Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It contains both original scores created specifically for the movie, and remixes of songs from Final Fantasy VII. Also included is the song "Calling" by an 80's Japanese rock band singer, Kyosuke Himuro, which plays during the ending credits. Piano tracks are taken directly from Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VII.

Track list[edit | edit source]

Disc One (39:13)[edit | edit source]

  1. "Opening"
  2. "The Promised Land"
  3. "Beyond The Wasteland"
  4. "Sign"
  5. "Tifa's Theme" (Piano Version)
  6. "For the Reunion"
  7. "Those Who Fight" (Piano Version)
  8. "Water"
  9. "Materia"
  10. "Black Water"
  11. "Aerith's Theme" (Piano Version)
  12. "Battle in the Forgotten City"
  13. "Violator"
  14. "The Great Northern Cave" (Advent Children Version)

Disc Two (43:37)[edit | edit source]

  1. "Divinity I"
  2. "Those Who Fight" (Advent Children Version)
  3. "Those Who Fight Further" (Advent Children Version)
  4. "Divinity II"
  5. "Encounter"
  6. "The Chase of Highway"
  7. "Savior"
  8. "J-E-N-O-V-A" (Advent Children Version)
  9. "Advent: One-Winged Angel"
  10. "Cloud Smiles"
  11. "End Credits"
  12. "CALLING"

Limited Edition[edit | edit source]

Limited Edition slipcase.

The limited-edition first prints came packaged in a slipcase with a metallic-brushed look and the familiar Advent Children images of Cloud Strife and Sephiroth on the front and back, respectively, and had a 10-page booklet containing credits and lyrics.

Music Samples[edit | edit source]

"Those Who Fight (Piano Version)" "Aerith's Theme (Piano Version)" "J-E-N-O-V-A (FFVII AC Version)" "Advent: One-Winged Angel"

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Four of the tracks, "The Promised Land", "Divinity I", "Divinity II", and "Advent: One-Winged Angel" have Latin lyrics. The lyrics for "The Promised Land" and "Advent: One-Winged Angel" are found on their respective articles.

Divinity I and II[edit | edit source]

Latin[edit | edit source]

Caelo missus rex
Poena terrae motus
Error humanus
Cujus fructus foris
Cujus verbum clavis
Calamitas excitata ab imo
Cum haustus ext fremitu
Cum levatus ext carmine
Fatum invitans ruina sive paradisus
Pauci resistentes
Sola Dea fatum novit

English[edit | edit source]

He lived,
He slept.
The king sent by the sky.
His punishment is like an earthquake.
A mistake humans made,
Whose pleasure is the door,
And whose voice is the key.
Disaster is sparked by him.
As he is surrounded by roaring,
As he is summoned by chants,
So he himself can call upon ruinous fate and paradise alike.
And screams.
Few are able to resist.
A sole goddess could see destiny.

Sheet music[edit | edit source]

Book cover.

Published by Yamaha Music Media, the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Piano Solo Sheet Music book contains solo piano sheet music for eleven pieces from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Original Soundtrack. The difficulty level is intermediate to advanced.

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