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This is a list of the accessories in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. All accessories can be equipped by everyone.

Each character can equip one accessory. These can have a variety of effects, such as boosting attributes, granting immunity to certain debuffs, and others. Some accessories can only be acquired a limited number of times.

List of accessories[]

Accessory Effect Price Acquire Limit
Power Wristguards
Hi-Power Wristguards
Supernatural Wristguards
Full Throttle Wristguards
Bulletproof Vest
Bulletproof Vest Mk. II
Survival Vest
Riot Vest
Magical Earrings
Platinum Earrings
Sorcerer’s Earrings
Talisman of Focus
Timeworn Talisman
Cetra Talisman
Lucky Amulet
Champion Belt
Space Ranger Service Medal
Space Ranger Medal of Honor
Fortitude Ring
Jeweled Ring
White Cape
Safety Bit
Star Pendant
Protective Boots
Psychic's Charm
Enhanced Psychic's Charm
Karmic Cowl
Enhanced Karmic Cowl
Tarot Cards
Otherworldly Crystal
Malboro Orb
Enhanced Malboro Orb
Enchanted Ring
Revival Earrings
Fury Ring
Hermes Shoes
Enfeeblement Ring
Gi Warrior's Charm
Silver Brawler's Gloves
Golden Brawler's Gloves
Draconic Ring
Enhanced Draconic Ring
Expeditionary Medal
Enhanced Expeditionary Medal
Limit Booster
Transference Module
Spectral Cogwheel
Chocoking's Cape
Speed Demon Keychain
Whistlewind Scarf
Corsair's Compass
Healing Materia Earrings
Cleansing Materia Earrings
Revival Material Earrings
Fire Materia Earrings
Ice Materia Earrings
Lightning Materia Earrings
Wind Materia Earrings
Poison Materia Earrings
Binding Materia Earrings
Time Materia Earrings
Subversion Materia Earrings
Barrier Materia Earrings
Empowerment Materia Earrings
Fortification Materia Earrings
Disempowerment Materia Earrings
Enervation Materia Earrings
Chakra Materia Earrings
Assess Materia Earrings
Prayer Materia Earrings
HP Up Materia Earrings
MP Up Materia Earrings
Item Master Materia Earrings
Steadfast Block Materia Earrings
Precision Defense Focus Materia Earrings
Noble Thief's Glove
Pedometer Pin
Camaraderie Earrings
Enhanced Camaraderie Earrings
Beastkiller Badge
Boxcrusher Keychain
Crescent Moon Charm
Salvation Badge
Healing Carcanet
Moogle's Amulet
Genji Gloves
Genji Earrings
Genji Ring
Kupo Charm
Reclaimant Choker

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