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The Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania is a book about Final Fantasy VIII originally published in Japan by DigiCube in 1999, and re-released by Square Enix in 2006. The book is generally spoiler-free, and has no pictures of Griever or Ultimecia, who are simply referred to as "Last Boss".

Table of contentsEdit

After selected chapters, there are brief interviews with staff members who worked on Final Fantasy VIII.

The book has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - World & Character (p.6-47)
    • Features political and geographic maps, profiles of major and minor characters, character event maps, town information, a keyword guide, and descriptions of vehicles.
  • Chapter 2 - Battle (p.48-75)
  • Chapter 3 - Junction (p.76-115)
  • Chapter 4 - Item (p.116-151)
    • Showcases every obtainable item, and has further information about item refinery. Also covered is gil, Shops, and weapons.
  • Chapter 5 - Card (p.152-185)
    • This chapter focuses on Triple Triad. Rules and playing styles are covered, and gives several examples of different game scenarios. There is a catalog of every obtainable card, and every person that can be challenged to a game, including the Queen of Cards and Card Club sidequests.
  • Chapter 6 - Monster (p.186-255)
    • A complete bestiary of monsters and bosses encountered, excluding the final bosses.
  • Chapter 7 - Scenario (p.256-305)
    • A brief walkthrough of the storyline, with diary-like entries from the characters. Also takes players through side stories.
  • Chapter 8 - Chocobo (p.306-323)
  • Chapter 9 - Secret 111 (p.324-355)
  • Chapter 10 - Map (p.356-467)
    • Shows all the field background images (not battle screen or world map images) and their connections, hidden items, and interactive parts.
  • Index (p.468-473)
  • The Score of Eyes On Me (p.474-477)
    • Score of the song with lyrics in English and Japanese.
  • Epilogue (p.478-480)

Sample pagesEdit

UltimaniaVIIIsample 1

Sample page from the Monster chapter.

Where to find the bookEdit

  • [1]
  • Play-Asia [2]

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