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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Reunion Tracks is the album released in correspondence to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. It contains redone tracks from the original film, as well as tracks exclusive to Advent Children Complete and the included Episode: Denzel OVA.

Track list[]

  1. Beyond the Wasteland - FFVII ACC Version — 4:09
    Plays when Loz and Yazoo attack Cloud Strife.
  2. Sign - ACC Long Version — 5:10
    Plays during the scene between Cloud and Rufus Shinra, where Rufus reveals Sephiroth might be causing Geostigma.
  3. Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII - ACC Orchestra Version — 3:27
  4. MUSIC EFFECT — 0:39
    Plays when Moogle Girl and her brother watch a man die from Geostigma.
  5. Anxiety - FFVII ACC Version — 0:47
    (不安な心 – FFVII ACC VERSION, Fuan na Kokoro – FFVII ACC VERSION?, lit. Anxious Heart – FFVII ACC VERSION)
    Plays after Cloud's passes out in the Sector 5 slums church.
  6. Materia - FFVII ACC Version — 1:26
  7. Black Water - FFVII ACC Version — 2:54
    Plays when Kadaj speaks to the infected children in the Forgotten City, persuading them to drink the tainted water.
  8. Battle in the Forgotten City - FFVII ACC Version — 3:29
    Plays during Cloud's fight with Sephiroth's remnants until Vincent Valentine saves him.
  9. Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII - ACC Piano Version — 1:16
    Plays during Cloud and Marlene Wallace's discussion about why he left.
  10. Fight On! - FFVII ACC Version — 6:29
    (更に闘う者達 – FFVII ACC VERSION, Sarani Tatakau Monotachi – FFVII ACC VERSION?, lit. Those Who Fight Further – FFVII ACC VERSION)
  11. The Chase of Highway - FFVII ACC Long Version — 6:40
    Plays when Cloud pursues Kadaj to Midgar's ruins as Loz and Yazoo, and Reno and Rude follow.
  12. Advent: One-Winged Angel - ACC Long Version — 6:59
    Plays during Cloud's fight against Sephiroth.
  13. Aerith's Theme - ACC Long Version — 2:10
    Plays during Aerith's appearances.
On the Way to a Smile Episode: Denzel -Final Fantasy VII-
  1. Daybreak -Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII (Arranged)- — 3:53
    (夜明け ~FFVIIのテーマ アレンジバージョン~, Yoake ~FFVII no Tēma Arenjibājon~?, lit. Daybreak ~Theme of FFVII Arrange Version~)
  2. Suspicion — 1:27
    (疑心, Gishin?)
  3. A Sunny Spot — 1:12
    (陽だまり, Hidamari?)
  4. Crimson Skies — 1:27
    (赤い空, Akai Sora?)
  5. Azure Skies — 1:14
    (青い空, Aoi Sora?)
  6. Hearts Entwining -Tifa's Theme (Arranged)- — 1:00
    (つなぐ心 ~ティファのテーマ アレンジバージョン~, Tsunagu Kokoro ~Tifa no Tēma Arenjibājon~?, lit. Connected Heart ~Tifa's Theme Arrange Version~)
  7. Promise — 2:45
    (約束, Yakusoku?)
  8. On the Way to a Smile [EPISODE DENZEL] — 4:13


Original Music Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

Music & Arranged by Tsuyoshi Sekito, Keiji Kawamori, Kenichiro Fukui

1. Arranger: Kenichiro Fukui / Strings Arranger: Kazuhiko Toyama

2. Arrangers: Kazuhiko Toyama & Kenichiro Fukui

3. Arranger: Kazuhiko Toyama

4. Composer: Keiji Kawamori

5. Arranger: Keiji Kawamori

6. Arranger: Tsuyoshi Sekito & Keiji Kawamori

7. Arrangers: Tsuyoshi Sekito, Keiji Kawamori & Kenichiro Fukui

8. Arrangers: Tsuyoshi Sekito, Keiji Kawamori & Kenichiro Fukui / Strings Arranger: Kazuhiko Toyama

9. Arranger: Kazuhiko Toyama

10. Arrangers: Tsuyoshi Sekito & Kenichiro Fukui

11. Composers: Nobuo Uematsu & Keiji Kawamori / Arranger: Keiji Kawamori

12. Orchestrators: Kazuhiko Toyama & Shirou Hamaguchi / Band Arranger: Kenichiro Fukui
Lyricist: Tetsuya Nomura / Latin Translator: Taro Yamashita

13. Arranger: Kazuhiko Toyama

On the Way to a Smile -EPISODE DENZEL- Final Fantasy VII Music Section

Music Composed & Arranged by Takeharu Ishimoto

16, 18, 21. Piano: Rieko Mikoshiba