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Zell Dincht reacquiring weapons for the party.

The weapon equipment list in Final Fantasy VIII is the smallest of its kind in the Final Fantasy series, including the weapons used by temporary characters. The game has 33 usable weapons. Each of the 11 playable characters has their own base weapon, and the main six playable characters can access the better weapons by upgrading their base one.

Specific items are needed to upgrade the weapons at junk shops, and the Weapons Monthly magazines scattered around the world inform about the required items, although it is not necessary to read them to get the better weapons; it is enough to only own the required parts. However, stats are mainly gained via the junction system, and thus weapon upgrading is not a particularly good way to become stronger, especially when most upgrades only give a negligible boost to Strength. The weapons most useful for upgrading are Squall's gunblades because they unlock new finishers to his Limit Break, and Selphie's ultimate weapon that has an innate 255% hit rate.

Upgrading a weapon in the Steam version earns the player the achievement Handyman.

For list of weapon modeling items see junk shop.


Difficult to handle and requiring a lot of skill. These weapons belong to Squall and Seifer. Gunblades have a 255% hit rate. Pressing the trigger button on-hit boosts damage for both Squall and Seifer; gunblades do not naturally deal critical hits. Squall's gunblades unlock new finishers to his Renzokuken Limit Break, and thus it is good to prioritize his upgrades out of the party.

Squall's gunblades[]

Weapon Image Strength Hit Rate Cost Limits Items Required
Revolver Revolver 11 255 100G Rough Divide M-stone Piece x6
Screw x2
The gunblade's original model. What it lacks in power, it more than makes up for with its reliability.
Shear Trigger Shear Trigger 14 255 200G Rough Divide, Fated Circle Steel Pipe x1
Screw x4
An improvement over the Revolver, Shear Trigger uses the same blade as the Revolver, but the gun aspect is now more powerful.
Cutting Trigger Cutting Trigger 18 255 400G Rough Divide, Fated Circle Mesmerize Blade x1
Screw x8
This Cutting Trigger is made by replacing the blade of the Revolver with the powerful Cutting Sword.
Flame Saber Flame Saber 20 255 600G Rough Divide, Fated Circle, Blasting Zone Betrayal Sword x1
Turtle Shell x1
Screw x4
The Flame Saber got its name from its red blade. This gunblade is very similar to the Cutting Trigger, but instead features the handle and gun mechanism from the Shear Trigger.
Twin Lance Twin Lance 22 255 800G Rough Divide, Fated Circle, Blasting Zone Dino Bone x1
Red Fang x2
Screw x12
The Twin Lance is a gunblade forged with two blades. The two blades work synergistically to inflict severe damage.
Punishment Punishment 24 255 1,000G Rough Divide, Fated Circle, Blasting Zone Chef's Knife x1
Star Fragment x2
Turtle Shell x1
Screw x8
The Punishment looks almost identical to the Twin Lance, but is lighter and more powerful. The only gunblade more powerful than this is the Lion Heart.
Lion Heart Lion Heart 30 255 2,000G Rough Divide, Fated Circle, Blasting Zone, Lion Heart Adamantine x1
Dragon Fang x4
Pulse Ammo x12
Of gunblades, the finest model is the Lion Heart. It requires rare items to be remodeled to its highest quality.

Seifer's gunblade[]

Seifer uses his gunblade differently from Squall, in a backhand slash rather than a forward one, although this may just be his fighting style and not due to the weapon's design mechanic. He also uses it with one hand rather than two. Due to a lack of mention in any source material involving gunblades, it is unknown whether this is an actual model type or a custom-designed model for Seifer's personal use.

Weapon Image Strength Hit Rate Limits
Hyperion Hyperion 12 255 No Mercy, Demon Slice, Bloodfest, Zantetsuken Reverse
This gunblade uses a semi-automatic pistol, resembling a Beretta rather than a revolver as a handle, and it also has a unique blade.

Blaster Edges[]

Wrist-mounted ranged weapons; Rinoa's preferred means of attack.

Weapon Image Strength Hit Rate Cost Items Required
Pinwheel Pinwheel 11 99 100G M-stone Piece x3
A weapon that can be used from a distance and have many advantages. The Pinwheel is one of the more basic projectile weapons.
Valkyrie Valkyrie 14 101 200G Shear Feather x1
Magic Stone x1
Valkyrie is a projectile weapon that can fly straight at the enemy using its stabilizing fins. The blade is extremely deadly.
Rising Sun Rising Sun 18 103 400G Saw Blade x1
Screw x8
The Rising Sun is similar to a circular saw. It is made by upgrading the Pinwheel. It is capable of slicing into enemies like a spinning saw and dealing a devastating blow.
Cardinal Cardinal 24 104 800G Cockatrice Pinion x1
Mesmerize Blade x1
Sharp Spike x1
The Cardinal is the latest line of projectile weapons. The wide fins provide more stability and accuracy compared to the Valkyrie. Its greater accuracy causes more damage.
Shooting Star Shooting Star 28 107 1,000G Windmill x2
Regen Ring x1
Force Armlet x1
Energy Crystal x2
Now we show you the finest projectile weapon, the Shooting Star. Don't let the angel wing motif fool you, it's a deadly weapon.


Blunt and to the point; Zell's area of expertise.

Weapon Image Strength Hit Rate Cost Items Required
Metal Knuckle Metal Knuckle 12 98 100G Fish Fin x1
M-stone Piece x4
A punch can be a deadly weapon, but it can be made even more effective by wearing this, the Metal Knuckle. These gloves are widely used.
Maverick Maverick 15 99 200G Dragon Fin x1
Spider Web x1
With the Maverick, the combatant can deliver direct punching blows to the enemy. The gloves are made of black leather and have metal plates on the knuckles.
Gauntlet Gauntlet 20 101 400G Dragon Skin x1
Fury Fragment x1
The Gauntlet is covered with layers of steel. It is a fighting glove for delivering heavy rather than smooth blows.
Ehrgeiz Ehrgeiz 25 103 800G Adamantine x1
Dragon Skin x4
Fury Fragment x1
Ehrgeiz is the most powerful fighting glove. It allows the wearer to deliver optimal hits based on his or her abilities.


The artful and precise weapons of Quistis.

Weapon Image Strength Hit Rate Cost Items Required
Chain Whip Chain Whip 12 103 100G M-stone Piece x2
Spider Web x1
Whips are effective against enemies that are close or far away. This Chain Whip has a simple design, but is very reliable in battle.
Slaying Tail Slaying Tail 15 104 200G Magic Stone x2
Sharp Spike x1
This whip, the Slaying Tail, is known for its tremendous speed and power. It is named after Sleipner, the horse of the legendary GF Odin.
Red Scorpion Red Scorpion 20 105 400G Ochu Tentacle x2
Dragon Skin x2
The Red Scorpion is a unique whip made of rare materials. Its strength comes from the Dragon Skin, while its flexibility comes from the Ochu Tentacle.
Save the Queen Save the Queen 25 107 800G Malboro Tentacle x2
Sharp Spike x4
Energy Crystal x4
Save the Queen is the most powerful whip in the world. It is made with Malboro's Tentacles which are the most ideal material for making whips.


Selphie's preferred weapons. Due to Strange Vision having a guaranteed hit rate, it is recommended to upgrade to it.

Weapon Image Strength Hit Rate Cost Items Required
Flail Flail 12 98 100G M-stone Piece x2
Bomb Fragment x1
Even a weakling can cause serious damage with this type of Nunchaku but they're also hard to use. This Flail has long been a favorite for beginners.
Morning Star Morning Star 15 99 200G Steel Orb x2
Sharp Spike x2
The end of the Morning Star were equipped spike metal balls to cause more damage. It is a plain weapon, similar to Nunchaku, but it is fairly effective.
Crescent Wish Crescent Wish 20 100 400G Inferno Fang x1
Life Ring x1
Sharp Spike x4
The Crescent Wish is an extremely powerful weapon. Some rare items are required to forge the weapon.
Strange Vision Strange Vision 25 255 800G Adamantine x1
Star Fragment x3
Curse Spike x2
This Strange Vision is famous for its ability to hit a target with perfect accuracy. It's also famous for its rarity.


Irvine's weapons of choice as an accomplished gunman.

Weapon Image Strength Hit Rate Cost Items Required
Valiant Valiant 12 105 100G Steel Pipe x1
Screw x4
Guns have the advantages of range, but damage is less compared to swords. The Valiant uses powerful bullets to cause damage comparable to swords.
Ulysses Ulysses 15 108 200G Steel Pipe x1
Bomb Fragment x1
Screw x2
The Ulysses lacks style, but is a quality shotgun with tremendous fire power. The inelegant design was necessary to absorb the powerful recoil after firing.
Bismarck Bismarck 20 110 400G Steel Pipe x2
Dynamo Stone x4
Screw x8
Contrary to the Ulysses, the Bismarck has a sleek look. The rifle is very handy and light, but in turn requires more physical strength and energy to handle its powerful recoil.
Exeter Exeter 25 115 800G Dino Bone x2
Moon Stone x1
Star Fragment x2
Screw x18
Exeter comes to mind when considering high powered guns. Despite its simple design, it's a fine weapon made of many rare materials.

Other weapons[]

The following are the weapons used by other characters. None of these weapons can be purchased or remodeled, and they are not mentioned in any issue of Weapons Monthly.

Weapon Image Strength Hit Rate User
Machine Gun Machine Gun 14 103 Laguna
Laguna's firearm of choice used in his flashbacks.
Katal Katal 13 102 Kiros
Kiros's dual-blades which he uses to slice enemies twice in succession. Their actual name is the Katar.
Harpoon Harpoon 16 98 Ward
Ward's massive weapon which he throws like a javelin.
None 20 97 Edea
Sorceress Edea does not wield a physical weapon in combat, instead attacking enemies with blasts of magical energy.

Other appearances[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Squall Leonhart's exclusive weapons are gunblades from Final Fantasy VIII—the Revolver, the Twin Lance, the Punishment, and the Lion Heart. Squall wields the Revolver in battle and exchanges it for the Lion Heart in his EX Mode.

Ultimecia's exclusive weapons are Rinoa's Blaster Edges—the Valkyrie, Cardinal, and Shooting Star.

The Machine Gun appears as the weapon of the "Machine" set, which otherwise includes Tools from Final Fantasy VI.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Squall and Ultimecia retain their exclusive weapons. Laguna wields his Machine Gun in battle, and the Machine Gun is now one of his exclusive weapons.

Zell's Ehrgeiz appears as a level 100 grappling weapon.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Many weapons, including Irvine's guns, Squall's gunblades, Zell's gloves, Selphie's nunchakus, and Rinoa's blaster edges, appear as weapons.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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Other media[]

Dead Fantasy[]

Rinoa's fan-made weapons were created by the late Monty Oum based on the weapons seen in Final Fantasy VIII. The Vanishing Star gunblade is her primary weapon with the words "All Existence Has Denied" engraved on its blade. Silenced Tear is her secondary weapon. This blaster edge automatically forms into a disc-like blade she can launch with her wrist-mount launcher. She uses it for ranged attacks and has junctioned Holy and Tornado within her weapon.

Behind the scenes[]

Selphie's battle model.

The weapon Selphie wields is called "nunchaku" in the NTSC versions and "shinobou" in the English PAL version. This is because nunchakus are considered illegal weapons in the UK. For example, the use of nunchakus was, in the 1990s, censored from UK rebroadcasts of American children's TV, shows such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons, and films. In Final Fantasy VIII, Selphie's weapon model remains the same, but the name of the weapon has been changed to "shinobou" in the SeeD written test the player can take in the menu. In most media, the weapon is now called "nunchucks".

Rinoa's Blaster Edge might have been inspired by similar weapons found in Rudra no Hihō on the Super Famicom, a game that was released by Square in 1996. The weapons are mounted on the arm and launch a crescent-shaped scythe at the enemy.


Master Arms Squall's Revolver.
Master Arms Hyperion.

Final Fantasy Master Arms include miniaturized replicas of both Squall's Revolver and Seifer's Hyperion.

The Lion Heart model is included in the Play Arts Arms set along with four other ultimate weapons.

Being Squall's primary and iconic weapon, a scaled replica of the Revolver gunblade has been featured with every Squall figurine regardless of what media or game the figure is portraying.