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There have been three English-language manuals available.


North America[]

The North American manual was the first manual available to English audiences for the game. The manual uses many CG and artwork images throughout, a number of pages using them exclusively. Beyond the main section of the manual is a guide written by BradyGames for the opening bombing mission on Mako Reactor 1, as well as a number of tips for playing the game. Adverts for Bushido Blade, Final Fantasy Tactics, and SaGa Frontier are featured.


The European manual is structurally similar to the North American manual, albeit with fewer images, using only screenshots. Instead of the BradyGames excerpt, a short guide to the opening bombing mission is written containing numerous areas.


The PC manual is a file found on the installation CD of the Windows version of the game. The manual only contains text and tables. The text sometimes appears to make references to images that are not there. There is no guide to the opening bombing mission.


  • All three versions of the manual refer to Tifa Lockhart as "Tifa Lockheart".