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Another Possibility for a Remake.


Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is an upcoming free-to-play single player RPG for mobile phones set to release in 2022. Developed by Applibot, Inc. and published by Square Enix,[1] the game is set to adapt the events of the various titles in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.[2]

Set to follow a chapter based structure, with monthly chapter releases after launch,[3]. Ever Crisis adapts the events of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier and more events in the chronology of the Compilation.[2]


The game uses a command style RPG system, with an overhead view and chibi characters while in the field and full body characters in-battle and more dynamic camera while in combat, approximating the appearance of the original title.[3]

Battle system[]

Ever Crisis follows the battle system for the original Final Fantasy VII, being based on the Active Time Battle system, and using materia, weapons, summons and limit breaks based on the original game.[3]


The game follows the events of the various titles of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII as well as new scenarios, including one featuring a young Sephiroth.[3]


Playable characters[]


Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is intended to be another kind of remake to the original title, one geared towards people that prefer the original command style of RPG.[3]

During development all character portraits were meant to be 3D models, but the development team found this to have issues when emulating the original game's atmosphere, and they considered tasking someone from the main Final Fantasy VII Remake team to aid in character design but felt that was too much workload. It was then that Lisa Fujise, who was working with Tetsuya Nomura on another project, arrived to obtain approval for character designs in that project that and the team found that her style fit what they were looking for and asked her to join the Ever Crisis team.[3]

At the time of the reveal, the team was still unsure how to integrate voice acting, if at all. The team felt that not having voice acting fit with the original aesthetic, though found that it was still needed during combat, and that if there were to be any voice acting it would be limited in scope.[3]

Production credits[]

Executive Producer Yoshinori Kitase[4]
Creative Director / Character Designer Tetsuya Nomura[4]
Producer Shoichi Ichikawa[4]
Scenario Supervisor Kazushige Nojima[4]
Art designer / Character Illustrator Lisa Fujise[4][1]
Development Applibot, Inc.[4]



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