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Squall's abilities menu.

Each of the Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy VIII has a set of support abilities that can be equipped to a character when he or she junctions a GF. Below is a list of those abilities categorized according to ability type.

Junction abilitiesEdit

FFVIII Junction ability icon Junction abilities enable a player to junction, or equip, magic to stats such as HP and Str to increase their power. They can also be used to add elemental and status effects to attacks and defense, or increase the number of command ability slots.

The "upgraded" versions of abilities make the previous abilities redundant, meaning the player can delete them with Amnesia Greens to make more room for GF abilities. E.g. if the GF has ST-Def-Jx2, the base ST-Def-J can be deleted, and if a GF has Ability x4, Ability x3 can then be deleted.

Name AP Guardian Forces Requirement Items Effect
HP-J 50 Quezacotl, Ifrit, Brothers, Diablos, Carbuncle N/A HP-J Scroll Junctions magic to HP.
Junctions Magic to HP
Str-J 50 Shiva, Ifrit, Brothers, Pandemona, Cerberus N/A Str-J Scroll Junctions magic to Str.
Junctions Magic to Strength
Vit-J 50 Quezacotl, Shiva, Carbuncle N/A Vit-J Scroll Junctions magic to Vit.
Junctions Magic to Vitality
Mag-J 50 Quezacotl, Siren, Diablos, Carbuncle, Leviathan, Cerberus N/A Mag-J Scroll Junctions magic to Mag.
Junctions Magic to Magic
Spr-J 50 Shiva, Brothers, Leviathan, Cerberus, Alexander N/A Spr-J Scroll Junctions magic to Spr.
Junctions Magic to Spirit
Spd-J 120 Pandemona, Cerberus, Eden N/A Spd-J Scroll Junction magic to Spd.
Junctions Magic to Speed
Hit-J 120 Diablos, Cerberus, Eden N/A N/A Junction magic to Hit.
Junctions Magic to Hit
Eva-J 200 Cactuar, Eden N/A Aegis Amulet Junction Magic to Eva.
Junctions Magic to Evade
Luck-J 200 Cactuar N/A Luck-J Scroll Junction magic to Luck.
Junctions Magic to Luck
Elem-Atk-J 160 Quezacotl, Shiva, Ifrit, Brothers, Leviathan, Pandemona, Alexander, Doomtrain N/A Elem Atk Junction magic to Elem-Atk.
Junctions Magic to Elem-Atk
Elem-Def-J 100 Quezacotl, Shiva, Ifrit, Brothers, Pandemona N/A N/A Junction magic to Elem-Def.
Junctions Magic to Elem-Def
Elem-Def-Jx2 130 Quezacotl, Shiva, Ifrit, Leviathan, Pandemona, Alexander Elem-Def-J N/A Junction 2 magics to Elem-Def.
Junctions 2 Magic to Elem-Def
Elem-Def-Jx4 180 Alexander, Doomtrain Elem-Def-Jx2 Elem Guard Junction 4 magics to Elem-Def.
Junctions 4 Magic to Elem-Def
ST-Atk-J 160 Siren, Carbuncle, Cerberus, Doomtrain Mag-J (Cerberus)
N/A (others)
Status Atk Junction magic to ST-Atk.
Junctions Magic to ST-Atk
ST-Def-J 100 Siren, Carbuncle, Cerberus Spr-J (Cerberus)
N/A (others)
N/A Junction magic to ST-Def.
Junctions Magic to ST-Def
ST-Def-Jx2 130 Siren, Carbuncle, Cerberus ST-Def-J N/A Junction 2 magics to ST-Def.
Junctions 2 Magic to ST-Def
ST-Def-Jx4 180 Doomtrain, Cerberus ST-Def-J x2 Status Guard Junction 4 magic spells to ST-Def.
Junctions 4 Magic to ST-Def
Ability x3 N/A Diablos, Carbuncle, Cerberus, Alexander N/A N/A Allows character to have 3 ability slots for Character and Party abilities.
Set up to 3 abilities
Ability x4 N/A Bahamut N/A Rosetta Stone Allows character to have 4 ability slots for Character and Party abilities.
Set up to 4 abilities

Character abilitiesEdit

FFVIII Character ability icon These are upgrades for a character, and when equipped, initiate automatically in battle.

Name AP Guardian Forces Requirement Items
HP+20% 60 Diablos, Carbuncle, Brothers N/A Regen Ring
Raises HP by 20%
HP+40% 120 Diablos, Carbuncle, Brothers HP+20% Giant's Ring
Raises HP by 40%
HP+80% 200 Diablos, Brothers HP+40% Gaea's Ring
Raises HP by 80%
Str+20% 60 Ifrit, Pandemona N/A Strength Love
Raises Str by 20%
Str+40% 120 Ifrit, Pandemona Str+20% Power Wrist
Raises Str by 40%
Str+60% 200 Bahamut N/A Hyper Wrist
Raises Str by 60%
Vit+20% 60 Shiva, Carbuncle N/A Turtle Shell
Raises Vit by 20%
Vit+40% 120 Shiva, Carbuncle Vit+20% Orichalcon
Raises Vit by 40%
Vit+60% N/A N/A N/A Adamantine
Raises Vit by 60%
Mag+20% 60 Quezacotl, Siren, Diablos N/A Circlet
Raises Magic damage by 20%
Mag+40% 120 Quezacotl, Siren, Diablos Mag+20% Hypno Crown
Raises Magic damage by 40%
Mag+60% N/A Bahamut N/A Royal Crown
Raises Magic damage by 60%
Spr+20% 60 Shiva, Leviathan, Alexander N/A Rune Armlet
Raises Spr by 20%
Spr+40% 120 Shiva, Leviathan, Alexander Spr+20% Force Armlet
Raises Spr by 40%
Spr+60% N/A N/A N/A Magic Armlet
Raises Spr by 60%
Spd+20% 60 Cerberus, Pandemona Spd-J Jet Engine
Raises Spd by 20%
Spd+40% 60 Cerberus, Pandemona Spd+20% Rocket Engine
Raises Spd by 40%
Eva+30% 200 Cactuar, Tonberry N/A N/A
Raises Eva by 30%
Luck+50% 200 Cactuar, Tonberry, Eden N/A N/A
Raises Luck by 50%
Mug 200 Diablos, Bahamut N/A N/A
Change Attack to Mug
Med Data 200 Alexander N/A Doc's Code
Doubles the effect of medicine
Counter 200 Carbuncle N/A Monk's Code
Counterattacks when attacked
Works with the Defend command.
Return Damage N/A N/A N/A Hundred Needles
Returns 1/4 of the damage to the opponent.
Cover 100 Brothers N/A Knight's Code
Receives attack in place of a party member.
Works with the Defend command.
Initiative 160 Pandemona, Tonberry, Cactuar N/A N/A
Enables action as soon as battle begins
Move-HP Up 200 Tonberry, Cactuar, Bahamut N/A N/A
Restores HP by walking.
HP Bonus 100 Brothers, Cactuar HP+80% N/A
+30 Bonus to HP at level up.
Str Bonus 100 Ifrit, Cactuar Str+40% N/A
+1 Bonus to Str at level up.
Vit Bonus 100 Carbuncle, Cactuar Vit+40% N/A
+1 Bonus to Vit at level up.
Mag Bonus 100 Siren, Cactuar Mag+40% N/A
+1 Bonus to Mag at level up.
Spr Bonus 100 Leviathan, Cactuar Spr+40% N/A
+1 Bonus to Spr at level up.
Auto-Protect 200 Bahamut N/A Steel Curtain
Protect activates automatically in battle.
Auto-Shell 200 Doomtrain N/A Moon Curtain
Shell activates automatically in battle.
Auto-Reflect 150 Carbuncle N/A Glow Curtain
Reflect activates automatically in battle.
Auto-Haste 150 Cerberus Spd+40% Accelerator
Haste activates automatically in battle.
Auto-Potion 150 Leviathan, Cactuar, Tonberry N/A N/A
Use recovery items automatically when hit.
Expendx2-1 250 Cerberus, Bahamut, Cactuar GF level 30+ (Cerberus)
Eva+30% (Cactuar)
N/A (Bahamut)
Only 1 Magic spent while Double.
Expendx3-1 250 Eden N/A Three Stars
Only 1 Magic spent while Triple.
Ribbon N/A N/A N/A Ribbon
Prevents all status abnormality.

Party abilitiesEdit

FFVIII Party ability icon These can influence the party's flow of the battle, elements in the world map and gameplay. These abilities don't need any special requirement.

Name AP Guardian Forces
Alert 200 Cerberus
Prevents Back Attack.
Move-Find 30 Siren
Finds hidden Save/Draw Points.
Enc-Half 30 Diablos
Cuts encounter rate by half.
Enc-None 100 Diablos
No encounters.
Rare Item 250 Bahamut
More likely to receive rare items.

GF abilitiesEdit

FFVIII GF ability icon GF abilities are considered upgrades for the Guardian Forces Junctioned.

Name AP Guardian Forces Requirement Items Description
Boost 10 All GF except Diablos, Carbuncle, Cerberus, Cactuar N/A N/A Increases a GF's attack power using timed presses.
GFHP+10% 40 All GF N/A Healing Mail Increases a GF's maximum HP by 10%.
GFHP+20% 70 All GF GFHP+10% Silver Mail Increases a GF's maximum HP by 20%.
GFHP+30% 140 All GF except Quezacotl, Shiva, and Siren GFHP+20% Gold Armor Increases a GF's maximum HP by 30%.
GFHP+40% 200 Doomtrain, Bahamut, Eden GFHP+30% Diamond Armor Increases a GF's maximum HP by 40%.
SumMag+10% 40 All GF except Diablos, Carbuncle, Cerberus, Cactuar N/A Steel Pipe Increases a GF's attack power by 10%.
SumMag+20% 70 All GF except Diablos, Carbuncle, Cerberus, Cactuar SumMag+10% Star Fragment Increases a GF's attack power by 20%.
SumMag+30% 140 All GF except Diablos, Carbuncle, Cerberus, Cactuar SumMag+20% Energy Crystal Increases a GF's attack power by 30%.
SumMag+40% 200 Doomtrain, Bahamut, Eden SumMag+30% Samantha's Soul Increases a GF's attack power by 40%.

Menu abilitiesEdit

FFVIII Menu ability icon These abilities are accessed from the menu, used to create items and magic and other miscellany.

Name AP Guardian Forces Requirement Items Description
Haggle 150 Tonberry N/A N/A Receive discounts at shops.
Sell-High 200 Tonberry Familiar, Haggle N/A Sell high at shops.
Familiar 150 Tonberry N/A N/A Easier to buy rare items.
Call Shop 200 Tonberry Sell-High N/A Call shops from menu screen.
Junk shop N/A Doomtrain N/A N/A Call junk shop from menu screen.
T Mag-RF 30 Quezacotl N/A N/A Refine Lightning/Wind Magic from an item.
I Mag-RF 30 Shiva N/A N/A Refine Water/Ice Magic from an item.
F Mag-RF 30 Ifrit N/A N/A Refine Fire Magic from an item.
L Mag-RF 30 Siren N/A N/A Refine Life/Recovery Magic from an item.
Time Mag-RF 30 Diablos N/A N/A Refine Time/Space Magic from an item.
ST Mag-RF 30 Diablos N/A N/A Refine status Magic from an item.
Supt Mag-RF 30 Leviathan N/A N/A Refine Support Magic from an item.
Forbid Mag-RF 30 Bahamut N/A N/A Refine Forbidden Magic from an item.
Recov Med-RF 30 Carbuncle N/A N/A Refine Recovery Medicine from an item.
ST Med-RF 30 Siren N/A N/A Refine status Recovery Medicine from an item.
Ammo-RF 30 Ifrit GF LVL 10+ N/A Refine Ammunition from an item.
Tool-RF 30 Siren N/A N/A Refine Tools from an item.
Forbid Med-RF 200 Doomtrain N/A N/A Refine Forbidden Medicine from an item.
GFRecov Med-RF 30 Leviathan N/A N/A Refine Recovery Medicine for GF from an item.
GFAbl Med-RF 30 Eden N/A N/A Refine ability learning medicine for GF from items.
Mid Mag-RF 60 Quezacotl N/A N/A Refine Mid-Level Magic from other Magic.
High Mag-RF 120 Alexander N/A N/A Refine High-Level Magic from other Magic.
Med LV Up 120 Alexander Med Data N/A Levels up medicine.
Card Mod 80 Quezacotl N/A N/A Refine items from cards.
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