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The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy VIII.

Player characters[]

Temporary characters[]

Non-player characters[]


Balamb Garden[]



Other characters[]

Minor characters[]

Balamb Town[]

  • Big Bad Rascal, local resident of Balamb Town, friend of Zell.
  • Boy, a boy from Balamb Town.
  • Girl, a girl from Balamb Town.
  • Hotel Owner, owner of Balamb Hotel.
  • Hotel Owner's Wife, wife of the Balamb Hotel owner.
  • Mother of Big Bad Rascal

Balamb Garden[]

  • Wimbly Donner, retired head of the Festival Committee.
  • J.I. and M.S., anonymous students who type in the Garden Square.
  • Cafeteria Lady, cafeteria lady in Balamb Garden.


  • Miss Francesca DiMarco, receptionist of the Timber Motel.

Shumi Village[]

  • Artisan, a shumi with dreams of the outside world.
  • Sculptor, the local village sculptor of Shumi Village.
  • Village Elder, the village elder of Shumi Village.
  • Attendant, shumi attendant to the village elder.

Fishermans Horizon[]

  • Grease Monkey, an artisan in Fishermans Horizon.
  • Fisherkid, an apprentice fisherman in Fishermans Horizon.
  • Master Fisherman, the creator of Fishermans Horizon.
  • Familiar Face, Familiar Face 2 and Familiar Face 3, brothers who operate the loading lift on Fishermans Horizon.

Trabia Garden[]

  • Port, one half of the Trabia Tech Squad.
  • Lank, one half of the Trabia Tech Squad.
  • Selphie's Friend, Selphie's good friend, who stands in the Courtyard.
  • Sleeping Cadet in Garage, a drowsy cadet who may have been rattled by the missile attack.


  • Cloud, the unseen owner of the item shop, "Cloud's Shop" (エスタショップ, Esuta Shoppu?, lit. Esthar Shop).
  • Johnny, the unseen owner of the item shop, "Johnny's Shop" (エスタショップ!!, Esuta Shoppu!!?, lit. Esthar Shop!!).
  • Karen, the unseen owner of the magazine shop, "Karen's Store" (エスタ本屋, Esuta Hon'ya?, lit. Esthar Bookstore).
  • RinRin, the unseen owner of the GF item shop, "RinRin's Store" (エスタペットショップ, Esuta Petto Shoppu?, lit. Esthar Pet Shop).


  • Odell Burk, a man interviewed in Occult Magazine 1.
  • White SeeD Leader, leader of the White SeeDs.
  • Lina, a White SeeD who reads Legend of the Vascaroon to the children on the White SeeD ship.
  • PuPu, a blue alien with the misfortune of crashing his ship.
  • Shadow, the shadow of Obel Lake.
  • Mr. Monkey, the Shadow's friend who lives in Roshfall Forest.

Legendary characters[]

  • Great Hyne, the god said to have created the world and the originator of sorceress power.
  • King Zebalga, the king of the Zebalga tribe and the winner of the war for Hyne's body-half.
  • Vascaroon, the wise man who revealed to the Zebalgas that the body-half was corrupt and had no power.
  • Zefer, legendary Sorceress Knight.