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This page lists all forty-five achievements from the 2013 PC re-release of Final Fantasy VIII.

List Edit

Name Icon Description
Shiva Shiva icon Unlock Guardian Force Shiva.
Quezacotl Quezacotl icon Unlock Guardian Force Quezacotl.
Ifrit Ifrit icon Unlock Guardian Force Ifrit.
Siren Siren icon Unlock Guardian Force Siren.
Handyman Handyman icon Upgrade your weapon.
Card player Card Player icon Play Triple Triad.
First Salary First Salary icon Get your first salary from SeeD.
Brothers Brothers icon Unlock Guardian Force Brothers.
Maximum HP Max HP icon Reach maximum HP.
100 kills 100 Kills icon Kill 100 enemies.
Chocobo Chocobo icon Capture a Chocobo.
Magician Magician icon Draw (Stock) magic from enemies 100 times.
Alexander Alexander icon Unlock Guardian Force Alexander.
Leviathan Leviathan icon Unlock Guardian Force Leviathan.
Pandemona Pandemona icon Unlock Guardian Force Pandemona.
Cerberus Cerberus icon Unlock Guardian Force Cerberus.
Carbuncle Carbuncle icon Unlock Guardian Force Carbuncle.
Doomtrain Doomtrain icon Unlock Guardian Force Doomtrain.
Professional Player Professional player icon Win 100 games of Triple Triad.
Loser Loser icon Lose a rare card in a Triple Triad game.
Cards Club Master Cards club master icon Defeat every member of the CC group.
Obel Lake Secret Obel lake secret icon Complete the Obel Lake side quest.
Blue Magic Master Blue magic master icon Learn all of Quistis's limit breaks.
1000 kills 1000 kills icon Kill 1000 enemies.
Omega Destroyed Omega destroyed icon Beat the Omega Weapon.
Top Level Boko Top level boko icon Reach level 100 with Boko.
Magic Miner Magic miner icon Draw magic 100 times from draw points.
Timber Maniacs Timber maniacs icon Collect all Timber Maniacs magazines.
Maximum Gil Maximum gil icon Reach maximum Gil.
Cactuar Cactuar icon Unlock Guardian Force Cactuar.
Choco loot Choco loot Acquired an item from Chocobo World.
Tonberry Tonberry icon Unlock Guardian Force Tonberry.
Eden Eden icon Unlock Guardian Force Eden.
End of Game End of game icon Finish the game.
Diablos Diablos icon Unlock Guardian Force Diablos.
Bahamut Bahamut icon Unlock Guardian Force Bahamut.
Ragnarok Ragnarok icon Find Ragnarok.
Dog Trainer Dog trainer icon Learn all of Rinoa's limit breaks.
Magazine Addict Magazine addict icon Collect all Weapons Monthly/Combat King/Pet Pals/Occult Fan magazines.
UFO UFO icon Complete the PuPu side quest.
Top Rank Top rank icon Reach SeeD rank A.
Top level Top level icon Reach level 100.
Collector Collector icon Collect all cards.
Contrived Finish Contrived finish icon Finish the game with Squall's initial level.
10000 kills 10000 Kills icon Kill 10000 enemies.
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