old Water Tower[]

(Upon climbing the water tower.)
Tifa (narrating): So, how did it feel being back up there?

Cloud (narrating): I don't know—nostalgic, I guess? After two years away and all that.

Tifa (narrating): Uh-huh...

The Inn[]

(Upon passing villagers in the town square.)

  • We need to leave these men in peace so that they can rest up for tomorrow.
  • Please, everyone! Give them space!
  • Come on, that's enough! Please, go back to your homes!

(Upon entering the inn.)
On-screen: The Nidhogg Hotel

(Upon approaching Zangan.)
Zangan: Hm... A SOLDIER.

Cloud: And you are?

Zangan: Rashard Zangan. A humble traveler of the world, and teacher of martial arts to the youth.

Zangan: Well-toned, but lacking mass. You need to bulk up.

Cloud: Who asked you?

Zangan: You could learn a lot from me.

Cloud: Pass.

Zangan: Don't be shy. I have many pupils your age. At last hundred and twenty-eight. In fact, one of them's from this very village. Perhaps you know her? Tifa.

Cloud: Sure.

Zangan: A real talent, that one. She'll go far.

Cloud: Yeah right.

Tifa (narrating): "Yeah right?"

Aerith (narrating): Got anything to say for yourself?

Cloud (narrating): I didn't know!

On-screen: Rest at the inn once you are done exploring.

(Upon talking to Zangan again.)

  • I'd be interested to see how one of Shinra's finest fights.
  • Should you need my help, just say the word.

(Upon talking to the innkeeper.)
Innkeeper: Welcome back! Sephiroth's already gone upstairs.

(Upon heading upstairs.)
Cloud (narrating): Didn't really notice at the time... But looking back, all the signs were there. From the moment we arrived, Sephiroth just wasn't himself.

(Upon approaching Sephiroth.)
Cloud: Whatcha lookin' at?

Sephiroth: This landscape...

Cloud: Huh?

Sephiroth: I could swear I've seen it before.

Cloud: You okay?

Sephiroth: Big day tomorrow. We'll be leaving bright and early. You should get some rest.

Cloud: Alright. Will do.

Sephiroth: Night.

The Mission Begins[]

Cloud: I tried, but I couldn't get to sleep that night. Was too excited—too...nervous.

Tifa: Was pretty much the same for me...

Aerith: Why?

Cloud: Yeah...I was surprised too.

On-screen: Nibelheim
The Next Morning

Sephiroth: We leave once our guide arrives.

Cloud: Yessir!

Mayor Zander: Uh, Brian!

Tifa's Dad: Sephiroth, sir, I must insist that I take you up the mountain. My daughter isn't—

Tifa: Dad!

Tifa's Dad: Tifa... You can still back out. You don't have to do this.

Tifa: I'm going, and that's that! There'll be two SOLDIERs with me. I'll be fine!

Tifa's Dad: Pumpkin!

Tifa: Good morning, sir! I'll be your guide for the day.

Cloud: Tifa!? You're our guide?

Tifa: I sure am! You can ask anyone around here. I'm the best there is.

Cloud: You could get hurt!

Sephiroth: Not if you remember to do your job, she won't. Come on.

Photographer: For, uh...posterity, sir?

Sephiroth: Not today.

Photographer: Can you talk to him?

Tifa: Please, Sephiroth? It'd mean a lot to us.

Cloud: It's just one photo. C'mon, where's the harm in that?

Cloud: There?

Cloud: Thanks.

Photographer: Say "Cheese!"

Barret (narrating): Sounds like you were havin' a good time.

Photographer: One more!

Tifa (narrating): Yeah... I guess we were. For a while.

Cloud (narrating): The reactor was halfway up Mt. Nibel. I was looking forward to breathing that crisp, clean mountain air again.

On-screen: Nibel Region

(Upon crossing the bridge.)
Tifa: You prob'ly already know this, but our reactor's the first of its kind. It really put Mt. Nibel on the map.

Sephiroth: I've seen a few reactors in my time, but none with such a breathtaking view. Who could tire of it?

Cloud: Everyone, eventually.

Tifa: Man, I wish I could go on trips all over the world like you guys...

Sephiroth: "Trips"? I think you mean "business trips"—which are no fun at all.

Cloud: Though you do learn stuff on 'em.

Tifa: That's so cool.

(Upon traveling further.)
Tifa: Everything okay? Not goin' too fast for you, am I?

Cloud: 'Course not. We're just tryin' to pace ourselves is all.

Tifa: But I thought you guys were in a hurry.

Cloud: Even so—you'll burn yourself out runnin' like that.

Tifa: I'm not even close to burned out. Not with all the training I've had.

Cloud: Huh. Guess you really are "the best there is."

(Upon reaching the trailhead.)
On-screen: Mt. Nibel

(Upon encountering the first group of enemies.)
Tifa: Shh!

Tifa: Seen those near the village, and they're not nice. Whaddya think?

Cloud: I think I got this.

Sephiorth: Then they're all yours.

Cloud: Copy that!

(Upon defeating them.)
Tifa: That was awesome!

Cloud: You think?

Sephiroth: If this is how it's going to be, there doesn't seem much point in me fighting.

Cloud: I...guess not! You leave it all to me, huh?

Sephiroth: Heh. Don't mind if I do.

Happy Trails[]

(Upon reaching the mako pipes.)
Cloud: Is that mako...?

Cloud: Whoa!

Tifa: (chuckles) Come on, SOLDIER. You can do better than that, can't you?

Cloud: Just you watch.

(After defeating the group of enemies with the second velociwing.)
Sephiroth: Well done, trooper.

Tifa: Thank you!

Cloud: I got the rest.

(After defeating the following enemies.)
Sephiroth: We still have a long way to go.

Cloud: Shall we pick up the pace?

Sephiroth: Not unless we absolutely have to. Our guide might not be so lucky next time.

Cloud: 'bout I go on ahead and clear the way for you guys? I'll be careful.

Sephiroth: You'd better.

Cloud: Cool. See ya at the reactor.

On-screen: Review the materia tutorial?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", view tutorial.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)

Bridge is Out[]

(Upon reaching the dead end.)
Tifa: Hey! Not that way!

On-screen: The bridge is out.

Tifa: It's a dead end. Rockslide took out the bridge a while ago. Come on back, okay?

New Route[]

(After following Tifa inside.)
Tifa: This way. Gotta make a detour through a Shinra facility.

Sephiroth: To think I almost made you our guide. Good thing I reconsidered. Otherwise, you'd have led us straight off a cliff.

Sephiroth: Lead on.

Tifa: Yes!

(Upon entering the facility.)
On-screen: Mako Measurement Facility

Unlock the Elevator[]

(Upon reaching the elevator.)
Sephiroth: The reactor may have been around for a while, but there are still pockets of mako gas all over the mountain. Try not to breathe it in if you can.

Cloud: Don't wanna get mako poisoning.

(Upon inspecting the mako processing unit.) On-screen: Use the purifier connected to this mako processing unit.

(While using the processing unit to clear mako gas.)

Elevator System
  • Mako gas levels reduced by 70%.
  • No mako gas detected. Elevator access granted.

(Upon using the elevator.)
On-screen: Southern Ridge - Summit Approach

Cross the Bridge[]

(Upon approaching the bridge.)
Tifa: Just thinking about crossing that thing...

Cloud: Then lemme go first!

Tifa: Hey! I'm the guide here!

(Upon crossing.)
Cloud: Tifa! Are you okay!?

Tifa: Not really!

Cloud: What are you—

Security Officer: Help! (screams)

The Mission Continues[]

On-screen: Gunnthra River Basin
Two Hours Later

Sephiroth: He's in fate's hands now.

Sephiroth: Do you know the way?

Tifa: Yeah. Following the river should get us back to the village.

Sephiroth: We're not going to the village. Can you get us to the reactor?

Tifa: Sorry, I...I don't think I can.

Sephiroth: I see... Well, we certainly can't send you back alone. You'll be safer with us.

Tifa: Okay.

Sephiroth: I'll be joining you up front this time. For your performance review.

Cloud: You kidding me!?

Sephiroth: Good luck.

Up the Cliff[]

(Upon encountering the first group of enemies with Sephiroth in the party.)
Sephiroth: Off you go.

Beware the Gas[]

(Upon entering Gnipahellir Ravine.)
On-screen: Gnipahellir Ravine

Cloud: Ugh... More mako gas ahead.

Sephiroth: There's no way around it, either. Just have to go through.

Sephiroth: Let's not waste any time. Mako this thick is dangerous.

(Upon reaching the mako spring.)
Sephiroth: A mako spring.

Cloud: It's beautiful.

Tifa: Yeah, but if we keep using mako to power our homes, springs like this will disappear, right?

Cloud: What're you talking about? Who told you that?

Tifa: My dad. And the mayor, if you must know.

Cloud: 'Cept the planet's huge. Mako will never run out. Right?

Sephiroth: Naturally formed materia. And look at the size of it. Astounding. For the mako energy to condense into something like this, it must have taken an eternity.

Cloud: I've always wondered: how does materia let you cast spells exactly?

Sephiroth: How did you ever get to be a SOLDIER?

Sephiroth: To put it simply, the knowledge of the Ancients is sealed within each orb. That knowledge not only connects us to the allows us to tap into her power. That's how we can use magic, or so they say.

Cloud: Really...? Magic sure is.

Sephiroth: (chuckles) I know someone who'd be livid to hear you call it "weird"—or "magic," for that matter. I can just imagine what he'd say. "It's an affront to science!"

Cloud: Who?

Sephiroth: Hojo from Research & Development. His predecessor was a great man, but him? He is anything but. We should press on.

(Upon reaching the cliff overlooking the ocean.)
Tifa: This way.

(Upon encountering velociwings after climbing.)
Sephiroth: Heads up.

(Upon encountering the zu.)
Tifa: Not again!

(Upon reaching Appraisal Drilling Site.)
On-screen: Appraisal Drilling Site

Short Power Cord[]

(Upon attempting to pull the processing unit further than the cable allows.)
On-screen: The cable is not long enough. Look for another way through and continue clearing the mako gas.

(While using the processing unit to clear mako gas.)

Elevator System
  • Mako gas levels reduced by 20%.
  • Mako gas levels reduced by 70%.
  • No mako gas detected. Elevator access granted.

(Upon entering the door before the Materia Guardian battle.)
Tifa: Up ahead! Looks like a way out!

(Upon encountering Materia Guardian.)
Sephiroth: Wait.

Tifa: Huh?

Cloud: What?

Sephiroth: Get back.

Security Officer: This way!

Sephiroth: You said you wanted to be a hero.

Cloud: Wish I hadn't.

Sephiroth: It thinks we're after materia.

Cloud: Someone should tell it we're not.

Sephiroth: Hm. Be my guest.

(During the Materia Guardian battle upon failing to land hits, depending on who is not currently controlled.)

  • Gotta keep your guard up.
  • Maybe try mixin' it up more?
  • Try to keep your guard up.
  • Try to mix it up a little.
  • Defense, Cloud!

(Upon staggering Materia Guardian.)
Cloud: Time to kick it up a notch!

(Upon being grabbed.)
Cloud: Not doin' so great.

Sephiroth: Rookies.

(Upon freeing Cloud after crippling a leg.)
Cloud: I owe you one.

Sephiroth: When we're done.

Cloud: Of course!

(When Materia Guardian is below 66% HP.)
Sephiroth: On me.

Sephiroth: Done?

Cloud: Sephiroth!

Cloud: Pretty mobile.

Sephiroth: Till we knock it down.

Cloud: Good thing I don't just fight with a sword!

(When Materia Guardian falls after a leg was crippled.)
Cloud: Got him!

Sephiroth: Move in!

Cloud: Copy!

(When Materia Guardian falls below 33% HP.)
Sephiroth: You're practically panting.

Cloud: I'm excited.

Sephiroth: Such a puppy.

Cloud: Don't like the looks of this.

Sephiroth: Stay alert.

(Upon using a Synergy Ability against Materia Guardian.)
Cloud: Whoa... That was insane!

(Upon entering mako gas.)

  • Can't go near the mako...
  • Watch the gas.

(When Materia Guardian uses Trine.)
Sephiroth: Follow my lead.

Cloud: Copy!

(After defeating Materia Guardian.)
Cloud: Got ya.

Sephiroth: Take it from here.

Sephiroth: Nice work.

Barret (narrating): Okay, hold up...

Reactor Survey[]

Barret: Maybe I'm missing somethin' here...but everything you've said makes Sephiroth sound like a stand-up guy.

Cloud: Well..he was.

Barret: And now he's pure evil—tryin' to kill everyone on the planet. Help me to understand this shit. Tell me something that'll really make my blood boil!

Cloud: Oh, I will. I will...

On-screen: Mt. Nibel
Nibel Mako Reactor

Cloud: You wait out here, Tifa.

Tifa: No way! I wanna go too! Please?

Sephiroth: Sorry, no civilians—even if we weren't on a mission.

Tifa: Come on!

Sephiroth: Keep the young lady safe.

Cloud: Carry on.

Tifa: Awww!

Tifa: You better keep me safe.

(Upon talking to Tifa.)

  • I really wanted to see the reactor...

(Upon entering the reactor.)
Cloud: Didn't expect it to be "all systems go."

Sephiroth: You'd think it'd be running at reduced output, like most last-gen models.

Cloud: And lemme guess—villagers don't have a clue about this?

Sephiroth: Knowing Shinra? Of course not.

Cloud: The company really needs to be more transparent.

Sephiroth: Tell that to the president.

Cloud: What exactly is the problem with this place?

Sephiroth: The people in charge. While most reactors are under the jurisdiction of Urban Planning, this one is overseen by R&D.

Cloud: Huh. Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling about this?

Sephiroth: Whatever you see here, you're not to speak of it.

Cloud: Oh, I won't.

Close the Valve[]

(Upon reaching the room with the pods.)
Sephiroth: Sh.

Sephiroth: Perhaps you'd like to say a few words to your sword first?

Sephiroth: Hojo, you are really something.

Cloud: What are those things?

Cloud: "Jenova"? Wasn't that...

Sephiroth: The malfunctioning must be forcing the pods to depressurize. Cloud. Go out and shut off the valve.

Cloud: Copy.

Go Back Inside[]

(Upon closing the valve.)
Cloud: Huh?

(Upon returning to the room with pods.)
Cloud: What're you doing!?

Sephiroth: These pods were built for the production of artificial materia. But Hojo repurposed them as incubators—cages for animals—infused with mako. All to birth a new breed of monster. But he didn't stop at animals...oh no. There were other subjects.

Sephiroth: Look.

Sephiroth: My mother's name was Jenova.

Sephiroth: Could it be...that I...was created the same way? Am I the same as these monsters?

Cloud: Sephiroth...

Sephiroth: Ever since I was a child, I knew...I knew that I was different. That I...was special. But not like this. Not like this.

Sephiroth: Am I even...human?

Sephiroth's Whereabots[]

Cloud: Eventually, we went back to the inn. But when we got there...Sephiroth locked himself in his room.

Tifa: The mayor had been looking forward to having dinner with "bona fide SOLDIERS," so he didn't take the news too well. Dad had to put up with his bellyaching for hours afterward.

Cloud: Huh?

Tifa: Hm?

Barret: Musta sucked, but what about Sephiroth? What happened to him?

Cloud: He left. Didn't tell a soul where he was going.

On-screen: Nibelheim

(Upon heading downstairs.)
Mayor Zander: I met Sephiroth as he was heading for Shinra Manor, and he acted like I wasn't even there. "Busy," I suppose.

(Upon talking to Mayor Zander.)
Mayor Zander: Haven't heard anything about the reactor either. What happened up there anyway?

(Upon talking to Zangan.)
Zangan: Hm? Sephiroth? Ah, I did see him leave a little while ago.

(Upon talking to the innkeeper.)
Innkeeper: Looking for Sephiroth? He just left, I'm afraid... Maybe he needed some fresh air?

To Shinra Manor[]

(Upon talking to the photographer.)
Photographer: I saw Sephiroth making a beeline for the manor. Wonder why.

(Upon passing through the Shinra Manor gates.)
Tifa (narrating): Shinra Manor was the biggest building in town. And older than the reactor. The company used to conduct research there, back when they were still a small manufacturer. Even so, the rent on that plot was basically what kept the village afloat.

On-screen: Shinra Manor

(Upon talking to the worried villagers.)
Militiaman: Go and check on Sephiroth for us, will ya?

Militia Member: Hurry, please.

(Upon heading into the left room from the hallway.)
Cloud (narrating): Took a look around the place...but Sephiroth was nowhere to be seen.

(Upon reaching the basement.)
On-screen: Underground Cavern

Tifa (narrating): Never knew it had a basement.

Cloud (narrating): Was news to me too. Doubt anyone in the village had a clue.

(Upon approaching Sephiroth.)
Sephiroth: Excavated from a 2,000-year-old rock layer. A life-form in stasis. Professor Gast named this life-form "Jenova."

Sephiroth: [μ] – εγλ[note 1] 7/71977. Jenova verified as an Ancient.

Cloud: Uh...

Sephiroth: [μ] – εγλ[note 1] 9/13/1977. Jenova Project approved.

Sephiroth: So...they named the life-form "Jenova." And once they understood what she was...they grew ambitious.

Cloud: Hey, Sephiroth... Whatcha got there?

Sephiroth: Leave me be.

Cloud (narrating): And that was it. He stayed holed up in the basement...reading and a man possessed.

On-screen: Nibelheim
Night of the Seventh Day

Cloud: We got Jenova... A locked reactor door... The name of Sephiroth's mother... And Ancients...

Cloud: Ah, screw it. Racking my brain's not gonna get me anywhere. May as well just ask the guy.

Sephiroth: (chuckles) Ah, Cloud. I've come across the most fascinating passage. "The specimen, found in strata dating back two thousand years, smiled with what could only be described as 'ethereal grace.' Though the truth eluded me at first, I later determined that she was an Ancient—or a 'steward of the planet,' as they are referred to in legend. She needed a name...and so I dubbed her 'Jenova.'"

Sephiroth: The Jenova Project was approved soon after—a bold initiative to resurrect the long-dead Ancients. An initiative...that resulted in my conception. Or rather, my creation! The crowning glory of Professor Gast's wondrous experiment!

Cloud: He created you?

Sephiroth: I should go. Mother is waiting.

Cloud: Hey! Hey! Hold on!

Cloud: Sephiroth...

Village in Turmoil[]

Cloud: I keep asking myself... "Why couldn't I have come to sooner?" If I had...maybe I coulda saved the village.

Cloud: Or...tried, at least.

On-screen: Shinra Manor

Cloud: What!?

(Upon leaving the gates.)
Zangan: Hey, you! Get in there! The villagers need your help!

(While heading toward the Strife residence.)
Cloud: Mom...

Militiaman: Is it true? Sephiroth did this!?

Mayor Zander: Oh, it was him alright! And he's still here! So keep your eyes peeled!

Militiaman: God...

Mayor Zander: Get your heads straight! I need you to secure the way out. Now!

Militiaman: Yessir!

Cloud: "Sephiroth"? But he... Why would he...?

Photographer: Is this...? Am I gonna...die?

Cloud: Hold on, Mom! I'm coming!

Cloud: Almost there...

(Upon reaching the Strife residence.)
Cloud: Please... Please be okay.

Security Officer: Sephi...roth... Mo...

Cloud: Mom...

Claudia: Run, Cloud. Run away. You have to leave... You have to live.

Militiaman: Hey... Hey! Hang in there! You're gonna be okay!

Militiaman: Don't worry. I got you. C'mon, let's get you up.

Cloud: Sephiroth...

(While crawling toward Sephiroth.)
Militiaman: Murderer...!

Militiman: There he is!

Mayor Zander: Sephiroth!

Militiaman: Stop!

Mayor Zander: You sick son of a bitch!

Militiman: That's far enough! Drop the sword!

(After reaching him.)
Sephiroth: Wait for me... I'm coming.

Cloud: Sephiroth!

Cloud: And that’s the last thing I remember. The rest is a blank.

Barret: The hell it is. What happened!?

Aerith: It was all over the news. I remember watching it with my mom. They said he went missing during a training exercise. But then…the story changed. A couple days later, they started reporting that he was killed in action. Yeah, that was it.

Barret: The news outlets are nothin’ but Shinra mouthpieces spewin’ propaganda. Only dumbasses believe that shit.

Aerith: Question! Does that make me a dumbass?

Barret: I didn’t say that. What I meant was… screw Shinra for manipulatin’ honest folks.

Cloud: It doesn’t matter what they said back then. Sephiroth was in Midgar. We fought him. Whatever happened…he’s alive.

Aerith: Dunno about alive so much as…“around”?

Tifa: But…why come back now? After five years…doing who-knows-what?

Cloud: Because…he wants to finish what he started. He wants to “reclaim his birthright” and rule over the planet with Jenova at his side.

Tifa: After five years? Not to sound like a broken record, but… it’s really bothering me.

Barret: Well, what’s botherin’ me is all this Jenova stuff.

Aerith: ‘Scuse me. Guess the travel—or something—really did a number on my back. Feels as stiff as a board.

Tifa: Lemme take a look.

(Aerith gasps.)

Tifa: Wow. You weren’t kidding, were you? Let’s get you back to the room.

Barret: Yeah, let’s just call it a night. No amount of guesswork’ll get us any closer to the truth, so how about we give our heads a rest?

Barret: Oh no you don’t! That bed’s— …mine.

Aerith: Sweet dreams.

Tifa: See ya tomorrow.

Barret: Ah, man…

Tifa: Cloud. You up?

Tifa Comes Calling[]

(Upon opening the door.)
Tifa: Sorry. Did I wake you?

Cloud: Nope. What’s goin’ on?

Tifa: Oh, uh… it’s nothing really. There’s just something I need to ask you. So, can we talk?

Cloud: Sure.

Tifa: Great. But not here. Follow me.

(Upon reaching the door to the balcony.)
Sephiroth: You know that I killed her. So who is she? Or rather…what is she?

(Upon approaching Tifa.)
Tifa: Do you think Midgar’s over there? Anyway…

Cloud: There’s somethin’ I need to ask you too.

Tifa: Shoot.

Cloud: That night five years ago…at the reactor? I saw you lying there. Saw your wound and…all the blood. I figured it was too late.

Tifa: Yeah…?

Tifa: Wait, what’re you implying? That I died? That I’m some kind of impostor?

Tifa: Can’t believe I’m having this conversation with you…but here we are. Here. Look. My scar. That proof enough? After you left, Zangan found me. He’s the one who brought me to the clinic. He risked his life carrying me out of the reactor and down the river. Wasn’t just him though. There’s the doctor who operated on me all night, and the nurses who looked after me for days on end. I’m here now because they were there for me then. And where were you again? In fact, where’ve you been this whole time? For five years.

Cloud: You know I can’t tell you that.

Tifa: Of course you can’t. Sorry, I just…need some space.

Get Some Rest[]

(Upon approaching Tifa next to the door to her room.)
Tifa: I thought we could just pick up where we left off, like nothing had changed…but I guess I was wrong.

Cloud: Guess so.

Tifa: I was so happy to see you again, but maybe I shouldn’t have been.

(After entering Cloud's room.)
Barret: You two fight?

Cloud: No.

Barret. We have enough problems as it is. Copy?

Cloud: Night.

Red XIII: Tomorrow is another day.

Chapter 2: A New Journey Begins[]

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Chapter 3: Deeper Into Darkness[]

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Chapter 4: Dawn of a New Era[]

Note: Current script is from the demo, which combines part of the quest Trouble Brewing into Under a Steel Sky, skipping the quests Fact-Finding and Turning In in the process.

Barret: Hey, check it out.

Cloud: Just them?

Aerith: Guess so...

Tifa: Oh my god...

Barret: He ain't comin' back.

Aerith: That city they're headed to. Is that...?

Cloud: Junon... Shinra territory. C'mon.

The Fortress[]

(Upon passing the Sephiroth clones on the way to Junon.)

Robed Man
  • Urrr...! Aaah...!
  • Ugh...
  • Hrng...

(While heading to Junon.)
Tifa: Where did that bird even come from, you think?

Red XIII: There's a story about a great condor said to roost on an island's abandoned reactor. Though there's no longer any way to reach the isle—or at least, none that I'm aware of.

Barret: Nature's finally reclaimin' what Shinra stole.

Tifa: Well, even if we could get there, I'd rather not bother. Didn't seem very friendly.

Cloud: Agreed. Let's focus on where we can go.

Under a Steel Sky[]

(While on the steps up to Under Junon.)
Aerith: So all of this is Junon?

Cloud: Everything above us. Below is Under Junon.

Red XIII: Little more than an impoverished fishing village.

Barret: Figures. Shinra's always gotta have someone to stomp on. It's their friggin' MO.

(Upon reaching the entrance to Under Junon.)
On-screen: Under Junon

Rhonda: One moment. Welcome to Under Junon, our sunless oasis. My name is Rhonda. I'm the mayor and sheriff round these parts.

Barret: What...?

Rhonda: Avalanche, huh?

Barret: That depends on who's askin'.

Rhonda: A woman who could turn you in... and be a hundred grand richer for it.

Barret: Well, you know what they say... Can't take it with ya.

Rhonda: And Aerith to boot, huh? That's another half a million on top.

Aerith: (gasps) Half a million!?

Rhonda: Down here, though...we know when to turn a blind eye. Consider our lips sealed.

Barret: Sorry, but I call bullshit.

Rhonda: Well, I don't think you would if you knew even half of what my town's been through. You don't like it? Leave. But over there? There's a quiet little inn where everyone's welcome.

(Upon talking to Rhonda.)
Rhonda: Behave yourselves now.

(Upon crossing the bridge into town.)
Priscilla: Help! Somebody, please—help!

Priscilla: We gotta go—now! There's a monster attacking the boat!

(While following Priscilla.)

  • This way—down here!
  • Quickly! Please!

(Upon reaching Priscilla at the pier.)
Yuffie: Help!

Yuffie: Somebody! Anybody! Help! (screams)

Yuffie: Go away! I taste terrible!

Priscilla: Yuffie! Grab his fin and hold on tight!

Barret: Hey! We're comin'!

Rhonda: Hey, Shinra's most wanted! Get rid of that thing!

Barret: Say what!?

Tifa: Barret, focus!

Cloud: Get its attention.

Barret: On it! (screams)

Cloud: C'mon!

(Sometimes after a party member is trapped in a Water Cell, depending on other party members.)

  • Cloud:
    • Hang on!
  • Red XIII:
    • Don't worry!
    • I'm coming!

(Upon using physical attacks against a Water Cell, depending on the party member. Aerith's attacks are magic and thus do not trigger the line.)

  • Cloud: Shit. Better off with magic.
  • Tifa: Spells will get the job done quicker!
  • Red XIII: Neither fang nor claw will suffice.

(After Terror of the Deep is below 66% HP.)
Tifa: What now!?

Red XIII: It's below us.

(After defeating Terror of the Deep.)
Cloud: Oh no you don't!

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Priscilla's Plan[]

(Priscilla is at the dock playing with a dolphin.)
Priscilla: Hey, you guys!

Cloud: We talked to Yuffie. She said that you could show us a way to get up top.

Priscilla: Sure! I'd be happy to. Although...Yuffie's the one who found it. And according to her, that tanker's the quickest and easiest way to the city! See that? That booth up there's the control room.

Red XIII: So we can repurpose the ship as an elevator. Someone lowers and sends it back up—along with the others.

Cloud: Problem is, how're we supposed to get to the controls?

Tifa: "High voltage"?

Priscilla: Yep. It should just say: "No climbing."

Barret: So we're struck.

Priscilla: Not with Mr. Dolphin! You wouldn't believe what he can do! Like... Like when we met! See, I was out taking a swim all on my lonesome! At least I thought I was alone, but then—squeak, squeak—I hear this funny noise!

Cloud: That's great and all, but we're in a hurry.

Priscilla: Hey!

Aerith: We're sorry—really. But we'll make sure to come back as soon as we're done. You can finish your story then. How does that sound?

Priscilla: Okay—promise!

(Priscilla puts up her fist, ready for a wrist-bump.)

Aerith: Hmm?

Priscilla: Never done it before? My arm. Your arm. Bam!

Aerith: Oh! Gotcha!

(They bump wrists.)

Priscilla: Awesome!

Barret: Alright then, now what?

Priscilla: Now we ask Mr. Dolphin to get you up! With his help, it'll be a cinch. Okay! Which one of you wants to go flying?

Barret: Got you written all over it, merc.

Cloud: (sigh) Guess it's me.

Priscilla: Great! Just lemme know when you're ready to go.

Good to go?
You will not be able to return to Under Junon for some time.
  • Yeah.
  • Not yet.

Dolphin: Squeak!

Dolphin Show[]

(Cloud swims to the dolphin and grabs hold of him.)

Aerith: C'mon, Cloud! You got this!

Dolphin: Squeak!

(Cloud plays "Jumping with Mr. Dolphin" and is launched into the control room.)

Barret: Nice goin', man!

(Cloud lowers the tanker into the water.)

Priscilla: Okay! Your ride's right here.

(Priscilla points at a row boat.)

Priscilla: The ship's not far, so you'll be there in no time!

Barret: If we don't sink on the way...

(Red XIII, Tifa, Aerith, and Barret get on the rowboat.)

Aerith: You've been a huge help, Priscilla!

Priscilla: No prob. Well, guys and girls! And,! I'll seeya later!

(Mr. Dolphin tugs the rowboat.)

Priscilla: Have fun!

(The party climbs onto the tanker.)

Barret: Hey! Merc! We're good to go down here!

(Cloud raises the tanker.)

Aerith: Cloud! Meet you at the top!

(On the Junon Airfield ranks of soldiers are linked up as Rufus and Heidegger arrive on a helicopter.)

Captain: Ten-hut!

(All soldiers salute.)

(Cloud joins his party in the space under the aerodrome.)

Aerith: Ah, there you are.

Cloud: Let's move.


Security officer: I can't believe we get to see the new president in person.

(The party gazes at the massive mako cannon when they get outside.)

Aerith: Wow...

Cloud: Less security than I thought.

Aerith: More worried about the parade?

Barret: (Huh) Guess things have changed. They got higher priorities.

Tifa: Personally, I think that's a good thing.

Red XIII: The city's size, on the other hand... The robed men won't be easy to find.

Cloud: Well, they're definitely not here. Let's head into town.

Security officer: We cannot let Midgar win. Not on our own home turf.

(The party makes their way to the airstrip.)

Tifa: Any idea what that is?

Cloud: The Highwind. Shinra's pride and joy. The fastest, most advanced airship in the fleet.

Barret: Screw the boat. Let's take that.

Cloud: 'Less you got a trained crew and piloting skills we don't know about...we're stickin' with the boat.

Tifa: That's too bad. Would've been perfect.

Cloud: Hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Security officer: Not long now till the rehearsal.
Woman: Rufus Shinra is a total hunk.
Security officer: We'll show everyone what Junon is made of.

(Meanwhile, in Rufus's Junon office...)

Rufus: No. We'll leave them be—for now.

(Rufus ends his phone call.)

Rufus: Enter.

Tseng: An emissary from Wutai is here—sent by Viceroy Sarruf.

Rufus: Oh?

Tseng: He introduced himself as Colonel Glenn Lodbrok.

(Rufus recalls killing Glenn.)

Rufus: Alright.

(A barefooted man in a robe similar to the Sephiroth-followers enters. When he removes his hood to reveal his visage, Rufus is shocked.)

Rufus: I thought you were dead.

Glenn: (laughs) Then you thought right.

(Rufus dismisses Tseng with a nod.)

Glenn: Let's cut to the chase, Mr. President. The viceroy and your late father had big plans. I assume you intend to carry them out?

Rufus: Correct.

Glenn: That's good to hear—some people just don't have the stomach for war. And this battle for the magnus materia demands commitment from both Wutai and Shinra.

Rufus: Thank you; I'm aware. But my father is dead—which changes the equation. A new vision is required.

Glenn: You always did prefer to march to the beat of your own drum. This "new vision" include your fairy-tale promised land? You Shinras... You take and you take, and you never give back. Left to you, this world would end up an empty husk. But war can put things right—beget anger, desolation, hatred—and in its wake, new unity. A people rejuvenated...and a planet once more made whole. What we're doing's for the greater good. Just gotta know when to ease off the gas.

Rufus: Now listen—

Glenn: You started this, remember? No more playing the idle heir. You have obligations to fulfill. Let's give the people what they deserve. Oh, right! Before I leave...a message from the viceroy. Congratulations on your inauguration, Mr. President. Shinra has a bright future.

(Glenn does a mocking bow and smirks before walking out. Rufus is angry.)

(Cloud and the party continue their way through the hangar.)

Female captain: Check each tag carefully. Any mistakes come out of your salary.
Security officer: Okay, time to win that commendation.

Aerith: So, Cloud! What can you tell us about Junon?

Cloud: It's a key military outpost with its own offshore reactor. A critical line of defense against any seaborne assault. When needed, it can transform into an armed fortress. Its strategic location, along with its air and seaports, make it second only to Midgar as the company's most vital city.

Aerith: Huh, neat. Any good restaurants? Sights to see?

Cloud: Uh, maybe? I dunno.

Aerith: Ah, right. You're not the touristy type.

Barret: Hey... Just to be clear, you do realize we're not here on vacation, right?

Aerith: O-of course I do! Hey, look! What's that about?

(They spy a regiment practicing for the parade before being dismissed by their captain.)

Tifa: Those troopers seemed pretty psyched for the parade, huh?

Barret: More like, "eager to prance around for their new paymaster." Now I know what ya'll gonna say...but I gotta ask.

Cloud: What?

Barret: If Rufus is in town, are we really gonna let this opportunity pass us by? Hell, I'm not sayin' we kill the man—but we oughta at least give him a talkin' to. Rough him up a little maybe, y'know?

Aerith: Actually, I'm gonna have to agree. First the Turks say, "Do whatever—we're not after you." But then Cloud's biker buddy rolls up and says he is. We gotta straighten this out.

Tifa: Okay, but how? We can't just walk up to the president in the street.

Cloud: Or maybe we can.

Barret: We bust up his parade!

Cloud: No, that's how we die in a hail of bullets like a bunch of dumbasses. The city's crawling with Shinra troopers. We join the parade. Hide in plain sight. Get in, get close, get answers.

Tifa: Seriously?

Cloud: Sure.

Aerith: Wow! That's good!

Barret: No arguments here.

Cloud: Barret, Red. You guys find a route to the port; see what security's like. And keep an eye out for black robes while you're at it.

Barret: Now hold up!

Cloud: Fatigues won't be enough to disguise you two.

Red XIII: True enough.

Barret: Shuddup...

Cloud: Alright, see you in a bit. I gotta go find a uniform.

(Barret and Red XIII leave while Tifa and Aerith look at Cloud expectantly.)

Tifa: Oh, we're coming with.

Aerith: I'm so pumped for this! This way?

Tifa: Yeah.


Attendant: Attention all troopers! Spare uniforms can be found here! Please get changed!

(Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud enter a locker room.)

Tifa: Now we're talkin'!

(Aerith picks up a security officer helmet.)

Aerith: They're actually kinda cool!

Tifa: Well? Ready to suit up?

Aerith: Yep.

(Tifa and Aerith grab fatigues and go into changing rooms.)

Aerith: Woah there! Three steps back, if you please!

(Upon approaching Tifa and Aerith changing.)
Aerith: Uh, Cloud? What d'you think you're doing?
Tifa: If you're gonna stand there, keep watch.
Aerith: Ha ha, very funny.
Tifa: C'mon, Cloud. You really need to be this close?
Aerith: Scram!
Tifa: Occupied.

(Cloud also grabs a set of fatigues.)

Cloud: Been a while.

(Cloud gets changed and steps out of the changing room only to suddenly be held at gunpoint.)

Tifa: Freeze.

Aerith: Hands up.

(Cloud complies sarcastically.)

Aerith: Well?

Tifa: Well?

Cloud: Ya got me.

Aerith: I'd say we look the part.

Cloud: Maybe, but don't forget: you gotta act the part too. Just do what I do, alright.

Attendant: Head to Starboard Junon when you're ready. Better hurry. You don't want to be the reason your team is disqualified.

Commander Adjutant: Hold it.

(Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa line up in front of him and he examines their faces.)

Commander Adjutant: It's the damnedest thing, but I don't recall seeing the three of you at practice. Am I to assume that you simply...forgot?

Cloud: Sorry, sir!

Tifa & Aerith: Sorry, sir!

Commander Adjutant: You're "sorry"!? Do you have any idea how important today's ceremony is? Do you, maggot!? Form check—now! You will give your commander a flawless performance. And if you show her anything less than perfection...I'll feed your ass to a behemoth!

(The commander adjutant walks out and Cloud goes to follow but Tifa grabs his arm.)

Tifa: Now what?

Cloud: Just follow my lead. I still remember the basics.

Aerith: I'm having second thoughts, you guys.

Commander Adjutant: What the hell are you doing over there!? The commander is waiting!

Cloud: Sir!

(The three line up in front of the commander and the commander adjutant.)

Commander Adjutant: Attention!

Commander: Have to hand it to you three. You've got guts skipping out on practice—that, or you're idiots. Let's find out, shall we? I'm not about to take any chances today. I'm warning you now, though... One slip up, and I'll chuck you straight into a malboro's mouth. Clear?

(Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith perform their parade routine.)

Commander Adjutant: Let's see what you've got. Now...begin!

{If the player is missing their button prompts.)
Commander Adjutant: Not good enough. Concentrate! Step it up!

(If the player is doing well with the button prompts.)
Commander Adjutant: Well done! Good, keep it up!

(Upon retrying.)
Commander Adjutant: Ready? Begin!

Commander: Precise, clear movements... Impeccable timing... I must say, you've impressed me.

Commander Adjutant: He'd serve as a sterling example to the others, ma'am.

Commander: Congratulations. You are hereby promoted to the parade captain of Midgar's Seventh Infantry. You will be our model trooper—the one to march at the head of our drill team! Which means that our performance—satisfactory or otherwise—is now your responsibility.

Cloud: Ma'am!

(The commander adjutant swaps Cloud's security officer helmet to a red version.)

Commander Adjutant: As parade captain, you will round up your fellow troopers currently on leave in Larboard Junon. You will recall that, to march in the parade, each drill team is required to muster five units or more. Look for the Seventh's brassards. They'll identify the best from the rest.

Commander: Once assembled, you and the team will report to Starboard Junon. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Now, make us proud!

Cloud & Tifa & Aerith: Ma'am!

The Seventh Infantry[]

Aerith: Boy, that was lucky.

Tifa: Hey, you sure about this? Is the parade really gonna get us to Rufus?

Cloud: The parade won't...but the presidential commendation will. That's how these things go. The president himself gives the award.

Aerith: Wow...

Tifa: That's some plan. I mean, it's risky, but...

Aerith: Gotta go big or go home, right?

(Parade preparations are underway in Larboard Junon main street.)

Aerith: Cool!

Tifa: Ready to rally the troops, Captain?

Cloud: Yeah. Just remember: Midgar, Seventh Infantry.

Aerith: Anyone with one of these guys, right?

Cloud: C'mon.

(They find Seventh Infantry troopers gazing at the mako cannon.)

Seventh Infantry: Look at the size of that thing. It's bigger than big. It's humongous!
Seventh Infantry: And totally worthless. We haven't used it in years. Not since the war.
Seventh Infantry: An instrument of death laid to rest. Huh. There is something kinda poetic about that.

Trooper: What? We're trying to enjoy the view.

Trooper: It's the captain!

Trooper: Oh! Um, ah... Captain!

Cloud: Get your shit together; parade's about to begin. Everyone, follow me!

Troopers: Yessir!

(Barret is out disguised as a dock worker.)

Aerith: No way. Is that who I think it is?

(Aerith and Tifa share a knowing look and Aerith approaches Barret.)

Aerith: Hey!

Barret: Hey there! I was just checking my uniform. For lint! Y'all know how it is!

(Aerith and Tifa chuckle and Barret looks annoyed.)

Barret: Hah hah, very funny. I coulda shot you!

Tifa: You look...

Barret: What?

Tifa: Wow...

Barret: It's not like I had a choice! Nothing else fit!

Tifa: Okay, I get it.

Barret: Anyway, I checked out the way to the port. And ya'll, uh...look like you're fittin' in.

Cloud: Yeah. Nobody's batted an eye.

Aerith: We're gonna win the president's commendation.

Barret: I'm sure you will! (sarcastically)

Tifa: Think ya mean "I'm rooting for you."

Barret: There's a lotta troopers in town, especially by the port. 'Cause of the crowds, no doubt. Long as we keep our heads down, we'll be okay. Wasn't feeling it at first, but I'm startin' to appreciate the sheer audacity of us playin' dress-up!

(They spy Rude in Larboard Passage.)

Aerith: Guys. Look.

(Rude bumps heads with a bouncer of a bar and enters.)

Aerith: Very fishy.

(Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith follow Rude into the Glabrescent to find Rude among other bald people singing together.)

Shave it clean and make it gleam—
Gleam like the midday sun♪

(Everyone stops singing and glares at Cloud.)

Member: Rude... You mind?

Rude: This your first time?

(Aerith nods.)

Rude: If you wanna drink with us, you're gonna have to lose the helmets. No scalp, no service. Well? What are you waiting for? Unless... Are you three mopheads?

Trooper: Wait! He's our new captain; he didn't know!

(Bald members of Seventh Infantry line up in front of Cloud.)

Trooper: Sir, this place is for the clean-shaven. You need to prove that you belong or leave.

Cloud: R & R is over, people. Seventh, outside!

Troopers: Sir! Right away, sir!

Rude: Hey—if you want to drink here, the helmet has to go. This establishment only caters to those who boldly bare their baldness. You're participating in the president's inauguration parade? Good luck.

(Cloud finds some Sevens admiring miniatures in the Full Arsenal.)

Trooper: Lemme guess, you're here for the limited model too?#

Trooper: Check the helmet, you dipshit!

Trooper: Captain! Please forgive me, sir!

Cloud: Break time's over. Outside. Now.

Troopers: Right away, sir!

Weapons Vendor: Greetings, Captain. In need or some new armaments?
Weapons Vendor: Good luck out there, Captain. I'll be rootin' for ya!

(Cloud finds some Sevens in Cecilia's of Junon.)

Trooper: Um... Can I help you? Captain!? Guys, quick! Attention!

Cloud: Get your shit together; parade's about to begin. Everyone, follow me!

Troopers: Yessir!

Item Vendor: Can I help you find anything today?
Item Vendor: Feel free to keep browsing.

Materia Vendor: We carry only the finest in materia here.
Materia Vendor: We look forward to your next visit.

(Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith enter a shopping center.)

(Upon entering the book store.)
Maghnata Girls: Welcome!

(Upon leaving the book store.)
Maghnata Girls: Thanks for stopping by!

Maghnata Girl: Welcome to the magical Maghnata Books' Junon location! If you're looking for some recommendations, we'd be more than happy to name a few of this week's favs for you. My personal pick would definitely be The Final Flight. I swear none of the other books even come close to topping it! It's a forbidden romance between a commander and her airman. I promise you'll be sobbing like a baby when you get to the part where she orders her true love to charge into battle.

Maghnata Girl: Ooh, a captain! Since you're here, would you like to learn about the Maghnata Girls' for the Book of the Week? My top pick would be the latest issue of Cactuar King. It's a must-read! The king's been wandering for the past few volumes, but suddenly, he looks around and what should he see— No spoilers. You'll have to read it for yourself. Better start soon before someone ruins it for you!

Bookstore Employee: Ahaha! Our girls are lovely, am I right?
Bookstore Employee: Thanks, Captain. We hope to see you again soon.

(Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith finds Seventh Infantry troopers in the third floor jewelry store.)

Seventh Infantry: Hey, what do you think about this brooch?
Seventh Infantry: It's fine?
Seventh Infantry: You think my girlfriend would like it?
Seventh Infantry: Let me take a closer look. This brooch has two machine guns on it, and you want to give it to your girlfriend? Bro.
Seventh Infantry: You're right. I should get her the one with the two bayonets.
Seventh Infantry: I bet she'll love that. (sarcastic)

Trooper: Oh, Captain! Perfect timing. I'm picking out a present for my girlfriend. Which do you think she'd like more: the machine gun brooch, or the bayonet one?

Trooper: Don't bother the captain with your bullshit! Sorry, sir, he's being an idiot.

Cloud: R & R's over, people. Seventh, outside!

Troopers: Yessir!

Customer: The word is that the owner's a former SOLDIER. I wonder if it's true.

Accessory Vendor: ...Take your time lookin' around. Quality guaranteed. (He has a cough and sounds out of breath.)
Accessory Vendor: ...Knock 'em dead at the parade.

(First floor of the shopping center, Cloud finds a hotel.)

Concierge: Will you be staying with us?

(Outside the hotel, Cloud finds Seventh troopers posing with a cutout of Rufus.)

Trooper: Oh, perfect timing, Captain! Would you mind taking the picture so I can get in there?

(Cloud complies.)

Trooper: Whenever you're ready, sir!

Trooper: Thanks a bunch!

(If Cloud took a good photo.)
Trooper: Wow, Captain... Who knew you were such a pro!? I might just have to frame this!

Cloud: Break time's over, people. The parade's about to begin. Follow me!

Troopers: Yessir!

(Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith find Seventh troopers being interviewed at the barracks' assembly room.)

Reporter: How excited are you to participate in today's parade?
Seventh Infantry: Very. All of us in the Seventh have been practicing like crazy. Day in and day our drilling every little detail. I just hope hard work comes through in our performance and it gives everyone who came out to support our new president something else to cheer about.
Reporter: I'm sure it will. But before we let you go, is there anything you'd like to say to the folks back in Midgar?
Seventh Infantrty: This is a difficult time for our city. But when you see us marching today, just know this: we're marching for you.

Reporter: Oh... Excuse me, but we're in the middle of an interview.

Trooper: Good day, Captain!

Reporter: Uh— Oh, you're their captain! This is perfect! If you have a moment... I'd love to ask you some questions about the parade.

Cloud: Sorry, but...

Reporter: How do you plan to set your team apart from the competition? Are there any special routines you've been practicing?

Cloud: We, uh...

Trooper: Woah... Right! I see what you mean, Captain. We can't go spilling our secrets to anyone who asks—especially on camera!

Cloud: Break time's over, people. The parade's about to begin. Follow me!

Troopers: Sir!

Trooper hiding behind the billiards table: I swear, nothing gets my blood pumping like hiding in the barracks when I'm on duty.

(Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith head to the briefing room )

Trooper: Hey, I can't wait to see the mobile unit to tear it up!

(A group of Sevenths are discussing Rufus.)
Seventh Infantry: It's a past time the president showed himself. Where's he been?
Seventh Infantry: Not in Midgar, that's for sure. Seeing the world maybe?
Seventh Infantry: Kid's got a lot to learn.
Seventh Infantry: True that. I doubt he has any idea what Midgar units can do. Guess we just gotta go after and introduce ourselves.

Trooper: Not now, buddy. We're busy. Captain! I didn't realize! Sorry, sir!

Cloud: Practice is over. Time for the real deal. With me.

Troopers: Yessir!

(Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith climb up to a restricted area.)

Guard: This area's restricted.
Guard: I don't think so. This place is off limits.

(Cloud finds Red XIII playing with three kids.)
Kid: Check it out! His tail's on fire!
Kid: He's got tattoos!
Kid: Come here boy! Want a treat?

Red XIII: Nice uniforms.

Aerith: Aw, how'd you know it was us?

Red XIII: By your scent.

Tifa: That is some nose you got there, Red.

Red XIII: Leaving the mako-soaked streets of Midgar behind has done wonders for my faculties. Though this place is starting to take its toll...
Red XIII: Those children won't stop staring. If they so much as try to pet me... I may be clad in fur...but that doesn't mean I'll purr...

(Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith find a bar called Le Sourire.)

Seventh Infantry: Once the parade is over, I'll be officially joining the counterterrorism unit.
Seventh Infantry: Shit.
Seventh Infantry: I know. They haven;t even told me where I'm going to be stationed.
Seventh Infantry: This sucks. Well, we just have to make most of the time we've got.

Trooper: Can we help you? We're kind of in the middle of something.

Trooper: Check the helmet!

Trooper: Captain! I didn't—I'm sorry, sir!

Cloud: Break time's over. Outside. Now.

Troopers: Yessir!

(Elena is sitting by the counter with a cocktail.)

Elena: Oh god... Talk about humiliating. Rude probably hates me...Boss must wanna fire me... I'm busy being sad...

(Cloud finds some Sevens in the Larboard Garrison storeroom.)

Trooper: Captain!

Trooper: Sir! Permission to ask a question? What formations do you intend to utilize for our performance?

Cloud: That depends on the readiness of my men. But you can rest assured that your captain has everything under control. Is that clear? Now—out!

Troopers: Sir! Yessir!

(Cloud finds Chadley in the barracks.)

Chadley: Good day. Is there something I can help you with? Scanning... Potential research candidate confirmed. Cloud!? Why in the world are you wearing that uniform? On second thought, forget I asked. The less I know about your undercover pursuits, the better. Should you require assistance, let me know! Now them, Captain! How might I help you today?

(Seventh Infantry greet Cloud on the street.)
Trooper: Find what you needed, sir?
Seventh Infantry: Hope so, sir!

Trooper: Sir! Welcome back, sir!
Seventh Infantry: Welcome back, sir!

Trooper: Looking forward to a celebratory drink, sir!
Seventh Infantry: Can't wait, sir!

Trooper: Ready to move when you are, sir!
Seventh Infantry: Sir!

Trooper: Seventh—ten-hut!
Seventh Infantry: Sir!

(Cloud reports to the commander.)

Cloud: Midgar, Seventh Infantry, reporting as ordered, ma'am!

Commander: And on time. Good. The parade is scheduled to begin shortly. I trust your team is ready, Captain?

Are you prepared?
  • Adjust drill formation.
  • I need more practice.
  • No.
  • Yes.

(I need more practice.)
Commander Adjutant: Alright. Once more.

Commander: You rounded up the whole team, Captain...

Commander: All set, then?


(Cloud steps up to the troopers.)

Trooper: Midgar Seventh Infantry! Attention!

(Cloud hesitates.)

Aerith: You're on!

Cloud: Listen up! As we march...the eyes of the whole world...will be...watching us. And we, um...

Aerith: And we cannot—we will not—let our great city of Midgar down! Failure is not an option! It's a big ask. But we can do it! Together!

Tifa: Because we have our captain to guide us! Look to him—trust in him—and he will lead us to victory, so long as we follow!

Aerith: Isn't that right, sir?

Cloud: Uh... Right!

Tifa: (to Cloud) Now bring it home!

Cloud: Today is our day. It was made for the Seventh Infantry! We will win that commendation for our city! And we will return home as champions!

Troopers: Yessir!

Cloud: Who's gonna show the rest of them how it's done!?

Troopers: We are!

Cloud: I can't hear you!

Troopers: We are!!!

(Tifa grabs Cloud's arm.)

Tifa: Captain. The parade's about to start.

Aerith: Don't wanna be late, sir.

Cloud: Of course.

(Rufus is watching the parade preparations in his office.)

'Rufus: When did we last use her?

Cannoneer: Five years ago, sir.

Rufus: Let's blow off the dust.

Cannoneer: But...but, sir...

Heidegger: Even a ceremonial display would constitute a violation of the cease-fire. Wutai would view it was a willful act of aggression.

Rufus: And? It's a new era. Let's ring it in with a bang.

Heidegger: Very good, sir! Very good. Nothing like fireworks to rouse the spirits.

Security Officer: Mr. President. It's time.

(The parade starts.)


This way.

Reporter: Welcome to the celebration of the century. As you can see, the streets of Junon are abuzz with excitement! People have turned out in droves to catch a glimpse of the new president—Rufus Shinra!

(Roche drives past with a "woohoo".)

Reporter: And here comes Midgar's mobile unit! Their incredible skills are truly a sight to behold!

(After the motorcyclist stunts Rufus's white convertible rolls through where he waves to the cheering crowds.)

Reporter: There he is, folks! Rufus Shinra! Wow! Can you even hear me over this crowd!? Uh... The president has stopped.

(Rufus stands up in his car and gazes at the mako cannon, which begins to launch.)

Driver: Ready to fire, sir.

Rufus: Welcome to the new world order. Fire!

(The mako cannon shoots a volley that explodes over the coastline, sending out a column of ocean water at the impact zone.)

Reporter: Ladies and gentlemen...with a single blast of Junon's famous cannon, Rufus Shinra has announced his arrival!

(The awed crowds cheer, but Rufus spots Glenn watching him from among the spectators.)

(Some time later...)

Reporter: You join us in Starboard Junon as the final team of the day takes their position. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Midgar's Seventh Infantry! The captain and his team have trained long and hard...determined to win the presidential commendation for everyone back home in Midgar. I can't wait to see what kind of performance they'll put on today! Troopers of the Seventh Infantry, make us proud!

Cloud: Left...face! Formation...change! Final sequence...begin!

Reporter: (comments if the player is missing prompts) It all looks a little stiff. Do they seem a tad nervous? They're not in step. Maybe they're still warming up. The captain needs to rally his troops. That's unfortunate. It's good, but they can surely do better. They did practice, right? They don't seem very coordinated. Oh, that's going to cost them!
Reporter: (comments if the player is hitting the prompts) So far so good. I can't take my eyes off them. They've still got a chance. That practice is paying off. It all looks so effortless. What a performance! This is looking promising. That's not bad at all. Still in perfect sync. You're watching history in the making folks. Their movements are so crisp and clean. Such excellent direction. They're doing quite well. Solid work. Practice makes perfect. It all looks so effortless.

Reporter: That concludes the first part of today's performance by the Seventh Infantry drill team. Our judges are currently tabulating the votes from you, the viewers. And here they are now! Frankly, I'm already blown away! And folks here seem to agree. The crowd is loving it! The only question is how they're going to top this!

Cloud: Drill team...halt! First sequence...begin! Formation...change! Final sequence...begin!

Reporter: And with that, the Seventh Infantry concludes the second part of their performance. As ever, judges have been busy tallying all the votes we've received.

Man in the background: Look mom, I'm on tv!
Girl who drags the man aside: Quiet!

Reporter: So let's take a look at the results! Universal acclaim! And little wonder, given the skill and coordination on display! Keep this up, and the Seventh might well be destined for glory. I wouldn't bet against them!

Cloud: Left...face! Formation...change! And...march! Drill team...halt! Drill team shift! Final sequence...begin!

Reporter: And with that, we've reached the end of the Seventh Infantry's performance.

(The "look mom I'm on tv" guy bumps into the reporter with his girlfriend and says "Uh, sorry about that" before hurrying away.)

Reporter: For the final time, the judges are tallying the votes from you the viewers. And now—let's see the results!

(If the player did not win the tv vote.)
Reporter: In the end then, Midgar's Seventh provided a satisfying conclusion to today's parade. But the question remains, will their efforts be enough to impress our new president? Let's wait and see!

(If the player did win the tv vote.)
Reporter: Judging by this response, it's clear that Midgar's Seventh Infantry has made a lot of new fans! There's no denying it, folks—that was a performance for the ages!

(A Relnikha and drones fly across Junon in an airshow.)

Reporter: Coming up next, the moment of truth for our competitors. Which team will take home the commendation? Stay tuned to find out!

(Tseng is leading the surveillance from Junon command center and follows what Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith are up to through a monitor. He receives a call on his cellphone.)

Tseng: Yes, sir... Around the clock. They remain unaware.

'Rufus: Leave them to me. I want you and your people tracking the robes.

Tseng: Understood.

(He finishes the call and makes another one.)

Tseng: We're back on the clock. I trust you know the mission by now.

(Heidegger addresses the parade-performers from a podium for the award ceremony.)

Heidegger: My friends... Allow me to congratulate you on a stirring performance. You've done your company proud. Your passion and patriotism is beyond question—and I know our president can't wait to thank you all.

(Heidegger shares a knowing smirk with Rufus who is standing to the side.)

Heidegger: Of course, some among you are deserving of special praise. For our first award, we will recognize the division whose exemplary display eclipsed all others'.

(He pulls a card from a red envelope.)

Heidegger: The prize for outstanding performance goes to...

(The outcome depends on the player's performance: if Seventh Infantry does not win, Roche's mobile unit will instead.)

Heidegger: Midgar's Seventh Infantry!

Reporter: Midgar's Seventh Infantry has won the prize for outstanding performance in today's parade!

Heidegger: Come on up, Commander!

Roche: Say it ain't so!

Reporter: And from their joyous reactions, it's clear how much this means to them.

(Cloud shakes hands with the commander and commander adjutant.)

Commander Adjutant: Fine work, captain.

Reporter: After congratulating her captain on a job well done, the commander makes for the stage.

(Heidegger presents the commander a plaque.)

Reporter: Director Heidegger of Public Security is here from Midgar to present this prestigious award.

Heidegger: Well done.

Commander: Thank you, sir.

(She holds the plaque up to the parade-performers and crowds and waves.)

Reporter: Even the Seventh's unflappable commander can't help but crack a smile, as she warmly acknowledges the crowd. Congratulations once again to the team, and to Midgar.

Heidegger: Next, we have the president's commendation. If you would do the honors, sir?

(Rufus steps to the podium.)

Rufus: The late president, my father...single-handedly turned a small arms manufacturer into the greatest company the world has ever seen. And transformed all our lives with the miracle of mako. So I invite you to join me in a moment of silence for a great man gone too soon.

(A moment of silence.)

Rufus: We live in challenging times. Some may feel that I am too young—too inexperienced—to lead us. But to them, and you all, I say this... The Shinra Electric Power Company will endure. The challenges we face can be overcome, if we summon our courage, and cut ties with the past. Yesterday is behind us. We must look instead to the promise of tomorrow. For today is a new day. And the first long, arduous journey which we must take together. Follow me, and we will reach our promised land. This I do solemnly swear before you all, as president of the Shinra Electric Power Company. My friends—place your trust in me, and together will we achieve our dream of a better world.

(Heidegger leads the applause.)

Rufus: Now, I have a commendation to present. The award goes to...Midgar's Seventh Infantry!

Reporter: And our new president's commendation goes to who else but Midgar's Seventh Infantry!

(Tifa and Aerith jump in joy, the commander congratulates Cloud, who uses his ceremonial sword to perform his victory pose.)

Reporter: I have to tell you...the patriotism on display here has been nothing short of inspiring. The future looks bright indeed for Shinra and the world!

Rufus: To accept this award in behalf of the team...

(Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith see themselves up on the big screen.)

Rufus: three of the best will now join me. Come on up.

Reporter: The president has invited three members of the Seventh Infantry to come and accept the award on the drill team's behalf.

(Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith line up in front of Rufus.)

Heidegger: Salute!

Rufus: Your performance today was nothing short of incredible. Midgar's Seventh Infantry is, without a doubt, the pride of our people. Congratulations.

(Heidegger leads the applause again.)

Reporter: With generous praise, the president offers his congratulations to the team. One can only imagine what those three troopers must be feeling...

(Rufus turns off the microphone.)

Rufus: I have a few private words to say to these troopers. Cut the feed.

Heidegger: Sir. You! You're on crowd control!

(The tv screen turns to display the Shinra logo. Barret watches the events unfold with worry from among the crowd.)

Barret: That ain't right...

(Barret pushes past the crowd.)

Barret: 'Scuse me. Need to get through.

Red XIII: Barret. Over there.

Barret: Huh?

(Yuffie in a moogle hoodie and a tv camera walks past.)

Barret: Of all the times...

Rufus: I rarely talk to the rank and file. Why not take off your helmet? Cloud Strife. That was a first-class performance. One worthy of a SOLDIER.

(Cloud takes off his helmet.)

Heidegger: You!

(Rufus stops Heidegger from approaching Cloud.)

Rufus: Stand down.

Heidegger: But, sir!

(Heidegger reluctantly withdraws to the side while Yuffie sneaks through the crowds.)

Rufus: You're a fascinating individual, Cloud Strife. Your file was gripping as it was...enlightening. Which is why...I have a proposition for you. At present, Midgar requires my full and undivided attention. The city is Shinra's beating heart. Its devastation is a humiliation, and the world must see us rebuild. To that end, I need to refocus my efforts, and push certain duties to one side.

Cloud: Get to the point.

Rufus: My father left me a mountain of unfinished tasks. Like the recapture of a fugitive—of Ancient descent..the recovery of a stolen lab specimen...and, of course, the arrest and execution of Avalanche. None of which, frankly, are of any interest to me whatsoever. I'd gladly wash my hands of it all.

Tifa: So're gonna let us go? Just like that?

Rufus: Yes. Provided you keep your distance from Midgar, that is. No more stirring the proverbial pot.

Aerith: And the same goes for me? But...why?

Rufus: Because I have a new vision for Shinra.

Cloud: So we go free. And you get...?

Rufus: Sephiroth. Dead. He's an unsavory relic of our past. And I want him gone. But in our current state, Shinra lacks the resources to get the job done. So I turn to you.

Cloud: It's a deal.

Rufus: You have a lead, I take it?

Cloud: The guys in black robes.

Rufus: Clever you.

Tifa: You know who they are, don't you?

Rufus: According to Hojo, they're connected to Sephiroth. "Shadows of the man," I believe he called them. Follow them and you'll find him.

Cloud: Right...

Time to Pay, Shinra[]

Yuffie: Seems like a good way up.

(Yuffie climbs the building next to Rufus's stage.)

Barret: Shit. I don't see little miss ninja anywhere.

Red XIII: She can't have gone far.

(Yuffie gets to a spot with a good aim at Rufus, who is still talking to Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.)

Red XIII: Look. Up there.

Barret: Oh, no... Don't do it now!

(Yuffie takes a deep breath, concentrates, and eats a da chao bean while remembering what happened to Sonon.)

Yuffie: Alright, Shinra. Time to pay.

(She aims.)

Yuffie: Focus...

Rufus: So... we have ourselves a deal then?

Aerith: Only if you can honor it. No one comes for us. Not Hojo, not the Turks. No one.

Yuffie: Take your time... You know you can do this...

Rufus: You have my word.

Yuffie: Heh heh. Here goes! Gotcha!

Barret: Stop!

Heidegger: Get down!

(Heidegger tackles Rufus to the floor and is hit in the back by Yuffie's shuriken.)

Heidegger: Get over here!

(Heidegger and Rufus are surrounded by security officers.)

Rufus: Ah, so that's your game.

Cloud: It wasn't us.

Rufus: Spare me. You had your chance.

Heidegger: Sir. Please.

Commander: Sweep the rooftops! Now!

Commander Adjutant: Don't let them get away!

(Injured Heidegger leads Rufus away. Every soldier who partook in the parade mobilizes, including Roche.)

Tifa: Yuffie. That was her, right?

Cloud: Yup.

Aerith: Whadda we do?

Cloud: Get the hell outta here.

Barret: Hey! What happened to Rufus?

Cloud: Long gone.

Barret: Shit... So what now?

Red XIII: I saw one of the robed men. He was headed for the port.

Cloud: Let's follow him.

Barret: Place is on alert—are you sure about that?

Cloud: We've still got the uniforms. Go on without me. I'll take care of the Seventh Infantry. Throw 'em off the scent.

Tifa: Alone? You sure?

Cloud: Trust me. It's easier this way.

Trooper: Captain!

Cloud: Get going.

(The others head to the port. Seventh Infantry trooper delivers Cloud his weapon.)

Trooper: Sir! Your orders?

Cloud: Just received new intel. The suspect is en route to Larboard Junon. I'm to convey this information to all nearby units. Go join the search. I'll catch up.

Trooper: If I may, sir...we've heard rumors that there are others in league with the terrorist. Conspirators—in stolen uniforms. For your own safety, sir, allow us to accompany you. Midgar's Seventh Infantry never leaves a man behind!

Cloud: Right...

Trooper: If the enemy is among us, other units are a potential threat, and we must treat them as such.

Cloud: Uh...good point.

Trooper: But you can trust us, sir—like we trust you.

Cloud: We'll alert all units from here to the port elevator. When that's done, we'll regroup with the rest in Larboard Junon. Got it?

Troopers: Yessir!

(Cloud leads five troopers down to Seaport Facilities, where they come across Junon soldiers.)

Trooper: Suspect sighted!

7th Infantry Trooper: The captain needs us!

(They defeat the Junon troopers together.)

Trooper: Where are the other units, sir?

Cloud: Up ahead. C'mon.

Troopers: Yessir!

Security Officer: Is it true someone tried to kill the president?

Cloud: That's correct. The latest report is that the assailant fled to Larboard Junon.

Security Officer: Shit... Well, here—if you run into that bastard...

(Obtained a mist hi-potion from the security officer. Cloud and his followers make their way to the dining hall in Starboard Junon where they find more Junon troopers that attack them.)

Trooper: They're with the assassin!

(Cloud and his followers defeat the Junon troopers.)

Trooper: You don't think the enemy has infiltrated the Seventh, do you?

Cloud: Never doubt your brothers.

Troopers: Yessir!

(Cloud and his followers run into more Junon troopers who attack them.)

Trooper: Suspect sighted!

7th Infantry Trooper: Damn terrorists!

(Cloud and his followers defeat the Junon troopers and continue on until they run into security officers.)

Security Officer: You hear anything more about that assassin?

Cloud: Only that they've been spotted in the area of Larboard Junon. Nothing else to report.

Security Officer: Alright... Well, thanks for the update.

(Obtained two hi-potions. Cloud and his followers take an elevator up where they run into more Junon troopers who attack them.)

Trooper: You! Hands where I can see 'em!

(Cloud and his followers defeat the Junon troopers and take another elevator down.)

Trooper: Perhaps it's time we returned to Larboard Junon, sir?

Cloud: Indulge me, trooper.

Troopers: Yessir!

(In the hangar, Cloud is attacked by Shinra robots.)

7th Infantry Trooper: Protect the captain!

(Cloud makes his way to a training ground where troopers, adjutant commanders, and even a marching band are on the side watching as the audience, Roche and his red bike in the middle, waiting for Cloud to arrive.)

Roche: You really ought to have told me you wanted to join the parade, my friend. The mobile unit would have loved to have you. Oh dear... My quarry has cast you aside. How tragic.

(Roche snaps his fingers, the lights turn on, and the audience cheers.)

Cloud: Fans of yours?

(Roche laughs.)

Roche: Fans of ours! Didn't you know? You and I are living legends.

Cloud: I got this.

(The Seventh Infantry troopers are dismissed.)

Roche: Isn't it exciting? The two of us, together again at long last! Picture it—a duel to end all duels.

Cloud: Are we fighting or what?

Roche: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We have to set the stage. First, the music!

(The band begins to play.)

Roche: Let's not forget the lights!

(Red lights come on.)

Roche: Actors! To your marks!

(Roche backflips onto his motorcycle.)

Roche: Come! Unleash your passion. Succumb to your instincts! Let us revel in a turbocharged tryst!

(Cloud duels Roche.)

(Upon being staggered.)
Roche: Very nice!

(Upon losing half his health.)
Roche: What? Are you not entertained? My friend! I fear our audience finds this sport underwhelming. And we have a reputation to live up to. Come! Let's give the people a proper spectacle!

(Cloud defeats Roche.)

Roche: Whew... I see you've still got it! But our dance has only just begun! For I refuse to be upstaged a second time, my friend!

(Roche uses the sides of the arena to dive into Cloud with his motorcycle, but Cloud blocks his bike with his sword and slices the bike in half and it explodes.)

Roche: I swear... You get better, stronger, and faster with every lap.

Cloud: Who's next!?

(The audience members hesitate while the Seventh Infantry soldiers run to the arena and surround Cloud.)

Roche: Come now. This match was ours alone. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your champion!

(Roche salutes Cloud and every trooper in the audience follows suit.)

Roche: I must say, you have proven yourself as capable leader of men. Then again, I expected nothing less than the best. As a leader of my own band of brothers, I hold you in the highest respect. And so for you, our fearless captain—a gift. I insist.

(Obtained speed demon keychain, a bottle of elixir, and a stuffed Stamp mascot.)

Roche: That's your cue to exeunt. Yonder elevator will take you down—and to your ship.

Cloud: You sure?

Roche: I'll be right behind you.

(Roche blows Cloud a kiss.)

Cloud: Suit yourself.

Roche: I bid you bon voyage, my friend. Run along now. Shouldn't keep your comrades waiting. Don't go dying on me. I demand another dance.

(Cloud and his followers continue on to the harbor elevator, and spot the ferry in the dock below.)

Cloud: You guys head Larboard without me.

Trooper: Sir, I have to ask...

Cloud: Oh, the jackass with the bike? He's...a jackass.

Trooper: That we know, sir. What I wanted to ask is...why you keep trying to shake us. Are we really that much of a burden to you? Or are you the assassin everyone's looking for?

(Cloud reaches for his weapon.)

Cloud: For what it's worth, I want you to know...I'm sorry.

Trooper: No need to take the joke that far, Captain! We know the culprit's a young woman. Just lightening the mood. But we get it. You clearly have things to do—things you can't divulge to us. We're sorry that we didn't see it sooner, sir!

Troopers: Sorry, sir!

Cloud: It's okay... At ease.

Trooper: The fact is...we would've never won that commendation if you hadn't brought us all together. I might be outta line for sayin' this, since we only just met, but...the Seventh feels more like a family than ever, and...we hope you feel the same.

Cloud: You're not "outta line." It's been an honor, trooper. But you're right. It's time you guys went your way, and I went mine.

(Cloud heads to take the elevator down alone while the Seventh Infantry troopers salute to him.)

Trooper: Will we see each other again, sir?

(Cloud salutes them back.)

Cloud: Count on it.

Friends Await[]

(Cloud takes the elevator down to Junon Seaport ferry dock.)

Waiting passenger: Can we please set sail already.

Waiting Passenger: Did they find out who was behind that attack yet?

Waiting Passenger: I swear, if they cancel my trip...

Aerith: Whew...

Tifa: You okay.

Cloud: Yeah.

Barret: Great. Now then... Let's not keep our "friends" waiting—we better get in line.

Security officer checking people in: Alright, next.

Aerith: They're screening passengers.

Red XIII: What now?

Cloud: We try the back door.

The Back Door[]

Captain Titov: Can I help you?

Cloud: Yeah, we're uh...

Aerith: We're the winners of the president's commendation. As a reward, we got a trip to Costa del Sol. The commander in chief said that we could hitch a ride on your ship.

Captain Titov: First I'm hearing of this.

Aerith: Well, the president's a busy man!

Captain Titov: Those guys with you too?

(Numerous robed men are also heading to the ferry's cargo hold.)

Barret: Where'd they come from?

Crew Member: Captain! Sorry, but you're needed on deck. A fight's broken out.

Captain Titov: Looks like we're in for another fun crossing... Got space in second class. Be sure to mind your p's and q's, huh? Lotta bigwigs on board. As for you... Back to work.

Barret: Aye, sir!

Captain Titov: Oh, and your dog stays in the hold.

Cloud: Got it.

(Red XIII begins to growl and Aerith pats him.)

Aerith: Just play along.

(Everyone enters the cargo hold, including the robed men.)

Crew Member: All clear! Pull 'er up!

Kyrie: Stop the ship! I have a ticket! Come on, man! You can't leave without me! I'm a passenger, goddammit! Now turn that thing around! Worst day ever!

Chapter 5: Blood in the Water[]

A Seaborne Soiree[]

(Passengers are enjoying their time on the Shinra-8 sundeck. Madam M approaches Andrea Rhodea and almost bumps into a pink-haired girl.)

Madam M: Well, that was...odd.

(She settles next to Rhodea, watching the calm sea under the setting sun.)

Madam M: The air's different here, isn't it?

Andrea: Compared to Midgar? Very different, indeed.

Madam M: Though perhaps a little sharp for my taste.

(Cloud, Barret, and Red XIII step onto the sundeck.)

Barret: Not bad.

Red XIII: Time for a little reconnaissance.

(Red XIII is swarmed by kids when he separates from Barret and Cloud. Meanwhile, Tifa and Aerith are conversing at the cargo hold.)

Tifa: Ever see that Faz guy again?

Aerith: No, but there are times when I think I do—and I freeze up...till I realize it's someone else.

Tifa: I bet... I'm here if you wanna talk.

Aerith: Well, actually—I was kinda hoping we could talk business.

Tifa: Uh... What kind of business...?

Aerith: You know. Business. Boys.

Tifa: Oh, that kind.

(They hear someone coming and go stealthy.)

Cloud: It's me.

(Cloud has changed out of his disguise back to his normal outfit. Tifa and Aerith reveal themselves from among the crates.)

Tifa: Meeting adjourned—for now.

(Cloud looks quizzical but the women only share knowing looks and laugh.)

Tifa: So how's it looking up to?

Cloud: All the robes are in second class. Haven't seen any sign of Shinra, though. We can ditch the uniforms.

Aerith: Aww... Well, it's been an honor, Captain!

Tifa: Captain.

(Tifa and Aerith salute.)

Barret: Hey. About this deal Rufus wanted to make with you... I know it's off—thanks to Little Miss Ninja's stunt—but personally, I think she did us a favor. Nothin' good ever came from makin' deals with the devil. Shinra can't be trusted—no matter who's in charge.

Announcement: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Good evening and welcome aboard the Shinra-8. We're sailing smoothly towards Costa del Sol and expect to arrive right on schedule. Though your time with us may be brief, we wish you all a pleasant voyage. As for this evening's onboard entertainment, we will be holding a Queen's Blood tournament in the lounge. Any and all interested guests are welcome to join, regardless of experience. See the lounge staff for details.

Aerith: You heard the man. To the lounge!

Tifa: C'mon!

(Everyone but Cloud heads up to the cabins.)

Crew Member: We have to make inspections to make sure everything's in order.

Passenger: Just one more nap, I'll be in paradise.

(There is banging behind a locked door.)

Yuffie: C'mon, open this frickin' door already!

(Robed man moaning sounds.)

Yuffie: Have you ever heard of personal space? This is mine, so scram! (sea sickness sounds) I'm dying in here... Why won't you open! H-hurry!

(Cloud explores the cabins and makes his way to first class.)

Crew Member: Sorry, sir. Only ship's crew allowed in here.

Crew Member: I'm terribly sorry. These cabins are reserved for our first-class passengers.

Crew Member: My apologies, but these are the first-class cabins. Other passengers are not allowed beyond this point.

(Cloud makes his way to the Royal Lounge.)

Captain Titov: Attention passengers: the Queen's Blood tournament will be starting shortly! This is your last chance to sign up. The winner of today's competition will take ashore a trophy as well as a fabulous prize. No cards of your own? No problem! Decks are available for rental, so come and join in the fun!

(Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII join the queue to sign up. Cloud spots the pink-haired girl who brushed past Madam M earlier.)

???: So—you playing?

Cloud: I might.

(She brushes past him and intentionally bumps into him, pushing him aside.)

???: Then I might see you around.

King of Queen's Blood[]

Staff member: Sign-ups for the Queen's Blood tournament are over here.

Aerith: A little friendly competition could be fun. And who knows—one of us might win it all!

Cloud: Yeah right.

Aerith: Well, you won't go far with that attitude. O ye of zero faith. Ah, now's my chance! I'll be right back.

Tifa: You're pretty good at this game, huh?

Cloud: I guess.

Tifa: Good enough to beat me, though?

(Tifa offers her fist and Cloud bumps it.)

Tifa: I "guess" we'll find out!

(Cloud approaches Red XIII.)

Cloud: You're getting in on this too?

Red XIII: Solely as a means to study human leisure activities. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Receptionist: My apologies...sir. But I'm afraid animals are not allowed to participate.

Red XIII: What? I'm no mere animal, I'll have you know. That's it, I want to speak to your manager.

Cloud: You joinin'?

Barret: Hell yeah, I am! Fabulous prize, here I come!

Cloud: Cool... But...maybe change first.

Barret: Outta this? Nah, I'm startin' to dig it. Tell me I don't look good. Like I was born of the brine.

Cloud: Now's your chance.

Barret: Let's do this.

Aerith: I bet deep down you're a card shark—and you can smell blood in the water.

Tifa: This is gonna be fun.

Red XIII: Why am I only just now learning this is restricted to humans? There should be a sign. Grr...

Barret: Daddy's gonna make you proud, honey.

Receptionist: Here to sign up for our Queen's Blood tournament?

Register for the tournament?
  • Yes
  • No

Receptionist: So, who should I say is competing?

Cloud: Cloud Strife.

Receptionist: Alright, Mr. Strife. Do you have your own cards?

Cloud: Yep.

Receptionist: Well, you're all set to join! Good luck, and have a great time today.

(The tournament begins.)

Captain Titov: Welcome to the Shinra-8's Queen's Blood tournament! Only one of our card battlers will walk away with the trophy and the glory in today's competition, but who will it be? I, Titov, will be your host for this spectacular event, as we seek to crown our next Queen's Blood champion!

Captain Titov: Every journey begins with a single step. So put your best foot forward, and seek out your first competitor. Let's see how today's brave competitors are faring.

Card Shop Employee: Welcome! If you're looking fro cards, we've got you covered.

Felix: Oh hey, dude. You my next opponent? Name's Felix. This's gonna be totally sick! Everything cool? You seem a little tense. Just remember: it's only a game!

Cloud: Just shut up and play.

Felix: Okay, dude, if that's how you roll. S'all good. Ready, set, let's do this thang!

Challenge to a match?
  • Yes
  • No

(Cloud wins.)

Felix: Oh well, I lost... Guess I shoulda learned the rules first.

Captain Titov: Victory for Cloud! I smell a card shark in these waters. All winners must report their match results to tournament staff before we can proceed. It's time for a recap of this round's matches. Let's see how our competitors performed. Let's start with our first pair...

Receptionist: Well done! Let's hope Round 1 is the first of many wins. Keep up the good work in Round 2!

Captain Titov: Round 1 is over and done. Without further ado, let's proceed to Round 2...

(Cloud can challenge Barret, Tifa, or Aerith.)

Aerith: Okay! I'm ready when you are!

Cloud: Want me to go easy?

Aerith: "Want me to go easy?"

Cloud: Alright. Your funeral, though.

Aerith: Oh, there'll be a funeral alright. I'm gonna bury you!

(Cloud challenges Aerith.)

(When Cloud is doing well.)
Cloud: You're mine. No holdin' back. And there's more where that came from. I got this, no problem. Bring it. That's the way.

Captain Titov: Cloud keeps the hits coming as he maintains a solid advantage! Cloud isn't letting up the pressure one bit! Cloud is cool and composed—his focus unmatched!

(When Cloud is not doing well.)
Cloud: Not lookin' good... Can still pull this off.

(When Aerith is doing well.)
Aerith: Oh yeah, I've got a good feeling about this!

Captain Titov: That smile says it all, folks: Aerith knows she's winning this one! An astute and amazing play from Aerith! Aerith's got her opponent in the palm of her hand!

(When Aerith is not doing well.)
Aerith: Not great, but I can still turn things around! Hmm... What to do...

Captain Titov: Aerith is in trouble. Will she survive? Cloud's opponent had better watch out: he's hungry like the wolf for victory! It might be all over for Aerith this round!

(Cloud wins.)

'Aerith: Dang, you really showed me. Maybe I should've let you go easy on me after all.

Receptionist: Nice work, Cloud! You put in another impressive performance. Looking forward to hearing good news about Round 3!

(Cloud can challenge Andrea or Madam M.)

Madam M: Oh, for the love of... You're my next opponent? Surely you haven't forgotten me already, have you? Madam M? Back in Wall Market, we shared an intimate moment.

Cloud: No, I remember. You're pretty hard to forget. Wait—why're you here? Vacation?

Madam M: what I'd prefer, but it's business. Opportunities in Midgar are drying up, so I thought I'd try rubbing some of my friends out west the right way.

Cloud: Right...

Madam M: But I think that's enough idle chitchat for now. Why don't we let out hands do the talking instead, hm?

(When Madam M is doing well.)
Madam M: Now then, how shall I lead this time? Healthy competition always gets the blood flowing. I've got you wrapped around my little finger.

Captain Titov: Madam M is fanning the flames of her foe's frustration! Madam M must be winning: you can hear her cackling with delight!

(When Madam M is not doing so well.)
Madam M: I certainly hope I'm not losing my touch. Ooh, you're going to be sore after this. You may have the upper hand now, but just wait.

Captain Titov: I shouldn't repeat what Madam M just said...but she's not happy. After this match, I think Madam M's the one who'll need a massage!

(Cloud wins.)

Madam M: Fine. You win, Cloud. I have to hand it to you, though—that performance certainly hit all the right spots.

Captain Titov: And Cloud takes it. He's moving up all the way to the top...

Receptionist: Incredible! You've already got three wins under your belt, Cloud! I can't wait and see what you do in Round 4!

Chadley: Cloud! Would you like to play a match with me?

Chapter 6: Fool's Paradise[]

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Chapter 7: Those Left Behind[]

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Chapter 8: All That Glitters[]

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Chapter 9: The Planet Stirs[]

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Cait Sith: Pardon me. So where are we bound this fine day?

Barret: South. Far south.

Cloud: And what's there?

Barret: Not Corel, that's what. Now step on it!

Cait Sith: Very well! South it is! Hold on to your hats!

Barret: Hey, robocat. You act all buddy-buddy, but we don't know a thing about you. Let's fix that.

Cait Sith: There's not much to know. I'm a 9-to-5 nobody at a small Shinra subsidiary. Another paper-shufflin', copy-pastin' forwarder of emails.

Barret: 'Nother Shinra lapdog.

Cait Sith: Lapcat.

Barret: My mistake!

Cait Sith: But you lot are special. Properly special. Never met a specialer group of people in all my life! How could I not tag along?

Barret: (mocking Cait Sith's tone) "How could I not tag along?" Hahaha... Bullshit.

Cait Sith: Come now, this is a road trip! We should be bondin', not fightin'!

Yuffie: (groaning) Barret... Promise won't take down Scarlet...unless I'm there with you.

Barret: Alright. I promise...if you don't give up the ghost right here and now, that is.

Yuffie: I won't let some...stupid car...get the better of me. Not before I've...punched that witch...right in the mouth! That's it. I can't.

Barret: Wait! Just--- Just wait! We'll find somewhere to---!

Yuffie: (vomiting)

Barret: Pull over! She’s about to pop!

Cait Sith: Wait, lassie! Not in the buggy! Not in the buggy!!!

Aerith: Feeling any better?

Yuffie: Leave me...

Tifa: Where to now? We don't have any leads, and driving in circles, hoping to spot a black robe is...

Yuffie: The worst idea ever!

Cait Sith: When you don't know where life's leading... you should get yourself...a reading!

Cloud: "Your lucky food is...mushrooms."

Aerith: Um...

Cait Sith: Mushrooms, eh? Mushrooms... Wait! Barret! You mentioned somethin' earlier about the Corel reactor, did you not? You saw a Weapon there, right?

Barret: Yeah, but...I don't recall tellin' you.

Cait Sith: Well, it might interest you to know that just a wee drive from here, there's another run-down reactor.

Yuffie: Reactor? Materia! Okay, I'm good! Everybody in the car! Let's go go...guuh... (moans)

Barret: Well, couldn't hurt to check it out, I guess...

Cait Sith: Aye, just a wee drive from here, so it is... Shall we?

Cloud: Why not?

Tifa: Oh, Cloud? Mind taking the wheel?

Cait Sith: Alright! Floor it south through the sands till we start seein' green. We'll be pullin' up outside that reactor before ye can say "mako"!

(After Cloud came back to his senses from Sephiroth, he realized he killed Tifa.)

Cloud: (screaming) Tifa!

(Cactuar Side Quest)

Cloud: Here goes... (exclaims and coughs) Oh, shit!

Yuffie: Um...what're you doing?

Cloud: I'm not... doing... anything... (Yuffie and Red XIII start laughing)

Yuffie: Oh, man, that was hilarious! Hey, you think there are any more of these amazing rocks out there?

Red XIII: Your pliability is most impressive./Nice work, Cloud! You're pretty flexible!

Cloud: Whatever. Let's go.

Yuffie: What're you waitin' for? Go on, touch it!

Cloud: Ladies first.

Yuffie: Oh, no. You're way better at the whole "putting yourself in harm's way" thing.

Cloud: Fine.

Yuffie: Are you kidding me!? (grunts) ...Why... me...?

Cloud: Word of advice: don't fight it.

Red XIII: Yes, heed the voice of experience./Yeah, Cloud would know. (Yuffie pants.)

Yuffie: ...What did I do to deserve this!?

Cloud: Let's head back to the reactor.

Yuffie: Oh, yeah! Not it!

Red XIII: Heh heh! Hey, check it out! I can still move my tail!

Cloud: Lucky you.

Red XIII: That was actually kinda fun!

Cloud: Speak for yourself.

Yuffie: it's like that...

Red XIII: Hah, everyone's a winner!

Chadley: I hope you'll forgive the interruption... But I've made more headway in my study of the Book of Kings. One particular passage references the "treasure of the sands." Apparently it's from another world, and its rightful owner is known as "the bladesman of legend."

Yuffie: Huh? Bladesman of what now?

Chadley: Legend. Which is why Kid G has asked you to undertake this trial. To see if you're worthy of said title.

Cloud: Uh... Okay.

Chadley: I'm detecting increased cactuar activity. It would seem they're preparing to receive you. They will hold nothing back. But I have the utmost confidence that you will prevail, as you always do!

Cloud: Alright. Let's go.

Chapter 10: Watcher of the Vale[]

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The Watcher's Verdict[]

(Upon approaching Seto in the Wall of Honor)

Bugenhagen: The Watcher of the Vale fought valiantly, and offered up his life in defense of our home. As you see, he still watches over us-to this very day.

Red XIII: Wait... Is that...

Red XIII: Seto? My father? ...No, there's no way.

Bugenhagen: The poisoned arrows of the Gi transformed his body into stone, and there he has stood ever since, his watch eternal-our savior.

Red XIII: What about my mom? Did she know what had happened to him?

Bugenhagen: (Chuckles) Why, of course she did.

Bugenhagen: It was, after all, she and Seto who asked me to seal off the cave.

Red XIII: But why?

Red XIII: Why did she never tell me the truth!?

Bugenhagen: Because she knew that if she did, you would attempt to seek your father out all by yourself.

Bugenhagen: Your parents strove to keep our vale safe, but there is one thing they fought even harder to protect:

Bugenhagen: you, Nanaki-their son.

Red XIII: She was afraid...because I was too small and weak.

Bugenhagen: (Chuckles) Back then, perhaps, but not anymore-heavens no. You've become a fine warrior in your own right.

Bugenhagen: And that is precisely why I brought you here.

Red XIII: (Sobs)

Bugenhagen: But this is not where your journey is meant to end, my dear boy. You must leave the vale once more.

Red XIII: But I'm a Watcher now!

Red XIII: I gotta protect our home, like he did!

Bugenhagen: Listen to me, Nanaki.

Bugenhagen: When I first heard your friends' emphatic warnings, I dismissed them outright.

Bugenhagen: No more than the ravings of misguided youths.

Bugenhagen: When you've lived as long as I have, you start to believe you've seen it all-that no surprises remain.

Bugenhagen: But I realize now how very foolish I have been. The eyes that I thought saw the world clearly have grown blind to new possibilities.

Red XIII: But...

Bugenhagen: I would hate to impede your progress any further.

Bugenhagen: I bid you leave, Nanaki! Before, like me, you become inured to your own ignorance.

Bugenhagen: With sharper eyes and keener ears go forth, and in my stead seek the great truths of our world!

Bugenhagen: Look after him for me.

Cloud: Don't worry. We will.

Bugenhagen: You failed this trial, my boy. Continue your training, and try again!

Bugenhagen: Are you up to the task, Nanaki?

Red XIII: You bet I am. After all...

Red XIII: I am Nanaki, Watcher of Cosmo Canyon...

Red XIII: and son of Seto...protector of our vale!

(Seto sheds his tears. Red XIII whimpers and then howls. Barret cries and puts his shades on. Suddenly red mists begin to appear)

???: Hearken unto me.

(Red XIII growls)

Gi Nattak: My name is Gi Nattak.

Gi Nattak: O brave and noble Seto... I beseech you once more... Hear the urgent pleas of my people.

Gi Nattak: My thanks, Seto. You are as magnanimous as ever.

Gi Nattak: The warrior Nanaki. And you...

Gi Nattak: the Cetra.

Gi Nattak: Come with me.

(Gi Nattak vanishes)

Red XIII: That was...

Bugenhagen: (Chuckles) ...An exciting turn of events indeed.

Barret: We'll back you up for two thou.

(Cloud sees a hallucination of Sephiroth.)

Cloud No. This one's free.

Undying Wish[]

Yuffie: Ugh, can anyone explain to me why we're even taking this detour? Anyone?

Yuffie: 'Cause some of us are on a mission to secure the materia we need to, you know, save our homeland.

Cait Sith: How can you talk like that in a place like this? I'm scared out of my wits here!

Yuffie: I dunno. This Gi dude's too nice to freak me out.

Barret: He may act nice, but who knows what he's planning. Stay alert.

(Upon reaching Gi Nattak)

Gi Nattak: The home of the Gi lies beyond.

Gi Nattak: Now let us begin out journey.

Yuffie: Not so fast - what's in it for us? Unless it's materia, you can count me out.

Gi Nattak: How strange you should mention materia. My people are also in search of it.

Yuffie: Okay, all aboard!

(Cloud hops into the canal, then Cait Sith, then Tifa, then Aerith, and then Barret)

Red XIII: Would've stayed longer if I could... but I'll be back soon, I promise.

(Red XIII hops into the boat. The gang begin their voyage)

Yuffie: I'm gonna hurl...

Red XIII: Maybe try swaying with the rocking of the boat?

Yuffie: I wanna move less, not more...

Tifa: Didn't seem to mind when you jumped aboard.

Yuffie: Only 'cause he mentioned materia...

Gi Nattak: Be quiet. The planet is listening.

Barret: And what's wrong with that?

Gi Nattak: Anything that reaches the planet' ears, in due time, reaches those of the Cetra.

Gi Nattak: Unfortunately, the Cetra are not a...tolerant people.

Aerith: Excuse me. Am I intolerant too? I'm Cetra.

Gi Nattak: You are indeed one of lineage alone.

Gi Nattak: You know not of their history. That has been lost to time.

Aerith: Their...history?

Gi Nattak: Consider your ignorance a blessing. The Cetra's past if fraught with horror and sorrow.

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[missing Biggs & Zack interludes]

Aerith: Wha...

Gi Nattak: We've arrived.

Yuffie: Hah! Still standing!

Gi Nattak: Welcome to the Village of the Gi.

The Gi: Welcome to our domain, children of the planet.

Barret; Y'all hear that just now?

Gi Nattak; Our flesh is gone... yet our spirits are condemned to linger.

Gi Nattak: "Outsiders" such as we are unwelcome forever denied the planet's embrace.

Barret: I feel for ya. Can only imagine how tough that's been.

Gi Nattak: My kin now dwell within these effigies.

Gi Nattak: I beseech you. Lend them your ears. Long has it been since they have had an audience.

Aerith: They're not "bound" to the planet, and so she rejects them.

Tifa: Because you have to come from the lifestream to return to it.

Yuffie: Which means...these dudes can't die, right They're invincible!

Cait Sith: I'm not sure that's somethin' to celebrate.

Cait Sith: Being stuck as spirits with no hope of release sounds like a fate worse than death.

Yuffie: As if you know anything about dying.

Yuffie: I mean...are you even really alive?

Cait Sith: Another stuck spirit perhaps?

The Gi: We shall not rest till the materia is ours.

Yuffie: You and me both...

Gi Specter: Cast out from the cycle of life and death...

Gi Specter: Into purgatory eternal...

Gi Specter: We shall not rest till the materia is ours.

Gi Nattak: Few of my people survived the chaos and calamity. Those who did began a new life here.

Gi Nattak: But, to the planet, we were not welcome.

Gi Nattak: Not in life, nor in death.

Gi Nattak: Those not born of the lifestream can never join its flow. One cannot "return" to that from which one did not arise.

Gi Nattak: And so, our souls sought refuge here.

Gi Nattak: Yet idleness brought no solace, our days a penance imposed by the planet for the sin of our existence.

Gi Nattak: And now, our only wish is to be freed from this prison-to be granted true release.

Gi Nattak: From the planet, we claimed the greatest of materia a most sacred treasure-and imbued it with our desire for freedom.

Gi Nattak: After an eternity...

Gi Nattak: the materia began to stir. And thus did we rejoice, knowing that salvation was within our grasp.

Gi Nattak: We rejoiced, so convinced were we that our prayers for release had not been in vain.

Gi Nattak: Yet the loathsome Cetra trespassed upon our lands and stole the treasure that would grant us deliverance.

Gi Nattak: Therefore, we ask that you retrieve it— the black materia, key to our oblivion.

Gi Nattak: Please... It alone can liberate us from this endless dream.

Gi Nattak: The Gi cannot rest until our sacred treasure has been restored to us.

Gi Nattak: Moreover, in redressing the crime of her ancestors, the Cetra may help us to let go our ancient grudge.

Cloud: Where is it?

Gi Nattak: It is said the orb lies within a place of Cetra worship.

Cait Sith: A place of Cetra worship...or temple.

Barret: Ya know one?

Cait Sith: I have an idea. At least...l think I do.

Gi Nattak

Forgive me. hollow one, if I regard you with suspicion.

Cait Sith: Now hold on there!

Cait Sith: I'm friend to one and all, thanks to my crystal ball. No matter your need, I have the right read!

Cloud: He's strange, but you can trust him. Really.

Gi Nattak: Hmm...

Gi Nattak: Alas, it appears we have been discovered.

Gi Nattak: I trust you will return our materia to its rightful home.

Gi Nattak: Only you can end our torment.

[missing vail cave return]

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Chapter 11: The Long Shadow of Shinra[]

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Search Resumes[]

(Upon entering a lit room)

Cait Sith: Pardon me.

(The gang enters the room. Cait Sith sees a coffin.)

Cait Sith: Decor's a bit...grim, no?

(Cloud approaches the coffin and tries touch it. But a voice booms)

???: Who dares disturb my slumber?

(A man pops out of the coffin and lands.)

???: Well?

Cloud: Doesn't matter. Who are you?

Vincent: Vincent Valentine.

Vincent: I'm...

Vincent: security.

Vincent: Why're you here?

Vincent: Be brief.

Cloud: Your terminal.

Cait Sith: (Affirms)

Vincent: Keycard.

(Cloud uses Murasaki's ID onto Vincent's device but it's off. Vincent tries to turn it on but Cait Sith assists him.)

Cait Sith: There.

Vincent: Oh.

(Cloud uses Murasaki's ID onto Vincent's device again.)

Vincent: Hmph.

Vincent: You have the authorization, at least.

Cait Sith: Great.

(Cloud and Cait Sith begin to walk away but a gun is aimed at them. The gang had their weapons ready.)

Vincent: Though you're clearly not Murasaki.

Vincent: Explain yourself.

Cait Sith: Och, it's a bit of a long story, and we'd love to tell you about it, but there's somethin' we really need to look up first.

Cait Sith: Can't go lettin' our foe win the information war, eh?

Vincent: Your "Foe"? And who might that be?

  • (Upon selecting Sephiroth)
    Cloud: A man who many people-myself included-once called a hero:
    Cloud: Sephiroth.
  • (Upon selecting Shinra)
    Cloud: Shinra.
    Cait Sith: (Shocked) "Foe-avorite," don't you mean!
    Cloud: A man who many people-myself included-once called a hero:
    Cloud: Sephiroth.
  • (Upon selecting Wutai)
    Cloud: Wutai.
    Yuffie: Excuse me? What's that supposed to mean?
    Cloud: Kidding.
    Cloud: A man who many people-myself included-once called a hero:
    Cloud: Sephiroth.

Cloud: He's insane. And he's after something so powerful, it could destroy the planter-unless we stop him.

(Vincent puts his gun down)

Vincent: I see.

(Vincent picks up the coffin's lid)

Vincent: Then I've one more sin to atone for.

(Vincent opens the facility door)

Vincent: The room is unlocked.

Vincent: Use it as you see fit...Mr. Murasaki.

(He then seals himself in a coffin again.)

Aerith: Don't mind if we do, I guess.

Chapter 12: A Golden Key[]

(After fixing the Tiny Bronco)

Cid: Okay! Let's start her up.

Cid: (Chuckles) Sounds good.

Tifa: Yeah, but the wings're still broken.

Cid: And? What of it?

Cid: Only one man has mastered the land, air, and sea-and you're lookin' at him.

Cid: Y'got that?

Cloud: Okay, so?

Cid: So you can think of me as the captain of your ship.

Cid: Strap on in and we'll punch through the chop!

Tifa & Aerith: Aye aye.

Cid: Let's set sail.

Cid: Straight through the ravine and on to Costa del Sol!

Cid: And after that...

Cait Sith: We hoof it!

Barret: Sounds like a plan. We'll be there before you know it.

Aerith: Let's set a course for Costa del Sol-sir!

Cid: Roger that. Full speed ahead!

Full Speed Ahead[]

Cloud: Cait, mind filling us in on the keystone before we arrive?

Cait Sith: Gladly.

Cait Sith: 'Bout twenty years back, one of my more eccentric colleagues convinced the company to build a museum for his antiques.

Cait Sith: "The Reliquary," they called it. Pretty cool, eh?

Cait Sith: Now, according to company records, the keystone was housed there.

Yuffie: Wait a sec. I thought you said it was at the Gold Saucer!

Cait Sith: Aye, I'm getting to that, dinnae fret...

Cait Sith: Where was I? Oh right! So, the museum turned out to be a total flop.

Cait Sith: Closed as soon as it opened.

Cait Sith: But somewhere between cutting the ribbon and boarding up the windows, the keystone vanished into thin air.

Yuffie: So it's not at the Saucer!?

Cloud: Do you know where it went?

Cait Sith: No, but I know a man who might: the former curator.

Cid: Huh? How do you know that name?

Vincent Let's just say... I've been around a while.

Cait Sith: After the museum debacle, auld Dio was demoted-only to be promoted again when the Saucer took off.

Cait Sith: Made director in no time. A real riches-to-rags-to-riches story. All of which is why we're bound for the Saucer.

Barret: Hey, Cid, did I hear right? You used to work with Shinra?

Cid: Still do, on occasion. Them boys got their uses.

Barret: That's gonna be a problem. Y'see, we don't take kindly to friends of the company.

Cid: And I don't take kindly to that tone of yours.

Cid: Man who tries to lord his power over me's gonna wish he didn't.

Barret: Hmph.

Cid: That's what's appealin' about the skies. Got 'em all to myself.

Cid: Rats can have their race in the gutter. Never much cared for the squeakin' anyways!

Cid: I miss the wild blue yonder dearly.

Tifa: I hope Johnny's all healed up by now.

Aerith: And that his hotel's found its, uh, sea legs.

Barret: Fat chance.

Barret: Kid prob'ly got gifted again, and is cryin' himself to sleep every night.

(Upon arriving at the docks of Costa Del Sol)

Cid: Thank you for choosin' Bronco Cruises. We sincerely hope you enjoyed your trip with us.

Tifa: "Cruises"? I thought it was "Bronco Airlines."

Red XII: Not after his wings got clipped!

Cid: (Laughs)

Aerith: Seriously, we really appreciate you ferrying us around.

Cid: You're most welcome.

Cid: Hey, y'all headed to the Saucer, ain'tcha? I might could tag along-take in the splendor.

Cid: Whaddya think?

Cid: Girl always knows just what to say. Am I right?

Cid: Shall we?

Tifa: Wait a sec. Where's Vincent?

Red XIII: Up there.

Barret: Another loner... As if one wasn't enough of a pain in my ass.

Cloud: Yeah, one's more than enough.

Tifa: (Chuckles)

Cloud: You mean me!?

Everyone: (Laughs)

The Keystone's Whereabouts[]

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Chapter 13: Where Angels Fear to Tread[]

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Hall of Resurrection[]

(Upon opening the doors)

Tseng: Built like a maze...remnants of battle...

Tseng: It's not a temple-it's a fortress.

Tseng: To defend against what, though? Fiends?

(The robed man turns into Sephiroth)

Sephiroth: Worse-humans.

(Sephiroth stabs Tseng)

Sephiroth: Humans feared and coveted the power of the Ancients. And so they slaughtered them.

(Cloud and the gang arrives)

Cloud: Sephiroth...

(Sephiroth pulls back the masamune from Tseng)

Aerith: Tseng!

Sephiroth: Don't be afraid.

Sephiroth: It's not death-it's a homecoming.

Sephiroth: You'll see him soon enough.

(Tseng shot Sephiroth turning back into a robed man.)

A Grave Injury[]

(Upon approaching Tseng)

Aerith: Tseng!

Tseng: You okay?

Aerith: It's not me you should be worried about!

Tseng: Just tell me-

Tseng: This place...

Tseng: Is it...the promised land?

(Aerith shakes her head)

Aerith: I'm sorry...but I don't think it is.

Tseng: 'Course. Figures.

Aerith: Always did take my word for it.

Aerith: I never hated you, you know.

Tseng: This pedestal's a key. One only an Ancient can use.

Aerith: Where are you going!?

Tseng: Got...a report to make...

Cloud: Aerith. I need you.

An Ancient's Purview[]

(Upon touching the Pedestal)

Cloud: What's it say?

Aerith: "O warrior...weary though thou art... inward must thou now turn.

Aerith: "Reflect on thy long and bloody path... and kindle life's fire anew.

Aerith: "Forget not thine ire, for it shall...remake thee."

(The Doors aimed each of the gang)

Barret: Rollin' out the red carpet for us?

Aerith: Sorta. We're each supposed to face some kind of trial.

Tifa I guess you get to sit this one out.

Yuffie: Typical.

Cloud: I'll wait out here. But make it quick.

Barret: Well, no point delayin' the inevitable.

Yuffie: Right.

Barret: Seeya on the other side.

To Each Their Trial[]

(Upon approaching the Shrine of Trials)

Aerith: What is this?

(Upon inspecting the shrine)

The Trial of Red XIII[]

The Trial of Tifa[]

The Trial of Yuffie[]

The Trial of Barret[]

The Trial of Aerith[]

(Back at the Hall of Resurrection, every returns and meet back and the pedestal where Cloud awaits)

Aerith: Y'know...

Aerith: If you think about it, life and death are just two sides of the same coin.

Aerith: Our bodies may disappear when we die, but our spirits still live on.

Aerith: We return to the planet, rejoin the lifestream, and-in time-give rise to new life.

Barret: "In time," yeah...

Aerith: I get it. I really do.

Aerith: Knowing that the people we love aren't really gone? It's doesn't make it any easier to let them go.

Aerith: It still hurts. So we can't just think of it as a "homecoming." 'Cause it's not that simple.

Aerith: We've all experienced pain. We all have our regrets.

Aerith: What we've done-what's been done to us-that's set in stone. The past is forever.

Aerith: But the future-even if it has been written-can be changed.

Aerith: It's true that the pain and the anger we carry can make us stronger.

Aerith: But at what cost? What toll does it take?

Aerith: I believe true strength doesn't come from any of that.

Aerith: True strength comes from our ability to forgive-to forge ahead in the hope of making things right.

Aerith: It comes from ourselves.

Aerith: So focus on the future-not the past.

Aerith: Do that, and not even Sephiroth will be able to stand in our way.

Aerith: Not even him.

Cloud: Are you finished?

Cloud: Clock's ticking. C'mon.

Aerith: Yeah. I know.

Corridor of Effigies[]

(The Trial of Cloud)

(Cloud was transported to mako Reactor 1)

Barret: What’s wrong?

Cloud: I’m fine.

(Sephiroth appears)

Sephiroth: Oh, what fun you had. Tell me, though… was it worth it?

Sephiroth: All those lives cut short… at your hand.

Cloud: Biggs?

Sephiroth: Is what you’re feeling even real? It’s time you stopped pretending, Cloud.

(Cloud then sees Tifa mourning Jessie)

Tifa: Jessie…

Sephiroth: Your friend died in your arms. And you didn’t shed a tear. Why is that?

(Cloud turns to see Sephiroth)

Cloud: Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: Sorrow. Anger. Regret. Guilt. Nothing but empty words to you. For you are but a puppet-my puppet.

Cloud: I’ll kill you.

(Cloud tries to stab Sephiroth but Sephiroth is alive. Sephiroth whispers to Cloud's ear.)

Sephiroth: Good, Cloud, very good.

Sephiroth: Fill your hollow heart… with rage. Let it engulf you-consume you.

Sephiroth: That you may burn your world to the ground-as I did.

Cloud: I’m not like him. I’ll never be like him.

Tifa: We know. It’s okay.

The Materia Awaits[]

(After arriving at the Mural Chamber)

The Cetra: You who walk in the footsteps of we who dwell in eternity...

The Cetra: Listen well, for dusk is falling on the age of our people-the Cetra.

The Cetra: And in the long night to come, others shall rise to claim the stewardship of this planet-others who pay no heed to history.

The Cetra: Though in time we triumphed over the calamity visited upon us by the stars, tragedy would nevertheless be our ultimate reward.

Before the Fall[]

The Cetra: For the children of man feared us.

The Cetra: For the children of man envied us.

The Cetra: Perhaps their enmity was seeded by our celestial adversary.

The Cetra: None can say.

The Cetra: Regardless, we had been forsaken by fate.

The Cetra: Abandoned by unquenchable anger and unbearable grief. Condemned and driven forth...

The Cetra: Powerless to forestall the coming of our end.


The Cetra: Long ago, a wound marred the northern lands.

The Cetra: And to mend it did many venture forth, only to meet with disaster.

The Cetra: A deceiver that stole the faces of the dead-of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers lost.

The Cetra: With their voices did it sow the seeds of discord among our people-among the children of man.

The Cetra: For the planet did we lay down our lives in battle, and in death returned to her embrace.

The Cetra: Yet our adversary did not.

The Cetra: Could not. Thus did it fall into a deep slumber.

The Cetra: And in the long silence of its sleep...

The Cetra: it was given the name "Jenova."

The Cetra: Heed well our warning of that which is to come:

The Cetra: the reunion.

The Cetra: Our adversary's scattered malignancy shall converge to plague the planet once more.

Dreams of Oblivion[]

The Cetra: It has ever been our sacred duty to protect our planet against any who threaten it.

The Cetra: They who came from without were one such threat.

The Cetra: The Gi, who with bitter prayer forged the black materia.

The Cetra: So foul was the orb's magic that we knew at once it must be hidden, that none might ever wield its terrible power.

(Upon reaching the Meteor Mural)

The Cetra: The black materia shall summon the destroyer of worlds.

The Cetra: The meteor shall fall, sundering the skies and shattering the earth.

The Cetra: All life shall perish...

Sephiroth: Yet I shall remain.

Sephiroth: I, son of Jenova, will at last claim my birthright.

Sephiroth: My dominion shall reach into infinity.

Sephiroth: It shall encompass worlds unbound by fate and histories unwritten.

Aerith: What do you mean?

Sephiroth: My fragmented mother, these errant worlds...All shall be one again.

Aerith: The "Reunion"...

Sephiroth: All made whole.

Sephiroth: Forever.

Aerith: There's no such thing as "Forever".

Sephiroth: Ah...but there will be.

Aerith" No. You're wrong.

Sephiroth: Your day of reckoning is here.

Sephiroth: Yet you need not be afraid.

Sephiroth: This is but a homecoming.

Cloud: Get back here, dammit!

(Upon encountering Demon Gate.)

Aerith: Getting kinda cramped in here.

  • Tifa: Not good...
  • Barret: We're runnin' out of room here, folks!
  • Yuffie: Not cool!

(When Demon Gate uses Encroach)

Aerith: I think it's trying to crush us again!

  • Tifa: We gotta stop it!
  • Barrett: Oh no you don't!
  • Yuffie: Oh, gimme a break!

(Upon Demon Gate reaching ??% HP)

Barret: Not two of 'em!

(Upon defeating Demon Gate)

Barret: (Laughs) Still alive! No "homecomin" for us today!

Yuffie: As if we were ever gonna lose. We're unstoppable!

Cloud: Let me through.

Barret: Hey, man...

Within Our Grasp[]

(Upon approaching Cloud)

Cloud: Heh heh heh...

Aerith: Don't!

Yuffie: Wait, what!? What's happening!?

(Outside the Temple)

Cid: Now where in the hell is he off to?

(In the corridors)

Elena: Hey! Watch it!

Cait Sith: Sorry about that!

Rude: Come on.

(In the Black Altar)

Barret: How come everything started shakin!?

Aerith: "Let those who seek our star's demise find herein their rest."

Aerith: If the black materia is removed, the whole place comes down.

Yuffie: You're kidding, right?

Yuffie: Please tell me that you're kidding!

Red XIII: Calm down!

Red XIII: We just have to return it to the altar.

Cloud: Let go!

Chapter 14: End of the World[]

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Rude: Almost there.

Hojo: Tseng is in Grave condition... Perhaps I could help?

Rufus: No. The medical team will see to him.

Rufus: I think you have enough "Material".

Rufus: Tell me, Professor: how would you explain the phenomena we witnessed at the temple?

Hojo: It would be premature to draw any scientific conclusions...but one thing is abundantly clear:

Hojo: we at Shinra could stand to dream far bigger.

Rufus: I would have to agree.

(In the Main Pillar interior)

Zack: To the right-Shinra HQ.

Guided by Fate[]

(Upon reaching the Forgotten Capital)

Vincent: The grand metropolis, where the Ancients once gathered to pray...

Vincent: thought lost to time...

Vincent: until today.

Tifa: This is it...right?

Red XIII: You know, I think it is!

Red XIII: Yeah-Gramps told me all about it when I was growing up. He called it "the forgotten capital."

Red XIII: Said it was the heart of Cetran civilization...but I never thought I'd see it!

Yuffie: And this place screams fancy altar! Aerith's gotta be here!

Barret: Well then, let's go get our girl.

Barret: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say those assholes are fixin' to get in our way again.

Tifa: Look at them, though...

Cloud: Yeah...they're different. Don't belong to fate or the planet.

Cloud: They belong to the Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: I'm waiting, Cloud.

Barret: What is all of this?

Red XIII: It's the end!

Cloud: Sephiroth!

Sephiroth: (Scoffs) Good, Aerith. Pray.

Sephiroth: It's upon us.

Sephiroth: The reunion-when worlds merge...

Sephiroth: when spite and sorrow are harvested to feed the planet!


Red XIII: Why are these ones white?

Cloud: Dunno, but they sure don't like us.

(Upon encountering the Whispers)

Cloud: Heads up!

(Upon defeating the Whispers)

Barret: I'll be damned. It's like we're back on the expressway again.

Tifa: Aerith!

Red XIII: How're we supposed to get through?

Barret: Shouldn't be too hard.

Barret: Just gotta say the magic words:

Barret: "Daddy's coming home real soon, honey!"

Yuffie: Uh, no thanks! I'm good!

Tifa: Aerith...

Cloud: Aerith.

Tifa: Aerith!

Yuffie Aerith!

Barret: Aerith!

Red XIII & Cait Sith: Aerith!

Cloud: Aerith!


Vincent: She needs you. Go.

Beyond the Wall[]

(While walking towards Aerith)

Aerith: O planet and its faithful stewards...

Aerith: Please...lend me your strength.

Aerith: I know I'm doing this wrong. Mom never taught me how to pray.

Aerith: And as the last living Cetra, I may never learn.

Aerith: All I one thing.

Aerith: To keep the others safe.

Aerith: They mean so much to me.

Aerith: So, please...tell me how to do that.

Aerith: I'm begging you.

(Cloud attempting to kill Aerith. But sees Sephiroth descending to kill her.)

Cloud: No!

Cloud: (Grunts)

Cloud: Aerith!

Sephiroth: (Cackles) Don't weep.

Sephiroth: Your tears are empty.

Sephiroth: Just like you.

Cloud: (Sobs)

Aerith: Cloud, it's okay.

Cloud: Aerith...

Barret: (Panting) (Gasps) I'll kill you!

Tifa: Aerith!

Sephiroth: And so it begins.

Sephiroth: A confluence of worlds...and emotions.

Sephiroth: Loss, chief among them.

Sephiroth: It engulfs fleeing moments of joy, transforming them into rage, sadness, hatred.

Sephiroth: Never have I felt them so keenly.

Cloud: I got this.

Sephiroth:'ll never see the truth with such clouded eyes.

Cloud: Shut up!

Sephiroth: After all...

Sephiroth: You're just a puppet.

(Upon encounter Jenova Lifeclinger)

Cloud: Heads up!

Tifa: Screw you!

(Upon Jenova Lifeclinger reaching ??%)

Barret: You good?

Cloud: Yeah.

(Upon Jenova Lifeclinger reaching ??%)

Cait Sith: Look out!

Tifa: You good?

Cait Sith: Better than that thing's gonna be in a few minutes!

Tifa: Got that right.

(Upon taking down the right wing)

Cait Sith: It's gettin' away!

Tifa: Barret!

Barret: I got it right where I want it!

Barret: Good to go, Nanaki?

Red XIII: Yeah! Let's get this show on the road!

Barret: Haha! Couldn'ta said it better myself!

(Upon taking down the Left wing)

Red XIII: Watch out, you guys!

Barret: It's comin' your way, Yuffie!

Yuffie: Been waitin' for this!

Yuffie: You gotta admit-it's been awesome having me on the team, right?

Cloud: Hasn't been boring.

Yuffie: You can say that again. It's been a real trip.

(Upon Jenova Lifeclinger reaching ??%)

Yuffie: Get that shit outta here!

Red XIII: Cloud!

Barret: I'm coming in hot!!

Cait Sith: Mind if we drop in!?

Cait Sith: 'Cause we thought we'd swing by!

Cloud: Ready?!

Barret: Y'all ready to close it out in style!?

Yuffie: Long as you guys can keep up!

Cait Sith: Lady Luck's brought us this far!

Red XIII: And the rest is up to us!

Tifa: Can ya help with that, Cloud?

Cloud: Yeah. Let's finish this.

(Upon defeating Jenova Lifeclinger)

(The Whispers surround the gang)

Barret: What now?

(Everything went all white. Then we see Zack running on the white space)

Zack: White as far as the eye can see...

Zack: Hey, anybody there?

(He sees the Whispers and then sees Cloud)

Zack: How about that.

(Zack goes up close at Cloud)

Zack: Well, nice to see you too.

Zack: So...

Zack: I hear you've been pretty busy.

(The two were transported into the Edge of Creation they backed up onto each other.)

Cloud: Zack?

(They then see a black feather)

Zack: Uh, how's about we save the catching up for later?

(Sephiroth shows up)

Zack & Cloud: Sephiroth!

(Sephiroth Boss Fight)

Zack: Cloud! You ready for this?

Cloud: Uh..yeah.

Cloud: Alright. Follow my lead.

Zack: Look at you takin' charge! I like it!

(Upon switching to playing as Zack or keep fighting as Cloud)

Zack: What the hell happened to you? You were a SOLDIER! How could you turn your back on everything we stand for!?

Sephiroth: Easily.

Zack: Right.

Zack: Long as you get what you want, who cares who gets hurt! Is that it!?

Zack: You really got it comin'!

(Upon staggering Sephiroth)

Zack & Cloud: Let's bring it home!

Zack: (Laughs) Great minds!

(Upon defeating Sephiroth)

(Cloud and Zack are about to kill Sephiroth)

Sephiroth: Just as worlds unite, so too do they part.

(He splits the two up. Zack begins to sink.)

Zack: Cloud! Save her!

(Zack vanished)

Sephiroth: Alone at last. Shall we?

(Sephiroth transforms into Sephiroth Reborn)

Cloud: Don't care how big you get... I'm not backing down. I'm finishing this!

(Upon Crippling the body, Cloud gets trapped by the black whispers but then the White Shispers appear and held Sephiroth Reborn. He plunges to the ground splitting it.)

Cloud: Gotcha! (He runs up and jumps and clings into Sephiroth Reborn's body.)

(Upon depleting Sephiroth Reborn's HP to 86%, Cloud slices the top head's chest and it erupts with Whispers. Fade to black and fade to Everyone else)

Barret: Any sign?

(Tifa sighs not sure)

Red XIII: Maybe the Whispers got him...

Yuffie: You think they took him somewhere?

(Suddenly lightning cracked on the sky)

Tifa: Look out!

(The Whispers come down and Sephiroth Reborn appears. Everyone is shocked)

Red XIII: Sephiroth...

(Sephiroth Reborn summons Bahamut Arisen Whisper. The gang prepped.)

Barret: This one's for Aerith.

Cait Sith: This is bad! This is very bad!

Barret: Sephiroth'll have to wait.

Yuffie: Alright, scaly! Move it or lose it!

Tifa: C'mon, we gotta take out Bahamut!

(When Sephiroth Reborn uses Atonement)

Red XIII: Now! Take out the wings!

(When Sephiroth Reborn uses Blessing of Calamity)

Barret: That's some bullshit-bringin' it back like that.

Tifa: The wings're healing it!

(Upon crippling the first wing)

Yuffie: Heh heh... Aw, did that hurt?

Barrett: Hah! Nicely done!!

Tifa: Time to take out the other!

Cait Sith: Don't you dare stop now!

(When Sephiroth uses Spirit of Calamity)

Cait Sith: Anyone else think we should clip the big lad's wings!?

(Upon defeating Bahamut Arisen Whisper & crippling the other wing)

Barret: Dammit!

(Fade to black. Zack flies through the void and he opens his eyes seeing the flowers from Aerith's church. He lands and feels the Lifestream particles healing him.)

Zack: Aerith?

(Suddenly, the background brightens to be in space as Zack sees a huge meteor)

Zack: What in the hell is going on!?

(Sephiroth Reborn appears. Zack brings up his Buster Sword and it intercuts with Cloud)

Zack & Cloud: Embrace your dreams.

Zack & Cloud: And, whatever happens...protect your honor as a SOLDIER!

Zack: Let's settle this once and for all!

(Upon crippling the chest)

Zack: Alright...time to go all out!

(Upon depleting Sephiroth Reborn's HP to 40%, Zack and Cloud make their attack. We cut to the other side as Sephiroth Reborn's horn fell. Barret shoots Sephiroth Reborn.)

Barret Yeah! You feel that?

(Sephiroth Reborn regenerates)

Cait Sith: (Shudders) He's rebuildin' himself!

(Red XIII, Yuffie & Tifa made their stance)

Barret: Then we keep fightin'!

Yuffie: Hey, butthead here's lookin' pretty banged up!

Cait Sith: We havenae even scratched it!

(When trying to take the core when the wings are active)

Tifa: We've gotta take out the barrier!

Yuffie: It's those stupid wings!

(Upon destroying the core)

Yuffie: Hey there, jerkface!

Red XIII: Nothing's gonna stop us!

Barret: Let's show him what we're made of!

(Upon defeating Sephiroth Reborn, Sephiroth Reborn begins to shatter and the Whispers swirl around him)

Barret: You gotta be kiddin' me! He still ain't dead!?

(Sephiroth Reborn turns back to Sephiroth and lands on the Edge of Creation)

Cloud: There you are... Sephiroth!

(Sephiroth unleashes his Whispers but then the White Whispers came and prevailed. Sephiroth turns to what's happening. Cloud then turns to see Aerith coming out of a white vortex)

Aerith: Let's end this-together.

Cloud: (Scoffs)

(Then turn to see Sephiroth. Sephiroth turns around)

Sephiroth: (To Aerith) I must admit....

Sephiroth: I underestimated you.

(Cloud and Aerith stand ready and Sephiroth preps himself. The final clash begins)

Aerith: I saw what you did back there, Cloud. Thank you.

Cloud: Thank me later. This ain't over.

Aerith: Right... Okay, let's finish this!

(When Sephiroth uses Whisper Cannon for the first time)

Sephiroth: What do you make of this, Cloud? Is any of it real? Or is it all just a fever dream?

Cloud: Don't even bother. That shit won't work on me-not anymore.

(When Sephiroth uses Whisper Whirlwind for the first time)

Aerith: How can you want this, Sephiroth?

Sephiroth: Begone. Your part is played.

Aerith: How can you want an eternity of loneliness?

(Upon diminishing Sephiroth's power)

Aerith: Let's end this, Cloud!

Cloud: Alright!

(Upon staggering Sephiroth)

Cloud: Aerith! You ready!?

Aerith: As I'll ever be!

(Upon defeating Sephiroth a second time, Sephiroth slides back at his stance and fell to one knee. Cloud and Aerith are on their stance. Sephiroth recovers and slashes his masamune. He takes off and turns around chuckling at the two.)

Cloud: Why is he laughing?

Aerith: Because he knows this isn't over.

(Sephiroth then flies away. The ground begins to shake as the White Whispers surround Cloud and Aerith. They went back at each other.)

Aerith: Ready?

(She grabs hold of Cloud's hand)

Aerith: Everybody's waiting.

(The camera zooms out as Aerith fades into Lifestream particles. We then transition into the destroyed Aerith's Church in space as the White whispers are everywhere. Zack is exhausted.)

Zack: We got him!

(Everything starts shaking. Zack puts aways his Buster Sword)

Zack: So this it it, huh?

Zack: Time to say goodbye.

(Zack faces Meteor)

Zack: For now.

(The floor collapsed and Zack falls)

Zack: Seeya!

(We then transition into Aerith's deceased body. Everyone head to their fallen ally as the White Whipsers surround Aerith. Tifa places her hand on Aerith. Cloud walks towards Aerith's carcass. We then see everything from Cloud's perspective with everyone absent. Cloud places his blade on the ground and picks up Aerith's body.)

Cloud: Aerith... Wake up.

(Aerith opens her eyes and Cloud smiles. We fade to black and we see everyone by the pool after laying Aerith to rest. Barret put his sunglasses on. We then see Cloud and Tifa sitting and Barret walk towards them.)

Barret: Can't stay here forever. We'd best get movin'.

Cloud: Yup...sounds good.

(Suddenly Cloud gets a flashback of the White Materia and then he sees a spirit of Aerith)

Aerith: I'll see you off.

(Barret heads off and then VIncent, then Cid and Cait Sith and Yuffie and Red XII. Cloud puts away his blade on his back. And he and Aerith head off. Tifa still sits.)

Cloud: Tifa. C'mon.

(Tifa turns around and stands up. She doesn't see Aerith. Cloud and Tifa head off.)

(Rufus' Ending sequence)

Rufus: I have to admit...

Rufus: You were quite the man.

(Glenn is standing next to him)

Glenn: Who, me?

Glenn: I guess not.

Glenn: haven't seen Viceroy Sarruf, have you?

Glenn: He failed to show at an important event- made us look like fools.

Rufus: Maybe he wouldn't have if you'd spent some money on that set.

Glenn: Ah, you're probably right. Rich kids do like things just so.

Glenn: Still got results, though, even without him. Resistance elements are more fired up than ever.

Rufus: You know, Glenn...

Rufus: I'm onto you. This war's nothing but a ploy to distract me from Sephiroth.

(Glenn laughs and he claps)

Glenn: How very astute.

(Suddenly Rufus starts seeing Sephiroth in Glenn)

Glenn & Sephiroth: Regardless, the plan is already in motion.

Glenn & Sephiroth: Our "Promised Land" will become reality.

Glenn & Sephiroth: A father's dream...accomplished by his son.

(Rufus aims his gun at Glenn)

Rufus: I want the real thing, not some imitation.

Glenn: (Scoffs) But an imitation's all you deserve.

(Glenn walks away. But Rufus shot him. To Rufus' surprise, it turned out to be a Sephiroth Clone)

Glenn: In the back-just like old times.

(Rufus shot the Sephiroth Clone 9 times. Rufus goes back and stares at the window.)

(The Weapons' Final cutscene)

(The two weapons follow the whispers. Their materia begin to glow.)

(Zack's final cutscene)

(Zack wakes up in Aerith's Church)

Zack: Did I...?

Zack: Nah, I couldn't have dreamt that.

(He clenches his fist)

Zack: It all felt way too real.

Zack: "Just as worlds unite, so too do they part." (Scoffs)

Zack: But who's to say they can't unite again?

(The Robed Man)

On-Screen: Nibelheim - The Next Day.

(Cloud & the Gang's final cutscene)

Cid: (Humming the Final Fantasy Theme)

Cait Sith: Can you not raise it just a wee bit higher?

Barret: Screw you, cat!

Barret: How's...this!?

Barret: Oh shit!

Cait Sith: Nice catch!

Cid: So, What'd Aerith actually do anyway?

Cid: Well?

Cid: And with that, we are cleared for takeoff!

Cait Sith: Ha ha! Finally.

Yuffie: (Sniffles) It's not fair.

Tifa: (Sobs)

Red XIII: Aerith?

Cloud: The hell...? (Groans)

Cloud: The reunion...

Cid: Hey! You comin' or what?

Cloud: Yeah. One sec.

(Cloud puts the Black Materia into his Buster Sword. Vincent and Cait Sith went into the Tiny Bronco)

Aerith: You have to promise not to look up.

Cloud: Don't look up.

Barret: Well, now I gotta look!

Cloud: Fine, but don't let it get to you.

Barret: Don't let what get to me?

Cloud: It's not real. Just an illusion.

Cloud: Now let's go get Sephiroth. He's hiding up north.

Barret: North?

Cloud: Trust me, he is. SOLDIER's intuition.

Yuffie: Oh yeah? Better hope you're right? (Giggles)

(Yuffie and Red XIII walk up the ramp of the Tiny Bronco)

Barret: Alright, fine. We trust you.

Barret: Just remember-we got everything ridin' on this. And that's a load you'd best be ready to carry.

Cid: No heavy loads! We're close to capacity as it is!

Cloud: Don't worry about me. I can handle it.

Tifa: (Sighs)

Aerith: Take care.

Cloud: You gonna be okay getting back?

Aerith: And if I said I wasn't?

Aerith: Don't worry. It's like a second home.

Cloud: I guess.

Cloud: But what if...

Cloud: What if something happens?

Aerith: Then I'll send up smoke.

Cloud: Thanks. I'll keep an eye out.

Aerith: I'll put everything I've got into my prayers. I'll stop the meteor.

Aerith: And...I'll leave the rest to you. Good luck.

Cloud: Aerith.

Cloud: I will stop Sephiroth. Trust me.

Aerith: You promise?

Cloud: Promise.

(The Tiny Bronco takes off and head north)

Aerith: Goodbye.

'No Promises Await at Journey's End'

Optional dialogue[]

Grasslands Region[]

Junon Region[]

(Upon first reaching Gabe's Ranch.)
On-screen: Junon Region
Gabe's Ranch

Aerith: Well, look at that: another chocobo ranch! I wonder where the owner's hiding.

(Upon entering Gabe's Ranch subsequent times.)
On-screen: Gabe's Ranch

(Upon talking to the Ranch Hand at Gabe's Ranch.)
Ranch Hand: Howdy! Care to give our wares a once-over?

(After shopping.)
Ranch Hand: Give that bird a pat on the head for me, will ya?

(Upon talking to Chadley in Gabe's Ranch.)

  • Junon's chocobo ranch. Perhaps you were already aware...but the chocobos here are raised on a diet of feed, seaweed, and fish bone meal. Unsurprising, given the local industry.
  • Cloud, have you spotted any rabbits nearby? From what I've observed thus far, the ones in this region have a habit of hoarding trinkets in their burrows. So if you spot a burrow, you may want to dig it up with a chocobo. Who knows what sort of things you might find!

(Upon approaching the Junon Checkpoint.)
On-screen: Junon Checkpoint

(Upon talking to the officers outside the checkpoint.)
Security Officer: I can't let you through.

(Upon reaching Angler's Stowage.)
On-screen: Angler's Stowage

World Intel[]

Fiend Sightings[]

(Upon encountering the first Fiend Sighting.)
MAI: Alert! Alert! Dangerous fiend detected in your vicinity. Please ensure you are prepared before engaging.

MAI: ...My sensors are picking up some understandable confusion. It's a pleasure to meet you, Cloud. I am your personal Monster Assessment Instrument. But since that's a mouthful, you can call me "MAI"! Chadley programmed me to assist you by providing detailed analyses of the fiends you encounter. I hope I can be of service to you in the many battles ahead!

MAI: With that out of the way... I'm picking up unusual fiend activity nearby. To procure the biological data that we require, you'll need to complete specific objectives during combat. But don't worry, because I'll be here to help you succeed. Good luck!

(Upon approaching a Fiend Sighting, one random party member speaks.)

  • Tifa:
    • We're in monster territory now...
  • Red XIII:
    • Fiends roam this place...
    • I smell fiends.

(Sometimes during battle.)

  • Analyzing biological data...
  • Updating fiend intel...

(Sometimes upon staggering an enemy during battle.)

  • Your strength knows no bounds!

(Sometimes upon being hurt during battle.)

  • Are...are you okay!?
  • It's okay! Hang in there!
  • Someone, anyone! We need help!

(Upon completing a battle without achieving all objectives.)

  • Though it was quite the victory, you were unable to complete all the objectives. Might you try again?
  • Well fought! Though perhaps you could polish off those objectives next time?
  • I see you haven't completed your objectives for that battle... Well, you're always welcome to make another attempt!

Junon Region[]

(After unlocking a new virtual battle from clearing Fiend Sightings in Junon.)
Chadley: Most excellent work, Cloud. Did that battle prove a fitting test of your prowess?

Chadley: Your dissatisfied expression says it all.

MAI: Oh yes, I noticed that as well!

Chadley: You aren't equipped with that functionality. Anyway, with the new data from your latest bout, I created a new virtual combat trial. It will prove a real test!

(After clearing all Fiend Sightings in Junon.)
MAI: Nice! You've successfully completed all Junon combat assignments.

MAI: Oh, is something the matter? Perhaps you're fatigued from your battles? Then allow me to provide a massage!

Chadley: And how do you plan to do that?

MAI: Why, by way of resonance, of course! I can use my gorgeous vocal vibrations! Ahem! Like sooo!

Chadley: Hahaha. Alright, MAI. You've had your fun.

Chadley: Now then, your latest triumph has allowed me to create a new combat trial. I hope you enjoy it.

Fiend Sighting 1: Bearer of Grudges[]

MAI: Rare elphadunk variant identified. Commencing guidance protocol.

MAI: The docile disposition of the elphadunk led to its widespread adoption as a beast of burden. Applications included agriculture, transportation, and even warfare. Variants like these, however, were valued as a source of hides and tusks used for arts and crafts. Unfortunately, they are a notoriously difficult creature to raise in captivity, and were usurped by the now-ubiquitous chocobo.

MAI: At present, the only remaining wild elphadunks can be found here in the grasslands. Most are aggressive—especially these ones. Which is why we must study them thoroughly, before they become a threat to both animals and humans.

Fiend Sighting 2: Cacophonic Corvid[]

MAI: Rare tonadu variant identified. Commencing guidance protocol.

MAI: During this time of year, tonadus migrate to the Junon region to seek out mates. They build their nests far from civilization and raise their young in pairs. In terms of duties, it often falls to the males to search for food.

MAI: Unfortunately, when food is scarce, they may occasionally venture into towns and cities, where they have been known to attack humans. As Shinra's activities continue to disrupt the ecosystem, such attacks will only grow more frequent.

MAI: On that note, please take care not to become a snack during your investigation.

Fiend Sighting 3: Zemze Breaks[]

MAI: Rare zemzelett variant identified. Commencing guidance protocol.

MAI: Zemzeletts are known as the "sages of the skies," not only because of their intelligence, but also their remarkable feathers that make them both elegant and lethal. These feathers have been prized by all manner of craftsmen since antiquity for their beauty and resilience. Arrows fashioned from them are particularly valuable. They're said to slice through the air so quickly, they're capable of piercing even solid stone.

MAI: Oh, but take care not to be so entranced by their abilities that you lose focus!

Fiend Sighting 4: Unholy Union[]

MAI: Chimera variant identified. Commencing guidance protocol.

MAI: A strange amalgamation of species, the chimera's addition to the animal kingdom coincides with the advent of mako. The timing is likely no coincidence, as mako energy's adverse effects on creatures is well-documented.

MAI: Fossils that have been excavated rather recently, however, appear to be those of an ancient ancestor to the modern chimera. Scientists have since postulated that the fiend actually has prehistoric origins.

MAI: Provenance aside, the beast is a proven threat to any living near its ever-expanding territory. Please take care while squaring off against this mysterious foe!


(After finishing a conversation with Chadley.)

  • I can't help but wonder where we'll meet next. So many fascinating possibilities...
  • If there's anything else I can do for you, please let me know. I'm always happy to help.
  • Needless to say, many hazards await you on the road, so take care.

(Upon interacting with the bench at a Chocobo Stop.)
On-screen: Use a cushion to rest here?

  • (Upon selecting "Yes", consume cushion and rest.)
  • (Upon selecting "No", nothing happens.)


  1. 1.0 1.1 Verbally pronounced "N-E-G-L".