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Final Fantasy VIII Vinyl is a selection of tracks from Final Fantasy VII on the format of vinyl records on two picture discs. The release was limited to 2000 numbered copies and was only available at official Square Enix shops.

Track list[]

Disc 1[]

A-Side (20:44)
  1. Liberi Fatali — 3:06
    The opening theme of Final Fantasy VIII.
  2. Balamb GARDEN — 3:29
    The eponymous theme of Balamb Garden.
  3. Blue Fields — 2:54
    The game's world map theme.
  4. Don't be Afraid — 2:52
    The game's battle theme.
  5. Find Your Way — 3:47
    Plays in the Fire Cavern, Tomb of the Unknown King, Trabia Canyon, Centra Ruins, and the entrance of the Shumi Village.
  6. The Landing — 4:36
    Plays at the beginning of the Siege of Dollet, when the SeeD forces reach the shores. Also plays during the clash of the Gardens when Galbadians on motorcycles start invading Balamb Garden. In Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, this theme plays during the credits sequence that may be selected from the main menu.
B-Side (27:40)
  1. Force Your Way — 3:53
  2. The game's boss battle theme.
  3. The Loser — 1:27
  4. The Game Over track. Incorporates the song "Final Fantasy" at a slower tempo, followed by the "Prelude" in similar fashion.
  5. Never Look Back (medley) — 3:23
  6. Plays during suspenseful moments, such as when the party is being chased by the X-ATM092 and when Zell, Quistis, and Selphie go find Squall in the prison.
  7. Dead End (medley) — 1:11
  8. Plays when Squall, Zell and Selphie run to the beach of Dollet. Also plays when Squall jumps down from the carousel clock in Deling City.
  9. Breezy — 2:43
  10. Plays in Balamb Town and in the Shumi Hotel.
  11. Shuffle or Boogie — 2:04
  12. Plays during the Triple Triad card battles.
  13. The Man with the Machine Gun — 2:49
  14. The alternate battle theme, plays whenever Laguna, Kiros, and Ward engage in a fight.
  15. My Mind — 3:12
  16. Eventually comes to be a love theme for Squall and Rinoa, which follows the melody of "Eyes On Me".
  18. The first sorceress theme, first plays when the party initially encounters Ultimecia (possessing Edea) in Timber.
  19. The Stage is Set — 3:40
  20. Plays during the preparation to assassinate the sorceress, as well as when the party enters the MD level of Balamb Garden.

Disc 2[]

C-Side (20:44)
  1. Premonition — 4:36
    Plays when the party fights a sorceress, such as Edea, the eleven Sorceresses, and Ultimecia's first form.
  2. Fragments of Memories — 3:14
    Plays in Winhill during Laguna's stay, and during some flashback scenes.
  3. Fisherman's Horizon — 3:35
    The eponymous theme of the Fishermans Horizon, and when the party visits Winhill.
  4. The Oath — 3:25
    Plays during scenes when Squall's leadership and heroism is highlighted, at the Sorceress Memorial, and when the party, Fujin and Raijin confront Seifer in the Lunatic Pandora.
  5. Ride On — 3:03
    Plays when the party flies in the Ragnarok.
  6. Compression of Time — 4:34
    Plays during the brief state of time compression.
D-Side (27:40)
  1. The Legendary Beast — 5:50
  2. Plays during the fight against Griever, the second tier of the final boss.
  3. Maybe I'm a Lion — 5:35
  4. Plays during the battle against Ultimecia's Griever form.
  5. The Extreme — 6:45
  6. Plays during the final battle with Ultimecia's final form.
  7. Ending Theme — 5:40
  8. The game's ending theme. It begins with a mysterious opening that leads into a different arrangement of "Eyes On Me", then plays the series' main theme, the central melody of "Liberi Fatali", and finally the "Prelude", played in a minor key, as opposed to its characteristic major key.


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