Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends is an arranged album for Final Fantasy V. It contains a selection of tracks, arranged with some live instruments mixed with high-quality synthesized sounds plus some arranged for vocals. Vocals are performed by Angelit in both English and Saami.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "Ahead On Our Way" (ファイナルファンタジーⅤ・メインテーマ, FAINARU FANTAJII V MEIN TEEMA?)
  2. "Lenna's Theme" (レナのテーマ, RENA no TEEMA?)
  3. "Pirates Ahoy!" (おれたちゃ海族, Oretacha kaizoku?)
  4. "Cripper Tripper Fritter!?" (モーグリのテーマ, MOUGERI no TEEMA?)
  5. "Intention of the Earth" (古き土の眠り, Furukido nemuri?)
  6. "My Home Sweet Home" (はるかなる故郷, Haruka naru furusato?)
  7. "The Land Unknown" (新しき世界, Atarashiki sekai?)
  8. "Tenderness in the Air" (街のテーマ, Machi no TEEMA?)
  9. "Waltz Suomi" (Finnish Waltz) (タイクーン円舞曲へ長調, TAIKUUN enbukyoku echouchou?)
  10. "Fate in Haze" (ダンジョン, DANJON?)
  11. "I Feel as You Feel" (大森林の伝説, Daishinrin no densetsu?)
  12. "Musica Machina" (ムジカ・マキーナ, MUJIKA MAKIINA?)
  13. "Music Box" (想い出のオルゴール, Omoide no ORUGOURU?)
  14. "Dear Friends" (親愛なる友へ, Shin'ai naru tomo e?)

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