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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is a free-to-play RPG for mobile phones and PCs released on September 7, 2023. Developed by Applibot, Inc. (NieR:Re[in]carnation) and published by Square Enix,[1] the game adapts the events of the various titles in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.[2] The PC version launched December 7, 2023.

Presented in a chapter-based structure, with monthly chapter releases,[3]. Ever Crisis adapts the events of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier and more events in the chronology of the Compilation.[2]


Ever Crisis allows players to select a storyline to follow from one of the games in the Final Fantasy VII universe. Each is divided into a series of smaller missions, as is typical of a mobile MMO. The goal of each mission is simply to complete it according to defined parameters. Players may form any party of up to 3 units as conditions permit, equipping weapons and materia in a loadout prior to battle.

The game uses a command style RPG system, with an overhead view and chibi characters while in the field and full body characters in-battle and more dynamic camera while in combat, approximating the appearance of the original title.[3]

Battle system[]

Ever Crisis follows the battle system for the original Final Fantasy VII, being based on the Active Time Battle system, and using materia, weapons, summons and limit breaks based on the original game.[3]


Weapons function as units' primary augment system, each with a starting rarity rank and a set of abilities built in. Most are obtained via the gacha system. Using parts obtained as rewards, it is possible to enhance and evolve any weapons obtained, for instance from 3★ to 4★. Duplicate weapons can be converted into parts at the player's discretion; and, should the player roll a weapon of the same type with a rank higher than what was obtained prior, all lower-ranked weapons of its type will be adjusted upward to match the higher rank.


In addition to weapons and materia, characters can also be equipped with gear. Each gear has two Reinforcement Abilities (R. Abilities) that give stat boosts to characters, and can be equipped for Battle, which determines the stat boosts, or as a Skin, which changes the character's appearance only.


Spells and abilities are gained through equipping materia, each character having 3 slots that can be equipped to. Materia, like weapons and gear, have a rarity rank between 1 and 5. Unlike those though, materia also has (a maximum) of 4 stats related to it, either as a fixed number, or a percentage of the holder's base stats. These can be raised by enhancement.

Materia is gained as level rewards, through synthesis, or bought.



At launch, the following titles were available, with new scenarios and modes of play unlocking as the player advances each storyline:

Solo Content[]

  • Daily Quests
  • Enhancement Quests
  • Summon Quests
  • Battle Tower
  • Story Quests:
    • Cloud - tells the story of Cloud's journey to Midgar and how he reconnects with Tifa.
    • Barret - an excerpt from Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile detailing Barret's early struggles and his beginnings with Avalanche.
    • Tifa - an excerpt from Final Fantasy VII Remake Trace of Two Pasts
    • Aerith - a story of Aerith's attempts to have a picnic, including memories of her childhood in the Shinra building and her connection with her mother
  • Dungeons

Co-op Content[]

In co-op battles, players can fight a selection of bosses each week with the help of two other players. Players can create private matches and invite friends to join their battle, or be randomly matched in a public match. The power level of each co-op battle is based on the power level of an individual character.


There are limited-time events that players can participate in to earn unique rewards.


As the player progresses through the game, they will be able to farm items while off the clock, either by keeping chocobos to send away or using the Highwind to gather rare stat boosters.


The game follows the events of the various titles of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII as well as new scenarios, including one featuring a young Sephiroth.[3]

Final Fantasy VII[]

This story follows an abridged version of the Final Fantasy VII plot.

Playable characters[]

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

This story follows an abridged version of the Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- plot.

Playable characters[]

The First Soldier[]

This story follows characters introduced in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, in an original story taking place after the events of that game, following the exploits of a team of SOLDIER candidates and depicting the origins of the legendary hero, Sephiroth.


The story of The First Soldier takes place on a new part of the planet known as the Rhadore Archipelago that consists of multiple islands and is home to the native Rhadore, as well as native monsters known as Baloir.

The small island of Sijad is the home of the Eye of Rhadore, a Rhadoran devoting their entire life to monitoring the flow of mana. The Eye of Rhadore uses a chimney on the shore of the island to notify the main island of imminent danger. Most of the island is covered in the lush greenery of Burmun Forest, replete with natural waterfalls. Outside the forested area is the La'paina coast, and beyond that is an orchard that grows bright pink fruit whose smell repels most monsters, including Baloir.

The Rhadore refer to mako energy as "mana", and consider the world to be made of exceptions, being careful not to rely too heavily on rigid rules. They are fiercely loyal and do not fear death. Shinra nearly wiped out the Rhadoran people in pursuit of mako, so the remnants of the Rhadoran army are hostile towards those associated with the company.

Playable characters[]

  • Glenn Lodbrok is the team leader. He is upbeat and enthusiastic, often cracking lowbrow jokes with his friends. He relies on intuition, which can lead to impulsive behavior, but his gut feelings have gotten himself and his friends out of many sticky situations.
  • Matt Winsord is known as the Professor, and lives up to his title as the intellectual of the group, relying on careful observation and analysis before jumping into action.
  • Lucia Lin is a keen sharpshooter who befriended Glenn and Matt after helping them out of trouble on multiple occasions. She is the most contemplative of the three, showing unease with their disposability within SOLDIER's ranks.
  • Sephiroth is a teenager during the events of The First Soldier. In [ μ ] – εγλ 1992 he was dispatched to the main island of the Rhadore Archipelago to take command of Team Glenn.

Other characters[]

  • Rosen is a Rhadoran boy who helps the three SOLDIERs alongside his dog Refu. He acts as the Eye of Rhadore, monitoring the flow of mana from the remote island of Sijad and notifying the main island of imminent danger.


The story begins in [ μ ] – εγλ 2000 with Sephiroth standing in the rain amidst the remains of multiple Behemoths, attempting to call Genesis Rhapsodos. Genesis does not pick up, and instead Glenn attacks, taunting Sephiroth with knowledge of where his friend might be before challenging him to a fight.

The story then flashes back to [ μ ] – εγλ 1992. Glenn, Lucia, and Matt are on their first field mission, and Glenn is trying to find his stride as team leader. The helicopter the three are riding in is attacked by enemy forces, and an explosion tears the cockpit clean off, causing a crash-landing on the island below. Glenn and Lucia are separated from Matt, so they traverse the island to find him.

After reuniting with Matt, the three SOLDIER operatives continue their mission to survey sites for a new mako reactor. They find themselves surrounded by Baloir before a local boy and his dog help them escape to a nearby orchard. Matt is wary of the boy, suspecting that his Rhadoran heritage may make him an enemy, but Glenn decides to trust the boy. The boy introduces himself as Rosen and his dog as Refu, and takes the three SOLDIER operatives to his cabin. Despite knowing the purpose of Team Glenn's mission, Rosen simply wants the three to leave the island and let him return to his work. His role is to act as the Eye of Rhadore, living alone on the island his whole life and monitor the flow of mana. The chimney at his cabin notifies the main island of the state of the flow of mana, and that white smoke indicates that the Eye of Rhadore is still alive.

Rosen provides Team Glenn with a boat, which capsizes after an attack from a Gallonbaloir. The three end up on the shore of the main island. They make camp, then head to the Logues Ruins to test mako levels. They find a suitable location for the mako reactor and transmit the coordinates, before Rhadore Remnants locate them and begin to attack. The three flee into a cave, where they once again face the Gallonbaloir.

On exiting the cave, the three are surrounded by an army of Rhadore Remnants. Sephiroth enters battle, dropped in from a helicopter, and obliterates the army before introducing himself to the team. He informs the team that he was sent to take command of the team as part of a transition away from passive P-class SOLDIERs and towards the genetically modified S- and G-type SOLDIERs.

The next morning, the four SOLDIERs, led by Sephiroth, infiltrate the Cawpine Caverns, which the Rhadore remnants had been using as a base. Along the way, Sephiroth pulls out a photograph of Lucrecia Crescent, asking Glenn, Matt, and Lucia if they had seen her before. He told them the woman in the picture was Jenova and that Professor Hojo had given Sephiroth the photograph and no other information about her. Sephiroth admits that spending time with the P0 SOLDIERs is the first time he has experienced "having fun" and admits the tales of heroism Shinra told about him were propaganda designed to encourage recruitment in SOLDIER. Sephiroth admits he has no desire to be a hero, and simply wants a normal life.

In the caverns, Sephiroth orders that they eliminate every Rhadoran. Glenn protests, wanting to spare children and the elderly, but Sephiroth warns him that children, much like Sephiroth himself, could be trained as soldiers, and that the elderly could be seasoned veterans with decades of combat experience.

While Glenn, Matt, and Lucia eliminate the Rhadorans inside the caverns, Sephiroth chases down those trying to evacuate, killing any survivors. Matt laments that captured remnants could have been used as bargaining chips, but Sephiroth reminds them their orders were to eliminate any resistance, not negotiate. He reveals that he was injured by one of the child soldiers.

In the course of Sephiroth's training, he learned that a good SOLDIER needs to be strong in body, mind, and heart. and that a hardened heart, ruthless and devoid of hesitation, is a sign of strength. When he tells Glenn as much, Glenn responds by pulling Sephiroth into a hug. Glenn apologizes for calling Sephiroth a cyborg, and Sephiroth admits that he never wanted to be one.


Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is intended to be another kind of remake to the original title, one geared towards people that prefer the original command style of RPG.[3]

During development all character portraits were meant to be 3D models, but the development team found this to have issues when emulating the original game's atmosphere, and they considered tasking someone from the main Final Fantasy VII Remake team to aid in character design but felt that was too much workload. It was then that Lisa Fujise, who was working with Tetsuya Nomura on another project, arrived to obtain approval for character designs in that project and the team found that her style fit what they were looking for and asked her to join the Ever Crisis team.[3]

At the time of the reveal, the team was still unsure how to integrate voice acting, if at all. The team felt that not having voice acting fit with the original aesthetic, though found that it was still needed during combat, and that if there were to be any voice acting it would be limited in scope.[3]


Ever Crisis has thus far received strongly positive user feedback, with approximately 1.7 million users pre-registered and over 5 million downloads recorded in its first week since launch. On February 21, 2024, developers updated the total number of unique downloads to 7.77 million; allusions to the number 7 are frequently noted and celebrated.

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Production credits[]

Executive Producer Yoshinori Kitase[4]
Producer Shoichi Ichikawa[4]
Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura[4]
Director Motomu Toriyama
Story & Scenario Kazushige Nojima[4]
Graphics & VFX Director Shintaro Takai
Character Illustrator Lisa Fujise[4][1]
Game Design Director Yuuji Abe
Music Director & Supervisor Keiji Kawamori
Lead Scenario Writer Sachie Hirano
Lead Character Artist Toshiaki Watanabe
Lead Project Manager Kenji Nishikawa
Technical Director Masaomi Mizuno
PR Management Takashi Fuchigami
Art Designer Kanae Kawagoe
Character Artist Yuko Yabumoto
Assistant Producers Minoru Mori
Asako Uenishi
Operation Team Yu Suzuki
Shoji Hirata
Masayuki Kizaki
Battle Designer Nobuyuki Matsuoka
Marketing & PR Yuma Watanabe
Minako Kasai
Project Managers Kensei Sakurai
Miko Ito
Nobuyuki Ueda
Development Applibot, Inc.[4]


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