Final Fantasy USA - Mystic Quest Sound Collections is the soundtrack for Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. It includes tracks from the game, as well as three "arranged" tracks. The soundtrack has only ever had one print run, making it relatively rare and sought after by collectors.

The battle theme from this album is also found on the Square Enix Battle Tracks V.1 album.

Development[edit | edit source]

The soundtrack was composed by Ryuji Sasai and Yasuhiro Kawakami. The ROM capacity wasn't large, which presented a problem to the composers; the synthesizer was limited so compromises had to be made.[1] Each composer wrote sample tracks and through that process it was decided the harder tracks would be done by Sasai, while the softer tracks would be done by Kawakami.[1]

After the soundtrack was completed, Sasai recorded the remix tracks released on the soundtrack at home on his days off. The guitar parts are all played by him.[1]

The track "Rock'n Roll" is Sasai's favorite track on the album.[1]

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "MYSTIC RE-QUEST I" (arranged)
  2. "MYSTIC RE-QUEST II" (arranged)
  3. "Mystic Quest", ミスティック クエスト
  4. "Hill of Fate", 運命の丘
  5. "World", ワールド
  6. "Beautiful Forest", 麓の森
  7. "Battle 1", バトル1
  8. "Victory Fanfare", 勝利のファンファーレ
  9. "City of Forest", 森の町 (フォレスタ)
  10. "Fossil Labyrinth", 化石の迷宮
  11. "Battle 2", バトル2
  12. "Middle Tower", 中央の塔
  13. "Shrine of Light", 光のほこら
  14. "Rock Theme", ロックのテーマ
  15. "Fanfare of Friendship", 友情のファンファーレ
  16. "Dungeon of Ice", 氷の洞窟
  17. "Dungeon of Waterfall", 洞窟と滝
  18. "City of Fire - Faeria", 火の町 (フェイリア)
  19. "Rock 'n' Roll", ロックンロール
  20. "Lava Dome", 溶岩ドーム
  21. "City of Wind - Windaria", 風の町 (ウィンディア)
  22. "Mountain Range of Whirlwinds", 疾風の山脈
  23. "The Crystal", クリスタル登場
  24. "Last Castle", 最後の城
  25. "Battle 3", バトル3
  26. "Mystic Ballad", ミスティック バラード
  27. "Ending", エンディング
  28. "RE-MIXTIC QUEST" (arranged)

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