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This is a list of official Square Enix merchandise available for Final Fantasy VIII. For a generic list, see merchandise.

Packaging artwork[]


Sheet music[]

Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack Piano Sheet Music


Eyes On Me/Faye Wong Piano Sheet Music

ピアノピース ファイナルファンタジーVIII アイズオンミー (ピアノ・ピース)

Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collection Sheet Music

ファイナルファンタジー8 : ピアノコレクションズ : ピアノソロ

  • Arranged: Nobuo Uematsu
  • Publisher: Yamaha Music Media (2000)
  • Format: Japanese, 53 pages
  • ISBN 978-4-6366-5777-7



Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania
Final Fantasy VIII Official Strategy Guide
Final Fantasy VIII: The Official Strategy Guide
Final Fantasy VIII Official Strategy Guide

Action figures, statues, and replicas[]

Bandai Extra Soldier series[]

Release date: 1999(JP)

Squall Leonhart
Rinoa Heartilly
Zell Dincht
Irvine Kinneas
Quistis Trepe
Selphie Tilmitt
Seifer Almasy
Laguna Loire
Edea Kramer

Chrome Figure Collection[]

Release date: 2000

Coca-Cola figurines[]

Cold Cast Collection[]

Release date: 1999(JP)


Master Creatures[]

Creatures -Kai-[]

Final Fantasy Figure Collection[]

Release date: 1999(JP)

Squall Leonhart
Rinoa Heartilly
Seifer Almasy
Selphie Tilmitt
Quistis Trepe
Laguna Loire

Kotobukiya Guardian Force series[]

Released in 1999 by Kotobukiya under their ArtFX label, the Guardian Force series was comprised of the summoned creatures. Figures have limited articulation points and are made of PVC in Full Color and Clear versions. Each figure was packaged in blister packaging or box (depending on size) and have two releases, the U.S. identified by its Red packaging, and Japan identified by its Grey packaging.

included Tonberry figure.
included MiniMog and Carbuncle figures.
Odin & Sleipnir
Included Zantetsuken sword.
  • Interestingly, the level of detail on these figures is pretty extreme where as in the game one cannot see these features, including Sleipnir's (horse) third set of legs that have been cut off with graphic detail (in the myths of Odin, Sleipnir had 8 legs).
Included Angelo figure.
Included harp and Cactuar figure.
Includes three of the four Swords: Excalibur (Blue), Excalipoor (Red), Masamune.


In Japan, each figure included a segment of a Ragnarok figure to be assembled with the collection of all eight figures. Segments also came in two versions, Full Color and Clear, matching whichever they were included with. The English release did not include the segments and despite some internet rumors, no evidence can be found of an international version ever being released.

  • Ifrit: Arm
  • Shiva: Main Gatling Gun (Under belly)
  • Odin & Sleipnir: Body/Neck
  • Cerberus: Head & Neck
  • Siren: Arm
  • Diablos: unknown
  • Bahamut: unknown
  • Gilgamesh: Engine

† Included parts are unconfirmed.

Master Arms[]

Release date: May 2007(JP)


Size: 9.05”L (230mm)


Size: 10.23”L (260mm)

Final Fantasy Monster Collection[]

Omega Weapon: Included tail for lower body legs, and interchangeable lower body "mount".

Ultima Weapon
Included sword, and interchangeable lower body "mount". Recolor of Omega.
Iron Giant
Included two swords, two sheaths, and display stand.
Included sword, and display stand.
Included sword, and display stand.

Play Arts[]

Release date: April 2006 (JP)

Squall Leonhart
includes Revolver gunblade, extra hands, and display stand.
Rinoa Heartilly
includes extra hands, and display stand.
Selphie Tilmitt
includes Flail, extra hands, and display stand.

Play Arts Arms[]

Lion Heart for Squall
Strange Vision for Selphie

Trading Arts[]

  • Released in April 2004, Volume 1 included Rinoa Heartilly.
  • Released in May 2006, Volume 2 included Selphie Tilmitt.

Trading Arts Mini[]

  • Released in October 2007, Volume 1 included Rinoa Heartilly.
  • Released in April 2008, Volume 2 included Squall Leonhart.
  • Released in October 2015(US), Volume 1 included Squall Leonhart.

Trading Arts -Kai- Mini[]

Includes alternate body in SeeD uniform, four faces, Revolver, Lion Heart, Cactuar, PuPu, Command window, two speech bubbles, and display stand with multiple supports.

Release date: July 2012 (JP)
Size: 2.5” (64mm)

Includes alternate body in dance dress, four faces, Angelo, command window, two speech bubbles, and display stand with multiple supports.

Release date: June 2013(JP)
Size: 1.22” (31mm)

Transcendent Artists Collection[]

Released in April 1999, the Transcendent Artists Collection: Final Fantasy VIII collection was a limited edition collectible series by Kotobukiya Co. featuring cold cast statues of the main player party atop of various summons. Character designs are based on Tetsuya Nomura's in-game designs, while each statue was sculpted by either Takayuki Takeya or Kenji Ando. The statues each had a retail price around ¥24,800 JPY.

On the plaque of its statue, Selphie's name is misspelled Selphine. Also, on the box, the card, and the bottom of its statue, Diablos is misspelled Diabolus.


Trading cards[]