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This is a list of enemy attacks in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

When an enemy's name is shown in italics, it means it uses the ability but the name is not shown on-screen when it uses it.



Ability Description Enemy
??? Adjudicator


Ability Description Enemy
1,000 Needles Cacneo, Cactrot, Cactuar, Gargantuar, Gigantuar, Gold Cactuar, Orange Cactrot
3,000 Needles Cactuar, Gold Cactuar
5,000 Needles Gargantuar, Gigantuar
10,000 Needles Gargantuar, Gigantuar


Ability Description Enemy
Acid Shower Levrikon
Acidic Secretion Cavestalker
Adrenaline Devil Rider
Aero Gigatrice, Two Face
Aeroga Bashfulisk
Aerora Basilisk, Gigatrice, Twin Brain
Agonizing Pain Necrotic Entity
Aileron Roll Custom Valkyrie
Ambush Cthonilizard, Fulvum Varanus, Gagighandi
Amped Up Levridon
Amphibian Laser Anuran Suppressor
Anathema Two Face
Anguished Thrashing Gi Nattak
Anima Howl Joker
Animus Gi Specter
Annihilation Beam Dyne
Antipersonnel Gas Custom Valkyrie
Anuran Fluid Aggrevrikon
Apocalyptic Fire Summons a wave of fire surrounding his body. Sephiroth Reborn
Aquatic Beam Silver Chimera
Aquatic Bezoar Chimera
Arcane Eruption Demon Gate
Arctic Breath Crawler
Assault Beck, Butch
Assemble Citripine Schoolmaster
Atlas Stance Rude
Atonement Slams his right wing on the ground, dealing physical damage. Sephiroth Reborn
Auto-Repair Modded Sweeper


Ability Description Enemy
Backflip Carnifex, Kyuvildun
Bad Breath Great Malboro
Bad Luck Rufus
Barbaric Mangling Forgotten Specimen
Barbed Boomerang Heliopora Terpsicolt
Barrier Moss-Grown Adamantoise
Bash Abzu
Bash and Smash Abzu
Beatdown Reno
Beckoning Demon Gate
Befouling Wind Griffon, Shirdal
Belly Flop Abzu
Bestial Flare Galian Beast
Beta Midgardsormr
Billhook Mandrake
Bio Forgotten Specimen
Biora Twin Brain
Bite Gigatrice
Black Hole 2-C SOLDIER Operator
Blackout Bubble Citripinefish
Blast Mines Dyne
Blessing of Calamity Summons Bahamut Arisen Whisper and revives it if previously defeated. Sephiroth Reborn
Blitz Roche (1st), Thunderclaw
Blizzaga Hecteyes, Shankhalopod
Blizzara Flan, Hecteyes, Scrutineye, Twin Brain, Two Face
Blizzard Shankhalopod, Shoalopod, Two Face, Yin & Yang
Bloodstained Knife Donberry
Blue Bolt Fleetwing
Body Slam Midgardsormr
Bone-Deep Grudge Donberry
Booby Trap Elder Golem
Bounce Sandhog Pie
Bravery Two Face
Breakneck Spin Grasptropod
Breath of Creation Phoenix
Breather Mastodon
Brutish Tremors Ogre
Bulldoze Grandhorn Warden, Savage Grandhorn
Bulldozer Irasceros
Bullfrog Blast Blight Frog
Bullfrog Bubble Barnaclaw
Burning Up Mi
Burst Fire Junon Security Officer, Security Officer
Butcher Kelzmelzer
Butterfly Kick Elena & Tseng


Ability Description Enemy
Cacophany Fonadu
Call for Friends Tonberry King
Call to Arms Citripine Schoolmaster
Caper Gargantuar, Gigantuar
Capital Offense Adjudicator
Capture Gigantoad
Carapace Crush Cthonilizard, Desert Sahagin, Sahagin Warrior
Carnage Jenova Emergent
Caustic Laser Cavestalker
Cave-In Demon Gate
Celestial Slash Bahamut Arisen Whisper
Cellular Degradation Forgotten Specimen
Chaos Flare Galian Beast
Chaotic Impulse Galian Beast
Chaaarge! Cacneo, Cactrot, Gargantuar, Gigantuar, Gold Cactuar, Orange Cactrot
Charge Abzu, Aggrevrikon, Elphadunk, Enmidunk, Levrikon, Velociwing
Chef's Knife Donberry, Tonberry
Chi Burst Tseng
Choke Crawler, Nidhogg
Chomp Midgardsormr
Cleave Insectoid Chimera, Threadspinner Chimera
Clubs Joker
Combo Striker Kid G
Combustion Flametrooper, Junon Flametrooper
Combustion Roar Dragon
Combustion Sword Roche (2nd)
Come and Get It! Burt
Compression Shot Daggerwing, Stormwing
Concentrated Fire Modded Sweeper
Condemned Ironclad
Conjure Cyclones Gigatrice
Cock-a-Doodle-Kick Cocaktrice
Cooling Protocol Custom Valkyrie
Counter Moss-Grown Adamantoise
Counterpose Abzu
Countershot Marquis Valron
Counterstrike Marquis Valron
Crash and Burn Roche (1st)
Crimson Flame I Red Dragon
Crimson Flame II Red Dragon
Crush Ironclad, Mythril Golem
Crushing Grip Demon Gate
Crushing Resentment Gi Nattak
Cura Twin Brain
Cyclostrike Ancient Dragon, Archdragon


Ability Description Enemy
Daemonic Slice Sanguine Scourge
Deadly Discus Sea Terpsicolt
Deadly Plunge Black Bat
Deadly Purge Bahba Velamyu
Deafening Screech Experimental Varghidpolis
Death from Above Fonadu, Tonadu
Debrave Two Face
Defaith Two Face
Delay Dance Mandrake
Deprotect Two Face
Deshell Two Face
Despondent Strike Yin & Yang
Destiny Joker
Detonation Strike Elder Golem
Devour Midgardsormr, Reapertail
Diamonds Joker
Disarming Ammo Grasptropod
Disgorge Midgardsormr
Dispel Reflection Hecteyes
Disseminate Mandrake
Divebomb Archdragon, Darkstar
Dive Punch Tseng
Divine Judgement Alexander
Dizzying Beat Rictus
Don't Think So Kid G
Doom Gi Nattak
Doom and Gloom Donberry, Tonberry King
Double Incantation Twin Brain
Double Talon Rake Gigatrice
Dragoon Dive Roche (2nd)
Drain Gi Nattak, Hecteyes
Drift Devil Rider
Drill Run Grasptropod
Dual Tail Lash Materia Guardian
Dust Devil Gigatrice


Ability Description Enemy
Earsplitting Howl White Terror
Earth Render Sanguine Scourge
Earthen Aegis Titan
Earthen Pillars Grangalan
Earthen Roar Titan
Earthbound Savage Grandhorn
Earthquake Duneworm, Landworm
Earthshake Grandhorn, Grandhorn Warden, Savage Grandhorn
Electric Absorption Hecteyes
Electric Discharge Deathwheel, Levridon
Electromagnetic Orb Daggerwing
Electroshock Anuran Suppressor
EM Mine Toss Reno
EM Shot Reno
Emanation Blade 2-C SOLDIER Operator
Emergency Defense Mode Modded Sweeper
Empower Hecteyes
Empowering Flame Phoenix
Enflaming Dance Pyrowire
Enough Is Enough! Drohdroh, Skeeskee
Enrage Abzu
Enraged Charge Moss-Grown Adamantoise
Enshadow Diabolic Variant
Ensnare Diabolic Variant
Eradication Ray Anuran Suppressor
Errant Whisper Summons Whispers from the ground to deal damage. Sephiroth Reborn
Evil Eye Grangalan Junior
Evil Incarnate Floating Death
Exaltation Jenova Emergent
Execration of the Gi Gi Nattak
Executioner Dyne
Explosion Imminent Bomb
Explosive Elder Golem, Stone Golem
Explosive Flame Shot Red Dragon
Extermination Jenova Emergent


Ability Description Enemy
Faith Two Face
Fate's Scream Summons a horde of Whispers from his Core. Sephiroth Reborn
Feast Midgardsormr
Ferocious Charge Abzu
Fetid Haze Great Malboro
Feverish Rush Ignilisk, Lavalisk
Fiery Absorption Hecteyes
Fiery Continuance Adjudicator
Fiery Tempest Ember Zu
Fira Basilisk, Hecteyes, Necrotic Entity, Scrutineye, Specimen H1024, Twin Brain, Two Face
Firaga Bashfulisk, Diabolic Variant, Hecteyes, Irasceros, Ironclad
Fireball Archdragon, Bomb, Gigant Bomb
Firebombs Dyne
Firewheel Custom Valkyrie
Fire Two Face
Fire Blast J-Unit Sweeper
Fire Fissure Capparwire, Pyrowire
Flail Abzu
Flamethrower Flametrooper, Junon Flametrooper
Flame Belch Mystic Dragon
Flame Breath Bahamut Arisen Whisper
Flame Drill Scrutineye
Flame Injunction Adjudicator
Flame Jet Custom Valkyrie
Flame Shot Red Dragon
Flame Whorl Lavalisk
Flaming Tail Red Dragon
Flashstrike Reno
Flatten Gigantoad
Fleece Rictus
Flying Debris Galian Beast
Flying Kick Desert Sahagin, Sahagin Warrior
Flying Knee Burt
Focused Vortex Griffon, Shirdal
Freezing Pincers Barnaclaw
Frenzy Abzu
Fungal Counter Noxicap
Furious Blows Ogre
Furor Tseng
Fury Ogre
Fury Bomber Drohdroh, Skeeskee


Ability Description Enemy
Gale Blade 2-C SOLDIER Operator
Galewind Slash Bahamut Arisen Whisper
Galvanize Cavestalker
Gastric Bomb Cavestalker
Gelid Spit Crawler
Genji Shield Gilgamesh
Germinate Mandrake
Ghastly Shower Aggrevrikon
Giga-Potion Elite Security Officer, Junon Elite Security Officer
Gigaflare Bahamut Arisen, Bahamut Arisen Whisper
Gjallarhorn's Warning Odin
Glacial Blast Mi
Glaciate Barnaclaw
Gliding Harrier Gigatrice
Glorious Emanation Jenova Emergent
Gnash Suevite Disgorgon
Goblin Beatdown Kid G
Gorgon Shield Jabberwock
GOT Missile Deathwheel
Gouge Fonadu, Irasceros, Tonadu
Grab Elder Golem, Stone Golem
Grand Sword Ironclad
Grasping Tail Terror of the Deep
Graviga Ironclad, Marquis Valron, Valron
Graviton Charge Marquis Valron, Valron
Gravity Sandhog Pie
Great Tribulation Summons giant chunks of ice, dealing magical ice damage. Sephiroth Reborn
Greedy Bite Cavestalker
Grenade Corneo Lackey, Elite Security Officer, Junon Elite Security Officer, Junon Security Officer, Security Officer
Grenade Kick Elena
Grenade Shot Grenadier, Junon Grenadier
Grim Upheaval Bahamut Arisen Whisper
Grip of Fate Sephiroth (Final)
Ground Pound Abzu, Irasceros
Growth Spurt Brumeflower, Frightflower
Guard Crush Kid G


Ability Description Enemy
Hammer Throw Screamer, Shrieker
Hard Charger J-Unit Sweeper
Headbutt Midgardsormr
Heartless Angel Summons a large explosion that reduces those affected to 1 HP. Sephiroth (Final), Sephiroth Reborn
Hearts Joker
Heedless Swing Dyne
Hell's Gate Summons a blade of dark energy and throws it into the air. A ring of dark energy indicates where it will strike with magic damage. Sephiroth Reborn
Hi-Potion Elite Security Officer, Junon Elite Security Officer
Hidden Barb Dyne
High Gear Deathwheel
High Voltage Crystalline Crab, Thunderclaw
High Voltage Ride Roche (1st)
Hoarfrost Blast Barnaclaw
Homing Barrage Bahamut Arisen Whisper
Hopping Mad Tonberry King
Horn Rush Materia Guardian
Howl Daemonic Entity, Pyretail
Hurricane Dragon


Ability Description Enemy
Icy Absorption Hecteyes
Illusory Dive Diabolic Variant
Immolating Wave Ignilisk, Lavalisk
Impact Drive Crimson Mare Mk. II
Impact Eruption Crimson Mare Mk. II
Impact Hook Crimson Mare Mk. II
Impale Berserker Bee
Incandescent Burst Phoenix
Incendiary Breath Red Dragon
Incendiary Rain Gigant Bomb
Incendiary Twister Ember Zu
Incensed Spin Drohdroh
Incinerate Dragon
Inexorable Orb Demon Gate
Infernal Bind Sea Devil
Infernal Flare Deals magical fire damage. Sephiroth Reborn
Inflame Bomb, Gigant Bomb
Inner Turmoil Galian Beast
Interred Horror Spawns pools of darkness, which deal damage when touched. Sephiroth Reborn
Invigorant Devil Rider
Ionic Charge Daggerwing
Irate Sandhog Pie


Ability Description Enemy
Joker Joker
Jump Desert Sahagin, Sahagin Warrior


Ability Description Enemy
Karma Donberry
Keraunos Creates trails of bolts along the ground which deal magical lightning damage. Sephiroth Reborn
Knifehand Swipe Tseng


Ability Description Enemy
Lacerate Type G Slug-Ray
Lacryma Deus Summons a crackling red energy beam from his Chest, which he sweeps across the ground. Inflicts Slow and Silence. Sephiroth Reborn
Landmine Toss Elder Golem
Laser Barrage Mythril Golem
Laser Saber Grasptropod
Leapfrog Anuran Suppressor
Leaping Strike Mythril Golem
Leech Heliopora Terpsicolt, Sea Terpsicolt, Shankhalopod, Shoalopod
Left-Leaning Scales Adjudicator
Lethal Haze Grandhorn, Grandhorn Warden, Savage Grandhorn
Life Siphon Twin Brain
Linear Eruption Red Dragon
Lock On Capparwire, Pyrowire
Loose Voltage Roche (1st)


Ability Description Enemy
Maelstrom Blasts the player out of range of Sephiroth's Body. Sephiroth Reborn
Maim Daemonic Entity
Mako Expulsion Specimen H1024, Type G Slug-Ray
Mako Ingestion Specimen H1024
Mako Inhalation Specimen H1024
Mako Ooze Forgotten Specimen
Mako Overdose Specimen H1024
Mako Regurgitation Forgotten Specimen
Mako Shot Specimen H1024, Type G Slug-Ray
Malevolence Jenova Emergent
Malice of the Lost Forgotten Specimen
Mana Shield Floating Death, Sanguine Scourge
Manaward Moss-Grown Adamantoise
Mark 100 Particle Beam Custom Valkyrie
Massive Explosion Gigant Bomb
Massive Inhale Bloatfloat
Mega-Potion Elite Security Officer, Junon Elite Security Officer
Memento Mori Specimen H1024
Mesmeric Eye Floating Death
Metamorphose Forgotten Specimen
Modified MK. 98 Rotary Cannons Custom Valkyrie
Modified Particle Cannon Custom Valkyrie
Mucous Discharge Materia Guardian
Mucous Jet Materia Guardian
Mythril Mallet Mythril Golem


Ability Description Enemy
Nadefield Elena
Napalm Elite Grenadier, Junon Elite Grenadier
Natural Spring Mu
Nature's Blessing Brumeflower, Frightflower
Needle Rain Gargantuar, Gigantuar
Neener, Neener Anuran Suppressor
Nourishment Brumeflower, Frightflower


Ability Description Enemy
Oceanic Tornado Terror of the Deep
Octaslash Deals eight blows of physical damage. Sephiroth, Sephiroth Reborn
Octaslash Prime Sephiroth
Onslaught Necrotic Entity
Open the Hatch Anuran Suppressor
Overhead Smash Forgotten Specimen


Ability Description Enemy
Palm Strike Tseng
Paralyzing Shot Dyne
Paralyzing Wave Dyne
Particle Charge Bahamut Arisen
Perdition Hell Rider II
Pestilence Jenova Emergent
Pestilential Reckoning Jenova Emergent
Petite Powerhouse Elena
Petrifeye Demon Gate
Petrifying Beam Crown Lance, Cthonilizard
Petrifying Breath Gagighandi, Gigatrice
Petrifying Fog Cocaktrice
Petrifying Mist Suevite Disgorgon
Petrifying Shot Gorgon Mane
PGM Special Forces Operator
Phantasmal Scourge Gi Nattak
Phantom Ray Dyne
Pillar of Light Alexander
Pincushion Bloatfloat
Plague Jenova Emergent
Point Blank Dyne
Poison Scythe Kelzmelzer
Poison Sting Guard Bee
Poisonous Haze Disgorgon
Poisonous Rampage Venorat
Polar Punch Flan
Polarity Shift Hell Rider II
Polliwog Punch Amphidex, Pastel Amphidex
Potion Elite Security Officer, Junon Elite Security Officer
Pounce Abzu, Cthonilizard, Fulvum Varanus, Gagighandi
Preparing... Experimental Varghidpolis
Primal Roar Galian Beast
Profane Emits a noxious cloud from the Core. Inflicts Poison. Sephiroth Reborn
Propagate Jenova Emergent
Protect Moss-Grown Adamantoise, Two Face
Psychotic Break Mindflayer
Pulse Blaster Grasptropod
Pulverize Reapertail
Pummel Elder Golem, Stone Golem
Punitive Sphere Alexander
Pyramid Spark Reno


Ability Description Enemy
Quick Nap Mandrake


Ability Description Enemy
Rain of Ruin Sanguine Scourge
Rancor Tonberry King
Rapture Summons massive tornadoes, dealing magical wind damage to a target. Sephiroth Reborn
Razorwind Fonadu
Ready to Rampage Abzu
Reaper Claws Dark Claw, Death Claw
Rebirth Flame Phoenix
Recharge Elder Golem
Reconstitution Diabolic Variant
Reflective Shell Ancient Dragon
Reflective Ward 2-C SOLDIER Operator
Regal Recovery Tonberry King
Regen Two Face
Reload Rufus
Remake Restores the Chest if it has been defeated. Sephiroth Reborn
Repentance Dyne
Replicate Grangalan, Grangalan Junior
Repulsion Demon Gate
Respite Forgotten Specimen, Kid G
Restrain Griffon, Shirdal
Resurrection Amalgam, Gi Specter
Retribution If bound by Wail, Sephiroth impales the player and launches them away. Sephiroth Reborn
Reversal Abzu
Right-Leaning Scales Adjudicator
Roar Dragon
Rocket Arms Crimson Mare Mk. II
Rotating Rail Laser Crimson Mare Mk. II
Rough Landing Gigatrice
Roulette Two Face
Royal Treatment Tonberry King
Rush Fulvum Varanus, Gagighandi
Rushdown Reno


Ability Description Enemy
Salamander Belch Silver Chimera
Salientian Sigh Cthonilizard
Salientian Stone Sahagin Warrior
Sandstrike Bladefin, Sandspitter
Saturation Attack Deathwheel, Modded Sweeper
Savage Beast Galian Beast
Scorching Breath Midgardsormr
Scourge Donberry
Screech Necrotic Entity, Twin Brain
Seed Bullet Brumeflower, Frightflower
Seeing Red Elphadunk, Enmidunk
Seismic Shock Forgotten Specimen
Seizing Claws Materia Guardian
Self-Destruct Baby Grangalan, Bomb
Self-Immolation Experimental Varghidpolis
Set Up Bandit, Beck, Burke, Butch
Shackle Devil Rider
Shield Forgotten Specimen
Shield Ward 2-C SOLDIER Operator
Shell Moss-Grown Adamantoise, Two Face
Shell Spinner Shankhalopod
Shockwave Rude
Shock Swipe Reno
Shotgun Elite Security Officer, Junon Elite Security Officer, Thug
Shoulder Ram Tseng
Shred Threadspinner Chimera
Shriek Mandrake
Silence Twin Brain
Silencing Solvent Grasptropod
Silencing Stare Bahba Velamyu
Sinkhole Mu
Skewer Gi Specter, Sephiroth
Skull Crusher Galian Beast
Sledgehammer Kid G
Sleipnir's Furor Odin
Slice and Dice Corneo Lackey, Thug
Sloppy Swordplay Gilgamesh
Slow Twin Brain
Snap Midgardsormr
Snare Bladefin
Sneak Attack Duneworm, Landworm
Soaring Slash Bahamut Arisen Whisper
Solidifying Slug Fulvum Varanus
Somersault Kick Galian Beast
Somersault Spray Elena & Tseng
Somnolent Spew Citripine Schoolmaster
Soothing Breeze Whymzelett
Soporific Spit Duneworm
Sorcerial Reflection Hecteyes
Soul Cleave Roche (2nd)
Soul Drain Gi Nattak
Soul Sucker Joker
Southern Cross Ancient Dragon
Spades Joker
Spark Pyrowire
Sparkstrike Elena & Tseng
Spark Snare Quetzalcoatl
Spectral Flames Gi Nattak
Spearhead Slug-Ray
Spiderweb Corneo Lackey
Spin Strike Grasslands Wolf
Spindrift Cyclone Drake
Spine Slam Bloatfloat, Citripinefish, Citripine Schoolmaster
Spine Spew Cacneo, Cactuar, Gold Cactuar
Spinning Axe Kick Rude
Spinning Thrust Crimson Mare Mk. II
Spiral Surge Terror of the Deep
Spirit Geyser Rude
Spirit of Calamity Heals Bahamut Arisen Whisper. Sephiroth Reborn
Spore Dispersal Amalgam
Sporiferous Spray Heatseeker, Noxicap, Poison Cap
Spritz Barnaclaw
Stalagmite Skewer Mythril Golem
Steamroll Anuran Suppressor
Sting Bomber Stinger
Stomp Aggrevrikon, J-Unit Sweeper
Stone Mi, Mu, Titan
Stonega Titan
Stone's Throw Aggrevrikon, Levrikon
Stony Glare Hecteyes
Storm Diffusion Cyclone Drake
Strafe Special Forces Operator
Strafing Flame Red Dragon
Strangle Anuran Suppressor
Stun Baton Junon Riot Trooper, Riot Trooper
Stun Grenade Elena
Stun Ray Anuran Suppressor
Stygian Chains Roche (2nd)
Subastral Fury Necrotic Entity
Subdue Bagnadrana, Dranabarga, Nibel Wolf, Pyretail
Subject Retrieval Grasptropod
Sublimated Toxin Grasptropod
Suppressive Fire Slug-Ray
Swallow Duneworm, Gigaworm, Landworm
Swan Song King Zu
Swarm Fires balls of dark energy from his hands, dealing magic damage. Sephiroth Reborn
Swell Bomb
Sweep Midgardsormr, Mythril Golem
Swing Bandit, Burke
Swinging Uppercut Forgotten Specimen
Swipe Amalgam
Swoop Cocaktrice


Ability Description Enemy
Tag Team Elena & Tseng
Tail Lash Terror of the Deep
Tail Swing Gigatrice
Tailing Twister Stormwing
Tailspin Ember Zu, Zu
Tailwhip Cthonilizard, Fulvum Varanus, Gagighandi
Take a Gamble Two Face
Talon Assault Gigatrice
Tantrum Donberry, Tonberry King
Tempus Finis Sephiroth (Final)
Tail Strike Red Dragon
Telekinesis Mindflayer
Telluric Terror Grandhorn, Grandhorn Warden, Savage Grandhorn
Tentacle Drill Diabolic Variant
Tentacle Lash Forgotten Specimen
Tentacle Slam Diabolic Variant
Tentadrill Grasptropod
Thanatosian Blade Ironclad
The End is Nigh Sephiroth (Final)
Thermal Absorption Midgardsormr
Thrash Mythril Golem
Throat Clamp Grasslands Wolf, Thunderclaw
Thruster Spin Bahamut Arisen Whisper
Thundaga Gorgon Mane, Hecteyes
Thundara Experimental Varghidpolis, Hecteyes, Specimen H1024, Twin Brain, Yin & Yang
Thunder Crown Lance, Forgotten Specimen, Two Face
Thunderpeck Saberhawk, Spearhawk
Tidal Swell Heliopora Terpsicolt
Time Bomb Scatter Anuran Suppressor
Toad Tussle Amphidex, Blight Frog, Pastel Amphidex
Toadfrog Tune Pastel Amphidex
Tongue Snap Basilisk, Bashfulisk
Torment Jenova Emergent
Tornado Zu
Toxic Breath Bagnadrana
Toxic Fog Nidhogg
Toxic Mire Diabolic Variant
Toxic Shot Disgorgon, Suevite Disgorgon
Toxic Waters Midgardsormr
Toxify Kelzmelzer
Trample Cthonilizard, Elphadunk, Enmidunk, Fulvum Varanus, Gagighandi
Tri-Disaster Kujata
Triple Shockwave Rude
Tumble Talon Ancient Dragon, Mystic Dragon
Turks Combo Reno & Rude
Turks' Two-Step Rude
Turk's Vengeance Elena
Twister Burt


Ability Description Enemy
Ultimate Illusion Gilgamesh
Umbral Bombardment Bahamut Arisen Whisper
Undying Rage Dyne
Unholy Gate Summons a blade of dark energy and throws it into the air. Explodes in a wide radius after initial strike, dealing magic damage. Sephiroth Reborn
Up in Smoke Rufus
Upheaval Abzu


Ability Description Enemy
Vengeance Jenova Emergent
Vengeful Knife Donberry
Venom Nidhogg
Venom Discharge Venorat
Viper Sting Chimera, Silver Chimera
Viperous Sting Midgardsormr
Virulent Bite Toxirat
Viscous Webbing Threadspinner Chimera
Voidsent Floating Death
Volplane Whymzelett, Zemzelett
Vortex Kick Tseng
Vulcan Onslaught Bahamut Arisen Whisper


Ability Description Enemy
Wail Summons a dark ball of energy, which binds the player if touched and leads to a follow-up attack. Sephiroth Reborn
Wall Dive Galian Beast
Wallop Burt
Waterspout Mu
Water Cell Terror of the Deep
Water Jet Terror of the Deep
Whammo Kid G
Wheel Strike Cavestalker
Whirling Barbs Sea Terpsicolt
Whirling Fangs Nibel Wolf, Pyretail
Whirlwind Fonadu, Rude, Tonadu
Whisper Cannon Sephiroth (Final)
Whisper Vortex Summons several tornadoes made of Whispers before knocking the player back a long distance. Sephiroth Reborn
Whisper Whirlwind Sephiroth (Final)
Wild Frenzy Forgotten Specimen
Wild Swings Reno
Wildstrike Stinger
Windstorm Cyclone Drake
Wingbeat Zemzelett
Withering Gaze Twin Brain
Withering Grip Gi Nattak
Woe is Me! Drohdroh
Wreath of Fire Red Dragon


Ability Description Enemy
X-ecution Crimson Mare Mk. II
X-Potion Elite Security Officer, Junon Elite Security Officer


Ability Description Enemy
Yang Awakens Yin & Yang
Yang Beams Yin & Yang
Yang Snickers Yin & Yang
Yang Takes Aim Yin & Yang
Yin Awakens Yin & Yang


Ability Description Enemy
Zanshin Sephiroth slashes twice, sending out waves of energy at a target, dealing magic damage. Sephiroth Reborn
Zanshin Profaned Sephiroth slashes thrice, sending out waves of energy at a target, dealing magic damage. Sephiroth Reborn
Zantetsuken Odin
Zap Talon Saberhawk, Spearhawk