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Defend command.

The following is a list of command abilities in Final Fantasy VIII. Characters always have the Attack command, but other commands can only be used by equipping a Guardian Force. In addition to Attack, each party member can equip three command abilities.

List of commands[]

Unequippable commands[]

Ability Effect
Attack Physical attack.
Attack with equipped weapon
Mug Physical attack on target and attempt to steal items. Replaces Attack command when Mug is equipped. Steal mechanics explained here.
Attack and steal items
Renzokuken Squall's Limit Break command.
Attack with Renzokuken
Duel Zell's Limit Break command.
Combat style attack
Shot Irvine's Limit Break command.
Use ammo to attack
Blue Magic Quistis's Limit Break command.
Use monster's skill
Slot Selphie's Limit Break command.
Attack with magic chosen at random
Fire Cross Seifer's Limit Break command.
Attack with sword
Sorcery Edea's Limit Break command.
Use ammo to attack
Combine Rinoa's Limit Break command.
Call something
Angel Wing Rinoa's Limit Break command.
Use Angel Wing
Limit Laguna's Limit Break command.
Attack with Limit Breaks
Limit Kiros's Limit Break command.
Attack with Limit Breaks
Limit Ward's Limit Break command.
Attack with Limit Breaks

Equippable commands[]

Ability AP GF Item Effect
Magic N/A All GF Magic Scroll Enables the Magic command.
Cast magic
GF N/A All GF GF Scroll Enables the GF command.
Summons Guardian Force
Draw N/A All GF Draw Scroll Enables the Draw command.
Draw magic
Item N/A All GF Item Scroll Enables the Item command.
Use item
Card 40 Quezacotl Gambler Spirit Turns an enemy into a card, with a higher success rate the lower their current HP is. May spawn boss cards randomly. Bosses and human enemies cannot be carded.
Turn monsters into cards
Doom 60 Shiva N/A Inflicts the Doom status effect on an enemy.
Use Doom on one enemy
Mad Rush 60 Ifrit, Eden N/A Casts Berserk, Haste and Protect on the entire party.
Use Haste, Berserk, Protect on all
Treatment 100 Siren Med Kit Heals all negative status effects, apart from KO.
Remove abnormal status
Defend 100 Brothers, Cactuar N/A Makes user immune to physical attacks and halves damage from magical attacks until they select another action.
Reduce damage until next command
Darkside 100 Diablos, Doomtrain, Eden N/A Attacks with three times the strength while sacrificing 10% of current HP.
Expend HP to attack
Recover 200 Leviathan Healing Ring Fully recovers a target.
Restore HP
Absorb 100 Pandemona, Doomtrain N/A Drains HP from a target, while ignoring Shell.
Absorb HP
Revive 200 Alexander Phoenix Spirit Revives a target and fully recovers their HP.
Remove KO
LV Down N/A Tonberry N/A Lowers an enemy's level, decreasing stats and drawable magic.
Lower monster level
LV Up N/A Tonberry N/A Raises an enemy's level, increasing stats and drawable magic.
Raise monster level
Kamikaze 100 Cactuar Bomb Spirit Deals massive damage but removes the user.
Damage one enemy before getting KO'd
Devour N/A Eden Hungry Cookpot Inflicts Instant Death on an enemy if their current HP is less than the user's, and grants additional positive or negative effects to the user depending on the enemy.
Devour monsters
MiniMog 100 N/A Mog's Amulet Restores GF HP.
Call MiniMog

Dummied commands[]

The original PlayStation demo has two dummied command abilities that were removed for the second, non-Rinoa demo.

Ability Description
Fortify Casts Cure, even if its description suggests it would heal a Guardian Force.
W-Item W-Item works the same as its equivalent in Final Fantasy VII and uses two items per turn.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Ability Cards
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